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He didn't think that it would be so scary that Ara would close her eyes. It was his bad for bringing her to something like this when she clearly didn't want to in the first place. He held her close, trying to tell her that it wasn't a big deal. He hugged his arms around her, rubbing her shoulder and apologizing. [b "I didn't know. I know now, so we won't go on any scary rides like that again"] he promised her.

HE then held her hand and led her out of the ride. HE spotted a food stand and bought an exclusive churro as he headed back to her and handed it over. He hoped it'd cheer her up a bit at least. Sylus would smile and then saw her taking a few bites as he leaned in and took one himself.

When she mentioned steak, he nodded [b "That sounds really good actually"] he chuckled and then he walked with her towards the steakhouse. They were soon seated and then he'd sit beside her, his arm around her waist. [b "Um...maybe some steak and shrimp. That sounds really good"] he scratched his head thinking, but making sure not to mess up his hair.

[b "Why would I make fun of you? I mean....everyone's scared of something. Maybe you just really don't like ghosts, but I know that now"] he smiled and wondered what she was going to get. [b "I'll tell you a secret. I'm afraid of spiders"] he chuckled, hoping that would at least put them on the same level. It was a bit hilarious though to find out she was afraid of a kiddie ride.
  ellocalypse / 19d 10h 12m 30s
Ara got overwhelmed with the ride. She didn’t like any scary sort of stuff. She never had. Sylus wrapped his arms around her after the ride. She felt embarrassed and knew he must be laughing internally that how she could get scare of a ride that even some kids could tolerate. She felt a kiss on her cheek. She felt good when he comforted her. [b “I know…I just get scared.” ] Ara whispered. She sighed. How could be predict she was a scaredy cat?

[b “You don’t have to say sorry…I just…get scared easily.” ] Ara said. She looked up at him, wondering if he thought ‘my treat’ would make a difference to her or passing on the decision on what to eat. But she knew he meant well. [b “I don’t want to eat… Maybe dessert would be ice. ] Ara said and would just tag along with him, feeling down for embarrassing herself. Ara spaced out entirely. Then she got offered something from him. He was sweet. [b “Thank you Sy.” ] She’d take a bite [b “Mmm…this is quite good. ] Ara nodded and felt the light come back to her eyes. She’d kept taking bites and remembered [b “We’re spoiling lunch. We really should have lunch. Would you like to have steak Sy?” ] Since she spotted a steakhouse near by.

She blushed a bit, and looked down at her churro [b “Thanks for cheering me up.” ] Shed wait to hear what he thought before going to the restaurant. When they picked they restaurant, they got to take a seat down. Ara would sit next to Sylus, opening the menu and share it with Sy, [b “What would you like? This is on me.” ] She mentioned and sighed to herself, [b “Thanks for not making fun of me.” ]
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He saw the look on her face and her smile was contagious. Sylus would grin and nod his head [b "Yeah of course"] he thought about being able to paint with her and then playing a song for her. He could even cook up a dinner for her and then have a romantic night together.

As they went to the haunted mansion ride, Sylus spotted the ghosts and then he would look around, seeing the different rooms and then seeing that it got a bit scarier. He would laugh a bit and then when he glanced over at ARa, he could tell she was scared. HE bit down on his lip and held her hand, trying to comfort her until the ride ended.

He saw her wrapping her arms around him and then he would hold her close, kissing the side of her cheek. [b "I know. It'll be okay Ara. I won't let anything happen to you"] he rubbed her shoulder and then he held her hand, walking her outside of the ride and then wrapping his arms around her waist. [b "I'm sorry. I didn't know it'd be that scary for you. How about you pick where you want to eat. IT'll be my treat. We'll even get more dessert"] he said happily, holding her hand and then walking around towards the door court.

Sylus spotted some event churros and limited foods. He picked up a buzz lightyear churro for Ara and handed it to her [b "This will make you feel better"]
  ellocalypse / 20d 17h 17m 22s
[b “I can handle it on my own but if you ever want to help, that’s okay too,” ] Ara smiled. She thought that they could do so much together and it excited her. She imagined all the things they could do.

The two of them went to the haunted mansion ride. She took his word for not being scary but…she didn’t have a high tolerance for scary things. Just the lights turning off, the sounds and the movement freaked her out. A ghost appeared in picture and she’d just freeze up. Of course Sy didn’t believe in ghosts. [b “Oh, yea-I mean. How could you get scared so easily?” ] Ara half laughed. She tried to remind herself to keep a hold of herself and not show Sylus that she was afraid of these sort of things.

That went out the window. She held has hand tight, and felt his arms wrapping around her arms. [b “Yea-I know. I just-“ ] and she would jump and close her eyes. It was pretty damn scary to her. She felt embarrassed at the same time. Who would want to date someone so scared of a ride that even children wouldn’t be afraid of?

She got out with him and he hugged her. She felt her cheeks warm up from being so embarrassed, [b “I’m…just afraid of the…dark, creepy noises, things that resemble…storms. That’s all. You must think…it’s pretty funny. ] Ara whispered. She’d look off feeling pretty stupid. She felt him rubbing her shoulders. He wasn’t laughing at her, or calling her out on it. She would lift her eyes up at him. [b “Well now you know I get scared easily…” ] She said and then looked off again, feeling ashamed, [b “Maybe…we should go have lunch…” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 20d 22h 22m 15s
He would smile because she lit up and it was so attractive right now. When she talked about things that she loved, she looked so passionate. [b "I will. That sounds really fun"] he smiled and then he looked around and held her hand in his, feeling really good about it all. He thought their date was going well and that ARa looked so pretty beside him.

He told her that he planned to get a cheap car so that he could drive her around, but Ara already had one. To think that she had a car already, but didn't have a license. It was amazing to be rich. [b "Ohh, I'm sure you'll get it soon enough. I can help you too if you need me to"] he promised her and then they went on the haunted mansion ride. He held her hand and took them to their seats, relaxing as they started the ride.

The room was soon filled with holographic ghosts and whenever they looked into a picture frame or mirror, a ghost would appear. He would look over at Ara [b "I don't really believe in ghosts. I don't get scared that easily"] he smiled and then they went into the mansion dining room, seeing more ghosts flying around. He felt ARa's grip on his hand tighten and then he would look over and see how afraid she was. [b "Ara, it's okay"] he told her, wrapping his arms around her waist. When he felt her jumping, he would see her close her eyes for the rest of the ride.

Sylus helped her up and then he hugged his arms around her [b "It's alright Ara. I'm sorry. I didn't know that'd be too scary"] he held her hand, hoping for her to at least look up at him [b "Come on?"] he asked, rubbing her shoulder.
  ellocalypse / 21d 18h 55m 26s
Ara girnned when he said he wanted to see her painting, [b “I’d love it if you’d paint with me too.” ] She felt that would be so much fun. They had a lot of fun on the bumper cards. She did pretty well and she felt good about it.

They talked about driving and a car and it concerned her about him being in a cheap car, and she did not want to be seen in a cheap car, nor be in one. She was sure it would be dangerous and she felt she didn’t want to see anymore danger. [b “Yea, you can. As long as your with me. I don’t mind. I’m started learning a bit – reading anyway. I’m going to get my learners permit.” She forgot Sylus was just a bit older. Not that it mattered.

They arrived at the haunted mansion ride. She wasn’t so sure. Ara would put on a smile anyway [b “Okay, friendly…ghosts…do you believe in ghosts?” ] Ara wondered and wondered if he’d think she was crazy if she told him she did and she wondered if there was a chance of real ghosts. That…would be terrifying.

Ara nodded [b “I notice sometimes.” ] She knew people looked at her, that without a doubt but she wasn’t used to also others looking so much at her boyfriend either. Well…they did look at Joseph but Joseph appeared quite intimidating and he didn’t have tattoos. [b “Yes you do.” ] Ara smiled and was filled with awe when he kissed he rcheek. She went inside with him and they saw paintings. Ra held his hand tight. They sat down and she would lean into him. The pictures looked creepy to her, along with the music. They got into the seats. It was dark after, well pretty damn dark. Ara felt chills going up her spine. Then she saw a floating hologram head and she went pale. Then ghosts, hologram ghosts. Ara swallowed and she swore something moved in that picture. She was damn scared. “Nope, nope, no, no, no.” Ara shuddered, squeezing so hard on Sylus hand for a small girl.

Then she turned her head for a second and there was a ghost beside. She yelped and covered her mouth and then closed her eyes, [b “I want out.” ] Ara mumbled and heard a scream, jumping a little bit. She’d open her eyes for a second and saw what resemebled like lighting and oh how she hated thunder storms. She couldn’t do this. She kept her eyes close and even tried to cover her ears. She wasn’t thinking about how stupid and afraid she looked right then. [b “Tell me when it’s over.” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 21d 22h 50m 51s
He could see her smiling and it made him smile because it was contagious. He was really glad that ARa was happy to be painting with him. [b "Then let's do it! I want to see you painting"] he smiled and then he held her hand in his, going to the bumper cars ride. He was hit and smacked against the wall and then he would laugh and hear Ara calling out to him. [b "Hey! That's no fair"] he got up and then he walked with her through the park again.

He hoped she was having fun with him here because he was. She was pretty and beside him. Everyone kept looking at them as a couple and it felt pretty good to be admired. He saw the crowds coming in and then he told her that he had his license. He mentioned getting a car, but when ARa said he could drive hers, his eyes widened [b "I can? Yeah I can do that if you don't mind me using your car"] he told her, wondering if she didn't like the idea of him getting a cheap car.

They got to the haunted mansion ride and then he saw the look on her face. [b "I've seen it on TV before. It's not scary. The ghosts are friendly"] he told her, leading her to the ride. [b "They are? Well we do look pretty good. Besides this Prince Eric already has his Ariel"] he smiled and kissed her cheek. They got inside and they would be led into an elevator. The paintings on the walls stretched down really far and they were led into their seats. They sat down and Sylus would put his arm around her waist, seeing holograms of ghost floating through the mansion.

As they went through the ride, he would make sure she was okay as they passed by a dinner table full of ghosts and then going outside the backyard into the graveyard.
  ellocalypse / 23d 23h 37m 15s
Ara got so excited, grinning and smiling with her eyes when he said he would paint with her. [b “Oh, I would love that so much Sy!” ] She nearly squealed. She loved the idea of painting as a couple. [b “that would be nice too,” ] She giggled, thinking it sounded so romantic. She melted at the idea. It was the cutest. She spaced out for amoment, imagining it. They went to the show, and then bumper cars. It go tthem a lot of laughs, and bumping. She was laughing when he got stuck at the wall. [b “I’m a better driver than Sylus!” ] She sang and kept laughing and then accidently bumped into someone else too hard.

It all ended, and they were holding hands together again. She felt good, about them, even if he didn’t think he ever wanted commitment. At least…this could be a good memory? Right? She sighed to herself, thinking how even good memories with Joseph were hard to stomach now and plain out hurt.

She shook her head out of it and smiled when he said she was amazing [b “I’ve rid them quite a few times.”] She said and walked along with him, seeing the crowds of people. There were much more people and there were also much longer lines. Ara rose a brow when Sylus said he had a license [b “Really? Maybe I can let you drive my car, so we can go alone together to places…and you can drive me home too with that car,” ] Ara suggested. She didn’t like the idea of Sylus having a cheapo car that could probably break any moment and get him killed. Plus, she wouldn’t be caught dead.

Ara didn’t realize what he was leading them to until she realized what he was looking at. He wanted what now. [b “You want me to go in a haunted house?” ] Ara repeated. Kid friendly? Well…maybe it wouldn’t be so bad then, since it was for kids plus she didn’t’ want to sound like a chicken. [b “Okay, we can go on that one. How come you want to go on this one though?” ] Ara asked, and would line up with him. [b “You know, I just notice, some people keep looking at you.” ] Ara pouted.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 24d 11m 26s
He met her beautiful blue eyes and then he suggested doing something she loved together. He did want to learn more about her and he figured that if he did this, it would be great. [b "Yeah of course! I want to do things that you love to do also"] he smiled at the thought. [b "Maybe even play you a song while you paint"] he thought that would be romantic.

His family already liked her and they were glad Sylus was dating someone sweet. Most of the people he brought home didn't care about them at all. The show continued and Sylus thought it was the cutest thing ever. He would smile and head over to the bumper cars, spending more time crashing into ARa's car. She was pretty good at trying to dodge him and doing her best to hit him. He was hit a few times and then he saw her teasing him back. He stuck out his tongue playfully and then he started to drive away. She got him and he was stuck against the wall, pouting playfully as the ride ended.

When they got up, he held her hand [b "You were great. You are pretty amazing at bumper cars"] he chuckled and then he walked around with her more. [b "Me? I do. I have my license, but I don't have a car. I used to drive Luke's car sometimes when we did deliveries together. I've been trying to save up for my own....and I think I'm almost there for a cheap secondhand one"] he thought about being able to drive her around. [b "THen I can take you home and visit more often"] he grinned, leading her towards another ride.

They made it to the haunted mansion [b "Let's go on this one? It's not scary, it's a relaxing ones where you see holograms of ghosts, but it's kid friendly"] he told her, wondering if she wanted to come.
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Ara instantly met his eyes and beamed at the idea of him painting with her, [b “Really? You would paint with me?” ] Ara adored the idea. She imagined really getting into it, over some peaceful music and sharing ideas, and showing him a few techniques, [b “It’ll be so much fun. I promise,” ] Ara said. She felt excited about the idea.

She thought about his family and she sure liked visiting them. [b “They’re very nice, how can a person not. Aww,” ] Ara smiled thinking about how they really liked her, [b “I’m glad you think they already love me.” ] At least they did. She sat down with him and watched the show with the birds. Ara giggled when he said ‘Ara bird’. She istened, seeing the parrot talk, and sing. It was amazing that a bird could do that.

Then they got on the bumper cars. She drove her own and kept ramming him from behind. It was pretty funny. She’d manage to always find a way to hit him. Sylus would ram into her, and she’d ram into his side. [b “I know I am pretty good.” ] Ara smirked. She giggled when he gave her a challenge [b “Of course I can [i cutie.’ ]” She watched him drive past her. She had to go faster and then someone bumped her form the side. Damn it. Ara would speed it up and bump Sylus against the side again and she stuck her tongue out. The bumper cars stopped.

Ara pouted, sad it was over. She got up and then smiled to him, taking his hand [b “That was a lot of fun. And I caught you and bumped you so many times. I’m pretty amazing too aren’t I?” ] Ara said, swinging there hands together. [b “Hmmm, it’s almost lunch.” ] Ara said and wondered [b “Sy, do you know how to actually drive?” ] She asked.
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He was glad that they at least got along fine. HE wanted to see her smile and as long as he was her boyfriend, he'd try to make her as happy as he could. They shared ice cream and it was always sweet being with her. He's never been with someone so pretty and kind. He didn't want to let her go. He liked hearing more about her. [b "Yeah? It's amazing what you can do. I want to watch you paint sometime or you can teach me?"] he suggested, wanting to try some things she loved.

He told her how lucky he was that she accepted him. [b "I'm glad you really like them. It means a lot to me. They sure love you already"] he chuckled and then they sat at the show, watching the birds fly around and do tricks with the stunt performer on stage. [b "Yes the Ara bird"] he smiled and saw the talking parrot. He even ended up singing and there was a bird that was so large, he could barely move. Sylus would laugh and once it ended, he would hold Ara's hand and head to the bumper cars [b "You're on! I'm pretty good you know"] he smirked and then he took a seat in a car.

When the ride started, he felt Ara going after him, bumping into his car as they drove around. Sylus would laugh and try to dodge her, but she was pretty good. He would ram into her sometimes when she wasn't expecting him. He'd follow after her car and stick his tongue out and smile at her. He'd bump his car into her again. [b "You're pretty good. But can you catch me cutie?"] he asked, driving past her quickly.
  ellocalypse / 25d 9h 46m 21s
Ara gently smiled [b “Yea, we do. Mmm…we’ll be fine. We get along.” ] Ara said, and hoped that would be true. They got ice cream together, and they shared a bit with each other. It tasted sweet. She liked discovering what he liked. She shared her interests too. Mostly, because of her mom. Ara half shrugged [b “I suppose.” ] She listened to him and she thought it made all sense [b “I agree. It’s best when it’s visual.” ] Ara nodded. She sure hoped they did find more things in common anyway.

[b “Of course I”ll accept you and your family. Your family is the sweetest.” ] Ara smiled, remembering the kids and she did want to go visit them again. They were so nice to her. They both got up and hed hands. Ara let Sylus lead the way. She swung there hands back and forth and blushed at his comment. [b “Ara bird?” ] Ara half laughed [b “Well…I guess since I’m pretty.” ] She stood right by Sylus. People came in and they all started to watch. Ara would look at the birds and got closer to Sylus.

The show continued, there was a talking parrot. It was really interesting, Ara would laugh now and then. Then when it came to an end, she’d tap Sylus shoulder and pointed at the bumper cars, [b “It’ll be fun. I bet I can wreck you up.” ] Ara smirked, thinking she could do it. She just wanted to have plenty of fun with him. If they did go, she’d take every chance she could to bump into him from behind.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 26d 22h 2m 5s
Sylus was smiling because she remembered the guitar in his apartment. He always did love listening and just playing to music. He remembered showing her how he played and sang for the kids in the orphanage. "We do. See we have a few things in common. We're fine" he told her, soon going to the ice cream shop. Sylus picked out a sundae and sat beside her, his arm around her waist as he ate his with a spoon.

He offered her some and then he licked her cone, smiling at the taste. "Mmmm this is really good!" He licked his lips and stole another lick of her ice cream. He talked about his favorite subject being math and how there was always an answer for everything, but sometimes there's different ways to get there.

Her favorite subject made him smile. He is like how she liked art and was really creative. Their project turned out great because of her. "You are really creative" he nodded and thought about history. "I only really like history when it's visual. When I go see things about it or its right in front of me" he admitted and then he smiled. "I like you even if we don't have things in common. You like the things I do and I'm glad you accept me and my family" he told her as he leaned into her side and finished up his ice cream.

He leaned into her and then he helped her up, holding her hand as he led her towards the show. Sylus walked them to the front, facing the stage as he held her hand "I think it's a real parrot. Maybe we'll even see a bird so pretty to be called the Ara bird" he teased her, watching the stage soon fill with people. Birds started to fly across the ceiling as they hovered over them. Sylus would glance up at the sky and gasp a bit "Oh wow" he'd smile, squeezing Ara's hand in excitement.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 28d 14h 51m 28s
She remembered his guitar. [b “I remember, you played I a bit. I like…pop, orchestras, songs that are slow. So, I guess I do like acoustic. Mmm, guess we have some music in common,” ] Ara smiled. She liked knowing that. She nodded [b “That would be nice.” ] She smiled, imaging it. She thought it was cute that he wanted to play her a song.

They went towards storybook treats. She got her purple cone, with a lemon soft serve and edible flowers. She took a picture of it and would like it as they took a seat down with him. Ara raised a brow, hearing what he liked. So he must have liked it. She watched him bring her a spoonful, so she leaned in and took it in her mouth. It was good. She leaned her cone and offered him too.

[b “Mmm…my favorite subject is art, but…this school is kind of lacking in that department. My mom…she was a painter, and I feel like I can be close to her when I do.” ] Plus, she felt like it was the only freedom she had before. [b “But I also do like many subjects. Although history…I only like certain history, and I’m not very much enjoying it right now.” ] She said, and would lick her ice cream up. She smiled when he said that they did. [b “Mmm, I suppose it will be. I’m glad that we get along so well..and just connect.” ] She admitted.

She leaned more into him when he wrapped his arm around herw asit. Then his head rested against hers. She found it very cute. [b “Mmm, we can do that.” ] Ara said and then giggled [b “Is it a real parrot? That sounds so silly.” ]
  Ravenity / 28d 22h 43m 12s
He really was enjoying the trip with her. It felt so nice to just walk around and be alone with no one they knew around them. He called her his Ariel as they walked in and took pictures with the real Ariel. Then Sylus held her hand in his and he kissed her cheek, heading back out with her and telling her that the Ariel looked really pretty. She agreed and he would walk with her to pick out what to do next.

[b "We do? I like...listening to pop, rock, um...I have a guitar at home, so really the acoustic songs are my favorite"] he admitted and then he wondered what she liked. [b "What do you like? Maybe I can play you another song sometime"] he smiled, thinking it would make for another romantic night.

They headed towards the place Ara suggested and he would get himself a strawberry sundae and sit beside her. [b "I like....math. Math is pretty interesting and there's always an answer. Numbers are easy to deal with"] he took a bite of his ice cream and then he brought a spoonful towards her lips. [b "What about you Ar? What's your favorite subject and music?"] he wondered and thought about things they could have in common. [b "I think we have a lot in common. You care about people. You like Disney and sweets. I'm sure we'll be okay"] he licked his lips and then he wrapped his arm around her waist, resting his head against hers. [b "How about after this we go see some shows? There's a bird show showing after here. I hear that a parrot can even sing"]
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