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He really was enjoying the trip with her. It felt so nice to just walk around and be alone with no one they knew around them. He called her his Ariel as they walked in and took pictures with the real Ariel. Then Sylus held her hand in his and he kissed her cheek, heading back out with her and telling her that the Ariel looked really pretty. She agreed and he would walk with her to pick out what to do next.

[b "We do? I like...listening to pop, rock, um...I have a guitar at home, so really the acoustic songs are my favorite"] he admitted and then he wondered what she liked. [b "What do you like? Maybe I can play you another song sometime"] he smiled, thinking it would make for another romantic night.

They headed towards the place Ara suggested and he would get himself a strawberry sundae and sit beside her. [b "I like....math. Math is pretty interesting and there's always an answer. Numbers are easy to deal with"] he took a bite of his ice cream and then he brought a spoonful towards her lips. [b "What about you Ar? What's your favorite subject and music?"] he wondered and thought about things they could have in common. [b "I think we have a lot in common. You care about people. You like Disney and sweets. I'm sure we'll be okay"] he licked his lips and then he wrapped his arm around her waist, resting his head against hers. [b "How about after this we go see some shows? There's a bird show showing after here. I hear that a parrot can even sing"]
  ellocalypse / 29d 16h 4m 55s
It amazed her to see Sylus like all of this stuff. It made her feel good, because they did have some things in common. She wondered what…else they had in common. She filled a smile when he said she was his riel. She giggled [b “Exactly.” ] She squeezed his hand. She’s seen Sylus fight and she could tell…he was dangerous. But, it wasn’t like he’d hurt someone just because hew was angry-right? Well. Forget it. She got lost I nthought but she got a kiss o the cheek.
They met Ariel and they got to take a picture with her. Ara smiled and thanked her for the compliment. She wondered what it would take to be a Disney princess. She thought it wa so cool. She held Sylus hand and head out with him again. She heard Sylus complimenting the girl, and felt a little weird about it. [b “She was.” ] Ara half smiled. She dimissed those thoughts away.
[b “We have to find more things we have to common…What kind of music do you like Sy?” ] Ara asked, as they walked down and she wondered what else they could ride together. Or, [b “Sy would you like to get something sweet together and sit down?” ] Ara suggested. [b “We can go to Storybook treats and get a soft serve.” ] She suggested. She liked having him by her side. If he agreed they’d make their way there. She would get the lost princess cone for herself.
[b “Let’s see, what’s your favorite subject at school?” ] She popped a few more questions, realizing she didn’t entirely know the answers and she did want to find what they had in common with each other. It seemed like…they didn’t have too much in common, except doing both well in school, Disney and getting along so well.
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He loved being around her like this and just being cute together. It's really nice to see her smile and be with him like this together. He showed her his phone and then he saw her looking at it. [b "Okay? If you don't mind. I really don't mind using this"] he admitted, knowing all he really cared about was texting and sending some pictures.

They took more together and Sylus walked with her towards the ride. He sat with her and was glad she decided that he wasn't a jerk. [b "Good. I don't want you to see me as a jerk"] he chuckled, excited to get his hands on her.

The ride was really pretty, seeing all the undersea creatures and then hearing the music. It was really cute and holding Ara's hands and seeing her blue eyes light up made his day. The ride finished and he held her hand tightly in his as they walked towards the line to meet Ariel.

He waited and would wrap his arms around her waist as a proud prince Eric. [b "I'm all yours and you're my only Ariel"] he laughed and then shook his head [b "I am pretty tough, but I like all of this. DIsney is amazing"] he leaned in to kiss her cheek again.

By the time they got to Ariel, he would walk up with Ara and give her a hug. SHe looked over Sylus and complimented him on looking so good. He'd rub the back of his head and smile, thanking her as he kept Ara around his arm so they could take pictures. She also complimented Ara on her clothes, loving the look she had. "You two look great together. Let's take pictures" she took a few more with them and Sylus smiled, holding Ara's hand again and thanking her before heading out. [b "She was really pretty. An exact replica of Ariel"]
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She peaked at his phone, seeing them as the background. It made her smile and feel so good about them being together. His phone was quite old. She knew he made good money from…those illegal actions, and she admired at least that he gave it to his family who needed it rather than getting an expensive phone. [b “I don’t. I only need one phone. I’ll hand it to you,” ] Ara half shrugged.

They took pictures and then walked toward a ride. [b “Sy, that wasn’t that long ago. No…you’re not a jerk to me anymore.” ] She laughed. She locked her eyes on his when he said he’d remove anything. [b “At our room…that sounds like a good idea.” ]

She went in line with him and then they got their turn. They sat down together. Ara got really interested in all that was around them. She found it so cool. “It is…I wonder how it’s all done,” ] Ara whispered. She heard Ariel singing, and then they saw Ursula. She felt Sylus arm wrap around his arm. She leaned into him and she got a kiss on her cheek.

The ride came into an end. They stepped out and then they went into the line to take a picture with Ariel. Ara giggled [b “I’m sure she will, but remember you’re mine.” ] Ara said proudly and kissed his cheek. She saw kids going up and she thought it was so cute. She tilted her head, [b “You know, I’m surprised how you look so tough and you like all of this. It’s really cute.” ] She admitted, looking at his amber eyes. His eyes really did pop up with his dark hair.
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He called her his girlfriend because he felt like it was something she knew she'd like. They were together already and he wanted to act like it. Just like how he remembered. [b "I'll make it my background"] he smiled and then he showed her his phone. He knew it was old, but he didn't have to hide anything from ARa. She knew his situation. [b "Um...if you don't need it anymore, sure. I don't mind"] he didn't want to be just given things all the time. UNless she really didn't need it, then he wouldn't mind taking it.

When Pooh came, they took pictures together and then he'd take a picture of her, chuckling and smiling because he really liked it. HE held her hand and walked with her around the park, looking for some rides. [b "I used to be a jerk. I'm not a jerk with you I don't think?"] he smiled and then he laughed [b "Good, I'll remove anything I'm wearing for you if you want"] he smiled.

They went to the LIttle Mermaid ride and he'd stand beside her, seeing all the kids looking really excited. Sylus followed her around and when they headed inside, they sat together and the bar went down. The ride was pretty cool inside. THey went in as if they dove underwater, seeing ARriel and her friends. [b "It's amazing how they make it move though"] he admitted and then he saw ARiel come out singing. It was pretty. [b "Wow! This is really good"] he then saw Ursula and then he nodded. [b "Yeah! The smoke and the effects are great!"] he smiled, soon seeing her and Eric. Sylus wrapped his arm around her and then he leaned in to kiss her cheek.

He held her hand and when it came to and end, he stepped out with her. [b "Oh wow that was pretty good"] he then saw a line forming to take pictures with Ariel. [b "Let's go?"] he said excitedly, walking towards the line, wanting to meet her. HE hoped she liked their costumes. [b "I think she'll think we're both looking great!"]
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She felt good hearing him call her his girlfriend. [b “Arlight,” ] Ara smiled. She liked the idea of him putting that as his background. She glanced at his phone and it was…quite dated. She wasn’t sure if he could update the recent apps. [b “Um, I have a phone that was last years model. I don’t use it anymore…it’s just sitting in my room. Do you want it?” ] Ara asked.

Then they saw Pooh. Ara took the picture and she took a picture of Sylus. She held his hand, glancing at the photos on her phone for a second. They were…so cute. Then she mentioned that guy’s comment. She thought it was kind of a jerk thing to say since it was pretty sexual. Ara raised a brow when he contradicted himself [b “So you Sylus, were a jerk. I don’t’ think it’s right to make girls uncomfortable like that.” ] She mentioned and blushed a bit when he mentioned she didn’t need them. She half laughed, [b “Yea, when it’s just us…I can remove it then.” ] She said.

They walked and her eyes would wander around. [b “They do? Let’s do that.” ] Ara nodded. They went to line up together. Ara started humming ‘part of your world’. She saw a few little kids and she thought they were just cute getting all excited. Their turn came up. They got to ride in a seashell like everyone else. Ara hopped in and it was so dark.

[b “this is creepy in way…” ] Ara whispered. She’d see the seagull and look around the darkness, seeing some light, then water, hearing Ariel’s voice. Ara looked up seeing her and flounder. Then an animated robot of her. Ara’s jaw dropped [b “Whoa Sy! Look!” ] Ara tapped and would hum a long again. It was pretty cool and she would keep looking around, wondering just how this all came to be.
Then Ursula came up. Ara giggled [b “Sy, this is pretty cool right?” ] Ara said. Then they came to the scene where ‘kiss the girl’ played, Ariel and Eric on a boat. Ara glanced at Sylus and snuggled up to him, squeezing his hand. It had such a happy ending with them getting married, and soon enough the ride came into an end.
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He nodded, thinking she looked so pretty that all of her pictures deserved to be seen by the world too. Still, he felt like she was exclusively with him though. He smiled and then they walked together and he'd let her take a few pictures. He'd stand with her and put his arm around her as they snapped a few.

He then smiled [b "Yes, only your Eric"] he nodded and then he found the ears. Sylus got excited because he's only seen these in pictures and videos, but when put one on, he glanced at ARa and saw her taking pictures. He bought her one and then he put it on her head, hearing her sweet giggles as they took more pictures. [b "I would. You're my girlfriend after all"] he leaned in to kiss her and then he showed her his phone.

It was a smartphone, but it was really old. IT was one of the first ones that came out. [b "It's old, I know, but I use it to text and call, it's fine"] he told her, soon seeing Pooh. He rushed over and when a guy came by, he brushed him off. THe man didn't hear Sylus, but he'd take Ara's hand and continue walking. They caught Pooh and when he tried to copy them, he'd laugh [b "He's pretty good"] he high fived him back and then they stood beside the big character and took a photo.

He then waved and held ARa's hand again [b "Huh? NO, that guy was a jerk. I would say stuff that like to other girls before, but that's because I wasn't with them. I mean. You don't really need those shells, at least when it's just you and I"] he teased, leaning into her and holding her beside him as he walked towards the rides [b "What do you want to ride on first Ara? They have a little mermaid one?"] he suggested.
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Ara fell into a smile [b “I do, don’t I.” ] ra felt pretty good about what she put online. She liked taking pictures and documenting what she was wearing at the time or doing. She smiled when he said she could keep doing it. She held his hand, they walked. Ara couldn’t containing her grin when he agreed, and called her cute. [b “Yes! Um, there,” ] Ara pointed where there was a fountain. She giggled when he talked about his outfit [b “Okay, but your my prince Eric, not hers.” ] She teased.
They got to a stand with ears. She liked how he was smiling and getting excited. Sylus just did not fit the picture of what she got from her first impression of him just by looks. It was so cute. She would take a picture of him. She watched Sylus come and place a rose gold one on her head. Well, she very much did like the color. She wasn’t sure if it well with her outfit but Sylus liked it. [b “Aw, thanks Sy.” ] She giggled. She nodded. They would take pictures together and she showed him the pictures on her phone.
[b “I’ll send them to you.” ] Ara quickly sent it to his phone and met his eyes, [b “You would put it as a background?” ] Something about that made her feel all lovey dovey inside.
[b “Yea, later.” ] Ara glanced at his phone [b “Sy what kind of phone do you have?” ] Wondering if it was dated and if she could give him the phone she got a year ago.

Ara watched who he pointed at. She really did feel like a little kid. [b “Yes!” ] Ara smiled, and would walk toward the direction. Then a guy came by and she blushed, [b “Oh thanks. No…it’s not. I do…need them.” ] She didn’t feel comfortable with comments like that. She looked back at Sylus. She sighed, and tried to let it go. She then went to take a picture with Pooh. Pooh tried to copy her pose, which was funny. Then he gave her a high five. That cheered her up a bit.
She went back to Sylus [b “Did you want to take a picture?” ] Ara asked. If he did, she’d take it for him. Then she’d ask, [b “Sy, do you say stuff like that to random girls? Like…that guy?” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 32d 12h 37m 37s
He was surprised to see all of the girls recognizing Ara. That must have meant that her social media influence was large. HE would meet her eyes and then he would look surprised as he asked her [b "I have. You have a lot of pretty pictures on there"] he nodded and did remember seeing travel pictures and such. [b "You can keep doing what you'd like Ara. I don't mind being in a few pictures"] he chuckled and held her hand as they walked around.

They headed inside and he would squeeze her hand [b "Okay, I can't deny such a cute face. Where did you want to take pictures by?"] he looked around for some cool scenery or a nice background. He then walked with her and grinned [b "Me too. I want her to judge my Prince Eric outfit"] he wondered what she'd think. He then saw the stand with the ears and he went to put one on, showing Ara and grinning like a child. He saw her take a pictures and then he found a cute rosegold one. Sylus went to buy it and the placed it on her head gently [b "Can we take a picture together?"] he asked a stranger to take a picture of them and he'd smile, leaning into ARa.

He took a few more with her and then he would look at the pictures. [b "Ooh, this one is perfect. I want it as my phone background"] he asked, leaning on and giving her kiss a cheek. [b "We do. We can always share the pictures later. You and I can at least share them with each other"] he let her take him to wherever she wanted and he'd pose and take more pictures with her.

He then would see characters walking around Sylus would point. [b "Look Ara, there's Pooh! Do you want to take a picture?"] he'd ask, squeezing her hand in his. He then saw someone walking up to Ara "That outfit is sexy. Is that your real skin girl? You don't need those shells" one male would say.

Sylus would glance over and just roll his eyes. [b "You probably need shells to cover up though"] he mumbled to the guy.
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Ara took a picture with the girls, having the conversation. Even Sylus joined the picture. She waved at them, watching them go off on their own. She looked back at his eyes. Famous? [b “I’m not famous. You’ve seen my Instagram. I also post up videos on Youtube for my travels, didn’t I tell you? Normally, I’d even document going here but…I want to just focus on us.” ] Ara said, and also worried about drama that it would bring if she mixed Sylus into it. [b “This doesn’t happen often.” ] She mentioned.

Ara walked along side him, and walked inside the park with him. Her eyes would wander, [b “Can we take a few pictures together first? Since it’s not too busy now?” ] Ara met his eyes, pouting, half pleading. [b “Then we can go on a ride and meet characters. I want to see Ariel-since I’m dressed up.” ] She mentioned. Shesaw his eyes being drawn somewhere else. She followed him along and saw him grab ears. Ara giggeld, thinking it looed kind of funn on him, and cute at the same time.

[b “It looks really cute Sy. Hold on right there.” ] She took a few steps back and took a picture of him. Then she tilted her head [b “Let me buy them for you since you like them.” ] Ara suggested. He was the cutest. After awhile, Ara found someone to take a picture f them. She’d wrap her arms around him from the side, pose up and smile. She got him to face her, hold her hand and took a few more. She thanked the stranger and would show Sylus the pictures.

[b “What do you think!” ] Ara smiled, adoring to capture the moment. She thought they looked so good together. [b “We make a cute couple don’t we? I wish I culd share it,” ] She sighed but knew she couldn’t.
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Her shells were soft and bouncy. His eyes stayed on hers and he loved seeing her enjoy his touch. Sylus wished he could touch her more, but they had to go. Once he got up, he headed towards the door with her, holding her hands in his, but then she grabbed the sunscreen.

Sylus' amber eyes faced her and he wondered what she was doing. She covered him in sunscreen and he'd smile innocently, seeing her small hands rubbing all over his chest. He was getting turned on and he knew she was teasing him, but they had to go. He leaned in to kiss her lips and then he walked with her to the cab.

They soon made it to the park and he'd sway his hands with hers. They looked really good and they both knew it. He still didn't feel as comfortable without his red hair, but Ara liked it. He lined up with her in the crowd and noticed the two girls coming over excitedly. Everyone seemed to want her attention today. He held her close and listened in on their conversation.

They recognized her? Was Ara that popular online? Why hasn't he known about that? He watched the two and then saw them taking pictures. He would take a few for them, but when they asked if he was her boyfriend, he let her answer. He didn't want the world to know if it'll cause drama right now.

To his surprise, Sylus didn't know if he should take a picture with the girl. He wasn't famous or anything. [b "Um, sure why not?"] he took a pictures with them and then he waved, holding Ara's hand again [b "I didn't know you were famous. You should show me your page or how they know you sometime"] he walked in with her, surprised that they had tickets already too. He'd wrap his arm around her waist and then he led her inside [b "Where to first? Let's go on a ride? Or is there a Disney character you want to take a picture with?"] he wondered, looking around and seeing everyone going to what they wanted to do. He then saw small shops selling gifts and knick knacks too.

Sylus walked over to one of the stands and then he saw the different Mickey ears they were selling. He grabbed a toy story alien one and put it on his head, seeing the ears pop up [b "Look! Does it look good on me?"] he wondered, seeing other people wearing ears around the park.
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She blushed and giggled ab it when he touched her shell. She did like him touching her there. They did have to get up though. She fixed up her top again and she went onto grabbing sunscreen. She saw him shiver a bit. [b “Hold on,” ] Ara laughed and would rub the sunscreen into his skin well. She smiled to herself, feeling rpoud she got to touch his chest. Ara had looked up at him at the same time she did it.

Sylus held her hand and they went downstairs together. She would start swaying there hands back and forth as they made it toward the cab. She hopped in and leaned into his shoulder. [b “We do, don’t we.” ] She grinned. She liked having him kiss her cheek like that They got out and there was already a small crowd there but the park wasn’t open yet. Ara continued to hold his hand. She felt him pulling her closer. Ara turned her head to him, wondering why. It didn’t matter, she liked it.
She looked ut and noticed a few glances, as usual. Then a girl dragged another girl with them to them, “Oh my god, you’re Ara right? I follow you on Youtube and Instagram.”
Ara smiled, [b “Yea, that’s me. Hi, thank you. It’s nice to meet you.” ]
She looked so excited and her friend looked puzzled but she was staring at Sylus.
“You are as pretty as the pictures. Can I picture with you?” She asked.
Ara smiled, [b “Sure.” ]
Then she looked at Sylus, and blushed, “Is he your new boyfriend?”
Ara looked back at Sylus and was worried about it spilling but, [b “Umm…well, don’t tell anyone yet.” ] Ara half laughed. She took the picture with the girl and then she asked if she could include Sylus too. Ara let Sylus be the decision of that.

The park began to open and Ara said goodbye to the girls. She looked at Sylus [b “Sorry, that doesn’t usually happen. Let’s go in,” ] Ara said. She already had everything paid for.
  Ravenity / 33d 22h 46m 25s
He met her eyes and thought about people not recognizing him. That would be good in its own way. [b "You're right. Maybe I should sometimes. It'd be nice to just be looked over"] he shrugged and then he went to the balcony with her and sat down together. They ate and shared food, but when ARa tried to tease him back, he smiled and reached his hand over and squeezed the shell.

He smiled [b "Mmm, very soft"] he liked being able to touch her and have her wanting it too. He couldn't wait for their date to start, so when he got up, he headed inside and then he watched Ara come over and felt her hands on his face. He closed his eyes, making sure not to get any in his eyes as he thought she'd end it there. When she touched his chest, he shivered a bit at how cold it was and then he felt her touching and roaming around. IT felt so nice to be touched by her gentle hands.

He wanted to do her, but she quickly put on a shirt and got ready. He held her hand and then they headed downstairs. Sylus followed her as they got a cab to the park.

He sat beside her and kept his arm around her [b "We look really good today. I can't wait"] he smiled, leaning in to kiss her cheek as they headed towards the front gates of the park. There was already a small crowd waiting and when Sylus noticed eyes going on him and Ara, he pulled her in closer to him.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 34d 10h 35m 31s
[b “Once in a while may be nice. Maybe people won’t recognize you.” ] She pointed out and then had the crazy idea that he can change his look, identity and name so that those gangsters could never find him. Maybe…that was extreme? No? She looked like she was in thought. Then he kissed her lips.

They sat at the balcony together. She would nod [b “It is. ] Her eyes fell to him buttoning his shirt. He was teasing…definitely teasing. [b “Kind of…?”] Ara asked. She watched his hand come over and gave it a squeeze. She blushed a bit, and saw him smiling. [b “Told you.” ] She smiled a bit more when he said he wouldn’t. Ahh, when he smirked like that. Her mind drifted off again, about him. Then they shared food, she shared pictures with friends she was close to but didn’t attend the school.

[b “Isn’t it?” ] Ara said about her toast. She got up and grabbed her bag. She grabbed the sunscreen from her bag and looked back at him when he said he needed it. She listened to his suggestion. Such a tease! Well two can play. [b “Sure,”] Ara said and came over to him. She squeezed some of the sunscreen and applied it on his face, making sure there were no marks. She liked touching his cheeks and skin. Then she took some more and put it to his exposed chest. She rubbed it around slowly, feeling for his hard chest. She looked up at his eyes, hoping slowly made him feel teased too. Then she finished it off. She put some on her arms and made sure she had something underneath her shirt.
[b “Let’s go Sy, we’re going to take a lot of pics.” ] Ara grinned, and took hold of his hand, to go down stairs with him.
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He looked in the mirror at his black hair and he wasn't sure now if he should keep it this way or not. If Ara liked it, he'd highly consider it, but he liked his red hair. It made him stick out [b "We'll see. Maybe I'll do this every once in a while"] he met her lips and then he went over to her to place his order.

They took some cool pictures together and when the food arrived, he'd help set up the balcony, looking over at Ara and then noticing she wasn't wearing a bra. She was clearly only covering up with those shells. [b "Is it really? Well this is comfortable for me too"] he unbuttoned his shirt andt hen he heard her [b "I....kind of do?"] he reached over, his hand moving over her seashells, giving it a little squeeze and feeling how soft they were [b "Oooh, you are right"] he smiled innocently and then he looked down at his chest. [b "I won't. Just for your eyes"] he smirked.

As they ate, Sylus shared food with her, seeing her send some pictures to a few friends. He didn't want to have to deal with drama at school again, so he just let Ara decide. He took a bite of her toast and licked his lips [b "Mmm, it's sweet"] he soon finished up and grabbed a backpack, putting in a water bottle, his shades and then walking towards Ara. [b "Well I might need some on my face....and maybe my chest. Do you want to put it on Ara?"] he asked, teasing her as he took the bottle and put some on his hands.
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