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He saw her frown and he would rub the top of her head, giving her a hug because he hated to see Ara like that. His eyes met hers [b "I know, but I don't want him to just keep hurting you. I want to be able to help you or even open his eyes to see what an amazing daughter he has"] he brushed her hair behind her ear and felt a bit sad that she wouldn't tell him a few things.

THey dressed in matching clothes and he let her put on the mask since he wasn't quite sure he knew what he was doing. When it was on, he went to the couch and watched the movie with her, grabbing the sushi and then feeding her some rolls. He would look at her face and chuckle, thinking they both looked a little silly. [b "We are happy ghosts"] he laughed and would eat up with her, smirking a bit. [b "What if I was a masculine girl though?"] he laughed and would continue to watch the movie with her.

IT was a cute movie. A slice of life and just so relaxing. Once they removed their masks, Sylus smiled [b "Wow, my face feels so supple"] he touched his cheeks and then he would snuggle into Ara as the movie finished.

[b "Yeah, it's nice to be able to sit in and just relax"] he kissed her cheek and would see the last piece. [b "How about rock paper scissors"] he told her and and would hold out his hand. When they shook their fists, Sylus chose rock and saw that Ara had paper. He sighed [b "Noo!"] he pouted and would let her have the last roll.

When he looked at the time, it was still early, so he looked over at Ara and leaned in to kiss her cheek. He then tilted her head to kiss her lips. [b "I still have a lot of time. How about we snuggle and kiss for a while until I have to go?"] he pulled her onto his lap and he would caress her cheek, his hands gliding down her back as he pressed his lips against hers. He missed being close to Ara and he wanted nothing more than to keep her happy.

[b "What do you say?"] he smirked a bit, tugging on her bottom lip.
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Ara frowned [b “Well…he always had.” ] It ached thinking about it. It always made her feel alone. [b “You can’t control that. I don’t want you to speak to him or see him. It’s best if you don’t. He might make me not see you.” ] She said, feeling it wasn’t a risk worth taking. [b “I’ll be fine. I had to deal with this all of my life. I can handle it.” ] Ara said quietly.

She didn’t want to talk about that anymore. She was happy when she was kissed, or have him make food. Soon enough, they were matching and sitting in his living space.

[b “Yea…I think a shirt would be cool.” ] Ara said, petting Nyx on her lap and giving him kisses. Ara got lost in that thought. Sylus asked, she didn’t want him to worry. [b “Yea, I’m okay. I know.” ] Ara nodded, kissing him back with a smile. She knew she could tell him, she just didn’t want him to worry.

Ara helped him put on the facemask. He heard him chuckle and she giggled. [b “It’s worth it, I promise. Our skin is going to thank us.” ] Ara said. She thought Sy looked a bit funny. It made her so happy he was doing this with her. She held Nyx on her lap again. The sushi came. She let Sylus get the door.

[b “It came!” ] Ara beamed. She would bend over and take a roll, and moaned. Sylus even fed her another roll. She’d lean in and took the bite. Ara giggled [b “We do? Well then, we are happy ghosts.” ] Ara said proudly and would feed him one too. Ara laughed at his comment. [b “Nahh, you look to masculine to look like a girl.” ] Ara nudged his shoulder. She would lean back and watch totoro with him. She’d lean into his shoulder. Nyx would try to eat their sushi but Ara prevented him from it.

Ara saw the time, [b “oh, sy we can take them off now.” ] Ara said, and helped him peel the mask off. She did the same for herself. [b “Isn’t this fun?” ] Ara asked, feeling so happy. She would take his arm and put it around her, so she could snuggle into him. [b “Do you like the movie?” ] Ara asked, as she hit play to finish the rest with him. Nyx end up going to his food bowl and eating.

[b “I bet there so many people who are jealous of what we’re doing today.” ] Ara said and would browse her phone for a second and then let the movie finish. By the end of it, she was reaching out for another piece of sushi, and Sylus reached for it at the same time. There was only one left. Ara gasped and looked at Sylus [b “I will challenge you for it.” ] Ara said and wondered [b “To uh…uh…wrestling? No, no that would be really bad. Pillow fight?” ] She wondered. [b “What do you think?” ]
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He wanted her father to see how amazing she was. Ara was great and he loved how she was able to be really smart, caring, and even go for her dreams. He kissed her cheek and would wonder if she should invite her dad so she could visually see how amazing his own daughter was. [b "You think so? If he does and I'm there, I'll make sure he doesn't say a thing, especially if it's wrong. I'll let him know Ar"] he told her, feeling like he needed to at least change somehow.

[b "You can, we can try to take one step at a time. I don't want to see you get hurt anymore by him"] he kissed her and let her rest more as he made food.

They ate and Sylus would lead her to his room, grabbing some matching shirts and shorts as he watched her put it on. She looked so sexy in the clothes. They were a bit too big for her, but it was cute.

Sylus took a seat on the couch with her and would look over at Nyx. [b "I think he likes being naked, but maybe a scarf or even a shirt would be cool"] he chuckled and noticed her thinking. [b "As long as you're okay. You can tell me anything Ar"] he kissed her and would watch the movie with her.

They went to put on face masks soon after, seeing Ara put on hers. He'd try to copy, but he'd mess it up a bit. He let Ara put it on him and he'd chuckle a bit, looking like a ghost. [b "This is so weird"] he chuckled, soon hearing the door. Sylus looked at her and he'd smirk a bit. [b "Okay, I got it"] he went to get the door, the face mask still on as he grabbed the bags. THe delivery guy looked at him funny and Sylus would just ignore it, bringing the food to the couch as he started to unpack their rolls.

He sat beside Ara and draped his arm around her waist, holding the food on his lap. He'd feed her a roll and chuckle a bit [b "We look like two ghosts eating"] he smirked a bit. [b "I think the delivery guy was wondering if I was a girl"] he laughed.
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Ara filled up with warmth and smiled, [b “Yea…yea…I guess he doesn’t.” ] Ara said but thought that he would see that since she got compliments from whomever tutored her. She was happy when Sylus kissed her cheek. Ara got nervous at the mention inviting her dad. [b “I’m… I don’t think he’d like that. He might disapprove...I don’t want other people to see him disapprove of me. And he always checks my scores. He doesn’t say anything when I perform well. Only when I don’t.” ] Ara said. Would it do any good to invite him? Would he even say yes? [b “Maybe…I’ll try to invite.” ]

She was happy with the food he made. It really cheered her up. She was happy he agreed to her idea too. [b “Ah hmm! What should we wear?” ] Ara pondered. [b “Let’s wear…blue. I prefer to wear a sweater, so you should wear a blue sweater too.” ] Ara decided, nodding to herself. She followed Sylus and he picked out what he had. She was so happy when she got the chance to wear one of his shirt too. She wore it like a dress.

[b “I think Nyx needs an outfit too.” ] Ara said and then pouted [b “I need to buy him more outfits.” ] Ara said. Then she remembered she couldn’t really do that. Ara shook her head, not wanting to share that yet and maybe she never would have to. [b “Nothing, it’ snothing.” ] She smiled at him, getting a kiss on her cheek. SHe kissed his cheek back. She took hold of hand, [b “Let’s go sit on the sofa. I’ll order the food on my phone.” ] Ara said.

She would sit with him and turn on the TV. She would pick out totoro. She would then go on her phone and pick out sushi rolls. She would lean into Sylus and ask him what he wanted too. She placed the order. Then she would rise up and go into his bathroom. She bought a few masks and left them here. She took one out for her and for him. She would face him [b “Have you ever used face masks before?” ] Ara asked. If he didn’t, she’d help him and giggle, thinking this was a lot of fun.
She got a message that the food arrived. [b “Sy, can you buzz them in?” ] She asked. She let him get it. Ara would pause the movie. Nyx was trying to leap on the sofa. So, Ara picked him up and laid on him on her lap. She pet him, and gave him a belly rub once Nyx laid on his belly.
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He could understand why she was upset because of all this, but at the same time, he really did want to be keep this place and be with her. No interruptions, no Luke, and be able to keep moving forward with his goals. He still had to figure out a way to slowly drop the gang missions, but at the same time, he really needed the money.

[b "I am"] he hugged his arms around her waist, seeing her bruises and it made him really upset. [b "I know Ar. You're amazing and he doesn't realize that his daughter is so smart, talented, and sweet"] he sighed and would kiss her cheek. [b "Maybe we can show him? Invite him to your games, your shows, maybe show him your test scores?"] he wondered if that would help.

He made her food and would sit down and eat with her, seeing her beaming. He loved being able to make her smile like this. It's been a while since they had breakfast together.

He asked her if she wanted to go on a date, but when she asked, he would smile [b "Okay"] he finished eating up and would set the plates away. He heard her idea [b "We can. I'm sure I have a lot of clothes that we can match in"] he chuckled and would let her take care of the food. [b "That sounds like fun, and it's relaxing"] he walked over and would take her hand in his, heading to his bedroom.

Sylus picked out a few shirts he had two of and then some shorts that he had. He'd change into them and then he would give Ara a pair too. Once they were ready, he'd head out to the living room, seeing Nyx following along. Sylus lifted him up and would rub his back and behind his ears. [b "How's little Nyxy"] he laughed and would turn on the TV for them. He noticed Ara was lost in thought [b "What's up Ar? What are you thinking about?"] he kissed her cheek.
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“Yes…but if I knew it meant you’d have to take worse jobs…then…I don’t know.” ] Ara frowned, feeling her stomach sink in. There was no predicting what could happen. No control. There was no way she could stomach something happening to Sylus. He was the first boy that’s ever treated her so well. Plus, she cared so much for him. She didn’t think Luke would listen…he never did.

[b “Aren’t you always?” ] Ara whispered. She hung onto him tightly.

She didn’t want her bruises to go noticed. She wanted to pretend like they never happened. Ara pouted [b “I know…but he’s my dad. I don’t care if he hits me, I care that he looks at me like I’m the reason he’s miserable, or hating my existence. I want him to look at me and realize how good I am. But he’s never said anything like that.” ] She mumbled, getting upset talking about that. She lifted her eyes up to him, hearing Sy.

[b “You’re the kindest guy I’ve ever met.” ] Ara said with a smile. She rested and when she came out, she saw what he made. She got so excited. She would sit down and eat with him. [b “It’s so good!” ] Ara beamed. She saw Sylus giving Nyx food. Nyx was so happy to eat too. Sylus brought some pancakes to her lips. She took a bite and was kicking her legs back and forth underneath the table. She felt so happy to eat his breakfast.

[b “Hmmm? Klara?” ] Ara glanced back at him and remembered they still hadn’t chat. [b “Oh…maybe you should chat with her then. Will you chat with her today?” ] She felt a little said that he’d take away time from her but she also understood and she did want things to be fixed. Although she really wished just to spend the whole day with him.

[b “Um…um…” ] Ara thought about it. She looked down at herself and wasn’t sure how well this makeup would hold, for how long. [b “Can we…have a date here instead?” ] Ara asked and quietly but clearly said, [b “I can’t…swim today or a few days.” ]

Then she tried to come up with what they could do today. She thought about painting and remembered she had to buy supplies and yesterdays events really made her think twice about it. [b “You think we could watch a movie here? We could dress in matching clothes. I’ll order some sushi, and mmm, maybe we can do face masks together and I’ll make us some alcohol free drinks.” ] Ara suggested, thinking it would be fun. [b “I’ll even get gourmet pet food for Nyx.” ] Ara said and then it hit her the second later of her new situation. She was sure she would be just fine. She saved.
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He knew that he was in over his head when he made those deals, but he did get a lot of money out of it. He was able to pay for his apartment in this nice neighborhood and he even had a safe place that Ara could go to. He didn't want to do those jobs, but at the same time, if it kept this safe place for Ara, and if it prevented Luke from living with him, he wanted it.

[b "It's not fair, but at the same time, me and you can have this private place to ourselves. I can't give that up. I know you're scared, I am too, but I'm going to tell LUke that I can't keep doing this anymore"] he told her, hoping that would be good enough for her. [b "I'll be really careful"] he promised her and would hug her.

Seeing the bruises on her made him so upset, he wanted to go to her father and just give him a lecture. It wasn't fair and it wasn't right. [b "I'm not going to pity you. You don't deserve that. You're father is the one that's messed up in the head!"] he told her, slowly getting up so he could make some breakfast for them. [b "I'm going to take better care of you way better than that guy"] he went to the kitchen and made them some chocolate chip pancakes and eggs. He then served it up onto a plate and he saw ARa.

Nyx was pretty excited. He was jumping around and when Sylus saw her holding him up, he laughed a bit and then rubbed his head as he put some food in his bowl. [b "He's a little white, fluffy cutie"] he grinned, setting the plates on the table. He would then sit with her and eat up. [b "Mmm"] he brought some pancakes up to ARa's lips.

When he saw the message on his phone, Sylus looked over at Ara [b "Looks like Klara still wants to talk. I forgot"] he replied back to her and asked her if it was okay to talk after school on Monday. He wanted his Sunday just for him and Ara before he had to leave at night. [b "Where should we go AR? Maybe we can go a movie date? Or I can start my duties as your swimming teacher"] he chuckled, just wanting to spend more time with her.
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Hearing him say all that scared her so much. Ara’s lip waivered. She couldn’t even help him… What could she do? Go to the police? That would get him in trouble and something still might happen to him. What if he didn’t survive until he could move? [b “That’s not fair…” ] Ara said. He felt his arms wrap around her waist. Ara held onto him, pressing her head into his chest. [b “I know…but… I’m scared you’ll get hurt.” ] She had to find a way to help somehow. She knew how to use a gun, and she was smart. She could figure something out.

Maybe she could help. From the distance.

Ara explained the situation. Ara frowned and shrugged [b “He’s like that… I thought it was normal for a long while.” ] She saw his eyes looking over her at the bruises. It upset her, because she didn’t want him to look, [b “Sy…you’re not going to pity me are you? I’m okay. I get bruises from just gymnastics alone, so I don’t notice them too much. I can’t wait till I can leave home though…” ] Ara half smiled. Maybe she could run off with him.

Ara nodded [b “I will now. Only sometimes, I can’t avoid it. Like yesterday. I would have got more in trouble if I didn’t go.” ] She smiled when he kissed her forehead. Ara would hug him and she was reminded he had to go. She never realized just how dark life was. She’d pretend like what happened at home sometimes didn’t happen, so she stayed positive but even Sylus’ life was scary.

[b “I’m more worried about you.”] Ara said, looking up at his eyes. She felt him run her fingers down her back. It was comforting, having him here, knowing she could talk to him and lean on him. [b “I’m really happy I have you in my life.” ] Ara said.

[b “Okay,” ] Ara said and kissed him back, smiling to him. [b “I just…wish I could protect you too.” ] Ara said, wanting to find a way. What if she just followed…in the far distance, just in case. She could call the cops, or she could play a sound of the police car, or fire a blank to scare them if they tried to hurt Sy. She could do that…and she wouldn’t be putting herself at risk since they wouldn’t know it was her since she wouldn’t be next to him.

Ara would lay in bed and let him make breakfast. She loved when Sylus made her breakfast. She felt pretty cheerful about it. She would play some music on her phone and then remember the bruises she needed to cover up. She didn’t like them showing-she didn’t want him to look at them and she didn’t want to see them .She wanted to move past that. She got up and took her makeup bag from her bag and tried to cover it up better this time.

Then she’d go into the kitchen to check if he was done. Nyx was yipping, running around and craushing into the sofa. He whimpered. Ara saw and picked him up [b “Oh Nyx, don’t hurt yourself.” ] Ara snuggled him in and kissed his head. Nyx licked her chin. She giggled [b “Hey, no, stop.” ] Ara pulled him up and saw him wagging his tail. She then would go to Sylus and let Nyx give Sylus kisses. Ara giggled, [b “Nyx loves giving love.” ] She said. Sylus would get a message from Klara asking if they were going to talk. It had been a while.
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He fell asleep with her, but when morning came, he admitted to her what she saw in the text message. He didn't want to lie, but at the same time, he couldn't continue the lie since she took a peek at his phone. [b "They're a gang. If deals don't go well, they try to fix the problem in order to get what they want"] he'd tell her and see her looking pretty nervous. [b "Luke has his own problems to deal with, but yeah, he tends to give me the ones he's afraid of"] he sighed a bit, wrapping his arms around her waist.

[b "I don't want you involved. THis is my issues and I'm slowly going to cut them off. I don't want you hurt Ara"] he brushed his fingers through her hair, seeing the bruises forming on her skin. It pissed him off her dad did this to her. He wanted to keep her here and protect her if he could.

She said the reason and Sylus grew upset. [b "How could he do this to you? He shouldn't be hurting his own daughter like this"] he said, sighing softly. He looked over her arm and then her face, seeing so many. [b "You don't deserve any of that. Just paint here with me, or if you're feeling threatened, just stay with me and Nyx"] he told her, frowning as he kissed her forehead.

[b "I have to go tonight. But today is my day off until then. We can spend it together"] he knew she was upset and he wanted to be able to help her. [b "I'm here okay? I'll protect you"] he hugged her close and ran his fingers down her back, trying to comfort her. [b "I'll make breakfast okay? You relax in bed first"] he ran his fingers down her back and would kiss her lips once more. [b "We'll be okay"] he met her eyes, wanting to protect his sweet and innocent girlfriend.
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She felt save with him. Once she was at ease, she fell asleep. She woke up earlier then him. She saw his eyes open. Ara smiled a little [b “Morning.” ] She said. She did wonder…she worried.
Ara’s eyes widened, [b “What…? But…” ] Ara’s lip waivered. She grew silent. They would? They’d hurt him? [b “But why…why are they dangerous. Why would they do that.” ] Ara said, taking a deep breath and unable to force herself to smile anymore. Luke? [b “So he can take it but he just doesn’t want to.” ] Ara said. She felt so helpless…all the time. Why couldn’t she ever do anything? Why couldn’t she help him?

A huge knot formed in her chest. He could be really hurt. [b “I can’t do anything can I? I want to help.” ] Ara said softly. She didn’t want to sit here and just hope that he’d be okay. Everything was a mess already, she didn’t want Sylus to get hurt.

Ara gave a slight node. He felt his fingers through her hair. She leaned into him, and saw his eyes going down. She was sure she covered it up, but it was late, and she was an emotional wreck. She had on along her wrist, and arm, her arm looked worse. She couldn’t even lie to him because he already knew. [b “I missed a few lessons…and well…he saw me painting the other day. That’s why. I ruin his life…” ] She said quietly. She too a deep breath, deciding to leave the last bit out. [b “Then, you can guess the rest.” ] She frowned and stared at his chest. She felt like it was her fault, and she felt embarrassed about it. [b “It’s fine…I kind of deserved it. I shouldn’t have missed lessons or painted when he was around. Anyways…it’s Sunday…um, when do you have to go?” ] Ara asked, feeling her eyes were warm but she refused to let it get to her right now. Not when she had to worry about Sylus.
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He caught her bag and when she came over the fence, he would help her onto her feet, wrapping his arms around her, seeing that she looked a bit spooked. He guessed it must have had something to do with her father. [b "Come on, let's get you to my place"] he walked with her back to his apartment and then he would lead her to his room.

Sylus would climb into bed with her, wrapping his arms around her waist. When she said her dad got mad, he understood what happened. He probably hurt her again and she was probably afraid. IT wasn't until she started crying that he would kiss her forehead and rub her back gently. [b "It's okay Ar. You're safe with me"] he promised and would hold her as they both fell asleep.

In the morning, Sylus didn't wake until he heard ARa whispering. When he felt his arm, he slowly opened his eyes and yawned. [b "Morning. Hmm?"] he finally heard what she said and he would rub his eyes. [b "Oh..."] he looked at his phone, realizing she saw Luke's text. [b "I have a deal to make today. It's with a gang that's dangerous. I have to do it tonight"] he rolled onto his side to face her.

[b "You know I can't escape from that. If I did, they'd find someway to track me down and find me"] he told her, sighing a bit. That would never go away unless he moved or changed his name. [b "Luke won't let me off the hook"] he told her, not wanting to spill the beans, but she already found out.

[b "I'll be really careful. I've already tried to plan out some escape routes and deal options so that I can ensure my safety"] he promised her. [b "Did you sleep okay?"] he ran his fingers through her hair, noticing a few bruises that were starting to show that weren't covered. [b "Ar, what did your dad do? Why did he hurt you"] he frowned.
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He heard him through the phone. SHe was so happy to know she could run away with him. [b “I’m…just….it’s just home.” ] She said. She’d work to grab her backpack and snuck her way out of her house. She wouldn’t let the gate stop her. Sylus caught her bag, and she climbed over. He helped her land. She held his hand tightly. Sylus wrapped his arms around her and she did too. [b “Mmm.”] Ara nodded. She made it back to his apartment. SHe felt relived. Safe. Sylus et her bag down and she decided not to change. She was wearing her grey sweatpants and a t-shirt. She crawled into his bed, and waited for him.

Ara frowned when he asked the question. [b “My dad got mad.” ] She whispered, looking down and then perssing her forehead against his chest. Ara sniffled, her eyes warmed up. She cried silently a bit, hiding her face into him. She held onto his shirt. She didn’t want to burden him with her worries when he had so much going on. But she couldn’t hold it all back. She felt safer in his arms. She’d wipe her eyes. [b “Thank you. I love you.” ] She spoke softly. She held onto him and found herself falling asleep.

Morning rose, sparks of anxiety woke her up. When she opened her eyes, she was reminded Sylus was next to her. She hugged him tight and kissed his cheek. She wished she could run away forever and not go back home. She didn’t want to get up. SHe’d rather just lay here with him all day long. Ara laced her fingers with his.

She heard her phone vibrate in her bag. She didn’t want to check it. SHe heard his phone go off too. She wondered what time it was. There wasn’t a watch around. Ara would take a peak at his phone, just tapping the front screen to see the time. It was 9am. She saw a preview of Luke’s text ‘Remember, be careful today.’
Ara frowned. Why? What was happening? She looked away and rested next to Sy. She looked at him. What was happening today? She doubted that if she asked Luke he’d tell her. And even if she wanted to, which she knew she couldn’t because it’s a breach of privacy, she didn’t know how to open his phone and check. Would Sy even tell her?

[b “Sy…” ] She whispered, [b “Are you waking?” ] Ara rubbed his arm and winced moving her arm too much. [b "What are ou doing that's so dangerous today... I thought you stopped." ] Ara whispered, but mainly to herself since she figured he was asleep.
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She wanted to spend more time with him, but after looking at her phone, it seemed that the mood changed. She had to leave, but Sylus was able to get his apartment stocked up with food. He wanted to know what happened, so he would constantly text her through the day.

He did his shift at the restaurant, serving plates and dealing with customers. He ended up getting off around ten, but had to make a few deliveries before he could get home. When Sylus looked at his phone, he saw her text. At least she was doing okay.

Once he got home, he got ready for bed and saw Ara's text. He called her and would hear her voice. IT didn't sound good. [b "Ar? What's wrong? I'll be over there in ten"] he quickly got up and would put on a jacket before heading out the door. He hurried to her house, standing a few feet behind the gate. He waited for ARa to head out. He caught her bag and then watched her leap over. He'd help her onto her feet and then he held her hand in his, wondering what happened. His arms wrapped around her [b "Come on, let's get you to my place"] he held her hand and walked with her back to his apartment. He shut the door and led her to his room.

Sylus placed her bag down and let her crawl into bed. [b "You want to tell me what's wrong?"] he climbed in beside her and draped his arms around her waist as he faced her blue eyes. He brushed his fingers through her hair slowly, wanting her to calm down. [b "Whatever it is, you're safe with me"]
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Ara pouted [b “I would love to… I don’t know if I can but I’ll try.” ] Ara softly smiled. She had to leave.

Ara was tangled up in her own sheets. She stared at her phone screen after all that happened. The stared at her window, the empty dark sky. She forgotten to text Sylus after he asked if she was okay. It was nine pm. [i I’m okay now.] She hugged her pillow and had sent him another text to talk to him. It felt like forever since he replied again. What was he doing? DIdn’t he already finish his shift? It was already midnight.

She was staring at her phone screen, ignoring others messages and watching videos instead. Sylus text popped up and she felt so relieved. She didn’t think of the possibility of being picked up. Would dad be mad? He would be mad either way. Besides, he might not even be here tomorrow.

[i ‘Can you pick me up? I want to be with you.’] She sent. He gave her a call. Ara picked up, “Hello? Sy?” ] She replied and then said [b “Can I come? I don’t want to be here…” ] Ara whispered, keeping her voice really low. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell him what happened. He had his own big worries. If he agreed, Ara would get out of bed, and speak quietly to him [b ‘Some family stuff happened… I couldn’t leave.’ ] Ara explained, as she went onto put make up on to look decent and cover up few things. Ara would grab her bag and very quietly moved down her house. She would just punch in the code for the security system to let her out. She would close the door behind her, lock it and then went to the gate. But her passcode was denied. Did her dad change it? There was a fence around. Well gymnastics and cheer were useful for something.

She would make sure Sylus was there first obviously. If he was, she would ask him to wait a bit, and to catch her bag when she tossed it to him. She then would to proceed to find a way to climb the fence and leaping over it. She wished she could just runaway from home period… Ara would cling into his hand and not say too much.
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He smiled [b "Of course you are. I wouldn't want anyone else"] he meant it too. Ara was really sweet to him and accepted him for all of his flaws. He wished he could repay her even more, but he wasn't sure how. At the very least, he could work for her.

Once they finished breakfast, he would wash up and hear her request. [b "If you want to, you can spend tonight here also? I'll kiss and hold you all you want"] he assured her before getting dressed. Ara looked as cute as always and he did want to spend more time with her if he could.

He headed to the grocery store with her, grabbing all they needed and headed home. He knew something was on Ara's mind, so he whipped her up a smoothie before she left.

She turned down his offer to walk her home and he would just let frown and then gave her a kiss before she left. It worried him to wonder why she left so suddenly.

The rest of the afternoon, Sylus dressed up in his work uniform and did a shift at the restaurant. Ara didn't show up and when he saw the message on his phone, he wondered what happened. [i 'Are you okay? What's wrong?'] he sent and would stop by a few houses to deliver packages. By the time he got home, it was midnight. Sylus showered and headed to bed, staring blankly at his phone to see if Ara replied.

[b "Do you want me to call you? Or pick you up?"] he sent and then he noticed a few messages from Luke. [i Hey, you got two deliveries tomorrow and two deals. Show up early. Be careful, this is that one group] he read the text and sighed heavily as he rolled onto his side and tossed his phone over his shoulder. He didn't want to deal with 'that' group of people. If Ara replied, he'd try giving her a call.
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