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Ara stared blankly at him, just plane out confused on what it had to do anything about affording to dress up. She was sure they could afford to look nice for certain things, it didn’t have to be all expensive. SHe left it at that anyway.

Sylus made it sound like handling gangs was such a casual thing. [b “And what if you do get caught? My point is, I’m going to worry. You’re part of my life, so that means that they’re my problems too,” ] Ara stated, hated that he believed that it shouldn’t be her worries.

[b “And that deal is the reason you’ve been taking more jobs. I don’t like it. You’re more likely to get hurt.” ] Ara reminded and wanted to help. She wanted to get him out of this mess and do something about it. If Caleb would just leave Sylus alone. [b “I don’t know SY, I don’t like this. I don’t want you to be in this deal. I can’t just sit here and do nothing.” ] Ara said, and knew this was going to be hard. Maybe…she really needed to start thinking like her dad to solve problems. She just wanted Sy to be safe, no matter what.

There food came in. Ara reached for her fries and ate a bit, telling him what she was ashamed of admitting of being cut off. What she said was to comfort him, to relieve of any pressure that he could do anything or even should. Instead, his words stung, made her gasp and it made her feel ashamed again to even admit that she was cut off. [b “I…it’s…fine. I don’t… I make my own money.” ]

She told him about the party. High class? [b “Hmm, no, just dress it up a bit, preferably winter holiday themed. Just not ugly sweaters or something you’d crawl out of bed in. We want take a lot of pictures for social media.” ] Ara explained but she was starting to notice he was treating her like she was the typical rich girl that wanted everything high end who depended on her dad’s money. Great… [b “Why are you…talking to me like this?” ] Ara asked quietly.

Ara took a bite and looked up at him when eh said ‘being involved’ [b “I’m definitely not planning to get involved in gangs, but I still want to help and if it means talking to few people than I want to do that. I’d do anything to keep you safe. But I understand, I won’t…do anything dangerous.” ] She reminded, thinking it wasn’t fair for him to risk his life like this.

She felt happy they could at least tell the truth and they weren’t broken up. [b “I don’t know… I thought maybe you’d get really mad.” ] She said, and made herself eat slowly. Good that it was at least off their shoulders. She saw him looking at her and then looking down at himself. She rose a brow, and he asked a question. [b “Hmm? Well, I think your clothes now suits you and it’s just a school day, so it’s suitable. I love how you dress when we go out for dates, or parties, so no I don’t think you need to dress better darling.” ] And started to wonder maybe he wanted to up his wardrobe [b “If you did want to dress it up a bit more even for school I could always help though! You know I love going shopping for you. I have so many ideas of what outfits you could wear,” ] She cheerfully said. Then thought the trouble of other girls being around him and mumbled to herself [b “or…maybe not.” ]
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He shook his head [b "Well sorry if people can't afford to dress up a bit"] he didn't like how she defended with that statement. There were a lot of people at the orphanage that couldn't afford that and they wouldn't be invited to Ara's party looking like that either.

He ordered food, but the more Ara spoke, the more he tried to assure her that things were fine. [b "They are gangs, but I've also dealt with gangs my whole life. The easiest thing to do is to make sure you're not caught"] he told her. He knew that she was worried and that she was scared, but he wasn't sure how he could change that. THe only solution was to get out of it all completely for her to be safe.

Sylus shook his head [b "I made a deal with him. I told him I would give him a certain amount of the drug every week. No more and no less. As long as I keep that, he has to keep his part of the deal"] he told her. [b "Ar, you were worried about me and you were found. That is between you and him. If we keep him away from you, then everything would be better"] he knew that.

When their food came, he took a bite of the fries and then he let out a deep sigh when she said there wasn't anything he could do to help. He felt helpless [b "I see. Well then if I can't help I sure hope you get your money from daddy soon"] he sighed a bit, not knowing how it felt to be rich anyway. That rich attitude of hers kind of annoyed him.

He shrugged [b "THat's all I have too. Yeah I heard about your party. I'll let them know. They have to look high class"] he nodded and would take a bite of his burger. IT was good and it distracted him from all this. [b "Yeah we can. I won't make any decisions then. We'll bring it all to the table and discuss it before putting it into action. I don't want you going anywhere or being involved in any of this gang activity though. You can help me plan it, but you're not going anywhere near it"] he warned her.

He felt her hand squeezing his and he would shake his head [b "WHy would we break up? Isn't honesty one of the key things in a relationship? IT should be better once the truth is long as it's not terrible"] he took another bite of his burger and then he would eat some fries. He'd look over at Ara and then he looked down at his clothes. He didn't think he looked all that special in the clothes he wore today. It made him wonder what she thought of him right now. [b "Do you think I should dress better Ar? You know you can tell me the truth since we're here being honest?"] he'd ask.
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Ara watched him, not really understanding where this was coming from. She frowned, [b “No… It’s not all about what you wear but of course I will. Why would you want me to be… I’m not flashy. Everyone should dress up a bit in my opinion.” ] Ara defended. Where this all come from anyway?

It was hard to focus on a meal. Ara lifted her eyes again onto him, and slightly narrowed her eyes at him. [b “Don’t worry? How am I not supposed to worry? They’re gangs. I’m scared- I’m scared all the time if something will happen to you. I’m already involved, because you’re my boyfriend and I want to be with you even after.” ] She expressed, the pain in her expression showing through. How did he understand that?

She hated that he risked himself for her like that. When she had been working on not letting that happen. [b “Does he ask for more all the time?” ] Ara asked, thinking this was all plain wrong period. She knew the truth, at least to her and how she’s been raised, she believed it to be her fault. [b “But, I was where I shouldn’t have been. You made that deal to keep me safe. I should have told you right away what happened but I was so scared you’d be so mad at me.” ] Ara explained. She took a breath, sucking up her tears again. [b “What idea?” ]

She shook her head [b “I don’t know… my dad’s way seems to work. But, you’re right, I don’t want to do it his way.” ] She saw their food coming in. She didn’t have much an appetite but she knew she should eat. It really embarrassed her, that her dad cut her off. If her wealthier friends knew, it would be the most embarrassing they could find out about her right now.
[b “There’s nothing you can do to help.” ] She shook her head [b “I’m okay, I still make some money. It’s just… it’s a very embarrassing thing to be cut off.” ] She felt his leg wrap around hers and a pat on her hand. Ara managed a bit of a smile. She was glad to get it all off their shoulders but she did worry for him. [b “I think so… I’m not hiding anything else, not intentionally. Ah, I forgot but you already heard. I wanted to throw a party before Christmas. Invite your swim team, okay? Just tell them no ugly sweaters or anything, okay?” ] Ara mentioned and took a bite. They had a lot to figure out together.

[b “We’re…going to figure this out…won’t we? Together this time?” ] Ara said softly [b “Let’s not make decisions without talking first.” ] She suggested because of the deal he made with Caleb. [b “I want to help. Let me. This is my problem too.” ] She squeezed his hand, her expression showing that she was nearly begging. At least, this proved that telling each other secrets, it didn't they mean would break up. [b "I was worried...that you'd break up with me if I told you all these things...makes me happy that we're okay."]
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He didn't like seeing Ara single someone out. It was wrong to do so and he felt like if she was being judgy because of appearance, it didn't feel like it was a good thing. When she said her friends accepted him, he just sighed a bit. [b "Well...yeah. You'll just buy me things to make me fit with you. What if I want you to be less flashy?"] he asked her.

At the table, Sylus ordered some food and told Ara how he felt about it all. He admitted to setting up a deal with Caleb and that it was dangerous, but he was doing his best to play it safely. [b " don't need to worry about me in those gang situations. I've been doing it for a while. I make sure that I put my safety first. I don't want you getting involved"] he told her, shaking his head because he wouldn't risk her life like that.

When she said he knew, that was a risk he was planning to take for her sake. [b "All he knows is that I can get it somehow. I haven't been giving him much, just enough for it to be worthwhile"] he sighed and would shake his head.

[b "It's not your fault, so stop blaming yourself. I just need to figure out a way to get out of this and cut Caleb off. I have a few ideas, but nothing solid"] he admitted, thinking about it. [b "Ar, you take care of things your own way, don't listen to your dad"] he sighed, holding her hand in his. [b "Relax, it's going to be okay. We'll figure this out. As long as he's not bothering you, I'm not worried"] he told her, asking about her financial status.

When she said her dad cut her off, he figured she had been roughing it for a while. [b "You should have let me known. I could help too you know. I don't care how much money you have or anything, so you don't need to feel ashamed to tell me"] he told her, if that was the issue.

Sylus would wrap his leg around hers and he would pat her hand [b "That's all I have. Is there more you want to lay on the table?"] he asked, knowing there was still a lot to fix, but he wanted the secrets to at least be out there so they weren't hiding anything from one another anymore.
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Ara looked at Sylus with confusion. Why was he making it a big deal that she wasn’t invited? [b “Well, we fixed that issue for the most part. People know we’re together and you’re not wavering. They don’t see you the same way as before. My group of friends don’t think of you as the same anymore,” ] Ara stated, because she had helped to try to bring his reputation up.
Ara looked at Sylus up and down and then smile [b “You definitely do darling. Don’t worry, you’ll always fit in with me.” ] Sy always looked attractive and with her help, he had even a lot more expensive clothes to wear.

They still had a lot to talk about. They got to the restaurant and hearing to know that he did something like that made her feel so worried and defeated. She failed him. She put him at risk. [b “I was afraid that he’d find out about you and hurt you. That’s what I was afraid about.”] Ara said with such fear and worry. She covered her mouth hearing he was giving him drugs. [b “You can’t just give someone…” ] She lowered her voice [b “Drugs.”] She shook her head [b “He knows you have…that…you’re not anonymous. You got more in trouble, this is what I was trying to avoid. You should say you don’t have it anymore.” ] Her eyes went warm.

In the end, this was her doing. She followed, and got tangled up in this mess, bringing Sy with her. She’d stop her eyes from releasing tears. It ate her up. She put Sy in danger. [b “I know… I’m sorry. Your in danger because of me.” ] She stiffened at the thought of Sylus being dead. She wouldn’t let that happen, she couldn’t, she’d give up everything. She would try to clear herself up to just order food.

[b “It is my fault. I wasn’t supposed to be there.” ] Her voice waivered [b “I couldn’t make Caleb go away and now you made a dangerous deal with him. This is my fault. My dad’s right, I can’t fix things fast enough. Guess he’s just teaching me the outcome is bad if I don’t fix it fast” ] She spoke quietly, struggling to hold herself together. It was scary, knowing Sy made a deal with Caleb.

She took a breath and would wipe her eyes before she cried because she couldn’t do that here. Not in public. Saving right… [b “My dad cut me off.” ] She didn’t want to look at him because it was embarrassing [b “Allister is giving me allowance now. I want to help you, so I’m saving. I don’t want you to do more dangerous stuff. I don’t really know what you mean about attitude towards others. I’ve just been trying to fit in with my group of friends more, that’s all.” ] Ara explained.
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He found it odd when Ara mentioned that the girl couldn't come to her party. SHe was usually really sweet and kind. This wasn't the Ara he knew at all. HIs eyes watched her closely and he asked why she did that. [b "It matters, but I thought we wouldn't care about what people said or think. Our relationship caused so many issues, but I didn't care what they said"] he wondered where the change came from. [b "Hmm, do I visually fit your party?"] he wondered, knowing he didn't look like he'd fit in.

After their first two classes, he would meet up with Ara for lunch, getting them a private space at the restaurant. When he saw her looking at him, he took in a deep breath and he just let out a soft sigh and told her the truth. He watched her reaction and he would just shake his head. [b "I know how much it was troubling you. You had a lot on your plate and you were afraid. I just wanted to take your problems away"] he admitted. [b "I'm giving him some drugs from some of my deliveries. DOn't worry, I'm being as safe as I can and am still anonymous. I just have to figure out a way to call it done"] he told her.

When she explained what she was hiding, Sylus let out a deep sigh. [b "Ar....I told you not to follow me or get yourself involved in all of that. You put yourself in danger and now this crazy gang member is after you. He'll probably try to kill me if he finds out, but I don't think he will. It was dark and his friend didn't catch sight of my hair or anything"] he ordered himself a burger and some fries as he ran his fingers through his hair. [b "It's not your fault. IT's his fault for latching onto you"] he told her, seeing her eyes warm. She must have been carrying this burden for a while and trying her best.

[b "Ar. You know you can tell me anything. I've noticed you changing your behavior too. You've been saving, and your attitude towards others seems weird. What's going on?"]
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All she gave was silence because she didn’t know how to react. Sy, threatening? Very likely to happen but… still. She suppose she should just be happy that Caleb wasn’t bothering her but, not if it was at Sylus expense.

It was difficult to focus. Hat fear of being left without him hurt. She depended on him a lot – for moral support anyway. If he left, it would hurt more than anything then her Dad could do.
A girl came up to her, and Ara went on auto pilot, following what her squad and a few friends advised her to do. She could see who hung out with who and she didn’t want to upset the group of friends she was with right now. After all when she did that around family friends or people that had business with her dad’s business – it ended horribly.

Ara walked with Sy and was surprised he even asked. [b “What do you mean? Fitting in always mattered. Visually and probably her personality too wouldn’t fit in. She’d have a hard time and my friends won’t be that happy.” ] Ara said, not understanding anything wrong with that.

Lunch came in. Sy held her hand again, so she would continue to be close. She wanted to be. She didn’t want him to be mad at her and she didn’t want to be mad at him. It bothered her though. They got a more private space at the restaurant.

She lifted her eyes up to him. Ara slowly nodded but was still hesitating. She got some juice for herself before they started talking. She’d sip and listen to him and she stopped drinking. Ara held her breath and felt anger, sadness and fear because she had been trying hard not to involve him. [b “Wha…Why? I never asked you to do that. I never would want you to put you at risk. I was trying so hard not to involve you before, because I wanted you safe. What are you giving him Sy? What deal?” ] She asked. She saw him looking at her, waiting for her to spill something. That was a big secret.

Ara looked down, taking a breath. [b “I… The reason… I followed you one night with Nyx. I was worried about you. I saw those guys, Caleb’s gang they were going to hurt you. So I tried to bring the attention off you. I know you shot that guy… I ran off with Nyx and was making my way home. But, Caleb and his friends were passing by, and he saw me. He thought it was weird I was there, but wanted to take me home. I heard also say he’d shoot the guy who shot his friend. So… I was scared, I’ve been trying all this time to get Caleb attention off me and not get close to you. But clearly, it was useless since you probably made some sketchy deal with him.” ] Her eyes warmed. [b “I put you in danger. It’s my fault.” ]
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HE was glad he could help her get over her fear, even if it was just a little by little. He was sure that by the time it was the swimming semester, Ara would be fine. She was really athletic.

He watched her swim a few laps, getting the hang of it. He then removed her board and let her try to actually swim. It was a struggle, but he helped her up and swam beside her a few times.

After practice, she kept asking him questions that he didn't want to explain to her. [b "I scared him off. Gave him a few fake threats and told him I'd expose him in front of his little brother"] he came up with a few, but knew they were only lies. That wasn't enough for him to not talk to Ara. Why would he even be afraid of Sylus when he had a gang behind him?

She kept asking and he wanted her to also reveal her secrets, so he asked that she at least revealed her secrets to him too because he's also noticed a change in her behavior recently.

After they headed to their first class, it was quiet. He didn't have much to say either, but he told her she wouldn't like the truth. When Sylus watched a girl approach her, he was surprised to hear her response. Since when did Ara ever say no to people based on looks?

As they walked to their next class, he looked over [b "Why didn't you let that girl go to the party? When did fitting in matter?"] he wondered and would soon say goodbye as he headed to his class.

During lunch, Sylus would meet up with Ara and then he would nod his head [b "Okay, we can go out"] he'd hold her hand in his and would head to a small restaurant. Sylus asked for a table outside and they would sit towards the back, away from others.

He'd meet her eyes for a bit [b "Okay. So no secrets? How about we start with one each? So I've been doing jobs for Luke because I need something from those jobs to keep Caleb quiet. I'm keeping him away from you. We made a deal"] he told her.
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Ara softly smiled to him [b I already am…with you.” ] She couldn’t even step into a pool before but now, she could even kick her legs and float.

It ws about time to talk about it. It made her nervous, but she didn’t want to in the dark and have something happen to him and never knowing what she could have done. It wasn’t that Sy didn’t sound all that believable, it was that the situation didn’t entirely make sense. [b I’d rather never go out on trips with you if it meant you doing dangerous jobs. You know that. I care about you more.” ] Ara said and grew quiet when he mentioned she’s been trying to save. She hadn’t been spending as much, that much was true. She’d rather help Sylus with money she got. Allister couldn’t give her as much as dad and she didn’t expect him to.

Ara frowned, [b “How did you intimidate him then? Why shouldn’t I? It involves me” ] She knew Sy could be but she didn’t know how he did it. It didn’t sit well with her if he did certain things. Ara grew mute when he asked about telling him the rest. Last thing she wanted was to see him mad at her. He knew he would be mad if she told him she followed.

[b “Why does there feel like I have secrets?” ] Ara asked him, thinking she already covered her ground. She took his hand to help her out of the pool. Her stomach sunk, what did he do that she wouldn’t like? Maybe, she should just tell him too.

They went back to the lockers. They got ready and walked together, Sy still held her hand. It was quiet between them. She kept worrying about telling him, and about what he might to tell her. What if Sy decided it was too risky her being around his life and leave? The bell rang. She felt stiff. Collin asked Sy something, but she didn’t hear.

[b “Okay.” ] She said quietly. She gathered her stuff and a girl came toward her.
“Hey – I know we don’t really talk but I was wonder if I could come to your party you were going to throw.” She said. Ara looked at her, and the girl looked nothing but average to her and her outfit seemed lazy. [b “Sorry… No, I don’t think you’d fit in well with everyone else.”] She’d turn away and walk with Sylus to her next class.

The next class, she still had the same worries, even more scared when she kept thinking it through. Lunch came in and she wondered if she should just let Sy keep his secrets, and find out another way but… she did care for him more than what he’d do if she told him the truth. It wasn’t like Sy would have threatened to kill Caleb to go away anyway-so his couldn’t be that bad.

She got out of class, and texted Sy to meet her at her locker. She put a book away and when she saw him [b “I don’t…want to talk in public. You think we could find an empty room or head out?” ] Ara asked, she looked at his eyes.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 43d 13h 1m 11s
She was being more than adorable, seeing her coming in her sexy red bikini. Sylus loved the way she looked and she was perfect in anything she wore. [b "I know. We'll take it easy, but once you learn how to swim, I bet you'll conquer that fear"] he assured her.

He heard her asking about him lying and Sylus didn't really like it. HE was only trying to protect her for her sake, why couldn't she just be happy about that without trying to figure out things. He came up with an excuse that wasn't really all lies. [b "I know, but I'd like to be able to take you on trips and treat you out to. I know you're not telling me things the fact that you've been trying to save more"] he told her.

After they practiced for a while, she didn't let it go. [b "I told you Ar. I can be intimidating. Don't think about it too much"] he told her, but she kept bringing up him admitting his secrets. [b "You told me eventually because I pried. Are you going to tell me the rest?"] he heard her admit that she paid it off and he ran his fingers through his hair.

[b "Ar....I know you're in better circumstances, but at least tell me. Are you sure? You don't have anymore secrets? Because it feels like there is"] he shook his head and would hear her ask again. [b "Fine. I'll tell you later, but you're not going to like it. You're going to come clean too"] he helped her out of the pool and would lead her back tot he lockers.

Sylus would wash off, change, and dry his hair. Once he was ready, he waited for Ara before going to their first class together.

It was odd because they still held hands, but it was clear something was up. He wasn't really talking to her and once they sat in class, they just listened and barely interacted. Collin came by and asked if something was up, but he'd just shrug a bit and tell him they were having an argument.

After the bell, he got up [b "Come on Ar, let me walk you to your next class"] he'd say.
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When he put it in compliments it was hard not to accept. She sighed [b “I like your optimism but the water still kind of scares me.” ] Ara said. She sat at the edge of the pool. She giggled [b “Insanely hot.” ] She played.

She wanted to talk about it because she knew he had been lying. It bothered her that he was telling like a lie like that. Ara shook her head at his reasoning [b “You know that I’m happy to pay for when we go out together. I don’t need you to pay for anything if it means taking more jobs like that.” ] She didn’t understand why he got back into it. She thought he said he would do less now that he had another legal job…it didn’t make sense.

She did listen to him, praticied with him and then took a break. She needed to know, because she was afraid he was putting himself in danger. He held his hand. He wasn’t telling her something. She knew how to lie well afterall, she could tell he was covering something up. [b “I said all of those things to him and more. Why would he be afraid of you? Did you do something?” ] Ara asked, getting upset. He folded his arms and she kept her eyes sternly on him.

Right, she kept Caleb and Hilda to herself for the most part. He had been so busy and she didn’t want to stress him either. Plus, she never could tell him how she met Caleb. [b “I didn’t want to stress you out, but I eventually told you.” ] She frowned.

[b “Yes, I paid it off. Money wise, I’m in a much better circumstance than you.” ] She reminded, wanting it just to be accepted. She met his eyes and really didn’t want to tell him still how she met Caleb. She knew it would upset him. [b “I’ve told you everything by now…” ] She looked at the time and saw they were running out of it. [b “Lunch. I want to know why you’re really taking more jobs and how I can help you stop. I can always help with money.” ] She depended on her brother giving her allowance and what she made but she was sure she could cover some.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 43d 17h 46m 7s
He shook his head [b "No, I know what you're capable of Love. You're smart, you're really athletic, I know you can do this. This is only water. I know a million other things I can be scared of more. You got this!"] he wanted to give her that confidence.

Sylus sat at the edge of the pool and saw her winking [b "Oh do you now? Well your boyfriend must be really hot. I agree"] he chuckled and would meet her eyes as she asked him about why he was lying to her. Sylus saw her asking and he told her what he has been doing. IT wasn't really a lie completely since he was taking on more jobs, but he also didn't want to tell her the reason behind it all.

[b "I just wanted to be able to get a bit more cash so we can go places or even just me treating you out on dates. We still do Ar? My weekends are free. We even have lunch together everyday"] he heard her and would help her set up to start the swim lesson.

When he heard her talking quietly, he sighed a bit and would just help her work on her form. She was getting so much better, but when they took a break, she came over again. When she held his hands, he met her eyes. [b "Isn't that good? HE's just gone. Maybe he's really afraid of me, or I talked some sense into him"] he smiled and would hear her question it. [b "Yeah I did. I told him that it wouldn't be good for his little brother to look up to a home wrecker"] he admitted and then he folded his arms over his chest.

[b "Ar. I feel that way too sometimes. Like when you didn't tell me about Caleb, or HIlda. Maybe you even know something about why my rent this month is already paid? How about we sit down and then tell each other everything? We can start by both agreeing and putting everything out on the table"] he spoke and would meet her eyes.

[b "We can do that at lunch today or this weekend? What do you say? ALl the secrets out and we tell each other everything?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 44d 2h 42m 58s
Ara released a slight nervous laugh [b “I think your expectation is a little too high. I know your team did.” ] She could barely even swim after all. She still held that fear and always had to push herself to go into the water still. It was made much easier with Sy around, she didn’t feel so afraid then.

Ara smiled, blushing a bit [b “My boyfriend is very sexy too.” ] Ara said, eyeing him up and down and gave a cute wink. She dipped her legs into the water, sitting at the edge. She hoped that comforting him would make him admit the truth.

Ara looked back up at his eyes, not wanting him to pretend like he didn’t know what she was talking about. She heard him sigh and it was just what she thought. [b “But why?” ] Ara kicked the water gently [b “I Thought… I thought we agreed that you’d do less. Why would you do more? You have enough money now, right? So why… We don’t spend much time together and you lied to me.” ] SHe said, feeling hurt that he lied to her. She knew she lied to him too and it wasn’t anymore right.

She looked back into the water, and she couldn’t help but him wanting her to tell him about the surprise was because he wanted to be prepared not to get caught. [b “It wouldn’t be a surprise then would it?” ] She asked quietly. She saw him giving her board. She still wanted answers, but she’d listen.

She would take the board, and tried to do her best. She was getting better, but her mind was quite distracted. She’d focus again and get the form as Sylus instructed. She’d then stop and met his yes. [b “Thanks… Sy I really need to talk to you and we barely have even enough time to talk anymore.” ] She took hold of his hands, [b “I need to know. It’s weird to be that Caleb just suddenly stopped bothering me just from talking. It doesn’t… I just don’t understand how when I tried that. Did you really make him stop by just talking?” ] She asked. It was odd that Caleb disappeared. [b “It feels like…I feel like maybe your holding secrets from me. I don’t like that. I thought we could tell each other everything. ] She squeezed his hands.
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He had a lot of things to take care of during the week that would add to his schedule of keeping Caleb away from Ara. He planned out a deal that he agreed to and he did his best to try and keep it up so he'd leave Ara alone. Occasionally he'd ask Ara if she was getting any messages from him. SHe wasn't, so he knew that Caleb was listening to their agreement.

He'd take on more of Luke's jobs in order to gather more of those drugs. THe more jobs he took on, the more likely he was to run into the drug that Caleb wanted. So during the weeks, after work, he'd do a delivery and a deal. On the weekends and before and after class, he'd spend time with Ara.

When he got to school, he'd hug Ara and then lead her to the gym [b "Yes you will be because you're being taught by the best swimmer ever. Our team made it to nationals you know"] he smiled and would head into the locker room to change.

Once he was ready, he met up with Ara by the pool, seeing her in her bikini. [b "Ooh, that's my sexy girlfriend"] he said so proudly as he watched her head to the water. He was being really careful on his jobs so that Ara wouldn't find out. He didn't have any visual injuries and most of the time it was a bruise here or there, but nothing fatal.

When he sat down, he heard her and his eyes would meet hers. [b "What are you talking about Ar?"] he didn't realize she had been coming after work. When she asked, he let out a sigh [b "I've just been picking up a little more side jobs for Luke. He's been asking me where I've been, so I'm helping him out"] he told her, hoping that'd be enough.

[b "If you're going to surprise me, you can also let me know Ar. We can hang out after work, but I have to know what days, so I can plan around it too"] he told her, smiling and then giving her the board. [b "Okay, let's do a few laps with the board and then try without it? Just so you get the hang of it"] he told her, getting into the water with her as he helped her get ready. He'd fix her position and then let her hold the board. When she took off, he'd instruct her on her form and help her out. HE reminded her to breath as she swam, seeing her doing so much better. [b "You're doing so good Ar"] he smiled.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 44d 3h 47m 47s
She would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t feel hurt how she couldn’t see much of Sylus. It wasn’t hard for her to catch him in a lie eventually, that he wasn’t at work. Cheating wasn’t she suspected but she did suspect that maybe he was doing more jobs for Luke…or something. Spending time with other friends made her change her attitude to certain things, and she learned how to fit in better. Sometimes it meant, telling people off but with her friends backing her up, it was made easier. It didn’t bother her, those rumours anymore about Sylus flirting with other people.

She was waiting outside of the school. Ara lifted a smile when she saw him coming in his skateboard. Early morning was really the only time besides class she could spend more time with him. She hugged him back, feeling good to be with him. She blushed [b “Professional?” ] She followed him when he held her hand.

They went into the gym, into the lockers. They had to turn on the lights. She went into her red bikini. She stepped by the pool with him. Still, she always felt her stomach knot when she looked at water. It was easier to step in though and she could actually float on her own. She still preferred Sy to hold her when she tried to swim.

She stepped in slowly, looking at him, seeing his bare chest. This was also the perfect way she could tell if he’s been injured or not. There was no hiding it here. She debated on asking him now or later, but she didn’t want to run out of time.

Ara sat at the edge of the pool, moving her legs gently back and forth in the water. [b “Sy...” ] She quietly began, taking a deep breath, [b “I know… I know you’ve been lying. You said you were at work, but I wanted to surprise you one day and you weren’t there. And…that wasn’t the only time.” ] She began and looked up at him, hoping he’d tell her the truth, [b “Where were you? Is there something you’re not telling me?” ] She asked. She wanted to know how he really got Caleb to back off too, but first, she wanted to know this.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 44d 6h 40m 19s

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