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[b Chris:] Those names are always cringy for them. Though they call others ma'am. Oh well. And it's fine. Mine has a class soonish.

[b Laci:] We have sun but it is FINALLY cooling down here
  •Abnormals• / SheDevil / 9d 23h 14m 28s
[b Nash:] Same with mine. She hate's being called Ma'am. But I do apologize for the sudden vanish. The holder is about to head out for work.

[b Kanton:] I'm doing alright. Loving the fact that it's raining right now.
  мoonғall / AngelEyes- / 9d 23h 16m 55s
[b Chris:] Trust me.. My holder is the same way. So I get it

[b Laci:] I'm good. And how are you??
  •Abnormals• / SheDevil / 9d 23h 20m 52s
[b Nash:] I really do honestly. Makes me feel older than I am. *shrugs a bit* I know it's a respect type of thing, but still.

[b Kanton:] I know. How are you darling?
  мoonғall / AngelEyes- / 9d 23h 26m 25s
[b Chris:] That's fair. Sorry just kind of a habit unless told. So you're like my holder there? Hating the whole miss or ma'am thing?

[b Laci:] -giggles and kisses his cheek- I just had to tease you
  •Abnormals• / SheDevil / 10d 7m 5s
[b Nash:] That I have to agree with. Also, please don't use the word Miss.. makes me feel old.

[b Kanton:] Who else would I mean? *laughs softly*
  мoonғall / AngelEyes- / 10d 11m 28s
[b Chris:] Oh gods, not good. I am sorry to hear that.
And a pleasure to be meeting you as well Miss Nash.

[b Laci:] You mean me right??!
  •Abnormals• / SheDevil / 10d 18m 26s
[b Nash:] Considering she's been in tears since yesterday afternoon.. It's a pleasure meeting you Chris.

[b Kanton:] *walks into the room yawning* Where's my girl at?
  мoonғall / AngelEyes- / 10d 22m 10s
[b Chris:] How bad has it been? Good that she is getting back to herself. Nice to meet you, I'm Chris
  •Abnormals• / SheDevil / 10d 46m 20s
[b Nash:] It's alright. She's slowly getting back to herself. But moving on. How are you? I'm Nash.
  мoonғall / AngelEyes- / 10d 58m 10s
[b Christopher:] It's fine. And sorry that's been the thing.
  •Abnormals• / SheDevil / 10d 1h 6m 3s
[b Nash:] Sorry we haven't really been active.. A lot's been going on for the holder.
  мoonғall / AngelEyes- / 10d 1h 12m 39s
[b Christopher:] -comes in slowly-

[b Laci:] Well good morning
  •Abnormals• / SheDevil / 23d 10h 33m 44s
[b Nash:] *wandered into the room looking around*

[b Kanton:] *wandered in as well* Hello and good evening.
  мoonғall / AngelEyes- / 23d 13h 27m 3s
[b Laci:] *comes in and looks around* Good afternoon?

[b Traci:] -followd Laci in with her arms crossed-
  •Abnormals• / SheDevil / 28d 18h 47m 37s

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