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She looked up when Jacob had just spat out the word 'wife.' She looked around the room to make sure she wasn't the only one that had heard that. Of course, they had other matters to worry about, like the fact that Jacob was now Alpha. [b "Girlfriend."] she muttered as she corrected hi,. She watched as Jacob started to shake and she couldn't help but roll her eyes. [b "We do not have time for you to go monster on everyone."] she said as she placed her hand on his shoulder. [b "Stop."]

She waited outside while he went to his room and grabbed some clothes. She assumed that meant he would be staying with her for a few days.

She looked up when he walked outside and said her name. [b "Whats up?"] she questioned as she slide her phone in her back pocket. [b "I...."] she listened to him. [b "I've told you many times... I'm not ready for that Jacob."] she couldn't believe he was bringing it up again. [b "I'm a virgin, and I'm not going to let you change that just because you became Alpha."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 139d 8h 36s
Jacob nodded, 'Dad I will not lead a tribe that will not trust my wife. They will negotiate with me and the Cullen clan or there will be words... I am not using the same old traditional things that were set our in that treaty over a hundred years ago." He said angerly. He was starting to shake but when he felt Renesmee touch his back he relaxed. It had been a month since he had seen her? To him it had felt like two days and a lifetime all at once... where had his time went? He sighed, "Babe lets go." He said grabbing his bag from his room and a few changes of clothes. "I need to clear my head and I can't do it here. I know my dad means well but I... I need time to think and you relax me so it has to be with you."

Jacob didn't tell her that his wolf felt the need to claim her... make her his... he had to do something..he needed her. "Renesmee..." He said outside, "You said you wanted me... and you wanted me forever... My wolf... I.... I'm alpha and I need my mate."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 143d 4h 25m 8s
Renesmee couldn’t help but grin as she shook her head. [b “Jacob. How long has it been since you had any sleep? It’s been a month since we’ve seen each other.. It’s October baby.”] she said. She wasn’t mad that he had taken over as Alpha and would now be the chief, she was just worried that it would add more strsss on him than he had before as Beta. [b “I’m not mad at you.”] she said softly.

She listened to Billy speak about how the Council wouldn’t abolish the treaty lines, even if Jacob married her. She sighed softly but kept quiet. That was always something that bothered her, it was almost like Jacob was being pulled in two separate sides... Except he was. He was programmed to hate her, but she was his imprint, his soulmate. [b “It’s still a step in a good direction.”] she said as she looked up at Billy. [b “Jacob will be a great Alpha and Chief, I have no doubt.”]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 154d 42m 13s
"I didn't plan on it...I... well Sam gave an order and my wolf took over, it had been two days since I'd seen you and you know a shifter can't deny seeing his imprint and Sam wanted me to run patrols for another week and I defied him and stepped up... I had to." He said worried that she was mad at him for doing it. He had done it for their own good but he knew that she might not like dating a chief. He and her parents had already talked about their wedding when she graduated high school... he would marry her in a second though. She was his better half.

His father nodded, "Still a shifter son, I knew... I felt the change but the council will want to meet with you in the morning as you'll be the new chief and they will want to know if you have any changes that you'd like to purpose to the council but I'm sorry to say they will not abolish the treaty with the Cullens, even if you are to marry a Cullen, if anything they will want a new treaty drawn up in good faith." he said seriously.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 154d 1h 59m 36s
Renesmee signed in relief when she seen Jacob walk out of the woods in his wolf form. He seemed to be okay, that was good, right? [b “You almost gave me a stoke. I thought you’d been attacked or something... I couldn’t get here fast enough.”]

She followed him into his house and sat on his bed as she watched him phase back, that was something she would never get tired of seeing.. Of course she had her powers, like showing people memories or seeing what people wanted to tell her, she was even gaining a shield like her Mother, but they were still working on it.

[b “I thought some thing had happened to you... I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt like someone had just, I don’t even know. I just felt this pull to get to La Push, to you.”] she explained as she pulled him closer. [b “I love you.”] she muttered against his lips. [b “I love you so much.”] Her eyes went wide as Jacob had told her he had stepped up as Alpha. [b “You... stepped up? I didn’t think you wanted to do that until later... Until we got married.”]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 154d 2h 3m 52s
Jacob came out of the woods and ran to her, putting his large wolf head against her hand so she could know he was there. He motioned to the house as so she would follow him. He knew his father was watching football with Charlie inside, thankfully Charlie knew everything now.. well not about how fast Renesmee grew or that she was really his grandaughter and not adopted but he knew enough... I think what Bella called it was a need to know basis.

In the house Jacob went to his room and phased and got dressed, putting some clothes into an old backpack to spend some time with Renesmee at her house. "Hey Ness." He said pulling her close to him and kissed her gently. "I'm okay... and we will be okay... I'll have some more time with you and around the house." He said hoping his dad could hear him now, "I stepped up as alpha. Sam is my beta." He muttered knowing how big of a deal that was, that meant he would be chief in the next week or so. Whenever the rain stopped.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 154d 2h 12m 55s
Renesmee was working on homework in her room. She heard her Mother and Father walk in from their weekly “date” hung. Yeah, her parents went on hunts as their dates. Although, her Father did whisk her Mother to aisle Esme every few months. Just to get away from the load of vampire and werewolf drama.

She gasped as she felt something shift inside her body. [b “Mom?”] she called as she all but ran down the stairs with her cell phone in her hand. [b “I think something happened with Jacob.... I.... I just felt something... I don’t know how to explain it.”] She said.

[i “What just happened? Where are you?”] she typed as she grabbed her car keys. [b “I’m on my to La Push right now.”] She hopped into her Jeep and all but sped across the backroads from her parents cottage to La Push. She hadn’t seen Jacob in almost a month, it was been unbearable. She was praying nothing to happened to him, to whatever god or spirit was listening.

[b “Jacob?!”] she all but screamed as her Jeep came to a halt near the woods of his house. [b “Jake?”
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 154d 2h 20m 14s
"I am NOT taking orders from you anymore Sam!" Jacob growled in his wolf form, his mind screaming. He was defying an alpha order which was unheard of because wolves couldn't do that... but Jacob was no ordinary shifter.... Jacob was the rightful alpha, he would be chief when he did step up and take his place. He wasn't going to until Renesmee was of age.. and they had been dating awhile now. It was time and Jacob had had enough. "Sam I'm stepping up." He thought and Sam stopped, "Your sure of this Jacob?" He asked in the pack mind and Jacob nodded, 'You will be beta and you will not fight it?" He asked and Sam bowed to him, the rest of the pack following. Jacob was their alpha. Every wolf, phased or not felt the shift... Jacob knew the imprints felt it too and it would only be a matter of time before Renesmee was calling him or texting him, asking if everything was okay.He had been so busy with the pack lately he hadn't been by to see her and that killed him.

"Everyone running patrols tonight keep our schedules, if you need me I'll be at the Cullen's tonight, I've been away from my imprint too long." He had only stepped up because Sam told him he would have to run patrols all week and now he didn't have to.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 154d 2h 43m 11s
Finding your soul mate as a new born baby is a crazy thing. Growing up, he was always there. My parents not only had to share me with their big family, but also my mate. Crazy right? My entire family is full of crazies. I'm so thankful that my Mom and Dad never tried to separate us. I can't imagine what I would've done had they done so. Who am I kidding? Jacob would've never let that happen.

Being a sixteen year old half human half vampire isn't an easy thing, by no means. But having a boyfriend who is basically destined to kill your kind, makes it no easier. Jacob swear's that he will never do anything to harm me or my family, but Sam isn't exactly loving the fact that his beta is attached to a bunch of Vampires.

Growing up, I always wondered what life would be like if I hadn't met my soulmate when I was first born, but I highly doubt that I could ever live without Jacob Black. He was my reason for existing. But lately, he'd been MIA. But that's probably just because of Sam and his gag orders. Sam hated me, which wasn't something that I never expected. I would be shocked if he liked me. He hated my family, which really put a strain on Jacob. He was being pulled by both completely different sides.
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 154d 3h 12m 9s

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