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[i [center [size10 This is an original idea. Please do not steal]]]

[center A former immortal Assassin who has resolved his taught nature for peace will have his vow sorely tested. ]

[center [pic]]

Caveziel Inrei is an unusual man... This slave- turned- Immortal had the power to take down an entire coven and free all of their experiments (Memphas) before disappearing. It's knocking on a century, and the Styx coven had came up empty- handed since his rebellion..

Their last resort, was to go to their creator, their desperate attempt to bring him out of hiding.

Meanwhile, on the run with his three boys, Caveziel has one option that could prove useful in his efforts.. Get to his stronghold in Georgia... Search for Memphas, make his own Pack, train and defeat The Styx Aerie. Just, that particular plan did include humans, and not only that, he'd have to create allies with humans. Anyone. Anyone that was capable. So to be able to give protection to their own species. But, this one in particular is about to step into an adventure of his own... And it involves Caveziel.

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Caveziel had been busy relocating his Pack, four of them in total, to Georgia, after catching wind that someone had been looking for him. He had been in hiding since destroying a castle that stood since 1811.

Vez looked to his fledglings.

Eutharian... Rajah... Asmodian and Matheus. These four were never made by him, but they were that last experimented vampires before his rebellion. They were mere fledglings at the time... No more than a few days into their immortality before Herod and the Aerie got their claws on them. Poor kids... When he tried to hide away from the Styx Aerie after destroying their castle, those four somehow managed to find him and never left him since. Not that Vez didn't mind the company, but he didn't want to put their lives in danger any more than they were, but they simply wouldn't budge.

Asmodian was, as he documented for himself, a Silver Mempha, a vampire whose blood was infused with an incubus, so he had endowed handsome features. He often looked like a Prince of Egypt, tall and, , skin was always spotless, bronze and always clean shaven. He had curly golden hair that stood out. He had a strong jaw, and thin, but cunning lips. His enchanting silver/green eyes lured many a man and woman to their demise.

Matheus was, as he called it, a Sicari Mempha, a vampire whose blood was infused with a Lycan, one type of Werewolf bloodline. Having it hereditary, it was easy to mix the two, but adding to it made him a short fuse. His hair was wild, usually kept in control with hair bows, but, even in that attempt, he had the look of a wild beast. His distant, cold golden eyes could freeze prey easily, and his demeanor always dubbed him intimidating. But, to Vez, he was her soldier, and would protect him against anything, even if going full fledged Lycan to do so.

Rajah is a Prus Mempha, Or a Vampire with blood of a Ghoul. She had blank eyes, a very scary aura about her, if you never got to know her. She had jet black hair, Pupiless eyes, with Asian features, and she was pale with pink lips and ashen fingers. She was quiet, but she was outspoken when it came down to the situation at hand. She had a fondness to Vez, and for the eternity of him, he could never understand why. But, she was good at being a spy. Even in on that, she was the weapon line, often would have fresh weapons and other usable gadgets that could help during the times. In this day in age, Rajah is very dependable on that aspect.

Eutharian, the youngest out of all of them, was, as he called it, a Hyca Mempha, a vampire whose blood had been infused with Demons, and monstrous beings on earth. Because of the fact he looks like he is only in his teens, he is usually underestimated. But, Eutharian had a knack for being clever and quite mischievous. He had short brown hair that sat at his shoulders, and his build was strong, but looked frail. His sky blue eyes project innocence, even when he's up to no good, which saves his ass time to time. He's very smart, and very dangerous. If provoked, he would unleash hell on his victims... Literally. Being a demon/vampire hybrid means unusual attributes. Foresight, a demanding desire to invent and an unfathomable desire to kill with a vengeance keeps Caveziel worried. But, through it all, Eutharian is loyal, and would only use his abilities if in dire circumstances.

[i [#da3c18 "Alright guys... We're here... "]] He said as he finally parked the car. One of the homes he had bought was a stronghold, and was taken care of by those he called his "Friends". To Asmodian, that phrase was sketchy. Vez never had friends in high places, at least by his perspective. Matheus was even more worried than him. He didn't want Vez to think he didn't trust his friends... But, he didn't trust his friends. Couldn't trust them as far as he could throw 'em, and that alone was a mouthful.

Eutharian never liked to be without Caveziel. He cared about him as if a father. It might have been when they had been plucked out of in their human life, plus the horrifying experience they dealt with when turned vampire.

From his knowledge, all three were orphans, children that were 'undesirable' to couples wanting to be parents. None of them remember their lineage, their families... Which made it harder for him to desert them. He unintentionally became a leader to the four, and despite it all, he had come to care about them as if they were his sons and daughter.

They all piled out the car and started grabbing baggage. Vez had went to open the door, and observed his surroundings as the boys started filling the foyer with boxes of equipment and clothes. Vez set a tote with his belongings down before taking a look around the house.

The rooms were simple, with beds and dressers in place and all they needed was to pick rooms.

Asmodian quickly picked the room closest to the stairs. The room was with a twin bed, with a dresser nearest to the door. Matheus took the room with a window that shown the front yard. His room was just as simple, but a little more spacious than Asmodian's. Eutharian took the room closest to the master's, to act as Vez's bodyguard whenever a threat presented itself. Caveziel went to the masters. It was bigger than all put together, with a King sized bed sitting at the far wall. The window was massive, taking the entire length of the wall. He had a bathroom of his own, and just like the others, felt that he needed to protect his pack. But, they all insisted.

[i[#da3c18 "Everybody pick their rooms? "]] he asked. Asmodian looked out his bedroom door. [i [#401256 "Vez, do you think this will protect us? "]] he asked. Eutharian stepped out of his room. [i [#e2923c "Yea... I mean... We have been moving around for awhile... I'm not sure that this is too secure"]] he admitted nervously. Vez looked to them two and smiled a bit. [i [#da3c18 "it's alright, boys... Because we will make this stronghold secure. Matheus, do you have your security equipment ready? "]]

Matheus looked up from his box in his room. [i [#b1e23c "I can get them ready in thirty minutes"]] he yelled to him.

[i [#da3c18 "Okay, great... We'll put cameras around the house and on the driveway. We can never be too careful"]] he yelled to him. Asmodian and Eutharian nodded and looked around before shuffling back into their rooms, beginning to unpack their clothes and equipment.

Vez had walked into his room, sighing as he set his belongings down and looked out his window. He had to call Fritz. Fritz Haarman was an interesting vampire. He was a butcher as a front around 1898, but this vampire was hard to miss. Being foolish, he managed to get himself caught, but it was obvious as to how or why... To kill roughly twenty seven people, mercilessly ripping out their poor throats and then after draining them, sold their flesh on the black market and even went so far as to pawn the victims' stuff was something even he could retch at. But, it was because of his help that got him that house in the first place. In fact, he helped him out of tight situations for decades, and he felt that he was the only one to trust... To an extent.

After hanging up her phone after an unsuccessful call to Fritz, he received a text.

[i [b Are you in town? I need someone to talk to...]]

Caveziel sighed to himself. Relocating his small Pack wasn't his only reason why he moved to Georgia. This particular person was a woman, a woman that he had saved from herself. Before she would jump to her death, he talked her off... And since then, he had been... Sorta attracted to her... He would make sure to talk to her from time to time, to ensure that she was still safe. For her to text him now, it would mean that she was either faltering in her fight, or something had her wanting to talk to him seriously.

He sighed as he prepared herself. After all, it had been two years. "I gotta see her". Once the boys confirmed that the house security was up and running, he resorted to going to his room and freshening up.He threw on a shirt, and some jeans. His usual shoes were sneakers, hea didn't care for branding, just as long as he was comfy. His boys were curious, but Rajah knew... She was in her room downstairs, nearest to the kitchen. As she watched him walk past, she knew what it was for. She smiled to this. With that, Vez left the house leaving one demand. [i [#da3c18 "Be sure to keep an eye out, and set up all traps and barriers. Never can be too careful"]]

With a nod, they went right to work, and as for him, he reached the outside of and climbed into his car. He followed the directions she had gven her, and when he finally arrived, he made quick work to make himself seem human... Until she opened the door. [i [#da3c18 "Oh, uh... Hi, Eden"]]
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[center [i [size20 Prologue]]]

[i [#9bacf8 "How much longer must we wait, brother? "]]

[i [#228b8c "Quiet, Cain. You may upset him yet"]]

[i [#2e8c22 "Herod, it was your idea to come here. We should be hibernating alongside Judas and Vlad"]]

[i [#228b8c "Dire times call for desperate measures, Bartholomew. We cannot allow Dracula and Judas to find out out what has happened"]]

[i [#9bacf8 "He is Vlad's fledgling, Herod. We have already betrayed our brother by harming him and now we have a force against us because of your call. To go to him now would be a disrespect worthy of termination on it's own."]] Cain voiced.

Standing before the realm of Sheol, all they could see was mist.. And a seal that says [i [b "He without a seal on his forehead shall suffer a great pain for eternity"]] in Hebrew

[size20 [i הוא ללא אטם את מצחו תסבול כאבים נהדר עבור לנצח]]

Herod sucked in a silent breath before nicking his finger, and letting a drop of his blood drip into The River Styx. A few moments later, a horse as white as the mist that surrounded the black waters was spotted walking on the river. Who sat on it was a young face, handsome, but his eyes shown nothing but conquest, and was dressed in gold armor with a crown of victory on his dark tresses. He seemed annoyed, as if awaken from a much needed slumber by the call.

[i [#b506c6 "Who dares awaken Sheol? Who trespasses here? "]]

Herod, Cain, and Bartholomew were stiff. Herod stepped forward and bowed as low as he could. [i [#228b8c "Forgive me, Great Pestilence. We call for your father, The Great Destroyer, the creature of us demons. It is of a matter of great imbalance."]] He spoke, keeping his head down as he did. Cain had followed, alongside Bartholomew. Pestilence huffed before approaching him on his white steed. He placed a hand on Herod's dirt brown curly locks, and the three waited with hitched breaths. After a few moments, Pestilence removed his hand with a dark chuckle.

[i [#b506c6 "So, Vlad finally picked an adversary worth my interest. So, this fledgling is causing trouble, yes"]]

Herod remained bowing as did the others. Another chuckle came, but this time, it was more annoyed and aggravated than amused. [i [#b506c6 "An entire council, endowed with the Dark Gift my father had given you, and you cannot best a fledgling? You are foolish to come to our doorstep, Herod. "]]

Suddenly a boat appeared from the mist, and leveled itself before them. [i [#b506c6 "He expects you "]] he said before disappearing into the mist. Herod, Cain and Bartholomew climbed into the boat, and it slowly began to rotate, and follow the white horse.

The bottomless pit had an opening, it sat as if a gauntlet on it's side. Darkness swallowed them all, and though they felt the need to question, they prevented themselves to. They silently followed the horseman, until they felt the boat jerk as if landed ashore.

[i [#b506c6 "Come, Herod... "]]

The room shook and with it, light had illuminated around them. Torches set aflame in one fluid command had shaken Bartholemew. Cain and Herod looked at each other before climbing out of the boat. The three stood before an opening, and it was paved by the stench of burning corpses and mist. They came forward, and stood with their heads low once all was inside.

There he was... The Destroyer, The Right Hand of God, The only destruction to their kind... Abaddon. His face was solid, as if made of stone. Not a smile crept on his face, but they all could see that his insatiable appetite for blood was still as unsatisfied as the day they were first resurrected with new immortality.


His human form was never covered, and he took pride in his disgusting appearance. His demeanor was proud, his scales that illuminated skin left him looking pale. His wings looked massive, and his eyes were marked for death. His sons surrounded his throne, and Abaddon shown an expression that meant he was less than amused.

[i [#eb9824 "You stand before me short, Herod. Solomon, Nimrod... Ramses. Where are they? "]]

Herod looked to him before speaking. [i [#228b8c "Solomon and Ramses stand guard in Transylvania. Nimrod is looking for fledglings..."]]

[i [#eb9824 "Fledglings that this immortal has freed from your command? The fledgling of Vlad Dracula?"]]

Herod nodded. There was silence before Abaddon spoke sarcastically. [i [#eb9824 "It's hard to believe a mere fledgling can outwit a man that commanded millions of innocents murdered in Jerusalem, A murderer of his brother, a man that knows the meaning of true pain, another that couldn't stop his brother from freeing his people, one that defied three divine commands, and one that claims to be the Prince of demons. Who is this fledgling that can outsmart such a council? "]]

[i [#9bacf8 "Caveziel, My Gargoyle. "]] Cain spoke quickly. [i [#9bacf8 "Vlad picked her after watching him being lynched for secretly marrying a slave girl instead of a white woman. "]]

Abaddon thought a moment... [i [#eb9824 "And why did you come here?"]]

Herod was slightly confused. [i [#228b8c "My Gargoyle, I-"]]

[i [#eb9824 "Why come to me when the Seven Arch Pariah is in the States? Or The Tevet Galére? What about the only vampire coven known to have ties to Satan? The Seven Sins Sabbath? They could have easily tracked him down"]]

[i [#228b8c "We were afraid that the Seven Arch Council would side with his treason... The others would surely take this situation and disregard this"]]

[i [#eb9824 "Treason? It was not treason that his actions fall under. It was right of him to thwart your sick desires, Herod. Killing millions of innocents and making Jack The Ripper and even the Real Sweeney Todd your slave just wasn't enough for you, now you will create a bigger treason by destroying my creations"]]

Herod froze a moment, but Abaddon sighed before staring to him through demonic eyes.

[i [#eb9824 "What was this slave girl's name? "]]

[i [#228b8c "Hilde, My Gargoyle"]] Herod spoke. Abaddon descended his throne before circling them. [i [#eb9824 "I see... I may have found a solution. "]]

His sons War and Death stood before them. Pestilence and Famine were sitting on the armrest of the throne as Abaddon spoke. [i [#eb9824 "Go back to Transylvania. Bring me the bones of this Hilde... She could be proven useful. "]]
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