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"Yes we can go to the beach since your mine tonight baby." he said before he kissed her lips hard... harder than he usually did in public. "I love you so much..." He muttered not wanting to let her go. It had been a very long time since Jacob was able to be around Renesmee like this and not have to worry about patrolling or the pack... he could be relaxed... well as relaxed as he could be around her family... he still was a wolf after all even if he was used to their scents by now... he had even learned to ignore the burning in his nostrils around them... he had no reason not to like them, other than what they were, he loved Renesmee and she was half vampire... he had learned to love it... to Jacob they were family and always would be. Most of the pack thought otherwise but Embry and Seth were always quick to help him out when he needed a day with Renesmee or some time off to help his dad.

Jacob sat in front of Edward, watching Renesmee cheer... his tattoo of her name peeking out from under his collar of his shirt. "I'll never get used to seeing that Jacob." Edward said looking to his tattoo.
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Renesmee couldn’t help but blush when she heard Jacobs comment about later. [b “Jacob Black! We’re in public!”] she squealed. [b “Are we still going to your house after the diner? I want to go to the beach!”] she told him. [b “It’s not supposed to rain tonight, can we please go to the beach?”]

She turned around and looked when she heard Coach calling for them. [b “Wait and get me a shushee until after? Please. I won’t have time to drink it before it melts.”] she explained [b “I gotta go baby. I love you.”] she leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b “See you after!”] she winked before she ran off to meet up with her girls.

Fifteen minutes later, the young girl was lined up with the rest of her squad on the track. [b “F-O-R-K-S!”] she cheered as she rubbed her Pom poms together. They wouldn’t start doing their actual cheers until the game started. She looked up in the crowd and grinned when she seen her entire family, as well as Jacob, Embry and Seth. Her heart swelled. They were all here to watch her. Her Father disliked football, but he showed up for her.
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“I’ll show you what’s thats like later.” He said with a smirk and kissed her hard again. “I love you Ness...” it wasn’t common for a girl who went to Forks High to date someone from La push, especially a Cullen so their relationship was surrounded with jealousy, and it didn’t help the fact that Jacob was good looking and her friends wanted him.

He smiled, “I’m gonna go to confessions, get you a slushee and me a slushee and I’ll be down on the bleachers right in front of you, I won’t kiss a second of my baby cheering.”

He was thankful for Esme as she and Embry had told Sam no and he had told him no defying an order. He had ran patrols for two weeks straight, he earned one night with his imprint, Sam knew what it was like not to have your imprint around, it hurt, but yet he kept doing that to Jacob over and over and over again. He had had enough of it. If it wasn’t for Renesmee he would have been gone by now, dead or somewhere in Canada but she kept him grounded, he loved her more than she would ever know.
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Renesmee looked up from braiding one of the other girls hair. [b "Jake! Gimme one second babe."] she said. She may or may not have used her partial vamp speed to finish the rest of it.

Within a minute, she was finished. She ran over with a smile plastered on her face. [b "You look a lot better than you did when you came over last night... You caught up on some well needed sleep it seems."] she said. [b "Yeah. I told G-MA to make sure that you ate before you came out and all that good stuff."]

She nodded when he told her about how Sam tried to get him on patrols again. [b "I know that it's rough.. But it will get better. This is just a small bump in our forever."] she said. She shook her head when he said years of patrol. [b "No. You're going to be the bigger person. I personally know what it's like to not have you with me, and I wouldn't wish that feeling upon anyone. Especially Emily. Not after everything that she's been through."]

She looked back at her friends and shook her head at Jacob. [b "They aren't. I promise they're imagining what it must like to be underneath you.. They're jealous that my boyfriend is sexy and older is all."]
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At the football field, Jacob parked his truck, a gift from Edward and Bella to drive Renesmee around. “Ness.” He called out seeing her in her red and white cheerleading uniform.she was flawless. As soon as she was in his arms he kissed her, “I missed you.”

Most of Renesmee’s friends found it weird that she had a boyfriend that was 2 1/2 years older than her....oh if they only knew. “I slept, Esme force fed me pancakes but I’m not complaining, they were amazing.” He didn’t let go, “Seth is playing on the La Push team tonight, I told him I’d be here, Sam tried to get me to patrol tonight, said it was more important and I told him no.”

Even Renesmer knew that no one could tell the alpha no unless...you were the rightful alpha. “Only a few more years and you and I will be married and Sam will be beta....and taking orders from me,’ patrols for years of payback.” Jacob said chuckling and saw her friends staring and giggling, it made his blood boil. “They think we’re a joke Ness, look at them.”
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Renesmee nodded as she looked at Esme. [b "I don't know why Sam hates me so much. I mean I'm an imprint too. How would he like it if Emily was being kept from him."] she mumbled under her breathe. [b "Thanks for cooking, G-MA."] she said before she crammed a waffle in her mouth. [b "I'm taking Emmetts Jeep today. We're all going out after the game, so I need the extra space!"]

The school day was a blur, they really didn't do much in classes, La Push was their number one rival, so everyone was talking about that. Actually, due to her charm, she spent most of the day outside practicing with her cheer leading squad.

The game was set to start at seven. So they had to be there by six. Everyone ended up getting ready at Brooke's house, since it was the closet to the school. She couldn't wait to get back to the field so she could see Jacob. She hoped he was in a better mood this time. Last time her friends saw him, he was cranky, so it didn't go well. At all.

[https://www.danzia.com/images/large/w/MOW8501/MOW8501_LRG.jpg uniform]
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Esme nodded, "I know, Embry was here letting us know he started Jacob's shift and that Sam was not happy about it but it didn't matter because whats done is done and Jacob's getting some much needed rest." Edward and Bella were going hunting and would be gone a week and were about to leave themselves, they knew Renesmee was safe now espeically when Jacob was there, he would die for their little girl and they both knew it. "You'll cheer great tonight." Bella said smiling, "But your right, let Jake sleep, he needs it."

She sat by the windows on nights when Jacob was exhausted, extending her shield over him without him knowing it. He needed the extra protection. Renesmee needed him for the rest of forever and with what he was, he could die at any moment or get hurt... like his father had. Billy hadn't walked in 20 years. Jacob was only 20 but he would stay looking 20 his whole life if he kept phasing and that was the plan, to stay forever with his Renesmee.... they even had fake names, Jacob and Vanessa Wolfe...
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Renesmee mumbled something after she felt the warmth of what was Jake leave the bed. She was now cold.

She shivered slightly when she felt Jacob's arms pull her closer to him. [b "My Jacob."] she mumbled in her sleepy daze. She fell asleep with a smile plastered on her face when she heard him say that he was all hers tomorrow. She had school, which sucked, but then Forks wa playing La Push in football and they could go out after!

Her alarm went off at seven, as she had to be at school at nine. She was quiet as she snuck around her room, gathering everything she would need to get ready for the day, her cheerleading bag was already packed, waiting on her outside her bedroom door.

After she showered, and got dressed, she headed downstairs. Esme had made waffles! [b "Don't wake Jacob up until it's time for the football game, please. Sam has been running him dry, I want to stay with him, but if I don't go to school, then I can't cheer tonight."] she told her mother.

[http://www.highpe.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/0c603fe2c1f6619c83409f21b690f0f3.jpg outfit]
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Jacob nodded walking to her bathroom where he had clothes stashed and always would have clothes, he spent more time at Cullen house now than he did at his own house but his father lived with Sue Clearwater now, she took care of him because he couldn't do much from the chair.

Jacob crawled into bed beside her, hugging her, "I missed you Ness, I love you." He muttered knowing she would be asleep in a matter of minutes, "I.. I bribed Embry... I'm all yours tomorrow, he took my shift, I needed a break as much as you needed me to have one." He was serious about spending time with her.

The next morning Jacob was asleep when she moved and he growled in his sleep, he was protective of her but at the same time he was stressed out and worried about patrols and Renesmee and his father being sick, he needed to relax.

He stayed asleep once she was up, she would have to wake him up when she wanted him or he would sleep for days, he was that tired and once you reach that point of tired, theres no going back from it.
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Renesmee looked up at her Father and she just shook her head. [b "Pretty sure Sam hates you more than me."] she said [b "I'll talk to him next week after exams."] She went back to reading. She was in a Nicholas Sparks mood right now, so she was currently reading the Choice. [b "I mean what does he think this is going to accomplish honestly? When Jacob and I get married, we'll obviously be moving to the Rez?"]

She fell asleep around eleven. She has been pushing her limits a lot more lately, between training with Emmett, studying with her Mother, and then now the cheerleading squad, she was both physically and mentally exhausted. She was so thankful that it was almost fall break. Just three more weeks.

She stirred in her sleep when she felt Jacob climb into bed her bed. She was groggy, but she could see his wolf and she just smiled weakly. [b "Go phase. I want my human boyfriend tonight."] she mumbled... His scent, it was a comfort. It took all the nightmares away. Jacob was her safe haven.
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Edward leaned in her doorway... "I can talk to Sam about this, your right, you are an imprint and I can read Jacob's thoughts, this is hurting him too and Sam is supposed to care about his pack. I know when Jacob gets married someday he will become alpha but right now he has to follow orders but that doesn't mean that Carlisle and I can't persuade him to allow Jacob one night off right now, hes already staying two days for your birthday but your right Renesmee, it has been two weeks and if he comes in tonight, he can stay, I'm not going to stop him."

Later that night Jacob wandered to Renesmee's room... it was nearing 1 am when he pushed the door open with his nose and curled up at the end of her bed. He didn't want to wake her, unlike the rest of this house, Renesmee did sleep like a human which was a sense of normalcy that Jacob and Renesmee as well as the other Cullens needed most of the time even fi they never said anything. Edward had known that Jacob came in but let him go, they had talked about this.
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Renesmee's head snapped up from the book she was reading when she heard something climbing up the side of the house. She was about to scream for her father, until she reconized Jacob's scent. She was off her bed in two seconds, jumping into his arms as soon as he was in the window. [b "I was about to freaking attack you. I didn't know who was climbing up the side of my house."] she muttered as she buried her face in his chest. [b "I miss you."]

She couldn't help but grin when she heard her Father chuckle. [b "I'm sure he wouldn't object you staying since it would make me happy. It's been two weeks, Jacob.. Sam needs to understand that I'm an imprint too. My birthday is next week."] she whined. She frowned when he said he had to go again. [b "Front door will be unlocked."] she said before he pulled away. [b "I love you."]

Being a teenager was hard, but being a half human half vampire, was even harder. Her emotions were heightened, which made her miss Jacob even more. She sighed as she flung herself back on the bed. [b "I hate Sam."]
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Jacob knocked on her window before opening it, he knew with her lee....vampire hearing she would hear him... he still had trouble not calling them leeches... but outside the Cullens... to him... they were leeches.

"Hey baby." he muttered kissing Renesmee gently, "I only have a couple minutes so don't worry Edward I'm not staying." He said knowing her father could hear him from downstairs. Jacob heard him chuckle as well. "I just haven't had a lot of time and I miss you Ness." he said wrapping his arms around her, "I'll be at the game tomorrow night, Forks is playing La Push and Seth is on the team, we're all going to support him, plus I get to see my favorite cheerleader." He muttered kissing her lips again. He couldn't get enough of Renesmee but it was only a matter of time before Sam caught up with him and put him back on patrols.

"I love you and I have to go before Sam catches up to me, if he goes off patrol early, I'll be back." He said and kissed her one last time, lingering longer than he should have.
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Finding your soul mate as a new born baby is a crazy thing. Growing up, he was always there. My parents not only had to share me with their big family, but also my mate. Crazy right? My entire family is full of crazies. I'm so thankful that my Mom and Dad never tried to separate us. I can't imagine what I would've done had they done so. Who am I kidding? Jacob would've never let that happen.

Being a sixteen year old half human half vampire isn't an easy thing, by no means. But having a boyfriend who is basically destined to kill your kind, makes it no easier. Jacob swear's that he will never do anything to harm me or my family, but Sam isn't exactly loving the fact that his beta is attached to a bunch of Vampires.

Growing up, I always wondered what life would be like if I hadn't met my soulmate when I was first born, but I highly doubt that I could ever live without Jacob Black. He was my reason for existing. But lately, he'd been MIA. But that's probably just because of Sam and his gag orders. Sam hated me, which wasn't something that I never expected. I would be shocked if he liked me. He hated my family, which really put a strain on Jacob. He was being pulled by both completely different sides.
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