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Her lip quivered, hearing his promise. [b “You don’t know that.” ] She still did love Joseph, and even if he has been missing things out on her life, she couldn’t leave him for someone else. Especially since Sylus said he’d have a hard time saying no to a girl. He was starting to upset her too, and she imagined it would hurt to hear it but it had to be said.

[b “Sylus…A step is good. I just don’t want to be with someone while they’re taking that step. I don’t even think you should have a girlfriend until you can learn to say no. And I never said I deserved better than you or my boyfriend. I think we all deserve someone who’se loyal-which I already made that mistake and now I have to figure out how I’m going to deal with it.” ] She told him, getting a bit riled up. He left and she went onto dealing with the party and the aftermath. No one prepared her for the aftermath…


Morning came in with multiple thoughts, guilt trips, mental debates and wars. She couldn’t fit the puzzle together to figure what was the next step. There were only things she knew she needed to do, and it was drop off stuff and do that project they had together-no matter how much it bit to message him.
She looked out the car window, spacing out for most of the ride, thinking about seeing Sylus today. How would she feel…could she look at him and not feel horrible for what she did…or want to kiss him again. Probably not…considering he had trouble being with one person. There was a chance he wanted to briefly be with her and then go off the next girl-[i and then you’re nothing and who would be treating me right now Sylus?.] She dug her nails into her own palm [i Stop thinking about it. ] She sighed, hearing her brother turning up his music until they arrived.

Ara peaked at the text she got back. [i Alright. I hope you got home safely. ] She sent. Alister helped her settle one box down and then drove off. Ara took a deep breath and knocked. The dorm mother opened the door and gave her a hug. She smiled and gave her a light hug back.

[b “It’s nothing, just some old clothes. I had a party yesterday and there were a lot of leftovers. It’s just me and my brother at home, so it would take a long time or go bad if we left it there.” ] Ara gently smiled, hoping to ease into it. She didn’t want to make people feel like they owed her, because she honestly wanted to do something nice for people she knew could use a little help. The clothes weren’t old…but there were no signs of it being new-in terms of no tag.

She met the women’s blue eyes, and almost felt tempted to tell her that she was concerned about Sylus’ considering she didn’t even know what his job was. But…she didn’t want to impose either. [b “Do you know where Sylus’ works?” ] Ara popped the question, because maybe she just overthought it. She saw the young teens come peak at the door. Ara waved, [b “I got some food and clothes for everyone. It’s not a big deal, but I thought you’d like them. You can give me back what you guys don’t like.” ] She said.
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It wasn't something he could promise one hundred percent, but he really did want to try for her. He said he would try, but it was clear it wasn't good enough. Nothing he was able to give seemed good enough for her. [b "I would treat you better than your boyfriend"] he sighed and then the kissing stopped and she brought up what happened in the past week.

[b "Guess a step isn't good enough? It's fine. You deserve someone better than me. Better than Joseph too"] he stood up and left soon after, feeling like shit. Like she could point out all of his flaws and get away with it. She wasn't so perfect either and he could see that.

He went home, managing to skate in the dark without getting hit by any cars. His roommate had a few more bags of drugs he could sell and Sylus was in. He was curious though why people bought them for so much money. He looked over at his roommate smoking some weed and he sat down and tried some with him. IT was nice. He felt so good. High, and no problems in sight. He eventually passed out for the night and woke up the next morning feeling like crap again.

He went to take a shower and just dried off his hair. He put on a shirt and some ripped jeans, grabbing his phone and seeing a text from ARa. How dare she try and text him after rejecting him yesterday? It pissed him off, but saw that she was bringing food and clothes to his family. What was she trying to do? Persuade his family to like her now just cause she had money? He let out a deep breath, trying to calm down. It wasn't her fault. She kissed him because she was feeling lonely....she didn't like him...she rejected him. He thought about those things and calmed down a bit more. Any guy would have satisfied her last night. He was some Fuckboy.

He wasn't going to be a coward. Yesterday and all of last night was nothing. It was all nothing and he didn't care anymore. [i "I'll meet you there at the orphanage"] he sent and then he got on his board and headed to the house. [i You can do this Sy. You're better than her. You don't need her] he thought to himself.


The dorm mother answered the door, seeing ARa. She gave her a hug and then she let her in, seeing her with all of the boxer "Darling, what is all of this? You don't have to get us anything dear. We're doing fine. Sylus is even supporting us" she tried to tell her.
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Ara felt so relaxed with SYlus’ fingers stroking through her hair. She wanted to cuddle up, but then…he said he had trouble saying no to another girl. Maybe Sylus didn’t like her enough to be able to. It was less than a week, what did she expect? [b “Trying is not the same as saying.” ] She spoke quietly and gently [b “You said you’d treat me better than my boyfriend, but that would be treating me worse.” ] She mentioned quietly. If she was a trophy for Joseph, she’d rather be that than that girl who would be labeled one of Sylus’ hoes.

Kissing wasn’t the same anymore. She wondered if he had been with another like this, in the same situation. She met hs eyes and then looked away, feeling it sting. Her voice still soft, [b “I don’t…I known you for less than a week, we probably just got carried away. If you never thought about trying it before, then I’m glad you’re thinking about taking that step, I’m just…I don’t want to be hurt by it. I know what I did now is bad, but I’d like think I still deserve someone who can already say no.” ] She tried to explain. She watched him get up, and get dressed. She sat up and he looked at her for a moment and she whispered “Goodnight.”

He left, and realized she managed to make two guys leave her in one night [b “Must be a record.” ] She said to herself. She took a deep breath and decided she couldn’t sit here and just get upset. She went downstairs, and saw Tanner who was having a lot of fun still. She went to Emma and Jill. She end up having to pull off a guy off of Jill who looked a bit grossed out. She talked to her friends and then questions came, why she went up with Sylus alone. People saw they went up. She didn’t answer and eventually Tanner helped her get people out. The house was a mess, she decided she’d call a cleaning service tomorrow.

She began at least gathering food that hadn’t been touched, and stored them away. It took longer to do than she realized, and before she knew it was 3am. She head upstairs, got ready for bed and completely crashed. She woke up in the morning to her phone buzzing. She rushed to grab it and it end up being her dad. He was coming for a few days at the end of the week. She explained she needed a driver and he promised her one.

Ara cleaned herself up, taking a hot shower…and remembering Sylus, kissing him and then…the last bit. She leaned against the shower wall, [i You’re so stupid. ] She finished her shower, and wore a black floral high waist skirt, lace white top and a light cardigan over. She set her hair down, and went down to eat. She stared down at her phone as she ate, feeling nervous to message Sylus, having such mixed feelings. She sent him a message [i “Hey, I’m stopping over to your mom’s house to drop clothes and food off. Just letting you know. When are we meeting to shop?” ] She sent the text. It was…going to be so hard to see him. She realized she was bombarded with texts from some numbers she didn’t know, but it had to be from school.

She called cleaning services and then Alister came down stairs, shaking his head at the mess. [b “I need you to drive me somewhere.” ] She told him. He stared back at her annoyed. [b “As soon as I finish eating.” ] She said. He sighed and would agree since he kept missing to pick her up. Ara stored boxes in the back, mainly clothes and food from last night. She even made Alister stop by a shop for a moment, getting some more clothes.

Alister dropped her off, and helped her take the two boxes out, one for food, the other for clothes-but were fairly big.
“Can you handle coming home yourself?” Alister asked.
Ara nodded [b “I’ll call a cab.” ] Ara said, and let him go off. She then knocked on the door.
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He knew it was irritating to see Ara with anyone, but he figured that it was his mind just telling him that he couldn't have her so he should try really hard to get her. HE leaned into her in bed, stroking his fingers through her hair slowly and then he told her that it was hard to change. [b "I'll try to say no"] he told her, admitting the truth. He couldn't be sure if he could just focus on one girl right now since he's never done it before.

He leaned in to keep kissing her, but the kisses didn't feel the same anymore. He saw her pull back and then her words made him sad. Did he upset her because he couldn't? His amber eyes met hers and then he frowned [b "I can try...I just don't know for sure because I've never done it before.....but if you want this to be the last, I can do that"] he sighed sadly and just released his grip on her.

Clearly she chose Joseph and no matter how upset that made Sylus feel, he figured he should at least respect what she wanted. He went over and got up, going to grab his shirt as he buttoned it back on. He got up and looked over at her [b "Good night Ara"] he left the bedroom and closed the door. He took in a deep breath and felt like he was just rejected. It didn't feel good and Sylus felt like crap. [i This is what it feels like....] he went downstairs and just headed to the front door. THe girls in the living room saw him and they tried to bring him back. "Let's hang out Sylus" she asked, tugging on his shirt.

Sylus looked back and he just pulled on his shirt [b "I'm going home. You guys have fun"] he left and went to grab his board, skating back towards his apartment for the night. He felt crappy and he knew he was scheduled to work on his project with Ara tomorrow, but he didn't know if he wanted to go anymore.
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She could understand why it would hurt to see her with Joseph. She laid in her bed and thought how she actually was laying next to him. She liked his fingers in her hair. It felt so surreal. Then she heard his sigh. Then he said it. Of course. Maybe he expected that if she ever stopped seeing Joseph he wouldn’t say no to others either. Then…this wouldn’t work. [ She could feel his hand going down her back. She wished…he could just be like this…sweet and kind and not even bat an eye toward another girl. [b “Try…” ] She repeated, and then he mentioned it would be hard. That-hurt. Maybe she played him up higher than he was.

He kissed her more, his tongue played with hers , and it was hard to stop when he held her and kept kissing her. It didn’t matter…it was just one night and this wouldn’t turn out into anything. She then would pull back, not feeling the same after he said it would be hard. [b “Sylus…after tonight, we shouldn't do this again.” ] She said quietly, [b “I still want to be with my boyfriend and even if I didn’t, I can’t date you if it’s hard for you to keep to one girl. I do like you, but it’s better this doesn’t go anywhere. ]” She decided. At least, it felt more clear to her now. She liked him...and she admit to herself, which she knew was only going to make it harder.
  Ravenity / 35d 6h 5m 47s
He brushed his fingers through her blonde hair, finding her to be really attractive even right now. He smiled, seeing her sweet slips as he kissed them once more. He held her hands in his and held her against his chest, feeling like he could be happy for once, not having to pretend and not having to lie to himself.

Her met her blue eyes and told her what he was feeling and when she mentioned all the other girls, he sighed a bit too. He couldn't help it if they wanted to borrow him for the night or for a while. [b "I can't really say no to them..."] he sighed and then he felt her sucking on his bottom lip. He let his hand go down her back towards her behind, holding it as he pressed up against her. He leaned in again [b "I can try....just keeping one girl.....but I only want that to be you...but it'll be hard..."] he sighed, trying to think of a way to make this all work.

He kept thinking, but her lips were so tempting. Sylus kissed her some more, just making out with her, his tongue playing with hers, kiss after kiss, holding her in his arms for now. He'd deal with that another day.
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Happiness made her way when he said such sweet words to her, feeling his fingers go through her blonde hair. She was mesmerized by the way he smiled at her. She could see that he was kind. She kissed him back, holding hands with him. They laid toether, and she pressed up against his chest. She gave his chest a kiss, without a thought. He held her close and she felt pretty good being in his arms. And then…she remembered the reality of it.

She couldn’t throw months of her relationship with Joseph away. She felt bad that she cheated…and she didn’t want to hurt him either…maybe she should have just talked to him through it instead of this…but it was hard-when Sylus was kissing her and smiling at her like this.

She met his eyes, seeing him frown saying It hurt. It wasn’t even one week…and maybe they were both getting carried away. She still wanted to comfort him. [b “I don’t know… But…it bothers me when your with all those other girls,” ] She mentioned. He kissed her again and she returned the kiss. She sucked on his bottom lip gently, feeling over his bare chest…because it felt so good. Maybe she didn't have to think about it now...she just wanted to kiss, and snuggle, fill what was missing.
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He didn't want to push her more than he already has. He wanted her to trust him and he wasn't going to do anything that she didn't want either. His eyes stayed on hers and then he smiled as he brushed her hair back, just feeling so relaxed in bed with her. He couldn't believe he'd ever make it to her bed. [b "I do know. You're really pretty and sweet too. THat's a bit part of why I like you"] he kissed her lips once more and held her hands on his.

HE laid at her side and faced her, hoping she believed that he was telling her the truth. He felt her press up against his warm chest and then he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He had fun with her and she even appreciated his family. He couldn't wait to bring her back with some goodies.

When she kissed him, he smiled [b "I know....I know you're with him and it hurts seeing you with him..."] he frowned, unsure what to do about it. [b "I....Don't know what you want me to do or what you want...but I like you ARa...."] he kissed her lips again, feeling like if he left his room, he'd go back to just watching her and feeling frustrated.
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She felt a bit of relief when he agreed, and he zipped it back up. She never thought he’d even zip it back up. She got another kiss from him, and it felt so…real. It didn’t feel empty like she was afraid it would have felt. She heard his smile and just like that he was smiling when she told him she liked him. She blushed and nodded, [b “I do…” ] It was just that… He brushed her hair back, and it felt so nice, he kissed her cheek and forehead. It made her smile. She glanced back, [b “Well um…yes…of course…you know that.” ] Sylus licked her lips and she’d kiss him, falling into the sweet moment. He laced her hand with hers, and she felt…so warm…and fuzzy inside.

He laid at her side, and she loved seeing him smile like that. He felt genuine. His hand moved around her waist, and she was pulled into a hug. She wrapped her arms around him and end up pressing her chest against his bare warm chest just because she was in a hug. [b “Well, of course. “ ] She didn’t get what there was so difficult to accept…besides the whole he’s been with a few girls thing. Her cheeks still felt warm. She gave his chest a kiss. She’s had so much fun these past few days with him…it was up and downs but, she still had a lot of fun. Decorating, having frozen yogurt, don’t work…

And then she thought about tomorrow, [b “Sylus…” ] Ara felt her stomach sink. She was caught up in fearing that she was just another one of those girls he kissed that she forgot she was capable of using him. [b “I’m…still with Joseph.” ] She reminded, not even knowing what to do. She didn't think she could just let him go. She still...couldn't. Not yet.
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He loved the way she was kissing him right now, making his heart race and having him feel so into her. IT just wasn't fair and he wasn't sure that it was the fact that she liked him or if she was just using him. He wanted to keep kissing, keep touching, and removing clothes, but it seemed like she wanted to stop before they got naked. He wasn't upset at all, he just wanted to make sure she was happy today.

WHen he zipped up her dress again, he kissed her lips and then he wondered if he was just a boyfriend replacement. He sighed a bit, but when she said she liked him, he had a smile on his face. [b "Really? You do?"] he brushed her hair back and kissed her cheek and forehead. [b "Well I'm glad you still think I'm hot"] he smiled and licked her lips, his hand lacing with hers for a moment as he laid at her side, facing her. [b "You've been sweet and you accepted me"] he smiled, his hand moving around her waist, giving her a hug to his warm chest.
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It felt so easy to get close, to kiss him, to get aroused by him. His body was almost as if it was sculpted. But besides all that superficial stuff, she loved how he seemed so caring and he was still trying to be careful to not overstep. She felt comfortable enough to feel his fingers running over chest…and then she removed his shirt. His chest was so…like a Greek god. It drew her breath away. She looked up at him, and gently smiled when he agreed and zipped up. He didn’t look upset.
She popped the question. She held her eyes on him, wanting to see if he meant it and it looked genuine. She took hold of his hand, not really getting what she was doing…it just felt right to be with him here. She didn’t think about what she’d feel tomorrow or what would happen after this. Well, at least until Sylus called her out on being a boyfriend replacement. It stung when he put it that way. [i And I’m taking advantage… ]

[b “I like you.” ] She said it, looking up at him. She had so much to say but she didn’t want to rant. [b “Not just because you just happen to be a guy her, or because you’re hot…it’s because you’ve been so caring and pretty gentle” ] She said and wondered if that answered it. But…she felt scared. She felt horrible…because she realized she cheated. Yet, she didn’t think she could leave Joseph, because that scared her more. And she still didn’t know if this thing with Sylus was a fluke and she was an idiot falling for his charms.
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He couldn't help but get drawn into the fact that she was beautiful, her body was warm, and she was caring and kind. He wanted to kiss her again because he always wanted to kiss her. Just seeing her make the first move was enough to make him feel things for her. Did she like him? She had a boyfriend that she loved....and yet here she was making out with him?

He kissed her more, his lips not wanting to stop. HIs eyes met hers and he would kiss and suck on her lip as he slowly ran his fingers over her chest and her sides. He could see her remove his shirt and then her hands felt his warm skin, seeing her cheeks redden. Did she like what she saw? He asked what she wanted and she seemed unsure. [b "Okay, let's continue to kiss then"] he zipped her dress back up, not wanting to go past what she wanted. Still, she removed his clothes....didn't that mean she wanted him naked? He heard her question and Sylus nodded [b "Yes. I like you. More than the other girls"] he admitted, knowing the other girls never made him feel this hot, this frustrated, or this cared for.

[b "DO you like me? Or am I your boyfriend's replacement?"]
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Ara found it pleasurable to have him lick her skin, and then suck. She whimpered, and then met his eyes. He was grinning. The way he grinned made her smile. His fingers went through her hair. It was so convincing that he cared for her, and that they were closer than they actually were. She caressed his cheek, and when she touched his nipples, she hadn’t expected him to moan a bit. He liked that? It made her smile that she could push his buttons too. So, she would rub the area a bit, before taking his top off. He looked incredible. She felt over his arm, admiring him. She felt that warmth and arousal grow. She took a breath and brought the question up. As far… She swore her cheeks were so warm. Definitely not.

“I don’t know” She slightly said shyly “Not naked…not…sex.” She left out the part that she’s actually never done that before, or past making out, kissing-touching around… She could feel her zipper sliding down. There wasn’t much zipper, most of it was easy to throw over her body. She looked up at him again, “I…Do you feel anything for me…? I don’t want to be just one of those girls you kissed downstairs.” It felt degrading.
  Ravenity / 35d 8h 47m 26s
He smiled as she kissed his lips, loving the taste of her lips as he kissed her and touched her skin. He could feel her warmth against his fingertips as he touched her bare skin, moving beneath her dress and then slowly moving up. He kissed down her neck and then he licked her collarbone, sucking on her skin, leaving small hickies. [b "Well then that means you like my skin"] he grinned and then he brushed his fingers through her hair slowly.

He liked the feeling of her hands on his skin, being so aware at how close she was. She was so sexy and when he felt her hands on his cheek, her other fingers touching his nipples [b "Mmm"] he liked it so much. Once she had his shirt off, he was topless above her as he leaned in [b "Me? I can go as far as you want Ara"] he told her, wanting to see her naked below him and to keep her warm, but he wasn't sure how much she was willing to do or how far she wanted to go.

[b "How fare do you want to go Ara?"] he asked, his fingers moving behind her, unzipping her dress slowly.
  ellocalypse / 35d 9h 5m 47s
The warmth in her body was so dominant. Sylus’ lips felt so warm and it was like kissing someone she had kissed many times before… It felt so natural. She was stiff at first, and it didn’t seem like Sylus noticed, but his hands moved slowly, and it made her more comfortable when it was slow. She held onto him while he kissed ner neck, lips going down, and then her hands being brought to his chest. She met his eyes, and saw his smile…it was so sexy. She burned at his words, [b “Ahmm…I do.” ] Her eyes would land on his chest, feeling through, thoughts creeping in but he came in for a kiss and she felt okay again. She kissed him softly, and fell so deep into the moment with him. She even poked one of his nipples for curiosity, and instantly felt kind of bad for doing that.

She followed the sound of his voice, feeling so aware of him, and his hand reaching beneath her dress, a bit “Mmmm…” It was only a little and she could tell he was probably being careful. She caressed his cheek with one hand and kissed him one more time. Her eyes then lowered down his chest to his pants, and she remembered what she saw. She sucked in her stomach and then looked quickly off that area. She’d began tugging his shirt off, since it was practically off anyway, seeing his tattoos and then nibbling at her lip. She felt like she was going to disappoint him… She didn’t know how to tell him, but it was a nice sight from here.

[b " don't want to go too far, right?" ] She asked, wondering what was on his mind. But...with the way he was, she wasn't so afraid to be touched.
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