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[b “I was in spain yesterday, you would have loved the beach if you like swimming. Good luck in making it.” ] She gently smiled. He was pretty nice. She wondered if they could be friends.

Class ended, she met Joseph and Tanner. She got a kiss from him. Ara spotted Sylus waving to her. She waved back, catching that he had a skateboard. She always wondered what it was like to ride one of those.
She went to her Art class, which was a lot more easier going than she thought it would be, but it sure was relaxing and she met a few people. Then…she excited the class and didn’t know where she was going. She heard Sylus’ voice and looked a bit embarrassed when she met his eyes.
At the cafeteria she saw Joseph waving her over. She sat down with Joseph and Tanner. Joseph would introduce her to a few other of his friends, two other guys and two other girls that kept urging her to join the team, because of her brief background in gymnastics. She figured Joseph put them up to this. Ara glanced back and saw Sylus…with a bunch of girls in red cheerleader uniforms. [i As if. ] Sylus…was seriously poplar.
“We always wondered who that beautiful girl Joseph was kept talking about, because he kept rejecting other girls for her. We thought he made it up,” Natalie laughed.
“Why would I make that up?” Joseph scoffed.
Ara laughed and then would kiss Joseph’s cheek.

Joseph walked her to her next class, drama. Mainly because there were plenty of subjects she was taught at home and was already ahead in-and she was never able to take it at home because it was just her. Then after that, was Math. Ara went to the teacher first, and would hand her schedule. She saw Sylus there again. He said ‘Hi’ to her. Joseph and Tanner were just over worrying… Everything Sylus had done so far was all just being nice.

She sat beside him, because he was the only one she knew in this class-so far. She was sure she could make other friends later on, and not piss off Joseph. [b “Hey, how are you doing? ” ] She asked and then said, [b “I figured you were poplar but wow even the cheerleaders. My boyfriend wants me to try it. I don’t think I will…by the way, thanks for helping me find my way at lunch,” ]

The lesson started, but, it was still nothing she didn’t know. Maybe…her dad was right. Maybe she was too ahead. Only because education was drilled into her since she was really young…which is why she grew up with so little friends. She didn’t want to be labeled a ‘nerd’ or a ‘geek’ from what she’s seen in tv shows. She didn’t believe herself to be extremely smart, just someone who worked too hard not to get in trouble.
And so…she started to doodle on her Ipad right after she answered a few questions on paper. Mainly, it was a digital painting of towers and a girl facing them. With a bare back because she didn’t figure out what to put on her.
A girl in front of Sylus would turn around, with her notebook at her hand, and rested it on his table, “Hey Sylus, could you help me with this question?”
Ara briefly watched and heard the girl whisper to him.
“Meet me behind the stairs? I can give you a little good luck before the tryouts…if you know what I mean.” She said.
Ara kept her eyes on her IPad.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 1y 59d 20h 22m 33s
Having to sit beside her in class was really nice because Sylus loved the attention of pretty girls on him. He was so used to them flocking around him that sometimes he felt they needed to earn his attention. He would listen in on her talk about her boyfriend and then he told her about how the girls always wanted to be his partner and how he could show her around school.

It didn't look like it impressed her one bit, so he just tried to keep the conversation as normal as possible. She said her boyfriend would show her around and that in itself was a little disappointing, but he figured he'd just back off for now. [b "Aww, maybe next time then"] he left it at that and told her he'd bring more people to her party if she wanted him to, just so she'd get to experience one of those for real.

[b "I use LINE"] he told her, pulling out his phone and exchanging IDs. He smiled and was glad he could at least have her contact information. [b "I am a good swimmer. I'm sure I can make this school's team too"] he said confidently as he soon separated and class came to an end.

When Sylus grabbed his bag, he saw Ara going over to who looked like a guy that was her boyfriend. HE was pretty good looking and so was his friend. HE went in for a kiss and everyone seemed a bit shocked. The guys left the room looking disappointed, but Sylus wasn't going to stop there. He walked passed the two and then he headed towards his next class, carrying his board on his backpack and then waving to ARa.

He would sit in class, answering questions from the teacher, getting partnered with other girls and just flirting with them throughout class. It wasn't long until the lunch bell rang. Sylus was making it past the stairs from his boxing class when he saw Ara looking so confused. [b "You look lost pretty miss. WHere you heading?"] he asked, offering to help her out. When she mentioned the cafeteria, he led the way, leading her past some double doors into the lunch room. There was a line for lunch, but there were also tables spread around. IT seemed like everyone already had their clicks picked out already.

He smiled, seeing the same guy waving her over. [b "Hopefully I see you around, or after school by the pool"] he waved and then walked past a table full of cheerleaders. They invited him to the table and Sylus couldn't refuse. [b "Okay okay you got me ladies"] he sat down in the center, seeing a few of them offer some food for lunch. "I got an extra basket of fries Sylus, have one" she offered him and he'd take a few bites. He would ask them if they would be watching the tryouts later and they all beamed in agreement.

After lunch the afternoon was filled with more classes. Sylus had math. He headed inside towards the back window again, soon seeing Ara step in. He had another class with her. Talk about coincidence. Sylus would say hi and then wait for her to come over if she wanted to. IT was their last class before his tryouts at the pool.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 1y 60d 2h 17m 49s
[b “They are. He’s rough on the edges sometimes but, he’s really nice.” ] She could keep talking about him but knew she probably shouldn’t. She kept the rest to herself.

That girl…really seemed to be against her being partners with SYlus for a small activity. She didn’t get why if they were just friends. Ara raised a brow and tilted her head when he said all the girls wanted to be his partner. [b “Oh, so you’re Mr. popular.” ] Ara stated. Not surprised. He…was very attractive.

She moved in closer, and dismissed the whole spacing out after he mentioned he didn’t get enough sleep. They finished it to gather so quickly. That meant-some free time.
Ara heard his gasp when she told him. [i Great! It is weird. ]
She thought about Sylus showing around but she knew Joseph wouldn’t like that one bit and she was pretty sure Joseph would show her around. [b “Thanks Sylus, that’s very nice of you to offer. I’ll let you know, but I think my boyfriend will be doing that.” ]

By how their conversation went, she felt like maybe she was definitely not the norm here… She wanted to find a way to fit in. Ara shook her head [b “No, I don’t really know anyone here yet, besides you, -and well my boyfriend and his best friend. You can invite others. I”ll give you the details later,” ] And then she remembered she didn’t have his phone number [b “What messaging app do you use? Probably should add each other-just for the party” ] She asked.

Ara half smiled, [b “Um…it’s a comfortable house.” ] She let the teacher look at the work, and then left them be. Ara giggled [b “Yea, a break up. I guess you are.” ] She said, and listened to his invite to watch him. [b “Really? Are you a good swimmer? Maybe I will.” ] She said, and felt the slight fear of deep pools and oceans fill her up.

The teacher began discussing the reading. Ara zoned out after he said stuff she already knew. Was it really all this easy? Then he mentioned about an essay.

The class came into an end, and Ara set her Ipad aside in her backpack. [b “It was nice talking to you Sylus. I’ll see you later.” ] Ara gently smiled. She felt her phone buzz, and she did a quick check, before going out the door and Joseph was right there with Tanner. Joseph wrapped her arms around her waist and Ara rested her arms over on his shoulders.

“Hey baby, you’re looking so pretty. I’ve missed you.”
[b “I missed you t-“ ] She began but then he suddenly kissed her. Ara blushed at tad bit, noticing glances. [b “Jose, everyone can see.” ]
“Who cares?” He hugged her, “I’m so glad you’re here.”
“Third wheel here,” Tanner blurt out, “Good to see you again Ara.”
[b “Hey, back at you.” ] Ara smiled at him.
“Made any friends?” Joseph asked, tucking her hair behind ear.
[b “Um…not sure. There’s this one guy-Sylus,” ] She turned and saw Sylus for a second.
“Uh Oh.” Tanner said.
[b “What?” ] Ara asked.
“Yea….baby, I don’t want you near him. If he bothers you, just say the word.” Joseph said.
[b “No, he was nice…” ] Ara frowned, making her way to her locker. Those words earned her both of them shaking her head at her. [i What? ] Ara frowned. The first person she talked in high school and now Joseph was saying no? Well…he wasn’t in charge of her. [b “I heard that the swim team try out is happening,” ] She decided to mention.
“You want to swim?” Tanner asked.
Joseph scoffed “Did I tell you she’s terrified of being anything above waist deep? Why are you bringing it up?”
Ara shrugged [b “I thought you like swimming and maybe you’d want to try.” ]
“I’ve got football, but I guess I could for fun.” Joseph shrugged, “I want you to meet our friends at lunch…besides, I think you should try out for some teams or clubs.”
[b “Like what?” ] Ara asked, and finally landed to her locker.
“Cheerleading,” Joseph whispered.
Ara stood still and then stared at him and then whacked his arm [b “Do I look like a cheerleader to you? I am not the type to cheer people on the sidelines in a skimpy uniform.” ] Ara rolled her eyes.
“Just give it a shot, it’s not what you think,” Joseph tried. Ara sighed and wasn’t sure if she was going to give into that or not.

Joseph and Tanner stopped her by her art class. She end up talking to a few girls. Class ended…and lunch began. Joseph sent her a text that he was in the cafeteria. So, she’d go down the stairs from the second floor, and struggle her way to find it because she didn’t want to embarrassingly tell him she had no idea where that was.
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He could see her pretty blue eyes looking at her ipad and he wondered if she was just plain rich. She must have been since she had such nice clothes and the ipad. HE wondered if he could get her to sit beside him all the time. [b "I don't see why not? He seems happy to just be sitting beside you on the otherside anyway"] he smiled and then he wondered what her boyfriend was like and how long they've known each other for.

She mentioned that he was good looking, but Sylus knew that he had really good features as well. He was sure he could compete and he was sure that he could probably beat her boyfriend in the pool too. [b "Ahh, sounds like things are going well then"] he looked over at the girl and just shook his head [b "Don't mind her. She's just a friend. For some reason all the girls want to be my partner, but since you're next to me, it's you today"] he told her, looking at the assignment they had in front of them.

Ara moved in closer and Sylus would look at her facial features, her scent filling his nose as he heard her sweet giggle [b "Oh sorry. I didn't get much sleep"] he admitted and then he would also highlight some metaphors and show them to her. To his surprise, they found everything really quickly. [b "Yeah a little too easy"] he listened to her talking about her homeschooling and he would gasp [b "No way? Well if you want, I can show you around or if you need anything"] he decided he'd help her out.

When she mentioned party, Sylus was shocked. She was new and here she was throwing a party [b "Me? Of course I'll come. I can invite a few people if you want....unless you have a pretty long list of people already"] he told her, wondering what kind of place she had.

[b "Do you live in a big house?"] he wondered, seeing the teacher interrupt. [b "We're done"] he glanced up at the teacher and saw that he knew they finished it genuinely. [b "Breaking up huh? You're still technically next to me. But if you want, I'm going to try out for the school swim team. Feel free to stop by the pool after class and check it out"] he told her, hoping she'd come and see him in his natural habitat.
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[b “Oh,” ] Ara’s eyebrows raised, touching the surface of her IPad and them meeting his eyes…pretty eyes. [b “Right…You’re right, it’s not affordable.” ] [i How is not affordable?” ] Then she thought back to where she had volunteered. Most people were unable to have her lifestyle...and sometimes she would forget.

Ara gently smiled and gave a quick nod, [b “Yes. Oh-do you think it’s okay with Collin if I sit here next time too?” ] She asked. She thought his smile was really nice. Sylus seemed nice. Sure, he was a bit blunt on the ‘pretty, do you have a boyfriend’ thing but, maybe he wanted to make sure first, so that was fine.

[b “Ah hmm… He’s…” ] Ara pasued, and dreamt about last week when she was alone with him in the house on the living room sofa. [b “He is very good looking. We have, it’s been over half a year.” ]

When she got the glare, she started to wonder if that was such a good idea because she didn’t want to make an enemy on her first day of class. [b “She’s glaring at me, I think she minds…but if you say so.” ] Ara half shrugged and noticed a guy sitting back down. She almost felt bad. Ara looked at the side of SYlus’ head and noticed him smiling while he was seeing that guy sit back down. Was he day dreaming?

Ara drew out her pastel purple pencil out and scooted closer to him. She read the first few sentences when she did a double take and met Sylus’ eyes since he was looking at her. She would offer a smile at him, and nearly blush since it felt like long eye contact. [b “Earth to Sylus,” ] Ara giggled [b “I think you spaced out.” ]

As Ara read with him, she would underline phrases that caught her attention and put a little letter initial of what she believed it to be. [b “You’re right. I agree.” ] Ara said, and marked it down fully for simile. She then would point with her pencil at phrases, [b “This one. Snow without a care danced into the restless stream of water. Personification.” ] And then she pointed at the few others she identified as she read.

[b “This…is way too easy.” ] Ara dropped her pencil, lightly laughing and rested her head on the palm of her hand. Ara looked at Sylus when he spoke, and debated on if she should tell him the truth. [b “I’m… Actually, I’ve been home schooled for most of my life. Private teachers…and everything. It’s pretty dull. Classrooms…public school is fairly new to me.” ] She hoped that it didn’t make her weird. And then she thought about how she had planned that party to throw to hopefully make friends quickly.

[b “Sylus… I might throw a party, to get more familiar with people at this school. If I threw one, would you come?” ] Ara asked and then corrected, [b “You could bring your friends, or a date. Doesn’t matter.” ] She shrugged and considered how she would change the house to A. not let important stuff broken because she didn’t want to explain, and B. find out what high school parties actually were.

Mr. Murphy came by and Ara lifted her head up realizing just how close he was.
“Are you two flirting or doing work?” Mr. Murphy said it clear enough that anyone could hear, but not loud either.
Ara’s cheeks went a bit warm [b “Oh-no, working. We’ve finished. Not flirting.” ] Ara cleared quickly. She showed him the sheet and let him look at it and he looked impressed, “Well done. Which one of you did most of the work?”
Ara half smiled [b “Both of us did it.” ]
He sighed and nodded, and moved back, “Five more minutes.” He said.
Ara glanced back at Sylus , [b “Looks like in five minutes we’re breaking up.” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 1y 60d 15h 28m 14s
Sylus was a hunk the first day he arrived at the school. As a junior, he was well known as the Ace of the swim team and a star player. His good looks have got him dating so many of the most popular girls in school and he has been doing well on the swim team that it just attracts more girls to him.

With the mention of the new transfer student, Sylus just glanced over and saw her walking towards him. She was really pretty. Her eyes sparkled, her hair was so shiny and just seeing how pretty her clothes were got his eyes on her. He had his eye on his next target. HE just needed a way to talk to her first. Luckily she sat beside him, giving him that opportunity to make his move. He knew he was good looking and he knew he was at a good place in the school, why wouldn't she talk to him?

[b "I guess you're the first one to really use it out in plane sight. It's not required, not many people can afford those"] he told her, shaking her hand in his. Her hand was soft and warm. [b "Ara was it? Well looks like we'll be sitting beside each other for a while"] he smiled and then he asked about her boyfriend and told her how pretty she was.

[b "Joseph? Hmm, guess he's pretty good looking. You must have been dating before you transferred here"] he assumed and then he heard the teacher. HE was going to do the usual thing and wait for a girl to ask him, but when Ara asked, he met her eyes and smiled [b "Sure"] now was the time to impress her and get her to fall for him.

He looked over at the girl and then he shook his head [b "It's fine. She's partnered with me before. I'm sure she won't mind"] he looked over at the man walking and then sitting back down. [i Sorry, she's mine today] he smiled and then he sat beside her. Sylus got a whiff of her scent. She smelled as sweet as vanilla. His eyes would meet hers, thinking about just having her all to himself [i I have to have her] he thought, looking over at the piece of work that was handed out.

HE would give it a read and then he suggested a few things [b "There's this sentence right here that describes the person's feelings as light as a feather. Simile? Would you agree?"] he'd ask and then point out a few more that he could find. He would let ARa pick out a few as well, seeing that she knew exactly what she was talking about.

[b "Where'd you transfer from? Were you there your whole life?"]
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The guy that sat next to the seat was insanely…attractive. She saw his unique amber eyes follow her, which made her feel just a tad bit nervous. [i Of course he’d look at you, you’re pretty.’ ] She thought to herself. That hair-actually suited him really well. She had to glance away. It didn’t matter. None of it. She had Joseph but, she could still accept that he was very appealing.

Collin moved onto another seat, and she sat comfortably down. Thankfully, it was brightly sunny today and she could feel some warm coming through the window and landing on her. Ara scooted her seat in, tucking her blonde hair behind her ear, and pulled out her Ipad pro.

She picked up a ‘Hey’. Ara made a slight turn of her head and met the amber eyed guy that was a dream-physically. But, she was very still devoted to Joseph.

[b “Hi, it’s an Ipad pro. Does no one else use them at school?” ] Ara genuinely smiled and decided to give him the hand shake, her hands really soft. [b “Nice to meet you Sylus.” ] That name…sounded familiar-ish.

Ara stared for a second, taken back by how blunt he was. [b ”I know” ] Ara said, [b “I do. He’s at this school, but he’s a senior. His name is Joseph.” ] She felt her phone buzz and she drew it out, and would take a peak, smiling at Joseph’s text.
[i ‘They’re staring cause my girlfriend is drop dead gorgeous. You’ll be okay. Where’s your class? I can walk you to your next one.’ ] He sent. Ara quickly texted him ‘205’ and set her phone away. She looked back at Sylus…maybe she could make her first friend, or would he be a bad choice? [i You sure know Jose won’t like it. ] So-what?

“Okay everyone, partner up. We’re going to do a small activity,” Mr. Murphy said, and began handing out sheets of papers “You and your partner will read this magnificent piece of work-or so I’m told to say-and pick out the metaphors, similes, hyperbole and personification.” He said.

Ara sucked in her stomach, and began worrying if she didn’t get a partner. [i Just ask someone, they won’t say no to you. ] So, she turned to Sylus, figuring he was right there and she didn't want to get up. [b “Sylus, be my partner.”] Ara said and then noticed a girl definitely glaring at her. She looked at her and then back at Sylus [b “Or…not. You’re girlfriend is looking like she’ll kill me.”] She whispered, assuming that she was because she had to be if she was glaring at her with intent to kill. She also spotted some guy who looked like he was going toward her and sitting down sadly. Or maybe it was in her head...

If he agreed to partner with her, she'd scoot towards his desk.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 1y 60d 18h 31m 41s
The sunlight beamed through the beige cracked blinds, finding their way against the young teen's eyelids. IT slowly fluttered open to glare back at the newfound sunlight that filled his room. IT was early. Two hours early, but he had things to do and places to be. School just started, but he still other priorities in his life right now to deal with. One of them was the roommate.

He quickly got out of bed, taking a quick shower and then whiffing a scent of marijuana downstairs. [i So early] he headed down the steps after fixing up his hair, soon hurrying to the kitchen. [b "I'm going to catch those guys from yesterday. I'll be seeing ya"] he pulled the backpack over his shoulder and did one last check in the mirror.

Staring back at him were golden eyes, his messy red dyed hair, and his outfit. He was in some soccer pants, a track jacket and a vneck shirt inside. He had to make the swim team, so he brought his gear for tryouts. Sylus had to make a quick stop for a quick buck, but he'd hurry out the door.

He couldn't afford a car, but he had a skateboard. The wind in his hair, the feel of gliding across the pavement. In the end, he wanted to be fast. He kicked himself off and rode down the street. Make that two streets, past a downhill, two blocks north, and there he was. Standing before him was the orphanage he used to live in until he hit sixteen and was able to have his own place with a roommate. It was an older style home, antique architecture on the outside, pointed roofs, stained glass windows, and a large doorway.

HE knocked on the door and was greeted by the kids. There were ten of then, ranging from ages three to twelve. Sylus gave them all hugs, pulling out some candy from his bag as he hung out for a bit. He greeted the house mother and then he left for school. Back on his board, he skated down a few houses and made it into an alleyway. Hidden behind a dumpster was a man in a hoodie, high tops, and his hand in his pockets. Sylus showed up and he quickly walked over. "You got the stuff"

[b "You got the money?"] he asked.

They two made a trade as Sylus pulled out a bag from his pack. He handed it over to the man and was rewarded a couple grand. He put the money into his pocket and headed towards an ATM, depositing his money as he made it to school.

It was only week two, but he was already head of the curriculum. Sylus was a hard worker. He studied a lot when he used to live at the orphanage, reading books, learning about things that took his interest. He was influenced by the house mother that if he worked hard, he'd be able to support all of them someday and Sylus loved the kids. They were his family.

With a neglectful father and nothing to his name, he had to support himself. He's been taking deals from his roommate LUke. A little give and take. He had enough money to support himself and buy what he needed so that he could look like a decent teen at school.

In class, Sylus took a seat. He sat in the corner of the room. When a new student was being introduced, his amber eyes would glance her way, seeing her shimmer in the sunlight. She was pretty. Blue eyes, blonde hair, that smooth skin, and that cute, yet stylish outfit....he was going to make a move. He had his head resting against his arms, but his eyes would watch her coming over to him. She switched desks with Collin and when she sat down, he glanced over. [b "Hey. Fancy notebook you got there. Sylus"] he held out his hand to shake hers [b "You're really pretty. Do you have a boyfriend?"] he asked her straight and to the point. He definitely went for what he wanted and has the confidence to back him up. Not to mention the looks.
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Ara watched through the shadows of lushes’ trees fell over the streets through the car window. She saw the houses passing by and the familiarity would strike. It wasn’t much different than she remembered, besides appearing much bigger. The butterflies fluttered rapidly in the pit of her stomach, not weakening. She pressed her mostly bare legs tightly together and popped out her rose gold phone with a teal case with her name on the back. She re-read Joseph’s text from last night.

‘Everything will be okay baby. No one will mess with my girl.’
[i I wished I shared his confidence. ]
She saw the school coming into view and Alister stopped the car. He looked at her at pat the top of her head lightly. “Don’t worry, you’ll be okay.”
[b “Who said I was worried?” ] Ara stepped out of the black Lamborghini, feeling the wind brush through her long wavy blonde hair. She saw a few eyes draw to her as other students entered. She saw someone looking at her for a long while, so she would offer a smile.

Ara properly put her leather black and gold backpack with a little bunny attached. She wore a pastel teal high waist skirt, with a golden sleek belt, a white lace t-shirt top, and nude booties. Since it was the first day of school, she wanted to dress to impress.

She sent a quick text to Joseph ‘[i Got to school! Nervous. People are already staring]’ While she was walking forward. It was two weeks into the year already, only because she only convinced her father recently to let her in.

The first thing she did was go into the main office. The lady at the front was taking forever to give Ara her schedule, and locker. Ara wished she could give her a two star service. The lady took so long, that Ara knew shew as late for class-but in no shape or form was she going to run and ruin her hair, outfit or get sweaty.

The halls were nearly empty. She found ‘205’, her English classroom according to her schedule. Ara twisted the door…nothing. Ara knocked, and a young-ish man opened the door that she assumed to be the teacher.

[b “Hello, I’m Aralyn and I apologize for being late. I have good reason. I’m a new student and was told to show you my schedule.” ] Ara opened her small folder that contained the schedule.
“Aralyn,” He smiled, “I’m Mr. Murphy. Come in.”
Ara returned the smile and walked into the classroom and saw all the students eyes land on her.

“We seem to have a new student in the second week. Aralyn. Aralyn, go ahead and find your seat. We can discuss at the end of class what you have missed.”

Ara politely smiled, “Thank you.” She noticed eyes still staring at her. It was odd, but, she’s had plenty of eyes on her before. Ara would take a look around and decided she wanted to sit by the window-even though all those seats were taken.

One guy locked eye contact with her, and beside him was a red haired guy-not auburn-red. And…he was… She snapped out of it, not wanting to look at him too long. She walked up to the guy next to him, that was sitting by the window.

[b “Hi, I’m Ara, can I sit here? I was on a flight yesterday for over 10 hours, and I’d really like not to feel like I’m in a coffin again if you know what I mean. But, no pressure, it’s okay if it’s a no.” ] Ara said quietly, gently smiling.
The boy stared at her, and then down at her chest. Ara blushed a bit.
“I’m Collin, Yea, sure.” He said, getting up and moving to another seat. Ara sat down and she noticed people still staring and some whispering. What? Did she do something weird? Ara would just pull on a smile if someone accidentally met her eyes.
Ara pulled out her iPad pro and pencil to take down any notes.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 1y 61d 6h 50m 14s

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