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They were soon all on the bus and he would sit beside ARa, looking at her dress and finding her so pretty. She was definitely the prettiest one in this bus, but he wasn't sure how she would fare in the camping situation.

Collin made a comment and he didn't know if that was going to affect her, [b "It's where..."] he tried to explain, but then she searched it up and saw the images. [i Too late]. [b "I know, but sometimes camping means getting down and dirty, whether that be stepping in dirt or even not showering for a few days..."] he told her.

When he heard her comment about Klara, he didn't like that she was judging like that. [b "Yes, but you don't have to say it that loud. What has Klara ever done to you?"] he whispered and then he would just forget about it for now. She'll experience the camping thing and realize what Klara was wearing was more than fitting.

They played games on the bus, but when they arrived, pretty much everyone's phone was out of service. [b "Ar, you're going to have to deal with no service for a while"] he told her, already prewarning her.

Once they had their luggage, they were sent to their cabins. Sylus headed into the boy's cabins and would see that he was sharing a room with Collin and two other guys in his class. He'd set his bag on the top bunk and then he would smirk [b "Shotgun"] he then checked out the bathrooms in the back with Collin and would smile a bit [b "This is going to be fun"] he laughed, heading back to his room. One of the guys nudged him "So how's being with Ara. Think she's going to survive?"

[b "Yeah I think so. She may be materialistic, but she can survive a mere four days"] he spoke, soon hearing the screams. All of the guys headed outside of their cabin and the girls as well. When they approached the cabin, he saw Klara taking ARa out. [i Already?] he bit down on his lip, hoping she was okay.

When they all met up in the main area, everyone was talking about Ara screaming. He would meet up with her and he'd hug her [b "Ar, it's okay. Don't worry, nothing is going to make you sick. It'll be alright"] he assured her, looking her over. [b "The bugs don't get close to you and the cabins aren't that bad. They have AC and a bathroom out back. IF you need me, I'm in the first cabin okay?"] he assured her.

Some of the camp employees instructed them on the layout of where the bathrooms and the lake were. They were all just going to set up lunch for the day and then were free to kayak in the lake or swim. Tomorrow they'd have a hike.

The classes were split up in groups of ten and told to go to their stations. One station was in charge of prepping the food, the other team was going to cook, the other team was plating and handing out. Sylus got put on the cooking team with ARa. They were making burgers and hotdogs.

When the first team finished prepping the hotdogs and the patties, he'd start to cook them up on the grill. He'd nudge ARa a bit [b "See not so bad right? It feels good to be outdoors"]
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Ara grinned when Sylus complimented her outfit too. She giggled [b “Thank you.” ] She hugged him tight after he kissed her cheek.
She did’t like it that other girls asked to sit next to him. She happily took her place and stayed by him. She didn’t look so thrilled when he reminded her that they would be staying for four days. It sounded…horrid. She sighed [b “I guess…Maybe. I’ll try to like it.” ] She still felt a bit nervous. She didn’t want to be a downer so she suppose she would have a positive attitude about this.

She heard Collin kind of making fun of her and then Sylus teasing her. She blushed a bit. [b “What’s a mud run?” ] She asked, and would bring out her phone to search it up. She gasped [b “Sy, I would never do that.” ] She couldn’t believe he would even think she would. That looked so gross.

Ara mumbled something quietly, kind of judging what everyone was wearing. It was clear who couldn’t afford good clothes to her. She turned his head when she was nudged, and him narrowing his eyes a bit at her. She frowned. [b “Gets…what? Looking like a…” ] She pasued and decided not to say it. Sy would just glare at her. It wasn’t like it wasn’t true. She sighed to herself.

No judging? [b “People judge no matter what you’re doing.” ] Ara told him. She searched for the seatbelts and realized there was none. Well… That was weird. [b “Oh, well… Alright.” ] Ara said. She smiled a bit when he wrapped his arm around her waist. She leaned into him.
Sylus mention sneaking out at night had her so excited. She imagined it to be romantic…sneaking out, watching the stars and snugging. This could be a lot of fun. She would take out her tablet and play a few Pictionary games with him. As they were getting closer, she realized the cell phone signal was really low and almost dropped to nothing at certain spots. Ohhhh no… [b “Sy signal here is weak.” ] She whispered to him. The bus came into a stop.

They lined up, picking there luggage and she heard their assigned cabins. She end up with Klara, and a few other two girls. She didn’t really know them well but she didn’t mind. She struggled to pull her luggage. She saw Sylus waving at her. She pouted a bit and then waved to him back.

She went in with the girls into the cabin. The moment she stepped in, she got the scent of wood. It was tiny, and there was bunkbeds. Her jaw dropped in disbelief. Where the hell was she supposed to put all of her stuff? How could a person fit in there.
[b “They’re joking.” ] Ara said.
“Joking?” Klara said as she put her luggage bed “About what?”
“Nothing…” Ara said quietly.
“We call bottom!” The two girls shouted quickly and sat on it.
Ara looked at them like they were crazy [b “What? No. I ‘m not sleeping up there. I will fall off.” ]
“We called it first.” One shrugged and laughed, “Too bad. You’ve never slept in a bunkbed-right?”
Ara tried her best not to glare at her. She didn’t want to cause problems. She looked at the top bunk and felt horrified of falling and it was small. She would definitely fall over and she couldn’t. She just couldn’t. [b “No, I’m not sleeping up there.” ] Ara said determined.
No one listened. They were just changing.
[b “Where’s our bathroom?” ] Ara asked, wondering if any one of them knew.
“Ethan said the girl’s bathroom is the large cabin behind us. I’ll go with you” Klara explained.
Ara stared, wondering what she meant. They had to share? Like at school? [b “This is torture.” ] She whispered to herself. She went to grab a few things from her luggage for the bathroom, wanting to freshen up. Then she saw a cockroach. Ara screamed bloody murder [b “What hell is that!?” ] She would back up and noticed a spider at the corner of the room. She went pale, screaming again.
One of the attendents came running in asking what was happening. Ara pointed out the critters, how it was a hazard, and that they needed to be moved. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy. She was ignored. Klara would pull her hand to bring her out to the bathroom. Ara was sniffling because this wasn’t what she was used to. She’d rather be home.

One hour passed and they went into the main area where everyone gathered inside to be introduced. Ara heard a bit of chatting, about her screaming because of a bug. She would find her place with Sylus, [b “I don’t like it here.” ] Ara whispered [b “Theirs bugs, they could make us sick – no one takes it seriously.” ]
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He was excited because even as a kid the orphanage would go camping all the time. IT was one way for them to connect together and just enjoy each other's company. HIs eyes looked over Ara and he would smile [b "There's a lot of fun things. I'll show you and you'll experience it for yourself"] he chuckled and would explain to her what the guys usually did. They mostly talked about girls, fought, and just tried to be tougher than one another.

The next morning when Sylus was in line for the bus, he was in casual shorts and a flannel over his graphic tea. He wore a hat and would smile when he saw Ara in a pretty dress. [b "Oh wow Ara, you're looking so cute"] he smiled and would kiss her cheek. They lined up and Sylus went into the bus first before saving a seat for Ara.

A few girls walked by asking to sit with him, but he'd refuse. He didn't want them to take her seat, so he would say he was saving it for his girlfriend. THey'd look disappointed as they walked away, but he didn't mind it. When he saw ARa, he smiled brightly [b "We are! For four whole days. You'll like it Ar"] he assured her.

When he saw Collin, he chuckled a bit [b "Ara would dress pretty even if we were doing a mud run. THere's no point in trying to tell her otherwise"] he told Collin and then he would see Klara pass by and he'd wave. When he heard Ara mumble, he'd narrow his eyes a bit and nudged her [b "Hey we're going camping. She gets it at least"] he whispered and would lean into her.

[b "In camping you don't do any judging and you just have fun"] he assured her, seeing Ara look confused [b "There's no seatbelts because these kinds of busses are special. These seats are made for impact, so it's safe for the passengers even without seatbelts"] he told her, wrapping his arm around her waist.


The bus ride was about an hour before they headed up into the forest. They'd all chitchat and Sylus would tell Ara about maybe sneaking out at night to meet up.

When they arrived, they drove up the center of the campsite. There were a few cabins visible outside and some camp grounds with wooden tables and chairs. They would slowly unload their belongings and line up to pick them up as they were assigned a cabin. Sylus followed the line and grabbed his luggage, seeing that he was in Cabin 1. Cabin 1 and 2 were for the boys and 3 and 4 were for the girls. He would then wave to Ara, heading to his cabin to unpack for now. They'd meet up in an hour for activities.
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She didn’t understand how he could sound so certain that it would be fun. She sighed [b “The only good thing about it is that you’ll be there too.” ]
Ara would half smile when he mentioned Klara and Collin. She hadn’t talked to Klara for a while… She’s been spending time with her friend group, and Klara never seemed that interested in talking to her. She did see Klara looking back at her noa dnt hen though, but Klara never did respond.

[b “Hmm? That’s not much different hen what we do.” ] She pondered. [b “Well…most of them don’t play games like me… but we do argue, and sometimes we throw stuff or grab each other.” ] She wondered what there fights looked like. Wrestling… She tried to picture Sy.


Ara dreaded Monday morning. She woke up early and dragged herself out of bed. She was devastated at the small luggage she had to bring. She…secretly snuck in a few things of hers in Sys luggage and brought a backpack with her that had some more stuff. She fixed up her hair, the front strands of her hair braided back. She put on a red sun hair pin to hold it in from behind. She thought it was cute. She wore maroon red dress-casual, fairly slim and a dark jacket on top, she paired it with some black sneakers that tied it pretty well. Sure, they said dresses weren’t a good idea, but they had to be joking.

Her driver drove her to school. Her luggage was stuffed. It was a cute pastel purple luggage with stickers plastered all over it. She also had backpack filled over her shoulder. She met with Sylus with Ethan taking attendance. Ara yawned, and noticed Sylus looking very casual. Everyone…was. She was warned but…she didn’t like to. They put there luggage in, the person who helped her was surprised by the weight of hers.
Her phone was blowing up just with texts. She’d quickly reply as they were waiting to go inside. Sy was in the bus first, she worried if she wouldn’t get to sit next to him. She got nervous.
At least three girls asked to sit next to him. Ara wouldn’t have it anyway. She sat next to Sylus, setting her bag on the ground and then wrapping her arms around his waist. [b “I still can’t believe we’re going to be living like the…” ] She paused it right there realizing that it may come offensive [b “um…nevermind, I forgot what I was going to say.” ] She yawned a bit again. She saw Collin. Ara smiled at him and he’d sit behind them.
“You’re luggage is really full huh?” Collin laughed, “I saw the struggle.”
Ara blushed [b “It’s just… I had a lot of stuff I needed.” ]
“I guess for a rich girl. You dressed pretty today too.” He pointed out.
Ara grinned [b “I know.” ]
“Sylus, didn’t you tell her she’s going to get her clothes all dirty?” Collin said.
Ara frowned. She would not. Collin waved at Klara to sit next to him. Ara saw what Klara wore, old t-shirt and jeans. Ara sighed [b “Effort so low…” ] Ara mumbled to herself. She looked back at Sylus and snuggled to his side [b “So this is what it’s like to be in a school bus. It’s kind of ugly.” ] She admitted and then shrugged [b “Oh well I have you.” ] She smiled at Sy.
Ethan went up to talk about bus behaviour. Ara was looking around for seatbelts but there were none. She was a bit confused. She hasn’t used public transport, besides subways or trains . Ara whispered to Sy [b “Why is there no seatbelts?” ]
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She did take really good care of him and he was so thankful for that. Sylus would hold her hand as they headed back to his house, helping Nyx into his arms as they fed him. Once they were ready to go on his walk, Sylus would hold the leash as they headed to the park, his other hand holding ARa's.

She didn't seem excited for the trip, but he was. He just hoped to change her mind soon enough. [b "You'll have fun AR. I'll be there too"] he smiled as they walked Nyx.

[b "I'll be with you the whole time and so will your friends. YOu'll be fine. Plus you have Klara and Collin too"] he assured her. WHen she asked about what they talked about, he'd scratch his head [b "Hmm, just dumb things like who we like, or what games we're playing. Sometimes we just argue about who's better and we always fight and wrestle"] he told her.

After they went shopping for supplies and headed home, it was only a matter of days before they would head to their trip.


IT was Monday morning, Sylus was up in his room, grabbing the rest of his belongings. He was in a graphic tee, some shorts and sneakers as he carried his bag with him. They'd be taking a bus to the camping area, so they had to arrive to the school early.

He had a baseball cap on and he would hurry on his skateboard to school. HE messaged ARa to meet him at the front of the bus. Since they were in the same class, they'd be riding the same bus together.

Once he got to school, Ethan was doing attendance checks before showing them where to put their bags and then letting them in one by one. Sylus waited for Ara before stepping onto the bus and saving a seat for her.
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[b “I love pampering you.” ] She giggled. She was so happy to see him again, and hold his hand. They made it back and start talking about what they should do. She felt content to know he didn’t have any work.
[b “That akes me happy too.” ] Ara said softly. She brought up with what happened with Caleb. Ara nodded and sighed, feeling bad that she even did reply to him [b “I know, I know. I just end up glaring at him and he made me mad. I’m not replying anymore, I swear.” ] Ara said.

She put Nyx in a leash to get them ready to go on a walk. She went to the door with him and walk with him and Nyxx. [b “That’s it…That sounds like barely anything.” ] Ara frowned, wondering if she could break few other things… How exactly was she supposed to fit everything she needed in one luggage? She frowned some more [b “I really don’t like the idea of going. I’m not going to be able to have everything I need.” ] How disappointing.

Sylus took hold of Nyx’ leash after. She watched Nyx to see how he was doing with being around other dogs. He never really reacted negatively, which made her happy. It must have been all the walks they have been giving him.

She looked back at Sylus eyes and then nodded [b “I’m okay. Just worried about…the trip that’s all. I’m going to feel out of place…They might even make fun of me.” ] Ara frowned, remembering how she was just laughed at for her questions. Plus, she was worried for him but what else was new with that?
Ara looked back at Sylus and remembered how they would be sleeping with other people in there room. She always wondered though. [b “What do talk about with your friends? I always wondered what boys talk about alone or do.” ]
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He heard her and would chuckle a bit. She was adorable and he always thought that her luxurious life was definitely a privilege more than anything. He tried to make her see the bright side of things and came up with as many ideas as he could. [b "I know you do. I love being pampered by my Love"] he smiled and would soon leave her side after class.

After lunch, he didn't meet up with ARa until the end of the day. When he caught up to her, he smiled a bit. [b "Let's go?"] he held her hand and would walk with her towards an Uber. When they got in, he would kiss her cheek, hearing her calling him out. [b "I am? Well it's because I don't have work. I get to spend my night with you and I'm actually really excited about the trip"] he admitted and would hear her mention Caleb. Why did that guy show his face to her?

[b "You did? Love, you shouldn't be giving him any attention"] he sighed a bit and rubbed his brows. [b "I want him to just forget about you"] he told her and would make it into his house.

When they saw Nyx, he looked so excited to meet them. Sylus leaned down and pet him, lifting him up and then giving him a belly rub. He smiled brightly and let him go to Ara. [b "Hey boy"] he smiled and glanced at Ara. [b "Yeah sounds good. We won't need much. Maybe just four days worth of clothes, a tooth brush....and that's it"] he chuckled, knowing that probably wasn't enough for Ara.


They headed to the park and Sylus held onto the leash. He walked with Ara beside him as they saw Nyx smelling the plants and looking at other dogs. [b "You okay Love? If I'm enthusiastic.....are you doing okay?"]
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[b “There’s a reason why we developed technology.” ] She mumbled quietly. She didn’t see them as annoyances. He had a point about no Caleb which she was very fond of.
She gently smiled when he said he loved it [b “I love taking care of you.” ] She kissed his cheek. She knew he tried, and she appreciated it. She still worried about the trip. She didn’t get to see Sylus during lunch. It really worried her. Even at the end of school, Sylus wasn’t there yet.

When she saw him come in she felt so relieved. She hugged him back too, squeezing him tight. He was grinning, and it made her smile a bit and then have that smile fall when he mentioned Caleb. [b “Oh…is that it.” ] She whispered. She was going to speak about it but then he mentioned going back to his house. So, she nodded.

[b “That’s a relief. Ah right, packing for the trip. I don’t know exactly what I need for it now.” ] She didn’t think she was mixing clothing. They walked to the car and was on there way to his apartment. She kept thinking about how he had been alone with Caleb and how she saw him today. Why…couldn’t he just stop. Why couldn’t she make him stop? She snapped out of it when Sy kissed her cheek and suggested something.

[b “You’ve very enthusiastic today.” ] Ara mentioned. [b “I guess…we could do both?” ] Ara said and then remembered him talking about packing or shopping…too. She wasn’t even sure what to do first. [b “Um. Sy…. I saw Caleb when I was out for lunch. I glared at him – I got upset. He texted me, and then… I might have texted him back saying he ruined everything but I did ignore him right after and still ignoring I swear.” ] Ara said. They got this apartment.

[b “Let’s take Nyx for a walk first, he could probably use it.” ] Ara said. They stepped out of the car and head upstairs. Nyx barked, wagging his tail, getting excited. Ara bent down and hugged him [b “I miss you too.” ] Ara said, petting him [b “How does a walk sound to you Nyx?” ] Ara asked and he barked happily, resting his front paws on her. Then he went to Sylus, to say hi too. Ara grabbed Nyx harness and then would help him in it. [b “We could get ice cream on the way, and then pack?”] Ara said.
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He saw her pout and then he smiled a bit [b "I know Ar, it's a way to be one with nature. You can forget about technology and luxuries and try to enjoy the three days we'll be there. It'll be fun. We can focus on just us. No social media, no annoyances, and no Caleb"] he assured her and then tried to cheer her up a bit.

[b "I am taking care of myself. I love it when you take care of me too"] he grinned, taking her hand and looking her over. She was always so pretty to him, even if she didn't doll herself up. [b "Yeah? I try especially when we're seen together"] he smiled, not wanting to ruin her reputation.

During class, he would talk with her about the trip [b "We'll get a lot of free time. I've heard from the upper classmen that they could even wander off on one of the days"] he assured her and then soon enough class ended.

At lunch, he told Ara he couldn't meet up with her since he had to make another deal with Caleb. After he met up with him at the back of the school, he gave him the drugs and made sure no one was around or saw them. Caleb took the drugs and then left before he was spotted by Ara.

After the next two classes, Sylus heard Collin. He mentioned that Ara was looking for him and he he hurried towards the entrance. WHen he saw her, he hugged his arms around her [b "Hey you"] he grinned and then he leaned in to kiss her cheek. [b "I actually had to do something. IT's Caleb related"] was all he could say in a whisper.

[b "Come on, let's head back to my house"] he smiled and walked with her towards an uber. [b "I don't have work today. Should we go to my place and start packing? Or should we go shopping and get anything else we need?"] he suggested, holding her hand in his as he walked with her to the car.

[b "I'm fine, don't worry"] he promised her and would kiss her cheek. [b "How about we stop by and get you some ice cream? Or we head to the park with Nyx?"] he suggested, wanting her to take her mind off of it.
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Ara pouted a bit [b “My sleepovers are nicer. I’ve been camping before but this doesn’t sound like the kind of camping I would like.” ] Ara said. She was bummed about it and concerned if she would even have any fun. They had a really good breakfast together. She took a bite and couldn’t believe he woke up so early to do work. [b “That’s true…but you have to take care of yourself too.” ] She wondered if he really would be fine.

He looked hot in his leather jacket and ripped jeans. Ah, he was so attractive. It made her happy the way he grinned at her and told her he loved it. [b “I love seeing you looking sexy too. You look so hot in leather and ripped jeans.” ] She grinned too, admiring how he looked. She wanted to…keep him in the apartment but…they couldn’t.

They went to class, and she was disappointed. She pouted and looked worried when he mentioned swimming. [b “I just want a lot of time with you.” ] She admitted, [b “Good to hear we’ll get a lot of free time.” ] But she still didn’t know how she would fair.

She went to her next class, and she believed she would meet Sylus as usual. She saw his text when she just stepped out of her classroom. [b ‘Why?’ ] She sent to him. She didn’t even know where to look for him. She texted Collin because she knew he had class with Sylus right before lunch. [i ‘Hey, did you see where Sy went?’ ]
‘no, why?’
Ara took a breath and texted him ‘nvm, no reason’. She wondered if he still had secrets or…of this was related to Caleb. She felt the nervousness stir in her stomach. Quinn grabbed her arm suddenly and pushed her into coming out to eat with them today with a few others. They went out but Ara kept checking her phone. On the way there, it was about a ten minute walk, she saw Caleb on the otherside of the street. She found herself glaring, feeling hatred for him putting Sylus in that situation. He looked at her confused. She looked away, not wanting to cause trouble.

He sent a message to her once she was sitting down in the restaurant with her friends. ‘Why you glare at me? Miss me?’
Ara saw red because she worried about Sylus and sent him back [i ‘You ruined everything you piece of shit’ ]
‘The fuck? I didn’t do shit’
Ara ignored it and again was questioned by her friends on why she looked so angry. She just shook her head but they assumed something was up with her and Sylus since she wasn’t with him today.

Class came around, she tried to distract herself with the work. She was in a rush when classes ended, waiting at the gate of the school. He wasn’t here yet… She grew more worried. Caleb messaged her again with ‘Hello? The fuck I do?’ She decided she would ignore it again. She lifted her eyes off the phone and saw Sylus coming in. [b “Where were you?” ] Ara asked, [b “I was worried.” ] She said, and squeezed his hand tightly. She waited for him to tell her, and if she felt he was telling the truth, she figured maybe she would tell him that she made the mistake of letting her anger get to her and message Caleb.
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He could tell that she was really concerned for him. He knew she worried about him, but he was being really careful. He tried so hard not to get a scratch because he wanted to avoid exactly this.

[b "'s called a sleepover. Just in the outdoors"] he chuckled, hearing her put it in that sense. IT was clear she didn't like the sound of roughing it too much. He held her hand and made breakfast with her, sitting at the table and then eating up.

[b "I did. I finished it up. I need to keep up with school, swimming, and get into the college I want to. I need to work hard if I want to stand a chance at the Olympics"] he smiled, shaking his head. [b "I'll be fine"] he changed into his clothes and saw Ara in a cute sweater. She always looked so dolled up, so pretty. He grabbed a leather black jacket and put it over his shoulder since it was getting colder. He saw her giggle [b "I love seeing you look so pretty everyday"] he grinned, knowing his girlfriend was so stylish.

At school, they talked about the trip and he heard Ara asking a lot of questions. He'd chuckle beside her and realized just how innocent she really was. [b "Ar....if you have questions, you can always ask me too"] he whispered, hearing her ask about the luggage. She definitely made the class laugh.

WHen the teacher said it would be a good experience, Ara didn't look too happy. WHen she spoke, he sighed a bit [b "It's really not all bad Ara. It's fun too"] he assured her. [b "We'll get a lot of free time to just be out an about. Usually the swimming time and eating is a free period. We'll be able to be together"] he assured her, soon getting out of class. He'd walk her to her next class and then go to his own.

When they met for lunch, Sylus would send Ara a text [i "I can't make it for lunch today. I'll meet you at the gate after school"] he sent and would go off on his own for lunch. He would head off campus to meet up with Caleb behind the school. Sylus gave him his drugs. So far he left Ara alone. [b "Here's this weeks worth. Don't use too much of that stuff"] he told him.

"Shut up. I'll be here again next week. Maybe add some more while you're at it"

[b "You'll be fine with what I give"] he rolled his eyes and would head back to his classroom. He went to his last two classes and Sylus was falling asleep in his last one. The teacher scolded him and made him bring stacks of papers to the teacher's office.

Once he finished, he'd hurry to the gate to meet Ara, being a few minutes late.
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She wondered how much more careful he could be. Still, she had a look of concern.
Then the talked about that trip and it sure sounded anything but cozy. [b “What else do you call sleeping in a tight space with plenty of people then? That’s not cozy, that’s what they do in prison.” ] Ara clarified and couldn’t see how anyone would enjoy that scenario.
They made breakfast together. She was happy to beating Sylus breakfast sandwich and also make a smoothie for them. It tasted all so good.
Ara widened her eyes [b “Heh? You did? You woke earlier?” ] She said, and frowned wondering if he must be really tired now. She’d smile a bit when he kissed her cheek, [b “Arent you tired?” ] She asked. She got up and went to get dressed too. She had a few of her clothes here. She’d go with a yellow knit sweater and a dark brown skirt, tights and her boots she had been wearing. She fixed her hair, doing it half up. She did just a bit of make up and then she went back into his room seeing Sy all dressed up. He looked so cool and causual. She loved those ripped jeans on him. She softly sighed, admiring him. Definitely her boyfriend.

She giggled [b “Thank you. I love those jeans on you.” ] She mentioned.

They got a ride to school and they talked about the trip. The more they talked about it, the more she realized this was not what she had pictured. Swimming… Her stomach sank, she still didn’t want people to know she didn’t know how to swim exactly yet. The schedule sounded so strict, barely any room to be free and be with Sy – unless they got to choose there groups for the activities. Ara raised her hand when it was time for questions, [b “Do we all have to sleep in the room? What if I go to a hotel nearby instead?”] That end up getting a few laughs. She didn’t think it was funny, but even the teacher thought it was a joke. Ara frowned.
They were told only to be bring one bag of luggage. Ara raised her hand [b “What I need two?” ]
“Only one is allowed per person to fit in the bus” The teacher explained
[b “What I get my driver to drop me off?” ] Ara said.
The teacher paused for a moment, and start to realize that her family was wealthy “I think it’s a better experience if you came with us and your classmates.”
Ara sighed, thinking that was a horrible idea. It was going to be some shitty loud bus wasn’t it? Ara looked at Sylus, whispering [b “How did you manage to live like this all these years?” ] She pouted, [b “I want to be alone with you…” ]
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He still didn't want to involve ARa if he didn't have to. He knew she was also struggling with her own issues with her father and that was a problem he knew he couldn't really help in.

Coming home to ARa was the best thing ever. She took care of him and had food ready. He would climb into bed and hold her close to his chest, kissing her lips.

In the morning, he had already finished up his homework, snuggling into her and then seeing her wake. [b "Mhmm, my hands are better thanks to you"] he kissed her, hearing her gasp. [b "Huh?"] he looked down and then he saw the bruising showing on his skin. He heard her order him not to get into fights and he smiled [b "I try my best Ar. Don't worry, it's nothing bad. I'll be okay"] he promised, running his fingers through her hair slowly. [b "I know, I'll be more careful"] he didn't like seeing how worried she was. [b "Ar, it's not like prison. THe camps are pretty cozy. Some people like being outdoors like that"] he told her, leaning into her hand as she stroked his cheek.

He kissed her lips and would get up as they headed into the kitchen. He started on making some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, slipping an egg into them as well as he watched Ara make the smoothies [b "Ooh, I love your smoothies"] he grinned, looking down at Nyx and petting his head.

They'd sit down together and have breakfast, Sylus drinking up his smoothie [b "Mmm"] he held her hand and would shake his head [b "Oh I finished it already. I did it while you slept. So I'm good"] he kissed her cheek, soon finishing up. He'd take the dishes to the sink and he'd hurry to get ready.

Sylus went back to his room and changed into a vneck black shirt and some ripped jeans. He grabbed his bag and would fix up his hair, looking at the mirror and then seeing ARa get ready as well. [b "You look so cute Ar! Let's go?"] he'd take her hand and they'd head outside. Sylus got them an uber for school.

As they walked into their first class together, they were briefed on the camping trip they were going to have next week. Where it was and what they needed to bring. They'd be leaving on a school bus first thing Monday morning. The teacher passed out the slips and they needed to have their parents sign. The boys would be kept in a different cabin than the girls. There was even a list of activities they'd be doing. There was swimming in the lake, hiking, cooking, setting up camp and learning about the wildlife and plants around the area.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 31d 23h 53m 32s
[b “I don’t mind, I can always make the money back. It’s not a big deal.” ] Ara said, money was meaningless if she couldn’t help him. She didn’t want to feel so helpless with his life. At least she could make him smile and have him filled up with food.
They went to bed together,. She was calmed by his touch, his warm chest and his last words before he fell asleep too.

Morning acme in, she really didn’t want to get up from bed. It was so cozy with him. She held him in bed with her. She’d open her eyes, rubbing them, blinking a few times to let herself adjust to the light and have them unblur. She looked at his hand too, seeing it was healing, [b “You…hurt it pretty bad.” ] She whispered. Her eyes fell off him to his shoulder. She gasped [b “Sy!” ] She frowned and looked at his eyes [b “You didn’t tell me you got hurt somewhere else too. You have burses on your shoulder and side.” ] She said and gently brushed her hand over the burse on his side. [b “Don’t get into fights and stop getting hurt.” ] She frowned, worried that he may get hurt much worse than that.

[b “I hate…seeing you hurt.” ] She whispered quietly. She looked up at his eyes when he mentioned school. Camping. She frowned. She wasn’t too thrilled now. [b “I need to have a talk with the teacher about sleeping arrangements. It’s cruel to make us sleep like we’re in a prison.” ] Ara said. She definitely couldn’t sleep like that. She felt him snuggling into her, beneath her chin. Ara stroked his back gently, feeling kisses on her skin then lips. She softly kissed him back caressing his cheek.

[b “I’ll…make smoothies. Let’s share the work okay?” ] She said to him. She smiled a bit when he smiled at her and looked at her eyes. She kissed him back, deeply. She got up too, using the bathroom and then making them mango banana smoothies with some yogurt. She poured into glasses for them and set them on the table. She fed Nyx too and pet him while Sy finished making the sandwich. [b “Your such a good boy Nyx.” ] Ara said to him.

She’d soon sit down with Sy, watching him trying her smoothie first, wondering if he liked it. [b “Oh! Sy, do you need to copy my homework still?” ] She remembered, not have sen him work.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 32d 5h 4m 17s
Sylus didn't want to take any money from her, especially since she was already running low on funds. He wasn't quit sure what low meant to her, but he didn't want to pry too much. [b "I know Love. I'll make it work. I don't want to take any of your money if I can remedy the issue"] he told her, taking a seat and eating up the sushi she brought.

He teased her about sleeping naked and was surprised to hear that he should. He laughed a bit and would feel her stroking his back and comforting him. Once he finished, he'd hug her and hold her hand as they headed to his bedroom as he felt her fingers through his hair. IT felt so relaxing and her affection was all he wanted. [b "Okay Ar, I will. Let's head to bed"] he changed and laid with her, his arms around her waist as he felt her pressing against his bare chest. He'd meet her lips and would brush his fingers though her hair. [b "Of course I will. I don't want anything happening to you"] he smiled, feeling her fingers along his chest as he ran his hands down her back, holding her against him.

[b "Mmm, night Love"] he spoke and fell asleep.

In the morning, Sylus woke up and would do his homework, comparing assignments with Ara and then finishing it up. He felt the bed moving and when he would hear her, he'd set his things away and pull her in again. She spoke and he'd smile [b "Morning Love. Love you too"] he smiled and would look down at his hand, seeing it was starting to scab up. He felt fine, but a bruise had starting forming on his shoulder and his side. He didn't notice as he faced her, leaning into her touch. [b "We should get ready for school Love. Next week is the camping trip too, so we'll have to pack up this weekend"] he snuggled into her chest, beneath her chin as he gave her skin some kisses, pressing his lips up to hers and then smiling.

[b "How about I make us some smoothies and breakfast sandwiches and then we head out together?"] he smiled, meeting her pretty blue eyes and kissing her lips once more.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 33d 16h 25m 9s

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