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Ara lightly laughed, forgetting he actually saw that, [b “She flung a pencil at me! It was just a polite warning not to do that again.” ] She’s seen people get mad and done worse. Besides, last few months she learned not to let people do bad things toward her and not just sit there and not do anything.

She could feel and see what he was feeling. She’d blush, respond to him. He said it was fine. [b “I’m not going to laugh…I feel something too.” ] He just couldn’t see it. She tried not to look anymore, not wanting him to feel weird about it.

That competition made her nervous. At the very least, she couldn’t be set to blame if they didn’t make it since it was a team effort [b “Alright,”] Ara smiled. She still felt like she had a good day with him. She listened to him [b “Yea, we probably should. Yea…school.” ] It was so boring. She wondered how they could stand to have school every single day with only two days off. She had private teachers, homework but it was always within a selected times but moved around, and she could be travelling all at the same time.

Ara watched him slowly getting up, her eyes went down, seeing him trying to cover. She sighed. It really must sucked being a guy and not being able to hide it. She recalled Joseph and she just left him be, and even when she offered to help-he’d say no because it only make it worse and that he couldn’t stop himself after since she didn’t want to sleep with him yet.

[b “Are you going to be okay?” ] She asked him, getting up herself. She reached for a towel to dry herself off a bit and tossed him a towel too.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 5d 22h 31m 28s
He was glad that she was nice. It was one of the things he really liked about her. She was sweet and kind as long as others were to her as well. [b "Well...that girl that almost got in your way got her pencil broken"] he chuckled and then he wondered if she knew how to help him?

His eyes looked over and could see her blushing. He probably shouldn't be asking her to do any of those things at all. He shook his head [b "It's fine. Just don't laugh at me"] he sat normally but it was still visible underwater. HE tried, but gave up.

Sylus was curious as to how she knew his father. He listened to her and then he nodded [b "Okay, I'll try to be there since it's your first one"] he nodded, hoping she'd also be there to cheer on their team as well. He waited until he managed to calm down on his own, trying to just forget about what just happened in the jacuzzi. [b "Should we wash up and head inside? It's getting late. I don't want to take up too much of your time. We do have school tomorrow"] he told her, slowly getting up and out of the water, seeing the bulge in his shorts as he tried to cover it.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 10h 44m 29s
She knew it was more than just attraction. She liked him because he was kind, and she got to see how he was with his family. She moved over and smiled gently when he said it was calming. [b “Of course I’ll be nice. I try to be nice to everyone if they’re not purposely trying to bully me.” ] And then her eyes dropped. She could tell because she had felt him earlier… She blushed thinking about actually helping him. She didn’t know even how to do that. [b “I don’t know…maybe…I never done that-so I’m not so sure I’d be any good to you.” ] She quietly spoke, kind of afraid she’d hurt him or, do something wrong-or do it completely all wrong.

Bringing up his dad was hard enough. She smiled and nodded when she got to admit he had a great family. He didn’t need to worry about his father. She thought she got rid of that conversation but he spoke up about it again. [b “Um… I guess so. It’s every few months, not all the time. She saw him sink into the water. She had been trying to avoid him thinking about this. [b “It isn’t until late November…and that’s just qualifications. You can come, but it probably won’t be at the school.” ] She said to him.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 11h 7m 0s
He saw her smile and then he wondered if she had feelings for him or something. He did feel something special with her, but he wasn't exactly sure how to deal with it at all. He heard her blaming herself and he just wondered what he could do, or what he should do now. She cheated on her boyfriend with him and he didn't know how to win her over.

He watched her move over and then he nodded [b "Yeah it's calming, relaxing and you're being really nice to me"] he smiled a bit and saw her eyes going to his trunks. [i She knew]. [b " you want to help me?"] he wondered, his cheeks burning up a bit because he didn't know if she wanted to or not.

As he leaned back, he asked about his father, wondering how close they were. It seemed like he was there the whole time she grew up. [b "Oh okay..."] he spoke and then she changed the subject. [b "I do have my family and I am doing okay. You're right"] he told her, still feeling like his father was doing fine without him. He abandoned him after all.

[b "Well it's nice to know he helps you out and he's not completely useless"] he shrugged and sank into the water a bit more, relaxing back as he thought about what else they could do. [b "WHen is your cheer competition, I'll come watch?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 11h 18m 31s
Ara half smiled [b “Right…just attracted.” ] She wondered if it was more than that. She did have Joseph, and she knew she would feel even more horrible later. [b “It’s…still my fault too.” ] She added. She took part of the act, and she liked it. She cheated on him…and she wasn’t sure what to do abou tit. To just….keep it a secret?

It was good, to see SYlus was doing better. She shifted off, not wanting to be any more trouble by sitting on his lap. She could feel him below… She didn’t know what to do about that. She really-really didn’t and didn’t know if she should. [b “I’m glad you like it here…” ] She whispered. Her eyes fell down to his trunks. And then he noticed SYlus glancing at her. She blushed a bit, [b “I’d…help…but well you know-don’t know anything.” ] And thn there was Joseph.

Then a question popped up about his dad and she hoped they wouldn’t get into it so that he could just relax. She felt this might put him back. [b “He’s visited me a few times…and we kept in contact. I go to tthe café a lot too.” ] She didn’t want to get into detail because she felt that would hurt him. That he’s been around her when her mom passed away. That she got to talk to him for advise as she grew older sometimes.
[b “Let’s not talk about that. It doesn’t matter if it appears we’re close. I don’t even know why,” ] She said. She took hold of his hand, [b “You have your family. He needed you more than you needed him because you are just fine and have great siblings and a mom. She probably raised you much better than he would have.” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 11h 25m 44s
He felt like maybe he shouldn't be doing this. The more he spoke with Ara, the more he was coming to his senses, realizing that he could just be leading her on and she was going with the flow because she felt really good. He heard her and then he shook his head [b "I...uh...I think we're just attracted to each other, but you have a boyfriend and I'm sure once I leave, you'll be beating yourself up. So I'm sorry"] he told her and then he told her he was thankful she cheered him up and let him stay for a while.

[b "I feel better thanks to you"] he watched her on his lap and then she slowly shifted. He laughed a bit and rubbed the back of his neck. [b "It's fine. It's nice and relaxing in here anyways"] he leaned back and tried to calm down because his hard was on. He pushed down on his trunks and then he would glance over at Ara, seeing that she looked a bit awkward. She probably didn't know what to do.

[b "So how do you know my dad? You two seem really close. Like you were his own kid or something"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 11h 45m 23s
She assumed that it would hurt because if it didn’t…then wouldn’t that mean he didn’t feel much? [b “No…um…I kissed you back anyway. If I didn’t want to kiss you then I wouldn’t kiss back.” ] She didn’t understand how he wouldn’t see that. She heard him, and pressed her forehead against his chest. It was best they did stop. She looked up at his eyes again and she still felt at fault.

[b “yes, but I kissed you back.” ] She knew that was her own fault. [b “I’m glad I got to spend time with you too. I had a lot of fun. Mmm… I guess we were productive.” ] She gently smiled. She was glad, that least he showed her that it could be different when it was intimate. She didn’t really feel pressured from him. She still had that…feeling in her and she wasn’t sure what to do to make it go away. [i Wait it out. ] She figured. She felt good and trusted him a bit more saying they should stop anyway.

The jacuzzi was still so warm. She’d look at his eyes and then remembered she was sitting on his lap [b “It’s not helping you that I’m sitting on your lap is it?” ] She lightly laughed. She felt bad for getting them both aroused, mostly Sylus because she never really experienced it, so she didn’t know what was she was missing. [i “ What now’ ] She thought to herself. If she couldn’t help but get herself into these situations then…what should she do.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 12h 9m 2s
He didn't think she was easy at all, but when she brought up him saying these things to others it kind of hurt. Was that how he was really seen. He understood why she was saying it, but at the same time, he felt like the past few days have been nothing and maybe she didn't feel like he cared for her either. He kissed her, his hands moving back to a normal place and then he faced her, seeing her blue eyes on his.

[b "It would hurt....I guess. Maybe I shouldn't have taken it too far either then. I'm sorry if I kissed you when you didn't want me to"] he sighed a bit and could feel how aroused he was. He really wanted to sleep with her, but he could see it would only mean something else and do her wrong.

[b "Then we'll stop it here for now"] he told her, feeling her forehead against his chest. He met her eyes and knew she wasn't his and probably wouldn't want to be his. He felt her cup his cheeks and then he shook his head [b "It's not your fault. I started it. I'm just really glad I got to spend some time with you like this. We were productive today weren't we?"] he told her, feeling bad now, but at the same time, he was thankful for her having him over.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 12h 35m 40s
Being with him, she felt like she was easy. She wanted to mean more than just a girl he could kiss or touch. She looked at his eyes when he said he she wasn’t and that he did care. [b “Do you say that to others too?” ] She asked. Sylus kissed her, and his hands moved from her bikini to her back. She already kissed him, and she kissed him again…feeling she was already too deep down the well. He still held her, and kissed her. His kisses were so good. She wondered if that was true, if she wouldn’t hurt him.

[b “I wouldn’t?” ] She raised a brow, [b “If I used you to help me learn what to do to my boyfriend, wouldn’t that hurt you? Or even not that, we do this…and I go back to him-that would hurt.” ] She asked, because she was pretty sure it would, and at the same time she felt emotions for him-not just dumb physical. [b “I mean…I don’t know.” ] Ara blushed, [b “I kind of do want that…but I know it’s not smart. ] She pressed her forehead against his chest, feeling bad she put herself into this situation, and not being able to stop herself…from liking him.

She shook her head, feeling bad for even thinking of it. She did have Joseph, and she should be doing this stuff with him. It just…she was kind of afraid with Joseph, afraid of how it would hurt, and going too fast that it made her uncomfortable. But Sylus…it felt like he cared, so he didn’t do that.

She looked up at Sylus' eyes and cupped his cheek, [b "I'm horrible... I'm sorry." ] Feeling bad for doing this to either of them.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 12h 43m 33s
He was getting to know her much better the past few days and he was really enjoying her company. She already accepted that he had a family at the orphanage and even knew his real father. She tried to comfort him and even got him a watch. It was kind, sweet, and no girl ever really did things for him like that before. She was special, different. He kissed her, but he was getting into the old habit of wanting to sleep with her.

He kissed and touched what he wanted and it amazed him because Ara was allowing him to. He heard her and it made him sad to hear that she thought she was just another girl that was easy. [b "You're not easy and I care about you and what you want"] he told her, getting back to reality. That was right. She wasn't like those girls asking him to sleep with them or to use him as a favor. He met her eyes and kissed her, his hands moving from her bikini to just on her back.

He listened to her ask about him showing her and then mentioning that her boyfriend was king of rough. He held her on his lap and kissed her more [b "You won't hurt me....but I guess we should stop before anything happens. You probably don't want that"] he told her, meeting her eyes.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 13h 26m 54s
She watched and moaned when he kissed the top of her chest. She felt his lips sucking, and then he tugged a strap with his teeth. That…was so sexy. She bit down her lip, almost giving in but was too shy to show him her body. Especially since she wanted it to mean something if she did show him her body. [b “I know…” ] She whispered, looking a this eyes, [b “But…I don’t want to be just another girl you see. I don’t want to be that easy.” ] [i I don’t want to be one Sylus’ hoes. ] As she recalled at the insult. She didn’t know why but it hurt. She wanted him to see her as not just someone who was pretty but someone that he wouldn’t want to hurt and cared for.

Ara kissed him hard, and knew she was going too far already. She didn’t have to. She knew that. She stared at him when he said he could show her. She blushed, feeling so unsure. Maybe she should just ask Joseph, but she also felt kind of afraid, because he was very forward and a little pushy-which was really hot but not when she was trying to figure things out. [b “Um…I don’t know… I kind of want you to show me but I don’t want to hurt you either. I’d ask…you know-who-but he’s kind of rough.” ] She felt b even ad for mentioning it.

Sylus pressed her against his firm chest. IT felt so good. She made out with him slowly back, enjoying their make out session. Why was it so hard to stop kissing him. She wouldn’t kiss him just because he’s good looking-she was a bit shallow but she could never kiss someone just because of there looks, she felt something and she worried that maybe he had other reasons for wanting to be this close.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 13h 59m 41s
Sylus loved touching her skin. How soft it was on his fingertips and how pretty she was physically. It was easy to just be with her and drown himself in the pleasure of their kisses and touches, but he knew that's not what she's what he wanted.

He kissed atop her chest, his lips pressing against her soft skin, sucking as he moved over to the straps of her top. He tugged one down with his teeth, but when she spoke, he met her eyes and then he kissed back up to her neck, slowly pulling up the strap [b "You don't need to be nervous Ara. You're beautiful and you know it"] he told her, kissing her cheek and then he could tell she found out he was hard.

He hid the embarrassment well, but he didn't know if she'd do anything about it, so he stopped. He met her eyes and felt her lips kissing him hard. She was such a tease and it seemed like she was leading him on, but he didn't really care. [b "You don't have to know. I can always show you if you want me to"] he told her, pressed his chest against hers more, his hands on her back as he made out with her slowly, letting her have what she wanted for now at least.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 14h 15m 20s
She wasn’t sued to having her bare skin touched. She was still getting used to it with Joseph. It was hard not to visibly blush with his touching and kissing She could feel him caress her skin, hand back where it was. [b “Mmm,” ] She squeezed her eyes feeling his lips on her exposed chest. She knew she was pretty. She clung onto him, not ably to deny it to herself that she liked his lips kissing along her chest. She nibbled at her own lip, feeling something below her-on him and even herself.

Sylus tugged on her straps, pulling it down, making her feel slightly nervous. It wasn’t like…but still [b “Wait…don’t take it off,” ] She shyly spoke, feeling nervous about him actually seeing private parts of her body, [b “It makes me be seen,” ] She shifted on his lap, feeling something in her own body. She could feel him sucking on her skin, making her moan. She stroked through his hair…his hair felt so nice. He was so hot. She imagined a few things but felt too scared to actually do that. She shifted more in his lap, and she definitely noticed. [b “Sylus…you’re…” ] She whispered and figured-he would know and there was no point in mentioning it. She kissed him hard and said [b "I'm sorry...I'm going to disappoint you. I don't...really what to do besides kissing...and touching a bit." ] She felt embarrassed to admit it
but she didn't, she was just getting there with Joseph and he was rough and not all that patient.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 14h 43m 39s
He knew she was together with someone, but it never stopped him before. Whenever he wanted someone, he wanted them and if they responded back to him, he'd pursue them even more. There was something different about Ara. She wanted him back, and yet she had a decent boyfriend. It made him feel aroused at the challenge of trying to win her over, and the fact that she was too beautiful to just let go.

He had her in his lap, his arms around her, caressing her skin as he ran his fingers down her back and sides. HIs amber eyes would meet hers, hearing she didn't mind him touching her. He let his hands slide back into her bottoms and then he would caress her soft skin, his lips traveling across her collarbone as he glanced down to see her chest. He smiled and pressed his lips along the top of her skin, hearing her sweet moans. [b "You're so pretty Ara"] he told her, pressing his lips along her chest at her exposed skin. He would playfully tug on the straps of her top, teasing her as he pulled one strap down, wondering if she'd let him try to take the top off.

He could feel her shifting on his lap, touching him a bit and he'd get even more aroused. His hands rubbed her behind and then he would suck on her skin more.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 15h 20m 4s
She ignored all the thoughts or the reasons why. It didn’t matter…not now. He was kissing her more roughly, and then hands were going down her skin, until she felt his fingers going inside. She began moaning softly and quietly as he nibbled on her ear, kissing lower and harder. She had pressed her chest against him, feeling him rub her ass. She told him and he apologized, [b “I don’t mind…” ]She whispered. She looked at his eyes again. She stared at him, and then at his lips again.

Sylus brushed her hair back that had fallen a little loose. [b “Mmm…” ] She held onto him while he kissed down her collarbone. She felt…something below her, on her and she happen to be sitting pretty close to that area. Was that? No…It couldn’t be. She saw him looking at the top of her chest, the top and center pretty exposed. [b “Mmm…” ] She watched and felt him kiss further down. She shifted on his lap a bit, and kind of regretted it because she kind of rubbed against him.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 15h 47m 19s

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