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He didn't think she was easy at all, but when she brought up him saying these things to others it kind of hurt. Was that how he was really seen. He understood why she was saying it, but at the same time, he felt like the past few days have been nothing and maybe she didn't feel like he cared for her either. He kissed her, his hands moving back to a normal place and then he faced her, seeing her blue eyes on his.

[b "It would hurt....I guess. Maybe I shouldn't have taken it too far either then. I'm sorry if I kissed you when you didn't want me to"] he sighed a bit and could feel how aroused he was. He really wanted to sleep with her, but he could see it would only mean something else and do her wrong.

[b "Then we'll stop it here for now"] he told her, feeling her forehead against his chest. He met her eyes and knew she wasn't his and probably wouldn't want to be his. He felt her cup his cheeks and then he shook his head [b "It's not your fault. I started it. I'm just really glad I got to spend some time with you like this. We were productive today weren't we?"] he told her, feeling bad now, but at the same time, he was thankful for her having him over.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 91d 23h 14m 0s
Being with him, she felt like she was easy. She wanted to mean more than just a girl he could kiss or touch. She looked at his eyes when he said he she wasn’t and that he did care. [b “Do you say that to others too?” ] She asked. Sylus kissed her, and his hands moved from her bikini to her back. She already kissed him, and she kissed him again…feeling she was already too deep down the well. He still held her, and kissed her. His kisses were so good. She wondered if that was true, if she wouldn’t hurt him.

[b “I wouldn’t?” ] She raised a brow, [b “If I used you to help me learn what to do to my boyfriend, wouldn’t that hurt you? Or even not that, we do this…and I go back to him-that would hurt.” ] She asked, because she was pretty sure it would, and at the same time she felt emotions for him-not just dumb physical. [b “I mean…I don’t know.” ] Ara blushed, [b “I kind of do want that…but I know it’s not smart. ] She pressed her forehead against his chest, feeling bad she put herself into this situation, and not being able to stop herself…from liking him.

She shook her head, feeling bad for even thinking of it. She did have Joseph, and she should be doing this stuff with him. It just…she was kind of afraid with Joseph, afraid of how it would hurt, and going too fast that it made her uncomfortable. But Sylus…it felt like he cared, so he didn’t do that.

She looked up at Sylus' eyes and cupped his cheek, [b "I'm horrible... I'm sorry." ] Feeling bad for doing this to either of them.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 91d 23h 21m 53s
He was getting to know her much better the past few days and he was really enjoying her company. She already accepted that he had a family at the orphanage and even knew his real father. She tried to comfort him and even got him a watch. It was kind, sweet, and no girl ever really did things for him like that before. She was special, different. He kissed her, but he was getting into the old habit of wanting to sleep with her.

He kissed and touched what he wanted and it amazed him because Ara was allowing him to. He heard her and it made him sad to hear that she thought she was just another girl that was easy. [b "You're not easy and I care about you and what you want"] he told her, getting back to reality. That was right. She wasn't like those girls asking him to sleep with them or to use him as a favor. He met her eyes and kissed her, his hands moving from her bikini to just on her back.

He listened to her ask about him showing her and then mentioning that her boyfriend was king of rough. He held her on his lap and kissed her more [b "You won't hurt me....but I guess we should stop before anything happens. You probably don't want that"] he told her, meeting her eyes.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 92d 5m 14s
She watched and moaned when he kissed the top of her chest. She felt his lips sucking, and then he tugged a strap with his teeth. That…was so sexy. She bit down her lip, almost giving in but was too shy to show him her body. Especially since she wanted it to mean something if she did show him her body. [b “I know…” ] She whispered, looking a this eyes, [b “But…I don’t want to be just another girl you see. I don’t want to be that easy.” ] [i I don’t want to be one Sylus’ hoes. ] As she recalled at the insult. She didn’t know why but it hurt. She wanted him to see her as not just someone who was pretty but someone that he wouldn’t want to hurt and cared for.

Ara kissed him hard, and knew she was going too far already. She didn’t have to. She knew that. She stared at him when he said he could show her. She blushed, feeling so unsure. Maybe she should just ask Joseph, but she also felt kind of afraid, because he was very forward and a little pushy-which was really hot but not when she was trying to figure things out. [b “Um…I don’t know… I kind of want you to show me but I don’t want to hurt you either. I’d ask…you know-who-but he’s kind of rough.” ] She felt b even ad for mentioning it.

Sylus pressed her against his firm chest. IT felt so good. She made out with him slowly back, enjoying their make out session. Why was it so hard to stop kissing him. She wouldn’t kiss him just because he’s good looking-she was a bit shallow but she could never kiss someone just because of there looks, she felt something and she worried that maybe he had other reasons for wanting to be this close.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 92d 38m 1s
Sylus loved touching her skin. How soft it was on his fingertips and how pretty she was physically. It was easy to just be with her and drown himself in the pleasure of their kisses and touches, but he knew that's not what she's what he wanted.

He kissed atop her chest, his lips pressing against her soft skin, sucking as he moved over to the straps of her top. He tugged one down with his teeth, but when she spoke, he met her eyes and then he kissed back up to her neck, slowly pulling up the strap [b "You don't need to be nervous Ara. You're beautiful and you know it"] he told her, kissing her cheek and then he could tell she found out he was hard.

He hid the embarrassment well, but he didn't know if she'd do anything about it, so he stopped. He met her eyes and felt her lips kissing him hard. She was such a tease and it seemed like she was leading him on, but he didn't really care. [b "You don't have to know. I can always show you if you want me to"] he told her, pressed his chest against hers more, his hands on her back as he made out with her slowly, letting her have what she wanted for now at least.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 92d 53m 40s
She wasn’t sued to having her bare skin touched. She was still getting used to it with Joseph. It was hard not to visibly blush with his touching and kissing She could feel him caress her skin, hand back where it was. [b “Mmm,” ] She squeezed her eyes feeling his lips on her exposed chest. She knew she was pretty. She clung onto him, not ably to deny it to herself that she liked his lips kissing along her chest. She nibbled at her own lip, feeling something below her-on him and even herself.

Sylus tugged on her straps, pulling it down, making her feel slightly nervous. It wasn’t like…but still [b “Wait…don’t take it off,” ] She shyly spoke, feeling nervous about him actually seeing private parts of her body, [b “It makes me be seen,” ] She shifted on his lap, feeling something in her own body. She could feel him sucking on her skin, making her moan. She stroked through his hair…his hair felt so nice. He was so hot. She imagined a few things but felt too scared to actually do that. She shifted more in his lap, and she definitely noticed. [b “Sylus…you’re…” ] She whispered and figured-he would know and there was no point in mentioning it. She kissed him hard and said [b "I'm sorry...I'm going to disappoint you. I don't...really what to do besides kissing...and touching a bit." ] She felt embarrassed to admit it
but she didn't, she was just getting there with Joseph and he was rough and not all that patient.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 92d 1h 21m 59s
He knew she was together with someone, but it never stopped him before. Whenever he wanted someone, he wanted them and if they responded back to him, he'd pursue them even more. There was something different about Ara. She wanted him back, and yet she had a decent boyfriend. It made him feel aroused at the challenge of trying to win her over, and the fact that she was too beautiful to just let go.

He had her in his lap, his arms around her, caressing her skin as he ran his fingers down her back and sides. HIs amber eyes would meet hers, hearing she didn't mind him touching her. He let his hands slide back into her bottoms and then he would caress her soft skin, his lips traveling across her collarbone as he glanced down to see her chest. He smiled and pressed his lips along the top of her skin, hearing her sweet moans. [b "You're so pretty Ara"] he told her, pressing his lips along her chest at her exposed skin. He would playfully tug on the straps of her top, teasing her as he pulled one strap down, wondering if she'd let him try to take the top off.

He could feel her shifting on his lap, touching him a bit and he'd get even more aroused. His hands rubbed her behind and then he would suck on her skin more.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 92d 1h 58m 24s
She ignored all the thoughts or the reasons why. It didn’t matter…not now. He was kissing her more roughly, and then hands were going down her skin, until she felt his fingers going inside. She began moaning softly and quietly as he nibbled on her ear, kissing lower and harder. She had pressed her chest against him, feeling him rub her ass. She told him and he apologized, [b “I don’t mind…” ]She whispered. She looked at his eyes again. She stared at him, and then at his lips again.

Sylus brushed her hair back that had fallen a little loose. [b “Mmm…” ] She held onto him while he kissed down her collarbone. She felt…something below her, on her and she happen to be sitting pretty close to that area. Was that? No…It couldn’t be. She saw him looking at the top of her chest, the top and center pretty exposed. [b “Mmm…” ] She watched and felt him kiss further down. She shifted on his lap a bit, and kind of regretted it because she kind of rubbed against him.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 92d 2h 25m 39s
He couldn't help but just close the gap between them. It was so sexy to be this close to them and no matter what he did, he could only feel the gap closing even more. His eyes watched hers and the would kiss her lips more roughly, like it when it was wet and felt so dirty. He slid his hands down her back, along her curves and then he reached her ass. SYlus touched her skin and then he slid his fingers into her bottom bikini as he grinned.

He nibbled on her ear, his lips kissing her cheek and down her neck, loving how soft her skin was as he pressed his lips harder on it. He could feel her chest against him, feeling those curves and just getting so aroused. HIs eyes watched her and felt her nails against his shoulder, he rubbed her ass and then he heard her speak [b "Oh...sorry"] he slipped his hands out of her bikini bottoms and caressed her sides and the curvature of her back. He met her eyes and could feel himself getting a bit turned on.

He wonder if she noticed it while sitting on his lap. Sylus brushed her hair back and he'd kiss down along her collarbone, seeing the top of her chest exposed as he kissed further down her neck, wondering if she'd allow him to.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 92d 2h 35m 12s
She took a deep breath, and kissed along his neck. She wasn’t registering all that she was doing. She always had such good self control and now she didn’t want any of it. She could feel his hands massaging her chest, and made her arousal show throw a bit. She found herself sitting on Sylus’ lap, having her cheek kissed. She kissed down his neck and then a kiss to his chest. She rested her arms around his shoulders, her chest bumping against his, while she felt his hands slide down her sides. She relaxed to his touch, but felt a little nervous when his fingers lowere. She met his eyes, feeling him holding her ass. She felt so exposed in a bikini…

Ara closed her eyes when she felt sparks of pleasure by her ear, going down, [b “Mmmmm…” ] Kisses on her neck always felt so good, she didn’t know anything that could really feel better than that Her lisp parted, feeling him nibbling on her ear…and then she felt his hands slipping in from behind feeling her bare skin being touched. [b “Ahh…” ] She blushed and accidentally dug her nails into his shoulder. She felt like if he moved his hand slightly higher then...that would feel great. She held her breath, pressing her chest into him, "Sylus... your hand is in my...bikini." She mentioned, wondering if he noticed.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 92d 2h 43m 38s
He was glad she had a goal to pursue and he found that attractive. He couldn't help but want to kiss her though. She was pretty, so kind, and sweet. He leaned in and kissed her softly, leaning in and licking her lips as he leaned in closer to kiss her more. He could feel her warmth and with her lips kissing him back, it made him smile.

He wanted her. Wanted her badly, so when he traced her lips more, he let his tongue glide along hers and then he rested his hands on her chest, massaging them slowly and then he could feel her leaning in more. Sylus pulled her onto his lap and he would kiss her cheek, feeling her lips on his neck and then he relaxed into her, leaning his head back as he slid his hands down her sides. He rested them behind her, holding her on his lap as he moaned softly [b "Mmm"] he ran his fingers down her lower half, holding her ass as he met her eyes.

He kissed her ear, moving down her neck slowly as he kissed, nibbling on her ear and then slipping his hands into her bikini bottoms.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 92d 3h 8m 40s
Still…there felt a lot of pressure. [b “I guess you’re right. But I have to be perfect.” ] Which was stressful.

Again, she found herself kissing him back. Her body felt so warm, from the water and the little sparks of pleasure. Sylus pressed his lips slowly on her. His kisses always felt so gentle enough that it felt like it was done with care. She could taste his lips, his tongue. She melted into him, moving closer, feeling the desire to have him feel more of her skin, and to explore his. It felt heavy, and she felt this before. Her hands rested on his chest, lowering, feeling how hard it was, how smooth his skin was. She pasued, and met his eyes.

Ara held her breath, feeling his hands glide up to her chest, feeling him massage them. She blushed, but it felt really nice. She leaned in, her desire winning over her logic. Sylus kissed her again, and pulled her into a hug. She end up bumping her chest wit his, and if he had helped her onto his lap, she wouldn’t protest. Her lips fell off his, lowering to his neck. She felt bad that she could fall so easily, but it felt so right to kiss him. She sucked softly on his skin.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 92d 4h 9m 39s
He thought about the competitions and he knew she'd do great [b "Aw, don't be nervous, you'll do great. Most of the girls still have to learn to do the tricks, but you just need to practice. You're already a step ahead"] he smiled and then he sat in the jacuzzi with her.

SHe was sitting to him so close and he would face her, seeing her resting her head against his shoulder. She was so close to him that he couldn't help but want to kiss her. He leaned in and pressed his lips, slowly tasting her lips and letting his tongue glide around hers. He would smile and press closer to her, feeling her return the kiss, letting their tongues meet. He felt her warm hands on his chest and it felt good. Ara got him feeling really warm and he wanted to keep her warm too.

As he met her eyes, he let his hands glide up her bare side and then he slowly moved them towards her chest. He cupped them and massaged them slowly. WHen she pulled back, he met her eyes and then he thought she would be upset with him, but when she leaned in again, he kissed her once more and pulled her into a hug, wanting her on his lap.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 92d 4h 51m 36s
A smile came on her, "Thank you. We have our competition later this year...makes me nervous." She was still iffy about this cheerleading thing but since she was already in, she decided to commit.

The warmth of the pool has her convinced of what she was feeling. Her heart was thumping when he was close. She was going to draw away but Sylus came closer and kissed her. It felt long soft and slow. Ara couldnt help but feel so drawn to him and his lips. She fell into the moment, locking lips and tasting him. She glide her tongue in and felt his tongue play back. She had her tongue underneath his whole she kissed him. It was warm and wet. Sylus hand went into her waist. She put her arms loose around his shoulder
 She drew a breath feeling his hand going down her bare back feeling a pleasant chill go down even if it was warm.

He came in closer and the heat felt stronger. There kisses continued, his tongue licking her bottom lip, so she licked his upper lip, finding that she had lost her breath. Her fingers lowered down to his chest. She parted her lips from his, looking at his eyes feeling so dazed and a bit of guilt but her hand didnt stop feeling over his chest. She'd get in close and hesitate to kiss him this time, feeling a little tug of war in her mind, so her lips grazed against his again
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 92d 5h 39m 27s
He smiled when she agreed that he looked good. He couldn't help but feel a bit more special because it meant more from Ara than anyone else really. She genuinely wanted to be his friend and not just after him or his looks. He watched her flip and then he would clap his hands. It amazed him, so as he watched her land, he smiled and sat beside her. [b "You're pretty good though. They're lucky to have you though"] he sat with her and relaxed in the warmth.

He faced her and then he thought about all the questions he wanted to ask about his dad, about how she knew him and why he was so close to her. She had been closer to him than he had ever been.

Sylus saw her leaning in and then he would face her, his eyes on her pretty blue ones as he pressed his lips against her. He closed his eyes and he felt her kissing him more. HIs followed her lips, his tongue gliding in to play with hers as well, enjoying how warm it was and the taste of her lips. He wrapped his arm around her waist and then he faced her more leaning in, his hands gliding down her back, touching her bare skin. She kissed him back, so he was surprised. He didn't want to stop, he leaned in more, kissing her more deeply, letting his tongue lick her bottom lip.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 92d 6h 6m 11s

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