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[center Gerald, posted up with his twin could only shake his head. “Who are you telling? I told you it would be worth it. Glad he didn’t disappoint, though.”

Burlin, in the other hand, had little to say. Instead, he smiled, contemplating recent conquests of his own. It was pretty funny how different he and his brother were, though. Gerald was definitely the more extroverted of the two, but in all other aspects they were practically... wel... twins. Even their attire for the day was well coordinated. But then, they made a point to always look sharp, so what more could one expect?

“What I think is we need a little get together this weekend. Celebratory mid-year debauchery?”

“Okay, you have my interest. Matthias?” Burlin cocked a brow, eyes momentarily wandering.


Of course he was with them. Except, where was Haans? Oh, there he was. Well, I’d wave to him at least. Subtle, though. No need to catch all of their attention. Granted, Burlin might’ve spied me, but if he did, he didn’t let on. He’d always struck me as kind of aloof, though, so maybe that was his idea of acknowledgement. Whatever.


Who the- “Oh... hi Nikolai.” I blinked a couple of times, kind of relieved to see him, actually he was taller than I was, like most in our year... in our school, even. Jesus. Sandy blonde hair and warm hazel eyes. Today they were the colour of amber, and something about the way he smiled told me he had good news.

“Guess who convinced our prof to get us onto that internship?”

“At the uni??”

“Where else?”

Okay, he had a good point. I could’ve kissed him, but I was too busy jumping for that. “YESYESYES, I could marry you, I swear.”

“All this weight I’m pulling, you might have to.” He jested, snagging my bag from me on our way to our lockers. They were practically right beside or another, which was really how we first met, but we hadn’t really exchanged words until class. Science partners. Plus, he kind of took pity on me when it came to physical education. Another blessed kindness on his part.

“No Matt today?”

“No, he’s hanging out with those guys.”

“His mates?”


“I thought you were also his mate?”

“I don’t really feel like hearing him gush about his most recent lay, honestly.” And the sadness in my tone must’ve been that obvious, because Nikolai was staring at me in a way that betrayed all the guilt he was feeling. “Don’t feel bad, it’s fine.”

“Here, let’s sneak off grounds for lunch. I’ll make it up to you with a nice lunch and something sweet.”

“I’m going to cry the day you meet your wife. You won’t spoil me anymore.”

“Not true. Well, then again, depends on how scary she is.” He chuckled, trailing into our class after me.

Maybe I’d run into Matt at some point today, but considering I knew what he’d been up to I wasn’t so keen on hearing about it. It never brought me anything but sadness, and I didn’t have the energy to lie today.
  d e x t e r / Zuckerbiene / 58d 7h 11m 34s
[center I'm not a whore. [i Really!] I swear I'm not. A man with needs? Most definitely! But I am not an easy lay, unlike what some may say. I do have standards that I always employ. However, I cannot deny that I get immense satisfaction from gaining a new conquest in bed. And more often than not the come back to me and my bed. Or car. Or wherever I damn well feel like it. Although, I must admit that the sharp gaze of disapproval from my mother whenever I bring over yet another new man has gotten quite irritating, honestly. She acts like it's some huge deal; the end of the world sometimes. But at least my father seems to either understand or not care. Maybe it's both? God only knows how much, if any, debauchery he got into at my age!]

[center But today was a new day and I was already awake and alone, having already sent last night's snack home with an aching red reminder to never try my life again for the sake of punishment. I tried to warn him. But ask a ye shall recieveth, I suppose. And as much as I would have liked to play more with him this morning I unfortunately have class; one of the biggest cockblocks that I have had the misfortune of knowing all too well. But duty calls! If I truly want any shot at pursuing a career in medicine I obviously need to be punctual and studious.]

[center My own body ached a bit, but nothing a good stretch wouldn't help with. Perhaps Dexter could help? He spends so much time with Kristina doing yoga, dancing, skating, and whatever else it is that they do. He must know some good positions... for stretching that it. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself at the though while combing back my hair into it's appropriate style. I really don't like the school uniform all that much, but it was still dry cleaned and perfectly pressed nonetheless. I would [i never] be caught dead in wrinkled scraggly looking clothes. Especially if my mother has any say in it. I'm pretty sure she'd threaten me with a wooden spoon even though I'm grown now. But I guess the Italian Tradition states that one man is never too old to have his ass whooped by his mother.]

[center With my attire assembled, breakfast quickly eaten to my mother's behest, and teeth adequately brushed I made my rounds to doll out my departure affections before I left. Again, I wouldn't dare to leave without saying goodbye because again... I'd risk another ass whooping if my mother found out. And quite frankly, I enjoyed my ass being intact. But my school bag sat in my passenger's car seat as I rode down to school. Today I was supposed to have biochemistry in the morning. But in the afternoon I had my shadowing hours at an orthopedic clinic. I'm always pretty stoked about it because it's affording me potential opportunities for when I get into med school and then residency. I honestly can't wait to be an official doctor, though. My patience is always being tested, but I know that when I'm done the effort will be worth it!]

[center Soon I arrived at the school to find some of my friends congregating in the courtyard. I waved after getting out of my car and swiftly rolled up to meet up with the men I considered my brother's from other mothers; Haans, Gerald, and Burlin. I don't know why, but I'm still surprised to see Burlin for more than a minute. Dude is like a fucking phantom! If you blink you miss the guy! But I smiled as I approached, always happy to see any one of them.]

[center [b "Hey, Gerald! You know that Swiss guy? Not Dexter, but the blond one? Lukas? He's a good fuck."] I could see Haans roll his eyes so hard they nearly hit the back of his head. [b "I knew he'd be fairly soft, but holy shit. He's a fluffy fucking cupcake. 12/10, would do again..."]]
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Morning crept across each house, pouring through windows and settling against blinds and curtains. For most, it was a welcome gentle rousing from slumber. For others, it basically meant the last call to drag ass out of bed and get ready for the day. I was honestly one of the latter. Waking up early wasn’t the problem, though. I tended to wake before the sun, anyhow, but the actual thought of heading in to class for the day never failed to settle into my gut just the wrong way. Anxiety wasn’t even the word for it.

Regardless, I would have to leave my sheets at some point, so I begrudgingly made the decision to free each slender limb from beneath my heavy duvet - a gift from Matt’s mum. Well… my mum. She might not have birthed me, but she was just as much mine as she was his. My second mum, on the other hand, was apparently making breakfast - an oddity considering she hardly ever happened to be here at this hour. She basically lived at the hospital, but that wasn’t exactly her fault. The price of actual talent, I guess. Still, it wasn’t like I resented her for it. She had worked hard for what she had accomplished, so it only seemed fitting that she’d want to make the most of it.

A morning shower was the first thing on my mind, before food or anything else. My bag was already packed, my clothes already selected, and all there was to do was actually present myself at the breakfast table fully groomed and smelling of florals.

My appetite wasn’t exactly there, but I managed to polish off half a grapefruit, long fiery locks still damp and twisted up atop my head in a chignon that left my nape vulnerable to chill.

“Do you need a ride today?”
“I can take my bike, it’s fine.” Didn’t I usually?
  d e x t e r / Zuckerbiene / 71d 11h 43m 6s

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