Second Chances

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“Paisley is on track just she’s sick a lot, that’s why the nachos, we found something that agrees with her.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 19d 18h 29m 16s
"We do..each time is worse than the last..but she won't say it.. And let me make it for you.." Gail said quietly.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 18h 29m 49s
“I’m worried too, she wants a boy too but you see how much this hurts her, I came for tea.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 19d 18h 32m 0s
Gail looked to Jackson as did Bobby. Neither of them had known he was there. "Jackson.. you know we were only saying it because we're worried..."
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 18h 33m 38s
Jackson had caught them conversation. “Don’t worry about it, after Pais we’re done.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 19d 18h 38m 42s
"That would be for the best....Because each time...seems another girl...and it takes a worse toll on her.." She muttered with a sigh.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 18h 40m 24s
“Wait until our new granddaughter is born and suggest it then.” Bobby muttered.
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 19d 18h 42m 47s
"Do you want to be the one to suggest it? Because you know Jack will go off..and Ally's hormones have her cry easily...which will also set Jack off... So what do we do?"
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 18h 41m 14s
Bobby nodded, “Might want to suggest adoption to them because at this rate they’ll have all girls.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 19d 18h 45m 30s
Gently she returned Jack's kiss. No one would believe this man to be Jackson Main the "Rock Legend"..

Gail nodded to him. "I know...and we know how much that he wants a son but not to hurt her.. And she will do it even if it kills her..."
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 18h 46m 58s
“Any time sweetheart.” He said kissing her lips. He was gentle with her. Bobby looked to Gail, “Three girls.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 19d 18h 50m 56s
This was the part she hated..when she was fine and then fell straight to pieces and he had to take care of her fully. [b "Thank you...for everything.."]
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 18h 52m 2s
He nodded, “I know it does, let’s sit down and I’ll get you some tea.”
  Jackson Maine / Polkadotrocker / 19d 18h 55m 29s
Gently she leaned against him and nodded. [b "I'm sorry...I was just...hit.."] She whispered
  -Ally / SheDevil / 19d 18h 56m 9s
Jackson saw her and wrapped his arms around her, "Lets go sit down honey."
  Jackson Maine / polkadotrocker / 19d 19h 2m 7s

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