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He wanted to help her, but he wasn't sure how since he was never really involved in this high class spreading of rumors. He wasn't sure how she's been battling with this on her own. [b "I see"] he knew that if her father found out or anyone else, her reputation would go down. Sylus knew that she had to keep that up at least, so it must be a big issue. He thought about it. [b "Does she know you're dating me?"] he wondered, figuring if she didn't, then she was just spewing out lies. [b "I mean right now everyone at that party seems to think you're still dating Joseph"] he told her, thinking of a way to scare her.

[b "Why don't we talk to that tutor she's seeing. Maybe bribe him into breaking it off with her? If we can find a reason for him not to be with her, it'll be enough for her to leave you alone right? She'll forget about some petty rumor and focus on that"] he suggested, wondering if that'd be a good idea. [b "I can help you and be the intimidating part too"] he told her, hoping to ease her mind and help her out.

This man that belonged to a gang was an issue. He didn't even know how he met ARa in the first place and why was he so obsessed. Did he know Ara's dad? Did he figure she was rich or something? [b "You're scared and I get that. Let's just get more info on him"] he figured he tail him after school one day to see what was up. [b "We'll make him leave you alone"] he assured her, soon making it to her house.

Sylus would start making the cake, but he noticed that Ara wasn't even into any of this. Was she even really into him anymore? It didn't feel like it. She was dealing with a lot right now and he understood that, but what else could he do right now?

He listened to her and got more information about his family [b "Hmm, maybe he's trying to support his family. Did he say why else it had to be you? When you're already dating someone?"] he let out a sigh, seeing how much she's learned from the time she spent with him already. WHy was he not told any of this. Maybe he could have stopped it sooner.

Once the cake was in the oven, he looked back at Ara and then he shrugged. He took a seat on the couch and would return her phone, losing hope in trying to cheer her up today. If he couldn't do it, then what else could? He turned on the TV, looking at his phone and seeing the time. It was just after noon. He looked over [b "Did you still want to go on a picnic? We can just stay here and have the cake if you want?"] he told her, seeing as she probably didn't want to go out anymore.

He saw little Nyx coming over and hopping onto his lap as he played with him for a while. Once the cake was ready, he'd walk over and see the frosting, watching ARa put it on as he smile a bit. [b "Um, we can watch a movie? OR chill in the backyard?"] he suggested.
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Ara didn’t expect him to help her with Hilda. It wasn’t an easy matter to deal with. She couldn’t even tell Sylus that she already tried that. [b “That we’re dating. She wants to tell the adults and then my dad could find out. Coming up with a stronger rumour isn’t going to work. I’m going to have to come up with something to scare her into keeping quiet. But people tell me I’m not that very intimidating and generally don’t believe I’ll do it.” ]

It stung hard the way he spoke to her. It really crushed her hearing that he wasn’t taking this seriously, like she was making a big deal out of nothing and just to ignore him. Out of everyone she didn’t think Sy would talk to her like that. Then he even chuckled. Ara looked at him in disbelief and hurt. Giving him what he wanted? If she did that would mean it would be her fault? She grew quiet and decided to let it go. [b “It’s fine… You’re right. He’ll get bored if I ignore him. I’m making a big deal out of nothing. It doesn’t matter, I only got hurt a bit. He’ll stop eventually.” ] She spoke quietly and looked away. She held onto the end of her sweater. What was the big deal anyway? Her dad didn’t do such nice things and she still was fine. So it would be fine.

They were at her own. She felt him hold her hand tightly. [b “It’s fine. It’s better that you don’t get involved. I will just wait it out. I’ll take a car home.” ] She said. She couldn’t focus on baking a cake. She did it mindlessly. She still felt scared, but it wasn’t that much different then dad was it? Everything would heal again. She just had to make sure that he didn’t get to Sy. That’s what counted.

They poured the mix into the pan. She put into the preheated oven. She forgot that she had given Sylus her phone. She took it back, she nodded to him but didn’t think she would tell him. [b “I’ll ignore his texts.” ] She said quietly. She felt him kiss her cheek but she couldn’t lift her mood. She felt as helpless as she did with her situation at home. Couldn’t do anything about it but just hope that it won’t turn bad.

[b “He didn’t exactly tell me he’s in a gang, so I don’t know what he does. All I know is he goes to a high school not too far, finishing his last year. He lives with his mom, she’s an alcoholic apparently, has a younger brother and had only one girlfriend before.” ] She said, she knew more about his life too because he talked when she met with him the other times but she had kept pushing to decline either way.

[b "I'm going to go make the frosting." ] Ara said, grabbing the powdered sugar, and other ingredients to make a chocolate frosting. [b "You can sit down and watch something while I finish, it'll take a while for the cake to be done." ] SHe mentioned. SHe would infish making the frosting. She would grab some other cake decoration pieces she bought. She'd sit with him while the cake finished baking. Ara kept mostly quiet, not in the mood to be talking much.
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He didn't have anyone else to give him any opinions or anything. Sylus made his own decisions and there wasn't much anyone else could do about that. He did want to have ARa's paintings on his walls though. A sight to see all that she's done would make him come home to something even homier.

Sylus tried to think of a way to make Hilda stop, but he wasn't sure how. [b "I'm not sure...I don't know much about spreading or stopping the spread, but I think a stronger rumor would push that one aside. PEople also know you. What rumor is she trying to spread?"] he asked, wanting to know how he could help.

When he mentioned letting another prettier girl come by, he heard her and would chuckle a bit. [b "I know. I don't know why he won't stop. You haven't been giving him anything he wanted have you?"] he wanted to know. [b "I liked you because you were pretty and you were sweet"] he saw her going quiet and he would think for a second. [b "Luke told me their gang would be going back to their area in the next month, but until then, we'll have to figure out a game plan"] he scratched the back of his head, wondering how to keep a guy away from her. IT was scaring her.

Once they made it to her house, he would hold her hand tightly in his. [b "I know you're scared ARa. I'll gather more information from Luke. If he's meeting you tomorrow. I think I'm going to tail him and see. Maybe I can blackmail him"] he told her, heading into the her kitchen. [b "For now, we'll go to school and home together. If you're with me, I can keep you safe"] he assured her.

Sylus would grab the ingredients and set them up for her. He'd ask her what to do first, following her instruction as he placed them into a bowl and would start mixing it up. After he finished, he would help her pour the mix into a cake pan. [b "Here Ar. If he's texting you, let me know"] he gave her phone back and would kiss her cheek, hoping she'd relax with him for now.

[b "For now, I think we should gather more information about him. Has he said anything about his gang or what he does?"]
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[b “I have my dad and brother but I think I can still understand what you mean. They weren’t around much.” ] Ara said. She felt happy and greatly she had him too. She liked the idea of him having her parents on his walls. She grinned [b “I’ll send you some.” ] She nodded. She ate with him and soon enough she opened up more about her struggles.

[b “How… How do I make her stop? I’ve made people stop by… not so nice ways.” ] Ara frowned, and she hated to take it that way even though it didn’t exactly always work, just like right now. Ara rose a brow and got upset [b “Prettier? Who’s prettier than me? Believe it or not but people like me more than just because I’m pretty. I kept telling him I wasn’t interested, so- why hasn’t he stopped then? It’s been weeks and now he's using threats. This doesn't just go away. I know you went after me for looks but not every single person does.” ] Ara said, wondering if that’s how he just saw it, that people only liked her because she was pretty. She didn’t want to tell him where he met him either knowing it would piss Sylus off too.

She grew quiet. She didn’t like the idea of trying to be extra safe every single day. [b “What idea do you have?” ] She asked him, still quite fed up.

Sy paid, and he was trying to make her feel better but she still felt scared. From experience, things didn’t end well when she didn’t listen up. Plus, she felt more on edge that that guy wanted to shoot Sylus –even though he didn’t know it was Sylus who was responsible. What if he found out? He liked being held, and having him brush her hair back. She frowned when he said that she didn’t have to worry. She had…so much to worry about.

They grabbed an uber together. She kept quiet for a while. Scared…it was more than just that. She saw him smiling and she understood that he was just trying to comfort her but the certainty was killing her. [b “As long as this is happening… I’m going to be scared.” ] She whispered [b “I’m not like you- being able to phase it all out. I can’t.” ]

They got to her home and they end up in her kitchen. She wasn’t in the mood to really bake. She felt mad that Sylus thinks this problem would go away on it’s own – things didn’t work that way usually around her life. [b “Sure… we’ll make a chocolate cake.” ] Ara said. She felt him tugging her hand. She looked back at him and shrugged [b “We need flour…cocoa powder. I’ll get the ingredients out.” ] She said. She couldn’t hold a smile but she put an attempt to bake a chocolate cake. She would let him stir, and kept quiet for the most part. She'd only give instructions.
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He knew his mother couldn't just focus on him and him alone. She had the other kids to share her love with. [b "Yeah, I know that she can't focus on me, but I mean, it's okay"] he had already grown used to that. He felt lucky that he had Ara loving him at his side.

He did want to have some of her paintings at home. His walls were pretty bare and there wasn't much personality. Ara's paintings were really nice. He loved her artwork [b "Okay. I'd love some"] he nodded and would feed her some more until she was on her phone all the time. She mentioned her issues and Sylus wondered why she never told him or talked to him.

[b "Ar, we can work this out together. We can figure out a way to stop Hilda from spreading rumors. We can shut her down. You've done that before right? As for that guy. I mean, as long as someone prettier comes into the picture, he'd lose hope. He probably won't talk to you if you ignore him. I know how he thinks. I used to be in that either. A guy like him won't pursue someone that doesn't respond back"] he assured.

[b "We just have to make sure you're safe outside of school. As long as that happens, he can't meet you or lay a hand on you. We'll make sure that happens. I have an idea"] he told her.

He paid for the food and held her hand in his as he kissed her cheek. [b "You don't have to worry okay?"] he hugged her and would brush her hair back, walking with her back to grab an Uber. He'd take her back home and he'd hold her hand in the back seat. [b "It'll be okay. I won't let you get scared okay?"] he smiled and would head into her house with her when they arrived.

[b "Okay Love, you're going to have to tell me what to do. Baking is not my forte"] he chuckled, tugging her hand into the kitchen to get her mind off of the problems for now. [b "Can we make it a chocolate cake?"] he asked, going into the kitchen.
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[b “I know.” ] There were a lot of kids there after all, it must have been hard. [b “I understand that, after my mom passed, my dad wasn’t around often.” ] She said. She smiled when he said it was her. [b “Yes it is.” ] She grinned back to him. She felt that warmth in her chest, to know that she could care for Sy in this way and have him care for her too.

It felt good to see him happy about what she got her father to do. She was sure, they would have life just a bit easier with less money troubles. They mattered to Sy too. She wanted to keep Sy happy. She was sure he had been looking over them for quite a while, this time-she wanted to be the person that looked after him.

Sy’s room with some of her drawings and paintings [b “Really?I could give you some.” ] Ara smiled [b “I’ll show you some of them on my tablet and you can pick which ones you want.” ] She couldn’t believe it, Sy really wanted some of her stuff. No one that she knew in person ever been that interested. Ara chewed the piece of meat. She leaned into her hand. [b “Thank you. I like the way I dress too,” ] She half smiled [b “I don’t? But don’t I have to fit in? I need to fit in.” ] She sighed. She hadn’t been dressing like herself when they went out to parities with her squad. She constantly had to pull down her skirt or lift up her shirt.

She looked back at his eyes and frowned, [b “First time? It’s… You already know. Friends, Hilda, that guy and…” ] She paused, almost about to say his safety and her dad cutting off [b “It’s a lot.” ] She gave a long pause while she held her eye son him when he said he’d help. She didn’t want to put that stress on him. He had so much to deal with. Ara smiled, “It’s okay, I’ll be okay. You have a lot on your plate too.” ] She reminded and would try to eat up.

Her hand was taken, and squeezed. It still made her sick to her stomach. [b “Won’t he get more mad? That he can’t reach me… I don’t want to anger anyone. It’s usually better to just give what people like him what they want. If I listen, then nothing will happen,” ] She spilled out her thought process. She knew Sy wouldn’t let her and she wanted to listen to him. She was just scared of the consequences.

It couldn’t come out of her that she spread the rumour. It was less than a rumour than it was true. It didn’t make it right but her dad told her to handle it. She didn’t want Sy to see her as a bad person. [b “I don’t know, because the rumour came out recently. But, I’m pretty sure it’s not a rumour, it’s true. You see, if she start spreading rumours and my dad hears of it…I’ll get in a lot of trouble. I don’t know how to shut her down Sy. How can you help?”] He asked.

He was right, it was about them but it was hard… She’s dealt with stress, rumours, creepy admirers, but this time there lives could be at risk. Ara gently smiled to him, “Yea, I know. I love being with you.” ] She softly spoke. She wanted to have that kind of fun with him. Although, she wasn’t sure when they were going to figure it out. [b “When? When will we figure it out?” ] She asked [b “He’ll probably be there at the end of school tomorrow. You tell me don’t be scared but I don’t see how I can’t be.” ] She grew quiet. She watched Sy pay for the bill and she wished she handled it. He came to hug her. She hugged him back. She pressed her head into his chest, giving a little nod and a muffled, “Okay.”
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He knew that he only had one real mother and it was the dorm mother. [b "She is, but she's also got a lot of other kids to look after. IT's not like it's just me. I would really want to have someone's attention on me though. I'd love to be someone's number one and right now that's you"] he grinned, grilling up the meat as he did his best.

When he heard her father was doing that for the orphanage, he felt so happy. He wanted those kids and his dorm mother to be taken care of and that seemed like one of the only things that could really help them. HE was thankful. As he hugged her, he would see her on her phone and he was getting more irritated as time went by.

[b "I would like some paintings. My house is a little empty"] he admitted and would wonder why her friends wanted her to look a certain way. [b "The way you dress is so cute. You don't have to listen to them if you don't want to"] he held her hand in his and would hear her tell him some news.

[b "A lot? THis is the first time I've heard of this. Why don't you tell me?"] he was confused as to why she wouldn't tell him. [b "Ar, if it's stressing you, I want to know and help"] he sighed, hearing her mention that guy. [b "You're not getting close and you're not meeting up with him. HE won't hurt you if he can't reach you"] he assured her, squeezing her hand in his.

THen he asked about Hilda and she talked about spreading rumors and how she wants to get back at her. [b "Why would she want to spread rumors about you? It's not like the rumor came from you"] he sighed and would shake his head. [b "If people don't believe her, then you don't have to worry. IF you need help shutting her down, I can help you"] he told her and would see her frowning.

[b "Today is about us. You don't have to worry. I can help you and make time for you. You know that right?"] he told her, wanting her to enjoy the day with him. [b "Don't be scared. We'll figure it out. Let's head back to your place and bake together so we can have a picnic!"] he wanted to get her mind off of things.

He paid the bill and would hug his arms around her. [b "Trust me a bit more okay?"]
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[b “Sy, she raised you… doesn’t that still make her your real mother too?” ] She asked, not even sure if that’s what it meant. She could understand why it would be hard with that many kids. She smiled back gently to him, Sy was a good person at heart.

Ara nodded [b “We…don’t but donating is good for the business too. I just gave a suggestion. I told you before I was going to try to get my dad to donate, and it became a official a few days ago. I just forgot to bring it up until now.” ] She was happy when he hugged her, and kissed her cheek. She hugged him tight too. She was happy she could be some help to him.

She always end up finding herself back onto the phone. She nodded to baking dessserts [b “I like baking. Should we bake cake, cookies or maybe we can try making macarons.” ] She mentioned

It was too hard to tell him that she had been cut. It was embarrassing and she didn’t want him to think it was a problem. She could live without it, she saved some money and she made some money with some old YouTube videos. It just made some things harder. Ara smiled, [b “I’m just selling prints of them. I could give you some.” ] She giggled.

Ara tilted her head and then shrugged, [b “I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t look cute… I guess they have a certain look in mind.” ]

She soon glanced back at her phone, seeing some stressful ones. She lifted her eyes back up and could tell he was getting upset. It upset her [b “Of course I want to spend time with you. I am interested. A lot is just going on, that’s all.” ] Ara said. She frowned and then nodded.

[b “I don’t…want to stress you out.” ] Ara said quietly. She let him take her phone though. She guessed that she didn’t have to be in a rush to reply, but she just wanted to handle it already and be done with it.

[b “Just to meet up…feels like he thinks he can make me do whatever he wants. I will ignore him….but what if he tries to hurt us,” ] Ara said, not having a choice but to ignore now anyway. It scared her though, to ignore, to not listen. From experience bad things happened when she didn’t listen form guys or men that were like that. It was only because of Sy she could push past that.

[b “Not you, it’s not your fault. A rumour spread that she’s been cozy with her tutor. She’s in a lot of trouble, and while she has no proof she’s turning to me and now threatening to spread a rumour about me. “ ] She sighed and shrugged [b “no one usually believes her anyway but I still have to figure out how to get rid of her. People are cruel” ] She frowned, feeling quite down now. She reached out to eat the last piece. [b I didn't mean to make you feel like I don't want to spend time with you. I'm just scared, and want to fix things already." ]
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They ate together, but he was noticing her constantly looking at her phone. He'd eat slowly at first, but when she was focusing on texting, he was starting to get irritated.

[b "Well she's not my real mother. SHe has to take care a lot of other kids at the orphanage, so it's hard, but if she can make do, she knows she raised us in the best way she could"] he nodded and would smile back at her. [b "I'm glad you think so Ar"] he then heard her mention what he dad did.

[b "He did what? I thought you and your dad didn't really get along...Ar, she's going to wonder who did this....How....when, how coe you didn't tell me sooner?"] he gasped, hugging his arms around her. He'd kiss her cheek, seeing her look at her phone again. Maybe he would work less. He'd have to make sure they were doing okay first.

Sylus tried to ignore it, but she was barely eating or speaking with him. [b "Okay, how about we bake some desserts then? I'm not much of a baker, but I can follow instructions"] he nodded and would soon finish up his food. He was getting pretty full from eating all of that.

When Ara told him that she'd give it to him as a gift, he looked so surprised [b "I guess so. You don't really need to sell it though. I wish I could keep your art. Fill my apartment"] he chuckled and then he listened to what she's been doing recently. [b "Huh? You already look so cute. WHy are they telling you otherwise?"] he asked, feeling a bit confused.

When she mentioned not seeing each other and then she'd glance back to her phone, he'd sigh [b "You know...I'm trying my best to spend time with you, but you don't seem too interested"] he sighed and would hear her talking about her reputation. [b "I know. Wait...that guy is bothering you? Hilda? Did she cause problems. How come you're not mentioning of this to me?"] he frowned, taking her phone and setting it aside. He looked at the food in front of them and couldn't really eat anymore.

[b "What's he saying? Ignore him"] he told her, shaking his head. [b "And what are you doing with Hilda? I did something to provoke all of that didn't I?"]
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When Sylus fed her it made her happy, it made it taste slightly better. It already tasted really good itself. Her diet before was carefully planned when she was home schooled. They didn’t have meat that much, so this was a good chance.

It surprised how much trust his mother held. [b “It must be nice to be trusted like that. She knows you’re a good person, I think that’s why.” ] Ara said. He just got mixed up in the wrong thing. It still worried her, scared her what he was involved with. She didn’t feel threatened herself by it, she felt threatened for Sy-for something happening to him. [b “My dad agreed to donate money to them,” ] She mentioned [b “It should be in by next Monday. It should help to repair the home up and, get everyone clothes and everything else they need. So Sy… you don’t have to work so hard.” ] She softly spoke, realizing already from the beginning that he felt a responsibility to take care of the kids there too.

She’d glance over at her phone, seeing the messages just kept flooding. Asking where she was, why she wasn’t feeling well, stuff related to Hilda, and that one guy that wasn’t letting up. It surprised her when he raised his voice a bit. She set it away for a while.

Ara soflty smiled to hear he agreed, [b “Mmm, we’ll do just that.” ] Ara said. She tilted her head [b “Bake? We could bake.” ]

She glanced at her phone once more, just to check, and then told him about what she’s been doing. Ara smiled and nodded. Then he asked about why. She had been hiding many things from him, this guy, her dad, what she’s been up to. They all kept piling up in order not to hinder him. She took a long pause, thinking if she should say anything. [b “Well you know, I like doing art, why not sell it?” ] She smiled a bit. It was really embarrassing to tell him that she was cut off too. [b “You don’t need to buy one. I’ll give it to you as a gift.” ] Ara said.

Ara took another bite, ands poke after, [b “Friends…parties… Shopping with my friends. Some of them think I should dress a little more uh…what’s the word? Not sexy…well sort of.” ] She shrugged. She knew what he had been up to. [b “I know, we hadn’t seen each other much.” ] She sighed. She’d glance back again to her phone, seeing the guy texted her. She only lifted her eyes when he said ‘more important. It frustrated her.

[b “No, that’s not it. You don’t understand. My reputation is very important, I have to make sure I control the narrative with Hilda, and that guy he keeps messaging me that he wants to meet up and help me since I’m not so well.” ] She said, feeling the anxiety coming in. SHe looked at Sy and realized she shouldn’t even said anything. [b “Nevermind… I’m sorry. Here, take a hold of my phone so I don’t go on.” ] She said, sliding her phone to him.
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When they got to the restaurant, Sylus would start heating up the grill and he'd start to cook up the meat for the two of them. When he would bring some to her lips, he'd smile, watching Ara take a bite and look satisfied. It wasn't often they could spend time together like this, eating good food.

Sylus loved food, especially since he was an athlete, he could eat a lot. As he cooked up more meat, he'd take a bite and would listen to Ara [b "She doesn't question me. She asks occasionally if I'm doing okay and am safe. She just believes what I saw and hopes I do good"] he told her, not wanting to tell his dorm mother where it was from. He already felt ashamed it wasn't good money, but it put so much opportunity on the table for the other kids.

When he saw her constantly on the phone, it was beginning to irritate him. He wanted this date to be about them. When she glanced at her phone, he asked her to stop. He fed her another bite and when he raised his voice a bit, she frowned. She sent another message and he'd just let out a deep sigh and continue to eat. He ate more kimchi, side dishes, and ordered more meats. When he felt her take his hand, he nodded [b "It's fine, but do that after"] he told her, seeing her offer him food.

Sy would take the bite and would see her looking back. He heard her suggestion. [b "Ooh, that sounds nice. Yeah we can have a little picnic with some snacks and treats. Should we go back to your place and bake? Or should we pick some up at the store and head over?"] he wondered which would be best. He'd take another bite and saw Ara looking back at her phone again. He'd roll his eyes a bit.

She mentioned taking lessons and it surprised him. [b "Really? That's great Ar. Why are you trying to sell your art? Are you low on cash? They're really good. I'd love to buy one then"] he made the suggestion. There was a lot he didn't know about. That's what she's been doing in her free time without him?

[b "What else have you been doing in your free time Ar? I mean, I've mostly just been working, waiting tables, swim practice when I have free time. I try to fit it all in"] he told her, not much has really changed with him. He did take on some jobs from Luke, but he's been refraining as much as he could. He almost got in trouble one time for skipping out on one.

[b "Do you want dessert Ar?"] he asked, noticing that she was looking back at her phone again. He'd narrow his eyes a bit and he'd fold his arms over his chest. [b "Is this really more important than spending time with your boyfriend?"]
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Ara giggled, grinning when he called her cute [b “Thank you.” ] Ara wrapped her arms around him and kissed his lips, [b “My boyfriend always looks amazing too.” ] She took his hands and swung them.

They got to the place. It smelled good and it really tasted good. She’d open her mouth when he brought a bite of kimchi to her. [b “Mmm, it is only one day.” ] Ara said. She end up looking at her phone. She kept getting texts. She glanced back up at him. So his dorm mother got it. [b “Sy…does she ever wonder where the money is coming from?” ] She asked.

She kept popping back onto her phone. She’d eat in between. She looked back up at him when he nudged her, [b “Mm, I will.” ] Ara said. She’d set her phone down. Sy held a piece of meat wrapped in rice paper for her. She opened her mouth and ate it up [b “Thank you.” ] She’d glance again, quickly replying. Sylus startled her little a bit. She frowned and soon realized that maybe she kept going on her phone too often. [b “Okay, let me just send one more message.” ] Ara said, she sent a message to people that she would be ‘resting’. She put her phone on mute.
She reached out for his hand [b “I’m sorry. People kept asking questions.”] Ara said. She would wrap a piece of meat for him too and offered it to his lips. She didn’t mean not to be attentive. She’d glance at her phone for a second again but decided to refrain from it. They could wait. [b “Darling, let’s watch the sunset together today, by the water.” ] She suggested [b “A cute picnic date by the water.” ] She suggested. She fed him one more time.

She felt saver not being at school at least now. She checked her phone for a second again, seeing it was a text for that guy asking to still see her to make her feel better. She sighed, and hid it away. [b “You know… Sy.” ] She began remembering she hadn’t told him, but figured it wasn’t really a secret, [b “I’ve been taking lessons on self defense and marksmanship while you were at work. I’m getting quite good… I’ve also been trying to sell some art I made. I’ll show it to you sometime.” ] She forgot how much he’s missed out of what she’s been doing. She had gone out with friends too, and two parties. He really didn’t know much. Not that it mattered.
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He was glad that ARa wanted to stay in bed with him longer, but when he looked at the time, he figured it was time for them to get up. HE went into the shower with her and would wash up, soon drying off and grabbing some spare clothes he left in her room.

Once he was ready, he would wait for Ara to dress up, so he'd take care of little Nyx. He gave him some treats and would teach him how to sit down, seeing him roll over once and then he'd manage to get him to sit properly after a while.

When he saw Ara coming out with skinny jeans and a cute sweater, he smiled [b "You're so cute Ar. I love it. My girlfriend always looks amazing"] he held her hand in his and would take her out.

At the barbecue place, he sat with her, simmering some meat on the grill and then handing her some cooked ones. He felt her leg between his and he would bring a bite of kimchi to her lips. [b "It's one day. I'm sure we'll be fine"] he saw her looking at her phone for a while and Sylus would just take out his phone to text his dorm mother of his absence. When he finished, he faced ARa [b "THe school calls my dorm mother. I sent her a text that I wasn't feeling well, so she usually covers for me. She believes me"] he told her, seeing her going back to her phone.

He ate more pieces of meat, putting it into a lettuce wrap and taking a bite. HE noticed the meat starting to pile on Ara's plate and saw her on her phone again. [b "Ar, come on, let's eat"] he nudged her and would see her go back to her phone.

HE held up a piece of meat wrapped in rice paper and he would wait for her to open up. When he saw her looking at her phone again, he sighed [b "Can't you just focus on our lunch first? I wanted to take you out and spend time with you"] he asked, wanting her to put down the phone, but he knew he couldn't force her.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 53d 23h 7m 41s
“Well sure but…I’d like that.” Ara said. She liked laying down here. It was nice. She’d stay longer with him, until they really should get up. She brought Sylus into the shower with her. They cleaned up, had a little fun together by being a bit silly. She dried off with him and went to dry her hair which would take some time for her.

[b “Mmm, that sounds like a good idea.” ] Ara said. She stayed behind, fixing up her hair, even sitting it to the perfect waves. She’d put her hair half up. She grabbed a pair of high waist skinny jeans with a rip at the knee, and a cute pastel pink sweater. She saw Sy feeding Nyx. It made her smile. She gave Nyx kisses before Sy took him out for the bathroom. They went outside and got to the restaurant by the window.

Ara wasn’t a huge meat eater but she definitely couldn’t resist right now. It was sweet Sy would cook the meat for them. [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said. She would take bites and it sure tasted good, the meat was at a good quality. She fit her leg between his. [b “ I hope we won’t get too much in trouble for missing school.” ] She said. Which reminded her. She went to go check her phone and saw a few messages.

[b “Hold on…” ] Ara said, and began replying to people. She hadn’t had a cheer practice today, so she didn’t miss that. She would use the excuse of not feeling well, but felt quite guilty for lying. She hoped that the school wouldn’t call her dad, and only called the home phone which she could delete the message. [b “Sy, if you skip school, who does the school call for you?” ] She wondered [b “Do they treat you like a full adult?” ] She wondered. She heard her phone go off again. She’d double check and saw it was him again. ‘I want to see you today.’
[i I can’t. I’m not feeling well and have a lot of homework. Sorry.’ ] Ara sent quickly. She hoped that he’d leave her be. As soon as she took a bite, she’d get more texts, replies from friends and another one from Hilda being mad. She read the tests, and replied a bit again, and ignored Hilda. It seemed like Ara kept getting distracted by her texts.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 54d 2h 37m 57s
She was becoming excited with his hands slipping in her shorts. Ara fell into a smile, [b “Maybe I should wake you up like this more.” ] She kissed the right side of his chest. She blushed at the way he smiled and the words he said, “I don’t.” ] She felt Sy’s hand at the edge of her shirt, lifting it over her head. She tossed it aside. She loved his touch. Ara kissed him deeply back, sucking on his lip, gently at first. She was pressing down on him, grinding more firmly into him.

She felt his caress, hands slipping her shorts down. Sy was already in nothing but his boxers. She made sure of that last night. She kissed his neck, reaching to his ear, his collarbone, down his chest. “Mmm…” She felt him reach her chest, touching her. She would eventually reach kissing his pelvis . Ara looked up at him, “Darling…we’ll have to be in nothing.” She told him, she took hold of his hand, giving it a squeeze. “We want to warm up the best way for breakfast right?” Wanted to make sure before she slipped off his boxers down with a giggle.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 58d 6h 42m 32s

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