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[center [Fredoka+One [size14 You come across a critically injured vampire with a fatal bite wound and his body near burnt to a crisp.

Despite your better judgement to just finish him off and pure hatred for the bloodsuckers who killed your family, you decide to help him. Will you regret it?


Liya is a young vampire, fairly new, who was attacked by a wolf and left to burn by the sun. Obviously abandoned, he decides to let himself succumb to his horrible fate.

{Person 1} comes from a long-line of supernatural hunters, set to rid the world of these menacing beings. After watching his family slaughtered by rouge vampires, he's set on killing every single one that crosses his path; good or bad. He's merciless and prefers to be alone.

Will feelings develop between these two while Liya is slowly nursed back to health or will he end up meeting death once again?

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=383730 ~ Rules ~]

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[size14 [Righteous Sighing, Liya heeded the warning. Maybe he should've started with [i I come in peace]. It's obvious he's different from other pureblood vampires or vampires in general. Assuming his family doesn't want him anymore, makes him disowned. He holds no title or respect to his name. He never wanted to know his last name either. He missed his dog friend. He wouldn't mind having any kind of friend for that matter. Eyes watched the male with much curiosity. He wondered what this man did for a living. Can't be an average joe.

[#8a80e6 "I can do that much.."] He pulled off his dirtied and thoroughly ripped top, placing it to the side. He reached into his pocket, finding his wallet. At least he had some cash to use to buy some new clothes. He felt uncomfortable staying here with a complete stranger. He removed his hand so Nathan could patch him up. He wondered if vampires scar if a wound such as this one is made.

[#8a80e6 "It bit me from behind and practically dragged me until I managed to throw it off me. From what I remember, it resembled a wolf."] He clenched his teeth. [#8a80e6 "I don't know much, my parents only told me to avoid wolves. We must be natural enemies if all I did was mind my own business."] It's not like he wasn't angry at being randomly attacked, but he's surprised they would attack out in the open like that. He watched him beginning to clean his wound. It was a deep bite, clotted teeth marks visible. It did not hurt as much anymore, only when he touched it.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/83/42/20/834220263a9142a6ccdf458ae2b02124.jpg]] Nathan drew near, now. Closer to a vampire than he would generally venture. This one was young, hurt. He didn't have the drowning eyes that the ancient ones had. He, even, still had an amount of 'life' in his animation. Still socialized like a human being. He didn't yet have the stillness that only the dead have.

"[#00CCFF Now,]" the man said, "[#00CCFF how could you say that? You don't know what I know, what I've seen. Very assumptive of you.]" Nathan's tone was light, on the surface. But underneath his tone held a bit of warning. Even mortal, he wouldn't stand to be treated like a lesser being. Not when he verily held this one's life in his hands. Nobility, blood, and species didn't matter when there was something like this at hand, he liked to think. He wasn't about to indulge a firstborn vampire noble his act of superiority.

But, he did presently procure the bag he carried with himself. A leather satchel with a five pointed star on it. As he spoke, from inside of it he brought out some supplies. "[#00CCFF Can you undress yourself, or shall I assist you while I bandage this?]" he asked, letting his tone slip back into doctor-patient now with his little warning out of the way.

"[#00CCFF Did you actually see what attacked you?]" the man asked as he reached for something to clean the wound with. Nothing antiseptic, as he viewed the dead body of a vampire something that infection couldn't touch. But, cleaning it gently would give him a better view, and a better chance at patching it properly. 'Feral form' was new terminology for him. He assumed it meant in the beast's body. For this had hallmarks of a lycanthrope attack, based on his experience. Middle of a town, no marks of pack involvement, the unlikelihood of there being large natural predators in a place like this.
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[size14 [Righteous It took a moment. The blood he drank from the animal filled his veins and went straight to his heart to get it beating again, pumping the blood more through his body. He felt some of his life coming back. Human blood would've gave his body its life back faster. No, he's weak right now, forming back to his vampiric instincts. Letting out a deep breath, he opened his eyes more wider this time. His onyx hues held more life within them than earlier. Moaning a bit, he turned his eyes towards his savior. Should he trust this person fully? Liya, in his weakened state, can easily be killed.

He heard the other's question. He rested his head back against the couch, staring up at the ceiling. His lips formed a smirk.[#8a80e6 "Heh.. it's pretty obvious.."] he said. He then sighed. [#8a80e6 "A damned wolf.. I guess it was in its feral form."]

He'd rather not remember what bit into him like a mad beast. [#8a80e6 "You think I could get a bandage or something to wrap this wound with?"] he asked, nicely. Sure, this man looked unguarded. If Liya gave into his real bloodlust, his fangs would be piercing the male's neck already. Maybe this is why he became a target in the first place. Those wolves knew of the weakling in his family. Would they be mad if his body was gone in the alley he laid to die in? He lifted himself up to sit down on the couch. His burnt flesh will take some time to fully heal. He should wear a cloak for a while. Liya can't go back home. He should find shelter elsewhere. At least he had some money on him.. unless someone robbed his assumed dead body of it.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/83/42/20/834220263a9142a6ccdf458ae2b02124.jpg]] [font "Times" [size15 There he was, it seemed, and there he wasn't. The vampire slipped back under the blanket of unconsciousness. Exhaling softly, Nathaniel gazed at the creature again, slumped back against the couch in an unsightly manner. He wasn't keen on moving the body again. He glanced outside and checked the time. Hm. Not late enough to have any fingers of morning encroaching upon them. So. Why was this one going down so early? Full dark like this should have been feeding him, giving that body its animation.

Like how it fueled his. Nathaniel's. It wasn't that he was powerless during the day, it was just fuller, easier during night.

"[#00CCFF Answer me, then. What did this?]" he asked. He kept his voice serious, no-nonsense. Perhaps this had something to do with the investigation he was on already. But something that could down a vampire, even a small, young one like this, would be an even greater threat that he had thought. He was assuming it was a lycanthrope. Supernatural strength at a different sort of spectrum than a vampires.

Lycanthropes thrummed with a hot, emergent power. If Nathaniel were to put it into words, it was as if you could feel the movement just underneath their surface, their pool, the beast within. Whereas a vampire, if they were powerful enough, was silent as the grave. A bit of an OK phrase, but it wasn't wrong. The undead made no sound. Humans generally had a shiftiness to them, and lycanthropes as well. Usually. Clothes shuffling, breathing, just noise. Vampires just were. Marble. But that would have been a powerful one. This one. In front of him, Nathan could hear every breath, every motion. Still a lot of humanness to him. Newly dead, then.

[#00CCFF #00CCFF]
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[size14 [Righteous Soft, hungry growls could be heard from the young vampire boy as he fed on the animal. Animals were his favorite to feed from, instead of humans. It's no wonder his family never considered him part of the family, always denying the ways of the vampire. He fed until the blood flow began to slow down. Blood dripped down his chin, some even splattered onto his face when his fangs sank in a bit too roughly. When he tore at the place he bit, red flesh exposed to the air. He was not [i that] ravenous to eat flesh. Pretty sure that'd it make him sick, maybe. He's not some ghoul or zombie.

He took a minute to regain about 40% of his energy. Not the prettiest feeding. Crimson eyes sparkled from the reflection of the flames, those hues stopping to look at the strange man before him. The vampire remained there on the floor, trying to stand, but fell back down. He hissed in annoyance. Once he found that werewolf, no mercy. He hated conflict, to be honest. Nothing good comes from it. He'd rather live his life in peace without this decades' old conflict with the wolves.

Liya pulled himself towards the couch or whatever he woke up on, resting against it with a sigh. He pressed his hand on the gruesome wound. It'd take time to heal, for sure. A bite from a werewolf should be lethal to a vampire. Maybe he got lucky. With a nod of his head, he answered the male's question. He did want to speak. Speaking took energy. He did not have enough of it.

[#8a80e6 "Y..Ye..s"] The word was hard to get out. Half-lidded eyes stared at the flames, watching them dance. He could end himself right now if he wanted to, dive head first into the flames. He glanced back at the male. He saved him from his death. He should be thankful. [#8a80e6 "Th..ank..s"] He rested his head against the sofa and closed his eyes, losing consciousness by the second. There's no need for him to remain awake. He did not mean any harm towards the male. He was a harmless vampire who got unlucky. He wonders what to do with himself now.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/83/42/20/834220263a9142a6ccdf458ae2b02124.jpg]] [font "Times" [size16 Nathaniel watched the creature as its hunger informed it, and it acted upon that urge. His interest was mild at best, position relaxed, but a safe distance away. It gave him time to react if the vampire decided to move its attention to bigger game. However, he had a feeling this one he had a chance to put down.

Curiosity was fueling him, more than anything. Creature like that just lying there, licking blood from the ground and being circled by a hungry dog. And, it would be a good point from which to learn about the creatures. Dangerous creatures, hard to kill. It wasn't as if he hadn't done it before, but that was with help.

The man was a hunter. The star on the mat on the floor, the animal offering, the knowledge of what this creature was. It was knowing eyes, indeed, that watched the vampire, hazed with curiosity. But the scent of the supernatural hung around the man. His scent was mingled with that of animals. The static scent of an unsteady, unsolid form. Magic, if you referred to it as such.

All it seemed to have energy for, focus, mind for was the animal on the floor. It was already bleeding, dying, and yet he saw it give the creature his own wound, his own mark. A preference? A need? No straight bite, a tear and then a seal of suction. Interesting.

He wanted to ask questions, but he didn't even know if this vampire spoke his language. But it didn't feel like an ancient one. Nathaniel, with his proclivity for the dead, his existence near them and his affinity, had a way of feeling them. It wasn't a smell, it was what felt like an impression on the inside of his mind. Ever since he was a child. His eyes stayed on the vampire, waiting to see what it would do [i after] it fed on the creature. If it would attack him, if it would speak... Was it animalistic and feral, or civilized? He had seen both.

"[#00CCFF Do you speak?]"

[#00CCFF #00CCFF]
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[size14 [Righteous Liya wondered what time it was now. Most likely past midnight or close to it. His eyelids remained heavy, unable to stay open for long. He may be close to death, but at least he had his good hearing. He kept his eyes closed, listening to nearby conversations and somewhere there was music. At least he had some kind of entertainment before he died. Once the sun rises, he'll let his body burn up and disappear from the world like he never existed. No one would miss him anyway. Obviously. He made a friend, one who kept his wound cleaned. It stopped bleeding, clotting up.. probably somewhat looking infected. He wouldn't grow ill though. The blood loss, a darkening puddle underneath him, outlining his whole body. Surprised he hasn't shriveled up from the deadly blood loss.

A soft exhale escaped from his lips. Man, he has never felt so weak and thirsty at the same time. At one point, he licked the blood from the ground, the best he could anyway. His own blood tasted good. If he had the strength, he may have fed from his canine friend. Vampires are at the top of the food chain, along with werewolves. He clenched his teeth in annoyance. He had to be the one to get attacked, being caught off-guard. His father hadn't taught him to fight much, not even to use his full vampiric abilities. Eyes opened slightly at the sound of footsteps. They were coming closer. Some homeless person, maybe? Or maybe a civilian saw the body and called the police? He'd rather die than have his body be kept in a morgue. He couldn't fully see who the person was, only their shadow and their scent. They spoke to him; a man's voice? Not his father or brothers. Psh, like they'd come to his rescue. Everything went black again after that, not knowing who this stranger is who came to visit him? He could use some company.

The moment his senses awakened, the scent of burning wood and blood filled his nostrils. No more nightly noises reached his ears, only the cracking of the burning wood, someone breathing, and... [i blood]. Animal blood. He preferred animal blood over human blood. His father always got onto him about it, saying human blood will make him stronger than animal blood would. It may be the reason he wasn't ready for the werewolf. [i "Oh and never feed from a werewolf, their blood is like toxin to us, you'll die within seconds."] He remembered his mother telling him that.

Liya's vision cleared, his onyx hues stopping at the dead animal which laid on a mat. He rolled himself off whatever he laid on, dragging himself to the animal's body. He used his nails to slice into its flesh, those onyx hues practically sparkling at the scent of blood. He had no time to be picky. His mouth connected to the bleeding wound of the animal, fangs piercing further into its flesh. He sucked on it, letting the delicious elixir of life flow back into his limbs. Of course, he'd need more, his body still very weak. Human blood may heal him faster.. [i I've grown used to animal blood though...] Who knows what'll happen if he tasted human blood.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/83/42/20/834220263a9142a6ccdf458ae2b02124.jpg]] [size16 [font "Times" There were many things that could plague a man in such a situation as one left far afield from home. For necessity, he thought. Too well known, too feared, too connected. Strings tying him, multiplying, and now connecting to other strings. Each a person, an atrocity, a beastly facet of himself he was growing to hate. Hating himself was something he had escaped by entering into this profession.

And so he had moved on. Leaving Edgefield, the estate with its trees and its secrets, leaving the people who lived their and their empty eyes and intelligent smiles and hearts emptying of him. Their world was muddled and atrocious to him now. The things he had discovered. And so, when they had all split- when one flew away, a disappearance into the woodwork, so did he. It was just something he did now, unable to look back. He moved. And the guise of a young medical man was a perfect way into a community.

This new city brought with it a practice, an employment, and in its winding endlessness, Nathaniel Crane found anonymity. He was The Hunter, underneath it all, but at least for now, employing himself solely as a physician and mortician was enough.

Long walks often filled his time, what of it he had. A method to explore the areas, but often with lost thoughts taking his attention, he found himself in somewhere new. And so, he people-watched. There was sound and color coming from one such street he hadn't been down before, and with that happening upon an alleyway with a body in it, the undertaker took an interest. Poor creature. If anything he could use it as a subject so he could make some components for spellwork or something close to that.

He brushed aside his hair, tucking it behind an ear, and stopped near the huddled form, shooing the dog with a shush-shush sound. It didn't have to leave, but he wanted access to the body.

"[#00CCFF I'm not taking it from you just yet,]" he said to the dog as if it could understand him. But. It wouldn't be the first time that a sudden understanding from a beast would come to him. Not much surprised you anymore after being this type of thing for this long.

"[#00CCFF What do we have here?]" he murmured, crouching now and looking over what was before him. Bright blue eyes passed over the corpse underneath him, taking in its condition. Burned. But no sign of burning much on the surrounding stone or ground... Undead.

The scent of undeath crawled over him suddenly as he drew near enough. Not as much of a smell as a sort of tang to the atmosphere. The way one's hair stood on end, tasting the unnatural. An inquisitive hum escaped the man as he took this in. He stood.

Later, and rather more discreetly, if the body was still there, he would come back.
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The den that the vampire would awake in was comfortable. He was laid out on a long, leather, tufted couch. Books, a globe, a roaring fire sending long, finger-like shadows up on the walls, through the fronds of a plant. Two chairs stood on each side of the long couch.

A man stood, leaned against the mantelpiece. His hands in his pockets. Raven hair long, loose about himself, in a waistcoat. His eyes glinted with the firelight. when he saw the glint of the whites of the waking creature's eyes, he didn't move. Instead, his gaze moved down to the dead animal on the oiled leather mat he had on the floor. It had a painted circle with a star in its center burned into the hide the creature lay on.

"[#00CCFF I see even the scent of an animal's blood will rouse you,]" the young man murmured softly, almost as if to himself. His attention was on the vampire, now that he knew that was what it was, on the couch.
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[size14 [Righteous In a small, obviously rundown-side of town - home to who knows what, lies an unseen corpse. Or what seems like a corpse? The frail, shriveled up body that looks almost burnt lays on the dirtied concrete. The most disgusting part of this body is the hideous, fleshy wound on the side of its body. A stray dog roams around it, licking at the wound every now and then. One way of keeping it clean. No one really comes this way. Who would pay attention to a dead body anyway? Murders have been happening around town, more frequently than normal.

Eyes fluttered open for the 20th time. A small, short breath comes from the "corpse". It's not a dead corpse, but a young vampire named Liya. He stares at the wall, hiding his body from the dreaded sun, not wanting to get burned anymore. His pale skin.. no longer held any vibrancy. A small whine escaped his lips when his canine friend licked at his wound. He was somewhat grateful to him, keeping maggots from eating away at his flesh. He'd pet the dog, but he had no strength at all. Why wasn't the dog eating him? That werewolf bastard had a nice bite out of him. He could only feel pain and betrayal. Why hasn't his family come to seek his body? or his wereabouts? Do they even care about him?

Darkness filled his vision again. How many days has it been now? Raindrops slapped down against his body. The canine curled up beside him. Protecting him and licking at his wound nonstop. It hurt very much. He couldn't speak though and let it happen. A loud clap of thunder scared his companion as well as his himself. It kept him somewhat awake for the most part. He may let himself burn in the sun completely come tomorrow. This torture was unbearable.

His family were well-known in town, unaware that they were vampires. They did have a lot of rivals. The poor boy had to be the victim of that rivalry. He passed out again. Woke up. Passed out again. His body was soaked with rain by this time. It felt.. refreshing, to say the least. He counted it as him taking a shower, no matter the raindrops being so-called dirty.

By time night came around again, he could hear the noises of the humans walking to and fro. Music and fan-fare reached his ears. The smell of various foods being cooked filled his noise. Was it some kind of celebration? This was the worst part of town, there's rarely any celebrations.. or even people walking around here. Maybe it had to be coming from somewhere in the inner city. He heard overlapping voices, closing his eyes again to pass out once more, everything becoming dark and quiet. He wanted to call for help. His throat and mouth were so dry.. and his body weak, he had no voice. It took energy to talk, and he had none.
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