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Madison grinned when she read Kane's text. [b "Alright buddy. Let's get home and then we're gonna redoracte and order pizza? How does that sound?"] she asked. [i "Mommy. When is Daddy coming to see us?"]

Later on in the night, going on eleven, Kane showed up with milkshakes. She just grinned when he got out of the truck. [b "Thank you for this... I know this really isn't the place that you would normally have a date.."] she said. [b "And normally I would dress a lot better. But I just got out of the shower when I seen the truck lights."]

She took a sip of the milkshake and nodded. [b "Yeah. He woke up and told me this morning that he wanted a big boy room.. So."] She smiled softly and leaned over, resting her head on his shoulder. [b "Thank you for coming over.. Really."] she said. [b "Kaleb asked about his sperm donor today.."]

[ outfit]
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Kane nodded reading her text and texted her back, "Just let me know, milkshakes outside sounds like a hell of a date, I love you." he meant every word he said. He chuckled seeing that Kaleb wanted to redecorate, at least she was using the grand she had gotten from him that first night, and using it on her son no less.

When she did text him he stopped and got two milkshakes on the way there and was quiet as to not wake the little boy. "Hey darlin'." he muttered kissing her, "I missed you.... and I got you this." he said handing her, her favorite milkshake.

"So your redecorating his room huh?" He asked smiling. He hadn't seen a picture of the boy even or met him. All he knew was that he was Madison's son and when Madison was ready for him to meet him, he would. "Batman?" he asked seeing some packaging sticking out of the trash, "Batman is my favorite, I have a whole batman room, fans give me a lot of Batman."
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Madison and Kaleb went shopping and out to eat. She never really got to spoil Kaleb outside of his birthday and christmas, so this was exciting to her. [b "You know, Momma loves you more than anything in this entire world? Right?"] she asked him. [b "Everything that I do, I do for you.."]

They were walking out of Walmart when she felt her phone vibrate. Kaleb had decided that he wanted to redo his room, so they were going too. [b "You know. If Momma keeps picking up extra shifts, we might be able to move into a better house soon."] she said. She glanced down at the phone as she picked Kaleb up and put him in the carseat..She had borrowed her Mothers car. [i "Good.. I miss you though. Kaleb woke up and told me that he wanted a big boy room now, so we're doing to re decorate I think."] she texted him.

[b "I really miss you... Maybe you want to stop by once Kaleb goes to bed. We can sit outside the front door.."] she texted him again.
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The next few days Kane started working on a new song, he hadn't been this inspired in a long time. The result was a song...a song that he thought was good enough to put on his new album. The song was called Better Place and it was written for Madison and he had meant every word when he was writing it. He pictured everything in that song with her in mind. He loved her and he just had to get her to love him back, that was the hard part.

He sat in his studio in his house and listened to the track again, it was perfect but how was he going to show it to her. She had made it clear that he was not to be around Kaleb until they were more premanent so he didn't want to interrupt her day but he missed her. Kane ultimatley decided to text her, "How are you doing baby?" He asked in a text, hoping she would answer him and not blow him off... he didn't want to lose her. He would fight for that girl if he had to.
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The next few days were peaceful. She spent sunday afternoon with Kane until it was time to go home, since Kaleb was coming back! She was so excited to see him, she just couldn't wait to see him. He had never been away from her for this long before, and while he did pretty well, she missed him like crazy. Kane finally seen where she actually lived, and he was pretty speechless for the most part.

She missed Kane too, but he understand that right now their relationship and her life with Kaleb had to be completely seperate right now, or at least he said he did.

It scared her a little bit that Kane had told her that he could already see a future with them. Rambo and Kaleb running around in a big yard, while she and Kane were sitting on the wrap around porch. It was a nice thought.. But that would be years from now, if they worked out.. Right?

[b "My baby is home!"] she squealed as she ran out her apartment door when she seen her mother's car pull up. [b "I missed you so much!"]
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"I understand, I grew up with a revolving door of step dads and thats no way for a kid to grow up, if your in it for life, that different." he said as he changed and turned around seeing her putting his shirt on, "Damn darlin', for the record Mr. Brown doesn't work out and you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen... was that a tattoo I saw?" He asked knowing he was covered and he had only seen the one on her body.

He let his hands find her waist and he kissed her hard, "You have no idea how much I am invested in us already... I know we're just starting but I can see a future with you... a house with a porch going all the way around, Rambo running around the yard... its something that I haven't been able to get out of my mind since I met you. I don't know what it is but baby, I'm sure that your my forever and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that I do everything I can to make you happy."
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Madison smiled as Kane spoke about Kaleb. [b "You understand why I don't want Kaleb in this right?"] she asked as she followed him upstairs. [b "He's two, and as far as he knows, his daddy hung the moon. His dad comes around every little bit, but then he always leaves when Kaleb gets interested again... I don't want Kaleb getting attached to anyone that I don't know one hundred percent that they'll be in our lives forever..."]

She couldn't help but blush as she watched Kane pull off his tee shirt. He didn't seem to notice that her eyes were on him the entire time. [b "I take it Mr Brown works out?"] she whispered as she forced herself to move farther into the bedroom. [b "Next time I'll bring my own clothes."] she muttered as she herself pulled off her own shirt, only to reach up and grabbed on of his from the closet.

She turned around to look at Kane. She was curious about his reaction.
  Madison / BooBear96 / 102d 7h 26m 16s
Kane chuckled, "Kaleb ever meets him and I don't think Rambo would leave him, my drummer has a son and whenever he comes over Rambo is his best friend. " Kane admitted smiling ,"Don't worry if you want to change my closet is open to you, I mean everything will be big on you but you can wear whatever you want." He said kissing her cheek before walking to the living room and kicking his shoes off. "Are you hungry darlin'? We can order or I can make you something. I make a damn good grilled cheese." he admitted with a smile.

He walked upstairs and motioned for her to follow him, he was going to change but also give her the grand tour at the same time. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it in the hamper and pulled a fresh one on in front of her. He didn't notice if she was watching or not. If she was... he hoped she was enjoying the show. "Bathroom is across the hall, hot tub and pool outside the french doors, Rambo will get out, its fine its all fenced in and hes too lazy to run anyway."
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[b “Let’s go get our stuff then.”] she said as she held his hand and followed him back to his dressing room. [b “I can’t wait to see Rambo again.”] she said [b “If Kaleb ever meets him, good luck on getting him back. He wants a dog so bad.”] she told Kane. [b “The apartment won’t allow them though.”]

She just shook her head. [b “It was definitely memorable that’s for sure, but now the press will definitely know about me. What if they try and dig around on me? What if they find out about Kaleb?”]

A little while later they were pulling up at Kane’s house, which was like the freaking White House compared to her apartment. [b “I didn’t bring any clothes... I thought I would be going home tonight.”] she admitted.

She grinned when they walked in through the garage door and Rambo came running for them. [b “Hi Bubby]!”] she squealed. [b “I’m sorry I kept daddy out so late the past few nights.”]
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He smirked and kissed her gently, "You did great and you said you wanted memorable... your the only girl I've ever brought out onstage... can't get more memorable that that." he muttered taking her hand, 'Let me get my bag and we can get your bag of things and head there, Rambo is probably mad and wanting his snacks." Rambo was his english bulldog that she had met breifly when she dropped him and his truck off when he had been too drunk to drive himself home that night, "He loves you, when you left that night he cried because his friend left." Kane admitted grabbing his bag from his dressing room and handing her, her bag, "I drove here so security will take us to my truck and we can head out the back before the craziness hits and no one gets out of here for two more hours."

Kane was right, they got to avoid traffic and he had the radio on in his truck as they drove the fifteen minutes towards his house.
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Madison just grinned as she heard Kane’s compliment. Right now she was wearing the blue jean jacket with the KB on the back. [b “Thank ya babe.”] she said.

She was amazed at how the crowd reacted when he ran out on the stage. He was definitely made for this, she knew that much. She was sitting on a stool just far enough back that no one could see her. But she did catch Kane steaming peaks at her every once in awhile. She would just wave and blow kisses.

She couldn’t believe that he wanted to drag her out on stage. [b “Kane, what. No! I only dance in my bar.”] she muttered. [b “They came here to hear you, not to see me dance!”] She just blushed. She didn’t want to, but she was already on stage, so she danced. As soon as the song was over, she kissed Kane’s cheek and ran back to her stool.

[b “That was amazing.”] she said when Kane finished his set and ran back over to her. [b “I cannot believe that you pulled me out there!”] she said as she playfully slapped his chest. [b “Oh yes please. I’m so tired.”]
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Kane smiled at her wearing her new Kane Brown jacket, she had a bag of things back in his dressing room as well. "You look gorgeous and I can't wait to kiss you." He muttered before running out onstage, the crowd erupted in a roar and Kane couldn't help but smile over to her, he loved what he did and he had worked his ass off to get there. Pull it off was near the end and he looked over to Madison before running to the side of the stage as he sang, "Come on darlin'." He said taking her hand and pulling her onto the stage with him to dance.

When the show was over he ran to the side of the stage where she was and pulled her into his arms, "Memorable enough?" he asked before pushing her hair out of her face and kissing her hard and passionatley, he was in love with this woman and he knew that wouldn't change.

Pulling away he smiled to her, "Ready to go to my place? I promise I'll have you home before two tomorrow."
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Madison smiled softly as she felt Kane wipe away her tears. [b “I don’t deserve you. I really don’t.”] she said softly. She nodded as she listened to everything that Kane was saying about Kaleb and then him helping her if she ever needed it, even if they didn’t work out. [b “Thank you.”]

After things calmed down, they finished eating and just talked. Soon enough if it was time for Kane to get ready to go on stage. The Arena was packed, it was so loud. She didn’t know how he stood the noise. [b “It’s my first shoe, remember that. You better make it a memorable one.”] she said with a grin. [b “Go out there and make all the girls jealous, and when you’re finished, I expect a big ole kiss.”]

She missed Kaleb even more now. She wished that things were different, that their life was different. She wished she could give Kaleb everything that he deserved, instead of what he wanted. She couldn’t wait to get him back and take him shopping.
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Kane nodded, "I respect that." he kissed her forehead and wiped her tears away with his thumb, "I will never come between you and your son and if we don't work out, its alright, you can decide when and if I ever meet Kaleb but the way you talk about him, I'm sure hes amazing." He smiled to her, "I'm glad your my girlfriend, I will always respect you and that your son comes first and if you ever need me for anything, don't hesitate to call... I mean it." he meant that about when he heard her ex was an alcoholic and an addict, "And if your ex ever tries to hurt you or Kaleb, my home is always open to you, together or not... I was abused by my step dad when I was a kid... I know what its like. Damn near beat me to death for wetting the bed when I was 5 years old. He went to prison for a long time for that... I did almost die." he said never telling that story to anyone before but... he trusted her.
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[b “I’m not saying you’re better than me. That’s not what it is at all. I’m just saying... I’m not good for your image. I don’t know. I’ve never done this before Kane. My ex is a freaking alcoholic and an addict. I’ve never been treated the way you’ve treated me, and if I’m being honest, it scares the hell out of me.”]

She couldn’t help but blush when he told her that he had watched her dance on the tables. [b “Best way to make quick and easy money.”] she muttered. [b “Kaleb is my entire life. Everything that I do, I do for him Kane.. He’s my everything... What if we don’t work out?.”]

She sighed as a tear slid down her face. [b “I want to be your girlfriend. But I’m scared. Kaleb is always going to come first, and I need you to understand that. He’s my son, he depends on me. I’m all he’s got.”] she explained [b “His father is a piece of shit, Kane. All he knows is me... We can date, but my son stays out of the picture for now.”]
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