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A kiss on her forehead woke her up. It felt so nice and warm, and she knew it was Sylus who was doing this. She didn’t want to budge or wake. She opened her eyes slowly, feeling his hands glide down her back. She looked up at him, he was too perfect… She blinked a few time, adjusting to the lighting and waking. [b “Mmm…do we have too…” ] Ara mumbled, feeling still a bit sleepy. She closed her eyes for a few more seconds and then opened it knowing they did have school…and she had nothing to wear for school, and she would rather be caught dead then being seen wearing the same thing as yesterday. She sighed, and slowly sat up [b “I have to go home…I didn’t pack any extra clothes, besides my cheerleading uniform.” ] She yawned. She rose up from the bed, wiping her eyes.

[b “You don’t have to come with me to my house. I can meet you at school.” ] She mentioned, not wanting to be the reason he’s late if she was late.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 20d 13h 17m 42s
He was laying in bed with her, his amber eyes watching hers and then he could tell that she wanted to do more, but he was a bit tired. He laid back and then he slowly fell asleep. He soon felt some warmth beside him and in the middle of the night, he would open his eyes and see her with him. He noticed her without any clothes on, her skin against his.

In the morning, he was wrapped around her waist, his legs over her and his arms hugging her. He felt something warm against his chest, but he was still fast asleep. He would release his grip a little more and then he would open his eyes to see Ara soon snuggled up to him. HE looked her over, seeing her asleep as he smiled. He really liked this girl.

He kissed her forehead and then he let his hands slide down her back, snuggling her in close. He looked at the time and then he nuzzled her a bit [b "Ara, we should get up soon. We have school today"] he told her, wondering if she wanted to go home first or if she wanted to maybe wear something of his today.
  ellocalypse / 20d 23h 33m 30s
She dismissed his willingness to stay up with her. She went on her laptop an worked quite a bit on her essay, setting up the outline up, references and thesis. She did the intro and the first body paragraph. After that, she closed the laptop and kept thinking about Sylus. Kept thinking if Luke would hold his word. It stressed her. She realized she didn’t have clothes to change into. Would it be so bad…then to just… She sighed to herself, and notied Sylus shirtless, and without his pants. How…arousing. She stripped down into her bra and underwear, feeling a little shy she was but they already had been naked before and she didn’t want to sleep in these clothes. Ara slipped into bed with him and closed her eyes.

She felt arms around her, something pressing against her back, and a leg wrapped around. Her eyes opened, her cheeks so warm. Sylus…was so close. She slowly woke and turned around, him still holding her and snuggling up to her. His hold was a pretty strong one. She saw his sleeping face and her fingers felt over his bare chest. She blushed. She shouldn’t do that. Not when hew as sleeping. But…he was kind of being a little too close-but he had an excuse. He was honestly just sleeping.

[b “Sylus…” ] Ara whispered. She poked his cheek and wondered if she should just let him sleep. It was still early. She sighed to herself and so she closed her eyes and pressed her head against his chest, hearing his heart beating. She end up falling right back to sleep in his arms, breathing against his chest, her pelvis touching his.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 21d 39m 35s
He had a smile on his face because she was smiling that perfect smile to him. Holding her close felt nice and warm against his chest. HE always slept better when someone was there beside him. HE wasn't alone. It was tiring to come back home to so much drama and then seeing her kissing his roommate. He thought about his situation long and hard and wanted to be free from the drug dealings.

He held her close and touched her soft skin, feeling bad he was tired when she wasn't. HE wanted to stay up with her. [b "I can stay up and help you, or finish up mine too?"] he suggested, meeting her eyes. HE then frowned a bit when she told him to sleep. He just nodded and then he kissed her again and sat up. He kicked off his pants and then he took off his shirt, laying back down. [b "Night Ara"] he watched her for a bit and slowly drifted off. He closed his eyes, soon falling asleep.

In the morning, he slowly rolled over and draped his arm around her waist. He pressed up against her back and wrapped his leg around her unconsciously. He snuggled up to her, not letting her go.
  ellocalypse / 21d 4h 50m 28s
She smiled back to him when he said he wanted to mae her happy. They were snuggled up together. She still felt a bit rejected but there was nothing she could do about it. He made her smile when she he talkeda bout her smile and that she was pretty. She kissed him softly, him resting with her. He was tired, of course. [b “It’s okay, you should rest.” ] She said to him quietly. She loved how he laughed, and she wanted to feel his touch. She nibbled at her own lip when she felt fingers going up and down and then lower. She looked up at his eyes [b “Mmmm…no, but you can rest. I can work on my essay…” ] She felt so taken by the way he looked at her, touched hr. She felt his fingers brushing through her hair. It was calming. She kissed his lips again, her chest against his.

Then she realized, this wasn’t helping her situation right now. [b “Go ahead and sleep, I’ll join you soon.” ] She kissed his lips once more, figuring she didn’t want to keep him up because she couldn’t sleep yet. She should work a little anyway. If he allowed her too, she'd go on her laptop a bit and then join him to sleep.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 21d 5h 6m 41s
He was telling her that they didn't need to rush and that they had all the time to do those things. It was weird hearing it come from his mouth, because not only was it something he's done all the time, but it was odd to hear himself not want it. He didn't know if something was wrong with him, but he really wanted Ara to be truly comfortable with him.

He hugged her, hoping it didn't disappoint her too much. It wasn't like he was rejecting her, he just wanted to do this at a better time and place. [b "I want to make you happy....with me"] he smiled and snuggled up to her warmth and comfort. [b "Aww, I love the way you look and smile at me too. You're so pretty"] he kissed her soft lips and then he rested against her [b "I'm tired, but I want to savor having you in my bed"] he chuckled, running his fingers slowly up and down her back, moving down over her behind. [b "Are you sleepy?"] he wondered, brushing her hair behind her ear slowly.
  ellocalypse / 21d 7h 10m 33s
It was so nice to hear such sweet words coming out of his lips. She got deep into his kisses, his touches and she felt so ready to be with him. She wanted to be closer to him, and she felt safe with him. Maybe her mind wasn’t thinking straight, she knew she was just chasing what she felt. But it sounded like she was being rejected. It also sounded like he was looking out for her so that she didn’t make a mistake. [b “Okay…guess we won’t then…” ] She shrugged. She still didn’t know how she felt about being rejected though.

She was feeling good at least being hugged by him. She looked back up at his eyes when he called her cute. She pouted a little and understood what he was coming from. [b “I didn’t know that. Aww Sy! I want it to be memorable too. Thank you,” ] She hugged him tightly. She wondered how long. She’s always been too nervous to do with Joseph, he was always a little rough but Sylus had been gentle with her and it felt like he cared for her a lot too.

Her eyes warmed because it meant a lot to her too. [b “I love your smile. I love it when you look at me like this.” ] She said to him. She was afraid of getting hurt. She kissed him back when he kissed her. She knew he was right, and she didn’t expect him to the voice of reason. [b “Alright, let’s stop talking about this then. It probably is a spur of the moment feeling, and I’m not thinking straight.” ] After all, there was still a chance this didn’t work out or he couldn’t help but cheat because of his habits of being with many girls.

[b “You’re right…” ] She sighed and nodded [b “I’m rushing it. Do you want to just sleep?”] She asked.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 21d 10h 56m 48s
He nodded to her, admitting that he's never really planned out dates before. THe girls always just invited him to join them sometimes. He loved staying beside her and holding her against his chest. SHe was comfort and she made him smile. He really liked her and he didn't want to lose her.

He smiled [b "You of course. It's really nice to have you beside me. I want you here with me all the time if I could"] he kissed her more deeply and let his fingers crawl up her skin. He touched her and then he would meet her eyes, seeing her wanting him. He wasn't sure if it was lust, or if it something else, he really did like her and wanted her, he just wanted it to be perfect with Ara.

[b "I like you too and I'd love to be closer, but it might just be everything you're feeling right now ARa. We don't have to rush anything"] he told her, seeing her look away. He hugged her close [b "You're cute you know that? I want to give you a memorable first time. I'll be here too no matter how long"] he nodded.

He promised her [b "I do mean it. I'm also really glad to be your boyfriend"] he smiled and then he hugged her. [b "I'm not going to hurt you. I don't want to"] he kissed her lips once more. [b "We're just starting out, we have lots of time. I mean....I would have you, but it probably wouldn't be as meaningful as it would be if we waited"]
  ellocalypse / 21d 23h 50m 16s
[b “Really?” ] She looked at him surprised, because all the girls she’s talked at always had dates step up for them. It was odd to hear that it was the other way around. She smiled when he said he enjoyed setting up dates with her. She felt so into his fingers crawling up her skin, his touch. She felt like her own emotions and decisions were slipping off her own finger tips. She felt so drowned in what she felt for him and she wanted to pour it all out.

[b “Someone? Or me?” ] She asked. She moand into his lips when he pressed harder, and felt his tongue on her bottom lip. It was making her want to be together, to melt into him and love his body. She said what she felt. She nodded, [b “I did…but I know what I feel and I don’t think it makes a difference if it’s now or later because, I’m sure of what I feel.” ] She knew maybe it was abrupt. She was chasing her emotions.

[b “Um…right…” ] Ara mumbled, feeling embarrassed she said anything at all. [b “Ah hmm…” ] She glanced off, not able to look at him after feeling she kind of embarrassed herself. [b “I want it to be romantic and somewhere nice too…but I’m starting to think I’m being unrealistic. Um…okay. Forget that I said anything.” ] Ara nervously quietly laughed. She was given another kiss and it felt so good to kiss him. She looked up at his eyes again, her heart leaping when he said she was his boyfriend. It was such a great thing to hear and it made her smile, but she also felt the little ache [b “Your promise? You mean it?”] She asked, worried that he’d do the same, that he would lie to her where he was and not be with her unless he needed her. He wasn’t Joseph, that was sure. Buts he thought he was really great, so what if she was wrong this time too?

She pressed her forehead against his chest, [b “Don’t hurt me…” ] She whispered [b “I won’t hurt you. I’m glad I can be your girlfriend.” ] She loved his arms around him, and she tried to see that him not doing anything with her tonight as a good thing. He cared enough to wait too.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 22d 30m 21s
He spoke with her, his amber eyes never leaving hers as he opened up to her about his problems. He really wanted to be able to resolve things with the gang, but he didn't think that was going to happen anytime soon. He bit down on his lip and then he saw her sweet smile. [b "Me neither. I've never really done anything to set up dates much. I usually just went along, but I enjoy setting up dates with you"] he leaned into her and let his fingers crawl up her skin, touching her.

[b "I'm glad you're here with me too. It feels so nice to have someone beside me at least"] he said happily and then he kissed her lips once more. He pressed harder and let his tongue glide along her bottom lip. He faced her and then he saw the look in her eyes. She wanted him and probably wanted to go further, but her words made him really happy. [b "You really want to be my girlfriend? I thought you wait for a while?"] he was a little confused. Then she was asking to be naked with him and wanting more and he wondered if she was just in a mood or if something happened.

[b "I thought we decided to wait at least until we're together. We don't have to rush anything Ara"] he wanted her to feel relaxed and not worry.

[b "We'll get there. I want to do everything with you, but I want it to be romantic, somewhere nicer and not after a stressful day like this. It'll be great. Just wait"] he told her, kissing her again, hoping to relax her a bit more. [b "I'm your boyfriend and I'll be here all the time"]
  ellocalypse / 22d 1h 22m 42s
His lips were so soft, and hearing his voice was so relaxing. She wanted to be close to him, because she cared so much about him. His arms were around her, and she got excited b his hands on her back and feeling his bare skin. She gently smiled [b “I haven’t…been on much dates. But I hope I can turn it into a nice one.” ] She said. She felt like she’d worry until she knew he was really free from it. It was cute though. [b “Aww Sy, we’ll figure something out. I want to be part of it, I don’t want you to deal with this alone. You don’t have to.” ] Since it didn’t appear like he had anyone else by his side that knew about this that could help him out.

She kissed him, telling him what she wanted. Her cheeks burned, and she kissed him back again. She’d nod a little. [b “Yes…” ] She glanced off, feeling slightly shy for saying that. She wanted to do more with him. She looked up at his eyes, and realized it made her feel a little nervous but she wanted to be with him. And then he said ‘we should wait.’ [b “I want to be your girlfriend. I do…want that.” ] She knew she had this picture in her mind of how she wanted it to happen but she was starting to realize that maybe she was being childish. His fingers brushed through her hair, and she felt his tongue lick her lips. Ara nibbled her lips and then nibbled his lips gently. Everything about him was drawing her to him, his mind, him, and the other superficial bonuses-how sexy he was.

Ara moaned when his hands crawl beneath her shirt. School… Why was he mentioning school? Ahh…he didn’t want to. [b “You want to…wait?” ] She asked, wondering if he just didn’t want to do it with her, maybe because she didn’t know anything about it either. How much fun would it be for him with a girl who’se never done anything before? She sighed [b “You don’t want to do things…with me now…okay…” ] Since she wasn’t about to pressure him. That would be wrong.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 22d 1h 39m 29s
He really wanted to try and figure things out. He wanted to speak to his roommate and try and figure out how to get out of this. He listened to Ara and smiled [b "Yeah, I won't. I'll try my best"] he told her and then he wondered what he should do. [b "I can file for a new place...but you're right. I won't know until I try"] he pressed his lips against hers and then he smiled a bit more.

He wrapped his arms around her more, rubbing up and down her back as he thought about a place to take her to. [b "Oh? Maybe I get to experience your ideal date. That's exciting"] he said as he felt her touching his bare skin. [b "I'm just thinking of a way to make you not worry about me as much"] he smiled and wondered if she was tired or if she really wanted him. He thought she wanted to wait.

He heard her wanting more and then he would lean in to kiss her [b "Nude huh? You want to be nude with me?"] he smiled, hearing her say she wanted more. To his surprise, he felt lucky she was willing to do this for him. [b "I want to. Are you sure it's okay? I think maybe we should wait first until everything is official right? That's what you want"] he told her, brushing her hair back and then licking her lips. He let his fingers crawl beneath her shirt and he touched her bare skin. [b "We also have school tomorrow. Maybe we can save all the fun for our date this weekend"]
  ellocalypse / 22d 2h 38m 22s
Her stomach caved in when she thought of how Sylus might get in trouble if Luke found out he was trying to make a complaint. [b “Just…if you do it, do it safely. He can’t know.” ] She frowned when she thought about whoever there next roommate was [b “But there’s a chance that they will be less of a jerk.” ]

She felt good kissing him, and she wanted to give him her everything. She felt like her own sanity was slipping. She wanted to melt into his lips. She held her eyes on him, hearing him talk about a date. [b “It doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll take you on a date next time.” ] She said to him. She ran her fingers underneath his shirt. [b “What’s on your mind? The…stressful stuff or something else?” ] She asked and then shook her head [b “I’m not tired yet. It’s still early for me.” ] She nibbled at her lip, feeling fingers gliding along her back. She stared at his eyes when he asked if she wanted something more. Ara blushed.

[b “I want…I want to kiss you more…to be…closer…nude…maybe more” ] She whispered the last bit, kissing him again softly, her chest pressed firmly into his, hands still on his bare back riding up, and then looked up at his eyes [b “Only…if that’s okay, if you want to…am I too much?” ] She asked
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 22d 4h 13s
He knew that he made those decisions a long time ago, but now they were starting to bite him in the back. It was dangerous and he never really knew how intense it was until he was shot in the shoulder and passed out. His eyes looked over at Ara's blue ones and felt lucky she understood him. He smiled and then he hugged her. HE didn't want her involved, but it was really nice to know that she was willing to help.

He believed she didn't kiss his roommate and thought it was all his fault. He didn't want her near him. As they spoke about finding somewhere else to go, he thought about it. [b "Maybe? I'll have to file a request and a complaint. It might take some time, but there's no telling if my other roommate is less of a jerk than this one"] he admitted.

He held her close and kissed her soft lips, loving the taste of them and how warm they were against him. He met her eyes and asked if they could go on another date this weekend. He thought about a wonderful date they could have. [b "Hmm, I wonder where I can take you"] he thought mostly to himself and then he heard her [b "Aww, I do too. I never had someone care for me as much as you do"] he felt her hands soon touching his bare skin. He looked over [b "Not really, but I do have a lot on my mind? Are you tired Ara?"] he asked, his fingers gliding up her back, rubbing back and forth slowly, feeling her fit right against his chest. [b "Is there more you want to do tonight?"] he wondered, not having seen her initiate something this. HE didn't want to miss it.
  ellocalypse / 22d 4h 34m 39s
[b “I know…you were still little when you made that decision. You were doing your best, and I understand that. I don’t think what you’re doing is good at all no matter what but…I understand where it’s coming from.” ] She said, and wanted to just protect him, to help him out of this mess. It was scary, scary enough that normally she would have ran but, she felt so much for him and couldn’t now. She adored the way he smiled at her, how he still treated her with such kindness even after she had kissed his roommate. Well he didn’t think she did…but still. He believed her.

Ara listened and she understood why he may not want to go the orphanage, [b “I understand…” ] She couldn’t imagine bringing that conflict there would cause problems, and make it hard for the kids. [b “Cant you move into another apartment?” ] She asked.

She didn’t want to get involved with his roommate but she also wanted to make sure he kept Sylus safe. She looked back at his eyes, and knew he meant it when he said he wanted her safe. She nodded [b “I know…” ] She kissed him back, adoring the kisses she received from him, it tasted good and felt so warm. She wanted to do more, to get closer and closer with him but she knew it would probably be too far, and it would probably…maybe scare of him off. Maybe. [b “Mmm, let’s go,” ] Ara said quietly back to him, her cheeks warm. She relaxed to his touch, enjoyed when he kissed her forehead, [b “Sy…I feel so much for you…I know I said it was soon but…never mind.” ] He wouldn’t accept it if she said she wanted to be his girlfriend. Not when it was barely a few days past the break up. She felt underneath his shirt for a second, behind his back, feeling his bare skin. [b “Are you tired…” ] She told him quietly.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 22d 6h 5m 56s

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