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[b “What? Why wouldn’t you be on my side? You’re my boyfriend, not hers. I was the one that tired to be friends with her. She kept telling me she didn’t want to be friends. I tried. Then, she acts fake and suddenly tries to get close to you. You can’t be that blind” ] Ara stated and narrowed his eyes at him when he talked about fighting over him [b “No, I’m not fighting over you. I’m fighting on horrible sneaky behaviour.” ] She reminded. She got what she wanted, so at least that was that. He wouldn’t be around Klara, so he’d have no choice but to be on her side now.

They got a break from it. They walked along a path together. She sighed [b “Stew and soup sounds….good?” ] She smiled when Sy swung there arms with her. They went to the swing and she was pushed. It was fun, she wished she could have been at playgrounds more when she was a kid. Thankfully, she passed it off like she has been on the swing before.

Ara nodded once she got off. SHe struggled at first but she got the hang of it. It was nice to see him having fun and smiling. She had to wonder what Luke was like before all of that. [b “You were very close friends? Was he different? Luke? Or was he always…kind of…mean and you know.” ] Ara said. She was always confused about she thought about Luke. He made her angry for even getting Sylus involved but also, she felt bad for him.

Ara popped in a suggestion. She smiled a bit when he nodded his head. She went into the more secluded spot where the trees surrounded them. IT was peaceful here, hearing the sound of the water from the lake, and there was more shade from the trees. Sylus wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her in. She hung her arms around him, holding his gaze.

She blushed a bit when he smirked, tapped her nose, kissed her forehead and caught her reasoning. It made that fluttering feeling in her chest stronger. She thought it was cute when he did that. [b “Mmm… I do. I want to kiss you.” ] She spoke softly and a bit shyly. She felt his touch moving down her back, being pulled close to his chest. They were both half naked, so it was really close. She held him in too, watching his eyes, [b “Secret spot just for me and you – I like that.” ] Sy made her feel so attracted to him. Ara’s lips met his, she returned soft kisses too, deep and slow. She let one hand feel up his bare side, rising to his chest, feeling the hardness – his muscles. She moaned into his soft lips, slipping her tongue past his lips. She glided her tongue with his. She pressed her pelvis against his more firmly. “Sy, your mine okay?” She said while she took a break from his lips, looking up at his eyes, “No one is allowed to look at you and touch you the way I do.” She meant it, looking so determined. She kissed him again, sucking on his bottom lip, kissing him just a bit harder. She felt the center of his chest, running a line down. She kissed his jaw, his neck, and sucked on his skin gently but knew it would leave a bit of a hickey.
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Sylus would sigh a bit at the mention of Klara liking him. He knew he screwed up their relationship back in the past, so sometimes he felt bad. He wanted to at least be friends with Klara, but he was seeing that Ara didn't like that at all. He told her that he wouldn't be spending much time with Klara.

[b "I'm not on either of your sides. I'd like you both to get along, but that doesn't seem to be working. I know that Klara is a good friend and you're really sweet. You two would get along if you weren't fighting over me. I'm already yours Ar"] he told her.

She stroked his arm and he would smile as he met her eyes and then he would lean in to kiss her lips. [b "I am. I am strong and badass, that my girlfriend can depend on me"] he nodded and would put on her jacket. It was was small, so he mostly just put it over his shoulders as he leaned into her.

Sylus then led her towards the path through the forest and he would hold her hand in his. [b "Yeah, no steak dinner, but we might have something like a stew or soup"] he suggested, swinging their arms as they peeked out over the lake. He'd then see the park and he would call Ara over to swing. Sylus would push her a little at first and would let her go higher [b "Yeah! It's pretty nice! Wait....are you sure you want to push me?"] he wondered, taking a seat. ARa was able to push him and then she got the hang of it. He swung back and forth and would smile [b "I did. With a few of the other kids from the orphanage like Luke. We used to do a lot together before he got into this whole gang thing"] he admitted.

When he looked out at the secluded area, he would nod his head and follow her over. SYlus went into the secluded spot and he'd wrap his arms around her waist, pulling her closer as he met her eyes. [b "Did you want me all to yourself here right now?"] he smirked and he'd tap her nose, kissing the top of her forehead. He'd hold her waist, his hands slowly moving down her back to press her closer to his chest. [b "See it's not so bad. Now we have a secret spot"] he said proudly, leaning in to kiss her lips softly.
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[b “Everyone…keeps telling me she likes you and I think she does.” ] Ara would look away, and spoke softly. Maybe he was starting to understand what she was feeling. It made her happy that Sylus was trying to view it from her perspective. But she really didn’t like having him defend Klara.

[b “No- she wasn’t. She was inviting you.” ] Ara stubbornly said. She didn’t think Klara was inviting her at all especially with the way she insulted her. Ara frowned not liking him lecturing her [b “She said it first. I never said anything that mean first.” ] She didn’t like how Sylus wasn’t taking her side. [b “You’re supposed to be on my side…” ] She whispered. At the very least he made a promise not to be around Klara, so she could live with that.

Ara stroked his arm, feeling over where his tattoo was. She met his amber eyes, feeling a fluttering feeling when she remembered him glaring. She knew it couldn’t be right, for her to find that hot but… it was. She started to feel herself blush at ‘your mine.’ She hung her arms around him and kissed him back, [b “Definitely not, my boyfriend is strong and a badass.” ]

Ara drew out a jacket from her bag and put it around him. She hugged his waist, grinning when he grinned. She adored how he smiled and it seemed like he only smiled this way with her. She preferred to be sitting down like this with him, just watching the water. It was less frightening.

[b “Mmm, okay, that sounds nice.” ] Ara got up on her feet, putting her bag over her shoulder. They held hands, walking down the small trail together. It was nice to be a bit farther from others. She swung their hands playfully a bit. [b “A steak dinner would be nice by the water but something tells me we won’t be having steak.” ] Ara giggled, but she didn’t mind so much. They came across a little park. She hardly got to play on playgrounds. She blushed in embarrassment. Should she tell him she never been on a swing before?

[b “Ahh, okay.” ] Ara said, a little nervous but she always wanted to try. She would sit and hold on the railings, [b “Okay, I’m ready.” ] Ara said. She remembered how in romantic movies how it would go. She le tSylus push her and it was interesting, like a amusement park right, [b “Whoa, swings are fun!” ] She giggled. She’d look back at him, seeing him there. [b “I’m going to push you next okay!” ] She said excited. She was having fun, and was all smiles again. She would step down and let him go.

Ara did her best to push Sylus forward but the tire carried weight that she wasn’t used to, but she got the hang of it. [b “Did you go to a lot of playgrounds as a kid?” ] Ara asked, pushing him forward too, trying to get him higher. She was having fun. Ara would look down the path and saw it lead to a more secluded spot. She knew they were still supposed to be within supervision sight but…

[b “Darling…can we go there.” ] She pointed to the point that lead a bit between trees, [b “Just for a few minutes.” ] She said, not wanting to do too much PDA. She just wanted to kiss him more than just a peck – nothing further.
[b “They won’t notice if it’s only for five minutes.” ] She mentioned.
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Sylus nodded a bit, not realizing that Klara still liked him. He would take in a deep breath and would take a seat beside her, feeling like maybe Ara did see a side to things that he didn't see. He promised not to hang out with Klara like that alone if that's what she wanted.

[b "I'm sorry. I didn't think it was that much of a big deal. I thought we were friends just hanging out, nothing more"] he shrugged and figured since he knew Klara still liked him now, he should probably make it clear he just wanted to be friends.

WHen the two argued, he would try to get them to stop because they shouldn't be fighting on this trip. [b "Ar....I think you two should try to get along. She was just inviting you to swim. IT did get a little too far, but you both said some hurtful things. Let's just forget about it for now"] he told her he loved her and would stroke her back, [b "I know Ar, but we're on a school trip. You and I could go on another trip soon"] he nodded and would feel her hand stroking down going to his tattoo.

Sylus smirked a bit when she called him hot [b "Yeah? I knew that guy couldn't take me. You're mine"] he smiled and would kiss her lips. [b "I'm okay"] he assured her, seeing her pull out her jacket. When Sylus put it on, he leaned into her more [b "Thank you Love"] he grinned, holding her hand in his as he looked out to see the others still swimming.

[b "Should we take a walk around the lake? Then we could meet up with everyone when it's dinner time?"] he suggested, helping her up and then taking her hand. Sylus led her down a small trail that lead past the lake a bit into a clearing. There was a small little park with a tire swing and some monkey bars. He'd smile and pat on the tire swing [b "Ar, here I'll push you"]
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[b “Well I don’t think that’s okay since she likes you. ] Ara stated. Shhe didn’t like his reason to go swimming with her. [b “Well I don’t want you to spend so much time with Klara.” ] Ara returned. It didn’t feel fair to her. It upset her and it made her feel like she was less important. She heard his promise, so she decided she would believe it, as long as he understood.

She was getting comfortable again, sitting next to him and having his arm around her. She snuggled into him when they got juice, sipping away. She was starting to feel better, not being alone and not having to feel so nervous at the pressure of going in there. [b “It might have been nothing special to you but to her it is. Spending time with your ex…that feels like something you should mention.” ] Ara said, and she nodded when he said he wouldn’t spend time with her. That would make her feel better. [b “Okay…as long as you agree. No more spending time alone with her.” ]

Ara got agitated when Klara came in. She wanted her to go away because she was causing her problems. She didn’t like being called clingy or spoiled after she purposely went to try to spend time alone with Sylus. Then Sylus even defended her [b “Why are you defending her? She was being rude to me first. I’m not clingy or spoiled – and she is trying to. Remember how she said she wanted me to help her pick her swimwear? Well she fully ignored me in the cabin.” ]

It made her so mad. She heard him and she didn’t feel that Sylus would be taken away by anyone else but it still hurt. She didn’t like those rumours, and she didn’t want people to be doing certain things with him. [b “I love you too.” ] She said softly. She squeezed his hand when he held it. He rubbed her back and she stayed close to his side again. [b “It would be easier if we were alone. I’d like it if we could travel together somewhere, just the two of us. Like we did before.” ] Ara said. She rubbed his arm, hand going down to his tattoo.

[b “You know, you were pretty hot glaring at Sawyer,” ] She giggled a bit. She kissed his cheek. He promised not to spend time with Klara, so she decided to accept that and move on from it. [b “Are you cold? From being in the water?” ] She asked him, because it wasn’t exactly the warmest still. If he looked cold, she'd take out a sweater she put in her bag for him.
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He nodded his head [b "Well she wanted to come to my practices. I told her it was okay because she usually just chilled and watched. I didn't think of it as anything else Ar"] he sighed, not liking that she was taking this the wrong way. [b "I just wanted to see if she was good. You know I can't turn down a request if someone wants to race me. I didn't mean to leave you. I came right back after the race"] he assured her.

WHen she looked upset, he frowned [b "I don't want you going with him if he's going to hold your hand like that"] he shook his head. [b "I'm not going to leave you alone anymore okay?"] he glared back at Sawyer and led Ara away. That guy wouldn't even stand a chance against him anyway.

He understood Ara was still afraid. If she said that before hand, he probably wouldn't have left her side. He thought she was getting better and would be able to step into the water. [b "I didn't know Ar. I'm here now"] he wrapped his arm around her and would bring back some juice for the two of them. He glanced back at her. [b "I didn't think it was a big deal? I swam during practice and then I headed home. It wasn't like we did anything special"] he told her. [b "I get it, I won't spend time with her. I didn't think she still liked me after what I did"] he admitted.

When Klara came over, he would smile a bit [b "We're taking a break"] he told her and would hear Ara mentioned something bluntly. He sighed a bit and would hear the two talk. [b "It's okay Klar. I'm fine"] he told her, but then they started to argue. Sylus glanced at Ara when she said she was taking him away. [b "Klara isn't taking me away. Come on, just forget about it for now"] he wondered why she was in such a sour mood since they got here.

[b " shouldn't talk to people that way. You should just try to be nice and enjoy the trip, bond with the girls in your cabin. That's what this is all about"] he told her, hoping she'd lighten up a bit more.

[b "You know that no one will take me away from you. I love you"] he held her hand and tried to rub her back a bit so she'd relax. [b "It's nice here isn't it? We get the nice breeze and the water is pretty cool. I like going on these trips to just relax and forget about the world for a while.
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Ara held a frown [b “You…spend time with her.” ] And he never told her, and he went off with her and left her. She didn’t like it. She frowned and wouldn’t look at him when he talked. [b “But you specifically said you wanted to race with her. You left me…alone.” ] She said and then shrugged [b “I don’t want to be alone…so if you’re doing it, then I can go with Sawyer too.” ] Since she didn’t see the difference if she did what he did.

She took notice of how Sylus was glaring at Sawyer. Sawyer watched him and remember a few rumors of Sylus, but there were teachers here – there was no way Sylus would try to fight him. It was just her and Sylus now. Ara found it a bit ho. She heard him but she continued to frown because she still felt a bit hurt, with her eyes a bit warm.

[b “I don’t… I can’t do that with other people around. It still scares me.” ] She said and she knew she would be embarrassed if everyone saw how scared she was. She felt him take hold of her hand. He took a seat, so she end up sitting down with him. She slowly shook her head, [b “Not really… But it’s better than sitting alone.” ]
She put her arms around her knees. She nodded to him when he asked about dirnks and relaxing. He came back, with juice. He wrapped his arm around her. It made her feel better. She leaned onto him and sipped on juice. [b “Why didn’t you tell me you spend time with Klara?” ] She asked him. She looked at his eyes wondering if there was a reason to keep it from her. [b “I don’t want you spending time with an ex-girlfriend…especially if she likes you. I don’t want to share with her.” ] Ara said. She saw Klara in the water. She would look back at them and wave over at Sylus, coming closer.
“Hey, are you coming in?” Klara asked. Ara hugged Sylus waist, almost as if she was saying ‘mine.’
[b “He’s not interested,” ] Ara stated bluntly, [b “He’s spending time with me.” ]She kept hearing what everyone kept saying that Klara was trying to get Sylus back. That she would try to take him away. Ara believed it because Klara didn’t act that kind to her until today – it was suspicious.
“Oh…um…” Klara began and just stood there confused a bit hurt, “I was talking to both of you. How come you’re not coming in the water?”
Ara didn’t buy it. [b “Because I can’t this week.” ]
“Maybe then you should let him come in, how’s that fair? Aren’t you being really clingy? Seriously, you act really spoiled sometimes.” Klara mentioned.
Ara frowned, wishing she would go away. This trip really wasn’t for her. It put her mood lower and she didn’t even know how to react. She took a long pause and then replied out of being hurt [b “Aren’t you a horrible person for trying to take Sylus from me? I’m not spoiled, I’m just not poor and a horrible dresser like someone.” ] Ara said.
Klara rolled her eyes, mumbling whatever and getting to walk away.
Ara stayed close to Sylus, wanting to spend time with him and not worry about anyone else. People just kept feeding into her insecurities.
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He wanted to swim in the lake, but it didn't seem like Ara wanted to, so he wanted to make it quick. He swam in the water and he would race Klara around the lake. She was really quick, but he was a lot faster. Still, he was able to have some fun when they swam to the shallows and Collin and others from their class jumped in as well.

He'd swim around and splash them with water, but when he saw Ara, he would walk over, slicking his hair back and just wanting to relax with her, but when she got all fired up, he let out a soft sigh.

[b "What do you mean? I don't hold Klara's hand"] he told her, seeing Sawyer tug her arm away. He stopped them and would ask to see her alone. [b "I just wanted to swim and everyone joined in. You saw. IT wasn't just Klara"] he told her, trying to tell her it wasn't a bit deal. When she frowned, Sylus heard Sawyer and he would glare, looking at him from head to toe. He'd easily give him a beating if he took Ara away. He knew he could take him and he bet he looked intimidating shirtless with his tattoo.

[b "I just really wanted to swim. I didn't mean anything by it Ar"] he sighed once more, realizing that maybe it wasn't fair to her either. [b "You are. OKay, okay. I won't go off with any girls"] he would hug his arms around her and he would apologize. [b "I didn't mean to test your phobia. I just....thought we made a lot of progress. We don't have to swim"] he held her hand and would just take a seat with her on the shore. [b "Did you want to play volleyball with them?"] he didn't actually want to stop her if she wanted to.

[b "Or how about I grab us some drinks and we can relax?"] he went to the teachers and grabbed some juice. He'd then walk back over to Ara and would sit beside her, wrapping his arm around her waist to cheer her up. Hoping she'd forgive him.
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Ara frowned, still not understanding why Klara had to even be there. She didn’t like it but she decided to keep quiet after all. It upset her.
She snuggled into Sylus arm, kissed his cheek and kissed his lips back too. She wanted to show everyone exactly who she was with. She liked Sylus arm around her waist. She wanted him to stay. She asked him not to swim with any grils and then he talked about going with Klara. It upset her again and she end up sitting alone. They took quite a long while with them racing and playing. She felt alone and upset that he had went to spend time with Klara instead.

But…she didn’t get fired up until Sawyer came to her. She talked to him and it upset her further. She felt betrayed and more alone. Ara peeked back up at Sylus. [b “It’s not the same.” ] Ara clarified. Pools made her nervous but it was nowhere near as scary as open water. She looked away, not liking he went with Klara at all. [b “It doesn’t have to be her.” ] SHe mumbled.

Sawyer took her hand and she let it be, letting herself being pulled over. Then Sy pulle her arm back, making Sawyer let go. [b “You spend time with Klara instead of me, why can’t I go with Sawyer then?” ] Ara defended. She frowned when he asked to talk alone. She didn’t want to talk, not anymore.

“You snooze you lose man,” Sawyer said and sighed seeing Ara being lead by Sylus somewhere private.

Ara stood infront of Sylus but wouldn’t meet his eyes. [b “Well I didn’t do anything wrong but you’re spending time with your ex-girlfriend and I’m left alone. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re friends with her right now. She still likes you and you didn’t tell me you spent time with her. How else am I supposed to feel? Why would you go swimming off with your ex-girlfriend and leave me there? I’m way prettier, dress better, smarter, and I’m not trying to steal someone’s boyfriend.” ] Her eyes warmed up and she would sniffle, sucking it all up not wanting to dare to cry.

Ara turned her head and would quickly wipe her eyes. [b "At least Sawyer sat down with me and asked me to do something that doesn't involve testing my phobia in front of the whole class." ]
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He admitted to her that he went swimming with KLara a few times. [b "I didn't? I told you I had swim practice and you can come whenever. I think it was around the times you were busy practicing for games though. It didn't happen often though. Don't worry"] he assured her.

When he saw her in her bikini, she caught his eye and he would walk over to kiss her lips. Sylus smiled and kept is arms around her waist and when Klara asked to swim, he would get excited, mostly to just race someone.

[b "What do you mean? I know, but it's about having fun during this trip"] he went out with Klara into the water, racing her around the buoy a few times. Collin joined and soon a few others from the class made their way into the water and they all started swimming and playing around.

When Sylus took a break and came over, he asked if she wanted to swim [b "What do you mean? You were doing great at the pool at home. You can handle it nice and easy in the shallow and I'll be there"] he told her, hearing her mention Klara. [b "I just wanted to race, it didn't mean anything Ar"] he looked at the guy on the football team and when he saw him take ARa's hand, he walked over and he'd pull ARa's arm back, making him let go. [b "Don't you hold my girlfriend's hand like that"] he didn't like the way he smirked either.

[b "Ar, can I talk to you alone?"] he asked, holding her hand and bringing her behind a few trees by the shore. He met her eyes [b "Why are you going with that guy? Why are you letting him hold your hand? I'm not doing anything wrong....but all of a sudden you want to hold his hand and hang out? WHy don't you tell me what's wrong? You know I'm all yours and Klara isn't going to change that. There's nothing you have to worry about. We're just friends"]
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It annoyed her hearing them talk about swimming. She didn’t want them to get close. She was starting to really believe what her friend group was saying. Klara was probably trying to get Sylus away from her. [b “Why didn’t you tell me?” ] Ara asked quietly.

Ara smiled proudly when he called her beautiful and hugged her close. He even gave her a kiss right after. It made her so happy. She saw Klara looking upset when she saw them close. Ara felt satisfied enough, wanting to show her to back off.

Ara start feeling insecure when they got to the lake. It frightened her just to think about going into that body of water. It still reminded her of how she nearly drowned and died. It made her skin tingle and lightheaded. She could tolerate being at beaches and lakes as long as she wasn’t considering stepping into it.

She already told him she wont but he seemed to talk like she would. She frowned when he talked about Klara [b “Why would have to go with her? You already know you’re going to beat her.” ] Ara said, getting upset. Didn’t she just say no girls? Maybe he didn’t even see Klara as a girl… that was bullshit since he dated her before. Everyone went in, and she end up sitting down alone.

One of their classmates that was also on the football team came to talk to her – Sawyer. He came to ask if she wanted to play volley ball with them. She turned him down because she didn’t think that would be right, but he kept talking to her. He asked why she wasn’t in there with Sylus. She just said that she couldn’t go in the water this week. He complimented her and talked about how it was rude that Sylus left his girlfriend alone and went swimming off with his ex. He started to get her fired up with the way he framed it.

Sylus came up and at this point she was already upset. [b “You know I can’t. Since you rather spend time with Klara, I’m going with Sawyer.” ] She decided instead. She got up. Sawyer looked at Sylus and smirked a bit, taking hold Ara’s had and getting her to follow. It surprised Ara to have him just take her hand but she wasn’t complaining about that right now. She felt mad.
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He knew Ara didn't like getting dirty at all. IT was something that was accustomed to someone that lived a luxurious life. HE understood that. ARa would be in new territory here, so he always gave her the benefit of the doubt. [b "You think so? I bet you were cute as a kid. Pretty too"] he smiled and would hug her before they started to work on lunch.

They made the burgers and when everyone was sitting down and eating, Sylus ate a hotdog and enjoyed it. He was excited to be here in nature mostly because ARa got to experience it and she wasn't so focused on her social media either.

They talked about swimming in the lake and it got him really excited. He would smirk a bit [b "It was just a few times when I had practice. You had games and practice too"] he told her, hearing Klara say she had fun. It wasn't helping his case with Ara though. He'd hold her hand beside him and would squeeze it when she mentioned she couldn't go. [b "I'll be there Ar. I'll make sure you're safe"] he promised and would soon head back to change.

Sylus was in some black and red trunks as he came out with Collin in blue trunks. They headed to the lake where he spotted ARa in a one piece [b "Hi my beautiful girlfriend"] he smiled and would hug her close. He gave her a kiss and would see her looking somewhere. [b "Who's that?"] he asked, looking around and seeing Klara. She waved and headed over.

When he saw the guys, Sylus would help her set up a towel by the lake for now. [b "You don't have to go in yet AR. I'm just going to make Klara eat her words"] he told her, seeing Klara come over. [b "I won't, just Klara to beat her"] he told her and then he would step into the water.

Sylus raced Klara for a bit, swimming to a buoy and back. He swam faster than her, but he slowed down so she'd be able to catch up. They swam and he'd resurface and would wave to ARa. Collin soon dived in and joined them as they swam together, splashing them with water. He'd laugh and swim back to Ara. [b "Ar, come swim with us. We're it the shallows"] he asked, offering his hand to her as he helped her up. He'd run his fingers through his hair and brush it back slowly, shaking off the excess water as he smiled. [b "I want to swim with you"]
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[b “Not really.” ] Ara said, not remembering ever like getting dirty. That must have meant Sylus must have liked it. [b “I bet you were really cute as a kid.” ] Ara said with smile.
She looked at him with deep concern when he said it was the last place, why? Would they do something to her? She was frightened by the cabins. She didn’t like hearing them make fun of her. Sy hugged her, which was a comfort. She was happy that he was understanding. [b “I…that’s true.” ] Ara said. The cabin seemed more frightening. She’s slept underneath the night sky before, granted it was never in a wild place.
She was doing okay when they started grill. She liked doing that and she was even next to Sy. She sat with everyone and slowly ate.

It surprised her to hear Klara even came. She knew Klara liked Sylus. It upset her. [b “A few? She makes it sound like more than a few.” ] She whispered. She got frustrated and said her thoughts out loud.

“Sometimes I swim in the pool with Sylus too,” Klara added, “It’s been a lot of fun.”
Ara frowned, wondering just how much time they’ve been spending time together. Have they’ve gone closer? They both could swim. She felt that sinking feeling in her chest. She’d slowly look over to Sylus before quickly looking away at her empty paper plate. [b “I can’t. I can’t go by a lake.” ] She shook her head, feeling the fear crawl up her skin. The idea of being under water, in darkness and drowning – it was terrifying. The water wasn’t still in a lake, like a pool. She knew how that trip to the lake end. She felt so out of place here, everything was too different.

She nodded to him, but kept being upset that he spend time with Klara when she was his ex-girlfriend. They all cleaned up. It was warm enough outside but not hot. They went to get ready for their trip to the lake. Ara still felt so nervous and upset. They went back to the cabins. She grabbed her black one-piece that did have an opening in the center but had strings that crossed over. It covered everything. It wasn’t a new one. She would put her blonde hair up into a high ponytail. She put on a very light jacket on top and a short skirt, making the top of the bikini look like a top.

Klara didn’t ask for opinion like she said she would.
“Ara you’re dressed like you’re going to Hawaii.” One of the girls pointed.

She didn’t see anything wrong with that. [b “Thanks.” ] Ara said. She even accessorized a bit since she knew she wouldn’t being going into the water. They made their way to the lake. The moment she saw Sylus, she hurried a little to his side and took hold of his hand. [b “Hey darling.” ] Ara smiled to him. She looked back for a second and saw Klara watching them. Ara leaned in and kissed Sylus cheek [b “How do I look?” ] Ara asked and glanced back one more time for a split second to see Klara looking upset and then looking away. Some people in the friend group told her that Klara was trying to get to Sylus again in a way she wouldn’t like. She wouldn’t let that happen.

A few boys took glances at her but tired not to be obvious about it because of the teachers.
Ara saw the water coming in and she felt nervous. She frowned, but still held his hand. He would go swim…with Klara wouldn’t he? [b “I’m…going to find a spot to sit. Can you…I don’t… Just don’t swim with any girls.” ] She said, looking down.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 21d 5h 22m 21s
She asked an obvious question and it made him chuckle [b "I don't know. But when you were a kid didn't you not like taking showers everyday? I didn't. I liked playing outside and being dirty"] he chuckled and then he would tell her that she shouldn't have to insult other people's outfit. Especially not when they're camping.

[b "Ar, trust me. Camping is the last place you want to insult anyone"] he told her and they would soon arrive at the camp. THey were separated into their their cabins and when it was time to meet up in the center, he overheard everyone talking about what happened in the girl's cabin. It was clear Ara was screaming for a bug, but he didn't think it was that big of a deal.

He hugged Ara and then he would meet her eyes [b "Don't listen to them. They also don't know what it's like to be living in your world either"] he assured her, knowing it must be rough on her because she hasn't been through this before. [b "Trust me, it's better to be in the cabin"] he told her.

Once they were separated into groups for lunch, Sylus would help Ara with the cooking. They'd be in charge of cooking the patties and he would cook them on the grill. He smiled and would help her out as they cooked, setting the burgers to the plating team.

Once all of the food was made, he sat with her and Klara and Collin. They ate together and would talk about swimming in the lake. WHen he heard race, he lit up [b "Oh really? I don't mind!"] he smiled, wanting to get into that lake and show off a bit.

When he saw Ara looking puzzled, he met her eyes [b "She came to a few of my swimming practices a while back"] he told Ara, hearing her mention to pick out a few swim suits. Sylus heard her mumble and he would nudge her a bit. He didn't like that she was doing this. The way she was judging everyone so much. When did she do that before.

[b "Ar, I can also show you how to swim if you'd like that too? We can have a spot off to the side so I can show you. You're almost there. Then we can all swim together"] he smiled, hoping that she'd like that too. [b "OR if not we can relax by the shallows. Come on, lighten up and just have some fun"] he told her, hoping she'd relax a bit more and not judge people as much because here in the woods, everyone was the same.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 22d 4h 5m 50s
Ara turned her head slowly to Sylus in disbelief when he heard him talk about not showering, [b “What? Why would we willingly live like hobos?” ] She asked. It didn’t add up to her. Ara frowned when Sy lectured her on what she said. [b “I said it quietly.” ] She defended, [b “I wasn’t insulting her, I was insulting her outfit.” ] She saw those as two separate things.

The played games on the trip. She got disappointed when he said they would have no service. She wondered what kind of trip was this… She thought they’d go camping in the fun way, not in the live humbly as a hobo way.

She got to her cabin and it turned into a wreck. Klara helped he rout, bringing her to the bathroom. She was grossed out, even by the bathroom. It wasn’t what she pictured. The showers were like the girls showers at school – but worse. She already felt miserable. It was hard to do her makeup and fix her hair. She made note of bringing her curling iron for the morning tomorrow.

They all met up. She found her place next to Sylus. She could hear the chatter and it was obvious that it was about her. How she freaked out because of a bug, she wouldn’t last a day, she’d go cry her way home and such. All of this was a shock to her and this made it worse.
Sylus hugged her. She looked back at his eyes and couldn’t smile [b “Everyone’s taking about me, everything is gross and probably has disease. It’s not alright.” ] Ara said. She shuddered when he mentioned the bugs. They were bad. They were really bad. [b “I’d rather sleep outside…” ] She whispered. First cabin. She made note of that. She didn’t think she’d be able to sleep in that death trap.

SHe listened about the layout, lunch and the trip to the lake. It worried her because she wasn’t a fan of water. Big bodies of water-well forget about that. A pool was scary enough. At least the hike sounded good, she loved hiking.
She was happy at least she was put in with Sylus. She didn’t mind cooking. She felt relieved to be with Sylus. She helped cook too. She looked back at his eyes and would make herself smile [b “I don’t know yet, but I am hungry. I like being next to you… um…I’m just worried about the lake.” ] She admitted. They finished all the hooking and all got to sit indoors. She wished this trip had a higher budget so they could go somewhere nicer…but considering the school itself wasn’t exactly rich-it made sense.
She’d always take her place to Sylus, sticking to him like glue. She was eating a burger. She ate it slowly, being mindful of any bugs lying around. Klara started talking about how excited she was to go to the lake. Then she even looked at Sylus, “Hey, want to race there?”
Collin passed, “oh! I want to join.”
Ara frowned and grew quiet. She knew she would be left alone. She couldn’t push the fear that far to get in there. That phobia was still very real. Pools were easier. No currents and it was controlled.
“Since I’ve been at your practices and been swimming with you, I might be able to keep up a bit,” Klara mentioned.
Ara stopped eating and looked puzzled. What? She didn’t know Klara had been doing that. She looked at Sylus and whispered [b “You’ve been spending time together?” ]
“Ara, you could help me figure out which swimsuit, I got three.” Klara mentioned.
Ara frowned and got irritated and mumbled [b “I bet all three are ugly like your other clothes.” ]
Klara didn’t make out form the distance but Sylus would be able to here some of it. “What did you say?” Klara asked.
[b “Sure.” ] Ara replied more clear.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 22d 8h 55m 56s

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