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Ara looked over her shoulder and spotted Alister having a word with Sylus. She raised a brow.
Alister looked hard on Sylus and sighed “Okay, take care of her.” He’d look back at Ara and couldn’t help but feel concerned about her going alone with one guy, but he promised to keep it a secret that she was going with a guy and not just another one of her friends.

Ara lifted a smile when he held her hand when they were out of view. [b “I missed you too.” ] She smiled a bit more when he kissed her cheek. [b “Did my brother say anything to you?” ] Ara asked, a little worried about what Alister said. She hoped he didn’t tell him something weird. Sylus went onto even trying to carry her luggage. He was sweet… They checked their luggage, and then went onto security.

Ara still had a carry on-because she couldn’t bare the idea of her luggage not arriving and being without anything. She pulled hers around, it was a small one, light. She walked with him toward there Gate, seeing the shops around. They had a good hour and a half before their flight took off. [b “Don’t be,” ] Ara gently smiled [b “What do you mean what kind of flight? It’s not going to be too long.” ] Ara noticed him squeezing her hand more.

[b “Sy, it’ll be okay. Planes are safer than cars. We have an hour and half before I flight. Let’s get a drink and maybe visit the lounge before we go, okay?” ] Ara suggested. She then looked at her own reflection in the glass as they passed through the shops. She hoped Sylus liked her outfit, she hoped he thought it was cute.

Ara spotted a starbucks, [b “Sy, let’s get fraps,” ] Ara pulled his hand along and the tie-dye frap was still out. [b “I’m going to get this one.” ] Ara showed him on her app and looked back at him [b “What would you like?” ] Ara asked. She’d order it for them, and got them cake pops. Ara would hold his hand and a girl waiting for her order much older commented, “You two are such a cute couple.”

Ara tried to contain her happiness hearing that. Ara then took a seat with Sylus on around table, sitting right next to him instead of across. She’d take a sip of her drink [b “Mmm…so good. How’s yours?” ] Ara asked, and then stared into his amber eyes, feeling all that happiness and warmth from being here with him. She’d gush, and it was obvious through her smile and focus on him that she was. [b “Sy, can we take a picture together?” ] Ara broke herself out of it. If he agreed, she’d take a selfie of them.

[b “You know…I was really worried you’d fall or agree to another girl by now…but I’m so happy I was wrong. Looks like you can be in a relationship.” ] Ara said and would sip on her drink and would glance at the time just in case.

When it was time, she would tap Syus [b “Come on Sy, we have to go.” ] Ara said and would make there way there. There was a huge line up at there gate, people preparing to get in. However there was a different line, that was allowing people in and so far they only saw three people pass. Ara lead Sylus to that line. She showed the tickets and they were allowed in with a smile into the plane. There seats were facing the window on the right 4A & 4B. It was a comfy amount of space in there seats, with two displays 11 inch screens. They could really get the seat to lean back. They would have wifi, and she knew later on food, and drinks.
[b “Sy do you want the window seat or aisle?” ] Ara asked, holding his hand in case he felt still weird about this.
  Ravenity / 38d 21h 18m 2s
He had a relaxing afternoon with Ara. It felt so sweet to kiss, hold her and just be together. They were getting along and learning more about each other everyday. They both had flaws, but ARa accepted him anyway and Sylus really liked her.

As soon as it was time to go, Sylus spend the afternoon packing his belongings. He had a black and white striped suitcase and filled it with clothes for the weekend. He packed the clothes he brought to match Ara and the other thing he bought from the mall. Once he was ready, he grabbed his backpack and then he headed towards the front door when he heard Ara knocking.

When he answered it, he hugged her close and then he smiled, waving to Luke [b "Me too! I can't wait. It'll just be you and I"] he closed the door and then Sylus sat in the car, seeing Alister staring at him. He held his breath and then he just tried to avoid eye contact.

He didn't hold or stay too close to Ara because Alister was glaring, but he'd try and sneak to hold her hand once in a while until they made it to the airport.

Sylus grabbed their luggages out of the car and then he held onto his. He felt Alister pull him back to stop and he would face him. His amber eyes looked up to his blue ones [b "I won't hurt her. She's safe with me"] he promised and then he continued following after Ara, hurrying towards the security check in. When Alister was out of view, he held her hand [b "I missed you"] he leaned in to kiss her cheek.

Once they headed towards the gate, Sylus showed his passport and he'd help ARa carry her luggage. HE'd smile and walk with her and waited for their flight [b "What kind of flight do we have Ara? I'm actually getting kind of nervous"] he admitted, squeezing her hand because he's never been on a plane before.
  ellocalypse / 40d 3h 1m 24s
That afternoon with Sylus turned into messing around in the theatre with him. She was kissing him, hearing him call her cute. It made her feel pretty girl. The two of them were shirtless, her fingers running along his tattoos, lips on each other. She went deeper into the moment, and enjoyed there bare skin touching. She found him hard to resist. The sound of the movie drowned out any movement and touches they made.

Afterwards, they got to do some homework together.

It was Friday afternoon. Ara had her pastel pink suitcase all packed. She sat on top of it to squeeze the clothes in, and zipped it up afterwards. She would pick up Sylus from his house in a few minutes. She nearly jumped when her door opened. Alister.
“Ara, I heard you were going with Sylus,” Alister mentioned.
She frowned, standing up and lifting up her luggage. She had her hair up in a tight high ponytail with a blue bow, wearing a light blue dress and a pair of black sandals. Matched with golden accessories.
[b “I am…” ] Ara slowly said, and rose a brow on where this was going.
“Since, we don’t have a mom…and dad’s not around. I think we need to have…that talk.” Alister began, but looking downright awkward.
Ara shuddered as soon as she understood where he was getting at [b “Ew! Alister, I don’t need it.” ]
“I’m just saying. If he does anything inappropriate, I will beat the fuck out of him.” Alister shrugged.
Ara sighed, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She was pretty sure Sylus…well most likely he would win. Probably…She shook it out of her head. She went down the stairs, trying to hide her over excitement over this trip. She went into the car, sadly Alister had to drive them to the airport. She got in and they drove to Sylus. She knew she could have messaged Sylus she was here, but she head up to his apartment and knocked at the door.
She had this grin on when she saw him. She hugged him [b “I’m so excited! I can’t believe we’re going together.” ] She saw Luke in the background, but she decided to ignore him all together.

During the ride to the airport, Alister would keep glancing at Sylus and sometimes even glare at him. Ara would try not to gaze at Sylus she was in love because she knew that Alister would just get upset. Alister found out on Thursday that she wasn’t with Joseph, mostly because she couldn’t hide that Sylus has been around a lot and that she was going on a trip with him.

The airport came into view. Ara stepped out the car, and Alister helped her take her luggage out. [b “Bye,” ] Ara said to Alister, waving and would pull her luggage towards the entrance, thinking Sylus was following her.

Alister pulled the back Sylus shirt a bit-not roughly just to get him top stop. He put his arm around Sylus [b “Look, that’s my little sister there. If you hurt her, if you get her knocked up, I will hurt you. Okay? If you can be respectful to her, we’re cool. Cool?” ] He said because based on Sylus tattoos, appearance and the area he lived in – he felt Sylus may be a risk.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 40d 5h 19m 46s
He was getting closer and closer to her and it was making him feel so much at once. He never thought he'd be able to feel this way again, but Ara was just so perfect in his eyes. She was attractive, smart, cute, and he just wanted to protect her all that he could. He sat in the theater with her and the movie would play, but he had his eyes on her. She was turning him on a little too easily.

He'd hold her on his lap, slowly taking off her shirt and pressing his lips against her chest. He'd kiss the top of her chest and then pressing his lips on her skin as he felt her bring his hand to her boob. Sylus' eyes widened, not thinking that she'd ever do that, so he was really surprised. He turned red and then he would chuckle a bit because she spoke as he leaned in to kiss her [b "You're cute though"] he smiled and then he felt her hands slowly remove his shirt as well.

Now his chest and tattoo were exposed as he felt her lips kissing down his neck and his chest. HIs eyes would meet hers and then he'd kiss her lips once more, gliding his tongue on hers and then his fingers would slide down her back, caressing her skin and then unhooking her bra. He felt her lips against his ear and he would moan out [b "Mmm, Ara, you're so sexy"] he smiled, turning to face her and kissing her soft lips slowly.
  ellocalypse / 40d 6h 6m 15s
She felt a natural attraction to him, his chest felt so hard and his touches on her body made her so willing to want everything with him…and in time she thought they would get there. She had a marker in her head for when she thought she would be ready. It was dim in the theatre but she could still make him really well out from the light of the movie. She feel his hand run along her thighs, and it made her own body excited, [b “You’re making me excited too…” ] She mentioned. It was so easy to get lost in his kisses. She smiled a little when he buried his face into her chest. She set her arms up to let him fully lift her shirt up. She stood in her nude bra. Ara moaned feeling his lips go to her chest. She felt through his hair gently, so focused on watching him.

[b “Mmm…your chest Is really hard,” ] She commented. She let him touch her chest and saw his cheeks go a bit red, [b “I made…you blush,” ] Ara said it like she achieved something great. It was cute, and it made her smile. She blushed when he said she could touch. She thought he meant…down there, but her mind was corrected when he slid her hand beneath his shirt. She would pull up his shirt, and toss it to the seat next to them.

Ara kissed his neck and trailed down to his chest, her hand exploring, feeing over going down. She’d shift in his lap, to get closer, sitting from the side right now. She’d bring her lips to his, sucking softly on his bottom lip and kissing him again after, moaning into them. She’d open her legs more-just from instinct, wearing her skirt. She traced shapes on his chest, and then her lips moved onto his ear, and would like his earlobe She’d hope he’d like that.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 40d 9h 7m 3s
He liked the taste of her lips and with just the way she was facing him right now, it felt so right. He'd watch the movie, but his eyes would slowly go back to Ara. She was always so pretty to him and he wanted to hold her and kiss her, making her feel that attraction towards him.

He'd kiss and let his tongue glide along hers, whispering in her ear and then smiling as he nuzzled into her neck. He could feel her warmth and smell her sweet vanilla scent. He'd feed her and then replace the popcorn with his lips. He'd smile and then he'd feel her go after his neck and his jaw, her hands touching his body.

[b "Nothing, but you're going to get me excited. You do it so easily"] he smiled and licked her lips as well. He'd kiss her more, his hands gliding down her back and over her ass as he held her on his lap. He'd feel her arms around his neck and then he'd run his hands along her thighs.

He'd feel her press against him and he'd continue to kiss down her neck, kissing her skin with his lips, pressing down and leaving a trail of kisses as he buried his face into her chest. He'd slowly lift her shirt off, his hands gliding up her top. He'd feel her warm skin beneath her and then he press his lips against her chest, taking in all of her. [b "Mmm, your skin is so smooth Ara"] he smiled, feeling her fingers through his hair. He'd touch her chest and then he'd turn a bit red as he faced her [b "You can touch me too Ara"] he'd hold her hand and slowly move it beneath his shirt.
  ellocalypse / 40d 16h 33m 27s
Sylus’s lips kept distracting her from the movie they were trying to watch. She’s already seen it, so she wasn’t bothered. She enjoyed this closeness, kissing him and letting there two tongues play. She could feel his whisper in her ear, and moaned when he kissed it. “Mmm…” Ara closed her eyes when his lips went down her neck, his lips pressing harder an then…he stopped, nuzzling into her. It was hard.

It was teasing her. She tried to reach the popcorn, but he replaced it with a kiss she desired more. She thought the way he smirked was so sexy. She kissed his neck, lick and kiss all then up to his jaw, feeling over his chest.

[b “What’s…so wrong about being turned on?” ] She asked. She relaxed to his touch, fingers running along her side. She licked his lips lightly and kissed him some more, until he parted from her lips and faced her. She stared at him, finding him so damn hot. He helped her on his lap. Ara looped her arms around him, thinking things…wanting things. Wanting to just be close to him.

Ara nibbled at her own lip, looking at his face, and relaxing into his arms. She smiled to herself when she felt his face press against his chest. She had locked the door… Then he brought his lips back to hers. Her fingers went into the back of his head, feeling through his hair. [b “Mmm…” ] Ara moaned into his mouth. She took Sylus’ hand and put it on her boobs, blushing a tad bit but she wanted them to be touched, even through clothes.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 40d 22h 54m 15s
He chuckled a bit [b "Well I do box every once in a while"] he admitted and held her hand in his. He tried to tell he wouldn't be reckless, but she didn't seem to believe him. WHat else was he supposed to do? Let that guy get away with it?

At her place, they sat together in the theater, just setting up the movie and eating popcorn. He was really excited to be spending time with ARa like this, just the two of them being so close together. He ate some popcorn, catching the ones she'd toss and then he would give her some as well. He held her close and would lean in to kiss her soft lips.

He felt her warmth spreading on him as she kissed him in return, letting their tongues glide along each other. He felt her hands slowly moving down and then he would whisper and kiss her ear. He'd kiss down her neck and then press his lips harder, nuzzling in and then tried to feed her popcorn, tricking her with his lips. He'd smirk and then he would see her leaning in, kissing his neck [b "Mmm"] he leaned back a bit, feeling her lips on his body and her hand on his chest. [b "You're going to turn me on this way Ara"] he ran his fingers along her side and then he would face her, helping her onto his lap as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing his face against her chest, kissing her.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 41d 8h 36m 49s
Ara giggled at his reply. [b “You punch too hard,” ] She mentioned. She held his hand, but wasn’t sure if she believed him when he said he wouldn’t do anything reckless, [b “Everything you do has been reckless…” ] Ara reminded. She felt so good hearing him say he was lucky. She felt much better than she did before.

The theatre was just the two of them. They shared popcorn. She tossed some at his mouth. She watched the movie with him. His arm was around her. She felt soo good with him being here and keeping her company. She found Sylus coming in closer. She turned to face him and he kissed her. Ara scooted closer to him and kissed him over again too, layering her tongue with his. She’d moan, feeling soft lips on her neck, her shoulder… She rested her hand on his lap, and without thought gave it a squeeze while he kissed her ear. “Mmmm…”
It was a comfort to at least he the liked her the most. She nibbled at her own lip, moaning more when he continued to kiss her ear. It felt highly sensitive. When he nuzzle into her, she’d kiss his cheek. She got too into the moment with him, a little dazed by the attention she was given.

Ara sighed to herself, and smiled. She’d look at the movie again and noticed his hand coming in with popcorn. She opened her mouth and leaned in and he pulled back. She tried to lean in more and instead got his lips. She giggled and kissed him back. This teasing was fun, but also made her a little wanting. She’d lean in and kiss his neck right after and then, took his hand and placed it on her chest, just wanting to be touched a bit.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 41d 9h 32s
He chuckled a bit [b "Good. THen I'll just do the punching for you"] he told her and then he shook his head [b "It'll be okay. I won't do anything reckless"] he assured her and then he walked with her and would feel really good. HE felt so lucky someone cared for him and wanted to be with him even after finding out everything that he did. [b "I'm one lucky guy"] he smiled.

They sat together in the theater and it was nice and relaxing being the only two there. He ate some popcorn that she offered and he'd bring some up to her lips as well. He sank into the seat and felt so much better they were here safe and sound. [b "Just let me know if you need me"] he kept his arm around her and then he leaned in to kiss her lips. He kissed her over and over and then he would let his tongue play with hers.

His lips then traveled down her neck and over her shoulder, smiling as he felt her hand slip down his lap. Her touch was warm and now familiar, trailing down his skin as he held her hand in his, kissing up to her ear as he whispered [b "Not as much as you. I like you the most"] he whispered, kissing her ear and then nuzzling into her neck. He reached for more popcorn and he would bring it up to her lips, smiling as he held it out. He'd pull it back as she leaned in and replaced it with his lips instead.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 41d 22h 18m 18s
[b “He did…sort of. I mean…I wanted to punch him too,” ] Ara admitted and probably would have if she could. [b “I just don’t want you to get in trouble.” ] Afterall, she always had a thing…for…she sighed to herself. Not the time to be thinking these things. She felt better being with Sylus. She smiled more when he said he wanted to protect her. [b “I want to protect you too-in my own way.” ]

Ara held his hand too, going into the theatre and sitting by his side. She ate popcorn and fed Sylus a few. The more she spend with him, the more she felt like she could relax and not worry about what happened. [b “Thank you…for being here for me.” ] She whispered. She nestled her head into his neck for a second. She played with his fingers, until he kissed her. She shared a few more soft kisses with him. She pushed herself closer to him, loving his arm around her waist. She sucked gently on his bottom lip.

[b “Yea…me too.” ] Ara whispered to his lips. She caressed his cheek and kissed him. Her hand slipped down, landing on his lap. [b “Mmm…” ] She melted w hen he kissed down her neck, then it went back all the way to her cheek. She met his eyes again, [b “Yes, it will be.” ] Ara slid her hand down his arm to his hand.

She squeezed his hand, [b “Sy…have you ever liked someone as much as me?” ] She wondered.
  Ravenity / 41d 22h 29m 43s
He met her eyes and he was really mad at the guy. He was glad that he punched him. He had a broken nose and he felt like no matter what Ara said, he deserved it. [b "I guess. I won't do it next time unless they lay a finger on you"] he told her, wanting her to know that he was upset for her.

[b "You do? I'm glad you feel safe. I want to protect you"] he told her and then he thought about ditching work today. He sent Luke a message saying he couldn't come today and then he started to ask if there were other ways to leave, but decided to delete that message.

He held Ara's hand and walked with her towards the theater, putting on Mulan. He sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist [b "He did catch you by surprise. It's okay, as long as I know where you are, I'll be there"] he assured her and then he nodded, kissing her cheek. He leaned in to kiss her lips, meeting her eyes and was just thankful that she was okay. He kissed her lips once more, his arms moving around her waist and then he would make out with her, missing those lips on his.

He felt so relieved to have her safely in his arms again. [b "I'm just glad you're with me now"] he kissed down her neck towards her shoulder and then her cheek. [b "THen it'll just be you and I at Disneyland"] he wanted her to relax more and be happy with him.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 41d 23h 54m 31s
Ara’s head turned to face him. He truly believed he did the right thing by breaking someone’s nose. That was… [b “Sy…” ] Ara sighed, [b “I hope so. I don’t think it’s right, but I’m not upset…that you did.” ] She felt kind of thankful he did because she wanted to do the same.

[b “When I’m with you, I feel safe,” ] Ara looked at his pretty eyes, feeling a relief that he was with her. She indulged in the kiss he gave her. It was sweet.

That whole thing with Luke…She didn’t think Luke would give it to Sylus. [b “Be careful…I don’t trust Luke.” ] Ara stepped into her home with Sylus. Ara spoke to her chef. They got some popcorn and she sat dwith him. She spaced out for a little while. She liked watching Mulan. She wished she could be that strong, to be brave like her.
[b “But I froze….I didn’t use any self defense.” ] Ara mentioned and found herself being hugged, she smiled a tad bit, [b “Thank you.” ] Maybe Sylus was right, maybe she didn’t have to be helpless.

[b “I’m not used to someone using such strong force on me, and he came from behind, I didn’t know what to do.” ] Ara said, starting to sound a little panicked again. Emotion filled, “You’d do that?” She got a kiss on the cheek. She blushed a bit when he held her chin and tilted her lips. She met his beautiful eyes, feeling all that sweet emotion for him filling her up. She wrapped her arms around him and shared the kiss with him. She’d kiss him for the second and third time and then would stop unless he continued to kiss her. She felt so good being with him, and felt some love she had for him. But she remembered the last time she nearly slipped up, and she wouldn’t dare to make things feel weird again.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 42d 29m 7s
He held her hand in his and led her to the car. He felt that he deserved it for doing that to Ara when she didn't do a single thing. It wasn't fair, so he believed he deserved that broken nose. Ara told him that she didn't think it was right and he just ended up sighing [b "I wanted to make sure he didn't do that to you again"] he told her, holding her close.

He wanted her to be okay and to make sure she was safe, so he'd walk her home, to school, and wherever else she wanted to go. [b "Good. I want you safe"] he kissed her and then they got to her house. He felt lucky she took care of him too though.

He told her about how he didn't want to mess up anymore and how he'd try to continue fights that were unnecessary. [b "I'll do my best"] he walked with her into the house. He wasn't sure how to get away from this whole drug thing, but he felt like his best bet was Luke, so he didn't want to give up on him. [b "I know, but he's my best chance"] he told her, walking inside an seeing the chef.

He smiled and waved as Ara told her the story of what happened [b "Sort of"] he shrugged and then he grinned at the thought of ice cream. He followed Ara down to the theater with her and then he sat with her, seeing her taking his hand. She looked sad.

Sylus took the remote and put it to a Disney movie that was playing. He put in Mulan and just relaxed with her [b "You just have to be confident. You're pretty good with self defense. I know you can do really well too, we just have to get you to not feel helpless because I know you're not"] he hugged her, reassuring her. [b "You can do what I did today, or at least maybe enough to where you can escape. I'll always look after you though"] he kissed her cheek and held her chin, tilting her lips to face him as he kissed her.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 42d 2h 29m 29s
[b “Thanks Ssylus…maybe it isn’t.” ] Ara said, squeezing his hand. She listened to him, ad it was attractive and comforting to hear him talk about how dare that guy did that. [b “I don’t think it’s right to do that no matter what,” ] Ara added. His arms were warm and being held this close made her feel safe and trusting.

[b “Yea…I won’t. I’ll bring someone else with me.” ] Ara nodded, her eyes warm again from it, but he kissed her cheek and he made her feel better. She worried about him, how things in her life was effecting him. [b “I’m fine, I’ll always worry about you. I…like you so much and care for you.” ]

She knew competing was important and she even forgot about him needing a scholarship [b “Then, you can’t have fights like this. I don’t want your future ruined.” ] She squeezed his hand. She saw him looked so shocked that she called him that. She felt guilty and knew she did something so wrong. [b “Yes…I’m sorry.” ] Ara said.

Ara got out of the car with him. She didn’t want to let him go anywhere where it was dangerous. [b “Skip…it then. Luke won’t help you…he’s not a good person,” ] Ara still wasn’t sure how she’d get him out. She did a little research. She hoped that after school she could help Sylus move away where they couldn’t reach him. Maybe she could talk to Luke about cutting more days off for Sy. Maybe…she wasn’t sure if he’d ask for something too hard to give.

They stepped into her house, the door closed behind her. [b “Mmm, okay, lets watch a movie. I”ll make some popcorn first.” ] Ara slightly smiled. She went into the kitchen and saw her chef had just arrived.
“Why are you so here early?” She asked, frowning.
Ara sighed [b “It’s a long story, but some guy tried to corner me, Sylus came – stopped the guy. They allowed me to go home early after we reported it. Could we have some popcorn?” ]
“Oh Ara, I’m so sorry. Of course, anything you’d like. I even got some ice cream for you,” She gently smiled and looked at Sylus, “Thank you for being there for her. You can fight can’t you?”
Ara smiled [b “He sure can…” ]
Her chef went onto popping some popcorn with them and seasoned with some parmesan cheese, garlic powder and salt. She gave the a bowl and said [b “Come back for ice cream after.” ]

[b “Thank you,” ] Ara smiled at her and gave her a hug before going downstairs at there theatre with Sylus. She sat next to him and she’d space out, thinking about how helpless she was. She could have gotten out of it, she could have done something but she freaked out and let him do that.

Ara frowned to herself, staring down at her lap, forgetting to even search what movie to go for. She looked at Sylus, taking hld of his hand again, "I don't know...what I'd do without you." ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 42d 2h 39m 5s

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