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valarie watched his eyes as he went into a sort of daze and wondered if he remembered her or her mother. soon he was handing her picture back and she was following him to a more private place.

she blinked as her mind pulled up the memory of holding his hand as he took her to his car. she was upset but knew her mother was sending her away to keep her safe because lord knows what her father had been planning for her. she remembered squeezing his hand and hiding behind him when he was trying to introduce her new adoptive parents to her.

his hand was still as soft and strong as she had remembered. she shook her head slightly to get out of her thoughts and looked around when they stepped into the elevator. she peeked up at him after quickly inspecting the dark wood and marbled walls and swallowed slightly.

[+purple "i just wanted to thank you... for what you did back then."] she said quietly and fidgeted with her purse slightly.
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[size12 Lucifer gave the girl a smile as she looked up at him. The awkwardness seemed to have washed away to be replaced with something more like curiosity and a touch of puzzlement. Maybe she was having a case of deja vu?] [b “A lovely name. I’m Lucifer Morningstar. A pleasure.”]

[size12 There was a moment of silence between the two as they both had their drinks. It was when Valarie looked back up to Lucifer with a rather odd question that put a confused look on his face. She must have caught the confusion because she began to fumble for something in her bag. She then pulled out what appeared to be a photo with a face scratched out. He took the photo gingerly in his hand and studied it as the girl spoke. One of the faces looked familiar. And then it hit him.]

[size12 It was years ago but he did remember saving a young child. The mother was in distress and seemed desperate. Lucifer, being the curious cat that he was, had to investigate. The woman said something about the child being in danger and the father was the one after them. He had offered to punish him but the woman pushed the child towards him and told him to take her somewhere safe. Somewhere she would live a happy life. The girl was crying and scared but seemed to understand what her mother was trying to do. The mother pushed the girl and Lucifer off, telling them to hurry away. And Lucifer did just that.]

[size12 Lucifer was not someone that cared for kids very much. Well, it was more the fact he didn’t understand them and why anyone would want them. He tried to think of a place to take the creature and remembered a good family he had helped in the past. He promised they would take good care of her as if she was their own. Once it was all said and done, he finished his business on Earth and returned to Hell. Soon after, there was a new occupant. One whose Hell Loop seemed rather familiar which sparked a flare of anger in him. Lucifer made sure to give this particular soul a good punishment for the sake of the family he destroyed.]

[size12 Lucifer snapped out of his daze that he didn’t realize he went into and handed the photo back to Valarie. His face held a odd look.] [b “I think we should discuss this in a more quiet place.”] [size12 He said before gently grabbing her hand and pulling her up.] [b “I know just the place. If you will follow me, love.”] [size12 He said as he began to lead Valarie to the elevator that lead up to his penthouse.]
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She watched as the other girls left and then looked up at Lucifer studying his features. Her expression had changed from the awkward shyness to curiosity and trying to remember something.

[+Purple "Valarie Belikov."] She said and sipped her vodka and cranberry. She paused and looked up at him suddenly. [+Purple "d-don't you happen to remember a woman by the name of Ariana? Looked like me, except lighter shade of brown hair?"]

She set her drink down and fumbled with her little purse before pulling out a small picture of a family, the father's face was scribbled out. [+Purple "she would have asked you a favor, to save her daughter from her abusive husband?"]

She swallowed slightly and blushed. [+Purple "I-I'm sorry, I remember you saving me, when I was little. You took me somewhere safe so my dad wouldn't hurt me anymore..."] She said and smiled at him gratefully. She brushed some of her hair behind her ear and watched him for a moment.

[+Purple "Sorry, I didn't mean to be a buzz kill or anything. I can make it up to you."] She said and smiled. She tried to ignore the loud pounding of her pulse in her ears from the excitement. She finally got to meet the man who had saved her. She still remembered everything from all those years ago. She tried to think of ways to thank him for everything but couldn't come up with anything. They didn't exactly sell "thanks for saving my life" bouquets at the local supermarket.
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[size12 There was laughter, flirting and just joy all around. A little time had passed though with the party still going strong, time seemed to stand still. Everyone was enjoying themselves.]

[size12 From dancing to romance to the raw sexual tension that hung in the air, it was what Lux was built to be. A safe place for people to just let loose and have fun. Of course there were days where Lucifer really amped up the party level and took things up to his penthouse where things tended to get a bit crazy. Of course, tonight he was planning to do just that. But unknown to him, those plans were about to fall apart like Amenadiel’s wings did when he lost them.]

[size12 It was when a young woman approached the group that began to change the atmosphere. Well, it didn’t change much other than add a bit of shyness which Lucifer seemed to enjoy. When the woman asked to join, the other ladies were more than willing to let her.] [b “The more the merrier as I always say. Lovely to see a new face around as well. Adds to the fun.”]

[size12 It was then that the girl closest to the new arrival tugged her down gently to sit with the group. Her face clearly said this was a bit awkward, being flushed red. Lucifer saw how awkward the girl was feeling and decided to send the girls off for the time being.] [b “Ladies, how about you go and have some fun while I have a little chat with the new arrival.”]

[+red “Sure thing. We’ll see you later, yeah?”]

[b “Oh, you most certainly will.”] [size12 Lucifer said with that special grin of his. The girls left him and the new girl to talk, smiles and giggling fading off into the crowd and music.] [b “Glad of you to join the party, love.”] [size12 He said turning to the new girl after getting the attention of a waiter to bring them a drink.] [b “What might your name be?”]
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Valarie smiled and paid for her drink. She sipped it gingerly and then looked around again. She paused seeing a piano and bit her lip slightly.

[+Purple "excuse me? Whose piano is that?"] She asked the bartender curiously and sipped her drink.

[+Orange "that would be Lucifer's."] He said and smiled looking at her. [+Orange "do you play?"]

[+Purple "yeah, a little of this, little of that."] She said and smiled at him. [+Purple "think he'd be mad if I played?"]

The bartender smiled slightly and said. [+Orange "personally I wouldn't mind hearing you play but the boss is pretty particular about his piano... Your best bet would talking to him about it... He's over there."]

She listened and nodded looking in the direction he had pointed. She blinked slightly vaguely recognizing him and couldn't figure out why. At least not yet.

[+Purple "well then, wish me luck."] She said and took a big gulp of her drink to calm her nerves a little bit. She went over weaving in between people. She gulped a little nervous and soon stopped at the booth.

[+Purple "looks like you're all having fun."] She said a little awkwardly and smiled. [+Purple "I'm kind of new in town, mind if I um...?"]

One of the girls looked her up and down making her blush brightly. [+Magenta "I wouldn't mind... Would you, Lucifer?]

[+Darkred "come sit next to me, cutie. We were just about to get another round."] The girl with blue and purple highlights said and gently pulled Valarie down to sit with them.

Valarie blushed slightly and smiled at her. [+Purple "thanks, that's really nice of you."]
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[size12 The club was full. Quite typical really. Lux is usually full of people most nights with the music turned up and the drinks flowing freely. Of course Lux isn’t complete without it’s owner.]

[size12 Lucifer Morningstar.]

[size12 Lucifer knows how to party which is why he has Lux. The club is one of the more popular ones in LA, at least judging by how it’s jam packed most nights. However, tonight will be the start of something new and rather strange. A past favor come back all grown up. Of course, Lucifer doesn’t know this just yet.]

[size12 Earlier in the week, about 3 days ago, there was a case and of course Lucifer was annoying as per usual. But after a couple stops and Lucifer working his magic, if one could call it that, and after analyzing the evidence, it was found out it was just a really bad accident. Victim fell and hit their head and had a brain bleed which killed them quickly. It was a rather easy case. No one to chase down. Though Lucifer might have been a tad bit bummed there was no one to punish. A party was definitely in order.]

[size12 It was the early hours of the night. With the night so very young, the party would only just be getting started. Lucifer moved about the crowd like a snake among the grass. He always had a certain finesse to him, a certain look that draws people to him. Something irresistible. Like moth to a flame.]

[size12 There was a group of ladies, 3 of them, sitting in one of the sofas. Lucifer, spotting them and seeing just how lovely they were, was drawn to them.] [b “Well, hello ladies.”] [size12 He said to the girls as he sat down with them, adjusting his jacket.] [b “Let’s get a round of drinks, shall we?”]

[+red “Certainly, handsome.”] [size12 One of the girls said. The others agreed. They all seemed thrilled to have Lucifer treating them to drinks. Of course, anyone would be. It’s Lucifer.]

[size12 With that devilish grin of his plastered on his face, Lucifer waved over a waiter.] [b “Get the ladies here whatever they want. And I’ll have the usual.”] [size12 He said to the waiter who then nodded, took the ladies orders and headed back to the bar to get the drinks. After a short time, the drink came to the table.] [b “Ah, there we are. The night is young and the party's just getting started.”] [size12 He said as he sipped on his own drink, the girls giggling as they tuck themselves around him. There was a chance the four of them would end up in the penthouse later.]

[size12 Or perhaps not.]
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Valarie looked around curiously as she walked around town. It was a beautiful sunny day and so many people were out and about. She checked into the hotel she had reserved.

[+Blue "hello, ma'am. How are you enjoying Los Angeles so far?"]

[+Purple "good so far. Um... Do you know of any fun places to visit, especially at night?"] She asked and smiled at the receptionist.

[+Blue "in that case, you could visit Lux, it isn't too far away from here if you need to walk back and the owner is very nice and..... Incredibly attentive to your needs."] The receptionist said with a dreamy look on her face.

[+Purple "alright, I guess I can check it out tonight. Thanks for your help."] She said and smiled before going to her room. She unlocked the door and went into the crisp clean and chic designed hotel room.

She smiled and stretched slightly. She unpacked some of her things and hung up the dress she was playing to wear for later. She smiled and grabbed her sketchbook and art bag. She grabbed the hotel key and went out to people watch and sight see until that night.

Later that night, Valarie looked around as she walked into the nightclub and smiled. It beautiful despite how dark it was and the bar looked amazing. She went down the steps and smiled humming along to the music. She kept her little purse close to her and went to order a drink.

[+Purple "hi, can I get a vodka cranberry?"] She asked and got ready to show her ID just in case. She looked a lot younger than a mere twenty-two and so was naturally used to having to show it.
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