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Ara tilted her head and tried to picture Sylus swimming with the dolphins and it made her giggle. [b “I bet you could. Dolphins are really cute.” ] It looked a lot funnier in her head. Sylus hugged her, and she kind of liked that he was so affectionate. She felt relief seeing that he looked okay now.

She brought him to the theatre area. She rested there stuff at the side for now, not wanting Sylus to forget them. She lightly laughed [b “My house isn’t [i that ] advanced. ] She sat down on the sofa with him, suggesting food. [b “Mmm, I’m not sure.” ] She admitted. She rose up, asked Kiya and came back with a photo album.

Sylus…was adorable in the pictures. He was so little and it made her gush over the cuteness. Even as a kid, Ara’s hair was long, wearing cute dresses. She heard his laughter, and it made her smile. His laugh was so nice to hear…attractive. She phased out for a moment, staring at him and then looking back at the photo [b “Umm… I’m not entirely sure…” ] She tilted her head and tried to remember [b “I think you were trying to prove that you could carry me.” ] She saw the lollipop picture.
[b “Really?” ] Ara smiled. She went through a few more and then closed the photo album and set it aside. [b I did?” ] She couldn’t even remember most of the toys she had. [b “I know I tried to give you my toys. I thought that was how I could make you like me.” ] She laughed.

She rose up and brought him food. She sat down with her chicken salad. [b “Only get salad?” ] She looked at hers and looked back at him [b “Oh um…I’m trying to stay fit.” ] She then remembered she should get them some drinks. [b “What would you like to drink?” ] She asked, getting up. Ara giggled at his comment about treating him like a king. He did look like a king. She playfully bowed [b “My king.” ] She then decided to take the bit ehe offered. [b “It is pretty good.” ] She admitted. She went out and brought them a drink. She went just for water. Then she hugged him, glad that he looked all so comforted now. She…liked making him happy.

His head rested on his shoulder right after. [b “Real and genuine…it does.” ] She thought about Joseph for a second, how she didn’t reply to him. He made her feel this way for a while. She felt him take her hand, so she let him, and gave his hand a squeeze, stopping herself from snuggling in. The movie began playing and she ate her salad. She set the plate away after she was done. She’d stretch out her arms and remembered she should practice for cheer today, to get that back flip right. But she found herself getting a bit sleepy. She looked at Sylus. Physically…he was so…attractive and, she wished that, he always remained this warm. She rested her head at the edge of his lap, and began taking his tattooed arm and examining it a bit and then looking back at the movie. [i I should message him. ] She sighed to herself.
She drew her phone out and quickly sent Joseph a text message ‘I’m busy for most of the day. I’ll let you know if I can hangout in the evening’ ] She sent, and realized…she’s never said no to him to hangout unless she was out in a country or she had lessons.
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He didn't know that he's spent time with her before, so when she mentioned her hair was actually brown, it all made sense. He did remember spending time with a girl his age a long time ago and it was coming back to him.

He got her a bunny and when he held the dolphin, he couldn't help but feel really happy about it. Not only did he never receive something that he really wanted, but he was glad Ara won it for him. SHe was really caring and it was really attractive. [b "You're right. They are fast. I wanna swim with them someday"] he smiled and then he gave her a warm hug because she was making him feel better.

By the time they arrived at her house, he was amazed at the theater room. He's never seen one inside someone's home before. A private area with recliners and a projector? She was definitely rich. [b "Wow. This is so cool. Why make a video about the watch when we can film your house"] he teased and then he sat down on the sofa beside her, thinking about lunch. [b "Yeah...I'm pretty hungry. What do you have?"] he wondered, leaning in a bit because he liked the warmth.

WHen ARa came back with a photo album, Sylus took a peek and saw the pictures of them spending time together [b "Haha, what were we doing?"] he pointed to the small him trying to carry her and then smiled when he saw the lollipop. [b "That lollipop made me really happy"] he remembered feeling down that day because his mom wouldn't get him a toy. [b "You did put a smile on my face back then because you had the coolest toys. I always was excited to come visit"] he relaxed and then saw Ara bring up some food. He held his plate and saw the steak [b "This is....a little unfair isn't it? Why do you only get a salad, but I have a steak?!"] he gasped, taking a bite and then sinking into his seat. IT was delicious.

[b "Mmm, you're treating me like a king here Ara. I won't wanna leave"] he offered her a bite of his steak and then watched with her. He put his plate aside when he finished and felt Ara's arms around him. He leaned into her hug and rested his head against her shoulder [b "I am. It's nice spending time with you. It feels so real....and genuine. It's nice and warm"] he admitted, letting his hand go down to hold hers in his.
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That was right, Sylus might have thought her hair was originally blonde. [b “Yes…my hair is actually brown.” ] She gave a light nod. She knew Sylus hair was dark. She didn’t mind having him hold her hand so tightly. She hoped to comfort him, so that he would be okay. She did feel bad that she did bring him to his father…

Slus got her a bunny, which made her really smile, and hold it tightly in her arms. It was adorable. She wondered if she should get a pet. [b “I really do, it’s adorable.” ] She giggled. She then would make an attempt to get the dolphin for Sylus. She managed to get it and she gave it to him. Ara shrugged [b “Dolphins are fast in the water and you like swimming. I’m glad I picked right.” ] She admitted, and saw how he smiled. It was so good to see him smile. This was working. She got a hug too, which always felt nice.

[b “It’s no problem.” } Ara shook her head.


They stepped into the theatre room. There were chairs, and a sofa in the middle that could pull out a footrest. [b “Alexa, turn on the theatre,” ] Ara spoke, and the projecter turned on displayed an image onto the large wall in 4k. She heard Sy’s ‘woah.’ She looked back and him, seeing him gasp. Did he not go to a theatre before?

[b “Okay,” ] Ara smiled at him and the sat down on the sofa, and patted next to her [b “Alexa, play Toy story in a ten minutes” ] Ara spoke, because eshe remembered they should grab food before they watched. [b “Sylus, are you hungry? It’s about lunch time. I’m sure Kiya is here and prepared something.” ] She suggested. She was feeling pretty hungry so she assumed he would be too. This felt…pretty good. She sure liked hanging around Sylus, it felt so…natural. [i Just don’t get too close. ] She told herself, but knew she kind of broke that rule last night.

Ara’s eyes lit up [b “You do!?” ] She felt a bit happy that he did remember her. [b “I remember…well…maybe not much but I knew I gave you a lot of my toys. Hold up, I have pictures.” ] She said, exiting the room. If Sylus said yes too food, she’d talk to Kiya first and then go upstairs and dig out a old photo album. She came back in the theatre and that sat beside him and opened it up. [b “I have photos of us.” ] She passed few pages and showed him a few pictures. One of them eating cake together, and another one of Sylus trying to carry her, one of Ara offering a lollipop to him, and a few more. [b “You were so cute…” } Ara smiled [i And so happy. ] She spotted a picture of her mom in there, brown hair and blue eyed. Ara sighed and would let him look through the book if he wanted, otherwise she’d close it.

[b “I’ll go get the food, and we’ll watch,” ] She smiled and looked at Sylus’ eyes. She felt that…same feeling again, and she wanted to snuggle up but…also knew that wouldn’t be wise. She went to go grab plates of food. She had gotten just a salad for herself, but steak for Sylus. There was also some popcorn set up just incase. The movie played, and Ara yawned a bit, because she spend so much trying to clean up a bit last night. Then she looked at Sylus, wanting to be sure he was okay. So, just in case, she hugged him one more time, [b “Are you having fun?” ]
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He could tell that Ara didn't know what was going on. He wasn't sure if she figured it out by now or not, but he really didn't want to be a part of that man's life or him in his. He heard her talking about his son and he nodded [b "That was me then. I do remember a little girl with dark hair that I used to play with too. Now that I think about it, she had the same blue eyes. It was you"] he told her, surprised that he's known her since back then.

He held her hand tightly and hoped she was right. He figured that his father just thought he was some kind of burden, but he never wanted to be. Not with her at least. He met her eyes and then he shrugged [b "Okay, let's go to your house after since you took me out all the way here"] he told her, bringing her towards the claw machine. He managed to win her the bunny and he felt proud he got it on his first try. WHen he gave it to her, it made him happy to see she really liked it. She looked excited.

[b "I'm glad you love it!"] he said proudly as he watched her take a go at it. She won him a dolphin and he nearly gasped. [b "Wow, I love dolphins, how'd you know"] he smiled and then he leaned in and gave her a hug. [b "Thanks for all this Ara"] he smiled and then took the cab with her to her house.

They headed inside and he followed Ara until he spotted the theater room. Was she serious? [b "Woah"] he looked around and was amazed with everything going on. Sylus gasped and then he thought about a movie. [b "What about....Toy Story?"] he suggested, loving that one ever since he was a kid. He used to watch some with Ara also now that he remembered it.

[b "I remember coming over to your house sometimes back then. Who knew we'd meet up again"] he took a seat in one of the chairs, thinking he was in a real movie theater. It was amazing. Ara really had so much money.
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[b “Then…he doesn’t need to be.” ] She whispered. Overstepping was something she was afraid to do. Afraid of what she could say would hurt him. If they did meet before, then he wouldn’t remember. [b “Maybe not then… I just knew that when I was little I was around his…son but maybe it was someone else” ] She whispered again. They left the place together, and she ran a list of things in her head that may cheer him up.

[b “He missed out…”] She squeezed his hand, looking at his eyes, wondering if he was hurting a lot. She didn’t mind if he cried on her, but it didn’t appear like he was going to do that. Maybe he didn’t trust her or maybe he wasn’t the type to cry in front of others. [b “Okay, we’ll play and go to my house.” ] She gently smiled when he met her eyes, and she could still feel how tight he was holding her hand. She wanted to hug him again, so she did, [b “No, you don’t have to apologize. It’ll be okay. If I knew, I wouldn’t have brought you.” ] She the wne tback to just holding his hand when they went inside the arcade. She followed him to the claw machine.
[b “Sure.” ] She said and watched him and she clapped when he got it, giggling, [b “It’s so cute.” ] She held the bunny he gave her, feeling how fluffy it was. It was white with cute floppy ears [b “Thank you Sylus, I love it.” ] She smiled at him, glad to see him smiling again.
[b “Let me try.” ] She said and went onto carefully aiming for the small dolphin she saw. The first time, it caught something but it also dropped it. So, she gave it another go and got the small dolphin. She handed it to him, holding her bunny, [b “Now you got one.” ] Ara said with a smile. She then used her bunny’s arm to wave over, [b “Hello.” ] She giggled, and then realized, she felt a bit embarrassed for being so childish. She blushed a bit. [b “Let’s go to my house?” ] She said, and would call a taxi.

The Taxi didn’t take too long. They would hop in. She got another text message from Joseph, she took a peak but…still didn’t want to respond. She still felt upset, that he left her. She yawned, and realized it had already hit lunch time. She figured they could eat lunch at her house and watch a movie. [b “What Disney movie do you want to watch?” ] She asked, as they approached her house. She stepped out with him, going toward the theatre room.
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He didn't know what to do at this point because he didn't want to face his father. His eyes looked over at him and he didn't know what to say. He remembered the day that he was held hand in hand until he left him at the orphanage. It made him cringe just thinking about it. His own father gave him away and yet he was being so friendly with ARa. He didn't even know he owned a restaurant.

[b "I hope not. I don't need him in my life"] he told ARa and was surprised to hear that he was a family friend. [b "Have we?"] he thought about it, but he could barely remember. HE did remember playing with a little girl back then, but he tried to block out a lot of memories from his father.

He left the restaurant and he wasn't in a good mood. He kept thinking about how he was just left to the orphanage and not wanted. His own father didn't want him and even now, he made up words about helping him probably only because he saw that he was ARa's friend.

[b " just not wanted by him. He let me go and that was it. This was the first time I've seen him since then. No calls, no letter....nothing"] he frowned, shaking his head, not wanting to be upset over it. They made it to the arcade and Sylus looked around, hearing the noises. [b "We can play a little...but I think a movie and popcorn sounds nicer"] he met her eyes and didn't let go of her hand. IT was comforting.

[b "I'm sorry for....bringing the mood down. I never expected to see him"] he looked at the games and then he walked over to a claw machine. [b "Let me at least win you something for taking me here"] he put in some money and tried to grab an animal. He managed to get a stuffed bunny, smiling as he handed it to her. [b "Look. I got one!"]
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She could tell by SYlus’ expression and body language on how uncomfortable he was. She hated that she brought him here and made him feel this way. She couldn’t process it… They left together, and then she’d stop and hug him. She wondered if a hug would help at all, or if it would comfort him a bit. She looked over at his eyes, and she frowned figuring it must have hurt. [b “You…don’t have to see him again.” ] She said quietly. She didn’t know why someone would give up a kid, or maybe Shawn thought himself not capable of doing it.

[b “He’s a family friend.” ] She reminded [b “I’ve known him for a long time. I think we’ve met when we were kids too.” ] She whispered. Unless Shawn had another son. She wasn’t about to tell him how close they were, feeling it would just do harm. She tool hold of his hand and felt how tight he held it. He looked so phased out. She sighed, wondering if going to the arcade would help him. [b “Do you want to talk about what you’re feeling? If you’re really upset, you can cry on me or if not cry, just talk. I’m here.” ] She softly spoke. She didn’t know what he was feeling, and she didn’t know how to fix it. She didn’t even know what he liked to do…

She’d walk toward the arcade anyway but would ask, [b “What do you like to do for fun? What’s a good distraction?” ] She asked, still not believing that this was actually happening. She squeezed his hand and wondered if he needed a quiet place instead, [b “Do you want to come over to my house instead? We can watch a Disney movie, eat some popcorn, talk…” ] She went on.
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Sylus watching Ara hugging Shawn made him feel really weird. HE couldn't believe they were faced with his father right now and it was making him feel more than awkward. He didn't believe he should have been here. He didn't want to face his dad right now, nor did he want to even see him. He tried not to make eye contact, but at the same time, his father seemed to put on a fake mask and ask about him anyway.

Ara answered for him, but he didn't care to validate himself at all. He heard her calling him smart and all, but his father just stood there, telling him that he was glad he was doing okay. He offered to help him out, but Sylus knew it was all a lie. HE didn't want to be here especially since his father never helped him out before.

Once he left, he felt anxious and tried to stay close to Ara, feeling uncomfortable in this place now. After they paid and left, he walked with her, feeling her arms around him as his eyes widened a bit. HE felt warm, a bit more comforted, but at the same time, he felt down. [b "It's fine. You didn't know. I just....don't want to see that man. I didn't even know you know him....and it seems like you're close"] he frowned and then he felt her take his hand. He held onto her hand tightly and then he heard the options. [b "I don't mind. We can go"] he nodded. [b "We can go to both if you want. I don't think I have anything else to do today"] he didn't want to do anything else either. HE felt bad.

If Ara led him towards the arcade, he'd follow, but his mind would be focused on something else, blank.
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When she caught how stiff Sylus was, hugging Shawn made her feel awkward. She knew him well enough…for most of her life. He was more like an un-related uncle to her. Then she held Sylus’ hand because it looked like he could use a hand to hold. She replied to Shawn to fill the silence, feeling so puzzled looking at him and trying to make sense that Shawn would have had to left Sylus. She couldn’t picture Shawn doing that, not with the way he had been so kind to her.

[b “Yes… he’s really smart…” ] Ara spoke quietly and hesitant. Sylus gave his answer. She looked at Sylus with concern. This…must be hard. The silence filled again and she saw them looking at each other for a while. It felt too long for her. Then she met Shawn’s eyes again. [b “Ah hmm…” ] She replied and would make herself slightly smile [b “Thank you.” ] She whispered a goodbye since he had to go handle important guests. The silence felt thic. She had her coffee, and she’d stare down at it. [i I didn’t know… ] But she felt so guilty for bringing Sylus here.

[b “Okay, let’s go.” ] Ara said quietly. She got up, and at least went to pay. Shawn usually insisted that she didn’t but she did anyway. She got hers to go, and she walked out with Sylus, going further ahead down the street. She faced Sylus and felt the heavy feeling in her chest. She made him face this… She didn’t understand how Shawn could do that. She looked at Sylus’ eyes and then hugged him, [b “I’m sorry… I didn’t know.” ] She looked up at him again, trying not to cry because she felt so sad for him. She took a deep breath [b “Let’s go do something fun.” ] She took hold of his hand and gave it a squeeze. She wasn’t even sure what something fun was but she knew distracting him from feeling sad would be a good idea.

Ara pulled out her phone to look at things they could do around. “There’s an arcade near and aquarium nearby. Would you like to go?” ] Ara offered. She didn't understand this situation but she didn't want to dig things up.
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He could understand his father not wanting to be with him because he reminded him of his mother. Even Sylus missed his mother so much, but she passed away a long time ago. HE wondered what his life would have been like if she was here now. He probably wouldn't have been in the orphanage or struggling like this.

Once they reached the cafe, Sylus followed ARa into the building. IT was beautiful and every angle caught his eye. It felt homey, warm, and a great place for a first date. When Shawn came out, he didn't really pay attention until he spoke and Ara introduced them. Sylus froze, not believing who he was seeing right now. He hadn't seen his dad in years, nor did he hear from him.

He saw his father hugging ARa and he wasn't sure what kind of relationship they had. He felt the warmth of ARa's hand, but when his father started speaking with him, he couldn't answer. He didn't want to answer. That man deserved nothing from at all, but Ara started speaking for him.

"Oh is he now? That's great. I'm glad you're doing well Sylus. Look, if you need anything, you can always ask...[b "I don't need anything. I'm fine"] he told him adamantly.

Shawn just looked at the boy and could see he was in his rebelling state. He faced Ara again "Ahhh, then that means you two are classmates. It's such a relief that you two would look after each other. Project? Hmm, I don't see why not. My restaurant is free to use for you Ara darling. You can just let me know what day and I'll reserve a spot for your film" he told her, getting himself a latte.

SYlus just ended up getting an iced coffee as he sighed softly. Shawn had some important guests to attend to, so he ended up letting them leave. When Sylus was alone with Ara, he just chugged down his coffee, not wanting to be there anymore. [b "Let's leave ARa. I don't want to stay here. I don't want to be around that man"] he admitted, still wondering how she knew him, but all he wanted right this second was to be away from him.
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Ara would give a nod, [b “He is. Yes…I’m sort of familiar with that situation. He hardly looks at me. Apparently, I look exactly like her.” ] It was comforting in a way to know that someone else had a similar happening. She hoped talking about this didn’t bother him, but…it didn’t seem to be.

They arrived at this beautiful café. She really liked the place, plus, Shawn was here. He had been there for some of her childhood and she’s seen him quite a few times, only because he had been so kind to her. She remembered he had a son, but they never talked about his family, so she didn’t know what was up.

[b “Mmm, I’m glad you like it. Yea, we should then.” ] Ara smiled. Shawn came out. Ara didn’t mean to draw attention but, since he was here, she didn’t mind. She turned her head and saw Sylus coming more forward toward her. [b “Family friend I told you about,” ] She said quietly. She looked at his expression and Sylus looked frozen. Was something wrong? Ara glanced back at Shawn and then at Sylus again. She heard his whisper, and wondered what…was going on.
[b “Why? What’s wrong?” ] She leaned in and whispered. She didn’t want to make him uncomfortable, so she decided she should probably say no. She slowly took his hand, to comfort him anyway, and then she looked at Shawn but he was staring at Sylus and then he spoke.

Ara’s mouth slowly fell open and her eyes widened. Sylus was his son!? No wonder his name was so familiar! She remembered spending time with him when they were little. She remembered seeing a picture of her clinging onto Shawn’s son, and giving him her toys. Wait…but, Sylus grew up in an orphanage. Shawn…left Sylus.

Sylus didn’t respond to him. [b “He is doing well, he’s doing extremely well in school and is the best swimmer…” ] Ara mentioned quietly
She really didn’t get what was going on. It felt…so awkward. She got a hug from Shawn and then said [b “Yes, I just enrolled to the high school, we’re in the same grade.” ] She said softly. She looked at Sylus, feeling his Sylus was loud. Somehow, she end up sitting down with Sylus at a table. The waitress came by, “What would you like for today?”
[b “Cappuccino for me, and Sylus, what would you like?” ] She asked with a calm tone but her mind was crowded with questions and she was freaking out because she didn’t know how to deal with this situation. Was it too late to run? Was it too late to say-oops got to go. Was Sylus okay? She spaced out entirely and her brain went on auto pilot. [b “We have a project coming up, would it be okay if we filmed here one of these days?” ] She asked, but wasn’t even sure if they should even be doing that now here anymore. When Shawn took his leave, she’d lean into Sylus and whisper, [b “Are you okay? We can get it to go.” ]
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He could see her looking at him and it made his eyes widen a bit. He wondered if he was doing a good job of lying, but it didn't seem like he was. He faced her and just ended up sighing softly as he heard her stop digging in any deeper.

[b "Is he? Hmm, I guess that's the same with my dad too. He doesn't really want anything to do with me ever since my mom passed away"] he told her and then he just shrugged his shoulders. He's been living on his own for a while, so it didn't bother him so much anymore. As long as he was doing well and the orphanage was okay, he'd be happy.

They got into another taxi and when they arrived at the cafe, he looked around stunned. It was all beautiful and he couldn't believe Ara ate at Cafe's like this. IT was as if, she lived in a different world. He followed her inside and then he would smile, seeing the lighting and the different vine patterns as he followed her in. [b "Really? That's great, then we can film here. It looks pretty and high class. I think it would fit well with the watch and the film"] he smiled, seeing a waitress looking at Ara.

When an older man came out, Sylus was too busy looking at the decor to pay attention to their conversation. When he looked over, he just heard the other conversation about how she's grown. [b "Ara. Who's that?"] he walked over and then he saw the person she was talking to.

Sylus froze a bit in his step, meeting the eyes of a man with black hair and green eyes. He faced the two of them and when he caught Sylus' eye, he didn't recognize him with the red hair.

Sylus looked over at Ara [b "I have the time, but I don't want to sit with him"] he whispered.

His father just looked at Sylus curiously, but when he saw the amber eyes, he knew. " boy. Good to see you're doing okay. I....uhhh.....come on, sit down and have coffee. I didn't know you knew Ara" he told them, offering to lead the way to the table by the window.

"Are you two classmates?" he asked, giving ARa a hug and then looking back at Sylus.

Sylus didn't speak. He just followed Ara and kept quiet, feeling like he at least had to be here to experience the cafe. What was his father doing here though and how did he know Ara?
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Ara directed her eyes straight at him, noticed the blank look on him. [b “Oh…really. Okay.” ] She didn’t feel like he was telling her the truth. She just hoped whatever he was doing that it wasn’t-putting him at risk.

[b “I know. I remember you telling me.” ] She said. They had that in common. [b “Same here, I remember my mom the same way. My dad is…scary- I mean, he’s cold.” ] She hated when he looked at her disappointed or never cared if she did do well. The hardest times were when she did almost perfect but not perfect. She had to make sure she was at the top, but thankfully the material were very familiar.

She wondered why… Maybe he really couldn’t be committed. What made him think he’d be committed to her if they ever worked? She took out her phone and got them a taxi. She. Ara nodded [b “Thanks.” ] She got into the taxi with him and she gave the address to a café that she had been once. They got out and the place was beautiful. It had an indoor section too, but the outdoors had vines, lights hanging with a wooden roof. There were tables with red flowers in the center.
[b “Yes, this is the cafe,” ] Ara smiled and looked back at him, seeing him look at the café. [b “It’s not too bad. I know the other, he’s a friend of my dad’s. I’m pretty sure he’ll let us film, but we can find another place.” ] Ara mentioned. A waitress saw Ara and then went inside. An older man came out and came toward Ara. Ara did not expect him to be here.
“Aralyn, my you’ve grown.” He smiled at her.
“Hi, it’s nice to see you again. Thank you. It’s only been a few months,” Ara said.

“Would you both like to sit down?” He asked.
Ara looked at Sylus, [b “Sylus, do you think you have the time? I wouldn’t mind a bit of coffee right now.” ] She admitted.
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He didn't want to answer all of her questions, but she kept asking and it was making him feel like she was interrogating him for a reason. He stared blankly at her for a second [b "Yeah I told you I get it mixed up all the time. The name. I always think it's the one your father owns"] he tried to come up with an excuse, but he didn't want her finding out about it. IT wasn't like she could get him to leave anyway.

[b "My mom passed away when I was little. I just remember she was warm and she loved me. My dad doesn't"] he told her and just shrugged, not really caring at this point because he had his dorm mother and his siblings at the orphanage. He felt bad she went through the same thing. [b "Yeah, as long as someone cares for you, it's not too bad"] he admitted and then she asked more questions about his girlfriends.

[b "They like how nice I am too I guess. I just haven't really had a girlfriend in a while since then"] he told her and then he made some suggestions on where to shoot. [b "We can take a taxi. It's fine"] he told her, seeing her look at her phone. He left her to it for now [b "Pink huh? I think it suits you"] he told her and then they waited. When the cab came, he got into the taxi with her and then they headed to the outdoor cafe. Sylus looked around and thought it looked pretty fancy. [b "Is this the place? It looks really expensive"] he thought to himself, letting ARa lead the way since all of this was way out of his budget.
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It didn’t seem like Sylus could actually answer her question. It was relaly suspicious. [b “You forgot the company you work for?” ] She said. Definitely off. What was his job then? She had a feeling this was making him uncomfortable. [i I’ll drop it for now. ] She did still want to find out.
[b “Yea, it is.” ] But she still didn’t want to be tied to it. She got half way through her gelato. She thought SYlus was very lucky to have a mom like that, biological or not. [b “Yea, I remember you telling me. I always wondered what a mom was like.” ] She did wonder what happened with his dad but, she guessed he probably left Sylus with his Mom’s passing. She sighed to herself. [b “My dad is hardly part of my life since my mom passed. I mostly had nannys, teachers, my aunt at one point and sometimes one of dad’s friend would visit. “ ] Which she acutally prefer since her dad was pretty scary since he was so…normally cold.

She knew shew asking a lot of questions, but shew anted to kno, so she asked. [b “That’s weird, I figured they’d like you, not just want to boost popularity. I mean, they are teenagers. Maybe when we grow up it’ll be easier to find something real.” ] She said and figured he wasn’t committed. She felt at least lucky she did find Joseph.

She thought he’d make fun of her for only having one boyfriend, but he didn’t. And either he didn’t care or couldn’t do the math. Ara’s eyes fell to his hair. [b “My favorite right now is…a light, pastel like pink.” ] She said. She nodded and then would get him [b “Um, I could ask them to record there.” ] She nodded. She walked out with him but knew that they’d hav eto go pretty far again if they wanted a good place to check out for filming [b “Should I call a taxi again? It might be far.” ] She mentioned. She heard her phone and would quickly check it.
‘Hey, are you doing okay? Sorry I had to leave early last night. Let’s go out together afternoon?’ Joseph sent.
She sighed, and put her phone back, not feeling like answering. She was starting to feel like he only came to her when he wanted her, not when she wanted him.
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