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He thought about the day and it was pretty exhausting considering they went traveling and he had some anxiety from the whole flight. The car ride to the hotel was pretty quick as they let the bell hop take care of the luggage. They made it towards their room and as soon as the door open, Sylus could tell that this place wasn't cheap at all. Ara sure had a lot of money to spend.

He looked around the large beautiful room and he would grin because it was amazing. They really were at a disney hotel. It reminded him of the movie Rapunzel. He jumped right in and then he leaned into her, seeing her going in for a kiss. He kissed her soft lips and then he peeked up at the ceiling. They had some amazing decor.

She went to the bathroom and he wondered if she was doing okay. She had a pained expression on her face and he looked worried. [b "As long as you're okay"] he held in his arms and then he kissed the back of her neck, walking towards the balcony. He saw the beautiful view outside where they could see the park. He smiled [b "THat's where we'll be tomorrow!"] he said happily.

He sat beside her and felt her leg brushing up against him. He'd wrap his own around hers and then he would face her pretty blue eyes in the night light. [b "I mean....I do like being free without anything to tie me down. At least right now I'd want to do whatever I want. Maybe sometime later I'd want to get married and spend the rest of my time with someone"] he told her, wondering what she wanted. He had an idea that maybe Ara wanted someone she could be with forever since she did like the whole fairytale romance and wedding thing.

[b "I'm glad you brought me here. It's really a romantic place. I think this might be the best date and weekend ever"]
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They walked toward the car together. He did look a bit tired. [b “It’s okay, we’ll get to rest soon.” ] Ara said.

Soon enough, they were faced with a beautiful large room. Ara felt like she was straight in a fairy-tale and she adored fairtytales so, this was perfect. She sat and then lay on the bed. Sylus came in right after her. She flashed a smile at him, liking how he enjoyed it too. [b “Isn’t it? It’s like we’re in a fairytale.” ] Ara dreamt a little, lost in her mind, imaging some cheesy story. She leaned into him and kissed his lips. Even the ceiling had decorative moulding, with a chandelier.

[b “That’s okay, we can go outside tomorrow,” ] Ara shrugged. She wasn’t so sure herself if she could go walking around right now. She felt weird, and so she went into the bathroom and then came back, sitting next to him. His arm wrapped around her and she thought it was just so sweet. She felt too embarrassed to tell him what it was. [b “I’m okay.” ] She gently smiled, [b “Mmm, I’d like to relax in the balcony.” ] She said.

Ara got up and made it to the French balcony doors. She’d open it up and they had a beautiful view of the park. There were two chairs and a table. She sat down and waited for him to come by. With no screens besides there phones, they only had each other and the view.

[b Sy, I’m really glad you’re in my life…you make me feel really happy being next to you.” ] Ara would rub her leg a little with his underneath the table. She’d look into his eyes and decided to just know him more, [b “Just curious, are you the type of person that you’d think you could stay with someone for the rest of your life…or hate the idea of being tied down.” ] She wondered
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He liked her company and he felt like he could be himself around her. That's all he really wanted right now, someone to accept the fact that he was human, had flaws, wasn't rich or anything, but was trying to just live through it all. He told her he loved Klara, but now that they were only friends, he figured that wasn't something Ara would ever need to worry about.

He wanted to know if she felt that way about him, so when he asked her what would happen if he told her he loved her, she didn't seem to have a good expression and thought he was just teasing. Sylus would just shift the topic and when they finally landed, he held onto her hand again, looking outside and feeling the ground below them.

He helped carry all the luggage and walked with ARa outside [b "We did. Great first flight"] he was a bit tired, but he couldn't wait to spend time with Ara. [b "I'm fine. Just a bit tired"] he got into the taxi with her and then they made it to the hotel. WHen they headed inside, he gave the luggage to the bell hop and then he followed Ara up to their room.

The minute the door opened, he just stared blankly at how amazing it looked. [b "Oh wooow!"] he smiled, taking a peek around and then seeing the bed, the colored room and the high ceilings. It looked like they were in a castle. [b "This place is amazing"] he saw her on the bed and he would run and jump on the other side, laughing and then laying back, seeing the ceiling.

His eyes watched her [b "I am a bit, but we can go outside and walk around if you want?"] he saw her head to the bathroom with a pained expression and then when she came out, he walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist [b "Are you sure you're okay? Maybe we should just rest in, or relax at the balcony?"] he wondered, seeing that she took pain killers and something was up.
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He made her all giggly inside and it was hard to contain it. She liked being able to snuggle in with him. She didn’t thik he had loved Klara but that also made sense. Only friends… She wondered if Klara still harboured feelings for Sylus. She hoped not. [b “Alright.” ]

She didn’t tell him because it sounded like he was joking around and she didn’t want to say it yet. She did have to get creative on how she had to shut herself up so she wouldn’t say it though. Sylus said that he loved her so casually that she felt that he was joking again. That he was teasing her. She heard him whisper something but she wasn’t sure if she heard it right.

They began to descent and Sylus took her hand again. She looked at him sand saw him closing her eyes. She giggled [b “Sy, we’ll be okay, you don’t need to close your eyes. We have a great view.” ] She tried to point out. The plane finally landed.

They grabbed there luggage and made it to the exit. It was already dark ouside. That didn’t leave much room to spend outside but that was fine because they had all day tomorrow. [b “Decent? It wasn’t scary, we had a lot of fun,” ] Ara said, hearing him sigh. She frowned, did she do something wrong? They made it through baggage pick up and got a taxi. B “Sy…are you okay?” ] Ara asked.

They car spotted. She walked with him inside and they had someone to carry there luggage to their room for them.They got to the door and when it opened up, they viewed the luxurious purple and gold room. The door closed and Ara instantly jump to sit on the bed.

[b “What do you think? I think it’s quite nice.” ] Ara smiled and fell down to lay on the bed, stretching her arms out. She then sat back up and looked at him. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss, [b “Are you tired out?” ] And then…she made a slight face and got up. [b “One second.” ] Ara went into her luggage, pulled out a small concealed back and went into the bathroom. After a few minutes she came back, [b “Do you want to walk outside for a bit or should we rest for the night?” ]
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He wanted to thank her because unlike her, he knew how hard it was to work for money. He had to get himself into something illegal just to make ends meet. HE saw her laugh and he'd shrug a bit, shaking his head as he faced her. He didn't think she'd ever understand what it was like not to have money, but he figured, they could both learn a thing or two from each other. [b "Yes you taste sweet"] he stayed beside her and snuggled in.

They finished the movie and she she asked him about love, he mentioned Klara. [b "Yeah we are. Only friends"] he told her, knowing Klara had kind of turned into a player like him a bit. He faced her and then he asked her if she was falling for him. Seeing her reaction was really cute. He liked the way she was turning red and then trying to stuff her face.

He decided to ask her what she would do if he fell for her, but it didn't seem like she liked that question at all. He shrugged a bit and decided to just let it go. [b "I'm not really joking though"] he'd whisper beneath his breath and then he heard the announcement.

Once they were landing, he'd hold onto her hand again, closing his eyes and feeling the drops. Sylus really enjoyed coasters, so that part felt kind of fun, but he was still a bit afraid at the bumpy landing. He felt the plane touch down and he smiled a bit. At least he was okay. He relaxed a bit and was glad people were clapping. It made him feel much more relieved.

As he grabbed their luggage, he followed Ara after, heading towards the exit and seeing it was already dark outside. [b "That was a decent ride. But I'm kind of relieved it's over"] he sighed a bit and then he got into the cab with her, placing their luggages in the back.

They sat beside each other as Sylus peeked out the window, looking around at the city lights and the people walking around. They drove towards the resort, but Sylus still had no clue what kind of hotel they'd be staying at just yet. He kept Ara's hand in his through the whole ride, leaning into her.
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[b “Sy, you don’t have to thank me so much.” ] She laughed. She enjoyed there meal and getting this much attention from him. She liked how he held her hand, or when he put his arm around her waist…and even kissing her. It all felt so good. This was a great flight. She nodded [b “You are. Thank you…taste?” ] Ara blushed. She watched him come in and give her another kiss. She kissed him back, feeling all that warm love when she did.

Ara didn’t know how she felt about telling him. She felt it might just make it awkward. [b “Um…yea, something like that, but I’m okay.” ] Ara gently smiled. She leaned onto him, finishing the movie with him. She brought up the question, curious…wanting to know if he ever did and if he’d known what it would feel like. Well, she thought she knew. [b “You’re still friends?” ] Ara asked. She wondered just how close they were. She was friends with Klara now, but they weren’t that close.

Ara lifted up her head, blushing and looking off when he began teasing her. She knew he was joking, so even if she said she did, then it would make things awkward and she didn’t want to hear another rejection yet. Not that she could blame him for what he felt.

She leaned her head against the airplane,. She figured he was joking when he said he loved her too. It wasn’t that many days ago he said he said he really liked her and got awkward when… It wasn’t funny and it upset her. [b “Right,” ] She faked a laugh [b “I don’t think you should joke around about that… that’s something serious.” ] She didn’t really want to meet his eyes right now, because it kind of hurt.

She heard the announcement and she sat up a bit. She half smiled [b “Yea, we are. Im glad I can make your first flight really nice.” ] Ara said, peaking over at him. Then the seatbelt sign came back on. She buckled up and then they began to land, and it was a bit bumpy, giving that feeling of your stomach dropping. Once the plane landed, some people clapped. Ara did not.

[b “Come on Sy, let’s grab our luggage. We’ll get a taxi after,” ] Ara said, rising up and as she was going to reach for her luggage, Sylus end up doing it. It was already 8pm.
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He was amazed with the amount of food that was available right now. He didn't think he could eat something so fancy, so high up in the sky. It really was an eye opener and it did make him feel fancy. He would nod his head [b "Yeah it really is, but I've never experienced something like this before, so thanks!"] he felt lucky to be treated so nicely like this. Only Ara has ever made him feel this way or took such good care of him.

They were enjoying the flight, his hand in hers as he leaned in and gave her a kiss. HE couldn't help it, she was sweet, caring, and kind. He fed her dessert and then he smiled, seeing she liked it. He took a bite and chuckled a bit [b "I am? You're pretty sweet too. You taste sweet also"] he smiled, giving her a kiss.

When he saw her take the pain killer, he wondered what was wrong. [b "Do you have a headache?"] he let her lean on him and looked worried, wondering what hurt. Then she asked him about being in love and he nodded [b "Yeah, but that was a long time ago. We're just friends now"] he told her, knowing that she must have loved Joseph as well.

Then his eyes went to and asked her if she was in love with him. He was only teasing through. He saw her eyes widen and then she looked okay. [b "Are you sure? What if I told you that I was in love with you?"] he wondered, seeing her stuff her mouth. She must have really liked the dessert.

He wasn't really lying. She's accepted him for who he was and she's saved him many times already when no one else really cared. Sylus could see that they were soon going to land soon. He actually didn't mind flying at all. Ara made it all worth while and he was glad she was able to keep him comfortable. [b "We're almost there! Time flies. This is actually really nice. I'm glad my first flight is with you"]
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Ara thought the food was just fine. She liked watching the movie with him, and then she mentioned first class on long haul flights. She half smiled [b “I guess…for the average person it would be.” ] She didn’t see it as that bad. Her dad only got her first or business class. It was her normal, and she realized she didn’t really have friends until now that weren’t as wealthy as her. So, it was odd for her for Sylus always to mention things were expensive or keep mentioning it.

She recorded him and he kissed her lips. Her heartbeat moved faster, and she would kiss him back. It was so nice. Ara opened her mouth and he fed her, she did the same to him and saw his cheeks turn a bit red. Ara giggled, liking to see him blushing too. Dessert came in [b It is good.” ] Ara nodded and she noticed him offering a bite of his. So she leaned in and took a bite. [b “Sy, you’re always so sweet.” ] Ara said.

He pulled her closer, she took a pain killer, quickly, thinking Sylus might not catch on, but he did. She looked back at his eyes, [b Mmm, yea, I’m okay.” ] She blushed a bit because she didn’t think it would be appropriate for her to tell him that she was on her…monthly hell. Which meant, she really got to keep her clothes on-at least bottom.
He might have? [b “It’s…Klara, right?” ] Ara asked. It was no surprise to her to hear that the rest were flings. He’d nod, at least she thought she did. She did love Joseph and she still had a place for him but not in the same way before. She cared for him but she didn’t want to be with him.
Ara’s eyes widened slightly, and she looked at the window when he asked her. Her face almost burned up but she thought she kept it somewhat in control. He was only joking, she knew that. It would freak him out, and he’d… She’s laugh, [b “What? No! Not yet, it’s too soon right? You’re really funny.” ] Ara patted his shoulder and stuffed her mouth with cake so she could shut herself up and have an excuse on why she couldn’t say anything more.

But… she thought it was pretty obvious anyway than she more just liked him. After all, she worried about him too much, brought him to the hospital, trying to help him get out of this mess he got in…visited his family and taking him to trips with her when she knew well that if she got caught-it wouldn’t be good. Good thing Alister was covering for her.
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He didn't feel right to just let her pay for everything. He usually spent the money on his dates, but he never had that much to begin with so he always had to get creative somehow. He smiled a bit [b "I will be"] he nodded and then he held her hand tightly as they lifted off.

It was the first time that he was up in the air and he really wanted to be able to get through this and Ara was making it so much easier on him. He was really glad she was here right now. He kissed her hand and then leaned into her as they started the movie. It wasn't long until the food came and he was shocked to see how fancy it was. He never really ate food like this before. [b "Normal huh?"] he figured it was something she had all the time that she flew, after all she had a chef at home.

It was all new to him and he was glad Ara was able to share this side of her with him. [b "Oh really? that sounds really waaaay too expensive"] he thought having a shower was excessive. He would eat and then see her recording him as he showed her off as well. He leaned in to kiss her lips, seeing her blue eyes stay on him, making him smile. He could tell she was really into him and he enjoyed the attention. He fed her some food and then he would see her return the favor, making him turn red a bit. He opened his mouth and took in in, seeing the dessert come in as well. [b "This looks delicious"] he smiled, taking a bite and then offering her some.

He would pull her in closer and then he saw her taking out a pain killer. [b "You okay Ara?"] he rubbed her shoulder and then he heard her asking him about love. He felt like he was the wrong person to be asking that. [b "I think I have. At least with one girl. The rest all seem like just a fling"] he sighed a bit, hating to make himself look so bad in front of her. [b "I know you have though right?"] he asked her, wondering why she was curious. [b "Why are you already in love with me?"] he smirked a bit.
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She sighed, not understanding why he would feel like he had to. [b “It’s not about… I’m doing this for me too. You don’t need to make it up to me. I’m just glad you agreed to go on these trips with me. Just…be loyal to me that’s all, and you have been.” ] [i And fall in love with me please. ] But she didn’t expect nor did she want anything for the stuff she gave or places she took him too. She just wanted these memories, that was it.

The plane took off, and she got Sylus to look out the window. She smiled when he saw [b “See…isn’t it cool?” ] Ara asked. He was holding her hand really tight. She laughed when he looked panicked at her joke. [b “No, I’m just joking. My hand is fine.” ] Achy but fine. She liked seeing him kiss the back of her hand.

They began watching the movie, drinking and getting some food. It surprised her that Sylus was surprised about food. What did they serve in economy? [b “Yes? It’s normal as far as I’ve experienced.” ] She said and still was surprised at how surprised Sylus was with everything. Well, that was fine. It was nice to see him get excited. It was like watching a kid discovering new things.

Ara laughed [b “I guess…so. There’s much nicer first class though. This one is domestic flight so they’re not as great as the ones for long hauls. Now – those ones are really nice. You get a bed, a shower, there’s a bar.” ] Ara explained. She then would record Sylus, liking seeing him recorded. Then he held her phone and she giggled and soon blushed when he called her the cutest. She took her hone back, and they said cheers. She didn’t expect him to kiss her. She kissed him back but stared at him for a while. She leaned in and kissed him once more.

He was…being cute. Ara blushed a tad bit and said “Ahh.” And took a bite. She thought this was pretty fun. “You’re turn, you say Ahhh,” Ara said and fed him. They’re meals finished, and they’d watch the movie. Dessert came in later, chocolate fudge cake. She’d eat slowly and realized she had a bit of cramps… Thankfully-she took out a pain killer and took it in.She snuggled into Sylus, [b “Sy…have you ever loved anyone?” ] Ara asked, [b “I’m just…curious.” ]
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He thought about her not eating sweets and he figured he should probably stop taking her to them all the time. They took pictures and he wasn't sure exactly where she was going to post them, but he trusted her. He sat beside her on the plane and he was still looking around. He couldn't believe ARa booked them some seats as great as this. He saw the rest of the people walking back towards economy and seeing how cramped and packed it was back there. It was clearly more expensive here.

He held her hand in his after they sat down and buckled. [b "I still want to make it up to you. You do so much for me and spend so much on me. I feel like....just being with you is not enough because you do that and more"] he told her, soon holding her hand tightly.

As the plane took off, he'd look over and peek at the window. He saw the land and the people becoming so tiny the higher they went. Sylus held his breath a few times and heard the loud jets as it took off. He squeezed on her hand, but when Ara said it was okay now, he opened his eyes and then he looked at her hand. [b "Really?!"] he looked panicked as he kissed the back of her hand. He smiled and then saw her glance away. She was so cute.

Sylus pulled her in closer and then he watched the movie with her, ordering himself some juice. He shared his drink with her and tried some of hers as he saw the food. [b "We get this kind of food on the plane? This is the kind of food at expensive restaurants!"] he gasped and then the took a few bites. [b "Mmm, this is what luxury feels like"] he chuckeld and then he saw her recording. He'd save and then he'd hold up a deviled egg and take a bite. [b "This is all thanks to Ara!"] he held her phone and showed her as well, zooming in on her. [b "Isn't she the cutest. All of this is thanks to her!"] he smiled, stopping the video and leaning in to cheers with her glass. He gave her a kiss on her lips and then he held up some salmon to her.

[b "Say Ahh Ar"]
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Ara would half shrug [b “I did but I was often still not allowed to eat allows of sweets.” ] She then took pictures of them together.
Ara took her seat and let Sylus sit right next to her. She felt good to have him by her side. He was so kind…and there was just so many plenty of things that made her melt. Plus, he always did look pretty sexy with his red hair and tattoos. She wouldn’t really notice anything else around her but him. She felt too lost into him and kept forgetting to not make it so obvious that she was.

Ara would softly smile when he made that promise, [b “Okay, I trust you… You are my boyfriend.” ] Ara said, looking at his eyes and fighting the temptation to kiss him. She didn’t want to freak him out with how much affection she liked to give and receive. She held his hand while they were waiting to take off. She listened to him thank her and she never really had people thank her so much.

[b “You don’t have to thank me. You already are making it up to me by being with me.” ] Ara rested her head on his shoulder. She could feel him squeeze her hand [b “It’ll be okay,” ] Ara promised. The pain would speed up and she noticed him closing his eyes. Ara giggled [b “Sy, the best part is looking out the window while we’re taking off. You have to look, things look like little toys.” ] Ara mentioned. The plane was loud and she wondered how little he knew about flying in a plane.

She heard him breathing slowly. He really…was scared. Her hand even kind of hurt from how tightly he was holding. [b “Told you. It’s okay, we’re up in the air now.” ] Ara said and breathed when he released his grip. She lightly laughed [b “IT’s okay, you only broke my hand.” ] She joked. She bushed watching he rhand go to his lips, and he’d kiss it. That…was so cute. She locked her eyes wit hhis, ad then quickly glanced away, not wanting him to read her emotions so much.

She gave him headphones, and she got a kiss on the cheek. Would…buying things for him and taking him to trip make him love her? If he saw how much she could give him… [b “Me too,” ] Ara gently smiled. Ara choose spider-man for now. Sylus lifted the armrest and his arm wrapped around her waist. It was…so nice. She watched the movie with him. Ara then got them drinks, she got a virgin cocktail with passionate fruit. Food came by, it was salmon, salad with potatoes, and devilled eggs. Ara ate slowly and would just take a picture of there food. She’d then record, [b “Say Hi Sylus! This is your first flight ever. Not many people can stay their first flight was in first class right?” ] Ara giggled.
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He was walking with Ara through the airport, never having traveled like this before. It was all new to him and he felt anxious, so he held onto Ara's hands tightly. He didn't want to just let her go either. Her outfit was cute. He couldn't help but want to stick with her because every guy that they past by always took a second glance. She was his girlfriend and he wanted to make it known that she was.

At starbucks they relaxed for a while, eating snacks and drinking fraps. He would share with her and then he would smile [b "I'm sure you've experienced a lot more than me, especially since you get to travel all the time"] he leaned in and took a picture with her, feeling happy he got a kiss.

By the time they got into their plane, Sylus carried their luggages overhead and then he sat with Ara, still stunned at the seats they had and how they bypassed everyone else. [b "Don't worry ARa. I really want to be your boyfriend. I promise I won't hurt you on purpose"] he told her, feeling like he always needed to protect her.

Right now it didn't seem like he was protecting her though, it was the other way around. She was holding his hand and he didn't let go. He let her stay by the window and he'd take his seat, looking around and out the window because he was starting to get so nervous. These seats were expensive and he didn't even want to know how much. Still, he felt lucky to be able to go on these trips with her.

[b "If it's that expensive, thanks for taking me. I want to make it up to you soon"] he told her, squeezing her hand. [b "I hope it'll go by fast"] he leaned back, buckled up and then he felt the plane speed up. THey went into the air and he felt like there was a huge weight on his shoulders. He'd close his eyes and hold on tightly until they were at a stable elevation.

Sylus opened his eyes and then he breathed in and out slowly. He heard Ara and then he leaned into her shoulder [b "It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. It had me really nervous though"] he released his grip and realized he squeezed pretty hard. [b "I'm so sorry"] he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the back of hand.

He took the headphones she offered and then he kept them beside him. He faced her and pressed his lips against her cheek, smiling [b "I'm really glad you're here beside me"] he looked at the screen and scrolled through the movie selections, letting Ara pick and then starting the movie at the same time together. He'd lift the armrest between them and then he'd wrap his arms around her waist, holding her closer to him.
  ellocalypse / 37d 23h 47s
Ara took a bit of happiness from holding his hand. Ara tilted her head and squinted to herself for a second. Alister said that? [b “Hmm…I never thought he cared so much. “ ]

She could tell Sylus seemed a bit concerned about the flight. She thought it was kind of cute. She walked with him in the direction of starbucks, when her cheeks warmed up and her heartbeat beat a little faster when he mentioned she was cute. [b “Thank you.” ] Ara smiled more, feeling good about her outfit choice. She tried to pick alice and wonderland colors since her hair was blonde and she did have blue eyes.

Ara sat down with him and she’d sip on her drink. [b “They do? I’ve tried it a few times, they’re really sweet.” ] Ara watched him take a bite, [b “Told you. I guess I have tried some sweet things you haven’t before.” ] She said proudly. She liked the compliment they got and she could tell Sylus thought so too.

[b “Okay,” ] Ara leaned in and took a sip of his [b “Ohh this Is good too. I should get this next time.” ] Ara mentioned. She then took a picture of him, feeling so bubbly and nice when he wrapped his arm around him. She’d rest her head on his shoulder for one and then kissed his cheek the next.

It was a worry of hers that he might…fall back into old ways. [b “I’m really happy… I don’t think I can handle another heartbreak right now.” ] Ara softly sighed, feeling the little ache in the pit of her stomach still. It would take some time, but at least she didn’t have to do it alone.

They made direction for their line and then boaded the plane. Ara tapped the top, [b “We have to put our luggage here.” ] She mentioned and looked back at his shock at there seats. [b “Yes?” ] Ara raised a brow and wondered what did he think it would be like.

Ara went into the window seat. She had a small bag with her, just in case. [b “Hmm? Expensive?” ] Ara leaned back and thought a bit about it more. Ah. This would be considered expensive. [b “For the average person…they would be.” ] She noticed how he instantly held her hand. [b “We’ll be fine. I promise. We can watch a movie and it’ll go by really fast-and you’ll feel less nervous.” ] She suggested, and noticed how Sylus was paying attention to the space and everything there. It was so…cute. She smiled to herself, watching him and would secretly take a picture of him.

She’d send a few texts to friends and then settle her phone down and look at Sylus, [b “Are you feeling okay?” ] Ara then made sure there seat belts were buckled up. The flight attendants came in and would begin demonstrating what they had to do in case of emergency, along with it being displayed on there screens. Then, they plane went on the runaway.
[b “Okay, this might feel a little weird-when we go up.” ] Ara mentioned, and then they were taking off. As soon as they were stabilized, service began running.

[b “That wasn’t so bad was it?” ] Ara asked, and then went into her bag and brought out two pairs of headphones [b “I got one for you in case you needed it. You can keep it too. We can watch a movie or…we can talk and snack when it comes in.” ] Ara suggested, looking this amber eyes and still feeling the excitement brew. She wondered if getting him more stuff would help make him love her too.
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He was stopped by Alister, but he assured him that Ara was safe with him. IT didn't look like it, but he saved her a few times before. He knew that Alister didn't know, but he'd protect Ara as much as he could. He nodded and then he walked over towards ARa, holding her hand when Alister was out of view.

HE'd then walk beside her and then he'd smile [b "He just acted like an older brother. Wanted me to look after you and not to hurt you"] he squeezed her hand and then he walked with her towards the gate, holding both of their luggages.

They walked together and Sylus hoped the flight wasn't that long. He's never flown before and he was still really nervous. Ara's words assured him it was going to be okay, so he just nodded [b "Okay, let's go relax then"] he smiled as he held her hand, walking with her to the Starbucks. He'd lean in [b "You look really cute today Ara"] he admitted and then he picked out a mocha cookie crumble frap. He saw her getting him a cake pop and then held it, never having one before. [b "These look really weird. I don't think I've had one before"] he took a bite and raised a brow, enjoying the taste. [b "Mmm, it's good"] he heard people passing by complimenting them and he'd grin.

He sipped his frap and then he handed it to her [b "It's good. You should try"] he offered her and then he took a sip of hers, smiling as she gazed at him. He loved the way she looked at him and it made him feel so bubbly inside. [b "Okay Ara"] he wrapped his arm around her waist and smiled as they took a picture.

It surprised him to hear that she thought he'd go after someone else. [b "Well....I wanted to prove to you I can do it. I still can!"] he assured her and then he got up and held their luggage and then walked towards their gate.

There was a bunch of people, but when Ara led him into the other line, he looked over as she showed their tickets. He followed her in, seeing the area they were going to sit at [b "Ara? This is our seats. There's TVs? And a lot of space?"] he gasped, never having seen these before. In movies and TV, it never looked like this.

[b "I'll take the aisle. You can take the window"] he wanted her to see the view and no one else in the aisle to bother her. [b "Aren't these seats expensive?"] he gasped, biting down on his lip, taking his seat and still holding her hand. He felt more comfortable about all of this, but he was still kind of nervous. [b "We'll be okay right? Like when it takes off and lands?"] he asked, leaning into her and looking out the window, seeing them prepare the flight and making him more anxious. [b "I've never been up so high before. I hope we're okay"]
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