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Watching the whole thing in the shadows Lynx Sutton wasn't surprised to see that John was the one to do it. The demon had been causing hell for the last week or so, and this was the first time anyone had really gotten someone worth getting. He made sure he was far enough away, just in case the spell seemed to drag him into it. When John came out of the building, a woman had caught him, and he shook his head a bit. The bubbly woman was someone from town. She reminded him so much of his sister Lyric, that it broke his heart a bit.

He hadn't seen the woman in ages, and he did miss her company at times. Just was he was thinking about her, his phone went off inside of his coat pocket. He pulled the small phone out, and checked the caller I.D. He answered on the third ring, and put the phone to his ear. [b "Think of the devil, and she seems to call out of the blue"] he spoke into the phone. The soft laugh that reached his ear made the male smirk at bit. [#ff00ff "You were thinking about me?"] she asked.

[b "Of course I would be Lyric. I just watched John get rid of that demon. Now that's one less thing you and I have to deal with."] he said. The woman on the other end let out a small breath. [#ff00ff "You know how I feel about you following you. I don't trust him, and yet you keep doing it.."] she broke off and fell silent. The male let out a small sigh, and rolled his eyes. [b "You know I have a curious state, and it's quite the sight to see him getting patched up"] he said licking his lower lip.

[#ff00ff "Patched up? What the asshole got wounded for once?"] came the sound of his sister's voice. He could tell she was getting pissed off, and he tore his eyes away from the half naked man. The woman was having her way with patching up, so he didn't really need to stick around much longer. [b "Was there a reason for the phone call? Or are you coming back into town?"] he asked, as he headed away from the building. He wasn't going to go too far though. He wouldn't mind running into John, just to hear his voice.

[#ff00ff "Yes, I am coming back into town, and I need a place to crash for a little bit. I was calling to tell you that I found your spare key, and that I'm in your apartment already. I didn't want you coming home and hearing the shower running"] she said with a small laugh. The sound was like music to his ears. [b "Alright, I have some things to attend too, and then I'll be home. I'll see you soon"] he said, and hung up the phone. So she was back in town. Something's happening.

The only time Lyric was ever in town, was when something was going down. Whatever it was, it could wait until he got home anyway. He walked back the way he had come, putting his phone back into his pocket, and he saw that John was still getting patched up. He took a breath, as he was trying to decide if it would be worth approaching the man or not. He squared his shoulders back, and walked towards the two. The woman was chattering away as she stitched up his wound. [i "I honestly don't know what we would have done if you hadn't come"]

Lynx raised a 'brow slightly realizing that it was Summer. [b "Are you really talking the poor man's ear off Summer? He just did banish a demon, and you aren't leaving him alone"] he said with a small smirk. The woman looked up and she blushed a bit. [i "Lynx, you asshole! Don't startle me like that, I was about to go back to putting the stitches in when you spoke"] she said shaking her head. [i "Did you see what happened? Or at least hear what happened?"] she asked. Lynx shook his head a bit.

[b "I didn't see what happened no. I did hear that the demon is in hell though, so thank you stranger for that. I'm Lynx Sutton, and that chatterbox is Summer Daniels"] he said as he shoved his hands into his pockets. Maybe this was a bad idea to even talk to the male, but this might be the only time he would be able too. No one in this town knew what he really was, and he wanted to see if he could hid it from John or not. He was walking on unsteady water's right now, but he could care less.
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[b “Alright, ya bastard. Come out. I know you’re here.”] [size12 John said, his heavy English accent echoing off the walls of the vacant building.] [b “I’m not in the bloody mood to be playing games, mate. Just come out and let’s see what that pretty face looks like.”]

[size12 Exorcising demons was a job that John got pulled into rather reluctantly. His skills with magic and knowledge of the occult was impressive to say the least. This particular demon had been a pain in the bollocks for the town for some time and someone finally decided to call in an expert once they figured out they needed and exorcist and not a SWAT team. The building was set to be refurbished but issues kept rising up until someone spotted the creature before getting flung out a window. Needless to say, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.]

[size12 John had drawn out a ring of sigils to capture the beast and stop it from using its powers. It was a capture spell that would capture the beast and shut down its power. He stayed in the center as bait to draw the creature out. If his hunch is right, the demon has the power of telekinesis. It would easily explain why there was no claw or teeth wounds on any of the people that experienced odd phenomenon while in the building. Sure enough, the hunch was right.]

[size12 John was suddenly lifted up off the ground and then flung into a beam which thankfully broke.] [b “Ugh. There you are you little bugger. Took ya long enough.”] [size12 John grumbled as he got back up. He wobbled a bit on his feet but recovered quickly. He moved towards the beast which growled and snarled at him.] [b “Calm down, mate. This won’t hurt a bit.”]

[size12 John was about to start the incantation to open the portal to hell when he was suddenly lifted back up again, this time going as far up as the ceiling beams.] [b “Bloody hell. Not gonna make it easy for me, are ya love?”] [size12 John saw the beast was within the circle he drew and started chanting another incantation, this time activating the sigils and sealing off the beast. One the power got cut off, John realized he messed up just a bit.] [b “Ah, bollocks.”] [size12 John said just before he fell from the air and crash landed with a glorious belly flop into a pile of old, rotting wood. He was mostly fine except for a decent gash close to his right shoulder on his chest and a small cut on the forehead. John may be intelligent but he does tend to do stupid a lot.]

[size12 Now that the demon was trapped, getting rid of it was easy. All he had to do was open a portal to hell and send it on its not-so-merry way. Once it was gone, the capture spell was broken and John left the building to let everyone know the building is clear for whatever they need to do with it.]

[+red “Is the demon gone?”] [size12 A woman said as she ran up to him.]

[b “Yep. Gone to hell where the bastard belongs. Won’t be seeing it around again.”] [size12 John says as he pull a cigarette out and lights it with his gold zippo lighter.]

[+red “Thank goodness. The building can finally be rebuilt.”] [size12 She said happily. Her face changed when she noticed the blood stain appearing from under his coat.] [+red “Oh dear. You’re injured. Let me treat it for you. It’s the least I can do to thank you.”]

[b “No need for that, love. Just a scratch.”]

[+red “I’m pretty sure that with that much blood, it isn’t just a scratch.”]

[size12 Knowing he wasn’t going to win against a pretty face like hers, John just gave in and let the woman take care of his wounds. He was lead to a car and took his coat and blood stained shirt off so the woman could see the wound. It was a good couple inches long and deep enough that it needed stitches and luckily, the woman had them. Turned out she’s a nurse and kept a lot of medical supplies handy. She worked diligently and carefully with a skilled hand. Medicine and magic seemed to share a lot of the same aspects. Both required a lot of concentration and skill but one small misstep and everything can go awry.]
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