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"Yes... just us... I think we could enjoy it ourselves and trust me the guys in the band had enough fun on them today." he said kissing her gently. When she asked about the tour, he sighed, not wanting to talk about it but did, "I... Martha is scheduling the tour in two week increments... I want you and Kaleb to come with me... but I know away for that long won't work, so two weeks at a time, back home for a week, for 8 months." he muttered hating saying the last part.

He didn't want to let her go, "Baby your exhausted, I'll clean up, theres not much left, and I'll meet you in the jacuzzi?" he asked kissing her again. He was trying to relax her and he hoped that it was working, he knew Cody had ruined a lot for her today and he couldn't deal with it the way that she thought he could... Kane hated Cody more than he let on, Kaleb was afraid of his own father and that wasn't something that was normal .
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Madison nodded slightly as she listened to Kane. [b “It was his sons birthday party. I just don’t even understand why he would try and start something here, especially in front of everyone... All our friends and Family.”] she looked up when he said he would go clean up so she could relax. [b “If were being completely honest, all I want right now is a bubble bath, and a glass of wine... But I’ll go clean, Kane you don’t have to.”]

She just stared at Kane when he started talking fast, his words were running together. She couldn’t help but grin when Kane said he had rented the inflatables for the entire weekend. [b “So that means I can go down the water slide and not worry about if my bikini top rides up?!”] she said with a grin. [b “But really. You could see if the band wanted to come over, or we can just have it to ourselves.”] she said.

[b “Have you heard anything about when you go on your?”]
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Kane kissed her forehead, "He shouldn't have started anything but its alright, Kaleb had a great day and he passed out before he could even have his second piece of cake, we saved it in the fridge for tomorrow and I will go clean up while you relax." He said seriously. "I know you've had a hard day and for the record, if you want me there, I will go with you to the trial, I was here and he did threaten me too darlin'." Kane was serious, he would testify against Cody just to make sure that Madison and Kaleb were safe.

Kane looked to her, "You know I'd do anything for you and Kaleb and I'm happy he had a great day, and... I mayhaverentedtheinflatablesfortheweekendandwecanplayonthemtomorrow." He said quickly, not even stopping for a breath and letting his words run together.

Kaleb would get a kick out of playing on the inflatables for another day so that was a great move on Kane's part.
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After the birthday party was over, Kaleb was exhausted. It was all she cold do to give him a bath, poor thing kept nodding off. Once he was clean, she dressed him in his training pants and a tee shirt, and he was asleep before she even got him to bed. [b “I think you had an awesome birthday, considering.”] she said soflty, to no one really. [b “Mommy is so sorry that your Daddy isn’t around like he should be... But we should be so thankful, because we have Kane now... And you won’t have to worry about anything at all, you just get to be a little boy.”] she leaned over and kissed his forehead before turning his nightlight on.

[b “I cannot believe that Cody tried to pull that shit, today of all damn days.”] she muttered when she walked into the bedroom that she shared with Kane. [b “I’m so tired, I could just cry.”] She sank down on the bed. [b “I’m going to clean, and I need a bath myself, I just want to lay here for a few minutes.”]
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"Hes mentioned it a few times in the future and Martha was talking about a new tour and he said he wasn't going without you and Kaleb, he loves you both, and considering his last relationship and what she put him through, I wasn't sure he was capable of loving anyone else.... but then he found you. We dragged him out of the house that night because he hadn't left his house in two weeks and we wanted him to be back to him and when he met you... he was." Ryan said seriously. "Shelby really messed him up.... really messed him up."

Kane was out in the bouncy house, bouncing with Kaleb and laughing while he did. Kaleb was having a blast and thats all Kane wanted, he didn't care about Cody or anything he said, he was gone and Kaleb was happy again and that was all that mattered. Kaleb jumped and Kane caught him and Kane's mother watched, she had never seen her son so happy and that was saying something special.
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Madison smiled softly as Kaleb said he wanted to bounce. [b “You go in and take him. I’m gonna go make sure all the food is good to go, I’m getting hungry.”] she said with a chuckle.

She was headed for the kitchen when Ryan stopped her. [b “You’re the one that said I was hotter than the last one, right?”] she asked with a smirk. [b “Kane’s given us more than I could ever ask for... i really think he’s my soulmate.”] She knee that Kane loved Kaleb, but she had no idea it was that deep. [b “Kane takes care of my baby, and that’s all I could ever want.”] She froze when she heard Ryan say marry.

[b “He wants to marry me?”] she asked. She was just shocked. [b “We’ve only been together for like a month?”] She just nodded and walked into the kitchen. She had a headache, turning into a migraine, but she couldn’t feel bad. It was Kaleb’s birthday. [b “Oh lord I want a drink. Stupid Cody always has to ruin shit.”] she spoke to herself.
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Kane nodded, "I told him not to come back here." He said and wrapped his arms around her and Kaleb gently, "Hey little man." he said and Kaleb hugged his arms around Kane's neck. He was more of a father to him than Cody ever was and that was obvious. "So Cake first?" Kaleb nodded and Kane smiled, "You sure, you still haven't bounced." Kaleb's face lit up and he nodded, "Bounce."

Kane looked to Madison, "Is bouncing first alright? I just don't think its a good idea to have cake and then bounce, might end up puking everywhere and I don't think he needs that on his birthday."

Outside Kane had Kaleb and Ryan, his drummer smiled to Madison, 'Thanks for making my best friend happy again, and he adores your son.... considers him his own... I don't know if he ever told you that. I asked him the other day where he saw himself in a year and he said marrying you." Ryan said as Kane helped Kaleb into the bouncy house.
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[b “If you think some judge will actually give you visitation rights, you’re so wrong, Cody. Think of what’s best for Kaleb, for once... Instead of only thinking about yourself..”] Madison felt Kane come up and stand behind her, and she physically relaxed. [b “It’s best you leave now, Cody.”] she said soflty. She simply shook her head when he asked if he could say goodbye. [b “Kaleb doesn’t want to see you.”] she said as she took Kaleb from Kane’s arms and walked outside with him, leaving Kane to deal with Cody.

She rubbed Kaleb’s back as he was hugging her neck while she carried him outside. [b “Do you wanna swim or open presents first?”] she asked him [b “And then we’ll eat lots and lots of Cake.”]

She looked up when Kane walked back over to her a few minutes later. [b “I hate him.”] she muttered [b “I cannot wait till we go to court so Kaleb can be mine and only mine.”] she muttered.
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Kane handed Kaleb off to his mother before they got to the bouncy house, "Let me go help her handle this and then we will enjoy the party." He said to his mother. She knew Kane loved Kaleb like he was his own.

Kane went and stood behind Madison, his hands on her waist. "I stand behind anything Madison says and Cody, your on my property, on my security cameras, harassing my girlfriend... I'd choose your words wisely." Kane had security cameras all outside the house and one in every room in the house, for security and it made it easy to check on Kaleb at night, seeing him on the app on his phone and it was now on Madison's as well. She had every gate code, every key, Kane hid nothing... unlike Cody.

Cody looked to Kane, "Can I say goodbye to my son?" He asked and Kane looked to Madison, "Thats Madison's decision, I don't have a say there." He said truthfully, he cared about Kaleb but he couldn't make decisions. Tabatha placed Kaleb back in Kane's arms gently, the little boy didn't want near Cody.
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Madison glared at Cody as he cornered her while Kane was walking outside with Kaleb. [b “Are we seriously going to do this right now?”] she asked. She nodded and grinned. [b “Okay. Fine.”]

She looked up when Kane when he walked back in with Kaleb. [b “Kane, why don’t you take Kaleb and let him jump. I can handle this.”] she said. She waited until Kane and Kaleb we’re outside before she looked st Cody again. [b “So what if Kane paid for his party? We moved in because I love Kane, and Kane loves me. He loves all of my baggage, and he sure as hell loves my kid!”]

[b “What does he have you you don’t? He comes home at night. He doesn’t ignore my calls for days. He doesn’t leave me worrying about if he’s dead in a ditch somewhere!”] she said [b “He loves Kaleb. He tries with Kaleb! He’s here with Kaleb! He helps me!”] She was furious at this point. [b “If you think that I’m going to let MY son around some asshat that drinks so much, he doesn’t even know his own name, or gets high to the point that he just sits there, you’re so wrong!”] she said.

[b “You can act all big and bad in front of everyone. But I will die before you ever get my son.”]
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Kane nodded, "I wouldn't dream of leaving him alone with anyone but you." Cody was watching Kane and as soon as Kane and Kaleb were walking outside he was on Madison, "You think that untalented country singer can replace me as his father, you've got another thing coming, yeah I got your court papers wanting full custody. What the hell do you think your doing Madison?"

Cody was pissed, "Hes 3 and your already trying to take him away from me, hell I'm not even allowed to see him and I come here and your playing house with him? I bet he calls him daddy too. Paid for this party I bet too and lets you live here... Madison what does he have that I don't."

Kane heard Cody and went to them with Kaleb against him, "Why don't we go and show the birthday boy his party." he said trying to save Madison from the situation. He didn't like Cody but they had invited him as a show of good faith and if he was stupid enough to start something before a court trial than he was stupider then Kane thought.
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Madison could feel someone watching her, and she had enough sense to know it was Cody, she would make a mental note to tell Kane about it. She just wanted him to stay with Kaleb at all times. He wasn’t to be left alone with Cody.

[b “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY!”] she squealed when Kane walked through the door with Kaleb. [b “My baby is three!”] she couldn’t help but grin as Kaleb laughed and giggled as he listened to everyone singing to him.

She walked over after they had sang and leaned up and kissed Kaleb’s cheek. [b “Happy Birthday!”] she said again. She looked up at Kane and just grinned. [b “Thank you for all this.”] she glanced back and noticed Cody staring at her again. [b “Okay! Everything is set up in the back yard so let’s move out there.”]

She reached for Kaleb and held him in her own arms as she held Kane’s with the other. [b “Kaleb is to be with one of us at all times... I don’t like how Cody is acting.”] she whispered.
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Cody watched her, studying her body, he hated the fact she had a boyfriend and was living with him. She was his first and he would make that clear to Kane that Madison had been his first and that Kane would never be Kaleb's father.

Kane got the text and they had went and took Rambo for a ride so when he got the text he headed back down their street. At the house he let Rambo out and got Kaleb, carrying him inside. He was wearing blue shorts and a batman shirt that had a 3 inside of the batman logo. Kane had been hiding things from him all morning, especially the inflatables that had been delivered the night before and were set up in the back yard.

Rambo ran in the house first and Kane carried Kaleb in and when he was surprised he clapped and kane chuckled, singing Happy Birthday with everyone else as he carried him towards Madison. Kane's mother was even there, she considered Kaleb her grandchild, blood or not.
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Madison and Kaleb had been living with Kane for a month and a half now. They had gotten into their own little routine, and Madison had honestly never been happier. She was still working at Wild Horse two nights a week, but only when Kane was able to stay with Kaleb. The young woman was planning on talking to Kane after the party and see what his thoughts on putting Kaleb in a daycare a few days a week.. He needed interaction with other babies.

Kaleb was with Kane riding around while Madison and her friends were setting up everything for his party. Kaleb had no idea they were even having one! She was so exited to see his reaction.

[i “We’re all set up babe! Everyone is here..”] she texted Kane once everyone had arrived, she knew they weren’t far, so it wouldn’t take long. [b “They’re on their way back! We’re going to start singing as soon as Kane and Kaleb walk in the door!”] she told everyone. Cody had indeed shown up, so she couldn’t wait for Kane to be back by her side.

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Kane nodded, “Pool is heated darlin’, I was out here swimming on Christmas and it was 50 degrees, I keep it on and people come in once a week to make sure it stays clean.” He said smiling and held Kaleb as she picked him out a paw patrol floatie that he fit perfectly in.

Kane kisses her cheek gently, “You can breathe now, you and Kaleb have nothing to worry about. I mean it.” He said seriously, he had enough money that Kaleb would never have to work a day in his life and that his kids would never have to work, it was weird because two year ago he lived in his car.

When Kaleb started to get tired Kane nodded, “Let me help you and Kaleb out and I’ll start the burgers, there’s a jacuzzi huge tub in our bathroom if he wants to take a bath, we grabbed some Batman bath toys and body wash and I sat it in there.” He said smiling. He had said our, he wanted Madison and Kaleb to live with him forever.
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