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He wasn't sure if she felt pity or not, but he wanted to let her know it would be okay. [b "Oh then yeah I'm sure they'd love it"] he smiled, hoping that she didn't have to go through anything to donate it. If it was a hassle, he didn't want her to have to do a thing.

[b "Only if you really want to Ara. I know you said you don't want to ask your dad for anything, just be careful"] he told her, figuring that he might get mad and harm her again. [b "She wouldn't be happy. That's why I've never really told her"] he admitted and then he sat beside her in the theater.

They talked about archery and he'd feel her arm up [b "It feels pretty solid to me"] he chuckled and then he heard a bit of what she said. [b "Do you want to feel?"] he'd let her touch his tattooed arm and then they would watch the movie together.

[b "You're pretty, smart, and you handle things on your own. You're fine just the way you are"] he told her, knowing that if someone held a knife or gun at him, he'd be afraid too. [b "I would be upset if I got robbed, but I would try to make sure I didn't first. Sometimes you never now if it'll end well or not"] he told her, hugging his arm around her and then feeling her hug back.

[b "I'll go with you so you don't have to worry. It just takes practice. If you want, I could even practice with you so can use your self defense more? I'm sure if you're accustomed to using it, you'll be fine"] he told her, holding her and rubbing her side. He kept his eyes on the screen and when she asked about his arm, he felt unsure if he should tell her. [b " hurt. It was someone's....knife"] he told her, leaving it at that.

[b "I'll be fine. Don't worry. You helped me enough already"] he told her, figuring that was a better lie than saying it was a bullet.
  ellocalypse / 39d 23h 20m 45s
[b “No of course not. Why would I pity them? They have a lot of siblings that love them and someone like you to help them. I just have stuff I don’t need and it’s better to giving it to them than tossing it.” ] She said, because she still wanted to give them stuff. She figured she could help a bit further and make it so Sylus didn’t need that job. [b “It’s not a big deal. I’ll ask him.” ] It would do him good publicity too. She was sure he’d do it just for that.

She knew she should ever tell his mom because she didn’t want to break Sylus’ trust. [b “I really really think she wouldn’t.” ] She said and sighed when he said he’d think about it. Well, if it were easy to get someone to quit doing something that made them a lot of money, than there wouldn’t be so many illegal activities would there?

[b “Buff Arm? Well-not like that. I can’t shoot really too far.” ] She said. She could aim far but with a bow-that was harder because of the strength it took. She rose a brow and couldn’t help but wonder why he was touching her shoulder and upper arm. Ara sighed [b “Not really. Well…not that buff.” ] She shrugged. She heard him laugh and she just shook her head, “I bet you’re much more buff.” ] She mumbled to herself.

They watched the movie and she did admire Astrid a lot. He liked…girls who could handle themselves. And she couldn’t handle that robber. She sighed to herself, [b “I’m not badass though… I get scared. I suppose I am” ] She didn’t feel so strong since that happened yesterday. She didn’t understand how he was so brave or not afraid. [b “You do…? I bet you wouldn’t be afraid if you got robbed.” ] She frowned. She guessed he was right, [b “Mmm…right anyone. Yea, me too.” ] She sighed. He hugged her and so she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him back. [b “I didn’t know…how scary it was. Now I understand why I’m told not to go alone. I learned self defense and I couldn’t do anything but freeze up. I guess I’d rather give him all my stuff than risk it.” ] She looked at Sylus’ eyes and still didn’t understand how he wasn’t too afraid to do all of it.

[b “Sy…how did you hurt your arm? What hit it?” ] She asked, because she didn’t know what caused it.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 40d 12m 2s
He figured if she wanted to give things to the orphanage, he wouldn't stop her [b "If you want to, you can. Just don't pity them or feel like you have to give them things. They're content as they are"] he told her that he wanted to keep supporting them, but when she brought up that he shouldn't need to do that, he sighed a bit. [b "You don't have to Ara. I know you don't want to ask your father for anything"] he told her.

Sylus heard her talking about telling his mom and it did make him feel guilty. [b "She probably wouldn't"] he sighed and then he nodded. [b "I'll think about it"] he nodded and then he sat down in the theater with her. [b "Yeah? That means you have buff arm!"] he looked at her arm, his fingers feeling her shoulder and her upper arm [b "Yup. I bet if you flex, it would feel all tough"] he smiled, feeling her arm and then chuckling a bit as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

They watched the movie and it was nice to see all the people making friends with dragons. [b "I do. Girls that can handle themselves are pretty bad ass"] he told her, thinking about it. [b "You can be. You do archery and you talk sense into people too. You're strong in your own way"] he rubbed her shoulder.

[b "I get scared sometimes. We all do. You shouldn't feel ashamed. ANyone would've been scared in your position. I'm just really glad you're safe"] he hugged her.
  ellocalypse / 40d 1h 10m 8s
[b “I’m not…I have a lot of stuff I don’t need.” ] She shrugged and frowned when he talked about trying to support them [b “You don’t need to do that. I can get my dad to donate, and you won’t need to anymore. If I told your mom what you were doing do you think she’d accept the money? I would never tell her because that’s your decision to make but…think about it please.” ] She half pleaded because she didn’t want to see him in the hospital like that. IT was terrifying.

Ara half smiled [b “It is kind of fun. Takes a lot of arm strength. It’s harder than it actually looks like.” ] She said. She sat down with him and it made her smile when he said he could. [b “Okay…thank you.” ] She smiled and then he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She leaned into him and watched the movie. Ara giggled [b “He is, isn’t he? He’s so cute…” ] Her lips brushed up against this neck, but she stopped. She felt him rubbing her arm and she snuggled up to side. [b “She is…She’s really cool. Mmm, he does…she’ll like him too.” ] She decided not to spoil the other movies for him. [b “Do you like bad ass girls?” ] She asked. She would use the recliner.

[b “I wish I was kind of like her…” ] Ara sighed, admiring how strong Astrid was-how unafraid. She froze up, nearly cried and didn’t want to go outside from being robbed-and she thought about it now and she probably wouldn’t have been hurt. But, better safe than sorry. [b " you get scared?" ] She whispered.
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He figured that maybe she could get them something like that if she wanted to. [b "Don't spend so much Ara. I'm already trying to support them. You don't have to do a thing"] he sighed, hearing her talking about getting them phones or a computer. [b "We have a house computer, but that's about it. The teens have hand me down phones from others, or donations, but nothing new"] he told her, eating up and then walking into the theater with her.

Sylus sat beside her and thought about the archery thing. [b "I've never tried it before. I wonder if it's fun"] he smiled and then he looked up at the screen. [b "I can. It's not a bother. I want to make sure you're safe too"] he then wrapped his arm around her shoulder and felt her leaning in. He smiled and saw the dragon and how funny it looked [b "He is. He's like a baby with no teeth"] he chuckled and then he felt something warm against his neck. He'd peek down and then he'd see her sitting like normal.

Sylus rubbed her arm slowly and would keep his eyes on the screen. [b "You can tell he likes her. SHe's pretty bad ass though"] he told her, talking about the main girl character.
  ellocalypse / 40d 14h 36m 44s
[b “Mmm, yes I could get them stuff like that.” ] She nodded, wondering how many of them had a phone or something to listen to music on…or even a computer [b “Do they have phones, or a computer?” ] She asked, because she hadn’t asked. She ate with him, it was good and they finished rather quickly.

They went into the theatre and Ara would smile a bit [b “Sure. We can go to my backyard and shoot some arrows together sometime.” ] She didn’t mind. Archery took a lot of arm strength though. She sat down in the theatre and she selected the movie. Ara sighed, because she did feel quite paranoid. [b Would you really do that for me? I don’t want to bother you,” ] She said, feeling bad but she wanted to take his offer. He’d lean into her and she kind of like that.

[b “What! Nooo, well you must watch it.” ] She nodded and found his arm warpped around his shoulder. She didn’t mind, she liked it. She leaned her head onto his shoulder. The movie began, it was the first movie only. She admired the cuteness of toothless. [b “He’s so cute…” ] Ara said in a whisper. She then noticed just how close she felt too Sylus…how her heart beat a little faster around him. She barely grazed her lips against his neck, but returned to her normal position. IT was fine…they were friends until friends was impossible.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 40d 17h 31m 31s
He thought about the orphanage and wondered what they would like. [b "Hmm, well maybe just small things like some toys, music, or games?"] he suggested because he wasn't sure what else to really get them. THey did like clothes, but she already brought so much of that.

He ate the nachos with her and he liked the taste. HE couldn't believe she could get food like this whenever she wanted. It was amazing to have a chef. But it seemed like her and the chef were really close. At least she had company here.

[b "Ahh, no wonder. I'd like to see you shoot some arrows sometime if you don't mind"] he told her, thinking about what movie to watch. They headed towards the theater and then he sat beside her as she put on the movie. [b "Just let me know if you feel paranoid or anything. I can at least walk you to your car and back, until you feel comfortable again"] he smiled and then he would lean into her, his eyes on the big screen. [b "I haven't really. I'm not up to date on movies"] he slowly wrapped his arm around her shoulder, wondering if she minded or not. He knew they should only be friends, but he couldn't help it. He liked being close to her.
  ellocalypse / 40d 18h 10m 55s
[b “I know…but I’d like them to get stuff. They were all very nice.” ] She gently smiled. She sure liked knowing that she could impact them. She sat down and ate. It was nice when Sylus fed her. It made her smile. She’d fed him one too. She heard her chef talk about who she invited. She didn’t really have much of a choice. It was common for her to meet other people her age that had a wealthy family. [b “You can, it’s not a big deal.” ] She shrugged and then giggled [b “Yes…that’s part of the reason I’m good.” ]

She tilted her had and then nodded [b “Yea, we can do that. Oh! How about we watch how to train you’re dragon?” ] She suggested, taking some more nachos. She listened and thought that she would feel safer that way but she also worried. [b “That’s very sweet Sylus. Are you sure? My driver will take me to school. So I suppose I won’t be alone, just when I get to the school.” ] She really did hate how that had happened.

She’d get up [b “Come on, let’s go watch.” ] Ara smiled and would lead the way to the theatre, resting on a reclining sofa, with speakers all around and a big projector. She’s let him sit down, and she’d find the movie and le tit play. She looked At Sylus [b “Have you seen this movie before? I really like it.” ]
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He told them about how everyone at the orphanage was thankful for everything she's done for them. They loved the clothes and the gifts she brought and it was put to good use. He would tell her about how some of the girls would ask when he could bring her back again [b "Ara, it's fine. You don't have to get them anything. If you come visit, it'd make them happy"] he assured her.

He sat down and ate nachos with her, feeding her some as well and then seeing her smile. THe chef mentioned people rich coming over and he let them talk for a while. His eyes watched curiously and figured she only brought wealthy friends. [b "Oooh, I want to see you do archery sometime. No wonder you were so good at that game at the fair"] he chuckled and then he heard her explain how she didn't want to go outside.

[b "Oh of course we can just see a movie. Maybe we can watch a rom com or a Disney movie?"] he wondered and then he thought about it. [b "If you want....I can meet you here tomorrow and we can go to school together too?"] he suggested.
  ellocalypse / 40d 22h 58m 38s
She listened to him talk about everyone at the orphanage while they waited. It made her smile to know that she did some good. She thought about bringing them more stuff, so they didn’t feel any different than other kids there age. [b “That makes me happy. Is there something else they’d like?” ] She asked, because she felt sure she had stuff in the house that she didn’t really need or use at all.

The nachos were really good. It felt good to see Sylus enjoying it too. It was true, she didn’t bring much people her dad didn’t already know of to her home but mainly because her life just didn’t include much people outside of it-until now.
“Oh-and I assumed you may be as wealthy as Ara. I’m glad to hear it, she could use non stuck up friends,” She said.

Ara frowned [b “Hey, they’re not stuck up.” ]
“Girl, some of them are very stuck up.” She shook her head, and then would go off.
Ara sighed, figured there were a few. Sylus offered one to her lips. It was…cute that he did that. She’d lightly smile and took a bite. [b “Um…usually practice, study, travelling, play with friends, archery,” ] She shrugged. She took a deep breath about going outside. [b “Sylus… I actually…am kind of uncomfortable going outside right now. That robbery kind of scared me a bit. I actually don’t know how I’ll go to school tomorrow,” ] She lightly laughed. [b “Um…yea we could watch a movie. Anything you’d like to watch?” ] She asked
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He played more games with her and then he would win a few and feel proud because it was his first time. It distracted him from wanting to be so close, to hold her and kiss her more. She didn't want to start anything with him right now, so he would just back off for a while and wait. He was getting really impatient though. [b "Okay. I guess so"] he would get up and then follow her towards the kitchen.

Sylus sat at the bar and told her that the kids at the orphanage liked her and missed her. They loved the clothes she brought and could actually feel like they fit in for now with new things. [b "They always talk about what you brought them"] he was glad that she was still willing to visit them.

When the nachos were set in front of them, he'd take a bite and smile [b "Mmm, these are good"] he smiled and thanked the chef, also getting a water. He listened to her talking about who Ara brings home. She mentioned the hospital and Sylus felt really glad she did. [b "I live close to the hospital actually"] he'd tell her, eating another bite and then he'd grab one and offer it up to Ara's lips. [b "What else do you do on your days off? Are you sure you don't want to go anywhere? See anything outside?"] he wondered. [b "We can also watch a movie in the theater"] he told her, still wanting to spend some time with her.
  ellocalypse / 41d 2h 25m 2s
Ara would nudge him when he’d beat her [b “Yea, you did.” ] She pouted. But that was fine. She decided that this was better and that she should have kept her distance to begin with. Now that Sylus wasn’t going for it either, it would make it much easier. [b “Alright, then we’ll really be friends this time.” ] She smiled…and maybe it should be. Would it be so bad to be friends with him? Sure, she liked kissing him but if Sylus didn’t feed into it, then it wouldn’t be so hard and they could still make great friends. She didn’t’ know if that would be hard or not.

They went down the stairs and got to the kitchen. She heard Sylus reply to her and that felt like it settled it for now. “Okay, I will be done shortly,” She smiled.
Ara whispered a thank you, and took a seat with him. She smiled, hearing about the orphanage. [b “I’ll come to visit again. I’m really happy they like the clothes. Awww, I doubt they love me but, I’m so happy to hear it.” ] She giggled. She was glad to have met them. They seemed like really good kind kids and the teens were really nice too. [b “They’re really nice. I’d like to, so it’s not a problem.” ] She promised.

The nachos were done it was set in front of them, “Well, here you go. Any drinks?” She asked, setting down some water too in case they needed.
[b “I’m okay with just water, thank you,” ] Ara said.
“Not a problem sweetheart. I didn’t want to say this before but Sylus you’re much different than who Ara brings home. I’m glad she’s comfortable to bring other friends here.”
Ara frowned a bit because she didn’t really liked that mentioned [b “I didn’t go to school before…so I didn’t have much people to bring over.” ] She reminded. She’d ate the nachos with Sylus, it tasted as good as it sounded.
“That is true…” She said and then said, “Is the friend you took the hospital okay?” She asked.
Ara lightly smiled, [b “Yea…he’s okay now.” ] She was glad about that.
“Good…Just be careful hun, you shouldn’t be out to late, especially in that area.” She smiled and looked at Sylus “Where do you live?”
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 41d 3h 28m 41s
Sylus picked the game and he'd play with her for a while, seeing her beat him now and then. He didn't have his own, so he was slowly getting the hang of it. He would then beat her a few times and he'd grin, smiling as he cheered out [b "Hey! I got it!"] he smiled and then he would see the look on her face.

He would hear her say it was fun and he was hoping to get her mind off of things. [b "Yeah. I think until that you're certain that you want to be with me, I think it's fair to let you make your decision first"] he agreed with her even though his selfish wants wanted to keep kissing her and holding her.

They played more and then they'd have some fun together, soon getting up and then following after her. [b "Um....we're just friends"] he told her, smiling as he sat down at the table with her. [b "Nope. That sounds delicious"] he told her and then sat beside her [b "They're good. They always ask when Ara is coming to visit. They love the clothes and they always tell me to thank you when I see you. They already love you"] he chuckled and then he met her eyes. [b "Thanks for doing that. You didn't need to"]
  ellocalypse / 41d 16h 3m 10s
She let him pick the game. She would play along with it, and beat him now and then. She stayed silent for the most part, trying to forget about it. It made sense not to kiss him, to being close. She had Joseph right now and…she did have to part with him if she wanted to be close to Sylus. She wasn’t so sure what was a good idea or not.

She nearly missed what Sylus said. [b “Umm…yea. It’s fun playing.” ] She wasn’t sure what else she would do. [b “I want to play. This is better than what we were doing before. I get it, we shouldn’t be doing that, so we won’t from now on.” ] She nodded. Maybe that would help to make a decision with a clear head. She played a bit more and then smirked to herself [b “I beat you.” ] She giggled. [b “Sylus, let’s go get some snacks downstairs. I forget about that.” ] She’d set the controller down and went downstairs. She saw the chef and waved. [b “Hey, do you think we could have a snack?” ]

“Of course,” She smiled and looked at Sylus “Nice to see you again. Are you two together now?” She asked since she was seeing more of Sylus and less of Joseph.
Ara pressed her lips together [b “Um…not exactly.” ]
“How about some nachos? With some sour cream, avocados, tomato’s…and more. You’re not allergic to anything are you Sylus?” She asked him.
Ara never even thought to ask. The chef would go onto prepare it. Ara sat down at the bar with Sylus. [b “How is everyone at the orphanage?” ] Ara asked, wondering if the clothes she gave fit them well.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 41d 18h 2m 27s
He smiled a bit and hoped that she didn't mind that he didn't really want to make out or anything. He hoped that she didn't mind, but he felt bad. He didn't want her to mix up her emotions and then feel even more responsible for trying to get more out of him when she didn't even want to be her girlfriend.

He saw her looking up and then he would see her setting up the consoles. His eyes would look over at her and then he looked through her library of games. When his eyes met hers, he picked out smash. He would then see her face and then he handed her the other controller.

They played for a while and then he would fight her character and then he he'd wonder if she was doing okay [b "Are you having fun Ara? We can always do something that you want to do too?"]
  ellocalypse / 41d 19h 42m 8s

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