Strange Times

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For Seka and I. A tale of supernatural fuckery. When things get super shady on campus, who you gonna’ call? Hopefully not these poor bastards because they’re only 67% likely to show up. But someone has got to do the job.


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[center What a waste. The day had practically gone, and very little had been unpacked since the blond had arrived. Not that there was particularly much to unpack. A majority of the possessions that filled the few boxes were primarily decoration. His two small suitcases contained his wardrobe, and the leather bag lazing at the foot of his bed contained most of his day to day essentials.

It was so strange, though. This was the first he’d ever resides on a campus that wasn’t strictly all boys. Decent change, he guessed, when there wasn’t raging testosterone everywhere. Or snobby rich bitch assholes who essentially compared cock sizes with their checking account balances.

Private school had sucked. There was the moral of this story, if you were looking for one. But here he was, once again, at a private Uni because old habits were hard to break, and the curriculum had been hard to beat. Plus, there was the esteem of having the school’s name on your degree, and that could damn well open some doors.

The scent of autumn crept in on a soft breeze, sweeping across the room and bringing along with it the last sweet notes of summer. Leviathan, his kitty, was off probably destroying something.

[i Oof.] Never mind, he was back. Grayson opened his eyes to peer up at his feline companion and scratched affectionately betwixt his ears. “This is going to be interesting. I wonder who else will turn up.” Considering this was one of the older houses on campus. Looming, notably intensely gothic. Much like the rest of the campus, but the tones of this particular house were darker.

Honestly, he’d picked it for the garden space. It would be a blast to be able to plant an herb garden. Hopefully nobody had plans to ruin it, or there would be hell to pay, but it was definitely something to look forward to.

Sitting up, Grey listened out for any foot traffic. Nothing in the house, not even the sound of a key jiggling in the knob. Just the house occasionally creaking where it settled and a whole lot of rustling leaves from the surrounding trees.

“Okay, so it looks like it might just be us for a while. I guess I should eat something.” Except... his cookware had yet to arrive. A few boxes were kind of hanging around out there in the cosmos, but he figured they’d turn up tomorrow. “Guess it’s takeaway for us.”
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