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[center Welcome to Earth's version of Hell.] An underground mafia of demons seeking only blood, destruction, and lust.
You're an undercover human -- unknowingly with the blood of Lilith -- whose job is to try and kill this operation from the inside. For decades your shadow wielding organization of monster slayers haven't been able to put an end to Lucifer's domain.
You're supposed to be the hero of this story, but temptation threatens every corner. It's unleashing a side of you you didn't know you had. And once Lucifer finds a special interest in you, it's not as easy to continue the mission.

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[size17 [font "georgia" m o r e[tab]i n f o ;]]
★ Illustrated pictures.
★ Quality over quantity. Though I'm not complaining if the post is long, just give me something to work with and we're good.
★ Multiple characters will be used. You don't have to but I will.
★ "Lilith" is from the bible. She was Adam's first wife, but she was rejected/banished after it was found that she was stronger and more intelligent than Adam. This part isn't in the bible, but maybe we can make it to where Lilith and Lucifer fall in love and your character is the reincarnation of her? If not we can brainstorm later for other possible ideas.
★ You do have special powers that exceed human abilities, just like everyone else in the organization . You are the strongest of the strong, because you're "different."
Lilith's blood has something to do with it.
★ Private message me a request to join with any questions/ideas/and your character if you have it ready at hand. Title it your first pet's name.
★ Let's be wild and imaginative with this story. Don't be afraid to really push the limits! I plan to be pretty dark and gory at times.

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