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Kane was in the kitchen, "Kitchen Darlin'." he called out putting down his cell phone, he had been talking to the company bringing the inflatables for the party, he had reserved 3 and they had been party shopping, batman pool party was what was happening. He smiled seeing Kaleb for the first time, "And whos this?" He asked trying to let on to Kaleb that he didn't know about him.

Kaleb was looking around and squirmed seeing Rambo at his mother's feet, "Puppy puppy." He said wanting put down. "Thats Rambo, he will be your new best friend." Kane said chuckling. He looked to Madison, "Told you he would steal my dog." he said laughing.

Kaleb was mixed like Kane and he whispered to Madison... "You didn't tell me hes mixed like me... me and this kid have more in common everyday." he said with a smile. "I... just got off the phone with the inflatable company, everything is reserved for two weeks and I bought six tables this morning for everything."
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Madison just smiled and nodded. [b “Okay. With that being said... Kaleb is going to daycare starting next week... Would you want to go birthday party shopping with me?”] Kaleb was going to love this.. Kane seemed so great, part of her wanted to introduce Kaleb to him now but if Cody found out, he would get pretty angry, which partly scared her.

She couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Kane call out at her. She just shook her head with the biggest blush on her face. [b “I think you enjoy embarrassing me!”]

She and Kane has now been dating for a month and a half, and it was going great. They hardly fought. It was great. So great, that she was going to introduce Kaleb to Kane. Kane has been so nice to let her borrow his Charger, since she didn’t have a car. It was just for a few days. She was looking st buying her own soon. [b “Come on baby.”] she said as she reached down to unbuckle his car seat once they had pulled into Kane’s garage. [b “Were gonna go meet one of Mommas friends.”]

She had Kaleb on her hip as she walked in through the Kitchen. [b “Kane?”]
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Kane nodded, "Let your momma be nosey, its alright, I have nothing to hide and I think the little man deserves a fun party, after what you told me about his dad... well it might not be my place but I want to make up for it or at least distract him for a day so he has some fun. A bouncy house, one of those inflatable boats they can slide down, the pool, food and cake... have it at my place and the cost for the inflatables and everything is my present to him."

At the bar he nodded, "I know I don't have to, but I want to, you won't let me spoil you, I gotta do what I gotta do." He said smiling. When he came back he saw her, "You look damn good in that shirt blondie." He muttered getting her attention as he sat at the end of the bar. Sara watched them as Kane asked for an iced tea and a bud light lime.

"So hes your boyfriend now?" She asked Madison. Kane was a catch and she knew it, "How you gonna keep a country superstar as your boyfriend?"
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Madison looked at Kane and simply grinned. [b “He’s going to love you more than me. I just know it.”] she said. [b “Maybe a week or two before the party, you can start coming over... He’s going to love you, I just know he will.”] she said. [b “I would love it have it there... As long as you’re one hundred percent sure that you don’t mind. My mom can be nosey... I don’t want to intrude!”] she said.

She blushed as he leaned over and kissed her. [b “Welllll. Maybe you’ll like what you’re going to see tonight even more.”] she whispered. She looked down at the one hundred dollar bill he slid into her hand and she just sighed softly. [b “You don’t have to do that... But I’ll make sure your food is ready when you get back babe.”] she said.

She nodded when he said I love you, and she watched him walk outside, after that, it was time to get to work! She had a few people to serve, but it was a Monday night, so it wouldn’t be bad at all.
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"I'm sure... plus my present to him can be renting the bouncy house for him and his friends." He said smiling, "I've got the big kitchen so you can make sure his cake is safe and snacks, just... let me help you give him a big all out birthday party and I'll be there the whole time.... even if I'm still momma's friend Kane." he admitted and kissed her gently.

At the bar he smiled, "Oh I love what I see." he kissed her gently and took the key she offered and nodded, 'I'll be back in ten minutes, can I order some onion rings and by the time I get back they'll be almost done?" He asked and put a hundred on the counter, "The tip is for the best bartender this place has got." He said sliding it into her hand. "I love you, I'll be right back."

He was quick at her apartment, locking the door back, not even going inside, just grabbing the bag and leaving again. He wasn't going to intrude. He was back in ten minutes and sat at the end of the bar.
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Madison blushed and nodded. [b “Well after you pulled me on stage at your concert, I think it might be getting out that Kane Brown isn’t single anymore right?”] she asked. She listened as Kane spoke about Kaleb’s birthday party. [b “He would absolutely LOVE to a have a pool party... But Kane I don’t want to intrude. I mean there’s probably going to be so many little kids and nosey parents... plus I have to invite Kaleb’s Father... But it would probably make it easier on me if I had you there with me... Are you sure you don’t mind?”] she asked.

She had a bag packed at her apartment sitting right by the front door, but she forgot to grab it. Maybe Kane wouldn’t mind going to get it. She would ask him about it before he started drinking. She held his hand as they walked into Wild Horse and everyone turned to stare. [b “Y’all act like you’ve never seen a couple before.”] she said with an eye roll.

She felt eyes on her as she walked back behind the bar. She grinned when she turned around and seen Kane staring st her. She walked over and leaned against the bar. [b “Like what you see?”] she asked. [b “Babe before I forget, I left my bag at home. It’s rigjt inside my front door.. if I give you the key... Can you go get it for me?”]
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He smiled, "Everyone should know your mine." he kissed her gently. "So." He said as he drove, "I was thinking, if you and Kaleb are comfortable with me, you could have his party at my place, I mean I have the front yard or the back yard, the pool, Rambo... plenty of space and parking for his little friends." He said smiling, he was just trying to help. He nodded hearing her ask about the bag, "Yes you can have half the closet even darlin'... like I said, your my forever, leaving things at my place is a step in the right direction... maybe someday it'll be our place and I won't have to come and get you or Kaleb, you'll be right there with me and Rambo, who by the way misses you. He whined an entire day." He admitted.

When they walked into the bar holding hands it seemed some of the other bar tenders were shocked. He let her go on to work and watched her walk to the bar, mostly watching her ass in those daisy dukes.... damn his girl was fine.
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Madison grinned and nodded as she heard him agree to pick her to take her, and bring her home as well. [b “If you promise to have me home by eight, I could probably stay with you if you wanted.”] she told him [b “I can bring a bag of stuff and just leave it there?”] she wasn’t sure what he would think about that.

She nodded. [b “I honestly don’t even know what I’m going to get him yet. I still have to find somewhere to have his party at. He’s made a couple of friends when my mom takes him back to her house from what she told me, so I’ll want it somewhere semi nice... No one would come here for it.”]

She grinned as she walked outside and seen Kane’s truck. Kaleb was at the neighbors and tucked into bed. He would be asleep in no time, he had gotten up at six am, and wouldn’t go back to sleep for nothing. He was a little cranky, which wasn’t like him. She hoped he wasn’t getting sick. [b “Hey babe.”] she said as she jumped up into the passenger seat. She grinned when he said she looked beautiful. [b “Well. Like you said, I need to rep my boyfriend.”]
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Kane nodded, “I can pick you up and take you home, no worries there darlin’, I’ll just sit at the bar, drink iced tea and eat onion rings and French fries, watch you work and entertain me all night, I might just surprise you with something else too.” He said smirking and nodded. “That sounds like a plan and I want to get him something that he will think about that and let me know.”

He held her hand, “I love you Mads.”

The next day Kane was parked in the drive at 7:45 so she wouldn’t be late. He texted her to let her know and that he had gotten her an iced coffee from Starbucks on the way since he knew she had a long shift. He was planning to surprise her by singing better place for her at the bar. He had already talked to Ed and given him the track. He smiled seeing her walk out of the house with her KB tie dye shirt on, tied up around her belly button. “You look gorgeous darlin’.”
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[b “I go back tomorrow night. I think I’m going on around eight, so I can put Kaleb to bed.... Any chance I can talk you into picking me up and giving me a ride? Now that you know where I live... I usually take to the bus..”] she muttered, slightly ashamed. [b “If I cross a line ever, tell me, and I’ll step back.”]

She nodded when he asked about Ed. [b “Yupp. He owns the place. I keep hoping that he’ll make me manager, or even assistant because I run that place better than the one we have now does.”] she told him. [b “He’ll be three in two months... How about you just come anyway?”] she asked [b “You don’t have to get him anything... But I want my boyfriend there.”]

[b “Give me a month. If things are going well, and I feel okay about it,
You can meet Kaleb. We can take him out or something. That way it won’t be so awkward if you were to just come to the apartment.”] she said [b “I have a good feeling about is too, but he’s always going to come first.”]
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“When do you work again?” He asked her as he concocted a plan in his head to surprise her with the song that he had been working on and had written about her. “Ed is your boss right? I played at the Wildhorse a few times when I first moved to Nashville and he gave me a chance...he’s one of the few good ones down on broadway now. It’s all going to hell down there, tourists and bachelorette parties have taken it over.” He said taking a drink of his milkshake.

“I’ll be there when you work again, I mean I have a wide open schedule and I love spending my time with you.” He nodded, “By the time I go on tour...I’d hope you’ll go with me...I wouldn’t want to be without my girl that long...Kaleb too if your introducing me to him by then, like I said I don’t want to rush anything, just talking out of my head.” He muttered and looked to her before he placed a kiss on her lips. “He turns three in three months? Am I allowed to get him something?”
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Madison smiled softly as she listened to Kane. [b “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me so far.. I’ll probably never be able to repay you, but just know that I appreciate it so much.. That money you gave me, well let’s just say I haven’t seen a smile like that from Kaleb since Christmas.”] she said. [b “And now his third birthday is in two months..”] she said with a grin. [b “My nine pound baby isn’t a baby anymore.”]

She grinned when Kane said he was off tour for two months. [b “Maybe by the time you go back on tour, I’ll be ready for Kaleb to meet you, and we can come to a few shows if I can get off work.”] she said, hopeful that he would be okay with that.

[b “I bet there all amazing. I can wait to here them, Kane.”] she said. [b “As for when you’ll see me again, I don’t know.. You could always come see me at work. Or we could hangout after while Kaleb is at the neighbors. He’ll stay there on the night when I’m working, I usually don’t get home till four.. so he’ll come home around eight.”]
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Kane nodded, "No sweetheart, I understand, like I said I grew up with just my mom and her boyfriends came and went and I had a bad step dad and I... just I understand, I wouldn't want him getting attached and then us not work out.... but I think we will work out." he said and kissed her gently. "When can we go out again? I don't want to interrupt your time with Kaleb or your work schedule... but remember, if you need anything, and I mean anything, you let me know."

Kane was serious, he would do anything for Madison. "I'm going to the children's hospital tomorrow, then I am completely off of tour and recording and everything for two months but... speaking of recording... I have been writing some for my next album." He muttered smiling. "For the record, this might not be a normal date but nothing about us is normal, and I like this date most of all... its comfortable, your comfortable to me."
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Madison smiled softly as she listened to Kane. [b “We’re so lucky to have you.”] she said [b “Even if Kaleb doesn’t know about you yet.. i jjsy don’t want to confuse him with every thing and I sure as hell don’t want him to get caught up in the media..”]

She sighed and shook her head. [b “I mean what am I supposed to tell him? That his dad picks drugs and alcohol over his own kid? Over his blood?”] she asked [b “I just tell him that his dad is sick, but hopefully trying to get better.”] Her voice broke there at the end. [b “This is not how I wanted to raise my son. I wanted him to have a family. Not just a mom who tries to play both mom and dad roles.”]

She shook her head. [b “That sounds great.. But no. I don’t want Kaleb to know yet. If we don’t work out... He’ll be hurt in the long run because he’ll get used to having someone other than me around, Kane..”] she explained [b “Please don’t be upset with me.. It just has to be like this for awhile.@]
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"I'll come over whenever you need me... even if I'm across the country, I'll come home for you... Kaleb too." he said and kissed the top of her head gently, "Oh? How'd that go?" He asked seriously. He knew Kaleb's relationship with his father wasn't the best but the boy was three years old and that could only be blamed on the older man... Kane wished he could tell Kaleb that he understood. He hated growing up without a dad and hated seeing kids doing the same... if he could help them... he did.

"I'm going to the children's hospital downtown tomorrow and handing out toys to the kids, would you and Kaleb like to go with me?" he asked seriously, "I was going to go buy toys in the morning and make sure they get them so I take them myself, Kaleb can even get a few things if you want to bring him... I just thought you both might enjoy it... but I understand if your not ready for him to meet me yet, and I respect that."
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