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He really wanted to try and figure things out. He wanted to speak to his roommate and try and figure out how to get out of this. He listened to Ara and smiled [b "Yeah, I won't. I'll try my best"] he told her and then he wondered what he should do. [b "I can file for a new place...but you're right. I won't know until I try"] he pressed his lips against hers and then he smiled a bit more.

He wrapped his arms around her more, rubbing up and down her back as he thought about a place to take her to. [b "Oh? Maybe I get to experience your ideal date. That's exciting"] he said as he felt her touching his bare skin. [b "I'm just thinking of a way to make you not worry about me as much"] he smiled and wondered if she was tired or if she really wanted him. He thought she wanted to wait.

He heard her wanting more and then he would lean in to kiss her [b "Nude huh? You want to be nude with me?"] he smiled, hearing her say she wanted more. To his surprise, he felt lucky she was willing to do this for him. [b "I want to. Are you sure it's okay? I think maybe we should wait first until everything is official right? That's what you want"] he told her, brushing her hair back and then licking her lips. He let his fingers crawl beneath her shirt and he touched her bare skin. [b "We also have school tomorrow. Maybe we can save all the fun for our date this weekend"]
  ellocalypse / 25d 9h 57m 45s
Her stomach caved in when she thought of how Sylus might get in trouble if Luke found out he was trying to make a complaint. [b “Just…if you do it, do it safely. He can’t know.” ] She frowned when she thought about whoever there next roommate was [b “But there’s a chance that they will be less of a jerk.” ]

She felt good kissing him, and she wanted to give him her everything. She felt like her own sanity was slipping. She wanted to melt into his lips. She held her eyes on him, hearing him talk about a date. [b “It doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll take you on a date next time.” ] She said to him. She ran her fingers underneath his shirt. [b “What’s on your mind? The…stressful stuff or something else?” ] She asked and then shook her head [b “I’m not tired yet. It’s still early for me.” ] She nibbled at her lip, feeling fingers gliding along her back. She stared at his eyes when he asked if she wanted something more. Ara blushed.

[b “I want…I want to kiss you more…to be…closer…nude…maybe more” ] She whispered the last bit, kissing him again softly, her chest pressed firmly into his, hands still on his bare back riding up, and then looked up at his eyes [b “Only…if that’s okay, if you want to…am I too much?” ] She asked
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 25d 11h 19m 36s
He knew that he made those decisions a long time ago, but now they were starting to bite him in the back. It was dangerous and he never really knew how intense it was until he was shot in the shoulder and passed out. His eyes looked over at Ara's blue ones and felt lucky she understood him. He smiled and then he hugged her. HE didn't want her involved, but it was really nice to know that she was willing to help.

He believed she didn't kiss his roommate and thought it was all his fault. He didn't want her near him. As they spoke about finding somewhere else to go, he thought about it. [b "Maybe? I'll have to file a request and a complaint. It might take some time, but there's no telling if my other roommate is less of a jerk than this one"] he admitted.

He held her close and kissed her soft lips, loving the taste of them and how warm they were against him. He met her eyes and asked if they could go on another date this weekend. He thought about a wonderful date they could have. [b "Hmm, I wonder where I can take you"] he thought mostly to himself and then he heard her [b "Aww, I do too. I never had someone care for me as much as you do"] he felt her hands soon touching his bare skin. He looked over [b "Not really, but I do have a lot on my mind? Are you tired Ara?"] he asked, his fingers gliding up her back, rubbing back and forth slowly, feeling her fit right against his chest. [b "Is there more you want to do tonight?"] he wondered, not having seen her initiate something this. HE didn't want to miss it.
  ellocalypse / 25d 11h 54m 2s
[b “I know…you were still little when you made that decision. You were doing your best, and I understand that. I don’t think what you’re doing is good at all no matter what but…I understand where it’s coming from.” ] She said, and wanted to just protect him, to help him out of this mess. It was scary, scary enough that normally she would have ran but, she felt so much for him and couldn’t now. She adored the way he smiled at her, how he still treated her with such kindness even after she had kissed his roommate. Well he didn’t think she did…but still. He believed her.

Ara listened and she understood why he may not want to go the orphanage, [b “I understand…” ] She couldn’t imagine bringing that conflict there would cause problems, and make it hard for the kids. [b “Cant you move into another apartment?” ] She asked.

She didn’t want to get involved with his roommate but she also wanted to make sure he kept Sylus safe. She looked back at his eyes, and knew he meant it when he said he wanted her safe. She nodded [b “I know…” ] She kissed him back, adoring the kisses she received from him, it tasted good and felt so warm. She wanted to do more, to get closer and closer with him but she knew it would probably be too far, and it would probably…maybe scare of him off. Maybe. [b “Mmm, let’s go,” ] Ara said quietly back to him, her cheeks warm. She relaxed to his touch, enjoyed when he kissed her forehead, [b “Sy…I feel so much for you…I know I said it was soon but…never mind.” ] He wouldn’t accept it if she said she wanted to be his girlfriend. Not when it was barely a few days past the break up. She felt underneath his shirt for a second, behind his back, feeling his bare skin. [b “Are you tired…” ] She told him quietly.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 25d 13h 25m 19s
He knew he made those decisions in order to support himself and the orphanage, but now he was in a hot mess. He sighed [b "I...just wanted to be able to help out the orphanage and to keep myself living fine"] he said sadly as he laid beside her on his bed. He kept his eyes on her and he would smile because she made him feel like everything he did wasn't all bad.

He held her close and would watch her, feeling like he was the luckiest guy to have a girl care about him this much to help him out of this mess that he's been in for years. He listened to her and he knew that even if he left, he'd come find him. [b "I mean...I'm always welcome at the orphanage....but I don't want to bring them any trouble"] he wasn't sure what else to do.

He wasn't stupid. Sylus was pretty good at thinking about things. He knew that his roommate was pretty convincing and he probably would make a deal with ARa if she begged him for help. [b "I want you safe though"] he pressed his lips on hers and he felt her returning the kiss. He felt her hugging him close and he'd hold her against his chest, feeling that warmth. He was glad she was here with him. [b "I'm glad you're here"] he kissed her forehead and then he rubbed his hands down her back. [b "Let's go on another date this weekend?"] he'd whisper.
  ellocalypse / 25d 13h 47m 23s
[b “Of course Sy…” ] Ara pouted, [b “You did…but, you’re young and you did them for the people you care about. I can admire that. We’ll find a way.” ] She held him and then the two of them were laying back against his bed. His arms wrapped around her. She wanted to stay, she wanted to fall asleep in his arms, to wake up to his cute sleeping face. When she was with him, her heart kept leaping, she couldn’t stop the emotions from filling her entire being up. [b “I will,” ] She said quietly.

She went on her phone and noticed him paying attention to her while she was. She set her phone down and smiled a little. He held her hand, so she squeezed his hand. He pulled her close, and her heart kept pounding. She cared deeply, and she was afraid. [b “Clearly… Even if got you out of this apartment… pretty sure this would still follow.” ] But it would be good if there was more distance. Maybe she needed to look up at laws more [b “Is there someone you can go to? To move out if needed?” ] She asked, not sure how this worked.

Ara frowned when he said not to get near him. She didn’t want to, not at all… But she needed to make sure he kept his word somehow. [b “Okay…” ] Ara said, wondering if she meant it herself. She couldn’t help but want to get involved to help him. He snuggled up to her, hands brushing her hair back. She felt so close, and she wanted to just tell him ‘I love you’ even if it was too soon and that maybe that wasn’t it, and it was just a spur of the moment thought. It probably was.

It warmed her hwen he said she meant a lot to him too. [b “Aww… I know, but…I want to help.” ] She said to him quietly and her lips was taken by his. She kissed him deeply, pressing her lips a bit harder but still gentle enough. She felt him bury into her neck and his hands glide down her back. [b “Mmm…” ] She wrapped her arms around him too, feeling so close to him. [b “Good…I want to here for you. If you ever run into trouble or feeling sad, I want to be here.” ] She told him, feeling through his back too.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 25d 14h 8m 29s
He met her eyes and he knew that it wasn't her fault. SHe wouldn't be kissing someone else because she had him beside her. He didn't know how his roommate was able to take away all the girls he brought home, but he wasn't going to have it if it came to Ara.

He held her in his arms and kissed her soft lips, wanting her to know he was better and there was no reason she had to look elsewhere. He held her hand and led her to his bed, taking a seat as he put his things away. [b "Do I? I feel like I've made a few bad decisions and I can't fix them"] he sighed and felt her reassuring arms around him. HE snuggled up to her and laid back against his bed. He wrapped his arms around her [b "Then stay with me tonight"] he laid back and looked over her as she went on her phone. Sylus kept his eye on her and he'd look over her facial features as he held her hand in his.

He pulled her in close [b "I know he's not, but we've been together for a long time. It's hard to just get away from him, especially since we live together"] he sighed a bit and figured he wouldn't try anything [b "Okay. I won't do anything, but don't go near him Ara. I don't want you getting involved or hurt. I'll talk to him when I figure things out"] he told her and snuggled up to her, brushing her hair back [b "You mean a lot to me too and I don't want you get involved if you don't have to"] he leaned in and kissed her lips again, burying into her neck as he let his hands glide down her back. [b "I'm glad you're here"]
  ellocalypse / 25d 15h 7m 30s
Kissing someone lese because she cared for someone else seemed twisted logic to her. At least, Sylus didn’t have to go tomorrow. She was held in, and she felt relieved to have his arms around her, that he wasn’t upset at her. She got to kiss his soft lips, they were a comfort. Kissing him was much more different than kissing his roommate, because she cared for him, really liked him, dare to even say falling in love with him.

His amber eyes were so beautiful and when he looked at her, she felt like he did very much like her. She looked at him like he meant so much to her. Lucky. She smiled to him [b “You deserve to be cared for.” ] She said and hugged him tightly. She went to his bed with him, letting him close the laptop. She still had to do the work but she still had till the end of the week and she knew it wouldn’t take her long. She sat beside him and snuggled up against his body. She rested her head by his chest. [b “I want to stay. It’ll be fine.” ] Ara said, she was sure her brother might be upset but she didn’t want Sylus to think it was trouble. She took her phone out for a second to message her brother that she was staying over a friends house and to please cover for her if anyone asked. She set the phone on the night stand.

Sylus arm was around her waist, and he snuggled up into her too. [b “Of course. No…he won’t. He’s not a good person Sylus,” ] Ara said quietly, becaue he got Sylus in this mess in the first place. She didn’t know how she could solve this. [b “Sylus…don’t try to do anything to get out, not yet,” ] She told him and then kissed his lips deeply, “I care so much about you that it hurts. I want you to know that you mean a lot to me.” ] She took what she felt for him seriously and felt like she had no choice of what she felt, and how much she was willing to help him even if it meant kissing someone she didn’t want to.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 25d 19h 48m 20s
Luke was a decently attractive guy. If he didn't smoke weed or do drugs, he'd probably be looking handsome. The kiss was nice, warm and as he went deeper, he felt someone tug Ara back [i Shit] he leaned back and just sighed, seeing Sylus glaring at him. He straight up told him that Ara kissed him and watched him take her away. He wished he could've had her a while longer.

Sylus closed the door and locked it, feeling shocked that he found them out there kissing already. HE didn't understand how that happened so fast. Ara explained and he believed her. She was too sweet to lie to him and why would anyone want to go after his roommate when he was right here? He hugged her close and just wanted her to stay with him. [b "I'm glad you really like me too"] he leaned in to kiss her soft lips. He didn't care that she was just kissing his roommate not too long ago, but he really liked her.

He met her blue eyes and then he smiled as he felt her warm lips again. [b "Me too. I'm a lucky guy to have someone caring for me"] he hugged her again and then he led her towards his bed, closing his laptop and setting it aside as he patted the bed beside him. [b "Come on. I want to hold you close. You're really wanting to stay the night? Are you sure no one would be upset? Like your brother?"] he asked, not wanting her to get into trouble.

He laid back and waited for her to come in as he wrapped his arm around her waist. HE snuggled up to her. [b "THanks for trying to help. I'll try and think of something, but it clearly doesn't seem like Luke is going to help me"]
  ellocalypse / 26d 1h 58m 27s
She wasn’t exactly willing but she’d nod and kiss him, allowing him to kiss her hard, and she’d kiss him right back trying to pretend it wasn’t him so she could make herself do this. She held her breath when she felt his hands go down her back. She didn’t want to be this close.

Sylus pulled it apart. She felt such relief and also scared at the same time that he saw. The door closed behind them. She had to lie, she couldn’t tell him the truth…right? [b “I was shocked. I didn’t…it must have liked it but I didn’t.” ] She felt so bad lying to him, but she didn’t want him to not trust her, and not let her help. She wrapped her arms around his waist. He was right about that… [b “I really, really, really dislike him. You’re not going to lose me.” ] She said. She was more worried about him. He hugged her, and she felt such relief that he wasn’t mad at her.

[b “I want to spend time with you too.” ] She said softly, and was taken away with his kiss. It felt good, so good to kiss him, it felt real. She shook her head, looking at him surprised [b “No. No, of course not.”] She couldn’t see Luke’s appeal because he was such a bad person, even if he happened to be a good kisser-she didn’t like it. She felt his fingers in her hair, and she held her eyes on his. He made her smile a little with that comment, [b “Thank you.” ] She kissed him softly again, [b “I want to be with you Sy. I care so much about you and I’m so worried.” ] She buried her face into his chest. She didn’t want anything to happen to him.

[b "Can we...just sit together or...cuddle or something?" ] She asked, hoping it was okay.
  Ravenity / 26d 14h 36m 32s
He watched her and when he mentioned the amount, he knew she probably couldn't afford it. It would be as if giving her life savings to protect Sylus, but that wouldn't be probably. He faced her, wondering what she'd do.

Then he thought up another great idea of getting a piece of that hotness instead "Yeah? You'd do it? Perfect" he smiled and leaned in to press his lips against hers. He knew she didn't want to and he could tell from the way she kissed him, she was hesitant. Luke leaned in more to kiss he harder, feeling her soft lips respond back. HIs hands went down her back, but when he heard Sylus' voice, he sighed, knowing he had to be cut off.

He shrugged and let Sylus take her away. IF he only he didn't disturb them.

As Sylus sat on his bed, he looked over to her [b "Did he? Why were you kissing him back then? Why didn't you pull away and come back to my room?"] he frowned and then he watched her approach him, her arms wrapping around his waist. [b "I know he's a jerk and he probably kissed you, but I also don't want to lose you Ara"] he hugged her back and leaned into her.

[b "The essay is just about done, but I want to spend time with just you"] he hugged her and then he leaned in to kiss her lips. [b "Did you like kissing him?"] he wondered, brushing her hair back behind her ear. [b "There. I took his lips away"]
  ellocalypse / 26d 17h 37m 43s
[b “Two hundred and fifty thousand…” ] Ara said to herself and didn’t find it too bad but then she remembered-she couldn’t get that money. It was her fathers, and she didn’t know how she’d be able to get that. She sighed, wondering if she could find some way to get that anyway.
He promised he would… [b “Okay I can do that. Just cover him for tomorrow.” ] She said and leaned into him. She pressed her lips on his, feeling her stomach twist and feel like she was doing something so wrong. He kissed her harder, and she tried to make the effort to do the same because he said it had to be good.

Then she heard her name being called. She tried to pull back, her heart leaping. Sylus-saw. Sylus pulled her back further. She hesitated to look at him, feeling so horrible. Her lip quivered when Luke said she kissed him. She went back into Sylus room, her eyes warmed up. Sylus would believe her if she said she didn’t. [b “No. He kissed me. I just tried to ask him to look out for you, and he kept saying things like ‘oh you’re hot’ and then that happened.” ] She felt even worse lying to him but she worried that if she told him that he’d tell her never to help him again.

She wrapped her arms around him, hating herself a little more but, she did it for a good reason. She wanted to protect him. [b “How’s…the essay?” ] She asked.
  Ravenity / 26d 20h 38m 41s
He wasn't exactly sure what he needed to do, but for now he needed to keep continuing with the job. If he couldn't, then he knew that bad things were probably going to happen to him. The last thing he wanted was to worry ARa or have her try to do things for him by getting involved.

Luke couldn't help but keep his eyes on her. She really was pretty and he knew that Sylus always picked the prettiest girls around. He eyed her as she stayed beside him, but when she asked a bout things to help Sylus with, it made him sigh. He asked for some money, but when she mentioned how much, he knew she couldn't afford it even if she wanted.

"A quarter of a million dollars at least" he told her, folding his arms over his chest. As she spaced out, Luke asked her for something else. "I could cover him tomorrow if you kiss me. It has to be a good kiss though" he warned.

When she leaned in, Luke pressed his lips against hers. She only brushed against him, so he leaned in to kiss her harder.

Sylus was in his room waiting for a while. When he opened the door, he walked around [b "Ara?"] he called out, soon seeing her in the living room, kissing his roommate. [b "Ara!"] he walked over and he pulled her back. [b "I told you not to lay a finger on her"] he narrowed his eyes.

"She kissed me"

[b "Yeah right. You always try to take the girls I bring home. Get yourself someone else"] he led Ara back to the bedroom and closed the door. He sighed sadly and then he looked over. [b "Is it true? Did you kiss him?"] he asked, not wanting to believe it because he knew LUke could be a jerk.
  ellocalypse / 27d 1h 57m 8s
She worried about how he’d figure it out, if it was too dangerous or not. That stress was raising and she wasn’t sure what to do about this scenario. It was a problem she couldn’t fix quickly and she wasn’t used to having such an issue in her life.

Luke was making her nervous but she tried to look calm. She hoped she could convince him, she felt like anything can be changed through words as long as she good enough. She didn’t want him to know she knew they were selling drugs and stuff because…well she assumed that wouldn’t be good. [b “There’s…other ways.” ] Ara whispered that bit.

Ara looked at Luke’s eyes and she wished she had more power, to threaten him into stopping-threaten to put him in prison of course. Sylus was still young, she didn’t think it was fair for him to face consequences. [b “Pay…how much up?” ] Ara asked. She knew it wasn’t be quite so easy even if she was rich because, her dad still had someone keep track of where the money was going, and if cash just vanished all the sudden…she was sure it would get investigated. Getting…someone else…

She spaced ou t, trying to figure it out and then she listened to Lukes’ other suggestion. Her eyes gleamed when he said he could take over his jobs, [b “Will you?” ] She stared back at him, feeling the nervousness build. [b “If I kiss you, then that’ll mean you’ll do Sylus job for tomorrow right? I can’t stay in your room.” ] She asked, and felt a little grossed out when he said she was hot. It wasn’t like Luke was bad looking or anything but, he was older, she was scared of him and definitely not into it.

If he said he would take Sylus’ job, then she’d lean in and make herself kiss Luke, a gentle brush and it showed hesitation. She was afraid of Sylus getting hurt more than anything.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 27d 15h 48m 44s
He didn't want anyone to lay a finger on her. To him, she was like a gem. A pretty gem that should stay the way it was. He didn't want his roommate or the gang tainting her or putting her in harms way. [b "I know. I'll try to get out of this. I'll figure something out Ara"] he promised her.

He felt her warm lips and he wanted to just hold her and take in her comfort as well, but he was conflicted with problems. He wanted to figure out something that could solve this. As he worked on his paper, he saw Ara step out and he just hoped his roommate didn't bother her. Still, he needed to get out somehow. He had to ether ask Luke how or try to escape. Neither would be easy.

Luke spoke with Ara, wondering why she was sitting next to him. When she mentioned Sylus' future, he could tell she was concerned, but there wasn't much he could do. "Oh? Not legal huh. Well it ain't, but that's how we gotta support ourselves" he told her, wondering why she kept bringing up putting Sylus in danger. He didn't care about that at all.

"Look, your boy joined knowing the consequences. If you want to break him out, either pay up or have someone else do his dirty work. If not, someone is going to get hurt" he told her, seeing that she kept asking for another way.

"Hmm, I can take over all his about you give me a little kiss, and maybe stay in my room tonight?" he asked, smirking as he leaned in closer to her. "You're hot"
  ellocalypse / 27d 17h 4m 36s

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