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[b "I love you, cowboy.."] She whspered and soon fell into sleep
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 5h 32m 21s
He chuckled at himself, “sleep honey, I’ve got the girls.”
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 19d 5h 37m 51s
She couldn't help a tired laugh at his words. [b "Might want to think about that wording, baby... But I am.."] She whispered as she kissed him
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 5h 38m 22s
“You had a whole baby of course your tired.” He said kissing her.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 19d 5h 44m 9s
Gently she kissed him and nodded. [b "I'm sorry, Jack..just so tired.."]
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 5h 49m 27s
Jackson nodded, “I can watch Paisley.” He muttered kissing her.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 19d 5h 56m 26s
[b "Y'all will be okay if I do..?"] Ally whispered softly
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 6h 4m 58s
“You rest with Pais for a couple hours.” He muttered and Gail nodded.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 19d 6h 12m 28s
"Promise you wills?" She asked with a pout. She wanted her momma and daddy with her.

Ally held Paisley close as she slept in her arms. She wanted sleep too, but was fighting it. [b "We promise, Iss.."]
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 6h 9m 47s
“When you come in and eat and have cake.” He said smiling , “Pizza too.” Paisley slept in Ally’s arms. Jackson loved all his girls.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 19d 6h 19m 7s
"You and momma joins later?" Iss asked softly and nuzzled him
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 6h 14m 35s
“Momma is tired so she’s gonna rest and you can have your party.”
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 19d 6h 25m 19s
Isabella giggled and kissed her daddy's cheek. "Younger twin!" She squealed. "Is mommy okay though? She look tired..."
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 6h 27m 24s
Jackson nodded, “Same birthday baby girl.” He said kissing her cheek.
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 19d 6h 32m 9s
Iss tilted her head. "We do??" She squealed and looked to her mother with Paisley
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 6h 36m 11s

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