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He mentioned sightseeing and the minute he mentioned pictures, he knew that she liked the idea. He figured that Ara was up to date on social media, so why not. He liked the beach and thought it'd be pretty romantic. He finished up his food while they talked [b "Okay. As long as you want to go"] he smiled, thinking about the gold dress and then looking at his clothes. He knew she was going to wear gold sometime, but now he could pull off the night with his accents.

HE saw her spacing out and when he asked, she admitted that she was okay and was just daydreaming. [b "I know you're an artsy person. If there's something you want to do or if you want to paint to get your ideas on paper we can. Maybe even go to an art museum?"] he suggested, wondering if that would get her attention back on him.

He admitted he didn't want her to go, but maybe he was being childish....or selfish. He sighed a bit and when she mentioned not having a choice and that she had to go, he just took in a deep breath and nodded. [b " should relax and go on a little trip. I just can't wait for you to be back so we can hang out again"] he thought about her buying him clothes. [b "Don't buy me too many things Ara....I'll be happy with a small souvenir"] he slowly got up and ran his fingers through his red hair. He felt more comfortable this way.

[b "Let's get ready and head to the light house? We can take a cab to the beach and it's only a mile from there"] he told her, looking at his phone. [b "I bet we can take a bunch of good pictures and even walk along the shore"] he said excitedly.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 3d 17h 48m 57s
[b “There’s a lighthouse around here? AHmm, we should then.” ] Ara nodded. She did enjoy the beach. She imagined all the pictures they could take too. She took another bite an dlistened to him. [b “Umm…not exactly. Of course we can. I’ll set it up this time. I can wear that gold dress I’ve been meaning to wear.” ] She smiled.

Ara then got lost in her own train of thought. She spaced out thinking about showering with him. She snapped out of it when Sylus spoke to her. Ara blushed and she’d gave a tight nod [b “Yes…I’m okay. Oh…um…just us, showering… Sometimes I day dream. Sorry if it’s a bit weird.” ] She felt bad for thinking like this. She felt like she shouldn’t be. She looked down at her plate and realized…that she ate it all. It had tasted pretty good.

She looked back up at his eyes and noticed him staring a bit at her. She softly smiled to herself, and rested her cheek in her hand. The way he looked at her…she liked it. It looked different to her. It was the way… [b “We have one more day.” ] She reminded. She heard his sigh and wondered if this really bothered him. She’d took his hand when he reached out to hold hers. She gave it a squeeze [b “It’ll be okay. Two weeks will go by fast. Maybe I might come earlier. It’ll be like I never left.” ] Ara said and bit down at her own lip [b “I’m sorry, I don’t have a choice. I have to go.” ] She kind of wanted to be away from the school right now too. It would probably do her some good, but she was sad that she had to miss Sylus.

[b “I’ll bring you a souvenir,” ] Ara mentioned and then tilted her head [b “Or a couple of other things. I think I have a good idea of your clothes size now.” ]
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Sylus could see her blushing and he thought she looked cute seeing her rosy cheeks. She was speaking in slow motion and was lowering her voice so that he couldn't purposefully hear it. She spoke softly and he couldn't really hear through her mumbling, but when she mentioned touching stuff, he'd smile a bit because he knew she might have wanted his hands on her.

Still, Sylus would take his time until she allowed him to be comfortable with her like that. He saw her sweet smile and sat outside with her, looking out at the city, taking a bite of his food. He was glad she agreed and when she said she liked waking to him, he was glad she enjoyed his company. Maybe she truly did love him. He was still so flattered by it.

He offered her food, seeing her take a bite and then he thought about taking pictures [b "Okay. We can go sightseeing. I do want to see a lighthouse, maybe stop by the beach since it's close. We can take lots of pictures"] he did want to spend more time with her while they were there. [b "Is there somewhere you'd wanna go? Maybe we can even go on a fancy dinner date?"] he suggested, meeting her eyes and then seeing that she held her forkful of food for a while. He saw her smiling. [b "Ara are you okay? What are you thinking about?"] he thought she might have a good idea of where they should go or plans to do.

Still, she looked really pretty on this balcony, seeing the breeze through her hair and her beautiful features. [b "I don't want to go back yet. I don't want you to go on a trip away from me for two weeks"] he sighed softly, reaching out to hold her hand in his.
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Ara’s eyes widened, and she blushed, looking off when he asked the question, [b “Um…could…do…a thing. Touching and stuff-and other stuff." ] Ara mumbled, not wanting to say it because she knew she couldn’t yet. Even if at the moment it seemed like the thing to do, she really knew she wasn’t ready for that. She was okay with them not doing it too. She’d rather have it that way, especially since it seemed like love was only one sided.

Ara lifted a smile [b “Me too.” ] She said to him, also liking that he did want to. She heard the question, so she said they could do it once. She was worried about being too tempted. She wondered if they could though…
She would take a bite out of her pancake and leaned in when he offered her some of the sausage. She’d open her mouth and take the bite. She chewed it up and listened on. [b “Mmm…I’d like that. I like waking up to you.” ] She whispered. She saw him looking out into the city too. She’d look out again, while taking another bite out of her pancake. [b “Hmm, I never thought about that.” ] She thought they’d just spend more time at the park again. [b “We can do that if you’d like. I’ve haven’t been around here before.” ] She tilted her head [b “Either way, I’d like to take pictures.” ]

Her mind drifted up, thinking back to Sylus stripping down and showering. She imagined going right in and kissing him. They’d get close. She had her fork with a piece of pancake to her lips for what looked like forever while she day dreamed. Then she smiled to herself and took a bite.
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He was glad she thought he still looked really good in dark hair. He really did want to be able to get her to like him more if he could. She started liking him when he had his red hair, so he wanted to do it again. His amber eyes saw her smiling at him and he couldn't help but grin like a little kid. He loved her smiling at him, but when she mentioned that he was different, he didn't know. He thought that it was true he looked at her differently, but was it that noticeable?

He watched her shower and couldn't help but blush because she winked at him. He held his breath and glanced over at her, smirking a bit. He would watch when she wasn't looking or had water in her eyes and right after, he'd do the same, teasing her as well.

He helped her set up the balcony and when he mentioned how pretty seh was in the shower, he smiled [b "You could what now?"] he teased her and then he mentioned showering together. [b "Sometimes, I just want to get my hands all over you"] he said innocently and then he heard her say to try showering together once. Maybe she didn't really want to go that far yet?

He took a bite of his food and would cut his pancakes, seeing her take a picture. He would offer her some sausage as he brought a forkful up to her lips. [b "I think I'll wake you up with a kiss next time and just stay comfortably in bed"] he held her hand in his and looked out at the city. [b "So where to today? Should we check out a different park? OR sightseeing and pictures since we're here?"] he suggested. HE didn't mind either, but he was excited to eat some good food and see the sights since he's never been here before.
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[b “You still look like you with dark hair. It’s edgy, especially with your unique eyes, but I love it red too.” ] She mentioned. She loved the way he smiled at her, and she didn’t understand just how he couldn’t…

She mentioned it and he looked surprised. Was it that surprising? [b “I don’t know. But when you smile at me, or look at me, it looks different than when you look at someone else in class, or other…girls.” ]

Ara got ready for the shower and she noticed him looking. She’d wink and saw him blush and glance off. She blushed too, not believing she managed to make Sylus blush. Sylus, whose definitely had the experience. It made her smile. She showered off and then she saw him stripping down. She couldn’t help but look. She watched him make a kissy face and, it embarrassingly turned her a bit on. She’d give a few glances, and then went to go get dressed. She wore something for the morning and had something else planned for the afternoon to evening.

She was sitting at the edge of the bed. [b “Okay we’ll eat there….” ] She stopped talking and looked back at him when he mentioned that. She blushed and then lightly smiled, “I know you were watching… You were…really sexy too Sy. Sometimes I wish I could…never mind.” She blushed a little more. She got up and helped bring the food the balcony. She sat down with him and poured them their orange juice. She accidently overfilled it when she heard ‘shower together.’

[b “Ahm…” ] She imagined the two of them being bare, and the temptation to touch would be strong. [b “Yea, we can one time.” ] She nodded and then added [b “But I tend to take long showers.” ] Is that what couples did? She spaced out and noticed he was already eating. She poured the syrup on her pancakes and cut it up, taking small bites out of it. She swung her legs back and forth a bit underneath the table. The sun was up and it was beautiful. She’d quickly take a picture and quickly post it on social media. She got a message rather quickly asking who was she with.

She sighed, wishing she could share it. She stared back at Sylus eyes [b “Wake me up next time if you wake up first.” ]
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He was glad that she was going to send him pictures and keep him updated on what she was doing. He really wanted to know what adventures she would go on. One thing was for sure and Sylus knew it. Eyes would be on her wherever she went.

[b "Okay, then I'll look forward to seeing your posts"] he smiled and then he fell asleep with her. It wasn't until morning that he worked on dying his hair red again. He saw Ara coming in and he'd smile [b "I do. It makes me feel more like me this way"] he felt her sweet lips and it really did put a smile on his face. He really enjoyed seeing her first thing in the morning and knowing that he was with her for rest of the day, got him feeling giddy inside.

Her words surprised him [b "What do you mean? long as you like it"] he grinned and then he saw her step into the shower, he clothes on the floor. His amber eyes would look over her, trying to hold her gaze, but it would go down, looking so surprised. Who knew that Ara was this daring. It shocked him as he saw her wink and then his cheeks burned and he glanced off. For some reason that got his heart pounding in his chest. It was hot, sexy, and he could still see her shower through the glass.

He tried not to stare, but he could visualize touching all of those curves and smooth skin. He bit down on his lip and shed his clothes, going in as well. He'd glance back at her, seeing her eyes widen as he made a kissy face to her. He washed off, cleaning up and then dressing up in his clothes with gold accents. She said she would have something gold, so he hoped he at least matched.

He ordered room service and then he took a seat in front of the TV, glancing over at her as he sat beside her [b "We can. I bet it'd look beautiful. Probably not as beautiful as you in the shower though. You were sexy"] he admitted, bringing the food into the balcony area and then setting it on the outdoor table. He sat beside her [b "Um...if you're really comfortable...maybe we should shower together one time"] he realized what he said and wondered if Ara thought he was weird. He took a bite of his pancakes and then looked out at the view.
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[b “Of course I will. I might upload on youtube, and it’ll definitely be on social media.” ] She mentioned an then realized [b “I’ll sent you things they can’t see of course.” ] She shrugged. She closed her eyes, falling asleep. She woke up later than him and caught him in the bathroom. She walked in and blushed seeing him just in boxers. Her mind was thinking millions of things she didn’t think she should be thinking. It was too much.
[b “You really like red hair huh?” ] Ara smiled. She thought he looked good in either but she gussed he wanted to appear very edgy with the red hair. It was cute on him. She kissed him and saw him grin right after. She didn’t get it. How could he smile that way at her, or look the way at her and say he didn’t love her? She sighed to herself, and then said [b “You smile differently when you’re with me. I like it.” ] She mentioned.

[b “Um…alright…” ] She mumbled and would strip down into nothing. She glanced back at him, seeing her. She blushed a tad bit but decided…he was boyfriend and this was okay. So, she winked at him, and smiled a bit, but her cheeks were still warm. She could see him visibly holding his breath and it was cute.

She went into the shower, rinsing her hair out. He felt just a bit shy being nude and showering in front of him but, it would be okay. That’s what she told herself. She stepped out, her hair wet, water dripping down her skin. She looked back at him, towel wrapped around her body [b “Ahm…okay.” ] Ara nodded. Her eyes widened, and dropped when he took off his boxers. OH my. She pressed her legs together and released the cutest quiet short whimper. She’d grab the hair dryer and try to blow dry her hair without going to stare at him showering. Oh, how she wanted to. Sylus…wet and…[i Ahmmm…I need to stop.” ] She looked at herself in the mirror and said “Breath.” She dried up her hair and straightened it out for the day. Ara’s eyes followed him coming out, dressed.

She let him order room service. She changed into purple short dress, braided her hair back and stuck some clips that looked like real small flowers. She did her makeup-just lightly and saw the food coming in. Ara glanced back at Sylus…were they going to talk about what they had done? Stripping in front of each other?
Ara watched him sit down and fix his hair and just turn on the TV. Guess not…maybe he wasn’t effected by that sort of thing. He has…seen, most likely seen plenty of girls naked. She came closer to him and nudged his arm [b “Do you want to…eat on the balcony?” ] She asked
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He was meeting her eyes and then felt really sad that she'd be leaving him for two weeks. With a different timezone as well. It made him sigh a bit, but he couldn't do a thing about it. [b "Just send me some amazing pictures of the sights. I'll have my phone with me at all times"] he nodded, leaning into her and then thinking about how boring the coming two weeks would be.

HE tried to fall asleep, but he woke up early, glancing over and seeing ARa still beside him. He couldn't fall back, so he decided to just get up and do something. In the bathroom, he dyed his hair red again, having it on hand as he brushed the color through his strands. He heard the door open and when he glanced back to see Ara, he smiled a bit [b "Morning. THanks. I thought I'd get my red hair back"] he felt her lips and he'd grin, feeing warm inside.

[b "Okay, go ahead. I'm almost done here"] he thought she wanted him to leave so she could shower, but when she stripped, his eyes went to her, trying not to look. He bit down on his lips, seeing her curves with his side eye. She looked so sexy and as he held his breath, he remembered touching her before. They were together and they've seen all of each other. It shouldn't matter.

As she showered, Sylus tried to finish up his hair, taking glances and then turning a bit red. He finished coloring his hair and then he saw Ara step out. He faced her [b "Um, I'll shower as well"] he stripped off the boxers and went inside the shower. He cleaned himself off, seeing that the glass was still see through. He did his best to just focus on the shower as he soon dried off and then headed outside. He changed into some shorts and vneck shirt that had some gold accents on it. He would order room service to bring up some sausage and pancakes as he waited for Ara to get ready.

He sat on the couch, fixing up his hair as he turned on the TV.
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Seeing the disappointment in him, made her confused. She didn’t know if she should be worried or if she should be happy that he would miss her. She just wanted to make sure that when she came back that he would still be faithful to her, that he still wanted her. [b “I’ll just be doing homework, maybe some sight seeing if I get the chance. I’m not entirely sure what my father or brother are doing.” ] She didn’t want to ask. She didn’t want to get involved.

Ara nodded [b “Yes…different time zone. Six hours.” ] She let him lean in and felt good about him seeing he would. She didn’t hear doubt in his voice and decided she just had to trust him. She smiled a bit and then fell asleep.

When she woke up, she woke up alone. The bedsheets were pushed into the bttom. She sat up, wiping her cheeks and eyes, and pushing back her hair away from her face. She didn’t see Sylus. Where did he go? Ara rose up and decided to go use the bathroom first. She opened the door and saw Sylus with bright red hair again in boxers. She blushed, seeing him nearly nude again. He just looked…so good. [b “Ah-sorry. You…look good though.” ] Ara said, not meaning to interrupt but then realized, it wouldn’t matter would it? They’ve seen each other, and he was her boyfriend.

Her eyes would just dip down. She quickly looked up. She came closer and kissed his cheek, thinking it would be nice. [b “Sy, I’m going to take a shower…okay?” ] She mentioned. She hesitated to strip in front of him, but it didn’t matter right? So, she removed her clothes, pulling it over her head and stepping into the shower. She showered, but there was only glass and she could still see him through it. She tried not to glance back at him too much. When she’d finish, she would put the towel around herself. [b “I’ll be ready in twenty minutes or so. You can go ahead and order room service for breakfast.” ] She mentioned, knowing she needed to fix her hair, which would take a bit.
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He was glad she wanted him too and to have those feelings reciprocated back to him meant the world because never did he think someone would like him back this much after seeing the truth of the life he lived. He thought she was sweet and so kind to accept him and give him a chance, so he wanted to work hard to return what she wanted.

The played and tired each other out, kissing in the dark as Sylus helped her back into their bed for the night. He snuggled in close and when she mentioned leaving, he felt sad. He didn't want her to go, especially for two weeks. Who would he spend time with? Who would he visit everyday and have fun with on the weekends when he was free? He felt it already and she only just mentioned it.

[b "THat makes sense. What will you be doing?"] he wondered, figuring that maybe she didn't want to go either? He faced her and sighed a bit [b "We do have tomorrow....different time zone? Aww, okay..."] he looked disappointed and wasn't sure exactly what to say about it. He leaned in more and listened to her [b "Of course I will"] was all he could tell her as he watched her yawn. [b "Night Ara"] he slowly fell asleep, trying to relax for now, but was worried that maybe he'd have troubles when she wasn't at school.

In the morning, he got a little bit of sleep, but since he was up early, he was in the bathroom, dying his hair red again. HE faced the mirror, combing the dye through his hair and getting as much as he could, wanting his bad boy appearance back. He liked sticking out and liked looking different, so he spent the morning putting it on, standing in just his boxers as he covered every blank strand of hair.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 8d 3h 24m 19s
[b “I want you to.” ] Ara spoke sweetly and softly. She gently smiled when she felt his lips on her forehead. It was sweet when he did that. It only put more in the pot that made her feel all those emotions for him. She felt so much and she knew she just had to accept that he didn’t feel it. She didn’t know why but it was what it was.

They had fun playing around, protecting their castle. It got late, and she didn’t want to get up and sleep but she knew they had to. She laid next to him, feeling his arm around her waist. His lips were soft and it felt good to have him snuggle up to her. [b “Mmm…” ] She then told him about her leaving for a little while. [b “Yes…Maybe. They said one week but it usually goes on for a bit longer." ]She saw him visibly look like he was holding his breath. She wondered if it would bother im a lot. Ara nodded [b “They won’t let me stay in the country alone.” ]

She saw him looking really into her blue eyes. He didn’t look too happy about it. [b “It won’t take that long. One to two weeks will go by fast. So…wait for me.” ] She said. She didn’t have a choice in it. She half smiled, [b And we are. We have tomorrow too. I’ll call and text. But…I’ll be in a different time zone so it might be a bit odd.” ] She mentioned. She felt him leaning into him more. She held him. [b “You’ll…wait for me, right?” ] She asked to be sure.
Ara yawned [b “Goodnight Sy.” ] She slowly fell asleep, dreaming of things and sleeping until she was fully rested.
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He called her princess because he thought she really was just like a princess and she was just as pretty as one also. He stayed with her in the fort and it was pretty nice considering they made it almost look like a castle. He would hear her words and he'd nod his head [b "I will. As long as you want me to"] he kissed her forehead and then they played around a bit more, flashing flash lights and protecting the castle, but it was soon getting late.

He helped her out and then he snuggled up to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her soft skin. HE liked being close to her and she was just so sweet an innocent, he couldn't get enough. [b "Me too. I'm so glad you're here with me"] he snuggled in close, but when she mentioned her dad's business trip, he ended up frowning. [b "Really? Maybe two weeks?"] he held his breath and bit down on his lip. [b "Do you really have to go for that long?"] he held her hand in his, wondering if she even would miss him.

He met her blue eyes and felt really sad inside, but he knew there wasn't much he could do about it. [b "I...if you say so. THen....I want to spend the rest of the weekend together....and you better call and text me wen you leave"] he sighed softly, leaning into her more. He couldn't believe it, but it was only two weeks. She'll be back soon.
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Hearing him call her ‘princess’ was kind of a delight. His lips were so soft. She over the way he grinned. She loved how playful he was. It was fun, and she felt like a kid again. She’d sometimes stare at him, admiring the way he spoke, the way he looked at her or the way he made her feel. It was a bittersweet feeling, feeling so in love and knowing it was only one way. [b “Mm…you do. Stay with me, always.” ] She said, lost half in her mind [b “Exactly.” ] She watched him flash the light in the direction of the enemy. So she did the same. It earned some laughter.

He held her on his lap, feeling fingers going through her hair. She looked at his eyes, lost in them. She’d take hold of his hand and play with his fingers. She smiled at his comment, [b “Mmm, it is. IT’s very lit up.” ] She’d poke his cheek, looking up at him. She felt so much. She’d see him leaning in, and she thought he’d kiss her lips but it was her forehead, which was just as sweet or sweeter. She almost whined at the thought of going to bed already.

[b “Mmm…We do.” ] She sat up and crawled out with him. She got into bed, the sheet over them. She felt goos when he had his arm wrapped around her. She didn’t sleep with someone so often. It was a good feeling, sleeping next to him. She felt him rest against her neck and a kiss on her shoulder. His smile lighted her up. It wasn’t fair. She leaned in and kissed his smiling lips and stroked through his hair too. [b “I…I’m glad I spend time with you here.” ] She nearly said she loved him again and she knew she shouldn’t. She didn’t want to scare him off.

[b “Um…Sy… I have something to tell you. My dad has a business trip this Monday and I…have to go with my brother and him. It’ll only be a week or two.” ] She said, she only got notified recently. She felt she should tell him. [b “I’ll be doing my homework from afar.” ] She mentioned. She looked at his eyes and hoped he could hang on until then. She didn't want him to be looking at anyone else. HE said he wouldn' she had to trust that he wouldn't.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 9d 24m 24s
He was having so much fun building up the fort again. He got her to smile and act the same way she was before all the tears came. It was clear to him now that she was still hurting from the past relationship and that she felt insecure and worried about this one she was in. He didn't know if she truly loved him or was caught in the moment, but he did enjoy where they stood.

The fort was built and they were both inside, playing around with their phone flashlights. It was fun and it was sweet being childish with her. He'd kiss her lips and then pretend to be a knight looking out for the princess and the castle. He'd grin and tell her the enemy was coming. [b "Well then princess, looks like I'll have to stay here with you. I can't put you in harms way"] he played around and flashed his light in the direction of the enemy.

After they won, he'd hold her on his lap, running his fingers through her hair as he held her other free hand. [b "IT's a royal castle. Look, it's even lit up"] he felt her poke his cheek and he'd lean down and give her forehead a kiss. [b "Should we head to bed? We have day two tomorrow. We can walk around the city, go shopping, sightseeing, and take more pictures"] he suggested, holding her hand and then leading her into bed.

Sylus laid beside her and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close. He rested against her neck, kissing the back of her shoulder, a smile on his face. She made him happy and he knew he wanted to be with her, if that was how love was supposed to feel, then maybe he'd grow into loving her.
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