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[center [size10 when two of your managers start arguing in the back of the store and you feel like a child whose parents are fighting and it's all cause one of them didn't believe the other when they were told we got a bus so they kept sitting in the office while we got fucking rickity rekt.]]
  ooc / Barton / 4d 19h 37m 0s
[center [youtube]][center [size10 fuck me right up holy shit]]
  Barton / 14d 11h 3m 34s
[center [size10 hey buddy pal stop doing the thing. The last thing I wanna do when I get off work and go smoke a cigarette is have you creeping on me. I will legit never look you in the eye cause when I do I feel like it validates whatever you're thinking. I have no issues making eye contact with people and not being able to make eye contact with people feels weird but oh buddy pal you make it feel weird. Gotta stare at the dumpster or random cars or else it'll get weird. Just sitting in silence is even worse cause even while I'm not making any eye contact at all you gonna just keep staring at me like I'm some piece of meat. I'm sorry but you creep everyone out with this shit. You not gonna learn tho cause I feel like even if someone were to tell you up front you'd still just keep doing it cause you don't think it's weird whatsoever.]]
  ooc / Barton / 17d 13h 12m 21s

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