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He wanted her to be open with him, to be able to tell him how she was feeling no matter what. She offered to help him get a scholarship and he smiled, thanking her for always thinking about him. [b "Me too. We can go somewhere this weekend if you want? I heard there's a color festival happening in town. There's food, live music, and people throwing colored paints around. We can go if you want"] he suggested, soon hanging up.

THe next morning, Sylus was at school. He had morning swim practice and then he went to his classes, not seeing Ara. Because ARa wasn't there, he was bombarded with a lot of other girls asking him questions about his relationship, if he was free later, or if they could do him favors.

Sylus ignored all of that and focused on making sure Ara was okay. He sent her texts and called her at lunch, seeing that she looked really sick. [b "I do, it's another match against a neighborhood school. You shouldn't come're sick"] he saw her looking dizzy and then failing to get out of bed. [b "You need to rest up"] he told her, seeing that she looked really upset.

He went through the rest of the day and won his swimming match before ditching the girls and heading to ARa's house. He hurried over and when he met the chef, he would smile [b "I want to make sure she's okay"] he smiled and then he went upstairs to ARa's room. He saw her watching TV and he'd walk over, hugging his arms around her. [b "I'm glad you're resting"] he smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek. She looked so tired and her eyes were rest. He would brush her hair back [b "I brought you something"] he pulled out some pudding and chocolate from his back. [b "I thought it would help"] he smiled and sat down beside her. [b "Yes I'm here, who else would I be?"] he chuckled.
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[b “I don’t know…” ] Ara whispered to herself very quietly. It stung but, what could she could do? Risk him getting mad and being done… She felt so bothered by girls acting like they were close in the same way her and Sy was.
[b“It will be on our own. It’s ultimately their decision if they feel you’re the right fit,” ] Ara said, hoping to help him as much as she could.

She said a few things. Ara smiled a little, [b “Yea, we could do that. I love going on dates with you.” ] She said. She felt okay when it was just the two of them. It was a great feeling. She still felt stung about all the posts though and what had happened.

She woke up, feeling unwell. Lunch time she called him. She started feeling a little sleepy again. All she felt like doing was really napping. [b “I’ll be okay… it’s probably a small bug.” ] Ara said. She paused and frowned, feeling upset all the sudden, [b “You have a swim match? I thought that was later, not today.” ] She felt a headache coming on. It got her so upset. Especially since she didn’t feel well, she felt emotional. [b “You know, I feel better now. I can come.” ] Ara said. She didn’t want to miss it. She would try to crawl out of bed but got dizzy. [b “NEvermind…” ] Ara said, and pouted to herself. She promised herself she wouldn’t cry, but she did when he talked about him being bummed up. She so badly wanted to.

She’d say bye to him, trying to even got to her closet and go downstairs to get medication to be able to go. But she really didn’t feel well, and her chef had to stop her from thinking about it. She had to go back upstairs, and tried to distract herself-which wasn’t hard because eshe fell asleep again, missing the texts completely.

Her chef went to go get the door, “Hi Sylus. Ara’s sick, I’m not sure if she’s well enough to hang out. She’s upstairs in her room if you wanted to say hi.”

Ara woke up, she reached out to grab her phone to ask her chef to get her some water. Then she realized Sy sent her texts. ‘Yay, I new it! Sy! U re&lly dn’t have too. U shld ave fun.’ She had to squint a little because he eyes were slightly watery from just waking up. She’d rub her eyes and would rest back, turning on Netflix for herself. If Sy did come up, she’d be surprised to see him and she’d wave at him, her cheeks slightly warm from the fever. “Are you really here?”
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He spoke with her on the phone, wondering why she was so out of it again. HE thought he was able to cheer up her mood earlier. Why was it so hard to get back to being content? He met her eyes and heard her ask something and then cut off. [b "YOu sure?"] he saw her smile and he just decided to leave it alone.

He really did want to work hard for that scholarship. In order to get into a good school without having too many expenses, he had to work hard. He had to keep his grades up and then do well in swimming. [b "You can help me if you want Ar, but I also want to be able to do it myself too"] he assured her, not wanting to always depend on her. She's been paying for the two of them a lot already. He owed her so much.

When she told him the truth, he did his best to comfort her. He told her it was all temporary and it would be okay in the coming weeks. [b "We don't have to go far. We can stay in the city. I could take you on another date if you want to?"] he made a suggestion and then he said goodnight and would try to fall asleep. HE was pretty exhausted, so he slept fully until morning.

Sylus got ready and then he headed to school. He had morning swim practice and then he went to his classes, not seeing Ara around. He would then see her text and then he frowned, seeing she was sick. During lunch, he called her and then he sat at his usual spot beneath the tree and ate his lunch while talking to her. [b "It's okay Ar. I'm worried about you though. Maybe I can stop by after my swim match later?"] he asked, sighing a bit. HE wanted to be the one to take care of her. [b "School is okay. I'll send you the homework later today"] he smiled and would chat with her about how he was bummed she wouldn't be able to cheer for him today. He did want to come over though, if not, then at least bring her homework.

After school, Sylus headed to the gym, preparing for his swim match. THe others gathered in the crowd as he readied for his own match. The cheer team was there and so were a lot of their school mates. Sylus did his best, swimming in his match, winning his race again. He would smile and cheer when he got out of the pool, the guys lifting him up into the air as they cheered.

After they headed back to the gym to get changed up, he would message Ara. [i "I won! I'm going to skip the celebration today and head over to your place!"] he told her, grabbing his gear and heading out the door. He was stopped by Apple and her friends again congratulating him. He would thank them all and tell them he had somewhere to be and he couldn't celebrate tonight, hurrying to skate to Ara's place.
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She grew silent realizing that there would be no point in asking that because he could get upset. She remembered clearly what happened with Joseph and she felt like she couldn’t handle being crushed like that again. Especially not right now when she felt one of her lowest. It was better to suck it up and not show it. [b “Nothing…” ] Ara whispered, [b “It’s not important. I know the truth,” ] She’d give a quick half smile.

She wanted to believe Sylus could get that scholarship. [b “I can always ask around from people I know to help you.” ] Ara mentioned, wondering if she had any contacts that could help. If she helped him a lot and didn’t bug him, for sure he wouldn’t end up doing the same thing as Joseph, nor ever want to go. Why would he after all? She knew she was pretty and she knew he loved her.

She let him in on a few things. She shrugged, [b “Yea, I know. My door is locked, so I feel safe. Mmm, okay, You’re all I want too.” ] Ara said ,and she meant it deeply. She wanted to go on a trip but they recently went, [b “I’m not sure if he’d be happy if I took another trip when we just went not that long ago but I’ll try to plan something.” ] Ara smiled, remembering how much fun they had, [b “It was so much fun.” ] Ara said. She felt so free with him. She imagined them sleeping underneath a night sky.

[b Really?” ] Ara smiled a little more, [b “I’d love that.” ] Ara said, and watched him kiss the camera. She did the same and giggled. [b “Mmm, okay. Love you,” ] Ara said to him. He hung up and she tried to sleep, and not look at her phone. She couldn’t sleep. Her mind was busy with so many things. She’s never had to worry this much before. Not like this. So many things could take Sy away, his bad neighborhood, the stuff he was involved in, her not being able to stand other girls bugging him all the time…or her dad finding out and thinking less of Sy. And she flet scared, that something could happen to her too. She felt overwhelmed, that she got little sleep. When she woke up, she felt pretty hot. She didn’t want to move. She’d get up but feel a bit dizzy. Allister knocked on the door. She’d get to the door and nearly tumble.

After determining that she wasn’t well, and even her dad agreed, she stayed in bed. She sent Sy a text, ‘I’m not coming today. I got sick, just minor temperature. Might be a 24 hour thing.’ She sent and end up falling asleep until 10. When she woke up, she still felt warm but she didn’t feel upset like she was yesterday. She got to eat soup, and do nothing but play and watch TV. Which she felt she really needed. Her dad left for some business-thankfully. She’d call Sylus at lunch time-at least for school. She’d wave at him, her eyes half open and looking a bit feverish. “Hi Sy. Sorry I couldn’t come… But I’m getting better. My…chef is taking care of me. Everyone else left…I’m so thankful.” Ara lightly laughed, “How is school?”
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He knew that she was bummed out she couldn't go with him, but it was for the best. HE didn't want her father to be so suspicious of him trying to take her away, or of her going off with a delinquent. He would face his phone, seeing Ara in bed, looking a bit out of it. She was so into her own world lately and he didn't know if it was because of him and she just wasn't saying anything.

[b "I'm sorry that they're asking those things. You know the truth Ar. You know I'm only with's not like I can just avoid those girls forever?"] he spoke, listening in on her trying to ask him something. She cut herself off and he wondered what she was going to say. [b Can I?"] he asked curiously.

HE didn't know why it was so upsetting to see some pictures of him with some random girls. They were just random girls asking for a photo. He sighed a bit, but tried to change the subject. [b "I try to. I mean, the goal is a scholarship to any college I want"] he told her, asking how her day went.

When she said it was okay, he was relieved. That meant nothing crazy happened. It didn't look like she was harmed either. SHe opened up to him and Sylus listened to the issues she was having. [b "I'm sorry Ar. It'll get better I promise. You're safe at home. The safest place you could be. No one will take me away from you okay? You're all I want. Everything else will be better. We can even go on another trip if you want, so we can recover too?"] he suggested, wanting Ara to feel okay.

She seemed down and he didn't know if he was helping, but he tried to. [b "Of course. I'll call you every night if you want"] he smiled, kissing the camera. [b "Get some sleep. I'll meet you in the morning after practice okay?"] he promised before he hung up and tried to get some sleep.
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[b “Me too.” ] Ara said softly. She felt it was unfair she couldn’t join him. She saw him laying in bed too. She wanted to be there with him, all snuggled up. She did have to ask, since it bothered her and she had to see it everywhere.
She didn’t like it one bit. [b “They did… I get messages from people. Asking me if you’re really with me or someone else. I don’t want to see that. Can you…” ] She began and realized maybe she shouldn’t ask that. It hurt. [b “Never mind. “ ] Ara whispered. She didn’t want him to find her controlling, or get tired of her that he’d have to lie… She found herself spacing out again. She looked back at him and the smield [b “Yea, I saw them. I’m so happy you had a good time. You’re going to make it, I have a good feeling you will. You practice nearly everyday.” ] She said and released a sigh when he asked.

[b “Everything is okay. Quiet dinner. Did homework.” ] Ara said, feeling bad that she even felt low lately. She had what she wanted afterall, him. [b “I’m…just stressed I think. Being around my dad makes me feel…sad. Any loud sounds is making me really jumpy…and people are trying to take you away from me. Klara doesn’t want to be friends… I’m stuck at home when I wanted to be with you too. I just need to recover, that’s all.” ] Ara decided but wasn’t sure how. She didn’t know how to take in all of these things at once.

Ara looked back at the camera, at him, [b “Thank you for calling me. I like hearing you voice Sy. I could fall asleep to it-in a good way.”] Ara said. She laid on her side and looked at him. She really wanted to be with him. She wondered why she was going to public school again if all it did was cause a mess. But...if she didn't, then she knew that she wouldn't get to see Sy every day and she wanted to see him. Plus, Quinn and Olive were nice, and cheer was nice.
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He did want ARa to be there with him during his celebration, but he also didn't want her upsetting her father either. It was already hard enough with all the girls still thinking he was the same Sy. Still, he was glad he was able to cheer her up and walk her home. [b "You think so? Well, you're also an amazing cheerleader"] he grinned, giving her a hug goodbye before heading to his swim team's celebration.

They were out getting pizza and bowling to celebrate. Sylus ate his fill and played a few games with the guys. A lot of them were just goofing off, rolling the ball in different directions, while others just relaxed and chilled with their girlfriends. IT was relaxing and fun to talk about how they dominated today. They even took pictures together.

Sylus would just take pictures with whoever asked. Some would gather around and snap a story, others wanted a group photo. He'd glance at his phone, seeing Ara's text and he'd reply back to her when he was free. Once he got home, he felt so tired. He showered up and did his homework, laying in bed as he glanced over at his phone. He called Ara and would video chat with her. [b "Hey you. It was okay. I wish you were there with me though"] he told her and then he noticed her spacing out. When she asked, Sylus scratched his head [b "Huh?"] he didn't think that it was a big deal, but he assumed it was social media.

[b "Oh, well they wanted to take a picture, so I took some pictures with them. They're the guy's girlfriends. THey probably just posted it on their instagrams or something?"] he told her, shrugging it off a bit. [b "DId you see the group ones though? Our team did amazing today. I think they're all pretty motivated and pumped. I hope we make it to nationals"] he told her, looking at the video. [b "How are you though? Did you have a good night? Was everything okay?"]
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Ara pouted a little. She did feel good to know he’s been looking for her. She held his hand, walking with him. She clung onto him. Hearing him talk to her was cheering her up. She felt good being around him. She giggled, glad he found it clever. She knew she got some odd looks at what she was saying. [b “I have fun too. You’re really an amazing swimmer. ] Ara said.

They were at her home and she had to say goodbye. They shared kisses and hugs. She genty smiled at him [b “Okay, enjoy it.” ] Ara said, feeling sad that she couldn’t come but, she wanted him to have fun and she felt content with just having him walk her home.

She worked on homework and decided to get a little ahead. She had dinner with her family, it was quiet. She didn’t want to talk to them. When she finished eating, she went to finish up homework. The pictures that Sylus sent her made her wish she was there too but it also made her smile. He was having fun and he deserved it. ‘I’m so glad you’re having so much fun!’ Ara sent to him She noticed Tanner sent her messages. She’d reply back to him and explain what had happened and thanked him for being there. HE was best friends with Joseph, so it did surprise her that he was still really nice to her. He always had been but she thought maybe he’d stop talking.

It was getting late. She saw Sy’s text, ‘Night Sy! :) I love you too.’ She changed int her cute Pj’s but on a night mask, hair up and laid in bed. She went on her phone and looked through her Instagram, and noticed the row of messages. ‘your bf???’ with the attached story. A girl with Sy. She frowned. She end up looking through other stories and it only made her upset. She even saw Apple’s Instagram story, and it pissed her the hell off when she played ‘I can take your man if I want to.’
She fought the urge to chug her phone. [i It doesn’t matter. None of it matters.’ ] Sylus was with her… and no matter how they acted, they could never get to him. She tried to close her eyes, but her mind kept playing back Apple kissing Sylus, holding him like she’s done it before. It stung. She heard her phone vibrate. She opened it up again. She reached out for her Bluetooth headphones and then did a video chat with him. [b “Hey Sy, looks like you had a lot of fun.” ] Ara said, and then spaced out, [b “How come…you took so many pictures alone with many different girls?”]
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He came into the bathroom, not caring that it was the women's restroom. He just wanted to be able to comfort Ara and when he saw her crying, it made him upset. HE didn't want any of those girls to make her feel insecure. She was the girl he loved and they should just accept that. [b "I will. I already told her that I'm with you and that's not going to change"] he smiled and would wipe her tears away. He wanted to calm her down [b "You have all of my attention. I've been looking for you since the game ended"] he held her hand in his and then he would lead her out of the school.

They'd walk back towards her house together, slowly relaxing as he glanced over, seeing her frown. [b "Don't be. IT's not your fault"] he promised and told her about hearing her cheer. [b "IT's clever"] he chuckled and then he leaned into her more. [b "It's fun when you cheer for me"] he liked how she played it off with him too. He wanted to have her.

Once they arrived at her house, he faced her and would give her a kiss on her lips, hugging her close. [b "We can. I'll make sure we do"] he smiled and then he nodded [b "I'll send you some pictures"] he waved and then he headed back down the road to his apartment, some of his friends later picked him up.

Him and the swim team went to grab some pizza and played some bowling together. Sylus would take some group photos and send it to Ara. Some guys had brought their girlfriends over and some brought their friends. They took pictures with the guys and even posted it on their instagrams. Sylus would play some bowling and finished up some pizza before calling it a night. He would take a few more photos with the guys and then the girls asked to take a few with him, so they did. He didn't know they would post it on their instagram, but they were just the girlfriends of the guys.

Sylus then headed home, making it back to his apartment, seeing Ara's text. [i "Just made it home Ar. Good night. I love you"] he sent and would work on his homework for the time being and then he would lay in bed, wondering if he could talk to her. [i "Ar? Can I call?"] he asked.
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When she heard his voice, all she really wanted was a hug. She held onto him back, feeling him wipe her tears and speak to her. She would give a nod to him as response. She did trust him, it just hurt to see it. She felt so vulnerable lately. [b “Make her stop.” ] Ara whispered, half crying still. She was calming down. She didn’t feel like he avoided it well but right now, she didn’t care so much to say it. [b “I want your attention. I don’t want them to get any of it.” ] She mumbled even if it was childish.

They walked together, she stayed quiet because she needed to settle down completely. She felt bad for breaking down, making him having to come and get her. Ara gently smiled when he kissed her cheek and said sweet words. She frowned a little again when he talked about celebrating. [b “I’m sorry.” ] Ara whispered. She saw him smile after, she hoped he noticed. Ara blushed a bit, he heard that? She smiled to herself, and then giggled [b “Yea. I said that.” ] Ara felt him rubbing the top of her head. She looked up at him and then would bump her shoulder with his, wanting to really just cuddle with him.
[b “I doubt that’s why but, it makes me so happy to hear you felt I made a difference.” ] She squeezed his hand. She was feeling already so much better. [b “Mmm, we are. Me too! I like cheering when it’s for you.” ] She said and then she let him continue. Ara giggled and kissed his cheek again, [b “Maybe even a little something before.” ] She felt much better now. She couldn’t wait to his match to cheer him on.
They got to her house gate. It made her sad she had to let him go. She faced him and hugged him tight. [b “We can celebrate together another day. You should go celebrate with your friends today.” ] Ara said and looked up at his eyes for a while [b “Thank you. For being here.” ] She went on her tip toes and kissed his lips. She looked at her door, and felt the slight weight in her chest. It would be all okay. [b “Text me, and go out with your friends. I’ll see you.” ] Ara hugged him once more really tight. She’d wave at him after, and kept glancing back. When she got inside, her dad was home, looking like he was finally resting and watching TV. It was a super rare occasion to see him doing something that wasn’t work. He said good afternoon to her quietly, so she replied. After that, she went upstairs to do homework, and text Sy ‘Thx Sy for takin me home. Luv u!
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He didn't know why this girl was getting so close, pretending to be something they were not. He had a girlfriend and he was sure the rumors were already spreading that he had one. It made him annoyed that someone was still trying to do this, still believing he'd go back to his old habits.

[b "Well I'm trying not to be one"] he told Apple and then he saw that there was no response on his phone. He sighed and hurried past the girls, seeing Tanner by the bathrooms. He would walk over and ask about Ara, soon barging into the women's restroom to see her crying by the sinks. HE hugged her, but heard her say to go away. He wasn't going to leave her like this. It was all a misunderstanding.

[b "Ara....she's nothing to me. She's just trying to break us up, but that isn't going to happen. I'm with you remember?"] he caressed her cheek and would try to wipe away her tears. [b "She did all the things she shouldn't have, but it doesn't matter. SHe could try all she wants, I'm. yours"] he smiled and would try to calm her down. [b "I know. I'm trying to avoid them as best I can"] he saw her calming down and when she did, he'd hold her hand in his and they'd head outside.

Sylus would walk with her towards her house, seeing that she was silent for a while. [b "You didn't cause me any trouble. Those girls did"] he kissed her cheek. [b "I'm really happy too. I kind of want to celebrate, but I know I'll have to take you home first"] he smiled when she said she cheered him on. [b "I did see you cheering for me in the stands. My teammate told me that you were cheering me to beat those whales. It's cute"] he laughed and then he rubbed the top of her head.

[b "I think that's why I won! You kept cheering for me"] he felt glad that she came and was willing to cheer for him. [b "Hey, so I heard the cheerleading team will be cheering at our next match! I can't wait"] he told her. [b "Seeing you by the sidelines in your cute uniform would push me to the finish line fast. Maybe even get a little something after the match"] he teased her.
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Ara felt herself be crushed when she saw her holding Sy, trying to kiss him and treating him like he was her boyfriend. From where she was looking at, it didn’t look like he even did much to stop that, especially since she couldn’t hear out of the voices around. Since he didn’t pull that girl away. She held it together long enough to make to the bathroom. She went to the sick, and couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down like a river. Her eye makeup was waterproof but not everything else. So, she tried really hard not to let it go down her cheeks. There was only one thing that was holding her together and that was being with Sy.

“So? I’m sure she won’t be with you that long. You shouldn’t go for her, you’re just a bad boy she’ll date for a few weeks and go back to her ex.” Apple said to Sylus.

Ara was kept her voice silent but she wanted to badly just really cry. She heard her phone go off. She’d glance at it for a moment, having to wipe her tears away quickly. It hurt. He didn’t even see her…maybe there was something going on. She heard Tanner speaking through the door.
“Ara…come out. I’ll take you home.” Tanner said, unsure what the hell was going on. He saw what he saw but wasn’t sure about it.

Ara saw Sylus coming right in and that downright surprised her. She hid for a reason. She sucked all the tears up, but her eyes were still blurry. She felt his arms wrap around dbehind her. She would turn her head away, not knowing how she felt about this. [b “Go away…” ] Ara said with a broken voice. He held her and she listened to to him. She looked back at him, hesitate. [b “I thought that’s…what happened but you didn’t even push her away. She looked at you like you were definitely with her. She called you something she shouldn’t.” ] She rambled, feeling so emotional. She sniffled and felt his hand caressing her cheek. His hands wiped her eyes. She held onto him back. She pressed her forehead against his chest. She settled herself down. She knew Sylus loved her. [b “I love you too.” ] She whispered. [b “I don’t want other girls to hold onto you like that. I don’t like it.” ] She said, not wanting to see that again. Not when everyone kept telling her they wouldn’t last or that he’d easily hop onto the next pretty girl.

She’d nod, [b “Okay.” ] She cleared her eyes again. She looked at the mirror and hated that her eyes were slightly red. She couldn’t do much about it. They walked past Tanner. Tanner looked at her with concern, “Is everything okay?”
[b “I’m okay. Thanks for staying. I’ll see you around Tanner.” ] Ara said to him. He half smiled and said bye to the two of them.

Ara walked with Sylus towards her home. It was far, and she had to text her driver but she’d rather walk to have time with Sy. She would stay silent for a while, just holding onto his hand. [b “I’m sorry…I caused you trouble.” ] Ara whispered. She looked back at him, [b “I’m happy that you won. I was cheering for you.” ] She mentioned, not knowing if he did see her.
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He smiled [b "I know you don't. It makes me really happy that you're going to be there too. I'm sure I can win with you cheering me on Ar"] he knew she could boost his morale. IT's been a rough few days, but Ara's made them fun days.

THey went to the gym and then he would kiss her before changing. Once he made it to the pool, the stands were filled and people were screaming and yelling out loud. He was so excited to make them proud, but seeing Ara there made him so happy. He'd cheer and then enter the pool with so much motivation. The sight of ARa with Tanner bummed him out, but he'd make sure he showed her that he was number one.

He finished in first place and even beat the record time. The crowd was cheering and he'd slowly get out of the water and then celebrated as they went into the lockers.

THe minute Sylus dressed up and stepped outside, he couldn't find Ara anywhere. A group of girls came over and he'd looked around curiously as he answered their questions. He'd thank them and tell them how much he's been practicing and how freestyle was his favorite, but when someone kissed his cheek, he glanced back at her [b "Um, thanks....but I have a girlfriend remember?"] he told her and then he would look at his phone, no response. Where was ARa? He sent another text [b "Did you leave already Ar? I can walk you home, my place is on the way too now remember?"] he told her, looking worried. He pushed past the girls and took a look at the stands and then around. HE ran around until he spotted Tanner by the bathrooms.

[b "Tanner? Have you seen Ara? I'm looking for her?"]

Tanner looked over Sylus and just shrugged "She's inside. SHe saw that girl kissing you....and now she's a mess" he told him.

Sylus just let out a deep sigh and he would barge into the women's restroom. [b "Ar? Are you in here?"] he walked over and then spotted her by the sinks. She was crying and it hurt him inside to see her that way. He never wanted to make Ara cry and he knew he wasn't doing anything wrong. That girl just came out of nowhere. [b "Ar"] he wrapped his arms around her from behind and he'd hold her against his chest. [b "Ar, she just came out of nowhere and kissed my cheek. It's nothing okay? I'm all yours and I've been trying to find you since the race ended"] he whispered to her, leaning in to try and meet her eyes.

If she faced him, he'd reach up and caress her cheek, wiping her tears away [b "Hey, it's okay. You know I love you and I'm your boyfriend"] he smiled and would rub his fingers down her back. [b "Come on? I'll walk you home?"]
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Ara nodded, [b “mmm. I don’t want to miss one of your matches.” ] She always wanted to be there for him. She loved hearing how happy he was about.

Sylus came to pick her up. She was sad to let his hand go but she had to. He kissed her too, which made her smile and giggle. She pulled his arm back and kissed him once more, [b “twice the luck now.” ] She adored to see him happy. She wanted to lift he rmood so that she could cheer him on.

Ara watched, and she’d cheer for him, with the best as she could right now. Tanner cheered he rup abit more too, so it helped her feel more confident and enjoy the moment. She knew Sy would do great. Watching him do well made her feel good. She’d get up and go “Go Sy! You beat those whales!” She said, excited that he own.
“He is good.” Tanner said and looked at Ara, “He makes you happy right?”
Ara nodded, [b “He really does. IT’s been tough but, he helps me out. He’s not what everyone thinks. Sy is so kind.” ] She felt like no one here knew him as well as she knew him. She would fix up her bag and finish talking with Tanner, while they walked to meet up with Sy. She didn’t see the text since it was in her bag. When she came out, there were already few people waiting for him…and realized they were crowding him. Ara looked back at him, hearing the ask him if he was free to celebrate. It didn’t matter, because she had him, and she just waited with Tanner.

Then…that girl she recognized last time that sat down by Sy at the tree before Ara came-was full up hugging him. She held his cheek and kissed his cheek if she missed his lips. “You did amazing babe,” She said, knowing that Ara would see anyway. Ara felt her chest crushing in, and she couldn’t hold it together anymore. She felt her eyes warm up. Logically, she knew but emotionally, it was harder to taken right now. She turned away, went into the bathroom and cried. Tanner had tried to follow up but couldn’t.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 15d 23h 30m 8s
He walked with her back to class, holding her hand in his and then seeing her smile. He was glad that at least her mood was going up. All he wanted was for Ara to be really happy, so if she was with him, that's all he cared about. [b "You can? That's great!"] he cheered and then he nodded [b "Yeah it's not bad"] he felt lucky she was able to go at least.

After class, he hurried over to pick her up, holding her hand in his and then he would he lead her to the gym. Once they were inside, he saw her pouting and he'd kiss her lips [b "A good luck charm!"] he teased and then he went into the locker rooms. Sylus changed into his swimsuit and then he headed out to the pool with the guys.

They were in the pools, getting ready for each of the races. Each of their teams went of, swimming in their events. Their school was doing pretty well and when it was Sylus' turn, he would look out to the crowd, seeing a few girls waving and cheering. The minute he spotted ARa, he waved, seeing her sitting beside Tanner. He would see him tickling her and he would just sigh a bit. Was she okay? They weren't close right? he thought as he started his race.

He swam as fast as he could, managing to take first place in his event as the team cheered him on. He would smile and then he headed out of the pool, hugging the guys. The manager of their team was a girl also on the women's swim team. She handed him a towel and told him how great he was. He thanked her and would look to see where ARa was, waving if she saw. He then headed back to the men's locker rooms, everyone showering off.

Sylus finished up and then headed outside, wondering if Ara left. He sent her a text, asking where she was, but was bombarded with a few girls waiting. "SY you were great!"

"That school didn't see what was coming"

"You free to celebrate after this?" they asked.

Sylus looked around, [b "Thanks guys. Yeah, it wasn't so bad"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 15d 23h 54m 7s

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