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He figured that no matter what she wore, she'd look really good, so he nodded [b "I guess so. If this is your casual, then it should be fine"] he told her and then he imagined her looking cute when they would shoot the film. He couldn't wait to pretend to be on a date with her. This fancy watch would do the trick and help him score.

She kept asking all of these questions, making him feel a bit uncomfortable because he wasn't sure how to answer them. [b ""] he said her father's company, but he didn't know that. [i Shit] he bit down on his lip and then he rubbed the back of his neck [b "Oh...hmm...maybe it was something else. I told you I forget"] he tried to cover it up for now.

[b "Either way, you'd have income coming in from somewhere. That's nice to have at the very least"] he told her and then he smiled a bit as they relaxed and just ate some gelato. She talked about his mom and he nodded [b "She's all I really had since my mom passed away and my well out of the picture"] he shrugged and then she asked more personal questions.

[b "Um....I guess we didn't work out? I don't know. Sometimes they go out with me to boost their popularity. THen I just stopped doing the going out thing because it wasn't ever real. It doesn't bother me much now though since I'm not really committed"] he admitted and then he could see she was embarrassed to talk about her first boyfriend. [b "Either way you're happy and that's all that matters. The amount of dates don't"] he finished up his gelato and wiped his lips.

[b "Okay....I had a head start? It doesn't bother me. You seem fine anyways. Um...favorite color....I like red. As you can see with my hair. You?"] he asked, relaxing a bit more from the interrogation. He wondered if she would tell someone about his job or something. [b "Let's go check out an outdoor cafe? Um...a nice restaurant? And maybe a shop that could sell a watch like this? Or should we use that shop we bought it from?"]
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[b “First date is pretty casual then.” ] At least that’s what she understood since, what she wore now felt pretty casual to her. She popped up a question and hadn’t meant to flirt, rather then ask if this outfit would be suitable enough for the recording…yet it might have came out the other way. It made her smile either way, [b “Okay, good to know. I’ll wear something similar to this.” ] She just needed to figure out what to do with her hair.

It did make her curious to what he was actually doing…hoping whatever he was doing was actually safe. Ara nodded [b “Small…company?” ] She raised a brow and stared at him blankly when he mentioned her family’s company. [b “Sylus, that’s my dad’s company and it’s anything but small. I didn’t know they allowed sixteen year old’s to sell drugs.” ] She mentioned, wondering if he was lying to her.

She knew everyone made it a big deal that if her brother was out of the way that she’d run it. But, she didn’t want to even if it wasn’t sure thing that Lister would be. [b “Well…my brother will be taking over. I get a bit of shares, but for the most part, I have to find other means, which I’d rather do anyway.” ] She shrugged.

They got to the gelato place. It tasted so good and sweet. She liked talking about his mom. She was so kind. She wondered if she knew just how many girls Sylus hung around. Probably not. Her dad only knew that she had a boyfriend. Joseph may be adopted but he was also adopted in a pretty well off family. So her dad didn’t mind, as long as…well nothing not reversible happened.

[b “I can tell. She’s very kind, you’re very lucky to grow up with her.” ] She said and shew as glad he liked her idea too. He looked like spaced out a bit. She wondered what he was thinking but decided not to dig so much, since she already had and with the next question.

She listneed to him and couldn’t believe it had only been a month. Did that even count? [b “Ohh, how come so short?” ] She asked. She figured he’d been on a good number of first dates. He said he had never been rejected. [b “Reputation…why? It boosts it?” ] She asked, since all it seemed to do to her was make people not like her. And then her cheeks warmed, [b “… Yes, Joseph is my first boyfriend. I don’t know if the stuff before Joseph is called dates…so maybe technically…one.” ] She said, wondering if that was normal or not. And then she said, [b “I’m one year younger than you anyway, so…you had a head start, that’s all…and I like to stick it to one person.” ] She said and then went onto asking an easy question, [b “What’s your favorite color?” ] And hoped to distract him out of it. And then she realized, she didn’t tell him that she actually skipped a year and that’s why she was in his grade. Well, if he didn’t know, he knew now and big whoop. It didn’t seem like Sylus’ judged.
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He looked at her clothes and then he laughed a bit [b "Yeah! Like what you're wearing right now. Girls would wear that on a first date!"] he thought about it and imagined this kind of being like a first date. It was rather easy to go on a date with her since he already has spent a good amount of time with her. In that time, he hasn't seen Joseph that much either.

[b "Yeah you look cute today"] he told her. [i Everyday] he smiled and just walked with her towards the other shops. It did bother him when she was asking him all of these questions. These should be questions that were relatively easy to ask, but they were hard to answer and he wasn't exactly sure how he could answer them correctly. [b "My workplace? It's a small company in town. He remembered the name of the pharmaceutical company that was on the bag of drugs the other night. He mentioned her father's company's name.

He then asked if she needed a job even though it seemed she was fine with her allowance. He thought about her owning a company and it was a shocking thing. At her age she could already have her life set up. [b "That's crazy. You don't even have to worry about school or not making money. You're set"] he told her, a bit surprised.

He sat with her at the gelato shop and ate his gelato. [b "My mom's good at making dessert. She likes to make the kids happy"] he told her, thinking about some places they could shoot their date at. [b "An outdoor cafe would be really nice too. Romantic. I'm sure we can always shoot at your house"] he imagined coming into her room in just a robe, maybe his speedo underneath. He shook his head and focused.

Her questions kept getting more personal and he didn't know if he should continue asking. [b "I have. My longest girlfriend would probably be a month. Right now I don't have one. I've been on a few first dates yeah. I never really felt interested recently mostly because nowadays the girls just want to get close to me for reputation purposes. What about you? First boyfriend? How many dates have you went on?"]
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She peaked down at her outfit [b “You mean, what I’m wearing now?” ] She asked, since she was wearing a skirt and a lace white top. She didn’t remember asking him what he thought looked cute but it made her smile. [b “Do I look cute-um, nevermind, you don’t have to answer that.” ] She quickly spoke.

She did want to dig in and find out what his job was. [b “Oh, so, a company like my dads. Umm…” ] Ara paused her thought for a second and thought about it. Over the counter medicine for cheap? Was Sylus a drug dealer because she was pretty damn sure they wouldn’t just let teenagers sell any type of drugs. [b “So…where is your workplace?” ] She asked. [i There’s no way he’s a drug dealer. Now you’re just exaggerating it. ] She figured. She couldn’t believe she even thought that. But…it kind of made sense. [i Crazy thought. ]
Then he popped her a question. And he gave her a way to actually figure out what the hell he was actually doing. She didn’t need a job. [b “It’s interesting. Could always gain some experience,” ] She mentioned [b “If my brother doesn’t take my dad’s company, than it’ll probably be after all.” ] But she knew that Alister was definitely taking it and she absolutely did not want to take it. She did not admire her dad’s lifestyle…or him that much.

[b “I know… I know you’ll make ends meet. I’m not worried.” ] She was, but she didn’t want him to know that. He took her to a gelato shop. She picked her flavour and sat down with him. Sylus released her hand, and it would make sense to.
[b “Mmm, I can tell. You’re mom makes a lot of cookies. They taste so good.” ] She hardly got to eat cookies too afterall. He was grinning, and it made her smile. She listened to his response. [b “That would cute,” ] She smiled and remembered [b “Well my house is pretty big, not bad place for gathering footage.” ] She admitted.

[b “Um…I had outdoor café, park… but the one of my house is nice too.” ] Then she’d listen to his first dates. She remembered her fast date with Joseph, at a rooftop restaurant. It had been so nerve racking and fun…and it dwindled.
[b Have you had a lot of first dates?” ] She asked curiously, [b “Did you ever have a girlfriend?” ] She asked and then remembered these were personal questions, [b “Sorry, you don’t have to tell me.” ] She ate the gelato, really enjoying it.
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Wearing something like this really did make him feel out of place. But when he looked in the mirror, his sixteen year old self felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and he shouldn't be giving it up. He really wanted to do the shoot with her and be in it. Sylus smiled and decided to get the outfit since Ara looked him so much. He assumed she thought he looked great.

He would let her pay for it and then they walked around outside [b "Hmm, for girls...maybe a skirt and a nice top. Nothing too formal, but of course more than a shirt and jeans, but to long as she looks cute, I don't mind what she wears"] he admitted and then he saw the gelato shop at the corner of his eye. Ara kept buying him things and he wanted to buy her something in return.

She suddenly asked about his job and he wondered why she was so curious. [b "Me? It's a pharmaceutical company. A private one. I forget the name. My other job...I sell over the counter medicine for cheap. It's mostly the generic stuff, not the brand name ones"] he told her. Sylus would look over at her curiously [b "Does it interest you? It doesn't seem like you need a job, but if you're interested....I can see what I can do?"] he wondered. Was she just trying to get to know him more? [b "Don't worry about me, I make ends meet remember?"] he tried to convince her.

Sylus ended up taking her to a gelato shop. He let her choose a flavor she wanted and then he sat down across from her, eating his chocolate chip. He looked at her and shook his head [b "You have cheer. You won't get fat"] he told her, shaking his head. He realized he was still holding her hand, so he let her go for a moment and just continued eating. [b "It hits the spot. I love dessert"] he grinned, thinking about the places they could film. [b "Yeah. We can also decide on where the first date could be. A restaurant? Or maybe I could come home and you could be there and I bring some flowers and stuff? Either way it'll have to look fancy"] he smiled.

[b "I have some time. We can look around. Do you have a place in mind? My first dates are usually like at the fair, or restaurant. Um...maybe at a sporting event? I guess we can keep it classy somehow"]
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Sylus came out in the leather jacket, jeans she picked plus the white V-neck. She stood there and admired how it fit on him. It really suit him well. Ara giggled [b “You do look like a movie star.” ] She lifted her eyes up at his, and saw him smiling. It was good to see him smile again. She took the clothes after he changed.
[b “Mmm…yea, probably. I’ll find something in my closet.” ] She nodded. She wasn’t too worried about the outfit she would wear. Although… [b “What do people wear normally on their first date? Apparently…I over dressed. Or so, everyone says I always overdress.” ] Which she didn’t understand because she thought people just underdressed period.

Her mind drifted off, and she remembered his mom telling her that Sylus supported him…and how Sylus made easy money…and then the thing she heard outside of her window. Maybe itw as all in her head, and none of it was connected.
[b “You do? What company do you work for/” ] She asked with innocence. [b “Oh, really? What are you selling?” ] She basically wanted to catch him in a lie. Maybe she shouldn’t be digging, and that it was none of her business but…she couldn’t help it. When she heard someone could be in a tough spot, she felt the urge to help somehow. [b “No I’m not worried about you not making enough time. You seem to always get your work done.” ] She cleared up.

Ara purchased the clotehs and they were walking again. Ara shrugged [b “No big deal. It’s for our project anyway.” ] She wondered if she needed to buy something else. She did want to go to places that they could set there filming in and get his take. [b “Gelato? No problem, I’ not sure I have that much of a butt,” She joked. She felt a little surprised he took her hand, but she liked it. Things felt okay again. She let him lead her into the shop. [b “With the amount of sweets I’m eating because of you-I’m going to get fat.” ] She mentioned and decided to go for pasticcio this time.
[b “Thanks for getting me gelato,” ] She smiled at him, feeling the warmth of his hand. [i You shouldn’t even be holding his hand.] She realized she hadn’t let him go. She’d sit down and take bites, “Oh this is good.” She said mainly to herself. She looked back at him, [b “Um, I wanted to check out the places we could film out. Is that okay? Do you have the time?” ]
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He knew she could afford it, but at the same time, he knew it was a lot of money. It was making him feel really guilty for just spending it like that. After all, he could supply the orphanage with food for for a few days with that money. Seeing it go into an unnecessary watch like this seemed like a waste. Still, ARa said he could keep it, so he would.

They talked and he explained how he's never been rejected and he just needed to cope with it and figure things out. She made a point that it would go away, but it didn't really feel right coming from the person that rejected him. She even admitted she was never rejected before. It didn't make any sense.

He followed her into the store and looked through the men's section. He could smell the leather, looking at different jackets, but didn't think he'd look good in any of them. When she found one for him, he took it and then he picked out a white vneck shirt and then she handed him some jeans. When he tried it on in the fitting room, he stared in the mirror for a second. HE looked really good. He also really liked it. WHen he came out, he smiled up at Ara and nodded [b "I look like a movie star"] he chuckled and then he handed the clothes to her after he changed.

[b "What are you going to wear for the shoot? I mean....every one of your daily outfits are really pretty anyway....I'm sure you could use any of those if you wanted to"] he told her.

But when she brought up his job, Sylus didn't want to tell her a thing. [b "I make some deliveries yeah. Um...I've tried a few different ones, but the deliveries give me more money. I also have a....salesman job too. I'm helping sell some new products on the market"] he told her, wondering why she was asking. [b "You don't have to worry about that though. I can make time for our project"] he told her, soon walking out of the store with her.

[b "Thanks for the clothes....but you really don't have to spend so much money on me"] he looked around, seeing a gelato shop. [b "Come on. I'm going to at least buy you some gelato. No butts"] he told her, taking her hand and leading her into the shop.
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[b “I can afford it.” ] She assured, and then she got him saying she should spend her money wisely. [b “Where else would I spend it? It’s for a project.” ] She defended. Ara flipped on a smile when he said he’d take it. [b “It will be amazing.” ]

She stopped, to talk to him. She wanted things to be somewhat comfortable. She knew it wouldn’t be entirely but, she hated having him avoid eye contact with her like this. She made an attempt to cheer him up, but…it didn’t seem to be working because he shrugged. What did he expect to happen? She sighed, not really knowing how to fix how he felt. [b “It’ll go away…you’ll easily forget it soon enough.” ] She promised, and would walk outside with him, making there way towards the shop she wanted to bring him to.
[b “Then you’ll own your first one.” ] She said, and had to mention to him that he should look like he belonged.

They stepped into the store with him. She led him to the men’s section. The area smelled like leather. She looked through some leather jacekts. She found one that she liked, simple and she thought it would look nice on him. She took it out [b “What do you think?” ] She asked. Ara tilted her head [b “Of course, let’s get you some pants-how do you feel about jeans?.. and I’ll let you pick a shirt.” ] She mentioned. She’d find him pants and let him pick a shirt before they went into the fitting room. Ara stood back and would wait for him to try it out and come out. When he did, smiled, and felt her heart leaping again. [i Calm down… ] That bitterness was still there after all.

[b “It suits you. How does everything feel on you? Comfortable?” ] She asked, coming in and fixing how the clothes sat up on him a bit. She was reminded of feeling his chest last night, and stepped back, realizing she was staring at him a bit. [b “If you like it, I’ll make the purchase.” ] She told him. She just wanted him to look good in the video, and there was the bonus of getting him something since she knew he must worked so hard to get money to help his family. He deserved this.

[b "'re mom told me that you might be doing deliveries for your job? Do you have multiple jobs?" ] She asked, knowing she shouldn't dig in but...she felt concerned and he said it was easy it did worry her.
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He looked at the watch and thought it looked really cool and futuristic. He fell in love with it and knew instantly that this would be the perfect watch for their video. He looked it over and when he showed Ara, she instantly bought it. It had Sylus staring in shock. [b "I....but....I guess...if you can afford should also be wise with where you spend your money"] he tried to tell her, sighing softly because he felt bad. [b "I'll take it a memory of how amazing this video is going to be"] he told her, using that as an excuse. He really liked the watch.

He couldn't really avoid her anymore and he was realizing that. They had to work together on this project to make it work. [b "I did have fun. I guess you're right"] he shrugged, not regretting helping her out, but he did regret kissing her back if it made him feel like this. He frowned when she spoke and he continued to look at the watches.

[b "Well, I guess not, but I feel that way"] he followed her out of the shop and thought about what he should wear for the shoot. She made that much in a week?!? Here he was tapping into illegal deals just make ends meet. Sylus sighed softy [b "If you want to, then I can't stop you"] he followed her to the shops and when she asked about leather jackets, he wasn't sure about them. [b "I don't know...I don't own one. I mean, we can check it out?"] he suggested and then he was told to look like he belonged there. WHy?

He walked into the store and saw that everything was definitely above his price range. He tried not to gasp or say anything at all and he would pull the sleeve on his arm down because he knew that sometimes people would just judge him as a delinquent. He followed ARa to the men's section, never having been in a store like this. He let her pick out a jacket for him. [b "This looks really....nice?"] he's never worn one before. [b "Is there anything else I should get?"] he asked before walking towards the fitting room to try it on.
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Ara admired the design of the watch. It would be perfect, and make the whole video authentic. [b “Why not? It’s easier to buy it,” ] She said, as she went to purchase it. [b “It’s only eight hundred…I mean, I can afford it.” ] She half smiled. She heard him gasp. What? She raised a brow and then saw him shaking his head and talking about he would feel bad. [b “I’m not going to wear it. If you don’t want it, I’ll give it to Joseph or Tanner. Otherwise, you can take it. You don’t have to feel bad.” ] She didn’t like how she always had to be careful when she was buying stuff for others.

She brought the conversation up, because she didn’t want to feel like this and she didn’t like him avoiding eye contact wit her like this. [b “I’m upset about yesterday too, but… I still had a lot of fun with you and, I don’t regret it. At least…it gave me good memories of you too.” ] Despite the ending, she just wanted to pretend like that didn’t happen. She also wanted things to fall back in line. Re…jected?

She didn’t think of it that way. She opened her mouth but locked it because she felt ‘Did you really expect me to say yes after you said you’d try not to fuck other girls’ would get into an argument. [b “Me neither, must not feel great.” ] She said again, and realised that came out a bit passive aggressive. She sighed, [b “I don’t think that counts as a rejection. You didn’t actually ask if I wanted to date you.” ] She hoped that she could help him to feel a bit better than this.

Ara nodded while walking out of the shop with him [b “Yea, of course, we need to still buy our outfits… I did? It was just one week worth.” ] She said and recalled, he was not rich and she probably sounded like a spoiled rich kid now. [b “I mean…I’m lucky enough to be able to. Don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal.” ] She tried to say. There were other shops around [b “I think you’d look really cool in a leather jacket, do you like leather jackets? I know a store near by.” ] She said, and wondered if he would talk about how expensive it was again, and then she also remembered…

Ara turned, stopped and faced him and said, [b “Just um…Sylus, look like you belong there, don’t look at the prices, and definitely don’t look surprised.” ] She half worried they’d think that he was there to steal or just didn’t belong. Hopefully they didn’t have people like that working but she’s ran it into a few times and saw it happen.

She’d reach the store, casually opening the door. She had full intent to get him an expensive outfit, wanting to also get the best grade of course.
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Being at the orphanage felt like home even for Sylus, but when he went there and saw ARa there, he was still bitter about it all, but he knew that they had to work on their project together. He thanked his mother and gave her another hug. She told him he didn't need to work so hard and go to school at the same time, but he insisted.

He said goodbye to his siblings, waving and then waiting for the taxi when he sat in the back with her. He stared out the window because he still couldn't face her. IT wasn't until she started fixing his make up that he realized he had to face her sooner or later.

He walked with her into the shop and would look around for a moment, checking all the different kinds. He wanted to pick a futuristic watch, so when he pointed to one, he didn't think Ara would just buy it. [b "Wait. don't have to buy it, we can use it as reference. It's expens-..."] he watched her buy it and pay for it with her card. The watch was worth more than what he could give to the orphanage a month sometimes. He gasped and then he shook his head [b "You should keep it after. That's a lot of money....I'd feel bad"] he told her, finally meeting her in the eyes.

After spending that much, she was still going on about outfits? He sighed a bit [b "I...I'm fine. I'm still upset over yesterday. IT's not your outfit....and....I've never been rejected before, so it's new for me. Just....don't mind me, I'll deal with this"] he told her.

[b "You still want to shop? You spent a lot of money here already"] he told her, feeling like he was just here on the side....he couldn't even help her pay for the watch.
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She had fun spending time with the kids, and talking. She couldn’t help but adore them. This house really felt like a home. She’s never been around so much energy in the morning. Sylus came over, and she was a bit bummed out that she didn’t get to spend some more time with them but, they did need to get the work done.

Ara waved at the kids and thanked the mother for allowing her to come by. The taxi came in. She popped into the back with Sylus. She looked at the side of his face, and…it felt obvious that he was avoiding looking at her. She dipped her head down, but did a look again and spotted a bruise. He got startled, she’d lean back. [b “Hold on…” ] Ara went into her bag and began covering up the bruise, and remembered what the dorm mother told her about jobs he worked. It didn’t seem like she even knew exactly, just a rough idea.

They stepped out of the car, and she walked toward the shop with him. She would keep an eye out for watches. A sales person offered to help her up, and she would explain what she was looking for. Then Sylus called her over. She walked toward him, [b “That’s very nice. We should go with that one,” ] She gently smiled, and wondered if they needed to talk…but she felt weird about talking about it. She didn’t know if he was mad at her or just didn’t want to talk to her. [b “You can keep the watch after we’re done with it.” ] She mentioned. She told the sales person she wanted that particular watch.

She went to ring it up, and paid for it with her credit card. She turned to Sylus [b “Do you like the strap? Should we find a different strap for it?” ] She asked him, since he would be wearing it. It seemed like he was really avoiding eye contact. [b “We can look for our outfits after…,” ] She mentioned, and just couldn’t stand it, [b “Do you want to talk? You keep avoiding looking at me and I’m pretty sure it’s not my outfit.” ] It was hard…but she didn’t want this coldness. It bit. It was hard to be around him, but she still wanted to make it work if they couldn’t be together.
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The orphanage was so lively in the morning that the dorm mother couldn't even really calm the children. She let them all help Ara bring in the boxes, but she told them not to touch a single one so that the clothes could be handed out fairly.

THe dorm mother helped ARa set out the food for the kids, seeing that it was things the kids would enjoy "Then thank you for thinking about us. I'm sure the kids will appreciate it all" she thought Ara was a sweetheart and wondered where her Sylus found someone like this. She set out the cookies and tea for Ara and then Sylus soon came in.

He walked into the house, hugging his siblings and bringing in a box of donuts as he set it on the table. HE saw the other food from last night and he made it a point not to sneer at Ara for bringing all this here. He said hi and went to his mother, giving her a hug and then sliding the money into her pocket. His mother would try and give some back, but he'd shake his head [b "Keep it all"] he told her and then he saw ARa with the kids.

HE went over and asked her where to first. It was getting hard not to make eye contact and he didn't want it to be too awkward, so he just shrugged and walked with her into the taxi. He sat beside her in the back, but his eyes were out the window, looking around.

He heard her talking and when he saw her leaning in, he was startled a little, remembering how close she was last night. It wasn't fair. He couldn't see his face, so he just nodded [b "Okay. Thanks"] he told her, letting her take care of his face and soon enough they arrived. He didn't meet her eyes and would just keep glancing off. He didn't want to really talk to her. This was more for school purposes.

He stepped out of the car and waited for her. He's never been to this tech shop before, so he just followed her into the shop, looking around curiously and making notes of which watch he thought would be cool to use as their idea. He really liked the circle shaped watches. Once Sylus found one, he called Ara over [b "What about something like [,paur:ClkAsKraX8cqHjONjyGYlaLL5A0AxsOaP2bd4i4ym9jXa3u0jLIHyyLaKeS7tjqaBI00k8vAJbPM0gVTHh52l_ZrZ0VBVRrPDGd-qgn4f-oAlMJdjUUBS_8dAxIZAFPVH71U5ZHHasvfS0FPQAD_MZAhFWZeDw&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi16fDPl5_iAhVUrp4KHWzACUEQpdQCCBIoAA this] for the main design?"] he asked.
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[b “You didn’t make me…I did…” ] Ara spoke softly while he was already exiting.

Ara watched the kids team up to carry the boxes. Ara grinned, finding it so adorable. She helped carry them in, and thanked them for there help. She set the box down and stood in the kitchen where she set the box of food, containing appetizers, cupcakes, some junk food.
[b “It’s really no problem. I didn’t know what to do with this stuff, so it’s kind of helping me in away.” ] Ara gently smiled, tucking her blonde hair back.
Ara admired the dorm mother telling the kids that they couldn’t touch the boxes with clothes yet. She imagined what her mother would be like if she were alive. Would she continue to be as gentle as she remembered? Would she be stern? Would she convince her dad to let her just be a kid. [i I wish I knew. ] She spaced out, and noticed a kid tempted to look at the box.

[b “Thank you, I’d love to.” ] Ara said. She did take some tea, and cookies and sat down. Emilia came over, and she end up doing the little girl’s hair again. She could har the door open from the kitchen. She heard SYlus’ voice and the weight fell on her shoulders. Her mind watched his voice of words he said while they were kissing, and his body was so warm…and then ‘I’ll try to say no’ – and then cheating on her boyfriend.

She took a deep berath, looking at him and quietly saying, [b “Hi.” ] But he looked away before she said it. She saw Sylus giving the money and then play with the kids. It felt…cold between them.
The fourteen year old teenage girl, Olivia came over to Ara, asking how to deal with the second week of high school. She end up telling her that they were on the same boat, since this was her second week too. And then she asked quietly if something happened with her and Sylus. Ara would lightly shrug, [b “Something did…do you think he’s mad at me?” ] She whispered. Then again, Sylus was the person who probably expected her to drop Joseph and go for him when he probably couldn’t even stop saying no to someone else. [i How could he possibly think I would be okay with that?” ]

Olivia shrugged, “If he is, it’ll be fine, he’ll cool down.” Ara smiled at her, and thanked her.
Ara heard Sylus’ voice again. She looked over at him, feeling the tightness in her chest, [b “Yea, no problem. Um…sure.” ] She said, and got up and went to him. He avoided eye contact. [b “I’ll call a taxi. There’s a tech shop we can go to, they’ll probably have what we’re looking for.” ] She mentioned. It felt…tense. She took out her phone and got a taxi for them unless he objected. She looked at Sylus, and then leaned in, but felt her heartbeat pound. She did anyway [b “One of your bruises is showing up, do you want me to help you cover it up?” ]
  Ravenity / 10d 11h 12m 21s
He tried to tell her that he would treat her better, but when she said he didn't know that, he felt like he really could. He saw the way he treated her. A trophy girlfriend there at his side, only to make out with or have sex with. Can't watch her tryouts and won't spend time with her after. He sighed a bit and nodded, trying to tell her he'd make a step in a good direction.

When she spoke, it seemed like he shouldn't have anyone until he could say no. It really hurt to hear that. [b "Yeah. I'm sorry for making you do that too"] he left for the night and figured she'd probably not want anything else to do with him after that.


The dorm mother let Ara into the house, having the kids help her out, bringing the boxes in so that she wouldn't struggle at all. "Thank you dear, but you don't have to be thinking about us all the time. We really appreciate it" she told her and then the dorm mother told the kids to not touch any boxes. They'd sort through them all later so it was fair.

When she asked about Sylus, the dorm mother brought her into the kitchen for now. "I'm not sure. He said something about being a delivery boy and a door to door salesman, but that boy is always working so hard for our sake, I can't just tell him to stop when he won't" she told him.

The kids were tempted to look at the boxes, but the dorm mother just helped set out the food so they could all have snacks. She looked over at ARa "I made some tea and cookies Ara, you should stay and have some" she told her.

Sylus soon knocked on the door when he arrived. He saw little Tim opening the door and he rubbed his head, carrying him in his arms as he headed into the house. His eyes looked over at Ara [b "Hey"] he glanced away and then he walked over to hug his mom. He gave her more of his money and then he played with the kids a little, seeing that Ara brought some boxes. He looked over at her [b "Thanks for bringing some like you said. Should we head out and buy what we need?"] he didn't care to spend time with her that much anymore. She made it clear that whatever happened yesterday shouldn't have happened. He could play friends for now until this project was over.

[b "Where to first? checking out some watches?"] he asked her, not making any eye contact because he felt anxious. If he looked her in the eyes, he'd just feel hurt and angry again. He shouldn't have fallen into kissing her yesterday.
  ellocalypse / 10d 11h 43m 15s

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