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[b “I know.” ] Ara said quietly. SHe wanted to pull him away from that life but she really felt helpless towards it. Even that night…she wasn’t sure she really helped much. If anything, she brought more trouble for herself.

Sh didn’t get it, why didn’t he accept it. She didn’t understand but she was afraid he’d continue to be upset at her, so she kept quiet. She didn’t want to get yelled out, or called stupid. Maybe Sy would never do that but he already had been rolling his eyes and talking to her like she had it so great with her dad supporting her. It hurt.

Even what he said after, she didn’t agree because she struggled a lot. Failing or doing bad, or getting less than excellent feedback from one of her tutors never turned out so great. She studies a lot, extra lessons, controlled on who she hung out with for the longest time. SHe didn’t want to say anything again and just nodded. She didn’t want to get hurt.

A friend gave her advise and she thought it be a great idea. Scrap all that happened. Sy wouldn’t be mad once she took him out for lunch and he wouldn’t say those things. How would he when he would be filled with yummy food that she could get him. She saw him and pulled on a smile. SHe thought he’d be super happy about it. She felt excited.

Her smile withered away, and she felt her stomach sink. Flaunt? Her eyes started to warm up. He didn’t understand her at all. She felt defeated and she didn’t even know how to respond without spilling out her own emotion. SHe was quiet for a while, awkward quietness growing. [b “Don’t you think I know that the most?” ] Her voice broke a bit, as she looked at the grass, [b “My dad throwing money at me everytime…he…it never fixed…anything for me. So I use it to fix what can be fixed with it. I don’t understand why you’re mad. If my money solves your problem, makes you happier, then I don’t understand. I’m sorry that my family’s rich and that I can easily get stuff for people I care about. It’s just how it is. Don’t eat with me then… I’ll go…order something for myself and eat alone.” ] She said, expecting him to get mad at her more. She’d rub her eye, [b “I was trying to take you to a nice lunch. That’s it…”
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[b "I did it for them too and it's just rough to get out of it. You know that"] he sighed, knowing Ara was only thinking of what was best for him. He did want to be safe and far from the danger, that's why he moved. He also wanted a place to stay alone with Ara. [b "I know. I've already cut some hours at work to focus on school and I've been ditching the bad work. I just can't accept a job from you. At least give me this"] he told her, knowing that the swimming lessons were the best he could do right now.

Then she mentioned him being poor and he argued back that she didn't get it because she had a rich daddy to back her up. Sylus saw that she was holding her breath and looked intimidated. He wondered if he was being too harsh on her. He was upset she called him poor though.

[b "I know you work hard....but I have to work harder. I've been working hard my entire life"] he told, soon leaving for his next classes.

He was still mad at her for looking at him like he was doing things wrong or incorrectly. LIke it was a waste. WHen it hit lunch time, he'd head to the tree, waiting for Ara. When he saw her, he had calmed down a bit, but he felt hurt she thought of him that way and couldn't help but think that she didn't want to invite him to the party because of it.

He heard her and then he stared blankly. Was she trying to make up with him. [b "Ar? Are you sure? Are you trying to flaunt your money in my face?"] he wondered, not knowing if she learned why he was upset. [b "You know money can't fix everything right?"] he folded his arms over his chest and faced her. [b "If you know why I'm mad, then we can go have lunch at this place"] he stated, wondering if she knew.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 7d 11h 54m 14s
[b “I thought you said you did to help orphanage…” ] She mumbled. She didn’t care of he had a nice apartment, as long as he was safe and that he didn’t have to work so much. [b “I’d rather you be safe, and not work so much.” ] Ara stayed her thoughts. She wanted the best for him and she wanted to help him since she was able to. It didn’t sit right with her to be having all of this stuff, and the ability to help him and be told no.

Ara gasped hearing him say ‘rich daddy.’ She pouted and got really sad since Sy knew what her dad did, and she didn’t have it so nice. She grew very quiet and looked away. She didn’t want to fight. [b “Working for me isn’t accomplishing anything…okay. I’m sorry. I thought… I could help. I…um…” ] SHe held her breath and then nodded, holding it together. Better to agree. She didn’t want to oppose since it usually ended bad with anyone.

She started getting scared of his tone. [b “I’m…not. I work hard for things too.” ] She said quietly. Whenever guys talked to her like that or looked upset, it never ended well. Not with her dad, not with Joseph, not with most, so she grew quiet. It was all she really knew what to do in that situation.

Ara messaged him for lunch. She talked to a friend in the hall, and said she had to go. After gaining some advice, she thought that be a great idea! That taking out Sylus for a nice lunch together would be really nice and they won’t fight. That was what her friend suggested. Food was usually the way to make someone happy. Maybe he’d even see that it was okay to let her spend money on them.

Ara saw him, he was eating a sandwich. She didn’t bring a lunch anyway. Ara shook her head [b “I wanted to take us out to get a really nice lunch!” ] She smiled [b “We can get steak, it’ll be really fancy. I can get us through without a reservation, I’m sure.” ] Ara said, thinking he’d like that. [b “Let’s go?” ] Ara said, feeling like he wouldn’t be talking to her like that anymore after taking him somewhere nice.
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He didn't like the words that were coming out of her mouth. They were making him feel like all of the hard work he's put into all of this was a waste of time. [b "I do shady things because it pays well. Well enough for me to get a nice apartment like the one I have"] he couldn't understand why she didn't get it.

[b "Well...I don't have a rich daddy to support me. If I work for you, that's not really fair on you either. I'm grateful for the help, but I'd like to accomplish this on my own"] he told her, sighing a bit as he listened to her. [b "So then Saturday?"] he heard her agree and would just let it be since that's the only day this weekend they could hang out.

When she called him poor, it blew a fuse. She's never called him that before and now it was upsetting him. Now she was making fun of him. [b "Are you offended? Yes people work hard for the things they have. In my case, I'm a student, trying to work a job and pay for his own apartment. So yes."] he stated and would just grab his bag when he heard the bell.

HE went to his next class, feeling pretty upset. His own girlfriend called him poor. She probably thought he was incapable enough to make the right amount of money. IT upset him. He sat through his next class and he was fuming. All he did was take notes and got the assignments before lunch time. HE saw ARa's text.

He didn't know if it'd be a good idea to talk to her since he was still upset, but they didn't have much time to see each other anyway, so he replied. [i 'Sure. I'll be by the tree'] he sent and would head there first, taking a seat and taking out a sandwich that he made for lunch. If she was going to mention something about his food, he didn't know if he'd be able to stay calm

[b "Hey"] he'd see her and take a bite of his food. [b "Did you bring lunch? Do you want me to go with you somewhere?"] he'd asked first.
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[b “Sy you…do shady things. Even if it was a pride issue, that’s already out the window.” ] Ara said, not really understanding why couldn’t he accept her help. She didn’t agree with it. [b “You’re a teen. You shouldn’t have to make it for yourself anyway. I won’t tell anyone.” ] She said, wanting him to just spend time with her. How was that so bad? It would help him too. She could find a way to make more money. She didn’t want him to know what happened since he knew if anyone of her wealthy friend group found out they’d laugh.

[b “Of course I am. ] Ara mumbled.

She shook her head [b “You struggle enough. I can make it to your apartment, I found a clever way to sneak out and no one knows.” ] Ara said. She had to do what she had to do in order to see Sylus.

Only Saturday… It upset her. SHe wanted to go back to going out for a vacation with him again. But knowing him, he wouldn’t take any days off from work.

Ara caught him rolling his eyes. She gasped, not believing he just rolled his eyes at her. That was rude. Not poor? She looked at him so puzzled, wondering what was a better word to describe it. Norma? She had a whole different idea of normal. [b “Really? Most people work all the time like you and do school to have a small place?” ] She thought they’d work a bit and then had days off to have fun or learn new things. She thought normal here was the people with at least five rooms in their house. Was that not true?

Ara frowned, seeing him getting upset at her calling him poor. [b “Well you don’t have to roll your eyes at me. I’m sorry I called you poor, I didn’t know a better word for it.” ] She really didn’t understand. She didn’t see anything wrong with being poor but she definitely thought Sylus was really poor. He got up and left. She frowned, and couldn’t help but feel upset. Were they fighting?

SHe went to next class, feeling quite mopey. She’d keep mostly quiet and do work. SHe tried to get ahead too. Sy had work today…and she didn’t know if he wanted to see her after school anymore. Either way she sent a text to him ‘lunch?’ she asked.
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When she brought up the liking thing, he sighed a bit. Why did she always have to compare things that weren't even comparable. [b "Of course I like you more. This is a job, and you're my girlfriend. I know you can pay better, but it's also about my pride too Ara. I don't want my girlfriend always paying for me at all. I need to be able to make it myself too"] he told her, sighing a bit. He did notice that lately she's been trying to save more than usual and he figured her dad cut her off or something.

WHen she denied it, he just nodded his head. [b "Okay okay. Well then I'm glad to know you're doing okay"] he shrugged a bit. He knew he came home late, but what else could he do? He worked at a restaurant and those were the busiest hours. HE couldn't really change his shift at all if he wanted to. [b "I don't want you struggling if you don't have to. We can meet in the middle or I can meet you after work if that's okay?"] he suggested. It seemed like all they could do was see each other on Saturday this week and it bummed him out.

She mentioned the party for the rich and famous and Sylus would just roll his eyes. Then she said he was poor and it made him even more upset. [b "I'm not poor Ara. I have my own place and I'm able to make it on my own. IT's normal for people to live like this"] he grew upset and just stopped. [b "Fine! There's nothing wrong with me not being as rich as you, but don't you go calling me poor"] he told her, shaking his head. The bell rang and now he was just frustrated with her and her rich ass friends and her money talk. [b "I'll see you Saturday. I'm sorry if it's not fancy or anything. I just have what I have"] he got up and grabbed his bag and then he started walking to his next class.

Sometimes he knew Ara was on a different level, but she still treated him like an equal. HE didn't know if her social media friends were influencing her or not, but he didn't like it when she talked that way to him.
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Ara frowned hearing him talking about liking it. [b “But…don’t you like me more?” ] Ara pouted [b “I can pay better…” ] She spoke quietly. Her eyes widened when he said she was having a tough time [b “No I’m not. I’m fine. I’m rich, remember? I have a lot of money. I’ve never had a tough time with money and I couldn’t. It’s not possible.” ] She declared, feeling kind of offended that he would say that. She would hate for people to think that. She knew her wealthier friend group would think and that would be embarrassing.

[b “By the time you get home it’s like nine thirty anyway. It’s not my fault I can’t come any earlier either.” ] Ara said since it felt like he was setting blame on her for coming late. Ara frowned and felt regret even telling him security was tighter. [b “I just… I want to…see you. I haven’t been caught yet.” ] Ara spoke quietly. He saw his expression, how he looked like he was getting upset about it.

[b “Oh okay… I can see you on Saturday at Ten am.” ] Ara mentioned. Sunday, she couldn’t though. She didn’t want her dad to see Sy. He wouldn’t be too happy with her.

Ara gasped and met his eyes [b “No! That’s not it. It’s just…my dad is there.” ] She said and mumbled [b “Besides…they don’t know you’re poor.” ] Her wealthy friend group that followed her on social media.

Ara frowned [b “Well…we can on Saturday.” ] Ara said. She realized they weren’t talking about class anymore but because others were talking a good volume, they wouldn’t be bothered. [b “I’ll be there on Monday. I promise.” ] Ara said but felt quite upset about how this conversation went.
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She was busy with her schedule and he also had a pretty busy schedule with trying to make it all work. THey were just never off at the same time and had to spend less time with one another. IT was upsetting, but he wasn't sure what he could do. Then he heard ARa say to just lose the job. Like it was that easy. [b "Ar, I really like the job and it pays well. I don't want you to have to give up your savings. It seems like you're also having a tough time with money, but you never tell me about it"] he frowned, wanting to each her, but they didn't have the time.

He faced her and then he frowned, knowing it wasn't much time, but he wanted to spend time with her that he felt a bit greedy about it. [b "I finish nine. I'm still a minor, they won't let me work later at the restaurant"] he sighed and would hear that she had to sneak out. [b "If it's too difficult, you don't have to sneak out Ar. You should just stay so you wouldn't get in trouble. You've never told me he tightened security"] he now grew even more upset because there was so much she hasn't said.

[b "I work from 6-9pm"] he told her, wondering if she could make Sunday. WHen she said she couldn't, he frowned even more. [b "Yeah. I mean I'd be an embarrassment too wouldn't I? THe amazing upscale ARa with a boyfriend that's me..."] he spoke and just felt down now. WHen was he going to get more time with her this weekend?

[b "So....not this weekend then?"] he told her, unsure of how it was going to even work. [b "Just let me know how the party is. I have a swim match on Monday. Maybe I can see you then?"]
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Ara pouted hearing him talk about not being able to take it off. She barely got time with him though. She didn’t understand. [b “If you lose it, it’s okay. I’ll help you pay for the apartment. Then we can spend more time together and you’d have more time for swimming too.” ] Ara said, thinking that would be acceptable. She didn’t understand. She had money saved up, she was making some now and she knew another way she could get money from her dad.

Ara listened to his promise but she still felt down because sometimes even the weekends he was busy. It wasn’t fair. She felt he should just quit, and she could tone down the number of lessons.

[b “I do…it’s just so little time…” ] Ara began and then heard him and what he said hurt. [b “For some reason? You finish work late. I have to sneak out, and my dad tightened security.” ] She said, starting to grow upset.

Hearing he had work at Saturday too… [b “What time? How long do you work?” ] She asked. She was supposed to have a lesson tomorrow. SHe didn’t know what time to push it to. She opened her mouth to say yes to Sunday and then remembered she was supposed to tag along with her dad on someone’s birthday. Her stomach dropped, [b “I…can’t Sunday. I’m supposed to go to a formal party. I wanted to invite you but my dad will be there, and he can’t know…” ] She said, feeling more upset now.
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Sylus sighed a bit when she asked. He had been taking most of his days off for her. It wasn't really fair. [b "Ar....all the days I take off....they're kind of too much already. My boss is going to notice. I can't just keep taking them off"] he admitted, even if she could pay him. [b "I can't lose this job"] he told her, sighing a bit.

[b "I can help teach you over the weekends"] he promised her, but he could see her pouting, especially when Klara came. [b "Hey Klar"] he smiled, leaning into Ara for a bit and then they worked on their project together. THey decided on the glasses and then he shrugged a bit. [b "Me too, but our schedules don't even coincide."]

[b "If you don't want to spend the time with me before work, then it's either at work, or me falling asleep because for some reason you always arrive at my place after ten"] he sighed a bit and would run his finger through his hair.

[b "We can....but I have work at night. THink you'll be ready before then? or maybe after?"] he suggested, letting out a sigh. [b "If not, I mean...there's always Sunday"]
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Ara frowned, knowing ‘before work’ was just touching an hour, and that didn’t include time to get changed and adjust. [b “Can’t you take the day off?” ] Ara asked. She wanted to be with him. She could pay him to stay around, she had some money saved up. [b “We won’t have much time to even do a swimming lesson if you go. I can pay you.” ] Ara said.

Klara came in and Ara got upset at Klara asking. She wanted the time with Sy, and she dind’ tlike knowing how much more time he had with Klara than her. Ara couldn’t help but pout, [b “Hardly…” ] She held his hand and found him holding her hand too. She missed him so much. She declared that he was her partner. Ara smiled to him smirking and then felt a poke on her cheek. She squeezed his hand, wanting to just kiss his cheek but not everyone of everyone right now.

They worked together, [b “I like glasses.” ] Ara said. She sighed, wanting to just have him stay with her instead. [b “I can. I just want to spend time with you.” ] Ara said [b “Even if it means just having dinner at our work.” ] She was still upset about it though, and it was clear. She missed spending time with him, full time with him. [b “I’ll try to bring a friend.” ] Ara said, not wanting to sit alone.

[b “Can we even spend Saturday together?” ] Ara wondered. She had a lesson but, maybe she’d try to push it to the early morning to give time with Sy.
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IT was hard to meet up with Ara when they were both so busy with different schedules. Not only did their free time not overlap, but he had work, she had practice, he had practice, and then she'd have her lessons. It was starting to make him feel frustrated since he'd ask to see her at night, but she'd get to his house too late sometimes, or she'd ask to hang out for dinner, but he had to overtime at work.

IT was finally Friday and when he got to class, he finally met ARa face to face. He'd smile and hug his arms around her. WHen he took a seat, he thought about the afternoon. He knew that Friday nights were the busiest at his restaurant, so he couldn't really say no. [b "We can before I have work tonight. I can go to your place and go over another swimming lesson?"] he suggested, knowing she's also been spending a lot of time with Tanner, Joseph and her other friends.

When Klara came, he waved and saw her actually greeting Ara. IT was nice to see them get along. When she asked about swimming, he realized he already made some plans with ARa [b "I can't today. Maybe next week?"] he told her and heard Ara. She looked upset. [b "Ar, it's okay. We can spend time after school"] he'd tell her, holding her hand in his. He missed her as well, but when class started and she declared he was her partner, he chuckled. [b "Of course I am"] he smirked and poked her cheek a bit.

He worked with her on designing a new kind of smart device idea. They all had to come up with a design, how it worked, and then present it to the class next week. [b "Oooh, what about some smart glasses, or a smart like microwave or stove?"] he tried to come up with some ideas.

Klara would over at him from across the room, wondering why ARa got so defensive. She paired up with Collin and as the two worked, she kept glancing at Sy.

[b "After swim practice....want to have dinner at my workplace? IT's Friday, so it's going to be a bit busy"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 11d 7h 10m 13s
In-between cheer, lessons, homework and trying to make some more money it was hard to find time with Sylus. She was really missing him. It helped to have friends, and she spend some time with Tanner and Joseph again. She still would get bothered now and then.

Friday came rolling in. She wore s sweater and s skirt, tights underneath and a scarf. She would take Nyx for an early walk before she headed to school. She got to class, and took a seat next to Sylus. She’s heard that he’s been spending time with Klara but she counted on the fact they were just friends.

[b “Hey,” ] Ara smiled a bit, [b “Can we hang out this afternoon? I haven’t seen you much…and you still didn’t finish teaching me so I can pay you.” ] She mentioned. She felt really down that she didn’t get to spend as much tie with him and from the things she’s been hearing.

Klara came in and say, “Hey Sy.” Then she glanced at Ara, “Hi.”
[b “Hi.” ] Ara said.
“Are we going to practice swimming today again?” Klara asked Sylus.
Ara felt her stomach sink. Is that what he’s really been doing? Practicing with Klara? Ara frowned and wondered if he would prefer that. It made her upset. [b “Actually, I’m spending time with him.” ] Ara told Klara. Sylus apologizing was supposed to help her get friends with Klara, not get him close to Klara. It made her upset.

Ethan came in. Ara would scoot closer to Sy, and try to hold his hand. She missed him. She wanted Klara to know that Sy was with her too and remind of her of that. They told to partner up for writing a script. Ara looked at Sylus [b "You're my partner." ] Ara declared. She missed getting all his attention.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 11d 13h 37m 38s
WHen Klara agreed to head out with him, he smiled, feeling glad that at least she wasn't upset with him and still didn't mind spending some time with him as well. [b "Yeah. I trust Ara"] he smiled and would take a look at her essay when they got to the pool. He'd look it over and use his pen to circle a few things here and there so she could help get it changed. He'd go through it with her and then they would change to swim.

Sylus would warm up with a few laps and then he would see Klara head in and they swam together. He'd race her, splash some water on her, remembering how much she liked swimming with him. IT was fun. He couldn't wait to teach Ara so they could have in a pool together.

After he got home, he made a nice dinner for the two of them, but she wasn't replying. He did his homework, showered, and went to bed. IT wasn't until he felt someone snuggling up next to him that he opened his eyes and saw ARa. [b "Mmm, you're late"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek. [b "Ar, I made you dinner"] he whispered, half asleep as he slowly drifted back asleep.

In the morning, he shifted in bed, meeting Ara's eyes. She was really here! She came last night. He missed her so much. Sylus would kiss her nose and slowly getup, cooking up some bacon and eggs and then making it back to his room. [b "Ar! Breakfast"] he told her, kissing her cheek, trying to wake her up slowly.


Over the next week, Sylus was slowly realizing that he wasn't able to spend much time with ARa at all. He would work at nights some days, but when he was free, Ara usually had some kind of plan or a game to cheer for. It made him really upset he couldn't see her as much. The only things he could do was see her when they went to school some days or on the weekend for lunch or dinner.

He'd walk home with Klara sometimes since those days ARa had practice and he'd end up swimming and practicing with her. He'd also help her with her homework if he was free.

But the next day, it was Friday. IT was getting closer to Thanksgiving. Sylus wore a scarf, his jacket and had his hands in his pockets as he headed to his first class of the day. He waited for Ara, sending her a text. [i You here yet?] he sent, hoping to see her.
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[b “I am aren’t I.” ] Ara smiled, feeling confident about her appearance. That women was just old fashion that’s all. Ara felt that she dressed really well afterall. Ara kissed him back and nod. [b I did…but we didn’t start yet.” ] Ara reminded. Well she had another swimming instructor her dad got her that she has been avoiding like the plaque which was another reason she got in trouble.

[b “Okay, I’m glad.” ] Ara said.
They sepereated their ways.

Klara said [b “Oh…yea, I saw her and Jospeh chatting. You’re fine with that?” ] She wondered. Klara would shrug “If you could look over it, yea. I could use the help.” She said. They’d walk along side each other. She hesitated but then said , “Yea, I can come. I like swimming too remember?” Klara smiled a bit. She still felt quite hurt but, she knew she couldn’t hold on. Sylus would never feel anything for her anyway.
Klara would watch him and even got changed and swim herself. IT was fun and refreshing. She’d sit next to Sylus at the end and talk a bit. They parted after.

Ara finished late, but she would make to Sylus’ apartment. She got to his apartment at 11. She used the spare key, and it was dark. [b “Sy?” ] Ara called. She went into his room and he seemed to be already sleeping. Ah…she was late. She sighed. She would shower and get changed, and slip into his bed too. She checked her phone once more, social media and messages. Then she saw a message from that guy…the one that night, that kept bugging her. She ignored and would hang onto Sylus and fall asleep.
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