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[b Mika:] Nothing to be sorry for. It tends to happen.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 2d 12h 39m 50s
[b Jordan:] Don't be sorry. I am sorry that yours is going through a hard time.
  Astro Zod / Rede / 2d 21h 27m 41s
[b Mika:] Sounds relaxing. Mine's just trying not to close off again. So if I vanish I apologize for that.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 2d 21h 34m 39s
[b Jordan: ] no, you're fine. Im alright. just chilling while my holder does some work at work. -laughs nervously- so yeah. just chilling.
  Astro Zod / Rede / 2d 21h 57m 29s
[b Mika:] Sorry.. I'm over her complaining about the weather.. How are you this morning?
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 2d 22h 3m 58s
[b Jordan:] Yeah, wind is a different story. But I imagine it frees of some time to do some stuff. I guess...
  Astro Zod / Rede / 2d 22h 24m 21s
[b Mika:] I don't know. But I hate it. The rain I can handle, but the non-stop wind is a whole different story.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 2d 22h 37m 48s
[b Jordan:] I'm sorry, we are getting a lot of rain here as well.
I don't know I always thought Rain was a sign that something good was ganna happen soon.
  Astro Zod / Rede / 3d 2h 29m 43s
[b Mika:] Just hating the rainy weather is all. I miss the sunshine.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 3d 19h 57m 36s
[b Jordan:] Well, that's good right?

[b Joel:] the most part? Whats wrong with the other part?
  Astro Zod / Rede / 4d 2h 26m 18s
[b Mikalynn:] I'm doing alright for the most part. Names Mikalynn, or Mika.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 4d 22h 6m 14s
[b Jordan:] I am sorry to hear that. How are you doing?
  Astro Zod / Rede / 5d 19h 38m 31s
[b Mikalynn:] *wanders into the room looking around* Oh don't apologize for not being around. My holder's been feeling off again anyway.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 5d 19h 46m 44s
[b Jordan:] -walks in- holy crap so sorry for poofing the weekend was crazy busy for our holder.

[b Joel:] What he said, but anyways Hello.
  Astro Zod / Rede / 5d 21h 46m 55s
[b Lydia:] Nothing wrong with that. We've had some thunderstorms today.

*looks towards the other and smiles warmly* Looking for someone?
  нoғғмan / AngelEyes- / 8d 8h 21m 55s

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