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Those bruises appeared like they hurt. She covered it up, trying to do he rbest. She pasued for a moment, seeing him looking directly at her. She blushed a bit. Ara lightly smiled, “Yea, I do…maybe it’s because of my mom but I think I do.” ] She continued to apply the makeup and getting to blend in, and then mentioned what she saw last night.
Ara shrugged [b “I don’t know…I’m just asking. It was weird.” ] She listened to him deny it but she wasn’t sure if was trying to convince her or if he actually wasn’t there. She didn’t want to push him, [b “It was late…never mind…probably was someone else.” ] She said as she finished it all off. She watched him look at the mirror, and she hoped she hadn’t missed a spot.

[b “No problem, anytime.” ] She softly smiled. She definitely had to change. [b “Thanks… Am I? I hope I am.” ] She watched him grab his bag and she’d nod, [b “Um, whenever you’d like. It’s no big deal. You don’t have to dress fancy or anything.” ] She mentioned. And then remembered [b “I’m not sure but, Joseph might be there early too…I’ll tell him to behave…please don’t get mad or irritated at him.” ] She had to ask. She hoped that maybe they’d get along eventually.

The day went smoothly. She spent time with Joseph again at lunch time. She had fun talking to him, and being close. Last period came by that she had with Sylus. Everything felt okay between them, but then they had to change plans for their shopping to Sunday. Joseph decided to come over and they end up going out and shopping, mainly for tomorrows party. He told her that he’d probably have to leave early, so she’d nod and be understanding about it.

Saturday morning game around. She got up and realized just how much work she had to do considering she was one person. Thankfully, Tanner came over and soon enough Sylus did. Joseph couldn’t come until later. She end up having some fun setting things up, making sure there were different spots for snacks. She had gotten a strong batch of cupcakes, macarons. She got help to set some electronics away…because she did not want anything broken. Ara went onto locking the doors of rooms she didn’t want people to go into.

She let the guys go get dressed if they needed to.

The party was filled with people in no time. Collin had came and played some music to start. Ara wore a black shoulder-less dress with a fairly open back, blonde hair in waves with a high ponytail, a wing eye eyeliner, and red lips. She wore the dress because Joseph always liked it so much-even if he wasn't here yet. She knew she said don’t overdress, but she always overdressed and she felt since she was the host, that she should. She greeted people, but there was honestly too many people-and she noticed they brought there own drinks. Great.

Ara stuck with Sylus for a while, since Joseph wasn’t here yet. Tanner went to go to talk to his team. [b “Thanks for helping me out by the way,” ] Ara smiled at Sylus, standing in the entry since people were still coming. She was thankful. She took a deep breath, [b “I’m still nervous I’ll mess this up.” ] She admitted. She saw a few girls instantly go to Sylus. Ara half smiled [b “I guess…you’re going to be stolen away from me.” ] She mentioned.
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He really didn't want her to feel like she had to buy all of those things. He really wanted to help out where he could. [b "Okay, I'll bring as many people as I can. I have taekwondo today so I'll let them know"] he assured her and then he smiled because he was glad she was willing to just buy whatever she wanted for the kids.

He didn't want her to take advantage, so he told her that he hoped she didn't either. Luckily it didn't seem like she would. He believed her even if he didn't really know her that well yet. He left for the day and went home.


At the pool, he met up with Ara, smiling a bit and then he led her to the bathroom to work on his face. He looked like a mess, but thanks to her cream and her make up, it seemed like he'd be okay. His eyes watched her curiously and then he smiled a bit. [b "Thanks. You're really good at this"] he looked in the mirror, seeing it all disappear flawlessly. He would watch her facial features, seeing she was really close. He wanted to kiss her again.

[b "You really like art huh?"] he looked at her face, seeing her describe what she put. That meant the rest of her face was just natural. She was really pretty. He was brought back from his daydream when she mentioned something happening by her house.

He froze a bit and when she asked if he was there, he shook his head [b "Me? What would I be doing at your house?"] he asked, shaking his head. [b "I went home yesterday because I was tired out"] he told her, soon closing his eyes. he felt a few things go on his face and he smiled [b "Really? Thanks. IT'll help through swim practice"] he held the cream and then he opened his eyes when she was finished. He smiled at the reflection in the mirror. [b "Like nothing happened. Thanks again Ara"] he told her and then he looked at her uniform.

[b "You could. It looks really good on you though. I'm glad you're fitting in pretty easily"] he grabbed his bag [b "Shall we go to class?"] he asked, walking beside her towards their first class. He looked over at her [b "When do you want me to come over tomorrow? I can help you prepare? I also have to buy some clothes later for the party as well"]
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She really hoped he wouldn’t insist on paying for stuff. [b “Yes…it is, but I don’t mind. I get a…pretty good allowance. If you can bring people over, than I’d count that as you paying for it, because otherwise I’d probably end up paying people to be in it.” ] She shrugged. She wasn’t sure if that was true but she didn’t want Sylus to be paying for stuff when she knew those kids needed money much more.

She liked his suggestions for the party and she was happy he was okay with her giving to the kids. [b “Okay, good. I’d like to bring them good food.” ] She figured she would find clothes to give this afternoon, maybe even secretly buy a few new…

As she listened to him, she’d frown wondering how others took advantage of him. [b “I wouldn’t do that. Not…within my knowledge, ever.” ] She promised. She didn’t like the idea of doing that to someone. Sylus left…and she didn’t understand why he was talking to her like that. He didn’t make sense, and she felt that maybe he didn’t want to be around her much, or something…


Ara nervously made it to the pool. She’d stare at the water, and keep a good distance from it. There was no one here, and it freaked her out to get too close. She would sit down on the stands, while she waited. She saw Sylus’ text and waited there. She got up when she saw Sylus in joggers and a long sleeve shirt. He looked good.

She’d half smile, [b “No problem, thanks.” ] She said and would end up following him into the bathroom. She opened her makeup bag, and grabbed clean brushes. She put some cream on the bruise first, [b “This…should heal it up a bit faster.”] She then used primer, and began color correcting his bruises. [b “Mmm…not a lot but I do wear makeup. I only cover do it fully when it’s something important, otherwise I just stick with eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras-some times, lips… Mainly for fun. It’s like art.” ] She explained, and noticed one bruise was still pretty bad. [b “Right now…I’m just wearing a bit of nude eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss.” ] She told him. She would start blending things in, making sure it blended well because she did not want it to show.

[b “By the way… Um, just weird thing happened yesterday at my house. Someone was yelling and someone was being chased. It was weird. One of the guys even had red hair too… Were you there?” ] She asked, she knew it was probably crazy to assume, since it could have been anyone. It was hard to see. She covered up his cheek and realized just how close she was to him fixing up the bruises.

She then said, [b “Better close your eyes, just in case,” ] She told him, using a setting spray. [b “It’s all water prove, so you should be okay.” ] She said and then handed him a tube [b “Use this for bruises, it helps, even with the pain. I’ve used it quite a bit, so it’s not entirely full, hope that’s okay.” ] She said, and would set her brushes away, deciding she’d clean it at home for now. She looked down at herself [b “I should probably change out of this uniform before class,” ]
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He met her eyes and was glad she really did care. He smiled because no one really backed his support for the orphanage before or offered to spend money on him. [b "It does make sense, but I also don't want you paying for everything. It's hard work to make money"] he knew how valuable it is.

He told her some ideas for the party and then he suggested putting her own twist on it if she wanted to. His eyes watched her and he smiled [b "I'm sure the kids would love for you to come over and bring them goodies. They can never be too spoiled"] he chuckled and then he let her remove his make up.

He wasn't sure if Ara was the type to take advantage, but he really didn't want her to. [b "Just....let's just say I've been taken advantage of a lot. I've been used for reputation purposes, for making people jealous, even just to bring down others....I don't want that"] he simply told her and then he sighed and figured that now that he thought about it, she was still here and yet she'd give him other signals. HE told her to make up her mind of wanting to hang out with him, but when she said she made up her mind, he just carried his stuff [b "I's just....I don't know. I gotta go"] he left for the night and went off.


That night, he went to make a few deals, selling drugs to a group of guys. One guy took it and immediately yelled out in pain. He made a run for it, using his skateboard to cruise through the alleys. He managed to get away with the money, but wasn't sure what those drugs were. He's never seen that effect on people before. Sylus made it home, shut the door and saw his roommate making out with a girl on the couch. He simply passed by and went to his room.

He laid back against the bed and just felt relief sweep through his body, hoping no one saw him. He ended up passing out for the night, soon getting up in the morning, realizing he had to meet up with Ara. At least he didn't have to call a girl and do her a favor. Ara was nice enough to do this for him without asking for anything in return. At least that's what he hoped.

He changed into some grey joggers, a striped longsleeve shirt and then he made his way towards campus. He texted her [i "I'm at the pool"] he sent and then would walk inside, soon seeing her. He smiled [b "Hey, thanks for doing this for me. You're really nice"] he told her, his face still bruised up. He led her inside towards the spare single bathroom, letting her do her work. [b "Do you wear a lot of make up Ara?"] he wondered, thinking her pretty skin could be from being great at make up.
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[b “I know you can.” ] Ara leaned in and gently smiled [b “You are helping. I’d just rather have you put your money toward the orphanage rather than a new expensive outfit that I want to buy for you,” ] She remembered to be careful when she offered to pay, because she had run into issues where others misunderstood. She hoped he didn’t misunderstand.

Sylus’ ideas were a good path to take. She made sure she took notes-junk food…things that was nearly forbidden for her to eat. She giggled as he talked about rich food and ‘horderves.’ [b “Yes, I can get some catering for small appetizers.” ] She thought it was cute that he said ‘rich food’. She loves litening to him talk about the kids at the oprhange too.
[b “Can I bring them stuff? I’ll bring some food from the party to them. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.” ] She offered.

She removed his makeup and hated to see him look so injuried. She caressed his cheek…and she felt so close. Her heartbeat was moving faster. She drew her hand back and tried to phase out of it, but her eyes held for a moment, seeing his eyes, his lips, the shape of his face.
Ara frowned, [b “Why would I take advantage of you? What did others do?” ] She asked softly. She didn’t think she took advantage of anyone before…hopefully not. Then he got up, and to her it sounded like he was mad at her from all that he was saying. It hurt hearing it. [b “It sounds like you’re mad at me,” ] She didn’t understand why he was talking to her like that. She felt her stomach sink in. [b “You’re really confusing me… I did make up my mind, I’m around you aren’t I?” ] It sounded like he was trying to push her away and maybe that’s what he wanted. Maybe…he wasn’t that fond of her.
[b “If you don’t want me around…okay.” ] She whispered. He left.

She worked on her homework until Alister came, which end up being later than he said he would pick her up. It did creep her out to be alone at school so late, but everything went out fine. When she arrived home, she ate and head up in her room. She opened her window to let some air in and would go through some clothes in her closet, what she didn’t need and what she could wear for the party on Saturday. She heard voices outside. It was rare to hear the neighborhood with people outdoors, but not uncommon either. She ignored it, a voice sounded familiar...then she heard someone yelling-it was distant but it was definitely there. She would slowly go to her balcony and take a peak wondering if someone had gotten hurt or fell. She saw someone with red hair...There was a group chasing someone…what was going on? It went quiet again.

She continued what she was doing, washed her cheer uniform and planned tomorrows outfit. She had practice in the early morning, so she decided to wear her uniform off the bat and have her change of clothes in her bag to change into after. She had to wake up Alister. He dropped her off. She sent Sylus a text message ‘message me when you get to school.’ She then went to the gym and met up with her team. It was a lot tougher than she thought. They had their own competitions. They mentioned that they had to attend every sports event, and there were some rules they had to follow, such as keeping their grades up, and not missing practice more than three times and within good reason. Plus, rules on how they treated each other. They tested what everyone knew how to do and what to practice on.

After that, Ara would go down to the pool, expecting to meet Sylus there. She had her makeup bag with her. She swore…someone kept an eye on where she was going for a second but if they did, they were gone now.
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He was surprised she would come up with statements like that because no one else ever called the others in that way before. His eyes watched her for a moment and then decided that they could look for things for their project after school. He liked the idea [b "I can help if you want. I work too"] he sighed, not wanting to have to owe her anything. He hated owing people.

He helped her with the party idea, picking out a few things in mind to the parties he's went to. [b "Yeah they usually like junk food. But if you want, maybe you can also add some rich food into the mix. I'm not what is it called....horderves?"] he asked and wondered if that was what it was called. [b "I'm sure they'd also appreciate something different"] he hoped she liked his ideas. HE was willing to help her out too with setting up.

[b "Yeah I try to bring them treats and stuff that they've never had before. It's nice to be home once in a while"] he watched her remove his makeup and when she did, his eyes only looked at hers, seeing her facial features and how pretty she really was. He wondered if she was wearing makeup? He couldn't really tell. She was just pretty. Her boyfriend Joseph was really lucky.

[b "I know. It'll get better. They always do"] he was glad she was worried for him and wanted to help him, but even Sylus had problems trusting people. Girls always took advantage of him too even if it didn't look like it on the outside. [b "If you want to help me, you can. Just please don't try to take advantage like everyone else does"] he sighed softly, wanting to make that clear.

He grabbed his things and told her that he had to go. [b "I'm not mad. I just don't want your reputation to go down being around me....or having Joseph see again. You seem fine and happy without me in your life and I know you want to help....I can't figure it out. I like hanging out with you....but you also need to make up your mind"] he frowned, packing up his things and then he soon leaving the library.

He went to grab his board and he just skated on home. Now that his face was visible with the bruises, he just decided to go to his apartment so no one would see. He looked at the concealer she gave him and would try to put it on at home.

He looked at his phone and saw that he had two more deals to make tonight, so he dressed in a hoodie and went out. One drug deal was taking place just outside of town. Sylus knew the address and saw that it was really close to Ara's house. What were they doing there?

HE met up with the dealers behind the house next door [b "Where did you get these?"] he asked his supplier. "A doctor. He lives at that house. He told me to grab some of the supplies in the storage and then hand them out"

[b "What? What is this?"] he took the bags and then he went further down the street to meet up with the group buying the drugs. Sylus sold it to them and one man just popped open a bag and took some in. Sylus slowly backed away and then he saw the man yelping in pain.

"Hey what the hell is this?" the leader asked. Sylus was already backed away to the point of running. He pulled out his board and started to skate away. THe men chased after him "Hey! Kid what the hell is this? You're going to pay for this" he yelled, telling the guys to get him.

Sylus was on a board and his hood was up. He managed to lose them in down town, skating through the alleys as he made his way home.
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It made her fill up a smile, [b “Thank you.” ] Ara giggled [b “I don’t know if they like it but I’m glad you do.” ]
Ara gave a quick nod [b “Mmm, tomorrow. Yea, fater school. I’d like that. In the condition that I’m paying.” ] She warned. She knew she was privileged to have the amount of money she did…and she knew he was putting some money into the orphanage.

When Sylus began listing food…she realized just how low end that was. She nodded [b “Got it. I think I can find a nice bakery that can supply cookies and cupcakes… Sylus, what’s your favorite food?” ] She watched him, glad that he was giving her some tips. [b “Got it, bunch of sugar.” ] She would began writing this down, In case that she would forget. She remembered Collin and she thought he was very nice. [b “I have…a pretty good sound system.” ] She played it a bit down considering the sound system was built into the house and fairly sophisticated.

Ara smiled, [b “I bet they’re really happy when you visit.” ] She figured she could bring some snacks to them too Sunday morning.

Her makeup wipes uncovered all the bruises, and she’d wince internally. How much…Sylus must have heard. [b “Are you…sure…” ] Ara whispered. She saw him wince and she tried to wipe more gently. [b “Sorry…” ] She softly spoke, [b “I hate seeing you bruised so much.” ] She grabbed a full look and couldn’t bare to see him so injured. She wasn’t sure if hew as telling her the truth or not. From her side it had looked like Sylus got more hits than Joseph did.
[b “Please… don’t get into trouble like this. You must be hurting so much. I can’t believe she made it even worse” ] Her voice weakened. She sighed hearing him talk about dodging, [b “We’re not close yet…but I hope we can be one day. I truly want to help.” ] She meant it. She met his eyes and she end up caressing his cheek for a second and then his eyes fell to her lips. [i What are you doing. ] She told herself. She drew her hand back.
[b “Mmm…” ] She nodded [b “Um…pool…okay.” ] She nodded, nervous about being near the water as she was today, but it be fine. [b “I want to help you.” ] She said. She talked about walking with him and she did not expect him to get so mad at her and blow up.

Ara gasped when he called himself a poor fuck boy. [b “I…never said you were poor and I apologized for that. I…fine…you don’t have to be around me. Why are you so mad at me all the sudden? I’m trying to help, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m only saying, you look like you could use someone to be around…yea…okay I will,” ] She looked off, seeing him grab his stuff. She tried not to show emotion, just dipping her head own and taking her phone. Alister said he’d be here in fifteen minutes, so she decided to stay until then.
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He shook his head [b "No, I think it really is clever. No one would have thought about something like that. You're going to be teaching the cheer squad some new words"] he nodded his head because he figured she made a good amount of friends by now. Apparently he had none compared to her. [b "Okay, Let's do tomorrow then? We can go out after school, look at some watches and see what else we can come up with. Maybe even clothes for the shoot?"] he suggested.

He yawned because he was tired, but he didn't want to go home just yet. He just wanted to help her out and not flake on her. He figured she didn't believe him, but he had to at least get some homework done otherwise he wouldn't have enough time to.

They talked about the party and he thought about it [b "Hmm, how about some snacks, chips, dips, sandwiches, um....cookies, cupcakes....junk like that?"] he told her, thinking about drinks. [b "Maybe some punch, sodas, juice....the good sugary stuff"] he suggested, figuring that her house had a lot of space.

[b " for music, I think Collin is a pretty good DJ. I'm sure we can invite him and as long as you have a set of speakers, he can just plug in and play something for everyone to dance too"] he hoped that would help her at least. [b "Yeah I can come over and help decorate and set up thinks if you need me too. I was just going to visit the orphanage in the morning anyway"] he smiled.

When She helped him remove his makeup, Sylus winced a bit when she applied pressure on his face. [b "No....just a slap from the girl last night. Other than that....I guess the bruises showed more later"] he sighed, not wanting to tell her that he had to deal with some dealers that would violent. When she scolded him, he just pouted a bit, watching her eyes look to the other side of his face. [b "I....just have some things to do. I didn't do a good job of dodging. Let's just say that"] he watched her and his eyes would look at her eyes, her lips. He really liked how pretty she was.

[b "Thanks. I'll try my best to cover it up for now, but maybe we can meet somewhere before school. Um....maybe by the pool? If you want to help me out"] he sighed, not wanting to have her protecting him. He could do it just find. [b "I'll be fine. I think it's best you stay away from me so that other's won't get the wrong idea. I don't want you or your boyfriend to see me getting in the way or me ruining your reputation. I don't have a good one anyway. I'm a poor fuckboy remember? I'll see you tomorrow, get home safe"] he told her, getting up and then packing up his bags. He had somewhere to be at six anyway.
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[b “Really?” ] Her eyes widened slightly and then she’d narrow them [b “You’re not joking are you.” ]
Ara frowned because he made it sound like she didn’t have any friends. [b “I have friends. I could ask them.” ] She stated, not knowing she felt offended because she was sure he didn’t mean it that way. But, it was nice to be hugged.

They agreed on the circle one and she had an idea of what she could buy. [b “Sunday is okay with me…I think. Well, there’s tomorrow-it’s Friday. I have practice but for some reason, we have it in the early morning.” ] She sighed, not too excited about waking up too early but it was what it was.

She heard him yawn and was fed up that he didn’t just go rest intead. [b “You’re still yawning.” ] She reminded and saw him rub his eyes right after [b “Sylus, if you want to sleep, sleep.” ] She told him. She brought up the question because she didn’t understand it.
[b “It’s definitely for a weird reason.” ] Her eyes rolled and she looked at him with a ‘are you stupid’ look for a second, hearing his laughter. [b “I doubt it.” ]

She would nod, [b “I did invite some people…yes, but what kind of food, what kind of drinks? I don’t even know what’s classified as good music. I definitely have space.” ] She hoped that she could get help on those parts. To her, good food was priced over 100 at least, and her favorite drinks consisted of quality smoothies. She was sure that wouldn’t work for everyone at school.

[b “I’d like the help but only if you have the time,” ] She rested her head into her hands. She looked over at him. She pulled out the makeup wipes for him. [b “I make no promises,” ] She whispered. She would help him gently remove the makeup and noticed all the bruises on his skin. She knew that some of those were definitely not Joseph because she remembered what bruises he got from Joseph. Ara took a deep breath, [b “Sylus…” ] Her throat became tight. [b “Did you get into another fight?” ] She whispered, feeling over his cheek.

She closed her eyes for a second, wondering what the heel he’s even getting into. [b “You need to stop getting into fights,” ] She looked over at the other side of his face. She shook her head [b “Why…Why…This is going to take good amount of work. I’m really glad I actually did slap her.” ] She went into her bag and pulled out a concealer [b “I’m not sure it’s perfect for your skin, but it’ll help a bit for now.” ] She applied it and began blending it in and it covered it up a bit, and thankfully it was enough to match his skin color, since she had two different shades.

[b “Maybe I should be the one walking you to places,” ] Ara scoffed, [b “You need my help more than I need yours.” ] She wanted to know how it happened but she doubt he would tell her and she didn’t want to push him. [b “Well…it’s done. Go home and rest. Come early tomorrow and I’ll help you out, and I have something that might be able to heal those bruises a bit faster.” ]
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He laughed because he thought she was cute when she talked about the whales [b "Yeah I know. I get it. I think it's pretty clever"] he smiled and then he thought about walking with the other girls and he shook his head [b "No, it's fine. If you're walking alone, then I'll walk with you. Usually those girls that walk with me have two or three friends with them"] he assured her and then he hugged her and tried to calm her down.

He thought about a circle one and thought that'd look really good as a futuristic one. He smiled at the thought [b "Yeah....maybe someday"] he chuckled and then agreed to just buying what the watch told him to buy. [b "We can go on Sunday if you're free. Or maybe after school, one of those days that I don't have a game or you don't have practice?"] he suggested.

Sylus yawned because he was tired [b "I just have to work and I'll be okay"] he rubbed his eyes and was surprised by all of the questions about touching him. Did it bother her? [b "Is it for a weird reason? Maybe they think my abs are like artwork"] he laughed and then he thought about things he knew about parties.

[b "Well you invited people right? All you need is food, some drinks, good music, and space. Everyone will do the rest"] he assured her and hoped that'd help. [b "If you need help with decorations or anything, just let me know and I'll help you out if you want"] he smiled, deciding with the circle shape.

Sylus then asked for a make up remover, knowing that most of the students from school left. [b "Okay, but don't get shocked or anything by how big it is"] he told her, soon wiping it off his face. He had a few bruises combined from Joseph, the slap, and the guys he beat up at deals. He wiped the make up off and revealed a bruise under his eye, but the large one was on his left cheek. He sighed a bit and let her take a peek.
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She blushed a bit, [b “Well… I meant about speed.” ] She peaked at him for a second and caught him smirking. He had laughed too. She sighed, it was pretty stupid she guessed.

It did make her uncomfortable and she didn’t really know how to deal with it. [b “Of course not… It’s fine, I’m sure there’s plenty of other girls you’d want to walk with. I handled it, I made him go away.” ] She didn’t mind having him comfort her. It was nice.

She showed him the designs, [b “Yea, we can do a circle one, there’s a few out there that are similar.” ] She nodded and was aware of how to edit something like that [b “We can, litke a hologram. Umm…yea that does sound a bit too advance,” ] Ara lightly laughed [b “Maybe just buy it.” ] She could tell he was tired, and she didn’t want to inconvenience him if he could use some rest. [b “Yea, I can do the weekend.” ] She nodded. She heard his yawn and he insisted in helping but… [b “You just yawned, I’m not sure you will be fine. You’re still doing work. If you’re tired, rest.” ] She encouraged. She popped up the question and just didn’t understand how a person could be comfortable with that.

[b “You can say no…but you don’t,” ] She spoke softly and thought about his tattoo [b “Yes, but…that’s different. That’s your arm. I’m not touching your chest, and I’m not doing it for a weird reason.” ] She reminded. She would mark down the circular watch ideation that they would go for. [b “We’ll go with this design then? We can shop for it, which day works for you? I’m setting the party on Saturday evening by the way. I don’t actually know much about parties besides the adult ones, so hopefully I’m not going to do it wrong,” ] She sighed. She hoped to depend on Emma and Jill for that. Her eyes fell back on Sylus, and she had questions but she knew she couldn’t ask them, because he’d probably get upset. Maybe she’d ask Emma and Jill.

Then she remembered, [b “Ah, could you show me your bruise before I go? I have makeup remover if you need it. I need to know what I need to bring. I can help you cover it up tomorrow.” ] She mentioned, not even knowing who had helped him in the first place.
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He laughed a bit when she mentioned the whales. He chuckled and got what she was trying to say. She was cute [b "Aww, but it works though. Those other guys probably looked like whales compared to me"] he smirked and then he looked down at the notebook again. He looked through the sketches, but when she mentioned what that guy did, he sighed and wanted her to remember which guy was it.

[b "Still, that guy is a jerk. He shouldn't be going around and trying to get people forcefully. Just let me know Ara the next time and I can walk with you or something. It'll be okay"] he rubbed her back and then he felt her leaning into him. He hoped she didn't mind it, but it was nice to be able to comfort her.

He looked at the sketches of the watch and then he wondered what would be the coolest thing to pick. He looked at the designs [b "Hmm, maybe just a cool looking one. I'm not sure....or what about a circle one and then maybe with video effects we can make it something like a touch screen that pops out and you can click on it or see what it shows. Maybe I can like swipe on it and buy an outfit that instantly lets me wear it? Or that might be too advance?"] he suggested and then he thought about the rectangle screen.

[b "Hmm, Yeah I'm not sure if we can do that, but if we need to go shopping, we can go on a day on the weekend?"] he suggested and yawned a bit more. [b "I don't want you doing this on your own. I need to help too. I just didn't get much sleep yesterday. I'll be fine"] he looked through more designs and then she asked about the girls touching him.

[b "Me? Well....they ask to. Most of them are from our school that are in our classes. I mean....if they ask to...I can't really say no. If they want to touch, they can as long as it's reasonable and I'm okay with it. Like you touching my tattoo?"] he told her, hoping to clear it up.
  ellocalypse / 11d 18h 27m 56s
[b “I said…beat those whales and everyone laughed.” ] She mumbled. She didn’t care for it anymore. She had her bag out and tried to just focus on the work before them. But her mind kept on flipping back and how horrible it made her feel. How could a person feel like it was okay to touch someone like that? She glanced off right after. So, he saw it that way too. [b “I can’t… He said he was from another school. I don’t have any real proof. Well…it happened.” ] She wanted to hide. She felt his arms around her, and it did comfort her. She wiped her eyes [b “Yea…he should be.” ] She nodded. She felt him rub her back her back too and she’d lean into him for a moment, enjoying the comfort and embrace.

She let him pull up the sketches. Some of the watches were square, some rectangular, one a circle. All were pretty modern and sleek. [b “Um, there are. It would need some minor modification but…nothing a 3D printer can’t do, or finding straps. I have a smart watch that’s square,” ] She showed him her watch with the rose gold frame and strap, [b “probably something similar to this to allow enough screen.” ] She nodded. She took a deep breath, calming down more now.

[b “I could get the smart watch piece, and we could add different straps to it. A foldable rectangle screen might be hard to find, unless we pretend it’s a screen.” ] She said, and figured she could do the shopping on her own time. She’d send a quick text to Alister asking if he could pick her up today. She then looked at Sylus, and noticed, he still looked quite tired. [b “Are you tired? You don’t have to stay, you can go home and rest. I can figure this out, won’t take long.” ] Ara suggested. She brushed her hair back and would remember him in the swimming pool, how good he looked and he just easily let those girls touch his abs. [b "How can do that..." ] SHe whispered, [b "Let random girls touch you...or are they not random." ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 11d 18h 55m 58s
He looked at the two girls and apologized because he had things to do. [b "Yeah sure"] he told them and then he left as he headed towards the lockers. Once Sylus changed, he walked towards the library, feeling down, but he knew he had to work on the project so they could start shooting soon.

When he went upstairs to the library, he saw Ara at the table, taking a seat next to her. [b "Why didn't you do so well?"] he wondered and then he put his bags down and sat beside her. He looked at her and wondered why she was being a bit shaky. He saw her eyes water up and he figured something happened, so he listened and frowned [b "Ara...that's sexual assault. We can report him and he could be suspended and kicked off the team. You have to show me him next time and we can get him punished. HE shouldn't be doing that to you"] he could tell she got scared and it frightened her. He reached over, hesitating a bit, but he knew that if he was scared like that, a hug always helped. He hugged his arms around her a little [b "It's going to be okay. He's gone now"] he told her and then he rubbed her back a bit before she calmed down more.

Sylus slowly pulled back and then he looked over the sketches of the watch. [b "Hmm, these look pretty cool"] he pointed to two. One looked really modern, the other one had a nice and sleek design. [b "Do you know if we have watches like these? I mean available? I'm not really up to date on what kinds of watches this world has. IT has to be realistic or close to it"] he wondered.
  ellocalypse / 11d 19h 23m 28s
The girl looked at him with disappointment, “Okay, maybe next time?” She offered, and went off, telling her friend it was a no. They’d discuss why but left it alone.

When she was surrounded by books, secured in a desk her racing heart began to calm down. She laid down her IPad onto the table, setting it to charge. There were very few people and in this area, near the back there was nearly no one. It felt secure, but her eyes felt warm, and she pressed her body closer to herself.
Ara peaked at her phone, no new texts popping up. Was he coming at all? Did Sylus forget? Was he ignoring it? She rested her head in her arms, her fingers on her phone, oing through images to wipe her mind.

She heard Sylus’ voice, so she lifted up her head and tried to clear her expression. [b “Um…yea… Yea, I didn’t do so well apparently.” ] She whispered, and looked down at herself, realizing she didn’t change because she couldn’t make it to her locker with that creep around. [b “Yea… guess they do look nice.” ] She opened up her notes on her tablet, and her sketches of the watch ideations. She’d tried to keep her eyes on the tablet, and tilt her head away, feeling calmer the more time passed. But then he asked, and he would look at her.

Her eyes watered. [i Maybe I’m just being dramatic. Maybe that’s normal here? ] She didn’t want to look stupid. But she couldn’t make the emotion go away. [b “Um…it’s probably nothing. Some guy…from the other school swim team, he-kept following me, corned me, and then tried to kiss me, and touched me…underneath-it’s nothing. I got away. Forget it.” ] She shook her head. She wished she could have said that with a straight tone but couldn’t. She took a breath and hand over her tablet so he could look at the sketches she did, with notes of what material. [b “Which one looks…good to you?” ] She asked, staring down at her tablet.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 11d 19h 49m 48s

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