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Ok so yes another search thread not gonna make it all pretty let's get to the point I need 1 or 2 new rp partners that arnt gonna ditch or take a month to post I understand life happens tho anyways below is a few things I'm into its alot more then just listed so ask if u have something in mind

Mpreg-have a plot I'd like to do with a second person since already have it going with one or open to your ideas

Midevil-hit me with a plot or we can make it together

Fantasy-hit me with a plot or we can make it together

Supernatural- not the series but into it to so hit me with a plot or we can make it together

Mxm-hit me with a plot or we can make it together


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Eli was a bit sad the boy didn't trust him and he just moved back. "Well..I can tell you for sure your baby is okay..I have powers that can sense it..I'll..go I guess..." Eli stood up and started to move back to the door, wondering why he still came off as scary and untrusted. he paused at the door and got lost in his own thoughts, hoping he could one day be trusted by the kid even though he knew it was unlikely. He retracted his cat ears and tail then stepped out into the hall and closed the door behind up. He leaned on the wall outside the door, sad.
  EliLovesYou2 / 9d 19h 40m 38s
When the other Male tried to cuddle him ken panicked and ran back behind the chair. [+red "I don't know if I'm ok or not my brother was trying to kill the baby when he beat me earlier."] He said as he began to cry again. He wrapped his arms around his stomach again and curled into a ball crying loudly. He was scared his baby was hurt and didn't know what to do about it. He continued crying as he remembered his brother's words ordering him to kill the baby before coming home. He just hopes this eli person could be trusted.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 9d 19h 46m 51s
Eli rushed over and rubbed the kids back soothingly. "'s okay.." he got up and got some more comfy clothes and anti nausea medication, setting both down by him. He cuddled the kid into his lap and ran his fingers through his hair. "Shh..I've got you. I won't let them sell you again. THat's just not right." Eli's eyes turn mint green then back to purple. "..Pregnant? Oh were clutching your stomach are you okay? Did someone hurt your stomach?" Eli grew very concerned, he looks down at the kid.
  EliLovesYou2 / 9d 20h 4m 15s
Ken jumped back and hit his head on the wall when the other Male suddenly had cat ears and a tail. [+red "Ow!"] He said rubbing the back of his head. [+red "y-y-yes I've been sold before as a sex toy for my brothers friends.] He said eyes growing dark and sad as he started at the multiple scars on his arms. [+red "n-n-no I don't have a stomach wound and it dosen't hurt."] He stuttered looking at the cat boy curiously he had never seen a neko before. After a moment of staring he frantically began looking for something to throw up in. He spotted the gragbage can and rushed to it throwing up everything he had eaten in the last 2 days which wasnt much.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 9d 20h 5m 23s
"Sold you? Nobody sold you to me. Have they done that to you before?" Eli face darkened and his expression was sad and worried. "Who would do such a thing to a precious thing like you?" Eli noticed the boy clutching his stomach. "Does your stomach hurt? Do you have an abdominal wound?" Eli thought about how to appear harmless to the boy then got an idea> "Hey. Wanna see something?" Eli's eyes turned purple and cat ears and tail appeared on his body. "Meow meow. Im a cat!" Eli giggled at his own silliness.
  Eli / EliLovesYou / 9d 22h 42m 0s
Ken whimpered again looking at the Male who introduced himself as Eli. He didn't know if he should believe the other Male or not about not wanting to hurt him. [+red "F-F-for all I know my brother sold me to u for the night and you was waiting for me to wake up before hurting me."] He stuttered tears running down his face. He tightened his arms around his stomach he wanted to ask bout his baby but was scared to. He continued watching the other Male with wide scared eyes as he continued crying. He tried to scoot behind the chair more to be hidden better from the older male.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 9d 22h 45m 33s
Eli slowly approached the boy. "Hey's okay..I promise I won't hurt you.." Eli sat down and opened his arms letting the boy know he wasn't going to hurt him. "It's okay if you don't trust me I get it..but think. If I really wanted to hurt you don't you think I would've done it while you were unconscious? I saw you bleeding and I brought you back to my place. "My name is Eli. I think we may go to the same school." Eli kept his arms open and he smiled at the boy. He hoped to comfort him in any way he could.
  Eli / EliLovesYou / 9d 22h 55m 2s
Ken groaned as he slowly came to not knowing where he was. He frantically looked around before hiding behind a chair in the room. He wondered who his brother had lent him to this time. He wrapped his arms protectively around his stomach wondering if his baby was alright. Someone had banged his wounds and he knew his brother wouldn't have done that. He stayed hidden watching the door as he heard footsteps approaching. He whimpered in fear as a older Male opened the door and walked inside. He began crying as his fear increased.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 9d 22h 58m 53s
Eli walked around holding a bloody knife. He saw a boy on the ground in a puddle o his own blood. Suspicious, he put his knife away and picked up the kid. He then carried the kid do his house where his stitches up his injuries and laid him down in his warm bed. He walked downstairs and started to clean his knife and pondered where that kid had come from or why he was hurt. All Eli felt was that he needed to help and that's what he decided he would do. The kid didn't look suicidal and he was clutching his abdomen wound? he didn't see any. He was lost in his own thoughts when there was a thump from upstairs..
  Eli / EliLovesYou / 9d 23h 9m 8s
[+red "stop please."] Ken begged and cried as his brother punched him in his stomach once again. The beating had been going on for the better part of a hour ever since he'd told his brother that he is pregnant.[+blue "you filthy little slut how dare you grow a womb and carry a child. "] His brother screamed kicking him as he fell to the ground. He wrapped his arms around his stomach protecting it the best he could as the beating continued. It was becoming hard to stay awake as the beating neared its end. His brother picked him up by his hair getting in his face.[+blue "if you live don't come home til you abort that thing."] His brother snapped throwing him to the ground and walking away leaving him for dead in the alley behind his school. He lay there in a puddle of his own blood crying and praying the baby was ok as he heard someone approaching him. [+red "please don't hurt me anymore brother."] He whimpered and then passed out.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 9d 23h 14m 23s

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