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He was kissing her so softly, his lips pressing against hers, just feeling so warm and that emotion building up as he pressed against her. He wanted her warm lips to keep kissing him, holding him and feeling her body against his. HIs hips moved on hers and then he held her and saw her smile. She was really pretty [b "I know, but you're still you and I really like you the way you are"] he told her, kissing her cheek.

[b "I take you seriously and if no one listens to you, you can just let me know and I'll take care of them"] he wanted to kiss her more, but it seemed like she was tired. He let her rest and then he laid beside her and relaxed. He just watched her fall asleep and then he slowly fell asleep beside her too.

He felt the bed being empty sometime through the night. When Sylus opened his eyes, he looked over and saw her outside. He slowly got up and then went to the balcony [b "You okay Ara?"] he hugged his arms around her and kissed her cheek. [b "What's wrong?"] he asked, rubbing her shoulder slowly.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 36d 6h 53m 48s
His lips were so soft and so perfect to kiss. She got into it, wishing she wasn’t a girl right now. She didn’t like being banned to do anything until this was over. At least this was good practice to not let herself get too far. She had her hands on hi schest, feeling his hands going dow her back and side.

She smiled when he said they didn’t need to. [b “Okay, I’m glad.” ] She kissed him and said what she wished for. She laughed at Sylus’ reasoning, [b “Yes…but I really don’t like the whole monthly thing. Plus, I get taken less seriously,” ] She looked at his eyes, [b “It’s getting late, we should sleep. We got a lot of things to do tomorrow.” ] Ara reminded and kissed his cheek [b “Goodnight.” ]

She’d close her eyes and fall asleep. She woke up at three am, waking up from not the best dream. She slipped out of bed and went into the balcony, huddled up in a chair, feeling the hurt from the break up, the fear of being hurt again and the dream that felt too real. She’d stay for awhile but would decide to head back to bed and fall asleep again.
  Ravenity / 36d 9h 16m 13s
He wanted them to be okay to spend this weekend together and to just have fun getting closer. He wanted to know more about her and to fall more for her now that there were no distractions, no rumors, no ex, and no school. He wanted her to focus on just him.

He had her attention, but he knew that something was up. HE was holding her, touching her, wanting to go further, but then she told him he couldn't. Sylus was suspicious, but when she finally said what was wrong, he told her it was okay. He's lived in the orphanage, helped some of his other siblings out. It wasn't something he didn't know about it.

He hugged her and said it was okay. He wouldn't touch her down there, but he'd help her feel better by being there. He leaned in to kiss her slowly, softly and then lead her deeper. He'd let his tongue glide along hers and then he pulled her closer against his chest, feeling her warm lips on his neck. IT was so nice to feel her soft lips against his skin [b "Mmm"] he felt her hands on his chest and then he kissed her more, his hand moving down her back and sides.

[b "I'm okay. We don't always have to go all the way there. I'm glad to just be kissing you"] he kissed her lips between her words. [b "Really? I like you just the way you are. I like Ara being a girl because I can call you my girlfriend and be with you"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 36d 20h 35m 57s
She got so into it, kissing and touching him, having him grind against her. She nearly forgot that she shouldn’t be getting so intimate. She felt sad to have to say that he couldn’t, but he really couldn’t or else she would die of embarrassment. She shyly explained why he couldn’t put his hand near there. She felt so embarrassed saying it and felt quite bad that it was bad timing. IT really did suck being a girl.
[b “I don’t…?” ] She thought he’d be grossed out knowing. She gently smiled, but still had a bit of trouble meeting his eyes [b “You can?” ] She didn’t know how he could help. She felt him tilt her face, and she was made to look at his eyes, feeling shy about it but relaxed when hew as being cute. He pressed his nose against hers and then kissed her. She smiled into his lips, kissing him back. [b “Okay…” ] She felt good now that he knew why. She liked being held close to him. His lips pecked hers. She kissed him deeply and slowly back too.

Ara still tangled up into him, and then would kiss his neck, and gently suck on his skin without thought. She felt over his chest. And then remebered, the lights were still on. She leaned back and turned off the lights. She looked back at his eyes, and she…felt so in love that it hurt. And at the same time it made her want to kiss him more, feel his body more into hers. She would lick up to his ear and press her chest against his again. She felt so close to him. She returned to face him again, [b “Sy, you can’t touch me there…but I can always help you if you felt like it.” ] Ara sighed [b “Sometimes I wish I was a guy instead.” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 36d 21h 49s
He didn't know what was going to happen, but he wanted to live in the moment and each day. He did want to commit to her as his boyfriend, but he didn't know where it was going to go. He also didn't mind the fact that he didn't know where it would go either. Still, that answer seemed to bug her and he wasn't sure how to fix it. He couldn't tell he that he'd be with her forever because he didn't know if something would go wrong.

They were close to each other and he really like the body contact. Her lips were soft, her body felt so fragile in his arms. He pressed his lips against hers softly, loving to taste her lips, to rub his tongue against hers and to kiss her over and over. He pulled her in close, getting so aroused as he moved his hips against hers. He let his fingers glide down her back, but when she stopped him, he wasn't sure what to do. He stopped and wondered what she wanted.

[b "Oh okay..."] he leaned in again and faced her, hearing that it was her time of the month. [b "Aww, you can just tell me Ara. You don't have to worry or feel embarrassed. I can help"] he saw her avoiding his eyes and then he'd tilt her face to face him as he pressed his nose against hers and closed his eyes to kiss her lips once more. [b "I get it now, we can just keep kissing"] he kissed her once more held her closer again, pecking her lips over and over and then taking the slower kisses more deeply.
  ellocalypse / 36d 22h 17m 14s
Ara sighed at what he said. She just wanted someone that would be open to a serious relationship. She didn’t want to be left because of commitment issues. She decided to safe that for later. With his not being tied down thing, she wasn’t sure how long she wanted to stick around either. At least when she got in bed with him, sharing kisses she could drown it out and think about it after this weekend date.
She pressed her body against his, their hands feeling over eachother’s skin. She adored his tongue and his lips by her ear. It made her moan and gave in. She pulsed his shirt up and kissed his chest, enjoying his lips going down her shoulders too. Sylus grinded into her, and it was so arousing, it made her moan again and press harder against his waist naturally, her tongue playing with his. Untilshe remembered.

He saw him look confused and then she realized he thought she didn’t want to do this all together. She sighed, maybe she should just tell him, but she worried that he’d find it gross to tell him… [b “No I want to keep kissing you and stuff…” ] Ara didn’t like having him pull back. Well, whatever happened, happened.

[b “I have…I’m…it’s that time of that…month,” ] Ara shyly spoke and avoided eye contact, her cheeks more reddening, [b “for girls…so you know, you wouldn’t want to feel underneath my shorts because well you know.” ] Ara nervously quietly laughed. [b “Yea…I still want to kiss you, and be close, everything else is fine to touch.” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 36d 23h 7m 25s
He hoped that his answer would at least be okay for now. All he wanted was it to be okay for him and her. He didn't like planning out anything that far into the future, but he knew that right now, he really liked Ara and he wanted it to work. He heard her say it was okay and he nodded his head [b "Okay. I don't want the future to decide what we are right now"] he shrugged and then he climbed into bed with her.

Sylus was kissing her soft skin, holding her close as he faced her. He felt her body press against him and it was really warm. He held her and let his fingers caress down her skin as he slowly slipped into her pants. He made out with her, playing with her tongue as he moaned against her ear.

He was wondering why she wouldn't tell him. [b "Oh okay. As long as you're alright"] he snuggled up to he and stayed close, pressing his lips against hers and then when grinded against her waist, he heard her say she wanted him too. [b "Mmm, good"] he let his tongue glide along hers, his arms stopping when she told him to wait. [b "Huh? Why not?"] he saw her cheeks turning red, but when she spoke, he wondered what happened. Why was she being so mysterious [b "Oh okay"] he wasn't sure what he could do or what was wrong.

He pulled his hands back and he faced her [b " you want to just watch something? Or...."] he scratched the back of his head, unsure what she wanted.
  ellocalypse / 36d 23h 29m 20s
She’s been told she was naïve but she didn’t believe she was naïve enough to hope somebody would change their way. She figured if he still felt the same after a while that she couldn’t keep this going. She couldn’t tell him now, because she didn’t want to ruin things, nor pressure him to change, [b “Might…okay.” ] She could wait for a little while and maybe he’d relook at the idea of being committed to someone.

Ara enjoyed his lips on her neck, sending little flutters in her stomach. She eventually pressed her chest against his. She heard him gasp, and wondered if that was okay, but at the corner of her eye she saw he was smiling. He must have liked it. She moaned softly when his hands went over her ass. She smiled a bit [b “I know.” ] She allowed his tongue to come in and glide with hers. She kissed him deeply before she was moaning to his kisses on her ear.

Did she make it that obvious? [b “Oh…um, I’ll try not to. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about.” ] She just didn’t want to tell him her thoughts in fear of being called crazy or tell him she had her monthly thing. She fit her leg between his. She loved getting lost in the moment. She held her breath now and then, feeling her body aching for him more. She moaned again when his hands slipped into her shorts. She took that as permission for her hands to slip underneath his shirt.

She pulled his shirt more up and gave his chest a kiss, up until his lips traveled down to her chest. She felt his hips moving against her waist. It was arousing her [b “Mmm…I want you too Sy.” ] and then she remembered.
[b “Sy wait…you shouldn’t…put your hands underneath my shorts,” ] Ara said with hesitation and embarrassment. Her cheeks warm and then she realized that he might think she might not like it [b “I like that but…not tonight…” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 37d 11m 47s
He heard her and then he could see that his decision made her sad. Now he understood why her mood changed, but he wasn't sure how to remedy the situation. [b "Who knows. I might want that later"] he told her, not wanting her to give up hope or anything or only put in halfway of what she wanted into the relationship.

He kissed her skin, moving down her neck, his arms around her waist as he felt her fingers roaming his chest and his body. He felt her press against him more and he gasped a little, feeling aroused as he smiled. His hands slid down her back, over her ass as he faced her [b "Mmm, you're so pretty Ara"] he let his tongue glide along hers and then he would kiss her ear [b "Because you're acting off and you were taking meds earlier. I'm just worried as your boyfriend"] he admitted, feeling her leg between his.

He slowly was slipping his hands into her shorts, his lips traveling down her shoulder as he kissed her chest, his leg draping over her as well and his hips moving up against her waist.

[b "I'm not tired. I want a little more of my Ara"] he whispered.
  ellocalypse / 37d 39m 29s
[b “I do…and we don’t want the same things…and that’s okay,” ] She bit down on her lip. She went to change in the room, used the bathroom and crawled into bed. His arms wrapped around her, and his eyes looked at hers. She felt the little ache…but it was shut down hen he kissed down her neck a few times.

[b “Thanks,” ] Ara whispered. She moaned to his lips kissing her skin. She moved herself closer, her hands feeling over his hard chest. She heard the sound of his voice. So, instead of her hands, she pressed her breasts against his chest a little more tightly. His lips moved up to hers. Ara kissed him softly back, licking the top of his lips and relaxing when his fingers were brushing through her hair.

[b “Mmm…” ] She rested her eyes when he kissed her ear. Ara paused and sighed [b “I’m fine. Why do you keep asking…” ] Ara kept her voice low. She felt his whisper by her ear. She liked the feel of it, [b “I’m okay…I’m not yet.”When you are sleepy or tired, you can tell me too." ] She whispered and wrapped her arm around him. Feeling through his back, and fitting her leg in between his. This intimacy helped, she liked having not to think so much. She didn’t want the kisses and touches to stop. Well up until a certain point.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 37d 51m 23s
He wondered if his answer was what decided where their relationship was going. It made him feel like it was because the minute he mentioned that he wanted to be free and he wasn't sure where life would take him, she seemed to change in her responses. His eyes would look over her and when she spoke about how he didn't want to be tied down. It wasn't that, it was just he wasn't thinking about that yet, nor did he want to.

[b "As long as you know what you want Ara"] he told her and then he saw her head into the bathroom to change. He put on some shorts and a shirt and then he went over towards the bed and then he laid beside her. He wrapped his arms around her and then he met her eyes and kissed her neck. [b "Well you look really cute anyway"] he smiled, snuggling up to her as he kissed down her neck and hearing her moan out.

When he hugged her closer, he felt her hands moving along his body, touching his chest and then feeling his arms and muscles. IT felt so good to be touched by her. [b "Mmm, that's nice ARa"] he kissed her lips, hoping to cheer her up more and get her back to being her old self. The sweet Ara he loved. He'd let his lips press against hers over and over and then he would brush his fingers through her hair.

[b "You feeling better Ara? Are you okay?"] he kissed her ear and wondered if she wanted to sleep. [b "Just let me know if you're getting tired or sleepy"] he whispered softly, kissing her ear once more.
  ellocalypse / 37d 1h 16m 45s
She got her answer and that’s all she really needed to know, he didn’t like being tied down. She was more concerned that it did work out and because he didn’t want to be tied into it, that he’d leave. She had her life planned and she didn’t like having a extremely low probability of that happening because the person she loved felt they should wander around more. She still kept her responses cool enough, because it wasn’t like he could read her mind.

[b “I don’t expect to know if we work out or not. I understand that you don’t want to be tied down. That’s okay. I like knowing where I stand.” ] She said, and at least felt good knowing she should try not to put herself too much into this like she did last time.

Ara rose up, and would change. She’d glance back at Sylus and it seemed like he was in his own little world too while they changed. It was best not to get close. She cleaned up and slipped into bed. She’d rather just hid in the bed and be alone for a little while and try to re-think everything she felt and try to change her view.

Sylus acme into bed with her, his arm around her, him kissing her cheek. She made herself smile, [b “Thanks. I wasn’t trying to be.” ] She felt kisses on her neck. She closed her eyes and relaxed to it. It made her forget, and it still felt nice. [b “Mmm..” ] Ara gave into his touch, hand gliding down her side, kisses that moved up to her ear, [b “Mmmm…” ] It felt nice. Her fingers ran from the bottom to top of his chest, feeling his muscles, and pressing her body closer. She’d let him take the lead for the most part. If he came to kiss her lips, she’d kiss him back and empty her mind of all thoughts.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 37d 2h 14m 17s
He wondered if she was doing okay. All of a sudden it didn't seem like she was in a good mood at all and it worried Sylus. They were on their date already, so they should be happy just being with one another. His amber eyes would glance over her when she asked some pretty serious questions. They were questions that Sylus never thought about. All he wanted was to be able to live his life without the gang trying to kill him.

[b "I don't know. It all depends on if we work out. I have a good feeling we will though because I really like you Ara"] he told her, wondering where all of these thoughts were coming from. Why was she sounding like she was an old lady? He rubbed her shoulder and then he kissed her cheek, seeing her mind was elsewhere. He wondered what she was thinking about.

He asked her to head to bed with him, hoping that would cheer her up at least. He got up and then he went into the room, closing up the balcony and then he went into his bag. He changed into some shorts and a shirt as he waited for Ara. He saw her climbing into bed with her cute Pjs as he went to brush his teeth. When he came back, he climbed into bed beside her, his arm moving around her as he kissed her cheek [b "You look so cute in your cake shirt"] he chuckled and then he kissed down her neck, enjoying that vanilla scent she had on.

He let his hand glide down her side, kissing her skin softly, moving up to her ear.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 37d 2h 50m 59s
She thought it was sweet that he asked if she was okay but at the same time, it made it harder to hide and she definitely needed to hide it. They had a beautiful view, and the temperature was just right. She felt good and she wasn’t sure what to talk about and so she brought up what was on her mind and now she wished she had asked way later, or never knew.

Her blue eyes flicked back to him for a moment when he said a long time, [b “I guess months or a year is a long time for you. It’s not for me. It’s okay, at least we can make memories.” ] She shrugged. She guessed he was going to be a fleeting moment, and she didn’t think she wanted to stick a long time and put her energy in it if he didn’t like being tied down. Plus, she felt like it would break her when it was over. She knew it probably was a delusional idea to meet someone and always stay with them, considering the divorce rates. She got lost in thought and missed the first half and only heard ‘my girlfriend right now…’

[b “Yes, you can right now.” ] Ara gently smiled, and tried to conceal and forget it. She could play pretend for a little while. It probably wasn’t healthy to fantasize everything. She smiled again a little when he kissed her cheek.

Ara half laughed quietly [b “Um, yea, one thing off the list.” ] She felt his arm around her and him nuzzle in her neck. She thought about things, and decided on it. [b “Mmm, we can snuggle.” ] Ara said and poked his cheek, [b “Let me get up.” ] She got up from where she was.

She went in first, and removed her hair tie and bow, letting her wavy blonde hair fall down her back. She zipped open her luggage and wished she had packed something more comfy for once. At least she brought that extra pair of pjs. She grabbed her pink top with a cake and a pair of shorts. She pulled the dress she was wearing over her head, wearing blue lingerie underneath. She put on her Pj’s and then went into the bathroom, feeling absent from where they were. She figured it would pass once she was in bed.

She went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, washed her face and then crawled into bed, slightly putting the sheets over her legs. She had put her hair up in a bun. [b “Okay…think I’m ready now.” ] Ara said.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 37d 3h 11m 32s
He sat with her outside at the balcony. The view was beautiful and with all of the lights, they could see the whole city. It was definitely one of the best sites that he saw, especially at such a high view in a nice hotel. It was lucky of him to be here when he had barely any money to his name at all. [b "I'm glad you're okay"] he took in the fresh air and felt the breeze blowing in through his hair. It was a romantic night.

He wrapped his leg around hers and faced her, finding it sweet that he made her happy. He was glad that he did. When she mentioned the whole someone for the rest of your life, he wasn't sure. He didn't think about those things right now, especially since he wanted to focus on him for the time being. He could see that she looked a bit disappointed, but her words made him feel sad. [b "What do you mean? You don't know that. We might be together for a long time"] he looked out the view. He did feel so much for her, but it wasn't like he was going to up and marry her then and there already. He still had a life to live too.

He nodded [b "I'm glad you're here and I can call you my girlfriend right now"] he held her hand in his and then he leaned in, pressing his lips against her cheek and having the view in the background.

[b "Well we're here now. That's one check off of your list"] he kept his arm around her and then he nuzzled into her neck, enjoying the night with her. [b "Should we snuggle up in that big bed? I want to kiss and hold you tonight"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 37d 3h 56m 24s

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