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It lightened her for a moment to hear he liked time with her. She had fun with him, talking with him and playing video games with him. Maybe…it would be okay…and then he dropped it. Her stomach sank and it bit. She didn’t get what his deal was. A few things ran in her head…and some made her furious. [i What did you expect? Maybe that's your type. ] [b “Okay.” ] She said because she didn’t want to get mad and cause a scene.

His ice cream fell, and he didn’t take her offer. [b "You're poor ice cream..." ] She knew they must have looked good. She tried to cheer herself up mentally a bit, and smile. [b “I’m normally not bad, I don’t know why I did bad this time. But thank you Sy. We can do this,” ] She knew she looked good on camera. She brought up social media since she normally posted online and it has been a while since she had. Ara’s smile dropped and she gave him the coldest look. [b “Okay.” ] She faked a smile right after. Thoughts streamed through her head, touching a sensitive spot. [i Now I really am going to need to act. ]

They walked to the park, which she still held a cold expression, and would release his hand, [b “Sure.” ] She said, listening to him give [i her ] advice on being on camera. [b “I know the lines. Let’s go back and get this over with,” ] She faked another smile, glancing at her own smart watch [b “Before the sun goes down.]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 4d 15h 7m 7s
He was glad that he was able to get a 'maybe' out of her. If anything, he really wanted to be able to go out with her one day and prove her wrong. He tried really hard to focus on one girl and he has, but she was still there beside him as well, which made it hard.

[b "It was fun. I like spending time with you too"] he smiled and then he sat with her and ate their ice cream together. [b "Yeah, but I understand that it'll be hard because you do have a boyfriend"] he admitted and wiped off the rest of the ice cream from her face. He dropped half of his and he ended up pouting a bit but he didn't mind it to much. [b "It's okay. It was my fault for not paying attention"] he laughed and heard the waitress. He knew ARa was pretty, so he could understand how they would look good.

[b "Did I? I'm glad you liked it. I want to see more of your acting because you look so pretty on camera, I saw a few takes. It's like you belong on film"] he admitted and then he thought about social media. He didn't mind it [b "Would Joseph be okay with it? I don't mind it at all. I think it would look really cool"] he suggested, soon getting up and then he watched her fix his jacket. Sylus faced her and he held her hand in his, figuring this fake date could continue [b "Yeah we can. Let's take a short stroll and walk back"] he walked with her towards a small park area, still holding her hand in his.

[b "Do you feel better, more comfortable around me?"] he asked, hoping to ease her up a bit. [b "When you're in front of the camera, don't think too much. Just act natural, besides I'm sure you have the lines down anyways"] he tried to tell her, squeezing her warm hands in his.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 16h 1m 17s
[b “Maybe.” ] Ara whispered, half smiling. Who knew how much would change. She tried to picture it. She really didn’t have much of an experience of a first date.
[b “Oh, well, that was fun.” ] She said with a smile and saw him smiling too. She felt bubbles of emotions inside her. She had felt pretty relaxed being with him on that day, it felt so easy, and she didn’t have to worry about him liking her romantically since she tried to focus more on being a friend.

There clothes matched perfectly. She loved couple dressing and she got Joseph to do it sometime but mostly, he didn’t care about what he wore that much, so he didn’t share the same excitement.

The arrived at the shop and got cones together. She took a seat with him, and again understood he didn’t want to be around her because of Joseph. Who would… [b “Right… You’re right. It’s fine, we can keep it to only school. It wouldn’t be fair for you to get hurt just to be around me.” ] She didn’t like it…but it was going that way and it didn’t seem like Joseph was going to get along with Sylus. Considering what she did, it made sense.

Ara wiped off some ice cream off her but didn’t know there was anything else. Sylus reached over, and he wiped it off. She blushed, [b “Of course not,” ] She half smiled and her eyes widened seeing Sylus’ cone falling. [b “Sy you’re-oh no.” ] She frowned seeing it on the table. Seeing him pout was cute and it made her giggle a bit [b “Sorry. I can get you more if you’d like, or we can share mine.” ] She helped clean it up at the very least. A girl working there came over and wiped it off. She end up staring at the two of them and added, “You both make such a cool couple.” Before going off.

She knew they did-in physical appearance at the very least.
Ara would nod [b “You did. You were incredible…really badass…and looking good…attractive,” ] Trying to be careful to not say he looked freaking hot. She admitted, seeing him smile and making her feel those little butterflies. She pressed her lips together and stared at him, imagining just…why did she get him such a good outfit? It was already hard enough.
[b “Sylus, is it okay if I put this up on my social media? The video? I kind of also wanted to take a group photo with us, and then everyone. If I make some money of the views of the video, I’ll share it with you.” ] She mentioned, not sure if she would but she thought if it turned out good than it would be great to put it up. She leaned in and would fix up his jacket a bit, [b “Can we go for a short walk after?” ] She looked up at his eyes, and wondered if he really did want to spend some time with her. [b “We can go…shoot right after that. Or if you think it’ll take to much time, then we can just go shoot.” ] She shrugged, anting to not make It a big deal.
  Ravenity / 4d 15h 28m 53s
He wanted to go on a first date with her and ever since the time he spent the whole day buying the watch and relaxing at her house, he couldn't get his mind off of her. Klara and the other girls were more of a distraction to keep his mind off of her so he could give her some space.

[b "I would. If I ever could"] he knew she was with Joseph the past few days and it made him frustrated, but he couldn't really do a thing since she was dating him. He smiled [b "I think it would go fine. Kind of like the day you bought me this watch and when we relaxed at your house"] he smiled and then he held her hand in his, looking back to see such a pretty girl behind him. She matched his clothes and she was looking really cute. HE wanted this to be real and not just on film.

When they got to the shop, he bought their cones and then he sat at the table across from her [b "I'll try to hang out with you more. I just feel bad because I don't want Joseph on my case again"] he admitted and then he he offered his cone, letting her get a lick. When she offered, he'd lean in and lick her cone as well, seeing she had some on her lip. He reached over with a napkin and wiped it off. [b "Can't have excess on your pretty face. We got a shoot"] he chuckled and then as he was doing it, half of his cone fell on the table [b "No!"] he pouted and then he licked the rest of his ice cream up.

He would hope she was feeling okay because right now, it felt like a natural first date. [b "I did? Really? I can't wait to see it on film then. I bet we'll do a great job!"] he smiled, thinking that as long as they continued doing well, it would be okay.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 17h 11m 12s
Ara rose up from where she sat. She kept debating if she should be doing this. It sparked her interest when he said he’d like to go on a first date with her. [b “You…would…” ] Ara squeezed his hand. [i I would like to one day too. ] What would a first date like him with be like. Would he treat her like any one of those girls or much differently? How would she behave? What would she say to him or do to make it a good date? Thinking about that made her smile because she felt…maybe she could do this. [b “I’d wonder how a first date together would go.” ]

[b “Alright.” ] She said and walked with him hand in hand. She coordinated their outfit pretty well, wanting to match. They had the same colors on them, red, black and white for the most part.

But, it still had been distant the past days. She turned her head and looked at him [b “Then….why don’t you hang out with me. I like talking to you,” ] She blushed a bit. The ice cream shop came into view. Ara got a strawberry cone with a mix of vanilla. She loved the colors. They faced each other. Ara leaned in and would give it a lick, [b “Pretty good.” ] She said and then decided to offer him a taste of hers, [b “if you want to try.” ] She’d then lick her own ice cream and ate a little quickly and made a face because she got brain freeze, [b “ouch, I forgot ice cream could do that.” ] She had ice cream on the side of her lip. She could feel it and felt a bit embrassed because she didn’t want to be messy, so would pat it off.

She really didn’t want to make a fool of herself when Sylus was looking this good. [i “I hope at least visually we look good on camera. I know you did, since I saw you did the first action scene…you did a really good job.” ] She just hated that it made her heart pound, and had her so attracted to him. It wasn’t fair.
  Ravenity / 4d 17h 28m 28s
He could tell that she was frustrated that things weren't working. He wanted it to work out for the sake of their project, but he could tell that this first date scene was posing a difficult challenge for her. He just wanted her to forget about all of that and just enjoy the time spent with him since they haven't gotten to do that recently.

[b "I want it to be you because if I could have the chance, I'd like to go on a first date with you. This is probably our only chance even if it is....staged"] he told her, hoping to at least have her attention on him just for today. [b "Let's get some ice cream"] he held her hand and then he would look back, seeing the beautiful girl he had by the hand behind him and it made him smile. [b "You know...I miss hanging out and talking with you. I wish we can do it more"] he saw the ice cream shop and stepped inside.

When they went up to the counter, he let her pick what she wanted and then Sylus would get a chocolate chip cone. He'd take a seat by the window and then he would face her [b "Wanna try some?"] he asked, holding out his cone for her.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 17h 50m 27s
She swiped down her list of contacts, feeling a gentle breeze brushing through her hair. Her hand was taken and held. She looked up at his amber eyes and felt like she really couldn’t do this. Even acting close, felt like it would just hurt. She already tried and she wasn’t sure she could do a good job at it.

[b “Why would you want it to be me?” ] She whispered. She hadn’t let go of his hand. Her eyes followed where his eyes went, on his watch. She could tell hew as trying to make this scene work, so she’d nod, [b “Okay, we can do that. Where would we go?” ] She asked, and went to go on her phone again, not really sure what she felt like eating or doing. Ice cream Sylus said… [b “There’s a place close by if you wanted ice cream.” ] She said, getting up with him. She looked at his outfit again, and just felt...jealous-was that it? Upset? Mad? That he wasn't into her anymore? Or maybe just the distance...she didn't like it. She liked talking to him, it didn't have to be romantic or anything, she just liked talking to him but lately they didn't even do that.
  Ravenity / 4d 18h 48s
The scenery was more than Sylus could have asked for. It was beautiful and he couldn't blame anyone for how perfect it was right now even if he despised his own father. It only made sense that his father was doing well and he just had to accept that fact even being here.

THe flowers, the building, the set up they were allowed to use was perfect, but they couldn't really get into sync right now. He didn't know if it was because ARa hasn't really been on dates, or the fact that this location put him in a somber mood, but he wanted to try to get the perfect shot at least.

He came over and took a little break with Ara to see if he could help her out. He held her hands and sat with him. He had been seeing Klara the past few days to the point where they were dating, but he still saw ARa in class and they were still somewhat close. He made some suggestions and then he tried with her again, shaking his head.

THey couldn't do it and Ara seemed distracted. He heard her wanting to find someone else and then he held her hand in his [b "Hey. You can do it. I want it to be you with me"] he tried to tell her. He held her hand and looked at his watch [b "How about you and I just go on a fake date. Just you and me. I'll tell the crew to get some scenic shots, let's go out, maybe get an ice cream or something to get your mind off of this?"] he suggested, hoping she'd come with him.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 18h 17m 10s
The café was beautiful, with vines crawling up the edges of the fence, flowers in the center, shadows of tree leaves dancing over them…it should have felt romantic. At the very least, the scene would look it-but not so much them. She started to think that maybe she should have found some other girl to play this…probably do better than her. It didn’t make her feel great knowing she was messing it up.

Sylus was insanely attractive in the outfit she bought for him, the way it hugged his body and the over all look…it was perfect. Yet, she felt bitter and she didn’t know how to act on a first date.

She got up, deciding to give it up for now and stand in the sun, talking to her camera guy and figured she needed a break, and if this didn’t work…then she’d find someone else. Her grade mattered more than her ego.

Sylus came over and held her hand, [b “Oh…um…okay.” ] She didn’t really feel like it. She would nod to him and felt him squeeze her hands. She sat down with him and listened to him talk. [i Definitely nervous of messing it up again. ] She never worried about it not going so well. At that point her and Joseph were doing pretty well.

Excitement… She tried to think back with Joseph and how excited she was to go out with him to dinner date, but then she looked at Sylus and she couldn’t feel the same-she felt sad. Sad with their distance the past few days, him saying that distance was better, that she kissed him and she felt something and he was chatting up a lot with Klara. [i Get over it… it’s supposed to be that way. ]

And then she heard the last word of the line and realized she zoned off entirely while he said it and didn’t actually hear any part of it. [b “Sorry…” ] She sighed [b “Say it again.” ] And then she spaced out again, not even knowing what the lines were anymore. [b “This isn’t working. I’ll go find someone else to do my part so that this is easier for you too.” ] She rested her cheek in her hand, and brushed her hair back, glancing at her phone, trying to figure out who would be better. It upset her because she still did want to do this with Sylus but apparently wasn’t good at it.
  Ravenity / 4d 18h 31m 24s
He didn't want to cause her trouble and after seeing her this morning, it seemed like he's been causing her a lot of trouble. It was only fair to her, he stayed away for a while. He spent the rest of the day hanging out with Klara because he felt pretty lonely. With the fact that they were only friends with benefit, he spent the rest of his free time with her. After class, he met up with Ara and practiced through what they needed to do through the whole script. It was hard with Joseph there, but they managed to get it done and prove that they weren't doing anything wrong.


During rehearsals the next few days, they were slowly getting the hang of what they were supposed to do. Luckily their shots at the cafe were going smoothly, but SYlus still felt a bit off because it was his dad's place. Since he wasn't there, Sylus felt more comfortable, getting the team together and practicing for each scene.

The shop scene with stealing the watch went smoothly. Sylus was pretty good at doing the action scenes. They filmed the shop and him stealing the watch out and making a run for it pretty easily. It only took a few takes. He asked the watch for ideas of the ideal date and what to wear already, managing to get those scenes done quickly.

Wednesday was the day of the dating scene. Sylus sat at the table, dressed in his leather jacket, jeans, shirt and he wore the watch. He sat across from a beautiful ARa, seeing how pretty she looked and getting a whiff of her perfume. If she wasn't with Joseph, he'd do everything to steal her right now.

He faced the camera and when the count down started, he was ready, reading off the lines and trying to make it feel as real as possible. He pretended like it was a real date and his words came out pretty smoothly, only feeling a bit of nervousness now and then. It didn't seem to be enough though and they were struggling to make it look real enough.

They took a break and Sylus would take in the criticism and try to make it real. He walked over to Ara and then he held her hands in his [b "Come on, let's go practice for a bit. You just have to pretend like you're going on a real day. Keep in your mind just for now, you're on a real date with me?"] he suggested, leaning into her and giving her hands a squeeze. [b "I managed to impress you, meet you at this cafe...and you're excited. I'm here, you're slightly nervous because you want things to go well...those types of feelings"] he smiled, leading her away from the scene and just finding a spare table for them to practice.

He'd sit across from her and then he would smile, reading off his lines, hoping it'd help.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 19h 26m 8s
From how he kept bringing it up, she suspected he was trying to tell her he wanted the distance nicely, “Okay.” Was the only thing she could reply with.
She focused on her own work, and continued on with her day. She met with with Sylus after for rehearsal. Joseph came, so she upheld her distance with Sylus while still also following the script they developed. Sylus would have to steel the watch, cleverly escape, get dressed, and meet up with her at the café. They’d talk. Then the people who were chasing him came with cops. He took her hand, and they’d get away together, Sylus had to fight them off, and when they’d get away they’d kiss-except Ara left that part out for the rehearsal since Joseph was there. Thankfully, he behaved throughout the whole time.


It was Wednesday, she took a deep breath, seeing the café come into view. Shawn wasn’t present-thankfully, he was busy but he allowed them to film. Ara stood at the side with the camera crew, directing them what shots to grab, as she did before when they recorded the chasing scene when Sylus stole the watch, using a drone and two other cameras.

The sky was brightly blue and shined the perfect lighting they needed outdoors. She began fixing her curled blonde hair a bit, tucking it behind her back. She wore a high waist red skirt, a white top and a black leather jacket onto, paired of knee-high boots. Her make up was done with red lipstick, and her favorite vanilla perfume used-only because she liked it. Joseph wasn’t here, she managed to convince him not to come because he’d be a distraction.

Ara glanced over at Sylus, who was dressed all up, his hair fixed up with her help. He looked…insanely hot and badass doing that chasing scene, and standing right now. She blew into her hair that fell loose. She took a seat in one of the café chairs, a low flower center piece in the center.

“Three, two, one, and scene,” The camera guy spoke.
When Sylus came in, she got up, and they went through the scene, Ara would fake a smile and say her lines and sat down with him.
“Can we do that again?” The guy asked, “It didn’t seem authentic enough.”
Ara would nod and they repeated their lines, she stared at his eyes and still felt those mixed emotions melting in. She either said her lines to flatly, or to comfortable like she already knew him or was a friend-it wasn’t working. She could tell and she knew everyone else could tell.
[b “Let’s take a break,” ] Ara suggested, after the third time they tried, [b “Maybe I’m just tired.” ] She got up, sighing to herself.
“It doesn’t look like you two are going on a first date, can you give a little more chemistry?” Camera guy suggested.
Ara met Sylus eyes, and just didn’t know how to do it. How was this supposed to be like? Even her first date with Joseph she didn’t know it was a date until half way in. [b “I’m not sure how to…what should we do to make it better?” ] She frowned.
  Ravenity / 4d 20h 28m 7s
[b "I don't. I think your idea is better"] he chuckled and then he thought about running fast, making a few turns trying to lose them. [b "Yeah I can lose them in some alleyways and then maybe skate away to the cafe"] he suggested, thinking that would be better.

He talked about Klara and how she was his ex and how she was the longest relationship he's had. He walked with her to Biology and then he asked if she did her homework. He wasn't surprised. She seemed like she wanted to do really good in school.

They sat down and he wondered if it was bothering her how he was being really close. He wanted to stay close, but it seemed like Joseph was giving her issues. [b "I want to keep hanging out and being close, but you seem to be getting the bad end of it. If you want to keep hanging around me, I don't mind. I just don't want it to cause you any trouble"] he told her, still sitting beside her until class ended. He saw her looking at her phone and when she got up and left, he just shrugged and grabbed his bag.

He met up with Klara in front of the library and he talked about what she wanted and needed. He asked if she wanted to eat lunch with him for a while, but he realized how lonely he's felt the past few days. Ara only made him long for someone to fill that void he felt when she wasn't there. He'd share some food with Klara and even end up making out for while during lunch.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 5d 8h 48m 2s
[b “Mmm, they can chase after you-as security. Run fast, go over maybe obstacles, have to take one down and then take a skateboard because…do you have a license to drive a motorbike?” ] She didn’t want to get in that much trouble.

Klara came in. She listened on and then got that-they must have been pretty close. Maybe Klara wanted to get back together with him. That…would be best. She couldn’t help but not like it so much and she knew that was pretty selfish. She packed her stuff and walked with him to biology. Ara nodded [b “I did,” ] But it took longer than it should since Joseph kept distracting her. She didn’t finish tomorrows homework because of that. She thanked SYlus for holding the door open for her. They got to class and she sat down.

She look back at him and she felt her stomach sink. Consideirng he said that…he probably felt that way, to stay away. [b “Yea…you’re right.” ] She whispered, and glanced off. She shouldn’t feel this upset about it… If he sat somewhere else than she wouldn’t say anything. She went onto doing work and listening in class quietly. She spaced out entirely, even if normally she didn’t when she had a private teacher. She heard her name being called because it looked like she wasn’t paying attention. She provided an answer when she saw the question on the board.

This guy that sat at the other side complimented her for knowing the answer. He seemed a bit nerdy and he was kind of nice. She saw Josephs’ text. ‘We’re having lunch outside, I’ll pick you up from your class.’
She sighed and replied ‘Okay, see you.’
The bell rang. She got up, and gathered her stuff. A few people came up to her saying they had a lot of fun on saturday
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 5d 9h 3m 1s
He decided to send the guy Ara's phone number and asked if he could be their camera man for the filming at least. He wanted to make sure that everything was taken care of and that they wouldn't have any problems. He nodded his head [b "Yeah if I'm stealing this watch, there's definitely going to have to be some actions, but I'm not sure what to really do yet. Maybe they chase after me, but I could use a vehicle? LIke a motorbike or should I just skate away?"] he wasn't really sure how that was going to work.

He saw Klara and would tell her that he could hang out after for a little bit. They usually got together as friends with benefits since they weren't together anymore. WHen ARa asked, he explained to her who she was. [b "Yeah she is. We've been friends for a long time"} he told her and then the bell rang.

He told Klara to meet later and then he glanced over at Ara as he grabbed his things. She had a class with Klara? Odd, but he just shrugged it off. [b "Oh right, let's go"] he walked with her towards Biology and then he walked beside her [b "Did you do the homework? It was pretty easy"] he smiled, hoping she'd enjoy working on the project with him at least. He led her towards the class and then he held the door open for her. He figured maybe he should distance himself from her for a while, at least at school. She seemed to want that.

When he sat down in class beside her, he leaned in [b "Hey ARa, is it better if I stay away for a while....I don't want you to feel pressured or anything with JOseph"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 5d 9h 26m 0s
[b “Alright. That would be good, send him my phone number.” ] She suggested. It would be good to meet up and figure how it would work. [b “Sounds like a plan. We mostly have to figure out any action scenes.” ] And make sure no one got hurt in the process. She saw Klara come up to Sylus. She seemed kind enough, at least her.
“Okay,” Klara said, figuring she could get some action that they sometimes did, not often-it never was since after their break up, but it still happened.
Ara listened to Sylus and then glanced at Klara. She was Sylus’ ex-girlfriend? She was kind of pretty. She seemed nice enough. [b “Ohhh, is she the one you dated for a month?” ] Ara asked. The bell rang and then shea heard him ask Klara to meet in front of the library after school. Ara sighed to herself, it was better this way.

“Yea, after school.” Klara said. She wasn’t in this class, she just hopped right in since they got out a little early. “Bye Ara,” Klara said.
Ara half smiled, [b “Bye…oh wait! Don’t I have you third period?” ]
“Yea, but didn’t get the chance to talk to you,” Klara said.
[b “Ohh, well see you there,”] Ara gently smiled and watched her goo off. Ara looked back at Sylus [b “Let’s go to biology?” ] She mentioned. She couldn’t’ help but wonder…if Sylus was going to do…dirty things with her. [i It doesn’t matter…it’s his business. ] That didn’t mean it kind of made her not feel great. Oh well. [i Just get over it. ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 5d 9h 40m 3s

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