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She felt a bit down having to go to class. She didn’tthink she could manage to pull the energy to even sit there. At least Sy was walking with her. She held his hand, swinging there arms as they head back, [b “It would be nice.” ] Ara said quietly. She gently smiled and nodded, [b “I can come watch. It’s only an hour long isn’t it? It’ll be okay.” ] Ara said and kissed him right back. It made her smile to see him, and at least got to spend lunch with him. Everything will be okay. These feelings will pass.

She had drama and while she was feeling better, she didn’t feel like being that active. Her friends teamed up with her and she would talk to them but not much. She didn’t want to tell anyone what was wrong because she didn’t want to a bother or let anyone know her life was less than perfect.

Class came to an end. She’d grab her bag and she was asked if she wanted to hang out by a few people or even someone asking about what’s going with Sylus and her. She felt overwhelmed by it all. She’d give quick answers without much thought, just wanting silence. She knew what she needed, space from people…to feel okay again. Besides Sy.

When she was out, she saw girls talking to him. It wasn’t like she knew that were was a good chance he could have already slept with one of them. It annoyed her but it didn’t matter. He hugged her and she hugged him back. She shook her head, [b “I’m coming,” ] Ara said. She knew there was a chance her dad could be mad but there was also a chance he wouldn’t notice. She held onto his hand tightly. [b “You’re going to win, I know it.” ] Ara said, kissing his cheek as they got to the gym. She didn’t want to let go of his hand, and looked a little pouty when they had to. [b “I’ll be cheering you on, okay?” ] Ara said. She watched him go into the change room. Suddenly was grabbed form behind-not roughly just playfully but it startled her. “Ara! Finally, it’s like you’ve been gone for weeks.” Tanner said. Ara looked back, [b “Tan you startled me!” She sighed, “Are you coming to watch?”
Tanner shrugged, “Not initially. But I saw you and thought why not. Are you staying?”
Ara nodded, “I’m going to watch Sy win.”
Tanner looked at her a little too closely, “You’re not the usual cheery Ara.”
Ara sighed and walked inside with him, finding a seat, “A lot is going on, that’s all. It’ll take a few days, but I’ll be fine.” Ara said, and saw someone glancing at them when she said that. Why couldn’t people mind their own business? One more annoyance and she felt like she might really snap. She’d watch Sy race, and cheer for him a little. She still wanted him to feel like she was supporting him. Because she did, she was just feeling a little down. Tanner kept nudging her and then even tried to tickle her to get her laughing. Which made her have to scoot away a little.
When the match was towards it’s end, she knew she would go see Sy right after. She was glad that he was her boyfriend…no matter who had a crush on him, he was hers.
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He knew that Ara was dealing with a few things, but at the same time, he really wanted her to be able to open up to him if she wanted to. It didn't seem like she was going to do that anytime soon, so he ended up just sighing softly. HE was hit with even more disappointment when she said she couldn't spend time with him.

He would see her soon hopefully. [b "I get it. We don't want to upset your dad"] he ate his food with her and then he would look over at the pictures she chose on instagram and then he'd laugh and smile with her. After lunch, he managed to get her to go back to school with him, holding her hand in his as he walked with her back to campus, feeling a bit better she was okay. [b "Me too. I want to spend the rest of my days with you if I could"] he walked with her to her next class, dropping her off. [b "I'll see you after school? I have a swim match later today. I don't know if you'll have time to watch Ar, but it'd be nice if you are there"] he smiled and gave her a kiss before heading to his class.

Once the school day ended, Sylus went to pick her up from her classroom. HE would wait for her, talking to a few girls since they asked about the match after school. They were wondering if Sy was feeling well to perform great. HE said he was.

He spotted Ara and would walk over and hug her in his arms. HE'd hold her hand in his [b "Want to walk with me to the gym? OR do you have to go?"]
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She didn’t want to be reminded of the problems she had on her back. She wanted to eat and enjoy time with him. She heard his sigh and hoped it was okay that she didn’t want to talk about it right now.

[b “I want to… I just can’t until he goes, or asks me to leave again.” ] She said, frowning [b “ I hope you understand.” ]

Ara tried to drift her mood away, watching stuff on Instagram, showing it to him and showing the pictures she posted of them. It made her smile and be reminded of the good things. But time was running out. She felt the spark of anxiety of thinking of going to class. She wanted to hide away and not come out for a few days. Ara frowned when he talked about getting in trouble. [b “I would if he found out. He hasn’t been that attentive but he might find out.” ] She didn’t want to go. She listened to him trying to convince her. She knew he was right.

[b “You’re right.” ] Ara said. She waved over the waitress to pay for the bill. Then she wrapped her arms around Sy for a while, nestling into him, really just wanting to be cuddled and not think about it. [b “I’d rather be with you all day. We had so much fun the past days. I want it to be like that.” ] She hated returning back to home and school again. At least, right now.
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He wondered why Quinn was so curious, but he didn't want to tell her anything if Ara didn't want her to know. It was Ara's decision to tell her what as going on in her life. Ara came in and he felt relief as he held her hand and walked with her towards the restaurant.

They ordered their food and he would eat slowly, wondering what was wrong with Ara. Why was she skipping and not telling him? He met her blue eyes and then he could tell it frustrated her from him asking and he didn't know why. He heard her and he would just sigh a bit. [b "Okay. That's fine"] he told her and then he just took another bite of his nachos.

Once he finished, he heard her turning down his suggestions to spend some time with her, making him feel a bit upset. First she didn't want to open up, but now she didn't want to come over. [b "Okay. Just let me know when you want to spend time"] he thought that maybe his dangerous life was finally getting to her, but at the same time, he felt like she was realizing that she couldn't tell him everything.

He felt down, but when she tried to show him things on instagram, he just hold in his sigh and he'd nod [b "That's funny. We do look cute together"] he saw her cheering up and he tried to just be happy with her. THen she mentioned skipping and he wasn't so sure. [b "Are you sure you won't get in trouble with your father?"] he wondered, feeling her lips kiss his neck. He'd hold her hand in his. [b "We can go wherever you want to go Ar, but maybe we should go to school? We already missed a lot of it last week?"] he suggested, not wanting her to follow in his bad footsteps.
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Quinn frowned, “Like what?” She felt she was brushed off by Ara. There was something going on. Ara waved back at Quinn, [b “See you in class. I’ll get better, promise.” ] She hoped anyway. With all of the events that have been happening, it was hard to feel herself.

Ara sat down with Sylus. She got a spicy tuna poke bowl. She ate slowly and as she was going to take her second bite, Sylus brought it up. How did he even know? Maybe Quinn said something… He reached out and held her hand. She heard all the concern from him, the same she got from a few of her other friends. It was frustrating her, constantly being asked. She pulled her hand away slowly, [b “Can we…not talk about it? I don’t want to think about it right now. I just want to enjoy lunch with you.” ] Ara gently smiled and then fed him a bite.

He brought up coming over and she wanted to. [b “I can’t. My dad’s home, and I’m…”] She took a breath, [b “I don’t want to upset him. But, I’m sure a few days he’ll be too busy again and maybe be away. So, we can hang out then.” ] She said. She wanted to spend afternoons and evenings with Sy all the time, but at the same time, she was afraid her dad would get mad. He would not be happy if he knew she was hanging around a guy who didn’t live on the best side of town. She didn’t want to risk being banned from being around Sy.

She ate up, but realized just having it brought up, made her kind of upset. Even how Klara told her they weren’t friends. It hurt. But what good being upset do? She opened up her phone and would show Sy some funny stuff on Instagram and show him the posts she made of them too. [b “We look so cute don’t we?” ] She giggled. She realized time was moving too fast, and she thought about it, [b “I don’t…want to go to class. Can we do something else instead?” ] Ara asked, feeling through his arm and then kissing his neck quickly.
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He saw her eyes staying on his body and he wondered sometimes if she really was okay with staying with him. He loved Ara, but she was smart enough to know if staying with him was worth it or not. He kept her in his arms and would finish washing her off with him as they stepped out to change. [b "They will. I bet some people will also mistake me for you"] he teased and then he would dress up and tell her how he felt.

He was glad Ara also wanted to protect him, but he really didn't want to involve her in his mess. He didn't want to traumatize her or have something happen to her. It felt like he was being a burden, someone not worth being with.

THe next day, he had to spend alone. Ara was back at home and he'd send her messages to make sure she was doing okay. HE'd ask her how she was, how her father was doing, and then he'd call her at night.

In the morning, they had school. Sylus was back to swimming practice, his friends asking what happened to him on Friday. Apparently they saw the news and hoped he was doing okay. He filled them in on how he got a new apartment and how him and Ara were doing fine.

Sylus met with ARa during their first class, but when he went to his next class, he would send her a text about lunch, deciding to eat together. IT wasn't long until he met up with one of her cheerleading friends int he hall. [b "Yeah sure? What's up?"] he asked, hearing that she missed second period. [i Why was she skipping class and not telling him?] he shrugged a bit. [b "Well I'm sure she's just dealing with a few things right now. SHe'll be fine"] he told her, seeing Ara approach them.

Quinn made it clear and Sylus felt glad she had other friends worry about her. He could tell that Ara didn't want to tell her friend, so he just took her hand in his [b "Okay. We'll see you later Quinn"] he went off with her, walking down the street to a poke restaurant nearby. Sylus took a seat and would order off the menu, getting the poke nachos. [b "Ar....what happened? I heard you skipped class? Are you sure you're alright?"] he asked, reaching out and holding her hand in his. [b "Do you want me to come over later? OR you can stop by my place and we can talk about it? Maybe watch a movie and relax?"] he felt worried. He didn't want his job or anything about him to be affecting her daily life.
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She kept her eyes still on him, mainly because she wasn’t a fan of his bathroom. It just…it definitely didn’t look new. She did enjoy his hugs, warm water and his hands on her body. She lightly smiled, “That’s true,” She relaxed to his fingers going through her hair. Ara giggled [b “That’s the point silly. They’ll know you were with me.”] Ara stroked his arm. He washed her hair, and she did the same to him, enjoying how it felt to be this close and shower together. It was so nice.

[b “Me too Sy. I want…to protect you too. You are good, you just got into a mess.” ] Ara said, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him.
That Sunday evening she had to return home. Her father was avoiding contact with her thankfully. It was silent at the house and she hid in her room, door locked just in case. She worked on the remainder of the homework. She felt insecure about going to school the next day. Her bruises were still hearing, and she was scared that maybe the makeup would rub off.

Early morning, she had practice and because her arm hurt, she made a mistake doing a flip, so hurt her leg a bit but just created another bruise if anything. Members in her cheer squad kept asking where she has been. She brushed it off and said she was fine. Quinn and Olive were concerned, they had been messaging her before but she hadn’t replied. They asked her if they wanted to go for lunch but she mentioned she was going with Sylus.

Ara went to the first class she had with Sy. She stuck by his side, and would try to focus but kept thinking about them, about the danger…about her dad too. She felt stressed. She didn’t want to go to class. So…she didn’t but didn’t tell anyone. She spent the time, checking if her bruises were covered instead. They were healing up, so it would be just fine in a few more days. But she did run into Klara, who she tried talking too. Klara brushed her off and blurt out “We’re not friends you know that?” and left.

After second period, Quinn went to Sylus in the hall, “Hey, can I talk to you? It’s about Ara. I’m really worried about her. She’s been missing classes, even missed last class, practice before today, acting odd, barely responds to us. Is something going on?”

Ara walked toward Sylus’ classroom and found Sylus with Quinn already there. She wondered why. She walked over, fitting her phone into her jean pocket. [b “Hey, we’re going for lunch?” ] Ara mentioned and then smiled at Quinn [b “What’s up?” ]

“You. You’ve been acting different since you two have been going out. I’m worried.” Quinn mentioned.
Ara frowned [b “I’m fine, really. It’s just been rough the past few days.” ] Ara said and then took hold of his hand, [b “I want to go a restaurant today, is that okay?” ] She just wanted to be away from school, and wanted to drown the whole world out right now. She still felt the effects of what happened at home, or Sylus apartment but when she was with Sylus- she felt okay again.
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He shrugged, figuring that maybe the way she responded was her way of responding. [b "Hmm, I don't know. Just keep being you I guess? I just have to adjust to the way you respond to me"] he thought about it and figured it was just something he would have to get used to. Ara wasn't as seductive as the other girls that wanted him. HE was so used to just getting down to business, but now that he was with Ara, he had to see what she was comfortable with first.

They made it to his room and he was kissing her all over her neck and then down to her shoulders. He would press his lips along her collarbone and then he thought about something that he didn't like. [b "I'm used to pretty much everything. So not really?"] he told her, thinking of all she could do. [b "Do whatever you want to me Ar. Whatever your heart desires"] he smirked, leaning in and then removing her shirt and then pressing his lips against hers. He would feel her tongue gliding on his and then he would suck on her bottom lip as well.

He felt her warm hands on his chest and then lower, making him smirk as he kissed along her collarbone and then down her chest. He would run his hands along her bare sides, moving around her behind and then he would feel her wrapping her legs around him. He slowly removed her shorts down her legs and then he met her blue eyes. [b "Of course I am"] he told her, listening to her confidence as he chuckled. [b "You are the best I've been with"] he kissed her lips once more, his hands slowly tugging down her underwear as he pressed his chest against hers. He'd slowly kick off his clothes as well, feeling eager.
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[b “I thought you noticed me responding. How am I supposed to respond Sy?” ] She didn’t know what to do to make it more clear. Maybe he was right, they needed to know more about each other and learn what they felt.

Ara held her attention on him, his pretty eyes ands he meant it when she said she trusted him. She trusted that no matter what he was used to in bed that he had the best intentions. He’s always proved that and she didn’t see any reason or flag that she shouldn’t trust. [b “Okay. Is there something you don’t like that I should know?” ] She wondered. She wasn’t entirely sure what she wouldn’t like since she really hasn’t done much. She smiled more when he talked about moving fast. [b “I’ll be okay, go at your pace. I know you only have good intentions.” ] She was kissed and held in close.

His lips felt so good on hers. She blushed a bit, loving to hear he loved her even if she knew. They would keep kissing until her back was against the bed. His fingers laced with hers. She’d suck on his lip, lick over them and then lifted his shirt. She ran her fingers around his body, hair, chest…and lower. She’d glance to see if he liked that. Ara had her shirt over her head, lips on neck. “Mmmmmm…” Ara moaned, stroking through his hair again. “So are you.” She said and heard his chuckle. [b “You are. I am? I guess we make the perfect pair” ] She giggled and helped him remove her bra. She relaxed to his touch. His lips on her skin. She was watching him, admiring all of him. She felt the ache of wanting him. She pressed her thighs tightly against his waist. She ran her nails down his back. Her Sylus…was amazing, [b "'re only mine okay? Only me and you loving eachother matters. I'm the best ever you've been with." ] She decided, wanting to count the most. Wanting to be the only one he loved this way. It was selfish when she thought about it in her mind but, she only wanted this with him.
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He sighed a bit [b "I was sure earlier, but when you didn't respond...I thought I did something wrong"] he admitted and then he thought about it more. [b "I think the more time we spend together, the more I'll figure it out. We just have to know more about each other"] he smiled and hoped that she would understand that she didn't do anything wrong, they were just different.

He was surprised to hear that she trusted him so much when it came to the pace. He knew his pace was a lot different than hers, but he would try it anyway and if she didn't like something, she could always tell him. [b "You can do whatever you want to me and I'll let you know if I like it or not. Same with you. If I'm moving too fast, or if I'm not moving fast enough, you can tell me"] he met her lips and held her close.

He would press his lips against hers, loving to hear those words from her mouth. [b "You know I love you too"] he kissed her lips more deeply, pressing her back against the bed as he laced his fingers with hers. He would lean in and make out with her, feeling her lift up his shirt as he took it off. He would feel her lips moving down on his chest, going along his abs as he ran his fingers through her hair, brushing it back slowly. He'd see her touching him down there and it was turning him on. HE felt aroused just like how he was feeling before breakfast.

He ran his fingers at the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up over her head and then pressing his lips against her neck, kissing down along her collarbone. [b "You're so sexy Ar"] he told her, chuckling a bit at that last part. [b "I don't know about greek god, but you are as sexy as a goddess"] he smiled, reaching behind her and removing her bra, his hands reaching up to touch her chest as he pressed his lips more against her warm skin.
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“Yes! I thought…my reactions did show it but I guess not. You were until you sounded unsure.” ] She said, feeling her chest ache when she recalled him sound so hesitate. [b “You’re not…and I don’t mind even if you did. I don’t know how I’m supposed to show you that I want you sy.” ] She sniffed. He held her and it was nice to have him hold her again. She wanted him to understand that she wanted him, and that she didn’t like it when he sounded uncertain like that. She’d nod to him. [b “Your pace. I’ll be okay. I trust you so much.” ] She dried the last of her tears. She was holding his hands, and managed to smile when he agreed. His lips were soft and loving when they kissed.

She giggled [b “Is it? Can I do those stuff?” ] She felt his hands in her hair, brushing it back. She tilted her head and looked into his eyes. She felt so safe with him. [b “Mmm, I’d like that. I won’t know what I like until we do more.” ] Ara was kissed again, and made her want him even more. His hands dried off her cheek from the tears. [b “I love you…” ] The love she had for him was so strong and she wanted to lay in his bed and love him like that too. She’d caress his cheek, [b “Okay Sy.” ] She softly spoke. She felt his fingers go down her back. Ara got up, her arms around him too. She made out with him, getting so lost in his lips. She was backed up against the bed.

Ara sat down at the edge of the bed for awhile. She felt so excited, looking at him, how sexy he was in front of her. He looked like a complete bad ass and a slightly dangerous. It was just her type. She lifted his shirt up, and had to have him lift up the rest of the way. Ara would kiss his lower abs. She would tug his pants down, hoping he wouldn’t mind. She was still getting there with her confidence in loving him, but she also didn’t feel shy anymore to do it. Her finger would trace over something on his boxers. She’d look up at him again [b “Wow Sy, you’re so sexy…you know, your body could be a sculpture of a Greek god. So hot.” ]
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He wanted her all to himself. To be able to arouse her and have her want him, but she didn't react the same way his other dates have, or wanted him as badly as a few girls he's been with. HE knew they were all different, but Ara didn't really give him a hint until they were eating and he finally understood. Maybe she was just learning how to want him, how to show him that as well.

They talked and ate and he understood there was some kind of misunderstanding. [b "You did? You can always tell me how much you really like it. You can be straightforward with me Ar. You can tell me what you want....I thought I was pretty clear too"] he sighed a bit, wondering how that got lost in translation.

She asked him why and he scratched his head [b "I just....wasn't sure if you wanted me. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm coming off too strong, or whether you want that as well"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close. [b "My pace? You'll be fine with my pace? We can, but I want to make sure we're okay. That my pace is okay"] he held her hands and then he couldn't help but kiss her soft lips after listening to what she had to say. [b "You wanting me is always right"] he grinned, brushing her hair back.

He smiled [b "I can show you. But we can also figure out what we both like together"] he met her lips and wiped her tears away slowly, leaning in to press his lips on hers again. [b "You don't have to feel ashamed or embarrassed around me"] he assured her. [b "I want the same for you"] he ran his fingers down her back and would make out with her soft lips. He'd wrap his arms around her waist and back her up against the bed slowly.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 27d 10h 34m 23s
She loved the attention she was getting, and would moan or kiss him back. It felt so nice to be teased in the early morning since she wanted to have him last night if she weren’t so tired. But..things started to take a dip.

Ara looked back at him for a moment, fighting of tears that were threatening her eyes. [b “I thought I did respond…You weren’t. I really liked it…so much.” ] She wondered in what way she should have responded. She still felt quite confused. What did her own pace even mean? She huddled herself in his room. She felt embarrassed for trying and even more so for feeling like she could have been possibly not wanted. She still had a big ego.

[b “Then why? Why you made it sound…like you weren’t sure…” ] Ara whispered. She found his arms around him, being pulled into a hug. He even cleared her tears. She couldn’t be sad about it too long. She looked into his eyes and felt so much love that she had for him. She’d kiss him deeply. [b “I want to go in your pace.” ] Her voice wasn’t entirely clear because she was still getting there to not be sad. She’d hold his hand, [b “I wanted to just hop on your lap and kiss you while we were eating. Or, sneak in naked in your bed…and stuff but I don’t know what’s wrong or what’s right yet. I want you… All day yesterday, I kept thinking that maybe today…I can love you more. I guess I don’t know how to respond in a way you understand I like it. You could maybe show me then.”] She’d talk, because it was so clear that she wanted to kiss him, to be close to him, to do whatever she could.

[b “I want to make you happy and love you physically too.” ] She wiped her eyes again, looking back at his beautiful eyes, his red hair. She was so attracted to him, mentally too. She hoped he’d understand what she was trying to say. She knew she was emotional so maybe it didn’t come out so clear.
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He met her eyes and felt pretty happy that his girlfriend is cooking him breakfast. He hugged her and would kiss her cheek and down her neck, but it didn't seem like she was phased at all. He wondered if she was trying to be nice and being shy about telling him she didn't want it. He decided to just try and push away his urges for now.

He sat down at the table and ate his food slowly, feeling pretty good since his girlfriend made it for him. He ate and finished up his eggs and sausages, thanking her for the meal. [b "It does smell really good"] he complimented her and then he heard her talking about some project that they didn't have to do. It was confusing him because why would he do extra work? He then figured it out. She wanted him and it did make him happier to know she found him attractive.

He would tell her they could do whatever she wanted because he wanted to be on her pace, not his own. He felt that might just push her away. When Ara said she didn't understand why he wasn't sure, he scratched the back of his head [b "I was. I want you, but I didn't know if I was coming off too strong or not. You didn't really respond?"] he told her and then he grabbed the dishes and started washing them in the sink. [b "I'm very sure, but I want to take it at your own pace Ar"] he told her, finishing up the dishes and then he went to the bedroom, looking for Ara.

[b "Ar? Where'd you go?"] he couldn't find her. He went into his room and saw her beside the door all curled up. [b "Ar. Come on. You know I want you. Let's continue where we were at before breakfast"] he leaned down and pulled her into a hug. He reached down and wiped the tears from her eyes as he rubbed her back gently.
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When he looked at her with those golden eyes and smile, she wanted to just squish his cheeks and kiss him tons. She wasn’t entirely sure how exactly to behave with Sylus, if being overly touchy or affectionate could make him feel overwhelmed. In realty, they haven’t been together for that long. [b “Ah hmm,, I love the smell of Vanilla, so a lot of the stuff I have has a hint of it. I’m glad you like the smell of it too.” ]
She would melt whenever he kissed her, or moan slightly when he touched her chest or nibbled her ear. She thought she made it obvious that she really enjoyed it. But since he went straight into cleaning things up…maybe she hadn’t been.

The two of them sat down together. They were eating and he brought work but…she tried to hint at it without saying it. She wondered if she should be upfront. He’d shrug. She blushed and start to feel embarrassed at her failed attempt. [b “Uhh…mmmm…nevermind. I mean” ] Ara slowly felt over his inner thigh so he’d get the hint. She felt like a fool saying all that and lectured herself in her head. She’d eat her sausage, and kind of sucked on it too, because she was getting…horny. She’d pout, realizing she didn’t know how to initiate these things and they’d only do an actual project.

Ara felt her heart leap, met his eyes again when he responded with a question. We can? Did that mean he was hesitate? ‘If you want’. That definitely didn’t sound like a guy who was certain. Sounded more like he didn’t care for it but would if she said. She got confused and embarrassed. [b “I don’t understand… You don’t sound so sure. I thought since you were being so affectionate that you wanted to make some love too.” ] She said. Sylus got up to wash the dishes and then he spoke about getting ready. She wasn’t sure if she should since he didn’t sound sure.

She’d nibble at her lip and wasn’t sure if he actually did want to now. [b “Ahhh…I feel stupid.” ] Her eyes warmed and couldn’t say anymore because she didn’t feel so desired anymore, and was plain out confused with how he was so affectionate not that long ago and not sounding sure now. She’d get up and go into whatever door she saw, to crawl into a ball and die of embarrassment with unnecessary tears.
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