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Ara nibbled down at her lip and then gave a small nod [b “Yes…she did. Painting is my way…to get close to her in a way.” ] She didn’t want him to feel bad for her, but since he asked, she decided to tell him the truth. She let him take a look at pictures she drew. She blushed a bit, seeing him point to the picture she drew. It was on in one of her dreams…briefly. [b “Me too…I’m a bit… I’m a hopeless romantic.” ] She said, and then listened to him. It surprised her hearing him say… then his mother now must not be his biologically mother.

[b “Me too… I mean, my mom passed when I was young too. Things changed…fast. You grew up, I bet she’d be happy.” ] She gently smiled. They shared that in common, growing up without really a mom around. The only way she could dig about her mom was through the paintings she left. Her dad didn’t like anything to remind him of her, but at the very least, the paintings got hung.

She played Mario kart with him and it was a lot of fun. She laid down on his lap, feeling so…tired. [b “Ahh right…well at least my head get’s support…” ] She mumbled it. She felt fingers going through her hair. It felt nice. She opened her eyes again. [b “Really? No one?” ] Surrounded by girls was true. She frowned, thinking it was sad that he would be with those girls…physically and not… She blushed a bit

. [b “Norma? You’re not every girl’s type you know. Just like I’m not every guy’s type.” ] Ara giggled, [b “Maybe because you don’t get to know them…that’s why they’re not special or don’t stand out. You can only like someone if you learn about them. You’ll find someone.” ] Ara said confidently, looking up at the ceiling and then at him. What was she doing… [b “I thought Joseph was just a typical jock I saw in movies but…okay maybe he still somewhat like that but, the more I learned about him, and hung around, I stopped seeing him like that.” ] She wasn’t sure if she was great at giving romance advice since she only had one boyfriend.

She wiped her eyes, and said [b “Sorry Sylus…you must want to get home…” ]
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He wasn't sure Ara really got to live independently, but she was only in high school. Everyone usually had a family and a home to go to, but Sylus was one of the outliers. He didn't really have a home, or a real family. THe orphanage and the kids were his home.

He listened to her talk about her mom. She used past tense, so that meant something happened. Either she didn't love to paint anymore, or she passed away. He didn't really want to pry into it [b "Did she pass?"] he asked softly and then he looked through her pictures. Her drawings were really good. A lot better than what he would have drew. [b "WOw, these look great. I really like this one"] he pointed to the mountain one.

[b "Yeah my mom past away when I was young. I had to do a lot of growing up really early"] he shrugged and could see the disappointment on her face when Joseph turned her down. [b "I'm glad you like hanging out with me"] he smiled, soon sitting beside her and playing Mario Kart. He did his best to try and keep up with her, but it seemed like she was too good. Sylus would try to block some things, but he wasn't as good. He ended up losing the second game too. [b "You're too good"] he told her and then he saw her soon lay on his lap.

His eyes widened a bit at how spontaneous she was. [b "Well....I do swim a lot. My legs....are...muscular"] he wasn't sure how else to put it. He looked down at her, her eyes closed as he reached and ran his fingers through her hair a little, keeping it from her face. He heard her mumble and figured she must be tired. [b "Me? I don't know. THere hasn't been anyone I really liked. You know I'm surrounded by it's just well normal for them to show affection to me. No one is really special or stands out I guess"] he told her.
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She assumed Sylus was responsible then, [b “Hmm, I wonder what’s that like,” ] She whispered. She did worry about putting her stuff up. She didn’t want to get in trouble. Ara half smiled and guessed, maybe she could show him a bit, [b “I do…my mom…she loved to paint.” ] She went into one drawers and pulled out her old sketchbook. TShe handed it to him [b “Some of these are old drawings, and…maybe not so good.” ] She drew a lot of poses, and some objects. There was one with a couple facing a beautiful view that she referenced from mount fuji, holding hands. Then a lot of fairytale stuff.

She was amazed that he got his own place. [b “You’re…only sixteen,” ] She whispered, but maybe Sylus was more muture. [b “I guess that means you’re more grown up.” ] She gently smiled.

Ara saw her phone. She was disappointed, but she could understand that maybe he got busy at home and couldn’t get away. At least, she got to spend time with Sylus. It was nice to spend time with him. It’s only been a day but she felt like she knew quite a bit. She laughed at Sylus response [b “You’re company is nice.” ]

She set out the consolefor them, and sat back. [b “Oh, so you have never played,” ] Ara looked a bit surprised. She would lean in and accidently bump shoulders. [b “This is go, this is when you throw a item, and you need to hold and drift at turns with this button here,” ] Ara pointed it out.” ] And then she let the game begin. Sylus wasn’t so good but that was okay. It ws funny. She was doing really well. She laughed as he kept getting struck [b “It’s always like that. You can try to dodge it and when you have certain items, you can block it,” ] She mentioned. She won, and felt a bit bad that he lost on his first game. [b “You’ll get better, don’t worry. I can let you borrow it.” ] She shrugged, since she had another one.

She had yawned and felt bad that she was getting a bit sleepy. [b “I’m okay, it’s a lot of fun. I hardly have anyone over,” ] She mentioned. She decided to turn on the assist for him on the game. Naturally, she won again. She was getting pretty loopy, from being so tired. She had been trying to stay awake for most of the day. She dropped her head to lay on his lap for a second [b “Comfy!” ] She said and then yawned again, [b “Or hard…your leg is hard.” ] Ara covered her eyes for a second. [b “I wonder if he always does have a good reason for not coming…” ] She mumbled to herself. And then looked up at Sylus, really feeling too tired to care too much, [b “How come you don’t have a girlfriend? I find it hard to believe.” ]
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He was disappointed that she didn't want him to teach her and kept mentioning her boyfriend, but he figured she was just as loyal as can be. He sighed softly and nodded [b "I guess so"] he told her and then he wasn't sure if he should tell her about his family situation. [b "Yeah. I'm the oldest one"] he headed up to her room and was amazed. It smelled like her and her perfume that she wore.

[b "Well if you really like painting, you should definitely be proud of it. It seems really cool. You should show me some of your work. I want to see them"] he told her, seeing that she didn't want to admit where they were. He thought about his mom [b "I used to, but not anymore. I got my own place. I can't stay with her for that long"] he admitted, not wanting to go into the details.

He saw her looking at her phone [b "Oh he isn't? Okay, then I shall grace you with my company longer"] he laughed a bit and then he saw her take out her console. Sylus has never really played a lot of games since consoles were expensive. [b "Ooh, I think I've seen people playing it before. Maybe you can teach me"] he told her, seeing her explain how to play. He held onto the controller and then when they started, Ara was really good. Sylus couldn't catch up to her, but it was also his first time. He tried his best [b "Hey! WHy am I getting hit with so much stuff"] he told her, frowning as he sighed a bit. HE looked over at ARa and saw her yawning. [b "Let's do one more game, then I'll head out. You look tired, you should get some rest. Thanks for letting me come over"] he told her, doing one more race.
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[b “That’s okay. I can…always ask Joseph if I wanted to.” ] She decided, half shrugging. Water still freaked her out. Was amazed that he would have a lot of siblings, [b “Are you the oldest?” ] She asked out of curiosity.

She showed him her room, and then sighed, [b “Yea…he does. Maybe but, even if I am, I don’t think he’ll like it.” ] She didn’t want to take that risk. [b “You are good at swimming.” ] She admitted. Ara sat at the edge of her bed and then pressed her lips together, [b “Well, they’re hidden away in drawers, most of them are digital.” ] She admitted. It was easier to hide.

Ara leaned back for a second [b “You don’t live with your mom? Wow…your own apartment with a roommate. I wonder what’s that like. Hey, that’s a good thing.” ] She said, and tried to recall the last time she cooked. She kept her own room clean but, most part there as someone who got the house cleaned for them.

She heard her phone buzz and saw Joseph’s text. ‘I don’t think I can come.’ She sighed, but nothing she didn’t expect.

[b “Joseph said he isn’t coming…Okay, game it is.” ] Ara smiled. She opened the locked drawer and decided…she’d rather play something she actually could play. Mario kart. She started up the switch [b “Let’s play this. ] She grabbed him a controller and took one for herself, sitting on the sofa. [b “Really?” ] She didn’t think it could have been that hard to find. [b “Do you know how to play?”] If he said no, she’ explain to him and then go on and play Mario kart. Ara picked baby beach and was doing pretty well, [b “Oh! I beat you in this race.” ] Ara called out. She then yawned, realizing that the change of time was still tiring her out.
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He thought that someone that had Ara would want to protect her at all cost, especially if they had this kind of money. It was only natural that they did. [b "It seems like it though"] he wished he was well loved, but he knew the only people that really cared about him were the others at the orphanage that grew up with him.

[b "I'm sure if you learn how to swim, it'll make it easier. Like I said, if you ever want me to show you I can. We can take it easy, at your pace"] he smiled, hoping not to scare her away. There was hope and he knew she could do it if she tried.

[b "You can say that yeah. IT's always a party"] he told her, following her through all the rooms. He soon ended up in her room, smiling to himself because he loved being in girl's rooms. He looked to her bare walls [b "Oh...he judges your room huh. I'm sure you're paintings are fine. You gotta have confidence in what you do. That's how I do well at swimming"] he told her, wondering what kinds of artwork she drew. [b "Do you have any samples, or something you'd like to put up?"] he asked, thinking about how lucky she was to have all of this compared to him.

[b "Yeah. I mean, my apartment it's just me and a roommate. I can put up what I want and do what I want, but of course I don't have a chef or butler. I do my own cooking and cleaning"] he told her and then suggested that they try out the game room. [b "Video games sounds great! Let's do it?"] he smiled and then he wondered why she had to hide away consoles.

[b "Well if your dad aint showing up, let's have some fun! It's not often I get to play too many games"] he saw her smile and was glad they could be friends [b "Yeah. You're pretty and fun, hard to come by"]
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She decided not to correct him. There was no use in telling him that her mom passed away. But his words were sweet and it made her smile to be called beautiful. She knew she was but it was nice to hear others say it. [b “Wow, you make me sound so loved.” ]

Ara recalled last time she tried, and it was that crushing fear. She knew it would hurt…drowning. [b “I don’t…know about that. I’m pretty terrified.” ] She softly sighd. She ate with him, and enjoyed the salad and seemed like Sylus did too. She loved the sound of eating desserts and meeting his mom. [b “Really? Do you have a lot of sibblings Sylus?” ] She asked.

She’d nod, “Thanks, it is…it just very…it’s not as homey as imagine others would have.” ] She said. She would show him through some rooms, at least the ones that mattered. She hardly ever had a normal person over, so it did excite her a bit.

[b “Well…I guess I do.” ] Ara shrugged. She then showed him her room, a white bedframe, pastel teal covers, a calendar that still fit within the room. She listened to his suggestion. [b “I’d get in trouble if I put posters. And, I’m not sure my paintings or drawings are good enough.” ] The last things she wanted was her dad to make fun of them and ask her why she put junk on the walls. She tilted her head and then faced him when he looked to meet her eyes. So pretty...she couldn't believe she even could end up with him at her house. Ever since she got with Joseph, she felt pretty confident in talking to other guys, which was great.

[b “Is it really different at your home?” ] She asked and sighed, “I really wonder what it would be like to live not rich with more freedom.” ] She admitted. She sat at the edge of her bed for a second. She smiled at the idea of playing a game. [b “What kind of game? A video game? If that, we could go to the gaming room or stay up here-I have a console hidden,” ] She asked and then nodded, [b “Sure. I don’t think Alister would mind. And my dad is not coming home today, or…maybe for another two weeks. Well I’m glad you think I’m fun.” ] She giggled. She felt good that she could make a friend the first day of school.
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He smiled a bit [b "I mean, I don't blame them either. You're their precious and youngest daughter. She's beautiful and she's like their precious gem. They want you safe"] he told her and was surprised to hear how confident she was when it came to her beauty.

Sylus couldn't help but look at the paintings in the house. IT was beautiful. He wondered if they're worth millions or anything. He made it into the kitchen and sat down with her, eating the salad. Sylus also loved seafood, just anything that had to do with the water. He used to go to the beach all the time as a child, so he really loved it.

[b "Slow steps and I'm sure you'll be able to be around a pool in no time"] he took a few bites and wished to hang out a bit longer with her. He suggested going to his mom's place one time to try some dessert [b "Yeah just let me know. I bet my mom would love to make you some. She makes them for the other kids as well"] he told her, soon finishing up.

[b "Are you sure? Your house is pretty cool"] he followed her through the rooms, his eyes widening at how many rooms the house had. She had everything. The game room and the pool caught his eye and he couldn't help but feel like Ara was this elegantly raised child that had to learn how to play the piano and many different languages.

[b "That's amazing. You have everything you need right here"] he followed her to her room, seeing how cozy and warm it felt. It lacked some personalization, but he guessed that she had to keep an image up. [b "You should put up some posters of your favorite bands or things up on your wall. Maybe even paintings if you love to draw"] he took a guess.

He met her eyes and smiled [b "Wow, you really are living in a different world than me. So elegant and so pristine. I wonder what it'd be like to live a life like this"] he couldn't help but imagine. It was the perfect room for her. She was like pretty doll to him, but he still wanted to be her friend and be around her.

[b "Maybe we can play a game or something. I can always leave when your brother or father gets home? It's fun spending time with you"]
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Ara filled a smile. He was nice. She liked him. [b “Thanks. Well…I don’t really have much of a choice. It’s like they think I’m going to be kidnapped or something.” ] Ara laughed. She was sure that was a thing that didn’t happen too often. Besides, it wasn’t like she was going to go outside at night alone, nor in a creepy area. She heard his laughter when she said she knew she was pretty. [b “It’s true. I am.” ] Ara said confidently.

She showed him her own and saw him looking at the paintings. One of them…was her moms. [b “Mmm, they are.” ] The two of the msat down and waited for it to be prepared. All she ever did was eat healthy. [b “Oh! Really, well…I hope you enjoy it. I almost always eat healthy. Smuggling something unhealthy in here is like trying to smuggle drugs.” ] She didn’t know what that was like but she knew how pissed off her dad would be. But…she guessed he wouldn’t know unless someone told…or he saw cameras and spotted it.

The shocked expression was something she worried about. But he took it better than she thought he would. He wasn’t making fun of her. [b “I can’t even step in the water deep enough, no way I can learn how to swim.” ] She said, remembering the mini panic attack she had when she pushed herself to go in a pool. The food was done, and she would eat. She loved the taste of it. Kiya was such a good cook.
“Ahh, I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” Kiya smiled, “Well Ara, I’m going to make dinner, do you want to be surprised or do you want to choose?”
[b “Surprise me.” ] Ara said. She looked at SYlus was glad he liked it. She called him nice because he appeared to be. [b “What? How are you not. That is nice.” ] She defended, and went for a shrimp. She loved seafood.

Ara saw SYlus look at her, so she looked back at him and beamed when he talked about good dessert. [b “I’d love to! I could use some good dessert.” ] After all, they seemed so forbidden to her. [b “Hey, maybe I will stop by after school. It be nice to meet your mom.” ] She figured that she would be kind since Sylus was kind.

She saw how fast he finished, and she was still half way. [b “You’re not overstaying…it’s nice to have company. Besides, I’m not sure Joseph is coming. Sometimes…things come up. But I’ll show you around and if you need to go, I’ll call you a cab.” ] She promised. She would try to eat a bit more quicker. She thanked Kiya and then got up, [b “Okay follow me.” ]

She went back to the entrance and on the right side of the entrance, there was the living room with L-shaped sofa, with a large 4k screen, sound system, [b “This is our living room, pretty simple. I watch TV here usually.” ] She then lead down the house, and showed him the small library, [b “I study here often, and just read, ] It had a little reading nook by the window. Then she brought him to the gaming room, which her brother used. That bastard could really have anything…
[b “We have a small gym in the basement too but it’s nothing interesting,” ] She mentioned, she would point out where the bathrooms were. She showed him a room where sometimes her father had meetings or she met with a friend. Then she went upstairs, showed him the guest room and then opened the door to her room, which was quite large. It was mainly in pastels and really clean. Her walls were void of any posters. Her computer was on her desk, there was a sofa against the bed, and a TV facing it. [b “I have a walk in close too, but you don’t want to see that. It’s kind of embarrassing on how much clothes I have.” ] And then she met his amber eyes, [b “What do you think?” ] She asked, feeling like she made a friend from showing him around, eating together and all. Ugh…he was so hot though.
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He didn't want her to be traveling alone because he's heard so many stories about what happens in the city or even just close to school. If anything happened to her, he'd blame himself because he was there offering her to go home.[b "I don't think you're an airhead. You seem plenty smart to me. Just make sure you always have company"] he told her and then he laughed Abbot when she knew she was pretty.

He stepped into her home and was just amazed with everything around him. Her house was huge and stunning, he couldn't help but look around. He eyes the paintings on the wall and thought the space was beautiful. [b "Wow these paintings are pretty"] he told her and then sat at the table in the kitchen to have a snack. [b "We all should eat a bit healthier. I don't really eat that healthy so this is a good chance for me"] he smiled and looked at the bowl the chef placed before him. It looked delicious. Sylus listened to the conversation and was shocked to hear she didn't use the pool. Hed use it everyday if he could. Ara told him her secret and he was shocked to hear about it. He could understand her not wanting to swim.

[b "Aww I'm sorry to hear that. But I bet if you learned how to swim, it wouldn't be a problem anymore. Baby steps and you can get over your fear"] he told her, knowing he's gotten over a few of his. He looked down at his food and took a bite, smiling at the taste. It was yummy. [b "This is great. Thank you"] he continued eating and laughed when she called him really nice. [b "Im not that nice. I just wanted to get you home safe"] he admitted and then he would look over at Ara [b "I can take you to some good dessert places if u mother also makes some good snacks if u wanna stop be after school one day"] he told her.

He finished up his food quickly from being really hungry after practice. He also didn't want to overstay his welcome if her boyfriend was coming over. [b "I should probably get going. I don't want to overstay my welcome. Maybe you can show me around and then I'll head out?"] He told her just because he felt like he was making her think he was really clingy.
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Ara sighing, feeling like she wouldn’t stand a chance against Sylus with her self-defence. Not that she needed. Behind his bad boy-ish appearance and probably promiscuous actions she felt that he was sweet and wouldn’t cause harm. [b “I haven’t… at least I don’t think anyone has tried to before. There were some awkward situations but…But, I’ve always had someone with me when I go out. My dad and everyone around me seems to think I’m an airhead when it comes to going outside.” ] She frowned, hated that she felt so restricted. She never even tried to sneak and do something either because…she was afraid of getting in trouble.
Ara found herself smiling a bit, [b “I am pretty.” ]

She allowed Sylus to come into the home. She spotted him looking around so curiously. She wondered what his home was like, how his parents were like. They must have given him a lot of freedom. She didn’t want to ask but she didn’t want to intrude or assume. [b “Yea, I do have company…but it still feels lonely.” ] She lead him to the kitchen and then took a seat on the stool for a bit.

Ara half smiled [b “Are you sure? It might…not be to your taste.” ] She said, but he seemed to want to give it a shot.
“Coming right up,” Kiya said and then said, “Ara, will your brother be back for dinner?” ]
Ara shook her head [b “No. Joseph probably…unless he suddenly can’t…will come after his dinner, so it’ll probably just be us.” ]
“You can tell him to have dinner here,” Kiya mentioned.
Ara half shrugged [b “He probably won’t. He eats with his sister.” ] She really hoped that Joseph would come. Sometimes he promised something and then…didn’t, but she felt that he must have a good reason.

Ara turned to Sylus and giggled [b “Really? Well, I really do hope you’ll like it. It might be…a little too healthy. If you don’t like it, I can always make you something.] She suggested. She saw Sylus watch Kiya working and then looking outside. She saw him looking into the backyard.

“She never uses it,” Kiya said.
Ara blushed, [b “What? Yes I do.” ]
“I’ve never seen you,” Kiya added, “Or…does he not know?”
[b “Kiya…” ] Ara frowned and guess he would question her what the hell she was talking about. Ara sighed [b “Don’t tell anyone… I’m acutally…I have…sort of a phobia of going into a pool or ocean…or well anything that’s not a bathtub or hot tub or a small area up to my waist. I almost drowned once. Some kid pushed me into a deep pool when I was younger.” ] She hated to late anyone know her weakness and what a scaredy cat she was.

Kiya finished preparing it and then sat two bowls for them. “Enjoy,” She said and then crossed her arms, “You said you two just met today but I it’s almost like you’ve known each other longer.” She spotted.
Ara lightly laughed, [b “Sylus is really nice, that’s why.” ] She would take a bite and look so satisfied. She only ate healthy, even her food was restrictive. She’d have to buy desserts on her own time in cash, but it wasn’t so bad, Kiya was such a good cook.
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He laughed a bit [b "I'm sure you'll do fine. Someone like you should always learn how to fend off guys. there's a lot out there that would try to harm you or take advantage, especially if they found out you had so much money or are this pretty"] he told her, his eyes glancing off a bit. He took those lessons with the money he earned because he used to get bullied and called names as a child. He didn't have money back then, but now he could fight. Now he had the chance to prove he could handle it.

They soon arrived at her house and Sylus could see Ara using her phone and her face to pay for the cab and to open the house. What century was she living in? She was so high tech. [b "I believe you already"] he followed her into her large home, looking around curiously. [b "At least you have company"] he told her, walking in, smelling the apple scent. [b "Mmm"] he smiled and then he went into the kitchen with her. Sylus' eye was on the decorations, the empty space, and just seeing how modern it was. He's never lived in such a place before and he thought that it looked way too stunning that he'd ever be able to afford it.

They were greeted by a middle aged woman as Sylus stepped inside and was offered something fancy. He wasn't even sure what that was. [b "I'm Sylus, nice to meet you"] he told the woman and then he just shrugged [b "I'll try the thing Ara likes"] he told her, unsure what that fancy salad would look like.

[b "I don't think I've ever had that thing before. I'm willing to give it a try and see the kind of food Ara likes"] he sat down and kept his amber eyes on the kitchen, seeing Kiya getting to work. He looked outside the windows [b "A pool? Oh wow! Do you use it often?"] he wondered, wishing he had a pool at his house. His complex didn't have one, so he always had to practice at a community pool.
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Ara would give a firm nod, [b “I don’t think…it would be a good situation if you had to see that.” ] Ara lightly laughed. Her eyes widened slightly. He was in what!? [b “You’re in taekwondo and I’m here boasting about my self-defense…” ] She sighed. What couldn’t he do? No wonder he was so well liked… He really was cool. Then again, there were definitely a long list of stuff she could do herself-only because she was pushed into different types of lessons.

Ara giggled [b “Sometimes it is. Not all of them…but the ones that came from old money are usually not fun.” ] She admitted. She thought they were spoiled and she wasn’t so sure if she was herself but she didn’t feel that spoiled.

They grabbed a view of her house as they stopped. She used her phone to pay for the cab, and then turned her head and saw Sylus’ jaw drop. Oh boy…She really hoped he didn’t see her much differently. [b “I think it’s pretty nice inside.” ] She said, and got out of the car with him. She walked up to the gate, and let the camera see her, so that the gates unlocked. The gates opened on it’s own.

[b “It’s not a big deal. My dad is hardly home or too busy, and my brother is always off…so someone has to take care of the house. They’re really friendly.” ] Ara mentioned and used her face and phone to unlock the door, turning the knob. She let him into her home. The entry had a diffuser that was labeled ‘candy apple’. Ara enjoyed the smell. The entry also had stairs that would lead to the second floor. There were multiple rooms on the first floor. It was decorated with a modern sleek look, but still had plenty of extra decorations to make it feel homier. Yet, there were no pictures-except painted or photographs from different places.

She would fix the ends of her skirt and would lead him toward the large kitchen that was open to a breakfast table and a bar. A Thirty-year old women was there, putting in groceries, dark skin and long hair up in a bun. She saw Ara, “Ara, my you look pretty today too. Whose this? Is it the Joseph you talked about?” She asked, leaning against the counter.
[b “Hey Kiya, thank you. No, this is Sylus, he’s a friend I made at school today. I invited him over for a snack because he made sure I made it home safely” ] She explained.

“Oh,” Kiya smiled and looked at Sylus, “Well you are quite a looker. Nice to meet you Sylus. What would you teenagers like to eat? I’ll make you something healthy and tasty. I can always make shrimp cobb salad. It’s Ara’s usual favorite go to. It has also some corn, avocado, bacon, carrots, tomato’s,” She explained.
Ara sighed [b “Do you have to tell him what’s my favorite?”]
Kiya glanced at Ara and wondered if she had a thing for Sylus or not, since she did bring him over.

Ara looked back at Sylus [b “Whatever you like Sylus, we have a lot of ingredients.” ] She said. [b “Sometimes I just eat a fruit bowl.” ] And then she recalled [b “I can show you around my house later. We have a pool.” ]
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He did his best to just try to be nice and befriend her. IT didn't seem like Ara was a horrible person, nor one of those girls that talked behind your back and tried to bring down your reputation. He thought she was really sweet and very elegant. She seemed mature for her age compared to the other girls tossing pens at one another.

He got into the car with her, hoping to keep her company so that she didn't have to drive home alone. [b "Oh really? Hmm, I'd like to see some of that someday. I'm also in the taekwondo club, so I know a bit of self defense too"] he admitted and then he listened to her talking about being around the rich people. [b "Ohh, sounds rough. Snobs and people that take advantage or judge others? Yeah sounds terrible"] he knew that if he ever showed up to one of those meetings, he'd get judged hardcore.

They soon arrived past the gates and when Sylus saw the house, his jaw dropped. It was huge. It was basically a mansion. He looked around and then he saw the large windows, the double doors, and all the land. [b "Wow...."] he spoke and when she offered him a snack, he couldn't believe it. Her house was huge. [b "Sure. I'm kind of curious what the inside looks like now"] he told her and then he followed her into the house. [b "A butler and chef too. You're so lucky Ara"] he told her, feeling jealous he had to work so hard. Some people were lucky to have it easy.

Sylus had never seen such a large house. He kept his eyes on everything as Ara led him inside. He would stare at the huge space, seeing the large open spaces and just trying not to touch anything or dirty a spot.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 335d 21h 16m 56s
She was glad that he didn’t make fun of her, nor it sounded sarcastic. She would half smile and nodded. He really was easily likeable…
His gift idea was smart. She figured she would try it out and hope that would be what Joseph would like.
She had her phone out to get a cab and then Sylus explained. She’s never been in danger her entire life. Well…she didn’t think that stalking thing counted cause it didn’t last that long. [b “Okay, if you say so. I don’t want to run into someone shady. But I’ll have you know, I’ve been taught some good self defense.” ] Sort of. She never tried it out in real life, only in practice.

Ara tilted her head and then giggled [b “Like most people? No, of course not. It’s really nice not to be around bunch of sons and daughters of rich parents. Some of them can be really a little too much.” ] She warned. She would call for the cab and then they waited outside. She got into the back and Sylus got in with her.

Ara nervously laughed [b “Actually…I mean…what do you consider a mansion?” ] She popped the question. Houses and trees passed by, the further they went, the less houses they were seeing in a closer distant between each other. Ara would nudge his arm [b “Of course I have to. You came with me to make sure I’m safe. I’m not letting you skateboard all the way back. Just take the cab.” ] She shook her head, not wondering why he would make it harder for himself.

Her house came into view, behind gate doors. It was a fairly large modern home with a good amount of land. She kind of felt bad for Sylus coming all the way. [b “Sylus, do you want to come in and have a snack before you go back home? My brother isn’t home, and my dad’s over seas, so it’ll be just us and well…a cook…and a butler-no big deal.” ] She suggested, and then looked at his pretty amber eyes. She knew she would be in trouble if she weren’t with Joseph. Sylus matched a description of what she embarrassingly her imaginary teenage boyfriend would be like at fourteen. Ugh. But Joseph was kind of like that too, and she very much liked him.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 335d 21h 35m 28s

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