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Kane stopped and put his food and drink down on the table and looked to her, "You think I'm better than you? I grew up living in my mom's car with her Madison, two years ago I was scraping by eating ramen and hating everything I did because I was getting no where. I am no better than you and I asked you to be my girlfriend because I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend. I didn't know you had a son but I love kids and it doesn't change my mind.... and if you recall I watched you dance on tables so I knew about that." he said smiling, "Just... give me a chance... don't count me out yet... I meant what I asked, 'Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked again taking her hand.

He was putting it all on the table after a date and a half, this girl had an effect on him that no one else did and he wasn't about to lose that or let it go. He loved this girl with everything he had right now and she didn't understand that.
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Madison nodded. [b “I think it would be better if we did... You don’t mind do you?”] she asked as she put some sweet barbecue wings on her plate, as well as French fries. [b “Yes please.”] she said when he asked if she wanted a Dr Pepper. [b “So they do this when you bring your roadies back too?”]

She looked up as him as she sat down on the couch and he corrected her with boyfriend. Her eyes were wide. [b “Kane...”] she muttered. [b “You...I.... You deserve so much better than me.”] she finally admitted. [b “Kane I’m trash. I live in these trashy apartments, my ex is fucking crazy. I work at a bar and I dance on the tables for more money.”] she told him. [b “Kane I have a two year old son.”]

[b “He is the only and sole reason that I took that money that you offered me to have a drink with you.”] she muttered [b “You deserve some fashionista princess, not some girl that dances on a bar...”{
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"We can go back to my dressing room if you want to darlin'... yeah they tend to do that... I mean I haven't had a girl around in six months so everyone is curious as to whats going on, thats for sure." He muttered as he grabbed himself a Dr. Pepper from the fridge and asked her if she wanted one. It was fully stocked with Dr. Pepper, the crew knew Kane for sure and knew that was what he liked..... he was even on the cans for a contest they were doing to win to meet Kane Brown... it was kind of surreal for him to see himself on a can but he did it.

Soon they were back in his dressing room and he was eating his garlic wings that he had picked, they were his favorites but he could eat some hot wings every now and then. "You mean rep your boyfriend... I mean if you want to be my girlfriend?" he got really shy saying that, worried that she wouldn't be interested and want to be with him at all.
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Madison grinned when Kane agreed to wings. [b “You have no idea how bad my obsession for wings are.”] she said. [b “You don’t have to tell me about her, Kane. Really. We all have a past. Some are uglier than others. You don’t have to explain anything to me.”]

She thought for a moment after he suggested that they go to his place after the concert. [b “Pizza and Netflix right?”] she asked. She bit her lip but nodded. [b “That sounds fun.”] she said. [b “I just have to be home by two tomorrow.”] She couldn’t help but blush as they walked through the Back Stage of the Arena, every one was watching them.

[b “Welll of course I want some merchandise. I have to rep my date!”] she said. She watched as Kane fixed his plate, and she fixed hers from behind him. [b “Are we eating in here or going back to your dressing room?”] she asked. [b “Have you noticed that everyone is staring or is it just me?”]
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Kane nodded, 'Yes wings, and if you want to know Shelby was my ex girlfriend, tries to cause me trouble every now and then but she really should give up." He muttered and sighed, "Sorry that Ryan brought her up, hes my drummer and best friend... oh and an idiot." He shook his head smiling, "We go on at 9, no opener tonight but that means maybe you and I can go to my place and relax and watch some movies?" He asked holding her hand as they walked towards craft services where the food was. His crew and band were surprised to see him with a girl after the bad breakup with shelby 6 months ago but no one said anything.

He held the door for her, "Wings and basically anything else you want to eat, then we can go to merch before they open the doors and you can pick out anything your little heart desires." He muttered kissing her cheek again, he really liked this girl, he was sure of it. More sure than anything.
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Madison grinned as she listened to him. [b “Of course I was going to show up.”] she said [b “This is the first concert I’ve ever been too.”]She blushed when he told her that she looked beautiful. [b “Thank you.”] she said softly. She looked up when someone began speaking to her about how Kane was pacing. She didn’t know who he was. I she honestly didn’t know what to say. [b “Who is that?”] she whispered.

She frowned when he said she was prettier than Shelby. [b “Well the pretty one here can have you on the ground in three seconds, so I suggest you shut your mouth.”] she was honestly curious as to who Shelby was, but she wasn’t going to rush Kane. He would tell her if he wanted her to know about it.

She nodded when he asked if she was hungry. [b “I’m absolutely starving.”] she said [b “Wings?”] She nodded to the mercy. Of course she wanted to get some merchandise. [b “What time do you go onstage?”]

[ ConcertOutfit]
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"I missed you more." he said wrapping his arms around her and spinning her around, "You look beautiful. I was worried you weren't going to show up tonight." His drummer, Ryan, spoke up, "Yeah he was, pacing and everything... you've got him wrapped around your finger." He said and Kane shot him a glare, "Who let you in here Ryan?" He asked and Ryan laughed, "We went to high school together Kane, you let me in here." Ryan was still laughing and looked at Madison, "Shes a hell of a lot prettier than Shelby." He said and Kane tried to slap him as he walked out the door.

He hadn't wanted to tell Madison about Shelby yet but he was sure that she was curious now that Ryan had told her that Kane had an ex named Shelby and apparently Madison was a lot prettier than she had been.

Kane took her hand and asked, "Are you hungry? we can get anything for dinner, if you want to go to merch and pick anything we can."
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[b “Well she called in, when I was supposed to go on a date, so I’m still probably gonna kick her damn skinny ass.”] she said.

That night at work was insane. But she brought home three hundred dollars, so it was worth it. She was so excited to go to Kane’s concert. She was excited to see this side of him, it was different than what she had seen of him before.

She had to stop by work before the concert, so she just walked from the Bar to Bridgestone Arena, true to Kane’s word, Gail was waiting on her with her VIP pass. The concert was set to start at seven thirty, and she got there around five.

Gail really didn’t say a lot to her as she led her back to Kane’s dressing room, and the lounge that was designated as the hang out spot. She couldn’t help but grin as Kane was pacing, which she thought was really cute. [b “Hi.”] she said [b “I missed you.”] she couldn’t help but giggle as he pulled her into his arms.
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Ed chuckled, "Morgan did but she didn't quit."

Kane texted her back, "Gail, my tour manager, will meet you at the box office and bring you back, be there early and I'll be waiting on my favorite girl." He would spoil her with dinner and merchandise, anything she could want. He wanted to show his girl off even if their second date was his own concert. This show had been sold out for months so if you didn't already have a ticket, you weren't going... or if you weren't dating Kane Brown, you weren't going.

At the show Kane paced in his dressing room waiting on her, he had flowers waiting for her and just genuinely missed her and wanted to see her again, he couldn't wait. When Gail radioed that she had her and was coming back, Kane visibly relaxed, his band had never seen him like this over anyone, he had it bad for this girl. When he saw her he smiled pulling her into his arms, "I missed you darlin'."
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Eddie ended up calling and waking her up at ten. Someone had called him, and he needed her to pull a double. Which meant she wouldn’t be able to go on her date with Kane.

[i “I would love to go to your concert. I did just find out that Ed needs me to come in and pull a double since one of the new girls called in, and it would be double tips, so I really can’t pass that up... But I’ll definitely see you tomorrow? Should I just meet you at the Arena or?”] she wasn’t really sure how this worked if she was being completely honest. She had never dated a famous country music start before. [i “Where do I go to get the pass?”]

It wasn’t long before she was on the bus and heading to work. It was going to be a long night, but tomorrow was the concert, and she was off for the next four days. She was excited to hangout with Kane again, but she couldn’t wait for Kaleb to come home.

[b “Hey Ed. Who called in? I’m gonna kick their ass.”] she muttered.

[,2,3,4,6,8&sim=11 outfit]
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"What I wanted to do would be early in the afternoon baby when do you go in?" he asked texting her back. He didn't want her out in Nashville again, another late night. "Or when are you off so I can see you again. Do you want to come to my show at Bridgestone on Sunday? I can have a pass waiting for you." he asked her as well. He really liked her... maybe loved her and that was just after one date.

The next day Kane texted her, "Where can I pick you up sweetheart?" He knew she was home, wherever home was... she had seen his house, he just hadn't seen hers, not that it really mattered, it was just easier for him to come and pick her up.

Kane wanted to take her to surprise mini golf and ice cream... make ice cream a date tradition, at least that was his idea and what he was really hoping for, for their second date. He wanted to make her happy and make sure she had everything she needed to see him.
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Madison looked at Kane and smiled softly. [b “I really had you pegged all wrong, Kane.”] To say she was shocked when she realized that Kane was leaning towards her, to kiss her, was an understatement. But she didn’t pull away. She knew she had little to no time for a new relationship, or whatever this would become, but she liked it for now.

Kane didn’t need to be in her drama, she would only hold him back, and he didn’t deserve that. She wasn’t good enough for him, and he would soon realize that. She had way to much extra stuff going on than to worry about Kane’s image.

She ended up taking the bus home, Kate had already gone. But she didn’t tell Kane that. It was around two when she finally got home. [i “Just home. Thank you for tonight!”] she typed [i “What’s the plan for tomorrow? I won’t get off until like 10-11.”]

She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, this week had been nonstop, but next week would be better.
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Kane nodded, 'Anytime darlin'... I want you safe." He said his hands finding her waist and he kissed her lips gently, it was like fireworks or something... it was easily the best kiss he had ever had and it wasn't planned... he hadn't even meant to do it... it just happened. "I'll text you so you have my number... but text me when you make it home safe, I'll worry." He muttered walking her into the bar where Kate was getting ready to leave, "See you tomorrow? Second date?" he asked smiling, "I'll text you."

Soon he was home and had texted her, "Thank you for the best date I've ever had, I can't wait to have a second with you sweetheart." He didn't say any more but he wanted to... he wanted to add how perfect and beautiful and sweet she was but he didn't, he stopped himself from making a fool of himself before it happened... he had just met this girl and he was falling hard and falling fast for her.
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Madison couldn’t help but smile as she realized that Kane had just called her baby. [b “I mean. I think I could fit another date into my schedule.”] she said. [b “A second date would be really nice, Kane.”] she took his phone and quickly typed her number in it, before handing it back to him. [b “Text me so I’ll have your number too.”]

She nodded when he asked about the name of the ice cream shop. [b “It is. I used to work there during the day same. It’s my favorite.”] she said. After they had ordered, they sat down in a small booth, of course Kane was right next to her. She couldn’t help but squeal when he stole some of her ice cream. [b “Hey! You have your own.”] she said.

After the ice cream date, Kane was indeed set on walking her back to the bar. [b “Thank you for tonight. I had fun.”] she said softly. Nashville was settling down now, everyone was probably getting ready to head to bed. [b “Thanks for walking me back too.”]
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"I don't care if anyone sees us baby, I meant what I said... I like you." He said and nodded, "Ice cream on one condition... you let me take you out again.. and give me your number." he said handing her his phone so she could type in her number and add herself as a contact... a second date could lead to a relationship and Kane could see that with her and that thought both excited him and scared him at the same time, he liked her a lot... "Its savannah's candy kitchen on broadway isn't it? That place has amazing ice cream, so trust me I know.... and I would love to go with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

At the ice cream shop he kissed her cheek gently and stole a taste of her ice cream with a smile. He knew there were people that had already gotten pictures of them and they would be all over the tabloids and Nashville gossip pages soon... Kane Brown was seen out with a new girlfriend.
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