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She hated hearing talking about being a burden. It hit such a strong nerve. [b “It is…If…then so am I.” ] She said quietly. She knew he had love for his family at the orphanage. [b “I know, they’re your family.” ] She said.

They got to his apartment. She loved seeing her painting up there. It made her feel so happy that he liked her painting enough. She giggled as he put his arm around his waist and told her it was amazing. [b “I’m so happy.” ] She’d say. She gave a light nod, [b “I’m sure. Hmm…you’ll see.” ] Ara said, because she didn’t know what ingredients he actually had here.

At first she wanted to make chocolate chip cookies but realized Sylus didn’t have chocolate chips…nor brown sugar. She’d pull out ingredients she knew she could make sweets with. Sylus didn’t have a cupcake a cake would have to do. She found cocoa powder and thought that would be perfect to make it chocolate. She did find chocolate bars. She figured she’d pay back for the ingredients. She set all the ingredients she needed out. Then she put her hair up into a high bun.

Ara looked back at Sylus sitting on the sofa [b “Don’t take too many peaks!” ] She warned. She’d crack the eggs, and began putting her dry ingredients, then wet ones. She mixed it well-by hand since she couldn’t find a hand mixer. Afterall, they had to quickly transport everything in storage in the other kitchen here.

She would bake the cake, and then work on the chocolate cream, that was light and fluffy. She’d use the chocolate bars to make a chocolate ganache. Ara had a dap of flour on her cheek. She even tasted it, so a tiny bit of ganache stayed on her top lip. She’d try to mix it perfectly.
After the cake bake, she let it out to settle for a bit. She accidently touched the hot pan, and flinched. She scrunched up her nose seeing it was red and put it in cold water for a moment. She’d lean against the counter and watch Sylus for twenty minutes while the cake cooled down. Then she’d slice the cake in half, layer it with cream, and then put a layer of frosting around he cake, and last of all, she’d pour the chocolate ganache on top, making it look like it was spilling over the cake. She smiled to herself at how it came together. She’d take a picture with her phone. She’d cut a slice and put it on plate. She grabbed a fork and sat down with Sylus. It had taken her about an hour. She’d take from the cake with a fork and offered it to his lips, [b “Try my cake,” ] She’d grin.
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He tried to tell her that they had a few things in common, but he could see that she thought that was something a lot of people liked. He shrugged and wasn't else sure what she meant. He thought they got along fine though.

He just let out a deep sigh and talked about his mom and dad. He told her before, but thinking about his heritage and how maybe things could have been different. Maybe he'd be able to grow up in a normal family home, or even have loving and caring parents? He mentioned being a burden and assumed that's why his mother just left him and he was sent here.

Ara said her mother couldn't give that and he just shrugged it off. [b "Probably. Still, I love the people at the orphanage and our dorm mother"] he admitted and then he held her hand and led her home. He'd walk with her inside and then he smiled [b "It was new and it was fun. I'm glad we painted together"] he started settling in. HE put up the painting and then he felt ARa's arms around his waist. [b "It's an amazing painting that my girlfriend made me. I love it"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and then he would meet her blue eyes. [b "I had a great time too. Yeah sure? What are you making me?"] he wondered, leading her outside to the kitchen.

Sylus took a seat on the couch and turned on the TV. He'd glance over and watch ARa work in the kitchen, putting a smile on his face. He's never really had someone cook for him like she was doing, so he was getting pretty excited.
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[b “I suppose. But a lot of people like going out, eating sweets and parks. What I love is that we’re alike in the best way possible.” ] She smiled to herself. He was kind, caring and she knew he loved her.

She knew a bit of the story of what had happened. It still saddened her. His life hadn’t been easy and somehow he still had a caring soul. He could easily turned even worse than his roommate. [b “Mmm you are. I’m so happy to have found you.” ] Ara said confidently. It physically ached hearing him talk about being a burden. It showed through her expression it bothered her heavily, almost raising her voice a little [b “No…not a burden. Kids aren’t burdens. They’re a lot of responsibility and need a lot of love and she couldn’t give that. That’s all that was…” ] She’s say and be reminded of her own dad…definitely saying he questioned her being there. She grew quiet and her chest ached. What she said had to be true…because then…did that mean she just caused misery?

[b “We’lll get to go.” ] Ara promised. She paid for their lunch. She loved him and she hoped she could express it. She’d smile a little, [b “It makes me happy you did something I loved to do. Mmm, it’s okay if you’re new. I’ve only had one other. I am happy with you.” ] She said and kissed his cheek once more.

They got to his apartment. Ara would place what she purchased in his bathroom, organized it well in a cupboard. She came into the room and saw he had hung her painting. It made her feel so happy seeing it up there. She’d wrap her arms around him tightly and squeezed him. [b “I love it. I love that you’re hanging it in your room. I’m going to do the same.” ] Ara said, her blue eyes beamed at the idea. She was sure she’d always be with him and that his heart would never change. As she was hugging him, she picked up his scent, the scent of his shirt. She wanted to runaway with him.

[b “I had amazing day thanks to you. “ ] Ara said and got an idea. [b “Sy, you think I could borrow your kitchen? I’d like to make something sweet for you, and well Luke to have some too. I’d like it if you’d rest back, or watched TV in the meantime. "]
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He told her how much she meant to him and he felt so lucky to have her in his life. He's been going through all of it on his own, finding little bursts of happiness here and there, but nothing that lasted. He would smile [b "Yes I do. What do you mean? We have a lot in common"] he told her, thinking about other things they liked. [b "We enjoy spending time together, going out together, getting sweets, going to the park"] he thought of a few.

She mentioned Japan and he talked a bit of how he learned of his heritage. It all sounded so surreal when his dorm mother talked about how he was half from a different part of the world. He knew his mother left him, but his father was the one who dragged him to the orphanage. HE would never want to see that man again.

[b "I am? I don't know, I must have been a burden to have her leave me like that"] he sighed and then he just thought about going to Japan with her. [b "As long as we still get to go. I don't want you not being able to do something without me"] he sighed a bit and then he smiled. [b "I love you too"] he shared his dessert with her and then he held her hand in his as they paid. HEr words made today so perfect [b "I'm glad you're having fun. I wanted to do a few things you loved to do too. I mean....I'm new to this whole relationship thing too, but if you're happy, I know I'll be too"] he relaxed to her touch and would carry their bags out again.

Sylus would hold her free hand in his arm and they'd head back to his apartment. He would set their things down and would put them away, letting her take care of all the products she bought. He would hang up her painting on one of his walls. [b "Perfect! It makes my room feel way more classy"] he chuckled, taking a peek at it, still thinking how beautiful it was. Just like Ara's soul.
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Butterflies fluttered in her heart when he said those words and smiled at her. She felt so in love and felt certain Sylus was going to be the one she would be with forever. She ate with him and fed him too now and then. IT tasted so good. [b “You do? We have that in common.” ] She smiled, feeling as if they didn’t have that much in common. But they seemed to get along so well. She was sure they’d find things they could do that they’d both like. Afterall, he seemed to enjoy hiking too.

[b “That’s very nice of her.” ] She said, and wondered if Sy ever wanted to find his biological mom. She felt that would bring out pain. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek, [b “It’s okay. She missed out, you’re so sweet, so smart…” ] She’d snuggle into him for a bit. She felt thankful for him.

Ara could hear him sound pretty worried, [b “Don’t worry darling, we will get a private one when we go.” ] She said, the word slipping out. She felt it fit. She was given a kiss and it made her melt. She’d look at his eyes after and then lean in to kiss him once more. [b “Of course. I want to be with you forever.” ] Ara blunty said, [b “You keep me safe…and make me feel loved, and I love you.” ] She’d order dessert too and boba. IT all tasted so good but she was feeling way too full. She had to sit back and listen to him reply to her.

He made her smile [b “Me too.” ] She hugged him tight when he kissed her cheek. He fed her a bite of dessert. She made herself to take the bite. [b “Thank you…and I’m full!” ] She decided. She was glad to see him looking happy now too. He must have been stressed out too. [b “Me too Sy. At first, I really didn’t feel like going out….I was just so sad but you cheered me up. This is the first time someone’s ever painted with me. It… It made me so happy. I didn’t feel alone, and I don’t with you.” ] She said, and kissed his neck. She rested into him for a moment. [b “You treat me like no one has treated me before,” ] She whispered. She looked at the plates. [b “Let me know when you’re full.” ] Ara said, and stroked his hair a bit.
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He loved being at her side and loved that someone was giving him so much attention. Never did he think that someone would fall in love with him, but Ara did. It didn't matter what he did, how many girls he's been with, or even what job he was doing. Ara loved him anyway and he felt so lucky.

THey'd sit by the booth at the sushi restaurant and Sylus would look through the different things they could order. He'd flip through a few pages of sushi, different kinds of drinks, and all the appetizers. IT was new to him and it seemed like something he probably would have never tried if it weren't for Ara being there.

Her words really did make him smile [b "You're worth everything too"] he admitted and then he would take a few bites of the different rolls. He had a spider, one seared tuna, and even a baked roll. One roll was even on fire. He shared one with Ara, talking about how he had to learn about his heritage on his own.

[b "Seafood is really good. I love it too"] he thought back to learning a bit of Japanese in the language classes he chose. [b "Yeah, my dorm mother told me about it when I was a kid. I spent a few years with my real mom, but I'm not sure where she is anymore"] he shrugged and then he thought about going to Japan with her.

[b "Oooh, I have heard about a few places I want to see. I definitely want to check out the festivals and the warm baths. really think they wouldn't let me in? I think they have private ones too!"] he told her, feeling bad if they went and Ara wasn't able to go into the bath because of him.

He ate a few more different rolls and then he would press his lips against hers. He was glad he was able to take her out on a fun date and to help relieve the stress of last night. His chest was warm and he felt so relaxed being around Ara [b "Well, you make me feel really loved and I'm glad you always want to go on trips with me"] he finished eating and would order some dessert.

Sylus chose some fluffy cheesecake and a boba drink as he glanced over at Ara. [b "Your charm and prettiness are easily what caught my eye at first, but seeing how sweet and kind you are....and then having done so much for me....I just....I'm grateful for being your boyfriend"] he kissed her cheek and would reach up and feed her some of the dessert he got. He'd then take a bite and smile at the taste [b "Mmm, today was so much fun. I'm glad you agreed to go out with me. I even painted for the first time"] he said so proudly.
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In her mind she’d release a long swooned sigh with the way he told her he loved being with her. She loved his arms, loved the way he looked at her…and the places she took him.

Sy sat beside her, which made her happy because she could cuddle into his shoulder now and then. She wanted to hold him, and be snuggled by him. It made her feel good to be loved and give him love. Ara giggled [b “Sy… it’s not that advanced you silly.” ] She felt his leg wrap around hers underneath too. She’d get lost track in her own mind, feeling that even if she suffered more lately, she felt so content with Sylus being in her life. Maybe she was just living a lie before… She did hide a lot, and pretended a few things weren’t problems.

[b “Mmm, nothing…just, I was thinking how you’re worth it.” ] Ara said. She ordered a lot of salmon sashimi, it was what she preferred since it was pretty light. But she did order a few other rolls. She’s show him what she got, Philadelphia role, smoked salmon, and even an onesen egg. [b “We can definitely share.” ] She said and wondered if Sy knew, [b “Sy, did you know, I love seafood. Even though…I’m afraid of the sea.” ] She wondered if that was odd or not. It couldn’t be. She did wonder, [b “You had to learn about your heritage on your own?”]

It would be fun to go. She didn’t know how well she’d do traveling there though since she didn’t know a peep of Japanese. Guess she’d have to get someone to tour them. [b “Mmmm, let’s go sometime. I always really wanted to go to one of their festivals…oh but.” ] She looked at his eyes and down at his tattoo that made him sexy as hell, [b “The hot springs place there…not many places will really allow you with tattoos cause they think you’re a yakuza member.” ] She’d look him up an down again and realized…he could fit into that category. Ara giggled to herself. Sy was so sexy.

She’d take bites and feel so content. She saw him smile at her so brightly. IT made her smile and feel all that love. [b “I’m…so happy to hear that.” ] She got a kiss and she happily kissed him back. This day was like night and day. She was bursting with happiness. She wondered how much happier their wedding day would be. She pictures it a bit. Them finishing college and getting married. Her heart fluttered just thinking about it. Being together…forever.

Sylus had to hold that salmon roll a little longer at her lips since she dazed off. She took the bite. She’d take his arm and put it around her. [b “Well…it’s a privilege. It’s makes me really happy bringing people to nice places like this who don’t go out so much. I just like seeing others happy even just for a little.” ] She said and then looked at his eyes, [b “I do?” ] She’d pout a little as joke [b “Hmmm, I thought I won you over with my charm, my prettiness…” ] She’d say. And began to wonder if he’d still love her if she wasn’t this level of pretty. Probably not. But, that would be okay because she was pretty and always held her appearance whenever she could.
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He would see her painting and the colors all over her and him. HE didn't know why she didn't believe him. The colors of her picture were all over her and him. He would chuckle a bit and then just leave it alone as they walked towards the park.

Sylus wanted to push her on the swing, so when he called her over, he let her sit down and he'd push her back and forth, seeing her get some sweet air. He saw her smile and was glad she was having so much fun. It made him feel really happy to know that Ara was happy as well.

When he sat on the swing, it felt a bit embarrassing to have Ara push him back and forth, but he was glad he was having fun too. He smiled and when they finished up, he felt really hungry. He would grin [b "Of course I'm having fun. I love being with you"] he hugged her and soon enough they were at a sushi restaurant. Sylus looked around curiously, never having been to a place like this before. It was all new.

He sat beside her and then he looked at the touch screen before him [b "Ohh....that's fancy. It's like a restaurant of the future"] he gasped and then he liked the sound of all you can eat.

He wrapped his leg around hers from beneath the table and then he overheard her mumbling something. [b "What was that AR?"] he asked, picking a few things he liked. [b "What are you getting? I know what a few of these are, just because I tried to learn a little more about my heritage, but, maybe we can share something"] he suggested, soon hearing her talk about Japan. [b "Oooh, that sounds like fun. I've never been, so I don't know much about it, but I do know a little of the culture"] he told her, seeing their food coming around.

Sylus ordered some sashimi and some tuna and salmon rolls. Her words always made him smile so brightly [b "You make me really happy too Ar. I'm really glad that I have you with me. You've opened up the world to me"] he said proudly as he leaning in to give her a kiss. He offered her a salmon roll and brought it to her lips. He then took a bite out of another roll. [b "Mmm, so good"] he ordered a few more things. Sylus got some fried chicken, and some miso.

[b "I love how you know about all of these good places too"] he said proudly. [b "You win me over taking me places like these"]
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Ara failed to even look at the colors a them, [b “Ahh hmm. Sure.” ] She said. She didn’t really buy it. He was probably just covering himself for being a bit messy. Which she didn’t mind.

They got to the park. Being pushed by him was so much fun. She got to swing pretty high up. She was having a lot of fun. Sometimes her hair would get in her face, but it get blown away after she went up. Ara tried to look back at Sylus. She felt the warmth in her chest, a little tingling that he was cheering her up so much today. She calm into a halt and she really wanted to push him. Sylus…was harder to push for her. But thanks to that all that activity, she did have some muscle in her arms. She’d push him forward and was enjoying it too. She loved seeing Sylus sound so happy. [b “Are you?” ]She giggled.

He stopped and she hugged him really tightly. [b “I am? You were a bit harder but it was so much fun!” ] She snuggled into him, feeling so content. His eyes were just so pretty, and his appearance…it was just soooo attractive. She would forever hold the image of pushing a badass looking Sy on a swing. She felt so proud of herself. He didn’t look like the type and it made her happy that he could just fall into her hopeless romantic stuff. But, it felt like he was like that too.

She’d swing there hands again, [b “Okay! I’ll find a place.” ] She’d check her phone and picked something close by. They took a seat and she’d look at the tablet. [b “Never? Hmmm, well, you order on this tablet, and they place the plate on the conveyer belt. When it comes by to us, we pick it up. It’s all you can eat here, so eat as much as you like Sy.” ] She said, and played footsy underneath the table with him. She’d lean her head into her hand and just stare at him. She felt so happy…to be with him. All that had happened before, it melted away into a distant memory.

[b “You’re worth it.” ] Ara whispered, mostly to herself. She knew Sy was part Japanese, but she wondered if he ever even got to experience much of it. She day dreamed a bit, imagining what it would be like to go to Japan with him. It was more expensive and the trip was longer…so it couldn’t be during school time and she’d have to get permission to go that far. [b "We should go to Japan together one day." ] She said and then ordered for herself, getting a lot of sashimi since she had a craving. [b "You make me really happy Sy. I've learned a lot because of you too." ] She smiled at him.
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He was laughing, but when she didn't believe him, he gasped a bit. [b "It really was though Ar"] he tried to tell her, pointing to the colors. [b "I didn't use these colors"] he tried to show her, but it seemed like she really believed he was that messy at his first painting session.

Her painting was beautiful and he never thought that someone from their high school could paint like that. It was amazing. HE loved it and he wanted to keep it, so when she offered, he wouldn't let that chance go. Hugging his arms around her, he smiled [b "Well....I like seeing your smile and making you happy. I want to be the reason behind those smiles too"] he admitted, excited to bring ARa's painting into his home.

HE held her hand and led her down the street as they approached a park. [b "Yeah! We can go after a little break"] he saw the swing and then he called her over. When she sat down and held the sides, he'd slowly push on her back, letting her swing higher and higher. He'd see her cheer up and he'd push her even higher, seeing her rise up into the air. She looked really pretty with her hair blowing with the wind and her fair skin shimmering in the sunlight.

When she asked him to go on, he would chuckle [b "Okay!"] he felt her warm arms and then her soft lips against his cheek. [b "Mmm, I love you too"] he held her close and felt more relieved to know she was doing a lot better now. It frightened him when he realized how dangerous his life was to her. He didn't want to put her in harms way.

Sylus sat down and he would do an initial push. WHen she started to push on his back, he would swing forward and back as he smiled [b "Wow, I'm so high up!"] he cheered, seeing the rest of the park and then glancing back to ARa. HE slowly came to a stop and then he would kiss her cheek. [b "YOu're so strong Ar. Pushing such a big guy like me"] he laughed a bit and then he held her hand in his.

[b "Let's have some lunch. That made me hungry"] he walked with her to the direction of the sushi restaurant, seeing that it was a rotating one. He's never been to one before, so when he sat at the table, he would look through the menu on the touch screen, [b "How does this work Ar? I've never been to a place like this?"] he said curiously, seeing plates of rolls moving on conveyor belts to customers.
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Ara released a laugh when he told her it was her doing. [b “Sure it was.” ] She knew she got herself a bit messy when she painted but she could obviously tell that Sylus had a little problem too of making a mess.

She showed him hers and felt so good he liked it. She saw his and she felt wared that he painted with her a tall. It was pretty cute for his first painting. She hugged him so tightly. Ara nodded, grinning, and sniffling. He wiped her tears away and kissed her. They were soft and they made her heart flutter. She held him even tighter. [b “Because you made it with me silly. Plus, it’s your first painting right? It means so much to me…that you’re painting with me. Hardly…anyone does…stuff for me. It’s always the other way around. Not that I mind but…it’s nice.” ] She said. She felt ecited to take home Sylus painting as a memento of today.

They bagged the paintings. She’d hold his hand and sway there hands together. [b “mmm, it was.” ] Ara said and giggled [b “I’m so happy you liked it too.” ] She thought that she was kind of hungry. [b “Mmmm…let’s get sushi.” ] She suggested, [b “On me this time.” ] He lead them to a park. It was a nice day. She noticed him leading them to the swings. She hadn’t been on a swing for quite a while now.

[b “okay!” ] Ara smiled and sat down, holding the sides. He pushed her, and it was fun and pretty romantic. She’d stretch out her legs. She was feeling so much better. The bunnies, the painting…this… She knew he was trying to cheer them up and it was working. The air felt nice. She’d keep glancing back at Sylus. [b “higher!” ] She mentioned. Then she stopped and said, [b “Can I push you!” ] She said, thinking it would be fun for him too. When he’d stop she’d kiss his cheek and hug him so tightly. [b “I love you I love you I love you,” ] She kept saying.
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He assured her that he wasn't that calm. He really wasn't. The only reason that he was calm right now was because she was beside him and he was so thankful that she was okay. He didn't want her to be freaking out and not wanting to come over and hang out with him anymore. [b "I know. It was scary to have him get so close. I promise to protect you ARa. Don't worry"] he assured her.

He took her to the bunny cafe and shopping and then he wanted to show her the amazing treat he had for her. He took her to the free painting building, holding her hand in his and then leading her inside. They would head to their easels and start painting.

Sylus tried to paint the sunset and the water, but the more he looked at Ara's skills, the more he felt like his picture wasn't much. He felt her splatter paint all over and he would laugh [b "This is all your doing!"] he tried to tell her before seeing her painting. IT was beautiful and it look so well done. Even the silhouettes were perfect.

[b "I love it. It looks amazing"] he told her, seeing how happy she was right now. HE was glad he could make her smile. [b "It is Hawaii. When you and I took a stroll on the beach"] he grinned and then he felt a bit embarrassed to show her, but when she hugged him tight, he'd wrap his arms around her waist. [b "I am?"] he smiled and pressed his lips against her cheek. [b "You're the sweetest"] he wiped her tears a bit and then he would kiss her lips. [b "We can. But Ar, why do you want mine? It's so plain"] he pouted a bit and looked over at hers. [b "Yours is perfect. I'd love to take it home"] he hugged her once more and then they were able to take the pictures and put it into a special bag. Sylus held the both of theirs and then he would hold her hand in his other hand.

[b "That was so much fun. IT's the first time I've really painted. IT was great"] he walked with her down the street, hoping he was able to give her a fun day and to take her mind off of things. [b "Shall we have some lunch? Is there anything else you'd like to do today AR? Before we head back to my place?"] he wondered. If she didn't have a place in mind, he'd walk with her to the park, heading towards the swings. [b "Ar! Come here, take a seat"] he asked her, offering to push her for a bit.
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[b “Is it?” ] She pondered. He was so collected. His calmness did help her though. If they were both freaking out, it wouldn’t end well would it? She’d frown and squeeze his hand, and shook her head, [b “Sy, it was terrifying. If he shot by whim at us, then…then…” ] Her voice broke and she couldn’t finish it.

Bunnies and shopping cheered her up. [b “Mmm, I’ll show you.” ] Ara giggled. They went to the next part of the date. It was beautiful and she couldn’t believe she could paint here. She felt so touched that he brought her here. She hugged him even tighter, repeating “Thank you, thank you.” ]

She painted, and made a mess on him and herself. His laughter caught her attention. She loked back at him, [b “What?” ] She didn’t get what he was talking about, [b “Why would I cover you in paint?” ] She tilted her head and a dirty little thought slipped in. She blushed and then noticed Sylus had paint on him. He was a bit messy wasn’t he? She giggled, [b “You’re messy too.” ] She said and realized she had paint on herself…again.

She showed him her painting and grinned at his response. [b “Really!” ] Her voice went really high, getting excited at the compliment he gave her. [b “I’m so happy you like it Sy!” ] She felt a wave of happiness coming through. He sounded so proud. [b “Mmm, practice and reference,” ] She said. She went to look at his and she knew he hadn’t painted that long. It was cute. It made her so happy that he painted here with her. Her eyes watered again, [b “I love it. It’s because of Hawaii isn’t it?” ] She said. She knew he loved the water, period buts he had a feeling.

Ara wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight, [b “You really are the best boyfriend ever.” ] It meant so much to her. She kept crying out of happiness. She’d have to wipe her tears. She’s never felt this loved before. No one has ever given her this much love since she was a little kid.

She’d clear up her eyes after a while, forgetting how embarrassing it was to even cry out of happiness in public. [b “We can keep them right? Do you think we could trade paintings? You take mine, and I take yours.” ] She said.
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He shook his head [b "It's just on the outside. I'm not that calm Ar"] he told her, knowing that those situations still really scared him at times. He didn't want her to feel ashamed of being afraid because any normal person would have been traumatized by what happened. [b "You're not Ara. You remind me of how a regular person should react to this. Sometimes it's nice to know if something really is a scary situation because I tend to forget since it's around me so often"] he admitted, holding her hand in his.

He took her to the cafe and they both really enjoyed playing with the fluffy bunnies and then sharing a cake with her. He then took her shopping before making their way back to his apartment as he helped her carry her bags.

He laughed a bit [b "Okay, I'm not really sure how to use those products though. You'll have to show me"] he chuckled, soon taking her to the next part of their date. Sylus led her to the open painting area. It was a small building where they could paint for free. There were free materials, but anyone could also bring their own. It was open to the fresh air on the inside, with a grassy backyard view. Others were already painting, but when he saw ARa's reaction, he would grin. [b "You're welcome. I wanted to show you a place where you could come and paint freely"] he smiled happily and then he followed her to two of the easels.

Ara went straight into painting and when he watched her get to work, he wondered what he'd paint. He's never really done anything like this before, so he tried to think. He did remember them both walking along the beach in Hawaii, so he decided to draw that for now.

Something cold soon landed on his skin and when he would look over, he'd see ARa flicking paint everywhere. Even on herself. It made him laugh [b "Ar! You're going to cover me with paint"] he continued to paint a sunset, some waves, and the sand, using plain colors and painting as if he was drawing on paper. IT was simple, there was no blending, no contrast, just a pretty colored sky and water. He's never really painted before.

He looked over at Ara's picture [b "Oh wooow!"] it looked really good and he couldn't believe she painted something like that. [b "IT looks amazing Ar. Like....a professional painter!"] he admitted, feeling so stunned by how pretty her sky was and then seeing the two people. It really did look like it would fit in a museum. [b "How do you even paint like that?"] he looked at his picture and felt like it didn't even compare. [b "I.....Mine's not thaaat good"] he said feeling a bit embarrassed now.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 38d 6h 7m 13s
[b “You seemed very calm to me.” ] Ara half mumbled, looking down at herself, feeling a bit ashamed that she wasn’t as calm as him. Ara took hold of his hand, lacing her fingers with his. [b “Any reasonable person would be scared but…you’re so calm. I must look stupid to you. What if I’m a danger to you for not being able to calm down?” ] Ara asked, worried about future situations. She’d hold his hand tightly.

She’d just bring her mind back to the cute bunnies again, she felt the weight ease up. They were cute and it reminded her of how simple things could be. Bunnies were cute. Food was good, and she was with the person she loved right now. That was good.

She’d purchase her stuff and they’d arrive back. She’d tuck the stuff away, [b “You should use some of the stuff I bought too by the way. They’re good for you.” ] She mentioned. She looked over her shoulder, [b “Hmm? Where?” ] Ara asked.

He held her hand and lead her outside. Sylus didn’t really tell her where. The curiosity was kind of killing her but, she trusted him entirely. Afterall, he kept her safe. He gave her a place to stay when her dad was acting crazy, and kept them hidden when something bad went down. They went through double glass doors and faced easels. Her heart warmed. Paint! She looked back at his eyes and she felt her eyes water and heat up. He was doing this for her?

Ara would wrap her arms around him and hug him so tightly. [b “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ] Ara said to him, feeling so grateful. It was so sweet of him. It mattered so much to her. She’d wipe her eyes for a second, [b “I’m not sad. I’m actually really happy.” ] She promised. There were paint supplies there. She felt so good. She didn’t know what she would paint but it didn’t matter. Although one thing came to mind. Two people, them, sitting by the edge of a mountain, facing a beautiful starry sky.

She’d get refrences from her phone and mapped it out. She got so focused, and hold a serious expression. And…at the same time, she’d flick her paintbrush whenever she was in thought. Which led to some paint on him…and her. She wasn’t going to do something complex because she knew she wouldn’t have that kind of time. She did silhouettes of the mountain edge and them, and only the sky would be painted to look like a galaxy. She’d flick her brush purposely at it to create little white stars. It made her smile. She’d lean her cheek into her own hand…which had some paint. She didn’t really notice, she was just so focused.

[b “Sy, sy!! What do you think of my painting so far!” ] Ara beamed.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 38d 10h 31m 2s

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