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He remembered bringing a girl to his house one time and she thought he was kidding. Unfortunately, he played with the lie and he decided that it was best he didn't tell her the truth. She already judged him when she walked into the house. [b "They are nice, but to a lot of people, I'm some unfortunate soul"] he shrugged and already learned to just forget about it.

[b "If you want to, I won't stop you, but you don't have to do anything for them Ara. They're fine on their own and I help them once in a while"] he assured her. He didn't want her to do it out of pity or spend all her money on the orphanage.

He tooked at the picture on his story and he would save it, liking it a lot. He then felt her fingers through his hair and he leaned into her and hoped that she wasn't being this cozy to get back at Joseph or anything. IT seemed like she was. He wanted to date her when all of her attention was just on him and she wasn't posting stuff just because she was mad at her ex.

He saw her take out the ticket and he had no choice but to agree to her. He smiled [b "Of course I don't mind. I like spending time with you and this ticket means I absolutely have to"] he thought about sleeping over and imagining that they'd have a pillow fight and eat some junk food and just have fun.

[b "Yes you are cute"] he said confidently as he brushed her hair back and then he ordered the cheesecake from the waiter. He saw her looking at her phone again [b "Okay. We can stop by my place and I'll grab a few more things so that I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. Then we can have that sleepover"] he looked at his phone, now getting some DMs from Instagram. He ignored it and just faced her [b "Me? I really like chocolate cake....or maybe ice cream. It's hard. They're all so good"] he looked at the cheesecake and he jiggled it a bit [b "Look it moves!"] he laughed and then he opened his mouth as she fed him. He smiled [b "It's really Gross! You shouldn't eat any of this. You might not like it"] he took the plate away and held his fork, only teasing her.

When she looked sad, he'd turn around and then bring a forkful to her lips. [b "I'm just eating. YOu should try this. It's so good"] he fed her and smirked [b "Say....ahhhh"] he teased.
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Ara gave a tight nod and then frowned [b “What? But you’re family is so nice, and fun. That’s ridiculous.” ] She couldn’t see how someone couldn’t like him because of his family because his family was amazing. She did like the idea of bringing them to an amusement park. [b “I don’t have to but I think they’d enjoy. It’s okay.” ]She said, wanting to plainly make them happy. She could imagine seeing them looking like they wre having so much fun.

She took a picture of them together and would post it on her story. She leaned into Sylus and saw Sylus looking a the picture too. She thought they did look good together. She would feel through his hair and he leaned into her too. It was nice that he did. Then he voiced his concerns. Rebound…she never thought about that. She never thought she’d have that problem. Ara would withdraw her hand, feeling quite bad that she might made him feel that way. [b “I’m not… You’re not. Oh…alright.” ] She said. [i Maybe. ] after you… [i Maybe.] So it wasn’t definite. Maybe looking like a mess and crying on him would make him question if he should.

She took a bit eof what he gave her too. She wanted to be close, so she tried anyway. She didn’t know if he’d feel the same but she could use it right now. She took out the ticket and she nodded. [b “Yes…thankfully.” ] Ara smiled, feeling relief for it too. Her cheeks went warm, asking him that, hoping she didn’t put pressure on him just because she used a ticket. [b “Only if you want. I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything. I”ll be okay either way,” ] Ara half smiled, glancing off, feeling so embarrassed she asked.

[b “Mmm, yea, pillow fights. I’ve never done that before. Okay, then I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun,” ] Ara smiled and saw him hold to the ticket. She looked back at him slowly and he looked pretty happy. She smiled more too, especaily when he kissed her cheek. [b “Cute? I’m so cute?” ] She looked at his eyes and felt him brush her hair behind. Ahh, he made her feel nervous for some reason. Her cheeks stayed quite warm. She finished of the sushi too and dessert did sound good. [b “Yea, let’s get that.” ] Ara nodded and would wait for the waitress to come by so they could order one.

[b “Oh but Sy… Ah, I think I can get you clothes you can sleep in for the night. I guess, that means you’ll go to school with me tomorrow. Unless you need something from your place?” ] She asked, liking the fact she wouldn’t even go to school alone. She tried to look at his face aain, and it was so attractive. She pouted to herself, wishing she could be closer but she understood that he probably wasn’t even sure if he wanted to date her yet. Getting over Joseph, yea, that’s what she should try to focus on. She saw the messages briefly. ‘You’re with Sylus!?!?’ Emma asked. Then there some from people who just followed her saying they looked so cute. And since she didn’t set her account on private, she got a few bad ones and she could see who they were from. She tucked it away.

[b “What’s your favorite dessert Sy?” ] Ara asked. The dessert came in shortly and it really did look so good. [b “It really is fluffy!! Whoa!” ] Ara beamed at how fluffy it looked. She hadn’t ate so much desserts so this was amazing. She put her fork in it [b "You first." ] Ara fed him and watched his reaction.
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He could see her smile and then his eyes met hers and he couldn't help but meet her eyes and keep staring at her. She looked really pretty and he couldn't get over how one girl could look so pretty to him. When she called him sweet, he would just smile because he knew he was. The other girls always told him that. It wasn't new. [b "It does? I'm glad then. No one's really liked me when they see where I'm from or if they meet my family. I always end up playing it off"] he admitted and then when she mentioned the amusement park, he smiled [b "I'm sure they'd love that, but you don't have to do that Ara. That'll cost a lot"] he told her, shaking his head.

THey were both eating and relaxing together, seeing Ara leaning in more against him. He was surprised she took a picture of him. He looked at her phone and then he saw that she posted it on instagram. He looked at his instagram and saw her post and thought it was a really good picture. She was really pretty. He would take in the roll she offered and he'd grin [b "Mmm, yeah it is good. You make some good choices"] he felt her fingers going through his hair and he would lean into her [b "I'm glad. You can lean on me when you want Ara, but I'm not trying to be a rebound or anything. I do want date you too. Maybe after you get over Joseph"] he kept his arms around her waist and then he fed her another one of his.

He would see her looking at his eyes and hold his hand in hers. He'd squeeze her hand and then he would see her taking out the ticket. It surprised him that she'd use one so quickly [b "Oh? He did?"] he looked over at her handing him the ticket and then he saw her red cheeks. [b "I....of course I can stay. I'll make sure to keep you company"] he really wanted to stay with Ara, but he figured she was pretty emotional right. He wanted to comfort her. [b "Yeah we can eat some snacks, maybe have a pillow fight. Snuggle up. I don't mind. It sounds fun"] he held the ticket and then he leaned in to kiss her cheek. [b "You're so cute"] he brushed her hair behind her ear, soon finishing up the sushi.

[b "How about we get dessert? Maybe a fluffy cheesecake"]
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Seeing those images made her smile. They were having so much fun and she sure loved this side of Sylus. He was a sweetheart, she knew it. He cared for the people in his life. She could tell that very much. [b “Sylus…you’re so sweet. It makes me like so much. They definitely deserve to have some fun. Hey, maybe I could even take them to an amusement park sometime,” ] Ara offered, figuring they would enjoy that. There food came in and she took a bite. Ara nodded [b “I’d love to see them too.” ]

It was a beautiful view, and it wasn’t that busy, which made it quieter. She would bump her head against his shoulder. She took pictures and even one with Sylus. He looked so…attractive and she loved the way he smiled. It would be okay… Even if Joseph wasn’t there anymore, she felt like it would be okay. She did want something with Sy. She offered a roll to his lips. [b “It is good isn’t it?” ] She giggled. She fought her urge to feel through his hair but then…decided not to. She stroked his hair gently and looked at his eyes. [b “You did. Thanks to you. I know I’ll be okay…and I really like you,” ] She blushed a bit, [b “I admire so much about you. You’ll do so much for the people you care for. And you’re so kind hearted inside.” ] She said.

Ara filled a smile when he looked at her clothes and then a compliment, [b “Thank you. You look pretty attractive yourself.” ] She leaned in and kissed his cheek. [b “IT’s too soon…but I really did mean it. I want to date you. If you’d still like to.” ] She said. She had quickly saw her phone, seeing as she just posted and a few comments. She ignored it and just put her phone on silent for now. She took another bite, and leaned her head into his arm, snuggling up into him, and then peeping up at his eyes. She took hold of his and gave it a squeeze. She lived being close, she loved affection. She then went into her bag and pulled out the ticket he gave her, [b “Sylus, stay with me tonight. My dad left the country. Stay? We can have a fun sleepover. But…you can say no of course.” ] She felt a little embarrassed but she thought maybe he could and maybe he would be okay with it.
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He didn't want her to have to find anything for him, but since she offered to ask, he would just tell her how he felt. He met her blue eyes and then he told her he'd be eating lunch on his own. He really didn't mind it at all, but Ara kept pushing him to make more friends and he didn't really like it. He had friends, but if she didn't want him to hang out with the girls, then what could he do. [b "We'll see"] he told her, heading down and waiting.

HE saw her come down in a pretty dress and it sure had Sylus staring. He now felt like he wasn't dressed up as much, but when he led her to the cab, they headed to the sushi restaurant. He sat beside her and kept his arm around her waist. WHen he looked over, he saw her looking at her phone. He decided to distract her and show her his phone with all the pictures as well. SHe was smiling and he was glad he could change her mood. [b "They were having a lot of fun today. It was nice. Even they deserve to have some fun too"] he told her and then he saw their food come by.

[b "Tomorrow? Sure why not? I'm sure they'd love you visiting them"] he took a bite of his sushi and smiled. IT was delicious. THe view of the pond and the sunset was also relaxing and Ara looked so pretty when he looked at her.

She was taking pictures and Sylus would lean in and lift a small smile. HE didn't know how he felt about all this, but it was nice. SHe seemed very into social media and seeing what other people were doing. SYlus didn't care too much for it. He took the bite of her roll and he'd smile [b "Mmm, good choice"] he then wiped his lips and took a sip of water. [b "Yeah I hope I made you feel even a little bit better today"] he took another bite and then looked over her clothes. [b "You're really pretty right now too Ara"]
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[b “I’ll look for you. Mmm…I’ll try to find something that it’ll be the same amount.” ] She didn’t want him to fall back into that again. She wasn’t so sure she could find something either. Maybe if she contacted some friends, and family friends.

It was sad hearing Sylus sitting by himself. [b “You should. You need a close friend, a guy close friend. That’s…not your roommate.” ] Because she thought his roommate was just plain out nuts. She sighed when he talked about not minding being alone. It did sound like he was a bit of a loser. But that decision was on him.

Ara dressed up and came down. She saw Sylus staring at her blankly. Ara rose a brow and then smiled, [b “Thank you, no no, that’s fine. You still look great,” ] She promised.

Her phone was in her hand and she saw social media and it upset her. It wasn’t right… AN then the row of texts of asking what happened if she was okay. She felt a bit stressed by it. Sylus voice drew her eyes off her phone and onto him, [b “Yea…I guess.” ] She sighed. She picked out Philadelphia roll for now. She saw him bring out his phone and show him pictures. It made her smile. [b “They look so happy,” ] Ara said. She giggled seeing the kids splashing, jumping. Sylus was pushed in. She was definitely afraid of the water but she liked seeing others having fun. It was nice to see that they were having fun. [b “I’m glad you had such a good time.” ]

She did like knowing they really liked the clothes. [b “Maybe I can drop by tomorrow?” ] Ara mentioned. Their food came in and Ara would take a bite out of her sushi. It tasted good. She’d take a picture of the food, scenery and then looked at Sylus. [b “Take a picture with me?”] She asked and lean into him, taking the picture. She did want to post it later, to show that she was just fine too. She looked back at him and picked up a roll and offered it to him.
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He wondered if she could really help him. He's never really asked help from anyone before, but Ara thought she could help him, then why not? He decided to give it a shot and he would agree [b "Okay. If you want to, you can help me find a job. It doesn't have to pay that amount I asked for earlier.....I can try and figure out something else that would make up the difference"] he told her.

He was glad she was willing to let him decide on what pet to adopt. He did admire the fact that she was going to rescue on rather than buy one. Sylus smiled as the movie finished and then he told her that he'd try to eat lunch on his own since she didn't want to see him around other girls. [b "HE's nice. I haven't seen him at lunch though...or where he sits. Maybe I'll ask him sometime"] he told her, shaking his head. [b "I don't mind being alone at lunch. It's relaxing too"] he admitted.

Then the movie finished and he suggested sushi. He knew she didn't like going out, but when he offered her his hand, he would walk downstairs as he waited for her. When she came down the stairs, Sylus stared blankly at her for a while [b "Oh wow. You look so pretty Ara. Now I feel like I should probably dress up"] he headed out with her and they soon arrived at the restaurant. They were by a small pond and then Sylus suggested eating outside since the sunset was beautiful. He sat with her and put his arm around her waist, seeing her looking at her phone. He noticed she seemed stuck on Joseph still since he saw her phone and then he met her eyes [b "Ara. It'll be okay. You just need some time"] he told her rubbing her shoulder.

He looked through the menu and ended up getting a spicy tuna roll and some miso soup. He would go through his phone and show her some pictures of him at the orphanage today when he took them to the pool. [b "Look, I brought them to the pool. They're having so much fun"] he smiled, laughing a bit and then scrolling through more pics. Some of the kids were splashing around, other's tried jumping into the water. Sylus was even pushed by some of the kids into the water without knowing.

[b "They really like the clothes you gave them. They're even asking when you'll visit again soon"] he'd tell her, trying to get her mind off of things.
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[b “I can try to help you. So that…you can stop doing what you’re doing now,” ] Ara offered. She really hoped she could find a job for him. She really hated the idea of continuing this path. She thought about getting a pet and really did want to. Just she had to the research. [b “Mmm, I think I will. Yes, you can come. Maybe you can help me decide.” ] She smiled.

Movie finished and it was running close to dinner time. She really did worry about tomorrow, how odd it would feel. Maybe even crack. She felt like it would hurt when she saw Joseph again. She felt her chest ache a little again. Hearing him say he’d eat lunch on his own was sad. Sylus may appear poplar but she sure thought he was very lonely. She didn’t want to pity him but…that was sad. [b “What about…Collin?” ] She reminded. [b “I’ll come then, so you won’t be alone.” ] She said.

It was sweet aht he kissed the top of her head. She heard his options, [b “Let’s go get sushi, there’s another place I know that shouldn’t be too far.” ] She said. She was up and he even took her hand. She smiled at him [b “Mmm, let’s go.” ] She would pull out her phone and get them a cab because she didn’t have her driver right now. She looked down at herself and remembered [b Sylus, first I need to get dressed. Meet me downstairs?” ] She asked. She would go into her closet, and pick out a short red dress, form fitting. She released her blonde locks down, fixing her hair up a bit, picking a pair of white sandals with some heel. She did her make up just a tad bit and then grabbed her bag and came downstairs. [b “Okay! I’m ready, let’s go Sy.” ] She said, and went outside with him, taking the cab

They arrived to a restaurant that was by a small pond. The wind was gentle and it was still warm out. [b “Would you like to eat outside or inside?” ] She asked, and would get them a table. Ara pulled out her phone for a second and was looking through Instagram stories when she saw Joseph was out with a couple of friends drinking and looking like he was fine. That-made her mad. He shouldn’t be fine.

She set her phone down and couldn’t help but feel upset over it. [b “Sy…you can order whatever you like.” ] She felt like at this point, she would too, and try to eat the pain away. Then she heard her phone go off and it was text messages from Josephs’ friends too, plus the two girls asking what happened. Ara sighed, dreading it, and debating if she should really just go back to being home schooled, and never show her face again.
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He wanted to have a pet, but he barely had enough money as it was. He gave some to the orphanage so that his dorm mother could get them some nice things, but at the same time, he wasn't sure he could even support himself on his own, let alone a pet. It was nice to have some company, but at the same time, he knew they were expensive.

[b "I hope so too. Maybe I'll try to just find a part time job somewhere"] he told her and then he thought about how cute she would look with a pet here. [b "You will? I can come with you if you want?"] he suggested, wondering if he could help her pick out something.

They continued to watch the movie and when he felt her pressing up against his stomach, he brushed his fingers through her hair and tried to just sit back and relax. [b "I'm sure they'll still enjoy your company"] he told her, soon telling her he'd eat lunch on his own. [b "Um...not really. But if I'm going to stay away from a lot of girls, I think it'd be best to eat alone"] he admitted and then he smiled when she said she'd drop by.

He kissed the top of her head and when the movie finished, he brushed her hair back [b "Okay. We can go out. What do you think about sushi? Or maybe some pizza?"] he wondered, figuring she'd want either. [b "I don't mind. Let's go?"] he held her hand in his and then slowly got up, hoping that eating out would cheer her up.
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She did like the idea of having a little pet around her. She would like to care for one. She dreamt of it, spacing out, figuring maybe she really could go to a shelter sometime this week and pick out a pet. [b “You can one day,” } Ara said. She filled in a smile when he mentioned seeing her with a pet. She giggled [b “I think I’ll go find a rescue one around this week then. I’m definitely going to try my best to take care of them.” ] She even thought about how she needed to do quite some research first. She didn’t want to screw up with an innocent animal.

She laid her head on his lap, enjoying his hands run along her side and back. It felt so comforting and relaxing. She was glad how understanding Sylus was. She was expected to look a certain way. [b “I actually…like to. Besides, it gives me a bit of stress if I’m not looking my best. But thank you Sylus.” ] She gently smiled.

She pressed her head against his stomach for a little while and then ate the chocolate he gave her. She felt his fingers brushing through her hair, watching the movie with him until it came into an end.
Ara sighed [b “I suppose. But…it might be awkward. I guess I will.” ] She sighed, not even knowing how she’d sit in the same place as Joseph and not feel…so upset. She worried that she’d get even more mad at him, or worse, cave in and want it to be normal and forget anything ever happened.

[b “I remember. Do you always still alone?” ] She frowned. She had a feeling that Sylus was close to no one his age.
[b “I’ll drop by either way,” ] Ara said. She looked up at him and smield when he said he wanted to be closer. She did liked being able to rely on someone. [b “Thanks,”] But she also didn’t want to give him more trouble than he already was in. She saw him lean in and for a second she thought he’d kiss her lips but instead it was her forehead. Which was sweet. So she smiled at him, [b “You’re really sweet.” ] She said. She then sat up, [b “Movies over. Should we go out to dinner? Maybe out to a restaurant?” ] She suggested, feeling like going out to eat.
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He was glad he was able to put a smile on her face because he's never really seen her looking so sad before. He didn't want her to feel that way and he knew she was going through a break up, so he really did want to cheer her up somehow. He sat beside her on the couch and then he would smile [b "Yeah having a little pet would be really nice. It would feel like you would have company all the time. I wish I could have one"] he told her and then thought about it. He couldn't afford to be taking care of a pet right now. He wanted to, but knew he couldn't.

[b "Seeing you with a cute little kitten or puppy would be really nice. I'm sure you'd be able to take good care of them too"] he imagined Ara with either and in his head he thought it was adorable.

He saw her lay on his lap and he'd let his hands run along her side and down her back to relax her. He admitted that he didn't care too much if she dressed up or not [b " did grow up having to face a lot of wealthy people. It's only natural that you always have to look good. You don't have to in front of me. You can just be yourself. With or without makeup"] he said happily.

He saw her pull closer and then he would feel her against his stomach. He would feed her chocolate and then he would hold her hand in his, seeing her relax. He reached up and brushed her hair back a bit, smiling as he saw the movie come to an end. [b "That one was good too. A bit sad, but good"] he looked over and then he wondered what he could do to help. [b "If they're really your friends, you should still be able to hang out with them even if you're not with Joseph. Just give it a try tomorrow and see. IF it doesn't work out, I'll be at the back of the school. You know....where you found me sitting beneath the tree? I like to eat lunch there"] he admitted and then he felt her squeeze his hand.

[b "I like to spend more time with you too. I want to be closer and be better friends, but you can rely on me Ara if you need anything"] he told her, squeezing her hand and then leaning down to kiss her forehead.
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[b “Sylus…thank you for all of this. This is really sweet and so kind of you.” ] She said, melting at all the stuff he gave her to cheer her up. It was making her feel better. She sat with him she’d lean into him while they watched the movie. She really wished she could have a pet like toothless. [b “It would be nice, wouldn’t it?” ] She said, thinking what it would be like.

A kitten or a puppy… She thought it would be a good idea to get a pet. [b “I think it’s time I get one. I’m staying here until I graduate and even then, I’m sure I can find a way to stay with a cat or a dog even when I go to college.” ] She thought about it [b “Maybe one day you can have a pet too.” ] She knew that with his living situation, that wouldn’t be a good idea. That was no place to raise a little baby animal.

Ara laid her head on his lap, feeling better than she did before, and enjoying Sylus’ fingers running along her back. It was so warm…and she didn’t feel so bad when she had him by her side right now. She wasn’t thinking about Joseph. Ara looked up at him and half smiled, she knew she didn’t look her best today with the tears and stuff. [b “I feel like I should always look the best. In pajamas?” ] She raised a brow, and then half shrugged [b “I have nice ones…but I have no makeup.” ] Yet, it was nice to hear that he’d like her either way. She felt his hands going down her back and she felt herself draw closer to him.

[b “Mmm, I don’t know. I like all three of them very much,” ] She said, and smiled when he brought chocolate to her lips. She took a bite. She took hold of Sylus hand, she knew she was rushing into things at this point, so maybe she shouldn’t say it. She pressed her face against his stomach and closed her eyes for a moment and then looked up at him again and then the movie. The movie ended soon, she hated seeing hiccups father gone, but at least they solved the problem. [b “When we go back to school tomorrow… I don’t know what to do… I don’t know if I can still be around the friends I made because I left him… I can’t let him know I’m hanging around you either because he might blame you.” ] She didn’t want things to get bad. She squeezed his hand, [b “Either way, I’d like to spend more time with you.” ] She blushed a bit.
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He really wanted to cheer her up somehow, so when she let him into the house, he gave her a few gifts and was rewarded with a sweet hug. [b "Yeah you can use those tickets for anything. ALl up to you"] he told her, holding her hand in his and then following her up to her room. When they were both seated on the couch, Sylus felt her lean into him, making him smile as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

He would feel her warmth, glancing over to her every once in a while, wondering if she was feeling okay. He would watch the movie and then find that the dragon was really cool. HIs eyes watched him and then he laughed a big [b "Yeah me too. I'd want a dragon with attitude like him"] he chuckled and then he asked about if she wanted a pet, what would it be.

[b "Aww, a little kitten or puppy would be cute. Something furry.....I want one too"] he wondered what she would get. [b "Yeah it'd be nice to rescue one and give them a better home"] he liked that idea because there were so many people and animals that needed rescuing. He saw her lay on his lap and he'd run his fingers along her back. He would shake his head [b "You look fine today Ara. I don't expect you to always look your best in front of me. I like you the way you are, even in some pajamas, I'm sure"] he'd run his fingers down her back, tracing shapes and then just relaxing back into the couch.

[b "Is this your favorite movie? The second one?"] he wondered, taking some chocolate and then he would bring it up to her lips.
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A cheer up package, it was one of the kindest thing that she’s ever gotten. She couldn’t help but cry because of the sadness and the happiness that Sylus cared for her enough to do something like this. She smiled at him when he took the bite. She looked at the tickets and really wasn’t sure what to spend on them right now but she was sure she would find the time. [b “Anything? Okay,” ] She kept in mind to put them somewhere safe.

They were up in her room, on the sofa. She kissed his lips and she saw him smile more. She’d felt so still so hurt and what she did was a whim but it was nice. She snuggled into him, his arm around her waist. She held the bear, while the other hand would eventually hold his hand. Sylus and the movie was helping distract her and not remember what she felt like she left behind and also being upset with what Joseph did.

[b “Toothless is really cute…I wish I could have him,” ] Ara said and she didn’t have to think twice about it if she wanted a pet [b “Yes. I travelled a lot before this so I couldn’t. I want a kitten or a puppy. Maybe both. Maybe even a bunny. Maybe I should get one soon. I haven’t thought about what type. But I do want to get one from a shelter. Maybe you can even come with me when I get a pet,” ] Ara smiled at Sylus, resting her head on his lap and reaching for a andy, popping it in her mouth. They tasted so good…she’s been missing out. She looked up at him for a second and felt bad that she… [b “I’m sorry I don’t look…so good today. I didn’t give myself enough time to get ready.” ]
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He hugged her because he really felt like he wanted to comfort her and make her feel better. Sylus' eyes were on her and he didn't like it when she looked so sad. He didn't want her to be sad. She deserved to be okay. HE asked her what happened and frowned when she said he was lying [b "Aww, It'll be okay Ara"] he rubbed her back and then he gave her the flowers.

He was glad she thought they looked pretty because he thought she looked pretty. He wiped her cheeks and then he told her that everything was going to be okay. At least he would be there to support her as a friend if she needed him to. He took a bite of the chocolate she offered and he chuckled [b "Mmm, it's really good"] he then told her about the favor tickets and he smiled [b "Of course. IT can be anything you want"] he brushed her hair back and then he held her hand in his when she decided on her room.

SYlus followed her upstairs to her room and then he ended up kissing her cheek. She kissed his lips and he would smile more and then he's snuggle into her side on the couch. When she put on the second movie, he let her lean into him, his arm around her waist as he rested his head against hers. He'd eat some candy with her and he'd see her looking so cute when she held her little bear. He felt her hold his hand and he'd squeeze it tight [b "I'm not. I did all I wanted today. I was just waiting for you to text me if you wanted to hang out"] he rubbed her side and would find all the dragons fascinating.

[b "I think toothless is still the greatest dragon. He's cute too"] he told her, wondering if maybe he should get a pet too. [b "Would you ever get a pet Ara? What kind?"] he'd ask, enjoying this quiet time with her. She smelled really nice and she still looked really good for someone going through a break up.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 28d 15h 57m 6s

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