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She rose up and they began grabbing sheets and pillows to build there fort. She got enjoyment seeing him put the blanket over there fort. She helped set it up, and then stuffed the insides with him. Ara crawled right in and sat down. She giggled [b “We could but the bed might be more comfy,” ] She reminded. The lights were off, and they had flashlights. She used her phone.

[b “I haven’t done this at all.” ] She mentioned. She leaned in and kissed him. She laughed [b “Mmm, maybe you should.” ] She teased and happily kissed him back. She never thought she could just act like kids again with him. She smiled when he called her his princess. [b “I’ll help you fight too.” ] Ara said proudly [b “You can be my price too.” ] She said and watched him peak out side. His words made her giggle. [b “Archer’s fire!” ] She yelled out playfully, [b “I don’t think my prince should go into battle. I want you to stay with me here, safe. Or else I’ll go in battle with you.” ] She played, and felt that sinking feeling again. The one that reminded her that she just loved watching him act like a kid, play something so silly with her. It was romantic…and too warm.

[b “Okay, we won the battle and now we’re alone, finally.” ] She laughed and looked at his eyes. She wished he felt what she felt. She wanted to give him everything. [b “The maids, and everyone else is gone. Just us.” ] She said and took hold of his hand giving it a squeeze, “In our beautiful castle.” ] She played, feeling so good being here with him. She'd lay her head on his lap, looking up at him and reaching out to poke his cheek. his eyes twinkled when the flashlight was near him. She was so mesmerized.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 9d 4h 26m 51s
He met her warm lips and then he had a smile on his face because he was glad he could help cheer her up and bring her mood back. He would laugh a bit when she mentioned the fort and decided that it was a great idea to just start working on it. He wasn't that tired either. [b "I'll do anything to see that smile of yours again"] he hugged her and then he got up.

He worked on setting up the frame of the fort. Since he's done this many times with the kids from the orphanage, he had an idea of what to do. He set up the chairs and even put some on the table as he covered it all with the blankets.

He helped ARa stuff the insides with blankets and pillows as he climbed right in. [b "We can sleep here tonight if you want too"] he chuckled, putting some pillows on the first and second floors of their fort. He turned off the lights and grabbed another flashlight as he headed inside and laid back. [b "It is. I haven't done this in a long time"] he smiled, looking around and then feeling Ara's warm lips again. [b "I should make you a fort more often princess"] he smirked and then he kissed her again.

[b "We play pretend. You can be my princess and I'll protect you and the fort from the rival nation"] he suggested, looking around and then peeking outside.

[b "My princess. The enemy is at the gates. I'm going to have to go into battle soon. Fire the archers and barricade the gates"] he told her to give the orders, laughing a bit as they played around.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 9d 5h 21m 5s
She kissed his lips right after, and touched his lip, feeling him kiss it. She wanted to spend the time with him and wondered what else she could do to make him love her. She mentioned the fort and smiled when he said he really wanted to. She loved being hugged [b “Thank you.” ] Ara smiled and she got up. The lights turned on and she waited for his instruction. She grabbed the blanket and threw it at him, giggling. She grabbed the pillows, [b “A queen! Yea! Let’s do it.” ] Ara said. She let him take the lead. She saw how he did it and it was pretty amusing. [b “Where do we put the pillows?” ] She asked. She’d take direction, and once it was built. She grabbed another light and flashed some light on it from the side.

Ara then crawled in side and laughed [b “This is pretty fun. Ah wait! Let me grab another blanket.” ] She crawled out and brought another blanket, setting it on the floor and pillows for there head if they needed any. She crossed her legs and set her phone down, [b “It really is pretty cool.” ] She saw the sheets above her and it felt like a little cozy tent. She looked back at his eyes and leaned in to kiss him again, [b “What else do kids normally do in a tent? Play pretend? Can I be a princess or a queen.” ] She asked, just fooling around and she felt back to normal like this.
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He held her and he pressed up against her back, his hands rubbing down her arms because he wanted her to be okay. He hated seeing girls cry, especially Ara. It made his chest tighten and he didn't like that feeling. He made it a point to tell her he wasn't the same as Joseph, nor was he going to do anything that he would do. He wiped her tears and then tried to tell her everything was fine. THe only thing that mattered was that they were together and had a good time.

He faced her and had a frown on his face, wondering if she still wanted to make it work. She was lovable, there was no doubt about that. When she leaned in to kiss his lips, his amber eyes shined through the dark, watching her as she touched his lip. He kissed her finger and was surprised to hear she didn't want to sleep yet.

[b "We can. I really wanted to build it"] he admitted and then he saw her teeth flash. She was smiling. He leaned in and hugged her [b "It's okay. You're going through a lot right now. I'm here to help you out"] he promised, slowly getting up and then turning on the lights. Sylus went over to the table in the room and then he added a few more chairs around it. [b "Grab the blankets and the pillows Ara, we'll make a fort for a Queen"] he chuckled, trying to do his best to lighten the mood.

He arranged the chairs as an extension of the table and then he even used the lamp to add more height. He would throw the blanket over it all, arranging it so they had a lot space and two tiers in their fort.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 9d 7h 54m 30s
She could feel his arms around her. She thought she would be with Joseph forever. If that didn’t end as plan, then maybe this wouldn’t end well either. They weren’t the same. She did have fun today. [b “You’re not the same.” ] She admitted that. She felt him rubbing her cheeks, wiping her tears away. She felt there was no way out of this insecurity yet. [b “It’s not your fault…it’s just the way it is.” ] She didn’t think it was right to blame him for the way he felt, for not liking committing or not loving her. She knew she fell in love pretty easily.

She wiped her eyes again. She was those things, os that’s why she didn’t understand. Ara looked up at his eyes when he said Joseph did too. Maybe he was right… He was trying hard, and he was upset. What if they could have fixed things? Either way, she felt like it was too late. She cheated on him too. [b “You’re right…He probably still loves me. Okay.” ] She said quietly. She wrapped her arms around him too and , feeling him rub her back. She leaned up to him and kissed his lips.

She ran her finger along his lip after. She recalled where they were and she knew she shouldn’t be wasting moments. [b “I don’t want to sleep yet.” ] She said and caressed his cheek. It didn’t matter if he didn’t love her, she wanted to love him. [b “Can we still build that fort?” ] She half smiled and looked at his eyes, [b “I’m sorry I got so upset…” ] She let her emotions get to her.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 9d 9h 28m 10s
He still didn't know if what he said brought this all on, but he figured it was. If he just told her that he loved her, would that be enough? He held his breath and then he saw her looking so upset, tears shimmering in the moonlight as she spoke. He didn't think he said or did anything to hurt her this much, but she was really sensitive right now and he didn't want to make it worse.

He didn't really like it when she said it makes sense. How did she know why he couldn't love her? He's said it a million times that he doesn't really know how to put what he's feeling into words. IT was definitely a strong like though.

He leaned in and tried to comfort her in bed. HIs arms around her waist as he tried to resolve things and have their relationship be okay. They only just started and she was already thinking about how it wasn't going to last. He listened to her and hugged her [b "I know you're still hurting, but I'm not JOseph. We're not the same. Things will be different with me than they are with him, but I had so much fun today"] he admitted.

He rubbed her cheeks, trying to wipe the tears away, but he could see that she was balling and spilling out everything now. [b "I...don't want to make you feel that way. I'll make sure you won't feel insecure Ara"] he sighed and then she started overthinking her past relationship. [b "It's not impossible. You are sweet, kind, you're thoughtful and you're pretty. Any guy would be lucky to fall for you and I'm sure Joseph did too. If he didn't, he wouldn't be trying so hard to get you back and he wouldn't be so upset as he is. Don't think about it too much, just relax, get some rest. We can talk more about it in the morning. Right now I'm here next to you and we have this amazing hotel. Let's just enjoy it while we're here"] he asked her, hoping that would be enough to calm her down. He rubbed her back gently and pulled the sheets over them.
  ellocalypse / 9d 19h 19m 27s
She came up with reasons in her mind of why he couldn’t love her, and it added up to her. Because she wasn’t like him. [b “Yes…I know. But it makes sense why you couldn’t…” ] feel that way. She couldn’t help but eel upset. With her monthly thing, and the break up, it flared up. She felt scared she would just get hurt.

She noticed him leaning in more. She didn’t want him to see her expression. She didn’t want him to see how pathetic she was not able to handle this. She just came out of a relationship where she was told she was loved, and told him the same, that it was hard imagining that right now, she may never hear it again. Even if it wasn’t real. She couldn’t help it. [b “I can’t help it… All I can think about is the heart ache after.” ] She did feel insecure. Joseph told her he loved her and he hurt her. If he could do that, than someone who just liked her could do that more easily. At least that was her logic of it. [b “I liked…today too…too much.” ] And that’s why it hurt. All of these good things, was going to hurt once it was over. Because when she thought of Joseph-the good things hurt to remember.

She felt him hug her. Tears flowed down her cheek. She felt him rubbing her arm. She still felt so heart broken because of the break up. She felt scared that this would be the same and she’d feel alone again. [b “Everything you’ve done with others, you not liking committing…it makes me feel insecure and, the breakup-he lied to me. I thought he loved me. Now, I’m not so sure. Maybe he never did…and you never will too.” } She ran out and realized how alone she felt. She’s felt alone before Joseph too, especially since her dad wasn’t great and her bother was busy. She only had teachers, and occasional friends she rarely saw. [b “I feel like no one has ever loved me…and maybe it’s impossible” ] She whispered.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 9d 19h 31m 47s
He didn't know why what he said was so hurtful. He really did think that the day was pretty much perfect. They rode some rides together, held hands, had some amazing food and the fireworks and parade were great. He took her to a surprise restaurant for dinner and then took her home holding hands. He thought everything was successful so far, but the minute he got to the hotel, he felt like all of it just crumbled when she said those three words.

He laid in bed with her and they weren't even close anymore and he felt terrible for ruining the night. If he just didn't say anything, maybe things would still be okay and they'd be having fun building a fort together. His eyes faced her and when she mentioned feeling the way she did and wishing she didn't say anything, he frowned. If she felt that way, he was happy, but he just wasn't sure about his own feelings and how to respond.

She mentioned things not being similar and he got the feeling that she was bringing up every bit of a reason that their relationship wasn't going to work. He listened to her and couldn't help but frowned in the darkness. [b "No two people are the same...."] he heard her saying that everything was fine, but then why was she crying?

He held his breath and just leaned in more [b "You're my girlfriend. You shouldn't be thinking about getting a broken heart right now. You're still getting over yours and it's making you insecure about our relationship. Today was amazing and I want to spend more time with you like this"] he saw her turn around and he'd reach over to hug her.

[b "Just tell me what's wrong and we can try to fix things"] he rubbed her arm gently and wanted them to solve this problem because he wanted their little vacation date to last. [b "If you're feeling hurt or afraid or something, just let me know okay? I can help and we can get through it together"] he tried to tell her, not wanting to see her cry.
  ellocalypse / 9d 20h 3m 17s
She couldn’t stop herself from feeling hurt. She didn’t want to but it did and itw as hard not let it effect her mind and speaking. She got in bed, and she wished not to bring it up but he did. She didn’t want to deal with it. She wanted to pretend like it didn’t happen. [b “I said what I felt at the moment. I shouldn’t have done that. It’s my fault for saying that-can we not talk about this?” ] IT felt too touchy and she didn’t want to cry. She got the message and she didn’t want to hear about it anymore. He didn’t like the idea of committing, and maybe he liked a whole different type of girl, and didn’t feel the same connection.

[b “We’re not similar by that much. Our lives are opposites. You break laws, I follow rules that aren’t even laws. You like swimming, I hate being in the water. You’re brave and I get scared of everything.” ] She stated, understanding why he may not feel the same. She didn’t like him saying he didn’t want to be with him. [b “Sylus you don’t get it. I want to be with you or want you to be happy, even if you never say those words back. It is…” ] And that was the problem. She saw him try to look at her eyes, buts he had to look away because her arms warmed. She listened to him and she didn’t know where he got the idea that she’d separate from him right now. [b “I never said…we should separate. I just… I don’t want to deal with another broken heart. I’m afraid you’ll change your mind so quickly because you only like me, and leave. I can’t handle two at the same time, I can barely handle one. Forget it. Let’s just forget it. It never happened.” ] She spoke quietly.

She began wiping her eyes, but had turned her head, to try to conceal it. She still felt hurt from the breakup, and she felt insecure of how this would end too, or if anyone has ever loved her or it was all fake.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 9d 20h 22m 57s
He didn't mind that ARa liked to do some childish things. He really enjoyed the date and he wanted to continue it into the night, so the minute they got into the hotel room, Sylus was treating her like a princess. He held her hand, spun her, but then when he fell into the deep kiss, he was drawn in, wanting to hold her and kiss her more. His heart was racing in his chest and he grew excited, but when she said those words, his chest twisted and he felt his stomach sink. What did that mean? He didn't really fathom what that meant and it caught him in confusion.

He didn't know how to respond, so he did with the words he knew how to say. It felt awkward after and even the kiss didn't feel right. Ara looked upset and the minute she bolted away, he felt his stomach cave in. What did he do wrong? Everything only changed when he said he liked her. Was that not enough for her? He sat down and frowned, feeling like he screwed up and it was his fault.

As soon as she came out, he laid in bed with her, turning to face her as he apologized. [b "Why are you upset? You feel what you feel and I still have to figure out what I'm feeling, if it's the same. It's not your fault"] he sighed and held her hand, but he could barely see her facial expressions in the dark. She mentioned being too different and how it all makes sense and he wondered why she was feeling like that. Did she not enjoy the date? Did it not go well enough for her? He was so confused.

[b "Different? We are also really similar? Why does it sound like you don't want to be with me just because I didn't say those words back? I....thought everything is going well....?"] he met her eyes and wondered if what he was feeling was love. [b "I don't want to separate over this Ara...."] he told her, feeling like she might break up with him.
  ellocalypse / 9d 21h 2m 38s
It was nice to hear that he liked doing those sort of things, [b “I think they’re fun too,” ] She admitted [b “Even if I never done that before.” ] She said. It was beautiful today and she was feeling so much for him, just by holding his hand too.

They were back in the room. His behavior was irresistible. She felt so much for him and she couldn’t differentiate between infatuation with love. She truly felt like she loved him, like she cared so much about him and loved his personality, so much about him. The emotions got to her and she said the words in the spurt of the moment. Seeing him look surprised was more than enough for her to know how he felt. IT wasn’t his fault he felt that way but it still struck her. She wasn’t in the best emotional state, and it made it hard to take it.

She hid in the bathroom, showering, crying to herself, feeling like she was delusional, naïve and still thinking life was like how it was in the type of books she read. She cleared her tears and emotions up. All she wanted to do was to forget it ever happened, and hoped he did the same. She came out, catching him laying in bed. So, she decided to crawl in too. She didn’t say anything because she didn’t know what to say. She saw him turn to face her, but she had a hard time doing the same. Then in came the apology. It made her feel worse.

[b “I don’t need you to be sorry for not feeling something.” ] She softly spoke, pulling her knees up. [b “I’m not upset at you-I’m upset with myself. I said something I didn’t think about. I made things weird. It’s my fault.” ] She said in one breath. She noticed him trying to reach to hold her hand. But it still stung. She wanted it not to sting but it did. She felt afraid, that she’d get so hurt, to be lied, ignored or left. Maybe he just didn’t feel that compatible with her. [b “We’re really different too anyway…It makes sense. Anyways, guess we could watch or do something” ] She said. She’d take his hand anyway, because he offered and even if he didn’t love her, she wanted to feel like he did-even if it wasn’t real. This was probably going to really hurt when it was over.
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He remembered building the forts with the other kids in the orphanage. He'd come to visit and they'd want to play, so he'd always join in on their imaginary games and a lot of it was childish. He never really admitted to anyone he enjoyed those things because all of the people in clicks would just think he was being lame. [b "I don't think so. I actually enjoy doing those things. They're fun"] he told her and then he'd hold her hand in his.

They were back in the room and he was pretending to get into his princely character before he spun her around and led her to the bedroom. He was kissed so softly, the warmth budding in his chest and with the gentleness of her soft lips, Sylus couldn't help but want to kiss her again. He heard her words and he's never really heard them like this before. Some girls would tell him they liked him, but they'd be gone the next day or next second. He didn't know how to respond.

He told her that he really liked her, but that was all he knew. He wasn't sure what love really felt like, but he knew he at least really liked her. He held her in his arms and went in for another kiss, but when he felt her kissing him differently, he'd meet her eyes and then he saw that she looked a bit upset. He tried to change the subject, but when she blurted out she had to go shower, he frowned.

She was immediately out of the room and Sylus would just let out a deep sigh. His amber eyes would stare at the bathroom door and he knew it was because he didn't reply back with the same feelings. He sat at the edge of the bed and just changed out of his clothes. He laid back and when Ara came out, he felt her just going straight into bed. So much for a good date.

He sighed softly and tried to think about something to say. He turned to face her [b "Ara....I'm sorry. I know you're upset because of me. I just....don't know respond to that.....and all this. I really like you I do. Don't be upset with me"] he reached over and tried to hold her hand.
  ellocalypse / 9d 21h 55m 45s
She knew she was quite childish with being afraid of so much, and liked quite childlike stuff. [b “Ahh, it must have been nice to play with the kids. You don’t?” ] She thought it would be kind of fun, and pretty funny. But she didn’t want to be more childish than she already was. She peaked up at him him when he squeezed her hand and told her he didn’t think that. [b “You don’t? How? I get scared so easily…I like childish things.” ] She heard his laughter from what she told him.

She half smiled and blushed, “Ahmm..yea, I mean I can be,” ] Ara giggled.

They were back in the room. He was being so sweet, and saying something so arousing but it wasn’t just that. He had been sweet to her, and the way he looked at her, the sound of his laugh or being around him made her feel all the ways she used to feel about… It ached, and she felt so afraid to get hurt but the emotions took her all at once when he spun her around and grinned like nothing else mattered right now.
She hopelessly kissed him, deeply with love and gentle. She felt him following the same, it felt good and then she whispered the words, when it also hurt to say it. She wasn’t thinking, she got carried away.

Ara saw his eyes widen and she felt her stomach sink. She looked off and backed up, and tried to correct herself. She dug her nails into her own hand, feeling like she ruined everything and that she shouldn’t have said that. To scare him off. And he didn’t… Why would he? She knew there was so many good things about her, but that didn’t mean he could love her. She wasn’t even sure if Joseph did in the first place anymore form how it ended. She tried not to cry and hold it all back. [b “I was…I didn’t mean…” ] Ara mumbled and felt his arms move around her waist. For a second-she thought…Then she heard him and she knew this was her fault. It wasn’t like he was obligated to feel the same way. She watched him come in for another kiss, she let him but her response wasn’t the same as before.

It was hard to be in the same room, or have him hold her hand. She knew she should be mature, be happy that he liked her a lot, manage her emotions but she was just finishing her period, was a teenager and it was hard. She stayed quiet, and then hear him talk about a fort. She ran what she could say, but she couldn’t hold another minute before the tears would fall [b “I need to shower.” ] She blurt out and would pull away, She tried not to look at him, or have him see her expression. She would quickly grab clothes and dip into the bathroom, forgetting to lock it. She’d turn on the fan and shower. She’d do what she said she’d do, shower, and cry. She still felt heart broken from the breakup and she still felt afraid that this would just end the same, and that she could never find anyone that would love her. Plus, how she embarrassed herself. She let that emotion run out, quietly.

She got dressed, wearing pink shorts and a white tank top. She put her hair up in a bun, and told herself she shouldn’t be getting so close so soon…this was her own fault for making things awkward. She came out and crawled into the bed.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 9d 22h 10m 50s
He was having such a good time with Ara and he felt like they had grown much closer to one another. They learned so much about each other that he felt like he could trust her even more. Even with all of the clumsiness, her being afraid, and not wanting to ride rollercoasters, he still thought Ara was so innocent and sweet.

[b "I guess so, or like a margarita or mimosa? Alcohol mixed with juice basically"] he tried to explain it as they soon finished up their food. They thought about being childish at the hotel and Sylus really didn't mind. [b "We can use pillows and blankets. I've made a few with the kids from the orphanage, I really don't mind doing childish things"] he held her hand and squeezed it [b "I don't think you're childish Ara"] he admitted and then he laughed as she spoke about her past. [b "You can be my princess if you want. You were today, but even for reals"] he walked with her back to the hotel, soon entering their room.

Sylus looked around and then he got on his knees and asked her a question, teasing a bit. He met her blue eyes and would look at her outfit as he spun her around, pretending to be the prince of her dreams. He held her hands and then he was about to get up, he felt her cupping his face as he kissed her softly, loving the taste of her lips and how her kisses were as gentle as her. He kissed her deeply and then he heard her say she loved him. SYlus' eyes widened a bit. Did he hear correctly?

He stared blankly at first and she corrected herself, making him know it was real. [b "I....I've never heard that from someone before"] he admitted, meeting her eyes. He scratched the back of his head and wasn't sure how to respond. He liked her a lot. Was that love? He hugged his arms around her waist and held her. [b "I really like you too Ara. A lot"] he leaned into her, going in for another kiss because he wasn't exactly sure what to say or do to something that like. He was a little confused.

[b "I...uhh....let's go make that fort?"] he suggested, holding her hand and then heading to the bed.
  ellocalypse / 9d 22h 49m 7s
The atmosphere, the food and the person shew as with was a perfect blend. She felt so good, and she wished to live in these moments with him forever. She wasn’t surprised that he’s gone to a few. She hasn’t-not in the same way. [b “Hmmm…mixed? Like cocktails?” ] She wondered. She wasn’t sure if she could handle hard liquor, since she only drank wine & champagne and not much of it.

She whispered a ‘thank you’ when he helped her finish her food. She heard his laughter and she felt he might find it silly. [b “How…would we do that? With pillows? I’ve never done that before. I think it would be fun” ] She admitted and lightly laughed [b “But do you think it’s childish? I don’t want to be so childish around you.” ] She already felt embarrassed about being scared about everything. She wanted to seem more mature.

Talking about her kid self was something. [b “Mmm…I thought of myself as one when I was little. I was so convinced….okay, no dessert today.” ] She said, and something nasty popped in her head. She didn’t know she was capable of thinking like that. She tried to shove it away, but it showed through she was thinking of something. That stuff didn’t matter, not right now. She was happy to be with him, and she thought this was all romantic. She paid for their meal, and walked with him toward the hotel.

The night was beautiful at Disney too. They had to make way their resort. They arrived shortly, she liked how he swung there arms too. It was cute and she kept feeling those emotions fill up. She kept thinking about sleeping next to Sylus again and it had her excited. Sure, nothing like that would happen but, it still thrilled her. She squeezed his hand. She closed the door behind her and set her bag down. Ara faced him when she heard lines that had her body feeling a certain way. She blushed, even more so seeing him smirking and then kneeling.

[i A million times yes. ] She could only say it mentally and pictured ridding of there clothes and playing…yikes.
[b “Ah hmm…” ] Ara fixated her eyes on him. His dark hair, the sound of his voice and the way he made her heart pound. He spun her around, making her abruptly giggle. She loved how he made her feel so good, and so much of his personality. She faced him, nibbling at the bottom of her lip, unable to contain her smile. That warmth took over and her actions weren’t controlled by her mind. She felt so in love, so much it ached. Seeing his eyes, hearing his words and wanting to just shower him with what she felt for him. She bent over and cupped his face, kissing him deeply, softly, giving a lingering slow kiss and then whispering painfully “I love you.”
She spaced out, and realized she said it. She back tracked, and glanced off, [b “I mean…I like you, a lot. I mean, I love it when you’re like this. Ahmm…forget it.” ] If the silent grew too long, she felt like she needed to hide.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 9d 23h 49m 41s

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