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She tilted her head and it made sense to her, of course he had to eat healthy. It made her smile to hear he cooked. "That sounds amazing Sylus, you can cook. I'd like to learn how to cook. " She never had to and never even thought about it but she thought it might be good to give it a try. She never really worried about not having the live she had now. She wondered if she ever would lose it.

"It doesnt matter if it's not like what your chef makes. It's more than what I can do and I admire that," Ara said. He still felt reliable which she liked. She got a little upset thinking about Joseph, what happened and what he said to her. She didnt feel like she had been a good girlfriend to him, not giving him enough and then being so hurt to even lean into cheating. What if she didnt even do good to Sylus... What he said made her feel quite better. She gently smiled at him "Thank you, I'm glad to know you feel that way. I just hope I can be a better girlfriend." She said and he wiped her tears. She liked that she felt that she could count on him. She wanted to kiss him but she wasn't sure it was appropriate because she didnt want him to feel like a rebound since she remembered him worrying about that. She didnt want to hurt him too.

They were up her room.and she whacked him with a pillow twice. She giggled when he said Ow, "that didnt hurt you faker!" She wacked him again and then laughed when he hit her too. She did it back to him. Ara squealed a but when he started tickling her sides, his arms around her. "Well clearly your chest is hard! Oh sy! Stop!" She started laughing from the tickles and he fell back against the bed with her. Her heart was pounding a bit, and she felt so close. Like gravity was pulling her to him. She climbed ontop and didkt know what came over her but she kissed his soft lips, and looked at him after, her cheeks warm. "I'm sorry..." ara whispered feeling pretty bad "I couldnt help it..." she whispered
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He figured since her father was in such a high status, that she'd be monitored very carefully. It didn't matter to him too much, but he kind of felt relieved to know that she was well taken care of. His eyes glanced over to her and then he thought about the food he liked. [b "I mean...I'm an athlete, so I try to eat healthy when I can. At home, I try to cook things that I find interesting on make some pasta a lot. Mostly grilled chicken"] he told her, thinking about it.

[b "Nothing like what your chef makes, but I try"] he chuckled and hugged his arms around her as he held her close. He tried his best to relax her, seeing she was getting worked up talking about him. HE knew it wasn't her fault. He's been with her the past few days and she was the one tolerating and being sweet to him. He always seemed to flake on her when she needed him most. [b "Ara, it's okay. You didn't do anything wrong. He just didn't appreciate your company better"] he told her, sighing a bit and then wiping her tears. He couldn't believe a guy like that was having fun when ARa was here weeping. It made him upset.

He held her hand in his and followed her upstairs and then he sat at the edge of her bed. When he held the pillow, he could see her facing him. HE told her to hit him like she was hitting Joseph, so she could vent her anger out.

When he saw her take the pillow and then she would meet his eyes and then smack him. He gasped a bit and then he laughed [b "Ow!"] he teased and then he would hold his pillow and then he'd lean in, hitting her side, not too hard in return. He would smile and then he'd lean in and wrap his arms around her [b "You can keep whacking me. Vent your frustrations on me. I'm like jello. It'll just bounce off of me and stay off your chest"] he told her, tickling her sides as he fell back against the bed.
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[b “Yes, I am. Very monitored,” ] She sighed. She was on a restriction on what she could eat and she was sure she was going to get caught with her next meet up with her trainer for not following exactly to her diet. [b “What do you usually eat?” ] She wondered, never putting thought to what Sylus would have for meals. What if he really was eating very unhealthy? She knew she shouldn’t dig her nose into everything though.

Sylus pulled her into a hug and it was so comforting to have him hold her. She didn’t feel so alone, so hurt... She had her face by his neck. She asked him questions, feeling the misery creeping in, the fear that the reason Joseph did those things was because of her inability to keep him happy. Ara looked slowly to Sylus’ eyes when he said she was the sweetest person. [b “I wasn’t...tolerating it, at least not at first. I didn’t think he was lying...” ] Ara frowned, feeling heart broken knowing she was trying to be understanding with him needing to take care of his family but it wasn’t even for his family... [b “I really how it isn’t.” ] She tried to contain at how upset it made her but it was hard. That she was the reason why he wanted to be away and then it made them part.

[b “I know, you didn’t,” ] She nodded, and would wipe her eyes. S he was glad he came to just spend time with her too. But that other issue, of not being able to... She felt a tear go down and Sylus would wipe them away. He was sweet, and she felt thankful to have him here. She wrapped her arms around him [b “Thank you. Hearing you say all of makes me trust you.” ] She felt embarrassed for crying again but she was glad to speak to him, to hear how sweet he was.
Ara gently smiled at Sylus, [b. “Okay, let’s go up. Yes, we’ll have fun. I’ve already have had a lot of fun with you today.” ] He took her head and she gave his hand a squeeze. She looked up at his tattoos on his arm. Sylus really was...the opposite of what would be approved in her life, but she could see it, see that he would be good for her too and she already liked him. She smiled to herself. She wanted to be something with him but, she would be happy just to have him in her life too.

They walked up into her room. She checked the halls and Alister must have already gone to bed. She head inside her room and her cheeks warmed just by the thought of having Sylus sleep in the room inside with her. Her heart was pounding against her chest. She remembered that evening she laid with him, and still couldn’t believe how close she got to him. She closed the door behind her He sat at the edge of the bed and she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Then Sylus grabbed the pillow and he made her smile again. Her mind was still an emotional mess.

[b “Pretend you’re...” ] She held the pillow and she never was a violent person, so she couldn’t imagine hitting...but it was just a pillow, so it wouldn’t hurt. She took the pillow he gave her and hesitated to hit him with it. Then she whacked him at the side with him and then again. She couldn’t hit hard, but it made her giggle, realizing it was fun. Her heart was still fluttering whenever she looked at his face.
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He knew that he shouldn't be following his roommate's example, but he's just grown up so much with the guy that some of his habits never changed. IT did make him feel sad that a lot of his habits weren't exactly good and he's forgotten what it was like to be a normal, sane person. The influence of his drugs, alcohol, and lifestyle weren't something he was proud of. CLearly Ara thought the same.

He caught the popcorn she threw and then he'd toss two to challenge her. He saw it fall into her chest and his eyes would glance over and then he would look away. He didn't want her thinking that all he thought about was her body, but he did think about that a lot. [b "At least you're living a healthy lifestyle that's monitored. I should be eating healthier too"] he shrugged.

He pulled her into a hug and he felt so warm. He rubbed her arm, holding her against his chest and smiling because her face in his neck felt so comforting. She asked him questions that he didn't really know how to answer [b "Tolerable? Ara, you're the sweetest person I know. It seemed like you were just tolerating his behavior. You shouldn't feel bad. IT wasn't your fault"] he told her, seeing her getting really emotional.

[b "I don't ask you for anything except to spend time with me. I think that's fair"] he told her, rubbing her back softly and then he could see her looking like she was about to cry. [b "None of this was your fault. He was clearly wanting something you couldn't give him and he was getting upset and frustrated. That just means he wasn't willing to give you the patience.....and wait for you"] he told her, helping her wipe the tears away.

[b "Let's head up and just forget about that. Right now, you shouldn't be thinking of him. We'll have fun"] he held her hand in his and then heading up to her room. He let her lead the way and then he walked over to the edge of the bed, taking hold of a pillow. [b "Here, just pretend I'm Joseph. What do you want to do to me, while you hold this?"] he gave her the pillow in her hands, ready to take it all in.
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[b “I suppose you can’t do anything about him. But you shouldn’t follow his example.” ] She said avoiding saying he was a low life and pathetic. Nevertheless he was Sylus’ roommate, and since he said he stayed with him since middle school she figured he was still close with him. Definitely not a good influence. She locked her lips and did wish he could just move elsewhere. She wasn’t sure if that was an easy thing in his situation. She couldn’t just move out of her own house after all.

Playing with popcorn was quite fun. She heard his laughter when it dropped into her chest. She half laughed and caught them, and saw his eyes quickly look away. She wasn’t sure what he was looking at, but she could guess. It made her cheeks warm just a bit. [b “I wish my dad thought the same way,” ] Ara sighed, but she didn’t feel like she should complain too much, she still had a comfortable life, at least money wise that bought all the physical necessities.

Sylus had his arm wrapped around her. She couldn’t get over the feeling of him snuggling up to her. It made her heart flutter. He poked her cheek and fed her a cookie. When he smirked, it always so sexy. She loved this attention. She got attention from Joseph too but not to this extent. It felt so right, and good...and she also worried that maybe she would just ruin it, maybe she was the one to make Jose do all those things anyway.

Ara sighed, feeling kind of bad dropping her insecurities on him. [b “I don’t...know... Maybe I’m not tolerable being around all the time...and...well...he got frustrated with me. I...”] Ara felt her eyes warm, he rubbed the side of her arm. She looked at Sylus and she knew he definitely was sexually active and she didn’t think she was ready for that any time soon. [b “I’m scared that you’ll get frustrated with me not being able to do the things you already do and then...” ] Maybe leave or go to another girl.

Ara gave a tight nod [b “Yes...” ] She had to determine that. And at the same time, maybe it didn’t matter who she did it with. Maybe she was being too unrealistic and what she imagined how her romantic relationship was supposed to be wasn’t real or her expectation of how she wanted to lose it t go. Ara sighed, and figured it was no use in thinking about it now. She liked him, and that was enough right now. Then she remembered something Joseph said and her eyes watered again. She. Held onto Sylus’ arm and she calmed down again, liking the closeness.
[b “It’s getting late,” ] Ara mentioned, [b “Want to head up to my room?” ] Ara asked, taking a hold of his hand [b “We can have a pillow fight there.” ]
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It was nice to hear that she thought he was a good person. He knew he wasn't and sometimes he felt like ARa deserved someone who would treat her well and was genuinely a nice guy. Still, he knew he could treat her well himself if he tried.

Sylus told her that his roommate was fine, only because he's seen him content with his life the way it was. [b "He does what he wants and I've tried telling him about it, but he doesn't listen"] he told her, shaking his head as they sat on the couch together. [b "He's not a good influence...but he's nice enough to me at least"] he knew it was livable and he's been living with him for a while that he's gotten used to it.

When she grabbed the popcorn, he held the chips and cookies, smiling as he watched her toss some at him. He caught them and then he would throw two at her, seeing the other fall into her chest. HE chuckled a bit, but his eyes would fall onto her chest and he'd try to glance away quickly before she noticed [b "Snacks are okay as long as you don't eat too much"] he assured her and then he'd wrap his arms around her, feeling warm and cozy with her close.

He poked her cheek and then he smirked a bit as he fed her a cookie. His heart was beating a bit faster with her so close, but he liked it. Her warm hands were on his cheek as he faced her [b "I want to be with you. When you need me, and whenever you want"] he smiled.

Sylus heard her worries and he wondered why she felt that way. [b "Is there anything I can do to ease your worries? I don't see any reason to lie from you....and why would I be frustrated?"] he looked a bit confused. He'd rub the side of her arm and his eyes would glance back at the TV. [b "That's why we're starting out with dating right? To see if you really like me and want me to be your boyfriend"]
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“You’re really responsible Sy. It’s good that you did learn,” ] She smiled. She had someone that did a lot of those house duties for her and she still did.

Ara sighed hearing his response. She didn’t understand it. Wouldn’t life feel so empty with just random hookups? [b “he sure doesn’t look that fine to me,” ] Ara mumbled to herself. She was glad to leave that place. She didn’t like knowing that Sylus lived with someone like him.

Just she suspected, it sounded like this was his roommates fault, leading him into bad life decisions. At least, she saw it that way. [b “You’re roommate isn’t good for you. I already very much dislike him.” ] She frowned. She felt he was probably pressured into it. Still...she didn’t like it. And she did worry if he actually could commit. Just because he was a good person at heart didn’t mean that he wouldn’t...

They were both sitting on the sofa, and she brought snacks in. [b “Mmm, yea she does. It’s technically not allowed in my house,” ] She shrugged. She wasn’t happy about it but she was too afraid to get in trouble. Sylus kept her close, and kissed her cheek. It felt so cute and comfortable. “Then...we’re dating, right? Or are we just going to act like it and not use the term?” ] She asked. She tossed the popcorn at him and watched him catch it. Ara saw him tossed one and shield lean back and caught it with her mouth. Then Sylus tossed two. It landed on her nose and then slid down into her chest. [b “Oops.” ] Ara giggled and pulled them out and ate it. She’d rest on his neck, he hugged her close. [b “Me too...” ] She whispered.

Ara said it, and then she got poked on the cheek. She blushed a bit, [b “I’m...Well, sometimes I am.” ] She laughed, [b “I have to be. He placed a cookie on her lips, and she took a. Bite out of it. [b “Me too Sy.” ] She blushed ,because she felt that fluttering feeling when he was close. It was easy to forget about her worries with him right now. [b “So do I.” ] She looked at his eyes. She cupped his face, and then smiled at him. [b “thanks for being here with me.” ] She whispered and would rest into him [b “I’m kind of worried...that maybe if do become my boyfriend and that you’d end up feeling the need to lie and get too frustrated with me.” ] She knew every person was different, but it made her wonder if it was just her own fault.
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He thought about being back to the facility with his siblings. He did remember how loud it was and the chaos of trying to get his mom's attention [b "Yeah there were good and bad times, but there was a lot of us. That's how I started learning how to take care of myself"] he admitted and then he led her back to the cab after they left his apartment.

[b "I don't know. He might? He seems fine though, so I never really pay too much attention to him"] he told her and then he kept his eyes on her as they headed to her house. She asked him a personal question and he wondered if he should tell her. [b "Hmm, I guess ever since middle school. Yeah, so about the time I moved in with my roommate. We had some parties at my apartment and he'd introduce me to people. It was all still my decision in the end though"] he told her, soon heading into her house.

Ara changed and he waited downstairs, soon helping her find the chips and then laughing a bit [b "I guess she knows how to hide it from you"] he chuckled and then he sat with her, leaning in and keeping her close. He kissed her cheek because he fell into the habit of it already. [b "We don't. I don't know really like just behaving like friends"] he admitted also and then he try to catch the popcorn she threw. He would chuckle and laugh as he tossed her one, seeing if she'd catch it. He then tossed two at once, leaning in closer as they watched cartoons together.

[b "We are. Guess we can just focus on making out clip really good. We'll tweak it until it's perfect"] he nodded and felt her resting against his neck. He'd hug her close [b "I like snuggling"] he found it silly though that she was forbidden to do a lot like a kid. [b "You are basically telling me you are sneaky"] he poked her cheek and then he would eat some chips. He placed a cookie against her lips and he smiled. [b "I had a lot of fun today. Every time I spend time with you, it's fun"] he said honestly.
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[b "Really?"] Ara giggled [b "Never? I mean if you have that many sibblings around it can always feel like a sleepover. You must have had a lot of fun with them when you were little too." ] Ara smiled. She wondered if Sylus ever got annoyed with his sibblings. She always got iritiated by her own, well mostly now rather than when she was younger. She was excited to do some fun things together, she kept note of having a pillow fight with him.

Ara gently smiled, feeling her heart flutter when he said it. [b "Okay, I'd like to get there if we work out too,"] She felt like she could be close to him. She didn't know him for long but she already felt pretty close. She knew what he did, and he knew a bit of what was going on her life that others didn't know about.

After the kiss, they arrived at his pla ce. It made her frown seeing his roommate like that, she bet that he was with a different girl each was kind of sad. She never wanted to be like that. [b "Doesn't he feel lonely being with a different person each time?"] Ara frowned and she sighed hearing he didn't mind. He shouldn' tbe living with a bad influence. She bet that Sylus only picked up this habit of being intimate with different girls only when he moved in here....why not ask. [b "When did you start seeing a lot-or getting close to different girls? Was it after you moved with your roommate?"] She wondered.

They arrived bac k to her place. She felt safer moving around with him, and was glad she was home-safely, with Sylus. [b "Popcorn it is!" ] Ara smiled and she went upstairs to change first. She came down and he made her smile [b "THank you."] She giggled. She sat down with Sylus and then Alister came around. It sucked talking about it. She got up and head into the kitchen. She got out popcorn and thought if she even had chips or cookies. She'd look around and finally found one drawer that had stuff packed. She find the sncaks hidden. She smiled, and pulled out the pack of cookies and bag of chps [b "I guess my chef hid it for me. She does that sometimes." ] She set it out for them and sat down on the sofa with him. Ara leane dinto him, feeling happy when he kept his aroudn her. She felt her the fluttering nerves in her stomach. She leaned into him, feeling so close, and thought this was still considering dating since...they were doing things friends wouldn't exactly do.

[b "Me too,"] She nodded, turning on the TV. She met his eyes, they were so pretty. She got a kiss on her cheek, [b "Sy...we don't behave like frineds."] She reminded [b "But Ilike this."] She kissed his cheek too. Her cheeks warm from being this close to him. She couldn't believe she was going to spend the night with him. She would play some episodes of cartoons going on the TV. She fed Sylus popcorn [b "Can you catch?"] She asked, tossing it at him. Ara knew he said until she got over Joseph. She sighed to herself, not even knowing whta to do to distract herself from the situation besides be with Sylus.

[b "You know, we're nearly done our project, we'll have classtime pretty much free," ] She said and snuggled her head into his neck and then wrap her arms around him, It was such a great warmth, and then she realized, she wasn't entirely sure if he'd like her being this close [b "is this okay?Snuggling up like this?" ] She asked and watched the TV. [b "Sylus, did you know, that I wasn't really allowed to watch cartoons when I was younger. I had to be careful and sneak and watch it,"] She menionted, she felt like she missed out so much since she did'g et to watch tooo much of it.
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He was smiling because Ara admired him. He never thought that someone would admire him like she did. No one ever really told him that before so it meant a lot. He would thank her and then he wondered why she wanted him to stay in a guest room. Was she not comfortable?

He was glad she was looking forward to this just like he was. [b "I don't think I ever really had a sleepover like that before"] he only remembered sleeping over at girl's houses before because their parents were out of town. [b "I do. But I want you to be my girlfriend eventually"] he chuckled and then he teased her with the cheesecake, seeing her do the same. Sylus kissed her lips and then when they finished, he held her hand and led her towards the cab.

He made sure she was okay because he figured she'd be scared. Holding her hand tightly, he went inside his apartment and ignored his roommate, grabbing whatever he needed and then he led ARa back to the cab. [b "He kind of just does whatever he wants. I don't mind him too much, since we just live together"] he stayed with her and then head back to her place, enjoying her warm arms around him.

[b "Popcorn sounds good"] he let her change upstairs and then he headed into the living room, seeing her come down in cozy clothes. [b "Oh wow. Even in pajamas you look cute"] he then saw her brother coming in. WHen he asked about her boyfriend, he waved a bit and then he saw him head up. [b "Okay, let's grab more snacks"] he followed her and then he shrugged. [b "I mean, anything...chips or cookies?"] he suggested and then he helped her look through to find some if she had any.

Once they had enough, he sat on the couch with her and leaned in, keeping his arm around her [b "I'm actually really excited to end the night like this. Just you and I"] he leaned in, pressing his lips against her cheek again, finding her cute in her sleeping clothes that he wanted to snuggle.
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[b “I don’t admire what you’re doing but I admire your reason,” ] Ara said, feeling that family to him really mattered. She didn’t feel so strongly about her own. They were well off anyway.
She didn’t expect him to want to stay in the same room. She blushed, thinking about just sleeping in the same bed. Would they? She smield at him [b “Yea, we’ll have lots of fun. I haven’t had a sleepover in a while.” ] Ara soon giggled hearing him mention gossip. [b “Sounds like you want to be my girl friend.” ] She bumped her head against his shoulder.

[b “The weekend is about to be over, but we can make cake today if you want…but I am kind of full. For sure one after school.” ] She smiled big, imagining hanging out with him more. Sylus was a lot of fun to be around, and most importantly, he was around. She saw him blush when they were being a little corny but she loved being that way. It had hear heart racing when he kissed her. Definitely not just friends. Right?

[b “Thanks. I’ll make sure you don’t get into trouble either,” ] Ara promised. She took the last bite he gave her. It made her melt a little to feed each other. Joseph never really liked that that much. They got into the car and she met his eyes. [b “If you’re not scared, you can’t be brave. I wish I could at least look brave.” ] But that night scared the hell out of her, plus him getting hurt. IT was…terrifying and she really didn’t want to run into situations like that again. She really needed to find a way out for Sylus.

[b “Thanks.” ] Ara said, and felt him rub her back. She let her lips peck hers, blushing a tad bit, but figuring he wouldn’t mind since he already did that to her.

They got to his apartment and she continued to hold his hand. She saw the girl getting really close to his roommate. Ara frowned, thinking his roommate just lived a sad life. She walked into Sylus’ room, and waited there while he grabbed everything, [b “Don’t forget your schoolbag,” ] Ara mentioned. She looked back at Sylus and nodded, [b “I’m ready.”] She watched as he held her hand again. It was so sweet. She walked out and there his roommate was making out with the girl. [b “I really pity him…”] Ara whispered and they got back into the cab. She felt uneasy until they got to her house. She got a kiss on the cheek and would wrap her arms around him, feeling all giddy inside when he was being cute like this.

[b “Should I make some popcorn?” ] She asked as they walked inside [b “We can find other snacks. Oh but wait! First! Let me go change, and you should too. Let’s meet in the living space” ] Ara said. She went into her room and wore her rose gold kimono styled night gown, with a pair of shorts and a bra underneath because, she didn’t want to creep him out. She just wanted to be comfortable. She put her hair into a braid. She came back down and sat down on the sofa.

She saw Alister coming by and did a double take, [b “I’m seeing a lot of you and him lately. What happened to your boyfriend?” Alister asked, as she was going for the stairs.
Ara frowned [b “We’re…not together anymore,” ] Ara said.
His eyes widened “Oh. Well sorry sis, you kids have fun….but not too much fun.” He said, heading up.
Ara looked at Sylus [b “Let’s make snacks?” ] She said, getting up, to go into the kitchen. [b “What snacks do you like Sylus?” ] Ara asked, not even knowing what they had in the kitchen but she was sure she could get something he’d like here.
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He was glad she liked his company and enjoyed spending time with him like this. He really wanted to be able to be someone that she could depend on and who supported her. He liked her and he wanted to date her, he just wished he could date her sooner if he could. The sleepover sounded like something he'd really enjoy doing, so he was excited. He wanted to spend time with her like that.

He admitted to her that he thought she was good for him and he needed that in his life. Getting grazed by a bullet put things in perspective and he seemed brave, but it really left a mark. He didn't want to almost be killed especially if he had someone like Ara in his life. [b "Really? I thought I'd be the opposite, but I'm glad you feel that way"] he smiled.

He thought that they'd end up staying in her room, but when she mentioned guest room, he figured that maybe he should stay there so she'd be comfortable, but then she said it was fine. [b "Yay! More fun all night"] he told her, hearing her become quiet. [b "To play! We can even gossip and talk and just fall asleep laughing"] he corrected. [b "Maybe we can make the cake this weekend! Or one day after school?"] he suggested since he'd be walking her to the car anyway.

They ate and teased each other, Sylus turning red because it was so embarrassing. He'd then kiss her lips and then he could see that she liked being teased. [b "I'll make sure you're safe"] he promised, feeding her that last bit of cheesecake before he got up and thanked her for dinner. [b "Yeah let's go"] they headed into the cab and he could feel her grip on his hand tightening. [b "I look brave, but even I get scared"] he admitted and then he leaned into her more and rubbed her back.

[b "I won't let go"] he smiled as they arrived at his apartment. Sylus led her upstairs into his house, seeing his roommate with a girl on the couch cozying up. [b "Hey"] he went past them to his room, bringing Ara as he closed the door. He quickly grabbed his backpack and filled it with some pajamas, some clothes for school, his swim clothes and a bag with his toothbrush. He then glanced back at Ara [b "Okay ready?"] he smiled, holding her hand again and heading towards the door.

He noticed his roommate and the girl making out, so he just rolled his eyes and walked with Ara back to the car. HE sat down in the back, making sure she was at his side at all times. [b "My roommate is terrible"] he sighed, wishing he did have a place just to himself most days. They soon headed to Ara's house and on the drive, he'd hold her beside him, his lips pressing against her cheek.
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[b “It makes me really happy that you think of me that way.” ] She tilted her head, leaning into him. Sylus wrapped his arm around her. It felt warm, and she liked having his arm around her. It felt like a date. She imagined that throwing pillows, eating snacks, talking and doing some other fun stuff would be a good night. She wouldn’t be spending worrying about tomorrow because she knew she would have a lot of fun with Sylus.

He made her cheeks warm, and butterflies flutter in her stomach when he said such sweet words. [b “I think so too… I think you’re good for me too. You really help me face my fears, and you’ve been so kind.” ] She spoke softly, feeling like she was pouring some of hrself out. She was a little worried about saying all that she felt and getting rejected-but there always was risks with liking someone.

Ara mentioned the guest room. She saw him shrug, and didn’t expect him wanting to stay beside her. Would that be okay? [b “Um, you can, I just thought maybe it would be weird for you. Really? In that case, you can stay in my room,” ] Her voice became quieter at the end of it, feeling quite shy. She imagined sleeping next to Sylus, just sleeping, seeing his sleeping face right by hers, in the same bed, and it made her heart beat a bit faster.

Ara smiled and sighed when he mentioned she didn’t have to again. [b “ We’ve been over this. I know I don’t have to but I’d like to. Yea, we can make it together. It would be fun,” ] She never baked with someone before. She’s only baked a cake twice in her life but it was fun. The cheesecake jiggled and it was sure funny, and she wondered how it just held it’s form like that.

He teased her and she went along with it, saying ‘ahhh’ but caught his cheeks turning a little bit red. Was it too embarrassing? But, she though it was cute and fun. She even got him to say it and she thought that was really cute. She liked that he was cute too. “Sy, you can be cute too,” ] Ara giggled. She laughed when she pulled it back and then he leane din forward, and was surprised by a peck on her lips. Her cheeks warmed again. He was smirking. Ahh, he was such a tease. She stared blankly for a moment, liking it, [b “You’re a tease Sy.” ] She whispered, but it looked obvious by her rpession that she liked it.

[b “Mmm. Actually, I would like that. I don’t…want to be alone.” ] It still scared her. She squeezed his hand back. She would lean in to take the bite but he took it and ate it. Ara looked at him surprised [b “Oh why Sy,” ] Ara pouted, trying to purposely look really sad. He gave her another bite and it felt good. She’d kiss his neck-but very briefly, just as a thank you. Ara paid for there food and then they were up, [b “I called the cab, let’s go?” ] Ara asked, and when they went out, she felt a little uneasy. They went into the car and she’d make sure to hold his hand. She rested her nead against his shoulder, [b “You’re so brave…I wish I could be like you Sylus.” ] She said quietly. It felt so warm to hold his hand and to be so close. Her heart was still fluttering. She kept thinking how she really liked him. [b "I know I'm going to sound like a scardy cat...but...don't let go of my hand when we're outside." ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 25d 17h 27m 14s
He felt her arms around him and then he would feel more comfortable. He nodded and hoped that she didn't mind it. [b "Aww, well that just means you're kindhearted and sweet"] he smiled, keeping his arm around her because he did notice a few guys looking at her.

He was glad that she decided to give him a chance to take her out. All he wanted was to cheer her up because he's never seen her cry or look so down before. [b "Of course I do. It's really relaxing spending time with you. Like I said, you're a breath of fresh air and I like it. I feel... I know....that you're good for me"] he told her, wanting to at least change himself a bit. He did almost die and he was glad she saved him.

When she said that there was a guest room, Sylus just shrugged [b "I can't stay beside you?"] he asked, wondering if she wanted him to stay in the guest room. [b "I don't mind either"] he nodded and then he was surprised to hear that she would make him a cake [b "You don't have to? If you want, we can make it together?"] he suggested and then he saw the cheesecake come over. Sylus jiggled it and then he laughed, taking the bite she offered and he thought it tasted amazing.

He teased her and hid the cake and then he saw her pout and he fed her a bite. [b "Mmm, it's good"] he watched her say ahh and then Sylus turned a bit red. He always found doing these things embarrassing. [b "Okay...ahhh"] he'd open his mouth and try to take it. He saw her pull it back and then he ended up leaning forward and giving her lips a peck. HE smirked and took the bite and grinned.

[b "I'm having fun. This is really nice"] he did enjoy this dinner with her. [b "We can go over to mine. You can come with me inside so you're not alone and then we can go to your place?"] he suggested, squeezing her hand in his, having fun teasing her. He held up another bite to her lips and when she went for it, he'd turn the fork and then eat it. HE chuckled and then he gave her another bite for real.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 25d 17h 51m 47s
[b “Of course you’re not.” ] Ara frowned and would give him a hug [b “Forget them.” ]
She really liked the idea of bringing them to the amusement park and seeing them have as much fun as they did at the pool with Sylus. Ara sighed, [b “I know they are. I just…tend have a tendency to give stuff to people I know. I like being a part of making someone happy even in a short while.” ] She just wanted to see their happiness. She fed off of seeing others happy and it always felt good to do something nice for someone.

Sylus leaned into her and she leaned back into him. She did post because she wanted to show that she could be happy without him too. That he wasn’t the only one. She felt glad she was here with Sylus. Otherwise she’d probably be just wallowing in her room right now.

Ara smiled when he agreed. She still felt embarrassed but was glad that he’d like to. Ara giggled, [b “You never have to do anything, but I’d like that you’d like to spend time with me.” ] She decided it oculd be fun, even if he didn’t want anything with her. It was over with Joseph anyway, and she was sure she could last being single again. Well at least he thought she was cute. [b “AHmmm thanks,” ] She whispered, it was hard not to like him.

They got cheesecake. [b “Okay, we’ll stop by there. Yup. I have a guest room if you’d like. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” ] She’d half laugh. He saw him glancing at his phone too. She wondered if he got messages from what she posted. He set it aside and faced her. [b “Mmm, yup I remember chocolate. I should make you chocolate cake sometime,” ] Ara thought about it.

The cheesecake came in and it looked really good. Ara laughed [b “It does jiggle. How does it do that?” ] Ara asked. She fed him first and then raised a brow and looked puzzled. [b “What! No way! No way it’s gross. Sylus you’re lying,” ] Ara said and pouted [b “I want to.” ] She gasped when he pulled it away. She pouted at him and then brought a forkful to her mouth. [b “Thank you,” } Ara said smiling. His smirk and teasing was fun. She giggled, [b “Ahhh,” ] She said and took the bite. [b “Ohh! This is so good Sy. It’s so sweet.” ] She took another bite, and spaced out for a second.

[b “Mmmmm…” ] Ara smiled to herself and then looked at him and took some more on her fork [b “You’re turn to say ahhh,” ] Ara teased, and would draw her hand back when he got close. She giggled, and would give in and let him take the bite.

She never did this stuff with Joseph. IT felt special and she felt good being with him. She knew the cheesecake would be eaten pretty quickly but that was fine. [b “This is fun. I wish every dinner can be like this.” ] She looked at his pretty eyes and thought they just worked really well together but, she wans’t sure if he really felt the same. [b "I can get us a cab to your place," ] Ara mentioned.
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