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Madison nodded when he said it was no fun to sing alone. [b "Well. I'm just going to tell you right now, that my favorite karoke song is Benny and the Jets."] she said with a laugh. [b "It's cringe worthy, but it's my favorite!... I can never get up on stage unless I'm a few drinks gone if you know what I mean."]

She listened when he told her that his southern accent was real. [b "Don't hide it... Not around me. I really like it."] she said honestly. [b "It's different."]

[b "Who knows. Maybe some day we'll end back up in our small towns, but I don't want to not know what the rest of the world is like either. I want to experience everything it has to offer."]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 12d 20h 8m 49s
She was definitely cute and had a likeable personality. There was no denying that or the fact that the more he was around her the more drawn he seemed. [b "Well it's no fun to sing alone. And everyone needs a beautiful partner to sing with.. So might I try and persaude you?"] He asked with a smile. And when she said she liked the southern accent, Tim couldn't help chuckling. [b "It's real darlin'. I've just been tryin' to speak more like from around here. But around some it just happens to slip right out."] And that was no lie as it seemed to quite a bit with her.

The man tappedhis chin and nodded slowly. [b "I guess you could say the same reason you did. Knowing there is more out there and wanting to experience it."] He said and leaned on the railing and looked to the stage. [b "Love it."]
  Tim Adams / SheDevil / 12d 19h 50m 55s
Madison smiled when he said he didn't have any plans at all. [b "Well now you do!"] she said [b "I will warn you. I only do karaoke if I'm a little tipsy."] She had a sparkle in her eyes. [b "But I could definielty probably be persuaded into singing tonight."] Her stomach jumped a little bit when he called her ma'am. [b "I like that little southern accent you have going on for you."]

[b "What about you? What made you want to move across the country?"] she asked. She looked up as the band walked out on the stage. [b "Ohhhh! They're starting."] she said as she leaned over on the boardwalk fence. [b "You like country right?"]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 16d 9h 9m 45s
So she seemed to have terrible taste in friends, or was that just the way girls seemed to be on the west coast? Either way he couldn't help feeling a bit bad for the girl and thinking she deserved better treatment than that. But he didn't say more on her friends as he didn't want to drag her down.

[b "I actually didn't have any kind of plans. Dinner or otherwise. So I would be honoured if you would go with me. Maybe even sing a little karaoke?"] The man asked her with a smile. Truth be told he actually loved karaoke and just trying new places in general. [b "Actually I'd like all of that. You certaintly are an amazing tour guide and know how to make a person feel welcomed. Thank ya, ma'am."] Tim said and flashed her a smile as he had full out for just a moment reverted to his southern roots.

Her words didn't make her sound stuck up to him at all. Poetic in one sense and in another just a girl who wanted to make something of herself and see what life had to offer. [b "Not at all. Just means you have a good head on your shoulders and don't want to just settle. You want to be out there doing what you know you were born to make something of yourself and forgive the cliche here..but 'grab life by the horns'.."] The man said, giving her a thoughtful smile and nod. [b "I'm sure I just might."] [i 'And if not love California..become fond of you.. '] He thought.
  Tim Adams / SheDevil / 15d 17h 42m 9s
Madison just smirked and nodded. [b "It's not. But I guess I don't have the best taste in friends, if I'm being completely honest. This isn't the first time they've done this."] she mumbled. [b "But hey. It's going to be a fun concert!"] She glanced over at him as she took a sip of her slushie.

[b "Wellll. Lets see. Do you have plans for Dinner? Coasters Bar and Grill has just about anything you could possibly want. And they have karaoke!"] she told him [b "And then for dessert I'm treating you to the BEST Funnel Cake in town... Then Maybe tomorrow if you're not busy? I can show you more around Campus?"]

She smiled soflty when he mentioned the small town girl thing. [b "I'm about as Small Town as they come if I'm being completely honest.. I just always felt like there was something more out there.. Like I'm destined for more than a small town? That probably makes me sound stuck up or something.."] she said [b "But you'll love California, I promise."]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 16d 9h 44m 43s
That's right, this was college. The "younger" students seemed to have their whole lives to figure things out. They were up for the parties, the dtinks, and as she clearly stated the guys. Grades and life could wait. He remembered those days as really they hadn't been THAT long ago for him himself. [b "Still not very nice for them to be doin' that."]

It was funny the way she was so cheeky. Adorable if he was to be honest. But again that was not his focus. His focus or aims of the night was to enjoy it and to at least try and make some friends since he was so new. [b "Looks like a very lucky night indeed for me. And as the wonderful tour guide that I am sure you are, Miss Shelby, what would you recommend? After the show of course?"] The man asked, being just as cheeky as she.

The man had been looking at her. Not like he could help it though. But he was lucky the sunset was as beautiful as it was and would make such a good cover. [b "So a small town girl who wanted to see the world and what life has to offer. Can't say I blame ya. For the leaving or the never going back... I actually came here from Catersville in Georgia for the same reason. Just haven't been here as long as you."] He didn't know why he had said it.. but he felt comfortable with her and he didn't want to have the conversation end. He liked the sound of her voice for one..and two he liked the company.

Maybe this had been fate?
  Tim Adams / SheDevil / 16d 10h 10m 1s
Madison chuckled when she heard his comments about friends and respect of plans. [b "I'm afraid that my friends never really got out of the boy crazy stage that happens in High School. I'm sure there is a fraternity party on campus tonight and they just forgot all about little old me."] she explained.

She glanced over at him as he spoke about himself now. He was here all alone? Wow. [b "Well. I guess tonight is your lucky night."] she said with a big cheeky grin. [b "Madison Shelby... Campus Tour Guide at your service, Mr. Adams."]

She could've sworn she seen him watching her as she was looking at the sunset, but she shrugged it off. He had probably just never seen a California Sunset before. He had to have been looking at the sun set. She couldn't even blame him. Sunset ws her favorite time of the day.

She glanced over at him when he spoke again. [b "I've been in California for a little over two years now. I'm from a small town in Montana."] she explained [b "I had never even been out of the state until I came here, and I don't think I'll ever go back."] she said honestly.

She couldn't help but think that maybe, just maybe, her friends ditching her was the best thing that could've happened?
  Madison / BooBear96 / 16d 10h 21m 18s
He couldn't help a faint chuckle as she apologised for the nearly knocking him over. Truth be told had she, Tim couldn't say he minded. After all, not everyone was lucky to be "hit by an angel". Of course he didn't say that though. [b "Nah, don't believe you had. But that was also on me. I wasn't exactly watching either."] Came his quiet response as she went on to introduce herself. [b "Very nice to be meetin' ya, Miss Madison. I'm Timothy, Tim.. Adams."] The man said as he gently took the hand she had offered and shook it.

He couldn't believe that she had been left on her own by her friends. She was such a beautiful girl that ANYONE would be lucky to spend a night with her. [b "You think they would have more respect for plans made."] Tim found himself muttering with a small shake of his head. But then that couldn't be a bad thing for him. It meant that he could have her to talk to. Someone to spend some time with. [b "Actually yeah, I am here alone. You see I don't really know anyone because I just moved here not too long ago. And from I see or rather have seen the campus seems nice."] He said, answering her questions but finding he was a little distracted by the famous California sunset and how with her it looked almost post card perfect..a true work of art even.

Quickly he shook his head to clear his thoughts. [b "So what about you, Miss Madison? Been here in California long?"] Tim asked, some of his southern drawl and mannerisms sneaking into his speech as brown eyes fell on the young woman before him.
  Tim Adams / SheDevil / 15d 11h 17m 41s
[b "I'm sorry for nearly knocking you over too... I don't think I apologized for that one yet."] she said. [b "I'm Madison, Madison Shelby."] She held her hand out with a chuckle. [b "I am here alone, yes. My friends were supposed to meet me here... But they're an hour late now, so I doubt they'll even show."] She couldn't help but smile when she watched him scoot closer to her. It was probably a harmless move.

[b "What about you? Are you here all by your lonesome?"] she questioned. Surely there was no single way in the world that a man like this would have trouble getting a date to accompany him to a summer concert. [b "How do you like the Campus?"] She was trying to make small talk at this point, she honestly didn't want this conversation to end.

She glanced out toward the beach. The sun was setting and it was creating one of the famous California Skies colorful painting. [b "Are you new to California?"]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 16d 13h 29m 58s
The west coast was not at all what he was used to. The city was bigger and the people seemed to be more in a hurry and rush to do god only knew what. But it was still better than the small town of Cartersville, Georgia that he had come from. Tim had always promised himself that he would live and he would see the world. So what better place was there to give yourself that start than in California? Well in his case it would be his first big break as a Professor at a University and he had chosen to apply for California State University Santa Cruz. The name had just drawn him as had the pictures he had seen. And god the Boardwalk and how exciting he had heard it to be. So that seemed the place for him. And he didn't regret it really. Now he found a place that MAYBE he could call home and he could belong.

This particular day, the young professor had been hearing students talking about free concerts and an almost beach party. Both sounded like a fun way to end the summer before the fall semester was to begin. Probably he should have taken things more seriously, but Timothy, Tim Adams wasn't much older than the students he would be teaching and he still loved the thrill of life and to have some fun. He wanted to live a little. So he found himself down at the beach at the boardwalk and drinking a lime slushie as he roamed the beach. The man was on his own as he didn't know anyone really.

His attention had been caught however by a voice that he knew he had heard not long ago. When he looked to the young woman, a smile crossed his lips. [b "Hey there. And yeah, think we did. Though didn't catch your name then.. Are you here alone?"] He asked, moving closer so it would be easier to hear through the ever growing crowd around them. The sun was getting low and the show would be starting soon.
  Tim Adams / SheDevil / 15d 11h 20m 13s
It was the Summer before Madison's Junior year at University of California, Santa Cruz. She was majoring in Education. She wanted to be a History Teacher. Middle school, maybe High School, she hadn't been able to decide. But she still had time to figure everything out.

She was from a little town in Montana. Beaver Creek was a very small town, and she had never been out of Montana, so when it came time to apply for colleges, somewhere in California was first on her list. UC was her first choice. She had been here for a little over two years now and she couldn't imagine not being in California. She loved everything about it. She had even decided to stay in California for the summer.

It was Friday night, with meant the Board Walk was doing a free Friday night concert, and tonight it was some upcoming country artist, she didn't know the name, but it should be fun.

She was sipping on a crazy flavored slushie as she walked around. Her friends were supposed to meet her there, but they hadn't shown up yet. She stopped when she spotted someone that she had all but run into on campus last week. [b "Hey. I met you last week at UC right?"]

[ outfit]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 17d 11h 8m 39s

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