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It was hard to smile when she felt so low. Sylus hug was helping at least. She sighed when he said he didn’t like Joseph too much. She was mad, really mad at Joseph but she couldn’t make herself hate him. There were still good things about him. She wasn’t so sure she should tell him. [b “He was lying about something too, not cheating but…it still upset me. Plus…he left at the party because…” ] Her lips wavered, and she’d glance away [b “He was upset I didn’t…get in bed with him.” ] She continued.

She held the flowers and they were beautiful. She lifted a smile, and awed to his words. They were beautiful and it was so sweet. [b “They are very pretty.” ] She nodded, her eyes warming, [b “So pretty…thank you.” ] She sat down and opened the bag, and it made her so happy that it also made her cry. She looked at him and then looked back at the bear again, [b “This…is so nice.” ] She hugged him and then met his eyes for a second, feeling him wipe her cheeks. She sniffled, and was glad he said it was okay if she cried. She nodded, “It does,” She said quietly, wiping her eyes again. He was holding her and it was helpful. She held him tightly and then she took a bite of the chocolate and it tasted so good. She took one and offered it to him too, [b “You should eat one too.” ]

Ara took out the tickets and pouted to herself, finding it so cute and this was more than anyone has done for her. She looked back at his eyes, [b “Really? Can it be something like coming over? Or helping me? Or…other stuff?” ] She asked, figuring she was rambling but she was emotional right now.

[b “Yea…yea, I want to do that.” ] She wiped another tear, feeling a mix of emotions. [b “My room.” ] She said, because it was where she felt the most comfortable. There was a sofa there too. She felt his fingers brushing her hair back, and then kissing her cheek. He was really sweet. She didn’t feel so bad when he was being sweet like this. It made her smile.

She leaned in and kissed him and then quickly leaned back, realizing she did that on a whim. She quickly passed it off [b “This is… I’m really happy you’re here.” ] She said and grabbed the bag, “My room? Sit on the sofa,” ] She suggested. She’d go up to her room, feeling more comfortable in here. She’d sit down on the sofa, and would play the second movie of how to train your dragon. She would snuggle up to Sylus and then even fed him candy. She held the stuffed bear in her arms too. Her head resting against his shoulder. She would have bouts where she’d get upset and then time where she felt okay. She would hold his hand, giving his hand a squeeze. [b “You…You’re not busy today right?”] She asked, not wanting to get in the way of his life. Because apparently she did with Joseph and he had to lie about where he was.
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He went to her front door and he waited, hoping she'd answer. IT wasn't long until he was met with Ara's smiling face. Only it looked a bit different. It was off and he could tell that it looked a bit forced. He heard her say she was okay, but he didn't believe her. He could see her eyes were red, so she probably must have been crying. He didn't understand how they broke up, but he wondered if he could ask.

He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a warm hug. He told her he felt sorry [b "I mean....I don't want you being sad, but I didn't like him too much. Is there a reason you broke up with him so soon? What happened?"] he wondered, biting down on his lip and then he walked inside to the living room with her.

Sylus offered her the bag and the flowers, hoping it'd make her smile [b "I thought the roses looked really pretty, just like the color of your eyes"] he said as he watched her smile more. As they sat down in the living room, he would see her opening the bag. He saw her giggling and he was glad he could change her mood. SHe must have been hold up in her room alone crying. THen the tears came and he wasn't exactly sure what to do [b "Of course it's for you. Read the bear"] he smiled, hugging his arms around her and then leaning in to wipe her cheeks.

[b "It's okay ARa. YOu can cry if you need to. It must really hurt"] he kept his arms around her, hoping to ease the pain. When she allowed him to stay, he hugged her once more and then he would watch her take a bite of candy [b "There's three Sylus favor tickets in there too, so if you ever need something from me. You have three of them"] he smiled and then he kept his arm around her. [b "We can watch a movie and just relax? Want to go to your room or the theater?"] he suggested, brushing her hair back and then giving her cheek a kiss.

[b "I just really like to see your smiling face. Anything to cheer you up"] he hoped he'd also be something more later. That would really nice. He wanted to start dating her already and prove to her he'd treat her better than that jerk.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 28d 17h 34s
She wanted to feel glad when she opened the door and saw him but she felt that weight on her chest crushing on her. She honestly believed that she loved Joseph and that he loved her but hearing all of that… She felt doomed to be alone and keep getting heart broken.
[b “I’m okay.” ] She lied. She didn’t want to dump her stuff on him, plus she wasn’t so sure the same thing would happen with Sylus. He leaned in for a hug, so she took his hug and hugged him back. She couldn’t lie to herself that a hug felt good right now, but it also made it hard to hold her emotions.
She let him the house, going into the large living room with modern furniture in shades of grey with a pop of blue.

Ara shrugged [b “Are you sorry? Aren’t you glad I broke up with him?” ] She asked quietly, feeling so hurt from hearing Joseph talk to her like that. She wanted to cry. She spaced out and then heard Sylus say he brought her something. Cheer up Ara bag? It made her half smil, because it was cute. Then he brought out a small bouquet of blue roses. She sucked up the tears, and took it in her hands. [b “Thank you,” ] She whispered, her voice cracking a bit.

Ara nodded to him. She’d sit down and she had the bag he gave her. She’d open it up, seeing the treats inside, and it made her smile. She’s never had anyone do something like this for her. She saw the tickets and it made her giggle, and then took the stuffed bear out. It was cute and then the tears poured. She couldn’t stop them from running. She felt happy and so sad at the same time. [b “You brought all of this for me,” ] She stated. She knew it couldn’t be easy spending on her since there was the orphanage too, so it mattered a lot. [b “Sylus…” ] She tried to wipe her tears with the bear on her lap, [b “Thank you so much. I’m sorry, I can’t stop crying. I’m so upsest, but I’m really happy your gifting me this.” ] She read the ‘cheer up’ again and pouted. It was cute…and from this she felt like Sylus wasn’t going to be the same. Either he was just trying to be stupidly charming to get something out of it or he was sweet. She liked to believe he was just being sweet and kind.

Her blue yes looked to him, [b “No, I don’t mind. You can stay. This is already making be feel a bit better.” ] She gently smiled, setting the truffles and candy on the table. She barely had candy too. She’d let him sit with her and she’d hug him tightly, [b “You’re a really good friend…and I hope more later too.” ] She’d wipe her eyes again. She’d take a truffle and take a bite. It tasted really good. [b “This…is really nice. Is it okay…if I can snuggle with you and…watch a movie?” ] She asked, liking now that she had someone she could lean on, especially Sylus.
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He went on with his day, working on a few errands and then spending some time at the orphanage. Sylus brought over some treats and played with some of his siblings. They would go out and he'd take them to the pool just to have some fun. They all swam together and Sylus even got a few laps in as he practiced. IT was relaxing and since they all hung out together, the little ones felt that even though Sylus had moved out, he was still there willing to hang out.

He dropped them home soon enough and was deciding to go back home when he realized that Ara hadn't texted him back. It wasn't until he saw that she broke up with Joseph that he hurried over to buy something for her. He skated to her house and then he rang the bell.

He heard her voice and when he saw her open the door, he could see her eyes were a bit red. She was pretty in her black dress, but he knew she must have felt like crap. [b "Yeah I did. Are you okay?"] he walked up to her and leaned in for a hug. He held a bag in his hands, following her into the house and then seeing that she wasn't smiling anymore. [b "No...I'm fine ARa. I just wanted to spend some time with you today. We can watch a movie together. I'm sorry about what happened"] he gave the bag to her.

[b "I brought you some things. It's my cheer up Ara bag"] he pulled out a small bouquet of blue roses and handed them to her. [b "Let's get your mind off of the break up and just relax, enjoy the weekend?"] he suggested, wanting her to open the bag. Inside was a small box of truffles, some sour, gummy candy, a coupon for some Sylus favor tickets, and a stuffed bear with a shirt that said [i Cheer up]. He hoped she liked it. They were small things, but he could tell she had been crying and probably wanted to be alone, but he wanted to help her.

[b "If you don't mind hanging out....if you want to be alone though, I can leave"] he shrugged, not wanting to also butt in if she didn't want visitors.
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She got heavily stressed with reading what Tanner said. Joseph was lying too, but longer. She broke it up with him the next day and curled up in bed, putting she sheet over her head feeling like dying. She felt like taking back her words and being with him again even if he did those things, even if she cheated because it sounded a lot easier than this. But she knew she couldn’t.
She had moments of going on her phone and then crying. He saw previous pictures and she felt so crushed. There was no way she was doing anything today. She saw Sylus’ text message soon after. She groaned to herself. Great, she had to get up, and make herself look decent and not cry. What was to say Sylus wasn’t the same too? Get uninterested and leave if she doesn’t do it, lie about where he was or-forget about that, flirt with other girls or hang out a lot around them. He kinda just left the second they got in her room yesterday.

[b ‘One second. I’ll be right there.’ ] Ara forced herself to get out of bed, she tried to dry of her face and try to fix the whole ‘I cried’ hints on her face with makeup. She put on a summery black dress quickly, combed her hair and put it up. She took ten minutes, mainly because she didn’t do her usual routine. She came down and opened the door. She made her self smile [b “Hey, did you sleep well?” ] She asked, having zero energy to have a conversation. She still wanted to cry her eyes out. She had planned such much with Joseph and now it was all straight in the trash. Everything felt like a lie. She spaced out entirely and snapped out of it a few seconds in. She allowed him in the house, closing the door behind him. She couldn’t tell him she wanted to just be in bed and cry because one-that was embarrassing, two-he came all the way here.

[b “Do you want to eat something?” ] Ara asked, forgetting to even smile this time. She’d lead the way to the living room [b “You want to watch a movie, or something else?” ] She heard her phone and checked it out and it was a text from Tanner asking if she was doing okay. Her lip quivered for a second but she took another deep breath and laid her phone on the stand.
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He was glad that she wasn't really flirting with anyone else, but at the same time, he really wanted her to be available for him. Sylus has never had a girl turn him down before, and even his first break up with Klara was a shock to him. He always thought he was attractive enough. The girls seemed to like him, but he never liked a girl as much as he wanted to date Ara.

He had so much fun spending the day with her that he didn't want to leave. He'd hug her and kiss her cheek and then he decided that he should get home before it got really late. He also wanted to do one job before then, but it didn't seem right if Ara didn't want him to. He ended up just going home for the night, skating home and still trying to rest his arm.

HE ended up just sitting at his desk, trying to catch up on school work and homework. He spend the rest of the night eating a sandwich and then facetiming some of the kids at the orphanage. His roommate was having another loud night with some friends over, but Sylus had his room locked. He simply put on some headphones and he relaxed for the night, sending Ara a text. [b "Miss you already. HOpe we can hang out tomorrow"] he sent.

The next day, Sylus was out ant about. Since it was Sunday, he went to pick up some treats from his favorite donut shop and brought it over to the orphanage to spend some time with them. After hanging out, he went to the community pool to swim a few laps, getting some of his energy out there. He hadn't seen a text from Ara today, but he hoped she still wanted to hang out.

It wasn't until he dried himself off and changed that he saw her message. He looked at it over and over and figured that maybe she would be feeling a bit down and depressed. Maybe he could help her out? Sylus quickly stopped by the store and bought some goodies. He then skated towards Ara's house and he rang the doorbell. He hoped she could hang with him for a little while so he could try and cheer her up. [i "Can I come in Ara? I'm here. I thought I could visit and hang out for a bit?"] he sent and waited, hoping she'd let him in.
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Ara lightly laughed [b “I know that. I mean, don’t flirt with anyone else.” ] They went out of the pool, and into her room for only a short few seconds before Sylus said he had to go. She felt a little stupid but, it wasn’t a big deal. She saw him out, waving to him.
Later that evening, Joseph came and she failed to tell him to break it up. He kept pushing her, like he usually did, and got intimate with her because he kept urging her to be and bit of it was because she was aroused from before. Joseph wouldn’t back up, until her father came, and then he would leave.

After dinner, Ara re-looked at her homework and lay in bed. She kept thinking, and then shot a message to Tanner. She never thought about asking him before because him and Joseph were best friends.

[b ‘ Hey Tan. Can you be honest with me? Does Jose really busy taking care of Nat all the time? Do you know why he left early at my party?’ ] She sent. It made her nervous, feeling afraid that he’d lie or afraid that the truth could be bad. After texting back and forth a bit to Tanner, who was nervous about ruining things between her and Jose, he gave in.

‘Yea, ur my friend too. Okay. Honestly, not always. Tbh, he’s hanging out with us or another friend. He didn’t want me to tell u. I dont want u to get hurt Ara. He’s a jerk behind your back, sometimes shows u off and then other times…complaining. Which is fucking dumb bc I’d give an arm to be with a girl as good as u. He left the party early because he was mad u didnt fuck him. Talk to him-he might stop being such a prick.’ Tanner sent.

She got through that, and it all came crashing down on her, like her world was crumbling. The realization that her image of Joseph wasn’t what she depicted. She curled up into bed and even if she knew she did something wrong like cheating, she cried because she knew Joseph must have been doing that longer. She couldn’t sleep, trying to figure out the next step.

The following day, she demanded Joseph to meet her, threatening to break up with him if he didn’t come. He got really upset, but he showed up while she was unleashing her emotions and rage on targets with her bow and arrow. She obviously rested it down, and that’s when they started to talk, argue, fight, yell. He used excuses that he didn’t mean the stuff he said to his guy friends about her, just trying to be cool, and how he wasn’t lying that he was busy since he was out with his friends and all that crap. It sounded to Ara like he only was around her when it benefited him.

“Dating you is like dating a fucking nun sometimes-fuck Ara. We’ve been together for a while now. And without me you’d seriously street stupid-“ Joseph said, and a few other things. She end up crying, a lot, and called him names. When tears poured, he looked guilty and started apologizing as usual, insulting and apologizing. He tried to come in a for a hug, and she’d push him away, [b “We’re breaking up.” ] She said weakly. She saw the shock in his expression and he’d try to convince her out of it but she kept shaking her head, and even almost fell for a kiss from him but she didn’t want to pretend things were okay. He wasn’t what she painted him. Eventually, Joseph would nod, looking devastated but he could see he couldn’t do anything right now. He left quietly and Ara crumbled. She cried quietly to herself, and went up to bed, really curling herself up and wanting to hide from the entire world. She’d sent a short message to Sylus, but honestly did not feel like dating a single soul right now. [b ‘I did it. I broke up with him…’ ]
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He liked spending time with her [b "Yeah? Well I like hanging out. IT's really fun"] he felt fingers down his chest and then her own pressed to his. They kissed, touched and made out. He really liked the warmth he felt around Ara and it was comforting. She was like a warm blanket wrapping around him and he didn't want to let her go.

[b "Of course. Flirting with you is easy because I really want to"] he chuckled and then he slowly helped her out of the pool. They headed up to her room and he'd kiss her again, realizing what time it was. It was getting late and he assumed her father would be home soon. He didn't want to get her in trouble.

He brushed her hair behind her ear and then he looked at his clothes [b "Okay, I'll send you a text"] he smiled and then went to grab his clothes. [b "I'll change in the bathroom"] he walked out the door and then he changed back into his jeans and shirt. He went back to meet her and then he leaned in and hugged his arms around her. [b "I'll see you soon then. IF you need me just send me a text"] he'd kiss her cheek and then he'd smile as he walked down the stairs with her.

He made it towards the door and then he waved as he stepped out of her house and went down to the gate. Sylus grabbed his skateboard and then he headed down the street, going back to his place.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 31d 15h 40m 1s
[b “It’s really sweet to hear that. I like spending time with you too. Really? Hmmm…I think you are too.” ] She felt so easily comfortable with him. He was careful, and she like that, at least for now. It made her feel like she could take steps further. Her fingers felt down his chest, and she liked the feel of his skin on her hand. Ara pressed her chest against him. She saw his eyes drop again and she didn’t mind that he was looking there.
Ara giggled, “Good… If we’re dating, I want you to only flirt with me.” She felt that was a given but maybe he didn’t know. They were kissing, making out, tongues and touching skin. She felt the urge to be closer, and having a trouble fighting that urge. She got his help when she got out of the pool. She helped him dry. She blushed when he called her out on it. [b “Uhhhh, I…um…yes,” ] Ara mumbled and whispered. She smiled shyly when he kissed her again, she’d kiss him back.
She lead him up to her room and he was there with her. She figured maybe they could talk or something. She wasn’t sure. She felt like she did take a big step today, going into the water. That was the farthest she’s ever gone in years-at least in pools that were not a kiddie pool. [b “Mmm…I did,” ] Ara nodded. He reached up and brushed her hair behind her ear. He made her really feel cozy and she wanted to be close…and then…

[b “Oh, um… Right. I forgot about the time. Um…yea, I think I might be able to but you’d have to contact me first.” ] Ara shrugged and then release her hair from a bun she put up so it wouldn’t get wet from the water. [b “You should probably change then. Do you want my room to change or the bathroom?” ] She was starting to think she was rambling now. She’d just sit at the edge of her bed, while he figured it out. She figured she should probably change too and see him out, make sure he safely went home. She tried not to look at anything but his face, because she figured it would get awkward.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 31d 16h 4m 39s
They were kissing in the pool and seeing her want to be close to him as well was really attractive. He really just wanted to spend more time with her and have her feel really comfortable with him. If anything, maybe have her be his girlfriend soon enough. [b "I'm glad. I don't want to make you feel like you have to do anything for me at all. I just enjoy spending time with you. It's really nice....kind of like a breath of fresh air"] he admitted.

He felt her hands down his chest and it was making him feel really good. She wanted to touch him and seeing her reactions, he knew she liked feeling his skin. Sylus would feel her chest soon press on him without her jacket and he'd get a bit distracted...he wanted to touch and hold, remembering that night in his apartment. [b "Me? I am a flirt, but I won't flirt if I have you"] he admitted and then he kissed her and they made out, touching tongues and skin. Sylus stopped and then he helped her out of the pool, seeing the relief in her eyes when she was out.

They dried off and he'd watch her pat his chest dry [b "Hmm, you like touching me don't you"] he chuckled, seeing her red cheeks. He'd lean in to kiss her again and then he walked with her back to her room. Sylus stepped forward without a shirt still and his eyes would fall on her sexy back and her ass. [b "Huh? No it's fine. Every step is a big step"] he walked over and felt her hands in his, giving them a squeeze [b "I did. It was so much fun. Did you?"] he wondered, reaching up and then brushing her hair behind her ear.

[b "It's getting a bit late. I should probably head home soon before your dad comes. I'll spend more time with you....maybe tomorrow? It's only Sunday if you still want to hang out? I can come by again and visit?"] he suggested.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 31d 16h 21m 33s
Ara got into kissing his soft lips and being mesmorized by his amber eyes. She liked that he was kind, and said he wouldn’t do anything she wouldn’t like. She trusted that. She saw him shake his head, [b “I know… I’ve known you for a short amount of time but, I can tell even if you do those…things, you’re pretty respectful. I really like that about you.” ] She didn’t feel pressured by him. She knew she could safely back off and he wouldn’t get so mad.

Her fingers felt down his chest, and she really liked touching his bare skin, how it felt on her fingers, and palm of her hand. [b “Really?” ] She didn’t want to bother him, but it seemed like he was really okay with her touching his chest, his arm. She removed the life jacket entirely, getting comfortable and feleig the heat when she pressed her chest right against his.

Ara giggled [b “Because you’re such a flirt and probably kiss every other pretty girl you see…but as long as you see more than that, then it’s okay,” ] She smiled. She had leaned in closer, kissing his lips again and his tongue was playing with hers. It was hot to be kissed by him, she couldn’t contain her moan. Sylus was leaning in so close and she remembered that night, getting bare with him, being that vulnerable but not feeling scared.
She moaned again when he sucked on her bottom lip, half because it felt good, and other half because she was imagining.
[b “Um…I’d like that. It would make me feel more comfortable.” ] She nodded. She let him help her out of the water. Her hand was gripping so tightly on his, but eventually they were out. She released a breath. She dried off her two piece bikini and pated him dry a bit too, over his chest, his waist, blushing a tad bit, because of what was lurking in her mind which she felt it shouldn’t. Was that normal? Or was that weird?

She’d go up the stairs with him, letting him coming into her room. She closed the door and looked at Sylus, “You…really helped me take another step with my fear.” ] She said, and took hold of his hand, seeing him still shirtless with her and she took a deep breath. “Did you…have fun?” She asked slowly, spacing out a
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 31d 16h 31m 12s
He was right beside her and he felt like it was easy to just spend time with her. She was so sexy and with the way that she was, it was easy to fall for her. His eyes met her blue ones and they were kissing in the water. He had his arms around her, holding her ass and pressing closer but the life jacket was in the way. He would tell her how he'd do what she wanted, but when she mentioned rape, he shook his head. He'd never let it get that far.

[b "You do? Feel free to touch if you want"] he smiled and then he felt her hands going down his chest, touching his arm and feeling his tattoo. Sylus would watch her as his hands went down her sides and wanted to unbuckle her life jacket, but he figured that would scare her.

[b "I did. I wanted to kiss you because you looked so pretty and it just sort of happened"] he rubbed the back of his head and then he felt her leaning in closer. He kissed her lips once more and then he felt her press into his chest. Their tongues played with one another, making out as he heard her sexy moan. It was slowly turning him on and his chest was pounding a bit. [b "Mmm, it's really nice with you"] he sucked on her bottom lip and then he leaned into her.

[b "We can step out if you want. We can go back to your room if that would make you more comfortable"] he told her, helping her out of the water slowly.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 31d 17h 7m 14s
It was nice to hear that he was here. She knew she could manage on her home but having someone she could count on was always something she liked to have. His arms were good and his kisses were gentle. It felt really nice to be kissed by him. Her arms was wrapped over him. She locked her eys with his, her heart pounding a bit faster. She wondered if he imagined it…doing it with her. She would assume so. But, she didn’t have to worry about that right now. Ara smiled [b “I know. Because that would be rape,” ] She laughed, but she felt good that she could hear that she could trust him. [b “IT’s okay…I like lookin gat you too,” ] She whispered, her cheeks warm, [b “Thank you.” ]

Ara’s fingers felt down his chest, going down the center and feeling his biceps. They were hard, and her fingers were getting lower but she stopped. She wanted to do this, date him. She already cheated on Joseph and it seemed like Sylus was also more available to be around her too.

Ara sighed [b “I’m not sure sure we did. You kissed me pretty quickly,” ] She reminded and kept feeling over his chest, even resting it on it. [b “Then…let’s get close.” ] She looked at his pretty amber eyes. She pressed her chest against his. She even dared herself to take off the life jacket and press her chest further into his. She still felt the fear of the water but looking up at him, and just standing felt okay. Hearing say that was sexier than any dirty remarks. [b “Thank you… I’d like it that way.” ] She didn’t want to feel pressured. She kissed him softly back, hugging her chest against his and feeling him press closer into her chest too. Sylus kissed her more deeply and so she followed his lead. She parted her lips to allow his tongue to glide with hers. She played with his tongue, kissing him, feeling her body feel more warmth being this close to his bare chest.

She looked back into his eyes, and would nibble at his lip. “Mmm…” She blushed a little. Ara smiled because hear heart was racing but she wasn’t so sure if it was because of the pool, [b “Yea…it’s not bad when I’m with you.” ] She kissed him deeply again, her arms around him again, pressing her pelvis against his without thought. [b “Sylus…do you want to stay in the pool?”]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 31d 18h 46m 4s
He felt the same way, caressing her cheek because she was beautiful and he saw her a fragile flower that he wanted to protect. Sylus liked her and it was easy to like her after all she did for him. She cried for him at the hospital and she made sure to rescue him when he passed out. She helped him with his wound and bruises and accepted his family.

He liked her so much and wanted her to be his. [b "I'm so glad you're doing okay. I'm here, so you don't have to worry so much"] he promised her and then he would wrap his arms around her, giving her lips some gentle kisses. He would see her sweet smile and then he looked down and he was caught. He met her eyes again [b "It is tempting. I swear....I won't do anything you won't want, it's just...hard not to look. You're so pretty ARa"] he told her and allowed her to touch his chest.

He saw where her hands went and he could tell she really liked it. He heard her ask about dating him and it lit up his face. He really wanted to. [b "I know. I hope that it ends well and if you need anything, just let me know"] he told her, nodding his head. He'll keep the promise because when he looked at other girls recently, they didn't really compare. A lot of the ones he's been with, they only cared about his body, his status, and being captain of the swim team. They didn't care about his actual feelings, his family, or things out of school. He sighed a bit and he pulled Ara in close, touching her ass, feeling her chest against his.

[b "Okay. I mean, we're starting as friends anyway"] he smiled and then he felt her fingers move down his chest. He heard her calling his name and he would meet her eyes. [b "I'd like to get closer to you too. You're hard to stay away from. It's easier when we're this close"] he smiled and liked the feeling of her wet swimsuit against his chest.

[b "We'll take it at your pace. Nice and slow"] he went in again and pressed his lips against hers again, kissing her softly, his eyes closing. He let his hands hold her sides, pressing his chest closer and his lips kissing hers more deeply. HE let his tongue glide past her lips as he made out with her. [b "See, the pool isn't so bad. Not when you're able to kiss me like this right?"] he smiled, his lips moving down her neck slowly, enjoying the scent and feel of her skin.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 31d 20h 22m 55s
It was so nice to hear that he felt the same way. He was hugging her and caressing her cheek. It felt warm, and she felt good about being around him. She liked feeling this way. She wanted to always feel this way.

[b “Yea, baby steps…this is a huge step. I’m actually in the water,” ] Ara half laughed, but it also came out nervous because she was geniually freaked out still that she was in fact in the water. She wasn’t moving from her spot and she still clung onto Sylus. Then…he went in for a ksis, his lips were warm and so comforting. She wanted kisses to mean something and this felt like it did. She felt his hand go down her shoulder to her side. Ara neared her chest to his, still giving him gentle kisses.

She faced him and she’d smile a little [b “I am…I enjoy it.” ] She giggled a little when he said he couldn’t help it. She kissed him again. His eyes were falling down on her body. She knew her body was pretty good, but she did want to be seen for much more than that.
[b “I know…it’s tempting.” ] She nodded and listened to him, meeting his eyes. She’d blush and let her hands feel over his bare wet chest. It was hard, and was…arousing her-shamefully. She had her arms around him and she decided to tell him how she felt.

Ara nodded. There were plenty of reasons not to but, she was curious and she did like him. Maybe she was cautious for no reason. [b “Yes… Thank you. I will, it’ll be hard, but I know I have to. I have to do this on my own,” ] She knew that much. She didn’t know how and she felt like it would hurt, from both sides. She gently smiled [b “Okay, as long as you can keep that promise to me.” ] Ara kept her eyes always on his face because, she didn’t want to be reminded of the water. He puled her in closer and she’d smile a little more, feeling his hand slid down all the way to her behind. She’d let her chest lightly touch his. [b “I’m glad. I want to give us a shot too. Don’t think about it like dating, think about it like finding the best friend you just happen to really also like or love romantically.” ] She said, wanting to be close to him, wanting him not want to do things to hurt her, and also not wanting herself to do anything to hurt him.

Her fingers would trace down his chest and she held her breath. "Sylus..." She blushed, and then decided she couldn't say it. She'd just pushed her body closer to his, [b "You make me more comfortable being this close than anyone else." ] Even Joseph. Sometimes he was a little too rough and pushy. She liked that, but because she was still easing into doing anything intimate-it felt new and she wanted to feel as comfortable as possible with those stuff.
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