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[center [h3 Healing Comes First]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJgalN12n9c]]

[center [b Arthur had smiled brightly as she took the new blood inside. The guards stood in disbelief as Arthur laughed.

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Oh man, she's sure a wild one. Hey wait Celina! You still gotta announce his debut at the ceremony! I'll meet you there! I'll tell them you may be a little late though!]]]

[center [b Tristan raised an eyebrow at being called a "darling stray" only a slight flush of his cheeks. As he furrowed his eyebrows cautiously following the princess. She won't work on someone not willing huh? He had simply shrugged that was the closest to permission she'd get from the stubborn man.]]

[center [pic https://static.zerochan.net/Ookurikara.full.1859056.jpg]]

[center [+darkred Darling Stray huh? Pfft]]

[center [b He sneered a bit with a slight smirk. She had a strange sense of humor didn't she? He hadn't expected her to go along with calling him a stray so easily. Let alone the phrasing she used. He couldn't tell if it was meant to belittle him or a strange sense of endearment for royals.]]

[center [+darkred So about this ceremony..? Just know I don't do suits. In fact I won't be changing at all.]]

[center [b Tristan was following her as he admired the atmosphere. He wasn't a fan of reality but there was a serene feeling to it all. Even those inside playing instruments such as the violin. "So spoiled, how and why would they hire.. Nevermind I'll never understand the Tristana royal family." it was than a few maids came over giggling and poking and prodding at the muscled young stray. He grunted smacking them away as they looked at the princess.]]

[center We can wash his clothes while we find him a suit for evening what do you say your majesty?]

[center [+pink Wow he's really dirty!]]

[center [+purple Yeah but he's really cute too! Ignoring his poor taste in clothes he has a lot of nice muscles!]]

[center You think so? It's seems a bit barbaric to me.]

[center [+darkred What? I don't need my outfit-]]

[center [+pink We can fix the holes and tears in it to master champion.]]

[center [+darkred Ugh, fine go ahead and fix it up. Don't you dare throw it out got that? Or else! Also.. Tristan's just fine none of that master whatever crap.]]

[center [b They laughed as they started stripping him than and there! He flailed and swung as they weaved under his arm leaving him behind a towel so he may head to take a shower.]]

[center [+darkred Damn it, well let's go ahead and get this healing over than you can point me to the showers I guess.]]

[center [b Tristan said with a long sigh holding the towel around himself.

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Sorry if my post was a little more bleh than usual xD]]
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[h3 [center Comical Mutt]]

Celina blinked, her head doing a small jerk back upon the male’s rather foul tone. However, her look of shock did ebb away to hold... laughter.

And Celina did laugh, laugh at the man who would call himself some sort of stray mutt. It even managed to go into her speech for the first half, [size10 [#710193 “Y-You get me, holy shit.”]] And then she’d explode in a small plethora of giggles once more. It was only when she had calmed down enough, did she speak again.

[size10 [#710193 “Your social class would be more than enough to give me perspective of work that needs to be done from the floor up. That’s why I want you as my champion. Besides... it’d give me a bit more motivation to get into my studies.”]] The girl gave a shrug, smirking slightly, [size10 [#710193 “And I would take a ‘stray mutt’ in... he barks; seems to only bite when threatened.”]] She’d end with a wink, flinching away once again when this male had gotten into her space bubble to set... honestly, even she had been taken for a loop on that one.

Celina would blink down at the pendant, her dark purple eyes that always seemed to twinkle like jewels watch as this man began to rub at the back of his head and explain himself for reason to keep it.

Celina was about to open her mouth to respond, as it clearly could have been seen with the rather tiny smile she had until-

[h3 [center Officer Smiley]]

[size10 [#710193 “Ah, right on schedule; good morning, Arthur.”]] she would comment, her smile quickly changing to a full toothy grin which showed pearly whites. There, it’s almost like her eyes were smiling at the blond just as much as she had been. Just how do people do that, anyways?

Instead of making a comment and joining in on the conversation, Celina had closed her eyes, letting her thoughts eat away at her. So, this boy was all for becoming her champion, not just hers, but one of Tristania. Her smile had dwindled down the barest amount, yeah, her not actually having his name would be a bit of a set back for the impending argument she’s going to have with her father about this. And him being nothing more than a plebeian is enough to make her know her father would not take her seriously. Not at first, anyways.

God, she can already imagine it now, and the further the mental argument went, the more displeased the female had looked — right until the blond practically clung onto her figure. That was enough to make her blink twice, the amount of tension she had dwindling away, albeit slightly.

[size10 [#710193 “Yeah, about that...”]] The female would say, a slow, tiny giggle escaping her as she extricated herself from the male to lace her fingers together instead. [size10 [#710193 “You know that thing I do that drives father up a wall?”]] She would ask, sticking her tongue out just the slightest bit now, a familiar representation of mischief that the late queen had before she did something of light deviousness.

[size10 [#710193 “There’s no need for a ceremony. Darling Stray here said he’d have no problem becoming my champion.”]] she would say, brushing off the disbelief in some of the guards faces as she directed her attention back to Tristan. If he wasn’t going to give her a name, she’ll just make one for him, and she gave a giggle once more before having some of her water begin to pull out of that same glass vial she had equipped to the side of her figure once more.

[size10 [#710193 “Ready for me to heal you so we may walk inside? I absolutely refuse to do work on someone who isn’t willing.”]] she would explain, almost as if her dropping a nuke like that had been nothing more than talking about the simple weather.
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[center [h3 Stray Mutt Champion?]]

[center [b The woman had explained when she got flustered she had turned red. He blinked and chuckled deeply. He turned around shaking his head. He couldn't believe he let that catch him off guard. He wasn't expecting such an honest answer. Well a blunt one, he straightened his face. If she was playing the cutesy princess type? Hmm.. was she really royalty?]]

[center [b As they made it to the castle the guards easily confirmed that. Highness? Course they looked at him that way. He couldn't help but sneer back at them but here she had stood up for him. He blinked a bit surprised but she had called for Arthur. The guards stammered shocked she called him his savior. Tristan couldn't help but give the guards a cheeky wave as they growled and took off.]]

[center [b She turned to the male and even had offered an apology? To a stray mutt like him? He shrugged it off it wasn't a big deal.]]

[center [+brown It's nothing I'm not used too. So what's on your mind?]]

[center [b Tristan crossed his arms listening all the way through with a straight face. Not once changing his expression but in reality he was shocked. It was sudden too sudden. He raised an eyebrow by the end. It seemed suspicious but what would she gain from this? Truly?]]

[center [+brown Champion? Before even asking my name? Just so you know I'm not some fallen noble. Meaning I really can't use magic like at all. The Seether? My body rejects it. I'm not like you and that's part of the job. So you'd take a stray mutt in as a champion? Let me guess? Your dad never let you keep dogs huh?]]

[center [b He said that last part with a bit of a sneer. Though he was cut off by her offering her precious pendant. Even if he said no? He could sell this and make money. Though... Her eyes? He could tell it was important to her. He had taken the pendant and wrapped it around her neck. He rubbed the back of his head with a slight tint on his face. Here he was being rather rude to her despite how serious she was. Tristan wasn't exactly a gentleman but his sister would expect at least a little better.]]

[center [+brown Take it.. I mean if I take the job I... Err I'm sure it pays well right? There is no need.]]

[center [b Was this girl for real? Hmm.. She had sincere eyes just like his sister. How could royalty have so much in common with a commoner like his sister?]]

[center [b Arthur had came in his full suit of armor. Waving at the princess.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Princess! The Ceremony is almost ready! Oh wow! Who's that guy with you?]]]

[center [b Arthur checked him out. Circling around the male as the guards chuckled a bit. They had brought back Arthur to see him judge the peasant called savor.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Hmm.. So she called you her savior huh? You probably helped her out with those wounds... And you don't have.. ANY magic?! So... You protected her with your own two hands? I see why the guards brought me.]]]

[center [b "Yeah I don't have any magic, it's obvious why they brought you. So you can tell me how ridiculous this all is. Isn't that the point?" Tristan thought to himself.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center To.. Thank you! You seem like a real man! Not all nobles train the body! Sometimes you can't rely on magic on the battlefield haha! I like this guy Celina!]]]

[center [b Arthur had slapped Tristan's back as the much taller male almost fell over. "For a noble this guy packs a punch.. Who the hell is he?" this childlike Knight with a short stature. His childish beaming smile and yet there was an aura to the goofy this goofy knight.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Got a champion? Is he a guest? Oh wow he is banged up yeah sorry bud you gotta get cleaned up. Can't have you bleeding everywhere!]]]

[center [+brown Tsk, the outfit stays and I don't trust magi-]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Well we can wash the outfit and give it to ya! As for magic? Too bad it's the fastest way! Princess heal him up! Besides head wounds bleed a lot otherwise.]]]

[center [+brown ...Fine if I'll be taking this job I suppose...]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Wait what?! Before we go I gotta ask.. Celina did you give this guy a job??? Is he gonna help me seat everyone? If so thank god cause I'm super sucky at this kinda stuff!]]]

[center [b Arthur said clinging to the princess with a playful whine. "Isn't it past a Knight's boundary to cling to his princess? Can she really be okay with him calling her by name? To get so close? Isn't that beyond even a nobles station? Don't nobles dislike the royals? What is going on here?"]]
  Tristan / ShieldHero- / 163d 6h 19m 8s
[h3 [center “That Stray”]]
At the dismissive wave, Celina frowned, nothing else, just a frown and a small nod in understanding.

[size10 [#710193 “S, sorry, I-”]] Oh, that was weird. That flinch made Celina put her hand back down almost instantly, her hand settling atop the other with observant orbs. The further the conversation went, the more lax the girl became. It’s almost like the male feared her more than she feared him? At the

It could be seen her shoulders slowly raising back up fully, her body posture being completely relaxed with her shoulders back. Her entire posture seemed to give off a more assertive figure, one that which screamed ‘I’m the head of the company’ or something along those lines. There still remained a light tinge of pink on her face as the male invaded her space bubble, and it made her instinctively take a small step back herself before seeding herself in place.

Celina furrowed her brow once he had placed his hand on her forehead, his arm gripping her other arm down tightly. She had at first made a small flinch, but never making any sort of move to remove the appendages from her figure. At his small explanation, it made Celina laugh just the slightest bit, eyes closing as her short lived giggle filtered through the air. What little uncomfortability she had from how tightly the male grabbed her wrist being temporarily forgotten

[size10 [#710193 “Whenever I’m remotely embarrassed or flustered, I turn into a tomato. Lucky me.”]] She would explain, ending the sentence with her hand coming up to cover her mouth during his apology. She would gently work the arm that had been through light irritation, and Celina shook her head before looking back at this tall man once more. [size10 [#710193 “Its-- It’s okay.”]] Celina stated, her voice soft with a dimpled smile gracing her facial features once more.

That’d explain him not accepting her help of healing.
That’d explain him grabbing her wrist as roughly as he did.
This stranger loathes magic, and that’s too bad! She was more than willing to help close that wound along with making him less tense, too...

It’s only when his question of her needing some type of assistance did the girl blink, the clouded, distant look dissipating once more to show this older male held Celena’s attention once more. Christ, there she goes again into her own head.

[size10 [#710193 “I mean, I COULD... if you’d just at least point me in the right direction? I think I’ll be fine....”]] Not that Celena would admit that she had taken this small client further out than what she normally would. The female had looked around slightly, and to her joy, she had found a small little stray cat!

Before the female could even beckon the little feline over, however, her savior had given a small grunt, resulting in her whipping her head back over in time to see him practically walking away after he had given a small hand gesture to follow him over.

[size10 [#710193 “Oh thank fuckin’ god.”]] She had murmured pretty lowly, brisk steps being taken to catch up with him once more.

[h3 [center Castle Grounds]]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D7mr3x3A9c]

Upon reaching the castle grounds, Celina had pulled at her face slightly, annoyance apparent on her facial features of the headache to come. There was one setback of not being adamant enough to ask for a simple nod in the right direction -- she was here earlier than she wanted to be!

The entire walk had been rather quiet and peaceful aside from her wishing her small thanks to the male. Celina could just tell the rather sour male would rather do anything else than lead her to the large, tall castle gate.

But more importantly, the female had been left with her own thoughts the entire time, and it made the female’s brows knit tightly.

[center [i [size10 [#710193 Would he do?

Not even a commoner, a plebian, Celina! Would...]]]]

The female had already a favoring towards the brawler in question, as she would watch the two guards come closer into view. And it’s not the simple fact that he had saved her life, it’s more so the reasoning he didn’t know whether or not she was royalty! And she still hadn’t even confirmed nor denied it.

As the guards would talk, Celina didn’t quite address them, only a simple hum and a nod as she let her thoughts swallow her whole temporarily once again. Unlike the other canidates, this ... stranger didn’t condition himself for the title, which is what the bronze skinned beauty admired most!

He held the characteristics that sated her, his class would give her more input on areas that’d need work on Tristania too, no less. Besides, Celina more often than not got along with lower class than the snobbish nobles.

The small scoff made the girl blink and look between the guards and then Tristan, her whole disposition almost having done a full switch from the alley.

[size10 [#710193 “Go get sir Arthur for me, then. And stop casting that look towards my savior.”]] She would practically snap, eyes shifting to the direction of the castle then back at the two guards until they had moved out of sight.

After they had , left, Celina ran her fingers through her hair, her tone once again doing a switch up as she spoke to this guy once more -- She really had to get his name.

[size10 [#710193 “Hey, may I.. talk to you about something? I’m sorry for them.”]] She’d ask, tune switching once more to being as polite as ever when associating with this boy.

[h3 [center A Proposition]]

[size10 [#710193 “To put it simply, I want you to be my champion.”]] As direct as ever, Celina shifted her hair behind her shoulder, eyes closing during the motion before they opened once more to stare up at the male. [size10 [#710193 “Others are usually trained and designed to be as accommodating as you have been, sir.

“Yet you were willing to help me - regardless of knowing whether or not I was actual royalty. I like that.”]] She would blink, staring at him once more. Even if he were to laugh, this girl stayed holding the same expression, showing her seriousness over the ordeal.

[size10 [#710193 “If not, I get that. I just.. Sprung it up on you.”]] She would end that sentence with looking away temporarily-- only to look at the male once more with a look of adamancy. [size10 [#710193 “I’d like you to take this, if you are to refuse otherwise.”]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/KCMP6oK.jpg]] And what she had pulled out was something even she were shocked in herself for doing. Inside her palm, as she held it out was an indigo colored pendant that seemed to absorb any direct sunlight, giving minimal reflection to the gem. Celina had her eyes linger on the large pendant for a moment or two in time, a distinct nostalgic look hitting her eyes as she’d squeeze it gently for a second before her fingers spread freely from the object.

[size10 [#710193 “It’s... very important. To me.”]] She would redirect, [size10 [#710193 “And if it could help you in ANY way... I’ll depart with it for you helping me.”]] She’d end simply, eyes lingering on what would be deemed as the remnants of the Queen of Tristania from all those years back.
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[center [h3 Away From Home]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulvHGhodXc8]]

[center [b Tristan was panting lightly and his stomach growled. The man was tired and famished before this fight even. He had blushed lightly waving his hand away. She had reached her hand up it made him flinch backing up. Like a defensive stray mutt but... She was only patting her own head as example. She'd heal him? With what? Magic? Tristan didn't trust magic not one bit.]]

[center [b She had flushed a bit red? Was she sick? He carefully leaned over towering over the young girl. He grabbed her left arm to the side before placing the back of his other hand over her forehead.]]

[center [+brown So you weren't hit with a spell. I'm no scholar but I can tell you look flushed.]]

[center [b He released her hand backing up carefully placing his hands on his side as he gave an aggressive sigh.]]

[center [+brown Pfft, sorry about grabbing your arm. Can't be too careful when coming in contact with mages. So your trying to say you can't get back on your own huh?]]

[center [b Tristan had almost told her too bad. Though he felt a nagging voice in the back of his mind. Someone who'd be very upset to hear he abandoned someone in their hour of need. His apology earlier had seemed rather sour but he didn't want to make all peasants look bad. So what would he do? Help her back? What if it's a set up? Why risk the princess? To take a commoner? "Tsk, I ain't worth that kinda trouble" he couldn't shake the paranoia but it wouldn't be logical. Chances were she was actually lost. Though he wouldn't gain much from the endeavor it can't hurt just to walk her back right? He grunted slight as he motioned with his hand to follow him. They'd take the main road. He knew the most public ways back to the castle. Normally he'd be doing the opposite but with her title? It was safer for her this way rather than more dangerous. Many of the commoners didn't like how nobility treated them. That being said? Royalty such as the king and prince had fought and laid their lives for the commoners often. Not all commoners loved them but they were adored nonetheless. Tristan? He never really thought about it before... He never had time before. Even as commoners go Tristan never had much money or time to just lounge around. He should be taking a job that pays. Tristan had escorted her safely to the front of the castle gates. The guards had approached relieved to hear from them again.]]

[center Mam wait here sir Arthur will be here in a moment to escort you to the castle. You must choose a champion today and we've a few candidates my highness!]

[center [b The two guards had bowed to her with the deepest respect. Tristan had scoffed a bit and the two? Stared at Tristan with disdain for the disrespect he was showing in front of a Royal.]]
  Tristan / ShieldHero- / 163d 10h 53m 49s
[h3 [center A Girl in a Bubble]]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qku9aoUlTXA]

More often than not, someone who were to blatantly ignore the rules would have setbacks. The one who had ignored their father’s rules would have to face the consequences, this time hadn’t been any different in Celina’s world as she had been traveling aimlessly through the market streets of Tristania.

There had been a fairly distant look in her eyes, as if despite her responses and gestures to comments, she still weren’t completely ‘there’ at the time. Today hasn’t been any different, as the girl would lift a hand with a dismissive wave to politely decline merchant after merchants offers with a dimpled smile adorning her features.

The commons were fairly safe indeed, and it left Celina to her own thoughts as she had entered a small little home which could have easily been overlooked as it had been squished between far more popular buildings that had a lot of venue.

[h3 [center Rough Encounters]]

Exiting the home, the female could hear the thanks of the elder woman, and she could only turn her head back and give a closed eyed smile. Exiting out of the back of the woman’s home probably wouldn’t have been the most ideal locations, especially if you were uncomfortable to the idea of being a princess in a back alley.

And more often than not, Celina would have preferred the front with a lot of venue -- IF there weren’t nearly as many individuals.

Glancing up skyward, the female had multiple thoughts rushing through her head throughout the day.

[i [size10 [#710193 Would Father be upset? Oh, you betcha.]]] Celina had been taking turn after turn, hands wiggling freely at the brisk pace she had been going. Simon would be quite upset indeed with the girl, now not only had she been avoiding her school work , but she now is avoiding important events?

Just what exactly was she running from?

The question at hand had lead the female to a stop, her amethyst hued orbs being first to go in the direction of the voices followed by her entire body. Celina would blink once- then twice at the acknowledgement of metal bars. And she would instinctively take a step back as her stomach did a flip in the predicament she were in.

Someone who has ignored their father’s rules would have to face consequences, right?
Celina had already formed a light sheen of sweat, something she had been prone to doing along with the red tones under her cheek darkening just the slightest bit in a more prominent blush in the situation at hand.

[size10 [#710193 “We-]]

Her form paused, hand shifting from moving outward to cup her right jaw in awe at the male’s narrow avoidance of flames.
Oh, shit, that meant it was heading towards her, too, huh?

Celina had her hand grip down fiercely on the indigo pendant she carried on her being at all time, hidden within the crevices of her jacket pocket. Her other hand had reached out, a thing ring of water creating the formation of an upside down triangle taking shape in front of her.

As soon as the bolt of fire made an attempt to move through, a dome of water formed, encapsulating and eliminating the threat quickly. The girl had been taking a couple of deep breaths to attempt and calm herself from the adrenaline that has been formulating through her being.

[h3 [center Reluctant Hero?]]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n-p77dKBUU]

Celina would have liked to help the stranger, she really would have, as she would give a gentle gasp over seeing his display of finesse even after getting bashed upside the head with a crowbar.

It made the female’s eyes tear up just the slightest bit, watching as he would encircle one of her attacker’s heads before dropping down and busting their head opening with a sickening [i crack].

Celina’s right hand has been brought up to her lower mouth, knuckles gently grazing against her own lips as she would look down and away to avoid watching anymore of the conflict that had been making her uncomfortable. It were one thing to watch it from afar, it were another to be up close and being the cause of the fight in the first place.

[right [pic https://i-h2.pinimg.com/345x/aa/f7/0f/aaf70f73b2437f10986d2c09183fadd3.jpg]]

Blinking once, then twice, the once clean man she had practically seen made the female gently rub at her eyes. Oh, shit- not again. Celina would have to laugh at herself later for already over fantasizing a man that had been through a moderate beat down- yet managed to get out just fine.

Well, fine enough to be using such an aggressive tone with her, that is! Celina couldn’t fault the male for looking the way he did, upset with her for being as foolish to go out in the backstreets without any assistance.

[size10 [#710193 “I--”]] She had mingled thoughts, not sure which ones to voice first,

[size10 [#710193 “Thank you- I, I can...”]] It’s clear she were having trouble at first, the female’s face flushing a shade darker in embarrassment over herself at the situation.

[i [size10 [#710193 Fuck, not again. C’mon, stupid.]]]

[size10 [#710193 “Let me help you,”]] The female blinked at herself, then raised a hand in a slight little defensive way, [size10 [#710193 “W-with your head, I mean.”]] She would say, emphasizing to the top of his head with a gentle pat against her own.

[size10 [#710193 “Er, please? I was... just getting back home, actually.”]] She would say, finally addressing his light scolding, fingers wringing themselves as she would meekly look away. It were almost like she had felt apologetic, bad for him having to do something in the first place.

If only she hadn’t been as stupid to go through some alleyways, huh?
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[center [h3 Morning!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kke1GZVnXD4]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center Hey princess! You in there your father needs you.]]]

[center [b Arthur a young man loyal to the crown and to Tristania. He was champion to the princess's younger brother. Though the prince was off and meeting with the prime minister of Albion. Arthur had knocked on the ladies door waiting a moment well several minutes. He may not have been her champion but he always had a soft spot for her. He related with hating studies and if he was to be leader one day? That'd crush him course losing the queen. Her mother must have been hard still! He'd cheer her up somehow right? He knocked again before entering.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size30 [center I'm sorry princess I-]]]

[center [b And.. She was gone again! Arthur couldn't help but smile softly. He was supposed to report this but? How could he? He couldn't help but admire her free spirit her mother was much the same even being much older than the young Arthur she was always so energetic. The castle would stir in a panic to find her but he already knew she was in the common quarters bumping shoulders with the common people.]]

[center [h3 Where Is She Now?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AiBQzca.jpg]]

[center [+gold Where did that girl..]]

[center [b It was about an hour later and Simon had stood in the throne room looking out the window. His advisers had suggested he sit and relax but he would do no such thing. He'd amass a search party simple and discreet not to harm her of course. This happened often and sure she came back safely but that wasn't the problem. She had lessons she was avoiding. "Self defense" as well as "Politics" and learning foreign language such as Elven. She was rather smart much like her mother but she didn't care much for meeting and sitting around. Simon knew it could be... Tedious but she was to one day rule the kingdom. She was the oldest and next in line. In Tristania her being a woman did not forfeit the job to her younger brother. Though he wondered if she wanted it to he knew her brother hadn't wanted to rule. Better kids who grab the throne through reluctance than a grab of power. They were good kids and Simon loved very much but if they weren't prepared for when he'd be gone one day? Simon couldn't think of that he wanted them and his kingdom to be ready. His daughter needed to work on much but where on Fyuria is she? "Today's the day she supposed to finally select a champion for herself.."]]

[center [h3 The Market]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWPiOb4Cxa4]]

[center [+blue Come and get your baubles! Need a stone that enhances magic?]]

[center [+pink Need a special potion to rekindle that last spark? We got just what you need! All approved by the kingdom o-of course! Of course!]]

[center [b Merchants were shouting left and right though there were some nobles of differing rank it was mostly peasants. The common quarters were.. Mostly safe except downtown although this is where our story truly begins. The princess offering her help in healing and relief to her people had caught her into a bit of a mix up in a dangerous alley.]]

[center [+orange Hey! So your the princess huh? Going around here healing the sick right? Taking pity on us? If you feel so bad why not fix our rights! We've peasants should have a say in things! So what we don't got your fancy magic! We should be allowed to enlist with the Knight's same as ye!]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEkI95MwlkE]]

[center [b Despite the peasants strong words and each wielding metal bars. They had a hooded figure wielding a wand a mage they paid off. It was four large lumbering men accompanied by this mercenary of a mage. Peasants were too scared to fight magic without their own it was how they were sheltered it was how they were controlled. Before the mage could launch a spell a dark haired man wielding nothing but leather gloves and a trench coat intervened. Rushing the mage that managed to throw a fire bolt. He had slid on his knee's ducking under the fire before flipping back up and kicking down on the small hooded figure. Falling to his feet he followed up with a simple but swift uppercut knocking the mage to the ground.]]

[center [+orange T-That's gotta be speed enhancement magic! Crap he must be one of the royal knights!]]

[center Bet you wouldn't b-be so tough if you had to fight us without magic!]

[center [+darkred Tsk, who said I have any? I might not like royality but if we act like beast than were no better than they say we are. Get the hell outta here.]]

[center [b The four looked to each other happy to see he too was just a peasant. A peasant that probably just "Got lucky" it seems a fifth had laid in hiding hitting the man over the head with a crowbar.]]

[center [+darkred Shit..]]

[center [b Dazed they took the chance to beat the man as much as they could before he could managed to squirm free. Grabbing one in a headlock and dropping him to the ground busting the man's head open.]]

[center [+darkred Guess this is how were doing things huh?]]

[center [h3 Some Time Later]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/91/67/41/91674180b91045afe45ecb79658f27b3.jpg]]

[center [b The five had laid down panting bleeding two of them had begun to pass out even. This young man had panted wiping at his face that first hit had really made the fight a hard one. He wiped under his chin before gripping his fist but the peasants were done and they were already high tailing it outta there even grabbing the two that were passing out.]]

[center [+orange No magic my ass! There's no way he'd still be standing otherwise!]]

[center [b This man, Tristain had scoffed spitting at the ground as he held his head.]]

[center [+darkred Shit that was harder than I expected.. Doesn't matter. Hey you! I don't know if your really a princess or royalty but you shouldn't show up in places like these without your daddies special guards.]]

[center [b He gave a bit of a scowl his voice was already gruff to begin with but now it almost sounded like a growl. He hadn't shown any physical intent to attack her or to make her day any worse. He did however seem rather stand offish to the young woman. A lot more than would seem reasonable for one stranger to another.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b You can play the younger prince if you want? Or me up to you ^w^ if you want me to change anything about the post just let me know! Also a map! Keep in mind the world is much bigger than this but a map of the surrounding world at least.]]

[center [pic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/zeronotsukaima/images/1/19/Halkeginia_mapLarge-b.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/400?cb=20110209001434]]
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