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HE didn't know how great he'd look standing beside Ara, but he wanted to be there for her if she needed him there. [b "Okay. I like the way you style me up too"] he met her lips and would finish dressing up before he stepped out into the kitchen.

HE had breakfast made as he waited for Ara, setting the plates down and then eating beside her. His eyes met hers and he'd hold up a forkful of pancakes to her lips. [b "Mm, it's great!"] he took the bite she offered and would chuckle, thinking about little Nyx. [b "Yeah, we should definitely take him out"] he heard Luke in the background [b "Shut up. I made you breakfast. If you can't stand us, head to your room"] he smirked.

LUke just rolled his eyes and would sigh as he finished eating and heading into his room. He didn't want another lecture from these two love birds at all. Sylus helped clean up after and would head to her place, seeing little Nyx pounce on them as they arrived. Sylus would pet him on his lap [b "You're so excited to see us Nyx!"] he chuckled and would feel him lick his face. [b "Ahh!"] he laughed and rubbed his belly.

[b "We can leave him. I can set up a separate space in my room for him. I'll make sure LUke doesn't enter my room"] he assured her as they headed to the park. Sylus walked with Nyx and Ara as they let him roam around. He would bark and then pounce in the grass as Sylus held ARa's hand. [b "I'd like to get my own place. Maybe I should start saving up so I don't have to keep living with Luke"] he shrugged and would see Nyx smelling their legs and would jump onto Ara.

[b "You can tell he really likes you though"] he chuckled.
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[b “I love you next to me.” ] She said with a smile and then giggled [b “I’ll help. You won’t make me look bad, even if you did it on your own.” ] She kissed his cheek. She could see he looked a bit worried but she knew he would be just fine. He behaved well, so she had no concerns.

Ara felt a little bad not being able to introduce him as her boyfriend but she knew that would be best. She didn’t want anyone trying to uncover who he was. She knew some of her dad’s friends were also cops. She dried her hair and let him go on ahead.

When she came out, she smelled something so delicious. She would walk up and peak at the plate. She gasped [b “That looks so good Sy.” ] She would take a seat with him. [b “mmm, we should. We should also try to each him how to fetch.” ] She suggested. She ate slowly with him. Luke came to eat too but she avoided eye contact with him. Sylus held a fork to her lips. Ara giggled and said “Ahhh!” She opened her mouth and took a bite. She kicked her legs back and forth. It tasted good and he was being so sweet. She would take some on her fork too and put it to his lips, [b “You say Ahhh! This time.” ] She told him and fed him too.

Luke stared back and forth between them, “You’re making lose my appetite. Gross.”
Ara glanced at him and shrugged, [b “Jealous much?” ]
“You’re both cringy.” He said.
[b “Actually, In love. One day, I hope you get to feel what we feel with someone and change for the better too” ] Ara caressed Sylus cheek and looked into his eyes. She smiled and fed him once more. The pancake was so good.
Ara smiled happily. She finished the food and helped put the plates away, while humming to herself. She looked back at Sylus. [b “Let’s go get our puppy.” ] She said with a smile.

They got a ride to the place. The picked up Nyx, hew as so happy and barking cutely in the car. They had him in a red leash. They were out in the park and she let Sylus hold Nyx. Nyx was wagging his tail like crazy and licking his face. She had to take a picture. They started to walk Nyx. [b “I think Nyx misses you. I want to live Nyx at your apartment sometimes, I’m just worried…I think Luke will do weird things in front of Nyx or not take care of him.” ] She didn’t know how much to trust Luke.
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He cleaned up with her, seeing her use her favorite soap and shampoo. Even he was starting to smell like her and he didn't think much of it. Ara always smelled really good anyway. He wondered what kind of parties they were. They must have been grand and expensive. [b "Hmm, well if you want me there beside you, just let me know. I'll probably need some help picking out an outfit though. I don't want to make you look bad"] he admitted and would scratch the back of his head.

It did make him a bit sad to hear that it was best she didn't reveal that he was her boyfriend. [b "Okay. If you say so Ar"] he got ready with her and then he went into the closet to change into some black shorts and a striped vneck shirt. HE fixed up his hair and then he went out into the kitchen. HE looked in the fridge, trying to figure out what he could make them for breakfast.

He pulled out some ingredients to make some pancakes as he started to whip them in a bowl. When he saw Luke head out, he greeted him and saw that he was laying on the couch. "WHat's for breakfast?" he asked.

[b "You'll see. You get yours last though. The first batch is for Ara and I"] he put in some chocolate chips and then he started to make a few on the pan, stacking them up on a plate. He saw Ara head out and then he nodded [b "Yeah! I really want to take him on a walk and maybe we can go to the park and let him get some exercise"] he liked the idea.

Once the food was ready, he gave Ara a plate of pancakes and eggs. He set his plate aside and gave LUke a plate as well.

SYlus sat beside Ara and ate, cutting up some of his pancakes and holding the fork up to her lips. [b "Say Ahhh!"] he smirked, wanting to be all cutesy with her.
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They went into the shower. She started washing his hair too. She used her favorite shampoo that she bought to bring to his place. Sylus helped wash her back, and shoulders. She really liked taking a shower together. Ara nodded. “Slightly fancy…yes.” She said and paused, not even thinking about introducing him as her boyfriend “It depends on the party. Some of them are very formal and my father’s business friends around. That one I can’t.” She knew that would be troubling. “There families usually come too…and some of there teenage kids are not so nice. To avoid drama, it would be better if I didn’t say you were my boyfriend. But, I’ll tell my closer friends you are there.” She said and then would help him wash off too.

They stepped out of the shower. She dried herself up. [b “I’m going to dry my hair, you can go on ahead. This might take me awhile since my hair is long.” ] She mentioned and began drying her hair up-carefully. She didn’t want frizzy hair. When she finished up. She got dressed, putting herself in a t-shirt and a high-waist red skirt. She stepped out of the room expecting to meet Sylus in to the living room. She saw Luke had just gotten up, going into the fridge. She still wasn’t happy with him. [b “Sy, should we go pick up Nyx after we eat? He’s probably missing us, and we have to take him out for a walk.” ] She reminded. Nyx would be fine, since her brother was home and the chef didn’t mind keeping an eye on him. But, she didn’t want to leave him without them for so long.
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Ara frowned, not really understanding why would she do that to herself. [b “That’s not good…I think Klara needs help.” ] Ara stated. They helped her into the uber and then they brought her home. She was glad that at least she was safely at home. Who knew what would happen there…after all she did see Dom just full on bring out drugs. It still made her uncomfortable. She hated it…and she wondered if Sylus could ever remove this out of his life. It gave her such anxiety.

They got back to the apartment and the door closed behind them. She gave him a sweet kiss too. She felt his hands glide down her back. She ran her fingers over his chest. [b “Me too.” ] She whispered against his lips. She kissed him deeply. Ara frowned [b “Stop her next time…okay…it hurts seeing that…” ] She whispered. She didn’t want to deal with that again and she knew he wasn’t weak enough to just take it.

She came back from his restroom and iced her hand. She felt better with it cooling the swelling down. She’s never punched anyone before afterall. She leaned onto him when he wrapped his arm around her waist. Ara smiled gently [b “I am!” ] She giggled and looked back at his eyes [b “I had too…” ] She whispered. She felt down to his lips. She watched him nibble at them. She moaned very subtly and quietly. She wanted to kiss him. She was leaning in and then he met her half way. She kissed him back gently too when he pressed his lips against her. She felt him remove her dress over her, since she was only wearing a dress. She sat in her lingerie, she didn’t think he noticed but that was okay.

She leaned back against the back when he leaned into her. Ara wrapped her legs around her waist and her arms around him too. She smiled gently at him, watching his eyes, seeing him all dress up. She dreamt of doing this since they had this idea…he just looked so hot dressed up like that. She kissed him softly, nibbling at his lip, with her fake fangs that she had glued on, that were securely in place. “Mmmm…” She moaned into him.
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He made sure her knuckles were okay because he didn't want her to get hurt. IT was so sexy seeing her beat up someone for him though. Those girls were getting really annoying and he didn't want Ara to get the wrong impression of him. He wasn't trying to cheat or anything, it was just the other girls kept going all over him.

He grew so over with the party and wanted to just go home. He held her hand and was going to leave with her when he saw Klara on the couch. [b "I think she just drank too much. She's passed out. Let's take her home"] he helped carry her to the car and then he helped bring her home with Ara.

Once they got back to his apartment, they were finally alone. HE closed the door and then he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her lips slowly as he let his hands glide down her back slowly [b "I'm so glad I can have you all to myself with no interruptions"] he kissed her lips and would hold her hands in his [b "SHe was about to bother me. I'm so glad you came and stopped her"] he went into the kitchen to grab some ice.

Once he came back to the room, he saw her in that sexy red dress [b "Oh wow"] he walked over and then he placed the ice bag on her hand. He would sit at the edge of the bed and wrapped his arm around her waist. [b "You are pretty badass. IT was sexy and seeing you protect me turned me on so much"] he felt her fingers moving down his lips and then he would nibble on them gently. He leaned into her hand and would press his lips against hers. He was careful on her hand as he slowly removed her shirt off of her shoulder.

He'd lean over her, letting her fall back against his bed. [b "Let me thank you for what you did today"]
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Her fist was throbbing, and she never imagined that would have hurt. She felt Sylus’ lips on her knuckles. She nodded, liking the attention he was giving her. It surprised her he wasn’t upset at her. She walked with him and then he passed Klara. Ara didn’t even realize she had came. [b “Mmm, we should.” ] Ara said. She looked quiet sleepy. She would take Klara’s phone she left on the sofa for her. She got them an uber and hopped in. They stopped by Klara’s house. She seemed to wake up after a while, and went to her own home. [b “What happened? Why did she go to a party so sleepy?” ] Ara wondered.

They arrived at Sylus apartment. She made sure the door was locked behind them. The lights were off, so she either assumed Luke was out or asleep. They walked into his room. Ara set her phone at the side and realized she had forgotten to give the phone back to Klara. She figured she’d give it back tomorrow. Ara was pulled into a hug. Ara smiled and hugged him in return. [b “Mmmm, yea, it’s good to be alone.” ] Ara said. She kissed him softly back, holding her eyes on him, and then said. [b “Oh… I’m sorry I did that. I don’t know what came over me. I got so mad. I’ve never done something like that before-I swear.” ] She said hoping that he’d believe her.

[b “Let me just…” ] She took off her jacket, to let herself just be in the dress. [b “Can you grab me ice? I’m going to go use the bathroom.” ] She said. She kissed his lips once more, and felt over his bare chest again, feeling content to have him here with her. She ran her hand along his arm, admiring his look, his eyes, for a moment and spacing out. She eventually did snap out of it. [b “I’ll be back.” ] Ara said. She went into his bathroom just to freshen up. She did wear nice lingerie underneath too, all red, lace and some part of it mesh. She thought…Sy might like that. This day really was having her do things she never done before. Besides her hand aching, she thought it wasn’t all that bad.

She stepped out and saw Sylus come back with ice. She sat at the edge of his bed, and iced her hand, [b “Ahh, that hurts.” ] She said and then cracked a half smile while looking at his piercing eyes, and admiring how his hair still stood in place after all that. She used her good hand and caressed his cheek, [b “See, I told you I can be bad too.” ] She ran her fingers down to his lips, staring at his lips at this point.
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He loved Ara and wanted nothing more than to make sure she was okay and content with him. He would see her smile and he kissed her cheek as he danced with her on the dance floor. He'd spin her around and move with her as he laughed a bit. It did make him sad to see that she had to go.

He danced with Collin, then was on the couch with Klara, hearing her talking about leaving ARa. It made him sad to hear that. He never thought that she'd ever feel that way about him. He frowned and would set her down before hurrying into the closet.

Ara punched a girl and he never thought she would ever do something like that. It made him gasp. HIs eyes watched her as he held her hand and rubbed it gently, pressing his lips along her knuckles. [b "Let's put some ice on it when we get home"] he told her and then he walked with her outside. He wanted to go home if this was how people were going to treat him. [b "I want to be alone with you too. Come on, let's go"] he walked with her back into the house, seeing Klara on the couch passed out.

He looked over at Ara [b "Is it okay if we take Klara home? I don't want to leave her like that?"] he asked, going over to Klara and then helping her up to her feet. [b "Let's go home Klar"] he told her, walking with her arm over his shoulder so he could help her up. He'd walk with Ara outside to take an Uber and he'd tell the driver where Klara's house was. They stopped by her place first and Sylus would help carry her to her front door. Once she headed inside, Sylus would wave and make it back to the car with Ara.

They headed back to his apartment as he led her into his house. Luke was in his bedroom, the lights all off. Maybe he was asleep? He headed down the hall, holding Ara's hands in his. He closed his bedroom door and pulled her into a hug [b "Finally. I have you all to myself"] he smiled, leaning in to kiss her lips with his.
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She didn’t express it entirely but it meant so much to her that he treated her nicely. She didn’t really have many male figures in her life that had been that great to her. Even Allister wasn’t that nice to her before. [b “I know.”] Ara gently smiled, squeezing his hand. She was happy being pulled close to him. She was so happy to be dancing with him.

She had fun with her friends too, until things took a little dip. She didn’t want her relationship with Sylus to be doubted, nor did she want to do things that she knew were bad. She was sure Sylus wouldn’t like it if she did either.


Klara frowned hearing him chatter about Ara, “I don’t want to hear it.” She chimed. She didn’t even like hearing that either, “Leave her then…” She was still out of it and end up passing out entirely.


Ara was shocked at the pain when she punched someone in the face. She has never resorted to violence- ever. So it really had her adrenaline running. She heard Sylus gasp and she felt slightly guilty but as guilty as she’d thought she’d feel. It just came out of it. [b “Sy, it hurts.” ] Ara pouted and was happy when he held her hand and rubbed it. She kissed him and then nodded to agree.

She felt happy to be held close. They mostly looked at them with resentment. She held Sy’s hand and wanted to really just have all of his attention. She had fun when she was with him or just the squad, or talking to friends…but not this. She [b “Mmm, no I want to…be with you alone. I had enough fun here,” ] Ara hugged him for a moment, [b “Let’s go back…” ] Ara said and then took his hand. [b “I want to have fun with just you.” ] She said, not liking any girl getting on him.
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He was enjoying the party right now, dancing and swaying to the music with Ara in the living room. It was so much better than the first party he went to with her. HE couldn't believe her own boyfriend got her intoxicated. Sylus smiled at her sweet words [b "I do. I'm glad you're with me too"] he said happily as he pulled her in close, letting his hands move along her back and just moving to the music.

He was having so much fun, but when they pulled her away, it was like the cage was left open. The girls suddenly started making their way towards him. He was sitting on the couch with Klara, his eyes glancing over as he listened to her talk about how much he's changed. He didn't know if he really was or not, but it seemed like he was. IT made him really happy to hear that from someone on the outside. [b "She does. She knows what I do and she accepts all of me....and my faults. I really like her"] he sighed a bit and then he felt bad she was waiting for him still. He didn't know.

[b "Don't worry Klar, I'll always be here for you if you need me. You've helped me a bunch"] he told her and couldn't really hear her mumbling. He let her rest on him, but the minute Apple's friend came, he hurried out of there. He bumped into the gymnastic's team and he couldn't believe they were still trying to come after him.

COllin came in and tried to help him out. He wrapped his arms around them and pulled them towards the dance floor distracting them. [+blue "Check this out!"] he'd dance like a fool to keep their attention, seeing Sylus run for it. One girl managed to see him though.

He hid in the closet and kept the door shut as he pulled out his phone to text Ara for help. HE waited in the dark, pacing the floor as he let out a deep sigh, he didn't want to deal with this anymore. HE just wanted to enjoy the party with Ara.

He heard the door open, but when he saw the shadow of someone not looking like Ara, he was going to make a run for it. Ara soon came in and when she punched the girl, he gasped [b "Ar!"] he hurried over and then he held her hand in his, rubbing it gently. HE felt her kiss him and he smiled [b "Thank you. These girls are crazy!"] he told her, walking over the girl and then he held her hand and followed her out.

He got a breath of fresh air and then he hugged his arms around her, holding her close. It was hot watching her tell the girl off in her angry tone. [b "I told you guys to let me be. You have boyfriends don't you!"] he sighed, shaking his head and then he nodded. [b "We are together. Leave us alone"] he demanded, holding ARa's hand. [b "Ar, let's go home. I'm done with this party. We can't even have fun"] he said irritatedly.

[b "Did you still want to stay and spend time with your friends Ar?"] he didn't want her to have to go if she was having fun.
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Ara rested her head onto his shoulder while he sipped on juice. She felt that warmth in her chest, knowing he was behaving so well when he was around her. [b “Mmm, I remember. I’m so thankful. It shows how much you love me.” ] She squeezed his hand, feeling so content that he was doing his best with her. [b “You’re the only one that treats me this well.” ] Ara snuggled into his side.

They went to dance together. She took tips she got from her friends but she didn’t really need it because she knew what she wanted and what she didn’t. She naturally wanted to focus on the two of them. She felt his hands moving down her back, being pulled close to him. She smiled to him and looked up to his eyes. It was fun. She took his hands and just playfully danced with him.
Then she had to go. She really didn’t want to go. She was forced to go which had her kind of bummed. She did enjoy taking pictures with everyone. She tried to cheer up and do stuff for social media. It was funny. Altho Dom tried to pull her aside and talk to her. He start telling her that she should be careful with guys like Sylus. He told her what he could promise her, that he’d be nice to her if he gave him a shot. He tried to feel over her waist. It annoyed her. She dusted it off. Everyone started drinking and she knew that wasn’t her scene.
“Just one Ara,” One of her squad members said.
Ara shook her head, [b “No, it’s a bad idea.” ]
Then she saw Dom declaring he had something else on him they could try. Ara saw that package Sy dropped off. Oh hell no. “That’s illegal,” Ara stated. Someone laughed, “She’s too innocent for this world.”
“I like good girls,” Dom winked at her.
Ara frowned, “Well I like good guys. Like Sy.”
Then she got laughed at. “You don’t know him well then.” Dom said. “He’s actually changing,” Quinn added. No one else bought it.
“That’s what Klara said,” Dom reminded. Ara frowned and wondered what that even meant. She was having until they started making fun of her. This was gross. Vic, Quinn and Olive would pass on that offer. Ara shook her head and decided to go back inside while they were distracted. She stepped in and got annoyed when someone tried to grind into her and even try to kiss her. She got away through the crowd.


Klara rolled her eyes when he talked about changing. “You were that person two months ago. You can’t just suddenly change. You never really changed with me…when we were together, but you listen to her. Does she even know what you do? I bet she’d leave you if she knew what you’re like when you’re not putting an act to be good. I waited for you for so long after that, and went to you at every party and you still…” She got upset, spilling her thoughts. She ran her fingers through her hair. She drank the water. She rested onto him, “I don’t want to be your friend…I don’t want to see you with her or any other girl…” She mumbled, barely audible.


She tried to track down Sylus. She saw Sylus going into a closet to look like he was trying to get away. “Shh, I’m going to pretend to be Ara.” The girl told her friend, laughing. They were clearly drunk. Ara had it. She watched the girl go into the closet. Ara opened the door, grabbed her arm and she faced her. Ara smiled at her, and punched someone in the face for the first time of her life, “At least you can have a reason to fix your nose now.” Ara said and then winced, shaking her hand, “Ouch, oouch…that hurts more than I thought.” She looked at her hand and she knew it would bruise. That hurt. There were gasps. Ara walked over the girls fallen body, that her friends were trying to help out. She walked into the closet and then put her arms around Sylus. “Mine.” She smiled to him and kissed his lips. “Come with me outside. “Ara said, tugging his hand. She looked at the girl that got help outside and her friends. “If you bother him one more time, I’m going to make your life hell. Got it? I’m not going anywhere. We’re together and you can just…flip off!” She said and looked back at Sylus, squeezing his hand, “Right…” Ara said, wanting him to agree.
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He could see that her mood changed a lot after they went to take the kids trick or treating. Everyone was happy that they came and with their costumes looking so good, they all gave Ara a hug and thanked her. They wondered why Sylus couldn't have done that for them before, but he just never had the money.

THey were at the party and it was clear that there was alcohol. There were a bunch of people in and outside of the house. There was a dance floor, people upstairs in the balcony and others outside on the patio. It was nice to see his friends and Ara's friends getting along. So far, none of the girls from earlier were bothering him.

Meeting Ara's friends and grabbing a drink for them was starting off pretty fun. He sipped on his juice, remembering the times he'd sit on someone's couch, drinking with a few girls beside him. He sighed a bit and then he looked over at ARa [b "Well I'm trying to change remember? I don't want to go through that again. Go through some blacked out days"] he shrugged and then he would imagine a high end party. HE didn't know if he'd fit in at all.

They were on the dance floor, Sylus' arms around her as he moved to the music. When he felt her press up against him, his hands slowly moved down her back, over her behind as he pulled her close. He'd see Olive and Collin also dancing together. THey seemed to have a good time. He was enjoying the dance when Quinn came over and took Ara away.

Sylus glanced at Collin and he would nudge his shoulder and start to dance and just have some fun. When Klara came over, he could tell she had been drinking. HE took a seat on the couch with her. [b "Well, I am trying to change"] he admitted and then he sighed a bit, seeing her getting upset. [b "I was a different person back then. I just wanted to have fun. I thought we wanted to just stay friends?"] he walked over and grabbed her some water and then he grabbed a beer. [b "Come on, I'll drink with you"] he took a sip and wanted her to sober up a bit. He patted her back [b "You'll always be a friend to me Klar"] he told her, seeing her slowly start to sip on the water. She leaned her head against his shoulder and would rest there for a moment.

Sylus knew that if Ara saw, she'd probably get made, but he didn't want to just leave Klara there. One of Apple's friends soon came over and took a seat beside Sy. "There's the hot vampire everyone is talking about. Want a bite?" she showed off her neck. Sylus shook his head [b "No, I'm just enjoying the party"] he told her, taking another sip of his beer.

"Come on Sy, let's go upstairs and do what we used to?" she asked, but Sylus looked at the sleeping Klara on him and he shook his head [b "I told you, I'm not like that anymore"]

"Come on" she tugged on his arm, her fingers roaming his chest as Sylus shot up and let Klara sleep on the arm rest. He backed up into one of the gymnastics girls, seeing her eyes widen. "There he is"

[b "Um, no..."] he started to make his way towards Collin, leaning in [b "Hey back me up. I'm trying to get away from them"] he told Collin

[+blue "Hey girls, wanna dance?"] he'd get in their way as Sylus made his way towards the closet and stayed inside. HE closed the door and messaged Ara [i 'You almost done Ar?'] he asked, hoping no one found him in here.
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Ara nibbled at her lip, smiling to him, “I am…” She watched his eyes, melting meeting them. She imagined tonight, being alone in a room with him over her, with those fake fangs, his pretty eyes. She melted at the idea, making her nearly want to skip the party and only be with him.

“Yea, we’re having fun.” Olive smiled “He’s pretty cool.” Olive nudged Collin, because even with the little comments he made, he made her laugh and it was fun.

Ara was happy to see her friends and quickly her worries drifted away and she was enjoying being here and talking to them.
“It’s true.” Tanner nodded, “No one does.”
[b “No one did before either way.” ] Ara laughed a little. Ara waved at Tanner and followed Sylus lead into the kitchen. The kitchen was open concept, in front of the living room. It wasn’t as large as hers but plenty of space. She was going to get a drink for herself but Sylus got it for her. She drank the juice and listened to the music for a while. She looked at Sylus, [b “I can tell…you’re being careful with me around.” ] Ara stroked his arm with his tattoos. She remembered what he told her he’d do before. If he hadn’t told her, she would have never guessed. [b “One day, I’ll take you to a really high end party with me.” ] Ara smiled, leaning into the counter.

[b “Me too. Mmm, we can.” ] Ara nodded. She stood straight, lacing her fingers with his. Dom came in and couldn’t help but feel intimated by how much bigger he was, but she felt that with Tanner when she first met him too. [b “Thank you.” ] Ara replied. She took notice how he looked at her but, with Sy on her side, it was all okay. She remembered the complications she got with Joseph before by someone looking at her the wrong the way. She couldn’t enjoy bringing him to a party or going to one, something about it sickened him that she was in someone’s sick fantasy.

She followed Sylus and danced with him. She would dance with him, swaying her hips with care. She put her arms around him and pressed her chest against him. She kissed his cheek and ran her fingers on his chest, but it made it look like she was just hugging him.

“Ara! Come on, we’re going to do something as a squad.” Quinn came over and looked at Sylus “Mind if I borrow her?”
Ara pouted, [b “But Quinn!” ]
“Come on, it won’t be long. You too Olive.” Quinn tapped Olive. Ara looked back at Sylus eyes [b “Push any girl off you okay?” ] Ara half begged. Quinn pulled on her hand and Ara would part from Sylus. They went into the backyard by the pool. It was quieter, it seemed only the football players and her squad was allowed. But, they would just take pictures as a squad and a few things for social media. Tanner was there, until he couldn’t walk straight. She remembered how Tanner solved his problems…she sighed but it was expected.

Klara caught Sylus alone and she’d come over, just a little buzzed. “Hey.” She’d pat his shoulder, and then laughed, “I don’t even know who you are anymore. You’re so different, like you got a twin and he replaced you or something. At least…I didn’t turn you into something you’re not.” She mumbled the last bit, getting upset about it, “I don’t get it. We’ve known each other for a long time, longer than her. You didn’t change once, and now all the sudden you’re not going to parties with me and drinking with me?” She looked at him and felt the pain knot in her chest. She shrugged and got quiet, feeling upset about it. She bet Sylus never saw her anything but another girl he could spend time with. She had hoped one day he'd give up those other girls the more closer he got to her, but instead he chased after Ara.
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Whether she believed it or not, he would just continue moving forward because it didn't mean anything to him. Yes some girl got the jump on him, but he made it clear he wasn't going to do those things anymore.

They took the kids out and had so much fun. They had gathered so much candy, received a lot of compliments, and were giving Sy and Ara some of their take for helping them out. They all took a group picture at the orphanage with the dorm mother and then they had to go.

SYlus held her hand as they walked to his apartment, changing really quickly and then leading her outside. He grabbed the package and just hoped that Luke aired out the place later when they came back.

He'd walk with Ara to the Uber and then arrive at the party together. [b "I don't know. You definitely look hotter than me in that outfit. You're my prey"] he smiled and walked into the house with her. There were a bunch of people there. He saw a few of the girls he spoke with earlier, but he ignored them as he spotted Collin. [b "Hey Coll. Look at you two. I'm glad it's going well"] he told him before seeing Ara's other friend. [b "Thanks"].

Even Tanner was there as Sylus greeted him as well. [b "It's a sick costume. No one is going to mess with you"] he chuckled and then he went with Ara into the kitchen. He grabbed her a drink, non alcoholic of course and then he took another one for himself. They headed back to the dance floor, seeing the lights and the DJ playing music.

He smiled [b "HOw about we dance with Collin and Olive? I'm glad they're getting along"] he noticed the football guys watching ARa. Just as Sylus was about to get up, the owner of the house came. His name was Dom. He was six foot, buff football player. He had brown hair and green eyes. He was looking at Ara "Hey glad you could make it. Enjoy the party guys. Let me know if you need anything" he told them, mostly looking at Ara.

Sylus downed his drink and he'd hold her hand. [b "Come on AR, let's dance"] he smiled and would help her up. They headed to the floor and he'd move close to Collin and Olive. He'd then listen to the music and dance with her, shaking his arms and swaying to the side, keeping an eye on their surroundings. He would see someone on the floor get close to her and he'd lean in and shove him back.
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She wasn’t sure she bought it. Not when it didn’t add up to her, not seeing how he couldn’t prevent that from that happening. Considering he wouldn’t be able to communicate with them if he blocked them. Ara didn’t discuss it anymore, it upset her and she didn’t want it to get to her head, not when she wanted to spend time with the kids.

When the kids went home, she wished that she could have done that longer. It was plenty of fun and watching them talk and react was adorable. She felt good being able to be part of Halloween with them. Plus, it made her feel really confident with Sylus on how much of a good big brother he was to them.

[b “Well…yes, they are but…not everyone whose family are kind to each other.” ] Ara squeezed his hand and smiled to him. [b “One day you’re going to make a great dad.” ]

The apartment…smelled gross to her. She wasn’t a fan of Sylus apartment mainly because Luke was there and ruined it. She didn’t know if she should be angry at him or pitty him. She looked back at Sylus, not expecting her to back her up about it being gross. It upset her so much when she was being ingored and called a bitch of all things. Ara watched Sylus shove him back. Ara frowned, hating him agreeing to do it. She didn’t know what more else to do…

She went into his room and would change into the dress. She felt a little shy being in a dress like this…publicly at a party. This wasn’t really like her. She dressed pretty classy, but it was Halloween. Ara touched little things up. She saw him fixing his hair, and he did a good job of it.

Ara’s cheeks filled with color. His reaction prompted her shy smile to become more confident. [b “You like it?” ] Ara asked and heard him gasp. She pouted a little when he pouted, [b “Well…you look…really hot, so…I wanted to too and Quinn and Olive said I should” ] Ara began, looking at his chest. Ara met his eyes and smiled so happily when he called her beautiful. Ara gave a quick nod, [b “Mmm. I will. I would very much like that.” ] Feeling quite relieved to stick by his side.

She followed him out of his room. She heard Luke cuss. ‘[i What now… ] She frowned and shot him a look, flipped her hair, [b “ A hundred percent. Sy’s is kind, honest and doesn’t call me rude names.” ] And hot. Super hot.

Ara frowned when he picked up the small package. She didn’t feel comfortable him doing that…dealing drugs. She met his eyes and her eyes widened, [b “What?” ] She felt slight anxiety knowing that. It was that guy…that talked to her. It was his party.

They took an uber to the location. They got to the house and she felt slight concern. It was fine, she was next to Sylus and she could have fun with her friends. That’s all that mattered. The house was quite big. She saw Sylus fitting the package in the mailbox.

She got more comfortable when she saw Collin.
“We’re getting another drink,” Olive tugged Collin, “Ara I can grab one for you?”

Ara shook her head, “That’s okay, but I’m so glad to see you two.” ] Ara smiled. She felt Sylus holding her hand tightly. She followed Sylus. She saw Collin and Olive dancing together after.
Quinn waved to her. Ara waved and then went to talk to her with Sylus. Vic was next to her, her cheer captain. “Hey, whoa, you two looking good together.” She smiled, “Oh and don’t worry. We got Apple handled. She shouldn’t be able to come today,”

Ara felt good that they dealt with it. Ara knew as long as she stuck with Sy, no one would bug him. She saw Tanner come over and she smiled, “Tan! What are you wearing?” Ara giggled. “Can’t you tell? I’m superman.” Tanner said pointed at his shirt, feeling that was more effort then he needed. Tanner looked back seeing a few of the guys from his football team eying Ara, “They got some guts…” Tanner mumbled. Ara tilted her head “Hmm?” She then leaned onto Sylus, just staying up close, cause she knew the second she’d split that some girl gonna try to flirt with him.
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