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He felt really lucky to be able to have her here with him. He always wanted to be able to make sure she had a safe place to go to where no one could harm her in any way.

[b "Dont worry Love, we'll teach you before next semester. You're almost there!"] he assured her, knowing her progress was much better. She could already float and use the board to kick around the pool. IT only took a few more lessons.

After lunch, Sylus would help Nyx up onto his feet and they'd go take him for a walk together.


Over the next month, Sylus made sure to work out a deal with Caleb. He didn't want him talking or getting anywhere near ARa at all. He wanted to be able to protect her properly and show her he could handle her problems as well.

He had been meeting up after work with Caleb to discuss what he was willing to offer. He'd supply him with a special drug that was really pricey. It was hard to get, but he managed to get him to agree.

THe next few weeks was spent trying to figure out a way to gather as much of the drug as he could. IT was a rough process. Even by making deliveries for Luke, he didn't get much of that drug very often. Luckily he was able to convince Caleb that he'd only supply a few milligrams at a time.

He would go about gathering some of the drug, by taking out a few milligrams from some of his deliveries. HE knew that he could get by without anyone noticing if he took away less than five milligrams. He'd stock pile them and would give them to Caleb once every two weeks. He'd end up doing more jobs for LUke, lying to Ara on the days he had to work, so he could go out and gather more.

He tried to keep it a secret from Ara, but the more he supplied Caleb, the more it was getting difficult. He was running out some weeks and other weeks he'd be late. HE tried to keep up as best he could though.

THe following week, he would get out of bed and dress up for swim practice with ARa. Sylus would head to school really early, seeing Ara's text. He wore a down jacket and some jeans as he skated to the gym. When he saw Ara waiting, he smiled and walked up to her, hugging his arms around her. [b "Hey you! Ready to be a professional swimmer today?"] he asked, holding her hand in his. [b "Let's head inside? IT's getting cold"] he walked with her into the gym and would head into the lockers.

Once Sylus got dressed into his swim trunks, he waited for Ara by the indoor pool, sitting at the edge and kicking his feet. HE didn't have much time lately to spend a lot of time with her, but he did notice that this months rent was paid for. He wanted to ask her what happened.
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Those bruises would heal. Being around two people who cared for her well being made it feel like everything was going to be okay. Running away like that, to prevent herself from getting more hurt made her feel at least she could do something. She could escape. There little Nyx was adorable, and it made her smile brightly.

Ara sort of explained how they met. She partially wished she met Sy in a different way because of how she end up sort of cheating. [b “I have to learn it before next semester anyway.” ] Ara reminded, because she would have to swim for gym at that point. It scared her, she didn’t want to be the only one not to know how to swim.

Ara met his eyes, hugging her arms around him when when he wrapped his arms around him. [b “Even the worst he can do, I’ll be okay. I have you.” ] She gently smiled.

They set the dishes away. Nyx was being such a cutie with all of his energy. She giggled, seeing Nyx attacking Sylus. She lifted up the puppy into her arms. [b “I think so too.” ] She took Nyx leash by the cubby by the door and helped him in it. He got really excited to walk.

November was coming to an end; colder days were coming. A month was passing by, she never got to leave with Sylus. They attended school regularly and Caleb didn’t message her besides telling her to be safe. Hilda wasn’t a hindrance anymore to her.
Ara held Nyx leash as they walked together at six am, in the dark in her neighborhood. Her neighborhood had always been generally safe. Besides, there were much scarier things to do. She wore a red coat, a dress and a pair of boots with knee high socks. She planned on meeting Sylus at the school at seven am, so he could teach her a bit more on swimming. It was too cold now to go swimming outdoors.

Sy was busy with the usual. She managed to get to pay his rent for the month, but he still didn’t know yet. It was using the money her brother gave her. In the meantime, she got lost in her school work, practices and even trying to fit in more. She planned on throwing a bigger party before Christmas for all of her friends. They also had a three day school trip coming up.

She would bring Nyx back to her home, and would made her way towards school. She got to the school early, texting Sylus ‘Almost here to teach me swimming?’ She said. She still never understood how he got Caleb to back away but…she wanted to crack down on it. She planned on trying to either get Sylus to talk or get Caleb to talk. Someway, she needed to find out. After all, there were times Sy was supposed to be at the restaurant working, buts he knew he wasn’t. She could only guess it was work for Luke.

She would wait by the front of the school for Sy until he came, hoping he didn’t oversleep. Definitely she would bring it up today during this lesson.
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He just wanted his ARa safe and not being hurt like that. No one deserved to be harmed by their parents. If only he could do something, or maybe when she was eighteen, he would be able to take her away and protect her for good.

As they ate breakfast in the morning, he would smile and hug his arms around her waist, thanking her for the food as he went to do the dishes. He would smile and play some games with her on the couch, getting their minds off of some issues before Allister came.

When Nyx walked through the door, he would smile brightly. Sylus pet him and lifted him up, missing their pup. He would play with him until he heard Allister thanking him. [b "Thank you for the offer. I'd just mostly like Ara to be safe"] he was glad that Allister wanted to help her out. At least her brother looked genuine and he felt apologetic.

WHen Ara told him how they met, he smiled a bit. He told him about him and Ara in the past and he found it hard to believe she hated swimming so much if that happened. He shrugged a bit [b "I'm trying my best. Ara is progressing pretty fast. I think she'll learn how to swim soon"] he then grinned hearing he liked him better than Joseph. Sylus smirked, feeling glad that he was better suited for ARa in her brother's eyes. [b "I'm glad you like it. Feel free to stop by and check up on Ara"] he would say goodbye after meeting up and then he glanced back at ARa [b "Are you sure you'll be okay going back Sunday?"] he wondered, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Sylus put away the dishes after they ate and he would hold her hand in his as he led her to the couch. [b "Maybe we should take Nyx on a walk? We can stop by for ice cream or something on the way back?"] he wondered, looking at Nyx and he was pouncing around. He had a lot of energy.

Sylus helped him up onto his lap and would see him licking his cheek as he laughed [b "Ar! Help me! He's eating me all up!"] he teased, pretending to fall into the couch and Nyx was climbing on top of him. He stood on Sylus' shoulders and he would bark at ARa. [b "Love, I think a walk....would be good"]
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It was a comfort hearing him she was more than enough. Even in the morning, she felt okay because Sylus was right there with her. It was hard but it was lighter with him. She made a breakfast that clearly made him happy. Her eyes glimmered at being told she was loved no matter what. She pouted in awe [b “Really? I’ll rest. I promise.” ] Ara nodded. She smiled hen he tapped the tip of her nose. How happy it made her, to be someone Sylus wanted to look out for.

She did enjoy wearing his shirts. She giggled [b “I suppose you can but, it’s nice. I like that it smells like you.” ] His laughter was cute. She ate with him and watched him even grab seconds.

They played together until Allister came in with Nyx. She let Nyx down afterwards, letting him go to Sylus. Nyx was clearly happy to see Sylus. Allister never could do so much to protect her. What could he do? Upset her dad further and get in trouble himself? She had already told Allister that Sylus knew about the situation.

Allister’s expression warmed “I’m happy she has someone else that looks after her. I would have to get space for her to go to, paying some of your rent is a lesser expensive. If you ever change your mind, you can contact me.”
Ara frowned, wishing Sylus would take the help. She didn’t like it either, having to be looked after. She wanted to be able to look after herself but against her dad, she couldn’t do anything. Neither could Allister or Sylus. The situation couldn’t be changed yet, not as long as she was under eighteen, and even then… It seemed like her dad was more scary then she thought.

“You do more than me. I want to prevent it, but sometimes I’m not home, and other times if I try to stop it, it can make matters worse” Allister explained and looked at Ara, “I’m sorry, I should have been there to protect you.”
Ara’s eyes warmed up, and then she shook her head [b “You don’t have to apologize. IT’s okay, I got away anyway. I can take care of myself.” ] Ara said. Allister thanked Sylus for making food. Ara saw Nyx pouncing on her. She played with him. She end up talking more to Allister, asking what was going on with work. He talked about how boring it was with sales and dealing sometimes with the politics of it.

Ara would get up and help set lunch. They three them started to eat.
“I never asked, but how you did you two get close?” Allister wondered.
Ara remembered how that went and she was sure that wasn’t the story she wanted to tell anyone…that they cheated.
[b “We were classmates and put into a group. Sy is really athletic too, just like me. He’s the best swimmer” ] Ara mentioned, since she had been pretty athletic and still was with cheer.
“Yea? I like swimming, I used to be on a team when I was on high school too. I & Ara lived by the shore for a while and I always went swimming. Ara was always terrified.” Allister mentioned.
Ara sighed and then proudly said [b “Not anymore. Sy is teaching me.” ]
“I heard.” Allister said, “Honestly, I like you more than Joseph.” He said to Sylus.
Ara nudged Allister to not bring him up.
“It’s true. Joseph couldn’t cook. These ribs are fuckin good” Allister said, while eating it up. Ara smiled, feeling glad that at least Allister liked Sylus and she could also talk to him. Allister would look at his phone, “Ahh, thanks for the lunch Sylus. It was really good. I was supposed to meet up with a friend. You two have fun, and Ara, I’ll pick you up on Sunday.”
Ara half smiled and nodded [b “Thanks for bringing Nyx. See you tomorrow.” ] Ara said. She looked back at Sylus. When Allister left, she would move right beside him and hug him, [b “You know…I never ever want to leave you.” ]
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He felt her forehead against him and he would hug her close [b "It's okay. Your dad has to learn that he has to accept his kids no matter what they are capable of. He shouldn't be hurting people anyway, you are more than enough for someone who does those kinds of actions"] he assured her, rubbing the top of her head.

HE curled up in bed with her and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her against him as he took in her warmth and scent. Sylus would pass out really quickly, loving the way she fit into his arms. Ara was really thankful and he was glad he could be her safe haven.

In the morning, she would make breakfast and it woke up Sylus. He could smell something good as he walked into the kitchen, hugging her close. His eyes looked her over and he'd kiss her cheek. [b "Well I love you no matter what. I'd prefer if you just rest and relax. After this, you're going to be treated like a princess okay. I need my girlfriend to be resting"] he tapped the tip of her nose and then he would look at his shirt on her.

[b "I can give you hugs all you want Ar. You don't need my clothes for all of that"] he laughed and then he would feed her some of his strawberries and then hold her hand in his. He went to grab seconds, loving the taste of her pancakes as he finished cleaning up.

After they played some games and relaxed, Sylus saw Allister coming and he would pet little Nyx. [b "Hey little guy"] he rubbed his back and would feel Nyx licking him up and down. HE laughed and would give him a treat as he looked up at Allister.

He was glad that at least Ara's brother really cared about her. HE didn't want to be the only one. He hoped that her dad would see how amazing she was because he thought she was so special.

[b "IT's no problem. I want Ara to have a safe place to come home to and I just want to make her feel better"] he smiled up at Allister. [b "I can't do that. I don't want you to have pay for anything. Ara is always welcome to stay with me. I don't want her staying where she would get hurt"] he told Allister. HE also didn't like someone having to pay for him at all.

[b "Thanks for helping out ARa. If you can help prevent her from getting hurt like that. It'd help me out a lot"] he thanked him and would toss a toy for Nyx. Once he started running around and pouncing on ARa, Sylus went into the kitchen. [b "Let me thank you. I'm going to be making some pork ribs and fries for lunch. Stay"] he told Allister, heading into the kitchen. He pulled out the ribs he seasoned overnight and he would start the oven. He then started to cut up some fries a she let Allister and Ara talk for a while so he could cook lunch.
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Ara pressed her forehead more tighter and released a sigh [b “I’m…never enough. I still fail. He’s successful, so… I guess, I don’t know.” ] Ara whispered. She didn’t understand but she knew she didn’t want to treat the world like her dad did. It was scary. It felt good to rest with Sylus. She didn’t know what really happened with Caleb, she wished she did. But she hadn’t told everything to Sy, so maybe he’d do the same as her…or maybe it was because she wasn’t telling him something that it felt like that. [b “Maybe.” ] Ara said. She remembered offering money once but even then she couldn’t offer that much.

Having Sylus taking care of her and comforting her really made her feel better. She warmed up to him so easily, and melted when he was saying words that she knew were true. She held onto him tight, and fell asleep with him.

In the morning, she got ready and made breakfast for them. Sylus was hugging her. She smiled happily when he said he loved it.
[b “I know but, I just would like to show my appreciation in this way too.” ] Ara said. They sat down and she felt that she did a good job with the pancake. She took a bite of the strawberry he offered. Him grinning really made her feel good.

Ara giggled [b “Really? I don’t think that’s true but, I really like them. They smell like you, it almost feels like a hug from you.” ] She said, hugging him back and watching him finish eating. It felt so good that he liked the breakfast she made, to know that she thanked him well.

Allister, right she had to message him back. Ara nodded [b “Yea, let’s play some games. I’ll text him.” ] Ara said. She got up and went to grab her phone and text messaged him ‘Can you bring Nyx? Pls.’ Ara sent. She got up and would help clean up. After cleaning up, they went to play some games together. It was relaxing, and Allister eventually came too. He was at the door. She picked Nyx up and gave him a hug. She looked up at her brother and whispered a thank you.

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” he whispered.
Ara frowned and looked at Nyx who was trying to lick her face. [b “I don’t want to talk about it. Thanks for Nyx. “ ]
“You have to come back on Sunday, okay? I’ll be there maybe I can help” He said to her.
Ara nodded a bit.
Allister looked back at Sylus “Thank you, for giving her a safe place to stay. Allister patted Ara’s head. He couldn’t do much but he hoped eventually he could. “Look Sylus, if you need help paying rent here, I can help since you’re giving safe place for Ara to stay.”
Ara’s eyes widened [b “You’d do that?” ]
“Yea, he’s helped you a lot. I owe it to you Ara.” Allister said, eeting her eyes. Ara could see that he still felt guilty, for being blind for so long and not treating her so well before.
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He sighed a bit [b "I guess he wants results and not failures. IT makes sense, but not everything is guaranteed and he's going about it the wrong way by hurting others"] he sighed and would stroke her arm more. He did want to spend more relaxing time with ARa. He saw how shocked she was and he wanted to make sure she was doing okay as well.

[b "Yeah, for now, let's get you feeling better. After all, you're with me"] he lifted her up and brought her to his bedroom, changing into some pajamas as he climbed into bed. He didn't tell her what really happened with Caleb because he didn't want her to worry so much. Sylus would just tell her that he'd leave her alone after having a talk with him. [b "He's living in an unfortunate situation, but if his brother is prioritized, maybe he'd be okay"] he told her.

He held her in his bed, his arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her in close and would kiss her cheek. He'd brush her hair back and just feel so cozy with her. He loved it when she was able to stay over and stay by his side. He always wanted to protect her. [b "Mmm, I want to make sure that I don't see my girlfriend crying. Here you'll be safe and protected"] he was glad that at least he could do that for her.

In the morning, he would wake up and see that ARa wasn't there. Once he got up, he went into the kitchen and smiled when he saw her. HIs eyes watched her slowly as he kissed her cheek, hugging her from behind. [b "Morning Love"] he saw the pancakes and he would chuckle. [b "I love it when you cook for me"] he grinned, soon taking a seat with her at the table. [b "You don't need to thank me. I want to make sure you're happy and that I can help you with your problems"] he looked at the food and grew excited.

Sylus took a bite and he would smile brightly [b "Mmm, so good"] he took another bite and then he offered her a strawberry as they ate together. He'd grin and hug her close [b "Of course I don't. You look so cute in my clothes. YOu wear them better then me"] he sat with her, his hand rubbing her back as he watched her eat as well.

[b "How about we play some games after breakfast and ask Allister to bring Nyx over? Then I can work on making us something for lunch"] he smiled.
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[b “Trying doesn’t count to my dad. He’s been like this since mom…” ] A knot was in her chest. Ara focused on the feeling of his hand stroking her arm, [b “I think so too.” ]

It wasn’t a sure thing where the tutor was. [b “I would prefer to stay inside and rest. Whatever he does, I think my dad will deal with it.” ] She couldn’t do anything about that. Against her dad, she was powerless to do anything.

Ara paid attention to how his expression shifted a bit when she caressed his cheek. Sylus deserved a lot of love too. It worried her what happened with Caleb, and if Sy would tell her the full story. To think that Caleb would listen more to Sy, it was hard to believe but maybe he did. [b “Hmm…okay, as long as you didn’t get hurt. Hopefully then, he leaves us alone. I feel bad for him sometimes but…I’m also too scared to be even friends with him.” ]

Ara blushed when he chuckled after her little yelp when he lifted her. He really was like a prince charming. She swapped her clothes for his shirt. She had a pair of Pj’s here too but, she preferred his shirts, because it smelled just like him. Ara smiled brightly when he pulled her in to a hug. She wrapped her arms around his waist. His kisses made her feel a lot lighter. Those butterflies were fluttering in the pit of her stomach when he smiled, a touch of her hair, amber eyes looking into her and a kiss. She felt so strongly in love, dazed when she looked at him. Everything was going to be okay. She kissed him softly with love. Sy nuzzled into her cheek, she stroked through his hair and kissed his forehead.
[b “I love you so much too.” ] Her eyes watered from happiness. [b “I want to keep you safe too. I’m so happy…that I have someone that wants me safe.” ] She sniffled. Her hands held onto him tightly. Whatever happened, she wanted to be with Sy. Sy rested her head against his shoulder. So warm…so safe. Nothing could be better then this. She thought she was doomed to being locked up in her room alone whenever these bad things happened.

Morning came in. Not much light peaked through his window, because the building across them blocked most of it. The walls had imperfections and sometimes the closet door would get jammed but, this apartment really felt more safe and home then anything. She’d watch Sylus as he slept. He was so peaceful. She smiled to herself and kissed his forehead.

Ara crawled out of his bed, using his bathroom to clean herself up and cover up those bruises. She didn’t want to remind him or herself that it happened. Ara checked her phone that she left in the living room.
‘Told him your at a friends. You need to be home by Sunday.’ – Allister.
It made her body stiff thinking about returning. If only she could run away. Ara went into his kitchen and would make them strawberry pancakes. She would even cut strawberries in half, use powdered sugar to decorate the pancake. She could hear Sylus coming into the kitchen, and soon found his arms around her. His lips on her neck. [b “Darling, morning.” ] She looked back at him, seeing him smile. She blushed a bit again, because he made her so happy. [b “I hope you like it. You’re not the only one that can cook.” ] She giggled and would hug him tight [b “Thank you…for everything, for yesterday” ] She looked up at his eyes and smiled [b “Mmm, I agree… To you I mean.” ] She set the pancakes on the table, and brought out the juice.

[b “Can I make you anything else?” ] Ara asked, wanting to find a way to thank him for being here for her. She took a seat beside him and looked down at herself, remembering she was still wearing his shirt. She realized she never really asked. [b “Sy, you don’t mind me taking your shirts do you? Should I look better in the morning?” ] She asked.
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IT was upsetting to come home to Ara being so upset, tears in her eyes. He hated seeing her hurt like that and it made him even more upset when he came in and saw the bruises on her face. He would take in a deep breath and pull her in, holding her close.

He relaxed with her on the couch, his hand caressing her cheek, seeing the bruises as he sighed. He wished he could do something to protect her from harm. To protect her from her own father was difficult. [b "Well he should at least be aware that you're trying. Still, what he's doing is so brutal. That tutor shouldn't have went to your father, but now he's probably so afraid, he wouldn't dare mess with you again"] he held her close and stroke her arm gently.

[b "IT was his fault for going there. You were just trying to give him a warning. I don't know if he's visiting her now. Either he's trying to hide what happened to your father.....or maybe he'll head over tomorrow. Either way, tonight, we should stay inside and let you rest"] he smiled as she touched his cheek, making him feel warm in his chest. His sweet Ara.

[b "I told him to leave you alone. That you didn't see him in that way and if he wanted to get with you, he should do it fairly by letting you decide. I guess he accepted that....or maybe he wanted to end the conversation before his brother arrived. Who knows. Either way, he'll be leaving you alone for now"] he assured her, soon seeing that it was getting late.

He lifted her into his arms and set her on his bed, chuckling a bit. Sylus would smile and change out of his boxers and put on a white shirt as he watched Ara change into his clothes. She was adorable and he couldn't help but pull her in and hug her. [b "Okay, inside it is. I love being able to relax with you. Maybe I can cook us up something good for lunch too"] he watched her turn around and he kissed her lips. Sy would smile and brush her hair behind her hear, looking at her blue eyes a he kissed her once more. He would nuzzle into her cheek [b "Of course. I love you and I don't want you in danger or getting hurt. If I could keep you safe here all the time, I would"] he nodded and would rest her head against his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her waist, soon falling asleep beside her.

In the morning, Sylus would wake up a little later. He'd smell something really good. WHen he reached over, there was no one beside him. It made him look around curiously as he rubbed his eyes and got out of bed.

He washed his face and would head outside, seeing Ara cooking in the kitchen. Walking over, he'd wrap his arms around her from behind as he kissed the back of her neck. [b "Morning Love. IT smells so good and it looks delicious"] he smiled, seeing the strawberry pancakes she was making. [b "WAking up to you is the best"]
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She pouted and hugged his arm, taking in him rubbing her arm and comforting her [b I was… But it caught up too fast.” ] She really liked Sylus brushing through her hair and making her feel okay. [b “It doesn’t matter to him. Huh?” ] She looked back at up at his eyes, he didn’t tell him she was the one that told the rumour. She guessed he put two and two together. [b “I didn’t want to… I just thought it would make the problem go away.” ]

She would manage a bit of a smile when he kissed her cheek. He got what was coming? Ara looked at his eyes [b Sy, he made him all bloody” ] She was starting to wonder exactly what the else her dad has been doing.

She pouted [b “I don’t feel so sweet, I got someone beat up. I think that would be a good idea. You think he would be visiting her right now?” ] SHe asked, but it was late. She didn’t have the energy and she didn’t even know where he would be.

Ara reached out, caressing his cheek. She felt his fingers on her lips. She knew they couldn’t. [b “I know… I just wish we could.” ]

She still didn’t know what happened with Caleb. It didn’t look like Sy got hurt. He looked okay. She assumed so that he wouldn’t do it in front of his little brother. She understood that Caleb cared a lot about him. [b “How? What did you say to get him to consider leaving me alone? ] She asked, calming with his hair brushing through her hair. She nodded. She would watch TV with him, and she was getting pretty sleepy. She was surprised when he lifted her up. SHe smiled up to him, “Okay.”

They got into his room. Ara took off her clothes and grabbed one of Sy’s shirts to sleep in. She crawled int his bed, and felt Sylus arms around her waist, him pressing against her back. [b “Really? That makes me really happy.” ] She smiled [b “I think… I think I just want to stay inside.” ] She admitted. She didn’t like going out when she had bruises to hide, she felt ashamed. She felt him kiss the back of her neck. She turned around and faced him. SHe gave his lips a peck, snuggling in with him too. [b “Sy… Thank you.” ] She began [b “For being here for me, taking care of me.” ] She looked at his eyes, he was very sweet. She leaned up and kissed his forehead and yawned a bit. [b “Let’s sleep.” ] She said, closing her eyes and holding onto him.

In the morning, she planned to make pancakes for them. She’d try to wake up before him, and go into the kitchen and make strawberry pancakes.
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It startled him when he came home and sat Ara in tears. He knew something was horribly wrong and he needed to help her out somehow. He'd take in a deep breath and he would hug her close, snuggling her in as he kissed her forehead. Sylus did his best to make her comfortable. He brought back some food, a blanket, something warm to make her relax.

He fed her some sushi as they watched the movie together and he would rub her arm and down her back slowly. [b "It makes sense, but you were going to solve the problem. THat tutor just went to the wrong person first"] he sighed and would brush her hair back. [b "Doesn't he know you're trying though? He must have known that you were trying to spread that rumor from Hilda at least?"] he didn't like it when ARa did things like that, but she had to save and protect her reputation in order to keep her father happy. That he understood.

He hated seeing her cry though. Sylus would lean in to brush his lips against her cheek and would sigh a bit. [b "He got what was coming though"] he knew she couldn't physically hurt anyone. [b "Ar, it's okay. THat's one thing I love about you. You're sweet and gentle. There's gotta be a better way. We can tail the tutor and get some evidence. I'm sure if HIlda told the tutor to do that, she's gotta be visiting him soon to make sure he was okay. We can catch her in the act?"] he suggested.

He felt her hand on his cheek and he'd pet her lips. [b "Mm, I'd love to spend more time with you. But you know we can't just run away from our problems like that. We'll help fix them together"] he assured her.

[b "I'm fine Ar. We didn't fight. He couldn't do that in front of his little brother. We did chat though. I think I'm close to getting him to leave you alone. Just let me handle it"] he assured her, brushing her hair back. [b "You just rest for now"] he stared at the screen and then he made sure Ara was doing okay. He'd turn off the TV and then he lifted her up into his arms. [b "It's getting late. Let's snuggle in bed Love"] he walked her towards the bedroom and Sylus would take off his jeans and stay in his boxers. HE put on a white shirt and would climb into bed with her. He'd wrap his arms around her waist and press up against her back. [b "I called out sick Love. I'm going to take tomorrow off so you and I can spend more time together. We do anything you want? How's that sound?"] he smiled, hoping it'd cheer her up. He rubbed her arm and would kiss the back of her neck, enjoying to be able to snuggle with her.
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The moment she heard the door and saw Sylus, she melted down and wanted to cry into him. It didn’t make her feel so good having to cry to him to heal but she needed him. She snuggled into him, wrapping her arms around him, resting on his shoulders. She felt good when he kissed her forehead. SHe didn’t want to talk about it the first time he asked. She felt happy enough that he came, and he was rubbing her tears away.

She got cozy, with a blanket, sushi and even a hot cup of cocoa. This was what family was supposed to be like – wasn’t it? Sy even fed her some sushi. It was making her feel better, soon any tears released were out of happiness that he was here and she had someone to go to.

She liked how he stroked her hair as she spilled the events. She met his eyes and she frowned, [b “Because I didn’t solve the problem. He doesn’t want our family reputation to be damaged. It’s his way to teach me that I will get hurt if I don’t fix it.” ] Ara whispered. His chest was warm. She couldn’t help but cry and say she didn’t want to go back. She was afraid if she went back that he wasn’t finished.

She rested her head on his lap, calming down again wit hhim rubbing her side and touching her hair. She nodded [b “Okay. I’ll text Allister. ] She took a deep breath, and wiped her eyes again.

[b “It’s because that stupid tutor talked, I bet Hilda convinced him to talk to my dad.” ] Ara’s voice cracked a bit. She didn’t need her dad’s motivation to get revenge on Hilda now. [b “I’m going to make everyone see her true colors. But I can’t hurt someone physically or fear me like that,” ] She sniffled, and would squeeze his hand back when he held her hand tightly.

She heard him and she held onto him tighter. It was solved… She doubt her tutor would talk and she was sure he’d do something about Hilda now. She would lift her head up and look up at him. [b “Thank you… You’re always here for me.” ] She caressed his cheek. She sat up and gave his lips a peck, [b “I wish we could run away together.” ] She said and then remembered earlier, during her whole thing, he was with Caleb.

She watched his face, and said [b “Sy, are you okay? You didn’t get into a fight did you? What happened with you?” ] SHe asked.
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Sylus showed him the drugs and he would smirk a bit when he saw his reaction. Sylus knew that he had him right now. If he could somehow agree to make a deal, he'd be able to keep him away from Ara for good. That would eliminate one issue that ARa had.

Once Sylus finished off his shift at work, he headed towards his apartment in a rush after seeing Ara's text. He didn't know what went on, but he had a bad feeling.

As he entered his apartment, he spotted ARa on the couch. He saw her and rushed over, hearing his name being called and he could tell she had been crying. He held her close and would rub her back slowly, hearing her cry as he kissed her forehead. [b "Love, what happened?"] he frowned, rubbing her tears as he let her settle down on the couch. Sylus would grab a blanket and have her cozy up as he made her something warm to drink.

He'd take a seat beside her and would feed her some sushi, hoping to at least relax her enough to tell him what happened. Sylus stroked her hair gently and would listen. [b "So your dad did this? What the hell? Why is he so brutal. Why would he hurt you like that?"] he caressed her cheek and would frowned, holding her against his chest. [b "Hey, you don't have to go back. Stay here with me okay? We can talk with Allister and have him bring some clothes and Nyx over. I won't let that man harm you as long as you're with me"] he let her rest against his lap and he would rub her side.

[b "It's okay Ar. You're safe here"] he brushed his fingers through her hair [b "We didn't know he'd find out so fast. We were going to deal with it"] he sighed and would hold her hand tightly in his. [b "I know Ar. You shouldn't need to hurt people like that. That's crazy"] he kept brushing her hair back and would let her rest for now. [b "There's always another way. At least for now the HIlda problem is taken care of. Shhh, it's okay. You should just rest Ar. I'm here now"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 49d 2h 3m 9s
Caleb only grew quiet when he saw the drugs he had on him. He recognized it and he knew he could make something out of this, it would give him bonus points with his gang. He told Sylus they could make a deal later. He needed to uncover who Sylus dealt with first, and then decide. In his mind, he didn’t believe Ara would know about the shit her boyfriend was in or maybe she did…

Ara huddled up into his couch. Bruising was forming on her cheek, arm-who else knew where and she hurt her knee – but that was on her own fault. It hurt. All of it hurt. Emotionally, physically… She cried until she was tired of crying, and would try to do stuff to distract herself. She posted on social media and stayed on social media, looking and stuff but finding it hard to even crack a smile.

She saw Sylus’ tex. She replied [i ‘I’m okay.’ ] She knew he had work, and she didn’t want to hinder him by worrying him when right now, she was safe at his apartment. She didn’t bother to turn on the lights. She’d text her brother to look out for Nyx since he was still home, and asked him not to hint her dad where she could possibly be.

She saw the door open, and was in instant tears. [b “Sy.” ] She cried. She waited for him to come to her and hug her. She didn’t want to move. She cried into him and , holding onto him. She winced when he touched her cheek. She sniffled, and felt bad for even crying. She nodded, closing her eyes when he kissed her forehead.

She nodded to him again when he said about sushi, and not eating and to agree to snuggle. She felt so relieved to just have him here, to be held close to his chest. IT felt like he was the only safe place to be. She’d dry off her tears, remaining still quiet. She was still trying to even process what happened since she spent all this time on social media.

With his help, she was feeling cozy with the blanket over her, and hot chocolate. Ara leaned in to eat some sushi too. She was calming down, being by his side and watching the movie. She put another pice of sushi in her mouth.
Her eyes watered again when he asked. Ara felt his fingers brushing through her hair. If she told him, he’d give a sad epression, maybe even pity her. Rich girl who has everything, getting hit by her dad for not handling her own problems. No… Sy wouldn’t see it that way.

Her lips waivered. She had taken such a long pause. [b “The tutor… He went to talk to my dad. He told my dad I spread the rumour of him dating Hilda. My dad… Sy, he told our security guy to hurt him. He hurt the tutor, left him with a bloody nose and told him not to talk. Then…” ] She felt her stomach sink, “He told the security guy to give me bruises, so that if the tutor ever thought about talking that I can say he harassed me. I tried to run away, but… I still got hurt. I ran away, jumped the fence and walked here.” She’d sometimes mumble or repeat words. She still was shocked that her dad would even hurt another person like that, or even tell someone to hurt her. [b “I don’t want to go back home… I don’t want to go until he’s gone.” ] She’d wipe her eyes again. She would rest her head on his lap and press her face against his stomach. She felt embarrassed, for even letting that happen to her. “It’s my fault… I didn’t fix the problem. He said I should make people fear if they don’t listen. I don’t want to do that or hurt people.” ] She said quietly, holding onto him still.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 49d 2h 47m 38s
Sylus was confident in the fact that he had Ara and he knew that Ara wouldn't leave him. He was doing his best to make sure she was happy at his side and he wanted to prove to this guy she wouldn't leave. His fake words wouldn't get to him either.

[b "I have people to look after. Way more than you. So shut up about your bullet and leave my girl alone"] he told him, knowing exactly how Ara felt about this man. Sylus mentioned his buddies and then he smirked a bit. HE handed him a bit of some expensive drugs to see if he'd take the bait. When he went quiet, Sylus knew he understood. It's what he's been using to help the orphanage and he was sure that's what this man was doing too. He agreed and Sylus would nod his head and leave before his little brother saw.

WHen he texted Ara, there was no response. Sylus headed straight to work after since he had a shift to work. He'd constantly look at his phone, but there was no response. Where was she? Did she make it home in time or did her father get to her?

[i "Are you okay Ar? I'll be home around nine. My shift gets off at eight tonight"] he sent and would head to the restaurant. He worked his shift, waiting tables and helping out customers until it was late. Once his shift ended, he hurried out the door, seeing Ara's text. [i "I'm coming"] he grabbed some food from the restaurant and rode his board home.

WHen he hurried into his apartment, he'd turn on the lights, seeing Ara on the couch.

Sylus hurried over [b "What happened?"] he put the food on the table and then he hugged his arms around her. He saw her looking so scared and she was trembling. He'd hug her tight and caress her cheek, seeing the light bruising starting to appear. [b "Ar....did he hurt you?"] he kissed her forehead and then he frowned. [b "Hey, hey. It'll be okay. I brought back some sushi...I bet you haven't eaten yet. Come on. We'll watch a movie and then snuggle in bed. Tomorrow's Saturday, so you can stay as long as you want"] he assured her, holding her close to his chest.

He went to grab a blanket and the food as he brought it over. He covered her with the blanket and even made some hot chocolate. Sylus set it down on the table and he'd turn on the TV, putting on beauty and the beast for them to watch to calm her down. [b "Want to tell me what happened?"] he asked, brushing her hair back slowly.
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