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He never thought she'd have daddy issues from how prim and proper she was. HE was also surprised that even though she had all this money and status, she was still really sweet and kind. Whether she had a terrible father or not, he felt like he'd fall for her anyways. Holding her close in his arms made him smile as he fell asleep beside her so comfortably.

In the morning, he followed the scent of food to find a cute Ara in the kitchen. He held her in his arms, pressing up against her and letting his hands roam around for a bit. He thought she looked really sexy cooking him up breakfast and he felt like they could be a married couple. He'd chuckle a bit and then he'd kiss her lips, wondering if she really did smell like vanilla [b "Hmm, Yeah that's it. IT smells really good. But you always smell really good"] he told her, seeing that she didn't seem to respond to him wanting to be close.

He thought maybe he was coming off too strong, so he tried to back down a bit and relax. Maybe he needed to calm himself down. He sat at the table and when he looked over, he heard her voice and then he would set up to eat.

[b "It doesn't matter if it's simple. You made breakfast! It's homemade!"] he smiled and then he started to eat the food she cooked. [b "Mmm, Ara. It's really good"] he ate the eggs and sausage, taking a few bites and then shrugging a bit. [b "Hmm different group project? What do you mean? We only have one?"] he told her, listening in on the group project as she explained. Alone? Why did they need to be alone? He looked a bit confused, thinking she was talking about a completely different kind of project. [b "Romance? Two scenes? What are you talking about AR?"] he was a bit lost.

Then she mentioned learning something from him and he would see her eating the sausage a little too seductively and it was turning him on. [i Ohhhh] he smiled a bit, feeling stupid he didn't get it. If Ara wanted it too...why didn't she respond in the kitchen? He scratched the back of his head and felt a bit awkward now. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to respond to that. That's never happened to him before.

[b "We can? We can have a few scenes if you want? Maybe the lighting in my bedroom would be can teach you a few more things?"] he chuckled and then he finished eating up the rest of the sausage and eggs. He'd slowly get up and then he started to wash the dishes. [b "Ar? I can take care of the dishes. You can head into the bedroom if you want to get ready?"] he made the suggestion, wanting her to be more comfortable since it seemed like that was the approach he had to take.
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[b “Mmm, as long as he’s not there, it’s okay.” ] Ara said but couldn’t help but wonder how much her dad knew. Maybe he did know she was doing things she wasn’t supposed to be doing. It upset her thinking about it, so she threw those thoughts away, to sleep so warmly and happily in his arms.

There was nothing like getting Sylus affection in the morning. It felt that he was being more affectionate then usual. She’d take in the butterflies when he kissed her neck, her skin. “Ahhh,” Her lips parted, surprised to have his fingers move up to her chest. She smiled to herself, feeling herself wanting to be so close. It did struck her odd though, being touched while in the kitchen. It felt nice.

They shared a kiss, then she’d respond, [b “Ah hmm… I smell like…vinalla? I used a lotion. I want to smell good enough to…um” ] She mentioned and quieted herself, blushing a tad bit realising were her words were going. She felt good that he was happy withwhat she made. “Ohhhh my,” She moaned, surprised by him nibbling to the back of her ear. [b “Sy…” ] She began. She turned around to see him, and her eyes danced all over his body. How he stood…how sexy and bad ass he looked-even more so when he just woke up. He already began started setting the table up. She started to do the same but kept thinking about if it would be okay if she kissed him some more.

[b “Me too. I hope you like it, even if it was pretty simple.” ] She said. She had her hand held, and she kept thinking about what else she could hold. Ara would sit next to him and she fought the temptation to just sit on his lap and kiss him. [b “Oh um…right, group project…but can we do a different…group project today too?” ] She’d clear her throat a bit. She’d glance at him quickly, [b “Something only…with you and I. The location being…in your apartment or somewhere we can be alone, and maybe we could have two scenes. It’ll be another short movie-just with us. Clothing…optional. Genre…romance? I think. I have so much to learn from you too…” ] She glance back at him to see his reaction. She'd take the sassuage in her mouth, to shut herself up but it might have looked like she was purposely doing it with the way she kept it in her mouth for a moment to think.
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He thought she was the sweetest girl he's ever been with. ARa was so cute and innocent and he really loved the way she treated him. She treated him so well and he felt like maybe it was better if he treated her better if not even greater than the way she treated him.

When she told him about being a princess, he understood. She grew up in a completely different world than he did and he understood that. [b "Yeah, I guess it's better to paint elsewhere and cook elsewhere. Well if anything Ar, you can do whatever you want with me"] he assured her, holding her close as they slept together.

In the morning, the bed felt empty. He was growing accustomed to having ARa beside him, but at the same time, he was used to having a girl next to him when he woke. He slowly got up and washed up, heading into the kitchen to follow the amazing smell of food, seeing a cute Ara there. [b "Hey you"] he kissed the back of her neck, pressing against her back and letting his fingers move up to her chest. He met her sweet lips and then he chuckled [b "Do I? Well I did just wake up. You smell amazing as always"] he saw her cooking the eggs and sausages and he shook his head. [b "This looks really good"] he nibbled on the back of her ear. [b "Thank you"] he helped her set up the table and then he set the glasses down filled with the smoothies.

[b "Wow, I can't believe I get to eat breakfast made by you"] he said proudly as he held her hand in his. It didn't seem like she was as turned on as he was, so he tried to tone it down a bit. Maybe Ara didn't have as much drive as he did, he didn't want to scare her away.

He took a seat at the table, helping her set it up as he sat down. [b "Well it's Sunday. Should we work on our group project together? We can pick a location and film a few scenes if you want? I definitely want to see you in another short movie"]
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It was cute how humble he was. They did for things for each other and that made her feel so sure about their love. Ara tilted her head and sighed as he talked about being allowed to bake. [b “Sometimes, as a kid I’d pretend I was a princess trapped in a castle with lots of rules. I’m not allowed to do a lot of things when he’s around. I would be in so much trouble if he found out I was here.” ] She admitted. His arms hugging her were so comforting. They cleaned up, and went to bed with each other. He held her in so close, and his lips would kiss her so softly. She wanted to love him more but she also felt so tired.

Ara would set her phone at the side, realizing she didn’t have any dock to play her music, so she’d just use the phone speakers to play some light music while she made eggs and sausages. She’d even make a smoothie with the blender she bought. She was just pouring it into classes, when she felt arms wrapping around her from behind.

[b “Morning Sy.” ] She’d smile, [b “Mmm, eggs, sausages and mango strawberry smoothies. She giggled as he kissed the back of her neck, feeling a bit ticklish. His kisses were so sweet in the morning. She had stayed in her short shorts, t-shirt and her hair up in a high bun. Ara rested her weight back into his chest when his hands crawled up her tummy. “Mmmm…” She’d moan, stretching her neck while he kissed her neck and shoulders. [b “Is it? ] She’d feel over hand and then tilted her head so she could kiss him, and gently nibble on his lip. She smiled into his lips, [b “You smell fresh.” ] She turned around and faced him, seeing him in front of her. Feeling good to see him in the morning, and his tattoos were much clear In the light. [b “Would you like something else for breakfrast?” ] She asked, wondering if she made enough or if he wouldn’t like it.
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He had a smile on his face and then he smirked a bit. [b "Well....I guess so, but you baked a cake. I just had to cook dinner for you"] he admitted, wanting her to know that he really did want to cheer her up. She didn't have to pay him back for that, he only wanted to see her smile because of the fact that his life was dangerous.

[b "Your cake made me really happy. You should be allowed to bake at least"] he hugged his arms around her and then he helped her clean up with him after dinner. Luke left them alone and didn't seem to mind them since they made him a cake and dinner as well. So far, having Ara around meant free food.

Sylus climbed into bed and would wrap his arms around her waist, his fingers brushing through her hair slowly. He'd meet her blue eyes in the dark and would see her looking at him. He held her close, leaning in to kiss her soft lips as he smiled [b "It makes me really happy to know that I could cheer you up. Good night Ara"] he slowly drifted off to sleep, passing out quickly. In the morning, Sylus didn't wake up until he didn't feel ARa beside him. He'd reach over and when he opened his eyes, she wasn't there.

He would look around, heading into the bathroom and then washing his face as he brushed his teeth. He dried off and headed into the kitchen, smelling something really good. His eyes glanced over and caught Ara cooking [b "Mmm, Ar, that smells delicious. What are you making?"] he walked over and wrapped his arms around her from behind. He kissed the back of her neck and then moving along her cheek. She looked so cute in the morning and it was turning him on. He loved seeing such a pretty girl taking care of him. He'd press his hips against her behind and then he would reach his hands behind her, slowly crawling up her tummy as he pressed his lips down her neck and shoulder. [b "Mmm, it's so hot seeing you cooking for us"]
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“But I wanted to repay you for taking me out Sy,” ] She giggled. She thought it was so sweet. It made her happy to have him cook for her. It tasted really good and it meant so much more since he made it.

[b “Hmm…well, she’d not allowed to bake. I’m not supposed to have any baked goods so I bake myself. Plus, it always seems to make people happy.” ] She said. She’d shake her head, [b “Not yet I can’t… You’re a strong person.” ] She admired that. She wanted to be as strong minded as him.

She noticed he blushed when she licked his lip, which made her blush because she wondered if she had done something wrong, but he did kiss her. She was living in a bubble again that involved just him and her being in love.

Ara crawled into bed, laying tightly close to him. He hugged her and even kissed her. She’d relax into his touch, feeling his fingers going through he rblonde hair and tucking it behind. She stared at his eyes, and then the way he grinned at her. He was so happy and it made her feel good. [b “That seems highly unlikely.” ] She laughed. She ran her fingers over his arm, catching a few of his tattoo again. He was…so hot. She’d feel over his chest and took notice of his hands going down her back too.

Their eyes locked on each other. She wanted to kiss him some more. [b “No…thank you. You made what would have been a horrible day, so much fun and a good memory.” ] She kissed him softly back, and then pressed her forehead against his. [b “I am…we didn’t get much sleep last night.” ] She reminded. “Goodnight sy.” She said and would fall asleep into him, letting the weight of her tiredness sink in and have her fall asleep.

She woke a little earlier, her body was still slightly sore but better than yesterday. She’d open her eyes and see Sylus right next to her. She’d poke his cheek and then his lips. Yesterday…was so much fun. She’d smile to herself and then slowly crawl out of the sheets. She used the bathroom, and realized she had to cover up those burses again. They were ugly. She’d run her hand down her arm, feeling the soreness, seeing the deep purple. The words repeated in her mind. She wiped her eyes and remembered yesterday again. Everything would be just fine. This time she had Sylus by her side.

She’d cover them up, spending nearly an hour making sure it was perfectly set. She heard her phone in the room go off. She grabbed it and picked up. “Ara where are you!? I’ve been. Dad didn’t notice because he’s been… Anyways, we got the voice message that you went to the police station the night before.” Her brother said. The police had to notify her legal guardian after all but she knew her dad wouldn’t pick up or would be too drunk.
“I’m fine…” Ara said, “Nothing happened.”
“They said it was an armed robbery, it’s not fine. Were you at his apartment?” He asked. Ara hung up quickly, not wanting to deal with and wanting to pretend none of that happened. She put her phone on silent. She’d sat the edge of he bed and sigh. If sy didn’t wake soon, she’d make breakfast for them.
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He was glad that at least she was willing to spend some time with him. HE loved shopping with her and spending his day with her. His house must not have felt that comfortable, so he just wanted to make sure that she felt comfortable with him at the very least. His amber eyes glanced over at her, seeing her sit at the table with him as he served the food. He would take a bite and then he talked about where he learned to cook.

To his surprise Ara loved it and he could see the love in her eyes for him. HE would grin and then kiss her lips as he offered her more of the pasta. [b "I'm glad you love it. I just wanted to repay you for the cake....and to just cook for you tonight"] he smiled, hoping she didn't mind that his cooking was mostly inspiration and testing rather than professional like her chef.

[b "Am I? Well your baking skills are amazing and you have a chef at home. You don't really need to cook if you don't have to"] he shrugged a bit. [b "Of course you can do anything I can do. You're ARa!"] he wasn't sure what she meant, but he knew she could do anything if she put her mind to it.

He felt her lick his lip and he'd turn a bit red because it was embarrassing. He kissed her lips and then he held her hand tightly in his. They ate together, talking about their day, enjoying her company as he soon got up to clean up the food.

HE went into his room to change out of his jeans into some shorts and a tank. His tattoo on his arm showed clearly and he laid in bed, waiting for Ara. She took a while and he wondered what she was doing in there, but when she came in, he hugged her close. He kissed her soft lips, his hands brushing her soft blonde hair behind her ear as he grinned [b "Really? No one's ever really loved me the way you do Ara. I'm really lucky"] he wrapped his arm around her, hearing her compliment him all the time. He was glad she saw him as someone capable and amazing. Not just some delinquent low on money.

HEr words made him smile in awe [b "Yeah? I'm glad being with me keeps you safe then. I want nothing more than to protect you ARa"] he chuckled, hearing the guardian angel with a tattoo and red hair. It sounded far from it. Her small hand ran over his chest and he'd face her, his amber eyes gazing into hers as he ran his fingers down her back gently. HE'd soother her, bringing the sheets over her waist. [b "Thank you for such an amazing day. Saying yes to me this morning was the best"] he leaned in and kissed her lips more, wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning into her. [b "ARe you sleepy Ar?"] he'd ask, wanting her to be able to sleep without any nightmares. He wanted to watch her fall asleep before he did.

He kept her warm and snuggled her in as he slowly drifted off. He was even tired out from planning all the festivities and the long night. He nestled in and slowly fell asleep.
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She wasn’t sure how much she believed that she made him feel safer, but she kknew she made him feel happy. They bought food, made it home and even Luke was enjoying her cake. She sat down with Sylus to eat the dinner he made for them. It tasted amazing and she couldn’t believe that Sylus made all of his on his won. [b “I love it.” ] She felt his arm wrapping around her waist. She would lean into him, and smile when he kissed her cheek. She’d take her first bite when he offered it. She stared at him with such loe. It made her feel so good.

Ara was eating everything all up. [b “Wow Sy…. That’s amazing. They really are so lucky to have you.” ] She said and remembered how those kids looked up to him. He was such a loving person and she could see that with the way he had taken care of them. He risked so much…to give them more money. It must have been so hard for him. [b “You’re better then I am…” ] She said and thought about it, [b “I don’t know if I could do the things you could do.” ] She definitely couldn’t handle feeling in constant fear of something happening.

She’d catch a little something on his lip, and she’d lick it off. She smiled to him and giggled after he kissed her. She’d lean in and took the other bite, chewing on the shrimp. It was so good. [b “Me too…” ] Ara whispered, [b “I love you too.” ] She squeezed his hand.

She cleaned up with Sylus, and even knocked on Luke’s door to ask if he was done so she could take his plate. Once they cleaned up, she walked into Sylus room. The door closing behind them. She saw him change, and she admired it for a moment. She first went into the bathroom, and got herself ready for bed. Changing her clothes into her tank top and shorts. She’d wash her face, put on her night mask and cleaned up a bit more. Then she came back out and saw Sylus patting beside him. She felt the excitement bubble up. Another night with him.

She crawled into bed and snuggled into him instantly, her arms wrapped around him. She’d look up at his eyes for a long moment, staying silent. She then leaned up and kissed him softly. [b “I really…no one has ever made me…feel so loved like you.” ] She said quietly, meaning it and feeling like she craved it for so long. She hardly got at home… She’d stroke his arm and kept replying the day in her mind. [b “You know what else I like about you? When other creepy guys see I’m with you, they don’t bother me anymore. You always really keep my safe. It’s like…you’re a guardian angel or something,” ] She ran her thoughts of her mind, while her finger ran over his lip, “A sexy guardian angel with red hair and tattoos…warm arms….and hard chest.” ] She felt over his chest gently. [b “Thank you for everything” ]
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He never really felt completely safe. Not when he knew that a few people were looking for him from the times he did those deliveries. It did make him frustrated, but he couldn't really stop it now. He wasn't sure how to get away from it all and it did make him really upset because it was putting Ara in jeopardy. [b "You do. When you're with me, I do feel safer"] he knew he tried to be a better person around her.

HE ate the cake, really enjoying the taste. IT was delicious and he really wanted to be able to make something for her as well. HE did like the idea of cooking her dinner, so when he told her about it, seeing that bright glimmer in her eyes made him really happy. He wanted to keep her smile there.

WHen they brought the groceries back home, he would set them away in the kitchen, thinking about what he could make her. He did love the idea of being with Ara and having her beside him every morning. HE wanted everyday to be like this. [b "Me too. I love waking up and cooking food with you"] he helped her put things away and was glad that LUke was being cooperative. He didn't want him to hate Ara or try to sabotage them anymore.

He started cooking up dinner while ARa rested in his room. He made some pasta and toasted some garlic buttered bread. HE then finished and he would serve it on the table, waiting for ARa to arrive. WHen she sat down, he smiled and told her what he made. [b "Yeah? I hope you like it"] he sat with her and would relax to her touch, leaning in and wrapping his arm around her waist. He would press his lips against her cheek and then offer her the first bite.

He'd meet her lips and then he saw her take a picture and then he took a bite as well. When she asked how he learned, he shook his head. [b "I was always cooking food at the orphanage. They really liked my food, so I watched a lot of TV, I tried to mimic cooking shows and seeing new dishes people made and I tried to make them for everyone. They all enjoyed I guess me experimenting worked out"] he took another bite and then he felt her leaning in, licking his lip. [b "Mmm"] he kissed her lips and then he offered her another bite with shrimp.

[b "I'm glad you could spend the day and weekend with me. I love you"] he finished eating up his food and would help her clean up. Sylus would then walk with her back to his bedroom, closing the door. He changed into some shorts and a tank as he climbed into bed, patting the side beside him for her.
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Ara dipped her head and felt her chest ache knowing that he didn’t feel safe a lot of the times. At least she felt safe when her dad wasn’t there. [b “I’m sorry Sy… I wish I could make you feel safe.” ] Ara whispered. His arms around him was already making her feel like as long as she was with him, nothing would happen. [b “Thank you.” ] She spoke softly.

She felt so happy seeing how much Sylus liked the cake she baked. She felt fulfilled. Ara grinned when he talked about making something together. [b “Sy I would love that!” ] She giggled,. She loved being kissed by him, and she could see how happy was through his pretty eyes. They went out shopping and she felt so good when she stayed by his side. No one bothered her and no one bothered Sy. She hoped that she could help…him feel safe one day too, like he made her feel.

Her true excitement was contained at the thought of him making her dinner and him liking the idea of living together. [b “Me too Sy. I love waking up next to you. I wish I could do that every day.” ] She said, getting so ahead of herself, and dreaming of their future together. She never knew how to put a halt in her emotions.

They returned, she helped put things away with him into cupboards. She’d struggle to reach a shelf and had to really stretch. She’d look back at Sy for a little help, and noticed him spacing out while he was looking at her. She didn’t think he noticed but she knew he was probably thinking something sweet about the two of them.

Ara glanced back at Luke to hear his answer and saw him nod. [b “I’m glad you like it Luke! We got a lot of groceries, so now you two can eat healthy.” ] She said, in such a cheery mood now with how the day went. She felt so happy. She met Sy’s eyes, [b “A surprise? Okay, I’ll do that. Thank you.” ] Ara kissed him happily back, her eyes beaming at excitement of eating his food.

Only Sy has ever cooked anything for her. It made her feel so happy. She’d go into his room and actually go on her laptop. She noticed bunch of texts and she had to text everyone that she was okay. Some of her friends from school were worried since she’s been missing school lately, practice and didn’t even hang with them. She…couldn’t explain it to them. Not with what happened with her family…or with what happened last night. But, she was happy right now. Because out of all that darkness she had this beautiful day with him.

She would grab her Ipad and draw. She heard Sylus’ voice calling. She got up instantly and went over to sit by the table with them. [b “mmm Sy, it smells so good.” ] Ara said and would look down at the plate and felt the warmth in her. He made shrimp pasta… She loved shrimp. [b “Oh Sy…I love it. It looks delicious.” ] She hugged him so tightly and kissed his cheek. She stroked through his hair and caressed his cheek for a moment. Again, she would softly kiss his lips, feeling that strong connection with him that she’s never had with anyone. Not with Joseph… This was different. She’s never got this much love.

[b “Thank you.” ] She’d whisper to him. She’d sit down with him, take a quick picture and would take some pasta on her fork and took a bite. She could taste the ingredients he used blending in so nicely. [b “Mmmm…” ] She enjoyed it so much. She tried the garlic bread too and wondered where he learned to cook like this. She’d look back at Sylus. [b “Sy, how you’d learn to cook? You’re really good at this.” ] She said. She definitely had to marry him. She catch a little pasta at the edge of his lip, so she leaned in and licked it quickly off. She hugged his arm for a second, because she felt so happy.
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He sighed and admitted to her [b "I don't. I mean....with everything that I've done, it's hard to feel safe. There's always that anxiety"] he sighed and would just wrap his arms around her waist. [b "I do want to make sure you are safe though"] he smiled and sat on the couch.

He'd watch TV until she finished baking, making him glance over and then seeing her offer him a bite. It tasted delicious. No one has ever made him a cake like this before. THe girls would usually give him baked goods that were store bought, but they never made one in front of him before. ARa was sweet and he fell for her even harder to see what she did for him.

[b "Maybe when I fill up my kitchen, we can make something together like cupcakes and cookies"] he grinned, liking the idea of being in the kitchen together. HE leaned into her, kissing her warm lips and then feeling in such awe. He loved how much attention she kept on him.

Once they were out shopping, Sylus would pick up a few things they needed. The cart was filled and he made sure she was at his side. He saw a few people getting close to her and felt a bit territorial. Ara was his girlfriend and he didn't want her to be bothered either. They paid for the groceries and he'd lead her back home, carrying most of the bags. He saw the excitement in her eyes when he offered to cook her dinner.

He grinned and would hurry home with her. [b "I don't mind living with you Ar. It makes me so happy being around you. Even with you"] he liked the idea. Ara may have been high maintenance at times, but he could imagine himself coming home from work with a cake on the table. It made his chest feel warm.

They unloaded the bags and then he would see Luke on the couch with some cake. [b "It's good huh? Ara made it"] he smiled and Luke glanced over and just gave them a nod.

Sylus looked at the things they brought, putting them away. He thought about what he could make. [b "Hmm, just like you, it's a surprise. You go relax in my room and I'll bring food to you soon"] he teased, giving her a kiss and then getting to work.

Sylus had some water boiling on the stove. He moved around the kitchen quickly, adding spices here and there, some special ingredients and then he toasted up some garlic bread.

Once he finished, he plated three plates and headed to his room, calling Ara over. [b "Ar, dinner is served!"] he cheered, handing one plate to Luke as well. He seemed pleased and took it to his room to leave them alone since they made him dinner.

Sylus had plates of shrimp pasta on the table in a garlic olive oil sauce. He had two glasses of juice beside the plates and the garlic bread to go with it. [b "I hope you like it!"] he smiled, taking a seat beside her.
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[b “I’m sure you don’t always feel safe at your home too,” ] She’d whisper. She was taken into his comfort when he hugged her. She’d rather be here with him. Her body shuddered at the thought of going back home. She didn’t want to get hurt.

She baked him a cake. She felt proud of it. She giggled when he kissed her cheek. [b “Mmm, me too. I wanted to make cookies, and then cupcakes…but you just didn’t have the stuff.” ] She said. She loved seeing him take a bite of he rcake and enjoy it. She’d take a bite too and was surprised it did taste good. [b “Aweee,” ] Ara hugged him tightly, [b “Of course I’d make you a cake. You were so sweet to me, and I love you.” ] Ara couldn’t help but grin when he called her beautiful and felt his fingers brushing her hair behind her ear.

She could read the love he had for her in his eyes, and the feel of his lips kissing her. She’d softly kiss him back and caress his cheek, staring into him, feeling all the love. [b “Mmm, you do. I paid attention.” ] She said and took the bite he offered too.

They head out together shopping. She would pick out fruits and got some fish for them too. She hardly ever went grocery shopping since they had someone to do that for them. She got baking ingredients, brown sugar to make some cookies next time too. The moment she was eyed oddly and had her personal space kind of invaded, she would move back to Sy. He held her and she’d feel comfortable. It seemed like when they were together, they were left alone and it felt good. She’d peak into their cart, [b “It looks like it.” ] Ara said.

[b “I’d love that Sy!” ] Ara grinned and kissed his cheek while hugging him tightly. She never wanted this to end. She felt so loved by him. She would insist on paying for it, as he was allowing her to stay at his apartment Afterall. She’d help carry the bags but it looked like they had quite a good number of bags. Even this…felt romantic.

[b “Sy, when we finish school, we could really live together one day. Just like this. I never want this to end…” ] Ara said, dreaming about the future with him. They’d make it to his apartment. She would release the bags onto the counter, taking a breath because they were quite heavy. Luke was there, laying back and finishing a slice of cake. It made her smile to know that someone else liked her cake too.
[b “Sy, what will be for dinner?” ] Ara asked and wondered if he’d let her help him.
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He saw her frown and he wondered why. He couldn't believe her father would treat her that way. In his own personal life, he thought it'd be great to have parents, but not when they treated their own child like that. It made him so frustrated to know that she was hurting at home. He wanted to stay with her and keep her safe forever.

[b "It's your home Ar. You should feel safe at home"] he frowned a bit, hugging his arms around her as he led her to the kitchen. Ara started to work hard and he would take peeks, getting a whiff of something baked. He tried to control his curiosity, but it was hard. His eyes kept staring at the TV until he saw the plate of cake beside him.

He'd gasp and wrap his arm around her waist, leaning in to kiss her cheek. [b "I did? Well I'm glad you had enough to bake a cake with"] he said so excitedly. HE hadn't had cake in such a long time, so it made him feel so happy. Especially once made by Ara. Sylus would take a bite and close his eyes. It was so delicious. [b "Mmm, it's amazing"] he licked his lips and would feed her some. [b "Me? You're the best girlfriend ever. You made me cake!"] he told her, still shocked she could make something with the leftover ingredients he had.

[b "I...just wanted to see my beautiful girlfriend smile today"] he brushed her hair behind her ear and then he would give her a sweet kiss. He was glad she enjoyed the day with him. It still shocked him to see her read his mind on his favorite flavor. [b "I do? I didn't think you'd catch on"] he chuckled and offered her a bite before finishing it up. He soon got up and put on a jacket, leaving a note on the table for Luke to enjoy some cake.

As they headed out, he would hold her hand and lead her into the store, looking around to see what they'd need. They bought some fruits, some baking ingredients, some bread, eggs, meat and some dairy. He'd see another guy move in close to Ara and he'd wrap his arm around her waist more, holding her close.

There were a few girls looking over at him, but when he held ARa closer, they'd stop. IT was nice to just go shopping with her for their meals. [b "You think that's all we need Ar?"] he looked at their cart before going to the spices area, picking up some garlic powder, salt, pepper, and a few more. He liked to cook and he did want to make food Ara was proud to eat as well. Once they headed to the cashier, Sylus would try to pay for half, but Ara didn't let him. He would pout a bit and then carry the bags back to the apartment with her.

[b "How about a homecooked dinner and a movie?"] he suggested, thinking about a good dish to make for her. He wanted to surprise her and end the day on a good note as well.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 30d 6h 18m 33s
Ara frowned for a moment because she didn’t feel so loved with the bruises on her body and mind. Thinking like that wasn’t going to make life easier. [b “Yea… He just got mad. I shouldn’t have been at home anyway. So, it was kind of my fault too.” ] She’d half smile and shrug.

She loved she had a touch of her put up as a painting on his wall. It felt good. She let Sylus sit in the living room while she baked a cake for him. She saw him glancing now and then. She’d narrow her blue eyes at him playfully and saying “No peeking” and heard his chuckle. It made him smile to hear his laugh. She worked hard on it and got very focused on making a yummy cake for him.

While the cake was finishing cooling down, she’d lean against the counter. Ara met his eyes and then decided she should. She’d sit with him and snuggle into his arms for a while. Then she’d go back to what she needed to do and finished the cake. She sat down next to him again, with a plate of cake.
Ara nodded [b “Ah hmm… Well, you had eggs, flour, coco, milk powder…so I got to it.” ] She giggled. She kissed his cheek and offered him a bite. [b “yay! Sy likes my cake.” ] She beamed. She would feed him the cake thinking he’d like it. She’d rest her head into his shoulder. [b “Awe darling. You’re the best boyfriend ever.” ] She said and then thought about grocery shopping and how she could have done more if she actually had done that. But she was happy with the way the cake turned out.

[b “Mmmm, let’s go to the grocery store. And you already repaid me. You took me to see bunnies for breakfast, we painted…bonded.” ] She reminded. Ara shook her head when he asked how she knew. She tapped his nose, [b “Sy, you eat everything chocolate flavored.” ] She’d let him finish the slice of cake first, before she’d get up and get ready to go out. A pair of jeans, and t-shirt. She’d grab her shoes and bag. They’d head out together. It was darker outside now. She’d hold onto his hand as they head to the grocery store. She got a message from her brother asking where she was. She’d reply quickly reply ‘somewhere safe.’ And left it at that.

When they were at the grocery store, Ara would pick out some pretty exotic fruits, getting excited about making smoothies too in the morning. Some older guy got close to her while she was there, eyeing her. She’d quickly move back to Sylus and realized that, people left her alone when she was with him. It was nice.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 30d 12h 41m 44s
He mentioned being a burden only because he felt that might have been a reason, but ARa was so against it. How was he supposed to know? HE was a child after all. [b "They are. I'm also sure your family loves you too Ar"] he didn't want her to feel hung up on that either.

He took in a deep breath and then he helped put away their things, soon hanging up her painting and then smiling brightly. [b "I love it. I'm glad I was able to take you"] he looked at the painting and felt like his room got so much better. IT lit up and felt so much more homey.

He sat in the living room as ARa worked in the kitchen. He wasn't exactly sure what they had on hand, but when he heard her working, he figured it was enough for her to make something. The sweet smell of something chocolately soon filled the room and it got him excited. He would glance over, but then she said no peeking and he would chuckle a bit. He'd watch her move around the kitchen and he thought she was the cutest, seeing her put her hair up in a cute bun and then seeing her stir.

She was working hard and he wanted to hug her, but couldn't look. He put on a movie and would try to keep himself distracted, but the sweet smell was calling out to him. He'd glance over and see her leaning against the counter [b "Want to watch with me?"] he asked, soon seeing her sit beside him with cake in hand. Sylus gasped [b "You baked a cake? Here at my place? I didn't know I had anything to make a cake!"] he chuckled and then he saw her offering. He took the bite and he would smile [b "Mmm, it tastes so good Ar"] he leaned in to kiss her cheek, wrapping his arm around her waist.

[b "I didn't know you could bake so well?"] he said so proudly as he put on a disney movie for now. [b "You're the best girlfriend ever. I think we should stop by the grocery store and I'll make us dinner to repay you"] he licked his lips. [b "How'd you know I liked chocolate?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 31d 9h 26m 13s

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