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[b “Ah hmm…that’s true.” ] Ara said quietly, trying to fade the conversation out. She felt bad she said it, because she saw he visibly froze. She felt that maybe that was the reason he was with so many girls, or so distant with making close friends. Bad people would do that.

It was nice to be in a restaurant that truly looked like would it be like to be in a castle. She felt good about being here. It was romantic…and all she wanted to do was just keep spending time with him here.

She didn’t know much about drinking besides what she was given at certain parties and they were usually pretty light. Ara raised a brow hearing he’s drank a few times [b “By a few times do you mean more than a few times?” ] Sylus definitely was a law breaker. She wasn’t sure if she should be breaking that law…more than she was allowed at home. [b “I’ve seen tv shows before, I know it’s different. What do you they have?” ]

Ara slumped her shoulders, forgetting that they can’t openly clal each other that. [b “Oh, that’s right. You can’t then…until then.” ] She didn’t think she could manage going by herself and seen as single. She knew she would be bothered, and so would Sylus.

“Mmm, we do.” Ara said proudly, but was really excited to change clothes and get in bed with him. She finished her soup and saw the main course coming in. It was going to be hard to finish for her. She turned her head and saw Sylus looking so excited to be eating. Had he never-? Ah, right. She saw him finish rather quickly. Ara saw him trying to offer her food. She shook her head and said it was okay. She dind’t think she could eat a single more bite. She laughed [b “Sort of…” ] She felt helpful when he helped her out to finish eating.

Ara pictured making a fort and playing pretend. It made her smile, because she thought that would have been fun. She blushed, [b “You’re joking…” ] He was definitely teasing.

Listening to how Sylus was when he was kid put a smile on her. [b “It’s always the quiet ones…” ]Ara joked [b “Kid you sounds nice” ] She wished she met him then.

Ara tilted her head and tried to find the right words to describe herself but she wasn’t entirely sure. [b “A princess, generous, know it all and a scardy cat. I liked to dress up a lot. I wasn’t shy, but I wasn’t loud. I liked to read, and act like a know it all. I also had a habit of giving my toys and stuff away. My dad figured that I lost them or hid them so I can get more stuff.” ]

They finished eating and she remembered [b “Did you want dessert? I don’t want anything more, but you should get one.” ] Ara said, because she felt like she’d look and feel like a hippo of she took another bite of anything. She’d pay for everything in the end.
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WHen she said he's been with a lot of wrong people, he froze and wasn't sure what to say. It wasn't like he wanted to be with these people at all. He didn't know what harm they'd do to him when he first met them. It wasn't quite fair. [b "'s not like I knew they were wrong to begin with"] he shrugged and just headed to the fireworks show with her.

It wasn't long until they were both heading off towards dinner with reservations that Sylus made. [b "I'm glad you're excited"] he sat beside her and eyed the menu, trying out some stuff, but it all seemed so fancy. He wanted to treat Ara out sometimes too, but she seemed like she belonged here.

The restaurant was beautiful with the high ceilings, column's, and paintings on the wall. It looked just like the Beast's castle in the movie. He ordered their food and stayed beside her, holding her close and just talking about their amazing day. [b "I've drank a few times at different parties. But the drinking is definitely different from fancy drinking at your kind of parties. The parties that the kids at our school throw definitely don't have champagne and wine"] he chuckled.

[b "Of course I'd go with you. I can't wait till all of this blows over and I can openly call you my girlfriend"] he admitted, surprised when she didn't look surprised at all when he said she was his best date. Was she always everyone's best date? He looked over and just lifted a smile when she thought he was thoughtful. [b "Well I'm glad you like it all so far"]

Their food came in and Sylus imagined how comfy that bed at the hotel would be. [b "We are. We even look the part"] he took a bite of his soup and licked his lips. It was delicious. He finished it up and let Ara have some before seeing his main course. His mouth salivated a bit and he'd laugh and wipe it off before taking a bite of his food. He ate pretty quickly since he was hungry and he'd offer some to Ara just to try. HE soon managed to finish off his plate, seeing that Ara was struggling a bit. [b "Getting fully Ara?"] he wondered if she needed help.

[b "If I was a kid here, I'd probably have just as much fun. We can still build a fort and play pretend if we get back to the hotel. If that's what you want"] he teased and then he thought back to the orphanage. [b "I was about as bad ass as I am right now. I always wanted to go out and do what I wanted. I was quiet, mostly doing my own thing, but I wasn't afraid to try something I wanted to do"] he told her, remembering how his dorm mother used to tell him that they didn't have the money to put him through swimming, but that didn't stop him.

[b "What was little Ara like"] he wondered, taking some of her food since she looked full.
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[b “You’ve been with a lot of wrong people…” ] including his roommate. Ara closed her lips together realizing maybe that would come out rude.

The two of them got the see the beautiful fireworks together shooting up the air and painting the sky. It was colder outside now but she felt so warm internally. She felt so content being next to him, and having this freedom. Ara felt even warmer when she heard he made a reservation. [b “Thanks Sy…I’m excited.” ] She spoke softly. [b “Me too.” ] Ara couldn’t contain her smile.

The restaurant was quite beautiful. She made sure to sit next to him and would peak over to him and see what he was looking out. She lifted her head when she the Beast stop by. It was so cool. They took pictures and placed there order. His arm was around her waist and she’d lean onto him. She paused and thought about it [b “Um…well I haven’t really…drank much. At parties I’m allowed to drink a bit of wine or champagne but even that’s limited.” ]

She thought about her last party and she wasn’t sure if she threw it very well, or well liked it very much because Joseph left. [b “If I get invited to one. You’d come with me right?” ] She wanted to make sure.

Ara didn’t look surprised when he answered. It was more of a statement anyway. [b “I know I am. Me too, you’re the first I’ve been here with. Every date will be fun.” ] Ara giggled. She watched there food come in when Sylus brought the question back to her. Ara looked b ack at his eyes and wondered for a moment if he was. [b “Mmm,” ] Ara nodded [b “Most thoughtful one.” ]

She liked itw hen he held her hand or having his leg wrapped by hers. She felt her heart beating a little faster. She thought about sleeping in the same bed again as him. [i Maybe one day…if he loves me. ] She kissed his cheek [b “Me too. We can be a princess and a prince for the day.” ] She laughed. There appetizers came in, she’d blow into her soup and gave it a try. She liked it a lot, but when the main course came in-she realized she didn’t have the appetite she thought she had, but she didn’t want to look more of a fool to Sylus than she already did.
[b “If I was a kid again, this place would be so much even more cooler. I’d probaby end playing pretend in our room,” She lightly laughed and wondered what Sylus was likewhen he was a kid [b “I wonder what you were like when you were little.” ]
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He didn't think that all rich people were the same, but seeing how different Ara was compared to a lot of the girls he spent time with, it was like a wake up call. There were sweet people out there even with all that money. [b "Yeah....I guess I've just been with all the wrong people"] he sighed a rubbed the back of his head as he held her hand and they went around the park more.

They were soon watching the beautiful night sky light up in fireworks as he relaxed beside her. It was relaxing and he felt so warm inside being with her all day just having fun together. He mentioned the reservation and Sylus would get up and hold her hand again, leading her to Beast's castle. [b "You already did so much. I wanted to treat you to dinner"] he nodded in excitement. [b "I'm really glad we came here together"] he sat at the table and looked through the menu, wondering what to get.

Ara's food sounded really good and it was making him really hungry [b "Mmm, I don't know what those are, but it sounds really good. Maybe I'll get the lobster bisque and the pan seared scallops"] he saw the Beast stopping by and Sylus would take a picture of him with Ara and then he'd place their order.

He'd wrap his arm around her waist [b "Do you like alcohol? I've drank a few at parties. You can always do it there"] he suggested and was surprised to hear her question [b "Hmm? Of course you are. I haven't been to Disneyland with anyone else. You always help me come up with the best dates. Kind of like....I want every date to be really fun with you"] he admitted, wondering if that was her ego talking or if she was teasing.

[b "Am I the best date you ever had?"] he asked curiously as he looked around and then held her hand in his, his leg wrapping beneath hers under the table. [b "I'm really excited to sleep in that big bed in our hotel. It looks like a castle on the inside"]
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[b “Hmm…really?” ] Ara frowned, never really seeing her own friends that way. [b “Well, I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I hope I definitely don’t,” ] Ara said and saw him smile when he called her sweet. She wanted him to always think that. She knew she wasn’t perfect and she made mistakes time to time but she was trying. She let him lead her onto the boat. It was nice, and she wasn’t fearful of what was around them. The singing and the fights were captivating.

They went to a few more rides, taking a few more picutres together. Then they were underneath a dark sky and fireworks lighting up. She ‘d keep looking up and would feel Sylus leaning his head on her shoulder. [b “Yup, there definitely is.” ] She said and smiled when he kissed her cheek. She’d yawn, realizing the day had made her quite tired.

[b “Hmm? You did?” ] She quickly looked at his eyes. Then her attention turned back onto the fireworks. She wished fireworks weren’t so loud but it sure was pretty. She’d turn her head and look at Sylus. It had been a beautiful day. She smiled to herself and leaned into him too. She’d intertwine his fingers with his until the show was done.

Afterwards, she let Sylus lead the way. They went to the park, going toward the Beats’ castle. She’d curiously look around, having to be pulled a little so that she’d walk again. They were seated and she had wished she changed her outfit to something nicer for dinner but this would do for now. [b “Thank you for reserving dinner for us. I had fun today, we did so much.” ] She felt content. She looked at his amber eyes, and then his dark hair. She blushed a tad bit thinking about just kissing him. She wanted to snuggle with him. She fantasized some fairy-tale in her head even more before remembering she had to look at the menu. [b For an appetizer…I think I’m going to get French onion soup, and then Poulet rouge chicken…” ] She figured, and looked at the drinks. She blew into her hair [b “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drink.” ] She looked up at Sylus again [b “So…am I the best date you ever had?” ] Ara smiled, because she believed in some cases-she was perfect.
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He was surprised to hear about what some of her fears were and it sure made him really happy to know that he was growing closer to her. He wanted to learn more about her and to be the closest one to her, so he was glad it was working out.

Still, Sylus thought that most rich people were stuck up and rude, but Ara wasn't. [b "Most of the people that I've met that were rich were arrogant and liked to show off. You don't do that though. You're still sweet"] he smiled, holding her hand in his and then he led her onto the boat.

The ride was pretty as they flowed through the water, seeing cannonball fights and hearing the drunk pirates sing away. IT was cool and relaxed and when the ride ended, he would hold her hand and take her to the teacup ride.

After a few more rides, they soon sat together to watch the light parade and the fireworks show. It was beautiful seeing the people dress up in light costumes, some having frills that lit up, others on floats and even Tinkerbell flew across the sky. They stared up at all the lights and Sylus would squeeze her hand, falling in love with the scenery and seeing Ara's eyes light up.

The fireworks soon started and the night sky bursted with different colors and shapes. IT was stunning to see the world fill with color as they sat together, Sylus leaning his head on her shoulder [b "Look ARa, there's a firework shaped like Mickey"] he'd point out and kiss her cheek.

[b "So I know we're on our date, but I made some reservations at the Beast's castle for dinner"] he smiled, wanting to surprise her.

After the show, he'd squeeze her hand and walk with her through the lit up park towards the Beast's castle. He'd lead her past the snowy mountain village and then into the castle where Belle was and the teacup, clock, and candle were. They were soon seated at the table and given menus as the Beast walked around as the waiter taking orders.
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[b “I’m sorry that happened. I won’t do that to you, definitely not intentionally.” ] She promised. She didn’t like mentioning all her fears because it really did make her sound so weak, which she kind of knew she already was… She didn’t want him not to do things because she was afraid of it either, that didn’t feel fair.

Ara nibbled at her lip for a second and then shook her head [b “He’s not famous, he’s just well known in his area. Why would anyone act stuck up?” ] Then she tried to pick out friends she knew were wealthy and…[b “Hmm, well I know someone whose actually very stuck up now that I think about it, or just loves to brag.” ] They finished up there food and she went with him toward the boat. It was shallow, it would be fine. [b “That’s good, it’ll be fine then.” ]

They arrived at the front of the light and listened to him trying to comfort her. [b “I’m okay, really. We don’t need to cut it short.” ] Ara smiled. They hopped in and she held his hand. She nodded, and peaked at the water. It did look shallow. She watched the ride, fascinated by the stuff around. Then it came to an end and she decided it was pretty nice. They got off and she swung their hands together [b ”That was fun Sy. Did you want to go to that tea cup ride? After that, maybe we should rest up a bit, before dinner time.” ]
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He could see her leaning her head and meeting his eyes, making him tell her what he was thinking. [b "Yeah. It's not easy. I know now though and I won't let them take advantage of me again"] he was glad that she wouldn't do that to him. He trusted her so far.

He told her that it was okay that she was afraid. He now knew about her fears, so he wouldn't judge her or make fun of it. He was also afraid of things also and he knew what he was doing very safe. He'd work smart and safe as he could.

HE thought she was sweet and perfect. [b "Yeah, it must be tough having such a famous dad. Still, you're so kind to everyone and don't act all stuck up. It's really nice"] he smiled and shared the food together. He held her hand in his as they finished up. He looked over, seeing her look so hesitant again [b "I don't think so. The boat should be on a track. and the water is shallow. You can stand in it"] he told her, holding her hand in his.

[b "I'll be right there, but if you really don't like it, we can cut it short"] he promised her and then he led her towards the line of the boat ride. [b "Is it okay?"] he wondered, holding her hands in his.
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Ara softly sighed and dipped her head forward, leaning her head against her hand and meeting his eyes [b “I know what that’s like. Well…at least the part for looks. That’s…sad. I’m sorry Sy, but I promise you I won’t be doing that to you.” ] She felt it. Sure…she had an ex and part of her wanted to rub it in that she was with Sylus now since he had to rub it in that he was out having fun… Definitely to make him jealous and also show how good she felt about being with Sylus. She wouldn’t go back.

Safety was a big…issue that she was afraid to tackle. [b “I know.” ] Ara spoke quietly but didn’t feel it was enough [b “I’m…just…scared that there will be an accident” ] She said and then shook her head. This wasn’t the time to talk about this.

She felt good being by his size. Ara grinned when he said she was perfect, [b “That’s what I try to be. I mean…I need to be. While my dad may not be famous I’m still expected to behave a certain way. Especially at events.” ] She said and got a kiss on the cheek. They shared food together. It felt good to see him happy. She’d nod [b “Okay, I think that’ll be fine.” ] Ara said. She looked at he rfood, and thankfully Sylus helped her out. It was all finished and she had paid up. She blushed a bit when he said he got her, that she could depend on him. She squeezed his hand, feeling so good being with him, his face, expressions, and feeling that came with him engraved into her memory. She didn’t think she’d ever forget this date. It still amazed her how his hair was black.

She was so into her own head that she forget about the fact that the boat was on water. Naturally, of course-but she forgot her fear until her stomach started to sway at the thought of falling in. [b “Umm…” ] Ara began and then pressed her lips firmly together. No. She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t tell him not to go-because of her fear…again. She took a deep breath [b “I wonder if the ride is in deep water.”] Ara wondered, walking with him because she’s never even been here before.
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He could see her smiling when he told her the truth. He wasn't quite sure if that was a good thing or not, but to see her enjoying the fact that he was being honest with her, it made him happy. He nodded [b "I've been used a lot mostly for my looks and I guess you could say, I never really knew what it was like to be needed back then, so I always went along with it"] he told her, remembering a few times he'd hook up with a girl, only to find out she wanted to show him off to her ex in order to just get back with him.

He then thought about how she might lose him, but he'd promise he'd be there. [b "I'm doing my best to be safe Ara"] he assured her and hoped that would ease her mind a little. He didn't want her to worry about him or have her scared because of his safety. HE'd do his best to get the job done quickly.

His arm stayed around her and he would lean into her, smiling as he nodded [b "You're pretty perfect. Just the aura and the demeanor you give off is like of high class"] he kissed her cheek and took a bite of his food, sharing with her and then taking a bite of hers. [b "Mmm!"] he felt fuzzy inside, enjoying this date with her. She made him feel so warm and comforted.

[b "Okay, let's just head on the boat ride then. That'll ease our stomachs"] he saw that she only ate half. She looked like eating more would be painful, so he helped her out. He didn't really like to waste anything bought with money because he knew how hard it was to get. He finished up the other half and held her hand. [b "I got you. You can depend on me too"] he slowly stood up after they paid and Sylus let her towards the pirate ride.
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Listening to his fears made her smile, because she liked to know the deep parts of him. What he was afraid of, his views. She wondered what made him fearful of being betrayed, [b “I’m sorry people have done that to you. You can tell me about it if you’d like.” ] She said and wished to know more but she didn’t want to dig her nose in when he may not be comfortable sharing everything. Ara sighed when he said she wouldn’t lose him. She wasn’t so sure. [b “I mean…the kind of lose…the…death kind of lose, or even who you are.” ] She didn’t like what happened before. It could easily occur again since he didn’t have a choice but to stick it for now. She still needed to figure out something she could do.

Ara giggled, thinking of him going through the storm to come to her, [b “I think it’s best if you stay inside Sy, but thank you.” ] Ara smiled, nestling her head into his neck for a moment. [b “I know…at least I try to be. But I have an image to hold up. I’m judged when I try to get to close to what I think is perfect, I can’t imagine what it be like if I didn’t try. ]

Ara would ifll up a smile when he kissed her. It was sweet and it made he feel secure to be herself. Well, not all of yet, she still couldn’t loosen up unless shew as normally alone. She took a bite of what he gave her, “Mmm, thanks sy.” Ara said and gave him a bite of hers. She liked how he snuggled up to her too. It felt warm, and good…and she felt for once not alone.

She took another bite. She tiled her head and looked up at his eyes, [b “We can go the teacups but maybe we should do that a little later because we just ate…and” ] She didn’t think throwing up would be pretty. [b “Ah! I watched those movies. I very much liked them. We should go.” ] She said and looked at her steak that she only made it half way through and already felt stuffed. She glanced at Sylus again…and she wondered if he’d frown upon wasted good. She decided she should just make herself anyway.
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He was really glad that she enjoyed being with him and wanted to hang out. He hoped he'd make a good boyfriend because he hasn't really been official with anyone in a long time. The rides were fun, but he was learning more about Ara everyday. She was afraid of ghosts, so he figured he'd cheer her up and try and get her to forget about it all.

He sat beside her at the restaurant and then they talked about their fears. He didn't like insects with too many legs at all. He didn't know if that'd change the way she saw him, but he hoped not. His eyes would meet hers and then he grinned as she kissed his cheek. He told her about the things he feared and then he nodded [b "Yeah, I have a lot. Most of the times I don't notice it until it's too late"] he admitted and then he smiled when she said she was afraid of losing him. [b "You won't lose me. I'll be right beside you"] he promised.

He then told her that she was enough and that as her boyfriend, he'd try and do his best too. [b "I can help you out with the storms. Just give me a call or text and I'll be there as fast as I can"] he nodded and then he kept his arm around her, seeing their food come in. [b "You don't have to be afraid of people seeing the real you. Mess or not, you already are a sweet girl Ara"] he wanted her to know that as he kissed her. HE was glad she liked being with him. He took a piece of his steak and took a bite. [b "Mmm, it's great. HEre try some"] he held a small piece to her lips and then he snuggled up beside her, feeling really close to her now.

He opened up a bit more to her today and he hoped he could be that someone she could lower her guard around. [b "It's really good. I'm glad you chose this place"] he smiled and then he took another bite. [b "Is there a ride you want to go on next? Let's see. There's the teacups that spin? What about Pirates of the Caribbean?"] he looked at the map, wondering what was good.
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[b “Thanks Sy…” ] Ara gently smiled. She felt thankful for him thinking about her. [b “There are…I think.” ] She felt quite bad tough that she was fearful of so much. She hoped it didn’t ruin this trip for him She had a churro and then they were able to go the restaurant. She sat with him and had his arm around her waist. She’d let their shoulders touch, cuddling into him a bit and sharing the menu when they looked through.

[b “Really? I never had much of an appetite to eat a full serving of some restaurants.” ] She would kiss his cheek and loved the way he smiled. She giggled [b “Really? Well, I’m not that afraid of spiders…I think.” ] Ara tilted her head but couldn’t recall moments. She listened to his fears. [b “Those…are pretty hard things. Did someone take advantage of you badly? I don’t even know if anyone has done that to me. Well, then I’m afraid of losing you…I want you to be safe.” ] She meant it, and she never wanted to feel afraid for his life like that again.

[b “I’m afraid of not being enough…no matter how hard I try or study it’s like I can never make him feel satisfied. And…storms. I’m afraid of thunderstorms. I don’t have a very logical explanation…or well maybe I do.” ] She shrugged. She met his eyes and was glad he was listening to her. She sighed to herself, resting her head against his shoulder, [b “I have so many friends…all over the world but, I don’t have someone who I can lower my…guard and just be myself. The truth is, I’m also afraid of people seeing that I’m a mess.” ] She smiled when he kissed her cheek. [b “Thank you. I like you as my boyfriend too,” ] She did like talking about what they were afraid of because knowing what he feared made her feel closer.
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Sylus thought about her comfort level and he didn't want her to feel like he was forcing her onto these rides because he liked them. [b "We don't have to. If you don't want to, we won't go on them. There's a ton of other rides I can ride with you"] he smiled and held her hand, giving her a churro and then walking with her towards the restaurant.

He thought she looked so cute beside him, his Ariel eating a churro. HE chuckled and then he sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist. His eyes met hers and he leaned in, picking out what he wanted with her. [b "Oh yeah? Well we can share if you want to try something"] he felt her lips against his cheek and he'd smile brightly [b "It's okay. I jump when I see spiders. Too many little legs"] he shivered and then he heard her laugh. He smirked a bit [b "I'm also scared of being taken advantaged of. People using me only for personal gain. Um....getting betrayed by someone close. I'm scared when my loved ones get put in harms way"] he admitted, sighing a bit and then meeting her eyes. [b "What about you?"] he asked.

WHen Ara talked about not being enough and afraid of storms, he nodded [b "Yeah....pleasing people is a big thing in this world. But so far Ara, I really like you as my girlfriend. It's more than enough"] he smiled and kissed her cheek, seeing their food soon coming in.
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[b “It’s fine…I get scared easily, you don’t have to avoid them.” ] Ara spoke softly, still having trouble meeting his eyes for a while because she still felt the embarrassment. Then, he got her a churro and after a few bites, she started to feel a bit better. She walked with him the the restaurant and sit down with him. She smiled a little when his arm was around her waist. She loved affection and she loved how affectionate he was with her.

[b “That sounds like a good idea.” ] Ara said, and thought to herself. She knew she couldn’t eat a whole steak. Well, she guessed there would just be leftovers. She saw him scratching his head and she’d lean in and kiss his cheek. Ara shrugged [b “Because I got scraed easily. I don’t….” ] She admitted. She didn’t like all the creepy thing in the world. She couldn’t do with them. She didn’t like seeing him injured like that either but she never had flinched at blood.
Spiders. Ara giggled [b “I don’t like spiders either.” ] There stakes would arrive. Ara would cut it up unto little pieces and take a few bites. [b “What else are you scared of Sy?” ] Since they were talking about fears. If he’d tell her some of his real fears, she would tell, tell him how she was afraid of not ever being enough, or afraid of storms.
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