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He didn't care who she talked to or what she did as long as she was faithful to him. He heard her question [b "Yeah? They usually still talk to me, but that's about it"] he told her, leading her to lunch.

They headed back and finished classes when one of the girls came over and wanted to borrow Sylus for a while. He listened to her and then he spoke about how he didn't want to do that. He didn't want to pretend to be someone else's boyfriend. That would only lead him to trouble.

Ara and the girl had a falling out. They spewed out harsh words in order to hurt the other. He tried to just move forward, but they kept going at it. Ara called her trash, she called Ara a slut, it was intense. [b "You two need to stop"] he didn't want to be involved in his. [b "Let's go Ar"] he held her hand and tugged her hand away.

He then headed into the car and would tell her that she shouldn't be downgrading people. [b "Of course you're not equal in my eyes because I love you, but that's not how you should be dealing with that kind of situation"] he told her, but then she mentioned all of the problems she faced by being with him. [b "I am not. I see what's happening around you. Things happen around me too. People telling me my relationships won't last, that I'm a gold digger, that it's all a lie I'm trying to change. IT isn't just you. If you don't deserve this....if it's not fair, then why are you trying to stay with me. Isn't it better if you're away from me? All the gossip, the rumors....the gangs, the danger. You'll be so much safer, probably happier without me"] he saw the tears in her eyes and he would just let out a deep sigh and glance out the window.

He couldn't believe that she was saying all of this, talking like he was ruining her life just by being with her. [b "I'm not good for you"] he told her simply and would see that he made her cry again. He frowned and would just drop her home. [b "You should just rest. We can go to the orphanage a different day"] he told her.
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[b “Mmm, it can me.” ] Ara said and then mentioned talking to Joseph. She saw his expression shift a little. [b “Maybe. You’re friends with the people you’ve been to with right?” ] She mentioned and shrugged [b “I know.” ] She sure liked eating with him.

[b “I know…Thanks Sy, you’re really sweet.” ] Ara said. She liked how he cared and worried for her. She felt so distant with her own family after all.

She couldn’t believe what she was coming out of that girls mouth. She knew that girl didn’t have any good intentions and she was so tired of it. He rejected her, but it wasn’t satisfying enough. Ara spewed out the truth. [b “But you weren’t ever girlfriend material were you? Just something to sleep with and throw in the trash.” ] Ara said with a smile, [b “I already have. We love each other and in order to be a slut, I’d have to be sleeping around like you. Let’s face it, attempting to seduce someone else’s boyfriend is only for people who are trash.” ] She was ready to fight her, and she wanted to make her feel low because she was sick of it. She had plenty of girls who hated her for some reason, online and offline when she haven’t even met them.

Ara heard Sylus call her out on calling her a slut. Ara stuck her tongue out at the girl before walking with Sylus, and taking his hand.They walked to the car, and she hopped in. She was still angry. It pissed her off when he talked about downgrading her and that they were equal. [b “Are you kidding me? How are we equal? I’m prettier, smarter, richer and I’m your girlfriend. To you- I shouldn’t be equal to her. You’re so oblivious to what I have to face because I’m with you! They call me a slut, whore, the guys think that I’m easy so they text me weird stuff, so many…things…and they say you’re with me because I’m rich…that you’ll leave me. It’s not fair. I don’t deserve this and you keep talking to the same people who are practically bullying me and do nothing about it.” ] Her eyes flooded with tears. She sniffled and turn her head to wipe her eyes and not have him see her cry. She wanted to just hide now. She would clear her eyes by the time they got to her house. She wanted to pull it together because she wanted to go the orphanage.
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He listened to her talk about how she only spoke to respectful guys. SYlus would not hid head [b "Yeah, it's gotta be tough being followed by so many people"] he figured that Ara had a lot of followers and friends. IT didn't bother him too much until she mentioned talking to Joseph. His eyes looked over at her [b "I can if you want? Are you two still friends?"] he wondered. [b "I'm not going to force you not to talk to anyone Ar"] he followed her to the restaurant and they sat and ate together.

He would share his ramen with her and he felt pretty good. [b "I know. YOu were sick though. IT would make me more upset if you got worse because of all the cheering, screaming, and the people. It's better you stayed at home and rest"] he held her hand in his and then they went back to school after.

As they were leaving to go to her place, a girl stopped him and asked about doing her a favor to hook up their friends. He told her that he shouldn't and headed off, but she followed. THe girl asked ARa and Sylus would sigh and then he shook his head. [b "Not really"] he told her and then Ara went off.

The girl gasped and would argue back "Yes it's believable. I've slept with Sylus before. You think you can have him exclusively, but you can't. He's everyone's" she smirked. "You think you're all high and mighty, but everyone knows you're just a slut and wants him like everyone else" she folded her arms and decided to just give up.

Sylus shook his head [b "Don't call my girlfriend a slut. You don't even know her. Come on Ar"] he thought what she said to her went way too far, but they both said something extreme. HE held her hand and walked with her towards the car, feeling done with all this. [b "Let's get to your house and forget about this. You shouldn't be downgrading someone either. People are equal AR"] he told her.
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[b “I do…well only the ones that are respectful,” ] She said, [b “I’m not…going to sell myself just to make everyone happy either-at least…not in some ways.” ] She knew it wouldn’t be worth it and she didn’t want to feel ashamed. Ara shrugged [b “Mmm, I guess so. I make a lot of friends…and well jealous people to. ] She felt good to be making money on her own, in case something were to happen and she was cut off.

Maybe this was the norm from him. Texting bunch of other girls he had been with. So then it must be okay for her to do it. [b “Hmm, so you won’t mind me texting Joseph then? Since you talk to those girls” ] She glanced at him, figuring it would be only fair.

She ate with him. She thought about the match, still feeling bummed she missed that. [b “I know…but I really wanted to be there last time.” ] She smiled when he wrapped his arm around her waist. She’d take a bite out of his since he offered. Ara nodded [b “Exactly,” ] Ara said. They went back to class. She had a good last two periods. She’d walk with him as they headed off campus, [b “My driver is out to pick us up.” ] She mentioned.

Then a girl came to him. Ara frowned. Swim team? She watched him go talk to her alone, which made her upset because she didn’t feel like that should be private. She went on her phone in the meantime and then Sy came back. The girl followed.
Ara listened to her and felt anger at how she could possibly think that was a good idea. It wasn’t like she was stupid. She knew some of these girls were really mean. She knew some of them hated her, for unknown reasons to her.

[b “Do you want to Sy?” ] Ara looked back at Sylus, and then looked at her [b “Do you really think it’s believable that you’re with him? Everyone knows he’s with me. Why would he downgrade to someone like you and cheat? I’m just saying this for your sake, so you don’t embarrass yourself and come off cheap and desperate,” ] Ara scoffed, feeling like this girl had the nerve to even ask that since her excuse didn’t add up. She knew who she was friends with and knew there would be bad intentions. [b “But he’s his own person, he gets to decide,” ] Ara said and looked at Sylus waiting for his answer.
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He thought of a few outfits that he thought would look really well on her, but he ended up getting lost in his own thoughts and then feeling a bit dirty. He knew that Ara was as innocent as can be. He couldn't push her if she didn't want to. Sylus mentioned the clothes he was thinking of, but when she said she couldn't wear that out, he'd shrug a bit [b "Yeah, I guess you're right"] he laughed and then he would soon hug her and kiss her goodbye for the night.

Sylus did his deliveries and made it back home, sending a text to Ara and then falling asleep. In the morning, he was dressed and headed to swim practice early in the morning, feeling pretty good about his times. He would wash up and walk with Ara to class, seeing a picture she received. He saw her attention move back to him and when she kissed his cheek, he smiled and went to class with her.

The lessons were easy to follow. Sylus would take notes and then meet up with Ara at lunch, heading out for some ramen. He'd walk with her to the closest place and then he saw her on her phone. He asked her if she was talking to a lot of guys. He wanted to know who she was talking to.

When she admitted it, he figured it was because she was so popular online. HE would just shrug it off [b "Yeah. I bet you have tons of followers. You gotta keep them happy too?"] he wondered, seeing that she rejected them if they went too far. [b "It's tough being an influencer"] he glanced over at her question. [b "They text me occasionally. But I turn them down if they ask for anything more than being friends"] he sat down at the restaurant with her and he'd look through the menu. [b "Ooh, I'm going to get the black garlic tonkotsu"] he looked over at what Ara was picking.

He told the waiter what he wanted, also getting a milk tea with his food. He then held her hand in his. [b "It's okay Ar. I'll have more matches too. I know you'll be there on the really important ones"] he kissed her cheek and would wrap his arm around her waist.

Their food soon arrived and he'd grab his chopsticks and start eating. He would offer her some of his soup and noodles. [b "Okay, after school we can pick up the cookies and head to the orphanage?"] he took a bite of his pork and then would sip his milk tea. He'd share with Ara, soon finishing up lunch.

Once they headed back to school, he'd walk her to class and he'd head to his, waiting for the day to end. As soon as the bell rang, he rushed over to meet up with Ara, feeling pretty excited. IT was Friday, so it was the end of their week. [b "Let's head to your place?"] he'd hold her hand in his, heading off campus.

One of the girls on the track team stopped him "Sy? I need to talk to you about the swim team" she asked and Sylus would glance over. [b "Um, okay. Give me one sec Ar"] he'd head over.

THe girl spoke to him about their upcoming matches and if she could be introduced to one of his teammates. She asked to go on a double date with him to try and set up her friend with a teammate. Sylus would turn her down, saying he couldn't, not when he had Ara. He would apologize and head back to ARa's side, seeing the girl soon walk up to them. "Come on, hey girl. Can Sy pretend to be my date on a double date? I'm trying to set up my friend with his teammate?"
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Ara tilted her head and started to think [b “Really? Hmmm, okay, got it.” ] She wondered what she could come up with. She pictured it in her mind and blushed. That would be quite revealing. She was sure she couldn’t wear those things unless she was…only with him. [b “Ahh Sy, I can’t wear those things in public…I’d get stared at and harassed. But…” ] Ara felt over his arm, [b “I can…in the evening.” ] She teased.

She felt good that she could help with the kids. Ara nodded [b “Yea, so it’s not bad at all if I get hurt by him. Especially since I get to travel and buy more designer clothes when I do. Which means I make more from my social media. Besides, we give money to people we love.” ] She knew that by giving more stuff to others that they’d like her more too. She had to say her goodbyes to Sy, which made her worry.

She wouldn’t sleep until she got a text from him. When she did, she fell asleep peacefully. In the morning, she met with Sy.

Ara frowned and felt glad she didn’t have to see that picture twice. [b “Because they’re gross. I’m blocking him,” ] Ara shuddered. She set her phone In her bag. Ara giggled and kissed his cheek, when his arm warpped around her, [b “Definitely darling.” ]

She spend time finding their outfits. It was plenty of fun for her. She packed her stuff up [b “We can make more Sy. I thought maybe you wanted to go right away to the orphanage.” ] She walked with him and went to her next class. She met up with him at lunch. She held his hand when she saw him [b “Let’s eat out. Hmmm, should we have ramen?” ] She suggested. She went on her phone to search for a place not to far. She picked a place and would lead the way. She took a long pause, remembering how mad Joseph got when she texted other guys. Would Sy? Well…he still had a bunch of girls he’d take pictures and talk to, so it shouldn’t matter.

[b “I am…but only as friends or less. A lot of people message me that I don’t know over the internet… Plus, I couldn’t say no to our classmates. It just sort of happens. But it’s ok, I reject them if they make advances before I keep talking to them, just so that they understand. I’m just trying to uphold my reputation,” ] Ara said and glanced over at him [b “You do the same too right? You still talk to the girls you’ve been with.” ] She shrugged. They arrived to the place and Ara ordered her ramen.
[b “Sy…I really wish I was there for your game.” ] She said to him, looking at his pretty eyes, [b “I will next time, to celebrate with you. I’ll be at your races too when you make it bigger.” ] She knew he was going to do well.
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It did make him really happy to know that his girlfriend didn't mind coming to the orphanage with him. A lot of the other girls he's invited never really cared to visit, or if they did, they didn't want to go back. IT was understandable, but he couldn't really understand why Ara would want to see them again sometimes. She had all the money she could ever need, and yet she always gave back. She was amazing in his eyes and it made him love her even more.

[b "Me? Well, I'm just imagining you in a few different outfits. Maybe in an all black body fit suit....or like leather.....and some red...."] he started imagining her in a red dress, looking like his victim....Hot. He shook his head and then he laughed a bit. [b "I will if you really want me to"] he chuckled and then he thought about how Ara could help the kids plan out what they wanted to be and give them ideas.

[b "It's still great you're financially supported"] he smiled, knowing he wasn't that lucky. Sylus ended up leaving for the night, going to deliver a few different products across the city. HE made six deliveries before he headed home. He sent Ara a text after reading her own [i "I'm home. Good night. Love you"] he'd fall asleep shortly after.

In the morning, Sylus went through swim practice, cleaning up in the locker rooms and then meeting Ara, hugging her close. They headed to class, seeing her look at her phone. When she shuddered, Sylus caught a glimpse of it. [b "Ar....why are people sending you those things?"] he wondered, hearing that he was the best boy ever. [b "I hope so"] he wrapped his arm around her waist and then sat down.

Sylus did his classwork easily, understanding the new concepts as he'd look at the pictures and point at a few he liked. [b "That's cool. I like that jacket"] he smiled and would see her being distracted but still getting the answer right.

He heard the bell and would slowly get up [b "You did? Awe, I wanted to make them with you"] he'd walk her to next class and then he went to his, taking notes, sending more texts to her. He wondered if she was constantly talking to people? It didn't really matter too much to him since a lot of girls still tried to slide into his DMs. He would reply to a few texts in class about the halloween party and some ideas he had for a costume.

"You coming with Ara?"
"Can I sneak you away for a bit?"
"Can we do the usual?"

He'd reply back to a few and soon enough it was lunch. He headed towards Ara's class [b "Want to eat out today? Or should we pick up something and just relax by the tree?"] he suggested, leading her outside of school. HE was curious to ask her why so many people were messaging her though. [b "Ar? Are you talking to a lot of other guys?"] he asked, just wondering.
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She got pretty hyped at helping the kids find their costume and put it all together.
Ara pouted a little [b “Well yes, but I want specifics on what you’re imaging..” ] She’d be upfront on what she was thinking off. She just thought it would look cool. [b “Well then, I guess you can go shirtless.” ] Ara said, giggling but only half joking. [b “You do look like a rebel.” ] She found his tattoos really hot and gorgeous since she did admire the art work.

They’d talk about their plan and she liked the sounds of it. [b “Mmm, don’t worry. Some of the money isn’t my money. My dad gives me more money when he does something wrong. I have enough money to take a trip around the world right now,” ] She laughed a little. Ara shrugged [b “I know they’re content but, I’d like to do this.” ]

She didn’t want him to go… She hugged him tight and kissed him back. She kept worrying about him all night. She’d sent him a message asking him if he was okay.
In the morning, she woke up a little earlier so she could bake some cookies. She wore black skinny jeans with arip at the knee, and a yellow seater on top. She had her hair curled too. She spent the morning replying to texts and scarfing down food. They didn’t have cheer practice today, but she knew to meet Sylus at the gym. She made it there and wrapped her arms around him. [b “Mmm, of course I do.” ] Ara said and she’d swing there hands as they walked toward there class. She end up going on her phone while walking together. She nearly dropped her phone when she got a not so friendly picture. “Ewe!” She shuddered, “What is wrong with boys?” She then looked at Sylus and felt guilty she even said that, “I mean not you. I love you. You’re the best boy ever.” She kissed his cheek.

They sat down in class. Ara paid attention until she realized she understood everything already. So she started browsing her tablet for outfits for Halloween. She showed Sy a leather jacket that had short sleeves to show of his tattoos. SHe even found for eye make up, and look they could go for. She was still searching for herself too. The teacher called her name since she looked distracted. Ara looked up and answered the question correctly and returned to it.
Messages kept popping up at the side of her laptop.
‘ Can’t wait to see you at the party. You going to look hot right?’
‘Araaaaa! I need help. Kill me now – hes so stupid.’
‘How the fuck u get that answer right?’
When the class ended, she felt relieved. [b “I baked some cookies early morning by the way. SO we can go pick them up and go to the orphanage.”].
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He was glad that Ara really wanted to help out the orphanage, but at the same time, it was going to be really tough. There were many kids and not enough money to go around, so they usually shared costumes or made their own from old fabric. [b "I'm sure they'd love your help. They already get so excited when you visit. I always get asked when I'm bringing you over"] he chuckled and then he thought about what outfit, he'd like to see ARa in.

He ended up daydreaming a bit and then he saw that she heard him. [b "You'd look sexy in anything. Just like when you were Ariel"] he smirked a bit, imagining himself in a leather jacket without a shirt. IT would definitely be really cool. [b "Or maybe something to show my tattoos. I'll be the rebel vampire"] he chuckled, hearing Ara decide that she wanted to be the one to attack him.

[b "Well of course. I'd only want you to attack me"] he smiled and had dinner with her and Allister. IT was surprising to hear that he wasn't a very nice brother. Maybe there was more to Ara he didn't know much about yet. SHe never really spoke up too much about her family situation.

[b "Okay, then I can come over and help you make cookies and then we can go and help them come up with ideas for their costumes. Ar....there's a lot of kids. You shouldn't have to spend your money like that. THey are content with what they have you know"] he didn't want her spending so much.

When he looked at the time, he knew he had to go, otherwise he'd be pulling another late night. He'd see ARa's reaction and then he would shrug [b "I will AR"] he hugged his arms around her and gave her a kiss as he waved and headed home.


The night's deliveries were tiring. Sylus had to travel towards the edges of towns for some deliveries. It was difficult with just a skateboard too. It seemed like Luke was only giving him deliveries and not deals. HE wondered if he was doing it by purpose.

Luckily he just had to drop off a few packages and then he was home around two in the morning. SYlus felt glad he did his homework with Ara earlier because he could just pass out.


In the morning, he showered up, dressed in some jeans, a vneck black shirt under his swim jacket. He headed to school and would head to practice, waiting for ARa afterwards by the gym. [b "Hey you. So do you want to stop by the orphanage with me today after school? We can see where they've gotten to with planning?"] he asked, holding her hand in his as they walked to their first class.
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[b “Me too.” ] Ara said, thinking about how she could help them. She rose a brow when they said they liked making their own. [b “Hmmm…I could definitely help! I’m so excited.” ] She thought having little siblings would be so fun. She couldn’t’ wait to help them dress up and look really cool. Well…Sylus, she wanted to see Sylus. She had an image of him in her mind looking like one of those typical vampire teen shows she’s seen before.

He was definitely teasing. [b “I do…don’t I? You looked really good,” ] Ara remembered. She really liked how he looked in those photos. She asked a question and he seemed like he was in thought. [b “Sexy? Something sexy?” ] She pondered, wondering how she should plan her outfit. She then went onto talking about what she imagined. Ara nodded and giggled…and then frowned right after. [b “Uhhh…maybe not then. I want to be the only one that attacks you.” ] She blurt out her thoughts and blushed because she thought that was a bit too forward.

They had dinner, and she really always liked what their chef made. Ara shrugged about Allister being nice [b “He owes it to me… He wasn’t always so nice.” ] She sighed to herself and then smiled right after, thinking of what they could do. [b “Sure! That be fun. I’ll make a bunch of cookies.” ] Ara said, picturing them enjoying her cookies and coming to her for help with their customs. There was just something so fun about helping others to her. She loves seeing others happy.

Extra clothes-she nearly scoffed. He did not see her second closet… [b “I do. But, I think it would be fun to go shopping with them too-I’ll pay.” ] Ara cleared. She saw him looking up at the time. Her stomach sunk. She stood stiff, her body and mind remembering that shot that went into his room while they hid. She stood quiet for a while, feeling afraid, that something could happen. [b “Yea…” ] Ara said quietly, taking a deep breath but her throat locked up. [b “Be carful.” ] Ara said to him, holding his hand. She would go to the door, and say bye to him, holding him really tightly too.
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He knew that he could only promise her of doing his best, but he can't guarantee his safety because there were so many factors that went into it all. It worried him, but he didn't want ARa to worry at all. He wanted her to be able to know that her boyfriend was doing fine and he didn't want to involve her anything scary like that again. HE saw the effect it took on her and he didn't want it to happen to her again.

They sat on the couch and relaxed, playing games together and then seeing her smile [b "I can't wait to see what everyone dresses up as too. Some of the kids like to make their own costumes, others save up for it. It's a big holiday for them, so it'd be really fun to go with you"] he smiled. Sylus imagined himself with fangs, maybe slicking his hair back. He's always wanted to try wearing a cape, but he wondered if Ara would like that.

HE teased her and booped her nose, laughing a bit. [b "You always make me look good. Me as Prince Eric was pretty fun"] he imagined her with her vampiress outfit. Something tight fitting, slim, and black. Her hair all curled and fangs and blood of her own. [b "Sexy"] he spoke out loud and then he smiled a bit as she interrupted him. She talked about ideas and he would smirk, seeing where her mind was going. [b "Oh no shirt huh? Are you trying to make me get attacked by the ladies"] he teased her and then he smiled. [b "Sounds like I'll look hot. I don't mind leaving it to you"] he admitted, grinning a bit as he spotted her brother arrive.

HE came over and then they had a chat at dinner. Sylus ate slowly, enjoying the food. It was delicious. HE never really got to eat food cooked so well. When he asked him about skipping, he shrugged a bit, letting Ara answer. Seemed like Allister was at least trying to help Ara out. [b "Allister is nice. At least he backs you up"] he thought about what they would do tomorrow. [b "We can. We can see how they're preparing and even help them out with ideas. Maybe I can help you make some cookies and we can bring them over?"] he suggested, knowing he didn't have a match until next week.

[b "Do you have some extra clothes or outfits you don't wear Ar? I'm sure a lot of them could modify and make cool costumes out of that. I usually also give them some clothes I don't wear anymore too"] he finished his food and then he looked at the time. [b "I should probably head back?"] he told her, not wanting to leave, but he had to.
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[b “I know…” ] Ara whispered, but she still f elt that anxiety. She felt powerless and she hated the feeling of not being able to help someone. This was beyond what she could do, but she still wanted to try.

She loved being able to stuff Sylus with cookies and play some games. She thought it would be so much fun and cute to go with them trick or treating. [b “Mmm! I can’t wait. I’d like to talk to them before, see what they want to dress up as. ] She figured it would be so much fun.

His idea was pretty damn nice. She dreamed of seeing Sy looking so hot in a vamp outfit. She imaged doing the makeup and how amazing he would look. [b “Maybe a little scary but not too much.” ] Ara said. She blushed when he heard his laughter, [b “Think of what?” ] She blushed a little more when he booped her nose. Ara giggled [b “I wouldn’t mind either. I could think of a few ways I could make tha-Sy!” ] She started giggling as he tickled her. She felt his lips on her neck, feeling him pretend to bite. She giggled, [b “Hot…” ] Ara whispered, finding it so damn sexy.

[b “Mmmm, I’ll get you fangs.” ] Ara cupped his face, thinking it would look so hot. [b “People should definitely beware.” ] Ara said. She wondered what he was imagining. [b “What are you imaging Sy? How would I look?” ] She wondered. She saw him smirking and she wanted to meet his dreams. She then began, [b “I imagine you…looking more like a modern vamp, dressing moody, with slightly dark eye makeup, having your eyes pop up more with that…fangs, maybe even a bit of blood. Mmmm yea.” ] Ara pictured it and giggled, [b “Maybe even with a leather jacket…but no shirt underneath-okay well maybe that’s too much.” ] She laughed.

Ara got a kiss on her cheek and she nodded, [b “Of course.” ]

Allister glanced back at Sylus and said, “Hey.” He would talk to the chef. She made some pasta for them. Dinner was ready, and they end up having to sit down with her brother too. Ara ate slowly. Allister asked, “Ara you got to be more careful though, I keep having to delete messages that you haven’t been to class. Have you been skipping too?” He’d look at Sylus.
[b “No…he isn’t. It’s just me. You can probably guess…why.” ] She reminded and then said, [b “I’m going to go out for Halloween next week. Please…cover me.”] Ara said.
Allister nodded, “Yea, I’ll try.” Allister got up and waved at them and head off. Ara looked at SYlus, [b "It's going to be so much fun. Can I visit maybe your sibblings tomorrow? I want to know what they'd like for halloween." ]
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He was really content being here with Ara. Especially since he was able to rest and take a nap. His mood had lightened up and he was much more energetic. Even having Ara here to hold him and make him hot chocolate felt so warm. It made him feel so fuzzy inside. He would smile and tell her that he had somewhere to be later, but he could tell she was upset. [b "I can promise you that I'm doing my best to keep myself safe"] he assured her.

They sat on the couch, Sylus eating Ara's cookies. IT was delicious and since it was newly made, it was so soft. HE couldn't help but grab a few more. It made him smile knowing it was made by Ara too. They played some games and he'd try to win hard at first, but ARa had all the experience. He would just try his best and even when she was slowing down, he'd still lose most of the games.

They talked about their halloween costumes and he would suggest being a vampire. [b "We can take the kids out to trick or treat and help them with their costumes and then you and I could go to the party after"] he smiled and thought of what he could wear.

[b "We don't have to be scary. As long as I match with you, I'll be good"] he heard her thinking of his idea and he laughed a bit. [b "That's what you think of?"] he chuckled and then he booped her nose with his finger as he smiled. [b "Ooh, you as a vampiress. Or my victim!"] he teased, tickling her sides a she leaned in to kiss her neck, pretending to suck her blood.

[b "Ooh, if I had fangs, people better beware"] he teased and imagined ARa in a vampire outfit. [b "Oooh, you'd look so sexy Ar"] he smirked a bit and then he looked at the time. He didn't know if he should stay for dinner, but he figured he could just stay up a bit later. [b "I can stay for dinner if that's okay with you. I'll just tell Luke I'll be a little late"] he smiled, giving her cheek a kiss as he looked over and then he waved to Allister.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 12d 21h 52s
[b “I know. And you will. I am okay and I’m happy.” ] She hugged him tight. She wanted to snuggle up and just be close. Afterall, who knew what could happen. His lips were soft and she wanted to melt into the moment. She would be fine just sitting here like this and hugging him. She frowned to herself hearing about Luke. She felt her chest ache thinking about it. She still recalled how terrifying it was…and she tried to block it out. Because if she didn’t, she knew she couldn’t hold herself together. [b “You can’t…promise that.” ] Ara whispered.

She made SYus cookies. They played together and ate. It was a lot of fun. She would try to be easier on Sylus since she had played more games, but sometimes…he’d really get bad and even somehow-she won when she wasn’t trying. Either way, she was having fun.

[b “We definitely have to be matching,” ] Ara said, wanting to look like a couple. Ara’s eyes lit up [b “I’d love to! They’re all so nice and it would be so much fun with them. I could help them with their costumes too. It’ll be so much fun.” ] Ara said, adoring the idea of spending more time with them. She planned on bringing lots of candy too.

Ara pouted [b “Scary?” ] She wasn’t sure about scary. She wanted something cute. [b “Not too scary right?” ] Ara clarified. She rose a brow and pictured it and thought Sylus would look so damn hot with what she could help him do. [b “Ohhhh, that would be so sexy.” ] Ara said and smirked [b “I can help you with makeup and everything.” ] Ara said and nodded [b “I love it. You should do that. Um…I got to find something matching. Maybe a vampire too, or something just in the same color scheme. Hmm…I’d love to DIY it.” ] Ara said. [b “We’re still going to the party after right? I wanted to take some pictures and spend time with you and our friends.” ] Ara mentioned. She figured she could get a really good post. She then would go on her phone and browse, [b “Sy, I can actually get you fangs.” ] Ara giggled. She thought this would be so much fun. She couldn’t help but get excited.

Ara noticed the time, and felt her chest ache, at the thought of him going. Dinner was being made, and Allister had come home, looking tired. Ara didn’t say anything to him. [b “Do you want to stay for dinner Sy?” ] Ara asked, hoping he would so that he wouldn’t have to go. She knew Luke would be upset…but she felt afraid.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 12d 21h 17m 36s
[b "I mean....I don't try to. I just want to make sure I can get into a good college, and well....I want my girlfriend to be okay and happy with me"] he smiled and would thank her for letting him stay at her place. HE would sit at the table, sipping hot chocolate and just relaxing. IT felt so good to be with her like this.

He held her in his lap, pressing his lips against hers and just holding her close. HE felt the warmth in his chest being with ARa. SHe made him feel so loved and cared for. Sometimes he wondered if it was a bit too much. He didn't want to tire her out either. [b "I want to stay...but Luke gets furious when I don't deliver. THe more regular I am, the less builds up"] he told her, sighing a bit. [b "I'll be as safe don't worry"] he promised her. HE's never really had anyone care about him this much before. HE didn't want Ara to be upset.

She offered to make cookies and he smiled [b "Okay"] he said excitedly as he followed her downstairs. He hold her hand and take a seat on the couch, starting up the game and then waiting for her. He could smell the cookies, making him smile [b "Mmm, that smells good"] he saw one in front and he'd take a bite. [b "So chewy....mmm"] he leaned into her and would play a few games, laughing and then letting ARa win sometiems.

[b "Oh you're right. We should pick something matching. I do have to also take some of the kids out trick or treating too. I bet it'd be fun if you joined us too"] he liked the idea.

He was always the one taking them out for treats. IT was the one time in the year they got free candy. [b "We should be something scary....maybe scary, but also looks good"] he thought, thinking of sometimes. [b "What if I was a vampire? I bet I'd look good"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 12d 22h 18m 5s

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