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Caleb snickered and then smirked, “We’ll see about that.” He felt confident that he could get what he wanted. After all, who did Sylus have to back him up? Then he crossed the line talking about his situation, like he knew shit.
“The fuck you know? Who do you have to look after pretty boy, yourself? Don’t talk like know shit.” Caleb shoved hime back again when he pushed his hands off, “How about a bullet? That scare you.” Getting annoyed by him, acting cocky when from what Caleb knew he was a fuckboy that knew how to swim well.
“You’re not here, you cant speak for her. She doesn’t even know what’s good for her since she’s with you.” He defended, getting more angry with Sylus sighing and acting not even phased that he threatened him. Who the hell was he? Caleb paused and narrowed his eyes “Who said anything about a gang…” He took the drugs and looked back up at Sylus. He knew more than he thought.
He grew quiet, and started to wonder if Ara got involved with someone more involved into worse shit then him. “Where you get this?” Caleb asked and it had him thinking that this could help him out if Sylus gave him more. His brother came out and he would put it into his pocket. He saw Sylus smirking and began to leave, “We can make a deal. Talk later.”


Ara took a sat, holding onto the end of her skirt tightly. She had trouble meeting her father’s eyes. She felt afraid after seeing that. She never thought he’d actually use violence on a person to keep them quiet. She saw some of the blood on the table. She shievered.
“You didn’t handle the situation.” He stated.
Ara opened her mouth and then closed them and nodded.
“Instead you got caught. I haven’t taught you well.” He said, “That’s how you keep them quiet. Make them fear you. You understand.”
Ara nodded, finding it hard to breath. Fear? Fear!? She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t hurt another person like that.
“If you need the muscle, just ask or use someone,” Her father said and watched the door open. Ara looked back and saw the security guy. He wore dark clothes, and had such a stern expression. Ara looked away.
“Ara get up.” He father said.
She did.
“I need you to slap her, and give her a few visible brusies, but don’t go overboard. If that tutor talks, we’ll say that he harassed her.” Her father said.
Ara looked back, her eyes filling up with tears, “He said he’d keep quiet. I won’t do it again,” Ara shook her head.
“Sir… She’s your daughter,” The man said. Ara looked back at the guy with fear, shaking her head. She saw the door and decided she would try to get out of it. She darted for it. Her dad clearly must have told him to chase her. He did catch up to her, and she got slapped and grabbed. But in the end, she kicked him in the face when she fell into the ground. The gate was closed, so she had to climb over, scraping her knee a bit. She looked back for a second and saw the guy give up, and say, “I’m sorry.”

Her eyes were filled up with tears. She couldn’t have texted Sylus, because she didn’t have time. She had to walk her way to Sylus apartment. She realized that Sylus wasn’t home, but she had her phone, where she also kept his key in her case. She opened the door and hid into his sofa, letting it all out. She remembered to go back on her phone. Sy was okay... [i Tutor & Hilda isn't a problem anymore. I'm at your home. My dad, he hurt me but I'm okay ]. She managed to get herself up to clean up the scrape on her knee from trying to rush climbing. She would stay in the sofa, stare at her phone, huddling her knees. She didn't want to think about it, she wanted to distract herself. So instead, she'd post old photos on social media.
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Sylus would meet up with Caleb and he would pull him aside to have a little chat. He just wanted to see if he could speak with him normally to try and get him to change his mind. Maybe if he had some sense in him, he'd leave Ara alone and they'd be okay.

He didn't really look that intimidating to Sylus, but he also knew that Caleb knew nothing about him. He did sell his gang a few drugs two weeks ago, but he figured Caleb couldn't tell it was him. [b "Yeah, that was a long time ago. I treat her well. That's why she doesn't want to be with anyone else"] he told him and would tell him how Ara was too nice and that she was only hanging around because she probably pitied him.

When he was shoved back, Sylus pushed his hands off of him. [b "Well first off, I'm living in worse circumstances than you and I'm making it work. Your blade doesn't scare me"] he told him and then he looked him from head to toe. [b "Doubt it. Ara wouldn't leave me"] he told him, sighing a bit. Yes Ara never really told him what was going on at home, but he knew she loved him. [b "If you want what's best for Ara, leave her alone. She doesn't want anything to do with you or your friends. You'll just make her situation worse"] he told him, not looking afraid at all.

He sighed a bit [b "I can help you out. Maybe even your gang out. Just let me know if you want something. How about a little of this?"] he pulled out a small bag of drugs and handed it over. [b "There's more where that came from"] he smirked a bit and he left.

HE soon went to his house to get ready for his work that night. He'd pull out his phone and texted Ara [b "Everything is okay. Going to work. How about you? Are you doing okay?"] he asked, sending the text as he headed back home.

After a while, Sylus changed into his uniform and would head to the restaurant, working his shift for tonight.
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She looked through the car window, watching Sylus, feeling her stomach twist in her knot. There was more to deal with at home…but she worried for him more. She hoped she wouldn’t regret going home.

Caleb shoved his hands into his deep short pockets. It was cold outside but he favored the cold. In appearance, he was still quite attractive to other girls. He knew he would have a shot with Ara if this guy didn’t stand in the way. He knew the easy way would to beat the shit out of the guy and tell him to fuck off. What was he going to do about it? He let a short laugh “Why don’t you go fuck another pretty girl then fuck boy? I heard a lot of shit about you. Fuck any pretty girl that walks. Sylus right? I know enough about her. She’s genuine, the real deal.”

Sylus kept on yammering to him about pitying and causing trouble. Caleb wasn’t a very talkative person. He didn’t want to hear his shit. Caleb would only turn to face Sylus when he start talking about his circumstances. It was a touchy subject since he didn’t live in a great space. Caleb stepped forward and shoved Sylus back, getting into his personal space

“You talk as if you know me or the shit I go through, what the fuck do you know man? If you know about me then you’d watch your fucking mouth. I can run a blade in you. What can a pretty boy like you do for me?” Caleb scoffed and then smirked, looking at him like he was sizing him up.” She’ll leave you, don’t worry about it. She’ll learn that you can’t stand against me, and give you up. I can protect her better from getting hurt, bet you don't know shit what's happening at her home. I’ll get her one way or the other. Break up with her, and I won’t get my ‘friends’ to fuck you up.” ] Caleb shoved Sylus back again, wanting to intimidate him. He only saw Sylus as some guy that tried to look tough but had nothing to back him up.

He heard the bell ring and knew his brother would be coming out in less than ten minutes. “I gave you my warning. You have nothing that I’d trade for, so fuck off and stay away from her too.” Caleb eyed him and waited for him to leave, so he could go pick up his brother.


Ara got home and she would text Sylus 'I'm home. Are you okay?' She sent. She went towards her room when she saw her dad's office open. She saw him and another man there. That tutor... What was going on? She asked to meet him but what was he doing here? Her dad called out for her.

"Ara, I had a discussion with Hilda's tutor. You contact him. He's explained to me that your risking his career by spreading rumours about him and Hilda. I'm open to listening your side," Her dad said. She held her breath and looked back at the two. She knew her dad sided with her but she also knew he didn't like her being caught doing it. Ara put on a confused expression [b "No, of course not. I didn't even know that was a rumour." ] Ara said.
"You heard my daughter," Her father said with a smile.

Ara looked back at the corner of the room seeing another man there. Dad's security.

"With all due respect, my student found texts that prove it orginated from her." He said.

What? Who would rat her out? [b "That... can't be me." ] Ara said.
"You heard her," her dad said.
"It was her, I can show you." He drew out his phone. Her dad looked at the security guy. The security guy slammed the guys head onto the table real hard - crushing his nose. Ara yelped. She watched the security guy grab the phone and delete the texts.
"My daughter didn't spread any rumours," Her father clarified, "Understood?"
The tutor shuddered and was yelling in pain, covering his nose after, "yes, yes, understood."
"Good, escort the man," Her father looked at security. Ara stood stiff, watching him being escorted out with a bloody nose. What the hell!? She looekd back at her dad, and she felt she really shouldn't be surprised on how he handled considering how he handled her.
"We need to talk." Her father stated. She shuddered and sat in the chair.
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Sylus would glance back at Ara and he would nod his head [b "I will. Just make sure you let me know when you're home"] he watched her leave and then he would look back at Caleb. Sylus wasn't afraid of him. He just wanted to talk. He got more information from Luke too, so he knew that he was also in a bind.

[b "I'm here because I don't want you trying to steal my girlfriend away. There's so many other pretty girls out there. IT doesn't have to be Ara. You don't even know her"] he told him, shaking his head. [b "She doesn't like you. She pities you. But if she tells you 'no', leave her alone. You're only causing her more trouble from her family and for the people around her. Leave her be"] he told him.

[b "I'm not rich. I'm living in the same circumstances as you. WIth a lot less actually. I know what it's like. I can help you out. You don't need Ara. Just let me know what you need? Maybe I can do something about that"] he asked, thinking about his clothes and how Ara gave him all of that. [b "Ara won't ditch me. She wants to be with me and I wouldn't lay a finger on her unless she wanted me to. She won't leave me for you"] he stated, folding his arms a bit.

[b "I only came here to get you to leave her alone. If you two are good friends, you'd do what's best for her, not make things worse. WHy not have your friends help you out?"] he suggested, remembering he had a gang, but he didn't want to be specific.
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She felt deep concern hearing them say they wanted to talk. From how it went in the past, talking didn’t seem to be just talking with people like them. Last thing she wanted was Sylus to get hurt, or even worse than hurt. She didn’t want to go. [b “Promise me.” ] Ara said, half begging. Allister warned her that her dad would be home and she didn’t want to explain where she was. She was already cut off and she felt she could use that money to help Sylus too.

[b “Call me as soon as you finish.” ] Ara said to him. She went to go grab the car.

Caleb was getting irritated with Sylus being around. He wanted to do more than just talk, he wanted to get him to back the fuck off but he couldn’t do that in front of his little brother’s school. “Yea, then why the fuck are you here?” Caleb asked, “I can’t help it if she still wants to talk to me. Don’t think so, think she still likes me. Girls like her secretly always do.” He said, looking out at the school, not to get angry by looking at him.

“The fuck you know about better?” ] Caleb said and clenched his jaw and end up not being able to control his temper, by stepping in and pushing Sylus back, “The fuck you know about struggling? You look like a rich boy that tries hard to look like he’s from the streets.” All because he’s seen Sylus wear nice clothes, and had expensive stuff around Ara. He didn’t know that Ara had been buying him clothes.

“If you can’t keep her, that’s not my problem. She’ll ditch your ass when she learns whose stronger and can take care of her better. For all I know you’re the one that hits her pretty boy. Better that you leave her before I fuck you up.” Caleb snickered.
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Sylus finished class and was hoping that he would be able to catch up to her if she was near. He couldn't find her anywhere once practice ended, so it worried him. What if that guy took her away? He panicked and would start to run towards the front of the school, not seeing her anywhere. When he spotted Olive and she pointed him the right direction, he'd hurry down the street, hoping he could catch the two.

HE kept going down the street, not seeing anyone. Where could they be going? Sylus would run further down and when he spotted the two heading for another school, he hurried over and called out to Ara, pulling her away from that man. Sylus looked back at him, seeing the nasty look he gave. [b "Same. I've been wanting to talk"] he looked back at Ara and he would nod [b "We're not going to fight Ar. Just talk"] he assured her, seeing her look at her phone. [b "You should head home. I'll call you later"] he watched her leave and would look at Caleb as they headed to the school.

[b "I don't control her. I let her do whatever she wants. What I don't like is someone texting her and asking her to go out with them when she has a boyfriend. WHy don't you let her be? IT's clear she doesn't want to be with you"] he folded his arms over his chest.

[b "SHe probably does deserve better, but you're not that. I know you've been struggling just as hard as I have. You have a little brother don't you. WHy don't you be a good role model for him and not try to steal my girlfriend away"] he asked, keeping calm. He didn't want to provoke him and he didn't know if he had a gun in his pocket, but Sylus wanted to try talking to him first.
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She had only wished that she hadn’t walked toward the car and instead went back inside the school. Caleb had only hurt her once, but that, his threats and who he was scared her away. She felt she had to listen for Sylus’ sake. She walked alongside him, keeping quiet whenever she could.

“Did your boyfriend tell you not to talk to me?” Caleb asked while she followed.
[b It was my decision.” ] Ara clarified. [b “He had nothing to do with it.” ]
“I already said I was sorry for hurting you. I won’t do it again. Is that why you ignored me?” He kept pressing on it and would try take hold of her hand. Ara tried to casually move her hand away. He was angering her.

[b “You threatened me and you threatened to hurt my boyfriend, and you wonder why I’m ignoring you?” ] She narrowed her eyes and then looked quickly away.
“Yea…sorry. I get possessive. I said that cause I can treat you better you know. It was one time, I wouldn’t hurt you again. I can protect you,” Caleb said as they were arriving at the school, “My dad, he used to beat my mom. It’s wrong, that wasn’t cool what I did. You…you sometimes have the same burses.” He mentioned. Ara paused for a moment and wondered how the hell would he know? Maybe he saw.

[b “I’m sorry that happened to your mom. But if you do it once, then you can still do it again. You’re going to be like your dad if you don’t try being a good person starting as soon as you can. And… those are from cheer practice, I get hurt sometimes.” ] Ara tried and looked back at Caleb, wondering if he’d listen. If he could just change. Maybe she could convince him not to hurt them, to accept it and move on.

Caleb sighed, “I don’t believe you. I’m not going to be like him. I’m a good person, when I don’t get provoked. I got to take care of my bro you know, and my drunk bitch mom, I don’t know any other way besides what I do now. You threatened to go to police, no shit I’ll threaten you back, “ He shrugged.

Ara stopped and got upset, [b “You shouldn’t call your mom that and no, youre not a good person if you threaten people. Maybe start with that, don’t threaten people. You were stalking, what did you think I was going to say?” ]
He chuckled “Okay, okay, I’ll try not to.” And smirked looking at her, “You look hot when you’re mad like that. Your brave calling people out, I like that. Tempts me to get you in bed,” he winked.

Ara sighed, thinking she wasn’t getting through much and was getting kind of worried. Then she felt someone hold onto her hand. Ara looked back when she heard Sylus voice. She felt relief and then really concerned. [b “Sy, what are you doing, I told you I’d meet you later. I’ll be home in time, don’t worry.” ] She didn’t want Caleb to get in a fight with Sylus.

Caleb gave a nasty look at Sylus, “And she’s going to go home when we’re done. Im walking her home after. Mind your fucking business, she already told you she’d meet with you later.”

Ara felt Sylus pull her behind him. She looked back at Sylus, and got so concerned. She squeezed his hand.

Caleb gave a hard stare at Sylus, “Talk? Yea, let’s talk man. I’ve been meaning to talk to you.” He scoffed.
Ara’s stomach sank. She looked up at Sylus when he said she should head up,[b “What? I’m not letting you two talk alone. You’re going to fight.” ] She said panicked.
Calbe rolled his eyes, “My little bro is going to be around, so nah, I’m not going to beat the shit out of him while he’s around. Go home Ara, I’ll see your cute ass another day.”
Ara glared, but then her phone vibrated. She’d check quickly and turns out, her lie turn out to be true. Her dad was home. Shit. [b “Don’t hurt each other. I swear,” ] Ara said and called an uber to go because she didn’t want to actually get in trouble.

Caleb would wait in front of the school, class wasn’t over yet. He looked at Sylus “What the fuck do you want? I’m just friends with her, mind your business. You can’t control her, she can do whatever the fuck she wants to do. I bet you try to tell her what to do all the time huh? She deserves better.”
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She was a cutie and he wanted her to be smiling, not stressing out over things like that. Sylus would take her hand in his and head out to the beach with her. They walked along the shore and he felt pretty happy about how today turned out. They got to spend time together to watch a movie and just relax.

After the next few days, Sylus did his best to get more info on the man. He went to visit Luke, asking about the gang and what they did, where they were located, and if he knew anything about Caleb.

He did the usual thing during the schooldays. He had practice after school, then work, but he'd always try to walk Ara to her car and make sure she was safe before she went home.

On Friday, Sylus' practice ran late and he didn't get to walk Ara to her car. He would dress up and change as he headed towards her last class. There was no Ara there. When he saw Olive, he hurried over and asked if she's seen ARa. SHe mentioned Ara walking with some guy and he would take in a deep breath, running his fingers through his hair. HE then saw her text. [i Fuck AR] he sighed and would hurry down the street towards the direction they saw the two go.

He'd jog and when he spotted Ara standing with some dude, he would walk over and pull on Ara's hand. [b "Ar, come on, we have to get you home before your dad gets mad"] he told her, looking at the guy. [b "She needs to head home"] he said adamantly, holding Ara's hand and pulling her behind him. [b "Look, it you want to talk, let her go home so she doesn't get in trouble. We can have a talk though. I'm free"] he told him, looking across the street. IT looked like an elementary school. Was he going to pick up his little brother?

Sylus told Ara she should head home.
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Ara wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her cheek against his arm [b “Thank you.” ] Someone here to help her. It sounded so nice.
She did suspect some of it had to do with how her family was rich. While he hardly brought it up, he did mention how nice it was to have all that money. Sylus made her cheeks warm, [b “My body? You…You’re a bit perverted Sy.” ] She shyly said. A smile folded her face when he kissed her cheek.

They had a good time eating cake, snuggling and kissing and eventually walking by the water together. It was relaxing. She couldn’t ignore the problem but she could take a break from it. They spend the evening together too, and also caught up with some homework.
The next few days they end up going back into routine. She set up a meeting with the tutor later in the week. She did her best to ignore the texts in the meantime. She spent time with her friends again while Sylus was at work. She turned down going to a party because shew as afraid of him showing up.
Ara fixed her black backpack strap while waiting outside at the front of the school for Sylus. She wore a grey skirt, mesh tights, her ankle boots, and a red and red and black sweater and a red beanie. Quinn passed by and Ara managed to convince her to help her take a photo for her social media. The breeze was light, so it made for a good picture.
She saw her car coming in. Sylus wasn’t here yet and could only guess he had a long team meeting. She went towards the car to just tell the driver to wait a bit longer. That’s when she saw Caleb, the guy she’s been trying to avoid this whole time. Her stomach did a flip. She managed to only turn half way before he took hold of her wrist.
“Why have you been ignoring me?” He asked, his deep brown eyes looked at her irritated.
Ara faced him, [b “I told you… I’m not interested in you that way.”] How many times did she have to say it. [b “I already love someone.” ]
“And I told you I don’t care. You’re not even giving this a shot and now you’re ignoring me? I told you I don’t like being ignored. We need to talk, outside of here. If you don’t, I’ll hurt your boyfriend.” He warned.
Ara’s lip waivered, wondering what to even do in this case. Sylus wasn’t here yet and she was afraid if Sylus got involved. [b “I have to go home… My dad is waiting for me.” ] She fibbed.
“Then text him, tell him you’ll be late princess.” He snickered.
She saw Olive coming out with two other of there friends. She didn’t want to make a scene. Ara nodded to Caleb [b “Okay… but not for too long. I don’t want to get in trouble.” ] She spoke quietly.
“I won’t get you in trouble. I just want to go out with you, and talk. We’ll walk to my brothers school and pick him up. Then I’ll take you home.” He explained.
Ara looked at his eyes and sighed. He wasn’t always a bad person, she could tell he had it rough but she knew that wasn’t an excuse for what he was doing either. She looked back, feeling bad that she was leaving without Sy. She sent a text to Sylus quickly [b ‘I’m sorry. He showed up, I don’t want to make a scene, so I’m going to walk with him. ] She sent.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 49d 14h 26m 17s
He nodded his head and would smile [b "Of course. I'll help out in anyway I can"] he nodded and would hope that the rumors haven't reached her father yet. He didn't want it to and he didn't want to cause more trouble for her when she was already dealing with so much.

Sylus would sigh when she mentioned the guy was into her because of her money. [b "Well, you know. IT's nice and all that you have money, but the real reason I went after you.....was because....of your body"] he teased and he would kiss her cheek. HE knew she wouldn't go with that guy. He knew he could treat her way better than that man could.

They ate cake together and it was so good. Making it together was so much fun and tasting it made him happy. [b "We did. It's the best. You're the best"] he hugged her and would snuggle in as they finished the movie together. [b "Oh you're right. IT's getting much colder"] he thought about the walk. [b "We can, but I get to hold your hand....and I want to walk towards the water's edge"] he chuckled and would lick off the side of her lip. When Ara caressed his cheek and sucked on his lip, he smirked a bit and kissed her lips sweetly.

She mentioned breaking up and she would sigh a bit [b "I think we'd come back together like always. I can't stay away from you either. You're my precious Ara"] he wrapped his arms around her and would meet her blue eyes. He loved her touching his red hair and he would lean into her shoulder, pressing his lips against her neck slowly, kissing up her chin.

[b "Mmm, shall we head out?"] he asked, slowly standing up and then holding her in his arms. He'd set her down onto her feet and then he'd hold her hand in his. [b "Come on Love"] he headed outside [b "Should we walk there? It's not too far?"] he suggested, leading the way, walking with her down the street and then heading towards the sand, the waves in full view as Sylus took off his shoes.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 50d 2h 59m 15s
Ara’s eyes widened [b “Together? Really? You’d come with me?” ] Ara said and then she giggled [b “Yea, they’re really dramatic like that. I don’t care for rumours…it’s just my dad does.” ] She admitted. She was feeling a bit better.

She nodded, [b “That’s what I’ve been trying to say. I also think a good portion is because he believes I’m wealthy.” ] Ara said. She saw him shrugged and she knew Sy wouldn’t worry about her being with anyone else. Especially not with a stalker.
They had cake together. It was really good. Nyx was being quite funny. She liked the movie, and wished, she could be the same. She felt so helpless lately, and what was she going to do. Threaten a guy with a gang and a gun? That would be stupid, and plus she tried threatening him with who her dad knows and that didn’t work. She sighed to herself.

The chocolate cake was at least really good. She smiled more [b “Did we?” ] She giggled. She snuggled into him and nodded. [b “I love you darling.” ] She hugged him tight and kissed his cheek too.

She thought about the temperature and nervously laughed a bit [b “Sylus, isn’t it a bit too cold to go out in the beach with a bikini? Maybe an indoor pool, but not outside. How about we just walk,” She suggested and then grew quiet when he leaned in and licked it off her slowly. She shook her head, “Not all clean.” She leaned in and sucked on his bottom lip, “You taste better than chocolate cake.” She blushed a bit and caressed his cheek. She let her finger brush along his lip, pressing her lips again against his and kissing softly. “You know… I think if ever…forbid it never happens but, if it did, we broke up. I wouldn’t be able to resist you. Because I love you and…you taste really good.” She teased and then would hug him, helping herself onto his lap to snuggle more with him.He was so precious to her, so much she would risk her life.

She stroked his red hair and felt that he really was on her side and would always be. She never had someone there like how sy was there.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 50d 3h 41m 55s
Sylus figured that if she wanted to give it a try, he'd help her out as much as he could. [b "We can. We can set up a meeting with him together. That girl is crazy. All I tried to do was help her up and she turned it into such a big scene"] he sighed and knew this girl wasn't good from the get go.

He wondered how long it's been since she hung out with him. Sylus was still disappointed that she had been hiding so much from him, but he could tell she was stressed. [b "So he was purposefully trying to follow you okay. I get it now. So he really wants to get together with you"] he shrugged and would try and figure something but he'd gather more intel first.

As they sat at the living room, he held a piece of cake that ARa got for him. He'd smile and take a bite. IT was really yummy and even Nyx wanted a bite. [b "Nuh uh little guy"] he pet him and would soon watch the movie with her. IT was really cool to see how strong someone could be on their own. She has so much courage. Sylus kept his arm around her and would try to ease up her mood at least. [b "It is. I think we made the best chocolate cake I ever had"] he grinned, kissing her cheek softly.

[b "I am?"] he laughed and kissed her lips. [b "You're pretty yummy yourself"] he nuzzled into her cheek and then he would hold her hand in his. [b "Yeah? Do you want to swim at the beach too? I'd love to see you in your bikini?"] he asked, feeding her a bit of cake and seeing a bit of whipped cream off to the side of her lip. Sylus would lean in and lick it off slowly [b "All clean"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 50d 4h 36m 23s
[b “It’s worth a try.” ] Ara said, and wondered how she was even going to contact the tutor. She was sure someone in her contacts could help her out. [b “I’ll try to get in contact with him tonight, I’ll send a message.” ] She figured she could use needing a tutor as an excuse to speak to him. Ara smiled a bit when he was grinning and saying he was pretty intimidating [b “Yes, I know.” ] She giggled a bit.

Talking about that guy put her on edge. She didn’t know how much she told and didn’t tell. [b “I haven’t exactly been hanging out. He would show up at parties, after school, school games, and I agreed to meet with him once or twice because I hoped to convince him to step away. It never worked, even when I tried to be nice.” ] She frowned. She did it out of worry that he’d go to Sy.

She made the frosting and heard him and she knew it was mostly her fault, [b “My social media I think...and probably from seeing me now and then. He doesn’t know me though, he doesn’t know me at all.” ] Ara said, feeling that was true. She finished making the cake and brought him a slice. She snuggled into his side, feeling better to stay indoors right now.

[b “I’m glad you like it.” ] Ara said. She noticed Nyx trying to hop. She stopped him [b “No Nyx! Chocolate will make you sick.” ] She said, and would pet his head and give him a belly rub. He was getting bigger each day.

They started watching the movie. She wished she was strong as Mulan. She felt helpless, even with learning new things… What use was it if she couldn’t use it to really protect herself. In the end, she believed she would freeze up. [b “Really? Do I have to go through rough stuff… Mmm, we will.” She said and smiled a bit when he kissed her cheek. It was sweet. She felt his fingers brush through her hair, making her smile more. Sy let her get a bite and she actually really liked what they made. It made her smile more [b “It’s really good.” ] Ara said. She set down Nyx beside her, [b “I’ll grab a slice too.” ] Ara said. She got a slice of cake and would sit by his side, while eating cake. It did make her feel better.
[b “Yummy.” ] Ara said and looked at him [b “You’re yummy too.” ] She set the plate down and hugged him tight. [b “I guess, it’s okay if we go outside to the beach for awhile.”]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 50d 6h 11m 56s
He figured that she would suspect something since they were pretty close at the party. HE didn't know how to exactly hide it, but he didn't want her dad finding out unless it came from ARa directly.

HE made the suggestion to try to speak with the tutor to get Hilda to let Ara go. She didn't have any definitive proof and it'd be better if she just stayed out of their business. WHo knows, maybe even telling that man the truth would make him believe them. They didn't do anything wrong, Hilda started it all. [b "Yeah, he might believe us without any bribing"] he nodded and hoped that idea helped her out. [b "I can be pretty intimidating if I want to be"] he grinned.

He noticed her shift in mood when he talked about the guy. IT made him wonder how long she's been seeing and hanging out with him behind his back. [b "How long....have you been hanging out?"] he wondered, feeling like maybe if she was going to ignore this, he'd try to do somethings himself.

Sylus saw her making the frosting while talking about how the guy liked certain things about her. [b "Hmm, I wonder how he thinks he knows all about you. Where'd he get the info from"] he shrugged and would wait for Luke to give more info about the gang.

HE sat at the couch and saw ARa bringing in a slice of cake. [b "Yeah that's fine. We can stay indoors together"] he did want to go to the beach, but Ara seemed really stressed right now. He took the place she offered and he would take a bite of the cake. [b "Mmm, it's good"] he smiled and would see Nyx hopping to get a bite.

Sylus watched the movie with her and would wrap his arm around her waist. HE'd smile a bit [b "I know. You only get stronger when you go through rough things. You'll get there. We'll get through this"] he heard her mention fudge and he kissed her cheek. [b "Yeah, they deserve to be somewhere sad and stay away from you"] he brushed her hair back and let her take a bite. [b "You gotta try it Love. We did good"] he kept his eyes on the movie and would just hold her against his side. [b "For now, let's get your mind to rest"] he fed her some cake and would just spend more time with her.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 50d 7h 20m 53s
[b “No, she doesn’t.” ] Ara shook her head. [b “But she suspects it.” ] She didn’t want the word to reach her dad, which was her biggest concern. She wanted to openly say she was with Sylus but she was afraid of what the consequences were.

Ara looked at him and realized she never thought about talking to the tutor. [b “We could try talking to him, to see if maybe he could get her to keep quiet too. People don’t like being bribed, plus I don’t have that much, so I think we should just talk to him first.” ] Ara said, hoping that the tutor would be willing to listen. Although he was the type to end up being interested in a girl that was just hitting eighteen. She shuddered, [b “We’ll try bribing him if talking doesn’t work.” ] She agreed.

It didn’t feel like Sy took her seriously. She didn’t know what to do besides listen. She didn’t want to mention it anymore. Might be better to handle it herself. She lifted her eyes back up when he said he got it but she didn’t think he did how scary it was for her. [b “I hope so…” ] Ara said.

They made the cake together. She wasn’t in the best mood anymore, but she tried to keep continuing. She did tell him few things she knew about him. [b “Maybe. He said, I was pretty, smelled nice, listened well, had guts, seemed nice, likes my social media and…that he liked that I was so wealthy. He said he could make me happier and would always have my back. I don’t understand why…” ] She tried to remember.

She made the cream and let him watch while she finished things up. Ara then set down with him, waiting for it to be finished. She would still lean into his shoulder, she just didn’t want to make much sound. [b “I’d rather be indoors right now.” ] Ara said. Nyx came in, he was adorable. It made her smile a bit. She got up when the cake was done baking, she had to leave it too cool for awhile. Then she would put the cream, decorated with little silver chocolate balls. She looked back and saw Sylus smiling a bit. She smiled a bit back to him [b “Let’s watch something. I’ll cut you a slice of cake.” ] Ara said. She cut the slice for him and put it on a plate. She had to lift Nyx off his lap onto hers so he could take the cake. She kissed Nyx and pet him. [b “I’ll eat my slice soon.” ] Ara said. She rested against his shoulder, while putting Mulan on. [b “I want to be stronger… I wish I wasn’t so weak. I wish I could tell everyone that tries to mess with me tp...fudge off the planet somewhere sad."]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 50d 7h 48m 12s

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