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He didn't know if she just lost it or it got stolen from her because it seemed like Ara was attentive. She wouldn't just lose her bag or something unless someone took it. [b "I hope they still find it though. No one should be trying to take things from you, that's not fair"] he sighed softly and just kept his eyes on her.

It surprised him to hear it was stolen because that meant she was alone when she left his place and someone came after her. [b "Are you sure you're okay? I'm going to accompany you next time. I'm so sorry"] he frowned, biting down on his lip as he held her and hugged her. [b "I'm really happy to know you're okay too"] he caressed her cheek and was glad her dad wasn't here. That meant they could relax. She could relax.

He shook his head [b "I'm fine. I have a lot of stamina. Swimmer remember?"] he lifted a smile and then he understood her wanting to hang out here today. [b "Sure. Your chef makes yummy things"] he held her hand and raised his brow when she asked him a question. He did feel just as worried as her and he didn't want anything to happen to her. [b "Okay. I want to kiss you too"] he held her hand and leaned in, one arm around her waist as he pressed his lips against hers. Sylus closed his eyes and felt the warmth of her lips touch his. He kissed her softly, pulling her a bit closer and then pressing his lips on hers again, his other hand brushing her hair behind her ear. He was thankful for all she did yesterday and he wanted her to always be beside him.
  ellocalypse / 45d 15h 5m 6s
She wasn’t so sure she would get any of her stuff back. The police did say it was unlikely. She was more upset that situation happened rather than about her stuff being gone. She had everything backed up, so she knew she’d be able to get back what was on her laptop, Ipad and phone in no time. She’d shrug [b “Probably not but, it’s okay.” ] [i I’m just happy I’m safe.]

She didn’t expect him to pick up that she lied. Her lips waivered for a moment. [b “Mmm…It was…stolen.” ] She shuddered again, feeling the fear creep in. [b “But I’m okay…” ] She nodded [b “I didn’t get hurt.” ] And she didn’t want to go out for a while.

She smiled when he said he was feeling better, [b “I’m really happy to hear that Sy.” ] She rested her cheek against his hand. It was so nice, and she went to go hug him. She held him, but kept note of not to hug him too tight because she didn’t want to hurt him. “My dad’s gone…for now. He won’t be back until late-normally.” ] She felt relieved about that. She didn’t think she could handle anymore mental damage or-well the other thing too.

[b “It is pretty nice outside… Hope you didn’t tire out too much.” ] She said to him. She thought about going outside but right now, she just wanted to safely stay at home. [b “I’d rather hang out here for today. Yea, we can do that. We can go at the backyard too. Do you want a snack?” ] She asked. She’d held his hand and kept thinking about he worries. She looked up at his eyes, [b “Can I kiss you? I’m still…not happy about you-doing that. And you need to stop but…right now, I’m just scared I won’t get to kiss you again. I’m…just…I’m scared.” ] She didn’t like to admit it, but she was so scared about what happened yesterday with him and then after.

She squeezed his hand and felt the desire to be close to him. To do what she could with him. Hang out, eat together, and enjoy everything. She could feel her heart pounding. She never wanted anything to happen to take that all away.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 45d 15h 14m 11s
He waited for her to open the door, his eyes on the exterior until he was met with her blue eyes. He would grin and was so thankful she was okay. He thought something terrible must have happened if she wasn't replying to him at all or maybe Joseph caught them. Ara always seemed to get back to him quickly and he figured she was starting to like him. He liked her already.

[b "Oh no. I hope you're able to find everything. That's terrible"] he sighed and then he noticed she looked a bit awkward. Did something happen yesterday? [b "Was your backpack stolen Ara? If something happened yesterday, you can tell me. It's okay"] he assured her and then he looked over at his shoulder [b "Yeah I feel a lot better. It's thanks to you"] he held her cheek and was going to lean in and kiss her, but he felt her arms wrapping around him.

Sylus would hug her back in return and he'd smile [b "Of course I can. I really want to spend more time with you too....I was just worried that maybe your dad was home or something, so I thought I wouldn't be able to hang out"] he admitted, rubbing the back of his head as took a seat on her bed [b "I skated here. I don't have to use my arms, so it's fine. Was a pretty nice ride"] he told her, feeling so relieved.

[b "Is there somewhere you wanted to go today? I can take you? Or if you want to just hang out here, I don't mind either. We can always watch another movie in the theater or play some games"] he did want to just have a relaxing time with her. It seemed like they both needed it.
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When she opened the door and saw Sylus, she had mixed emotions. Because she still worried for him and was angry that he got himself into that situation. He looked okay, much more radiant than yesterday. He was smiling at her and it made her smile instantly back at him. [b “Of course I am.” ] She hugged him in return and saw him grinning.

[b “I’m sorry,” ] She said once more [b “I lost my stuff before I got home and I didn’t realize it. I’m just stupid like that.” ] She awkwardly half laughed because she was still shaken. She spaced out for a second, remembering that blade and wondered if that guy really would have used it. No right? Was he just trying to scare her?

[b “Mmm?” ] She responded kept up with what he said [b “Yea. I’m okay. It was just my back pack. I’m unharmed. No…you were hurt and needed to heal. It’s better that you were at home.” ] Because she felt that if Sylus were there when that happened, that he’d do something dumb and get himself hurt-again.

She’d glance at her computer [b “I’m practically done… I was just re-looking it just in case but I’m sure I did everything correctly.” ] She’d half shrug. [b “OF course it’s okay. I’m glad to see you. You seem…better.” ] She said and spaced out again, thinking how could Sylus face scary situations like that and keep going. She was robbed and she was terrified to the point she didn’t dare to think about going out alone again. She nibbled at her lip and held her own hand.

She then felt his hand reaching up to caress her cheek. She met his eyes and she’d smile a bit. She’d wrap her arms around him, [b “Can you spend time with me today…? You don’t have to…and you’re not my boyfriend or anything so you really don’t have to. I’d understand if you’d say no.” ] She wanted to see him, doing okay. She was scared still. Keeping an eye on him meant that nothing could happen to him and he wouldn’t be out there selling drugs.

[b “Did you walk all the way here?” ] She asked, feeling quite bad for having him come all the way here.
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He would stay in bed for the rest of the night and for most of the day the next day. He took a few naps, watched a few things on his phone, and just think about Ara. The look she had on her face made his heart ache, seeing her looking so sad and worried for him. He's never seen that face before, but it hurt inside. He didn't want her to make that face for him. He wanted her happy.

He waited for her reply, but still nothing and that got him worried. She was pretty and sometimes those cab drivers were creeps. She had a personal driver didn't she? She should have gotten home safely. He didn't get why she wasn't replying.

After lunch, he grew anxious and he decided to go off and make sure she was okay. He skated to her house, taking him about half an hour and then he knocked on her door. He was greeted by a taller male, looking just like her, only he had brown hair. He nodded and thanked him before going upstairs.

He went to Ara's room and knocked, smiling when she opened it. [b "I'm so glad you're okay"] he hugged his good arm around her and grinned. [b "You didn't text back, so I got worried..."] he frowned, hearing she had her things lost. How could she lose all that? Someone must have taken it from her. [b "Are you sure you're okay? I should have just walked with you home"] he sighed and then he looked over at her computer, seeing her working. [b "Oh okay. I couldn't sit still. I wanted to see you after yesterday. I hope that's okay. If not, I can head back. I'm glad you're safe"] he told her, his hand reaching up to caress her cheek, just feeling such relief.
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She worked on her desktop at home, since for now she didn’t have a laptop. She planned on going this afternoon to buy another one. Her knew phone was still being set up, and she left it at another room while it did. Homework wasn’t hard, she finished it rather quickly. It was just her and Alister at home, her dad went out to one of the companies buildings. She wore a t-shirt, and a pair of shorts for comfort at home. She’d ate baby carrots and rest against her chair, sighing to herself.

She recalled yesterday’s events…how crazy it was. She’s never in her life faced something like that… Scared. Feeling that scared for someone and feeling that scared for herself. She didn’t like that feeling, and she didn’t want to feel it again. She didn’t feel comfortable to go outside alone that was for sure.

Alister grabbed the door and faced a teen with red hair and tattoos. He stared back at Sylus for a second, “Ara’s friend?” He asked, since Alister knew he didn’t know him. “I’m her brother. I’ll go call her.” ] He said. Alister used one of the smart devices to call into Ara’s room, ‘You’re guy friend with red hair is at the door.”

Ara heard the speaker go off in her room. Sylus? What was he doing here? And then she remembered she hadn’t send him a text and with her stuff robbed-she couldn’t. She put on a long sleeved sweater and a pair of nicer shorts. She fixed her hair up a bit while telling him [b “Tell him he can come up. He knows where my room is.” ] Ara said.

Alister rose a brow to himself. How would he know? He went back to Sylus “Come on in. She’s in her room and it’s okay if you go up.”

Ara would go the door and open it and saw Sylus. She’s half smile [b “Hey, why did you come? I told you to rest. I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I lost my phone…laptop…well I lost my bag.” ] She’s lightly laughed. {b “Are you okay?” ] She asked, wondering if his arm was doing fine. She allowed him to enter her room and she'd glance at her desktop [b "I was just finishing some homework. My new phone is still being set up."]
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He didn't want to do these jobs, but it gave him the most money and he was thankful for being able to make enough to support himself and the orphanage. He was even able to save some up, so that made him really happy. He watched her lean in and when she mentioned being scared, he'd keep his arm around her [b "I'll make it. Promise"] he told her, hoping she'd believe him.

He kissed her and when she woke up, Sylus watched her leave and told her to be safe and text him. He waited that night for a text, but Ara didn't send one. He fell asleep and woke up to check his phone, but still didn't see a thing. It worried him and he really wanted to be able to do something, but she wasn't answering. He even tried calling her phone....nothing.

He ended up just resting the whole day again, doing his homework and then making himself some food. He would send another text to Ara, hoping it'd work, but still no reply. He'd bite down on his lip and hope she was doing okay. He didn't know who else to contact, so he was getting a bit worried. He ended up grabbing his backpack and then skating over to her place.

It took him a little while, but he made it to the gates of her house. He'd ring on the doorbell, waiting for an answer and hoping she'd be there.
  ellocalypse / 45d 16h 28m 25s
She frowned, because she didn’t want him to be working this job in the first place. [b “You shouldn’t be taking these jobs anyway,” ] She mentioned. She half expected him to get mad at her for being push to quit but, it didn’t seem like it, so she would continue. She felt the worry get to her. She’s never been in a situation where she was scared for someone’s life. She watched him lean in and then he caressed her cheek. [b “I am…I’m scared for you. Even if you stop until you heal, what if the next time it’s worse? What if you don’t make it?” ] Tear rolled and she’d have to wipe them. She knew she was very sensitive. She couldn’t help it.

Sylus kissed her cheek. She watched with him. It was really nice and calming. Yet, she couldn’t keep her eys open. She was falling asleep and couldn’t withstand being up much longer. Sylus’ voice woke her, and she got up.

Ara mumbled her words [b “Mmm…yea, I will.” ] Wondering for a moment what she agreed to. She heard the ring of her notification, put a strap over her shoulder and went out the door. She’d pop into the cab and struggle to keep her eyes open or keep her head from bobbling. She wanted to curl up and sleep. She started to fall asleep, until she heard noise. She got out of the cab and waited by a street near the hospital. She couldn’t be weary of her surroundings because she felt so tired.

A figure came up to her. Ara tried to open her eyes more. There was this guy in front of her, and he had a blade, and said, “Give me your fucking bag and phone,” ]
Ara froze up and stared. He repeated it and yelled at her. She whimpered and handed it over, downright too terrified and gave it to him. He grabbed it and ran. Her heart was pounding and she realized just how scared she was. Her driver came shortly and she went right in. When she got home, she was met with disapproval, yelling and when she explained how she had her stuff stolen, it got worse. ‘Stupid’ she was hearing that often.

When she finally got to bed, she crashed. When she woke, she remembered how she couldn’t message Sylus that she got home safe, and she couldn’t message…anyone because her stuff was gone. Even…her laptop that contained her homework. Thankfully, all of it should already be in the cloud, including the footage.

She went to eat, and then would fix herself up a bit before heading with Alister to the police station to report her missing stuff and Ara gave a slight description of what she saw but it was too dark. She went onto getting her new phone, and she’d spend up to lunch time trying to recover what she’d lost, but recent text messages hadn’t been uploaded, so she couldn’t see them. When she got home, she did homework and thought about Sylus too.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 45d 16h 57m 53s
His roommate looked over at her and simply rolled his eyes. He didn't care that she thought that he was dirt poor. He made enough for himself and he felt that as long as he could make enough, nothing else mattered.

Sylus ate up the food with her together and felt like it may have not been a date, but he was glad to have her company with him. He thought about getting his roommate kicked and that would be a great idea, but he didn't know how well it would go [b "Hmm, you're right. That would be a great idea. Then I'd have an empty room, but I don't know. He gives me these jobs to make money"] he sighed and then he met her eyes.

She was so worried and he could see her eyes warming up again. He'd lean into her and caress her cheek [b "Ara....don't cry for me. I know. I'll take better care of myself okay? I'll rest and I won't be doing those types of jobs until I'm better"] he promised her, hating to see her cry.

He'd give her cheek a kiss and then they'd watch a movie together, seeing her slowly drifting. He would gladly stay over, but he didn't want her in trouble, so he woke her and nodded [b "Be safe. I'll see you tomorrow. Text me when you get home"] he told her, seeing her leave his place.

Sylus did his best to get some sleep and work on his homework. He would take the day off tomorrow to rest, but he'd text Ara in the morning. [i "Hope you're okay. I'll be at home today resting because I don't want to see your frowny face :P] he'd send.
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A part of her wanted to flip his roommate but she’s never done that and couldn’t. But she was angry, very angry. [b “No ‘baby’, you’re dirt poor compared to me. You got nothing impressive on you.” ] She said it and saw him continue playing. Ara turned her back and brought the food into his room.

She’d go back out, into the kitchen. She reached up for the plates, grabbing two and bringing it back to his room. She plated the food for them, and had brought napkins as well. She listened to him but wondered if there really was nothing else he could do. [b “I could get you’re roommate kicked out…” ] She mumbled, putting the thought up there. She wanted to be of help, but it was hard for her to do much too. She really hoped she could manage something.

[b “You could have died, of course I’m going to worry a lot.” Ara said, eyes warming up again. She sighed and was glad he at least would stay home and rest [b “And you shouldn’t…you need to rest.” ] She stated. She watched him come in and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. It made her smile a little. She sat beside him, [b “Okay.” ] She would eat with him and watch the movie, holding his hand. She felt a little dizzy still from lack of sleep. Her eyes were closing and she zoned out until she heard Sylus voice. Right… She checked the time and realized, it was getting late. It was already dark outside thanks to fall.

[b “Mmm…I should probably go.” ] She nodded. She got out her phone and rethought about getting her driver since…she didn’t want it to be known where she was picked because she felt certain this time that her dad would ask. She figured she would take a cab to the hospital and then take the drive rest to home.

She set up a cab on her phone, [b “Rest up, I’ll see you around” ] She told him, gently smiling. Ara put her backpack over her shoulder, grab the plates, and box. She went into his kitchen and washed the plates up. She almost passed out standing. She’s never gone through a whole day without at least six hours of sleep. She yawned to herself and finished off cleaning the plates, and left them to dry. She’d wait for the alert on her phone. When she heard it go off, she’d leave.
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He didn't think that Ara could get him a job that would make that much because only doing these illegal drug dealings could get him that much. His eyes would meet hers and she'd smile, making him feel a lot more comfortable being around her like this. He would figure something out and maybe work two part time jobs or something. [b "I hope so"] he sighed a bit, knowing that they depended on him too.

He laid back against the bed and just chose a random show for now, putting it on as he watched Ara leave his room.

HIs roommate just glanced over "Please. I make bank baby. Your boy Sylus over won't even have anything to impress you if I weren't here" he smirked and then he just ignored her and continued playing.

Sylus saw her return and he would point in the direction of the kitchen for the plates. He then thought about this place [b "I mean...there's not much I can do. Until I graduate and can afford my own place, this apartment is kind of like my dorm room"] he admitted, looking back at her. [b "Ara. I'll be okay. Don't worry so much. I know right from wrong and I'll try not to do anything bad. I'm crippled anyway, it's not like I can move around a lot right now"] he told her, seeing her coming over when he asked to kiss her. He'd lean in and kiss her cheek, patting the bed beside him. [b "Come eat and watch with me"] he asked her, letting her scoot on next to him on his bed.

They'd watch a Disney movie together and share a plate of wings and fries. It was relaxing and Sylus felt comfortable beside her. [b "You should probably get going"] he told her after. [b "It's going to get late soon"] he said worriedly.
  ellocalypse / 45d 21h 57m 22s
She wasn’t so sure she could do that, because it seemed like he had so much. She felt bad for even bringing up her own troubles at home. She’d smile at him and gave a smile “Thanks.” ] She was still upset, and exhausted but this situation couldn’t be helped. She heard and said [b “How much do you need?” ] She asked and heard him talk about the orphanage, [b “They’ll be okay. I can help. They must have been okay without you before.” ] She said.

The two of them walked into his room. Sylus didn’t seem to have a TV in his room…so she figured the laptop would be useful for other reasons than just studying She urged him to lay down, and she showed him on her phone what they could eat. [b “Okay, I’ll order them.” ] She nodded. She set the order and when the food came up, she went to the door. She took the box and heard Sylus making a comment.

[b “I’m fifteen and even if I wasn’t, you’re way too low of a standard. You know what I need? Sylus not to be in the same place as dead beat.” ] She bluntly said it. She was so tired, and so upset that she said what she normally keep to herself. She walked back to Sylus room and opened the box for him on a stand. [b “You have plates, right?” ] She asked, figuring she’d get them or trays if he had them so that they wouldn’t make a mess on his bed.

She gave the suggestion. [b “I don’t mind…this place isn’t a place you should be in. You’ll get an infection in no time again with your roommates habits…” ] She wondered if she could report him and get him removed. She was sure that might…get her in trouble if it was found out she did but, who would know anyway?

Ara sat down for a moment, seeing him smiling. She sighed. She met his eyes when he asked a question, [b “Umm…I suppose.” ] She said, and held his hand. She felt just worried.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 45d 22h 8m 40s
He felt like he was watched by her and it was such a relief to know that someone was keeping an eye out. He felt really lucky to have become her friend. [b "Thanks Ara. It's reassuring. You know you can count on me too"] he smiled and then he walked with her outside and then he headed towards the cab.

[b "I don't need that amount. I know it's a lot and I know it hasn't been good money, so I can't really ask for more. I guess anything is good, but I'd like to give the orphanage more"] he admitted and then he held her hand in his and when they arrived at his apartment, he past by his roommate and then he led her towards his room.

He sat down at his bed and was worried that her being here was going to affect her home life. [b "As long as you're going to be okay, then you can stay"] he told her, seeing her face him as he thought about what to eat. [b "How about something easy. Maybe some fries and wings?"] he wondered if that was okay with her. THey chose something quick and then he laid back and saw her setting her laptop on him.

He looked up a show and just relaxed until the food came.

Sylus' roommate saw Ara at the door "Done already? If you're dissatisfied, you should go with me next? I'll show you a better time than Sylus. If you need something too, I can get you what you want" he told her, smirking.

Ara came back and when she returned, he looked up at her [b "It's okay Ara. I don't want you spending so much for me. I'll be fine here. I'll be okay. You taking care of me like this is more than enough"] he smiled and then he called her over. [b "Can I at least give you a thank you kiss?"] he asked.
  ellocalypse / 45d 22h 34m 27s
Ara lifted a smile [b “Whenever you’re in trouble Sy,” ] She promised. She helped him sit up. She grabbed her back and then her eyes widened at the amount he was making. That was her allowance for a month. That…was a lot of money to be making as a teen. She didn’t know what solution she could come up for that. Maybe if she asked her dad to raise her allowance… [b “Do you really need that amount?” ] She asked.

She held his hand, they soon arrived at his apartment. Ara stepped into the apartment and she could smell it-the smoke. It was gross. She held her breath, glancing at his roommate for a second. How could Sylus be around this? Then she recalled how his roommate was the one that got him into this. She wanted to slap him. What if…she told him to stop getting Sylus jobs? If that’s how that worked…

She stepped into Sylus room and heard him speak. Ara couldn’t help but glare because she felt this was partially his fault. She closed the door and sat down with him. [b “Ahmm…I told him that I’m at the hospital. He doesn’t know I’m here, so it’ll be okay.” ] She figured and turned to him [b “What do you want to eat?” ] She asked, showing him her phone and places they could order food from. After they placed her order, she said [b “Sylus, lay down in bed.” ] She than would pull out her the other laptop she brought for him [b “You can watch and use this laptop.” ] She said.

She sat down, and let him rest. She would wait until she got a notification that the food came. [b “One second,” ] She sent to him. Getting up and exiting his room. She went to the door, and got the box of food they ordered. Ugh, maybe this place wasn’t somewhere Sylus should be while he was healing. She went back in and said [b “Sy, I don’t think you should be here while you’re healing. I can get you a hotel until you at least feel better.” ] She offered.
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He didn't want to see her hurt or have her father preventing her from going out. He didn't seem like a good influence on her, so he felt like she should stay away. She believed being here was more important and he was thankful at least. She made him really happy.

[b "I hope so, but that doesn't matter because you did. You were the one who helped me. You and Tanner, so thanks"] he was also really thankful she paid for all of this. He wouldn't have to worry about budgeting or trying to make up the money he'd lost.

He soon got up, nodding his head [b "It's fine Ara. I'd like to at least make maybe like five to six grand a month, but that's impossible with a minimum wage job. I'll also try to find another"] he held her hand in his and walked with her outside of the hospital. They soon took a cab to his place and he would lead her inside. He saw his roommate on the couch playing some games while smoking. He walked with Ara towards his room.

"Woah where'd you find her? She's hot" he'd say.

[b "She's my classmate. We'll be in my room"] he told him.

"Alright. Have fun" he continued to play.

Sylus sat down at his bed. [b "I am a bit hungry, but I'm worried about you too Ara. Are you sure it's okay for you to be here right after school?"] he asked, wanting her to be okay too. He was home and could take care of himself after all.
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