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He didn't know why she was bringing up the future all of a sudden. Sylus didn't want to think that far ahead and he was only in high school. HE still wanted to have fun and not have to worry about that until he go there. He would see the effect it had on Ara though. She looked a bit disappointed when he said that.

He explained the camping trip to her, how it was going to be rough. How she would be staying with the girls in a bunk bed and cooking and doing hikes. He thought it'd be a great experience for her to go through, but he seemed to scare he off.

They all sat at the table and would eat the froyo, seeing Ara space off for a bit. [b "You don't have to worry about them disliking you. Be yourself Ara. You can't make everyone happy you know"] he tried to get her to accept that. Olive made it easy as well to make her feel better. [b "As long as majority of people know you're you, I don't think your reputation would be affected too much"] he agreed and would see Olive have to go. He waved and would look back at Ara, wondering if she wanted to spend time together.

She was quiet. [b "Huh? We are. I want to spend all my time with you"] he wondered if she took what he said the wrong way. [b "I do want the same future Ar. I do want to have a family and kids in the future, but that's not my focus right now. Don't take it seriously. I want to be with you for a long time"] he assured her and then he slowly got up. [b "Come one, let's go? We can take Nyx on a walk or if you want to shop more, we can find more matching gear?"] he held her hand and would head towards the exit, letting Ara look around if she wanted to more.

He stopped by a pet place and saw a cool sweater outfit for Nyx. [b "Look Ar. This is cute"] he showed her, it almost matched the sweater they bought too.
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Ara frowned, looking back at him wondering what he even meant with what he didn’t want. She never thought that maybe Sylus didn’t want to be with her forever. Maybe he thought this was just a thing for high school. That put a huge damper into her mood.

The trip didn’t sound so fun anymore. She didn’t like how Sylus described it. [b “So being friends while also being hobos? I don’t think that’s a great way to build friendships.” ] She frowned. She wondered if she could still get out of it. Sleeping in some bunk bed with other people sounded horrible. She definitely had to find a way to sleep nicer than that if she had to go.

It didn’t sit well with her for her to talk about Sylus that way. Plus, she had been mean to everyone and saying worse stuff. Ara sighed, and still felt kind of bad she even said that. Maybe she should go apologize.

When Ara left, Olive spoke to him. “I can tell. Although she never talks about her family to us.” She admitted

Ara came back and saw her froyo melted quite a bit. She looked at his and would feel a bit bad to take some of his [b “It’s okay, but thank you.” ] She said. She thought about earlier and wondered if she should distance herself from him if he didn’t feel the same as her. Did that mean…they should stop? She spaced out and heard him after he said the first two words. [b “Hmm? No… I was just upset. But, don’t I? I don’t want others to dislike me.” ]
Olive sighed, “Ara, you don’t. Plus, it was kind of funny.” Olive chuckled.
[b “Yea… I don’t know. When people don’t like you, your reputation gets hit.”]
“It won’t change as much as you think.” Olive said.
She frowned, because from the people around her life outside of this school that didn’t appear to be true. Her dad got really mad when she messed that up. [b “I’d…rather not.” ] Ara whispered, still remembering how it hurt when she got bruises from messing up like that.

“I have homework to do, I’m behind.” Olive excused herself.

Ara looked back at Sylus and nodded but then again why did it matter? He was probably going to leave her anyway. Maybe they were right… [b “Yea…we can.” ] Ara said quietly.
Olive would get up [b “It was a fun trip, thanks guys. I’ll see you at school?” ]
Ara nodded, [b “Bye Olive.” ]

She grew quiet and end up bringing it up. [b “What do you mean by you didn’t know? I thought we were in a serious relationship.” ] She looked back at his eyes, [b “I thought you said you wanted the same future, you don’t see that being with me?” ] She remembered that at least her and Joseph were on the same page. It didn’t end that way but she liked that they were taken it seriously.
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He didn't know that she was already thinking so far into the future. IT scared him a bit when she mentioned it. HE leaned in to whisper and get some clarification. [b "Oh okay. Yeah, I mean I am proud being with you too"] he held her hand and shook his head [b "I don't really know what I want in the future but I do want to be with you for a long time"] he nodded.

He explained how the camping trip worked and he laughed a bit, hearing how high maintenance she was. This was the Ara he knew. [b "Ar, this trip is for building friendships and skills. To learn not to live with all of those materialistic things and work together. It'll be fun"] he assured her, hoping it didn't bug her too much.

Her friend clearly had different views and Sylus wanted to make sure she knew how he felt about it all. He would tell her as it is and she started to insult him, but Ara defended him. He didn't think she could say things like that.

[b "Even if she does, it doesn't matter. What we said probably hurt her ego for once"] he told her and would sit down with them to grab some froyo. Sylus sat with Olive and he would ask her to look over Ara when he wasn't there. At least Olive and Quinn were good friends to her. [b "Yeah I know. She wants everyone to be happy with her and she doesn't want to stir up trouble. I've been trying to get her not to fall into that habit, but it's hard. She was raised that way"] he shrugged and would see ARa return.

[b "It's okay. You can have some of mine Ar"] he gave her his and then he would smile a bit. [b "I actually like it when you show someone your true colors. If you feel a certain way about something you don't have to hide it just to 'pretend' to be friends"] he told her.

[b "Yeah my work is late at night. I can go with you guys if you have more plans? We can even have dinner together Ar if you want?"] he suggested, thinking of maybe going back to his place and cooking her something or if they should go out. He didn't want to spend her money though.

[b "You sure you guys don't need anything else? I don't mind waiting"] he assured her, letting her have some girl time.
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She had already a collection of photos of them that she planned on to put in a photo book. She thought it would be so cute to show there future kids how they went through high school together. Sylus whispered to her and she blushed. [b “No, no, not now. Definitely not now. I meant after finishing school and getting our careers.” ] She wondered if he took it as right after. That…was not what she would be comfortable with.
She frowned when he said that [b “Why not? I’m proud of being with you and my plans with you.” ] She didn’t understand why he would have a problem with it. Maybe…she was right. Maybe he didn’t like the thought of being with her later on in life. [b “Unless…you didn’t want that.” ] She said quietly.

[b “Seriously? You’re kidding right?” ] Ara asked kind of feeling scared and worried about this trip [b “I don’t…do bunk beds. I can’t sleep in a single bed.” ] Ara said and wondered if she could get somewhere nicer to sleep. [b “I think I’ll have to talk to the organizer for this trip…” ] Ara said because she wasn’t willing to sleep in some really shabby place with other people unless it was just with Sy.

Ara didn’t like her being mean but she wanted to just get along. Until she started insulting Sylus. That crossed the line. She wasn’t okay with that. She got really upset. [b “Oh, I thought that’s the direction we were taking.” ] Ara said, but besides, that girl always insulted other people.

Olive shrugged, “She’s like that sometimes, but she can also be fun.”
Ara sighed, thinking how she did go too far, [b “She’s going to tell everyone how mean I was isn’t she?” ]
“Don’t worry about it. They’ll probably laugh that she finally made you snap.” Olive said.
Ara frowned, still worrying of what she’d say.

They went to grab frozen yogurt together. She sat down with them to eat. She looked back at Sylus [b “I don’t think we need much more.” ] Ara said. She then got up [b “I’ll be right back, bathroom.” ] Ara said. She head off.

Olive ate her froyo slowly. What Sylus said wasn’t new information to her. “Yea, Joseph always said the same thing to us. Some of them are taking advantage of her being nice, but I can’t do much about it. Don’t tell her I told you this but I think Ara’s a real people pleaser. Some of the girls push her into dressing or talking a certain way and she does it just to make them happy. I tried telling her she doesn’t need to but…” Olive shrugged, “she looks like she really wants everyone to like her.”

Ara was returning and sat back down and noticed her froyo had melted quite a bit. She pouted [b “Awe, I wasn’t gone for that long was I?” ] She said and stretched out her legs underneath the table for a second. She sighed and decided she should at least say it [b “I’m sorry…for snapping like that. I got upset when anyone talks about Sy that way.” ] She looked back at Sy [b “Do you still have more time with me before work?” ] She asked him.
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Sylus didn't like it when her friends made fun of other people like that. His eyes glanced back at her as they walked and he wondered if she found that to be okay. He agreed to wear some matching clothes with her, but when she mentioned future family, he wasn't sure what she was talking about.

[b "Future family? Ar, we're in high school?"] he whispered to her, figuring she was just getting carried away again. HE wasn't sure how he felt about that, but it was moving too fast. [b "We do. You don't have to tell the world that Ar"] he whispered to her and then he saw her pick out a pretty dress.

WHen she realized the kind of camping they were doing, he sighed a bit. [b "Yes that kind of camping. We're going to stay in a cabin that has like bunk beds and we're going to cook our own food and go on hikes. Roughing it"] he told her, hoping she didn't mind that too much.

It did bother him when her friends asked her to pay for everything. He didn't like how they weren't appreciative. Just because her father was rich didn't mean she was. He heard her and would look a bit irritated. He didn't like her friend at all.

After they bought the sweater, he would hear one of her friends being really mean. Sylus pointed out a flaw she had to see if she liked it. [b "I'm just saying. Everyone has flaws. You shouldn't segregate people for it"] he told her, but then the girl brought up him being a fuckboy. He was going to respond, but Ara cut in. WHen Sylus heard her, he smiled a bit. Then Ara started to go too far. [b "Ar, Ar, that's enough. I'm sure she gets it"] he told her, soon hearing the part about the hooker. When she did she get that much assertiveness.

HE fell silent and the other girl looked shocked. When she brought up Ara being cheap and flirty, he shook his head [b "You clearly don't know her"] he told her and then watched her leave. [b "She's intense. I don't know why you guys hang out with her"] he told Ara and then he ended up letting her pay for the jacket since she kept insisting.

Once they headed to get some froyo, he'd sit down with her and her friend. [b "I'm kind of worn from looking at so much clothes. If you two want to keep shopping I'll be here for a while"] he told Ara, wanting a little break. He couldn't last that long shopping for clothes. He'd take a bite of his frozen yogurt and offer Ara some as well.

He'd also talk with Olive about the camping trip and wondering if she was ready for roughing it as well. At least she didn't seem too snobbish or rubbed it in. [b "I know ARa can be a bit naive at times, so please look after her"] he told her.
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Ara half smiled and hoped he would be okay with them. She knew they had their flaws but all people did and she didn’t think she would be accepted by another group of friends. Plus, it was her reputation.

Ara laced her fingers with his while they walked in the busy shopping mall. Excitement brewed within her, finding herself grinning in his agreement, [b “We’re going to look so cute together. We’ll have more pictures to show our future family.” ] It warmed her so much that Sy would do these things with her. She knew some people would find it silly.

Her friend was picking out a shirt and looked a bit disgusted hearing what Ara said and then laughed, “Future family? You’re going to make a guy run if you talk like that.”

Ara’s blue eye fell back to Sy, standing next to her. She frowned…that’s not how he would feel. They talked about what they liked in the future. [b “We want…the same things.” ] Ara spoke quietly in defense. She went back to searching and found a lovely dress when they urged her not to.

She pouted a bit [b “What do you mean get dirty? When I went camping, we didn’t get dirty unless it was raining…” ] She quieted and put some thought into it and remembered that her camping…might not be the same camping they knew. Her face paled for a second [b “Wait, did they mean camping as in…actually camping like a hobo? Like…with bugs?” ] She wondered. If it was that…she felt slight regret agreeing to go.

One of her friends kept pushing for it. Sh didn’t want to be embarrassed. She followed Sylus whisper but she would shake her head and whisper,[b “I don’t want them to know.” ]

The girl picked out a sweater and responded to Sylus “Her dad is a millionaire, why would I feel bad?”
Ara sighed, meeting Sylus eyes and whispered, [b “Let it go… I don’t want…assumptions about me made.” ] She would hate for that girl to start talking about her to others.
She saw the sweater Sylus picked and it made her happy. It matched perfectly to her. [b “I love it darling. It’ll look so cozy and nice on you.” ] She could already picture how it would fit him.

The girl was being quite mean. [b “I think she looks fine.” ] Ara whispered. Ara listened and she was right but she’d never say something like that. She was finding the demin jacket for Sylus while they were talking when he caught her off guard. She gasped, and looked at Sylus [b “Sy, that’s mean.” ]
“Excuse you?” The girl asked, “What the fuck? Why are you even with him? Honestly, aren’t you still secretly a fuck boy still Sylus?”
Olive looked between the two and decided to shut up.
Ara shot the girl a look [b “Don’t cuss at my boyfriend. He’s a good person.” ]
“Right.” She rolled her eyes.
Ara felt the rage building up in her and she just wanted to slap her. It took every bit of her not to. She didn’t care anymore [b “He’s right, your eyebrows aren’t straight and you dress like a cheap hooker when you’re out. If you weren’t in our group of friends, you definitely wouldn’t be invited because you just don’t look the part,” ] Ara stated.
Olive quietly said “Oh shit.”
The gir looked at her shocked “Okay whatever, at least I’m not actually cheap and don’t flirt with everyone. I got to go anyway, got a date.” She said.
Ara knew she was saying that because she had nothing better to say. She shrugged and Olive looked back at her when she left, “I mean, I don’t disagree with you.”

Ara looked back at Sylus, [b “Let me, but if you don’t want me to pay, then it’s okay.” ] She said, knowing she couldn’t make him. They went to get some frozen yogurt but just with Olive this time. She would get him the flavor he wanted. She still felt frustrated.
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He shook his head [b "If you think it looks cool, I'm sure I'll like it. I like the style you pick out for me too Ar"] he nodded and would smile and hold her hand. IT wasn't that he didn't like her gifts, it was more of she kept buying him expensive things and she was on a budget.

He heard her defending her friends and felt that if Ara was defending them, they must have some good sides that he hasn't seen yet. Maybe they've helped her a lot. He would smile [b "Okay. Then I can't wait to meet them"] he walked with her back to school.

Once classes ended, he met up with them and they headed to the mall together. Sylus heard her friends bashing the girl at the party and he wondered why they were being so mean to someone they didn't even know. He gave him his honest opinion and then he would walk with Ara at the mall.

When they went into the clothing shops, he chuckled a bit [b "I guess we can match. Okay okay. You can buy some clothes and I'll look for stuff on the way"] he held her hand and when she said she's been camping, he was shocked. Ara camping? Didn't she not like roughing it?

She found some nice clothes that she should not wear camping [b "Exactly Ar. You shouldn't be wearing anything fancy. They're going to get dirty. Camping means roughing it after all"] he told her, wondering what kind of camping she's been doing.

[b "Yeah that's more like it"] he followed her into a fancier shop and then he heard her friends. [b "Ar? You sure? You're low on cash remember?"] he whispered to her. [b "Don't you guys feel bad for letting Ara pay? I know she has money, but still. I'd feel bad"] he stated and would follow her. When he saw the sweater she picked out, he smiled [b "IT looks cute. I like it. How about I get this then?"] he found a matching navy sweater, [b "What do you think?"] he asked, looking at her other friends.

THey started talking about a lab partner and he thought it was quite rude to be talking about someone's face. [b "Isn't that kind of messed up? You shouldn't need to be fixing up your face. She probably looks fine"] he told them, seeing one of her friends looking at him. "But her nose is definitely crooked"

[b "So? Your eyebrows aren't straight, but no one is complaining here"] he narrowed his eyes a bit, finding her to too shallow. Sylus shook his head and would follow Ara to the next shop. When he saw the jacket she showed him, he'd try it on. IT was denim and it fit pretty nicely. [b "IT's really cool. I don't mind getting it, but I'll pay for it"] he told her, not wanting her to pay for more when she just paid for her friends' things.

After he bought his jacket, he would walk with them to the food court, taking a seat as the girls went to buy some froyo. Sylus waited at the table and looked over the bags. [b "Ar, can you just get me a kiwi watermelon flavor?"] he told her.
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Ara released a sigh and pouted a bit [b “Well you don’t have to wear it. I’m supposed to find something you like too.” ] She felt like she failed to get him stuff he really liked. She always assumed he liked them a lot since he never said anthing.

Ara nodded about assuming. Ara frowned, because she could tell he was being sarcastic. [b “They’re really not that bad Sy. Everyone has rough edges.” ] SHe defended. He really didn’t look convinced. She didn’t really know how she could. Besides, this was the group she spend time with, it wasn’t like she could change them.

They were making it back to the school. She always felt nervous and sick to her stomach when she thought about him going out and doing dangerous things like this. She felt at fault for him doing that to protect her. [b “I’d…rather have him bother me.” ] She whispered.
She meant it when she said sh wanted to be with him forever. She loved him, a lot. She smiled when he kissed her cheek. She waved at him.

They met again after school. She hugged him and held his hand. She wasn’t a fan of what was beings aid but she didn’t want to cause trouble and went with it. They got in the car. She leaned into him, loving it when he wrapped his arm around her. [b “Soap and shampoo? That’s it.” ] Ara pouted, [b “Clothes, we need clothes. What do you mean not look nice? Of course we should. We have to match and look cute. I want to take pictures.” ] She paused wondering why would they make them cook their own food and campfire [b “Why would we do that?” ]

Ara recalled and remembered that nice cabin they went to for camping. It was sure nice. Or that large luxury tent, with a queen size bed. It was so pretty. Ara nodded [b “Mmm, I have. It’s so nice because it’s so quiet and romantic.” ] She pictures something entirely different then he would have. [b “They said we wouldn’t be the same rooms as the guys though.” ] Ara pouted because she wanted to stay by Sy.

They got to the mall. They went into a clothing store and she would get his opinion, thinking about wearing this really pretty , [b “I could wear something on top.” ] She mentioned. The girls looked back at her. Olive spoke first, “Ara, you’re going to get it ruined. I think you want to stick with jeans this time.”
Ara pouted, and remembered she wore dresses before camping. Why were they saying not to? [b “Why would it get ruined?” ] Ara wondered. She would google things and realized that maybe she didn’t do that kind of camping they were thinking off. Oh no… [b “I guess, I should get a sweater and jeans?” ] She said. They had stopped by to a pretty pricy shop.

“Hey Ara, you’re paying for us right?” The friend asked.
Ara looked back and didn’t realize she thought that. [b “Um…”] Then she remembered she didn’t want the to think she was cut off [b “Yea, sure.” ]
“You sure?” Olive asked “It’s kind of expensive.”
[b “I have money it’s okay.” ] Ara smiled. She couldn’t say no now. She found a pastel peachy knitted sweater. It was cute. She’d show it to Sy to get his opinion on it.
Her friend started talking about her lab partner and how annoying it was that her partner kept nagging her, that her face was fucked and she should consider fixing her nose. Olive sighed, “You’re being too harsh. But yea, that girl has no chill.”
[b “Don’t partner with her next time.” ] Ara suggested. She looked at Sylus and took his hand.[b “Sy, let’s go shop for you.” ] Ara mentioned. She brought him to the guys section and would show him a jean jacket she thought that would look good on him [b “I need your honest opinion, if you like it of course.” ] It was a light blue, long sleeved
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He thought about the clothes in his wardrobe and then he would smile a bit [b "I like them. It's just, sometimes I'm not used to wearing those kinds of clothes. They just grow on me eventually"] he told her and then he brought up the football team the firs time she met them.

[b "Oh I see. Wrong assumptions, Right.....I saw what I saw and how they treated you. IT wasn't nice"] he told her, surprised to hear that they were helping her fight rumors now. What's changed? Maybe they found out that he's been sticking to her side now? Or maybe that she's rich and would treat them? He didn't know, but they didn't seem like real friends the first time he met them.

AFter lunch, he took her hand in his and would lead her back to school. [b "Yes I have to make them. If I don't make them, Caleb will bother you again. I don't want that"] he told her as they made it to her class. [b "I'm glad"] he heard her say forever and he thought it was very fairytale like. When she kissed his cheek, he smiled [b "I'll see you after school"] he waved and headed to his own classes.

Once school was over, he headed to the front of the school to meet up with Ara. When he saw her, he hugged his arms around her and then he saw her friend. [b "Hello"] he waved and would see them looking at the girl that asked ARa to come to the party. When her friend said gross, he shook his head [b "No not really. It's just unfortunate"] he spoke and then followed them to the uber.

He'd sit in the back with Ara and then he'd wrap his arm around her waist [b "Me? Probably just some essentials like soap and shampoo. I don't I think anything else I mean...we'll be in the cabin in the woods. We don't need to look really nice. Especially if they're going to make us cook our own food and make a campire"] he told them.

[b "Ever been camping before?"] he asked her and then they would soon arrive at the mall. They all went inside to do some shopping. The girls headed for a clothing store and Sy would just follow them in. He followed Ara around, not really looking for anything specific, but he did observe her two friends.
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Ara brightly smiled, feeling good that he liked the clothes she bought for him. But wait…usually? [b “Not always?”] Ara asked. She saw that he was in thought.

Ara frowned and realized she forgot about her attitude at the beginning. She strayed away because the movies said cheerleaders and the football team were mean. But, they hadn’t been like that to her. [b “They’re nice to me. I made the wrong assumptions. I think you’re just assuming that they’re not nice. They have my back, and help me fight rumors now.” ] She said and she knew it was also because she was fitting in better.

They finished up their lunch. She smiled when Sy took the invite. [b “Great, we’ll shop for the trip too.” ] Ara said happily [b “I can help you prepare.” ] She loved to pack for trips. Ara frowned and the worry crept in. [b “Deals… Do you have to make them? I don’t want you to go.” ] She said, feeling tempted to be by his side but knew she would just be a risk to him and herself. She didn’t want to cause more stress for Sy.

[b “Mmm, let’s head back.” ] Ara said. She got up with him. They held hands again and this time it wasn’t as quiet between them. She smiled back to him and nodded,[b “Makes me feel better, especially knowing we’re still together. I want to be with you forever.” ] She said so casually. She kissed his cheek.

They went back to school. They went to there classes, it eventually reached the end of the school day. She waited for him at the front of the school. Olive and another friend that were going to go shopping with them came by. When she saw Sylus she wrapped her arms around him, “Ready for some shopping?” She said happily.
“I wish my boyfriend would go shopping with me,” Her friend sighed.
[b “He doesn’t?” ] Ara said, surprised that would be the case.
They saw the girl that asked to come to the party pass by. She’d give a glance and just squeeze through.
“She asked to come right?” The friend ask, “Gross. Right Sylus?”
“You’d think she’d know not to even ask. It’s not like you can invite the whole school anyway.” Olive said.

Ara looked back at them, [b “It’s fine. I don’t mind being asked. She didn’t know how I would answer since I let anyone come last time” ]
“You’re too nice…good thing you at least said no this time.” Her friend said.
Ara shrugged and held Sylus hand. The uber came in and they’d take the ride to the mall. She leaned into him, [b “Is there something you need today darling too?” ] Ara asked.
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He would take another bite and just relax a bit more. All of their secrets were out on the table, so he should feel good about it. [b "As long as you think so"] he nodded and would take another bite of his burger and fries, hoping her friends wouldn't convince her about their relationship or anything.

If she wanted to change his entire wardrobe, he didn't mind it. He just didn't put that much care into how he looked. He just looked the way he did because it was easy to just easy to buy and wear plain colors.

[b "Yeah, if you see something you like, you can always show me. I usually like the clothes you buy for me"] he admitted and would think about looking classy at her party. He hoped that she still stayed as sweet as she always was.

[b "Yeah makes sense. I just thought you avoided those types of people. Like those girls you used to hang out with in Joseph and Tanner's group"] he scratched the back of his head and then he shrugged, finishing up the rest of his lunch as he heard her invite him to hang out with them. [b "Sure. I don't mind meeting them. Right....we have a three day trip coming up. I need to prepare"] he thought about work and needing to put in some vacations. He also had to pack.

[b "Shopping? Yeah sure I can go. I don't have work, just deals I need to make later in the night, so I can go"] he smiled a bit and would pay for the meal. [b "It's getting late, should we head back? I'll meet up with you after school to go shopping"] he told her, letting her finish the rest of her food before holding her hand and leading her back to class. Sylus felt a lot better about talking to her about their secrets. At least now he knew what she had been going through and at the same time, he had nothing to hide.

[b "Do you feel better? Getting that off your chest and knowing we're still together?"] he smiled, looking over at her.
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Ara took a bite and then set it back down, frowning. [b “Why would they tell me to do that? But of course I wouldn’t. I love you. I’m on your side Sy. I’d help build your reputation again too. ] She clarified. It didn’t sit well with her with all the questions he was asking. She didn’t understand what the problem was. How could she invite someone that wouldn’t fit in? It wouldn’t suit her friends and then the party would be less great.

Ara got a little sad he didn’t want her to change things up. She liked to experiment, even with her own clothes. So it sounded like fun since she didn’t really have guys to experiment with clothes with. He caught him smirking and didn’t really understand why.

[b “Mmm of course. I wouldn’t tell you to wear something you didn’t like.” ] Ara nodded. She had figured Sy would like it though. So far, it didn’t seem like he didn’t like what she brought to him. Ara smiled a bit when he said he wasn’t mad. Spending more time together sounded amazing. She held a smile getting excited to just have him to herself more. Then he mentioned her friends.

[b “They’re fine. They just like hanging out with certain people. Doesn’t everyone?” ] Ara defended and then whispered [b “Well I mean… I don’t mind hanging out with a lot of different people but, they do – and that’s okay.” ] She sighed and took another bite and looked at him [b “You can hang out with us. Maybe we can spend lunch with them next time. And we’ll also going to get to hang out with them with that three day trip.” ] Ara reminded. Maybe he’d see that they were jst fine, no different then anyone else. She couldn’t see what he saw.

She finished her meal. [b “Are you… Do you want to go shopping with me this afternoon? Olive and another girl is coming. But I’d like it if you’d come too.” ] She said.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 42d 6h 5m 18s
He knew it wasn't really a full proof plan, but he did want something that would work in order to get Caleb off of her back. He found a short term solution and he was trying to think of long term plans to make sure he could resolve this somehow. He would tell her that they could talk about this and come up with decisions together, but at the same time, he knew he just had to resolve this somehow.

She had also been acting really odd to him, especially when he saw her respond to that girl. Sylus would eat his fries and he'd hear her. It surprised him to hear she had become a people pleaser. [b "I you want to please your friends all the time, then what are you going to do if they tell you to break up with me? Or if one of them was going to try and talk to me? That would be okay?"] he wondered, understanding she was trying to help the girl, but not inviting her because she wouldn't get along with her friends or her friends would get mad wasn't that good a reason to him.

He didn't think his clothes was all that high class at all and figured maybe Ara was being too focused on the wrong things. When she grew excited, he smirked a bit because he thought it was funny. He was sure that if she was given the chance, she'd change his whole wardrobe.

[b "I don't mind a new jacket as long as I like it too"] he shrugged, figuring that was just a part of ARa that wasn't going to change. [b "Yeah I get it. You love clothes. I'm not mad. It's just been a while since we last opened up to each other and talked like this. I'll try and make more time to spend time with you. I'm not a big fan of the way your friends are influencing you though. Maybe I can sit in when you hang out. I wanna see for myself"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 42d 9h 30m 44s
[b “You made a drug deal with Caleb, you didn’t handle that very well Sy.” ] Ara pointed out but always kept her voice low. [b “I want to make decisions together. Okay, I won’t come along…” ] Bringing attention to herself ended in this. She didn’t even intend to be seen.

Ara nodded, hoping she could com up with something to help this situation. It upset her that he made this decision, and left her out of the loop but she did the same.

It brought regret telling him when he spoke to her like that. She wasn’t trying to make a big deal out of it. It bothered her but she’d rather let it go. It seemed like anyone that didn’t come from money thought all she depended on was her dad’s money.

She’d eat her fries. He was being hurtful but it was hard for her to raise her voice or be angry. [b “I don’t know why you think I’m acting high and mighty. I don’t care if others having those stuff. I don’t like that you’re insulting my friends either. I didn’t treat her bad, I just said she couldn’t come because she wouldn’t fit in. The group of people I’m around with don’t want certain types of people around, and I don’t want them to be upset at me. She would end up alone or harassed anyway.” ] Ara defended calmly, not understanding why he was upset about that, it wasn’t like he wasn’t invited.

She saw him looking down at his clothes. He was really being sensitive with this whole dressing up nice thing. Ara nodded to him, she wouldn’t be dating someone who couldn’t even match there shirt with there pants. It came into her mind that maybe he wanted to redo his wardrobe and got a excited.

She pouted [b “Well…to impress yourself. You’re…right.” ] She was trying to save but she did see this new jacket coming out and thought it would look so nice on Sy. She sighed to herself. She saw him smirking, and wondered what was going on his mind.

Ara grinned and beamed [b “Really? Because this new jacket is going to be coming out and I think it’ll look amazing on you.” ] She used to help Joseph dress up and she sure liked the idea of getting Sy something new. Then she remembered [b “It’s not that…you need to. I just really like clothes.” ] Ara said. She looked back at him [b “Sy…you’re not mad at me are you?”]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 42d 16h 25m 36s
To him handling gangs was a casual thing. He really wanted to be able to get this resolved without involving Ara into these gangs. [b "Yes you'll worry, but you can trust me too. I can let you know of what I'll be doing, or of my plans so that you can help me if you want, but when it's time to execute them, I want you safe. You already know what happens when you come along"] he warned her, knowing that bad things could happen.

He was getting himself into more dangerous positions with all of these drug dealings. He didn't want to do it, but he needed anything to save Ara from being involved with this. [b "I know Ar. I'm doing my best. Maybe we can talk more about this and figure it out, but I just wanted to let you know that's where I am in this deal"] he told her, seeing the food arrive.

He took a few bites of the fries and heard her mention she was cut off from her father. It did annoy him that she said he couldn't do anything to help. It made it sound like since he had no money, he couldn't do a thing. He hated hearing that he couldn't do something because he always managed to prove people wrong.

[b "I'll tell them. Look good for social media and no Christmas sweaters. Got it"] he told her, seeing her catch his sarcasm. [b "I'm talking to you like this because I'm surprised you're acting so high and mighty. What happened to you? Did your friends influence you? You used to not care too much about high class things or others wearing high class stuff. The way you treated that girl today was mindblowing"] he told her.

[b "At least all of the truth is out"] he admitted and took another bite of his burger. Sylus then looked down at his clothes and since they were being honest, he wondered what she really thought of his wardrobe. [b "Yeah? Okay, as long as you think so"] he felt okay that at least she was fine with it. But when Ara brought it up as an 'if' his eyes widened a bit. [b "I mean....I don't really care too much. School is school. Who else would I be impressing at school? You're also low on cash remember. Don't waste your savings up on trying to redo my wardrobe"] he took another bite of his fries and then he would smirk a bit. She got way too excited way too fast. Guess it'd make her happy if he did redo his wardrobe.

[b "I don't mind picking out one or two things the next time we go shopping though. If that's what you really want"] he shrugged a bit, letting her at least have that.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 43d 1h 40m 27s

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