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Ara drew a sigh [b “Apple… I told her I didn’t want to fight but…well, that didn’t go.” ] She said and half smiled when he said he’d make sure. She knew he couldn’t exactly control that either. She was just glad he wasn’t mad at her for getting into a mess like that. Ara gently smiled and kissed his cheek, [b “You don’t have to do that. I just…prefer if you weren’t so close to her, that’s all.” ] She saw him getting pretty angry. She frowned and then hugged him tight.

She’d peak at his knee that was bandaged. She hoped he wasn’t hiding something worse underneath. [b “Okay, just keep it treated.” ] Ara said. She grew excited about going on a date with him. [b “I’d love a date.” ] Ara tilted her head and wasn’t so sure that would be a good idea either. [b “I don’t know Sy…” ] The bell rang and it made her quite sad that they had to part. She gave him kiss back and nodded.

They cleaned up, and they went to class. It went well, and she ignored any minor annoyances and felt good. When the classes end, she would text Klara to meet her at the front of the school. She ran by Sy and would hug him [b “I’ll see you later.” ] Ara said and noticed Apple in the distance, but looked like she was walking away.

Klara came over and looked hesitate, and got upset seeing her and Sylus together. This was a bad idea. Ara turned around and met Klara’s eyes. Ara grinned and waved, [b “Klara! Are you ready?” ]

“I don’t think this is a good idea, I got a lot of homework.” Klara said.
[b “I’ll help you finish it faster, besides, we have the weekend to do it. Come on, let’s go! Sy, I’lll see you later at seven.” ] She kissed his cheek once more and noticed Klara looking away, and upset. It was starting to slowly click to her. What if…Klara still liked Sy.

The two of them went shopping. Ara kept being energetic and really helped find outfits with Klara. Klara seemed to be bothered most of the time. Then some guy was harassing Ara when she was walking to get them ice cream alone. Klara told them to fuck off. Klara got happy the moment she was eating. They went to even went to get some more food. [b “Klara…why did you say we’re not friends?”] Ara asked quietly.
“Because we’re not.” Klara said, shrugging.
Ara frowned and didn’t understand, [b “How about now?” ]
“We’re not friends Ara. Just because we have projects and work together, doesn’t make us friends.”
[b “But we also go shopping together,” ] Ara added.
“Because you made me.” Klara said.
Ara looked at her and really started feeling sad. [b “I didn’t…mean to make you… I just thought maybe you’d like me and want to be friends if we went out.” ]
“You’re wrong,” Klara said and then grew quiet seeing Ara’s expression looking really sad. It made her feel a bit guilty but she hated seeing Ara with Sylus. She was fake, she had to be. [b “I’m sorry.” ] Ara whispered, [b “We can go…” ]
Klara grew quiet too, not even knowing what to say but realized she didn’t like seeing Ara sound that upset…but she couldn’t take back what she said. They went out, and Ara dropped Klara off.

Ara went home and would feel down and pretty hurt but she didn’t know what else to do. She got ready for their movie, wearing a cute red sweater, and a white skirt. She wore a pair of red knee high boots. She did her hair in a half bun. She’d take a few photos of herself for her social media and then would meet Sylus at the movies. She stood at the front, inside. She’d wait to see Sylus, and got someone watching her with a bunch of buddies. The second they saw Ara finding Sy and hugging him-they looked away. Ara tightly hugged him, wanting a bit of comforting, but not wanting to bring his mood down with hers either.

[b “How are you?” ] She looked up at his eyes, [b “Mmm, we need to pick a movie Sy. I don’t know what to watch…and I realized I don’t even know what movies you like to watch.” ] Ara said, clinging onto his hand.
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He was embarrassed that ARa heard his stomach. HE didn't have breakfast at all, so he was pretty hungry. He would see the food and sit up and eat with her, feeling relaxed and content. Being around Ara made the atmosphere feel so calming and soothing. He loved her and loved the comfort she brought him when he was stressed out.

When she averted her eyes, Sylus would take in a deep breath. [b "Who? I'm going to make sure she doesn't lay a hand on you like that. That's messed up"] he was upset she got hurt and he wasn't there to protect her. He would meet her eyes and then he nodded his head. [b "I'm going to give her an earful when I see her"] he said, balling his hands into fists. No one hurts his girlfriend.

SYlus made the suggestion on a date and couldn't wait to spend more time with her. [b "It's fine. It's just a scratch"] he lifted up his jeans and showed her since it was wrapped in bandages. He leaned into her more [b "I want to take you on a date. You do so much for me"] he told her, thinking about swimming. [b "I have to swim though. Maybe I'll try and find some waterproof bandages"] he smiled and heard the belld.

He would give her another kiss [b "I'll go to class. I'll meet you later at the movies"] he slowly got up and then he helped her clean up their trash, holding her hand in his as he walked her towards her next class. Sylus headed to his class and the rest of the day went by pretty quickly.

He left the classroom and spotted Apple, knowing she was the one who harmed Ara. HE walked over and tugged her arm back [b "Don't you lay a finger on my girlfriend"] he said, glaring at her. [b "If you have a problem come to me"] he told her, letting her go.

Apple just shook her head, rolling her eyes as she continued. Sylus just hurried to see if he could meet Ara before her movie. HE wanted to see her off.
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Ara giggled seeing his cheeks go re when his stomach grumbled. [b “It’s okay Sy.” ] She had brought him plenty of food. She suspected that he hasn’t ate yet. She loved getting kisses on her cheeks from him too. She held his hand back and leaned onto him.

She grew quiet when he asked if she got into a fight, and avoided eye contact. Would he get mad? But she did the right thing anyway. [b “She wanted a fight. I didn’t, so I ran, I swear! I didn’t mean to get involved. First time ever that’s happened to me” ] Ara said. She shook her head, [b “No, I’m okay. I got something back home to make sure it won’t scar. I’m more concerned about you.” ]

She got excited thinking about going on a movie date with him. Ara nodded, [b “No problem.” ] She was happy to see him all fed. She pouted when she heard he got a scrape. [b “Oh no…make sure it’s not infected okay? If it looks weird or feels off, tell me right away.” ] She said and smiled when he hugged her in. She loved being held by him. [b “Awe Sy, we will. You don’t have to repay me, I’m just doing what I should do to love you.” ] Ara said, hugging him tightly and grinning. She was so happy things were okay with them again. She loved snuggling like this together.

She noticed his eyes fall onto her scratches. [b “Do you want me to cover it up?” ] She asked. Ara then would reach for his knee gently, [b “Which knee is it? Maybe…you shouldn’t be swimming for a few days.” ] She was sure that the water wouldn’t be good on it right now. She glanced up at the time and realizing lunch was ending soon. She pouted because she wanted to spend more time with Sy. She tilt his head and kiss his lips, then she stroked his hair. [b “If you don’t want to go to class, I can notify them that you’re not feeling well.” ]
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He would slowly get up to the smell of food, seeing the fry and the burgers. IT made his stomach grumble, so he did his best to hide it. His cheeks burning red a bit. He took a bite of his burger and ate the fries, feeling so thankful he had Ara here with him, giving him some good food.

He kissed her cheek [b "You're the best"] as he reached to hold her hand in his, he would see the scratches on her arms. He met her eyes [b "Ar...what happened?"] he asked, looking to see she had a few on her flawless skin. They looked like nail marks. [b "Did you get into a fight with someone?"] he asked, meeting her eyes and then looking concerned.

[b "You're not hurt anywhere else are you?"] he tried to look her over, seeing she looked fine. He offered her places they could go to for a date, but he did forget about Klara [b "Oh right! Yeah we can do that"] he gave her a kiss and ate the fry before leaning into her more. [b "You did? Thank you. I'm glad you helped me out. At least they know where I am and I'll talk to them later"] he finished up his fries and sipped on his milkshake. [b "I'm fine. I got a scrape on my knee, but that was from falling. I bandaged it up already"] he told her, hugging her close. [b "You've already done so much for me. I just want to go on a date with you and repay you back for today"] he snuggled into her warmth and would hold her hands, looking at the scratches again. He was pissed. Who could've done this to her?
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She figured that would be his answer, and she knew she would have to respect that. It would probably really upset him if she tried. She did her best to comfort him. [b “Thank you…”] At least it would worry her less if she got a message that he was okay. She head out, half got into a fight and returned. She opened the bag of food, and wondered if he’d wake at the smell of food.

[b “Mmm…12:30,” ] She replied and then nodded. She smiled when he kissed her cheek. [b “No problem.” ] She would eat her burger too with him. She had a milkshake for him too. She liked how he had his arm around her. She’d tried to take a bite out of the fry he offered but he gave her kiss instead, which was much better. She kissed him back and giggled. [b “I’m so happy to hear that Sy. You look a lot better, and calm.” ] She said, holding her eyes on him. She cleaned up the bags. She listened to him give her all of these choices. It made her smile. She rested kissed his cheek. [b “Of course I’d like to. But, I also promised Klara I’d go shopping with her today. So, how about after I finish shopping we meet at the movie theater?” ] She wanted to be with him through the entire afternoon but she was sure Klara wouldn’t give her a second chance.

She wondered if Sy really was feeling better. [b “We got a little more time before class starts again.” ] Ara mentioned and snuggled up to him. [b “I messaged your team by the way, so you don’t have to worry. I told your friend to tell your teacher you weren’t feeling well too.” ] She hoped that would stress him out a little less. She knew he was dealing with a lot.

[b “By the way? Did you get hurt anywhere?” ] Ara asked and reached for her bag, [b “I got first aid with me in case you did.” ] IT didn’t look like he was in any pain, or hurt from what she could see, which she felt thankful for but wanted to be sure.
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He was holding her hand in his, feeling a bit jittery from last night still. He ended up following her towards the classroom and then he took a seat, trying to relax a bit more. He heard Ara and then he nodded [b "I don't want you involved in that side of what I do Ar. It's not safe"] he didn't want her to come after him or bring danger upon herself.

[b "I'll try to text you more..."] he laid onto her lap and then he faced her, yawning softly and then falling asleep. He was tired and being shaken up took a toll. He passed out quickly, but when he tried to get up, she'd let him sleep more. He closed his eyes again and didn't wake up until he could smell some food in front of him. He slowly opened his eyes when he heard her voice. He sat up and then he rubbed his eyes seeing that he was still on Ara's lap. [b "What time is it?"] he looked at his phone and then he saw her eating fries. [b "'s lunch time...we missed class?"] he sighed a bit and then he saw the food.

He sat beside her and then he kissed her cheek [b "Thanks for taking care of me"] he took a burger and ate with her, also eating some of the snacks she bought. He would wrap his arm around her waist and then he'd feed her a fry, bringing it to her lips. He'd then pull it back and give her a kiss instead. [b "You make me feel so much better"] he smiled and would finish up his food quickly. He didn't realize how hungry he was. He then cleaned up and he would hold her hand in his. [b "It's the weekend tomorrow. Do you want to spend time together? Maybe at my place? Or we can go out?"] he suggested, wanting them to be okay.

[b "Let's go see a movie after school. My treat?"] he offered, feeling like doing something relaxing with her like this.
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[b “Darling you’re jittery, you’re not fine.” ] Ara said to him while holding him [b “It’s okay not to be fine.” ] She was feeling him calming down in her arms though. His body was less tense and he was relaxing. She felt good that she could help him in some way. When she looked at him, she loved at him with plenty of love and fighting back tears. [b “Well…if you’re in trouble. Call me. Maybe I can help get you home safely.” ] She didn’t think he’d let her but she wanted him safe. She let him rest his head on her shoulder. She kept stroking his back and even kissed him very briefly.

She brought him to an empty classroom. She bought snacks at the vending machine since the caf wasn’t open and she wasn’t sure how long ordering food would take. She let him rest his head on her lap. She’d stroke his hair, and even his arm. [b “Mmm…” ] She knew this was all she could do right now, comfort him when it got bad. But she wished she could do more. She saw him closing his eyes. She waited, before end up crying silently, scared that something else could have happened. It wasn’t fair. Why did Sylus have to go through this?

She noticed him moving. She’d wipe her eyes quickly. He started to sit up. [b “Shh, just rest. I already did.” She bent down and kissed the top of his head. She let him sleep more and if he tried to move. She’d push his body gently to lay down again. She distracted herself with her phone. She’d message her friends why she wasn’t in class, that someone needed help. That’s all she told them.

It was reaching lunch, so she uber eats a burger, fries and a milk shake, figuring Sylus would probably enjoy that. She was considering something real high end but, it didn’t seem like today was the day for that. Ara kept stroking his arm. She’d bent down, and whisper, “Sy? Are you up? I’ll be right back. I’m going to pick our food.” ] She said to him quietly and helped his head on her backpack instead, while she picked it up.

She picked up the meal. She saw Tanner and spoke to him very shortly and a little to Joseph. They went off. She ran into that girl from yesterday, she started insulting her. Ara just flipped her hair and called her jealous, which somehow got into an actual fight. Since Ara didn’t want part of it, she just ran, with minor scratches on her wrist from that crazy girl.

She returned into the room, and helped Sylus head back her lap. She’d open up there food, and waited for him to wake up before eating. She wanted to eat together. Although, she did take a few fries. She even waved fries by his nose, wondering if the smell would wake him up.
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He came halfway through the lecture, taking a seat at his desk and listening in. He overheard the last bit and he would try and take some notes, but class soon ended. Luckily it was something he understood, so he just put his things away.

Ara dragged him out and he wasn't sure why. He'd take a peek at the closet and wondered why they were there. [b "I'm fine. Just a bit tired..."] he told her, leaning into her body. He was still a bit jittery from being shot at last night, but he was calming down in Ara's arms. He relaxed more and then he faced her [b "I know. I didn't know it would be so sudden. Luke just said he needed some help, so I helped him"] he rested his head on her shoulder, feeling comforted.

Her lips were warm, soft, and it felt like safety, so he'd kiss her back. He'd hold her hand in his and then he followed her to the empty classroom, taking a seat at one of the desks. He rested his head ont he table adn then he would wait for ARa to return. He wasn't hungry, but he saw the snacks she brought. [b "Thanks Ar"] he shifted to sit beside her on the ground and he'd lay his head on her lap. He felt safer with her and more at home. He closed his eyes for a bit, quickly falling back asleep. Her warm lap, her comforting hands through his hair and knowing he was safe with her calmed him down.

After about twenty minutes, he'd wake up again. [b "Ar....I don't want you to miss class. We should get up"] he told her, feeling a bit dizzy, but sitting up anyway.
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She knew from his tired expression, coming in late that something must have happened. She still felt sick to her stomach at the anxiety she had felt before. She was just learning to experience this feeling, that feeling of possibly losing someone. It was…terrifying. The fear was odly making her feel cold, but she was in her cheer uniform. She hadn't changed cause she had been worried. She didn’t care if he wouldn’t speak to her because she worried about him. She took his hand, ignored Apple, or anyone else.

She bought him in. She kissed his cheek, caressed it, and met his eyes. She held him in, hugging him tightly. She stroked his back. [b “I know…I called you, you didn’t pick up so I called Luke. I was about to come over if you hadn’t arrived at School,” ] She said, feeling his body shake. Her eyes started building tears because she worried for him, because she knew from his shaking that he must have been scared of what happened. She met his eyes again. She shook her head [b “Let’s…forget about fighting. I’m just so happy you’re okay. I was so worried…I was so so worried. When I heard you weren’t at practice, I felt like the world was going to end…please, always message me that you’re okay at the end of the night” ] She sniffled.

She rubbed his arm. [b “I’m here for you. Sylus, my Sy, I don’t care if we fight. I’ll always be here for you.” ] She brushed her lips on his, just to kiss him to comfort him. TO make him feel loved and warm. She had to suck up her own tears because she wanted to be strong for him too. So, her eyes were warm but she sucked all up, but it was clear that she did.
She’d take hold of his hand, squeezing them. [b “Do you want to find an empty classroom? Maybe you could nap in there, and we can just snuggle. You don’t look like you’re in good shape to go to class. We’ll find a classroom…and then, I’ll bring you snacks. We'll watch something. Anything you need, I’ll grab it or help.” ] She said, locking her eyes on his, seeing how tired he was and that he had been scared. She couldn’t imagine what he must have been through.

If he agreed, she would find an empty classroom, and get so much snacks from the fending machine.
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He knew that people were saying bad things about her, but he didn't really care. He loved Ara and didn't believe a single word. He would just take a deep breath and just kept quiet the rest of the ride, knowing what he was going to say wasn't going to help at all.

He led her into the house, seeing all of the kids coming over. They were excited to have so many visitors and he really wanted to be able to bond with them as much as he could. Sylus would greet them all, sharing ARa's cookies and spending some quality time. He stayed for about two hours, letting them work with Ara to pick out costumes and then giving them some ideas they might like also.

He barely talked to Ara the time they were there, but when it was time to leave, he'd make sure she'd get into the car before leaving. Sylus headed home and headed to do a delivery. It made him feel anxious every time he had to do one. They could range from easy to dangerous really quickly.

He made the delivery, but it was clear the customer was planning to leave with the money back. HE hid, made a run for it an tried his best to move quietly. A few men on foot chased him, shooting some guns and then following him. Luckily he lost them in the alley, heading up the fire escape and hiding until they passed by. Sylus then took detours and turns to make it back home where he fell asleep quickly.

In the morning, he was tired out, missing practice and then arriving halfway through the period. HE sat down and saw Ara's texts. He met her eyes for a bit, but chickened out, unsure of what to say. The bell rang and he would glance over at Ara talking to Apple. He felt her hand and he followed her towards the closet, seeing her close the door [b "Ar? Um...I'm sorry I couldn't reply last night..."] he felt her kiss his cheek and saw her looking at him with concern. Did she know? He felt her warm hands and then her arms pulled him in. He leaned into her and instantly felt relaxed, hugging her close. He missed holding her.

He nodded [b "I am. Did you know I had a delivery yesterday?"] he told her, his body shaking a bit. HE still hadn't calmed down much from the events of running away yesterday. He met her blue eyes and he then he hugged her once more [b "I'm sorry about fighting yesterday. I'll do better to keep those girls away from you. I won't talk to them either"] he assured her.
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“They’ve said much more awful words about me, more than they have said about you. The worst part – it’s girls you’re supposedly friends with and been. Do you even for a second that maybe you shouldn’t be actively texting or talking to people who don’t support us or really hurt me? Even tell them that they could eat poop if they’re mean.” ] She would cry, her voice always weak.

Ara looked away and rolled her eyes. She watched the wind whipping the trees outside. [b “Do what you want…” ] Ara whispered.


The orphanage always felt so inviting. These kids were so sweet and they looked content having this much family. She adored seeing them playing with Sylus. She didn’t know how to speak to him right now but she did want to watch. She had fun helping the kids, and hearing their excitement filled her with happiness. She remembered being that little and she simply adored little kids.

Sarah surprised her. She couldn’t understand but she thought it was sweet. She heard Sylus, and she looked back at him. She very slightly smiled. Sarah giggled and then would sit next to Ara, helping formulated her outfit. Ara wasn’t even sure how to go on about it. She looked at Sylus, giving his dorm mother the money. Her stomach churned. One of the kids tickled her all the sudden. She started giggling and tickled him back.

Ara soon rose up. It was cute when they all thanked her. This home felt much more homey than hers. She hugged them in return. Ara nodded to Sylus, [b “Be safe…” ] Ara said, before taking her ride him, getting her brother to pick her up. She wasn’t risking walking alone…not after what had happened.


She spend the night looking at her phone, after she had done her homework. In the morning, she went to cheer. She had taken a break and got messages from Sylus swim team, asking where he was. Her heart started to pound against her chest. She started dialing Sylus, he wasn’t picking up. She texted Luke, and he wasn’t replying, so she called him. He picked up, sounding annoyed she was calling early in the morning.

“Where’s Sylus? Did he come home? Is he okay?” She said, feeling the world spin thinking that something could have happened.
“Uhh yea, he went for delivery, came home, really dirty…but he’s fineeee…I’m going to bed. Great cookies tho.” He hung up instantly.
Ara sat on the floor for a moment, still feeling the world spin but relieved. She messaged his swim team [i ‘He’s okay. He might have overslept.’ ] She then would message Sylus ‘[i Are you okay???]’ She would head over to class after, and she kept glancing at the phone. She couldn’t focus. She felt like passing out, feeling the worry overwhelming her. For all she knew, Luke didn’t notice Sylus was injured.

That’s it. She couldn’t stay in class anymore. She lifted her hand to dismiss herself and go visit Sy. Then, she saw Sylus coming through the door, looking tired but okay. She felt a huge relief. He sat down but he didn’t say anything to her. IT upset her but she couldn’t shake how much she loved and worried for him away. She kept waiting for class to be over. When it was, she already has her stuff packed. Apple came to Sylus desk. Ara got up and said gently, [b “Go.” ] to her.

She gave her a look and before she could open her mouth, Ara took Sylus hand gently, [b “Sy follow me.” ] Ara would tug on him, not really giving him much of a choice. She’d go into the hall, ignoring what Apple had to say. She pulled Sylus in a closet, lights on. She caressed his cheek, her eyes warm again [b “I was worried about you. Are you okay?” ] Ara wrapped her arms around him to comfort him because she could assume that something must have happened, [b “You must be so tired…” ] She said quietly. She tried to meet his eyes. Above anything-including being upset, she worried for him. She stroked his hair, wanting to hear him or maybe just comfort him.
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He saw her narrow her eyes and he shook his head. She was far from being a robot. It made him upset to hear her say that. [b "Of course it affects you. Yes I know....but what people say, all the shit they talk behind their backs about us, we got through it before. I don't want to hear it either"] he frowned and then he could tell that she didn't think she could count on him now.

[b "Of course I'll protect you. I got mad at that girl today! What do you want from me? I'm upset right now. All that you're can I comfort you when I'm not feeling great either"] he frowned and would just let out a deep sigh. [b "I'll protect you and keep you safe....Those were just off circumstances"] he tried to tell her, seeing her let out more tears.

Sylus kept quiet on the ride to the orphanage. He just folded his arms over his chest and when they got there, he greeted everyone, giving them hugs. THe kids jumped on his back and he'd lead them inside, sharing Ara's cookies with them. They all took a few bites and enjoyed them. Sylus sat at the table talking with a few kids as he ate some cookies. It was delicious. He'd carry one of the younger ones on his lap, another one getting a piggyback ride.

He saw Ara showing them ideas for costumes and compiling a list. It did make the kids happy. They gathered around her, telling her what they wanted to be. Sylus would hear little Sarah saying she wanted to be Ara. He'd glance over when she held his hand and he looked over. [b "Yeah. She is pretty. Very pretty"] he nodded and Sarah would smile and walk back over.

Once everyone had their lists down, Sylus gave some money to his dorm mother as well. He gave all the kids a hug and would help clean up, [b "Thank Ara for the cookies you guys"] he told them and they all cheered and thanked her. THey hugged her and Sylus would walk with her out. [b "I'll see you tomorrow"] he waved and would also head home, walking back.

Sylus was greeted with a bandaged Luke on the couch. [b "What happened?"]

"Just another deal. I scraped by"

[b "You should try to be more careful"] he sat with him on the couch and the two watched some TV for a while.

"Think you can take that last deal?" he pointed to the bag by the door.

[b "Yeah sure. Rest up"] he'd give Luke the rest of Ara's cookies and he'd grab a hoodie and mask before heading out. He went to the meeting spot behind an abandoned warehouse, seeing a group of people waiting. Sylus exchanged the drugs for the money, seeing the man hand him the suitcase. He could sense that something wasn't right, so when he grabbed the suitcase, he saw one guy pulling out a gun.

He quickly shifted and headed behind the side of one of the cars. The man fired a few shots. They were trying to get the money back. Sylus hid and would glance off to see the entrance to the warehouse. He bolted into the building, hearing a few shots behind him. He would gasp a bit, hiding behind some boxes as he made his way to an exit.

"WHere are ya? The deal ain't over yet" a raspy low voice spoke. IT grew closer as Sylus inched his way towards the door. He made a run for it, his footsteps loud as he sprinted out of the warehouse. HE ran down the street, hearing the guys rustle to get into a car. A few more gunshots went off, but he'd run into an alleyway, his feet pulling him towards home. Sylus would climb up a fire escape to one of the buildings. He hid on the room for a while, watching as the car drove by after.


He made it back home safely, but he was covered in filth. After a shower, he tried to do some of his homework, but he was tired, so he ended up passing out.

In the morning, it was late. HE slept through his alarm. Sylus shot up and would quickly get dressed, missing morning practice, so he just hurried, making it halfway through first period as he sat at his desk, seeing Ara there as well. He didn't know what to say or do, so he kept quiet and just sat down.
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She narrowed her eyes in disbelief [b “Affect me? What am I? A robot? How I can I not let it affect me? You beat up Joseph, and got into physical fights-so you can’t even say anything. It’s not like I want to hear this stuff.” ] She looked at him hard on when he asked what she meant. It was so perfectly clear Sylus never had anyone to look out for. She was starting to wonder if she was in the same situation before. If she was being naïve.

[b “Really? Because I don’t see or hear you doing anything. If you don’t want to protect me from people who bully me, then fine.” ] Ara said, growing quieted, realizing she was on her own. She couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down, [b “I shouldn’t have to tell you to do anything. You don’t even comfort me. But whatever, no one has ever helped me or protected me before either. I thought it was different with you because of that night, but I guess we have to be near death for you to do that.” ] She huddled her knees up. She could feel her tears on her knees. She hid herself in them, hating hearing him twist things. She would push his shoulder as a gentle nudge, [b “You are really bad at listening!” ]

They got to her house. She never felt so alone again. She looked at her house. She wiped her eyes. She knew she was pretty talented in covering things up.

She went into her own. She cleaned up her tears, masked it any puffiness with makeup. Ara put her cookies in a container. When they got there, she hugged the kids. She opened the container for them. She said hello to Sylus’ mother and talked to her for a bit, getting her permission to help the kids with their costumes.
She’d sit down with them and create a list on her iPad on what each of them wanted. She’d show them ideas for them, and she could order it for them. It seemed to excite them. [b “I’ll come early on the day and we can all get ready,” ] Ara suggested.
One of the youngest girls would tug on her shirt, “Can I be you?”
That surprised her. [b “Awee, but you’re so pretty yourself. We should pick something really fun!” ] Ara said.
“But Sy likes you. I want to be like you.” She said and would reach for Sylus hand, “Sy, tell Ara.” To her Ara really did like a princess, because she smelled good, brought gifts, did her hair, looked pretty and she really looked up to Sylus.
Ara glanced at Sy for a second and then away. She still felt so hurt. “I don’t mind…” Ara said, but wondered why. She heard her phone go off. It was her text from her brother. She knew she should be leaving soon. [b “It’s getting a little late. But I’ll come back another day for your costumes. It was so nice to see you all! I hope you liked my cookies too.” ] Ara grinned. She would pick up her backpack and hug each of them, thanked his mother and would make it to the door. She'd give a quiet good bye to Sylus.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 15h 24m 32s
He had lunch with her and the day was going well until that girl decided to butt in. They had an argument and Ara started it off blowing up, which caused the other girl to blow up, and then they just spouted harsh words until Sylus held Ara's hand and took her towards the car.

He held his breath when she spoke. [b "You don't have to keep quiet about it, but you also shouldn't let it affect you like that. They talking nonsense. You don't have to listen to it"] he told her, seeing that now he was being blamed for more things. [b "What do you mean? I told her she was wrong and said you weren't what they were saying? What else was I supposed to do?"] he was confused as to what she wanted.

[b "I'm sorry that dating me gives you a bad reputation. I never had a good one to begin with, but I'm trying to change from that remember?"] he let out a deep sigh and didn't know how to fix this right now. [b "They talk to me. Not the other way around. I can avoid them if you want? You just have to tell me what you want Ar?"] he frowned when she said he hasn't done anything. He didn't think he had to do anything? Rumors will happen no matter what.

Ara kept crying and he felt like his reputation and just his being in general was the root cause of all of this. He said it. He told her he wasn't good for her. He was toxic and brought nothing good in her life. [b "I know you do, but I'm doing more harm than good. You're listening to the rumors over what I do...."] he wasn't sure what else to say. [b "I keep trying Ar...I want to make you happy. I want you smiling with me"] he saw her crying and he would just see them park up at her home.

[b "We can still go. Let's get your cookies then"] he walked with her into her house to grab what they needed. HE then helped her carry them to the car, keeping silent. HE wasn't sure what to say, or how to fix the situation.

Once they headed to the orphanage, Sylus headed inside and greeted everyone. He put on a happy face in front of them and brought in the cookies and helped ARa.

The kids looked surprised to see her. They were excited she was here again. Ara always brought something good and always looked so pretty. Some of the kids ran over and gave her hugs.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 6d 16h 1m 58s
She went away with him, and felt satisfied she had gotten the last word. Being lectured by Sylus made her melt down again. She had enough of it, and she was done staying quiet and taking it.

[b “Oh?” ] Ara scoffed and wiped her eyes [b “So tell me, how am I supposed to handle it? Stay quiet and keep letting them? Because I’ve been doing that and it keeps getting worse.” ] She felt it ache. She buried so much of it in but she couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

[b “Then why didn’t you do something?” ] Ara cried and shook her head when he talked. [b “When you date someone, they think ‘oh he’s the man’, no matter how many in most cases. But if it’s me dating you, I’m a slut, I’m just a pretty rich thing to be with, I’m easy, naïve, worthless, going to left in a heartbeat, bitch, something to play with… Hardly, would you hear a guy being called a gold digger or those things. It’s not the same. And you talk to those girls that are saying those things about me, that spread rumors about me, that try to flirt with you…and do things to prove their point to me. I’ve gotten Tanner’s and Joseph’s friends to back down. But you haven’t done anything to help me from those evil witches,” ] She said through her tears.

She hated the way he put it. It hurt so much. [b “Because I love you. I don’t want to be without you… You make me feel happy. It’s the people around you that don’t.” ] her voice was quiet and she’d wipe away her eyes, but tears kept rolling. She’d user her arm to wipe it away this time. [b “You’re the only one that has been good to me,” ] She countered, because she didn’t believe he wasn’t good for her.

Ara shook her head, [b “No…I wanted to go. I wanted to see them. It’s not because if you. I wanted to give them cookies and learn what they’d like.” ] She didn't want to be staying home and crying.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 16h 19m 11s

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