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Madison smiled softly and simply shrugged. [b “I would've taken small town Georgia over Nashville.”] she said. [b “I bet your mom just wants to know when she’s gonna get a few grand babies.”]

She shook her head when he said he would take her home. [b “No really. Kate’s going the same way, she won’t mind.”] she told him [b “But I was hoping before this night ends... Well I was going to ask if you liked Ice Cream? There’s this little mom and pop shop down the street that stays open late. Everyone comes in high or hungover, it’s good business.”] she said with a grin. [b “My treat?”]

She laughed when he said she was a pretty small girl. [b “I might be small, but this girl ya sheen taking boxing classes since she was in middle school.”] she said [b “Growing up in Nashville and being like I am, I didn’t really have a choice.”] She tucked her hand into his before they walked downstairs. [b “Hopefully know ones see us?”]
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Kane chuckled, "Nashville has to be better than growing up in small town Georgia... we had one stop light and I'm sure it hasn't worked in 40 years... I... I never knew my dad so it was just me and momma... when I moved to Nashville when I was 19... she didn't want to come so I try to go back home every month or so, she calls me everyday... asks me if I've found a good girl yet." He muttered smiling.

When she looked at her watch he asked, 'Do you need to get home ? I.. I can take you, its really alright." He sighed when she turned him down and said that she would have Kate take her home, "Alright but I'm taking you back to the Wildhorse.... I won't have you walking downtown alone at night... no one messes with me but your a small pretty girl, they wouldn't think twice and I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you." He admitted before he paid for their dinner and left the tip.
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Madison once again couldn’t help but smile when he said he was paying for everything. [b “Then let me leave the tip?”] she questioned. [b “You definitely aren’t what I pegged you to be... I thought you would try and get into my pants or something as soon as you picked me up from work.”]

She nodded slightly when he said growing up in Nashville must’ve been fun. [b “I love Nashville, but I desperately want to get out of the city. I guess maybe I just need a change?”] No. She loved the city, but she didn’t want Kaleb growing up here. [b “Hopefully in a few months, my wish will come true.”]

[b “Nashville is great. But there’s some bad people here too..”] She didn’t want Kaleb growing up in the shadow of his Father. [b “Well. This food looks delicious. I’m really glad you picked this place.”] she said as she cut off a piece of the steak. [b “Best I’ve ever had.”]

They ate with mostly small talk. She checked her watch, as it was nearing midnight at this point. She wasn’t sure if Kane had anything else planned, but she had to come up with an excuse as to why he couldn’t take her home.
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"A gentleman doesn't let a lady pay for one thing, and another thing, I have this entire rooftop cut off from everyone else, yes sometimes people come here to be seen but at the same time I don't care if anyone sees us, I'm on a date with a gorgeous girl and I couldn't be happier about it, plus this place has the best food on broadway." He muttered smiling to her.

"You've lived here your whole life? I was going to say it must have been fun... I've only been here two years myself, before that there was no way in hell that I could afford to live in this town, I prayed and saved and wished I could be in Nashville and now that I'm here, I'm just searching for a reason to be able to be happy... like right now tonight is the first night in as long as I can remember, that I am truly happy to be doing what I'm doing." He admitted before taking a sip of his iced tea with lemon, usually he got Dr. Pepper as well but he was trying not to drink soda.
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Madison bit her lip and nodded softly. [b “Yupp. That was my last date.”] she said softly [b “Needless to say, he was cut off after that.”] She couldn’t help but look out at Nashville again. [b “You know I’ve lived in Nashville my entire life, and I don’t think I’ve every really had a night out on the town.”] she explained.

She blushed when he kissed the back of her hand. [b “I think I was completely wrong about you, Kane Brown.”] she admitted. [b “At least you’re surprising me right now.”] When the waitress came over, she ordered a Dr Pepper for herself. [b “So tell me why you brought me to a place that people go when they want the press to see them? Or isn’t that what you said last night?”] she questioned. [b “Surely you don’t want it it to get out that your on a date with a bar tender who dances?”]

She ordered the steak, per usual when she went out. [b “I can pay for my meal.”] she said. [b “Why haven’t I been on a date in three years? Responsibilities.”]
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"That was really your last date? Not setting the bar too high now are we?" He said with a smile before they ended up on the rooftop. He chuckled when she mentioned a second date... he was already planning it in his head... he liked this girl... he liked this girl alot.

He looked to her when she asked about him not going on a real date for four years.... "A nasty ex and never found someone worth taking out until now." He said bringing her hand to his lips and kissing her fingers intertwined with his. When they were seated he ordered an iced tea with lemon, he wouldn't be drinking tonight... he was driving her home after all.

Kane parused the menu before settling on a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings, he liked basic normal things so a cheeseburger was no different. He smiled to her as she ordered and he asked, "So why hasn't a pretty girl like you been on a real date in three years?"
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Madison looked at Kane and just shrugged. [b “Kane my last date, was at some podunk bar, and we ended up at the Emergency Room before he was higher than a freaking kite and he wrecked my car.”] she said [b “I’m not saying it’s too much, I’m just not used to any of this at all.”] she said.

[b “I didn’t drive to work today, but you don’t have to take me home... I can bum a ride from Kate.”] she explained. No way did she want him to see where she lived. [b “Well it was a kind of a spur of the moment date. Maybe next time we’ll coordinate better..”] she said. Then her eyes went wide. She had just blurted out that she wanted a second date. Even if she was telling herself that she didn’t. [b “No one has ever went to this length to take me out before... This is really nice.”] she said softly.

She held Kane’s hand as they walked up to the rooftop. [b “Oh my gosh.”] she said [b “This is beautiful.”] She blushes when Kane pulled her chair out for her. [b “May I ask why you haven’t had a date?”]
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Kane shook his head, “No darlin I have the whole rooftop for us...why is that too much?” He asked unsure of really how to date again...he hadn’t done this in a long time. Years even. She roomed gorgeous, her hair pulled back in that braid and the click her boots made on the concrete floor made him smile.

“I can’t say I’m not nervous because I haven’t dated in a long time but your also gorgeous and way out of my league so forgive me.” He said holding her hand as they walked towards Aldean’s. “I parked here, I didn’t know if you drove to work or if I could take you home...we didn’t coordinate very well but I’m trying.” He admitted as they walked in the door and a security guard escorted them up the stairs to the roof and it was all arranged and lit up especially for them.

“When I do something, I do it right.” He said smiling and led her to the table, pulling the chair out for her to sit.
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Madison grinned as she looked up and seen Kane walking through the door. Even though she was against it all together last night, she was excited now, giddy even? She felt like a little school girl who just got asked out for the first time.

She shook her head as Kane apologized for last night. [b “You don’t have to apologize. We all have our bad days.”] she said. She couldn’t help but hit her lip as she seen what he was wearing. He was gorgeous. But she shook those thoughts out of her head. [i “No country music singer is going to want to deal with my baggage.”] she thought.

[b “I’m out! See y’all tomorrow.”] she said as she pulled off her apron. [b “Kate, call me if shit goes south.”] She looked at Kane and nodded. [b “Ready!”] She glanced at Kate and shook her head. [b “Kaleb is nobody’s business but my own.”] she muttered. She blushed when she felt his hands intertwine in her own. [b “I’m guessing you didn’t cancel out renting the entire rooftop, right?”]

[ outfit]
[ hair]
[ makeup]
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The next night Kane was leaning at the end of the bar, completely sober. “I see you got home safely last night, sorry about that I was too drunk...I didn’t mean to get that drunk, normally I’m a pen and done kind of drinker but last night I needed to forget some things.” He muttered smiling to her. He was wearing tight jeans, a camo t shirt with his dog tags and a camo hat. He looked like the perfect country boy.

He patiently waited on her shift to end and nodded to the girls who seen him last night and said hi. Some were surprised he came back after paying her to have a drink with least he didn’t have to pay her to go on a date with him.

“You ready?” He asked seeing her taking off her apron. “Our private rooftop is reserved.” He said reaching for her hand and smiling when her hand was in his. Kate looked to Madison, “You gonna tell him about Kaleb?” She whispered hoping Kane didn’t hear.
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Madison laughed as she listened to him. [b "I thought you said Aldeans was where you go if you want the press and fans to find you?"] she asked [b "And I'm sure renting out the entire rooftop would be pretty expensive.. You really don't have to do that... I just want a good steak."] she said with a grin.

She held out her hand for the keys when she realized that he was actually going to give her his keys. [b "Bye Kate. See you tomorrow."] She held out her hand for the keys when she realized that he was actually going to give her his keys. [b "Bye Kate. See you tomorrow."] she said [b "I'll be here around two."]

She looked at Kane and just bite her lip as she followed him outside. She was excited, but at the same time scared. Kane didn't need to get messed up in her life, it was complicated enough. She looked at how tall the truck was and then thought for a moment. [b "I can jump."] she muttered. She gasped when she felt Kane's hand on her waist. [b "I would've gotten up there some how."] she explained.

An hour later she was back in her home apartment.
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Kane chuckled, 'We're going to Aldean's tomorrow night, best food downtown, private rooftop, you and me... but thanks.... and no your not an escort... I just... I didn't know a good way to say it." He admitted.

He dug in his jacket pocket and handed her his keys, "Its the big white truck outside.... " Anyone would know his truck, it had his name and logo embroidered in the seats and the headlights said KANE as well... he was anything but subtle.

He finished the last of his drink handing the cup to the other bartender and asked, "Are you ready to go Madison?" He asked standing up. He wasn't tipsy... just didn't trust himself behind the wheel.

Geting into his truck he waited on her to drive and realized she might not be able to get in by herself so he got out and helped her in, "Sorry...not used to someone else driving my truck... actually your the first person other than me to drive my truck." He admitted.

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She blushed slightly and grinned. [b "Where are we going? I need o know so I know what to wear."] Madison looked at Kane and nodded softly. [b "Wanna just pick me up here? Lets say nine thirty. Give me time to freshen up a little bit."] she said softly. [b "This is the first date I've been on in three years, so I'm right there with you."]

She nodded about the responsbilites. [b "Some responsiblites are bigger than others though."] she explained. [b "Please don't say it like that... Makes me feel like an escort or something. I'm willing to get up on a bar and shake my ass dripping wet, but I'm never willing to be someones escort. I just needed to make that loud and clear."] she said.

[b "Call an Uber to pick me up from you house. I've had two beers, I can take you and your truck home.. If you like. There's no sense in Kane Brown having to Uber when the blonde bartender can take his drunk butt home."]
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Kane smiled, "Dinner tomorrow night?" He asked her. He couldn't believe she had said yes to a date with him, "For the record I haven't dated in four years so this is like new territory for me and yes.... to me your flawless... I've never seen someone more beautiful..." He muttered. She thought he was a sweet talker... even though he was just being honest, he didn't talk like this to everyone.... or anyone really for that matter.

"We all have responsiblities... and I knew I had to get a date with you somehow... you said no to the drink the first time... and you need the money and I need a date with a gorgeous woman, its a win win." He muttered smiling. "I... I'll have to come and get my truck tomorrow... uber home... I've had too much to get behind the wheel." He admitted. He would never put his life or others in danger just because he wanted to drive home drunk, an Uber was just as easy to call.
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Madison looked down at Kane as he slid the money toward her. [b "You know I wouldn't take this normally... But I need it."] she muttered. [b "Responabilites..."] She listened as he explained that Aldeans was for the press. [b "I love this bar.."] she muttered. She had been working here for two years now, and even before then, Ed would give her odd jobs since she couldn't serve alchol.

[b "You thought I was gorgoues?"] she asked. She hadn't been on a date since long before Kaleb was born. Kaleb was two now, and it had been probably three years since. She hadn't been with a man since Kaleb's daddy ran off the first time after she got pregnant.

She looked at Kane when he told her that she took his breathe away. [b "You're quite the sweet talker aren't you?"] she asked. She thought for a moment and bit her lip. [b "If I come in early tomorrow, I could probably get off by nine or ten."] she said softly.
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