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She knew she probably shouldn’t have done that… She thought back to Joseph’s post and got upset [b “He posted about having so much fun with his friends, out, and…I got upset.” ] She explained quietly. She knew she shouldn’t let her emotions rule her but she did. It upset her, and she wanted him to hurt too.

Ara turned to him and took care of his lip, his cheek. She hated to see him hurt. She saw him looking closely at her. IT made her heart pound faster, and at the same time she felt the bitter sweetness of how he got injured. [b “Yes…but they have rules in boxing, do’t they? And you’re already injured,” ] She reminded, and she didn’t want to see him back at the hospital. [b “Well Joseph is trying not to avoid me, and if you’re around me-you can’t avoid him.” ] She stated and frowned [b “I don’t want to see you hurt…” ]

She softly sighed, looking at him, when he said they would be okay. She felt his hand hold hers and her heart would melt more. She squeezed his hand. She tried to focus, taking notes, but her mind kept dancing back into the situation. Sylus spoke to her when the bell rang. She met his eyes and didn’t want to stay apart, [b “I don’t want to. I think I just need to talk to Joseph…at lunch. If things go well then, maybe I don’t need to distance myself, but if they don’t-I hate to be the reason why you’re injured like this.” ] She explained and got up. She saw a few eyes on them, and one of their girl classmate came up to Sylus, whispering if he wanted to hang out for lunch.
Ara didn’t hear what the girl said but, she had to let it go. Even if she didn’t like it. She wanted to tell her to back away. So instea, Ara end up just staring, and not in a pleasing away. The girl happen to notice her stare and said, “What?”

[b “Nothing…I’m spacing out.” ] Ara mumbled.
“Are you two a thing?” She asked, because Sylus always was seen around Ara lately.
Ara stayed quiet and had her stuff in her bag, knowing she needed to go. She wasn’t going to answer at all, but she did wonder if Sylus was.
  Ravenity / 58d 23h 29m 35s
He was throwing punches at Joseph only because he was already throwing some. All he wanted was to go to class and he didn't understand why he was trying to beat him up. What did he see? Did he see something new? He didn't understand why he was so mad, but thanks to Tanner, he was able to back away from him.

He was punched in the face, but he held ARa's hand and walked off, sighing because he didn't want to get into a fight first thing in the morning. She told him why Joseph was upset and it made him frown [b "Why did you post something like that just after a break up. Of course he'd be upset"] he sighed and then he took in a deep breath, letting her take care of his injury, his eyes looking over her facial features, finding her to be so pretty.

[b "I'm okay Ara. I get injuries like this all the time when I box"] he admitted and didn't like to hear that she didn't want to be around him. [b "We've tried this before. We only put each other in danger, but we still want to be together. My wound can heal fine even with you. I just have to avoid Joseph"] he tried to tell her, hoping she'd buy it.

[b "We'll be okay"] he assured her, holding her hand and then seeing the teacher soon come in. Thanks to Ara, his face looked decent again as he paid attention in class. He took some notes and then he yawned softly, soon hearing the bell ring after an hour. He glanced over at ARa [b "Are you really going to try and distance yourself from me?"] he pouted.
  ellocalypse / 59d 8h 29m 24s
Seeing them fight, throwing punces and injuring each other-it was right. She couldn’t even do anything but tell them to stop. She felt so weak. Tanner pulled Joseph back and she saw the injuries on both of them. It ached, she didn’t like seeing Joseph hurt, even if…she felt so broken, and she also hated seeing Sylus hurt like this. They arrived to their class. She took a seat, and she tried to wrap her head around it. [b “Sy you should have just moved back, not fight him…” ] She whispered, she didn’t like seeing hurt like this. [b “Because we’re act too close. Because I…posted that picture of us.” ] She drew out a heavy breath. She had a feeling that their might be a repercussion but not like this.

[b “I don’t like seeing you getting injured. You’re already are,” ] She looked at his eyes, and tried not to cry. She was so worried about him when they had to bring him to the hospital. She didn’t think it would be good for him to get more injured. [b “It’s a big deal.” ] She whispered. She was worried about him. She turned to him and cleared up his wound. He leaned into her, and she felt hear heart pounding faster.

Ara frowned [b “I just… I don’t think it’s smart for you to be around me right now. You need to stay away, for awhile. You need that wound to heal at least…and I need to make sure Joseph doesn’t try to start a fight.” ] She mentioned. She wanted him close by but she knew it wouldn’t be good for him. She finished it up and put things in her bag again.

Ara looked down at her tablet she drew out for a second. [b “I…I have to. I can’t let this happen again.” ] She took a deep breath, and knew that this talk wasn’t going to be easy. She just had to say it was done…and that would be it. She wondered though if she’d melt when he was close to her. [i No. I can’t let that happen. ] Besides, she had Sylus and she liked him so much.
  Ravenity / 59d 14h 40m 32s
The drive to school was really nice because he was in a great mood. He got to sleep beside Ara all night and it just made him really happy to be near her. THey walked through the halls, but the the minute they met up with Joseph, it didn't seem like a good idea. He held her hand and they were slowly going to head off, but he felt Joseph tugging him back.

HE fell back, but managed to catch his footing, looking back at him with a glare. A punch came and he dodged, wondering what was his problem. [b "What's your deal?"] he asked, seeing him, throwing more punches. Sylus couldn't just stand there, so he started throwing his own punches. His hands aiming for his face, trying to defend and fight back.

He landed punches on Joseph as well, but Joseph got him a few times across his cheek and lip. He heard ARa and would stop, Tanner pulling back Joseph as he sighed and walked with her. He made it to their class and he'd try to wipe his lips, sighing softly as he looked over [b "Sorry Ara. I didn't know he was going to be upset with him. I don't even know why when we're just friends?"] he told her, taking a seat.

She mentioned not being near each other and he frowned [b "Why? I can handle Joseph. It's not a big deal. I'll just better prepared next time"] he tried to tell her. She kept mentioning it and then he let her clear up his wound. He leaned into her, his eyes watching hers as she fixed his cheek and cleaned up his lip. He wanted to kiss her and hold her hand. Tell Joseph off. [b "But I don't want to be apart from you"] he told her, wondering if his opinion mattered to her.

He'd thank her as she finished [b "Are you really going to talk to him later"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 60d 1h 21s
Waking up to him was a delight, seeing his red hair and amber eyes…his naked body and his tattoos. She felt so much all at once.

Then- school happened and Joseph was getting aggressive.
[b “Jose stop.” ] Ara pleaded, and watched Joseph shove Sylus away, [b “Don’t do that!” ] She struggled to uphold her emotion. He had lied to her, and apparently said bad things behind her back to his friends, so how had he the right to push away Sylus away from her.
Ara scoffed at fixing things [b “Yes I was mad but that doesn’t mean we can fix it. You were usually only around when you needed me, not when I needed you. You vanish off and lie,” ] She reminded. Her throat felt a little tight and she just wanted to run away. Hearing him ask to talk later, she didn’t want tobut she thought maybe that would mean he’d leave Sylus alone right now. [b “Okay, we’ll talk later. Okay? So, go to your own class now,” ] She tried.

Ara end up holding his hand, without thinking much of it until Sylus had his shirt pulled back, and he started to fall back. Ara’s eyes widened, [b “Stop!” ] She told him. Ara gasped seeing Joseph trying to punch Sylus [b “What the hell! Stop fighting!” ] She raised her voice. She started to try to think of some way to get in the middle of it, but she had no strength to pull either of them back . [b “JOSE STOP,” ] She called again and she whimpered seeing them injuring each other. Now the tears were flooding her eyes. Great. She didn’t want them fighting, she didn’t want them injured. [b “Tan do something,” ] She looked at him. Tanner pulled Joseph back. “Come on, let it go. You’re going to get suspended,” Tanner said, and looked at Ara and Sylus, “Go, I’ll keep an eye on him.”

Ara’s lip quivered, [b “Sy…let’s go.” ] She whispered. They walked toward class, and she noticed his slightly busted lip and the bruise developing on his cheek. It made her feel horrible. She wiped her eyes, thankfully it was still realy early so there weren’t many people in the halls. Without looking at him as they took a seat, [b “Sy…maybe…we shouldn’t be staying near each other for a while,” ] She said quietly, hating to see him injured because of her ex. Especially since he was already injured. [b “Until things die down again at least…” ] She said and then went into her bag remembering, [b "Let me help you first." ] She'd try to clean his lip and cover up his bruise, but spacing out most of it.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 60d 4h 15m 50s
He could see her smile when he called her pretty. He thought she always looked good, but seeing her first thing in the morning made his day so much better. [b "Me too. I want to spend more time with you if I can"] he admitted and then he walked with her into the halls. There was nothing to worry about, but he could tell she was nervous.

They walked together to her locker and Sylus was greeted by her ex. He just sighed and tried not to show how irritated he was, but when he mentioned how they were only on a break, he just rolled his eyes. [b "Don't touch me"] he pulled his shoulder back, but Joseph would shove him back, away from ARa.

"Yeah, but it was only because you were mad. We can fix things" he told her.

Sylus just saw how frustrated Ara was now and he didn't want to put her in a mess. Joseph listened to her and he sighed "Come on Ara. Can we talk later? Maybe at lunch?"

Sylus just took her hand and walked with her, but then Joseph kept talking. He was getting more frustrated, that when he saw the two holding hands, he walked over and pulled Sylus' shirt back. He fell back and then he managed to keep his footing. [b "What the hell? SHe said to leave it alone, we have class!"] he grew upset.

"Don't hold her hand" Joseph went in for a punch and Sylus managed to dodge. He backed up [b "Don't touch me asshole"]

Joseph tried for another punch and got Sylus on the chest. He reached back and punched him across his chin, seeing Joseph fall back a bit. [b "Fuck off"] he said irritatedly and then he dodged Joseph's continuous punches. HE got hit a few times in the cheek and his shoulders, but he landed some hits at Joseph as well.

Tanner soon came in to pull Joseph back to stop the fight, but he seemed to want to hit him more. [b "I'm trying to go to class. Leave me alone"] he stated, grabbing his bag and then wiping his lip as he headed off to class.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 60d 8h 35m 6s
Ara flashed a bright smile when he complimented her [b “Thank you, you look amazing too,” ] She told him. They went to the car, and they arrived soon enough. She did wish she could have laid with him longer in bed. [b “It was…I’d like to do that again,” ] She whispered. She walked out into the front of the school with him, and into the halls. [b So do I. I’m a little nervous.” ] She sighed, knowing she had to face the two girls that were also friends with Joseph and Tanner. She was worried about how weird things were going to be. Would it make it too weird for Joseph?

Speak of the devil.
She took notice of Joseph touching Sylus’ arm. Her heart raced a little. [b “Jose, leave him alone,” ] Ara said softly, and tried to pry his hand off of Sylus. She didn’t want a fight to break out. [b “We did break up.” ] Ara said quietly and then Joseph said it was a break. What? When did she ever say it was a break. It upset her, and she tried to wrap her head around it, being upset and looking at Joseph. She felt so hurt, and she knew she had hurt him as well, even if he didn’t know that she cheated.

Ara looked at Joseph’s eyes and then she was going to tell him up front no, but was worried that he’d get into a fight with Sylus, she didn’t want either of them to get hurt. [b “Can we talk about this later? Not now… I have school and he’s just a friend. Please?” ] She asked and knew later he’d probably have to sit down with him and tell him it was really over, over. There relationship was broken and she didn’t see how it could be put back together.

[b “Sy…let’s go to our class.” ] She said, and mistakingly held his hand and pulled him to keep walking with her.

“Fine, we’ll talk later but why are you holding his hand?” Joseph asked.
[b “Leave it alone okay? He’s a friend that’s all,” ] Ara said.
“You don’t fucking hold hands with a guy like that.” Joseph said. Tanner sighed, trying to figure out what to do about it instead of just stand there but it seemed like that’s lal he could do.
[b “I can do what I want!” ] Ara yelled, her eyes so warm and filling up, [b “You can’t decide what I do.” ] She said and had enough of it, and would pull Sylus again to go up with her.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 61d 8m 17s
The night was sweet and being beside ARa was warm and comforting. All he wanted was to snuggle up with her longer, but he knew they had to sleep and they had school tomorrow. He hugged her close and fell asleep until morning.

WHen Ara woke him, he slowly got up and stretched, seeing her looking back at him. He hugged her and then he kept his eyes on her as she went to go change as well. He put on his jeans and a shirt before putting his jacket on. Once he was ready, he waited for her downstairs and saw her looking as pretty as ever. [b "Wow, you look great Ara"] he told her, walking her to the car.

They soon arrived at school [b "It's really relaxing being with you"] he admitted, soon seeing the school. [b "I have practice after school today, not early"] he stepped out and then he noticed a few of her friends talking. Ara was watching them, but when he felt her take his hand, he followed her, but hear Joseph's voice. [i Great] he sighed, soon glancing back at Joseph.

Ara spoke [b "I'm fine. We can just head to class together"] he told her, feeling Joseph's arm touch his shoulder. "You're not going anywhere with her" he said.

Sylus just stared blankly. [b "Didn't you two break up? WHat are you talking about?"]

"We're taking a break, but that doesn't mean she's free"

[b "You heard her, I'm her friend. Leave it alone"]

"Ara, tell this guy that you're on a break, but we'll get back together soon?"
  ellocalypse / 61d 8h 22m 32s
He filled her up with a little spark of happiness when he said he wanted her to be happy again. She felt that sweet warmth, that comfort when she listened to his words and fell asleep by his naked body. She woke up, and she noticed the time. They had to get up…even though she wanted to lay more with him, enjoy this moment.

“Not late, but, I can’t…have my brother know,” She whispered. She listened to his yawn, and saw him stretch out. She gently smiled at him, deciding to give him a hug before he got up. She sid out of bed, and blushed a bit seeing his naked bodyh up, and changing. She went onto changing, putting her pink bra and lace underwear on. She picked a nude sweater, and a white skirt with the shoes she wore for cheerleading since she remembered she may have to stay a little later. She went into the bathroom, did her makeup a bit and then grabbed her backpack.

When she got there, Sylus was there, and her brother had just come down. Ara waved at him and walked with Sylus at the door. Her bother did a double take and wondered if Sylus had slept over here. “Ara…we should get dinner out today,” He mentioned.

[b “maybe.” ] Ara said and walked out the door with Sylus. Her driver was right there. Ara looked back at Sylus [b “Let’s go.” ] She gently smiled. She hopped into the back with him. Then she heard the buzz of messages. She opened it up and saw a really good chunk of them, from multiple friends, lots from Joseph, about who she was with.

She looked at Sylus [b “How did you sleep?” ] She softly asked.

Soon enough they arrived at the school. Ara let Sylus step out first and she went out. [b “Do you have practice today?” ] She asked, going to hold his hand but saw some people going in the school and was a little concerned. And then she saw Joseph talking to Tanner, walking down the hall. Oh no… Her heart felt heavy, and she felt the emotions crawling in. She tugged on Sylus hand to carefully walk the other way.
“Ara!” Joseph called.
Ara took a deep breath, and wondered if she could get away with pretending not to here.
“Why the fuck is he with you?” Joseph asked, coming over. Tanner tried to push his shoulder back and told him that he should leave it alone right now.
[b “He’s a friend, leave it alone,”] Ara called back, and looked at Sylus [b “I’m going to my locker, do you have anything to do before class?” ]
  Ravenity / 61d 21h 33m 50s
He felt so glad she wanted to spend time with him like that. None of the girls he was ever with really wanted to watch him cook at all. They just usually chilled on their phone until he finished and he'd serve them. It was a breath of fresh air to have ARa wanting to see what he could cook.

[b "You're pretty amazing to me"] he told her, smiling as he felt her hands on his chest, making him remove his shirt as he laid beneath her. He could feel her warm fingers on his chest and his amber eyes would watch her, feeling up her sides and removing her robe. She was left in just her lingerie and as he slid his fingers up and down her back, he could feel her kissing down his neck. Ara's lips were warm and she smelled so good, he couldn't get over how fast she got his heart beating. He felt her soft touch and he would smile from her words [b "Mmm, you are easy to like also. I like you a lot"] he admitted and then he brushed her hair back and shook his head.

[b "Yes you can. I think you're waaay sexier than me"] he admitted, seeing her lips kissing down his body. It felt so good that it made him squirm and shift beneath her. He felt her chest press against him and then he kissed her soft lips, sucking on her bottom lip and tugging it down towards him. Her words made him wonder if she was suggesting something [b "I am. I'm in your bed"] he realized that he was laying on her bed. Her room smelled like her and it was much more spacious than his. WHen she asked what she could do, he turned a bit red [b "I mean....I love your touch. If you can keep going down'd be really nice too"] he told her, wondering what she was comfortable with. [b "Only do what you're comfortable with Ara"] he told her, running his fingers down her back, wondering if he could take her bra off. He met her eyes [b "Can I take it off?"]
  ellocalypse / 79d 10h 35m 37s
"Okay in the morning," Ara smiled, feeling a bit excited to watch, maybe help and eat his food. Ara nodded to him and said "well thank you, lessons helped." She had a lot of them in many different subjects afterall.

Ara let her fingertips go beneath his shirt, exploring his chest. Then he allowed her to take his shirt off. She still felt her heart racing at the sight of him half bare. She met his eyes. She figured she'd get there. She smiled at him "I probably will," but even after that she still ver much liked Joseph, it just hurts. Although, now, she knew she had to move on from it. His hands felt her bare skin too going up her side. She felt the fabric of the robe being slowly taken off her, leaving her in her bra. She remembered laying with Sylus in nothing and blushed."you're very likeable, at least to me" Ara kissed down his neck and she heard his moans followed by fingers in her blond hair. "I'm happy you find me sexy... I cant compete with you though," he just knew more.

she kissed Lower, kissing his peck, down the center of his chest, she wasn't sure what to do ok that point ok but she didnt want to stop there. She leaned back up and kissed his lips deeply again, following herself to her newfound addiction. She rested her chest into or his. She traced shapes on his chest. "You're in my bed alone...with me." She smiled, and looked up at his eyes "Sy is there anything I can do for you, like to be kissed or touched?" She asked.
  Ravenity / 79d 10h 56m 18s
He was glad that she wanted to see him cook. He's made some of the girls food before, but they didn't care to watch or help him. They only tried the final product and judged him based on that. At that point, it wasn't anything special. [b "You do? Okay, I'll show you in the morning"] he smirked a bit and then he was surprised to hear that she thought he was good at a lot of things. [b "Oh really? Well you're really good at a lot of things too"] he admitted and then they were having fun together.

He would face her, seeing her over him as he kissed her warm lips. He felt her hands moving beneath his shirt and he would slowly shift so she could take it off. He tossed it aside and then he smiled [b "I'm glad I'm not. I want you to like me. More than when you were with Joseph"] he touched her bare skin, his hands crawling up her sides and then he would slowly take off her robe. [b "Mmm, I'm lucky you like me"] he admitted and then he feel her skin on his. It was so warm.

He felt her hands on his cheek and then he'd lean into her and watched her kiss down his neck [b "Mmmm"] he brushed his fingers through her hair, keeping it away from her face as he ran his fingers up and down her back [b "You're so sexy Ara"] he felt warm tingles on his skin where she kissed. IT felt so good.
  ellocalypse / 79d 18h 40m 30s
[b “That does sound pretty good Sylus,” ] Ara’s smiled, [b “I’d like to watch you cook.” ] She felt he’d look really cool, and she could admire him, maybe even help if he allowed her to. [b “I know. You’re good at a lot of things, I suspect you’re pretty good at cooking to.” ]She really did want to try food he made.

They were having fun play fighting with pillows, and then it got to her straddling him, kissing him and him kissing her, hands sliding down to her ass, her fingers feeling beneath his shirt, the hardness of his chest and soft skin.

Ara nodded slowly [b “Mmm...I do... No you’re not.” ] She whispered, enjoying touching his bare chest, and slowly lifting it. She liked to admire him. She let him decide if he wanted to keep his shirt on or not, even if it was pretty high up.[b “I’re not a rebound. Even more?” ] She repeated, feeling his hands crawling up beneath her shirt. Ara relaxed to his touch, and closed her eyes, enjoying fingers on her robe, kisses in her ear, the licking, “Ahh Sy...” She shifted a bit more, accidentally rubbing against him below when she did. Ara kissed his lips deeply, taking it in and kissing him again before letting him speak. He made her lighten it up when he sai dit like that. [b “And you’re so attractive...I’m happy.I have you.” ] She.carassed his cheek too, she pushed him slightly down so she could kiss his neck, giving soft kisses and then sucking on the skin gently, her lips fell lower down his collarbone, licking the area slightly. She really wanted him to enjoy being close with her.
  Ravenity / 79d 20h 12m 21s
He was surprised to hear that she wouldn't mind him making her a meal. [b "I can make something special. Maybe some bacon, eggs, and avocado toast?"] he told her, knowing she still ate healthy. He didn't want to be a bad influence with her. [b "I'll make you something yummy either way"] he promised her.

He waned her to know that no matter what happened, he thought she was a good girl. SHe just wanted to love someone and it didn't seem fair that Joseph didn't want to love her back right. He hit her with the pillow and couldn't stop laughing. He was having so much fun, hitting her and then getting smacked back. He'd hug her and then they laid back, Sylus kissing her soft lips and then smiling. [b "Mmmm"] he caressed her cheek and felt her lips lick his upper lip. He felt her hands slide beneath his shirt and he would run her hands along her sides and over her ass.

He asked her if it was okay to continue like this. [b "You do? I'm glad I'm not the only one"] he let her touch him and then he would kiss along her shoulder, his hands sliding up beneath her shirt, crawling up her back slowly as he heard her. [b "I don't want to be a rebound. I want you to want me too. Maybe even more"] he touched her soft skin and then he ran his fingers through her silk robe and then he would kiss up to her ear, licking her earlobe.

[b "Mmm, you're so pretty ARa. Joseph made a mistake"] he smiled, glad she liked him as much as he liked her.
  ellocalypse / 79d 20h 29m 59s
She loved to see him get excited over making something for her "Yes, you can, any meal would be good Sy."
What would you make me for breakfast?" She gently smiled at him, thinking he was the sweetest ever. She imagined Sylus cooking for himself, and thought he would look pretty cool.

Ara took a deep breath and smiled when he said those things to her. She didnt feel so bad and didnt feel like it really was all her fault. He lied and he wasnt around when he could be. She didnt care if he went to hang out with his friends but she didnt want to be lied to. They were having fun in her room.

She got into whacking and then ticking. She felt herself become so much closer and not being able to stop herself from melting from all he done for today. Sylus' warm arms around her, comforting and so tempting to snuggle into his body. It had her cheeks warm. It really wasn't common for her to be with Joseph in the same bed, rare and now Sylus was here. That made her heart raise a little faster.

There eyes met eachother. Looking at Sylus' eyes took her breath away, especially when he kissed her back. She wanted to give in to her desire to be close, to kiss him to show him how much she liked him and thank him for making this day a good one. Sylus leaned up to her and she nibbled at her lip. His soft lips pressed on hers again. Ara licked his upper lip, and would brush her finger on his lip. He was so sexy too. " her heart warmed, "then..." would it be okay to kiss. She watched him carefully, her hands feeling up his chest slowly through his shirt? Trying to remember what lay beneath.

The red in her cheeks deepened. She pressed close fo him when his hands went ove rher behind. "Mmm..." Ara moaned feeling the tickling pleasure of her neck being kissed. She met his eyes again, already dazing a bit. "That's okay. I'd like to too." She said slightly shyly and enjoyed kisses along her collarbone. She stroked through his hair, still straddling him. "Sylus...I'm not rebounding I promise," she whispered, her hands slipped slightly underneath his shirt. She couldnt stop her attraction especially his sweetness.
  Ravenity / 79d 20h 59m 14s

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