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He slid a thousand dollars towards he as she sat down, "Because Aldean's gets you in the papers and gets your pictures in magazines... when you want to forget that you exist, you come to a place you've never been before and run up a tab enough for two people." He muttered finishing his iced tea.

"You... I thought you were gorgeous and funny tonight and I wanted the chance to ask if you would be interested in going on a date with me... not as Kane Brown the country singer... but just as Kane... I know I'm not as exciting as myself but... I do need time to relax." He muttered and looked to her, "Your beautiful and ... you took my breath away.. I never say that and you did it." he muttered.

Kate watched them, not going to leave her in the bar alone with someone she just met...even if he was a country singer. He was asking her out on a date and for the first time in a long time, he was afraid she would say no.
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Madison's eyes went wide when she heard him say he would give her one thousand dollars to have a drink with him and simply talk for a few minutes. [b "Are you crazy or something?"] she asked. She looked over at Kate and simply sighed.

She wallked over with the box of liqour to restock everything. [b "Are you that drink or did you just forget that my kids name is Kaleb."] she said with a chuckle. [b "Derek wanted to name him Logan but I said no.."] she muttered. [b "That would put me two months ahead on rent.."] she muttered [b "Or I could buy Kaleb summer clothes that actually fit.."]

She looked at Kane and sighed. Once she had finished everything that was on her task list, she grabbed another bud light and walked over and sat beside him. [b "You have fifteen mintues and then I'm going home and crashing."] she said simply. [b "So why does Kane Brown end up at a crummy country bar instead of a place like Aldeans?"]
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"A thousand dollars to have a drink with me." He said looking up at her. "Just a drink and to talk for a few minutes and I'll go home." He said looking to her. He was sober now, he had been waiting for awhile... she was too gorgeous for him to ignore and sassy.... it wasn't often a woman told him no and when they did.... well he wanted to stick around and find out what else they would do.

"You heard me... a thousand dollar tip to have a drink with me." He muttered looking at her again. He was dead serious. "One drink." One of the other bartenders looked to her, "Your crazy if you don't take that deal, hes gorgeous and its good know you and Logan need it." She whispered that last part. "Our tips were good tonight but a grand is hard to turn down." she said before walking away, "If he offered that to me I'd take it."

Kane sat there, waiting on her, not leaving when she called for everyone to go.
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Madison looked at Kane, she was refilling his glass once more as he spoke. [b "I won't get off till two. That means I won't get home until three, and I have to do this all over again tomorrow.. No."] she said softly. She walked back to the other side of the bar and waited on those customers.

One A.M rolled around, and most everyone had moved on to other bars, so she decided to close everything down early. [b "Bar is closing in ten minutes! Call your Ubers people!"] she spoke into the microphone. She looked up when she seen Kane still sitting and the end of the bar. [b "What are you still doing here?"] she asked.

She pulled her kimino back on as she stacked all the glasses in the container so she could take them back and put them in the dishwasher. [b "You shouldn't still be here, you know."] she muttered when she walked back out. [b "What could Kane Brown possibly want that is in my bar?"]
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Kane looked to her when she was working and motioned to her again, he had been drinking iced tea in between his Jack and Coke... he wasn't drunk... just buzzed. "Have a drink with me at the end of your shift?" He muttered looking to the beautiful blonde. He didn't know how to ask anyone out, he didn't know how to date, he didn't know how to do any of it but he was trying for sure.

He took a drink of his iced tea and looked to her, "One drink and just talking, I swear." he said trying to convey that he wasn't trying to take her home and sleep with her. He didn't do that kind of thing. She was right, he was sad though but some of her co workers had done a little experiment, walking past him, their boobs out or shorts pulled up shorter and he hadn't paid attention but when Madison walked by he didn't try to hide he was checking her out from head to toe... she was perfect to him. "Just one drink."
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Madison's eyes were sparkling as she watchced Kane chuckle. Woah. She got him to smile? [b "Just wanted to make sure. Wild Horse typically doesn't get certain types of visitors."]

She couldn't help but shierk when Kate poured the water on her. She continued to dance. She wasn't this wild on a normal day, but being a single mom with bills pilling up, you had to do what you had to do.

She looked up when she got off the bar, she seen Kane motioning her over. She grabbed a bud light and headed over. [b "Whats up?"] she questioned. [b "Uhh.. Like two? Yeah. Probably two. I usually stay and close it down... Why?"] she said. [b "I---...I have to get back."]

The young woman jumped over the bar and went to work on the to her end of the bar, as it was getting busier and busier. [b "I need more whiskey and Bud Light!"] she called to the stock boys. She looked at Kate and nodded. [b "I think he's just lonely or something. I'm getting a sad vibe for sure."]
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Kane chuckled hearing the song and when she gave him another drink he watched her, “I’m sure I’m in the right place darlin’.” He never took his eyes off of her even when she was soaking wet, she was flawless...he hadn’t come here tonight looking for a woman but it seemed that he had found one. A hell of a beautiful one too.

When she got off of the bar Kane motioned to her and asked, “What time do you get off?” He wanted to talk and buy her a drink. He was running up a tab enough for two but he was Kane Brown, of course he would pay it, he never skipped out on a tab.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her even as she worked, her co workers noticed, “Cowboy at the end is checking you out Madi.” One of the girls said giggling. Everyone knew it was Kane but they kept their distance, that was one rule, don’t bother the celebrities unless they talked to you first and Kane had started the conversation.
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Madison looked up as someone spoke to her about a Jake and Coke. [b "Kane Brown?"] she whispered. [b "Are you sure you're in the right place?"] She grabbed a glass and poured a little bit of Jack Daniels and then popped the top on a coke. [b "I'm guessing you want me ot open you up a tab?"] she muttered as she refilled his glass once more.

The bar was filling up at this point and she grabbed the aux cord to the radio and plugged her phone up. She glanced over at Ed and laughed. [b "Alex, Kate, lets gooo!"] she said as she took a shot of tequila. She jumped up on the bar as Pull it off by Kane Brown started ringing out through the speakers. She made the mistake of glancing over at the superstar, who looked like he was already getting wasted, he looked sad though. [b "Swear I didn't plan this."] she said as she pulled off her floral kimono.

[b "No one is allowed to be sad in my bar."] she said as she walked down across the bar and bent down in front of the superstar. [b "Cheer up. This one is one me."] she said as she handed him a half full glass of jack daniels and a thing of coke. She raised up and giggled as Kate walked over with a pitcher of water. She knew she was going to through it on the blonde.
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Kane walked in with his buddies, they had dragged him out on the town for the first time in a long time... he didn't want to be here... he had no reason to be here... he wanted to be at home with his dog drinking alone. He had no business here but they had dragged him here against his will and he was now sitting on a bar stool alone at the end of the bar because they had gone and found girls to dance with already.

"Give me a Jack and Coke and keep em coming." he muttered not even looking up at the bar tender... if he drank enough it would kill the pain right? His girlfriend... well fiance of 4 years had just broken up with him... said the spark wasn't there anymore and that there was nothing she could do... but yet she was dating his ex best friend back home in Georgia now... she bounced back quickly.

Getting the Jack and Coke, he downed it and said, "Like I said keep em coming." He muttered.
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Madison Ray was a twenty one year old single mom leaving in Nashville with her son Kaleb. Being a single mom sure wasn’t easy. Being a single mom whose baby daddy was a complete drunk was even worse.

She was going to Nashville State Community College in the morning, she was home with Kaleb during the day and then once he went to bed, she was working downtown at the Wild Horse as a bartender. It was hard, but they made it work. And her neighbors were great, helping out with Kaleb whenever she needed them too really.

It was a Friday night, her weekend to work. Kaleb was at his grandmothers house a few towns over for the weekend, which meant she could pick her extra hours. It would be a long weekend, but next week was spring break, so the more money she made now, meant the longer she could take off and spend time with her son.

She walked in the bar and smiled. [b “Ed. Everyone is already lining up! I thinking tonight might be a good night to let us girls get on the bar.”]

[ outfit]
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