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Ara half smiled when he said him too. She wondered if he would, or if she woud one day. She sure liked kissing and touching. She just wanted to relax today and maybe do some of that…but she was rejected and she wondered if there was something wrong with her outfit our look. He even said that he would leave and suddenly changed his mind.

[b “Okay… I have the switch and the ps4 here. You can pick. There’s games on the table and on the console library.” ] She said, not feeling that interested in it, and didn’t care for what they played. She would then sit on the sofa and let him choose, and she’d go for playing it, not feeling like putting that much effort but also not doing terrible.

She’d rest her head on the edge of the sofa and kept trying to get into it and it was getting better as time passed.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 42d 7h 13m 32s
He knew she must have wanted to be with someone that was perfect and willing to be with her for a long time. He wasn't really like that, but he really did see how much Ara cared for him, so he really wanted it to work. He faced her and they shared kisses, touches, and he'd hold her, but when she said they couldn't be boyfriend and girlfriend yet, he felt a bit impatient.

She said he was kind and smart and it made him smile. [b "Me too"] he told her, suggesting that maybe they should just spend time with each other instead of doing the whole kissing and making out. HE did want to take her away from her boyfriend, but maybe it was right to let her break up with them first.

Sylus would suggest playing some games to focus on something else. [b "We can play in your room. That's fine"] he told her, glancing around to see her TV. He waited for her to set it up and then he would sit beside her. [b "So what games do you have?"] he'd try to just make the situation less awkward.
  ellocalypse / 42d 18h 1m 57s
She did have a picture painted in her mind, and she didn’t imagine being with someone who sold drugs of all things, nor did she imagine that it could ruin her reputation she was starting to build. She didn’t know how serious Sylus was or if she was just another girl he wanted to date for a short time. She told I’m and he said he wasn’t scared of that. They held eye contact and she did so badly wanted to just allow herself fall into it. But the way she was raised…made it hard. There were things that she couldn’t have, like eating anything sweet except on very special occasions, or less than perfect results-and Sylus felt like he belonged there. But, she wanted him, and wondered what was so wrong about the things she was raised not to have.

[b “I’ll break…up with him. I’m not doing him any good by cheating anyway. ” ] She promised and nibbled at her lip. [b “You’re not bad. You’re very kind hearted, smart and you make me feel comfortable. I could imagine myself loving you.” ] She spoke softly. She got off him after he said he should leave. She apologized. She shouldn’t have let her emotions get in the way. [b “No…it’s not. I won’t do that again.” ] She said, and would get up.

She looked back at him when he suggested and wondered why he changed his mind on it. She’d stare him for a second, trying to figure it out. Maybe he didn’t want to make out with her. [i Great, even Sylus who kisses bunch of girls doesn’t want to kiss me. ] She’d never thought she feel so ugly. [b “I suppose we can play some games.” ] She said, [b “Do you want to play in my room or in the gaming?” ] She’d figure she’d give him the option.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 43d 4h 50m 4s
He would kiss her and hold her, but the more she talked, the more he wanted to know when and what else he had to do to get her to go out with him. He told her he really liked her for everything she did and then she went onto telling him about the drugs thing, the girl thing, and how she was afraid something would happen to him. It seemed like a long list of things he had to chance and he wasn't really sure that was fair.

[b "I get it. Forever is a long time"] he knew that she was thinking of her fairytales of forever after and he thought that a lot of the times that wasn't realistic, but he'd try anyway. [b "I'm not scared of that. I'm just worried you won't even break up with your boyfriend because I'm all bad"] he sighed and then he met her eyes, looking up at her.

He felt like what they were doing right now was just her using him because he was allowing her to. He slowly got up and then he faced her. [b "It's fine"] he could see that she was really quiet and now looked upset. Why did it always seem not fair. He didn't want to make her sad, but now he felt guilty. [b "Or...let's just do something together. Let's go watch a movie or play games. We don't have to be making out"] he asked her, holding her hands in his. If they just hung out as friends, that seemed more comfortable to him right now than making out and it just meant making out with no possible future.
  ellocalypse / 43d 5h 48m 5s
Being touched and kiss by him made her flutter. She couldn’t explain exactly why she felt so much. She wanted to just be close and forget about all the serious things for a while. Then he would keep bringing things up. He lowered his hands and explained. For what she did for him… She smiled a little.

[b “I’m happy you think I’ve done a lot for you. I need to decide if you’re also good for me. Right now, you’re selling drugs-putting yourself in danger and I don’t know if I can deal with liking you anymore than I already do and then having something happen to you.” ] Her voice cracked up a bit. She took a deep breath and continued, [b “I do want to go out with you. I’m just scared. When I’m with someone, I’m with forever in mind. If that doesn’t scare you, you can continue easily giving up other girls and you can promise me you’ll try to get out of doing illegal actions…then After I break up, we’ll date.” ] She said, thinking it was fair. Still, she wanted to do it in secret, where nothing from the outside could stick their noses in and get involved.

She looked at his eyes, and he would slowly get up. She frowned, and didn’t know what more she could do. Outright say-sure I’ll be your girlfriend! Even though she still was with Joseph and she wasn’t entirely sure dating each other would be a good thing. Ara looked off, feeling slightly hurt that he wanted to go, especially since she wished she had someone here she could feel okay with. [b “Oh…um…okay.” ] She took it as she needed to get off him, so she did, sitting next to him. Maybe she came out too strong when she asked to kiss him and kept it going. [b “I’m sorry, I let my emotions take over me. I can walk you to the door.” ] She spoke quietly.
  Ravenity / 43d 6h 45m 34s
He wanted to date her. To officially be with her and have everyone look at them like they were some power couple. He wanted her attention only on him, but as he kissed her, she kept saying things like when I break up, or to trust him more. It seemed like everything he was doing so far hadn't made much of an impact to make her want to be with him.

HE kissed her and held her close, wanting to touch her more and have her body on his like the night she spent at his house, but it didn't seem like he'd ever get that chance again. He leaned back and felt her straddling his waist. HIs eyes would meet hers and then he would kiss her again until she spoke. His hands touched her skin and then he slowly lowered them, seeing her pout.

[b "I just really want to be with you. You've done a lot for me and I just want to start going out, but if you really don't want to, then I guess I don't really have a I?"] he faced her, his amber eyes watching her. It didn't feel right at all, but he couldn't do a thing about it if she didn't trust him enough or want to be with him yet. [b "I guess I'll just do my best to wait then"] he told her, slowly getting up. HE decided that maybe it was best to leave her for now so she could get some space and think about it. For some reason it bugged him that she didn't want him yet. [b "I'm glad you're okay Ara. Maybe I should be heading home"] he told her, feeling a bit awkward now after saying those things.

He thought she would want him too....but she didn't want to start dating yet or why were they here making out? Wasn't that meaningless?
  ellocalypse / 43d 13h 14m 21s
She felt the weight on her shoulders. There was so much risk in it, but when she ooked at him and he spoke to her like that it was easy to give in. She wanted to kiss him and wanted him to only look at her, and be safe… She doubted those other girls would keep an eye out for him. [b “When…I break it…up…you can” ] She told him, and wondered if she would be okay after she broke up with…Joseph. She felt like it was going to still really hurt.

They went onto kissing, touching subtly. She smiled when he said they could go on more dates first. She’d feel underneath his shirt, touching his chest. He held her so close and she’d kept kissing him, deeply, sliding her tongue in. She felt his hands going up her shirt, feeling her bare skin. She sure didn’t mind. Sylus fell back, and she stood ontop of him, straddling him. He hugged her and she rested her head on his chest for a moment. She’d look up at his eyes. Then she pouted. [b “No… Why are you in such a rush? Why do you want me to be your girlfriend? Be honest.” ] She said to him. She didn’t want to talk about all of this but he kept bringing these things up. She just wanted to kiss, and feel him and be with him.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 44d 8m 34s
He could see in her blue eyes that she wanted him to and it made him want to keep kissing her soft lips. He held her on his lap, his lips pressing onto hers more as he kissed her softly. He told her that he wanted more, that he wanted to date her, but when she said she was sorry, he thought that meant she wouldn't give him a chance.

HE faced her and then he met her eyes, seeing her so close to him. [b "I would like to hold you more, kiss you more, and be with you more"] he told her and then said he wanted to be her boyfriend, but she said one thing and it really did make him feel like she had a lot of things she wanted him to change. HE knew he wasn't good, but he liked Ara already.

[b "Okay, we can go on more dates first"] he figured he'd give into what she wanted at least. He felt her warm hand touch his chest and he'd meet her eyes, his hands holding her close and then he would watch her put her hair up and he'd follow her lips, kissing her more deeply, his hands slowly gliding up her shirt as well, touching her bare skin. He'd slowly fall back against her bed, his eyes staying on hers, seeing her on top of him as he hugged her to his chest. [b "When do you want to go on date? Does this . count?"]
  ellocalypse / 44d 4h 51m 42s
Emotions welled up whenever she was looking at his amber eyes or kissing his lips. She wanted to cling on, make sure he stayed.
She heard a sigh follow when she told him that she didn’t know and that she had to keep it hidden. She knew it must have not sounded fair but, to her, dating him would be a big risk. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to give up friends she made, deal with a bad reputation, nor could she ever tell her family she was with him because she felt things could go very wrong. Plus…selling drugs, the dangers, worrying about him all the time-there was so much. [b “I’m sorry…” ] She said quietly.

She half smiled when he said he understood. She wondered if he even believed that he wouldn’t hurt her too. She felt that having to keep it a secret might hurt him. She kept her arms around him, her eyes on his. Her body was still so close to his. [b “More?”] She asked and let him continue. She held her eyes on his. He already wanted to be? She would offer a smile, [b “Really? Can we go on dates first?” ] She asked. She closed her eyes when his lips went down her neck, then on her shoulder, [b “Mmm…” ] She felt his hands down her back, up her sides. Ara would slide her hand underneath his shirt, feeling over his chest. She loved the feeling of his bare chest. She remembered that night… She’s never felt so close. Her hair was mostly getting in the way because it was so long. She withdrew her hand and tied her hair up for a second and then would straddle his lap. She'd kiss him again, sucking on his bottom lip, feeling over his chest again.
  Ravenity / 44d 5h 56m 56s
He was close. So close that he could smell that sweet perfume of hers. It surrounded him and he could even smell her in this room. It felt relaxing and being here with her was nice. IT felt carefree. No drugee roommate, no drugs, alcohol, or mess. Just Ara. Sweet and flawless Ara.

He held her on his lap, kissing her more deeply as he let his hands hold her against him. He could feel her chest against his, her hands touching his skin as he met her eyes. She returned the words and it made him smile as he kissed her more. He wanted her to be his, but when she spoke, he sighed a bit because he knew she wanted to keep them a secret. IT didn't seem all that fair. [b "Okay..."] he told her, figuring she still had to break it off with her current boyfriend and decide if she trust him.

[b "I understand"] he knew she still couldn't trust him and he could see why. HE was with a lot of girls and one girl couldn't just change that all right now. He still had to prove it. [b "I am here right now with you. I want more though"] he told her, held his breath and then he sighed a bit [b "I want to be your boyfriend"] he told her, kissing down her neck and then over her shoulder, his hand caressing down her back and up her sides, feeling her warmth against him.
  ellocalypse / 44d 13h 9m 32s
Feeling Sylus tongue dancing with hers drew her deeper. Her room felt so small and it was easy to feel like only two of them existed. She saw his eyes and wanted him to know her worry, her fear of something happening to him, how she cared. He looked really into kissing her, so it felt good. She sat on his lap, not really something she'd do. She moaned quietly to his lips going down her neck. She hed her arms around him and her hand dipped slighty underneath his shirt.

She locked eye contact with him, and then saw his smile. She felt over his lip w1ith her finger. [b "So do I..." ] She whispered. She kissed his neck lightly and then stopped hearing his question. She felt so unsure...afraid. she didn't want to go after him and then at the end lose everything. And she was so scared. He dealt with drugs...
[b I don't know... even one can know." ] she said. She wasn't so sure hed be okay with that. [b "I'm going to...break it off but I need time to decide if I like you so much to risk getting possibly really hurt. ] Her voice cracked a little. When she felt stuff for Sylus and couldnt stop herself from wanting to see him.

[b "But you're with me here, right now." ] She reminded, looking at his eyes again.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 44d 15h 8m 46s
He still sighed because he felt like he should have been there for her anyway. It was never enough for him when someone told him there was nothing he could have done. HE could always do something. Sylus just leaned in, caressed her cheek and he pressed his lips against hers. He'd let his tongue glide along her own, kissing and sucking on her bottom lip.

He'd hear her moan as he pulled her in and kissed her lips, tracing them with his own as their tongues danced together. HIs eyes would meet hers and he'd fall in a daze, feeling his heart skip a few beats. He really liked Ara and wanted her safe and sound.

He'd hold her on his lap, seeing her come over and then he would continue kissing her softly, slowly moving down her neck as he wrapped his arms around her more [b "Mmm"] he'd meet her eyes and he'd smile [b "I really like you Ara"] he'd tell her, not really sure what else to say about it other than the fact that he really wanted her to be his girlfriend.

[b "When can you be with me?"] he'd ask.
  ellocalypse / 44d 16h 45m 49s
[b “It’s okay, I told you…there’s nothing could have done.” ] Since she had her stuff stolen while she was waiting for her driver to pick her up. She couldn’t tell him that.
He came in and caressed her cheek, lips touching hers, and she was given a soft kiss. His lips were so warm, and she felt so drawn to him. She shared kisses with him, her tongue gliding with his. She’d moan into his lips and hold him closer too. There eyes met briefly again, seeing his pretty eyes looking at her. Did he feel what she felt? She’d like to think it was more than just him enjoying kissing any pretty girl.

She watched him back up against the bed. He…looked so attractive, and she felt still so worried. She wanted to hold him, and make him stay so that he wouldn’t do dangerous things. She saw him pat his lap. Ara blushed. She moved to sit on his lap and brush her lips against him again. She kissed him softly and then would kiss his neck, and give it a lick. She pressed her chest against his.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 45d 1h 39m 56s
He knew she was rich and did have the money for other things she wanted, but at the same time, he really wanted to be able to help her out. He knew she left and whoever probably saw her leaving went to take her belongings, so he felt like it was still his fault for not accompanying her.

He could see in her eyes that she was shaken up. IT must have been scary, especially with all of the creeps around. He wanted nothing to happen to her after all. He nodded [b "I know. Still, next time I'll wait for the cab with you"] he caressed her cheek and then he smiled as he leaned in, kissing her soft lips, remembering that night she stayed over where the two of them just made out together and had a lot of fun.

He felt her tongue glide in and he'd lick her lips, kissing her back just as deeply as he kept his arm around her. Sylus would meet her blue eyes between kisses and he'd go for another kiss, tasting those soft lips of hers as he slowly kissed down her neck, getting a whiff of her perfume. She always smelled so nice and he loved being this close. He backed up against her bed, sitting at the edge, his arms still around her, patting his lap so she'd take a seat and keep kissing him.
  ellocalypse / 45d 5h 36m 10s
[b “It’s okay…those are replaceable.” ] She shrugged. She had a textbook in there though…and she really liked that backpack. IT was…too bad. She was upset more so that she had to go through that, feeling threatened and scared. [b “I’m…a bit shaken up but I’ll be okay. You don’t have to apologize , there’s nothing you could do.” ] She said, feeling it might be partly her fault since she tried to get a cab the hospital first, instead of just getting her driver to pick her up at Sylus house. But, at least this way her dad wouldn’t know where she had been.

He caressed her cheek, and it made her melt. [b “Me too.” ] She admitted.
Ara giggled when he talked about having a lot of stamina. Right, you are a swimmer. But you still need rest.” ] She reminded. She wondered what snacks she could ask for. She had just gotten carrots to fill her up so she wouldn’t eat much of anything else.

She saw his brow rise when she asked the question. Was it wrong? It was…most definitely wrong but, after yesterday’s event, she wanted to do what she could while she could. Sylus leaned in, arm around her waist and lips pressed on hers. She closed her eyes, hug her arms on his shoulders, feeling her heart pounding, and attraction of him pull her into it. She moaned very subtly against his lips, feelng his hand brush her hair behind her ear. She licked his upper lip and then slid her tongue in to layer with his. It felt so warm, inviting. “Mmm…” ] She kissed him deeply and then paused for a moment, looking up at him, her cheeks felt warm again. She’d go and kiss him again, caressing his cheek.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 45d 6h 3m 9s

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