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He was glad she enjoyed being at his side and wanting to kiss him. SYlus want nothing more than to be together with her if he could. To be the one supporting her, not the other way around. HIs eyes watched her change into her silk gown and she looked really sexy. [b "Yes you do. You're so pretty Ar"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and she would snuggle into him.

He held her against his chest and would press his lips on hers, brushing her hair back. She kept worrying about his phone and he hoped she was doing okay. It wasn't like he didn't know how to treat his girlfriend....well this time around. Her mood changed when he mentioned blocking some people, his arm wrapping around her waist. Her words made him smlie [b "Yeah? I want you too. I'd love to get more of a reward"] he smirked, feeling her cup his face. He grinned and then he smiled, hearing how great it was.

[b "Oh? So you like it when I turn you on, touch you, and make you feel great?"] he chuckled and would let his hand glide down her back, feeling over the soft fabric as he rested his hands on her ass, giving it a squeeze. He'd press his lips against hers more and would let his other hand slowly crawl up her stomach towards her chest, feeling that she had barely any clothes underneath. [b "Oooh, sexy"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 52d 13h 24m 26s
Ara nibbled at her lip and giggled when he repeated it [b “You know…like…kissing you places and being in nothing together.” ] He loved getting Sylus kisses on her cheek. She had to put Nyx in his bed.

She was pouting when she heard his phone goo off. Was he really? [b “You are? Oh um, okay.” ] Ara said. She managed a smile. She got another kiss and Sylus was laying in just his boxers. She would smile happily and scoot into her bed. [b “I do?” ] Ara giggled. Her nightgown was pretty see through, but she did wear her bra and underwear underneath. His arm wrapped around her. She snuggled into hi but he had been texting again… He put his phone away and held her in against his chest again.

She took a peek at his eyes after he kissed her lips. Ara shyly looked away, feeling his hands brushing through her hair [b “No… I shouldn’t do that. It wouldn’t be nice. I do trust you.” ] He felt his lips on her neck and on her shoulder, [b “Mmmm….” ] Ara smiled once more, liking his kisses. She looked up at his eyes and felt good hearing his words. [b “Yea!” ] She grinned. [b “Sy…” ] Ara shyly began, [b “I want you. I wasn’t joking about giving you a reward.” ] She would peek back at his eyes again and smile once more. She felt confident with him. Ara cupped his face and kissed him softly, pressing her chest against his. [b “No one is amazing as boyfriend too. I love you…your so sexy. And… Sy…ever since we started doing this…it’s hard not to want you.” ] Ara said, holding his hand. She felt greaful. She shouldn’t worry about it. She was sure he was blocking them. People saw the change in him and to her, he’d always been sweet.
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He loved being able to spend the night with her, making him feel right at home. [b "Oh really? THat's pretty enticing. I do like kisses....stuff and gifts"] he chuckled and would lean in and kiss her cheek. They enjoyed the movie together and saw that Nyx was falling asleep. THey soon headed up to Ara's room and he would hear his phone.

He quickly ignored them and would put his phone away. He noticed Ara's mood had changed and he wondered if it was because of the messages. THey made it to her room and then he looked up at her. [b "Yeah, just blocking a few more each time"] he kissed her and would take off his jeans and his shirt, only staying in his boxers. He laid in bed, shirtless as he went through more messages, seeing who he didn't need to talk to anymore.

When he saw ARa in her nightgown, he smiled [b "Wow, look at you sexy"] he wrapped his arms around her and noticed her looking a bit sad. [b "Hmm? No, I'm blocking them Ar. I'm not texting anyone"] he promised her and he set his phone down, leaning in to hold her against his chest. He pressed his lips against hers once more and then he rolled them over so he was over her [b "You can even take a peek if you want. I'm not scared"] he brushed her hair back and would press his lips against her neck and her shoulders slowly. [b "No one is as amazing as my girlfriend"]
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Ara grinned [b “Of course you wouldn’t.” ] She squeezed his hand. She giggled when he asked about rewards, [b “Well…I can give you kisses, and stuff…and gifts.” ] She said. She would sit in the theatre with him, watching the movie. SHe was satisified spending time with Sylus and there cute little puppy. Ara would pick up Nyx when he was asleep. She would carry him, and head upstairs with Sylus. She put Nyx in his puppy crate, in his bed.

Ara heard Sylus phone ringing, and it couldn’t help but upset her, reminding her that there were other girls that he had hooked up with and still speaking to him…and he was still replying. Ara saw Sylus on his phone and couldn’t help but frown. He was…replying wasn’t he? Ara shrugged, wondering if she could give up asking him to not take part of that. [b “You get… a lot of messages.” ] Ara whispered.

Sylus gave her a kiss, which she did like. She would get changed, putting on a cute pastel purple nightgown. She saw Sylus removing his jeans and shirt. He would crawl into bed, smiling thinking she could jump onto him and… He saw him going on his phone and replying to someone again. Ara frowned. He wrapped his arm around her waist and snuggled into her side. She liked the closeness but couldn’t help but felt sad that he might be replying to a bunch of girls. [b “You’re…texting those girls aren’t you.” ] Ara sighed. [b “I don’t want that… I want all of your attention.” ] Ara said, wishing she could just delete all those girls that were flirting with him when they knew they were together off of his life.
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He laughed a bit [b "I wouldn't. I'd never want to leave your side"] he held her hand and would think about some rewards. Ara really was all he needed, but he was curious. [b "Can you give me a hint?"] he asked, meeting her pretty blue eyes as he followed her to the theater room. Nyx followed along and he thought he was the cutest little pup ever. He'd chuckle and then sit beside Ara as they watched Wreck it Ralph.

He still couldn't believe how rich she was. It was amazing to see that even with all that money, she was the sweetest girl ever. He'd eat some popcorn, playing catch with Ara a few times as he brought a bunch to lips at once. He'd chuckle when she couldn't fit it down and then he'd eat the rest as he saw Nyx trying to eat some.

After the movie, Nyx was asleep as he slowly let ARa take him. He'd follow Ara up to her room and would follow her up. He heard his phone and he'd take a peek, seeing that it was a few girls. He'd block them and then put his phone back, seeing the sadness in ARa's eyes. [b "What's wrong cutie?"] he'd kiss her cheek as they made it to her room.

Sylus would slowly climb into bed with her, removing his jeans and his shirt, setting it down as he waited for her. HE would scroll through his phone and then reply to Klara [i "Hey, I want to talk sometime after school. How about Monday"] he'd send and when Ara came back, he'd wrap his arms around her waist, snuggling into her side.
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Ara grinned when he agreed to not leave. [b “Mmm, exactly, why would you want to leave?” ] She said and squeezed his hand when he kissed her cheek. Ara tilted her head [b “Mmm, well I can give you better rewards then just a movie.” ] She said. She wanted him to stay, knowing it would also keep him safe for one more other night.

[b “Yay!” ] She giggled. She gave him a kiss too. Ara went to go pop some popcorn in the microwave. Ara peaked down once Sylus mentioned Nyx. She giggled, he was following them around. She adored seeing Sylus holding Nyx. Nyx was their fur baby. She felt happy to share a puppy with him. It just showed that Sylus could be a good daddy one day too.

She took out the popcorn and Sylus helped her carry the bowl. They went into her theatre. She would sit down. Nyx would rest on Sylus lap. She let Sylus flip through the channels. [b “Sure, I like Wreck it Ralph.” ] Ara said, and popped some popcorn in her mouth. She was feeling so relaxed just watching a movie with him. She would toss some popcorn at Sylus, so he could catch it. Nyx, got a little too excited and tried to leap and catch it too. That’s when she stopped doing it, because she wasn’t sure if popcorn would be good for Nyx.

Nyx eventually fell asleep on Sylus lap. The movie reached near the end. Ara would yawn a bit. She looked at Sylus and decided… She lifted Nyx up carefully rom his lap and placed him to a seat next to him. Ara then would sit on his lap instead and lean her head onto his shoulder, while the finished the movie. Sylus was so warm… She felt so happy hew as her boyfriend. He would take hold of his hand. She kissed his neck once. [b “Bed?” ] She asked him, as it was getting late. She heard his phone buzz again. She’s been hearing it quite a while even during the movie now and then. He wondered if he blocked those girls. She’d ask him tomorrow… She wanted to just pay attention to this good and cozy feeling. But she'd always frown or look upset everytime she heard his phone.
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He smiled [b "He is a brave little pup. I'm sure he just really wants to be able to swim with you and I"] he smiled and would get a bit excited. If ARa learned how to swim with him, they could all swim together. It was cute to hear how confident she was when it came to Klara, or other girls in general. He liked that she knew she was pretty, but even though she was, she wasn't a jerk to other girls like a lot of others at their school.

He kicked his legs, seeing her give it a try before they finished up for the day. A part of him feels like he kind of scared her off when it came to burying her face in the water. [b "Okay Ar"] he headed into the kitchen and would sit down, thanking the chef for allowing him to stay for dinner. It surprised him to hear what they were having. IT was clearly a 30$ dollar meal alone. Sylus has never had anything so fancy at home. He saw her brother enter and he would wave. [b "Yeah, it's going great. Was teaching her how to swim today"] he told him and saw Ara head down with Nyx.

He looked at the lobster and would smile, cutting it up and then taking a bite. [b "It's delicious. Thank you"] he smiled and would eat it all up, leaving no leftovers behind. [b "Yeah, but Ara is doing better already"] he tried to tell Allister.

He'd help put the dishes away and then he felt Ara's arms around him. [b "When you say it like that....I don't want to leave"] he chuckled and would kiss her cheek. [b "Is this my reward for teaching you how to swim?"] he chuckled and thought about some deliveries he had to make. Being with Ara for the night sounded way better. He could put those off another day.

[b "I'd love to stay the night with you"] he grinned, facing her and then giving her a sweet kiss. He'd hold her hand and would look down at Nyx, seeing him following them around. [b "We're going to make some popcorn and watch a movie Nyxy. Come on"] he lifted him up and pet him as he smiled. He would help ARa make some popcorn and help her carry the bowl into the living room as he sat on the couch with her.

He flipped through the channels. [b "What should we watch AR? Let's do a Disney movie? Um...what about Wreck it Ralph?"] he suggested.
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Ara pouted as she watched Nyx, [b “He looks already brave.” ] If anything she felt braver that Nyx was in the water. If her little puppy could do it, she should too. She was satisfied that Klara couldn’t compare. She would hold a smile [b “I am.” ] She giggled and kissed his cheek quickly when he tld her she was above the rest. It was true after all. Every other girl really shouldn’t compare to her to him.

She watched him and would try to mimic how he was kicking his legs. She saw Nyx coming over, just floating, chilling and bobbing in the water. It was adorable. [b “He is.” ] SHe said. SHe realized the time and would get up. Sylus wrapped a towel on her waist. She thanked him and dried herself up.

[b “Of course it is. You’re not imposing.” ] Ara said and tried to dry her hair with the towel [b “Sy, let’s go change or clothes. Then, I’m going to dry my hair, and I’ll be right down.” ] Ara said. She lifted up Nyx and kissed the top of her head. and head to her room to blow dry Nyx, and then her hair. Once she dried her hair, she put it up into a bun. She changed into a t-shirt and shorts. Sylus would have been done changing by now and downstairs sitting at the table.

Allister sat down, seeing Sylus. They were having grilled lobster tail. “Everything is going okay with you and my sister?” Allister asked.

Ara came down the stairs, holding Nyx in her arms. She would come into the kitchen and smiled at Sylus and said quietly “Hey” to Allister. She would put Nyx down. Nyx went to say hello to Allister, barking. Allister bent his arm down and pet Nyx.

Ara filled Nyx bowl and clapped to draw Nyx attention [b “Nyx, come here boy. Do you want food?” ]
Nyx got excited and charged to his food bowl, so fast that he couldn’t stop himself and landed his face into the bowl. Ara giggled, thinking it was so funny and adorable. She helped him up [b “There you go Nyx.” ] He pet him and let him eat, so she could sit down and eat with Sy and her brother.

“Hope you enjoy it, let me know if you would like anything else. I’ll be leaving in twenty minutes.” The chef said with a smile.
[b “Thank you.” ] Ara smiled to her. She would eat slowly, [b “Mmm, so good.” ] Ara said.
“I saw you two out in the pool, since when did you like going into a pool?” Allister asked.
[b “Sylus…um…he’s teaching me how to swim.” ] Ara explained.
Allister’s eyes widened “Seriously?” Allister looked at Sylus “You’re going to need a lot of luck.”
Ara frowned [b “I’m fine…” ] Ara said. They finished up the dinner and Allister went off to his own room. Ara put the dishes in the dishwasher. SHe then looked back at Sylus [b “Are you staying over for the night too?” ] She asked him, and would wrap her arms around him from behind [b “We could watch a movie and make some popcorn.” ]
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He chuckled a bit, teasing her. HE knew that Nyx was probably also freaking out inside, but he knew he could teach Ara well. [b "I'm sure. Nyx will feel a lot braver too if you joined him in the water"] he smiled and would help her onto her back and saw her moving through the water. She was easily getting the hang of it and knew that Ara could do this.

He really did think that he needed to apologize to Klara at the very least. He wanted them to be on good terms, after all, Klara never really did anything wrong to him. [b "You are pretty"] he chuckled, liking that she was confident and knew how pretty she was. [b "You're above the rest"] he smirked, helping her back into the water.

They both stood at the edge and he would demonstrate how to kick facing forward. Sylus watched ARa set up and he knew she'd still be afraid, but he wanted to help her out as best he could. Nyx came over and wasn't even paddling anymore. He figured out he had a vest on. [b "He's a little cutie"] he laughed, seeing him come over to their direction. He glanced up at the sky and nodded [b "Yeah, let's head out and dry up"] he helped her up and then wrapped a towel around her as he dried off his as well. They both headed inside and Sylus would get dressed back into his clothes as he waited for Ara. HE picked up Nyx and also dried him off with a towel. [b "Ar, is it okay if I stay for dinner? I don't want to impose?"] he looked over at the chef, feeling bad if she didn't make enough.

Sylus took a seat with her at the table and had saw Allister arrive. Sylus waved and could smell the food. It smelled delicious. IT was a lot healthier than he had been eating on his own.
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Ara pouted as he said that. Nyx was more brave…and he could swim, even if it was just in a life vest. He was so confident about it too and she’s lived way longer. She had to do it, for their puppy. Ara sighed, [b “I suppose you’re right.” ] Ara said but it still made her afraid just to sink down into the water. She didn’t like putting her head in the water.

Sylus helped her onto her back and she eventually moved a bit by kicking her legs. She was giggling and grinning when he hugged her and told her shew as doing great.

She brought up Klara, seeing that she missed him. [b “Alright…you should probably tell her that.” ] She said, figuring that maybe Klara still might like Sy. Could be possible. Would explain why she didn’t like her, or maybe she was still mad at Sylus. She knew she couldn’t compare. SHe smiled when he kissed her to agree. [b “Ah hmm, I’m super pretty.” ] SHe said.

Ara sighed knowing she had to try more kicking. She listened to him. She held the edge of the pool like he said, and started kicking her legs. SHe watched him do the same thing and thought it was cute he was doing it with her. Watching him, helped her ge the hang of it. Ara looked at him with horror when he said dipping his head into the water [b “Umm….maybe another day.” ] Ara said. Then she just saw Nyx chilling and floating around the pool, kind of just bobbing on the water. She giggled [b “Nyx looks so funny.” ] She said. She then realized it was getting darker. [b “Sy, do you want to eat dinner? It’s getting late.” ] She mentioned.
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Sylus didn't mind going at her speed. He cared about her and as long as she was comfortable around his hobby, he didn't mind it. Plus she looked really sexy in that red swimsuit. Who knew his girlfriend was so hot.

Seeing little Nyx was adorable. It was like he instantly knew how to swim the minute he hit the water. His little paws and his legs were treating around the pool as Sylus chuckled. He would glance over at Ara [b "You can't let him beat you Ar. Look how capable he is. I know you are too"] he held her hands in his and smirked. [b "You don't need a vest. You can reach the floor and you have the best teacher here"] he smirked.

He would help her onto her back and then he would see her float. He would see her get it the second time and he'd help her up [b "That was great Ar!"] he hugged her, seeing her head to her phone. He'd swim around the pool, playing with Nyx as he felt him licking his face. He'd chuckle and then he heard Ara as she came back. [b "Of course I don't. We're just friends"] he assured her. THen she brought up how she doesn't even compare to her and he chuckled. [b "Exactly"] he kissed her lips and would smile [b "YOu are. I'm so proud of you. Come on, here, let's do an easy kicking exercise"] he led her to the pool wall, letting her hold onto the edge. When she held on, he'd be right beside her, doing the same thing. Sylus would extend his arms and kick his feet, showing her how to do it before she did. [b "You can even practice your breathing by dipping your head into the water if you want AR"]
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[b “Hmm… You’re right.” ] She said, assuming that would be the case. Although, she did feel kind of bad that he had to dumb it down to baby level just to be around her. SHe knew she could never sim even half his speed, when she couldn’t even swim at all.

Their puppy sawm around. It was adorable… Seeing Nyx go into the water with complete confidence encouraged her. If her baby puppy could do it and had the courage, then she should too. [b “Maybe I should get a vest then.” ] Ara said, tilting her head and realized that didn’t look so good… It ruin her bathing suit. [b “I don’t want to…look like that though.” ] Ara mainly spoke to herself.

She got into the water and got Sylus’ help to lay on her back. It was hard… SHe tried to just calm down and look at him. She eventually got it again. SHe got nervous. SHe listened to him and started kicking her feet, and kind of…sunk. She stood up again and frowned. She tried it again, and eventually moved a bit. Ara giggled [b “I did it!” ] Ara cheered. She heard there phones go off, that were resting on a table outdoors. [b “One moment.” ] SHe just wanted to make sure it wasn’t from her dad. She went to it and realized it wasn’t her phone, It was Sylus.

She could see a preview of his three messages, one from Klara. ‘Thanks for bringing me home. Forget what I said that night.’ She had sent.
Ara frowned. Were they talking to each other at the party? Not that it mattered… [b “Klara, messaged you.” ] She told him and would make herself dip back into the pool, [b “Sy…you don’t like her like that anymore, right?” ] She asked, wanting to be a hundred percent sure. She saw Nyx coming by her. She would pet him and then lifted him up to give him kisses. [b “I mean…I suppose you wouldn’t. She doesn’t compare to me and she can’t give you the same stuff I can.” ] She then looked back up at Sylus and smiled [b “I’m progressing well aren’t I? Can you show me how to kick more though?” ]
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He could tell that she was really enjoying his eyes on her. She was sexy and there was no doubt about that. His hands touched her skin and he could imagine her being with him at night, kissing and cuddling. He held her hand and would help her into the water, showing her a few tips and then telling her how to control her breathing. He smiled a bit and then she floated and he would smirk. She did it.

He saw her eyes on his chest and he'd give her another kiss. He knew she liked what she saw, but he did too. THey relaxed for a bit and he'd hug her close. [b "I won't swim fast around you. I'll swim at your pace"] he held Nyx into lap, smiling as the pup sat in the water. HE would pet him and then see him swim around the pool.

[b "Ar, he also has a vest. I'm sure that you could swim too if you had a vest"] he chuckled and would see her looking so determined. [b "Yes we will!"] he smirked, following after her and then helping her once more. When she could lay on her back on her own, Sylus would stay beside her. [b "Good, now kick your feet Ar"] he told her, waiting for her to try kicking her feet. If she did and if she propelled forward, he followed after her slowly, smiling in excitement. [b "That's it Ar! You got this!"]
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She never could get enough of Sylus looking at her looking so pleased with what she wore. She kissed him happily, touching his chest and feeling his touch too. She felt so much more confident wearing sexier things with him. Ever since he came into her life, she felt more daring.

Ara held on tight to his hand. She liked that he never once made fun of her. [b “Thank you.” ] She softly smiled. She would float, thinking he was holding her. She spaced out by looking at his chest, his body…his muscles…his tattoo. Sylus was a teenage dream. She realized she was doing it on her own. SHe giggled, and tried to settle down, making her smile when he kissed her cheek. Ara got nervous talking about kicking, [b “Ohh…okay.” ] She said, still shaking. She was relieved to rest for a bit and just sit down.

Ara leaned into him while he rubbed her shoulder. It felt really nice. [b “It’s okay.” ] She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. [b “I want to be able to too… Although Sy, I don’t think I still could swim with you… You’re too fast.” ]

She felt a little anxiety that they’d try again but she had no real complaints. SHe knew she was just being scared, but she shouldn’t be all the time. Ara smiled while he pet Nyx. [b “He’s a real cute puppy.” ] Ara said and would lean and pet him too while Nyx sat on Sylus lap. Ara watched little Nyx go into the water and swim around. [b “Even a puppy can swim…and I lived longer.” ] She sighed. Nyx was really enjoying it.

[b “Maybe I should get a life vest or floaties to help me,” ] She sighed. Nyx barked, looking so happy swimming around. She hung onto Sylus arm. Watching Nyx do it, made her determined [b “Let’s do it Sy. I’m going to learn how to swim.” ] SHe said, hopping into the water. She shuddered a bit, but she really wanted to do this and she didn’t want to have gym next semester and embarrassingly admit she didn’t know how to swim. Especailly when her boyfriend was amazing at swimming.
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He wondered why KLara wouldn't like Ara. She was sweet and always wanted to try and make some friends. He thought the two would get along really well with each other. After all, they were both good people.

They headed to Ara's house and Sylus would borrow her brother's swimsuit. He put on the blank trunks and then he headed outside to see her and Nyx. Nyx was adorable in his little blue vest. He'd lean down and pet him as he spotted Ara in her sexy red swimsuit. [b "Oh wow"] he met her lips and would touch her skin, trying not to get ahead of himself as he led her into the pool.

The temperature was really nice, it was warm, but not too warm. He would lead her to lay back against the water, letting her float as he held her up. [b "It's okay. I'm right here. NOthing will happen to you Ar"] he smiled and then let her try a few times until she was floating on her own. He saw her looking at him, his amber eyes looking down at her own chest and then her neck and shoulders. He'd let her float on her own and when she got it, he chuckled. [b "You did great Ar"] he felt her panicking once more and he'd slowly set her down, leaning in to give her cheek a kiss. [b "You did. I'd like to show you more or have you practice kicking"] he told her, but then he could see she was kind of shaking. [b "We can call it a day for now"] he sat at the edge with her and then he would smile, wrapping his arm around her. He'd rub her shoulder a bit and let her take a break.

[b "I'm glad you're willing to do this with me. I just want to be able to get you to learn so you can swim with me. I'm being a little selfish"] he chuckled.

[b "Let's try again after we relax a bit"] he saw Nyx coming over and he'd pet his little head. He sat him down on his lap and he'd smile, seeing him try to kick and swim already. Luckily his vest made him float, so when he set Nyx down, he'd slowly move across the water.
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