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[b “I do… We get along but she really dislikes me for some reason.” ] Ara frowned, feeling bummed about that. They had their lunch and finished there food. She shook her head [b “It’s not a burden. I want to make sure…I can help you as much as I can. It’s not fair you were thrown into this life.” ] She knew he also made a decision, but she guessed he made that decision to help his family. She didn’t know what she would have done in his spot. Who was to judge…

They arrived at her house. She sighed knowing that they definitely could but kind of wanted an excuse not to. [b “Yes…we will.” ] She said, a little worried though. She went upstairs and gave Sylus one of brother’s black trunks. She then would change into her bathing suit, coming down with Nyx in his bright blue life vest. Ara would put him in it because she didn’t want to take any risks while they brought Nyx outside. Nyx didn’t know why, so he was trying to touch it.

Ara giggled as Sylus complimented her when she reached to him. She gave him a kiss back, feeling his fingers go down her back. She felt over his chest with one hand [b “And no guy can top you.” ] She said. They set Nyx at the side of the pool. Nyx was wagging his tail and watching.

Ara took a deep breath as he lured her into the pool. Her stomach sank. She knew she could trust Sylus. IT was just hard to get rid of a fear that had built up for so long. Sylus held her hand and stepped into the pool. She followed. [b “Okay Sy,” ] She said quietly, the worry showing through. She was right inside the pool. The water went slightly lower than her chest. She still clinging onto his hand.

She listened to Sylus, him helping her float. He held her up and she tried hard not to just freak out. She looked up and soon she was floating. She calmed down, [b “This is…really scary.” ] She told him. She’d see him his chest, and thought she was so lucky to see him…shirtless. She tried to associate swimming pools with being half naked with Sylus. That would make her feel much better. She was so distracted about her thoughts of him that when Sylus removed his hands from holding her, she would still be floating. She was watching him, phasing out and thinking about him, there first time and how sweet he has been to her, taking her on dates and protecting her. She smiled to herself and then realized….nothing was holding her.
[b “Wait…you’re not holding me.” ] She said and got super scared, and then super excited. All emotions showed through in a short few seconds, [b “Oh my god Sy! I’m floating!” ] She giggled and then got too excited because she’d move her arms and that’s when she started sinking. She freaked out and got a hold of his arm and realized, she could just get back up on her feet. Some water went into her nose though. [b ‘Ahh it burns!” ] She shook her head and looked at him. [b “I can’t believe I did it! I did it!” ] She cheered, swaying his hand and hers. [b “I don’t know if I can do that again though.” ] Ara said and then said [b “So, is that the lesson for the day? Yes? Great, let’s just sit at the edge.” ] She said, because her body was kind of shaking a bit. It was thrilling though. She would have been fine if Sylus made her did more too though.
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He hoped that he could make up with Klara. He liked her and he didn't mean to put her through such harm. He didn't know any better back then. [b "I will. It seems like you want to be Klara's friend too. I'll try and make it work"] he smiled and would eat lunch with her and Nyx. He sure loved their little pup and seeing him get to hang out with them and eat at restaurants was also fun.

They finished up their food and he would smile. [b "I don't want to burden you or give you a hard time. You've stuck with me through all of this, so I want to make sure you're happy too"]

He held her hand in his as they walked towards the car and then they would arrive at Ara's house. He walked in and would remember that he didn't have a swim suit. Sylus would hear her saying they couldn't and then he chuckled a bit at her suggestion. [b "I could....I'm glad we'll also be able to swim with Nyx. He'd have lots of fun!"] he chuckled and then he would wait for ARa to give him one of her brother's before changing into it. He would meet ARa and Nyx outside, seeing Ara in her sexy swimsuit. [b "Ooh, my girlfriend is really sexy"] he smiled and would lean in to give her a kiss.

He ran his fingers down her back and he'd smile [b "Wow, no girl could ever top you in that"] he smiled seeing Nyx coming over. He'd settle Nyx down on the side of the pool. [b "Let's get your daily swimming lesson in first and then we can worry about Nyx and his life vest. Come on in Ar"] he smiled, holding her hand as she stepped into the pool.

They'd work on laying on her back to get her to float at first. He'd hold her up and until she managed to do it with controlling her breathing.
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[b “Okay Sy. Let me know how It goes.” ] Ara gently smiled, hoping that meant Klara would be friends with her too. They got to a restaurant. She was happy Sylus took her out for lunch. She fell into awe [b “Awe Sy. Me too.” ] Ara said, feeling him lean into her caress. The way he laughed made her smile. She loved just being around him, and just watching him. She felt like she could watch him for days.

[b “I am?” ] She said and tilted her head [b “I suppose…you’re sexier though.” ] She felt it would do Luke good. [b “We should try to help Luke though anyway.” ] She did like the idea of Sylus being on his own, so that she could just dip in there now and then much eaiser and not…have to worry. She also knew…it would be tough. She hoped she could help him. [b “I’ll try. I do have to. You’re my boyfriend and I love you. I want to help the people I love.” ] She told him. [b “It’s not a burden.” ]

She ate and he even fed her. Him sneaking in kisses was making her so giggly. Ara sighed [b “I know…just…” ] Being in the water was hard.
It really did look like Nyx enjoyed the food [b “Maybe I should make him food myself.” ] Ara said, thinking he’d like that more than what she bought at the store. She wondered if her chef would be open to it as well.

[b “Awe, we both a made a difference in each other’s life.” ] She said, reaching out to hold his hand. Ara sure hoped it would be that way. She still looked a little nervous. Sylus paid for there food. She almost tried to put her hand in it, but she stopped herself.

[b “Mmm, let’s go.” ] Ara said, walking with him, there hands held. Nyx was walking at a normal rate, he looked a bit tired now from all the eating. The uber arrived shortly. Ara held Nyx on her lap. She pet him. They arrived shortly Sylus took a seat on the couch. Ara helped Nyx out of his leash but still held him in her arms. She heard him and felt that she could now get away with not swimming [b “Oh well, then…I guess we can’t.” ] She shrugged and realized she felt kind of bad for it. [b “You can always…go nude.” ] She whispered and then sighed, going for the realistic option [b “Or…I can get you one of my brothers. He wouldn’t mind. Oh and he got Nyx a life jacket so he can go in the water but I don’ tknow how I feel about that.” ] She said. She knew what she was going to wear. She was going to wear a red one piece that was slightly open near her chest.
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He knew that he wanted to at least put his and Klara's relationship to an end. They never really did get that closure and he felt that maybe it would help keep them close as good friends if they did that. [b "Yeah. I think so. I'll try and see if I can talk to her next week"] he admitted, holding her hand and leading her to the restaurant.

His eyes watched her, hearing how much she loved him, making him smile [b "I know. I love you too, so much. I always want to make you happy if I can"] he smiled, leaning into her caress as he laughed a bit, hearing her calling him cute. [b "You know, you're cuter than I am right?"] he laughed and then he nodded. [b "Yeah, I think it's best that I either try to help him out or get a new job and place away from him"] he thought about it.

[b "You do? I don't want to burden you ARa. You don't have to do that"] he didn't want her to be working so hard for him.

They ate at the restaurant together, sharing food as he fed her some chips and a bite of a taco. He then gave her a kiss as he smiled. [b "Don't be embarrassed around me. It'll just be you and I, nothing to worry about"] he grinned, glad he was able to convince her. He did want to be able to enjoy the pool with her.

[b "The food is really good!"] he smiled and took a bite of her food. [b "Mmm"] he saw little Nyx already finishing up as well, licking his paws. [b "You liked it didn't you little guy?"] he rubbed his head and then he would feel his chest warm up from ARa's words. [b "I feel a lot more confident also being with you and only you. I can tell everyone that I'm in a relationship and I'm confident"] he smiled and was glad that she was willing to get over her fears with him.

[b "Don't worry. We'll get you through being in a pool and you'll enjoy it as much as I do"] he said proudly as he put some money down on the table. He then held onto Nyx's leash and they finished up. [b "Let's get to your place?"] he held her hand and would walk with her to take an Uber.

Once they got to her house, Sylus would release Nyx, letting him roam free as he headed inside with her. HE greeted the chef and then he took a seat on the couch. [b "OH no Ar....I forgot to bring a swimsuit"]
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Ara softly smiled [b “I think having closure would be good.” ] Ara said, but also knew Klara cheated after too. [b “She might feel sorry too.” ] She mentioned. She hoped that if they got that closure that maybe Klara would be friends with her. She was just a bit bummed that Klara didn’t want to be friends even though they spend time together -and had fun. Plus, she felt it would do Sylus good.

[b “I know darling. I can see that you’re working really hard and it makes me so happy. I love you so much…I can tell you will do a lot for the people you love.” ] She kissed his cheek and hugged him. All she could really see was the good in him.

Ara giggled [b “Yes, my cute Sylus. Kind…and pretty bad ass.” ] Ara said. She knew that another job would bring challenges for him. [b “IT would be hard… I don’t like Luke bringing you danger. So we either fix Luke and teach him not to bring danger. Or…find you a job. I might be able to find you a job, that would pay well and not cause too much work.” ] Ara said. She felt like she could come up with something, just hoped that he would be okay with it.

[b “One day Sy…we will. ME and you.” ] She held his hand.

She wanted to avoid being in the water. She still was uncomfortable being the water and would avoid it if she could. Ara nibbled at her lip when he put it that way. She liked…seeing him…without a shirt. Plus, she find it kind of hot if he tried to teach her. [b “I do…” ] Ara said, blushing a bit.

She felt slightly embarrassed at the reason she wanted to bring friends. [b “I um…I’m nervous about going into the pool.” ] Ara said, [b “That’s why…thought…it’s okay. I’ll do it. I’ll go into the pool with you.” ] Ara said, and realized a way she could help Sylus get a job and he rdad would be happy to help her pay for it. She’d think about it.

Ara leaned in and took a bite he offered [b “Mmm! This ire really good.” ] She saw him leaning in. She was going to offer him a shrimp, when he kissed her. She kissed him back and smiled like she kissed her first crush. Hew as so sweet. She offered the shrimp, and when he leaned in she kissed his lips instead and then gave him the shrimp. [b “I love you.” ] She told him. She peaked down and saw Nyx was just about finishing. [b “Looks like this little one is full.” ] Ara giggled. She looked at Sylus, and felt like him teaching her how to swim would be just fine. He would be there with her. [b “You know…being with you…I feel less scared doing new things. Even…doing…stuff, having um sex-I wasn’t planning to do that until years from now. Cause it seemed scary. And I think I’ll be okay trying to swim with you too.” ]
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He knew that he hurt Klara, but in reality, seeing her with another guy did make him upset for it all and he found comfort in just being with the other girls. He sighed a bit thinking back on it. [b "Yeah, I'll apologize to her"] he promised and then he would take her hand in his as he walked with her to the restaurant.

Sylus smiled when she mentioned him being a good guy. He was glad she thought so. The only reason why he's gotten better was because at first he wanted to win Ara over. Now she made him realize that it was nice leading a good life, making the other people in his life proud of him.

[b "Yeah, I'm going to try and do all that so we can keep being happy together"] he sat down at the restaurant and ordered their food. He thought about getting his own place, staying away from Luke and eventually leaving the gang deals.

IT all sounded surreal. [b "I'll try not to change. I'll be the cute Sylus you love so much"] he chuckled and then he thought about another job [b "I might be....But how else would I live on my own without two jobs?"] he sighed, liking the idea of leaving the city with her. [b "I'd like that"] he smiled and then he suggested to go back to her place to swim.

IT seemed like she didn't want to swim [b "I guess? But don't you want to be in the pool with me? I'll be only in shorts?"] he teased, liking the idea. He then he agreed [b "Cookies sounds really good. I can't wait to sit on the couch and snuggle with you. I kind of want it to be just the two of us"] he admitted, hoping that was okay.

[b "Why did you want to invite some friends?"] he asked, seeing their food coming in. Sylus set the plate down for Nyx, seeing him dig in. He seemed to really like the food. He took a bite of his tacos and would smile [b "Mmm, it's good. Try some Ar"] he held it up to her lips and then he popped a tortilla chip dipped in salsa in as well. He then leaned in to give her a kiss.
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It did really put things into perspective. She still didn’t understand why Klara didn’t like her though…was it her association with Sylus? [b “Apologizing would be…the right thing to do if you felt sorry.” ] Ara said. She could see he didn’t like talking about it but she wanted to know. Especailly since she couldn’t figure out why Klara didn’t like her or whatever everyone else was talking about.

It made her smile to know she made a difference. She kissed his cheek, [b “You’re a good guy Sy. You just had it really rough.” ] She hugged him tight. She wanted to trust that he would do his best and hearing what he was like before…she definitely could tell he was really working hard to make it work and not hurt her. [b “Mmm,” ] Ara nodded [b “Trying to break people apart is a really horrible thing to do.” ]

He brought her to a restaurant and it made her so happy. She liked how Sylus took her out and really thought about her. She ordered a salad for herself. Even little Nyx got a meal. She felt him wrap his leg around her. She felt so happy hearing him. [b “Well, don’t change too much. Be yourself, your true self. As long as it’s nothing illegal.” ] She said. She tilted her head and thought about a part time job [b “Maybe I can help. But…Sy….won’t you be really tired?” ] Ara worried but also thought a real part time job would do him good. [b “One day…we should move out of this city. Then, you can get away.” ]

Ara ate slowly. She got nervous hearing about swimming. [b “Well…my pool is outdoors and it’s getting kind of cold…” ] She tried to make an excuse, [b “How about we do our homework and then play games and then watch a movie? I’ll bake us cookies.” ] She said. She reached her hand out to hold his hand. She then thought about it [b “Do you just want it to be two of us? Or should we invite a few people for a movie night?” ]
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He shrugged a bit, not liking the fact that he had to talk about his past. He knew that ARa was only a one person lover, but it still bothered him that she was asking about it all. He knew it wouldn't make her happy.

WHen he mentioned Klara and cheating on her, he frowned [b "I know. I haven't actually apologized yet. I guess I should"] he sighed, not wanting to revisit that past self. He didn't know why he had to when they weren't together anymore. [b "I guess so. Back then, I wasn't in a good spot....I mean I still am not really in a good spot, but you're here cheering me on"] he admitted, thinking about her flirting with other guys.

[b "It would be. I don't like it"] he realized what he did to Klara and shrugged [b "I'll try to make it up to her I guess"] he nodded his head, agreeing that he should at least think about what he was doing. Maybe he should block those others that were contacting him as well. [b "Yeah, if they don't respect us....I will block them"] he admitted and then he would pick out a place for them.

They made it to the restaurant and he'd sit across from Ara, ordering some tacos and chips. He then ordered Nyx a small puppy meal and then he would wrap his leg around Ara's. [b "Me too. YOu make me want to change so much about myself and be better. I think I'm going to consider getting my own place. I want to at least get away from that scary life I once lived.....and I'll try to apply for a part time job that's legal"] he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

[b "How about after lunch, we head over to your place? I can continue your swimming lessons? Or we can play some games or a movie?"]
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[b “That…can’t be healthy.” ] Ara sighed. It didn’t seem like he actually got to know the girl either…so she didn’t understand hy he would do that. She took a seat with him and listened to him. She did want to hear it from him.

Ara had a neutral expression till the point he said he flirted with girls while he was with Klara. Ara tilted her head and looked at him with disappointment. [b “Sy…that’s horrible and really hurtful. You were cheating on her. Of course she’s going to feel like she needs to look for someone else. Did you ever apologize to her?” ] She asked, because she thought that would have been so hurtful. She couldn’t believe he was such a bad boyfriend. He’s been treating her really well. She sighed to herself. How come he changed so much? She wondered what even made him that way.

[b “I mean…you just don’t do what you wouldn’t like the other person to do too. How would you feel if I flirted with every guy in the school? That would be pretty upsetting wouldn’t it?” ] Sh said and wondered what else he had to figure out. She knew she wasn’t all that experienced either but she definitely wouldn’t do that. [b “Just…please think about how I’d feel if you might be doing something questionable. You’ve been really good to me, so I can’t really imagine you acting like that. It sounds like that’s a different person.” ]

She smiled a little seeing hi tickle Nyx. There puppy was really adorable. She lifted her eyes back up to him. [b “I would really appreciate that. What I do, is tell them I’m with someone-if they don’t know. If they do know, and persist, I block them or stop responding-especially if they were never a friend to begin with. So, you should do that. Don’t talk to them... The ones that are making an advancement and not respecting us. I’m…going to get upset if I see a kiss on you from someone. It makes me feel like you’ve been dishonest.” ] She reminded. It really did upset her. She saw him looking for a place.

Nyx tangled around her. [b “He is, but…” ] Ara giggled. She helped herself out of the mess. She was in awe when he complimented her, [b “Awe Sy.] She leaned in and kissed his cheek. [b “I know ou are. I’m so thankful for you.” ] She giggled and said [b “yay!” ]

She followed him to the lunch spot. They took a seat and she noticed the dog menu. Ara thought it was such a cute nice touch. [b “What do you want to eat Nyx?” ] Ara peaked down. He was wagging his tail back and forth so quickly. “We could get him the one that has chicken veggies and rice.” She than pondered what to get for herself. She knew she needed to eat light because she still had to stay in shape. The waitress came in, Ara ordered for herself “Avocado Shrimp Salad Wraps…and I’m good with just water.” Ara let Sylus order for there puppy and himself.
[b “It feels like we’re twenty and living together.” ] Ara giggled [b “Taking our puppy for walks and having meals together… I’m really happy with you.” ] She would put her leg between his
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He nodded [b "He sometimes gets into those mood swings where he picks up some girl from somewhere"] he shrugged a bit and then he would see Nyx having fun on their little walk. He would take a seat on a bench with Ara, explaining what happened with him and klara.

[b " was back when we were in like our first year of high school. I was seeing a few girls at the time. Not really in a serious relationship. Klara was my first more serious relationship, but I guess I wasn't really sure how that was supposed to go. So yeah, I still flirted with other girls, talked to them, even while dating Klara"] he admitted, wondering if Ara would dislike that about him.

He told her how she made him want to change it all. [b "Yeah. I was still figuring out my way through this relationship thing. Even now I still am, so if I'm doing something wrong, I want you to tell me too"] he smiled and would tickle Nyx's side as he thought about what else he wanted to change.

[b "Well I do want to change this whole girl's keep trying to text and talk to me even if I'm in a serious relationship. I know you don't like that and I don't like it either. I have to fix that"] he looked through his phone for a good place to go to. HE then saw Nyx tangling up around ARa [b "You're a cutie aren't you"] he laughed, hearing him bark.

He smiled when she complimented him [b "I love how you're so sweet and kind to everyone even if they've done you wrong. You're the sweetest person I've met"] he was glad she saw him as someone dependable. [b "I am here for you. I'm also here to take you to a nice place for lunch"] he chuckled and then he held her hand. [b "Come on you two. I found a place close by"] he smiled, leading her to a lunch spot. They entered the restaurant and were seated outdoors on the patio. They had a view of the park and a small lake as Sylus tied Nyx to the table.

They were given menus, even a dog menu as Sylus peeked up at her [b "Ar! Look, they have meals for dogs too. Maybe we should get him this cute puppy meal. It's got chicken, veggies, and some rice"] he showed her.
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[b “It is…but at least, he could not be so rude and treat girls better.” ] She felt that would be a huge advancement. They let Nyx have a lot of fun. She was enjoying seeing him having fun with the outdoors. It reminded her how little things could bring happiness.

Ara frowned, [b “But…it does a lot of bad too.” ] She reminded. She listened to him talk about his relationship with Klara. She didn’t really get the whole thing [b “Open relationship? What is that? What do you mean by ‘you know how it is’? I don’t. You were flirting with other girls while you were with her?” ] She asked and frowned hearing Klara cheated but wondered what drove her there. It was bad. She didn’t think cheating was good no matter what. But she did it…she cheated on Joseph, sort of. She felt bad about it.

Ara half smiled [b “Oh, yea… I suppose I’m careful. But, you didn’t prove me wrong. Because I always thought that If you’d be with me that…you wouldn’t do those stuff anyway.” ] She said, and was happy to with him, that he changed quickly with her. [b “And then you loved me.” ] She giggled. She nodded [b “He definitely is.” ] Ara said. She got a kiss on her cheek, so she kissed his cheek back.

Ara tilted her head [b “Really? What else are you trying to change? You’re doing so well.” ] Ara wrapped her arms around him, hugging him, while Nyx rested on her lap. She got up with him. [b “Hmm…I don’t know one…mostly because I’ve never had a pet before.” ] Ara said. She then realized Nyx was going around her, and twisting the leashe to wrap around her legs. [b “Oh Nyx, careful!” ] She said, and tried to untangle herself.

[b “Well…” ] She sighed, [b “You treat me a lot better. You’re kind, honest…I love how you care about your family. I love how you have ambition.” ] She said. She nibbled at her lip and looked at Nyx walking around as the walked, [b “And well…I don’t, have…many guys, or male figures in my life as I grew up that treat me well. I thought, being called…naïve, or stupid…by Joseph was normal. He lied to me… He wasn’t there for me. But you’re here for me. ] Ara smiled and looked at him [b “You try to make me happy. It’s always been…me trying to make them happy for the most part.” ]
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He wondered how they could help Luke. They could barely get Sylus out of his own issues in the gang. [b "We can. I don't know how though. It's hard enough trying to get me out of those jobs"] he sighed a bit, thinking it'd be really tough.

He would let Nyx run around, seeing him sniffing all the flowers and then rolling in the grass. Sylus smiled and would hold Ara's hand as they walked. Sylus taught Nyx a few tricks and when he finally sat, it seemed like he was getting the hang of it. [b "He does. It's cause he's pouncing around and getting tired"] he chuckled and then he would pet him more.

When they got to a bench, he sat down and talked to her about the drugs. [b "IT makes them feel great. They like that feeling"] he sighed a bit and then he told her about Klara. [b "I couldn't shake away the girls and we kind of had an open relationship. Of course I mostly stayed with her, but you know how it is. THey kept coming at me. She didn't like that and eventually cheated on me. Yeah"] he told her and would thinking about why he changed.

[b "Hmm, I think it was how careful you were around me. I wanted to prove you and everyone else wrong. That I could have a stable relationship and a girlfriend. I liked you that much, so I wanted to go for it"] he smiled and would look at Nyx [b "He's the cutest furbaby ever"] he smiled and would lean in to kiss her cheek.

[b "Me too. I'm still trying to change, but having you here with me is pushing me"] he laced his fingers with hers and then he slowly got up. [b "Let's get some lunch. Maybe somewhere that allows pets"] he suggested, looking up at his phone.

[b "What made you want to leave Joseph and give rebel me a shot?"] he wondered, scrolling to see if he could find a pet friendly area.
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[b “I thought he liked doing those things,” ] Ara paused, thinking about it, [b “We should help him. At the very least…kick up his life and stop doing dumb stuff he can avoid.” ] She never thought that maybe Luke was just sad. She watched little Nyx walking around, enjoying rolling on the grass, and getting rubbed.

[b “If…that puts you less in danger.” ] Ara said, but felt kind of bad for those kids. She remembered she still needed to talk to her dad about it. Every time she’s been seeing him recently…it hasn’t been good. Ara smiled seeing Nyx pouncing around, and loving the great outdoors. He was just a baby, she was sure he was happy seeing the world.

Ara sighed [b “We definitely do… I had an awkward conversation with my maid.” ] She would listen to Sylus trying to teach Nyx how to sit. Nyx eventually sat, if it was because Sylus said so or he just coincidently felt like it-it wasn’t clear. [b “He really likes the treats.” ] Ara giggled. She bent down and pet him, before they started walking a bit again.

Ara frowned [b “That’s wrong…I don’t understand…why they do.” ] She couldn’t help but wonder how it ended since they talked about it. She listened and had a feeling it was something like that. [b “So…when you were together, you kept being around many girls and did stuff with them?” ] She asked and then asked, [b “She cheated on you?” ] She was trying to piece things together so she wouldn’t be surprised when people told her stuff.

They sat down on a bench. Ara lifted Nyx up and held him in her lap. She met Sylus eyes. She lightly smiled, [b “What about me made you change? People keeping telling me that there’s no way you did. That…I’m just delusional and you’re putting on an act. I don’t believe them. I know you love me, and you haven’t been flirting with other girls.” ] She said. She felt Nyx trying to lick her. She pet him and then hugged Nyx. [b “And we have a fur baby together.” ] She giggled and looked at Sylus. She leaned into his shoulder. [b “I feel so connected with you. Happy.” ] She told him.
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He enjoyed the fact that ARa loved him the way she did and now the had a little puppy to take care of. He was the cutest and he just loved how it also kept him and Ara together. He made them all breakfast, getting a little annoyed at Luke for being a dick so early in the morning. He fed Ara and then they would head to her place.

[b "I know he isn't a bad guy, but because of the way we live and the things we have to do, we kind of just have to make it work and I think he's so fargone into it, that he doesn't see a way out at all. Kind of like where I was at until I met you Ar"] he held her hand and would walk with her at the park, holding onto Nyx's leash. [b "I'm sure if we help him out more, he'll see that there's something good to look forward to"]

Nyx was adorable. He was so tiny, but his white coat and his blue eyes made him stand out. He rubbed his belly and would feel him lick his face as Sylus rubbed behind his ears. [b "I do want my own place and I will have to pay monthly, but maybe it'll be worth it? I'll just try to keep more money for myself and less for the orphanage?"] he thought and then he would see Nyx pouncing around, enjoying the tall grass.

He would hear Ara mention the bed [b "He did. We gotta potty train him better"] he rubbed his head and would try to teach him to sit, giving him a few treats. [b "You're so good Nyx. You just have to learn where to pee"] he told him, seeing that Ara mentioned the drugs.

[b "Dom huh...I mean they usually do get those things at a party sometimes"] he sighed a bit when she asked about his breakup. [b "It's kind of a long story.....she basically wanted me to be like the me I am now. Not sleeping around, not being with so many girls....I guess. SHe couldn't wait for me to change and found someone better. We decided to end it and I went on being the way I was. Klara went out with some nicer guys, but I guess they didn't work out"] he told her.

WHen they made their way to a bench, Sylus sat down [b "You changed me though. Reminded me that I can be going places and I have a good family behind me. I don't want to disappoint them"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 67d 8h 52m 35s
Ara knew how much Nyx must have missed Sylus. She loved waking up to Nyx. Sometimes she’d let him sleep with her. Although…he also peed on her bed once. She giggled as Sylus told Luke to shut up. She figured she could help Luke change too though. She was sure that somewhere deep deep deep deep deep inside there, was a decent person. Luke left. [b “I think we should help Luke. We could make him a good citizen.” ] She said, and that would make it easier to have him listen to her.

They went to her house to pick up little Nyx. [b “It’s felt like forever to him,” ] She mentioned. She smiled seeing Sylus petting him and having Nyx lick his face. [b “He’s so cute.” ] Ara giggled. Ara tilted her head [b “I suppose we can do that.” ] Ara would put the leash on Nyx. They walked on the park together, she let Sylus hold onto the leash.

It was amusing seeing Nyx bark and pounce on the grass. Nyx would try toll around the grass, seeming to really enjoy it. Ara liked the idea of him living alone, [b “But sy, don’t you have to pay monthly? I don’t know if saving up will do that.” ] Ara mentioned, and worried that meant he’d have to try to make more money by doing more illegal stuff. Ara felt Nyx jump onto her. Ara peaked down and giggled. She pent down and pet the top of his head, [b “You're so happy. I love you Nyx-love you-so much.”] She lifted him up and gave his head kisses. [b “mm, he does. He peed on my bed though. Did you know?” ] She told him and then helped Nyx down to continue walking.

[b “You know…” ] Ara sighed, [b “How you had to drop off the drugs at that party? Well… it belonged to Dom. I think some of them used it after I left.” ] She mentioned. She remembered what they said about Klara too. [b "They said something about you and Klara too. That Klara told them that you changed...way long ago. How did you two break up?" ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 67d 13h 53m 52s

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