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Ara couldn’t help but feel a little too cocky, but she did her best not to look like it for the sake of winning. She didn’t even know what she would do with the their deal but, she figured she’d find some use. She hit all three targets and glanced at Sylus, seeing his eyes wide and hearing his gasp. His reaction was great. [b “Guess I’m a natural.” ] She fibbed a bit. It took her a lot of time to get to this point. She did enjoy aiming at targets, but mostly with arrows.

She joked around with him and giggled when he scratched his head. Should…she even tell him? [b “Something like that.” ] She replied. Ara would shrug [b “I am but you took the deal. When I played with Joseph-something similar to this I pretended to be bad because I didn’t want to feel bad. This is great.” ] She watched Sylus go at it and he did well. [b “hey, you’re pretty good. We should play paintball together sometime” ] Ara smiled, remembering how much fun she had over the summer playing. Ara giggled again at his comment [b “Just a little. It’s okay, I won’t ask you to do something stupid.”]

She let him lead they way, and they end up at another game. Ara nodded, standing back and holding the dragon in her arms. She clapped when he knocked all the blocks off. Then she laughed when he glanced at her with a smirk. It was cute. [b “You’re a boss Sy. Have you played this before?”] She asked, watching him get another prize. It was much darker outside now. She watched the pretty lights and saw a few rides. Then she looked at him…he really did look good in those clothes, standing there in leather jacket with a handsome face and cool hair…

[b “Do you want to go on a ride? Like the Farris wheel?” ] She pointed, thinking it would be nice to see things from the top with him. Or would that be too romantic…and provoking to be alone with him. [i You’re thinking about this too much. ] She just like spending time with him like this.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 2d 12h 24m 27s
He kissed her and was really glad he could. Ara's lips were always so soft, warm, and he liked their taste. He smiled, but he could see that she didn't look impressed by that kiss.

He sighed a bit and held her hand, leading her towards the carnival. Maybe she'd have a better time with him at the fair. As he walked with her, he ended up at the shooting game, hearing her ask for a bet. Shooting three targets? He didn't know if she could do it. He doubted it and took the deal.

[b "Okay, let's see how you do?"] he watched her and then he saw her hit three targets in the center, even the moving one. Sylus' eyes widened and then he gasped as he faced her [b "Uhh....what?"] he heard her and looked shocked. [b " you do that?"] he saw her stick her tongue out and then he scratched the back of his head confused. [b "I'm confused. Are you a sharpshooter or something?"] he narrowed his eyes and then he saw her hold the dragon prize.

Sylus sighed a bit [b "That wasn't fair. You're good at this kind of thing!"] he held the gun and gave it a shot. Sylus shot a few, hitting the targets, but not in the center. He was given a small stuffed bird. He gasped a bit [b "Hmm, I think I got hustled here..."] he just shrugged it off and then went to lead her to another game. This one was a sports one, where you had to knock the blocks off the table with a ball. [b "How about I show you a bit of my skills?"] he took the ball and then he threw it at the blocks, managing to knock down all three. HE glanced over at ARa and smirked.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 2d 22h 5m 39s
Ara sighed, knowing she failed at teasing. [b “Um…alright…” ] She didn’t like failing. Maybe it was too risky to tease him-because of how the outcome was.

They got to the carnival game and she go ta little excited because she felt no pressure to fake it. So what if she looked better than him at this? She wanted to. Ara nodded [b “Three. Well…I don’t know if I can get it but if I do, I might as well get something out of it.” ] She shrugged. He was smirking and she tried to contain her all knowing smile. She picked up the rifle pressing it against near her shoulder and focused. She drowned all the noise out and then lined up with a target and shot in the center. Then she turned into another one and fired at that. There was one moving target, so she focused more on that one and fired again, hitting the center. Ara rested the rifle down [b “Looks like you’re about to be my bitch!” ] She stuck her tongue out, giggling. [b “I’m kidding, especially about using the B word.” ] Since she hardly swore but couldn’t miss the opportunity. The guy at the stall looked really impressed.
Ara picked out this red and black and red dragon for her prize. She looked really happy about winning a rigged deal since she knew she’d get it.

[b “I’ll let you know when I want to use my reward from the deal we made.” ] She said, feeling pretty darn proud of herself. [b “Did you want to try Sylus? Or do you want to do something easier?” ] She asked.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 2d 22h 49m 7s
He met her eyes and he couldn't help but smile [b "Oh? It's not teasing, I just really wanted to kiss you"] he admitted and then he noticed some irritation in her expression. Was she really that upset? He didn't mean to make her mood change, but he did want to really kiss her.

He told her that he worked late at night, but when she mentioned needing help, he smiled a bit. [b "Okay, well...I'll let you know if I need help"] he smiled and then he held her hand in his, leaving the restaurant as he thanked her for the meal. Sylus walked them towards the fair and it was nice outside. The sun was starting to set and it wasn't that warm anymore.

He walked with her inside and then he reached the carnival games. His eyes met hers and and when she mentioned trying to make a bet, he wondered if she knew what she was getting into. This was a shooting game. It didn't seem like a princess like her would take interest in this. [b "Three? You're really confident. Deal!"] he smirked, seeing her take the gun. He doubted she'd be able to do it. He was okay at these games and since it was her first time at the fair and playing these games, he figured she was just boasting.

Sylus watched her curiously, seeing if she even knew how to hold the gun.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 3d 6h 56m 4s
Ara blushed, and looked off [b “No…I was just teasing you but then you kissed me…” ] She said, a little irritated that she failed at teasing. She liked being kissed but, she wasn’t happy that she failed to tease him so she narrowed his eyes at her.

Work late at night… Things kept pointing to the crazy theory. Well, she’s never seen him do it so it really must be just a crazy theory. Maybe he had to work late shifts delivering something. [i Should I get a PI? No that’s crazy. ] She sighed [b “Right…well if you ever need help. I’m here and apparently people think I’m loaded so-I can help.” ] With money. She wasn’t sure if he’d take it. As long as her dad didn’t notice she was spending that much in cash every month.

That scene…was probably too hot. At least, it felt like that to her being on the actual side of doing it. [b “We’ll take a look and decide. We can do that.” ] She nodded and would take her time eating. She shrugged [b “No big deal. I have other favorite places. This is my favorite place for sushi.” ] She didn’t like her bother much anymore. She felt like she didn’t exist much to him either.

Ara fixed herself up a bit [b “I know but I want to make sure I continue to look pretty.” ] She said. Sylus took her hand. She went to pay and walked with him. They reached the fair grounds, lights were up and it was beautiful. She looked around [b “I’m not sure…” ] She whispered. She followed him and they reached a carnival game with shooting. Ara smirked when he asked if she could do it. She played these before, once with Joseph and she purposely lost so that he didn’t feel bad but there was nothing holding her back this time.
[b “I don’t know…this is my first time,” ] She pouted, [b “But, can we make a bet? If I hit the center of three targets, you have to do one thing I request-whatever I want, at anytime.” ] She said, wondering if he would take the bet. She knew she could do it. She’s done it plenty of times. [b "Deal?" ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 3d 22h 9m 17s
He was leaning in and kissing her cheek because she was really cute and he loved the scent she was wearing. It made her skin just so kissable, but when she tried to tease him, he wasn't taking it. He leaned in the other half and kiss her lips softly [b "I did. I thought you were leaning in for a kiss too?"] he wondered, seeing her narrow her eyes at him. Did he do something wrong?

He talked about how he hoped Ethan was okay with the project, but when he knew he shouldn't have said anything because now she was asking about his side job. [b "Yeah sometimes I work late at night. It's fine though. I can always catch up on the weekends or something"] he told her.

They talked about the kissing scene and Sylus wondered if it was too hot for their classmates. [b "We can probably cut it down shorter to a single kiss. We can edit the video and we'll be fine"] he told her, hoping she didn't worry. He was glad Ara took him to this place. It was a special place to her and she decided to share it with him. [b "Awe, thanks for inviting me to one of your favorite places. IT really is good"] he admitted and then he got up after they paid [b "Thanks. Yeah, let's head over"] he stood up and then he saw her fixing her makeup. [b "You're pretty, don't worry"] he held her hand and walked with her towards the fairgrounds.

They made it past the entry point and then they could see small rides, the ferris wheel, food stalls, and games. [b "Where to first?"] he wondered where she wanted to go for now. Sylus would lead her to some carnival games to start it off. He brought her to a shooting game [b "Think you can do it?"] he asked.
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She enjoyed having her neck kissed a little too much. He had a point [ “Ah, right…okay.” ] She whispered. They ate, and the sushi was as good as the last time she came. She would eat slowly and caught him with crumbs. So, she figured this would be a perfect time to tease him. She leaned in but didn’t touch his lips-but Sylus went the full away and kissed her. Her eyes widened and she stood still for a second. Why-why did have to do that!? He wiped off her lips with a napkin. [b “You kissed me.”] She said as if she was coming to terms. Maybe teasing him was too risky. She narrowed her eyes, feeling frustrated that he end up teasing her again. But the time she narrowed her eyes he was already distracted with food.

[b “I think he’s just making fun of you.” ] Ara said and then popped the question [b “How come you’re always tired in his class? Do you have work that night?” ] She asked. She thought about the make out scene and she felt like it had been long but not long enough for her. [b “Maybe too hot…way too hot.” ] She added, and wasn’t sure about what to do about it. If Joseph saw that-she didn’t think he’d be exactly all too thrilled. [i You just let Sylus kiss you again and that’s what you’re worried about? Why can’t I stop. ] She grabbed one of her other rolls and she noticed Sylus was already done.

[b “Yea, it is. It’s has a nice view and the sushi is really good. My brother would take me here for my birthday.” ] When they got along… She looked at Sylus, and moved in closer, [b “You eat quite fast.” ] She mentioned and then would nibble at her own lip, and said [b “I’ll pay for it. Should we go to that fair you mentioned?” ] She reminded. She pulled out her mirror to check if her makeup was still okay. It looked just fine. [b "Will the fair still be open by the time we get there?" ] She asked, and used just a bit of vanilla perfume on herself-sutble amount.
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He liked to tease her and see her different reactions, but at the same time, he could her getting a little more red. He was only partly joking, but he could tell she liked him. There were a lot of girls that showed the same reactions she was showing, the only different was he really liked Ara.

The restaurant was fancy. He wasn't sure if he could pay for all that they ordered, but he was going to try at least. He ordered and then he heard Ara say something about wanting to do something. He figured it was to do something to him, but he couldn't really tell. She didn't answer his question either [b "It's okay. I'm on your side. No one will see"] he kissed her neck, taking in that sweet scent of hers and wishing he could just take her home.

He pulled back and tried to eat, taking a few bites of her sushi and then sharing his as well. When she saw her leaning in, he kissed her lips because if she was only going half way, he'd go the rest. He kissed her and then he saw the crumbs he had on her lips as well. He grabbed a napkin and wiped it off of hers and then his [b "Oops. Sorry, I didn't know"] he was glad that she enjoyed this time with him. They were getting closer.

[b "I hope so. He was always so naggy cause I slept in his class"] he shrugged and then he thought about the make out scene. [b "We can cut it shorter if you want? I mean....I think it'll look pretty hot"] he smiled, hoping that the other people knew it was just for the film, not so much them being together because he didn't want Ara in trouble with her boyfriend.

When Sylus finished eating, he sipped some of his soup and felt full. [b "Mmm, that was a good choice. IT was really good. Is this one of your favorite places?"] he asked, never having eaten here before.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 8h 11m 28s
Ara would nudge him when he continued to tease her [b “I wouldn’t be able to…stop teasing.” ] She mumbled, feeling her face becoming a little more red. He was totally joking and him looking at her like that made her feel a little more guilty with what ran in her mind.

The restaurant was really nice. She favoured this place, it had a nice view and the sushi was always really good. She saw him looking outside, the sun coming almost all the way done, leaves falling. She felt him wrap his leg around her, and she felt that he was still teasing her. She had a hard time, because…she wanted to kiss him and she knew she should just stop that. Stop feeling for him. Stop thinking about him doing things to her or doing things…period. She didn’t even know what those other things would intel.

Ara would tag his account and, she felt a kiss on her cheek. It was…too tempting. She faced him, and he was so darn close it was hard. She could feel it in her chest, and like a magent pulling her closer to him. [b “Want to…what?” ] She asked, never actually saying she wanted to kiss him, or was it that obvious? Was it? Her eyes followed him and her neck was kissed softly, and she released a subtle moan. [b “People can see…” ] She whispered, feeling a little embarrassed she made a little sound and enjoyed it so much. She wanted, his hands…his lips… [i Oh my god-stop it. ]

The food came in and she could try to just focus on eating with him. She would go grab a roll for herself and took a bite. Sylus offered a roll to her lips. She looked up at him and decided to take a bite [b “It is good.” ] She nodded and let him tries hers. She had a feeling he knew what he could be making her feel. She sipped on her own drink and noticed his lips at some crumb. [i Notice. ] Ara told him mentally but he didn’t.

She leaned in, her lips almost touching his but she never did. She moved back and wiped his lips with her finger [b “You had some crumbs on you. ] If he wanted to tease, then…two could play. She took a roll in her mouth and looked at him smiled right after. [b “He’ll like it. I think you’re his favorite.” ] She pointed out, [b “Although…the whole class is going to see the make out scene now.” ] Which she was a little concerned about. The reactions.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 4d 8h 20m 16s
He teased her during the car ride only because he thought her reactions were cute. Sylus would smile and then he'd shake his head [b "How do you know I'm teasing. I want you to pin me against the wall"] he raised his brow and wondered what she'd say. His alluring amber eyes pressured her a bit and then he would smile as if he was joking.

When they got to the restaurant, he held her hand [b "Of course I won't let you go on anything dangerous"] he walked her in and they were soon seated with a nice view of a nearby park. There were kids playing and trees brightly colored since it was almost fall. He ordered what he wanted and then he wrapped his leg around hers, seeing her sit beside him.

The pictures went up, and he nodded [b "Sure you can tag me"] he told her, leaning in and kissing her cheek. Her skin was so smooth and they felt so nice on his lips. Not to mention the fruity scent lingering on her skin. He wanted to kiss her longer. [b "You'd want to?"] he asked and then he kissed her neck softly before pulling back and smiling.

Their food soon came in and he would share with her the different ones they got. He'd hold up a roll to her lips [b "You gotta try this one"] he'd say and then he'd try hers as well. [b "Mmm, you make pretty good choices. Got to admit you know what's delicious and good for you"] he took a sip of his drink and then he would get some crumbs on his lips, but he was too hungry to notice.

[b "I can't wait to put the film together. I hope Mr. Ethan likes it too"]
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[b “I have one…or a few. “ ] She said to him, wanting him to have one for school. She didn’t have a bunch of siblings she wanted to give some money to, so she felt he could use it.

She was starting to feel like he was teasing her. [b “Sylus are you teasing me, stop being a tease you tease. ] She nudged him, blushing still. She secretly did like being teased but maybe not when she was trying not to blush.

They were in view of the restaurant. She couldn’t understand what kind of ride he was talking about but it didn’t sound all too safe. [b “Okay, I believe you. It better be safe.” ] She heard his laughter and wondered if he thought…maybe she was stupid too. [i No, he doesn’t think that. ]

The two of them were seated. She listened to what he wanted and allowed him to get whatever he wanted, she figured she’d pay all of it because there was no way Sylus could afford this place. The waiter came by, Ara spoke her order when she paused for a second because she felt his leg wrapping around hers underneath the table. She repeated her order and looked at Sylus. She wondered if she could tease him back for the hell of it.

Ara moved to sit next to him, showing him the phtoos. [b “Ahh…yea, they just like my lifestyle, that’s all.” ] And not all the comments were all that great, but she learned to ignore them. She remembered having that one stalker once… [b “Okay, I’ll post them up.” ] Ara smiled and would write ‘Filming with new friends for my project.’ And a few other friends [b “Do you want me to mention your account?” ] She asked, and then she felt a kiss on her cheek. She held her breath. She turned her head and looked at him. [b “Sylus…you shouldn’t do that. If you do that, then I’d want to…” ] [i kiss you. ] She looked over at his lips and felt the heat her chest [i “It’s cruel. You tease… ] She blushed and glanced off.

She would post the image, and would text message Joseph just to let him know that she posted it. She set her phone down, not wanting to look at it for the rest of the night unless she had to.

Sylus miso soup cam in, they still had to wait for the rolls. Ara got the tea. She'd lightly yawn, and looked back at Sylus again, her mind stuck on him pinning her against that wall...and making her just want to feel what it would be like. [i Stop. ] It ached...
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 4d 8h 41m 55s
He didn't want any freebies, but if she was willing to hand it over to him, why not? He had been thinking about getting one since it was necessary for school, especially for his technology class. [b "Okay, as long as you have one"] he told her, thanking her for the thought.

He helped her with the bags and then they were both seated in the car together and he went in to hold her hand in his. When he told her that he was good at pinning people against the wall, he was only joking. [b "Can you? Then can you do that to me next time?"] he chuckled and thought it was cute seeing her try to agree.

They soon headed off to the sushi restaurant and when he told her about the fair and the ride, he shook his head [b "You won't crash. You'll be safe, it'll all be okay"] he chuckled and then he led her inside. He didn't care anymore what her boyfriend would think or if he was getting between them. They agreed on doing what they wanted, so Sylus was going to hold onto her hands.

When they were seated by the window, he looked at the menu, unsure of what else he wanted [b "Hmm, then I'll also get this spider roll, or this tuna one"] he suggested because he was kind of hungry. Once the waiter came, they placed their order and he would wrap his leg around hers from beneath the table like their on camera shot.

[b "It is, I think I'll get myself a limeade"] he told her and then he saw her sit beside him, making him look at her pictures. [b "Wow you have a lot of followers. This picture of the two of us is really good. I like it"] he smiled and then he would lean in and then give her cheek a kiss. She was really pretty today and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He wanted to take her away and kiss her again.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 9h 1m 28s
Ara predicted that Sylus was the type not to accept free new expensive items out of her generous heart. [i I can work around that. ] [b “I’m not. I have a new one that I like more.” ] Ara shrugged as if it was nothing. She thought it would be nice if he had a laptop he could do some work too. Plus, it would help her to have a partner who was able to work outside of school.

Sylus aided her with the bags. It was quite a lot for her to be able to carry herself, and they were quite heavy. She did struggle a bit. She had a hard time looking at him in the eyes when he talked about that kiss. Not…a lot? She heard his laughter and comment and it made her feel a little…too excited. [b “Oh really? Yea, I can do that to people…to you…pinning…yea, that was fun.” ] She awkwardly laughed because she liked it more than shew as willing to tell him.

She got his help to load the bags in the car. He seemed so calm about everything… She sighed to herself. Well, it was better if she kept these feelings to herself. They got into the car, the sun was falling and it was beautiful with a clear sky. She played some music in the car, taylor swift, me! [b “I know a place.” ] Ara leaned forward and asked the driver to take her to the restaurant that wasn’t too far off. The car was a red BMW. It was supposed to be her car when she finally got her license.

[b “A ride with instructions?” ] She raised a brow, and realized she hasn’t been to anything like an amusement park since she was a kid. [b “We won’t actually crash right?” ] She whispered to him, and noticed him holding her hand. Was this okay? To be holding hands?

The restaurant came into a view. Ara thanked her driver and told him he could go off for now. She walked inside with Sylus in the restaurant. They got a booth by the window. She sat across him, and looked u pat his eyes, [b “Ah-yea, it kind of is like a date.” ] Ara blushed a bit [b “But a different type of date…I think.” ] A friend date? That’s not what this felt like.
[b “I really like the smoked salmon and cheese cream rolls. We can order more rolls and share. As much as you’d like.” ] Ara said, and began putting her hair up into a ponytail so that it wouldn’t get in the way. She did like seeing his excitement in picking what he wanted. She wasn’t worried about how much sushi she ate either since for the most part it was light enough for her.

[b “It’s been such a long day,” ] Ara mentioned and would look at the drinks [b “Hmmm…Sylus do you want to get something to drink? I think I’m going to get tea.” ] She decided and decided… She moved to sit next to him [b “I’m going to post these two pictures, what do you think?” ] Ara asked, showing him one picture of the group and them two, and trying to figure out how to caption it. She had a good number of followers on her page since-she did travel, have an expensive life style and was pretty. Her dad trying to stick himself into media kind of helped too.
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He felt bad sometimes when people asked him if he had things. If he really wanted to, he could have those things, but he'd rather give the money to the orphanage because they needed it more than he did. Ara suggested an old laptop, but he didn't know if he could really take something like that. [b "Only if you're really not using it, then I wouldn't mind taking it off your hands. Those things are pricey"] he told her, hoping she didn't give him all these things out of pity.

He helped her bring all the bags to the end of the street and then he'd meet her eyes, remembering the last scene. It was hot and he remembered how soft her lips were. He really liked her. [b "Not a lot of practice, but....let's just say you're really attractive to make me want to pin you against the wall"] he chuckled and then he saw the car.

Sylus helped her load it with their bags and then he suggested a few ways of celebrating. IT seemed like she was up for it and he was thankful she was [b "Okay! Let's go eat then. Sushi it is"] he headed into the car with her, asking about what her favorite sushi was and if she's been to the fair before.

[b "There's this one ride that's really cool. You're on a spaceship and you have instructions and you have to follow them and press the buttons or your ship crashes"] he told her, holding her hand in his.

He would see the restaurant come into view and then he'd help her out. Sylus led her inside and then he requested a table for two. [b "This is kind of like a real date"] he mentioned, soon they were seated by the window and menus were placed before them. Looking through the pages, Sylus ended up deciding on some miso soup. [b "Do you want to share a roll? I They look pretty big in the picture. You can pick!"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 9h 35m 58s
Of course…how would he afford to have. She looked down at his watch, that was nearly the cost of a laptop. She could have… She didn’t think he’d allow her to but [b “I have an old laptop that is capable. Would you like it?” ] She lied but, she figured it would be a way for him to have a laptop so he would be able to work things easily.
She’d like to work at her house at him…but her dad would be coming home soon and she didn’t feel comfortable to bring people over when he was there.

[b “Yea, after school.” ] She smiled, combing through her hair and lifting up the bag. She planned on putting the bag in the back of the car and getting them home. She already took out the sd cards out and set them in a small bag to fit into her own personal bag. She never liked keeping them inside the cameras.

The mention of the last scene… she had to glance off, feeling quite embarrassed of kissing him so long. His amber eyes were har dto look at, or his body because she remembered how good his lips tasted, how it felt to have him pin her down. He was dangerous…
Her cheeks went a bit warm. [b “Mmm…it did…you must have gotten lots of practice to be that good.” ] Her laugh came out a bit awkward. She looked up at him again and could feel her heart pounding. It was a good thing he couldn’t see that. She saw the car come over. [b Um…” ] She had planned just to go home. She heard him continue to speak and she never thought about celebrating but it sounded like it would be fun-and hard. [b “I guess we could celebrate for a little while.” ] She slightly smiled, and wished she would stop feeling the way she did.

He began listing all the things they could do and it made her smile more and more to hear it. [b “We should go eat, it’s almost dinner, and then, we could go to the fair,” ] She thought it would be fun…and also tricky. Should she really go? She wanted to. [b “I want to…” ] She spoke slowly. She put the stuff in the back of the car, [b “What would you like to eat Sylus?” ] She asked, still kind of avoiding his eyes while she tried to settle down her emotions, because she didn’t want her cheeks to burn up and have him completely read what was on her mind.

Ara would pop up her phone out and look through the restaurants. If he didn’t know what to eat, she’d suggest sushi. She'd open the car door for him, so they could get a ride to a resturant.
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