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He couldn't help but just close the gap between them. It was so sexy to be this close to them and no matter what he did, he could only feel the gap closing even more. His eyes watched hers and the would kiss her lips more roughly, like it when it was wet and felt so dirty. He slid his hands down her back, along her curves and then he reached her ass. SYlus touched her skin and then he slid his fingers into her bottom bikini as he grinned.

He nibbled on her ear, his lips kissing her cheek and down her neck, loving how soft her skin was as he pressed his lips harder on it. He could feel her chest against him, feeling those curves and just getting so aroused. HIs eyes watched her and felt her nails against his shoulder, he rubbed her ass and then he heard her speak [b "Oh...sorry"] he slipped his hands out of her bikini bottoms and caressed her sides and the curvature of her back. He met her eyes and could feel himself getting a bit turned on.

He wonder if she noticed it while sitting on his lap. Sylus brushed her hair back and he'd kiss down along her collarbone, seeing the top of her chest exposed as he kissed further down her neck, wondering if she'd allow him to.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 15h 33m 41s
She took a deep breath, and kissed along his neck. She wasn’t registering all that she was doing. She always had such good self control and now she didn’t want any of it. She could feel his hands massaging her chest, and made her arousal show throw a bit. She found herself sitting on Sylus’ lap, having her cheek kissed. She kissed down his neck and then a kiss to his chest. She rested her arms around his shoulders, her chest bumping against his, while she felt his hands slide down her sides. She relaxed to his touch, but felt a little nervous when his fingers lowere. She met his eyes, feeling him holding her ass. She felt so exposed in a bikini…

Ara closed her eyes when she felt sparks of pleasure by her ear, going down, [b “Mmmmm…” ] Kisses on her neck always felt so good, she didn’t know anything that could really feel better than that Her lisp parted, feeling him nibbling on her ear…and then she felt his hands slipping in from behind feeling her bare skin being touched. [b “Ahh…” ] She blushed and accidentally dug her nails into his shoulder. She felt like if he moved his hand slightly higher then...that would feel great. She held her breath, pressing her chest into him, "Sylus... your hand is in my...bikini." She mentioned, wondering if he noticed.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 15h 42m 7s
He was glad she had a goal to pursue and he found that attractive. He couldn't help but want to kiss her though. She was pretty, so kind, and sweet. He leaned in and kissed her softly, leaning in and licking her lips as he leaned in closer to kiss her more. He could feel her warmth and with her lips kissing him back, it made him smile.

He wanted her. Wanted her badly, so when he traced her lips more, he let his tongue glide along hers and then he rested his hands on her chest, massaging them slowly and then he could feel her leaning in more. Sylus pulled her onto his lap and he would kiss her cheek, feeling her lips on his neck and then he relaxed into her, leaning his head back as he slid his hands down her sides. He rested them behind her, holding her on his lap as he moaned softly [b "Mmm"] he ran his fingers down her lower half, holding her ass as he met her eyes.

He kissed her ear, moving down her neck slowly as he kissed, nibbling on her ear and then slipping his hands into her bikini bottoms.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 16h 7m 9s
Still…there felt a lot of pressure. [b “I guess you’re right. But I have to be perfect.” ] Which was stressful.

Again, she found herself kissing him back. Her body felt so warm, from the water and the little sparks of pleasure. Sylus pressed his lips slowly on her. His kisses always felt so gentle enough that it felt like it was done with care. She could taste his lips, his tongue. She melted into him, moving closer, feeling the desire to have him feel more of her skin, and to explore his. It felt heavy, and she felt this before. Her hands rested on his chest, lowering, feeling how hard it was, how smooth his skin was. She pasued, and met his eyes.

Ara held her breath, feeling his hands glide up to her chest, feeling him massage them. She blushed, but it felt really nice. She leaned in, her desire winning over her logic. Sylus kissed her again, and pulled her into a hug. She end up bumping her chest wit his, and if he had helped her onto his lap, she wouldn’t protest. Her lips fell off his, lowering to his neck. She felt bad that she could fall so easily, but it felt so right to kiss him. She sucked softly on his skin.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 17h 8m 8s
He thought about the competitions and he knew she'd do great [b "Aw, don't be nervous, you'll do great. Most of the girls still have to learn to do the tricks, but you just need to practice. You're already a step ahead"] he smiled and then he sat in the jacuzzi with her.

SHe was sitting to him so close and he would face her, seeing her resting her head against his shoulder. She was so close to him that he couldn't help but want to kiss her. He leaned in and pressed his lips, slowly tasting her lips and letting his tongue glide around hers. He would smile and press closer to her, feeling her return the kiss, letting their tongues meet. He felt her warm hands on his chest and it felt good. Ara got him feeling really warm and he wanted to keep her warm too.

As he met her eyes, he let his hands glide up her bare side and then he slowly moved them towards her chest. He cupped them and massaged them slowly. WHen she pulled back, he met her eyes and then he thought she would be upset with him, but when she leaned in again, he kissed her once more and pulled her into a hug, wanting her on his lap.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 17h 50m 5s
A smile came on her, "Thank you. We have our competition later this year...makes me nervous." She was still iffy about this cheerleading thing but since she was already in, she decided to commit.

The warmth of the pool has her convinced of what she was feeling. Her heart was thumping when he was close. She was going to draw away but Sylus came closer and kissed her. It felt long soft and slow. Ara couldnt help but feel so drawn to him and his lips. She fell into the moment, locking lips and tasting him. She glide her tongue in and felt his tongue play back. She had her tongue underneath his whole she kissed him. It was warm and wet. Sylus hand went into her waist. She put her arms loose around his shoulder
 She drew a breath feeling his hand going down her bare back feeling a pleasant chill go down even if it was warm.

He came in closer and the heat felt stronger. There kisses continued, his tongue licking her bottom lip, so she licked his upper lip, finding that she had lost her breath. Her fingers lowered down to his chest. She parted her lips from his, looking at his eyes feeling so dazed and a bit of guilt but her hand didnt stop feeling over his chest. She'd get in close and hesitate to kiss him this time, feeling a little tug of war in her mind, so her lips grazed against his again
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 18h 37m 56s
He smiled when she agreed that he looked good. He couldn't help but feel a bit more special because it meant more from Ara than anyone else really. She genuinely wanted to be his friend and not just after him or his looks. He watched her flip and then he would clap his hands. It amazed him, so as he watched her land, he smiled and sat beside her. [b "You're pretty good though. They're lucky to have you though"] he sat with her and relaxed in the warmth.

He faced her and then he thought about all the questions he wanted to ask about his dad, about how she knew him and why he was so close to her. She had been closer to him than he had ever been.

Sylus saw her leaning in and then he would face her, his eyes on her pretty blue ones as he pressed his lips against her. He closed his eyes and he felt her kissing him more. HIs followed her lips, his tongue gliding in to play with hers as well, enjoying how warm it was and the taste of her lips. He wrapped his arm around her waist and then he faced her more leaning in, his hands gliding down her back, touching her bare skin. She kissed him back, so he was surprised. He didn't want to stop, he leaned in more, kissing her more deeply, letting his tongue lick her bottom lip.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 19h 4m 40s
Ara couldn’t contain a smile when he agreed she looked good. [b “You do too.” ] She added while she grabbed the matts. She attempted to do some tricks but it made her chest hurt without any support, so she decided it would be better if she did it after with a good support bra. She had fallen and it hurt but she’s fallen plenty of times before attempting to learn. [b “Thank you. I still need to get better though. I have to nail it for next time.” ] She said, seeing that he had stepped out but returned. [b “I’m okay, it happens from now and then.” ]

She went into jacuzzi with him. She saw his body and tried to forget about it and think of what to talk about…but it was harder than she thought. She picked put the sound of his voice, and took a moment to remember what she said before. [b “I’m really glad,” ] She softly spoke. She felt responsible for him meeting his dad after all. Her face was close, and she couldn’t help but feel the heat, with her heart pounding and like a magnet pulling her toward him. She saw his smile, her eyes fell onto his lips.

Again, she couldn’t help herself. She responded to slow kisses, kissing him softly, feeling the heat spread, the warmth of the water feeding into the moment. [b “Mmm…” ] She slid her tongue in without thought, drawn to him, and feeling hear beat go faster, her body wanting to get closer.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 7d 28m 18s
He wondered if she knew how happy he was because she was also in the same boat. He didn't want to ask her how her mother passed either just because he thought that would be too personal or even bring down the mood. His eyes watched her on his lap and wondered if she felt comfortable being with him.

He changed into the trunks and followed Ara outside. He saw her looking at him and he couldn't help but smirk. HE thought she looked really sexy though [b "You do. That bikini looks really nice"] he smiled and then he watched her do some tricks. Seeing her do a backflip was so hot, watching her chest move with her flips. She was really flexible and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He saw her flip without any hands and he was amazed [b "Oh wow. It looked great! You're really good"] he told her, seeing her soon fall. He stepped out of the water to help, but she seemed okay.

He saw her scoot in closer as he leaned in as well. Sylus smiled and his eyes would glance down at her body, her curves. When she leaned in him, he knew she couldn't see him staring a bit at her chest. He felt warm and as she spoke, he nodded [b "It's a great day. You made me feel better thanks"] he could see how close her face was and when she looked at him, he couldn't help but remember last night. He remembered how her lips felt on his and it made him smile as he leaned in and kissed her lips. He kind of just went for it, having her in his arms like this and seeing how pretty she looked. HE wanted to kiss her.

He pressed his lips against hers and he closed his eyes, letting his lips trace hers slowly as he kissed her. He'd feel his heart pounding a little, but with the warm water and then steam, he felt really hot. Not to mention having such a pretty girl beside him.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 7d 5h 39m 29s
Ara tilted her head, looking at the photos [b “I can tell.” ] She did wonder how his mom passed away but she wasn’t going to pry.

Laying her head on Sylus’ lap was really nice. She laid and watched him as he gave the suggestion. [b “We can do that too.” ] Because no way was she going in that pool. But she wasn’t sure her bikini had enough support. She supposed she never tried.

Ara provided him with her brother’s trunks and after she changed, she met him outside. She end up looking at him. The details of his body was nicer to pick up, looking toned, hard…She tried to break out of it, and caught him looking at her body. Ara’s lips curved into a smile, [b “ I look great don’t I?” ] She giggled and showed him where the jacuzzi was. [b “I’m going to try to do some tricks a bit-to see if I can even do it in this.” ] She would pull out some blue mats she used for gymnastics a little further from the jacuzzi. She then spotted Sylus looking at his body and flexing. She stared, blushed and glanced away. Ara went on the matt [b “I guess it’s like a hotel. I still feel trapped here sometimes.” ] She mentioned.

She stretched first, doing the splits, stretching her arms out, shaking them, trying to get warmed up a bit. Then she attempted to do a back flip. She got that done, and it hurt her chest a bit, but it was fine. Then she attempted a back flip with no hands, and it really hurt her boobs, and she end up screwing up and falling on her arm. Ara laughed “Ouch…that might bruise…I don’t think I can do this in these clothes.” ] She shook her head.

Ara walked up to the jacuzzi and dipped inside, feeling the warmth. [b “So nice…” ] She said, closing her eyes, feeling relaxed and then she looked at Sylus, and tried not to blush. He was…half naked…and she was definitely half naked. What was the difference between this and him seeing under her dress? [i Type of fabric. ]

Sylus’ body…he didn’t really have hair on it. Her cheeks warmed-but not that noticeably as a thought ran across her head. She was sitting by him, and decided to lean her head into him anyway. Which helped not stare at his body, or have him notice much anyway. Today…was fun. [i “Mmm so warm… This day has been pretty good for me.” ] She hoped that she cheered him up enough too. She lifted her head and looked at him, [b “Are you feeling well?” ] She realized just how close she was to his face, so she drew a bit back, not wanting to make herself blush and have him notice.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 7d 9h 26m 57s
Sylus couldn't wait to ever visit some dolphins. It didn't really matter to him where, just as long as he got to see them. His eyes looked over at her blue eyes, still amazed that she was the little girl he had been playing with when he was younger. Even back then she was cute. She always looked like a perfect doll.

[b "I was really happy back then when my mom was still alive"] he told her and then he remembered seeing his dad. A part of him always wanted him to need his son back or to feel misery for letting him go. To see him successful and having a restaurant on his own without him made him upset, but he just had to get over it.

He watched the movie with her and was enjoying it in the theater. Her house was huge and having a private place like this was perfect because not only was he able to relax with her, but it felt nice. She was on his lap and they were just enjoying the other's company. [b "Oh, if you want you can practice some flips and stuff first? I can be in the pool and then when you're done we can go into the jacuzzi together?"] he suggested and then he slowly got up.

He went to grab her brother's trunks and then he changed into it, waiting outside for Ara. Once he saw her in the black bikini, his eyes widened a bit and he tried not to stare. She was really pretty and she had such amazing curves. His eyes just stayed on hers for a long time. He walked outside with her and he could feel the heat of the sun on his skin.

He followed her towards the jacuzzi and saw how big it was. It looked amazing [b "Oh wow, your backyard is huge!"] he told her, looking at the nice pool. He couldn't wait to just relax. HE stepped into the jacuzzi and sat back, feeling how warm it was. [b "Your house is like a hotel. You can relax and have so much fun here"] he leaned back and looked down at his body for a second, trying to flex a little more, hoping to maybe impress her. He was in pretty good shape with all of the swimming and not a single hair on his body.
  ellocalypse / 7d 10h 8m 46s
[b “They’re really cute in real life.” ] Ara smiled, remembering seeing them out in the water once. She was way too afraid too approach but, she did think they were cute. She looked through those photos, and it was really nice to see them. [b “I forgot about most of it too. Mmm, you look so happy.” ] She mentioned, and lifted her head and saw him grinning. [i Mission accomplished. ] She felt pretty good she could make him feel better.

Ara was in awe when he said she was just as nice [b “Thank you, guess I’m a Disney princess.” ] Ara giggled. She liked being hugged. She liked that they were getting along so well again. She rested her head on his lap, feeling his fingers through her hair. It was so relaxing…and it made her heart pound a little. She faced his stomach, to just rest and increase the darkness. When she got a ten minute sleep, she looked up at him.

Considering she didn’t know what his job was and she worried…she didn’t mind if he missed out. She softly smiled looking up at him when he said he liked staying with her. [b “Me too. ] And then she thought about it, and decided not to mention Joseph since she never promised Joseph anything. Besides, maybe it would do some good to him to know he couldn’t come only when he needed her.

[b “Not really… Besides practicing some jumps and tricks for cheerleading. It’s been a while, I don’t want to fail in front of people.” ] She had a feeling she was going to pick up a bruise but that was the price of it.

She thought about resting but felt pretty good after just getting ten minutes of shut eye [b “No, I’m fine. I got a little power nap. Umm…” ] She wouldn’t mind games, but definitely not the pool. Jacuzzi…was probably a middle ground. [b “How about we can relax in the jacuzzi. I have a pretty big one…” ] She sat up, and wondered if that was such a good idea. She knew a certain someone would be pissed if he found out. [i Good. Maybe then he’ll be around more. ] She didn’t like that thought-being bitter-and being mad.

[b “You can borrow one of my brother’s trunks.” ] She advised. She sat up, [b “Come on, I’ll go grab you a pair.” ] Ara said, leading the way out and going upstairs. She went to grabbing a pair of blank ones and then tossed it to Sylus [b “There’s a bathroom down the hall. I’m going to go change.” ] She mentioned. She went into her room, and closed her door. She changed into a black bikini. She pulled her hair up into a bun, pinning it to stay in place. She grabbed towels. It was still hot enough outside early September.

She got into the hall and saw Sylus…She stared a bit, remembering feeling…last night. His tattoo was so cool on him, it really made him look like a bad ass. His body looked so great. Ara’s own body was pretty toned since she did plenty of lessons that involved plenty of physical activity, plus her food was carefully planned. She popped a smile, [b “This way.” ] She lead the way downstairs and into the back where there was a jacuzzi. She looked into the water, and would let him go in first before she did.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 7d 11h 25m 1s
He shook his head [b "I haven't seen one in real life. I'd like to one day though. That'd be pretty cool. Like maybe go to the zoo or an animal park and look at them"] he liked the idea and then when Ara was bringing the photo albums in, he remembered how carefree and how happy he used to be when he was that young. He smiled, seeing the pictures of them playing and having fun [b "Yeah! I can't believe I forgot about all of this. We had so much fun"] he grinned and then he relaxed with her on the couch.

He watched the movie and chuckled [b "You're a princess, but you're just as nice as the one in the Disney movies too. Not like those evil queens that use their money for power"] he hugged his arms around her and flet so warm. He watched her on his lap, running his fingers through her hair as he watched. He would see her on her phone once in a while, but when she faced his stomach, he leaned in to kiss her cheek.

She was really caring and he never thought she'd work so hard to try and make him feel better.

[b "Me? I don't have much planned. I have a job to do, but I don't really want to do it today. I like staying here with you"] he admitted and then he grabbed some popcorn and then he fed her some slowly, letting her take a bite as he popped a few into his mouth.

[b "Do you have plans later? Are you tired?"] he asked, figuring maybe if she wanted him to go, then he would. [b "IF you want to rest I can head out? Or do you want to play some games or we can swim in your pool? I can show you how to swim or we can relax in the jacuzzi?"]
  ellocalypse / 7d 18h 47m 8s
[b “Have you seen a dolphin before?” ] She wondered. She tilted her head and then shrugged [b “Yea, I guess it is but I like to spend time outside more.” ] She felt so trapped when she was a kid, she hated it.
Looking at the photo album sparked up memories she had forgotten. She giggled [b “I was wasn’t I? You were so adorable too-sooo cute.” ] She always wanted to see him again, the boy in the picture…she never imagined she’d meet him like this. She thought maybe Shawn would…she still couldn’t believe that happened.

[b “Mmm, yea, I guessed you did.” ] She admired the pictures a bit more before setting away. She playfully bowed and heard his laughter, she grinned, finding it pretty amusing. [b “Hmm, yea, I guess I am like a Queen or a princess.” ] She laughed. Sylus hugged her and it was really nice. She liked being hugged, and hew as really warm. She rested her head on his lap and after awhile she sent a quick message to Joseph. [b “No, it’s fine. It’s not him.” ] Sort of, since she was massaging him, he hadn’t replied yet-and then she did get a reply-pretty quickly. [i Where are you?” ]

[i I’m out. ] She sent and put her phone on silence. She figured he’d be sending her a row of text since she wasn’t exactly telling him anything but she didn’t want to reply to it. She was still upset. He left and never explained why, or didn’t show and didn’t actually give a reason. She felt Sylus’ brushing through her hair and it felt so relaxing… She closed her eyes for a bit. She then turned her head to face his stomach, just to close her eyes for ten minutes. Then she felt a kiss on her cheek. [b “Mmm…nor problem. After ten minutes passed, she would own her eyes and look up at him. She was glad things were working out again.

[b “What are you doing after this?” ] She asked quietly, looking at his eyes, they were…just so pretty. She hardly seen people with eyes like his.
  Ravenity / 7d 22h 1s
He could imagine being in the ocean and able to swim with the dolphins. It sounded fun and he really enjoyed the thought of doing that. It would be a dream to swim with the sea animals. Even the whales and the fishes. He smiled when Ara said they were cute. [b "They're friendly and pretty cool"] he sat on the sofa with her, sitting back and relaxing [b It's pretty cool though. You have everything at home"] he told her, looking at the photo album.

His eyes glanced over and he smiled at the pictures. [b "Look at you. You were adorable as a kid"] he chuckled and then he was surprised to hear she wanted him to like her [b "I already did. You gave me the cool toys and always played with me. IT was fun"] he watched the movie with her and then he would give her some of his steak. IT was delicious and if he ever went out for this, it'd be really expensive. WHen Ara bowed to him, he laughed [b "More like you're the Queen. You've been living in such a castle"] he hugged her and leaned into her.

He relaxed and would watch the toys trying to escape from the bad toys. Sylus would hold her hand and wish he could kiss her again, but knew he shouldn't. He saw her lean her head on his lap and then he allowed her, seeing her look at his arm. He saw her pull out her phone and wondered if it was time for him to go. [b "Should I head out? Is that JOseph?"] he wondered if he'd be coming over or if Ara would want him to leave. His eyes looked down at her blonde hair and he'd brush it back slowly, his fingers gliding through a bit.

He felt lucky she was trying to cheer him up. He never really wanted to see his father or talk to him since he gave him up and was never there. [b "Thanks for this Ara. You're the sweetest"] he leaned down and kissed her cheek because he wanted to give her a sweet kiss.
  ellocalypse / 7d 22h 23m 32s

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