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[b “Ah hmm,” ] Ara nodded and frowned a bit [b “Why not? It really brings out your eyes. You’re red hair looks too.” ] She smiled into his lips when he kissed her. She liked how he looked at her too. She thought her outfit was still well put, but she sure felt Sylus took the cake on this one, his hair was even black.

Ara made the order for them. She got a few pitures of him and smiled when he allowed her too. The food came in, and she was sitting on the balcony with him with their breakfast-without a bra. She looked up at his eyes when he commented on it. [b “On purpose? Oh-do you mean how I don’t have anything underneath my top? It’s just more comfortable for me this way,” ] She half shrugged, but smirked to herself too because she so did. She laughed when he told her not to, [b “I won’t…do you want to touch my seashells? They feel nice,” ] She teased, feeling a little daring today. Her eyes dropped to him un-button his shirt, revealing his abs [b “You better not do that in public too.”]

Ara took a bite of her food and mentioned about posting, but when she thought about it [b “I’ll just send it to close friends, they don’t go to our school anyway.” ] She decided. She leaned in when he offered a piece of his bacon. She took a bite [b “Thanks.” ] She cut a piece for him out of her French toast and offered it to him too. It was sweet how he shared like that. She saw him look out into the view, so she did the same. [b “Before they open? Why before?” ] Ara asked. She looked back at his amber eyes and smiled [b “I guess we could get better photos. Okay, let’s go then.” ] Ara said. She’d rise up, [b “I think it’ll be hot today, do you want sunscreen?” ] Ara asked, going back inside the room, and gathering her bag.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 35d 45m 32s
He wanted to touch her and get his hands and skin on her because she was so attractive. He really wanted her one day, but he decided to leave it on her terms since she's been through someone already trying to make her before. He stood there with his amber eyes on her and he would spin around to show her his look, but he could see the look on her eyes. She really liked it and that made him really happy.

[b "Does it? I wasn't a bit fan of the black hair....that's why I've been dying it red"] he admitted, leaning in and giving her a kiss. He looked over her outfit and thought she looked really sexy. It was made to seem like she was exposing her skin, but he could tell she wasn't. He decided that they would walk around together and ride whatever they wanted for now.

He showed her the menu and decided on some bacon and eggs. He then let Ara call and give the order as he teased her about not showing herself to anyone. He would meet her eyes and then he let her take a few pictures of him and then he saw her on her phone. Sylus helped with the food, setting it all out on the balcony and then seeing that she wasn't wearing anything under now. [b "Ara....did you do that on purpose?"] he bit down on his lip, seeing that the only thing the shells were covering were....she was sexy. [b "Definitely don't do that in public"] he warned her and then he unbuttoned his shirt a bit more, revealing more of his abs.

HE helped serve them plates and then he took a bite of the food, smiling at the taste [b "Post? I don't mind. Just don't let Joseph see it because he'll probably be really upset"] he warned and then he offered her a piece of his bacon, bringing it up to her lips. He would look out at the view, seeing the park [b "We should get there before they open!"] he smiled, thinking of the amazing day they're going to have.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 9h 12m 34s
She giggled when he start talking about kissing and touching. [b “I want to, one day with you,” ] She said. She wasn’t ready yet but him looking this good had her a little convinced. She leaned in and would kiss his lips. She did admire his look, how his hair was black. This was his natural hair color. [b “You’re hair really suits you too.” ] Ara added. She hugged him back loving how he grinned like that. She got to kiss him one more time.

[b “Okay, good. I try my best,” ] Ara smiled, she really did. She thought of those roller-coasters and worried about her hair. She didn’t want to tell Sylus that she was mostly worried about her hair cause she was sure he would laugh. [b “Okay, that sounds fun.” ] Ara nodded.

Then she remembered they haven’t even eaten. She went to grab the phone and went to him when he grabbed the service menu. [b “Umm…I think I’m going to get French toast.” ] Ara said and she would give the call, giving her order and setting the phone down, also getting them muffins. She caught him looking at her outfit. She smiled back at him. She wore a strapless bando top underneath the mesh shirt because she wasn’t key on displaying her assets to the public. Ara lightly laughed [b “I wouldn’t either, but I guess I can while we’re in the room.” ] She then took a few steps back from him and took a picture of him. She then checked her phone for a second seeing the comments. They made her smile, except for…a few since she had her profile set his public. There were a few of them and she knew three of them were from that bitch’s friends. She blocked them.

Soon enough, there food came. Ara thanked them and she’d set the plates with Sylus in the balcony. She removed her bando underneath her shirt, so she was wearing nothing underneath for now because well, she felt like teasing a bit.
She sat down on the chair with him and ate slowly [b “Sy, it’s still not okay to post anything about us online is it?” ] She said and then thought about Joseph…how mad would be? She could imagine it would hurt though and she wouldn’t like it the other way around [b “Maybe that is a bad idea… Can I share it with a few close friends?” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 35d 10h 23m 34s
He did his best to try and make himself look as much as prince Eric as possible. Just seeing Ara dress up as Ariel already took the cake, so he wanted to at least be on par. When he stepped out and saw the confusion in her eyes, he wasn't sure what to do.

He saw her blush and when she came in closer, he'd smile, knowing he did look good. [b "Yes it's easy. We can just kiss, touch, and we can do whatever you want you know"] he felt her warm fingers on his chest and then he would hug her and then grin [b "I did. I'm glad then"] he kissed her lips and then he couldn't help but feel so lucky that his girlfriend was so pretty. [b "You always have my attention and when you dress like this, I can't take my eyes off of you"] he held her hand and was going to lead her out, but then she mentioned food and rollercoasters. [b "We don't have to go on the scary rides. We can get snacks, take pictures with characters, and watch shows if you want?"] he suggested, thinking about food.

[b "You're right, let's eat first. We can order breakfast"] he walked over and found the room service menu on the table. [b "What do you want Ara? I think I'm going to get some bacon and eggs"] he told her, showing her the menu while his eyes looked at the mesh and seashells. [b "Oooh, if this was really showing off your skin, I'd not want you to go outside either"] he smiled, feeling glad she seemed a lot better than yesterday.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 21h 18m 24s
She was amazed at how Sylus looked, a lot of the shock came from his black hair but he did look drop down hot. She saw his confusion but her mind was a little too wrapped up and she would just continue to talk and he’d realize that it was definitely good. She blushed and nodded to him. She blurt out she’d sleep with him, and felt quite embarrassed about it.

He came in closer to her too, and she got flustered, [b “That easy? I mean… I mean, in…theory I would really want to...and want to now but you know” ] She would feel over his chest and saw him smiling. She giggled when he talked about meeting her standards [b “Sy you met it to begin with.” ] Ara said, leaning into his hand that caressed her cheek. She couldn’t believe how he looked. She never expected to come and few this. She saw his eyes fall into her outfit, and she felt like she failed to impress compared to him since his hair was a shocker.

[b “Thanks Sy,” ] Ara happily kissed him back, loving to hear his laughter. She felt so into him. She pouted a bit, [b “Okay, as long as I have your attention and you’re holding my hand,” ] Ara half shrugged and got anther kiss which made her really happy. She giggled, [b “Thank you.” ] he kissed him once more, getting a little happiness when he called her adorable and his Ariel. She let him hold her hand, [b “Mmm, let’s get going. But…I’m not so sure about going on rollarcoasters by the way.” ] One, she still had to build the spine to go on the scary ones but that was less of a big deal compared to her concern about messing her hair up bad.

[b “Oh But Sy! We need to have breakfast.” ] She reminded and said [b “How about I get room service to order some breakfast first? ] Because she didn’t want them to go out on an empty stomach.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 35d 21h 47m 23s
He woke up in the morning and would look around the room, seeing Ara dressing up already. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, seeing the transformation of her looking so pretty. [b "Take your time Ara"] he grabbed his clothes and then he would wait for her to finish before stepping in right after her [b "Oh wow Ara. You look so good. Mmm, even smell really good. Just like a beach"] he chuckled and headed in.

Once he was dressed, he fixed up his hair, parting it and holding it down with gel before looking in the mirror. He looked like a young prince Eric and he thought he did good. He stared at himself for a good while because he hadn't seen his black hair in a long time. When he stepped out, he stood in front of Ara and then he saw her nearly panic. He heard her cussing and then he gasped [b "What!?"] he stood still and then he'd turn around so she'd see all of him.

Her reaction, he couldn't really pinpoint it. He didn't know what she was trying to say. [b "Is it good? Bad?"] he watched her jaw drop and then he would see her eyes all over him. Then she spoke [b "What did you say Ara?"] he wanted to make sure he heard it right. [b "I do? I look great?"] he hoped it was decent enough for her because right now she looked really pretty.

[b "Want to? If you can have me. I am your boyfriend you know"] he walked closer to her and then he chuckled, seeing her looking so flustered. He felt her hands on his chest and then he smiled [b "I need to make sure I at least meet your standards Ara"] he caressed her cheek and lean in, his eyes looking over her sexy outfit. She really looked good. [b "You look amazing"] he kissed her lips and then laughed when she said he shouldn't go out.

[b "Will I? IT'll be okay. You have my attention and I'll be holding your hand the whole time"] he hugged her, kissing her cute pouty face. [b "You're so adorable. My Ariel"] he held her hands in his. [b "Let's get going? We should head to the park and have some fun!"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 22h 22m 44s
She slipped into her outfit, grabbing a pear necklace and a shell necklace. She let her hair down and had a scrunchy around her wrist in case she wanted to pull her hair up. Ara nearly jumped at the sound of his voice. She turned around and gently smiled [b “Morning Sy. I’m not ready yet. I’ll be right back.” ] Ara said.

She went into the bathroom and would do her makeup a bit. She stood back from the mirror and would turn herself in different angles and smiled to herself. She knew she was pretty, She used a hair pin to push her hair the side a bit and wondered if Sylus would like it. She did it for herself but, she wanted him to like it. She softly sighed to herself and took a few pictures of herself. She posted it on social media. She used a different perfume today, that was titled island white sand.

She opened the bathroom door, walking in and let Sylus go into the bathroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed, checking herself on camera a bit. Then a stranger came into the room. Ara stood on guard and was about to grab something to defend herself but than she realized-that was Sylus. [b “Holy shit!” ] Ara said out loud, rising to her feet and covered her mouth. She never swore. Sylus hair was black! He looked like a copy of…oh my. Ara would slowly nod, her jaw dropping. She’d scan him from head to toe, how he looked over all and how his hair was black. It really made his eyes stand. She saw glimpse of his tattoo and she melted. Her cheeks warmed, [b “Ah hmm…” ] Ara contained her excitement until she couldn’t.
[b “I’m ready to sleep with you,” ] Ara blurt out and then lightly laughed, [b “I mean… I mean… you look…incredible. Wow. Definitely more like a pirate with your tattoos. Wow…I really want to just…” ] She locked her mouth again and tried not to let it all get to her head. Was it getting hot?

She made herself get closer, and she felt over his chair and looked up at his eyes and hair, “Wow Sy…” Her blue eyes examined his hair and then his eyes again, staring, and blushing at the things running in her head. [b "I don't know if you should go out like'll get too much attention and then I'll get jealous." ] She pouted.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 35d 22h 50m 49s
He told her that she was the best girlfriend he's had and it was true. No girl accepted him fully or ever treated him like this. It was a breath a fresh air and Ara always felt warm wherever he was. He smiled and was glad that at least she thought he was a decent boyfriend. He never thought that he was, that's why he was always so hesitant about it.

He hugged her and then he headed back to the bedroom and laid back. He relaxed for a while, his eyes going over to see her silhouette in the moonlight. Was she going to come back? He kept his eye on her as she walked in and then he leaned into her, slowly closing his eyes soon after.

When her alarm rang, Sylus rolled over and groaned a bit, not having enough sleep. He felt soft lips on his neck and heard Ara's voice. [b "Mmm"] he heard her talking, but was still half asleep. He wasn't exactly sure what she said, but when she touched him, he would roll to face her, soon feeling no one beside him. His eyes opened and then he saw ARa in the middle of changing.

[b "Morning ARa"] he yawned softly and stretched out his arms, seeing her slowly turning into Ariel. HE smiled and went to get up, grabbing his change of clothes and then starting to change. He put on his boots, his blue pants and red belt. He then put on his top, rolled up the sleeves and worked on fixing his hair. Sylus had some dye remover, so when he washed his hair, all the red color came off. It went down the drain and he would dry his hair off, revealing his naturally black hair for Eric.

He smoothed it down and used some gel to part his hair like Eric's. When he came out, he looked over at Ara. [b "Do I look authentic?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 36d 1h 37m 50s
He made her smile when he said that, [b “Really? Thank you Sy.” ] She felt good hearing that from him. [b “You’re a good boyfriend yourself.” ] She said to him. She was glad to have him here. It felt nice to have him to talk to. She was starting to feel better. She still worried because that dream worried her and she worried about him not liking the idea of committing.

She warpped her arms around him, and gave his cheek a kiss. She was thankful. [b “Thank you…” ] Ara said and watched him head back to the bedroom. She stayed on her own for a little while. She pulled out her phe one and looked at the texts she received. She replied to a few and saw Josephs’ texts. She replied with ‘I miss you, I love you but I can’t be with you anymore. I’m sorry. I told you.’

She looked back indoors. She figured there would always be a risk… She noticed Sylus watching her. She crawled into bed and feel over his shoulder, [b “Thank you…Sy.” ] She whispered and closed her eyes to fall asleep again. Thankfully, she didn’t dream of anything. She heard her alarm from her phone go off in the morning. She slowly woke, and laid in bed for a little longer. Today, would be a great day. She’d nudge Sylus a bit and then kissed the back of his neck, “Sy…Sy, its morning.” She said and pressed her forehead against him for a second. His eyes were closed, and he seemed to be asleep.

[b “I love you. I’m afraid you’ll never love me…but I’m going to try.” ] She whispered, feeling over his back. She then got up from the bed. Shed let him sleep more. She pulled down her shorts, and slipped out of her top. She went into her suitcase. She looked back, and went to close the curtains of the balcony before going to her suitcase, bending over and grabbing her outfit for the day, her mesh crop top with seashells at her chest, and high waisted green shorts. She slipped out of her underwear and bra too, switching to a pair of new ones. Then began changing into the clothes, getting ready for the day.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 36d 1h 46m 11s
She said there was nothing, but he knew she was hiding something. It made Sylus sigh when she didn't tell him how she really felt about him. He thought that maybe she missed Joseph the more she spent time with him. He could understand that at the very least.

She said she wasn't going to break up with him and that he made her happy, but how could she say that right now. She wasn't happy at all ever since they landed and he knew it was also because of him. He hugged her and tried to relax her, but when she spoke about the break up, he continued to rub her back, feeling like she shouldn't have to feel that way. [b "You don't have to be. You're Ara, you're pretty, nice, sweet, and you're the best girlfriend ever"] he told her, trying to cheer her up, but it didn't seem to be working.

Sylus told her he wouldn't go for another girl and then he felt a bit annoyed that she threatened him. He wanted to sleep with her together. He felt her arms hug him and her warm lips on his cheek, but he still felt defeated, like he didn't do a single thing.

[b "You're not overwhelming. You're getting over a break up. I get it. If you need anything, just let me know. I'm here Ara"] he told her, rubbing the top of her head and then he headed back inside to the bedroom. He laid down and pulled the sheets over him, but his amber eyes would wander outside to her shadow, still watching her.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 36d 2h 14m 46s
[b “Nothing…” ] Ara sighed. She still was getting over it and it was always hard to get over someone she thought she’d be so close to for a long time. She looked up at him, [b “No, no, I’m not trying to break up with you. You’ve made me happy.” ] Ara said, wiping her eyes again. She just didn’t want to feel like her relationship with Joseph meant nothing. She liked the feel of Sylus fingers through her hair. She heard his soft sighs.

She hid her face into her arms [b “Nothing…I’m just getting over the breakup and questioning everything I thought to be true…” ] She looked him again when he said probably more. She knew she shouldn’t push him. He felt what he felt and his feelings were his own. [b I’m glad you really like or more… I’m just feeling insecure right now…because of everything.” ] She felt that crying it out would help a bit. It was at least good to talk to him. She threatened him out the fear of her drink coming to life, it left her feeling afraid of it.

[b “Okay, as long as you won’t.” ] Ara mumbled, and then she heard his question and he sounded annoyed. This is what happened when she ran her stupid thoughts. [b “Go on ahead, I’ll go to bed soon,” ] Ara said and decided to hug him and kiss his cheek. Then she said [b “Thanks for…trying to comfort me. I’m sorry if I’m overwhelming.” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 36d 2h 42m 24s
He saw her smiling and he wasn't quite sure if he was helping her out or not. It did make him feel a bit more nervous because it seemed like he was only causing more harm than good. He did the best he could, holding her in as they slept, but in the middle of the night, he didn't feel someone warm beside him.

Sylus got up and went to her side, trying to comfort her, hugging his arms around her. Her words sounded terrified and he wasn't sure how to help exactly. He told her it was probably nothing, but that seemed to hurt her more. [b "But?"] he wondered if she was rethinking their relationship now. Did she miss Joseph? [b "I know I'm not perfect either Ara, but I'll protect you and keep you safe. If you're trying to break up with me....because Joseph is better....I know I can make you happier"] he tried to tell her. She was crying and it was making him feel upset. HE didn't want her to be upset.

He brushed his fingers through her hair and he sighed softly. [b "I don't know what you want from me right now, but I really like you. No. It's probably even more than that. I don't want you to just change your mind either because of something I said"] he didn't like this. It made him feel queasy inside. Like Ara knew he wasn't good enough for her.

He heard her threat and then he just let out a deep sigh. She still didn't trust that he'd stay. [b "I won't. Can we just please get some rest so we can enjoy tomorrows date?"] he asked her, unsure if she even still wanted to go on this date with him. It seemed like she was obsessed with him hurting her when he hasn't done anything yet.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 36d 4h 4m 25s
[b “Thanks Sy.” ] Ara smiled, glad to have him to talk to. She was glad he didn’t make her feel more embarrassed about the whole thing. She fell asleep and woke up, from the bad dream. The fear of being crushed like that, ran through. She felt heart broken enough with Joseph, she didn’t want to be broken again like that. She went to the balcony and she sat there, calming herself down. It was working, and then Sylus came over and hugged her. It was nice. She wasn’t sure it would be just a dream though, she felt like it was very likely to happen.

At least it was a comfort to have him hug her. She wasn’t sure about telling him, but she did. It crushed her when he said it meant nothing. It still meant a lot to her. [b “It didn’t mean nothing. He waited, just not in the same way. I’m happy you like me Sylus and you’re willing to wait, but…” ] [i Joseph loved me. ] She didn’t continue, didn’t think he’d understand and thought it would just hurt anyway. Her eyes filled up but she sucked it up.

She said what her dream was. She felt his fingers brush through her hair. Not real yet. [b “Yea, you said you really liked me in my dream too. Careful when you say you’d stick around as long as I want.” ] Ara mumbled, glancing off. She felt his soft lips o her forehead and then he took her hand. Ara liked the closeness and she’d lean onto his shoulder for a bit and heard him remind her of her date, [b “right…we do…” ] And then she thought to herself out of fear and anger of the dream Sylus. [b “If you try to leave me for another girl, I’ll make you hurt twice as much,” ] Ara warned, putting and looking angry [b “I mean it, I can be hurtful too. I can say some pretty mean things.” ] She promised.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 36d 4h 27m 47s
He really did want to spend more time with her like this, but he could tell something was off and she looked really tired. Maybe it was a girl thing when she had her time of the month. [b "You don't have a choice and I like you being this way"] he smiled as she touched his cheek. [b "I'll be beside you and talk if you need me to"] he promised her, feeling her nestle up to him as they both went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, he didn't feel anyone beside him, so he got up and found her in the balcony. Sylus went in to wrap his arms around her, kissing her cheek and feeling something wet on it. Was she crying? He looked over and when she mentioned her dream, he leaned in to hug her [b "It's okay Ara, it's only a dream"] he rubbed her back, but she talked about Joseph and how she was still getting over her break up.

[b "It's okay. YOu're not with him anymore. He wanted something else with you and just because you didn't give him any meant the relationship meant nothing. You're okay and you have someone that likes you so much more and is willing to wait when you're ready"] he hugged her closer.

She talked about how he was kissing someone else and how they were just friends. He brushed her hair back [b "Sounds like a nightmare. It's not real Ara. I'm right here and I really like you okay? I'm gonna stick around as long you want me to"] he promised her and then he kissed her forehead, holding her hands in his. [b "We'll be okay. We even have an amazing date today remember?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 36d 5h 28m 22s
As much as she wanted to kiss him all night long, she did want to spend as much time as she could with him tomorrow too. He made her smile, [b “Okay, I’ll stick to being a girl, not that I have much choice,” ] She giggled. She just hated those monthly happenings that came with it, besides that, she liked the way she was. She caressed his cheek when he said such things. [b “Well that’s the point Sy, I want to be taken seriously without a guy but…I think that’s very sweet of you and I’d like a little help.” ]

She neslted into him, and felt good being able to fall asleep next to him. She fell asleep, feeling cozy but she had a rude awakening with her dream. She still felt heart broken from that break up, plus the dream and scared to let Sylus so close and get so hurt.

The breeze and view was helping her settle down. She’d wipe her eyes and and then heard the balcony door open. She turned her head a bit. It was dark, so she didn’t think he’d see. She felt Sylus arms around her, and a kiss on the cheek. She felt bad, for feeling the way she felt. [b “I’m okay…bad dream.” ] She spoke quietly, and then turn her head, wiping her eyes. It was good to have his arms around her but she wasn’t sure he could take hearing what she felt. But she felt emotional and poured some of it out, “I thought he loved me but I was only an annoyance and in the way. Maybe if I just did it with him then he wouldn’t avoid me or lie to me. Not that I want to be with him anymore but…still. And then I think about you…” ] She said weakly feeling like having a crying fit again, [b “I dreamt that we were together and things were going great, you got out of gang, then you start hanging around this other girl, kissing her. You said you couldn’t ever love me and did that I actually think that you would stick around, that it’s been great but you wanted to be free, that we could be friends. I stayed friends with you and you slept with her -and stuff.” ] She rambled, upset at the dream but other real things too.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 36d 6h 33m 30s

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