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She looked apologetic and he figured that her mind was just occupied right now. [b "I'm just glad you're okay. You're still the prettiest to me"] he smiled and would kiss the top of her head. He walked her to class before heading to his next class.

[b "I'll see you tonight then"] he kissed her and would grin at her being at his next match. He felt pretty lucky. [b "I thought you already hired me as your swim tutor?"] he chuckled and would hug her. [b "I know. I'm trying not to do as many of those other jobs"] he promised her and headed to class.

After school ended, he would head home, but he spotted Klara. He felt bad that he ruined the mood last time and wanted to cheer her up somehow. He would make it to her side. [b "Ara has plans tonight. I just wanted to see how you were doing"] he hoped that was okay. [b "Oh well if you need some help, I can help you"] he told her, walking alongside her home. [b "I'm actually going to practice swimming"] he told her and wondered how the rest of her day was going. [b "You can come watch if you want"] he suggested, but if she didn't want to, he wouldn't force her to.

Sylus would walk her home and then he would head to the community pool with his duffel bag. He swam a few laps, making sure he was in good shape as he went back and forth for about an hour. He would then dry off and head home for the night, seeing a few messages on his phone from Luke. He told him he couldn't do any jobs tonight, knowing full well he would be upset with him the next day.

When he got home, Sylus cooked him and Ara some fish and chips. He sent her a text, wondering when she'd be done. He did his homework in the mean time, but when he saw that it was nearly ten, he let out a deep sigh. He was pretty hungry, so he went to eat. He ate by himself and then he decided to head to bed. He showered and changed into a tank and shorts as he texted Ara. [i "Okay, just let me know when you're here. You have the spare key right? I'll be in my room"] he sent and climbed into bed. He was pretty tired.
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[b “I’m sorry.” ] Ara frowned, [b “I didn’t mean to worry you.” ] Ara hugged him tight and smiled when she got a kiss on her cheek from him.

She felt bad that she couldn’t spend time with him in the afternoon. She was only goig because she liked Joseph’ younger sister and it wasn’t fair to cut her out too. Ara sighed thinking back to the substitute teacher. [b “I don’t think that’s fair. I hope she didn’t’ call the office… I don’t want my dad to find out.” ]

She spaced out a bit and nodded [b “I’m okay. I should go. It’s not right for me too miss more of the day.” ] Ara would hug him tight and tell him she loved him. It made her smile so much when he kissed the top of her head. [b “I’ll be there.” ] Ara promised, grinning [b “I’m going to give you lot sof luck.” ] She remembered he couldn’t practice as much as usual. She felt quite bad. [b “Sy, you know, I can still give you a job. Tell me how much you get paid and I’ll cover it.” ] Ara said, wanting him to have time to practice. IT wasn’t fair.

The bell rang and she frowned. [b “Oh, alright.” ] Ara said. She walked with him to the next two classes. The next two classes went fine. One of them she had Klara in, and she tried to talk to her and she was still being a bit off. Ara started to develop an idea on how to make friends with her and have her realize she can go for anyone else she wanted.

It reached the end of school and she met up with Joseph. It was a bit awkward still. They went to his house. She said hi to his little sister and gave her a gift. Josephs’ parents were nice enough to her but they didn’t know she wasn’t with Joseph anymore and Ara didn’t have the guts to say it on his sister’s birthday. It was fun, and she end up staying late, spending time with his sister and Joseph. It felt like early summer again. They would joke about inside jokes and then he apologized for lying to her. Ara still wasn’t sure how real Joseph was but, she didn’t care to know. She was happy with where she was. She didn’t realize how much time past, it was 10:00pm. His sister begged her to have a sleepover but Ara had to turn her down. They were sitting on the outdoors sofa in his backyard. His sister had to go to sleep. It was quiet, [b “So…um…I should get going but, I had a good time. It was almost like old times.” ] Ara gently smiled. She’d sent a text to Sy ‘Hey, srry, I think I might be able to sleep over tho’

Klara was walking home and Sylus came up to her. She felt indifferent. Wasn’t he supposed to be walking with Ara home? “I’m fine. Just behind an essay.” ] She responded and paused for a bit, [b “I guess.” She’d walk along side him. She wasn’t sure what to really say. “How come your walking home alone? And what are you doing today?” She said just to not let it fill up with quiet awkwardness.
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Sylus hugged her because he thought something happen. With the dangerous jobs he did, he never wanted to put Ara's safety in jeopardy, but it could still happen. HE felt so much relief when she mentioned going to starbucks and relaxed. [b "Oh okay. Still, you shouldn't worry me like that. Something could happen"] he kissed her cheek and would ask to take her out tonight.

[b "Oh right. I forgot"] he was disappointed, but he knew she made those plans first. HE went to grab some lunch and would take a seat beside her beneath the tree. [b "I think that teacher was just really old fashioned. There were others wearing even shorter skirts than you that got sent too"] he assured her. Sylus noticed her spacing out [b "Ar? Are you sure you're okay? Maybe you shouldn't go?"] he wondered, holding her hand as he ate and then would wrap his arm around her waist, smiling when she said she loved him.

[b "I love you too"] he kissed the top of her head [b "Our next match is next week. IT's nationals. Our team is doing really well"] he smiled, knowing he should probably practice more, but he needed to still work and do his jobs as well.

WHen he heard the lunch bell end, he frowned [b "Aw, OKay, just let me know when you're done with the party okay? I'll be at my house"] he kissed her cheek and would walk her to her next class. Sylus soon went to his last two classes and then he would grab his board and was about to head home when he saw Klara. HE walked up to her. [b "Hey Klar. You doing okay? Want me to walk you home?"] he asked, feeling bad that he made her so upset before.
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Ara saw relief in Sylus. Howcome? She hugged him back when he hugged her. [b “I went to starbucks. I was just very focused on drawing. I mute my phone usually before class. I forgot to unmute.” ] She explained. Plus, being bothered right before she made it here. She felt uneasy with what was happening right now but she couldn’t tell him. He wasn’t supposed to know she was there that night. [b “I’m okay. I don’t know why I got sent to the office…but I’m okay.” ] Ara said.

She frowned as he asked her go out. [b “Sy…I’m sorry. I have to go to Josephs’ sisters birthday party. If I can get out of it early, I”ll come though.” ] Ara gently smiled. She felt bad because she wanted to spend as much time with Sy as possible.

Sylus went to buy a sandwich. She shook her head [b “I ate.” ] She said. She nodded [b “I am. I didn’t mean to miss the last one.” ] She would lean into him while he ate. [b “It kind of just happened…” ] She grew quiet, spacing out in her own thoughts. Then she’d lean into Sylus and kiss his cheek. [b “I love you.” ] She would lace his fingers with hers. She held onto him tight. Never she had she imagined that she would have something that she could actually lose.
[b “When’s your next game?” ] Ara asked, trying to remember. She had wanted to do something nice for him since she couldn’t last time.
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Sylus saw her in the morning and it sure made him really happy to know she as doing okay and looking cute. He kissed her cheek and held her hand as they walked in, seeing that it was a substitute. The way the substitute spoke to Ara made him upset. IT was clear she was too old to know what was normal at the school now. IT wasn't even that uncalled for.

Sylus went through his next few classes, texting Ara, but she wasn't replying. He'd go into his next class and would see no other reply again. He let out a sigh and when lunch came around, he'd try calling. Ara wasn't answering and now he was frustrated because he thought something happened.

He hurried around, asking her friends, the cheer team, even Joseph and Tanner, but no one saw her.

When he finally got a text, he sighed in relief. He headed towards the tree and waited for her [b "Ar!"] he hugged his arms around her waist and he'd smile. [b "Where'd you go? WHy weren't you replying?"] he wondered, finding it odd. [b "Class is just class, but are you okay?"] he wondered, noticing she had been a bit down lately. [b "I don't have work after school about we go see a movie? And eat out? My treat?"] he offered, hoping that would cheer her up a bit.

He didn't have that much time to eat, so Sylus just ended up buying a sandwich from the cafeteria. He offered ARa some and just sat down and ate. [b "Are you going to your next few classes?"]
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Ara smiled brightly at Sylus compliment. She thought she looked cute too. Then…the substitute picked on her. Ara was sure she didn’t cross the dress code, not really…it wasn’t any shorter than their cheer uniform. Plus…her dad might be called. Ara took her things. She didn’t want to make a scene, and what could Sylus do even if she said no anyway? So, she gave a nod and left. She didn’t dare think about going to the office, thinking maybe that sub didn’t tell the office. But now her dad might found out she didn’t attend class.

It drew so much anxiety. She didn’t know where to go. Home? Or maybe go to a coffee place. She made her way out, and managed to sneak out enough to go to a starbucks. It wasn’t that close to the school but still close enough she could take a walk to. She would order herself a drink and work on a drawing. She’d look on her social media, different platforms seeing she couldn’t sell enough to make a lot of money, because she couldn’t keep making new things quickly. She lost track of time and end up missing the next class too.

She got up soon enough and checked her phone since she hadn’t for awhile. Sy called earlier. She’d text him back [b [i ‘Sorry, coming back. ] ] She walked out, seeing that it was just a bit past lunch time. As she neared the school, she saw that guy again. He start bugging her, asking her out, and then would point out a bruise where she didn’t cover perfectly and asked questions. He got really mad demanding to know who did it. Ara had to tell him off, and said she had to go to the office. She’d go inside and text Sy [b [i ‘Where are you? I just came back to school. Let’s meet?’ ] ] Ara sent. She saw the texts from friends. She replied back and explained what happened. They got pissed about it.

When Sy sent the text where he was, she’d follow and would hug him and smile, to join him for lunch. [b "How is everything? I went to starbucks instead of the office. I drew on my ipad, that's all I did...then I lost track of time." She said.
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He was glad that Ara was really happy to see him. He knew that there wasn't a lot of time that he got to spend with her lately, but he did try to rearrange his schedules so that he could have the weekend free to spend time with her and Nyx.

Sylus would smile [b "I'm glad he's at least got company at your house"] he grinned as he soon told her how his conversation went with KLara. He told her she might still liked him, but there wasn't much he could do about that. He was with Ara and he loved Ara so much. [b "Yeah I will. It's not like they could take me away from my pretty girlfriend"] he said goodnight and soon hung up and went to sleep.

In the morning, Sylus dressed in some jeans and a tank. He had his swim jacket on as he headed to school. His eyes met Ara's when he saw her and he sat beside her, thinking she looked really cute today too. [b "You look great Ar"] he sat with her and when the teacher called her out, Sylus frowned, hearing that she needed to change. What was up with this substitute teacher? It wasn't fair at all. Sylus saw her leave and he'd text her. [b "Ar....are you okay?"] he sent and hoped that she was fine.

After class, he'd call Ara [b "Ar? Where are you? Did you want to meet for lunch?"] he asked, hoping that everything was fine. He spoke with a few of her friends, asking if they saw her anywhere. When they said they didn't, Sylus grew worried. He went to his next few classes until lunch, hoping Ara would text him back.
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[b “No, no, it’ sokay.” ] Ara gently smiled [b “I’m happy to see you.” ]
She had a feeling Sylus wouldn’t mind.

Ara nodded. She looked back down at her room seeing Nyx sleeping, [b “He’s sleeping. He spent some time with the cook too. He should be around people during the day too, because he needs to go potty and he gets lonely.” ] She wished she could cuddle with Nyx in her bed but she didn’t want to wake him.

Ara felt her stomach twist a bit. [b “Oh…she does? At least you gave it a shot. That’s all that counts. "] Ara listened about work and didn’t like that a lot of girls were giving him so much attention. It was expected though. As long as he kept away. [b “Tell them you have someone and your not interested.” ] Ara said. And then she giggled [b “I’d love that.” ] She saw him leaning in to kiss the phone, so she did the same, mocking a kiss. [b “Good night. Mmm, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you.” ] She said to him. The call ended, and she crawled into her bed.

She snuggled into her sheets, and fell asleep. Morning came in. She wore a red skirt, and a white and red horizontal stripped t- shirt. She put on red lipstick because she felt like it fit with the outfit, did her hair half up and grabbed her backpack. She would say hello to Nyx, fed him and played with him before she had to go take her ride to school.

She swiped through her phone while in the backseat. Messages from friends…and a birthday party this Friday. She knew Sylus normally worked. She shouldn’t go either. She checked few messages she got from strangers, which happened quiet often, usually it was just about her post, clothes, or innocent ones. Except one…that was off.

Ara stepped out of the car, seeing the clouds starting to thicken. She went to her first glass, which she had with Sy. She’d smile to him and sit right next to him. Except today they had a substitute. An older women, who looked at Ara a bit disgusted. “You come here.” She said. Ara frowned and stepped up. She start asking Ara bout the length of her skirt. It was about the length of her cheer uniform. She start lecturing her about her appearance, looking like a slut. “Go to the office, take this slip.”
[b “I can change.” ] Ara said quickly, not knowing into what but, she felt her heart pounding knowing that they might just call her dad or he’d find out.
“Office and then change.” She said.
Ara held her breath, and would quietly grab her stuff as other students came in. She glanced at Sy, [b “I’ll be back, maybe…” ] She said. She would leave and decide not to come to class either way.
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Sylus saw Klara's message and he just let out a deep sigh. IF she didn't want to be friends anymore, he'd understand that, but he always thought that Klara was one of the people that was actually genuine to him. He just too her for granted back then.

He did his homework and would get ready for bed as he called Ara. When she answered, he'd see her tired face and he frowned [b "Aw, I'm sorry Ar. I didn't know you were asleep"] he pouted and would see her sweet smile. [b "I'll make it quick so you can sleep"] he smiled and listened to her ask about Joseph's sister's birthday. [b "Oh. Yeah of course you can go"] he would smile and knew she would be fine. He trusted her after all.

Sylus was tired, but he liked talking to Ara before bed [b "Is Nyx okay with you?"] he asked, soon hearing her ask about Klara. [b "It was okay. She seemed pretty down. I think she still likes me"] he told her, shrugging a bit. [b "I told her I just wanted to be friends, but she doesn't know about that"] he sighed a bit.

Sylus then talked about work and how there was this huge part of girls that wanted his attention, but he tried to avoid it. They still have him a big tip. [b "I can't wait if you do stop by. I'll give you five star service"] he chuckled, leaning in to kiss the phone [b "Good night Ar. I'll see you at school tomorrow"] he smiled, saying goodbye as he soon hung up and passed out.
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Klara replied to Sylus text message with ‘Okay. Thanks for the apology. Idk if we can be friends but yea’
Ara passed out on her desk. Sylus calling woke her up late in the night. She’d rub her eyes and would pick up the call, “Hello?” Ara said with her voice sounding tired and saw they were doing facetime. She had to squint, her phone was too bright. Ara yawned. She saw him siling and she’d smile too to him, blinking a few times. [b “I’m okay. The game was fine. No, it wasn’t because of me that they won.” ] Ara giggled. She tried to even recall what happened today. She sighed to herself, was that a dream?

Ah right. [b “Um… Sy, Joseph’s sister has her birthday tomorrow. She’s little and I agreed to go. I hope that doesn’t bother you.” ] Ara said, didn’t thinking it would bother him but she did want to let him know. She would comb through her hair and remember he was supposed to have a talk with Klara. But first, she’d just sit and watch him on camera. He looked good. She smiled to herself. That was her boyfriend. She space dout for a bit.

[b “Ah right, how did the talk with Klara go? Is everything going okay? And, tell me about work. I still need to drop by your workplace, after tomorrow, I swear I will. It’s a promise.” ] Ara smiled to him.
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He saw her looking away and it made him feel bad because of the way she was looking at him like that. It was clear something was bothering her, this conversation didn't seem to be going anywhere in the direction he wanted it to go to. [b "I....I guess she changed me somehow"] was all he could really say.

When he heard her scoff, he frowned [b "Can we not?"] he asked, wondering why she was so upset. HE thought it was all in the past. [b "I still care about you Klar. You're one of the girls I care about the most"] he assured her, seeing her look so hurt. [b "What can I do? I just really wanted to apologize for the wrong I did you"]


Sylus went to his job, helping customers, taking orders, and running around the sushi restaurant. IT was more of a high end place and it everyone walking through the entrance was in fancy clothing.

SYlus would take orders and a table with a few girls was trying to hit on him. He'd see them flirting, trying to take hold of his hand and tug him towards their table. He would give them what they ordered, but would just try to be polite and turn down their invitations.

Once he finished his shift, he saw his phone, seeing Ara reply. [i 'Really? That's great AR! I'm glad we did. I bet it was because of your cheering'] he smiled and would head home.

Sylus did some homework, readied for bed and would text Klara. WHen he saw her reply, it made him upset. [i 'I'm not trying to pity you. I just wanted to apologize for all of that. For the way I treated you. You didn't deserve that and I know it was a mistake. I'm sorry'] he told her.

SYlus would then call ARa at night, wondering if she'd pick up. IF she did, he'd smile [b "Hey you. I hope you're doing okay. How'd the game and the cheering go?"] he'd ask.
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Klara wondered what was it about Ara that made him change for him. She’d look away, “It’s only been a three months, you weren’t like this three months ago.” She reminded him, “Three months ago you were still now and then kissing me.” She had hoped that maybe he’d just stop one day, and he’d go to her. But no it had to be Ara. [b “Great. A good friend.” ] She replied, scoffing.

She didn’t know what to believe from him. [b “You don’t care for me like you care about Ara…I can tell. Even if I’ve known you longer and stuck by you.” ] She said, and looked away again, and said she’d think about it. It still hurt. It hurt seeing him around Ara all the time, looking so in love.


The game came into an end. She spoke to Joseph. It was tomorrow, his sister’s birthday. She got nervous about it, since his parents still thought they were close. She said goodbye to her team, giving her closest friends hugs. She put her backpack over her shoulder and decided she’d change when she got home. She was scared her dad would be mad if she disappeared too long.

She was about to head out and then she was stopped b the guy she saw last night. Her stomach dropped, and she grew stiff. She only grabbed a slight glimpse of him, before quickly looking away, to walk around him.
“Hey, I know you recognize me. Thought you went here… good thing you came back safe.” He said, stepping in front of her again.
“Uh, sorry, I don’t know you. I have to go.” She said quickly.
He shot a look and shook his head, “Don’t play fucking dumb. Good thing you’re pretty.”
Ara nearly glared but she was also afraid. She was sure one of her friends or someone would be coming through the front of the school and help her out soon. “What do you want from me? I need to go home.”
“Wanted to hit you up. You’re pretty,” He smirked, looking at her up and night, “And curious what a girl like you doing in a neighborhood like that. You look like you got a lot of daddy’s money.”
“I was walking my dog, and walked too far. I’m…with someone, I’m not interested. Can I leave?” Ara asked. He stepped forward, Ara stepped back. He had tattoos, piercings and dark haired. She felt threatened…by his tone but his appearance didn’t make it any easier. “Whose the guy? I bet he got nothing on me.” He said.
Ara felt the vibration on her phone “He’s got more. My ride is here.” Ara walked past him and felt him grip onto her wrist that was already bruised. She winced, and shook his hold and ran off into her car. She would pick up Nyx, and went home. She played with Nyx. He was really sad from being home alone all day, he was still a pup. She then remembered to check her phone and would reply to Sylus [i ‘We won! By one point. How was work?’ ] She texted back.

Ara did homework, and then managed to talk to her dad into at least letting her take some more lessons. Then she went to work on some artwork and posted it up online, to hopefully make some money off of that too. She felt tired, and that lingering fear was still there. She end up falling asleep on her table, waking up at three am again and going back to sleep in her bed.

Klara replied to Sylus with [i ‘I’m fine... I’m finishing my homework. I don’t need you to worry about me, or pity me. I just thought one day one day we’d be together again. That’s you’d ask me to come back, instead of sleep with a lot of girls right after.’
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He left after school to meet up with Klara, feeling really nervous because he knew he was a little too late for all of this, but Ara convinced him otherwise. HE did feel sorry about what he did to her a long time ago, so he wanted to be able to make it up to her.

When he met up with Klara at the front of the school, he saw her looking away. Did he do something? Did he say something wrong the past few days to make her look like this?

Once he started explaining himself, he could see that it was a little too late for an apology. He shook his head [b "No, I didn't break up with her. I just.... I know I messed up and I hurt you. I wanted to clear things up, not just let it slide"] he admitted and would see her looking down.

[b "I...I don't know Klar. Maybe I just needed time? TIme to mature...."] he told her, wondering why she was speaking like this. IT made him feel really bad for explaining all this to her. [b "I know you've been with me for a long time and that's why I consider you a good friend. just Ara. I don't know why but I did feel like I needed to change"] he admitted, hearing her suddenly tell him he didn't have feelings for her.

[b "Of course I did Klar! You were my first girlfriend. You were different and out of all those girls I was with, you were the one I cared for and still do"] he tried to tell her. She looked upset and he didn't mean to make her this upset.

Sylus watched her leave and he felt bad now. He didn't mean to hurt her. He would let out a deep sigh and head over to his workplace to start his shift.


Sylus spent the night serving customers and running around from table to table. Once he finished, he would text Ara [i 'HOw's the game Ar? I just finished. Going to head home'] he told her, changing back into his clothes and then skating back to his apartment.

When he got there, Nyx wasn't there. HE assumed Ara had him since he gave her the spare key to his apartment. He set his bag down and started to work on his homework for now, playing some music. He tried to text Klara [i 'Klar, are you okay?'] he'd send and try to finish up before midnight.
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[b “I’ll try.” ] Ara softly smiled, [b “You know I want to be with you.” ] Ara squeezed his hand. It was chilly today. It was reaching the near the end of November after all… Dcemeber would be coming soon. IT felt like she’s known him for a lot longer.

Sylus gave her a goodbye kiss that she returned. She had to go to the game first, and cheer with her squad. She’s been spending plenty of time with them since Sylus was always so busy. Sylus text made her smile. It was enough to make her feel like everything would be fine. At the very least for now, there was peace.

Klara et up with him at the front of the school. She really wasn’t sure how she felt about this at all. She would awkwardly look away. Then she’d listen to him talk. “Did you do something bad?” She wondered. He started speaking. Sorry? Why was he suddenly apologizing now. It didn’t make sense. She felt a little chocked up. “Why are you saying this now? I don’t get it. Did you break up with Ara?” She hadnt’ heard anything. SHe felt…hurt.

Her lip waivered but she refused to let him see how much it hurt. “Why didn’t you change then? Why do you have to now? I don’t get it. What makes her so special? We knew each other longer.” Her voice broke a little, “I stuck around you even after. Just because she’s a pretty blonde cheerleader? I don’t get it.” Her voice cracked a bit. It hurt more that he he didn’t look bothered that they broke up. “You never really felt anything for me did you?” She shook her head, and decided she just wanted to go home. “Thanks for the apology but…it feels really late.” She would dare to look up at him, remembering stuff but started to feel that maybe he just never did feel the same way as she did. That hurt. “I’ll think about it…” Klara looked away, feeling her eyes becoming a bit warm.

Ara got a little tired after a few cheers. Her arm was sore. Doing handsprings ached, but she masked her expressions…except for once. Then her coach asked her what was up. She lied and continued. They had halftime, and she saw someone from last night on the opposite team. She felt her stomach sink in. She tried not to stare. Joseph came over for a minute. “You doing okay?” He asked.
Ara nodded, [b “Yea, why?” ]
“You look tired, uh… you’ll probably say no but… I didn’t tell my parents yet. That we’re broken up… It’s my little sis birthday. You always come and…” Joseph said.
Ara looked back at him and nodded [b “I’ll come… You should probably tell them though.” ] Ara mentioned. She did like his little sister, so she did want to come for that.
“Cool.” He said and went back. Ara watched the other team, and the guy she recognized form last night put back on his helmet, and they locked eye contact. Ara looked away quickly, deciding it would be fine. It was dark last night anyway.
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In the morning, he ate breakfast with ARa, enjoying what she made first thing. There was something about seeing his girlfriend cooking that was pretty arousing. It was sweet to see her like that. They finished up and he went to school with her, figuring that a game would make her nervous. He didn't get why though. Ara was the prettiest cheerleader there.

[b "You don't have to be nervous Ar. You're the one that stands out the most. You're so pretty"] he kissed her cheek and would head to school with her. They went to their first classes together and Sylus couldn't help but space out sometimes. HE thought about shooting that gun, his hands almost killing someone. He then would shake his head and try to focus on the lessons.

When lunch came around, he met up with Ara, hoping she'd want to spend lunch with him. They ordered food and he would sit beside her at the tree, watching videos together and then looking at her social media. She had so many followers.

When lunch ended, he felt a bit disappointed because he wanted more time with her. [b "I should be home around nine? Maybe you can head to my apartment then and we can spend the night together?"] he wondered if she'd like that.

He'd give her a kiss and head to his last two classes for the day. Once school ended, he saw ARa's text [i 'Love you. You too. Good luck with the game. I know you'll be great'] he sent and would head to meet up with Klara at the front of the school.

[b "Hey Klar"] he waved and would meet her.

Sylus ran his fingers through his hair and would take in a deep breath. [b "I needed to tell you something"] he felt embarrassed telling her all of this. [b "I'm really sorry about all the things we did when we were together. I know you broke up with me back then because of it, but you didn't deserve any of that. I was a jerk....someone who just wanted to have fun and mess around. I'm really sorry for ruining that for you"] he admitted, letting it all out.

[b "I can, how I should've treated you....and how kind you were to me. I just wanted to let you know....and I want to keep being your friend if that's okay"] he told her.
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