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Sylus changed and ended up walking out to see Ara coming to him. IT was rare to see her already over, but since she decided to stop by, Sylus wanted to talk to her. He had a smile on his face as he wiped off the rest of the water out of his hair. He knew that she probably saw him earlier, but he'd ignore it for now. If she had something to say or if she hated him, she'd let him know.

[b "Yeah? Wow, it's like you know I'm already fast"] he chuckled and was glad to hear that he performed well today. IT wasn't like he was at his best all the time. He walked with her and was being greeted by a lot of girls. He looked over [b "Yeah. I got it a while back. It started out as one, but I really wanted to add a few more until it filled up my sleeve"] he told her looking around and seeing everyone leave.

[b "My place isn't too far. I just skateboard home though"] he walked with her more until she asked about his arm. Sylus removed his jacket and then he let her take a peek. He held out his arm to her [b "Here you can check it out"] he smiled and let her look.

He shook his head [b "I mean, they're just being nice. Cheering me on because they've watched me every year. I can't let em down"] he told her and then asked about why she was far from the pool. [b "You can't swim? Hmm, well if you ever have some free time, I can always teach you if you want?"] he suggested, wondering if that would help her and if he could spend more time with her like that.

[b "Well it is your first day. I want you to enjoy this place because I really do. It's a good school and good people around"] he wasn't exactly friends with Tanner and Joseph either. [b "It's fine. People will always say something about me. I'm used to it"] he walked with her further into the school and then he thought about it. [b "You are? I have some spare time. Maybe we can work on homework together until your brother comes?"] he suggested, not wanting to leave a pretty gal all alone like this.

[b "Only if you don't mind though"]
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She gave Joseph a hug and let him go on ahead. Tanner left, and she stayed. Everyone was starting to leave. She decided to congratulate Sylus, since she was here. She decided to dismiss what she saw, it was weird but, it had nothing to do with her. Sylus acted normal too, she tried her best to do the same.

[b “You were much faster then everyone, of course you’d make it.” ] Ara gently smiled. She wished she did get to see his tattoo. [b “Do you have another one other than on you’re arm?” ] She raised a brow. She didn’t realize it wasn’t allowed here either. [b “It wouldn’t be fair to remove your tattoo just to join. It must…have really hurt,” ] She said and walked with him out, seeing him wipe his hair. She sighed to herself. She felt conflicted about being around him but, he was the first person she talked to and it made her drawn to him.

[b “Um…no. My brother is picking me up and he said it may be a while. I don’t live close enough to walk.” ] She mentioned, [b “Are you close to the school?” ] She saw him waving at the girls. She decided to ignore it, but couldn’t help but think that maybe Sylus was too poplar with girls. For all she knew Joseph and Tanner were right and that she should stay away.

Ara beamed when he mentioned seeing his tattoo. But wondered if they would be alone…and that wouldn’t be smart. She pouted [b “Why can’t you show me a bit now?” ]
She heard the cheers and couldn’t help but find it-annoying, all of the attention he got. She saw him smile. [b “I bet you have a huge ego,” ] Ara mentioned. She paused and listened to his question. She hated to admit the truth. It was embarrassing.

[b “I was?” ] Ara awkwardly smiled [b “It’s not that I don’t like it…um well I can’t swim -yet. So, it isn’t exactly safe for me to accidently fall into deep water.” ] She thought that would be better then upfront telling him she had a phobia and would not go into the ocean unless it was super shallow or pool-unless it was a kiddie pool.

[b “Thanks for being really nice to me on my first day. I hope we can become good friends. Tanner and Joseph have the wrong impression of you, hope to change that.” ] She mentioned and then said [b “I’m probably going to hang around the library or something until my brother picks me up.”] She said, figuring he would go home like everyone else, because why would anyone else want to stick around so long?
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Sylus was surprised to hear that Tanner was a softy. He was really good at football and has always been winning games for their teams as an MVP. He could see her giggling and he couldn't help but find it attractive. When someone was pretty as ARa laughed like that, it was really cute.

After class, he got a surprise from one of their classmates and then headed towards the pool. It was really nice because now he felt so energized and knew he couldn't really lose when he had this many people cheering him on. He changed in the locker rooms and headed out towards the pool. There were a few groups that went before, but when it was finally his turn, Sylus stood at the diving board and jumped off at the sound of the bell.

He swam through the water, his goggles on and he would swim as fast as he could. He would reach the wall and then speed through back to the finish line making first. As he resurfaced, he brushed his fingers through his hair and then he took off his goggles. He spotted Joseph going over to Ara. He was decently fast for someone that just did this for fun.

He climbed out and then he grabbed a towel, throwing it around his neck. He went to get dressed, putting back his clothes and then he met up with Ara outside [b "Hey. THanks. Yeah I've been practicing a lot on my free time. Can't risk not making the team"] he told her, his gone and his tattoo was kind of visible on his arm. [b "IT's a lot of tattoos, but you know how it's not really allowed at school. THey allow it in the swimming club though just because I've always helped out our varsity teams win"] he wiped his hair a bit more [b "You not going home yet?"] he asked, walking with her as he noticed a few girls waving goodbye to him.

[b "If you want I can always give you a closer look at my tattoo. Just stop by the pool after school anytime"] he told her, seeing some passerbys "You were great Sylus!" they'd cheer.

He smiled and then he would look over back at ARa [b "You were pretty far away from the water. Don't like it?"] he wondered.
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[b “Tanner is a softy…for the most part.” ] Ara giggled. She really did like Tanner. He’s always been so nice to her. Ara noticed Sylus glaring at the girl that threw that pencil at her. Sylus was pretty nice too. She was glad to make one friend, or maybe not a friend yet but it could be. The bell rang, and she left.

The brunette would shrug at his reply, “Oh…pretty.” She gave him the treat and walked with him towards the pool and separated ways.

Ara spotted the girl that was just with Sylus and quickly looked away, feeling embrassed that she saw all over again. She waved to Joseph who was going to try it out. Ara looked back at Tanner [b “Why don’t you?” ]
“I sink like a rock,” Tanner explained and then laughed, “I’m not that bad of a swimmer, but I don’t doubt I could beat them. You really hate being by the water?”
Ara sighed, [b “It’s not that I hate it…I’m just afraid of it. I almost drowned once as a kid and I’ve been afraid ever since.” ] She saw Joseph in one wave. She smiled towards him. He looked…so good nearly half naked. Her cheeks warmed up again. It wasn’t like she hasn’t seen him at the beach before but, she kept thinking about to what Sylus did…and it made her cheeks all warm. And then there was Sylus half naked-holy-hot. He had a tattoo!? A whole arm!?
[i That just makes him hotter. ] Ara sighed to herself. She couldn’t pick up all the detail in that tattoo but the colors and the contrast-she was a fan of. She did want to take a closer look-not because of his body or anything-or…anything….but she did like art. After seeing that with that girl…she wasn’t so sure that was his girlfriend either…maybe she should be just a bit cautious.

It began and she watched. She heard some cheer for Sylus. She tried to focus more on Joseph but Sylus was easy to spot with his red hair. Sylus was the first. Joseph made it third by a second difference. [i He wasn’t kidding. He’s good at swimming. ] Ara thought. Joseph came down, so Ara got up and walked toward him, ignoring the water. She wrapped her arms around him [b “You did good.” ] Ara smiled.
“Thanks baby, Looks like I was beaten though.”
[b “Doesn’t matter,” ] Ara shrugged. She watched Sylus for a second, her face warming.
“You feeling okay? Why are you looking at him?” Joseph asked.
“I’m fine, no reason…he just won.” She said and then felt her phone buzz, Alister ‘Will be a little late, Just stay at the school for a while.’
“Baby, I have to go home right now or my little sister will be all alone. Will you be okay?” He asked.
Ara nodded, [b “I will, don’t worry about me.” She gave him one more hug and le thim go off. Tanner said he had to go too. That just meant it was her. She decided that she could just say congrats] to Sylus and maybe roam around until Alister came.

When Sylus came out all dressed, she went toward him, and then just remembered what she saw. Her cheeks went a bit red, [b “Um, hey, congrats. You did great. Cool tattoo by the way.” ]
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He tried to convince her to do cheerleading because he really thought it'd be a great idea. THe prettiest girls were in that club, not to mention seeing them pull some flexible stunts, hearing them cheer for you and all. It was amazing for a girl to be on the team. At least Sylus believed so. [b "Yeah, there's no harm in trying"] he continued to just read through the textbook until he asked about her boyfriend trying out.

[b "Ahhh, so he's just testing the waters. If he really wants to join, maybe you'd see me often"] het eased her and then he thought about football. He thought it was more for the bulky guys. Sylus was muscular, but not that bulky. [b "Ahh Tanner, yeah I've seen him around. He's a quiet guy"] he told her and then he saw the pen hit her. He glared back at the girl for a bit and when the bell rang, he wondered why the girl even thought that he had a thing for that. [b "No, I just like to talk to the pretty girls at the school. She's new so I wanted to help her"] he admitted.

He was soon under the stair case, seeing the girl remove his pants. HE got a nice treat, but he did end up seeing someone at the corner of his eye. He knew it was Ara after hearing her voice. [i Dammit] he thought to himself as he finished. When she was done, he helped her up [b "Mmm, yeah it was. Let's go"] he walked with her down the hall towards the gym.
He walked over to the guy's locker room. Sylus changed into his swimming shorts. They were a tight fit, showing the shape of his ass. He took off his shirt, grabbing his towel and goggles as he headed outside with the other guys who were trying out.

Sylus looked to the crowd, seeing that it was pretty filled up. He smiled and noticed a few girls cheering his name. He waved his hand in the air, showing off the [ tattooed sleeve] he had on his right arm. It was mostly filled with colors of waves, a koi, and flowers. There were flowing patterns all around and the colors mimicked a tropical paradise.

He stood by the water with the others, each having their own lanes. They were getting ready to start. "Your first round of students" the announcer said as they introduced each one. Sylus got some cheers before they readied up. He took his place on the diving stand and he waited for the loud 'go' beeping noise. He jumped off and dove into the water, swimming down his land as he looked around. It was clear which one was him with his red hair flowing through the water.
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[b “Oh…well I guess that makes sense.” ] She nodded. She still debated weather to go for cheerleading or not. She knew extracurriculars were a positive thing. But maybe there were other clubs… Though Joseph seemed so adamant about it. [b “Thank you, I guess…maybe I’ll try it out and see if I like it.” ] Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, and if it helped fit in more, than that would be a good thing. Besides, it wasn’t like she knew if she would get in or not.

Class was dull. Then they talked about the swim team. “Ah hmm, he is. But I don’t think he will actually go for it. He plans to go back into football with Tanner-Tanner is his best friend.” ] She explained. She tucked her hair back again and half smiled and then shrugged [b “Probably?” ] She said. Eventually, she had a pencil thrown at her, which annoyed her. She snapped it and returned it. She heard Sylus’ gasp. She glanced at him [b “She purposely threw It, I swar.” ] Ara whispered, trying to defend herself.

The bell rang. She got up, and then waved at him, going to her lockers.

The brunette walked with him down the hall, “Nice? I don’t buy the innocent doe eye look. But you clearly do, why? Do you have a thing for that?” She asked and then reached behind the stairwell. She waited for it to clear a bit and then pulled his pants down and gave him the treat and said, “Wow Sylus, you’re so big.”

When Ara made it down the stairs, it was empty. Then she heard a whisper ‘Sylus, you’re so-‘ What? Ara tilted her head for a second, and wondered if she imagined that-no way. She kept going down and hear some noises. She would turn her head for a second once she made it down and froze up. What…were they doing? Her face burned, and she released a quiet yelp but covered her mouth. Her eyes dropped and then her eyes went back up and she quickly got out of there with a quiet “Sorry.” Was that a thing!? Her heart was racing and she struggled to unsee it. Sylus…that girl was… Was that how big…

The brunette didn’t notice anything, focusing on treating Sylus. She heard that someone could have seen but she didn’t know who and it didn’t matter to her. Once she finished up with him, she helped his pants back up, “That was good. Let’s go to your tryouts?”

She went down the halls without even knowing where she was going. She saw Joseph’s friends. They gave a ‘Hi’ to her and her face was still red.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
[b “Nothing,” ] Ara shook her head, [b “Um…um…where’s the pool?” ]
“It’s a floor before, are you sure you’re alright?”

Ara nodded [b “Yea, thanks.” ] She went into the nearest bathroom first to calm down and then go to the pool. She met Tanner there, and would keep a huge distance between the water. But she would space out, thinking about what she saw and feeling something…plus a little grossed. Joseph came in and put his arm around her. Ara gently smiled and he kissed her. She kissed him back and then her eyes would drop down his body. She blushed again. Joseph noticed and then leaned into whisper in her ear, “I’ll come over your house after dinner.” He said, as the tryouts would begin.
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He guessed that Ara was privileged so that's why she had so much money. Maybe her parents were rich and were able to support her well enough. It wasn't like Sylus was jealous or anything, but he wished he had a good support team to get him through like she did. He was always alone and had to grow up on his own.

He went into his math class later in the day and then he saw ARa again. [b "Well every year, they try to give others a chance by just having tryouts all over again. No one is guaranteed on the team unless you try out"] he told her, thinking about her joining as a cheerleader. That meant she would see him and cheer him on. It sounded like a great idea. [b "You don't seem mean though and I'm sure that when the team sees you, they'd try to be your friend"] he told her, knowing some of the girls on the team.

THe class was pretty boring, Sylus already knew the topic they were discussing. He just stared out the window or flipped a few pages in his book forward to look at newer material. He then leaned in and talked about how she was coming to watch [b "Yeah? Is he going to try out too?"] he wondered, smiling as he heard her giggle. [b "Well hopefully you're impressed anyway"] he said and then saw the pencil hit her. Sylus looked over at the girl and was going to say something, but when Ara broke her pencil, he gasped. She was brutal. Hot.

He heard the bell and then he stood up. [b "See you later then"] he smirked and then he followed the other girl out. [b "She sits next to me, it's only normal I talk to her. Give her a break, she's nice"] he told the girl. He then went behind the staircase with her. When she pulled down his pants, he ran his fingers through her hair and enjoyed the treat she gave him. Sylus would lean back against the wall and moan out softly, his eyes closed as he took in the amazing feeling.
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Ara picked up his shocked expression and wondered if that was weird. [i Not everyone has your lifestyle Ara. ] She tried to remind herself. Afterall, she grew up pretty sheltered, even if she travelled a bunch. And when she did travel, her dad always hired someone to keep an eye on her, not that she was anymore targeted than any other girl in a foreign country.

Math class came by so quickly. She sat down right next to Sylus. [b “Ohh, you have? How come you have to try out again?” ] She didn’t really understand how things worked here. She didn’t like the idea of just cheering people on. Ara sighed [b “I don’t know. In the movies, the cheerleaders are always mean. Is it really like that?” ] She wondered to herself. Those two girls she met today were-nice. They didn’t seem mean at all.

She lost interest in class. So, she began painting on her tablet. She overheard the conversation he had with the other girl but she didn’t think anything of it. She was curious about what was happening but not that curious.

The girl filled a smile “Yea, before tryouts. Right after this class-Thanks for the help.” ] She said and turned around and went to do the work.

Ara lifted her head, meeting his amber eyes again when he spoke. She took quite a long pause because she wasn’t sure if she should lie. She didn’t want to seem like a know it all, cocky or even an idiot. [b “Um…I’m not very studious, but it’s not too hard.” ] She half smiled. Her dad gave her the condition that she had to be getting perfect grades to remain in the school, and at first she was worried but…now not so much.

Sylus leaned in without any school related purpose, and it made her cheeks warm. She wasn’t used to other guys getting close to her other than Joseph.
[b “Um….yea, I think I might. My boyfriend is coming too.” ] Her voice was quieter and softer because she saw the teacher coming closer. Show her some moves? [b “Howcome? Are you trying to impress me?” Ara giggled, “I don’t know much about swimming Sylus, so no matter what you do, it’ll still look really good.” ]. She decided she could just stick by Tanner – far back. The teacher went onto explaining another lesson and gave another worksheet and assigned homework.

Ara glanced back at Sylus again… His name was still familiar. She felt something strike her at the back of her head. Ara would turn around, not looking happy.

“Sorry” The girl said, “Can you pass my pencil?” Then her friend beside her laughed. Ara reached down, grabbed the pencil and then met the girls’ eyes, pretended like she was going to hand it to her and then snapped it in half, and then laid it on the girls desk [b “You’re welcome.” ] The bell rang.

Ara looked back at Sylus [b “Guess I’ll see you at the tryouts. Good luck-not that you need it.” ] Ara grabbed her bag and spoke to the math teacher. Ara decided to go to the locker first to put some stuff in her bag away, before climbing down the stairs and texting Joseph to meet her up there.

The brunette infront of Sylus got up and then stood in front him, "What's your deal with her? Anyway...come on, I'll give you that treat." She reached to take hold of his wrist, eyes falling down to his pants. If he went with her, he'd bring him underneath the stairwell and not hesitate to lower his pants.
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Sylus was shocked to hear she was in Spain the day before. What was she? A queen? He was going to gasp, but he didn't want to make it seem like he was really surprised. Some people just had way more money than they needed. Still, something about her seemed so familiar. He couldn't pin point it. HE hoped they could at least continue to talk to each other after class.

After class, Sylus left and would be greeted by a few of the girls. They'd follow him to his next class, some talking with him, others giving him promises "We'll see you after school Sylus. We can't wait to watch tryouts" they'd tell him as they all headed to the cafeteria for lunch.

SYlus managed to lead the way for Ara to the cafeteria, seeing her sit at one of the jock tables. She looked like she fit in. There were tons of good looking guys and some cheerleaders there, but Sylus knew he wouldn't be wanted there. He walked towards the door, but was dragged to the cheerleading table.

His eyes looked over the girls, a smile on his face as he chatted with them about how he looked over his little siblings, how hard he's practiced over the summer at swimming. Soon after lunch, Sylus ended up in math class, seeing that Ara was there as well. HE saw her approaching him and he waved [b "Yeah, I've been on the swim team for a long time. The cheerleaders always cheer us on. IF you enjoy that kind of thing, you should really think about it. They practice a lot, and form a lot of team building skills"] he suggested to her. He smiled and just focused on class, listening in but he wouldn't take any notes. He was already past this and he felt bored midway.

He saw the girl in front of him asking for help. HE'd try to help her with the question and then she got it. He gave her his signature smile and then he grinned, thinking about how she looked decently attractive. He'd rather have Ara giving him the surprise, but he could settle for now [b "Sure that sounds good. Maybe before tryouts?"] he told her and then he went back to opening his notebook. He would glance over at Ara [b "You look very studious? Is the material tough? Or are you just messing around?"] he wondered, figuring she was at least somewhat smart from the previous class.

No one really knew how smart he was since they never really mentioned it. He leaned over a bit to her [b "You gonna come watch me after this? I'd like to show you some of my moves"] he chuckled.
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[b “I was in spain yesterday, you would have loved the beach if you like swimming. Good luck in making it.” ] She gently smiled. He was pretty nice. She wondered if they could be friends.

Class ended, she met Joseph and Tanner. She got a kiss from him. Ara spotted Sylus waving to her. She waved back, catching that he had a skateboard. She always wondered what it was like to ride one of those.
She went to her Art class, which was a lot more easier going than she thought it would be, but it sure was relaxing and she met a few people. Then…she excited the class and didn’t know where she was going. She heard Sylus’ voice and looked a bit embarrassed when she met his eyes.
At the cafeteria she saw Joseph waving her over. She sat down with Joseph and Tanner. Joseph would introduce her to a few other of his friends, two other guys and two other girls that kept urging her to join the team, because of her brief background in gymnastics. She figured Joseph put them up to this. Ara glanced back and saw Sylus…with a bunch of girls in red cheerleader uniforms. [i As if. ] Sylus…was seriously poplar.
“We always wondered who that beautiful girl Joseph was kept talking about, because he kept rejecting other girls for her. We thought he made it up,” Natalie laughed.
“Why would I make that up?” Joseph scoffed.
Ara laughed and then would kiss Joseph’s cheek.

Joseph walked her to her next class, drama. Mainly because there were plenty of subjects she was taught at home and was already ahead in-and she was never able to take it at home because it was just her. Then after that, was Math. Ara went to the teacher first, and would hand her schedule. She saw Sylus there again. He said ‘Hi’ to her. Joseph and Tanner were just over worrying… Everything Sylus had done so far was all just being nice.

She sat beside him, because he was the only one she knew in this class-so far. She was sure she could make other friends later on, and not piss off Joseph. [b “Hey, how are you doing? ” ] She asked and then said, [b “I figured you were poplar but wow even the cheerleaders. My boyfriend wants me to try it. I don’t think I will…by the way, thanks for helping me find my way at lunch,” ]

The lesson started, but, it was still nothing she didn’t know. Maybe…her dad was right. Maybe she was too ahead. Only because education was drilled into her since she was really young…which is why she grew up with so little friends. She didn’t want to be labeled a ‘nerd’ or a ‘geek’ from what she’s seen in tv shows. She didn’t believe herself to be extremely smart, just someone who worked too hard not to get in trouble.
And so…she started to doodle on her Ipad right after she answered a few questions on paper. Mainly, it was a digital painting of towers and a girl facing them. With a bare back because she didn’t figure out what to put on her.
A girl in front of Sylus would turn around, with her notebook at her hand, and rested it on his table, “Hey Sylus, could you help me with this question?”
Ara briefly watched and heard the girl whisper to him.
“Meet me behind the stairs? I can give you a little good luck before the tryouts…if you know what I mean.” She said.
Ara kept her eyes on her IPad.
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Having to sit beside her in class was really nice because Sylus loved the attention of pretty girls on him. He was so used to them flocking around him that sometimes he felt they needed to earn his attention. He would listen in on her talk about her boyfriend and then he told her about how the girls always wanted to be his partner and how he could show her around school.

It didn't look like it impressed her one bit, so he just tried to keep the conversation as normal as possible. She said her boyfriend would show her around and that in itself was a little disappointing, but he figured he'd just back off for now. [b "Aww, maybe next time then"] he left it at that and told her he'd bring more people to her party if she wanted him to, just so she'd get to experience one of those for real.

[b "I use LINE"] he told her, pulling out his phone and exchanging IDs. He smiled and was glad he could at least have her contact information. [b "I am a good swimmer. I'm sure I can make this school's team too"] he said confidently as he soon separated and class came to an end.

When Sylus grabbed his bag, he saw Ara going over to who looked like a guy that was her boyfriend. HE was pretty good looking and so was his friend. HE went in for a kiss and everyone seemed a bit shocked. The guys left the room looking disappointed, but Sylus wasn't going to stop there. He walked passed the two and then he headed towards his next class, carrying his board on his backpack and then waving to ARa.

He would sit in class, answering questions from the teacher, getting partnered with other girls and just flirting with them throughout class. It wasn't long until the lunch bell rang. Sylus was making it past the stairs from his boxing class when he saw Ara looking so confused. [b "You look lost pretty miss. WHere you heading?"] he asked, offering to help her out. When she mentioned the cafeteria, he led the way, leading her past some double doors into the lunch room. There was a line for lunch, but there were also tables spread around. IT seemed like everyone already had their clicks picked out already.

He smiled, seeing the same guy waving her over. [b "Hopefully I see you around, or after school by the pool"] he waved and then walked past a table full of cheerleaders. They invited him to the table and Sylus couldn't refuse. [b "Okay okay you got me ladies"] he sat down in the center, seeing a few of them offer some food for lunch. "I got an extra basket of fries Sylus, have one" she offered him and he'd take a few bites. He would ask them if they would be watching the tryouts later and they all beamed in agreement.

After lunch the afternoon was filled with more classes. Sylus had math. He headed inside towards the back window again, soon seeing Ara step in. He had another class with her. Talk about coincidence. Sylus would say hi and then wait for her to come over if she wanted to. IT was their last class before his tryouts at the pool.
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[b “They are. He’s rough on the edges sometimes but, he’s really nice.” ] She could keep talking about him but knew she probably shouldn’t. She kept the rest to herself.

That girl…really seemed to be against her being partners with SYlus for a small activity. She didn’t get why if they were just friends. Ara raised a brow and tilted her head when he said all the girls wanted to be his partner. [b “Oh, so you’re Mr. popular.” ] Ara stated. Not surprised. He…was very attractive.

She moved in closer, and dismissed the whole spacing out after he mentioned he didn’t get enough sleep. They finished it to gather so quickly. That meant-some free time.
Ara heard his gasp when she told him. [i Great! It is weird. ]
She thought about Sylus showing around but she knew Joseph wouldn’t like that one bit and she was pretty sure Joseph would show her around. [b “Thanks Sylus, that’s very nice of you to offer. I’ll let you know, but I think my boyfriend will be doing that.” ]

By how their conversation went, she felt like maybe she was definitely not the norm here… She wanted to find a way to fit in. Ara shook her head [b “No, I don’t really know anyone here yet, besides you, -and well my boyfriend and his best friend. You can invite others. I”ll give you the details later,” ] And then she remembered she didn’t have his phone number [b “What messaging app do you use? Probably should add each other-just for the party” ] She asked.

Ara half smiled, [b “Um…it’s a comfortable house.” ] She let the teacher look at the work, and then left them be. Ara giggled [b “Yea, a break up. I guess you are.” ] She said, and listened to his invite to watch him. [b “Really? Are you a good swimmer? Maybe I will.” ] She said, and felt the slight fear of deep pools and oceans fill her up.

The teacher began discussing the reading. Ara zoned out after he said stuff she already knew. Was it really all this easy? Then he mentioned about an essay.

The class came into an end, and Ara set her Ipad aside in her backpack. [b “It was nice talking to you Sylus. I’ll see you later.” ] Ara gently smiled. She felt her phone buzz, and she did a quick check, before going out the door and Joseph was right there with Tanner. Joseph wrapped her arms around her waist and Ara rested her arms over on his shoulders.

“Hey baby, you’re looking so pretty. I’ve missed you.”
[b “I missed you t-“ ] She began but then he suddenly kissed her. Ara blushed at tad bit, noticing glances. [b “Jose, everyone can see.” ]
“Who cares?” He hugged her, “I’m so glad you’re here.”
“Third wheel here,” Tanner blurt out, “Good to see you again Ara.”
[b “Hey, back at you.” ] Ara smiled at him.
“Made any friends?” Joseph asked, tucking her hair behind ear.
[b “Um…not sure. There’s this one guy-Sylus,” ] She turned and saw Sylus for a second.
“Uh Oh.” Tanner said.
[b “What?” ] Ara asked.
“Yea….baby, I don’t want you near him. If he bothers you, just say the word.” Joseph said.
[b “No, he was nice…” ] Ara frowned, making her way to her locker. Those words earned her both of them shaking her head at her. [i What? ] Ara frowned. The first person she talked in high school and now Joseph was saying no? Well…he wasn’t in charge of her. [b “I heard that the swim team try out is happening,” ] She decided to mention.
“You want to swim?” Tanner asked.
Joseph scoffed “Did I tell you she’s terrified of being anything above waist deep? Why are you bringing it up?”
Ara shrugged [b “I thought you like swimming and maybe you’d want to try.” ]
“I’ve got football, but I guess I could for fun.” Joseph shrugged, “I want you to meet our friends at lunch…besides, I think you should try out for some teams or clubs.”
[b “Like what?” ] Ara asked, and finally landed to her locker.
“Cheerleading,” Joseph whispered.
Ara stood still and then stared at him and then whacked his arm [b “Do I look like a cheerleader to you? I am not the type to cheer people on the sidelines in a skimpy uniform.” ] Ara rolled her eyes.
“Just give it a shot, it’s not what you think,” Joseph tried. Ara sighed and wasn’t sure if she was going to give into that or not.

Joseph and Tanner stopped her by her art class. She end up talking to a few girls. Class ended…and lunch began. Joseph sent her a text that he was in the cafeteria. So, she’d go down the stairs from the second floor, and struggle her way to find it because she didn’t want to embarrassingly tell him she had no idea where that was.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 1y 173d 9h 13m 47s
He could see her pretty blue eyes looking at her ipad and he wondered if she was just plain rich. She must have been since she had such nice clothes and the ipad. HE wondered if he could get her to sit beside him all the time. [b "I don't see why not? He seems happy to just be sitting beside you on the otherside anyway"] he smiled and then he wondered what her boyfriend was like and how long they've known each other for.

She mentioned that he was good looking, but Sylus knew that he had really good features as well. He was sure he could compete and he was sure that he could probably beat her boyfriend in the pool too. [b "Ahh, sounds like things are going well then"] he looked over at the girl and just shook his head [b "Don't mind her. She's just a friend. For some reason all the girls want to be my partner, but since you're next to me, it's you today"] he told her, looking at the assignment they had in front of them.

Ara moved in closer and Sylus would look at her facial features, her scent filling his nose as he heard her sweet giggle [b "Oh sorry. I didn't get much sleep"] he admitted and then he would also highlight some metaphors and show them to her. To his surprise, they found everything really quickly. [b "Yeah a little too easy"] he listened to her talking about her homeschooling and he would gasp [b "No way? Well if you want, I can show you around or if you need anything"] he decided he'd help her out.

When she mentioned party, Sylus was shocked. She was new and here she was throwing a party [b "Me? Of course I'll come. I can invite a few people if you want....unless you have a pretty long list of people already"] he told her, wondering what kind of place she had.

[b "Do you live in a big house?"] he wondered, seeing the teacher interrupt. [b "We're done"] he glanced up at the teacher and saw that he knew they finished it genuinely. [b "Breaking up huh? You're still technically next to me. But if you want, I'm going to try out for the school swim team. Feel free to stop by the pool after class and check it out"] he told her, hoping she'd come and see him in his natural habitat.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 1y 173d 10h 33m 54s
[b “Oh,” ] Ara’s eyebrows raised, touching the surface of her IPad and them meeting his eyes…pretty eyes. [b “Right…You’re right, it’s not affordable.” ] [i How is not affordable?” ] Then she thought back to where she had volunteered. Most people were unable to have her lifestyle...and sometimes she would forget.

Ara gently smiled and gave a quick nod, [b “Yes. Oh-do you think it’s okay with Collin if I sit here next time too?” ] She asked. She thought his smile was really nice. Sylus seemed nice. Sure, he was a bit blunt on the ‘pretty, do you have a boyfriend’ thing but, maybe he wanted to make sure first, so that was fine.

[b “Ah hmm… He’s…” ] Ara pasued, and dreamt about last week when she was alone with him in the house on the living room sofa. [b “He is very good looking. We have, it’s been over half a year.” ]

When she got the glare, she started to wonder if that was such a good idea because she didn’t want to make an enemy on her first day of class. [b “She’s glaring at me, I think she minds…but if you say so.” ] Ara half shrugged and noticed a guy sitting back down. She almost felt bad. Ara looked at the side of SYlus’ head and noticed him smiling while he was seeing that guy sit back down. Was he day dreaming?

Ara drew out her pastel purple pencil out and scooted closer to him. She read the first few sentences when she did a double take and met Sylus’ eyes since he was looking at her. She would offer a smile at him, and nearly blush since it felt like long eye contact. [b “Earth to Sylus,” ] Ara giggled [b “I think you spaced out.” ]

As Ara read with him, she would underline phrases that caught her attention and put a little letter initial of what she believed it to be. [b “You’re right. I agree.” ] Ara said, and marked it down fully for simile. She then would point with her pencil at phrases, [b “This one. Snow without a care danced into the restless stream of water. Personification.” ] And then she pointed at the few others she identified as she read.

[b “This…is way too easy.” ] Ara dropped her pencil, lightly laughing and rested her head on the palm of her hand. Ara looked at Sylus when he spoke, and debated on if she should tell him the truth. [b “I’m… Actually, I’ve been home schooled for most of my life. Private teachers…and everything. It’s pretty dull. Classrooms…public school is fairly new to me.” ] She hoped that it didn’t make her weird. And then she thought about how she had planned that party to throw to hopefully make friends quickly.

[b “Sylus… I might throw a party, to get more familiar with people at this school. If I threw one, would you come?” ] Ara asked and then corrected, [b “You could bring your friends, or a date. Doesn’t matter.” ] She shrugged and considered how she would change the house to A. not let important stuff broken because she didn’t want to explain, and B. find out what high school parties actually were.

Mr. Murphy came by and Ara lifted her head up realizing just how close he was.
“Are you two flirting or doing work?” Mr. Murphy said it clear enough that anyone could hear, but not loud either.
Ara’s cheeks went a bit warm [b “Oh-no, working. We’ve finished. Not flirting.” ] Ara cleared quickly. She showed him the sheet and let him look at it and he looked impressed, “Well done. Which one of you did most of the work?”
Ara half smiled [b “Both of us did it.” ]
He sighed and nodded, and moved back, “Five more minutes.” He said.
Ara glanced back at Sylus , [b “Looks like in five minutes we’re breaking up.” ]
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Sylus was a hunk the first day he arrived at the school. As a junior, he was well known as the Ace of the swim team and a star player. His good looks have got him dating so many of the most popular girls in school and he has been doing well on the swim team that it just attracts more girls to him.

With the mention of the new transfer student, Sylus just glanced over and saw her walking towards him. She was really pretty. Her eyes sparkled, her hair was so shiny and just seeing how pretty her clothes were got his eyes on her. He had his eye on his next target. HE just needed a way to talk to her first. Luckily she sat beside him, giving him that opportunity to make his move. He knew he was good looking and he knew he was at a good place in the school, why wouldn't she talk to him?

[b "I guess you're the first one to really use it out in plane sight. It's not required, not many people can afford those"] he told her, shaking her hand in his. Her hand was soft and warm. [b "Ara was it? Well looks like we'll be sitting beside each other for a while"] he smiled and then he asked about her boyfriend and told her how pretty she was.

[b "Joseph? Hmm, guess he's pretty good looking. You must have been dating before you transferred here"] he assumed and then he heard the teacher. HE was going to do the usual thing and wait for a girl to ask him, but when Ara asked, he met her eyes and smiled [b "Sure"] now was the time to impress her and get her to fall for him.

He looked over at the girl and then he shook his head [b "It's fine. She's partnered with me before. I'm sure she won't mind"] he looked over at the man walking and then sitting back down. [i Sorry, she's mine today] he smiled and then he sat beside her. Sylus got a whiff of her scent. She smelled as sweet as vanilla. His eyes would meet hers, thinking about just having her all to himself [i I have to have her] he thought, looking over at the piece of work that was handed out.

HE would give it a read and then he suggested a few things [b "There's this sentence right here that describes the person's feelings as light as a feather. Simile? Would you agree?"] he'd ask and then point out a few more that he could find. He would let ARa pick out a few as well, seeing that she knew exactly what she was talking about.

[b "Where'd you transfer from? Were you there your whole life?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 1y 173d 22h 34m 42s

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