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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center Your whole life, you have tired to escape your worst nightmares. It could either be from your family, or just from feeling alone. You could have some kind of horrible past, a past that's slowly coming back to haunt you, and you can't do anything to stop it. What'll you do when it finally catches up to you? Will you take action, or will you ignore it the best you can? That's what was happening to Acctacis. His murderous past was coming back to haunt him, and no matter how far he ran away, some type of woman, or the sight of blood reared it's ugly head in his direction.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b Your Name Here] has been dealing with the same issue. Only this time, her eating disorders is what's keeping her from reaching her goals. She's been doing everything she could to make things work. She feels like, her whole world has been turned upside down, and she doesn't have a place to go. Her family told her, that if she slipped back into her old ways, they wouldn't help her again. She tired to hide it, but one day they found her in the bathroom, with puke all down the front of her, and she had been kicked out right then and there.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center That's when Acctacis and [b Your Name Here] run into each other for the first time. They had the same circle of friends, and they were both fighting inner demons that their friends decided to finally do something. They dragged the two to a bar, and made them sit down and talk to each other. That's when a small connection was formed. They had some things in common, but they were also butting heads on a couple of things. That's when a friendship bloomed between the two of them. Something neither one had planned on happening, all because of their friends wanting to help them out. Now that they have chosen to spend time together, is when things change even more.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center Their connection runs deeper than they thought. They were both hiding something from the other, and one night when they were getting drunk was when shit hit the fan. Their secrets started coming out, and they finally felt more connected than before. What'll happen when they remember everything that had been spoken? Will they act upon their feelings for one another? Or will they just stay friends? Or will their friendship crumble under the weight of everything? You will never know unless you join, [b [i Tormented Past]].]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u The cast of Tormented Past.]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Acctacis Templeton: Taken]]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rWrul18.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Female: Taken]]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/btrvFxE.png]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u What I need from you.]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center This is going to be really simple. When asking to join, please title the PM the title of the role play. Inside of that PM I would like this small skeleton..]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [i Picture Link {Not Linked} || Name || Age || Eating Disorder || Sample Post]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center Not that hard now is it? I would also like to know if you want an ending with this role play, or we start new with different characters, and different back stories. If we do different characters, the roles would be swapped and I would play the female, and you would play the male. Now onto the rules below.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u The rules of Tormented Past.]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number One-]] The pictures are going to be real. Please nothing too over used, and if it's too large I will resize if for you. If I don't like the picture, then I will ask you to change it, so please don't get mad at me for it. If you need help finding a picture, just simply ask me, and I will help you look.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Two-]] Swearing will be apart of the role play. Just not ever other word please. Sometimes swear words escape in our everyday lives, so please keep it like that. Too much swearing will make me not want to keep going.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Three-]] Cybering is a huge no on this site. So if it comes down to that, we can either time skip it, or take it to e-mail, whichever you prefer. I honestly don't mind how that plays out, as long as it's not on Elite Skills.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Four-]] Ditching is a no-no in my book. If you ask to write this out with me, then please post. Don't join and then ditch out on me. That shit really pisses me off, and makes me not wanna write with you again. So please, if you get tired of the role play simply message me, and I will take it down, and open the spot to someone else.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Five-]] Stealing the plot is a no. This is of my own doing, and I ask if you like the idea, and wanna do something based off of it, ask me and give me the credit for it. That's all I ask. This plot is something I've been trying to word for almost a year.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Six-]] Posting, I do have a full time job overnights. So I will be posting once to twice a week. Which is on my days off. Unless I'm off for longer periods of time, I will be more active. So I ask that you don't bug me to post, and I won't bug you to post. Real Life comes before writing in my eyes.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Seven-]] Plot twists is something I love more than anything. I would like to have you plot this out with me. If you have any ideas, simply message me and let me know about them. I would do the same thing for you. I like making friends with my role play partners as well.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Eight-]] Details, details, details. I can't get that though enough. I love details in my posts. I simply ask that you don't post anything below 2000 characters. If it drops below that, I will lose interest. I'm a writer, and I like digging into my characters a little bit, so I ask for the same thing in return.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Nine-]] Godmodding is a no in my book. You can use my character a little bit, but don't use him for your whole post. I won't do it to you, unless I ask for your permission first. Please do the same thing for me.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [b [u Number Ten-]] Most of all have fun. I know I sound like a picky bitch, and I kind of am, but please make this enjoyable for the both of us, that's all I'm asking. Happy writing!]]


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[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "Are you really just going to sit there and pretend to hate me? Or are you going to thank me?"] the woman asked. Acctacis looked towards the woman, and he shook his head. [#9D0000 "No I'm not going to thank you. You did something that I wanna murder you for, and I'm pissed"] he admitted. He hasn't been pissed off with his sister before, but he was right now. He knew she was trying to help, but he didn't need her help. He could get a woman to like him, all by himself. Just right now, it wasn't the best idea.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "Are you serious right now? She's fucking pretty, and you are seriously going to hate me for it? What kind of brother are you?"] she asked as she jutted out her lower lip. The male looked towards her, and he shook his head lightly. [#9D0000 "You really are something else Nadia"] he breathed out. The woman smiled a bit, and looked up when their waiter came over. [b "Is there anything I get you both to drink?"] he asked. Nadia looked at him, and she cocked her head to the side.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "I would like a sprite please"] she said, as she reached for a menu, and opened it up. She then turned her eyes away, and that made the male slightly curious as to why she was acting like that. [#9D0000 "I'll get a black coffee"] he said. The waiter nodded a bit. [b "I'll be right back, and then I'll take your food order"] he said. Nadia's face was slightly pink, as she lifted the menu to hide behind it. That made the male smirk a bit. So she was nervous for some reason.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9D0000 "What was that Nadia? Are you really nervous around him? It's not like you"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "Shut the fuck up Acctacis.. Just because I did something nice for you, doesn't mean you can be a dick to me"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9D0000 "Who said I was being dick? I'm just really curious. Maybe you and I could go on a double date"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "Are you fucking serious right now? I'm trying to avoid him, and you aren't making this any better"] she hissed towards him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Acctacis couldn't help but smile at the thought. Was she really doing this right now? Was she really being a fucking girl? He hadn't seen his sister like that for ages, and it made him smile. He wasn't the only one dealing with something like that. He lifted his own menu and looked it over. About ten minutes later, the waiter was back with their drinks, and he placed them onto the table in front of them. [b "Are you guy's ready?"] he asked. Nadia nodded a bit, and let her brother order first. Might as well.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9D0000 "Yeah, I'll get your grilled chicken sandwich, but without the tomato please, and extra mayo"] he said as he shut the menu, and handed it over. The waiter then turned to Nadia. [b "What can I get you?"] he asked her. She hurried and scanned the menu, before speaking. [#ff00ff "I'll take a cheese burger, extra mayo as well, with onion rings"] she said as she hurried and shut the menu, and handed it over. The male nodded, wrote down their order before speaking. [b "It'll be a little bit because of the chicken"] he said lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "That's fine, thank you"] Nadia said. Acctacis was enjoying himself. He watched as the waiter left, before he looked at his sister. [#9D0000 "So why are you trying to avoid him?"] he asked her. His eyes wandered back to the blonde woman, and he couldn't help but wonder if he would hear from her. Right now though, his sister had his full attention. He would worry about the blonde later. He just hoped she would message him, and then maybe something would happen. He had felt a small spark when he ran into her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" In a way he wanted to act on it, but he didn't know how too. He didn't have her number, she had his. Right now she had to be the one to make the first move, and then he would make the rest.]
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[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" After some time Artaith finally managed to lift her head to look up at her friend, who was still looking at her like she had gone mad.]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" That was so embarrassing, that's what you get from running. He was pretty cute though".]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" She looked up at her friend her didn't look too impressed with her arms crossed. Artaith put her best cute puppy dog eyes on trying to sweet talk her friend.]]

[size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" I'm so sorry Tasha, I'll promise i'll make it up to you! Order what you want from the menu, my treat, so please don't stay mad at me."]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith gave a playful wink to her friend as she cracked and started laughing. Relaxing a little knowing she was in the clear a waitress appeared, a pretty young girl with brown hair and hazel eyes.]] [size15[b[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "What can I get you two girls?"]]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "Can I get an iced tea please? I know weird right for wanting a cold drink in the winter?"]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith couldn't help but blush a little feeling slightly embarrassed from ordering the silly drink now.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" The waitress just laughed and shook her head,]] [size15[b[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "oh don't worry about it I'm exactly the same, I love cold drinks all year round."]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith breathed a sigh of relief and watched as her friend ordered the same drink, after the drinks were wrote down the waitress disappeared.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Looking down at the menus that were handed to her friend when she first arrived Artaith scanned for the dishes listed in front of her, unable to decide she looked up to her friend]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Have you decided on what you're having?"]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" There was a short pause from her friend before she breathed out and leaned back in her chair.]] [size15[#778899[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Hmm... I'm gonna have the bacon cheeseburger, how about you?"]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" I think I'll have the same, you're usually pretty good and picking out the nice food".]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith giggled to herself as the waitress returned with their drinks, gently setting them down on the table.]]

[size15[b[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "Are you girls ready to order?"]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith gave a slight nod and smiled]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "can we get two orders of bacon cheeseburgers with medium fries please?"]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" The waitress nodded and smiled, she then quickly scribbled the orders down and walked away.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith looked at her iced tea with a straw sticking out, she brought the straw up to her lips and sucked a little waiting for the ice cold drink to hit the back of her throat.]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "It's actually really good! What do you think?"]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Her friend nodded in agreement as they both had some more of their drink, Artaith looked up as Tasha questioned her about her little run in earlier, this made Artaith's cheeks flush once more as she placed her head in her hands.]]

[size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Ah Tasha! Why did you have to go and bring that up again?! It was so embarrassing the first time!"]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" She leaned back on the chair and sighed as her friend burst out laughing. Before Artaith had the chance to explain her embarrassing experience to her friend a beautiful young woman approached them.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith looked slightly confused as the woman made her way over. She would definitely remember knowing someone as pretty as her. Then it hit her, she DID know her from somewhere. It was the lady who was with the gentleman she bumped into earlier. Taking a big gulp Artaith held her breath, the woman must be coming over to have a go at her about not watching where she was going, Artaith couldn't blame her especially if they were a couple.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith was about to apologise once more for her rude behaviour but before she had chance to the woman placed a napkin down in front of her and spoke. Artaith looked confused at her statement and glanced down at the napkin. There was a number on there like she said. Watching as the woman returned to her seat she could see the gentleman from earlier looking more shocked than she did.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith couldn't help but let a slight laugh out as she looked down at his number once more]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" so Acctacis is you're name, how interesting"]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith placed the napkin in her handbag and began to explain to her friend what was going on as she looked more confused than ever, even though Artaith found it highly amusing. Artaith glanced over Acctacis once more and when their eyes met, she gave a shy smile then turned her gaze away.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" It didn't take too long for their orders to arrive, as the waitress set both the plates down on the table, the girls began to eat almost straight away. Artaith decided she would send her new 'friend' a message when she was out of sight of him. She didn't want him thinking she was crazy, even though she probably already was.]]
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[font "tempus sans itc" Acctacis looked down at the blonde and couldn't help but smile a little bit. She was nervous, he could tell. Normally he would chase after someone like her, but since he was supposed to be a changed man, he wasn't like that anymore. He nodded lightly and watched her walk away. He could tell she was embarrassed, but he wasn't about ot make matter's worse for the woman. He slowly turned back to his sister, and she raised a 'brow slightly. [#ff00ff "What the fuck was that about?"] she asked him out right. The male just shrugged his shoulders.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9D0000 "I'm not too sure honestly, but she was pretty cute"] he said as he licked his lips. The woman laughed and shook her head. [#ff00ff "Of course you would think that"] she said with a laugh. The two walked over to a booth, and sat down. Pretty soon a waiter was right there, with two menus in hand. [b "What can I get you guys started off with?"] he asked, as he handed them both the menus. [#ff00ff "Two water's please"] the woman said lightly, as she took the menus from him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Acctacis nodded lightly agreeing with his sister. He wasn't in the mood for anything more at the moment. Plus he needed to drink more water anyway. [b "Alright, I will be right back with that. Also take your time with deciding on what to eat, it's a pretty slow day already"] the male said. Sasha laughed and shook her head as he walked away. [#9D0000 "You do know that's a load of shit right? He just wants you to stick around longer"] the male teased. Sasha looked at her brother and flipped him off, before opening the menu in front of her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "I don't care what you think. He is pretty cute, and I might just stay until the end of his shift, and then take him home and bed him"] she said as she stuck her tongue out at him. The male rolled his eyes lightly, and looked down at his own menu. [#9D0000 "I honestly don't know how the fuck you and I are siblings"] he said with a laugh. Sasha looked up, and covered her heart with both hands. [#ff00ff "You wounded me.."] she said with a pout.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Then the pair broke out into laughter and both went back to looking at their menus. The waiter came back with their glasses, and placed them onto some napkins. [b "Do you need more time, or are you ready to order?"] the male asked. Sasha looked towards her brother, and he nodded. [#ff00ff "I think we are ready"] she said. The male nodded and pulled out his notepad to take down their orders. [#ff00ff "I'll take the double cheese burger please, and make sure there is extra cheese on it"] she said closing her menu and handed it over.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Do you want the fries or onion rings to go with it?"] he asked as he locked his eyes on her. [#ff00ff "Onion rings sound amazing right now. I'll take two orders of those"] she said, leaning back into her chair. The male wrote it down, and turned towards Acctacis. [b "And for you sir?"] he asked. Acctacis cringed at being called sir, but he brushed it aside. [#9D0000 "I'll take the grilled chicken sandwich please. With a side order of onion rings as well"] he said as he closed his own menu and handed it over.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Alright, those will be out as soon as possible"] he said. The two thanked him, and then Acctacis' eyes found the blonde woman once more. He didn't know why, but he felt some kind of spark when he looks at her. Sasha saw the look on his face, grabbed a napkin and wrote his number down. [#ff00ff "Looks like I Have to do all of the dirty work"] she said as she pushed herself to her feet, and walked over to their table. She then placed the napkin down in front of the blonde.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#ff00ff "Seeing as my brother won't do it, here's his phone number. His name is Acctacis"] she said with a warm smile. She then turned on her heel and moved back to her table. The male looked at her with his jaw hanging open. [#9D0000 "You bitch, you didn't"] he breathed out. Sasha smirked lightly as she crossed her arms over her chest, and nodded. [#ff00ff "I did. You weren't going to, so might as well get the ball rolling for you"] she said with a grin. The tattooed male put his head into his hands, and sighed.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9D0000 "I hate you so bad right no.."] he breathed out. Sasha knew he didn't, but she kept her mouth shut. [#ff00ff "You'll thank me later for it"] she cooed. The male kept his eyes turned away from the blonde he had run into, and kept his bloody mouth closed for the next little while. He really hated his sister at the moment, but that too will pass in a little bit. He just had to get over it, and he would thank her later for it.]
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[size15[center[b[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" The Past...]]]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith awoke with that same feeling in her stomach, emptiness that she desperately needed to fill. It was going to happen again, she knew it was something she couldn't control... no one understood her not even her own family. They thought she was making it up, seeking attention amongst many other things they had said to her.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Dragging herself out of bed she glanced at the clock on her table, 5:30am it was still early, hopefully no one else was up yet so she could quickly go downstairs and grab something to eat and run back upstairs before she had to get up for school.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith's 'condition' started when she was very young around the age of 10. Now she was 17 and things were getting worse, walking around school she saw other pretty slim girls and Artaith always stood out, people whispered about her and always made fun of her for the way she looked. Although it was for a different reason to what Artaith thought it was.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Passing the mirror on the stairs she didn't bother to look at herself as she crept downstairs in her baggy pyjamas. Peering into the kitchen luckily the lights were still off so it meant no one was up yet, she needed to be quick though because if someone spotted her it would mean she would be homeless.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Opening the fridge Artaith grabbed everything she possibly could get her hands on and began binge eating, the hunger inside her aching she needed to eat, she was starving even though it wouldn't remain in her stomach for much longer. Once she had finished eating she quickly washed her hands and face and crept back upstairs. She quickly hurried over to her bedroom and closed the door gently behind her. Artaith sat at the end of her bed taking deep breaths, wanting to just keep the food inside her, pleading with herself not to be sick.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" It didn't take too long before that feeling washed over her, trying to hold it down she couldn't any longer, opening the door she saw her mother on the stairs and knew it wasn't going to end well. Keeping a straight face she smiled and made her way to the bathroom. Artaith waited for the sound of her mother heading downstairs. Placing two of her fingers down the back of her throat she began gagging, continuing further it didn't take long for her to be sick, it was more than she was expecting as she couldn't remain quiet, she put her hand in front of her mouth as the door flung open... it was too late.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Pleading with her mother, father and even her older brother they stood by their word and Artaith would have to find somewhere else to live. She was still classed as a child and her family were abandoning her instead of helping her. From then on Artaith struggled to stay in school as she lived rough for the first few months stopping at her aunt and uncles and then when they couldn't cope she moved in with multiple friends. Then several different boyfriends. Eventually she got a job and saved up enough money to get a place of her own. Her condition worse than ever but over time she managed to slow it down but not get rid of it...]]

[size15[center[b[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" The Present...]]]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith woke up by the sound of her alarm, the nightmares continued from that day and that was over 7 years ago, she hadn't heard from her family since then and nor did she want to. They threw their child out into the dark scary world of reality and that was something she couldn't forgive them for.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" She had grown up since then, her condition has improved a lot since she was a teen but it fully hadn't gone, if something stressful or traumatic happened to her it would trigger it off like a chain reaction. Sliding herself out of bed she had agreed to spend the day with her friends, she needed to 'socialise' more, whatever that meant to her seeing as she went to work every day and 'socialised' there.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Removing her clothes she made her way over to the bathroom and stepped into the shower as she pressed the button to get the water flowing. As it fell around her body she quickly gave her dreadlocks as slight rub, she would have spent more time on them but she overslept and she needed to be on time apparently.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Quickly getting dressed and putting on a little makeup her phone rang, Artaith answered]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "Hello?"]]] [size15[#778899[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "Artaith where the hell are you? You were supposed to be here half an hour ago! Did you oversleep again?"]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" With a slight roll of her eyes Artaith couldn't help but smile.]]

[size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Yeah I did.... sorry... I'm on my way out now."]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Hanging up the phone she grabbed her keys and shut her apartment door behind her and quickly locking it.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" The cold air caught her breath a little as she ran over to her car opening the door and getting inside. It wasn't a long drive but she really didn't want to walk in this weather and she was already late so this would make her arrival quicker and her friend wouldn't chew her ear off when she walked through the door.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" It didn't take long to park as most people decided to stay indoors, only her friend would want to come out in this weather. Artaith parked and locked, deciding it would be better to run she picked up the pace as she turned a corner and saw the cafe, breathing a sigh of relief she opened the door when she got there, she knew where her friend would be sitting and didn't bother to turn around. She turned the corner a little too quick and found herself bump into someone. A gentleman.]]

[size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Before she had time to apologise he beat her to it. Artaith shook her head at his apology and smiled]] [size15[#0000CD[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" "Oh don't worry about it, I was rushing myself so I'm also partly to blame".]]] [size15[font "Gill Sans MT Condensed" Artaith found herself blushing a little in embarrassment as she admired the gentleman, he was very handsome and before she could make a fool of herself any longer, she waved goodbye to them and rushed to her friend at the table burying her face in her hands. Her friend looking at her in confusion.]]
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[center [b [font "tempus sans itc" [u The Past.]]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [i Drip... Drip... Drip... Drip...] the small droplets of blood dripping down the woman's body made the male smirk lightly. He was eighteen at the time, and the woman he had hanging by her shoulders, was his teacher. He had been busy trying to bed her, when she told him that he wasn't what she wanted. He was only a child, and she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. That had set the male off, and he showed up at her home, and knocked her out cold. When she awoke, she realized she was hanging from the roof of her apartment.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [i "Acttacis? What's going on here?"] she breathed out, and the male locked his eyes on her's. [#9D0000 "What's going on, is I'm going to kill you. You told me I wasn't enough for you, and do you know how that made me feel? It made me feel like shit. I treated you like a queen, and I made sure you were taken care of. What more could you possibly want?"] he asked her. She struggled a bit, and that made her skin rip even more. She let out a scream of pain.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male just shook his head lightly and touched her cheek. [#9D0000 "No one can hear you Loretta. You and I both know that. You can scream all you want, but it's not gonna help you. It really isn't. You fucked up, and you are paying the price for it now"] he cooed. The woman turned her head away, tears falling down her cheeks. [i "Please Acctacis, don't do this.."] she pleaded with him. The teenager just rolled his eyes, grabbed the knife and slit her throat. Her blood spilling onto the plastic covering the floor.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The light leaving her eyes made the male shudder lightly. He didn't know why he liked this so much, but he did. He loved seeing the life drain out of a woman's eyes. He then went about cutting up her body, and then his phone started ringing. He sighed and slipped the gloves off his hands, to answer it. [#9D0000 "Hello?"] he said into the phone. [b "Acttacis, you gotta get outta there man. Someone heard screams and the cops were called"] his friend said. The male groaned lightly, and looked towards his handy work.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9D0000 "Alright, I'll be out in less than five"] he said. He hung up, and then left the woman hanging there. He might as well let the cops try and figure out who killed her. He made sure his prints were wiped away, and then he slipped out of the apartment, cleaning the knob as he went. He walked out of the building, and straight to the waiting car. He slid inside, and slammed the door closed. [b "That was close man"] his friend said. The other just shrugged lightly, and watched as the apartment building, was left in the dust as they sped off into the night.]

[center [b [font "tempus sans itc" [u The Present.]]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The memory from ten years ago, shook the male to the core. He hadn't been on a killing spree like that since he started getting help. He wasn't about to let something like that happen again. Apart of him wanted to tell the world what had happened, but then he would be locked up for good. That's something he wasn't wanting. It had been ten years ago, and they had caught the man who killed the beautiful woman. At least that's what the news had said anyway. He let the world believe that, he was finally in a good place.]

[font "tempus sans itc" His parents finally left him alone, and his little sister was the only person he let bug him. Thinking about the red head, made him smirk a bit. He was supposed to be meeting her for lunch, and he knew he was going to be late. He sighed lightly as he pushed himself up, and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, undressed and climbed inside. He stood there for a moment, letting the water hit his skin. His whole life had changed again, and he didn't know what to think.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He shook his head, washed his body and hair, and then climbed out. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and brushed his teeth, and added some gel to his hair and spiked it. He then dried off and walked back into his room. He found a pair of jeans, and a black t-shirt, and some clean boxers as well. Laundry day was coming up soon, he would have to ask Starrla if he could borrow her washer and dryer. It would give him reason to see her, and spend time at her apartment. He made a note to ask her about it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Finally he was ready to go, and he walked out of his room, and into the hallway. He grabbed his phone off the charger, and found his keys as well. His wallet was sitting on the table by the front door, and he grabbed that as well. He slid his shoes onto his feet, and walked out of the small house. He locked the door behind him, walked to his beat up truck and slid inside. He shut the door behind him, started the engine and pulled away from the curb heading into town.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He wasn't that far away from the cafe they were meeting at, but he heard there was a snow storm coming, and he wasn't about to walk in it. He spotted the cafe, pulled into the parking lot and shut the truck off. He climbed out, slammed the door closed and walked inside. Sure enough there was his sister, and he smiled at her walking over, and hugged her tightly. [#9D0000 "You look amazing"] he breathed into her ear. [#ff00ff "You look good too"] she cooed back. The two stood there and hugged a moment longer.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Finally the male let her go, and they moved over to a table. As he was rounding a corner, he ran into a woman not much younger than him. He looked down at her, and smiled sheepishly. [#9D0000 "I am so sorry about that, I wasn't watching where I was going. Are you alright?"] he asked her. As his eyes locked on the woman's, he felt some kind of spark between them. Something he hadn't felt before, but he wasn't about to walk away. That would have been rude of him, so he waited for her to speak instead.]
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