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When Ben returned to his paper's, he decided to turn off all of the clocks. As this was the one opportunity where it didn't help him think. So without further adieu, he turned off all sixty three clocks, which took him about an hour and a half. Then he sat down.

Usually, no one would disturb him at this time of night,
  Theodore Wade / gr00vy / 1d 3h 35m 59s
"How long is this boat going to take?" Asked Shudder.
Dexter Vex looked around, in case there was anybody nearby. There was no one. "I don't know. It was supposed to be here hours ago.” He said. He was sitting on a bench near the port. Reading a newspaper. He was hoping that he would hide in plain sight. So that whoever was in charge of this ship wouldn't notice him. Along with Shudder.
"Should we regroup?" Asked Shudder.
Dexter Vex looked annoyed, "No, Skulduggery and Ghastly are counting on us."
"So we are to sit here, waiting for this boat to appear?”
Dexter sighed, "Yes,"

Several seconds later, the boat began to appear. Shudder almost stood up, but then Dexter said "Wait," and he waited.

Truth be told, he couldn't take any more of this waiting. He was cold, and tired. But nevertheless he knew that once this mission was over, he could take a break.

So without further adieu, he waited for the boat to reach the port, then stood up.

When he stood up, he waited for the captain to exit the ship. When he had exited his ship, he walked up to the Captain.

"Excuse me. But we are security. We must ask you to show your I.D. Otherwise you are not allowed through this gate." He said.

The Captain frowned, "there was not security here last time," he said. He must have bee here before.

Dexter Vex panicked, but tried not to show it, "Well, there's security here this time."

The Captain, "If I knew, then I would have brought my i.d-"

As all this was going on, Shudder decided to turn around and walked off. Dexter looked in his direction, and frowned, but he knew that he probably had a plan.

"If there's no i.d, then there's no go." He said.

Shudder decided to try and find another entrance, as luck would have it, there was another entrance a little further on.

"Wait a minute,'" said the Captain, "Where's proof that you're security?"

Dexter Vex Sighed, "You've had me," he said, then threw an energy thrower at him. He was unconscious.

With that, Dexter Vex followed Shudder.

"So what do we do now?” said Shudder, "Do we wait by the boat?"

Dexter Vex shrugged, "I suppose we take out the remaining Cleaver's. But leave one alive, we need one for information."

When Dexter Vex and Shudder has taken out most of the Cleaver's, they left one alive. However this one was proving to be a little difficult.

They had been fighting for about half an hour, and the Cleaver wasn't even tired yet.

"What's with this Cleaver?" Asked Shudder.
"I don't know, it's almost as if he's invulnerable to my attacks." Shouted Dexter, as he kept throwing punches.
"Well, maybe we should try something else?"
"That's what I've been trying to do!" Shouted Vex.
"Well, are there any weaknesses?" Asked Shudder.
”I don't think so!" Shouted Vex, "Besides, what are you doing just standing there!?'
Shudder shrugged, "I'm analysing,"
Dexter Vex decided not to say anything, as he wasn't about to beg for some help. Instead, he decided to continue dodging the weapon.
After awhile, Dexter Vex was starting to get tired. And after awhile, he was starting to let his guard down. And when he did, the Cleaver managed to stab him with his weapon.
That was when he blacked out.

When he woke up, all he could see was darkness.
"Shudder?" He said.
"I'm here," said Shudder.
As he tried to move, he couldn't. He looked down. And saw ropes.
He was about to complain, but then he thought that even he couldn't beat that Cleaver.
"Skulduggery and Ghastly are probably wondering where we are by now." Said Shudder.
As if on cue, he heard a door open.
  gr00vy / 7d 16h 16m 31s
[left [pic]] As soon as Matthew had said [+maroon "Dickens, Anna, not Darwin"] Theodore was quite surprised to hear that she had thought he meant Darwin. Had she not heard of Charles Dickens? Or was she simply too busy looking out the window?

As he was thinking this, Anna seemed to go red, to which he would have said, [+goldenrod "[I It's alright, not many people read Dickens,"]] But then she was already off towards the window.

When Reignald had asked him about the organisation, he said [+goldenrod "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you mentioned an organisation about hunting things or some other."] He said. He thought that he had recalled Hackett saying something about discovering secret's.

Anyway, as he sat there, he looked outside. It was now beginning to rain. He tried not to sigh. The rain seemed to be getting louder, as he sat there. As it was getting louder, he could see all the people below revealing their umbrella's.

He looked back toward's Reignald again, waiting for an answer.
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