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Ara would and to agree she wouldn’t worry but she knew she would. She would always worry because she loved him. IT was scary being out in the streets like that. To do that many times…it was terrifying.

They went to bed. In the morning, she tried to wake Sylus up after. She finished making breakfast, setting it on the table. Ara smiled at his words. She kissed him back too, [b “And you’re looking really hot as usual.” ] She said. The ate together. Ara nodded [b “I’m fine.” ] Did she look stressed? She was. Yesterday, gave her so much anxiety. [b “Have a game today…school… I’m just nervous.” ] She said which wasn’t entirely a lie. She hated going to school having to use makeup to cover up what happened. She could pass it off as a sports injury though. That was her backup, after all, it was only a few bruises that weren’t that dark either.
They arrived to school. Ara would nod to him [b “I’ll be okay. I remember…that you have work. Tell mme how it goes.” ] Ara said, squeezing his hand. She liked it when he brushed her hair. They went to class. She noticed Sylus phasing out, and she started to as well. Scary… So scary… She shuddered. He didn’t have to do that anytime soon did he? Maybe she could take up some more lessons after school.

Lunch time came around. She was supposed to spend time with her squad but when she got Sylus message she couldn’t say no. She excused herself and replied with ‘Let’s meet up’ Ara sent. She would meet up with him at the tree. She was there first. She saw him and smiled. She hugged him and remembered [b “Should I order food?” ] She asked, since they didn’t bring anything. [b “I’ll order burritos for us.” ] Ara said, and would go on her phone. She let him pick it out. She hoped that her credit card still worked. It seemed to go through. Maybe he didn’t have authority over that.

[b “I guess I’m not going to see you this afternoon, am I? Not even evening.” ] Ara said, since she knew he had work, and then he’d be tired. He’d have to his homework too. He was just so busy. SHe had to make some money somehow. They ate lunch together and she’d lean into him. She showed him some funny videos on social media.

Lunch came into an end. She pouted but she knew the had to go to class. Class was as usual, except she really couldn’t get her mind off it, and she bet Sylus was the same. It reached the end of school and she went to go to the football game with her team. SHe’d text Sylus [i ‘Tell me how it goes. Stay safe.’ ] Ara sent. She would have to pick up Nyx after, bring him to her house so Nyx wasn’t lonely.

‘Are we talking today?’ – Klara sent to Sylus. If he did, she’d meet him near the front of the school and suggest talking at the park. She didn’t want to really talk, because she was afraid she’d blurt out what she really felt, how upset she was and how she didn’t think it was fair he was with Ara.
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He hated seeing her frowning and he always wanted her to be happy with him, so it made him sad. [b "I know you do, but sometimes it's better not knowing either"] he told her, sighing a bit, his hand shaking from using the gun. She felt her hands holding his and he knew he couldn't really hide what he's been through. [b "I....I'm sorry if it's not what you want to hear"] he frowned.

He let out a deep sigh and then he nodded [b "I'll let you know, but I don't want you worrying too much for me. I can handle this. I've been handling it"] he assured her and then he went into his room with her.

Once he changed, Sylus told her everything and could tell she was happier that way. He felt her warm arms around him and he leaned in, hugging her close.

Whent he food came, Sylus would sit at the table and he would eat the food slowly. He nodded a bit [b "Yeah I was also a bit frightening"] he admitted, leaning into her and then seeing the crumbs on her cheek. Sylus helped wipe off her cheek and then he would kiss her, going to bed with her soon after.

In the morning, he would hear the alarm. Sylus yawned softly and then he would feel around the bed until he felt Ara's lips on his cheek. [b "Mmm, hey you"] he smiled, having a nightmare, but was pretty used to it. He showered and got ready as he dressed in some jeans and a black shirt. Sylus would then see Ara doing her hair and he would smile, leaning against the wall. [b "You're really pretty"] he kissed her and went outside.

When he saw her cooking, he walked over and would eat breakfast with her as he grinned [b "Thanks Ara. This looks really good"] he ate up and would get ready for school with her. [b "Yeah I'm fine. Are you okay? You look a bit stressed?"] he asked her, holding her hand in his as they headed out the door.

When they got to school, he would shake his head [b "No, I don't. We have practice next week. Are you going to be okay today? I have work after school, but I'll talk to Klara before then"] he assured her, brushing her hair back as they headed to their first classes together.

Sylus would take notes and keep his mind distracted from using that gun last night. He did his homework and worked on focusing. Soon enough, it was lunch time. He'd hurry to find Ara, texting her. [i 'Do you want to meet up by the tree or did you want to spend lunch with your friends?'] he wondered.
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Ara frowned, [b “Yes but…no. I want to know, so that…I can help someway, maybe. I can help more if I knew.” ] Ara said, and noticed that he was shakey too. She held his hand. She was scared for him. Ara shook her head [b “I want to know what to worry about.” ] He didn’t want him to handle it all by herself.

Ara understood where he was coming from but still… [b “I know but… It scares me more not knowing when I should worry more.” ] Ara said. He went into his room with him, seeing him put the gun away. She stared at the gun figuring he used it. It made her shudder knowing he pulled that trigger but also happy that he did.

“Yea….” ] Ara said. She would place an order on uber for fried chicken. [b “I’m happy to be with you too.” ] Ara said, making herself smile. Good thing he couldn’t tell. He listened to him and was happy he did say the truth. [b “It’s okay…as long as you’re safe.” ] Ara would wrap her arms around him tightly. She would kiss his cheek.

She tried to handle her fear, because she knew it wouldn’t’ do good for him to know. She saw the order arrived. She went to go get the door and got the fried chicken. She sat it down on his table. Ara would make herself smile and would feed him, [b “Eat up, you must be tired.” ] Ara said. She would stroke his arm. She had to learn how to be strong too.
They finished eating together, then head for bed. They were both tired. Ara change and go to sleep with him. She couldn’t sleep. Only when she felt that Sylus was asleep would she cry silently. It was so scary. How could be used to this? She wiped her eyes. She held onto him, feeling the fear of losing him, of something happening to him. What would she do then?

She didn’t want to wake him. She went into the bathroom, and cried a bit. That was it. She had to learn more on how to keep herself or him safe. She had to make more money somehow too. She would dry herself up and would go back to bed. It was a struggle but she fell asleep.

Her alarm woke her up. She got up, feeling a bit of a headache from all the stress. She was sure Sylus felt really stressed too, even if he was good at concealing it. Ara would nudge his shoulder [b “Sy, school…Sy.”] Ara kissed his cheek.

She would go into the bathroom, re-do covering up those bruises. She wore her red sweater, and her high waisted skirt, with some dark tights. She put her boots on, and went to do her hair and light makeup as well. She did her hair half up. Ara smiled to herself in the mirror, but couldn’t hold it. Her stomach still felt heavy and she still felt so frightened.

She went out and went to make sure Nyx was eating. She pet him and gave him a kiss. She brought him outside so he could go potty. Then she returned and noticed Sylus was still sleeping. Ara would crawl onto the bed and shook him gently again [b “Sy, Sy, Sy. We have to go. We’ll be late.” ] Ara kissed his neck his time. He was getting up. Ara smiled a bit.

She was about to order breakfast for them but then second guessed it. [b “I’ll make us eggs while you get dressed.” ] She went into the kitchen and made them some eggs and mini sasuages. Nyx would come around her. She plated the food and would sit down and eat with Sylus. She watched him very carefully [b “Are you okay?” ] Ara asked. She checked her phone, seeing the time and new messages she got. ‘Meet you afterschool’ Who did she promise to meet afterschool on Monday? Probably someone on her team.
She had her cheer uniform in her bag for the afternoon. Ara lifted her head to Sylus [b “Let’s go?” ] Ara said and would form a smile, taking hold of his hand, [b "You don't have swimming today, right?" ] She asked...and wondered [b "ARe you going to talk to Klara today?]
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HE came home and he saw Ara as he wrapped his arms around her waist. His eyes met hers [b "Well...I mean, sometimes things go wrong, but I'm here and I'm safe. That's all that matters right?"] she asked and would hold her close. HIs hands were a bit shakey as he faced her, meeting her blue eyes.

[b "I know.... I just don't want you to worry more than you already do"] he admitted and then he would let out a deep sigh, unsure if he wanted to tell her what even happened today. [b "You are here for me. I have someone here that is here when I get home. I don't want you seeing those sides of my life because I'm not very proud of it"] he admitted and then he would frowned as he headed over to his room. He set the gun down and then he would ask what she was doing today.

[b "Aww, I'm glad you two had a relaxing night"] he changed and went out to see her cooking. He wrapped his arms around her waist and he'd kiss her cheek. [b "I'm really glad you're here with me. IT makes this all worth it"] he smiled and would take a seat with her when she finished.

[b "I had to use the gun today. I didn't kill anyone, but it was kill or be killed. I'm just glad I made it back safely. I mean, that's how it really is all the time"] he admitted.
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She hung onto him when he returned. She knew he was lighting because she saw it go donw. [b “You sure? You’re not lying to me are you?” ] Ara asked because she knew he was. She held one of her arms and rubbed it. He could have been facing bad situations any day and he wouldn’t tell her. [b “Of course I’m going to worry.” ] Ara said, feeling her chest ache and fear of what could happen to him.

[b “I’m going to worry anyway. When you don’t tell me, it feels like…I’m not really there for you. That I’m missing a good chunk of your life. I don’t want to be sheltered from the truth.” ] Ara said, looking away. Sure, knowing the truth sure made it hard to stomach right now but why should Sylus face this alone? Sylus held her close. She would wrap her arms around him again and hug him.

He would lead her into his room. He saw her change, and watched him set the gun away. He used that…and he didn’t look phased. It was scary how well he hid it. How much did she not know? She heard his question and forgot to come up with the cover up. [b “We watched TV. Nyx fell asleep.” ] Ara said. She was happy to have had Nyx with her, it did make her feel slightly more safer but she realized that it was also no place for a puppy. She rubbed her eyes a bit, it was late but they didn’t have dinner. [b “Sy…are you hungry? I’ll get us food.” ] Ara said. She felt upset that he didn’t tell her, and upset that she didn’t know how to protect him. Did she even help at all?

She'd try to make the an order for fried chicken for them. She still felt frightened, and unlike him, she couldn't hide it well. She couldn't smile, she looked tired and she would be slow and get distracted een while trying to make the order. SHe was sitting on his bed. [b "Fried chicken is good?" ] Ara asked.
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Sylus was able to send her a few text messages after each delivery, but the last one was pretty scary. He knew who asked for these drugs and if he didn't do it right, he could be caught. It was also the first night that he's shot at someone before. IT was a bit scary, but he has been doing this for a while. The only that's really changed was the fact that he held a gun.

He was able to hide his identity throughout the night, soon getting an uber and heading home. He saw Ara's text in the car and he sighed a bit. [i "I'm fine Ar. Don't worry"] he told her and then he soon entered his apartment. Sylus turned on the lights and he saw Ara on the couch, coming over to give him a hug.

He wrapped his arms around her and would lean into her [b "I'm okay Ar. You don't have to worry. I didn't have any fights"] he promised her and then he would feel her shaking. [b "Hey you. I'm really fine okay. You don't have to worry so much"] he wondered why she was shaking.

[b "Huh? What do you mean? Today's meeting was dangerous yes. But I also don't want to worry you Ar. Unless it's worth telling, then I don't want you to worry"] he assured her, holding her close and then he would walk with her to his room and he'd change. Sylus set the gun away and then he met her eyes [b "What did you and Nyx do Ar? Were you two okay?"]
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Ara received his text message. It upset her. She wanted to make sure she could keep him safe. Her body was still quite shivering, but it could have easily been because it was a cold night. She hoped it was because of that. She was…scared though, so scared. Those guys…they were going to hurt Sy. Sy shot them. Would Sy get in trouble? Nyx would bark and catch her attention. He would lick her and Ara felt apologetic to Nyx because she could tell he wanted to move around. He needed to go to the bathroom.

[i I’m okay? ] She repeated. He always said that…so what did that mean. It wasn’t okay. He almost got in a lot of trouble. [i ‘Are you really kay? Pls…soon.’ ] She sent to him. She still felt sick to her stomach.

When she got back, she first let Nyx go potty. Then she went into his apartment. She went in, her legs feeling like pudding. Sylus got used to this…she could get used to it right? Had the world always been like this.

Ara quickly changed into his t-shirt. The makeup still held up on her end. Thankfully. She played with Nyx, to distract herself. Nyx went to sleep and she would snuggle up on the sofa, arms around her knees. She cried because she felt like she couldn’t do much to help Sylus and it was scary. She’d wipe her eyes and go on her phone. She saw a new message from some new follower. She ignored it for now.

He heard the door. SHe froze, and saw it was Sylus. She ran to him and hugged him. She was too happy he was okay to care the fact that he lied to her when he said he was all just fine after end up shooting someone.” ] She wouldn’t let go. [b “You took forever… What happened? You didn’t have to fight did you?” ] She half hoped he’d tell her the truth. He’d squeeze his hand, and try to cove rup the fact that she was shaken from the realization of just how bad Sylus had it. She didn’t want him to know because she didn’t want him to get mad at her.

He really looked like nothing happened, even if she knew something did. He always looked like this. [b “I don’t’ get it…do you tell me when things are bad?” ] She wondered, sincerely asking, even if it might always be out of place.
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Sylus was quickly hurrying through the dark alleyway as he carried the bag of money. He heard the footsteps and didn't even bother to look back. He kept his eyes on the road and he hurried to get away from that group of people. He knew how scary that gang was, so he made a run for it.

When he hurried down the alleyway, he was caught and one of the guys aimed a gun at him. Luckily he was able to fire first, kicking his gun away and making a run for it. Sylus got rid of the gun and hurried down the street, soon turning the corner and hiding in the fire escape. HE texted Ara and then he waited for a while for that gang to at least disperse and leave the area.

Sylus would make his way down the escape and skateboard down the block, taking alleyways to make sure no one caught him on the road. When he was in the clear, he took an uber downtown for his next delivery.

HE saw ARa's text later on [i 'I'm okay Ar. Don't worry. You and Nyx just put on a movie and rest. I'll be back in an hour'] he told her, not wanting her to worry at all.

Sylus made it to an abandoned theater. When he spotted two men chit chatting, he slowly set the package down and slid it on the floor to them. Sylus then bolted before they could turn the corner, hurrying back to his uber and then taking a ride home. He spotted the two men running towards the street, but they weren't sure where the package came from. Sylus was able to at least hide his identity.

THe driver took him back to his apartment and he sighed in relief. He made it to the door and would head inside, setting the bag of money down and his backpack. He took off his hoodie and would turn on the lights. [b "Ar, I'm back"] he called out, taking a seat on the couch tiredly. IT was normal for him to go through all of this, so he wasn't even phased.
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Ara hid herself, facing the darkness at the end of the ally way. She’d hold Nyx into her chest. He would lick her cheek, while her heart was pounding hard against her chest. She stared at the blue light of her phone screen. She was about to book a drive because she didn’t feel safe. Then she he heard a gun shot. Her body became stiff, and she felt cold. What…? Did something happen? Ara stood up, shivering.

SHe couldn’t move her legs. What if… Was it Sy? Did Sy shoot? Or was he shot? Not knowing made her so scared. She shouldn’t have left. Police, she could call the police. She remembered the address. She would step out of the ally, carefully going back to where it started, to check and saw a message from Sylus. He was okay? She felt relief swoop over her. But another one?

Ara looked down at Nyx, who whined at her. She pet his head. [b “He’s going to be okay.” ] But she didn’t know where he was going… Ara heard a car passing by. She’d take a glance and the car reversed. She got quiet. She recorgnized one of them form the group Sylus talked to.
“Whoa, what’s a pretty girl doing here at night? You’re not from here.” He said, sticking his head out of the window.
Ara looked away.
“Can we fucking go? My arm is fucking bleeding.” The other said.
Serves you right. Ara thought. Ara started walking and for some reason he kept following, ignoring that guy. “Come in, I’ll take you home. I can be a gentlemen, even if yoru looking like a snack.”
[b “No thank you.” ] Ara whispered. Nyx started barking angerly.
Ara was trying hard not to hide her fear.
“No seriously baby girl, your going to get raped or kidnapped out here. Let me take you home.” He said and Ara saw the way he was looking at her. He seemed young, but not as young as her. She felt scared. So scared.
[b “My ride is coming.” ] Ara said softly, avoiding eye contact, and tapping her phone quickly.
“Get the fuck in, don’t piss me off.” He snickered.
Ara quivered. No. She didn’t want to do that. [b “Please leave me alone…”] Her uber ride was thankfully close. A car parked, Ara quickly checked her phone. [b “That’s my ride…I’m going.” ] She would start walking.
“I think I’ve seen you before. Cheerleader right?” He said.
Ara shook her head and got into the car quickly. She was driven towards Sylus’ apartment. She felt a bit shaken. She peaked at her phone again [b ‘Sy, where are you? Where’s the other delivery?’] She didn’t think he’d give it to her but she’d try. How did Sylus do this? This was scary.
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He missed holding her and kissing her like this. After they made some sweet love, he held her on his lap and didn't want to let her go. [b "I know. But I have to. I promise I'll be back safely. LIke nothing happened"] he assured her, slowly helping her up and then he would change.

Once Sylus was ready, he headed outside and would make his way to Luke's apartment to pick up the goods, unaware that Ara was following him. He would head to the location of the deal as he made his way to the park. HE took out the goods and hid his skateboard and the backpack as he went to see the buyers. Sylus approached them and stayed a few feet back, setting the drugs in the center.

He'd slowly back away and take the money from the group. As he tried his best to walk away quickly, he knew they were devising some plan to get the money back. It's happened all the time, especially with this group. So Sylus walked quickly and when he heard footsteps behind, he started to sprint. The guy stopped following and he would grab his backpack and his skateboard, heading off.

Two more guys were following him, seeing their other guy on the ground. "What happened?"

"Someone pepper sprayed me. HUrry catch the kid before he gets away"

The two guys assumed that the dealer was the reason he got pepper sprayed, so they hurried down the alley, spotting Sy on his board. They called out "Get the car!" one guy said as the other sprinted on foot to catch Sylus.

Sy would go down into an alleyway and make a few twists and turns, seeing the gang van pass by. He hid behind a few garbage cans and then he watched them head into another direction. [i Phew] he sighed in relief.

He was on his way back when he felt someone grab his sweater and pulled him down. "I got you kid. THink you could outrun one of the notorious gangs in this city. Well you're wrong. Give us back our money and you'll live" he shoved Sy down and he'd fall back.

Sy struggled, but was able to reach into his back pocket to pull out Ara's gun. HE shot the man in the arm, seeing him drop his gun. "Fuuuck!" he yelped and Sylus picked out his gun and ran. HE continued down the street, tossing the gun into the garbage as he ran down the block and hid in a fire escape. The man tried to find him, but struggled. Sylus sat still, hiding behind the building until he saw another van drive by to pick up the guy.

HE sighed in relief, sitting back against the wall as he panted. Those guys always never made a fair deal and he was expecting this. He felt his heart racing as it slowly calmed down. He would send Ara a text. [i I have another delivery. Then I'll be on my way home]
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There was so much content in her being to able to hold him and kiss him in his apartment. She didn’t want to budge at all. She frowned catching looking at the time. [b “I…don’t…” ] want you to go. She felt the anxiety spread. She had to remove herself from his lap. Ara would slip quickly back into her clothes and saw him come back out. She felt her stomach sink in. Nyx came out of his room and started to race around Sylus.

[b “Yea…okay.” ] Ara spoke softly. But she couldn’t le thim do something so dangerous this time. She wanted to help him some way. She would keep distance, and that would be safe enough-right? She truly believed that it would be safe enough. She went quickly into his room to change quickly since she was only really in his t-shirt. She end up putting her red leather jacket on and skinny jeans. Ara would kiss Nyx’ forehead. He kept following her. Maybe no one would hurt her if she had a dog with her in a bad event. Ara put Nyx on a lease.

Sylus had the gun that was licensed to her, so she had to resort to bringing pepper spray, and her phone. She would quickly get herself an uber. She knew he would have to go Luke’s first, cause he normally did. So, she would go downstairs after, being careful to be far from Sylus. She’d hop into the uber after. She was driven to Luke’s place and she stayed in the car and paid the guy more for having to wait. She felt nervous, that Sylus would catch her or something would go wrong.

He saw Sylus come back out and he was going by foot. The driver didn’t like the idea of following someone, so she had to get out, even when she explained she was just worried about him.

Sylus was a good distance at this point. She would follow Sylus, keeping a large distance. There weren’t many people out now. It was dark….really dark since it was November. She would try to be really aware of what was around her. There were a group of people outside, just chatting but Ara felt intimidated. She hasn’t really been outside in the dark alone.

Someone passing by spoke to her, and she ignored and kept walking, this time Nyx was under her jacket…because he seemed to like it there. She saw Sylus going up near a group. Ara took a few steps back, she was far. She watched what happened, seeing Sylus walking away quickly. She took a breath of relief and hugged Nyx. Nyx was actually just sleeping.

Ara was right by an ally way. So, she would just hide there, until Sylus passed. She heard one of the guys saying ‘We can take some of that money off of him, he’s alone. They’ll think he took some of the money instead.’

Ara’s eyes widened. One guy started running toward Sylus. Ara wasn’t going to let that happen. She would stick out her foot, and watch the guy full on fall on trip into the ground.
“What the fuck!?” He yelled. He didn’t see Ara. He was about to turn his head and Ara pepper sprayed him. Nyx woke up, wagging his tail around underneath her jacket. The other guys were coming, Ara made a run for it, down the ally, making a turn on another street, feeling all blood rushing to her head, her heart pounding. She ran with no aim on where to go, just running to make sure she wasn’t seen. She hid behind large recycling bin at another ally, but Nyx was starting to bark. She would try to call an uber quickly. Was Sy okay?
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He wanted this place to be somewhere Ara could be herself and be free. It was for him. IT was way nicer than his last apartment and without LUke to be nagging him and getting him into trouble, it was a lot nicer.

He held Ara on his lap, his fingers touching her bare skin as she pulled her shirt over her head. He'd kiss and make out with those warm lips of hers, moving down her neck and shoulder. [b "Mmm"] he smiled and would let her remove his clothes as well.

They both had some fun as held her against his chest, feeling the smooth skin on her back. He met her lips and would smile, catching his breath as he nodded [b "Me too. I'm really glad we're able to do this"] he leaned into her touch and would meet her lips [b "I love you too"] he saw the time, [b "I have to go. I have some important deals to attend"] he admitted, wrapping his arms around her waist. [b "I'll be back before you know it. Nyx is here and you can use whatever you need to feel at home okay?"] he slowly shifted, helping her up as he went into his room.

Sylus would change into some black jeans and a black hoodie. He grabbed his phone and would look back at Ara [b "Be back soon"] he headed out the door and would skate over to LUke's place.

Sylus picked up a few packages that he needed to make deals with, putting it into his backpack. He then got the location where the deal was being held. "Be careful Sy. You know how arrogant this group is. Make it quick and if they don't want anything, just make a run for it" Luke told him.

Sy would let out a deep breath and would nod his head as he headed to the first location. IT was happening behind a park just outside of the city. Sylus headed over there and would grab the package he needed. He left his skateboard and his backpack behind as he walked to the meeting. He carried the gun ARa gave him in his back pocket.

WHen he spotted five men waiting for him, he walked up to them. [b "Hey guys. I got the drugs"] he told them, holding it out and then distancing from them a bit. [b "Just like we promised? 10k"] he told them. One man stepped out and was carrying a bag of money. He showed the bills and then zipped it back up. "Good, here you go" he tossed the bag between them and Sylus would set the drugs down in the same spot. He met their eyes with his and would pick up the bag. [b "Enjoy"] he spoke as he walked away from the meeting spot.

Sylus heard the two guys chatting with one another. He started to walk away quickly.
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Ara gave a nod, with a slight smile [b “I know Sy. Thank you so much. I’m really greatful.” ] He said.

She was having such a good time watching a movie and putting on the face masks with him. She’d open her mouth when he’d feed her sushi. She even got the last piece.

Ara ran her hand over his chest, his lips on hers. She was happy being pulled onto his lap. She hung her arms around him, indulging in there make out session. She stroked his hair, and soon felt his lips on her neck. She moaned softly and giggled when he told her she smelled good. “I always try to.” She whispered, feeling him lick her collarbone. She watched him a bit, playing with his hair. He felt his hands crawling up the sides of her shirt. He lifted it over her head. Ara almost worried about seen by his roommate and then remembered he had no roommate. She would undo her bra and then lift his shirt up too. She would kiss his neck, and then go to his ear, sucking on his earlobe. Ara happily enjoyed him holding her ass.

Two of them fell out of the rest of their clothes, and made some love on the sofa together. She rested against his chest, while they were sitting up. Her straddling him. She would catch her breath with Sylus. She gave his neck a peck. She knew it was getting late, but she’d hope he forget so she could hide him here forever. Ara hugged him real tight. “I missed…this.” She would then face him and caress his cheek, seeing his amber eyes looking back at her. She cupped his cheeks and pecked his lips once more. “I love you.” She said with a smile… and noticed him go to check the time. [b “Do…you have to go…” ] Ara whispered.
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Sylus would just let out a sigh, biting on his bottom lip, knowing that not much could change, but he wanted to try something different. [b "I know. You're always welcome to stay with me Ar. No matter what"] he smiled and would let her put the mask on him.

They relaxed and ate sushi together on the couch, watching Totoro. Sylus felt pretty relaxed and once they finished, he would wrap his arm around her and would smile [b "Yeah? I'd love to do this every week with you"] he kissed her cheek and would feed her sushi. When she won the rock paper scissors, he chuckled and would let her have it. She won it fair and square after all.

He would feel her hand on his chest, making him smile as he kissed her, feeling her suck on his lips. He pulled her onto his lap and would kiss her once more, feeling her press against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Sylus kissed her over and over, his tongue gliding in past her lips as he felt her stroke his hair, making him smile. [b "Mmm, I missed being this close with you too"] he grinned, pressing his lips down the side of her neck and along her collarbone. [b "Mmm, you smell so good Ar"] he enjoyed the scent of her skin as he kissed and licked along her collarbone.

He would then run his fingers along her sides, crawling up the sides of her shirt as he touched her bare skin. He would slowly lift her shirt over her head, his lips pressing on her neck and then down her chest slowly as his hands slid down her back, holding her ass.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 29d 1h 29m 25s
Ara frowned, understanding him but also knowing that no change could happen. [b “He’s not like that. You already do help me. You make me feel safe, and let me come to you.” ] Ara gnelty smiled, feeling good to feel his hand brushing her hair behind. She felt content just with being here with him.

They were matching, having masks on. It was so relaxing. They ate some rolls together. She giggled hearing him talk about ghosts. [b “very happy ghosts then.” ] Ara said and enjoyed more of the rolls. Ara took a look back at him, [b “You don’t look anything like a girl Sy. Too masculine.” ] She told him, shaking her head but loved hearing his laugh, so it made her laugh too.

The movie was really nice. She enjoyed it with him. Ara removed the mask for him and she giggled, [b “Ah hmm. We can do this together every week.” ] Ara mentioned. She saw him snuggle right in to her, so he hugged him tight. She was getting a kiss on her cheek. Ara tried to take the last roll. [b “Okay,” ] Ara smiled and she end up winning with paper. [b “yay!” ] Ara beamed and saw him pout. She looked at the roll and felt suddenly guilty she got the last one. She would offer it to his lip, but he let her have it, so she happily much edit, swinging her legs back and forth.

Ara was so happy with all of this attention, a kiss on her cheek. She wanted to give Sy such a huge hug. He tilted her head, and she felt herself become warm with awe. She kissed him softly back. [b “I’d love to snuggle and kiss.” ] Ara said, and wished she could maybe get him to stay the whole time…but would that get him in trouble? He leaned into his hand. Ara would press her hand into his chest, feeling around. She kissed him softly back again, and sucked on his lip.

Ara nodded, seeing him smirk, thinking he was so hot tugging on her lip. Ara would happily help herself onto his lap, sitting sideways. She looped her arms around him and kissed him over and over again. She pressed her chest against his. Her lips brushed along his slowly again, and then platning kisses on him. She loved his lips, seeing him, feeling him. She stroked Sylus hair back. Ara met his eyes, her lips still standing so close, “I missed you…missed kissing you…” She said with almost pain in her voice.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 29d 3h 5m 18s

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