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He was already stressed out because he just found out that she had been texting him and was cornered and kissed. Did she not think it was a big deal that he kissed her? She looked shocked, but at the same time, it felt like she kept pushing him and he didn't really know why.

Sylus knew she was loyal to him and always ended up feeling insecure because he's been with a lot of girls, but at the same time, he knew it wasn't her fault so he didn't blame her. WHen she mentioned that she thought it was working, it made him upset. That meant she had been texting him for a while to try and be friends. Who knew what Joseph had been saying in reply.

[b "Yes it bothers me"] he rubbed the back of his neck because he didn't know how upset he was allowed to get with her. He didn't want her to be afraid of him, or hate him for getting upset with her. HE thought it was fair since he was texting Klara before. She tested his patience and he stood up and yelled at her. He saw her faintly smile, but maybe that was just his imagination. [b "THen, if you love me.....stop texting him"] he stated, glancing off because he felt a bit embarrassed for feeling this way. It felt off and he didn't like it.

She agreed so easily. That was it? That's all she had to say? He stared blankly for a second, seeing her get up. [b "So you won't text him anymore? That's all? Um...okay good"] he was still fired up inside with jealousy and he felt like maybe she would've just left him then and there. Now what was he supposed to do. He just yelled at her.

Sylus let out a deep irritated sigh [b "Yes I am. You kept pushing me and now I..."] he ran his fingers through his hair and just sat back down against the tree. He rested his elbows on his knees and kept his face in his hands, feeling really stupid for getting so heated when she just agreed just like that. He kept quiet and didn't say anything, just trying to calm himself down. [b "Well....class is going to start soon. Should we head over?"]
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[b “Yes, but I didn’t want to stress you out this time.” ] She said, because was concerned about he’d feel at first. She didn’tw ant to cause more drama. Well, that was until he said it wasn’t a big deal. It upset her, that he wasn’t as upset as she thought he should be. She’d rather get yelled at rather than hear him say it wasn’t a big deal So, she said things to test what reactions she could actually get out of him. If had that amount of emotion for her to think it was a bigger deal.

[b “I was trying to be…I thought it was working. Would it really bother you that much if I was near him?” ] She couldn’t even tell. He sounded a bit upset but she didn’t know if it because he thought he should be upset or he actually was. She was still concerned if he’d ever love her…which fed to her insecurities. So, she’d make it sound like she talked to Joseph a lot.

Then he heard him raise his voice, and stood up, while looking at her. She looked back at him. Listening to him, made her secretly smile a bit, and maybe it showed for a split second. Well until he said why she was still with him. [b “I don’t keep going to him. I’m with you…because I love you.” ] She reminded and saw him running his fingers through his hair. In her brain, at least now, jealousy meant that he liked her a lot.

[b “Okay, I won’t text him anymore. I can’t stop him from making moves, or having to hang out with Tanner and my other two friends who are around Joseph…but I won’t text him.” ] Ara said, not minding that he didn’t want her to text Joseph. She wouldn’t like it either the other way around, unless it was months ahead and it wasn’t excessive. She got up too and looked at angry Sylus. [b "Are you still mad?" ] She didn't think he would be. Since she did agree. She just wanted to see a reaction.
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He was upset that she went to speak to Joseph without telling him. She only texted that she was meeting up with some friends, so to see that video really made him feel like something was brewing inside. HIs eyes watched her closely and then he tried to comfort her. He understood what happened, but why did it even get that far?

[b "You should be able to tell me anything Ara. I'm your boyfriend"] he shrugged and didn't feel all good about it anymore. He thought that maybe she did something and was keeping secrets now, so as he sat beneath the tree, he tried to just mentally calm down. He brought up the fact that she was texting him too and it made him upset [b "Well....I don't want you to text him anymore if you can't even be friends. IF he's making moves like that, then I don't want you near him"] he tried to tell her.

He stopped eating and when she mentioned still doing those things, he grew more upset and angry. [b "IT is a big deal!"] he started to raise his voice. He met her eyes and slowly stood up. So now this was his fault? He wasn't acting like a boyfriend to her? [b "I don't want you near him, I don't want you texting him. In all truth, I want to spend my time with you already and he's still taking your time away from me and making moves. If I'm not a good boyfriend....and if you keep going to your ex, why are you still even with me?"] he ran his fingers through his hair and was now angry with her.

[b "If I'm your boyfriend, I don't want to see some guy making a move on you, you texting try and be friends....NO. I don't want any of it"] he demanded.
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He was so understanding, which she loved. She was glad he wasn’t upset about it. It wasn’t within her control either way. She pushed him back. She listened to him, and would lightly shrug [b “I am being honest… I just left one part out. I didn’t want to stress you out.” ] Ara said. She sat down with him. It was much nicer to be with him at lunch than there. It had been overwhelming. [b “I don’t…like some of them.” ] Ara mentioned.

She told him the outright truth because it didn’t seem to be bothering him, so she felt he could handle it. She pulled her knees closer to her body, her back resting against the tree. She’d watch him react, seeing him frown. He…never really sounded angry at her, even if he was angry. [b “I messaged you more. You were my priority. I was texting him…because he kept texting me and I thought I could at least be friends, and not have him cause us drama.” ] She said. She did miss Joseph at one point…but she didn’t feel like that should be something Sylus should know. She was much better than before, but it still hurt now and then.

Ara finished her sandwich and would rest her head against her knees and hear him. [b “Somewhat…but not like you,” ] She said and watched him stop eating. Still…he barely reacted. She wasn’t used to it. She was used to arguing with Joseph, him getting visibly and verbally more mad. Ara looked ahead. Why wasn’t he mad?

[i Not a big deal. ]
[b “So since it’s not a big deal to you, I can still text Joseph and let him try to kiss me.” ] Ara said, feeling like Sylus should care more. Or was only Joseph like that? She only had him to compare to. She didn’t even know what to say to him when he said that. Her eyes warmed up. [b “Then maybe try to act like one. Oh wait-you can’t because no one else can know, and you don’t think it’s a big deal that I’m texting Joseph every day, that he’s being cozy with me.” ] Ara blurt out.
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He held her in close and he felt pretty down that she went to hang out with Joseph without letting him know. He thought that they had lunch plans, but he figured that maybe she needed to talk to him still. He saw her text and just decided to wait for her by the tree.

When he saw the video and hugged Ara, he frowned when she mentioned she was with her other friends. He wanted her to tell him the truth, now he felt like she might have been hiding something. [b "You do have other friends and I know you want to spend time with them....but you can also be honest with me"] he gave her a sandwich and took a seat, resting his back against the tree and feeling the breeze through his hair.

He listened to her and just sighed softly [b "Yeah, he's got more friends in his group now"] he heard her mention texting Joseph during her vacation too and he felt upset inside. Angry. He wished she spent that time texting or calling him more. [b " you were texting him on your trip to? That could have been me"] he frowned and then he saw her trying to come up with an excuse of not leading him on.

[b "Well....if you texting him too, he must be important to you"] he spoke and then he only managed to eat half of his sandwich, not feeling hungry anymore. [b "It's not a big deal, but I'm also your boyfriend. This is your first day back here at school....and I guess....I just don't feel like your boyfriend"] he glanced off, feeling pretty upset about it all.
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His arms around her was so warm and comforting. She was glad he wasn’t upset at her. She felt bad for not telling him…but she didn’t want to complicate it. [b “I was with Tanner and my other friends too. I wasn’t specifically trying to see him. They…kind of dragged me along.” ] Ara explained, not wanting him to think she was purposely trying to see Joseph. She definitely wasn’t. It still stung. She’s been talking him the past two weeks and she just thought things were okay with talking to him again but…then this.

[b “Mmm, we’ll meet after.” ] Ara said. She looked back at his eyes when he said he bought them some sandwiches. She was going to offer to go out to a restaurant instead but she wasn’t sure how Sylus would deal since he already… [b “Thank you,” ] Ara smiled and took the one with egg salad and sat down with him.

She worried about the grass stains on her skirt, so she tried to sit down on the root of the tree, hopefully that would help. [b “They kept pushing me to hang out with them. So I did. I was going to make an excuse but they saw me in the hall and I couldn’t avoid it. You were right…his friend group did increase.” ] Ara said and nibbled at her lip instead of her sandwich for a second, thinking if she should be telling him that she’s been talking to Joseph again. Well…would Sylus acutally…feel any jealousy? It didn’t appear like it.
[b “I…was texting Joseph over the two weeks. I thought we could be friends, but he suddenly…kissed me today. I was wrong.” ] Ara said and looked back at his eyes [b “I didn’t lead him on, I swear!” ] She calmed down again and ate.

She'd go into thought and frown, pressing her knees firmly together. She felt the breeze going through her hair. She'd look at the sandwich only needing one more bite. She recalled his expression when he pushed him back...hurt. She sighed to herself. That was always an option. [b "I bring much drama."]
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He was really happy that Ara was back, he missed her so much. His attention always fell to her and he wanted to be closer, but it was hard at school when no one knew they were together. He would compliment her and when she smiled at him, it made his heart skip a beat. WHen did he fall so hard for her all of a sudden. Every glance at him, or whenever she held his hand, it made him really happy. He wanted her attention all to himself.

When he headed out to wait for her at lunch, Sylus wondered where she went? She could have met him by now. Why didn't she say anything? He saw his phone and saw her message.....was she keeping secrets from him?

He sat down and scrolled through his phone, seeing the video. It upset him because she didn't tell him she went to see Joseph, but to think that Joseph would kiss her like that. HE wanted to punch him in the face. But when Ara came, he knew it wasn't her fault. He hugged her and tried tor comfort her. [b "I know. I saw. You should have told me you were going to see him"] he mentioned and then he pulled back and then he decided that maybe they should go to class. He's already skipped so many.

[b "OKay, we'll go to class and meet after. Come on, let's eat first at least. I bought us some sandwiches on the way here"] he pulled out a grilled ham and cheese and one egg salad, letting her pick one. Sylus sat down beneath the tree, feeling down that she went to see Joseph. [b "Why did you go see him?"] he wondered, thinking that maybe since her trip, she thought things through and wanted to be with him.
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She had felt quite nervous about coming back to school even though she wanted to Sylus again. Then the whole class with him messaging Klara for a long duration bothered her. She saw the texts he showed her, so she let it go. But she couldn’t help but be dismissive about Klara. She looked back at up at his eyes and then smiled when he said he had a pretty amazing girlfriend [b “Thank you.” ]

Ara said her goodbye to him for now. She saw Sylus text and would quickly text him on the way to the cafeteria. [b ‘I didn’t. I just need to spend a few minutes, I’ll see you as soon as I can.’ ] She sent, not wanting to mention that she was going with Joseph and Tanner right now. She knew he’d figure it out but she didn’t want him to feel like she was choosing them over him. She did it because they kept leading her that way and she didn’t want Joseph to put two and two together and get mad. Because…she wanted Sy safe.

Joseph was being too cozy for her. She didn’t understand why he acted like they were still a couple, being too close. She got up, and tried ot leave but got kissed. She pushed him back and went toward the tree Sylus would be under. She spaced out for a while, even looking at Sylus.

[b “Ahmm…yes.” ] Ara whispered. IT was better not to tell him. She didn’t want him to worry. Then he stood up and hugged her. Her eyes widened slightly. What? Wait…he knew? Someone posted it? Ara held onto him, and felt quite bad that it was out. [b “I didn’t kiss him… He just suddenly went for it, and I pushed him back. I promise.” ] Ara said, but it sounded like he already understood the situation. Or maybe… Maybe he didn’t care so much.

[b “Ahmm…yes-I mean,” ] Ara took a deep breath [b “I’d like to but…I can’t. I’ll get in trouble. Can we meet after school?”] Ara asked, squeezing his hand. You should go to your classes too.” ]
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He loved hearing her laugh, so when she did, he couldn't help but kiss her cheek. She was adorable and Sylus was just so relieved she was back. [b "Me too. I'm really glad you're here though and I can't wait to spend more time with you"] he sat down in class and then he saw that people were getting paired up for projects. Sylus knew that him and Klara could probably get everything done, but they should get a group of four anyways.

They talked about ideas, but when Ara walked off, he wondered what happened. Her mood completely changed and he felt guilty. She came back and Klara and Collin left, so he tried to ask her what happened. She talked about him texting Klara, but he had nothing to hide. He really just wanted to put her down when she asked because he secretly had her as his girlfriend.

He showed her his phone so she could tell he wasn't lying, but at the same time, he was upset that she didn't believe him. Will she always think he was some playboy? [b "I have a pretty amazing girlfriend"] he walked with her outside and then he asked about lunch, soon waving and heading to his next few classes.

Sylus went to his next class with Collin. They sat together and he would text Ara, asking what she was doing, and if she had brought a lunch. He'd send hearts and smiley faces until it was lunch time. Sylus headed outside and had to turn down a few girls asking to meet him privately. He said he had other plans and they looked disappointed, but he kept heading towards the back of the school. He sat down and put in some headphones, listening to music while he waited for Ara. He scrolled through instagram on his phone and he saw that one of the cheerleaders posted on their story.

It was a video of Joseph's lunch table. He saw that ARa was in the video against the wall with Joseph kissing her. She pushed him back, but he felt his chest sink. He set his phone down and soon after, he saw ARa show up. [b "You okay?"] he asked, seeing that she looked out of it. He stood up and hugged his arms around her [b "I saw what happened. It was on instagram. Should we head out early? We can go to your place and forget about school for now. My last few classes aren't that important"] he told her, rubbing her shoulder, hoping to ease her a bit.
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Ara giggled when he mentioned he was Ara deprived [b “You were hmm…I missed you too. I wish I could have been with you there.” ] Ara said and smiled when he leaned in to kiss her. She felt so good about it.

Then Klara and Collin came in…and he kept texting Klara. It upset her, seeing them just texting each other when they were right here. She hated it. She left…not being able to stand it.

Klara read the text and glanced back at him. She didn’t get it. To her it looked like he was close to Ara, but…who knew. Plus, she’s heard some stuff. She didn’t like being closed off. Ara came back and she wasn’t as involved, or looked happy. Ara would grab her stuff and then he asked her what was wrong. She said it, feeling frustrated.
[b “It’s nothing? It doesn’t look like it… Why did you suddenly invite her then? Why did she message you privately when we’re right all in front of each other?” ] She asked. She didn’t want to be lied to, and she wasn’t a hundred percent sure she could trust him because of his history with being with so many girls. Nor…could he love her. She saw him show her the messages.

She read through it and read that he rejected her. She looked back up at him. Then…he wasn’t lying. [b “You didn’t…exactly say that but, you did reject her. So, okay… I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” ] She said with a sigh. She thought about lunch and remembered Joseph bugging her to come and join them. [b “Um…I’ll meet you there in a few minutes after.” ] She said smiling lightly, feeling she could just go to Joseph and Tanner for a few minutes than spend most of the lunch with Sylus.

She stared back at him, then looked around for a second and hugged him in [b “I’ll see you.” ] She said.

She went to next period, listening, and seeing Klara since they shared the class. Klara started talking to her and Ara couldn’t help but be a bit dismissive with her. Lunch started, and she met Tanner and Joseph in the hall, and she realized that her plan to not even go with their group and give an excuse wasn’t going to cut it now. Guess she’d go with original plan.

When they got there, she realized his friend group did grow…and she knew two of the guys weren’t really seen so positively by a few people. They were bullies. They acted like it was just a joke, yet she still felt their actions was bullying. Everyone asked her questions, so she’d tell them about her trip. Tanner mentioned her Youtube channel and such. Then while everyone was talking, Joseph put his arm around her. It felt surreal. He’d whisper to her jokes and how he missed her. It felt like he was treating her like they never broken up. Ara had to slowly his arm off, and excused herself.

She send Sylus a text ‘coming’. Then she felt something take hold of her wrist. She looked back and tried to shake it off. It was Joseph. “Why did you go?”
[b “I’m…I have to do some work and hang out with a friend. What do you need?” ] Ara asked.
“We haven’t seen each other for a while, I missed you. I can help you with your work. Let’s go to the library.” He suggested, taking hold of he hand. Ara tried to slowly release it, looking at him confused [b “I missed you too but-“ ] Ara began but he pushed her back against the wall and kissed her all the sudden. She didn’t kiss him back. She pushed him back, feeling the ache in her chest grow, and her eyes grow warm. How dare he pretend

She ran off, and went outside. She’d make it to the tree to hopefully meet up with Sylus and space out entirely.
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He was surprised to hear she wanted to join him in going into a haunted house. He figured she was just joking, but when she admitted she would go, he didn't think he wanted to make her suffer or anything. [b "I do?"] he was glad she enjoyed the time spent with him at least. He even admitted that he was down the past week, feeling her stroke his arm. [b "I really enjoy spending time with you too. You could say....I was ARa deprived"] he wanted to lean in and kiss her, but he just stayed still in class.

During the planning stage of their project, he spoke about a few ideas they all could come up with, but Klara kept texting him. He wasn't like that anymore, so he tried to refuse, but she kept asking what was up. They talked about having a gang fight over dinner and Sylus didn't understand why it had to be over dinner. He saw Ara get up and he sighed a bit, wondering if it was because of the texts.

He tried to shrug it off, but when he saw Klara's text, he looked down [i "Since a while ago"] was all he left it at and then he saw Ara's expression when she came back. [b "Yeah, we can narrow down the details later. See you guys"] he watched them leave and Ara clearly looked upset. He asked her what's wrong and then he started to explain a bit of what happened.

[b "Ara, believe me. It's nothing. That was the first time I've talked to her in a while. We didn't get close and we didn't do anything"] he tried to tell her, but she seemed upset. [b "Here. Look"] he showed her the messages they texted each other today. [b "I just told her, I don't do those things anymore, going from girl to girl. I have a girlfriend and I'm really happy with her"] he told her, looking over at Ara. [b "Can we please just hang out at lunch and after school today?"] he wanted to focus on them, not anyone extra and he hoped ARa believed him.

[b "I'll see you at lunch okay? We can meet up by the tree in the back"] he smiled, hoping she could cheer up.
  ellocalypse / 129d 11h 51m 58s
She saw his surprise and she tried to hide the fact that she wasn’t entirely okay with it but she wanted to do it because Sylus enjoyed it. She felt she should just brave it out. It made her smile when he thanked her. [b “Mmm, you give me a bunch already when you spend time with me.” ] She said. They were in class and talking about how things went. She frowned hearing he was down. [b “You were…? I missed you too. You shouldn’t be so down.” ] Ara said to him, stroking his arm.

They sat down with Collin and Klara. She was fine until she noticed them texting each other. Why were they texting each other in secret? They were right in front of each other? It didn’t make her feel good. It upset her. She must have missed something while she was gone. He must have gotten close to her, that’s why he invited her. Her stomach sunk and she wanted to get out of this. Was he lying when he said he was down because he missed her?

Klara would nod to what he said, “There could be a gang fight over dinner….like spies/” Klara asked. She saw him work on texting he rback. She didn’t want to stay it out loud. Ara had left suddenly. Klara didn’t think anything of it. Then Klara saw Sylus message back. He looked back at him and then saw Ara return. They have been close lately…was it Ara? It made sense. It didn’t make her feel great either. She sent back [b ‘Since when? You always do. Let me know when you stop liking her. ] She sent because she felt like it wouldn’t last, it never did. They didn’t.

Ara had sat down and would just agree to what they wanted, feeling too upset to care. Class came into an end and she’d grab her stuff.
“Mmm, I’m good with that. Okay, see you.” Klara said and glanced back at Ara. Ara noticed Klara for a second and nearly glared at her, but just looked off and upset. Ara put her bag over her shoulder and got up. [b “What do you mean what’s wrong?” ] Ara half raised her voice. She listened to him talk about the messages. Stuff…anymore? [b “You were messaging her privately right in front of me for the entire session. So I’m not sure it’s nothing. You got close to her since I left, didn’t you? And what does anymore mean? You did stuff with her?” ] She asked, and just couldn’t help but get fed up.

[b “Did you get close to her while I was gone or not?” ] Ara asked firmly [b “I want the truth.” ] She said. She wanted to knoe exactly what was they were talking about but she knew that wasn’t right, so she left it at that.
  Ravenity / 129d 14h 22m 50s
He would mentioned the haunted house, only to tease her because he didn't think she'd want to, but when she said that she wanted to, his eyes widened in surprise. [b "Okay, if you really want to?"] he smiled a bit and then he told her she shouldn't be buying him so many things.

[b "Okay. Well...thank you in advanced. I would probably get you a bunch of stuff too"] he had a smile on his face, feeling lucky she was his girlfriend and wanted him to have souvenirs. Still, not much has changed at school, but a few of his friends did get together with some girls on the cheerleading team. [b "Well I used to go home a bit more early. I was just really down a few days last week because I missed you"] he admitted, taking a seat with her in class.

They talked about their project and he would joke around about being hte lead. Ara said she didn't mind and he would smile [b "I think maybe Collin should be since he's acted longer than I have"] he suggested and then he saw Klara's text. Ever since being ARa's boyfriend, he hasn't done anything like that in a long time. He responded with a text, but when he noticed Ara's expression, he wondered if she was thinking about something.

[b "Yeah, let's just make it in our time era so it'll be easier to shoot"] he suggested and then he saw Ara soon head outside. HE wondered if it was because of him. [b "Gangs? Dinner? That's opposite sides of the spectrum. Hmm, how about we do a short action story...with guns and suits?"] he suggested. He then read Klara's next text [i "I....don't want to do those things anymore. I have someone I like"] he sent and then when Ara came back, he saw that she was being distant. She changed expressions and wasn't looking at him anymore. He frowned a bit and just tried to focus on their project for now.

When class ended, Sylus would look over at Collin and Klara. [b "We can work the details next period. You guys also have my number if we have any questions. I'll make a group chat"] he decided and then he would look back at Ara. [b "Ar? What's wrong? What happened?"] he asked, wondering why she was ignoring him. [b "If it's about the text messages, it's nothing. Klara was just asking if I was free, but I told her no. That I don't do that stuff anymore"] he wanted her to know that he wasn't seeing her or anything.
  ellocalypse / 130d 16h 23m 16s
Ara quickly glanced at him when he mentioned a haunted house. Her first reaction was a little fear. She saw him smirk and then heard him say he was kidding [b “We can check out the haunted house.” ] Ara said. He wanted to go, so she felt she should go through it with him.

Was it such a bad thing to be purchasing him stuff? [b “I know…I’d just like to get you stuff.” ] She didn’t see what was wrong with giving him stuff. She would have gotten him stuff even if he was rich. Ara asked him if he helped the guys on the swim team get girls. She giggled [b “I guess that’s true.” ] She was glad to hear that things were going good with his teammates. She did worry about Joseph and his friends bugging Sy. [b “That’s good…early? Like before class ends?” ] She wondered.

Ara heard Sylus talk about being the main actor, and she felt as long as he wasn’t pretending to be anyone’s girlfriend but her she felt it would be just fine. She leaned into Sy’s shoulder for a second, [b “You can be.” ] Ara held his hand where no one else could really see, underneath the table. She saw sy go to his phone right after Klara typed something. She saw him take a peak and then look at Klara. Ara frowned. What…was going on? Klara smiled a little at Sylus. Ara felt her heart race…did something happen while she was gone? Is that why he asked her to join?

Ara glanced back at Sylus and then listened to him talk about a short story. She looked off, and stayed quiet a bit. Was missing her a ruse?
Klara saw Sylus message and sent ‘[i how bout later today? ]’
[b “That sounds like a good idea. If your good at acting then you should act too,” ] Ara said, and then dazed off, feeling a bit down. [b “futuristic would make editing more…work than we might able to handle. We should do something more simple,” ] Ara said, her tone sounding uninterested.

“We could do something…related to gangs. That would be interesting, or a group of teens getting into trouble at a nice dinner place.” Klara mainly thought about a place she could have a really good dinner. She’d have an excuse. Klara then texted Sylus again ‘[i I just want some relief…or we talk. You’ve been different lately. ] She sent.
Ara saw her texting again and then glanced at Sylus, hearing his phone buzz right after. She had it. She got up all the sudden and stepped out of the classroom. She usred the rest room, and didn’t reallyw ant to go back. She felt hurt…thinking maybe he felt even less for her now and that he got close to Klara. She tried to suck it up after few minutes, and sit back down but would refuse to hold his hand or look at him at this point.
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Even Sylus knew that it was going to be a struggle to keep their relationship quiet, but he would do anything to make sure that his and Ara's school life was kept peaceful. Already it felt like the two week distance had dissipated the minute they started talking about dressing up for Halloween. [b "Okay. I do like it when things are simple. Maybe we can even check out a haunted house?"] he asked her and then he smirked a bit. [b "Just kidding"] he knew she was very prone to scares.

He heard her saying she needed to stop by and he hoped she didn't get him anything too much. When she said she did, he nodded [b " don't have to spend so much for me Ara"] he held her hand and then released it when they went to class. He sat down getting her caught up and when she mentioned him helping, he rubbed the back of his neck [b "Maybe? I don't think they would have met up if it weren't for me"] he chuckled and then he nodded [b "Yeah. They've left me alone for now....or maybe it's cause I've been going home early?"] he wasn't sure.

Once the project was announced, Sylus looked around the room for someone else to join. When Collin did, he'd smile, glad he had a good friend on board too. When Klara came in, he asked her also. He knew that Klara was smart and willing to work if her grade depended on it. [b "Cool! Well I can definitely play the main actor"] he joked and then thought about what he could bring to the table. [b "If we need staffing or help, I can ask my club members"] he suggested and then he introduced everyone.

He felt Ara's hand and he'd lace his fingers with hers, realizing it was kind of dumb [b "Yeah...well I'm sure we'll make a great team"] he heard Klara ask and Ara divert the question. He shrugged and then he felt his phone. He looked down and took a peek, his eyes meeting Klara's green ones. As much as he loved her back then, he was with Ara now. [i 'I can't. I'm having lunch with some friends'] he told her and then he looked back at Ara. [b "Yeah short story sounds good. I don't really want to look up facts and film something that already happened. We can get more creative if we come up with the story ourselves"] he spoke.

Collin looked at the three and wondered what he wanted. "I'm pretty good at acting....I help the theater club out once in a while. Maybe I can work on the script?" he suggested, thinking about the story. "Should we make it fictional? Hmm, how about something futuristic?" he asked, figuring it would be good to come up with some ideas now.
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