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He was laughing because she really was pretty and he thought she was above the other girls because she was also smart and kind. [b "You are. I knew them for a long time and I still think you're already better"] he smiled and told her that she should come over one time. He knew that she'd love to meet the other kids and his dorm mother. [b "Yeah you do! I have a bunch"] he told her, hoping she'd have some fun at the orphanage.

It surprised him to hear that she's gone through so many different hobbies. [b "Oh wow. Fancy. That's cool though that you're well rounded. It sounds like the whole fairytale princess thing where she's forced to learn it all because she has a duty to uphold. I mean....I'm sure you do though"] he told her and wondered if her father was some big business owner or something. [b "Does your dad own a business or something?"] he asked.

The more he watched her before him, the more drawn to her he was. Sylus ended up leaning in unconsciously and then he pressed his lips against hers. His amber eyes gazed upon her blue eyes as he felt the warmth of her lips. They were just as soft as he imagined them to be and as he pressed his lips against hers more, he could feel her warm lips return the kiss, making him want to kiss her again. She did, allowing him to kiss her, but then when she leaned back, Sylus opened his eyes and met hers.

He heard her say no and then he realized what he did. He glanced off a bit, feeling bad because he got lost in the moment. [b "I....I know. I...kind of...just wanted to kiss you. You were being cute....and you're....lips looked really soft...I wanted to"] he told her honestly and then he was surprised to hear that she thought he was playing around. [b "Me? No....I like you Ara"] he told her, not sure what that would accomplish, but now that he's kissed her, there was no going back.

He bit down on his lip [b "I....yeah, let's go"] he stood up and then he walked with her back to class, the silence distancing them apart. He would look over at her [b "I...I'm sorry? But I'm not really. I've been wanting to kiss you since the day we met. And I liked the way you kissed me too"] he admitted to her, heading back to campus.
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Ara tilted her head and giggled, [b “Thank you. I am definitely above them.” ] She sarcastically filled her hair. She truly believed it though. She thought that there was a good chance she was a better person then those two. She was glad she was feeling much better. She felt that she could get through this, and enjoy high school. She just had to ignore the ones that weren’t very polite.
She loved hearing about his mom. She wishes…she had someone that was like a mom. [b “I can’t wait Sylus. I hardly eat desserts. I’m assuming I get to meet your siblings too,” ] She beamed. She wondered if they were little. She adored little cute human beings.

Ara sighed and then nodded, [b “Yea, for a while. I was put in various of different…hobbies. Ballet, piano lessons, French, German…and well it goes on. I didn’t stick to most of them.” ] She shrugged and then realized, [b “I think I’m pretty flexible, I was more flexible when I was a kid.” ] She realized that they reached the bottom of the frozen yogurt. IT was good, and shew as happy she got to eat some.

Sylus touched her lip, and licked his finger. She didn’t get…why he would do that. Her cheeks went warm. She was pretty sure…he was teasing her. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be teased like this. It made her feel something.
[b “Oh…really? Why…lick it?” ] She asked quietly. She decided to move on and talk about school. She found herself staring at him, his red hair, his eyes, his lips…and then spacing out entirely. She couldn’t help it…it was hard not to. He had treated her so nicely. She only noticed Sylus with his pretty amber eyes leaning in when he was already halfway in, hear heartbeat picking up. She felt the heat rise in the room the moment his soft lips touched hers. She was still, not expecting it and mesmerized by the feel of his lips. Then he pressed his lips on hers and kissed her. Her heart was pounding so loud. Ara’s control slipped, taken by his soft warm lips, kissing him once back and then kissed him for the second time, holding her breath.

That it struck. [i What are you doing. ] Ara leaned back and looked at his pretty eyes…so confused, [b “Sylus…no.” ] She said softly, and then shook her head [b “No. I can’t. We can’t. No… I have a boyfriend and I want to be with him. Why did you?” ] She asked, feeling so damn confused and not understanding why she liked that so much. Then she remembered what Joseph said and what she’s heard around…and about him saying the guys didn’t like him because they thought he stole their girlfriends. [b “You're not playing around with me are you? I don't want that.” ] She said and wondered if that’s why he was being nice. It hurt thinking that. He just seemed so nice…that couldn’t be it. She waited for an explanation, to be told that wasn’t it.

She glanced at her phone and knew time was running out. Her chest felt heavy. [b "We have to get going..." ] She whispered, not even knowing what to do...about this.
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He thought she was really pretty and ever since day one, he really wanted to talk to her. He was glad he was able to sit by her and already become her friend. There were many girls that were jealous, but he didn't really care one bit. Ara was pretty and at the top of his list.

They ate yogurt together and he had a smile on his face. [b "I think you'll be fine also. You're pretty and you're nice and you can take care of yourself. I have to agree that you're above they're level"] he couldn't help but feel something for her. It was nice and it felt like a relief being around her.

[b "Yeah, she makes good desserts. My siblings really love them too, but Mom's the nicest person I've met"] he told her, looking surprised when she mentioned she did gymnastics [b "Really? That's so cool. You must be flexible then"] he took another bite and soon enough the cup was empty. SYlus was caught starting at her luscious lips, so he pretended there was something on it. He wiped off nothing and then licked off his fingers as he watched her. She turned red and maybe she was feeling that she liked him also.

[b "Me? No, you just had something on your lip. I wanted to wipe it off"] he teased her and then couldn't help but keep his eyes on hers. Her face was so pretty, she could practically have whoever she wanted. [b "We shouldn't"] he smiled and seeing her stare into his eyes. When she spaced out, Sylus decided to go for it. He leaned in across the table and went in for a kiss, feeling their lips touch and he'd press his lips against hers, his eyes closing as he kissed her softly.
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Ara’s lips formed into a smile so easily. She knew she was downright gorgeous but she wasn’t sure if she could make friends at a school. It felt so good to hear that he liked spending time with her. [b “Thanks. I’m…glad to find out I’m nice to being around.” ] She would enjoy the frozen yogurt, treasuring every single bite because she didn’t know when she would have it again.

Those girls…were mean but she was sure she’d face people like that in real life eventually. [i Let them say what they I want. I know myself. ] She’d rather have that attitude. [b “Then I’m guessing they’re not very well liked either. I think I”ll be okay.” ] She nodded and then giggled, [b “Please, I’m way above their level. I think they need to learn that.” ] She’d find a way. No way did she want to struggle with them being on her back for the rest of the year.

From what had Sylus told her, she assumed that either his dad re-married or he was adopted. Ara would grin, [b “I’d love to come over and meet your mom and have desserts. I bet she’s just as nice as you…” ] Minus the whole violent and immature behaviour. She told him and hoped that she wouldn’t screw it up when she tried out. [b “It’s fine if they do,” ] Ara shrugged [b “I did a bit of gymnastics, I think I can still do a flip. Probably…” ] She hoped she could still. She really hoped she didn’t get hurt. She thought about all the various of lessons she was forced to do…and sighed to herself. She was sure her dad would kick her out if she said she wanted to just…paint, or draw or become an animator. There were other ideas she had, some things she wouldn’t mind doing that at least would involve helping others.

She spotted him looking at her lips-probably there. She watched him reach out. Ara wondered why and then she felt his finger on her lip after she tried to lick them off clean. Sylus brought his finger to his lip and licked it. Instantly, her cheeks visibly warmed. Why…did he do that? She glanced off, feeling her cheeks warm, and hoped it didn’t show much. She felt something…but couldn’t really understand it and wasn’t sure if she wanted to.

[b “Oh…I did?” ] She whispered and looked down at the cup that was practically done [b “Are you teasing me?” ] She asked, her voice still quiet. She lifted her eyes up eventually when he answered her other question. Because she was pretty and nice then… And what if she was just nice? And not the other. She gently smiled, because she still liked his reasons, [b “Me too. I’m glad I skipped, I’m having much more fun,” ] She leaned in,resting her head in her hands. He was…so attractive. Maybe Joseph was right.

[b “We shouldn’t skip next period,” ] She lightly laughed and would stare at his eyes for a moment, almost spacing out.
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He didn't know if she should be hanging around him so much just because knew her boyfriend would probably get mad. It was something that he really didn't want happening. That and the fact that she could be bullied by all the the girls that were interested in him. [b "But I like spending time with you. It really is like a breath of fresh air"] he admitted to her and then they headed towards the frozen yogurt place.

He knew how evil the girls could be to one another whenever they got close to him, so most of them kept their interactions with him a secret. [b "Those two in our class have always been really mean to the other girls in the class. It's not just you. They see you and you are pretty, so they feel that you are a threat"] he told her and then they shared the yogurt. HE felt really happy because he got to spend a lot of time with ARa alone. He even got a kiss and he's never felt so happy getting a kiss like that before.

[b "You still have to come over one time. My mom makes the best desserts"] he told her, taking another bite and then wanting to come see her try out for cheer. [b "I don't think they'll really make you flip. I think you also learn that when you get into the club"] he then took another bite and his eyes fell down to her lips. He really wanted to kiss them. To hold her close and just kiss her so sweetly.

He heard her and then he had to come up with an excuse. He reached his hand out and then he wiped her bottom lip with his finger, bringing it to his lips and then licking it softly and then wiping it off.

[b "You had a little yogurt. It's gone now though. I'm glad you're better"] he then heard her asking if it was because she was pretty. [b "Well I do enjoy talking to you because you're pretty, but also because you're nice to me and are willing to be my friend even though all the girls try to harm you or bother you. It's really nice. I really like being your friend"]
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She frowned, wondering if she had been hanging around Sylus too much, and that’s what really upset Joseph. She didn’t want him to doubt her. [b “Then you shouldn’t have agreed to come.” ] She whispered, not wanting to get Sylus into that situation either. She took part in hanging a lot with Sylus too.

Ara gave a look of concern when he said ‘those bullies are intense’. Would they do worse? Words…that was fine, she could manage it-she believed so, just hope it didn’t translate into actions. [b “Then I guess I need to show them their place.” ] Ara said, wondering how she would even do that. She heard him laugh and wondered if it was funny. [b “Oh, alright, if you say so. But I don’t know who exactly is, besides those two in class yesterday in technology.” ] She shrugged.

Ara gave a little nod, smiling, [b “We are.” ] She felt a little too happy to be friends. She had a good number of friends but a lot of them were at a far distance. They wlaked into the frozen yogourt place and the place was beautiful. She hardly seen such a colorful place like this. She gave Sylus’ cheek a kiss, since he did so much to cheer her up. [b “Thank you, it’s working.” ] She said. She sat down with him, and the frozen yogurt tasted so good! [b “I wish I could have this everyday. The last time I ate…something like this was….months.”]

Her eyes fell on him as she took more of the smooth and sweet frozen yogurt. His red hair…his pretty eyes…and from the outside with all of his tattoos and everything he looked pretty tough. Yet, she felt that Sylus was really sweet and kind inside.

It was clear he got hurt because she remembered seeing him yesterday. [b “Yea, I noticed. They did a good job. I hope…you’re not hurting too much,” ] She softly said. Then he looked so surprised when she mentioned joining. Ara nodded [b “I think it’ll me fit in more.” ]

Ara giggled [b “I think you made it for sure Sylus. I’m not even so sure you have to check.” ] She looked at his v-neck shirt and him over all…he was attractive too. She sighed to herself. She had such a nice looking friend. Of course Joseph would be angry. Maybe she should talk to him again.

[b “I don’t’ mind you coming. I’m not really sure what I exactly have to do to join. Although, one of the girls did mention a flip.” ] She shrugged. She knew how to do it, just been a while. She wondered with all the built skills she had she could become a super spy. She almost laugh to herself outloud. It wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to…just be an artist-but that wasn’t going to happen because her father would hate that. As she looked at Sylus, she saw him looking lower down her face, she didn’t know where…but probably…
[b “Do I have something on my lip?” ] She asked, and began to lick them over, just in case. And then a thought popped in her head. She nearly blushed.

She would gently smile, [b “I feel much better…thanks to you. I owe you one. You’re really sweet Sylus. Although…I want to know. Are you just nice to me because I’m pretty?” ] She asked, remembering yesterday and wondering if Joseph really felt something for her personality and just not her appearance. She didn’t mind if it was her appearance but not…all of it.
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She kept blaming herself and Sylus didn't believe that was fair at all. [b "I had a feeling that he'd be upset with me hanging around you a lot when he was your boyfriend. It was bound to happen"] he shrugged, but he didn't think about it too much. HIs fists and his hands hurt, but he was okay for now. At least no one could tell he got into a fight.

[b "I won't try to, but those bullies are intense when it comes to what they want"] he ended up laughing at her words because she was really funny [b "I guess they are. They feel insecure, but if they ever bother you, just tell me. I want to help stop it before anything happens"] he told her that she was sweet, smart, and friendly and he enjoyed spending time with her.

He smiled [b "Then it looks like we're friends"] he held her hand and led her towards the frozen yogurt shop. As they walked inside, the colors filled the room with the bright decor and the swirls everywhere. He liked it when she thought he was sweet. HE wanted to treat her out, especially after seeing her nearly on the verge of tears. He accepted the offer to share, feeling her press her lips against his cheek. It was soft and it made him smile. [b "Thanks. I just want to cheer you up"] he then filled the cup with some chocolate and strawberry kiwi. He would sit beside her and saw her take a bite.

Sylus could see her mood was brightening up the more she ate [b "Mmm, you're right. This hits the spot"] he took another bite and couldn't help but imagine what it'd be like to kiss her lips. He'd bet they would feel soft and warm against his. [b "Good choice"] he then wondered if she could tell he was hurt. [b "Well...I did get hurt, but I managed to ask someone to help me cover it up for now"] he told her, looking surprised when she mentioned the cheerleading. [b "Really? That's great. Yeah I find out if I make the swim team in the afternoon too. I can watch and cheer you on if you don't mind me coming"] he told her, taking another spoonful of yogurt, licking his lips. HIs amber eyes would fall on hers, going to her lips as well, imagining what they'd be like on his.
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It didn’t seem like he believed her that Joseph was an okay person. [b “It’s my fault I brought you two together. I didn’t think you would both get so mad and pushy.” ] She still wasn’t sure how it got that way. Joseph was pushing Sylus-which she could imagine would be annoying but she didn’t think they’d go injure each other. She couldn’t see what bruises he got but she knew he was hurt.

[b “Then…don’t hurt me. I don’t want to hurt you either. Those…bullies are just bullies. I can handle it. I’m flattered that they have to degrade me to make themselves feel better because they’re so ugly inside and out.” ] She decided on that. Words or not…she’s got some horrible worlds in comments before, she’s just never seen them in real life.

Ara met his amber eyes. It felt like relief that he didn’t want to stay away. She gently smiled when he mentioned she was sweet and smart. [b “I want to be your friend. Even if…we live in pratically different worlds I think we have some things in common. Why wouldn’t it be worth it?” ] She tiled her yead. She would wipe her eyes, just to clear anything out. Ara’s eyes widened a bit, “Really? Are you sure…” ] As she said that he took hold of her hand. She looked back at the class for a moment. She just realized she was skipping-her-skipping. She never could really avoid classes at home since they were at home.

She wasn’t sure where they were going. She was met with a shop that had a swirly ice cream logo. They walked in, and Ara saw the colorful décor, the machines, flavours. She felt the excitement brew. She’s hardly ate frozen yogurt. Sylus…really was sweet. “Thank you…really. You’re really sweet.” ] Ara debated it but, she went for it, and gave his cheek a kiss. [b “How come not them?” ] She curiously asked and grabbed a cup and realized…she probably couldn’t eat it all herself. She knew that she wouldn’t be caught unless…it showed through weight. [b “Sylus, would it be okay if we shared?” ] She asked. She would pick up flavours with him, going for a bit of vanilla, peach. She let him pick until it was a swirly fun mess.

They would take a seat and she would take some in her mouth and look so satisfied, [b “Mmm, I miss the taste of sugar. This is so good…” ] She was feeling much better. She looked back at him, and felt something… She couldn’t tell what. [ b “You must have…gotten injured. If you got really hurt, I may be able to help.” ] She offered, not knowing if he did get it all checked out her not. She ate slowly, smiling to herself and admiring her view from him, with him in front of her. [b “I’m going to try out for cheerleading this afternoon… hopefully, with more friends I won’t get bothered by others.” ]
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He felt like crab because a lot of his body ached, but that didn't stop Sylus from going to school or hiding it. He had to cover up though, so he asked a cheerleader to make sure he looked completely fine. Once he sat down in class, he saw Ara coming in, looking really apologetic. He spoke with her outside, seeing that she was blaming herself.

[b "It's not your fault Ara. It doesn't really matter to me if he's not like that or not. We fought and we both got hurt. We're probably not going to talk or be around each other anymore, but that has nothing to do with you"] he told her, seeing that she looked like she was really hurt.

[b "As long as he's treating you in a way that you like, that's great, but I don't want you getting hurt by me or getting bullied because you're handing around me"] he tried to tell her because he could see she's been going through a lot the past three days. [b "I don't want to stay away from you. I like you, you're sweet, smart, and really nice. I want to keep being your friend. If you're willing to put up with the drama and hang out with me....then I'll try and be a good friend to you....I just hope it's worth it"] he told her, seeing that she wasn't going back to class.

[b "I'm still caught up in all my classes. Why don't we go somewhere and cheer you up? Come on, we don't have to be there"] he held her hand in his, leading her down the hall. He walked towards the school exit and then he figured some dessert was called for. Sylus led her towards a frozen yogurt shop just outside of school. He walked in [b "Pick anything you want. My treat okay? You shouldn't have to be feeling this way if this is only your third day of school. I'm really sorry about what the girls have been doing, but don't mind them. They're just jealous I've been wanting to spend time with you and not them"] he admitted.
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She came into the classroom…the guilt ate her up. Sure, she felt they were immature for fighting like that but she also realized her own mistake. How could she have thought bringing Sylus in was a good idea in any way? He had seemed so riled up about her being insulted. She didn’t really understand why, no one has ever done that.
He looked fine…but she also could still pick up…that he had got bruised. Definitely had them covered up. Joseph did that…because she brought Sylus with her.

She watched him get up, so she followed him outside of the class, into the hall. [b “I did do something wrong. I brought you there with me, and I told you Joseph isn’t violent. But I was wrong, you got hurt.” ] Her voice broke apart a bit. She felt…horrible. [b “He usually doesn’t talk to me like that, honestly…he’s not bad.” ] But she was questioning things now.

She tried not to let her eyes warm because she didn’t want to go into the classroom looking upset. But she did feel upset because of what happened yesterday, and now she didn’t even know if Joseph wanted to be with her because of her, plus that…paper .
[b “I don’t like it…when you were that mean. I got hurt anyway. Yea, I’d like it if you left me to argue with him instead.” ] She nodded and then half shrugged [b “I mean, his words aren’t that bad. I’ve gotten worse.” ] She’d half smile.

Then he offered to leave them alone. She felt that maybe he wanted her to leave him alone. Joseph did hurt him after all. She looked down, and figured she wouldn’t be making friends with him, that he probably may not want to from the way he talked about it. And who in the right mind would with Joseph trying to beat him up. [b “Yea, that’s probably a good idea. If…that’s what you’d like…to keep away-then okay. I’m sorry.” ] She repeated softly, trying not to look like an emotional mess but she felt like it. [b “I wouldn’t know who.”] She shrugged and wondered if she wasn’t cut out for this highschool stuff. [b “It’s only my third day now and I already messed things up. I’m really bad at this.” ] She mostly spoke to herself.

She saw the teacher down the hall pop in. She couldn’t make herself go in. What was the point… [b “You should go back to class.” ] Ara mentioned [b “I saw the teacher go in. I guess I won’t see you around then. I’m probably not going to go to class.” ]
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He didn't think that he'd ever get into a fight with someone so soon at the beginning of the year. He always promised his dorm mother that he'd be good. He wouldn't cause trouble at school and he'd try harder to be a better person. He threw all that out the door yesterday because of the fight. Because he was ticked off by what Joseph said. He didn't mean for it to go that far.

He went home and did what he had to do in order to keep living his life and supporting the orphanage. They were always thankful for the treats Sylus brought and thought he was the greatest big brother ever. At least in their eyes, he was somewhat a saint. He ended up meeting with the red head the next morning in order to get a favor done. His bruises were covered and his face looked normal. He thanked her and then went to class.

Sylus was in another jacket, a black vneck and ripped jeans. He sat beside Collin and talked to him for once in a long time. They chatted about the other kids in the orphanage and how he's got his own place now. They talked about their parents and how he was doing. COllin never seemed to really judge Sylus though since he knew his circumstances.

Soon ARa came in and Sylus was still chatting away. His face hurt and his hands hurt, but he did his best not to show it. He glanced up when he heard Ara and he just sighed softly as he looked around, seeing the looks people were giving. Wasn't she going to get bullied? Sylus got up [b "Yeah sure, let's go"] he led her outside before class started and talked to her in the hallway.

[b "You don't have to apologize. You didn't do anything wrong. I got hurt because I said hurtful things. I don't like it when guys talk down to girls that way"] he told her truthfully. [b "IT pisses me off"] he admitted and then he met her blue eyes. She looked really upset [b "Don't be sad Ara. I just don't want to see you get hurt and I blew up. IT wasn't my place, I get it. I'll leave that fight for you two"] he told her, feeling bad he butt in, but he didn't like what Joseph said and it hit a spot close to home.

[b "I can leave you two alone if you want....if you're feeling bullied, I can keep myself away as well. Just let me know who's bullying you too though. I don't want you to get hurt because of me either"] he wanted her to know that.
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Never had she experienced a fight that wasn’t staged. She was fixing Joseph up, feeling bad that he got so injured…so angry. She never thought he could. She helped him and continued on her day but it was alwas on the back of her mind, questioning and… feeling it all eat her up. It was even hard to focus on what was going on in class.

When she got up, she did her homework and would draw and draw… She couldn’t get it out of her head. It was hard to sleep and she would get bunch of text messages from Joseph. That he was sorry, that he liked a lot more than just how pretty she was, that he didn’t mean for it to get so violent…and yada yada. She didn’t want to talk to him. Not after what happened… She wondered if he deep inside thought she was stupid…

Alister drove her in the morning. She wore a black dress with an A-line skirt, her hair up into a high ponytail with a black ribbon, make up done, covering up her lack of sleep. She spotted another text from Joseph, ‘I need help covering up these bruises Ara. Please. I’m truly sorry.’ She sighed to herself. She had extra time, so she met up with him and covered it up, knowing how to cover up bruises pretty well. He tried to kiss her but she tilted her head away and then left as soon as she was done.

She went to her locker herself and saw some paper with some words. Her lip quivered but she took it off and threw it out. She walked into her English class, and saw Sylus sitting ther already. Her stomach emptied. She recalled yesterday, remembering him say that he warned her to stay away. She figured she ruined it… well he ruined it too, and she felt angry. Yet, she felt horrible because she brought him with her. He wouldn’t have gotten hurt. She stood there like an idiot for a while because she couldn’t decide if she should sit beside him or not. Collin was talking to him.

Ara took a deep breath and walked up to Sylus, [b “Hey…can we talk? I want to…apologize,” ] She said to him, looking at his eyes and then looking away, [b “It was my fault you got hurt. ” ] She whispered. She saw some eyes follow to them and she didn’t want to talk with this all attention. If he wasn’t willing, then she would sit down and leave him alone. She didn't know where she would talk to him, but she figured as long as it wasn't in the classroom, and place where there was less people would be good.
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IT went from just trashing each other's hobbies to just saying whatever they wanted. He insulted him because he didn't like the way he was talking to Ara. No guy deserved to degrade any girl. He hated that it was one of the worst things on earth. He saw what his father did to his mother and he felt disgust ever since.

[b "I'd rather be a mermaid than an empty headed lump of meat"] he was punched and threw his punches back at him. He got punched a few more times to the point where he felt that it wasn't worth it to get his head all banged up for a stupid caveman. He valued his head, his face, and his well being because had others to support. He couldn't continue playing this stupid game. He got up and ended up leaving the three of them without another word.

He headed down the path towards the street and he ended up just skating home. Everything hurt, but he didn't feel too bad. Nothing was broken and he's suffered worse from the taekwondo club. As he headed home, he winced since his cheek was bruised. He stepped into his apartment and just went into the bathroom, staring blankly at the mirror. [i Why did you do this. Now your pretty face is ruined] he sighed and washed his face. It stung and the bruises on his fists and his face were starting to form. It wasn't a first. He's learned how to hide the pain since he was young. He always just had to pick himself back up and look fine.

He put some cream on his face and bandaged up his fists. He then fixed up his hair and decided to work on some deals since he had the rest of the day. HE sold a few drugs to a few gang members. One of them tried to beat him for raising the price, but he managed to knock him down and steal the money.

Sylus would save some for himself and then he'd go to the store and buy some donuts for the orphanage. He stopped by and ended up having dinner with everyone for the night. They asked about the bruises and he'd lie and say he beat up a bully. He ended up going back home to his apartment and he would see one of ARa's texts. He just sighed softly and just didn't care for it. Of course she'd take her own boyfriend's side. Why would she care about him anyway. He bet she wasn't even sorry.

[i 'You should just stay away from me. You and Joseph will be happier that way and no one will get hurt'] he was about to hit send, but he couldn't stay away. She was his partner for the project. He deleted it and just ignore it for now. He then went to one of the girls in his class. [i 'I need a favor in the morning. Back of the school. Same time?'] he sent and ended up trying to sleep that night.


The next day, Sylus was up early. Made his morning rounds and ended up at the back of the school. He met up with one of the cheerleaders. She had red hair and blue eyes. She was cute. He asked her to cover up the bruises on his face and hands and in return, he'd treat her. They made the deal and they did the deed early in the morning. Sylus tossed the condom away and thanked her for the help as he headed to his first class. His face ached like hell, but at least no one would notice.

He stepped into class, greeted the girls as if nothing happened. He sat his usual seat and spotted Collin. Remembering what Ara said about having close friends, he sat next to him during English. [b "Hey. How's it going?"] he asked.

"Fine. Something about you looks off. Rough day at home?"

[b "You could say that. I know what I have to deal with"] he sighed a bit. Collin knew about Sylus' background, but he didn't know about the drug deals or how he made money. "Things will be better once you graduate I'm sure"
  ellocalypse / 1y 61d 19h 12m 52s
She couldn’t pick out what they were even arguing about anymore. She hated Joseph insulting Sylus and she hated Sylus insulting her boyfriend-just a tad bit more because Joseph was her boyfriend and she didn’t like assumptions falling on him.

“IT’s more fun than being the little mermaid,” Joseph called. His jaw clenched, getting furious when he mentioned Ara as a trophy, “Don’t fucking call her a trophy. And yet I don’t fucking see you stick with a girl, maybe you’re not so charming.” Joseph got injuried and it hurt-bad but he wasn’t going to let Sylus get away, so he punched him and got furious even more when he kept yapping, so he punched again.

Ara panicked, not understanding how it could have gotten to this. Her eyes were warm and she didn’t know how to make it stop. She tried to pull Joseph away, but it went back into a fight. Now the tears rolled in and she didn’t know what to do. She went into a bag and debated on using the taser on them both so they’d stop. [b “Please stop,” ] She said. Tanner came in and she felt such relief. Right away Tanner pulled Joseph back to stop him from going after SYlus when Sylus tried to get away. “It’s not worth it,” Tanner said and saw Sylus head off and Ara in tears yet looking-angry. Ara saw the damage on Joseph, bleeding nose, busted lip, bruised hands, and probably more that wasn’t showing right away and then there was Sylus she could see going away. She felt at fault…for bringing him here but also so angry that they handled it like immature idiots.

They found one of those family bathrooms since there happened to have in the school. Ara began helping Joseph clean up. She didn’t say thing to him, besides asking what hurt and that they should go to the nurse or see a doctor.
Then Joseph said, “Ara…I’m sorry. You’re not stupid… I got so angry, he’s a shit head.”
She knew probably didn’t mean to call her stupid, but it still hurt. [b “Okay…but you kept pushing him…and then you punched him.” ]
“He fucking hit me first, and talked to me like knows you.”
[b “Doesn’t mean you should do it back!”] Ara yelled and had to as, [b “Am I…just a trophy to you… I like that you think I’m beautiful but is that it? Is that all you like about me?” ] She couldn’t contain her tears.
Tanner decided to stop up, mumbling that he’d give them space and make sure no one came in.
“No…no, that’s not all. You’re so kind, dress so well, and dedicated…work hard, cute, charming with that pretty smile.” He explained.
She realized half of it was her appearance. Of course… She never felt so bothered by it, but it did make her wonder if he’d like her if she wasn’t so pretty or if anyone would. She didn’t eat lunch and went to her other classes, trying to make it through them. Joseph asked to meet her after school, she ignored, feeling so upset at the two of them.

After classes, she head home, Alister picked her up. She did her homework, and it was still hanging in her. It was better…to keep away from Sylus, so that no one got hurt. She sent him a message anyway, ‘I’m sorry for what Joseph said and did, but you were just as bad. I really don’t like you talking to him like that. He didn’t mean to be mean to me. I didn’t want you to argue for me, and I definitely didn’t want you to get hurt. I’m sorry you got hurt. I hope you’re okay. ‘ She sent.
  Ravenity / 1y 61d 19h 40m 51s
The whole time, Sylus felt like he shouldn't be here. He didn't know if explaining anything to an aggressive boyfriend would do anything and it seemed like it wasn't. It pissed him off to hear him calling Ara stupid because she was far from it. He hated the guys that treated their girlfriends like dolls, only using them as trophies and then treating them like shit. IT seemed like Joseph was exactly that way.

He was pushed back and forth and would push back. They argued and exchanged insults, but that didn't stop them. [b "Oh yeah? You're field? Right, you cavemen bash heads all day for a stupid ball. Very fun"] he narrowed his eyes, but when he mentioned having Ara, he merely smirked [b "Yeah I can tell you're just treating her as a trophy. Girls crowd me because I treat them right"] he shook his head and then kneed Joseph once he pushed him back again.

He saw him get up pretty quickly. He was punched back since he wasn't expecting it. Sylus fall back a bit, but got back up to his feet [b "WOw you got up fast. Must mean you got no balls. No wonder. I didn't feel anything when I kneed you"] he laughed and went in for a punch back, hitting him in the nose.

Ara tried to break them up, but now the two were throwing fists, grabbing and trying to take the other down. Sylus saw Ara's pleading eyes and figured that he probably caused enough damage. He got up and dusted himself off. He refrained from saying anything else and just let them be. His lip was bleeding and he had a bruise on his cheek. He was sure he'd probably have more bruises tomorrow, but what did he care. He didn't care about Joseph and Ara was his girlfriend, so he was sure he'd get comforted by her anyway.

He walked over to his bag and just ended up ditching the rest of the school day. He walked home instead.
  ellocalypse / 1y 61d 20h 21m 53s

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