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Roleplay Responses

[b Kendall:] Well you are beautiful, and thank you for the complement. I'm Kendall, or whatever you wanna call me.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 5d 11h 59m 3s
[b Flora:] Not used to someone so beautiful giving such compliments
  -H- / SheDevil / 5d 12h 12m 44s
[b Kendall:] Everything okay? Did I overstep a line or something?
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 5d 12h 20m 21s
[b Flora:] -blushes brightly- That..that is good to hear. And I..I'm good
  -H- / SheDevil / 5d 12h 24m 41s
[b Kendall:] I'm doing pretty good, and how are you beautiful?
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 5d 12h 46m 27s
[b Flora:] -wiggles her ears and tails- How are you this fine evening?
  -H- / SheDevil / 5d 12h 51m 12s
[b Kendall:] You are more than welcome hon. *looks towards the other and smirks a bit* Hello to you as well.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 5d 12h 54m 37s
[b Jacey:] Thanks for that.

[b Flora:] -comes in stretching and gives a small smile- Good evening
  -H- / SheDevil / 5d 12h 51m 58s
[b Kendall:] *wandered into the room* Sorry, Vira poofed to head into work for the night.
  вυттerғly / AngelEyes- / 5d 13h 14m 29s
[b Jacey:] -blushes faintly- Well thank you darling. It's why I love the heat and have no trouble when my holder does. By the way you're gorgeous.
  -H- / SheDevil / 5d 18h 5m 9s
[b Elvira:] Well you look amazing for being old. *blushes slightly biting her lip a bit* Fire demon huh? That's pretty awesome.
  candy / AngelEyes- / 5d 18h 11m 9s
[b Jacey:] I'm a fire demon...really old.. But I can see what you mean. It sounds sad. And you all deserve to be happy.
  -H- / SheDevil / 5d 19h 29m 54s
[b Elvira:] Thank you. I quite enjoy it, sometimes we end up traveling the world too. Seeing new places. That's why a lot of us aren't really looking for anything serious. Then again, it would be nice to settle down.
  candy / AngelEyes- / 5d 19h 47m 18s
[b Jacey:] Well that is always fun, right? Oh that sounds so cool!
  -H- / SheDevil / 5d 19h 50m 11s
[b Elvira:] Some are out and about, and the other's are dealing with hangovers. We are a strip club called The Devil's Candy.
  candy / AngelEyes- / 5d 19h 53m 36s

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