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Madison looked at Kane and quickly shook her head. [b “No. Nothing is wrong.”] she said as she looked around, Kaleb was still in her arms. [b “This is everything that I have ever wanted to give Kaleb, and now he has it and probably more.... I just feel like I can breathe now.”] she said.

Kaleb squealed when Kane said swimming. [b “I think we’re gonns take that as a yes!”] she said. [b “Can you hold him while I figure out which floatie will be best?”] she asked as she handed Kaleb to Kane. [b “I really hope this water isn’t cold.”]

She walked into the pool and was surprised that it was warm. [b “You know he’s gonna be tired within an hour, so I say I’ll probably put him to bed around eight or nine... maybe he’ll sleep in some tomorrow.”]

They played in the pool with Kaleb for about an hour, but she had definitely been right. He was getting cranky. [b “I think we should start on dinner so he can eat and then we can put him to bed.”]
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“What....what’s wrong?” He asked worried that he had overstepped or done something wrong, he had just been trying to get the little boy to smile and had happened to have Batman swim trunks because he himself liked Batman, he was his favorite superhero...even had a Batman tattoo on his chest.

“Did I do something?” He asked going to her and seeing Kaleb smiling in her arms. He poked Kane’s chest where the Batman symbol was and asked, “Batman?” He seemed to think that Kane was Batman. Kane chuckled but didn’t answer him, he had to let the little boy have an imagination.

“Ready for the pool?” He asked Madison, “there’s a shallow end and a deeper end, there’s steps going into the shallow end and I inflated all the floats.” He muttered before reaching down to pet Rambo on the head, he loved that dog so much it was crazy. Outside Kaleb seemed to watch him like a hawk, always wanting to know where Kane was.
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Madison smiled softly and nodded. [b “That won’t matter to Cody. Cody won’t care that Kaleb has a life that he could never give him, all he will see is that another man can step up and do the job that he couldn’t, and won’t.”] she said [b “He’s going to try something, I just don’t know what.”] She looked down at Kaleb and Rambo and grinned. [b “I want another dog. A bigger dog.”] she muttered before she picked Kaleb up to change him into his trunks.

[b “Come in baby. Kane’s probably waiting on us.”] she said. She picked the boy up and walked back into the kitchen. She was slightly confused when Kane said hold on and then ran upstairs. [b “Kane’s a little weird, but you get used to that.”] she said.

She couldn’t help but laugh when kane came downstairs with his Batman trunks on. [b “Oh my gosh.”] she said. She couldn’t help but smile when Kaleb hugged her neck tight. [b “Are you happy, baby?”] she asked as she rubbed his back. She looked up st Kane with tears in her eyes.
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Kane came downstairs with Kaleb, “Babe I think he’s in love with his room...and for the record he may knew where we live after the party but he will also know the life Kaleb has now that he could never give him.” Kaleb hugged Rambo and Kane chuckled, “Where are his swim trunks babe?” He asked wanting to help her. “Let me get the floaties, you get the Kaleb.” He said smiling.

Kaleb had his new toys laying on the coffee table and Rambo was right beside him, guarding him. They were instantly best friends. Kane has a few floats in the pool shed and got them out as well before going upstairs to his...their room to change. He smiled seeing Kaleb in Batman swim trucks and said, “One minute.” He went to his closet and quickly changed into his own Batman swim trunks, “Boom! We match.” Kaleb laughed at Kane and hugged his mother, he loved Kane that was obvious.

Rambo was at the door of the room waiting on them. “We can get a sign for his door with his name on it if you want, I’ll help you move everything here tomorrow...just relax it’ll work out.”
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Madison looked over and Kane when he blurted out that she and Kaleb should move in with him. [b “What if I give up my apartment? What if e don’t work out? Where would I go Kane?”] she asked. [b “You know. Cody will know where you live after Kaleb’s birthday party.”] she muttered.

She looked back at Kaleb who was mumbling about going swimming with the puppy, and she couldn’t help but smile. This was what Kaleb deserved, a family that loved him. A father figure that loved him. She nodded and looked at Kane. [b “We’ll move it.”] she said softly. [b “Kaleb. Why don’t go with Kane and Rambo to look at your new room? Mommy will get everything ready so we can go swimming.”] she said. [b “I like my job though, Kane. It’s fun... Ed won’t let anything happen to me.. I still remember how to box. I’m okay. I’m just worried about Kaleb.”]

After she had carried everything in, she changed into her swimsuit and began blowing up all the floaties and toys.
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He nodded when she asked if they could stay, “Like I said there’s a Batman room across the hall and I have two security systems, he would t get through the gate before he was arrested.” Kane sighed and admitted his old tattoos were gang tattoos but he had gotten out of that when he was 18.

Parking in his garage he looked to her, “I don’t feel right to have either one of you go back there. Move in with me.” He muttered. “Kaleb and Rambo love each other and when you have to work at night, I can watch him...but you know I can take care of both of you and you don’t have to work that job. He could come in there and hurt you and I don’t trust it.” He said taking her hand.

“You and Kaleb move in with me, it’s safer.” Kane said seriously, he had a point and Cody was scared of Kane which was a good bonus. “My lawyers can help you in a case against him, I’m a witness, Kaleb doesn’t want to be near him.”
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Madison looked and Kane and simply nodded. She just wanted to get out of here and go back to Kane’s house.

Once they were in the car she looked over at him. [b “You seen how he was afraid, right? He wouldn’t even look at him, Kane. Something isn’t right, and I don’t know what it is. Kaleb hasn’t been like that towards anyone, ever.”] she simply said.

Once they were at her apartment complex, she looked at him again. [b “Lock the doors.”] she said. She ran into the apartment and threw together a bag for herself and Kaleb. Enough clothes to stay there for a few nights, she didn’t feel safe coming back alone. Especially since Cody knew about her relationship now. [b “Do you mind if we crash with a for a few days? Just until Cody can calm down...”] she said.

She was silent on the rest of the ride to Kane’s house, she was thankful that he had a gate, even though there was no way that’s Cody could find out where he lived, it made her feel better. [b “I’ve got to get Kaleb out of that neighborhood.. Cody runs those streets.”]
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Kane nodded, “Ill keep Kaleb, I think I scared him....he saw my old tattoos and he backed down, he won’t try anything.” Kane said seriously not exposing the tattoos on his right arm.

“We just need stuff for dinner.” He said. 10 minutes later they were checking out and Kane paid, “let me get this, I don’t want him to cry.” He said as Kaleb was sucking his thumb hiding in Kane’s shoulder. Holding ont of his hot wheels.

Once they were in the car Kane locked the doors and kissed Madison, “Hey look at me, I will never let anything happen to you rp Kaleb, and if you need a lawyer to help you against him, I can help with that.”

Soon they were at her apartment to get some stuff for Kaleb, “we can wait right here, he’s safe with me.” Just like he said they were safe and Kane had him singing along with the radio in the car.

On the way to his house he spoke, “Cody was afraid of my tattoos, he was acting tough and backed down seeing them. He knows what they mean.”
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Madison watched as Kaleb hid his face into Kane’s next, like he was actually trying to hide from his Father. [b “Cody, you’re scaring Kaleb.”] she said. She finally breathed when Kane headed to take Kaleb back to the toys. [b “He doesn’t know you! Because you never try and come around. Only when it’s convenient for you, and you want to show off to your friends and try to be father of the fucking year.”] she said. [b “You’re a shit dad.”]

Cody snorted and just rolled his eyes. [b “Wow. Madison. You trying to replace me or something?”] he asked. [b “Like it or not, I’m his father and I have rights too.”] he said before he pushed past Madison.

The young girl just sighed. She held onto the cart as she headed to find Kane and Kaleb. [b “He’s still in here somewhere. Let’s get the food and ice cream and get the hell out of here, please.”] she said. [b “I don’t like the fact that he knows we’re in here.”]
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Kane put the toys in the cart to free his hand that wasn't holding Kaleb and reached out to shake his hand, "Nice to meet you, I'm Kane." He said looking to the man who seemed to be his age. He could tell that Cody was checking out his tattoos, seeing the ones from when he was a stupid teenager and was in a gang. If he was into drugs like Madison said he was, then he knew what those tattoos were and he wouldn't mess with Kane. Druggies never messed with gang members, ex members or not, he still had the markings.

When he shook his hand, Kaleb hid his face in Kane's shoulder again. "No." He said not wanting to see Cody. Kane held him, keeping him safe. "Lets go look at the batman stuff again little man." he muttered to Kaleb, wanting to get him farther away from Cody. When Kaleb nodded and Kane backed up a few feet, he relaxed some. It was obvious that Kaleb didn't like Cody or want to be near him.
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Madison nodded. [b “I’m paying.”] she muttered before he walked away with Kaleb.

The young woman had found a few different floaties that she thought Kaleb would like, and then two float loungers for herself and Kane. And a inflatable basketball goal for him and Kane. She knew that Kaleb would love it. Once she found that, she grabbed a couple of packs of floating lights as a pool decoration and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. She was pretty amazed with that one.

She looked up when she heard someone call her name. [b “Cody.”] she muttered. [b “What are you doing here? I thought you were in North Carolina.”] she knew he would ask if she had Kaleb, and if he could see him. [b “No. He’s not here, and no you cannot see him. He doesn’t even know who are you!”] she said.

She looked up when Kane walked into the isle with Kaleb in his arms, as well as a few Batman toys. She shook her head trying to get him to walk away with Kaleb, but it was too late. Cody has seen them. [b “Kane.”] she said softly. [b “This is Cody. Kaleb’s father.”]
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Kane nodded, "Yes baby I won't put him down and yes to the cookout, just get what you think we will need, I don't have any burgers at home." He kissed her cheek, "Get whatever he needs for the pool and we can swing by your place and get a bag for him."

Soon they were in the toy section and Kaleb was mesmerized by all of the Batman toys. Kane knew that Madison tried her best buy toys were expensive and not in the budget most of the time. He immediatley reached for a action figure and Kane nodded, "You want that one?' Kaleb nodded holding onto it, it was a large one. He ended up picking out two hot wheels that were batman and joker themed, the action figure, another smaller action figure set with Robin in it as well, and a batman printed mini basketball and hoop set. Kane thought it was pretty cool himself.

Kane and Kaleb walked towards the pool section when he spotted Madison and a guy talking to her. Kaleb hid his face, "Bad..." He said hiding.
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Madison just grinned as she listened to Kane. [b “I’m so thankful for you.”] she simply said as she leaned up and kissed him softly. [b “You spoil us so much.”]

She nodded when he asked about the car. [b “Yeah... But you can drive!”] she said [b “That thing has more power than I’m used too.”] she grinned. [b “Kaleb. We’re gonna go to Walmart so we can go swimming.”] she said as she reached over and picked him up. [b “Rambo will go swimming with us too. I promise.”] she looked up at Kane after she had thought about them staying the night. She nodded. [b “Yeah. I’ll run home and get his things before he goes to bed.”] she said. [b “Could we have a little cookout tonight? Just our little family...”]

She couldn’t help but grin as Kaleb reached for Kane when he said Batman. [b “Hold onto him, Kane. Don’t put him down for anything. He stays in your arms.”] she said. She grabbed a buggy and went straight for the pool stuff.
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He nodded, "One condition, I pay, my treat for him, get some ice cream too so we can make sundaes after we swim... I even set up the guest room across the hall from my room if ya'll want to stay... its batman themed so he will be comfortable and Rambo isn't gonna leave him today, wait until he sees Rambo swim." Kane looked to her, "Charger? his seats in it right?" He made a mental note to ask her what seat he used so he could get a spare for his truck, he knew after today that Kaleb would be around a lot more. Kane kissed her cheek and said, "So, whos gonna pry little man away from Rambo?" he asked chuckling.

At Walmart, Kane got Kaleb out of his car seat and knelt down in front of him, "What do you say we go pick out some batman stuff and let momma get the boring stuff?" He asked Kaleb who nodded and made grabby hands for Kane to pick him up, the little boy already loved him. He was great with kids.
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Madison grinned as she walked through the house and seen Kane. [b “Hi.”] she said softly. [b “This is Kaleb. Kaleb, honey, this is mommy’s boyfriend, Kane.”] she said. Knowing that he wouldn’t understand what a boyfriend was. [b “He’s a really good friend to Momma.”] she said.

She couldn’t help but grin when Kaleb seen Rambo and instantly wanted down. [b “That’s Rambo, but Momma calls him bubby.”] she said as she put him down on the kitchen floor, and watched Rambo instantly start sniffing him.

She looked up at Kane as she moved closer to him. [? “it never came up in a conversation..”] she said [b “But I told him that he was going to go swimming today, and for his birthday and he got really excited. I just have to go to the store, because his floatie seat thing busted.”] she said. [b “I was thinking maybe we could all go? You and Kaleb could look at the Batman toys while I get all the pool stuff.”] she said.
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