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[b “I am aren’t I.” ] Ara giggled and grinned. She was happy to be eating with him. She liked the idea of him working for her. She could just pay him for being close to her. [b “Mmm, it’ll be a lot of fun.” ] Ara said. She felt more relaxed knowing she could do that for him. She didn’t know how much money he needed but if he needed most of it, she’d give it to him.

She still didn’t understand herself, but still had the suspicion it was related to Sylus. [b “I would really like it if you did.” ] Ara said. She heard him question and she smiled and shook her head, [b “It’s nothing. Just, I miss kissing you.” ]

She got changed, and smiled when Sylus called her cute. [b “You looking good too.” ] She said happily.

They got to the shop and she would grab plenty, especially fruits. She then saw the text and felt her mood change. Ara sighed, [b “Yes…no but, I have to.” ] She wished she could just stay at his apartment. She didn’t want to go back and didn’t know what would was the situation or what would be the situation when she got there.

[b “My dad, wants me back home. That’s all.” ] Ara said, not wanting him to worry about her worries too. Ara paid for it. She went up to his apartment with him. SHe helped put the food away. Ara would go grab her bag and when she came out, Sylus finished making a smoothie. Ara softly smiled [b “Thank you…” ] Ara said. Ara would stand and sip on the smoothie he made her.

Ara smiled and then frowned. [b “I don’t think that’s a good idea… Tell me when you finish work though, I can grab a friend and visit.” ] Ara said and saw another text. She got nervous. [b “I have to go.” ] She would lean in and kiss his lips and head toward the door [b “See ou Sy!” ] She said and got a drive back to her house.

By lunch time she messaged him, ‘I’m sorry. I can’t come.’
She messaged him in the evening ‘Are you home?’ She sent, ‘Can I talk to you?’
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He thought about working for her and maybe that was better. He'd be able to spend time with her and help her out and in return, he'd get paid enough to cover his living expenses. At least there was that. Hearing her agree made him really happy. [b "I'm glad you think so Ar"] he hugged her, feeling so glad she was letting him do that.

In the morning, Sylus woke up to Ara poking his cheek. He'd open his eyes and smell the pancakes. [b "Mmm, it smells so good. You are the best girlfriend ever"] he kissed her and would lean into her as they ate together. He finished it up and then he did the dishes as he met her eyes. [b "I know. But once I work for you Ar, we can spend so much time together"] he said excitedly.

HE was surprised to hear that Klara wanted to talk to him. He was so busy, he almost forgot to make time for her. [b "Hmm, yeah I'll try and talk with her. Maybe even ask why she won't lighten up with you"] he nodded and would see her have a question. [b "What's wrong Ar?"] he held her hand in his and then he got up.

[b "Okay, I'll wait"] he headed into his room and would change into some jeans and then a vneck black shirt. He waited for Ara, seeing her in her cute outfit. [b "Cute"] he smiled and would hold her hand as they headed to the shop.

Sylus would grab other food he needed, thinking about some dishes he could make for Ara. He'd put some chicken in, some bread crumbs, some chocolate and baking ingredients as well. He let Ara pick whatever she wanted to, but when he saw her on her phone, he noticed her mood change. [b "What's wrong Ar?"] he asked, holding her hand in his. [b "You sure? You can stay at my place as long as you want?'] he frowned, wondering what was wrong.

Once they finished paying, Sylus would help carry everything back to his place, stocking up the pantry and the fridge with food. He'd help put things away and when he saw Ara, he'd make her a smoothie. [b "I still have some time before work Ar. Want me to walk you to your place?"] he asked, hoping that would cheer her up a bit.
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Ara fell into a smile [b “Yea! That would be really fun! You can spend so much time with me.” ] Ara giggled. She didn’t need those fancy stuff…she’d rather have Sylus. That sounded like a good plan. Then maybe Sylus didn’t have to stress so much.

Groceries together…She loved doing that. [b “Mmm, we’ll go.” ] Ara said. She melted hearing him telling her he loved her. [b “I love you too.” ] She spoke softly, hugging him tight back. She was captivated by his kiss, and snuggles. She wanted to kiss him more, to hug him more…to get tangled up with him.

The morning crept in. Ara was poking his cheek. He waited for him to wake. [b “Morning! Yes, pancakes.” ] Ara grinned. She said. Hesat up. Ara nodded [b “Ah hmm. Best girlfriend ever.” ] Ara said, feeling good that she could help him smile and feel good. She kissed him right back, enjoying his arms around her waist. Ara put her arms ontop of his shoulders, kissing him softly back and then more and more….until he parted and spoke. [b “Me too.” ]

Ara sat down with him on his kitchen island on the bar stool. He took a bite from what he offered. [b “mmmm, it’s so yummy…” ] She moaned. Ara watched him, taking bites, wanting to feel over him…wanting to be close. She knew that working as much as he did, he must still be tired and he had work after too. She knew she should go home after…even though she felt nervous about it.

She snapped out of it when he spoke. [b “I’m…okay. We’re okay. You’re busy, I understand that.” ] Ara nodded, not wanting to seem like a bother to him. [b “I just miss you…” ] She whispered. Ara would sip on a smoothie she also got them. [b “I’ve been hanging out with friends from school to fill in the time. Oh…and Klara, told me she texted you back, that she wanted to talk to you. It was recent. She’s still indifferent to me though.” ] Ara sighed and drank some more. She debated about saying something. [b “Sy…” ] She began and then shook her head, [b “Nevermind.” ] Losing sleeping with him was worth if it meant he did less dangerous work.

Ara looked up at the time, [b “Grocery shopping?” ] She reminded. [b “Let me go chance.” ] Ara said, going into his room. He would find her clothes she left at his place. Ara pulled his t-shirt over her head and change into white skinny jeans, and a pastel pink sweater. She would put her hair up carefully. Then she grabbed her wallet. She did just a bit of makeup and came out [b “I’m ready Sy!” ]

When they got to the grocery shop, she would pack the cart up, planning to pay for it. She got plenty of fruits, veggies, fish for him. He heard her phone buzz. She checked it and felt some anxiety. [b “I have to go back home right after…” ] Ara said. She would anyway but it looked like her dad was mad that she wasn’t there.

[b “Do you want some chocolate too?” ] Ara mentioned, reaching to grab a chocolate bar for him.
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Sylus knew how much Ara wanted to help him. He really did want her to, but he felt like he shouldn't be asking for help when he made this decision to be independent. He tried his best and would continue to do his best until he saw something was going wrong.

Ara looked really upset and he could tell that all of this was affecting her. He didn't blame her either since she didn't do anything wrong and only wanted time with him. His eyes looked down at her and he thought about doing some jobs for her. That would definitely make him feel better.

[b "We can? I don't mind that. I can be your personal assistant and swimming teacher"] he liked that idea. Sylus would at least be able to help her and cut off those drug deals.

They headed into his bedroom and she talked about doing the groceries together. [b "Okay! I don't mind going out with you"] he laughed when she mentioned they were a married couple. He'd chuckle and then he'd hug her close [b "I love you"] he met her lips with a kiss and would snuggle into her, hearing her mention that he wasn't doing those bad things anymore.

Sylus just tried to ignore it for now. He wouldn't do them anymore as long as he could get a paycheck elsewhere. Sylus passed out and fell asleep for the night, knocked out from all the work he had to do.

In the morning, he stayed asleep. It was Saturday and he didn't have to get up so early. When Ara poked his cheek, he'd mumble and roll over as he sighed a bit. He felt something warm and when he opened his eyes to see Ara, he grinned. [b "Morning. Pancakes?"] he rubbed his eyes and felt happy to see Ara there beside him. He grinned and would sit up as he faced her. [b "You're the best Ara"] he leaned in to kiss her, wrapping his arms around her waist and then kissing her lips once more [b "Mmm, having you here int he morning make me really happy"] he admitted, sitting beside her as he looked at the pancakes.

[b "It smells really good. Here, let's share"] he fed her some pancakes and would take in a few more bites as he licked his lips. Sylus would take a few bites and then he would lick his lips as he looked over [b "You okay? You can tell me what's wrong Ar, or what's been bugging you. I know I've been really busy with work, but I want to make sure you and I are okay"]
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[b “I’d like to help…” ] Ara softly said and her eyes widened [b “Jobs for me? Well…what do you consider a job? What if I pay you to be around me, or…or…um…carry my stuff, teach me swimming.” ] She ran the ideas out. She had asked her dad if she could get a student (Sylus) and pay to help her swim. But he was adamant that he’d rather find a known professional, and now somehow got involved into that…she ditched it twice already. She was still damn right scared if it wasn’t with Sy. She didn’t tell Sy though.

Ara pouted and nodded [b “Okay…yea.” ] SHe said.

Ara would fall into asmile hearing him and then remembere that he was working hard because of her doing. He was so tired. [b “Oh! I’d love to do grocery shopping together. We’ll be like a married couple.” ] SHe giggled. She liked the idea of visiting Sylus [b “Mmm, I’d love to. I would like it to be you.” ] She said. She figured she could drag a friend with her and see Sylus. Ara would smile to hear no one bothered him [b “That makes me happy.” ] Ara said. She relaxed to his touch, feeling his fingers through her hair and a kiss. Ara closed her eyes the second his lips reached down her neck. It…was making her want more. She wanted to kiss him, to crawl into bed in nothing and love each other. They haven’t been doing that for a while…

[b “Yea, three months with my favorite boy.” ] She said. She watched him and wanted to kiss him, make out wit him. She debated if she should try to go there. But he was tired… She laid in bed with him, whispering something to herself. She shook her head and then said [b “Just happy…you’re not as much involved in those bad things anymore.” ] Ara said. She was so happy when he kissed her. She would kiss him softly too, putting her arms around him. Ara melted to his touch running down her side. Then she heard his goodnight. [b “Goodnight.” ] Ara half smiled. She missed that too…

She fell asleep two hours later, thinking too much and missing him too much even when he was next to her.

Morning came crawling in. When she woke, Sylus was still asleep. He must really need sleep, so she’d kiss his cheek and get up herself. She again went to go to the fridge because she never had an empty fridge before. There was nothing-right. She would put an uber order for them. She got them fluffy pancakes. She set her phone on the counter, put her hair up in a bun. She still wore Sylus t-shirt, it really fit her like a dress.
She’d browse her phone, responding to a few messages from friends. When she got the notification, she realized, she’d have to go down like this… that was embarrassing. She sighed to herself. At least she was wearing clothes underneath. Ah…but…She looked back at the door and knew she wouldn’t have time. She went downstairs and food, and one of the tendents were just smiling and checking her out. She accidently said out loud “Gross.”

She got up, and then took out the strawberry pancakes. She went back into the bedroom and would leap into the bed and kiss Sylus cheek. She began poking his cheek too, [b “Sy, you awake? I got…pancakes for you.” ] SHe said and would kiss his cheek again, feeling down his arm…she wished she could just make out with him.
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He sighed a bit and saw her grow quiet. He knew that Ara was upset about it all, but it felt so wrong to just take her money. Not when he was the one that put himself in this position and brought this upon himself. [b "I'll cut down on the work Ar....if I'm still can help me if you want, but I feel like I should at least pay you back, or even do jobs for you so that I don't just take it for free"] he frowned, not wanting to just use her money.

[b "We don't, but I'll do my best to make time okay? We have the weekends.....and school"] he assured that much at least. After doing their homework, he sat on the couch with Ara, eating a few slices of pizza and watching with her. IT was relaxing and a break he definitely needed. [b "I love you too. You're the only one I'd would work this hard for"] he met her lips and would smile [b "We can do the grocery shopping together. I have to be at the restaurant for the dinner rush. You can visit if you want Ar. If you want to order, maybe I'll be the one serving you"] he smiled and thought about a waitress that asked for his number. [b "No one bothers me. Even if they did, I'd turn them down"] he ran his fingers through her hair slowly and would kiss her cheek and then slowly down her neck.

[b "IT has been. Three months with my favorite girl"] he saw that the movie ended and he'd walk with her to his room. Sylus changed into just his boxers, brushed his teeth and let Ara borrow some pjs. When he climbed into bed with her, he'd yawn a bit and snuggle into her side, his arm around her. He heard her speaking, but couldn't really hear her. [b "What Ar?"] he asked, leaning in and kissing her soft lips, his hand running down her side. [b "Good night"] he would slowly drift off. He was worn out from the day and felt so tired. HE wanted to stay up with her more, or even just to maybe be intimate, but he passed out pretty quickly.
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[b “Yea but…” ] Ara began and grew quiet. She peeked down and got upset hearing that he didn’t want take her money. She couldn’t do anything to help him and it was frustrating her. She wanted to do something. She wanted to help him in some way. [b “Yes but…you’re working too much. So much we don’t…get to see eachother much.” ] Ara half whispered. She smiled a bit when he said he’d cut down on the jobs. She didn’t really understand how much work it took to pay everything. She didn’t really have the best concept of money.

SHe ordered pizza for them and even did some work. Mulan was so enjoyable. She was happy being wrapped around his arms. They were snuggling into each other. [b “No one will.” ] Ara grinned, [b “I love you, no one else.” ] Ara said, and gave him a kiss. [b “So tomorrow morning and Sunday. Okay! I’ll make…oh no food…I’ll take you out to breakfast! And I’ll even do grocery shopping for you while you’re busy.” ] Ara said. She listened to him and nodded [b “Ohhh. Yea, I remember. It be weird if I visited you wouldn’t it?” ] Ara asked, wondering if that would annoy him. He wondered if those waitresses annoyed him… [b “No one…bugs you right?” ] Ara asked.

Ara then smiled and nodded [b “Mmm, I’d love that.” ] Ara giggled. Nyx came hopping close. She picked him up and rested him on her lap. Ara then would take Sylus hand too, [b “Can you believe it? It’s reaching three months, us.”] Ara mentioned. The movie came into an end. She knew he was really tired, so she didn’t want to bother him too much. [b “Sleep?”] Ara mentioned. She’d get up and would help Nyx onto his bed too. SHe gave him a kiss. They’d go into his room. Ara would take off her clothes and would grab one of Sylus shirts to sleep in. She would go clean herself up and then drop in his bed. She would snuggle up with him, and smile. But she kept thinking…of how she could help him…how she was worried, how she felt lonely only spending little time with him once a week and him being so tired. She couldn't help but feel it was her fault...that he got a new apartment and went through all of this. [b "At least...he's not doing more bad things." ] She mistakingly whispered quietly to herself. He must have been doing less of that since he was working at his job so much. She wondered if...she could work too and then he'd accept the money...or maybe... She couldn't sleep. She forwned and kept thinking...but she always end up being stuck.
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He was exhausted, but he really missed spending time with Ara. He knew he was making her sad lately because he wasn't there, but he needed to make sure he paid his bills, the rent, and be able to take care of himself while he was living on his own.

[b "There was food in the fridge. I usually buy some on the weekend. It's"] he shrugged and felt kind of bad. [b "Ar....I don't want to take your money. I made this decision, so I should work hard for it"] he frowned, not wanting to rely on her. [b "It has been pretty exhausting. Maybe I'll cut down on the jobs then...."] he wondered if his money would be enough.

WHen Ara ordered the pizza, he'd work on his homework and finish up when the food came. HE would set it on the table and then sit beside her as they put on Mulan. He'd wrap his arm around her waist and was glad she was okay. [b "I'm glad. I don't want anyone taking you away from me"] he smiled at her kiss and then thought about the weekend. [b "I'm free on Sundays. We can hang out then. Even Saturday mornings, so like tomorrow"] he would rub her arm gently. [b "It's called Under the sea. Remember that fancy sushi place that's in the center of town. That place"] he told her, taking another bite of pizza and then keeping his eye on the movie.

[b "Maybe we can take Nyx out on Sunday? We can go to the park or the beach?"] he suggested.
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Ara tried not to frown. To her, it was obvious he was exhausted. She used Nyx as a comfort, so that she could still pull on a happy mood. In truth, she felt so worried, and scared…and alone. His fridge was empty, so she had to wonder if he didn’t have enough money.

[b “Did you… How have you been eating?” ] Ara asked. He offered but again he was rejecting her help. [b “But I can help. So you don’t have to work so much. You shouldn’t have to work this much…it’ll make going to swimming practice and school work hard too.” ] Ara mentioned. She wished he’d take her help but he never did.

Ara nodded [b “Yea, I can order a pizza.” ] Ara said. [b “I’m picking the one with veggies and ground beef.” ] She said and would place the order, a large one. In case Sylus was hungry later and he would have left overs. She was thankful he’d let her stay. She didn’t feel safe at home when things were like that. Normally if her dad was home, she had to stay home but she was sure he’d excuse her and give her money to leave anyway.

Ara smiled back to him [b “Thank you.” ] She was glad to hear him agree to snuggle with her. It’s been awhile, and she missed it so much. They would do their homework, but she was kind of already ahead since she was forced to spent less time with Sylus, she could do that. She also had spent more time with friends but she just missed Sy. Since he was so busy, she never really got to tell him what was going on her life anymore. She didn’t want to waste precious time talking about that anyway.

[b “I did.” ] Ara would show him her homework that she completed on her Ipad. Sylus got the door to grab the pizza. She could tell he was sleepy. Maybe it was best he rested…afterall he worked so much.

They sat on couch. Ara would grab a slice too. [b “I like Mulan.” ] Ara said. He felt him leaning onto her. She missed him. [b “I’m fine.” ] Ara said and recalled [b “Mmm, well…the opposite team, one of the footballers tried to flirt with me. But someone from our team, told them to leave me alone. So, it’s okay.” ] She smiled and looked at Sylus. She would kiss his cheek. [b “Sy…” ] Ara began and then stopped herself. It hurt to see him being so busy. [b “never mind. We can’t hang out this weekend can we?” ] Ara said…and them mentioned [b “By the way, I forgot the restaurant name that you worked in. What was it again?” ] He never told her but she figured he was too tired to remember that he didn’t tell her and would tell her.
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She was his breath of fresh air and he felt so much better now that she was here. He hugged his arms around her waist and would smile [b "I am, but now that you're here. I'm really happy"] he would see her treat Nyx with so much love. He loved their little pup, but he was really busy this week that he couldn't really play with him that much or take him out.

He saw that his fridge was empty and he would frown [b "I....finished everything during the week"] he ran his fingers through his hair and then he saw ARa looking worried. [b "No, no Ara. It's alright. I have enough money. I just work a few jobs and couldn't go out shopping yet"] he didn't want her to spend her allowance on him, especially after he decided to do this on his own.

[b "How about we share a pizza?"] he suggested, seeing her order as he sat down at the table and would take out his homework. He'd nod his head [b "Of course you can Ar. You can stay with me for as long as you need to"] he smiled, seeing her smile as he grinned. [b "That sounds really nice. I'd like nothing more than to snuggle"] he heard Nyx bark and he'd chuckle as he soon started on his homework with her as they waited for food.

He'd yawn a bit and would try to focus. [b "Ar, did you get this answer?"] he'd compare with her and then soon enough, they finished. The doorbell rang and Sylus would get the door, setting the pizza on the table as he turned on the TV. He'd hand her a plate and would grab a slice. He sat beside her on the couch and scrolled through the movies. [b "How about Mulan?"] he smiled, leaning into her and would take a bite of his pizza. [b "How are you today Ar? I hope no one is hitting on my number one cheerleader"]
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Ara beamed when she saw him. She held him so tight. She felt happy to be with him…and also aching inside. She just didn’t want to show how upset and worried she was. [b “Sy, you look really tired.” ] Ara spoke softly while she bent down and pet their puppy. She would rub his little ears and kiss the top of his head.

[b “It was a good game but you didn’t miss too much,” ] Ara smiled. She got a kiss on the cheek. Ara would pick up Nyx and just hold him for while. SHe saw him go into the kitchen. SHe figured it would be nice to cook with each other since they hadn’t done that in a while. She would place her backpack against the sofa for now, one arm still holding onto Nyx.

[b “Cereal?” ] Ara frowned. Why did have so little? [b “How…do you only have cereal?” ] She asked. Did he not have enough money for food? He was so adamant about getting an apartment and being able to afford one. [b “Sy…you know… I can help you.” ] Ara said, feeling Nyx lick her cheek, but couldn’t pay attention to Nyx. [b “I can, help you pay some of the rent here. I don’t need all of my allowance.” ] She tried before but he said no last time. She frowned hearing him talking about busy week. She promised to herself that she wouldn’t get upset.

If he wouldn’t accept it…then maybe she could find another way to get him get more money, without him knowing. She didn’t know how she would even be able to do that. She would put Nyx back down. [b “It’s okay… I’ll order something for us. What do you feel like eating?” ] Ara asked, going on her phone to order uber eats for them. She would place the order for them. [b “Let’s do some homework and hang out?” ] Ara said and then said, [b “Could I…spend the night?”] Ara asked and mumbled, [b “My dad…is…stressed about some work, and he’s drinking a bit. At least, that’s what Allister told me.” ]

Ara then would smile [b “Let’s have fun tonight. I”ll even order us dessert. We’ll snuggle, watch a movie, play games-or just fall asleep. It’ll be a lot of fun.” ] Ara said and looked down at Nyx [b “Right Nyx? We’re going to have a lot of fun.” ]
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Sylus had been working hard in order to get a better place. He really wanted to be able to live on his own without Luke taking his food or forcing him into more deals. He finally had it and with Ara being there with him all the time, he just wanted to focus more on trying to become a better person at the very least.

HE was able to get himself a nicer apartment. A one bedroom suite in a nicer neighborhood. The rent was more expensive, but he had to figure out what he needed to cut out and save in order to meet ends meet. The apartment was on the second floor and he even had a small space in the living room for when Nyx would stay over. He had his own kitchen and his own living space, so it was much better to be in than at his crummy neighborhood with Luke smoking up the place.

It was Friday night, Ara was cheerleading for the football team and Sylus was just getting off of his second job. He had a few packages to deliver, but luckily he could just drop those off on the way home. He grabbed his backpack, clocking out of the restaurant and then stopping by three houses to deliver his drugs. He still made contact with LUke in order to get him more deals because his rent wasn't cheap.

He even had to stop giving all of his money to the orphanage in order to keep his own lifestyle up. Once he made it back home, he'd change, shower, and feed Nyx, sitting beside him and rubbing the top of his head. [b "Hey little guy"] he'd smile and see ARa's text. She was coming over and it made him a lot happier.

WHen she buzzed in, Sylus let her inside, hugging his arms around her waist. [b "Me too. I just got back"] he was exhausted, but at least he could have privacy with Ara and not worry about gunshots at night. He knew she was even safe here in his home now.

[b "We did! That's great. I wish I could've watched it. I saw people's stories on social media"] he kissed her cheek and would walk to his fridge, opening it up and seeing he was out of ingredients to cook. [i Shit] he sighed, knowing he hasn't gotten a chance to grocery shop yet this week. Plus it was Friday....he was lucky he even lasted this long.

[b "I mean....I've got cereal? But maybe we should just order something"] he frowned, feeling bad because he couldn't even cook for his girlfriend. HOw embarrassing. [b "I'm sorry AR. It's been a busy week"] he sighed softly and would wrap his arms around her waist. She kept him happy, but sometimes when she asked about his work, he didn't want to tell her at all. It was safer not to let her know he accepted more deals and more deliveries. He just told her about his part time job as a waiter at a restuarant.
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Ara’s gold rose smart watch vibrated while she was cheering for the football team. She put it all into a halt and stepped back to check her watch. It lifted her heart up reading Sylus text to meet him at his apartment. He’s been so busy so lately that she didn’t get to see him that often after school. She had tried to get him a job too…but her dad wouldn’t take her suggestion and the people she knew weren’t generally around this town. She felt the constant pressure to find something that wasn’t dangerous for him.

“Ara, what are you doing!?” Her team captain yelled at her.
She snapped out of her thoughts and looked back at her, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Ara said. She would get back in, but would get distracted. She didn’t stay for the lecture. She would go across the field-because they were on the opposite side of the where there lockers were. A footballer from the other school tried to flirt with her, he didn’t listen when she said she was busy and had a boyfriend. He kept chatting her up. Ara was going to just walk away, when Joseph shoved the guy back, “Don’t fucking talk to her like that.”

Ara looked back at Joseph and quietly said, “Thank you,” to him when the guy backed off. “Yea…no problem.” Joseph said, watching her, opening his mouth and then closing it again. [b “I’ll see you later.” ] Ara half smiled at him and went to grab her backpack.

Once she grabbed her bag, she texted Sylus ‘On my way! <3 I cant wait to see u.’ She typed it all while she was walking, accidently hitting her forehead into the door. Ouch. She took a ride to his apartment that was in a nicer neighborhood. She was still in her cheer uniform, but she had a change of clothes in her bag. Her hair was up in a ponytail with a red ribbon. She would reach the entrance and tried to buzz Sylus to get him to let her in. She got more excited to see him as the seconds past. When she was buzzed in, she went onto his floor.

She walked into his apartment and the moment she saw him, she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight, [b “I’m so happy to be alone together.” ] Because…he’s been so busy. She tried to bury it, how it made her miss him so much and worry so much. She always worried…because he never was clear about where he was at when he was making money for his apartment. She wasn’t sure if it was a part-time job or he was doing more dangerous things.

[b "I got here as soon as I could, as soon as the game finished. Our team won by one point. Tanner did really well...anyways, should I order some food or should we cook?" ] Ara asked, pulling on a smile. She wanted to be a good girlfriend, and she felt maybe asking him to spend more time with her or asking him too many questions would be bad.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 48d 3h 7s
Sylus ran his fingers along her skin, his hands gliding down her back, feeling really good about having such a pretty and sexy girlfriend beside him. He loved seeing Ara snug in bed and when he could be there, he knew he'd be able to sleep really well. His eyes met hers and he would lean in to kiss her soft lips slowly as he let his hands glide up to her chest.

[b "Mmm, I'm glad you feel the same way I do. Sometimes I think about wanting to take you in public places,'s best we save it for being along at home. You and me moments are my favorite"] he admitted, squeezing her behind as he felt her press against him, her leg rubbing his thigh as he smiled [b "I love you too AR"] he grinned, making out with her as he slowly removed her silk robe. He'd slowly reveal her smooth skin and then he would slowly kick off his boxers as well.

They were soon both out of their clothes tangled in the sheets as Sylus gave her what she wanted. IT was hot, sexy, and the room felt so warm as their skin glided together.

HE loved her hands on him and making her feel so good that when they both finished, he kept his arms around her waist, holding her close as he met her eyes, catching his breath. [b "Mmm, that was so good Ara"] he smiled, pressing his lips against hers, letting her relax.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 52d 9h 17m 0s
[b “I am!” ] Ara giggled. She was wrapping her arms around him too when he hugged and snuggled her. She loved being snuggled and being held. Sylus was giving her love she needed. She always loved giving a lot of affection, so she loved getting that back form him.

His lips were on hers. His hands brushed through her hair. She relaxed to his touch once it was cleared up. Ara nodded. [b “Really…then…” ] Ara began and kissed him softly after she cupped his face. She adored the way he grinned. She storked through his red hair. Ara blushed a bit and nodded, [b “I do. I love it, a lot… It’s hard sometimes. I’d get…lustful? At random times when I’m with you, and even when I’m not. In not so great places.” ] She sighed, figuring there had to be something wrong with her.

She felt his hand resting on her ass, giving it a squeeze. “Mmmm..” She snuggled into him, pressing her chest against his. Her finger ran along his lip, watching him so carefully. She would fit her leg between his, letting her thigh move up and feel over an area. Ara felt his hand crawl up her stomach, his lips on hers. She moaned when he reached her chest. Ara opened her eyes and looked at him. She smiled, “Ah hmm…I want you Sy…” She sucked on his bottom lip gently. She’d tug gently on his boxers, [b “Love me?” ] She asked him, her other hand feeling down the center of his chest, and then just over his muscles. She loved being with him…and she felt it so much. [b "I want you, from behind..." She said softly.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 52d 9h 56m 1s

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