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[b “I can give you that money if you’re at risk.” ] Ara stated, [b “It’s you I’m worried about.” ] She let him set his bag down and then joined him in the kitchen .

Ara found her cheeks warm at the idea of him sleeping naked. They did that…after sex but not if they didn’t. [b “Maybe…you should.” ] She whispered shyly. She noticed how hungry he was, making her feel relieved that she did order food and left plenty for him. Ara stroked his back, [b “Eat it all up.” ] She whispered.

Her eyes fell back to Nyx sleeping in his bed and she’d smile [b “Ah hmm. It’s easier to put him to sleep after a walk.” ] She felt warm when she was held close and even had her tummy kissed. She loved how loving he was. She was stroking his hair, hoping to comfort him too. [b “No no, you shouldn’t, you worked so hard and must be so tired. You should really use my homework, even just as reference.” ]

Ara helped cover up his knuckles. She wondered how often he hurt his hands. She spaced out in her own thought, until he leaned in and kissed her. It calmed her. Soon enough, she was snuggling in bed with him, his arms around her waist. Sne pressed her head into his chest, holding onto him too. She kissed him softly back, gazing into his pretty amber eyes. [b “Thank you.” ] She felt her eyes warm, [b “Always come back.”] She felt his hand slide down her back. Ara explores his chest with her hand, seeing as he was nothing but his boxers. She loved touching his skin, feeling his firm muscles and because…it was Sy.

Ara slowly nodded [b “I’m okay.” ] She peeked back up to his eyes, warming up when he brushed her hair back slowly. [b “That makes me happy. You always do the same for me.” ] She said. She kissed his chest and they fell asleep together.

For once her dream didn’t consist of a nightmare. It was perfect, her and Sy living together with no one to bother them .She moaned in her sleep a bit. A soft kiss came to her forehead. Ara wrapped her arms around Sylus and held him tightly in her arms. She’d slowly open her eyes and smiled instantly seeing Sylus [b “mmmmm… I love you.” ] She whispered, slowly waking. She blinked a few times and was staring at him [b “Morning Sy.” ] She said, looking so sleepy. She yawned, [b “How’s your hand?” ] She reached out and stroked his hair.
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He had a huge smile on his face when he came back home and he saw ARa. He was glad she was safe and sound in his apartment with Nyx. If anything happened to her, he'd blame himself all the time. [b "I know, but I have to give the money or the drugs back to Luke. It'd be bad if a deal didn't go through"] he told her, putting his bag down and then seeing her follow him into the kitchen.

Sylus took a seat and smirked [b "Oh? You're being daring. Maybe I will sleep naked"] he wanted to see if he could push it that far. She giggled and he thought she looked really cute. [b "I like getting your attention"] he smiled, feeling her bump his shoulder and then he would take a few bites. He was really hungry and he ate really quickly as he waved her over. He kept his arms around her and then he would smile when she said she went on a walk.

[b "Aww, no wonder Nyx is fast asleep"] he pressed against her and would hug her close as he kissed her tummy. He relaxed as she stroked his hair and he would peek up at her [b "Mmm, I love you too"] he looked at the time. [b "I can do my homework Love. You can rest if you're tired"] he didn't want to copy her homework.

He would finish up and would watch her cover up his knuckles. He'd lean in to kiss her lips and would follow her to the bedroom. Sylus would take off his shirt and shorts, just staying in his boxers as he hugged his arms around her waist. He'd lean in and he would smile as he leaned into her and then he kissed her lips. [b "I'll make sure to be safe so that I can always come back to you"] he pressed his lips more against hers and let his hands slide down her back. [b "I am. Are you okay Love?"] he met her eyes and brushed her hair back slowly, [b "I'm just glad you're here. It always makes everything better"] he leaned into her and would slowly drift off to sleep beside her.

In the morning, he would shift in bed a little. He met her eyes and would see her fast asleep. Sylus would take some of his homework out and he'd sit in bed, slowly doing it. He wanted to finish it up before she woke, so he'd yawn and try to get it done before she woke.

Once he finished it up, he'd lean in and kiss her forehead.
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Sylus body seemed to be unharmed, which put her in relief. His hand was another story. She held his and looked up at him. She frowned and looked concerned, [b “Sy if they appear dangerous, forget about the money. We can always get the money…you’re more important.” ] She spoke softly.

She smiled a bit when he talked about sleeping naked. [b “I wouldn’t mind if you did.” ] She giggled. She kissed him back all the same. They sat together. She would watch him eat. She bumped her shoulder against his, [b “Of course. I need to make sure you’re all fed.” ] She smiled to him at his compliment, [b “I do love your clothes. Your hoodie is so warm, makes me feel safe.” ] She was happy when he waved over and wrapped his arm around her waist. She did the same.

[b “I’m okay. I & Nyx had a short walk, I did some homework and…waited.” ] She said, seeing him eat so quickly. She still felt that worry for him. Sy was a teen like her but he felt much older to her, much more responsible and could handle tough situations. There must be so much weight on him. She felt his embrace, his face against her tummy. Ara stroked his hair, [b “I’m glad you came home to me too… I love you so much.” ] She smiled a bit to herself knowing he seemed so grown up but he was still like her. She hugged him tightly and glanced at the time.

[b “I’ll let you copy my homework tomorrow.” ] She mentioned. Then she’d rise up and would grab ointment from her bag, she always kept it there now. She would sit down and put it on his scratches. [b “Let’s snuggle and sleep.” ] She said. She’d get up and take hold of his hand, leading him into his bedroom. She crawled onto his bed, waited for him and snuggled into him. Ara caressed his cheek, and watched his eyes [b “I don’t know what I’d do…if anything happened.” ] She brushed her lips against his, and kissed him softly. [b “Are you feeling okay?”]
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He hugged her and would smile before he left. HE wanted her to know that no matter what, he would do his best to return home safely. It wouldn't make sense to try and protect her when he couldn't even come back home.

He left and went to take care of his deals, but he ended up punching the man in the face a few times and he would try to shake them both off, managing to make it home. When he arrived, he headed into his room, seeing Ara. He smiled and went to her, giving her another hug.

He took off his shirt and let her take a look, feeling her hands coming down his arm and his side. He wasn't harmed anywhere, but his fists were scraped. Sylus let her take a look. [b " to fight off some guys because they weren't paying up. IT's okay. They ended up paying"] he told her, sighing a bit as he headed into the kitchen. He'd feel her hand on his chest and he leaned in to kiss her. [b "Fine fine. I'll just have to sleep naked if that's what you want"] he smirked, taking a seat and would see the sushi. [b "Thank you Love"] he saw her in his sweater, seeing her bare legs looking so cute. [b "You look so good in my clothes Ar"] he smiled, waving her over and then wrapping his arm around her waist.

He would hold her close to him as he ate a roll of sushi. [b "You okay? How was yours and Nyx's evening?"] he asked, munching pretty quickly. He was so hungry. Sylus finished up the sushi and he would hug her against him, pressing his face against her tummy. [b "I'm glad I get to come home to you. You can protect me all you want"]
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She loved to hold Sylus in her arms and hoped to hold him all night – meaning that he wouldn’t go. She was happy when he kissed her cheek and forehead. He was sweet to her. She looked up at his eyes [b “I love you…” ] She whispered. She still would worry. [b “Mmm, okay. As long as you come back to me.” ] She said. She was surprised being lifted, and his smile made her feel that warmth in her chest when she was with him. They hugged once more before he left.

Ara spend the afternoon and evening alone. She kept thinking of him and always pondering if she could just go find him but, she felt she also learned her lesson. She pulled the bed sheets down when he came home. She sat up and looked at him with concern. [b “Not really? Show me them.” ] Ara said. His smile made her smile a bit too [b “I’ll go sit with you while you eat.” ] Ara said. She stepped out with him and turned on the lights. She yawned a bit. His sweater really was like a very short dress on her.

Ara with all seriousness asked him to take off his shirt. [b “Well…then let me see.” ] Ara told him. He watched him lift up his shirt. She came in, touched his arm, runniner finger down the side. He didn’t look like he got any bruising. She would take hold of his hand and saw the scratches. She looked up at his eyes and frowned [b “What happened? Tell me the truth.” ] Ara said.

Without… She sighed seeing him smirk [b “Well…” ] She let her hand rest on his right peck [b “I want to do both.” ] She gently smiled [b “I also want to see your legs before we go to bed. And… I think it would help to put an ointment on those scratches before you sleep too.” ] Ara said. She went on her tip toes and kissed his cheek. She released a hold of his hand, and would grab the sushi out for him, setting it on the small table. With what she was wearing, he could see a bit underneath when she moved. She grabbed even some juice for him. She sat next to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. “I want…a way to protect you too.” She whispered. She rubbed his back gently.
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He did his best to make her feel assured that he was only with her and he loved her very much. He couldn't promise anything in the future, but he did know right now he didn't want to leave her side.

Sylus hugged his arms around her waist, kissing her cheek softly as he saw her pout. He'd press his lips against her forehead [b "I love you. Don't worry so much. I'll make sure I always come back to you Love"] he lifted her into a hug and he would smile before hold her hand in his. At least she was cheering up now. It did make him smile to hear how lucky she felt with him. [b "I know. I'm glad you do"] he hugged her close and would leave for the night.

Sylus went to make his deliveries and would follow up with a few deals. He ended up getting into a fight with two guys that tried to get out of a deal. HE managed to grab the money and fight them off at least before making it back home.

When he headed back home, he met up with Ara, seeing her in bed. [b "I'm glad. I'm okay. Not really. I got a few scrapes on my hand, but nothing to worry about"] he assured her, hearing her mention she had gotten them sushi. A smile appeared on Sylus' face [b "Oooh, okay. I'm actually kind of hungry. Thank you Love"] he was on the way out the door, but when she asked him to take off his shirt, he looked back at her pouting face. He sighed a bit. [b "Ar, I'm fine"] he assured her, slowly lifting up his shirt and then letting her inspect him.

[b "Are you sure you just don't want to see me without a shirt?"] he narrowed his eyes, smirking a bit. He then turned around and let her look, shrugging a bit. [b "See. I'm alright"] he assured her.
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From one stance she could understand where hew as coming from but experience in her life had been telling her otherwise. Which made it scary.

Hearing him feel the same feeling should have been enough but when he said he couldn’t make promises and the hesitation from before, it made her wonder if he was just saying that because of what she had been saying. She wasn’t sure anymore, but she knew what she wanted.

Ara could feel his arm around her waist, and a kiss on her cheek. She pouted a bit, and felt a sense of relief knowing he didn’t want to ever break up too. She hugged him too. She hoped to be with him forever. She knew people would change but, because of how Sylus was deep inside, she wanted to hold onto him. [b “I love you…so much.” ] She whispered. Ara felt his caress, and his soft lips on hers. She softly returned the kiss and then would smile to him. [b “I’m very lucky too.” ] She laced her fingers with his, giving them a squeeze, [b “I’ll always want to be here for you too.” ] She looked at his eyes wishing that there was no risk to his life.

She frowned, feeling the tingling fear when he said he head to go. It didn’t sit well with her for him to risk his life for her. She gave a tight small nod. What could she do? If she was in his situation, she would do the same because she would do anything to protect him. Besides, she was sure it would put Sy in a danger if he didn’t meet the end of the deal.

Nyx barked back to Sylus. Ara petted Nyx after too. She rose up, and hugged him tight, pressing her forehead against his chest. It surprised her when he lifted her up. He made her smile a bit. [b “Okay,” ] Ara nodded, [b “Stay safe… and if you need help. Please, call me.” ] She said softly. She saw him go out. She huddled with Nyx, hating having to wait for him while he put himself at risk. She knew better this time. She would be a hinderance if she went with him.

It was irritating to be staying here for so long, and her mind kept thinking worrisome things. She looked at Nyx, [b “Let’s go for a walk.” ] Ara whispered, figuring it would be okay to walk just close to his apartment.

It was still a rather nice walk, but a bit chilly. She found herself at a park. She’d sit on the swing while keeping Nyx close. This was better than staying inside and waiting. She’d swing a bit and started to notice a man coming in. Ara got up, and picked up Nyx. [b “Let’s go boy.” ] She whispered and walked toward the other exit of the small park. She made it safely to his apartment. She ordered sushi, fed Nyx and did her homework. She looked at the time, starting to feel worried for Sy.

Ara changed into one of his hoodies and snuggled into his bed. She went on her phone, and messaged Sy asking ‘Darling are you okay?’ She heard the door a minute later. She sat up, and Sy made it to his room. She watched him, up and down [b “I’m okay. But are you? Did you get hurt?” ] She asked softly. [b “I got some sushi in case your hungry.” ] He seemed to look okay. [b "Take your shirt off." ] She pouted, wanting to see if he really was okay.
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He wasn't sure if she was going to try for her own sake or because he was telling her to. [b "You can still keep your reputation up. Just make sure you make friends with good people. I don't think that girl I met today was a real friend if she said that about you"] he sighed a bit and would hear her going back to the fact that she wanted to be with him forever.

To Sy it sounded more like a fantasy than anything realistic. There were a lot of things that happened in his life and he's even seen people killed off and harmed. He told her the truth. [b "Of course I mean it. I love you and I do share that same feeling"] he didn't love anyone else as much as he cared for Ara.

He mentioned that he wasn't sure what would happen in the future, but when he heard her, he would wrap his arms around her waist, giving her cheek a kiss. [b "Of course. That's what I want to. I don't want to ever break up with you"] he hugged her close and didn't want her to cry. Her words were touching and he knew how much she cared about him as well. No one cared about him as much as Ara. [b "Awe. Ar, you're not delusional. You just know me best"] he caressed her cheek and would lean in to kiss her lips. [b "I'm the luckiest guy to know you love me so much. I'll protect you and keep you safe too. I'll always be here. So there's nothing you need to worry about"] he promised her.

WHen he looked at the time, he had to go. He needed to make those deliveries and sneak some away for Caleb. [b "I'll be careful and I'll be back as soon as I can okay? I have to do this in order to keep you safe"] he looked down at Nyx. [b "Take care of AR for me okay boy?"] he pet his head and then he leaned in to give ARa a big hug. HE lifted her up and hoped to cheer her up. [b "When I come back we can snuggle in bed together okay?"] he promised her, knowing he really had to go.

[b "Give me an hour and a half"] he promised, soon changing into some dark jeans and a hoodie. Sylus then stepped out of his apartment and went to pick up the packages from Luke.


He allocated some of the specific drug for Caleb and kept it in a safe place. He then went to two locations, making a deal with one gang and then bringing some deliveries across downtown. He's been dealing with this for a while, so he knew how to play it safe. Tell them what they want, give them what they want, and make it back home safely.

Sylus made one delivery where one guy tried to keep his money. He fought him off, using his fists and then hitting him in the head with a rock. He grabbed the money and made his way back home, his heart racing a bit, but the only scratches he had were on his fists.

HE made it back to the apartment around ten. Once he entered, he looked inside, wondering if ARa was asleep. Sylus would head to the sink and wash his hands before going into his room. [b "Ar? You okay?"] he called out.
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[b “Because… I care about my reputation. I…guess I could tr.” ] She said but wasn’t sure if that would be ideal. She felt worried about how it would turn out if she didn’t do her best to hold her reputation and keep others happy with her.

She looked up at his eyes when he said he didn’t see himself with anyone else. Then why would he say all those things bfore? She didn’t know if she bought it anymore. There was nothing…she could do to make him feel different, could she? She wondered if she needed to work on trying being a better girlfriend to make him feel the same way.

[b “You mean it?” ] Ara whispered. She frowned him saying he hasn’t done anything wrong [b “I know that. I just…wanted to share the same feeling.” ] She said. She didn’t want to break from him. No matter what happened, she wanted to be with him.

Sy fed her popcorn. She went along with it. Future promises…. She didn’t understand. She looked at her knees [b “I want…to be with you forever. I never want to break up. I want to love you and be loved by you forever.” ] She expressed, feeling her eyes warm up. [b “I want you to always be safe, alive…happy…with me. I’m not afraid to make future promises. Because I know you’re heart. No matter how much you grow” ] She looked back at him and tapped his heart, [b “You care for me…and try to keep me safe. I’m delusional aren’t I? For believing in forever. I just…like the comfort of knowing you’d always be here…safe and with me.” ] She wiped her eyes.

Ara looked away and rested her head on her knees. She looked at the screen, hearing it grow quiet. She noticed him look at the time. She felt the fear kicking in. She would take hold of his arm [b “I don’t want you to go… I’d rather stay here. It’s safer.” ] She wanted to avoid her dad whenever he was home when she could, unless Allister messaged her that she absolutely had to.
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He understood that she was worried about her reputation, but at the same time, he figured that with her friends, maybe she was worried about that too. [b "Yeah. It makes sense you'd want to take care of it for you and your father's sake. It's just really annoying when people are out to get you"] he shrugged.

[b "If they're not really your friend, why are you so worried? You can be nice and civil to people, but I think it's better if you focus and treat your friends"] he told her, soon hearing her mention being together forever and then looking bummed after hearing his reaction.

He sighed a bit and would try to push past this, but Ara looked to be disappointed. [b "Of course it would be you. I don't see myself being with anyone else"] he sat with her on the sofa and would put on a movie, wanting to relax with her. It was shortlived because she kept going back to the conversation about being together forever. Sylus tried to hold her and kiss her and it seemed to be working, but then she would look down again. [b "Well yeah in the future I'd like to start a family and settle down with you. Of course I can do that with you"] he wondered why she was so upset by this.

[b "Ar....what are you talking about. Right now I'm your boyfriend and I haven't done anything wrong. I want to be with you and take care of you for a long time"] he told her, but he also didn't know what the future held and he couldn't really guarantee anything. If they fought they fought, if they broke up, he couldn't stop that. Nothing was set in stone, but he could see ARa as his future.

She ended it and he would stay beside her, feeding her popcorn. [b "Of course. I do. I want a future with you and right now we're doing great. I can't make any future promises because I don't know what will happen in the future. But I'd like for all of that to happen with you. I love you Ar. You know that"] he tried to tell her, getting upset by how sad the mood became.

Ara went quiet and he would hold her, taking a bite of the popcorn and just trying to watch the movie.

WHen he looked at the time, he had to head to head to work soon. [b "We have a little bit of time before I have to go. Want me to walk you back to your place? Or would you like to spend the night?"] he asked, wanting to make sure ARa was safe tonight.
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Ara frowned [b “Is that what’s it’s supposed to be? But, it’s just…different with the people I’m around with – and I’m mostly talking about outside of school. I get a bad reputation… well, you remember what happens.” ] Ara reminded him [b “I’m just scared of the consequences if I don’t make people in my friend group happy. Even if they’re not really my friend.” ] She said.

It really bummed her out. She looked at him and wondered if hew as just saying ‘forever’ now just to get her to forget about it. She had a clear mindset that if Sy and her stayed in a happy relationship that they would go to school, get a career, live together and have a family. She wanted that future and that’s how she saw it. It really didn’t seem like Sy cared much if it was with her or with someone else since he never specifically said her.

[b “You never said it would be me either.” ] Ara retorted. She would sit down on the sofa. He wanted to watch something, so she listened. She heard him but he still never said if he imagined that with her. [b “I didn’t say right now, not even in 5 years or 10. I just hoped or thought that many many years from now you’d imagine still being with me to settle down together” ] She got more upset hearing about things to do, [b “You can’t do those things while being with me? Or did you want people to do instead of things to do.” ] She said and looked away. She got the message, he didn’t hypothetically imagine having that future with her. She understood people couldn’t control how they felt about a person. So…it was just the way he felt about her. Maybe, she wasn’t being good enough.

[b “Nevermind…” ] She whispered quietly, weakly and would huddle herself up and turn her head away from him. It made her struggle not to cry. [b “I hoped…you loved me and wanted a future with me as much as I loved and want a future you. I understand…that you don’t.” ] She then grew quiet. She didn’t talk tor really look, not at him and couldn’t really focus on the TV. She felt Sylus wrap his arm around her waist, she allowed it but she still felt bad. Acceptance that this wasn’t going to end well, and alone seemed like an option right now.

She heard him and she was trying to pull it together to at least fake a smile. He got up and made popcorn. She stared at the TV but didn’t really watch. SHe’d fake a smile this time when he said to enjoy it and kissed her cheek.
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Sylus sighed a bit [b "She was taking advantage of the situation with me"] he told her, wondering why she always had to make people happy. She didn't have to do any of that. IF they were real friends, they'd be happy just being with her. [b "No. If they're real friends, they'd spend time with you, whether you were sad, upset, or even mad at them. If you feel like you're in the right, then you don't have to back down or just get pushed over. Friends will listen"] he tried to come up with a better example.

He walked with her across the mall, buying Nyx a sweater as he held her hand. She kept sulking and he wondered what he said wrong. He didn't think he did anything bad. [b "I know AR. I want to be with you forever also"] he said, kind of getting annoyed. He didn't know what would happen in the future, but Ara was his now.

They made it to his apartment and he would try to cheer her up with a kiss and a hug. It didn't seem to work, so he would face her and ask what was wrong. [b "I know. I do too. You are pretty and smart. WHat are you talking about Ar? I'm your boyfriend. Of course I pick you. I never said I would do that with anyone else"] he heard her say no one was better than her and she was getting a little out of hand.

[b " need to understand that right now, you're my girlfriend and I love you. I do want a family one day and kids, but definitely not right now. There's still a lot of things I'd like to do before then"] was all he could say as he took a seat with her on the couch. HE kept Nyx on his lap and would stroke his back, petting him softly.

He'd wrap his arm around her waist and would put on Hercules. He wanted her to cheer up, but it didn't seem to be working. [b "Come on cheer up"] he had made some popcorn and was bringing some up to her lips, tapping her cheek with his finger. [b "Come on Love. Let's just enjoy the movie"] he kissed her cheek and would try to nudge her to smile a bit.
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[b “I suppose that’s true…” ] Ara whispered, but frowned [b “But they’re not Hilda. I didn’t think she was taking advantage…was she?” ] She wondered if that was true. She didn’t understand him about not having to make them happy all the time. [b “But…won’t they not want to be friends? Then talk about me if I’m not? ] She asked.

They were holding hands but she felt down that he didn’t want what she wanted. Ara kept her head low and was being pretty quiet, even when he held her hand. [b “Do you?” ] She said and noticed how never said he imagined having a family with her in the far future [b “Well, I want you forever.”] She believed that’s how it should be. That’s how it ended in the movies and TV shows. She knew life wasn’t exactly like that but that’s what she wanted.

They got to a shop. Sylus was getting a sweater for Nyx. SHe did think it was cute, and that it would suit him but she kept doubting on what they meant to him. She frowned [b “It’s not bad to you, it’s bad to me…” ] She already planned out what they could do for their wedding. She continued to frown when he said that was all that mattered. Not to her. Not if he’d leave because maybe he wanted to try something new.

They took Nyx, and Ara spoke to him quietly before letting Nyx walk. They headed toward his apartment. Ara pouted and didn’t meet his eyes when he told her to cheer her up. [b “Nothing, I’m fine. We are good.” ] Ara said but her dull tone said all about her actual mood. He could feel a kiss on her cheek from him. She still felt down. So much for having a cute little family together one day. Maybe Sy didn’t even want kids. But he said he did…then maybe he just didn’t want it with her. Well why not? She was pretty, she had good genes. The more deeply she thought about it, the more it upset her.

Sy lifted Nyx as they used the stairs to go up. She closed the door behind them and locked it. She felt Sylus arms around her and as much as she wanted to cave into his arms, she was still pouty. [b “But I want a family one day. I’m pretty and smart…why not me. Why would you do it with some other girl? No one is going to be better then me.” ] Ara said, not even processing she was being childish about it.

She’d nod to watching a movie but she was still feeling down about it, not understanding why wouldn’t he feel that way. He didn’t say he loved her for a while either. Was it because she had imperfections? Maybe he didn’t think she was pretty anymore? She was huddling her knees more than him on the sofa and end up having her eyes warm up. She felt so emotional. She sucked it up because she didn't want to ask him if there was a chance the answer would be bad.
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Sylus shook his head [b "Ar...I know you do, but some people won't be happy, no matter what you do. Like Hilda. You should make some real friends. Ones that will have your back no matter what. Not take advantage like what she was doing today at the store"] he sighed, hoping to wake her up a little bit. [b "IT wouldn't. I think Olive, Quinn, even Tanner and I. We like being around you for you. You don't have to please us or make us happy all the time"] he smiled, holding her hand in his.

When he told her that he wasn't focusing that far into the future, he could see that it affected her. [b "I do imagine being with you. No Ar....I love you and I want to be with you for as long as you want me by your side"] he assured her.

HE held her hand and would walk with her to the other shops. When he saw the sweater, he saw Ara buying it, but looking down. [b "Ar, cheer up. I didn't mean anything bad by what I said. We're together and that's all that matters right now"] he took the uber with her and they brought Nyx and they'd walk to his house.

He would hold her hand in his, hearing what she said to ARa [b "Come on Ar. CHeer up. What would make you cheer up? I thought we were good?"] he asked her and would kiss her cheek. He'd make it to his apartment and would lift up Nyx up the stairs. When he set him inside, he hugged his arms around her. [b "I want to be with you forever. So stop pouting. Let's watch a movie and snuggle with me on the couch. I'll make some popcorn"] he wanted her to be happy with him before he had to make some deliveries and get more of the drug. He didn't spend a lot of time with her but right now he had the time. He didn't want to fight.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 39d 23h 40m 25s
She wasn’t sure about they were advising. [b “I’ve been taught that I have to make everyone happy.” ] Ara mentioned. She didn’t want to cause conflict, whenever she could avoid it because it stressed her out. She already snapped and she didn’t want to make it worse. [b “Would it?” ] She thought about it. Olive had to leave.

SHe felt down about what Sylus said. She had relaly thought Sy wanted the same. She ate her froyo slowly, and would stare at it instead. [b “It’s not my focus now either but… I imagine that with you...but you don’t. I’m just someone you want to date in highschool right? That’s all I am.” ] She said. She heard him getting up. She couldn’t help but take it seriously. She didn’t know why she expected that. He probably still wanted to date other people even if they were working well after.

She couldn’t cheer up, but she just nodded to him. She made it to the exit with him, not wanting to look around. Sy found Nyx a cute sweater for Nyx. [b “It is really cute.” ] Ara said. She’d buy it and kept still feeling down. She didn’t know how to take that in. [b “I guess we’re going to my house to pick up Nyx.” ] Ara said. She’d go on her phone and get an uber for them to her house.

They picked up Nyx out. She smiled a bit when she held Nyx. [b “You’ll be with me forever.” ] Ara whispered to Nyx. More and more she was realizing life wasn’t going to be like those happy ending fairy-tales. Maybe Sy questioned about being with her forever because she had lied. She helped Nyx with his leash and would walk. She didn’t know what more to say to him, didn’t think she could change his mind.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 40d 3h 14m 44s

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