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He could see her working really hard to put away all the equipment so he wanted to help her. He came over with a cupcake and offered it to her since she looked like she was too busy to grab some. She turned him down, so he ended up eating the other cupcake. He helped her pack up her things and then he put them all into the black duffel bag.

Once they finished, he thought about where they could edit the videos [b "I don't have one"] he told her, knowing he hadn't saved up the money to buy one, so he couldn't really work on it at home. [b "Oh? Okay then"] he figured there must be a reason why she can't do it at her house. She seemed like she was avoiding him after that kiss. [b "Well, then we can just meet up at school and work on it then? That sounds good"] he told her, helping her carry some of the bags.

He saw her unable to make eye contact with him and it made him think she was being really cute. [b "I'm glad it turned out well. The kiss turned out really good too"] he saw her smiling and he brought the bags over to her. [b "Are you heading home? I mean, since we finished, maybe we can go celebrate or something on our project at least being partly done. AT least the hard part is done"] he told her, thinking about how they could celebrate.

[b "Why don't we go somewhere to eat for dinner? Or if you want, we can just hangout? We can go the fair? I heard it started today too. Only if you want to?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 9h 42m 1s
Ara counted her cameras and double checked to see if the equipment was packed. She zipped up the black bags, when she saw Sylus coming over to help her. She looked at the chocolate cupcake he offered her. [b “That’s okay, I had too much sugar today. You enjoy it.” ] Ara gently smiled. She got up on her feet and would text message her driver to come by. She turned her head when she saw Sylus’ with a few props. [b “Um, in that bag.” ] She pointed to a black duffle bag.

The bags were big, mainly because she had stabilizers for the cameras. The sun was starting to fall. It was good they finished before the sun fell. Ara faced Sylus, [b “Okay, together then. Yea, I’ll let you know when I’m free, as soon as I know. Do you have a laptop Sylus?” ] She asked because she wasn’t sure if he had something to edit videos. [b “If we can’t do it at my house, maybe we can use those computers at school.” ] She mentioned, picking up one bag.

She blushed, and glanced off [b “Um….it was a really good scene, it was very convincing. I think it turned out well…you’re a really good kisser” ] She smiled.
  Ravenity / 4d 9h 52m 34s
The whole set up was perfect and Sylus felt really into everything going on. He held ARa's hands on the table, he could feel her leg wrapping around his and just watching her in her beautiful outfit caught his eye. If this were a real date, it would make him more than happy. His eyes would look over to see the cops and he'd rush out of the restaurant with Ara.

He ran down the back alley with her, hearing the cops behind them as he grabbed the man's hat and had her back against the wall. He'd kiss her slowly, but as the cops passed by, he focused on ARa. He could feel her soft lips against his again and he would get into kissing her, making out and letting their tongues touch.

He heard the camera guy and was still kissing her until he heard him again. He pulled back and caught his breath [b "We did. I think it was great"] he smiled and then he headed back with her and the crew to the cafe, taking pictures and thanking everyone. He took a picture with ARa and then he would smile brightly [b "I did. It was awesome"] he'd pose for the camera and then he'd make a funny face and in the second one, he'd keep his arm around her.

Everyone soon gathered for the cupcakes and Sylus would take one, going over to Ara and helping her pack up their things. He finished taking a bite and brought her one [b "You should eat one too. For the good acting you did"] he smiled and then he helped her pack up a few things. When it was ready, he carried a few [b "Where would you like these?"] he asked, holding them for her and thinking about the editing.

[b "We can do it together. Maybe meet up at your house and we can put it all together? Next time you're free?"] he suggested, feeling glad that they were able to get everything done. [b "I bet that last scene was the best scene. We pulled it off"] he said proudly.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 10h 35m 28s
Roses were beautiful. She was drawn to them because she loved the whole cheesy romantic giving a date flowers situation. Sylus appeared to be very comfortable and it was nice to see him smile. He didn’t seem to notice that she pressed her leg against him or hold his hand…but it didn’t matter because she knew it would make good footage.
She wondered if he meant that. She heard his gasp. There dialogue was a bit shorter than the original but-she felt it was much better than what they had before. [b “We should share some ice cream.” ] Ara said, since it was a line in the script right before he said “We’ll continue…’

[b “How come…” ] She got up. He held her hand and they ran out of the back of the restaurant. There was one camera behind them, one camera at the back alley and a drone. Ara ran down with him, looking back and acted slightly shocked. Sylus grabbed a hat off a guy’s head they set up there. Then she was pinned down against the wall. She met his amber eyes, and felt her heart pounding. [i Fuck. He’s hot. ] Sylus took off his jacket and hid, his arm around her waist, and his lips pressed against hers. [i Ohhhh ] She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body close to his and kissed him back, kissing him deeply, and got a little too into the moment, feeling his lips trace hers. [b “yea,” ] She smiled back at him and kissed him again before her lead camera guy said “Cut.”

Ara missed hearing ‘cut.’ And would keep kissing Sylus’ soft lips.
“Cut?” The camera guy repeated.
Ara heard it and blushed. [b “Oh right! We did it.” ] Ara giggled and looked at Sylus, spacing out and taking a deep breath.
“I could have sworn you were really making out,” The guy said.
[b “Yea, we’re just that good at acting,” ] She offered an awkward high five to Sylus, and then to the crew. [b “Thank you everyone. I would love it if we could all take a few photographs together.” ] She said, still feeling a bit dazed from kissing him after he pinned her and kissed her-she knew it was acting but it was still really hot.

She looked back at Sylus. [i He’ll be the end of me. ] She thought to herself. She got everyone up at the front. Ara set up the camera and they took a few photos all together. Then she got someone to take a photo of her and Sylus. She’d pose against Sylus, leaning toward him. One playful expression and one just a bit more serious. She looked at Sylus, [b “You had fun?” ] She asked. She faced everyone [b “Before you leave.” ] Ara said and went into the café, and pulled out tray of cupcakes that she brought to celebrate the end of the filming, [b “As a thank you,” ] She sat it down on the table and let everyone grab a bite.

Ara didn't grab a cupcake, she began collecting the cameras and putting it into bags in front of the cafe. She set her drone inside her bag and grabbed the microphones to set them inside the bag too. She was glad that they got the footage that she needed. She figured everyone would head home soon. Ara waited for Sylus to come by, trying not to space out again, [b "Do you want to the do the editing seperately or should we edit it together one of these days?" ]
  Ravenity / 4d 10h 53m 33s
He was glad he had her choose an outfit for him. It was nice because she was good at picking clothes and right now as he walked up on stage, he felt really confident. Sylus approached her at the table of the beautiful cafe and then he walked up to her, giving her the bouquet of roses. He handed it over and saw the smile on her face, meeting her blue eyes.

He hugged her and hoped she was feeling okay to continue the taping. They were off script, saying whatever they wanted, but he still felt like it was real. He sat across from her and looked through the menu, pretending he wasn't sure what to get. He smiled [b "I'm glad you love them"] he picked out what he wanted and when she said she wanted to go on a date, he couldn't help but wish it were real. If they're first date was like this.

[b "Me too. I've been waiting for this day"] he dusted off the rubble and then he shook his head [b "Just had to pass by some traffic, but seeing you here now makes it all worth it"] he spoke and then a few people were approaching the restaurant. Sylus glanced outside and noticed the cops he was running from earlier were catching up.

He saw that one of them spotted him through the window and were hurrying towards the restaurant. Sylus gasped and then he stood up, hurrying over to ARa as he rubbed the back of his head [b "We'll continued this later. Right now I have to get you out of here"] he held her hand and helped her up as he ran towards the back of the restaurant with her.

There was a loud bang on the front door and then the cops rushed in. Sylus held ARa's hand and led her down the back alley. They had a camera man following as he hurried with her through the alleyway and then they made a few turns to try and lose the cops. Sylus passed by a guy and grabbed the hat off his head. They could hear footsteps approaching, so once they reached a corner, Sylus pinned Ara against the wall. He put the hat on and hid the watch under his sleeve. He took off his jacket and hid it behind the Ara as he leaned in, his arm around her waist, pressing his lips against. He kissed her, his back facing the cops as they passed by, not wanting to disturb the couple making out.

When they turned the corner and continued running further away, Sylus would trace ARa's lips softly and then he would slowly pull back with a smile [b "That was lucky"] he'd say as the camera guy captured the shot.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 11h 28m 7s
[b “I know, I had to, it looks good on you.” ] She giggled. She was glad she got the watch, it was good for their project and it looked good on him. She hoped that the improvising would be fine. They didn’t have too many lines in the original script, so she wasn’t sure if it would go on a bit longer.

She held his hand, feeling better now. She grinned when he called her prettier. They made it to back to the set.
It was still beautifully blue outdoors. She sat in the chair and felt a mix of emotions of improvising this. She guided her own self to just pretend it was the two of them. Ara’s eyes flickered onto Sylus for a second before they started filming, he looked so confident walking onto the set.

The cameras rolled, and at first, she focused on the now cold cup of coffee in front of her. She’d wrap her hands around it, taking a sip, lowering them, and seeing Sylus…he made her heart flutter when she saw the roses. Ara was up on her feet, her eyes beaming at the beautiful bouquet. She took hold of the roses, melting a little inside. She looked up at those amber eyes, [b “These are so pretty.” ] She held onto them and giggled when he called her beautiful, not able to contain her laugh from a little nervousness and he gave her flowers. She hugged him too, going on her tip toes to give a better hug. She sat down with him and let him take his order.

[b “I’m okay now.”] She said and shook her head [b “You’re not that late, roses make up for it,” ] Ara set the flowers down. Ara pressed her leg against his underneath the table and then would take hold of his hand just like they held hands before while he was ordering. [b “I really did want to go on a date with you. When I said maybe, I meant, one day.” ] She decided to he honest and fill the space. If he thought she was acting, then that was okay. She saw him dust off the rubble that he was supposed to [b “Are you okay? Did something happen?” ] She asked, and remembered the worry she had when he was bruised up…or worrying about his job.
  Ravenity / 4d 11h 56m 53s
He laughed when she said he could be bribed, but he just shook his head [b "I can't, you just wouldn't let me go without this watch"] he teased her and then he slowly stood up and then thought about improvising [b "Yeah, we'll say what we need to say and have extra footage to choose from. I'm sure we'll be fine"] he told her, thinking about how he was going to try and go after her anyway. He really did want her to be his girlfriend if he could.

He held her hand in his [b "Oh? Well I would agree that you are prettier"] he chuckled and then he walked back with her towards the set, seeing everyone had arrived back and were ready to continue filming. He felt like a movie star as he walked into the set.

Sylus let her go off and prepare as he went to make sure he looked decent. WHen he came in, he was filmed holding a bouquet of roses as he walked over. He saw her looking amazing and couldn't help but have a natural smile on his face. He thought the roses would be a good surprise and trigger a natural expression from Ara.

He walked up to her, handing her the roses as he smiled [b "You look beautiful"] he spoke, giving her the bouquet and then hugging her close. He'd take a seat and order the pasta he was supposed to order, meeting her pretty blue eyes. [b "How are you? I hope I wasn't late"] he'd mention, dusting off some rubble that showed on his shoulders from stealing the watch for the tapes.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 12h 29m 57s
She fixed his hair up a bit. He looked good either way, but she liked touching his hair. [b “Ahh, so Sylus can be bribed with objects.” ] She teased, giggling. She had tried to bribe him to be her friend when she was little with her toys. Improvising, made her a bit more nervous, because she didn’t want to mess it up if they did treat it like a real date. She did want him to like her-secretly.
[b “Alright, let’s go for it. It may be longer, but we’ll cut it and we can always redo it.” ] She suggested, figuring at least improvising might do the trick to getting into what it would really feel like.
[i More than friends. ] She thought to herself since they did…kiss, and make out and he was the second guy she’s let her touch her chest. [b “ Mmm, yea, I think it might.” ] She end up teasing him a bit.

[i I don’t know if I already am. ] She watched him stick out his tongue and then his hand. [b “You are pretty good looking but I’m prettier.” ] She stuck her tongue back. She took hold of his hand. She would nod [b “Let’s go.” ] She walked back with him, swinging there two hands and arriving at the scene. She text messaged everyone to come back with a little apology, and that they would be doing this little bit differently.

[b “So, I will be sitting down, and you can come in.” ] Ara reminded, and would take her seat down in the spot they planned for. There was a cup of coffee in front of her. She had her phone at the side of the table and pretend to be doing her own thing until her date arrived. When she saw Sylus coming in, her eyes lifted up to him, and again-she always was impressed by how he looked. He was still so sexy in that leather jacket. And she also…felt nervous. What to say?

She rose up, tucking her blonde hair in, [b “Hey, you look amazing,” ] She said, wondering if she should hug him or not, if not, she’d just sit down. A fake waiter would come in and say, "What would you like for today?" He asked Sylus. Ara watched him. What he had was already in the script, and was 'planned' out by the watch on what he should have.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 4d 12h 45m 38s
They held each other's hand and walked together at the park. She seemed to brighten up her mood a bit the more they talked together. He didn't want her to be upset, but at the same time, he felt like he just needed her to be okay with them being friends. He'd probably keep trying to make his advances, but hopefully she wouldn't mind.

He sat down and he saw her leaning in to fix his hair. It made him smile as he nodded [b "I want it to look real too. It is thanks to this watch we're on a date after all"] he chuckled and listened to her idea. Doing it for real would make it feel real. The audience would also probably pick it up as well. [b "I like that idea. Let's do that so it's more real"] he suggested, thinking about it.

[b "We already know each other as friends, so this being our first date would be nice"] he heard her teasing him and he shook his head [b "You are pretty, but I happen to be really good looking too. Don't fall too hard for me"] he stuck out his tongue and then he offered his hand to hold hers.

[b "Let's head back? We can wing it and I'm sure it'll be fine"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 13h 6m 58s
Holding his hand again and talking it, made her feel better. [b “Okay,”] She gently smiled. He hugged her and she hugged him back. She liked how it felt to hug him. She held his hand after the hug, seeing him smile at her like that was so nice to see. [b “Alright, we should.” ] She didn’t know what but she liked to at least be friends with him because she resonated pretty well with him when they were talking.

Ara sat down with him and could hear him taking deep breaths. She looked at him, and admired how he looked for the day. She stared and saw his hair fell out of place because of all the wind. She leaned in and fixed it up a bit [b “You look perfect.” ] She whispered. She still did feel nervous but she felt better than she did before. [b “Yes, I know you’re there. I want it to look real.” ] She spaced out, looking at him and then looking at the view. She thought about the script and thought… [b “What if we-improvise the scene a bit instead? Treat it like it really is our own first date at the café? Where we get to know each other and stuff. Even if it’ll be weird with cameras and everything, but, maybe it’ll look real then.” ] She looked over at his eyes to get his take on it.

Then she'd nudge his shoulder a bit [b "But I can't promise you won't feel real things since I'm so pretty." ] She flipped her hair playfully and giggled, just teasing him, wanting to be happier...and lighten up the mood.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 4d 13h 15m 38s
He wasn't sure exactly what to say to cheer her up, but he really wanted to. He wanted to make sure she was okay and that he could help her if he could. His eyes looked her over and figured that she was right. Her and Joseph will deal with their own problems in their own way. HIs eyes looked over her and then he held her hand in his. [b "Yeah you're right. I'll let you decide what you want to do and I'll decide what I want"] he led her down the path and gave her a hug.

When she said it was okay and that she wanted to spend time with him, he smiled [b "Me too. I don't want to be distant either. We'll try to do more things outside of school and hangout. I don't mind"] he met her eyes and then he walked back with her slowly [b "Let's relax for a bit then"] he pointed over at the park bench and then he sat down beside her. He let her take a few deep breaths, hoping it would help calm her down a bit as he sat down. [b "It'll be okay. You don't have to be nervous. I'm there too"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 13h 31m 35s
She said what she wanted to say. IT didn’t matter how he’d take it, because they were going to be distant anyway at this rate. She couldn’t do this with a smile when it hurt. She heard his sigh and then he apologized. [b “Okay…” ] She softly spoke and then said [b “I can worry about my own conflicts with him.” ] She didn’t understand why he had to worry about her own relationship when it was hers and Josephs’ problem to deal with. He reached over to hold her hand, and she let him.

She looked at him puzzled, and then she shook her head [b “No, his opinion does matter but that’s for me to worry about and decide.” ] She didn’t know if he was getting it, but he said that list bit and it made her relieved that he said ‘that’s all we need.’ She saw him smile a little, and then he pulled her into a hug. She wrapped her arms around him too, resting her head against his chest, [b “Thank you. It’s okay.” ] She spoke softly. She lifted her head and looked up at him, definitely not going to cry. She nodded slowly, [b “I want to spend time with you. It doesn’t feel good when we’re being distant.”] She held his hands soon, squeezing them, seeing his amber eyes, feeling a little ache in her chest. She looked at his lips and remembered kissing him. She wanted him to feel something for her too and not just attraction. [i Ara, you have to stop. ]

[b "I think...I need to calm down a bit before we go back. I feel like I'm still going to make a mess of it, I feel more nervous than I did before, and now my heart is pounding." ] She spilled what she felt and she hardly did that.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 4d 14h 16m 18s
He couldn't believe that their little fake date was going well, but when he mentioned Joseph, he could see it all going south. He wondered what he said, but he didn't get it. Ara released his hand and her mood went sour, which made him feel like he made a really big mistake. He held his breath and sighed a bit [b "I'm sorry ARa, I didn't mean it like that. You are in charge of your own decisions, I just didn't want there to be conflict between the two of you because of me"] he frowned and then he reached over to hold her hand once more.

[b "I....I guess his opinion doesn't matter. I don't know what I was thinking. In the end, if I want to hang out with you and if you want to hang out with me, that's all we need"] he lifted a small smile and tried to cheer her up again. [b "Your thoughts matter to me. They do. I'm sorry"] he apologized and then he walked over and pulled her into a hug, holding her in his arms. [b "I'm sorry okay? You're the one that I want to spend time you still want to spend time with me?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 14h 40m 1s
Her mood crashed ans she was overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts that made her so upset. She didn’t want to do any of this, and she figured she just had to pull it together to get it over with. She released his hand, not wanting to be close, since after this they weren’t going to be anyway. She wanted to walk away from him entirely.

She faced him and debated if she should get actually release her anger. She wasn’t sure it was worth it and what good would it do? She didn’t raise her voice, and kept her tone still calm, [b “I don’t like being treated as if my boyfriend or whoever is in control of me, owns me or that I need their permission for my decisions.” ] She felt her stomach sink and she tried not to get emotional, she was mostly angry. She glanced off, and took a breath, [b “You kept asking about Josephs’ opinion-like it mattered the most, not mine and it makes me feel like what I feel doesn’t matter. I hate that…” ] She sucked it up because she didn’t want her makeup to run. She didn't look directly at him.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 4d 14h 44m 42s
He was only worried that she didn't want him in her life or that Joseph would say something, so he decided to mention it. He didn't want to cause trouble between them, but when he spoke, he saw her mood change and he wondered if he said something wrong.

He finished up his ice cream and then he heard her say she was bad. He didn't think she was bad at all, he just thought she was struggling more than usual. [b "I know we can"] he mentioned Joseph again, not wanting to strain their relationship and then she gave him another cold look. As they walked in the park, he felt her hand release his and then he wondered why [b "Are you okay Ara? What did I say?"] he frowned, not wanting to make her upset. HE was supposed to cheer her up.

[b "I....didn't mean to make you upset"] he told her, facing her and then wondering what was wrong.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 15h 5m 38s

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