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This may or may not be based on the show depending on who knows about it or would like to do it based on the show. If not, that's fine. We can do a plot that's very similar but definitely different. I would like someone who wouldn't mind playing Lucifer.

Now for plots.

Plot 1:
Lucifer and Chloe decker investigate the death of a little girl. It seems a lot like something a pedophile would do. But they run into some dead ends.... Until a young girl comes into the precinct looking for Lucifer. When she's asked who she is and why she needs Lucifer, Lucifer of course misunderstands why she needed to talk to him and tries to flirt with her. The girl interrupts him and says that she's his daughter and she'd like to get to know him before leaving los Angeles. He agrees but is very confused about this new information. The girl notices the white board they're using for their investigation and offers help since she knows who the pedophile who was most likely involved. Throughout this investigation, Lucifer pieces together why she feels like she needs to run and is determined to be her protector from now on.

Yes I know it's a weird idea but I'd still like to try doing it.

Plot 2:
Lucifer is visiting earth and seeing how humanity is doing and also taking a break from Hell and all its inhabitants. He soon finds a girl who seems very familiar but somehow can't put his finger on it. He soon tracks her down and follows her curious about her and why she's so different from all the rest. He notices little idiosyncrasies and tries to figure them out. Soon he figures out why she doesn't trust other men and promises to keep her safe from harm from now on.


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