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[b “Okay, we’ll start the script today.” ] She smiled, and felt glad he found people and that he’d hand it out. [b “Yes, that would be a good idea, to do practice runs today. I’ll get the full equipment soon, I just need to find people to hold it and do a good job.”] That was most of her concern. She had some equipment at home, it was just she needed to find a better way to bring it around, and er driver was coming into tomorrow-so it would be easier.

Ara saw SYlus shrug about sleeping in. She knew that he worked pretty hard, so she felt that he may have a good reason…like working or coming early for swimming. She nodded [b “I am. So far, I am. Let’s rehearse and do practice runs today.” ] She felt that would be best. [b “Tomorrow would be better.” ] She agreed. She glanced at the time and saw that time was running out for this class. [b “Class is almost done.” ] She mentioned quietly.

Klara came up to Sylus and then whispered, “Will we meet today?” She asked and then saw Ara. She noticed Ara before, she was a really pretty girl. She politely smiled at Ara, “Hi.”
[b “Hi.” ] Ara smiled gently. [b “Are you two friends?” ]
“Oh-yea. I’m Klara,” Klara said and half shrugged. She knew Ara had a boyfriend, so she assumed that she wasn’t falling into the charm that was Sylus. But, a pretty girl like her, well it also made sense that Sylus would like her.
“Ara,” Ara replied to her.
“Sylus, just send me a text,” Klara said to him and looked at Ara who was in a pretty pale dress “You’re really pretty.”
[b “Thanks.” ] Ara smiled and watched Klara go speak to her friend that was in this class. Ara tilted her head, not remembering seeing Klara in this class. Maybe she wasn’t paying attention. Ara glanced back at Sylus [b “Is she really you’re friend?” ] Ara whispered.
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He thought about how free he was and he knew he still had to make money somehow. He figured he'd just be working late for now until he could finish the project at least. [b "Oh really? Hmm, then I guess we can start rehearsals today at least. I'll hand a script to the guys that offered to help and then we can do some practice runs today, but not do a full shoot until we can get the equipment?"] he suggested.

He thought about the video editing and he figured he wasn't really that good at it. Still, it was nice to hear that she was really good. [b "Okay, I'll help out too and you can show me"] he smiled, thinking they had this. Ethan mentioned him sleeping and he shrugged. He couldn't help it when he worked late nights. Plus he was caught up anyway, so why did it matter.

[b "Only if you're available today. If not, we can work on it when you're free. We have a lot of time left"] he told her, hoping she didn't mind it. He didn't want to push her either if she didn't want to. [b "I'll pick out how many people we need and then I'll let them know what our schedule is. We can start tomorrow if that's better"] he wondered, figuring that if she had plans or practice, it wasn't too short notice.
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[b “Right.” ] She nodded. He didn’t seem to be too bothered, which was good. She knew she should just forget about what had happened. She had Joseph and Sylus had his own thing. The lesson came to an end and they had time.

[b “Sure,” ] Ara nodded [b “I might not be as free later on this week.” ] Because her dad was coming back. She didn’t know for how long, she didn’t think it would be long. She surely whooped not.

Ara’s eyes widened a bit [b “Today? I guess we can start toda, but what will we do?” ] She asked and then remembered she needed to bring equipment [b “Wait, what do you want to start today? Filming? I need to bring equipment. Or just rehersing?” ] She asked. She definitely knew they needed to get the takes done, [b “Don’t worry, probably take us two days of straight editing to get it done. Plus, I’ve done a lot of editing before, so it’ll be okay.” ] Picking out the speed, music and sound effects was what was going to be tough. Plus…she needed to figure out what kind of microphones they would be using.

Ara half smiled [b “No big deal.” ] She thought those clothes looked good on him. Ehtan took a peak at the watch “That’s quite an expensive one.” Figuring they had borrowed it. [b “It’s not that much.” ] Ara said and would smile when Sylus said he liked working with her.
“We’ll see the final result. I’m glad to see you not sleeping in my class,” Ethan turned to Sylus. Ara laughed, never realizing Sylus slept in it. Ethan went off and she looked back at Sylus [b “Yea, we can, did you want to do that today?” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 205d 4h 24m 42s
He sat down at his desk and went over the schedule, asking if people could make it a few days in a row. When Ara came over, he smiled [b "It's fine. As long as we get our project done"] he then listened in class, taking whatever notes he needed to know. He wasn't that great on video editing just because he didn't really have that technology to play with, nor did he spend that much time on it.

After the lesson, they got to work on their project, talking about dates and times. [b "I can do that. Just let me know what days work for you and I'll stretch mine out also"] he figured they could start soon. [b "Did you want to start like after school today?"] he wondered. [b "We should get the takes done so we can use the rest of the time for video editing"] he liked that idea.

[b "It is going to be fun. Thanks again for the watch and clothes"] he then looked over when Ethan came by. He showed him the watch, letting him take a peek. Then when he mentioned that they were doing great, he smiled [b "I do enjoy someone working with me like ARa. Our styles are similar. Get the work done now so it'll be easier later"] he told Ethan and then he smiled, liking the idea of being partnered up all the time, but he wondered if Ara would be okay with it. [b "I like working with ARa too"] he then gathered what they needed.

[b "We can shoot the part where I steal the tech first if you'd like?"]
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Class would start soon. She felt the guilt biting. It was…a hard situation. She saw him smiling and she would sigh [b “I…yea…it’s my fault he’s like this.” ] She had to fix this and stop making these type of mistakes. She peaked ovear at his notes. [b “Oh, well, then we’re not too far off from filming.” ] She just needed to figure out who she needed to get to record while they were acting. She’d record it while she was out of scene for sure.

Ethan came in, they started a lesson on video editing. Ara noted a few things but it was nothing she didn’t already know since she recorded stuff herself to get some views for her travels. Then they got the work period. Ara turned her head and nodded [b “Yes, of course. Although, Sylus it may take longer than two to three hours. We have to get set up, practice-rehearse and after setting up, we’ll probably have to do a few retakes It could easily take up five hours. “ ] She mentioned. It wasn’t due for another three weeks, including this one but she wanted it to be done on time and perfect. Video editing would take longer.

[b “Plus, we…should have a back up day in case the weather is bad. ] She hoped it wouldn’t drop to bad weather. She found herself staring at him again, thinking about the week they’ve spend. She couldn’t believe it’s only been a week and she had gotten this close to him. Ara then smiled [b “This is going to be fun, just like decorating for the party was.” ] She giggled.
‘Why does she giggle like that? She’s so fake’ Ara heard not that far. She rolled her eyes and decided to ignore it. It was just those two again. Ethan came by, “How’s the project holding up?”
[b “IT’s going well. We have a script, we have our location picked, device-Sylus did you bring it today?” ] She asked because she had put it in the same back she had gave him to bring. [b “And Sylus found people to be part of our film. We were just discussing our next step.” ]
Ethan raised a brow “You two are very ahead. Why can’t the rest of the class be like your group?” He shook his head and couldn’t help but liked how they seemed to work well together, “Maybe I should partner you up all the time.”
Ara looked back at Sylus [b “Um, I like working with Sylus.” ] But she was worried about…Joseph.
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He shook his head, hating how this guy came to their practice only to stir up trouble. He shook his head in disappointment and then he saw ARa trying to pull him away. He watched them leave and then he resumed practice with the swim team.

After practice, he asked if a few of them would want to participate in filming his project. He told them a few details and a few of them said they'd make it. They were excited to play cops after him after all. They finished practice and then Sylus changed and headed to class, already texting the boxing team as well. He was able to get some help.

When Ara arrived, he saw her and smiled a bit [b "It's okay. I mean I have been really close. I don't blame him"] he told her and then he showed her his notes. [b "I already have people lining up to play the cops and normal people walking around"] he smiled, hoping that would ease things up. [b "Yeah you already picked out the place and got the watch, so I figured it's the least I can do on my part"] he told her, soon seeing Ethan coming in.

Sylus listened in on the video editing and when they were able to work, he thought about when they would shoot it. [b "Do you want to dedicate sometime after school to start filming? I can set like two or three hours aside so we can film?"] he suggested.
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[b “Don’t talk shit.” ] Joseph scoffed. He backed up because he was trying to keep his promise. Ara came over. He had no idea how she knew he was here but she was here. It still upset him, and it amazed him how dumb she could be sometimes, to allow this guy to be alone in a room with her.

Joseph shot another look, wanting to speak up again but Ara tugged on him, squeezing his hand and pleading him with her eyes. He went with her. She went with him in a emptier hall. [b “You can’t keep doing this. Don’t go after Sylus. It’s my fault, talk to me, not him. I’m sorry,” ] She said to him.
“I’m sorry…I got really upset, because I told him not to get close to you.” Joseph tried to explain.
[b “Well, I asked him too and he’s been a pretty good friend.” ] She shrugged.
He looked at her and he felt afraid that Sylus would get his way with her since he felt she was so naïve and not the brightest when it came to being around other teens. He caressed her cheek, “Ara, I don’t want you near him… At least not if it’s not an assignment.” He said to her and pressed his forehead against his, “I’m sorry…if I made you cry, I didn’t know I made you that upset. I’ll be there for you more.” He said to her.
She wrapped her arms around him and hesitated to kiss him. She still felt hurt. She felt that maybe he was worried…that he could tell that she felt something, that she had gotten to close. She’d be angry too. She looked at his eyes, [b “Okay, I believe you.” ] She gently smiled. He tucked her blonde hair back, “I’ll see you at lunch.”
She nodded, [b “Yea… I will.” ] He kissed her and dropped her off at her class, going to his own.

She walked into the class, seeing Sylus already there. She sat down next to him. She looked at him and still felt embarrassed for what Joseph did. [b “I’m sorry…again… I hope besides that, that you’re morning was okay.”] She softly smiled. She saw his notes [b “Wow, you already set up the schedule? It seems good to me…we just need to ask the people who will be in our film if they’re available at that time too.” ] She said and spaced out for a moment again, thinking about Joseph and thought that…he probably really did think she was stupid. It wasn’t like she hadn’t gotten that before, but after talking to them a bit they realized she wasn’t.

It was still early, and only one other student was there so far. Today, she knew that they were just going to be taught a small lesson on video editing and then were given time to work. She already knew how to video edit…
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Sylus couldn't believe that her boyfriend was here to cause some trouble again. Sylus just wanted to make sure his team got some good practices so when the swim meets came, they would do a great job with hi as captain. He saw Joseph walking over and he spoke with him.

[b "Hey don't shove me. Let's talk like men"] he told him and then he eyed Joseph a bit. He remembered how upset ARa got and he wasn't going to start fighting in front of their team. His eyes looked back at Joseph as if telling him to just back off, but it didn't seem like he was right now.

Ara soon came and when she went to pull her boyfriend back, Sylus just glanced back at him for a while and saw her trying to apologize [b "It's fine. Don't make a scene during my team's practice. I helped her out because she was tipsy. You kept giving her drinks and I didn't want her putting herself in danger so I helped her up to her room. Don't call her stupid either, she's not. You are"] he told him. He watched Ara take him away and he just waved as a thanks before looked back at his team.

[b "Alright guys, nothing to worry about, back into the water"] he told the team and then he continued practice. He swam for a while and then when practice ended, Sylus changed and dried off his hair. He grabbed his bag and then he headed towards class, going into their technology class to start off the day. He took out his schedule and then he waited for ARa.
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Joseph tensed up, “It’s none of your business. I can’t do anything about her crying easily. Don’t make me fucking say it again, don’t get close to my girlfriend.” He shoved Sylus’ shoulders, forgetting for a second that he promised Ara he wouldn’t get into a fight. He would back off, but it pissed him off when he talked about Ara as if he was close to her.

Ara made it to her locker, grabbing a book when she got a message from one of the guys on the swim team.
‘Hey ur bf is here with us & picking beef with Sylus.’
Ara instantly popped in her book in her bag and messaged [i ‘where’ ]
‘At the pool.’
Ara went down the stairs. She couldn’t believe this. They had a talk about not getting into fights. She didn’t understand why he was comforting Sylus and she felt that she shouldn’t even have let Joseph out of her sight. She made it down and saw the two of them.. Ara shook her head and went to Joseph instantly, [b “Baby, come on, we talked about this. Let’s go.” ] She tugged on his arm and looked at Sylus apologetic, [b “I’m sorry about him, we’re leaving.” ] She said. And Joseph shot her a look.

“Are you apologizing him for me?” He asked.
[b “You heard me. Come on.” ] She tugged on his hand.
“He brought you alone in a room, and I told him to stay away from you.” He reminded.
[b “I asked him to,” ] She blurt out, [b “It wasn’t his fault. I asked him. He was off kissing some girls and then I bothered him. So, can you please let it go?” ] She was getting angry now.
“What the hell?” He narrowed her eyes at her, “I don’t care, he should have said no. How stupid could you be for even asking him?”
[b “Joseph, let it go. I’m stupid for doing that-I get it. Let’s go.” ] Ara squeezed his hand, feeling hurt that he called her stupid again but she didn’t want this to break out into a fight. He looked at Sylus for a second and shrugged saying, “Fine.” He would follow her.
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He went home that night and was able to get some work done because his roommate was gone. IT were nights like these that he was productive because as long as he could focus, then he'd focus well. It was also a good distraction from the girls and even thinking about Ara. He just wanted to be able to meet the goals he made for himself.

The next day, he skated to school, walking into campus as he headed to the gym. Sylus suited up in his swim shorts and grabbed his goggles as they all met by the pool to practice. He was the captain of the swim team, so he had a few things in mind that he wanted to do. First thing was coming up with the training schedule. He had the guys training in their respective events while he focused on his.

He was soon summoned by some of the guys, telling him that he had a visitor.

Sylus climbed out of the pool and saw Joseph coming up to him. [b "Yeah?"] he asked, being shoved back by Joseph.

WHen he asked him about the party, Sylus just shook his head [b "We didn't do anything. You got her tipsy and then just left. I helped her to her room for the night. That's it"]

"You better keep your hands off of her. Don't get anywhere near her"

[b "That's cool and all buddy, but we also have a project to do. I can't really stay away if we need to work on our project together"]

"Well don't touch her or lay your hand on her again. She's my girlfriend. Stop getting so close" he warned him.

Sylus just stared blankly, hating her boyfriend so much when he wasn't even treating her right.

[b "Take better care of her then. The only thing I've seen you do is make her cry"] he rolled his eyes.
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She felt a little sad to see Sylus go. She did have fun with him, and it made her feel so confused. She couldn’t detach herself for what she felt. She kept thinking about how much fun she had with him decorating, and seeing him in new clothes…or him comforting her at that library when that creep was…. [i Why can’t I just forget. ]

Joseph came, they fought and made out soon after. It was hot, and heavy and she almost gave into doing more with him…but Sylus came to mind, and the guilt and likeness of him made her stick to her stance. She wanted to be true to Joseph…but how was that going to be easy if he was here. Joseph wrapped her arms around her and she nestled into him, taking his warmth and feeling the difference between him. She fell asleep and was reminded that even if things were rough right now, she still believed she loved him…with a hint of doubt for him.

Morning came in, and she woke up to his sleeping face. He woke up and they talked in bed for awhile. Then they rose up. Her driver would be coming tomorrow, so Alister drove them to school. She held his hand, making it fairly early to school with him. She spaced out and thought of Sylus. Then she saw Joseph staring at his phone and looking upset. [b “What’s wrong?” ] She asked.
“Did you go upstairs with him at the party?” He asked.
Ah crap. She didn’t want to lie. [b “I did…” ] She slowly spoke [b “Just for a while. I was upset about you and he thought I was drunk and he came to help.” ] She xplained.
“Ara your kidding me?” His voice raised a bit and he began shaking his head, “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to raise my voice. Did anything happen?”
She took a deep breath, feeling bad about lying but, [b “No…Pretty sure we just were talking.” ]
“I’ll meet up with you-I forgot to grab something in my locker.” He said, going off.
Ara frowned and just nodded. She went to her own locker.
Joseph head over the gym, seeing some guys from the swim team there “Hey, is Sylus here?” he asked, wanting to ask what the hell he was doing with Ara upstairs and to tell him to back off again.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 205d 9h 47m 9s
He headed inside and once he was changed and all dressed up, he headed towards the door, waiting for Ara [b "I had fun. Thanks for inviting me"] he smiled and then he thanked her for the cab before going home. He went to his apartment and headed into his room. His roommate was out luckily, so Sylus was able to get his homework down and work a little on their project. He tried to set up a schedule and see if Ara would like that in the morning.

He was laying back against his bed, looking at his phone. There were messages from a bunch of different girls and he'd try to reply to all of them, but he kept thinking about Ara. He thought about how he kissed her, touched her, and held her. It was turning him on again. It was easy to try and just bring a girl home, but wouldn't that prove him wrong? He couldn't keep bringing girls home....he should try and say no and only keep one?

He thought about it and just ended up taking care of himself that night, thinking about the day in the jacuzzi with Ara. He fell asleep and the next morning, he was showered, dressed, and heading over to school on his board. He was bit distracted, but when he got to campus, he was in his swim team jersey, his jeans, and a vneck shirt inside.

When he walked in, a few of the girls he was texting last night were wondering why he didn't answer back [b "Sorry, I fell asleep"] he told them and would head over to the gym to start practice for the swim team.
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Ara dried off her body and headed inside with him. She went to go change herself, wearing a teal crop t-shirt and a pair of pale loose shorts. She came out and saw SYlus. [b “No problem. Thanks, I’ll let you know. You don’t have to make it up to me.” ] She shook her head. She would follow him to the door, and wave, [b “Okay, yes-we need to figure that out. Oh-wait, I’ll call a cab for you.” ] She got out her phone, not wanting him to go all the way back walking. She said her goodbyes to him, and closed the door.

She had to take deep breaths, trying to get things out of her head but…it was hard. She kept picturing him. [i Get over it. ] Truth was, he still couldn’t stay to one girl and doing this to Joseph was cruel. What she did was already cruel. Maybe…she should tell him and le thim decide if he still wanted to be with her. But then she thought about SYlus and she remembered how Joseph hurt him…she didn’t want that to happen again.

After that, she had a sports bra on and went to try a few jumps and tricks, and then checked her messages. Joseph had sent her a lot. She finally answered him and he said he would be coming over and said he could stay the night. He wasn’t taking her excuses of wanting to do homework.

He came over and she wasn’t feeling all that thrilled with him, even if she felt guilty. She didn’t kiss him for the same reasons. She went into doing some extra homework, and he kept distracting her. Eventually, they started chatting. He told her he thought she knew what she was drinking. They argued, and started fighting, about her being too needy and that he couldn’t’ always be there-which pissed her off because she didn’t ask him, he just made promises he couldn’t keep. Then it ended with her saying “If you can’t even keep your word, think I’m too needy, can’t make you happy and want to just have sex than go find someone else and I will too!” ] Which ended with her in tears because she felt so heart broken. Then a roll of apologizes came in, hugs and then kisses. She end up falling asleep with him until early morning.
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He laughed a bit when she mentioned the pencil flying at her [b "Yeah I know what you mean. Girls are crazy mean"] he told her, shaking his head and then he thinking of a way to stop her from getting hurt like that. He frowned a bit [b "Well just let me know if they're bothering you again, I'll set them straight"] he tole her, not wanting her to get hurt.

He was turned on and it was hard to hide what was sticking out of his trunks. He did his best to cover it up as he slowly got out of the jacuzzi, trying not to make eye contact with her because it was embarrassing. He took the towel and wrapped it around his waist as he nodded [b "Yeah I'll be fine. Let's dry up"] he wiped himself off and then he headed inside to change back into his regular clothes.

When he was all changed up, he waited for Ara, trying not to think of anymore indecent thoughts and just spend some time with her for once. [b "Thanks again Ara. If you want, let me know if you ever wanna come over too. I'll make it up to you"] he smiled and then he headed towards the door [b "I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe in class we can decide when we want to start filming"]
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Ara lightly laughed, forgetting he actually saw that, [b “She flung a pencil at me! It was just a polite warning not to do that again.” ] She’s seen people get mad and done worse. Besides, last few months she learned not to let people do bad things toward her and not just sit there and not do anything.

She could feel and see what he was feeling. She’d blush, respond to him. He said it was fine. [b “I’m not going to laugh…I feel something too.” ] He just couldn’t see it. She tried not to look anymore, not wanting him to feel weird about it.

That competition made her nervous. At the very least, she couldn’t be set to blame if they didn’t make it since it was a team effort [b “Alright,”] Ara smiled. She still felt like she had a good day with him. She listened to him [b “Yea, we probably should. Yea…school.” ] It was so boring. She wondered how they could stand to have school every single day with only two days off. She had private teachers, homework but it was always within a selected times but moved around, and she could be travelling all at the same time.

Ara watched him slowly getting up, her eyes went down, seeing him trying to cover. She sighed. It really must sucked being a guy and not being able to hide it. She recalled Joseph and she just left him be, and even when she offered to help-he’d say no because it only make it worse and that he couldn’t stop himself after since she didn’t want to sleep with him yet.

[b “Are you going to be okay?” ] She asked him, getting up herself. She reached for a towel to dry herself off a bit and tossed him a towel too.
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