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She would release a sigh, looking into the water and feeling the fear crawling up her body. It wouldn’t take long to drown, that’s how she felt and even if she wasn’t worried about drowning…there was just nagging fear that she couldn’t make go away when she was in a pool.
She did like hearing him talk about how he got into it and how he was so determined about it. She didn’t know if she should find it hot or worrisome that he was in some violent activities. [b “You must be good at boxing too… You are really good at swimming. I admire you,” ] She meant it. She saw him look like he was in thought, but she didn’t bother to nag what was on his mind. She liked seeing him think to himself. [b “I don’t know…doing what you want can be hard even if you have a better chance than you. It’s just about determination. You do work hard, and I really like that about you. You’re amazing Sylus,” ] She smiled.

She did go upstairs and then would return in a bikini and a life jacket. She was scared…still. She saw him looking at her and she blushed. She wondered if he thought she looked stupid with the life jacket, he clearly couldn’t take her eyes off her.

“Okay,” She nodded, mostly to herself. She built up the courage to step into the water, and that was much of a bigger step than she’s ever gone in a very long time. She saw him offer his hand. She felt so scared and it showed through her expression. She did trust him. She held his hand and stepped into the water. It freaked her out that the water was to her chest. She wanted to run back, and she didn’t want to move. She took a deep breath, and her eyes warmed up a bit. She knew she must have looked stupid being so afraid.
She half smiled when he complimented her, “Really? Even with this life jacket?” She asked. He’d walk and she froze up but she walked a bit with him. His positivity was making her feel better. She looked into the water and she did walk in it. [b “I did, I stepped into the water. I actually did it,” ] She’d smile a bit. She was clinging onto his hands like her life depended on it. If he didn’t hunger, she would have hugged him. But he did and she clung onto him. [b “Say that to the water when it tries to drown me.” ] She said, and looked at his eyes, her body trembling a bit. Even if she made it inside, and she could stay in the water right now, her body still remembered the trauma and telling her this was too dangerous.

[b “I’m sorry… I must look so stupid. I’m still really scared,” ] She whispered, wiping her eyes, feeling like an embarrassment in front of someone who could swim so well. She'd cling onto him, arms around his shoulders. At least Sylus made her feel more safe, warm. [b "It does feel, bareable with you here though, just don't let me go okay?" ]
  Ravenity / 177d 19h 47m 57s
He would wait for her and be there for her if she needed him. He'd make sure of that. All he wanted was to keep her safe because she looked so sweet and precious. So innocent. He wanted to date her and keep that innocence protected. [b "It's always scary, but when that day comes, you'll want to overcome it also. You can always ask me for help too"] he smiled and then he talked about his past and how he got into swimming.

[b "Boxing? Yeah! I joined the club at school, but it's not as big as the swi team is right now. I usually just stop by on my breaks"] he told her. All of the hard work it took him to continue swimming made him realize that all of this wasn't just for fun. He was serious about it. [b "THanks. For others doing what they want can come easy, but for me, I had to work hard for it"] he told her and then he ended up going swimming.

He swam around the pool and he would look over at Ara, wondering how he could get her to swim with him. He was glad she decided to step in, so he just waited. When she came out in a bikini, he thought she looked really sexy. She was hot and his eyes couldn't leave hers. She looked so cute also holding her little life jacket.

[b "Come on Ara. I got you"] he walked over to her side and then he held out his hand. [b "I won't let you drown. You can trust me"] he told her, holding her hand and then he led her down the stairs slowly. He let her slowly follow him and then he had her standing in the water. The water reached her chest and he'd distract her [b "You look pretty in your bikini. I love it"] he told her, walking with her and then he stopped. [b "Look. YOu did it! Everything is fine"] he said happily, hot letting go of her hands in case she was scared. He hugged his arms around her to calm her down even more [b "It's just water. You take control of the water, not the other way around"]
  ellocalypse / 177d 20h 18m 56s
It was the sweetest thing to hear him say he’d be there when she texted. She believed him. [b “You’re really kind,” ] She gently smield at him. She watched him go into the pool and she just felt flat out scared to be in it. [b “I don’t know…I guess not for the rest of my life but it’s…well scary.” ] She frowned. She felt pretty terrified.

It made her smile to hear him talk about how he got into swimming. [b “You do boxing too?” ] Sylus must know how to fight then… She felt a little worried. He was technically already a criminal. But it was really nice hearing that he really worked to get what he wanted. She found it admirable. She never really had to work for money but she did have to work for other things. [b “That’s really impressive Sylus. I admire that.” ] She said.

She got splashed, and she’d shake her head. She took a deep breath and decided that maybe she should try it. She nibbled at her lip. [b “Okay…yea, no swimming-I don’t want to do anything that involves my feet going off the ground.” ] She made that clear. She rose up [b “I’ll be back, let me change.” ] Ara smiled.

Ara went back into her house and changed into her red bikini. She even grabbed a life jacket, because she didn’t want to risk it. She’d stand at the small later that lead into the pool but her stomach sank. She’d stare at the water and look back at Sylus. She took a deep breath and climbed down. Then she’d stay perfectly still. She worried about slipping, or what if she end up having her face in the water and not being able to breath? [b “I don’t’ know if I can do this.” ] Ara said, shaking her head, and looking back at Sylus, her voice breaking, “I don’t want to drown.”
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 177d 22h 10m 45s
He thought about it and wanted to keep her safe at least. HE didn't want anyone coming up to her before or after school [b "Yeah just text me Ara and I'll be there"] he told her and then he smiled and went to change.

When Sylus jumped into the pool, he made a splash and then he would resurface to face her [b "You don't? Oh...okay, but don't you want to get over that fear?"] he asked, hoping she did at least. HE would help her as long as she asked for it.

He'd then swim to the edge and she asked him how he learned. He told her what he did and she would smile at him [b "Well....I did anything so I could swim or do what I wanted. WHen I do boxing, I also need money for gear and things, so I try to make enough to do those as well"] he told her and then he splashed a bit of water towards her.

Then she mentioned the impossible and Sylus felt lucky she wanted to give it a try at least [b "Yeah of course. I won't let anything happen to you Ara"] he promised her, hoping she'd come in with him. [b "You can hold my hand and we can just stand in here. You don't even have to swim around if you don't want to"]
  ellocalypse / 178d 2h 49m 50s
Ara lifted a smile [b “Thank you Sy. I would like that at the end of school,”] She felt like she’d feel safer. She thought about Joseph and she should be asking him not Sylus, but he never really could stay with her until then. Besides…she would have to break up with him anyway. She’s been cheating after all.

Sylus wen tinto the pool, she watched him shirtless and wet. Itmade her smile a little. She wouldn’t dare to go into the water herself. Her eyes fell down to his chest and then back up at his eyes when he spoke. [b “But I am scared. I don’t want to learn how to swim Sy… I don’t want to go in the water, unless it’s no deeper than a bath.” ] She watched him go at the edge of the pool. She smiled, listening to him talk about how he learned.

[b “That’s really cute Sy. I like how determined you are,” ] She smiled, and gasped when he splashed her with some water. She shook her head and laughed [b “You’re going to get my clothes wet.” ] She reminded. She looked into the water and just felt so scared. Then she thought about that knife incident. She didn’t want to always be afraid. She didn’t want to go outside and feel scared all the time that something like that would happen, and she wasn’t so sure she always wanted to be afraid of going in the water too. “If I come in, will you make sure I’ll be okay? Will you hold me? I don’t want to swim…but maybe if I just stand in it.” She said, and figured if she even dared to entertain that thought of going something deeper than her waist, than she’d have to grab a life jacket.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 178d 4h 6m 48s
He would look after her because he didn't want anything to happen to her at all. His eyes would glance over and then he would hug her so that she could relax and just feel more comfortable around him. He liked her and he wanted to date, but the least he could do was be there when she needed him. [b "It would hurt! I was just kidding"] he joked and then tried to get a laugh out of her so she'd forget.

When she mentioned she wasn't afraid before, he could understand why. [b "I know. Still, I'm going to walk you to your car so that you don't have anything to worry about"] he promised her and then he ended up staring at the pool. Her pool looked really nice and he wanted to try swimming in it.

He went to get changed and then he headed towards the pool, looking over at Ara and seeing her look at him. He dived into the water and resurfaced, his tattoo on his arm in full view as the water trickled down his body. He would glance over at Ara and smiled as she laughed [b "You don't have to be scared. I can always teach you if you want"] he stood at the edge of the pool and smiled [b "I learned when I was a kid. We went to a community pool. One day I told my dorm mother....I really like this. I saw a team practicing and couldn't get over it. I wanted to do it too. She told me that I had to make some money though, so I did all I could. I mowed lawns, sold lemonade. You name it...I probably did it"] he chuckled and then he would splash some water on her, just a bit.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 179d 18h 2m 31s
He made her feel warm and bubbly when he said he would, “Thank you,” ] She rested on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around him. She felt good to know she would have someone on her side if she needed him. She smiled when he agreed but he was laughing [b “We’re not going to pepper spray each other,” ] She laughed. She still felt bad for being so scared. It was…terrifying. She didn’t want to be that girl on the news found dead, or anything that was near as bad. [b “I wasn’t scared of going late at night before,” ] She mentioned, she’s never had anyone do that. But she always did have someone around.

Ara gave a quick nod [b “It’s okay, go ahead.” ] She said, watching him go inside and change, coming out shirtless in trunks. She admired him a bit, staring for a while and watched him go to the edge of the pool. She’d get up, but keep her distance form the pool. She didn’t like looking into that water. Sylus must look at it and see fun, all she could see is ‘I can drown.’

She would then sit on the ground, still keeping her distance, watching him swim around, dive, go under the water. Ara watched the water dripping down him and oh was it-kinda hot.

Ara lightly laughed, [b “Yea, I’m very sure. You know…pools, beaches-they kind of scare me. I do like watching you,” ] Ara smiled, tilting her head. She took out her phone and would take a picture of Sylus, [b “Sy, how did you learn how to swim so fast?” ] Because he did grow up at the orphanage, so she wasn’t sure where he could have taught himself. Or maybe all schools had a pool.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 180d 6h 5m 23s
He smiled because he remembered how good she looked in the video. She was really pretty. Sylus faced her and then he'd remember seeing her at the restaurant. IF only that was a real date and if she was really dating him already. HIs eyes would look over [b "Good. If they can't catch you, they can't do anything to you"] he assured her.

He stopped pretending to hold a knife because he could see that it was affecting her. He really did want her to do well, so he'd help her slowly get rid of her fear and make her feel capable. [b "I'll be there if you need me"] he rubbed the side of her arm and then he leaned into her. She said she'd buy him a pepper spray and he would agree [b "Okay, we can both pepper spray one another"] he chuckled.

[b "It's natural to feel that scared, especially as a girl out that late at night"] he helped her relax and then he glanced at the pool, wanting to swim in it. [b "I kind of do....if that's okay"] he'd felt her holding his hand back in return and then he thought about it. [b "Let me change into my trunks"] he went inside and grabbed his backpack, changing into some swim trunks and then he would step outside. He took off his shirt and then he walked towards the edge of the pool, meeting her eyes as he dipped his feet in. He wore some pattered trunks that was black and purple. He'd then see Ara and slowly dive in.

Sylus would swim under and then he'd resurface, running his fingers through his hair back slowly [b "Mmm, that was nice. You sure you don't want to join me?"] he asked curiously.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 180d 17h 56m 38s
Ara giggled [b “We did match.” ] She did like how they looked on camera together. She did plan to match see that it would look cohesive.
She practiced with him and thought she was doing pretty well. She knew what to do in theory, just real situations she knew it would be different. There would be much more stress and risk. She smiled a little [b “Mmm, no mercy. I’ll do that. I’ll do my best to get away.” ] That was the end goal. She knew she could forget about trying to take them down because she was pretty lightweight.

It did make her stiff thinking about a knife. He came in and hugged her. Ara held onto him, closing her eyes, feeling safer when he held her. She didn’t want to ever run into that situation again. She thought for a second that that was it, that he could stab her or worse. She took a deep breath and then would sit down with him. [b “Okay… Thanks Sy. That means a lot.” ] She said, but still worried about him if he did come. If he’d get hurt.

[b “I can buy you one,” ] Ara suggested, she did want him to be safe. She really needed to find a solution for this before he got himself in more danger. She’d lean onto his shoulder. [b “Me too… Thank you. I feel bad I got so scared, but… I just am.” ] She sighed. She really never wanted to go out alone-especially in the dark. She felt his fingers brushing trough her hair. It was calming and relaxing. She calmed herself down and saw him looking at the pool, one other thing she was afraid of. [b “We are… It’ll turn out well. We’ll make sure of it.” ] She gently smiled and then would take hold of his hand. [b “Did you want to go into the pool? I don’t mind if you go in,” ] She mentioned. She wouldn’t go in but, she figured he would like to.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 181d 7h 44m 23s
He laughed a bit and nodded [b "Yeah your clothes that day were really nice. Especially since we matched"] he chuckled and then he'd go after her, trying to pretend to attack her, but she would manage to block him and then show him moves that he knew would definitely work.

[b "Good, they should be and you'll show no mercy. If they're out to hurt you, either run or harm them back if you can, just so you can escape"] he told her, soon pretending to hold a knife.

Sylus could tell it was scaring her, so when he leaned in and hugged her instead, he hoped it relaxed her. [b "It's okay. If it's really bad, just run. While you run, text me or someone important. I'll come help you and protect you"] he rubbed her back and then he promised he'd help her.

She asked about situations getting serious, but Sylus already experienced serious situations like that before. He nodded [b "Yeah I'll carry some"] he told her and then he'd sit beside her and he'd try to calm her down. [b "I'm just glad you're safe and are okay. Don't worry. I'll walk with you all the time. Just make sure you have company"] he told her, brushing her hair back a bit and then looking at the pool. [b "I mean, we're almost done with our video too. I can't wait to see how it turns out. We're almost at the final cut"] he smiled, thinking about and trying to change the subject.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 182d 21h 19m 17s
Ara nudged him [b “Thanks. I think I did look pretty too.” ] She smiled. She played along, and it was funny when he pretended to get hurt. [b “I wouldn’t be out to get you. Ever. But assholes who try to hurt me, they’re going to get it.” ] She said confidently. She felt so good about herself being able to handle this-but the second he mentioned a knife-it scared her.

Sylus came to her and hugged her. She relaxed in his arms, [b “I hope so... I freaked out last time and I just did what’s asked but what if they ask for something really bad.” ] Her eyes warmed, because she was honestly scared. She’s never run into a dangerous encounter.

[b “Mmm, I’ll carry that from now on.” ] maybe if she did that fast enough than, she could make a break for it. She held onto him too, and then he pulled back. He caressed her cheek and she’d whip her eyes. [b “Thanks... I mean you can’t make sure of it but, I’ll do my best to be safe.” ] She half smiled. She learned her lesson. Don’t go out late alone.

Ara frowned knowing he had to just hope he didn’t get injuries [b “Maybe you should carry pepper spray with you too. What if get’s so so serious that they bring guns? Then what...this needs to stop,” ] She frowned, feeling her heart rate pick up thinking of Sylus getting shot. She’s heard it in the news before, where a person killed another person for money related to drugs.

[b “Yea...I’d like that.” ] She admitted. She would sit on the sofa with him, and leaned onto him, feeling him rub her arm. She began calming herself down [b “It’s okay...It’s not your fault. I’m stupid for not realizing how dangerous it actually is.” ] She always felt so untouchable but now she realized she really wasn’t.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 182d 21h 31m 21s
He couldn't help but laugh a bit. It felt nice to know that Ara thought he looked really cool. [b "You were really pretty on camera"] he smiled and then he would see her knee go for his crotch. He'd pretend to hold on and then he'd imagine it [b "Yeah it would hurt if you were out to get me"] he laughed and then he would back up a bit, trying to see what else he could help her with.

He pretended to hold a knife and then he would smirk a bit and face her. When he noticed that she was getting a bit creeped out, he figured it was a bit too close to what happened and it probably still affected her. He'd hear her and walk up to her, putting his hand down and then he hugged his arms around her [b "As long as you're able to run and dodge them, that's great. Take corners, turns, you have to make sure you can lose them"] he rubbed her back and then he tried to calm her down.

[b "You can bring like pepper spray. That would give you the chance to run too"] he suggested and then he slowly pulled back and then he leaned in to caress her cheek [b "It's okay Ara. You won't get hurt. I'll make sure of it"] he told her, thinking about what he used.

[b "I don't carry anything with me. Like you, I run if faced with dangers like that. Especially if there are more than one"] he told her, holding her hands in his [b "Should we take a break. We can sit on the couch and just relax?"] he led her to the sofa and he'd sit beside her, his arm around her waist rubbing her arm. [b "I'm sorry. I didn't think I'd remind you of anything"] he told her.
  ellocalypse / 183d 2h 44m 29s
Ara giggled [b “Yea, you are a great actor. You looked so cool on camera.” ] She couldn’t deny that. He pulled her close and being so close, it felt impossible not to be drawn to him, like something pulled her to him. She bumped her lips on his, a slight kiss. She tried to recover from it and then fake knee him in the crotch.

Ara laughed [b “Thankfully not.” ] She was released, seeing him hodl his crotch. Ara giggled again [b “You’re so funny.” ] She smiled when he said she was good. She’s been told that she knew the lessons well but, reality…was far much different. Far much scarier.

Then the mention of a knife made her stiff. She frowned, [b “I’d…do whatever was asked because…well that’s what I did.” ] Because she was so scared. She didn’t want to get hurt. She didn’t want to be found dead on the streets because she couldn’t give up her stuff. She saw Sylus pretending to hold a knife and it still made her feel weird about the whole situation that happened. [b “I’d run. I’m not strong enough to stop someone from trying to stab me. I’d just run…if I could. Hopefully I’m faster then them.” ] She stroked her own arm, feeling still petrified about what had happened. [b “That’s what I was told the best thing to do was. It’s a risk trying to take it off them.” ] She sighed.

She didn’t know how Sylus could do it…be brave like that. She was just too scared. Maybe it could have gotten a lot worse. Instead of stealing her stuff, it could have been something else. She shuddered [b “Maybe I should start carrying a weapon with me…or something. I don’t want to get hurt or anything.” ] And wondered [b "Sy, do you carry a weapon with you...if you're out doing that."]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 183d 4h 21m 43s
He wouldn't hurt her at all. This was all just to benefit her and get her to use her self defense training. He'd kiss down her neck and then he'd get back to reality as they soon step outside.

He waited for her and went for it, rushing in and wrapping his arms around her waist. He pretended to get knocked out in the face and he'd fall back to the couch. He'd laugh and shake his head [b "I am a great actor"] he teased and then he pulled her in close. HIs hands held on tight, but when she was pulled into him, he felt her press against his chest and then he would feel her lips touch his. His amber eyes looked at hers and he was going to lean in to kiss her, but then he'd see where her knee touched.

[b "Ouch! If that was real"] he'd say as he released her and then he'd hold his crotch and then he nodded [b "Yeah you're pretty good. You just have to keep that in mind. He would look over at the mat and then he'd nod his head [b "First. If I were someone holding a knife like this. What would you do?"] he pretended to hold on in his hands, walking towards her slowly, wondering if she could figure out a way to stay safe.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 183d 4h 40m 16s
Ara lifted a smile and nodded. She knew he wouldn’t. He trusted him that much. She enjoyed kisses down her neck, it felt so good. She met his eyes and smiled when he said he did too. They went to the backyard.

Ara broke free and she heard him gasping, and saw him roll and fall onto the couch. She started laughing, when he was laying back and sticking his tongue out. She wen tto him and nudged his shoulder [b “Sy, you’re so dramatic.” ] She saw him peek an eye open. Ara rolled her eyes playfully,” [b “Okay, another one.” ] She said and he faced her and then he pulled her hands. She looked at him curiously and she found herself pulled into him, arms gripping her hands and set behind her back. Oh crap…she did not know how to get out of this. The stuff she’s been doing was to prevent from stuff like this from happening. She still had her leg though.

But, she stared at him and felt so close, her chest bumping against his for a second. She leaned in closer for a moment, spacing out, not helping but feeling so attracted, and bumped her lips on his for a secnd. She tried to shake it out of her head and focus.

She would pretend ‘bash’ his crotch with her knee, but…still touched it with her knee, and then pull her arms apart from him. [b “I’m not so bad at this am I?’ ] She smiled, but mostly worried for when someone had a weapon. At that point…there really wasn’t much she could do but try to use a weapon herself or do whatever she could to stay in pieces.
[b “You’re helping me a lot, thank you.” ] She said, [b “Maybe you can pin me down on that mat.”]
  Ravenity / 183d 6h 44m 36s

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