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[b “I noticed. You worked so much.” ] Ara pouted a little. She was happy she could give him a place to nap. She really wanted him happy. She did the homework with him. It was easy enough, and they were sipping on hot chocolate. It felt good. Ara looked back at him and smiled so happily. [b “I’m lucky to be with you too.” ] She said. She moved onto his liap and kissed him, wanting to just hold onto him and snuggle.

[b “Mmm.” ] Ara nodded and touched his lips when he was laughing. [b “Thank you.” ] She gave him so much affection because she couldn’t help herself. She wanted to be this close. Ara frowned thinking about him going out. She felt the stress coming through. [b “Then…don’t head back. Stay.” ] Ara whispered, hoping that meant he wouldn’t have to at all. She enjoyed his fingers running along her back. It was claming.

[b “I’d love to do that. But also, I wanted to make some cookies for you. How about you start it off and I’ll finish baking cookies? You can even take some back to give to Luke.” ] She suggested. She really did want to do the best she could, to have him believe she was perfect. Who knew if…something would happen to him and she wouldn’t get to show him a great life together. She would kiss him deeply one more time. Then she got off him, and tugged his hand, [b “Let’s go downstairs.” ] Ara said, and let him stay in the living room while she baked cookies without her chefs help. She made simple chocolate chip cookies for them. She did it rather quickly and it baked for eight minutes. She’d sit down with him until they cooled down. Then she would grab the cookies and put them in a bowl. She put it in front of him and offered him a bite.

Ara rested her head on his shoulder while the move played. She held his hand after too. She checked her phone for a split second, there was too much to reply too and she just wanted to spend time with Sy. So, she ignored it. [b "Oh that's right, sy, halloween is coming up." ] Ara mentioned, [b "We're going to a party that night. But before that, I was thinking dropping off some candy at your sibblings." ] She suggested.
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He yawned a bit and would nod his head [b "Yeah, I didn't get much sleep last night after the match. Thanks for letting me stay over. Your bed is so comfortable"] he chuckled and then he hugged her, taking a seat beside her as he looked through the homework he had to do today. Luckily he kept up with it and was a little ahead.

He worked on his other homework, comparing it with Ara's as they went through it [b "Me too. I'm glad you're happy too"] he kissed her cheek, seeing her work and looking so cute beside him. He would sip on his hot chocolate and then smile as he listened to her talking about the best. [b "You's rare for me to ever get the best. I'm lucky to be with you Ar"] he watched her move onto his lap and then he held her close, kissing her sweet lips. He held her in and would meet her pretty blue eyes.

[b "Beautiful? You're really sweet. Inside and out Ar"] he chuckled, thinking it was a bit odd she was so into him lately. He loved her too, but sometimes he wondered if she was okay or if this was how it was to be in love. [b "Not that I know of just yet. I'm sure if I head back home Luke will give me another delivery or something"] he shrugged, holding her in and letting his hands run down her back gently.

[b "Right now, I want to stay with you more? Maybe we can play some games or watch a movie before I go?"]
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[b “I did. It’s okay Sy, you were very tired.” ] Ara said and hoped that he was feeling more rested now. Ara nodded and smiled at him when he hugged her. [b “No problem.” ] She brought the hot cocoa for him and watched him take a sip. It felt good to see him enjoy it. [b “I love it when you come over too.” ] Ara said. She let him take a seat beside her. She finished off the little bits left, at least the one she wanted to proof she could do. His grin made her flutter. He made her so happy. She enjoyed being hugged with his arms around him. She giggled [b “You make me happy too.” ]

Ara fixed a loose strand and muted her phone. [b “Ahh, lots of other students kept asking for my number, and it was had to say no. I didn’t want to be mean.” ] Ara finished up math with him and she showed him her answers too. [b “Mmm, same answers.” ] Ara said. She felt him hold her hand beneath the table. Ara kissed his cheek. [b “I love you.” ]

She watched him for a little while, running her fingers along his tattooed arm. She then climbed onto his lap, straddling him in the chair. She cupped his cheeks and looked at him. She stroked through his hair and pecked his lips. [b “I want the best for you. That means rested. ] She hugged him tightly. She stayed like that for a while. Liking to hug him and hoped that she made him feel loved by holding him. She met his eyes again and kissed his lips softly once more. The sun was falling, the sunset glowed into her room. She thought he looked so cute and attractive. He was perfect and she never felt so sure.

[b “You’re beautiful Sy. Inside and out.” Ara said, resting her arms on his chest. She then took a breath, “Anyway, do you have anywhere to be tonight?” ] She asked.
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He saw her giggle and then he would stare at her blankly, still not sure what was going on. He walked up to her at her desk and then he kept apologizing because he thought she also missed class because of him. when she said she didn't, he sighed in relief.

[b "Oh, so you did go to class? Okay good. I was just so tired. I didn't think I'd sleep for that long"] he frowned a bit and then he would see her doing her homework. [b "You turned in my homework? Woah, thanks Ar"] he hugged his arms around her and then he took the hot cocoa on her hands. He looked down and he smiled, taking a sip and feeling that warmth just fill up his tummy. He would smile [b "Mmm, I like coming over to your house. It feels so comforting and you're here"] he said happily as he took a seat beside her.

[b "Oh okay. We can do them together"] he sat down and started working on his homework with her. HE felt a warm kiss on his lips and he'd grin, hugging his arms around her. [b "I am. You make me so happy"] he continued to work on his homework, seeing her looking at her phone. [b "Wow, you're popular"] he chuckled and then he would finish it up. Math was easy for him. The homework was just for practice, so he did a few to make sure he got it and then he moved on to history, working with Ara. [b "Is this what you got Ar?"] he'd compare homework with her, holding her hand beneath the table happily.
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Ara heard him ask and giggled. [b “No, we have nearly a day before that.” ] She said and noticed him sit up. She was on her desk in her bedroom. She heard him and rose a brow, [b “Why are you sorry? You were sleepy, it’s okay. I went to class.” ] Ara said and nodded to him.
[b “It’s okay Sy. I brought you here so you could sleep.” ] Ara said. She was working on the sheets on her I pad, figuring Sylus could use some of her answers too. She knew he could do them anyway. She lifted her head and met his eyes [b “Oh! Actually, I took your homework and handed it in for you.” ] She mentioned. She would reach over and put a mug in his hands, [b “For you. It’s hot cocoa.” ] There was mini marshmallows and whipped cream ontop too.

[b “Don’t worry, I got some of the answers for our math homework.” ] Ara mentioned, thinking he’d be happy to wake up to have some work he didn’t have to worry about. [b “Just rest Sy, you were so tired.” ] Ara said, wishing he wouldn’t overwork himself like that. She would sway her legs back and forth while she was doing math. They were familiar to her, since she was ahead. It was kind of tedious. She wouldn’t answer some questions because it was repetitive, and it wasn’t like she had to do all of them. She put her apple pencil down and faced him. She kissed his lips quickly, [b “Are you feeling a bit better?” ]

Her phone went off a couple of times, buzzing like no tomorrow. She would check it and saw the list of texts from people in different classes that she end up giving her number too. She couldn’t really say no. She would mute it for now
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He felt so much better when Ara was here with him. He was tired, but her smiling face made him really happy. It made the day so much better and it got him feeling happier. He would walk with her towards their class and they discussed their project, planning it out more as they talked about meeting times.

He saw that Klara wasn't really cooperating with ARa, so he did his best to try and make the two bond together. Klara seemed to give Ara a chance at going out together and he wondered why it was such a struggle. Klara was the type of person that didn't care about who was popular or hated that many people. He wondered why she hated Ara.

They headed to Ara's house where Sylus got to eat a bunch of sushi. He felt so full after everything Ara got for them. They shared some and then he ended up almost falling asleep. He smacked his head and took Ara's help to bring him to her bedroom. He instantly fell asleep in her sheets, being so tired from last night. He slept for a few hours, not even realizing that Ara went back to school.

WHen Ara came back, he was still fast asleep. He only woke when he felt something warm against his cheek. His amber eyes opened and he faced her [b "Mmm, is it time to go back to school?"] he asked, looking at the time. He saw that it was nearly three in the afternoon. [b "Ar! School's over! We didn't make it....I'm so sorry"] he shot up and then he saw that she wasn't there. He got up and he went downstairs to see her at the table doing homework. [b "Ar? I....I missed school. Did you go?"] he wondered, walking over and taking a seat beside her. [b "I can't believe I slept for that long....I'm so sorry"] he sighed softly, looking at the sheets. [b "I didn't even turn in my homework"] he ran his fingers through his hair disappointed in himself.
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She adored his smile in the mrning. She felt so good to see him, but she could tell he was tired. She knew she would have to come up with something, to give him a break. It made her afraid when he talked about what he had to do last night. She knew she couldn’t do anything…because who knows if she would just make things worse.

They had class together. Ara tried to be friends with Klara, not understanding why they couldn’t be or what she did wrong. Klara looked irritated when even Sylus spoke up. She didn’t feel like she actually had a choice. “Yea, I guess…” She’ dlook away. She still felt bothered.

Ara found him coming out of his classroom after. She lead him to the car. [b “My house.” ] Ara said. She sat down in the kitchen with him and ate the sushi that she ordered for them. She felt he’d sleep best if he was also in a food coma. Ara smiled to him and kissed his cheek. She saw him falling asleep. “Sy, wait, let’s go…” She watched his head hit the table. Ara winced [b “To my bed.” ] She finished. She would help him up and let him rest in her bed. She would crawl up next to him. He looked cute asleep. She caressed his cheek, feeling his breath in her hand when her hand drew near. She put on a blanket over him. Lunch was ending but Sy wasn’t waking…she’d rather not wake him.

Ara rose up after a while and would grab out his homework from his bag. She also left a note at the side of her bed for him. It was a quick drawing of him sleeping. [i Sleep well. I’ll be back when school finishes! Luv u. ]

She head over to school again. She went to even Sylsu classes to hand in his homework, so that he wouldn’t miss anything. She had a better time at school that day. She ignored the annoyances, and spend time talking to people who really did want to chat with her. School finished soon enough and she took the drive back home. She went up into her room and saw Sy still sleeping. “My poor Sy…so sleepy.” She whispered and kissed his cheek. Not checking if he was still awake or not, just seeing from the side. Ara took off her tights, and skirt. She kept the sweater for now, and wore shorts instead underneath. She planned on doing homework and maybe even finding answers for his too. After she finished dressing first, she would head downstairs and make hot cocoa and set it down on the table for them. She then would sit on her desk and begin working.
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He was glad that his girlfriend was doing okay. He wanted to make sure she was healthy and okay. She kept talking and asking him about getting married and it made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Still, she seemed so adamant about it and when she looked at him that way, he couldn't say no. She was cute. [b "Okay! We will have a great one"] he smirked a bit.

He met her at school in the gym, feeling her jump on him, but when he faced her, he smiled [b "I'm glad you're here"] he felt a lot better being with Ara. Still, he felt so worn out from last night. When he walked with her towards their first class. He told her what he did last night and he felt her hand squeeze. He knew she didn't like what he did, but he had to.

By the time they got to class, they were put in their groups once more, talking about their project. They still had to work on it somehow even with all the drama going on. HE saw Ara trying to look at Klara, but Klara wouldn't budge. What happened? They were arguing. [b "Yeah, I think it'd be great if you two could go shopping. Collin and I can round up the crew and meet you two at the location after"] he suggested.

After class, he said goodbye to Ara before heading to their next class. He ran into Apple on the way [b "I'm kind of tired Apple. Can you ask someone else? Today is a bit busy for me"] he told her, telling the truth. He then headed off to class with her. When the bell rang, he headed outside, surprised to see Ara. [b "Ar?"] he felt his hand get grabbed and he followed her towards the car. They went to her car [b "Where we going?"] he saw that they went to her house. He got some food with her, eating a bunch at the table. It tasted so good [b "Thanks Ar"]. He was falling asleep at the table, shaking his head when he hit the table. He scratched the back of his head [b "Ouch"]. He followed Ara up to her room soon after they ate and he ended up falling asleep on her bed, laying back against the sheets.
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[b “I know…” ] Ara said. She was fed and even tucked in. She was so cozy with him. She heard his laughter but didn’t question it. She snuggled with him and felt really good. Then she told him what was going to happen. Ara grinned, [b “Mmm, yes you will! We’ll have an amazing wedding.” ] She said and nodded about there kids. One day…One day that would all happen.

When she saw him at school she felt so happy. She couldn’t recall what happened one hundred percent but it didn’t matter. She leapt on him, hearing an ouch and a laughter. She knew he would be fine. She held her smile. [b “Mmm, me too.” ] Ara said. She pouted when he was yawning, “Awe, darling.” She kissed his cheek, and wondered how she could help him. She figured if she could take him somewhere nice for lunch, or give him a place to rest.

She changed and came out in chosen outfit. Ara giggled [b “Thank you.” ] She held his hand. Hearing him say the word ‘delivery’ made her squeeze his hand tightly. It had her heart racing for a moment. [b “That’s why…then.” ] Ara whispered. He even helped take care of her last night.

They arrived in class. She forgot they still had filming to do. [b “I’m okay during the weekend too.” ] Ara said. She glanced at Klara nd then looked away, remembering what she had said. She didn’t understand…why. Well, that wouldn’t stop her from trying. [b “Hey, Klara would you like to come shopping with me before the weekend for outfits for the film?” ] She asked.
“We can do that separately,” Klara said, without looking at her.
[b “Yes but, it’ll be a lot more fun.” ] Ara mentioned, [b “It’s been a while since I went shopping with another girl. Please?” ] Ara pouted a little. Klara looked at her pretty annoyed. Ara pouted a little more, trying to flutter her eyes to get her to come.
“Maybe…we’ll see.” She said.
Ara smiled [b “Awesome. Send me the date and time.” ] Ara said. She noticed Sy yawning again. He was…definitely so tired. Ethan came talking to them, and soon enough class was done. Ara waved to Sylus when she had to go to her next class.

Apple waited for Sylus for their next class. “Hey Sy, By the way, I was wondering if you could help me after school with some homework. I’m falling a bit behind and you’re doing really well.” She’d ask before they went into class.

After class, Ara finished a little earlier and waited for Sylus instead. She had already called her driver. She felt that he could use a nap and good food, so she wanted to do both. She saw him come out and she tugged on his hand [b “Come on, we’re going to my house for lunch.” ] Ara said, wanting to make him feel a little better like he had to her. She ordered lots of sushi too, so he could eat and then nap before next period.
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He was glad Ara was doing okay. He wanted her to get better and he didn't like to see her so moody. If it was because of him, then he wanted to make up for it somehow. [b "You can catch up quick. I know how smart you are"] he smiled and then he'd feed her and help tuck her in. HE wanted her to catch up on sleep.

When she poked his cheek, he chuckled, seeing that she was getting a bit more delusional now that she was sleepy. Sylus held her close and when she squished his cheeks, he laughed [b "Okay okay. I'll marry you one day"] he agreed because she was so intent on it. He thought it was cute. Kids? She was thinking about the future already. [b "Our kids would look really cute"] he smiled and then he said his goodnights.

In the morning Sylus felt so tired. He didn't get much sleep at all, so he really wanted to be able to go home as soon as he could to get some. He went to swim practice, feeling crappy as he washed up and changed in the gym. WHen he headed to see the cheerleading squad, he heard Ara's voice and felt her jump on him. [b "Ouch! Ara?"] he laughed and then he kissed her. [b "I'm glad you're better"] he smiled and would yawn a bit. [b "Just tired"] he watched her head in and he waited.

He saw a few girls waving and he'd wave back and then he saw Ara head out in her cute outfit. [b "Wow look at you cutie"] he held her hand in his and then he would walk with her to their first class. [b "I didn't get much sleep. I had homework and a delivery last night"] he told her, letting her know in case he was dampening up the mood.

When they made it to Ethan's class, they all sat down in groups to work on their project. "So we have the plot, but when do you guys want to start filming?" Collin asked.

Sylus just looked at the schedule. [b "We can make time this weekend? What do you guys think?"] he wondered, knowing he was free. Ara could grab the camera and him and Klara the crew and they could get it all shot in one weekend.
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[b “Mmm, you are.” ] Ara snuggled him so tightly. She shared chocolate, and got so much love from him. She smiled like a little kid when he agreed to stay for dinner. She moped when she had to do homework. [b “Yea…it’s too hard to do it right now anyway.” ] She gave it up and had dinner with him. She blushed at being called out like that. She didn’t realize she had. She’s been so feverish. Sy even helped feed her and she started pretending like she couldn’t feed herself anyway so that he’d feed her. She liked the attention.

“You don’t need one. You’re a chef.” Ara poked his cheek. She was getting sleepy again. She didn’t want to yet though now that he was here. She snuggled in bed with him. She closed her eyes and hugged him. [b “Noooo.” ] Ara sung, and squished his cheeks, [b “Not maybe. You are. You’re going to marry me.” ] She narrowed her eyes with such intent, dead set on him being married to her. [b “And we’re going to have really cute kids, amazinnnng careers. And that’s that. No maybe-ever.” ] Ara said. She then closed her eyes, [b “Okay, I’m sleepy.” ] She said and would hold onto him, pressing her forehead against his chest, arms around him. She fell asleep so easily.

In the morning, she felt better than yesterday. It seemed like her fever was gone. She didn’t have the best recollection of yesterday buts he did remember snuggling up to Sy, eating pudding and chocolate. She dressed herself nicely, feeling much more energetic today. She wore her hair up in a cute high bun. She did light makeup, just lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara. It made her blue eyes really stand out. Although she was stuck covering up her bruses that were happily fading away. She wore her cheer uniform for the morning but had her other outfit in her bag. It was high knee boots, a pair of mesh tights, light brown and red baggy sweater. She knew she was going to look so cute right after cheer practice too.

When she arrived to school, she went to talk to her coach and explained the situation-quietly. She understood, since Ara provided with a note too. Near the end, she saw Sylus walking over. [b “Sy!” ] She cheered and instantly ran for him and leapt onto him, legs around his thighs, arms around his shoulders. She kissed his lips quickly. [b “Hey, I feel a lot better today.” ] She stroked his hair and smiled…and then noticed he looked a bit tired, “Are you okay?” ] Ara asked, getting on her feet. They had a few minutes before class. [b “I need to go change, hang on a minute.” ] She said, and went to change out of her cheer uniform into her planned outfit. She felt great. Screw those girls…she knew they couldn’t compare and had to resort to petty things. She came back to Sy in the hall and took hold of his hand.
[b “You know, I think it’s thanks to you I got better faster.” ] Ara said and would swing there hands, [b “You look a little tired…” ] Ara said, wondering why but she was sure if hew as tired, he wouldn’t want to be bothered too much.
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He saw that she looked really disappointed and he felt bad. HE knew she wanted to be there, but there was no point in since it was over.

When he went up to her room, he brought her some sweets and then sat in bed with her, feeding her some pudding. They watched TV together and he could tell that she was feeling better he was here. [b "Well I guess I'm a sweet loving one"] he chuckled and would snuggle up into her. He ate the chocolate she offered and he would brush her hair back. [b "Well then you should get some sleep. I'll stay over for a while. Even dinner"] he promised her.

He met her eyes and would set the homework aside. [b "You don't have to do it now. I was just showing you Ar"] he chuckled and gave her her ipad. He then saw the chef come in and he'd help her set things aside as they set up for dinner. [b "Oooh, this looks really good. Thank you. She was?"] he looked over at Ara and figured she must have just been really out of it today.

He helped feed Ara some of her food after he set up the table. He would eat his own as well, enjoying the taste. [b "I wish I had my own chef too"] he smiled and would helped her finish it all, smiling at her words. [b "You should get some sleep Ara. You're tired"] he would put their bowls aside when they finished and he would help her get into bed. He would kiss her cheek. [b "Maybe one day we will. Your hero will always be here"] he chuckled a bit and then he would tuck her in.

When she fell asleep, Sylus would grab his things and leave her home, saying goodbye to the chef. He made it back to his house and he just worked on homework before Luke handed him a bag. "One delivery tonight Sy" he said.

SYlus looked at the bag and let out a deep sigh. He put on his hoodie and then he headed out to make the delivery. He had to drop it off behind a warehouse, luckily there wasn't a deal. Once he finished, he headed back home and just passed out for the night.

In the morning, he woke up and got ready for school. He showered, dressed in his swim jacket and skated to school. HE was tired, but he knew he had to keep it up, so he went straight to swim practice, feeling a bit off. Even his times were low. THey were wondering what was going on. [b "I'm just a bit tired"] he'd tell his teammates, heading into the gym to change. He then walked over to the cheer squad to see if Ara was there.
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Ara nodded, feeling down about not being able to do anything for him. [b “Yea but…I wanted to do it already.” ] Ara said, pouting.

Sylus came in her house, looking good. She noticed his hair wasn’t a hundred percent dry yet. He was really sweet. [b “Awe Sy, you didn’t have to do that. I’m okay.” ] Ara said, feeling such in awe that he would come all the way here, and bring her snacks. She never thought someone would do this for her. He opened the snacks for her too. His smile was infectious. He made her smile too. [b “Only the really sweet loving ones.” ] Ara said, hugging him tightly. She felt so thankful she had him.

She let him sit next to her. She even fed him chocolate. Ara looked dead guilty when he asked if she had been sleeping enough. [b “But I couldn’t lately.” ] Ara said. She smiled more when he kissed her cheek. She saw him looking at the time. [b “If you have to go, it’s okay.” ] Ara said and she shrugged [b “I doubt he’ll be home anytime soon. He said he’d be really late.” ] Ara said. She snuggled into him for a while. Then Sylus helped feed her. She thought it was so sweet and she felt so happy that he was here and making her feel a little better.

Ara looked down at the paper and looked back at him. There was no way she could do homework when she could barely keep her eyes open. But…she couldn’t say no to him either. [b “I guess so.” ] She said. She wished she could have been there for his match. She’d look at the math sheet and had to squint. [b “Umm…” ] She then pointed to her Ipad on her desk [b “Pass?” ] Ara asked. She would snap a picture of it and try to do it on her tablet, but realizing she kept making dumb mistakes. She got so frustrated that she buried her face into the pillow. [b “I can’t do it,” ] She whispered.

Her chef came in with creamy mushroom soup for her and Sy, along with some tea. “Here you go you too. Thank you for coming by Sylus. She was talking about you all day.”
Ara lifted her head and realized, she didn’t recall that. Ah, well she did talk to her for a while. [b “I did? I mean…likely but I did?” ]
The chef shook her head, “You did honey. Eat up.” She then left the two of them.
Ara set her tablet away. She pointed at the table she left by her desk that she could put on her bed and eat. [b “Grab that please.” ] She said. She would eat up with Sy. [b “Sy you’re my hero.” ] Ara said, deciding that because he always been so kind. [b “One day we’re really going to get married.” ] She’d mumble. She started looking a bit sleepy too.
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He made the suggestion to try and get her out of the house and to pick up her mood. He knew a few of the guys from the swim team would be going, but at the same time, he wasn't sure if she'd like that. Hearing her reaction made him smile [b "Okay, I'll try to get us some tickets"] he said excitedly.

The rest of the day went smoothly. He went to his classes, avoided girl's comments and would try to figure everything out with their group project. Sylus would tell the group that they were still having their schedule planned for filming the scenes, but with Ara sick, they would have to work on it together on another day.

[b "You did? It's okay Ar. You can plan it for me next time. I still have a lot of other swim matches"] he promised her, soon hanging up and finishing off the rest of his classes.

He went to his swim match and swam as fast as he could, knowing that he had to make sure his girlfriend was taken care of. He won and then he changed and headed to Ara's house, speaking with the chef. [b "Thank you!"] he headed up to see a more relaxed Ara laying in bed. Even when she was sick, she still looked like a princess in her silk sheets.

He smiled up at her [b "I know you did. I swam fast because I wanted to hurry and make sure you're okay"] he climbed up into her bed beside her and then he helped her with the snacks, opening them up for her. He would then smile when she called him nice [b "Huh? Isn't this one of the things a boyfriend is supposed to do?"] he asked, wrapping his arm around her waist.

He would look to see the TV and then he would take a chocolate into his mouth. [b "I wonder how you got sick? Are you sleeping enough?"] he wondered, kissing her cheek and then looking at the time. [b "Is it okay if I do? Your dad won't be home yet?"] he wondered, holding her hand in his. He would help feed her some of the pudding and then he reached over and brought her homework. [b "I also have your homework"] he handed it to her. [b "We can even work on them together if you want?"] he offered, hoping she'd get better faster.

[b "I won't have another match this week, so you rest up okay?"]
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[b “A festival! I’d love to go to a festival with you. Mmm, sy I want to go.” ] Ara said, imaging all the things the could do, and she could post up. She was glad to have something to look forward to. But…she got sick. She wasn’t sure what made her sick. She didn’t get sick often.

Ara felt her stomach sinking when he said he had a match. She wanted to so badly be there. [b “But I want to. I had something planned.” ] Ara mumbled and tried to get out, but couldn’t. She didn’t think she’d make it past the door. She sucked up all the tears at least until they ended the call.

She napped, and woke up later. She still felt tired. She had her hair up, so it still looked neat. She stayed in her silky Pj’s too.

The chef smiled at Sylus, “You’re really nice to her. You know the way.” She said, allowing him in and closing the door.

Ara nearly missed the door opening. She saw Sylus and was taken back that he came. [b “Sy…” ] Ara felt his embrace and it was really nice. She held onto his arms back. [b “I don’t have a choice.” ] She pouted, looking so sad that she couldn’t be there with him, [b “Ti’s not fair. I want to be there with you.” ] She looked at him, sniffing up again. She liked his hand brushing through her hair. Her face would feel more warm than usual. [b “Me?” ] She looked at what he pulled out and looked at him, [b “That’s for me? You got me something.” ] She took it from him and almost could cry from happiness. [b “Thank you. I will cherish them by eating it slowly.” ] Ara said. She would scoot so he could sit down easier beside her.

She felt so happy he was here. She couldn’t believe he was here, even when he could have celebrated. She leaned her head onto his shoulder. She’d wipe her eyes. [b “No, I’m surprised.” ] Ara said. She would open up the pudding first and take her spoon. She took a bite and it tasted perfectly sweet. [b “You’re so nice.” ] Ara said, turning to look at his eyes. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, still holding the budding in one hand. She’d continue to eat it slowly. She wanted to give him some but worried that maybe she’d get him sick. [b “I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” ] Ara said, and looked at him for a long time, pausing whenever she replied, [b “Can you cuddle with me in bed?” ] Ara asked.

Ara reached for the chocolate after and put one piece at his lips, [b “Eat.” ] Ara said. She’d let Netflix play in the background. [b “Will you have dinner with me?” ] Ara asked, holding onto his hand. She wanted to celebrate for him but didn’t’ even know what she could do right now.
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