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She didn’t like him mentioning about getting her in trouble. He could have died, and she couldn’t even worry about that. [b “If I get a little bit in trouble-then big deal. This is more important.” ] She said. She held his hand tightly took and could feel him holding her tightly. She saw him frown and she felt he should be sorry for getting himself into this mess. [b “You don’t need to thank me…any decent human being would help.” ] She whispered. She was glad that he was at least okay for now.

Ara was stern about sticking with him. She gently smiled when he agreed. [b “Okay,” ] She nodded. She watched him get up [b “Are you okay?” ] She asked and heard his sigh. She frowned, hating the idea of him going back at it again [b “If you tell how much you make, I could try to help you,” ] She offered. She was just a teen and she wasn’t sure how to go on about getting a job, but she wanted to try.

[b “I’m going to worry…” ] She said, she wouldn’t be able to help it. She helped him up, taking hold of his hand. She looked back at him and wondered if it was fine for him to walk. [b “Let’s take a cab just to be safe.” ] She said, and would give a call for a cab. She went out with him and took the cab to his place, arriving at the front door of his apartment. She went on her phone messaging her family to let them know and text messaged Joseph since he texted her.

[b “You should rest for this weekend,” ] She mentioned and recalled [b "Are you hungry? I'll order us some food." ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 46d 20m 16s
He tried his best to say sorry, but it didn't seem like it mattered and she was still going to do what she wanted to do. Sylus just ended up sighing and then he would lay back against the bed, feeling perfectly fine now.

[b "I am okay Ara. I don't want you getting in trouble because of me at home"] he sighed and then he would face her and shake his head. He held her hand tightly in his and then he frowned [b "I'm sorry I worried you, but I'll be fine. Thanks for all the help today"] he was glad she came and helped him, but she didn't have to worry about the bill either.

She didn't seem like she'd budge at leaving and he felt really bad. He couldn't do anything about it [b "I're with me then. Come on, let's go back to my place"] he smiled, slowly getting up and then he heard her and sighed [b "I guess. I need to at least make some money though Ara. I'll figure out a way. You don't have to worry about it"] he told her, feeling like she shouldn't have to be worrying about this stuff at all.

He walked with her, his hand holding hers as they headed outside towards the street. [b "My apartment is pretty close. Should we just walk?"] he suggested.
  ellocalypse / 46d 1h 2m 50s
She ignored him when he apologized. She had to do this, because he was injured.
“Anytime,” Tanner said, and would notice how Ara was holding onto Sylus. He didn’t think anything of it, because Ara had always been very caring. Tanner left for a bit, taking a call.

[b “OF course I have to stay. I have to make sure you’ll keep doing okay. Getting in trouble is the last thing on my mind right now,” ] She meant it. She squeezed his hand, and she’d have to wipe her eyes because she had felt so scared that something was going to happen to him. She’s never been in situations like these. She told him she paid. [b “I have to…” ] So he didn’t go doing a dangerous job to pay for the bill. [b “I’m already hurting, because something could have happened to you.” ]

Tanner left. Ara felt Sylus squeeze her hand again, [b “I’m just really happy they said you’ll be okay,” ] She spoke quietly, her words a little broken. [b “Yes, Tanner is… I told you he’s a softie. I’m not going home yet.” ] She decided. She didn’t even want to, to go face him and possible endure him being upset at her.

The doctor came in and he spoke up. Sylus did look a lot better now. [b “Thank you,” ] Ara said and looked at Sylus [b “You can stay longer if you’d like. I’ll be with you. Or well, either way, I’ll take you to your home and stay with you for a while.” ] She said. The doctor had left and she moved to sit on the edge of the bed, [b “Promise me you won’t do any jobs, at least until you heal and then I’ll find you another solution, okay?” ] She said. She didn’t know how or what she’d do but she wanted to figure something out. She didn’t like that he was endangering himself or the fact he was doing something illegal-which did not give her a good view of him but primary she was worried.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 46d 4h 37m 53s
The doctor let them know that it was going to be okay. It wasn't threatening, but they did have to make sure he was stable from all the blood loss and the infection. Sylus laid in bed, his eyes staring out the window at first. WHen he realized that he heard ARa's voice, he would look over at her and then he frowned [b "I'm sorry for making you two go through this. I didn't mean to"] he sighed, feeling Ara squeezing his hand tight. [b "I am fine. I will be. Thanks to you two"] he told them and was sad to hear he let them both skip.

He hoped that Ara's father wasn't so upset that he'd inadvertently harm her again. [b "You don't have to stay Ara....I don't want you getting in trouble. I'll be okay. If I have to stay the night, they'll let me"] he told her and then he squeezed her hand in his. [b "I thought I cleaned it up well. I guess not"] he frowned, seeing her eyes watering. She was crying....crying for him and it surprised him. Someone cared that much for him that they'd cry? He nearly gasped when she said she paid for it. [b "Ara....please. You don't have to keep doing all this for me. It's getting you in trouble and I don't want to see you hurting"] he frowned, soon seeing Tanner leave.

[b "Thank you. I'll be okay. You saved me"] he squeezed her hand again, wishing he could give her a kiss. [b "Tanner's really nice. You should get home"] he told her, hoping she would get back without her dad getting upset.

The doctor returned to the room, looking at Sylus' charts. [b "You're looking a lot better now. You can be discharged if you want. Your bill has been taken care of and you're free to go"] he told him. [b "Just take it easy and try not to move your arm so much. We've stitched it up"] he told him.
  ellocalypse / 46d 14h 57m 20s
Hearing what the doctor said still made him worry. She was glad they got him here in time. She took a chair, and would hold his hand. She wiped her eyes with her other hand. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Seeing that much blood and touching his blood made her more sick than ever. She wasn’t good with that stuff. He was awake, which was a relief to her.

[b “You weren’t okay…and school ends in twenty minutes.” ] She mentioned quietly. She would squeeze his hand.
“What she said. I’m glad you’re doing fine now. That looked pretty bad, “Tanner said. He didn’t understand if what they told the doctors was the truth but he had no clue what else it could be.

[b “I’ll get you home once you’re free, “] Ara said, figuring she should make sure he got home safely. She had a long list of texts on her phone but she ignored it. She knew two were from her dad…for skipping again. She hoped at least the consequences weren’t being forced to leave the school.

Tanner got a clal, so he went to go deal with that out in the hall.
Ara stayed silent for a while, and then she whispered, [b “You could have died from an infection…” ] She mentioned [b “Or forget that…from worse injuries. I’m so glad that you’re okay but you can’t keep doing this.” ] Her eyes watered again. She took a deep breath [b “I paid…for this by the way.” ] She thought it would be a good idea to tell him since he wouldn’t have to worry now.

Ara would quickly grab her phone and send a message to let everyone know she was safe. She tried to explain to her dad that she was helping an injured friend and was at the hospital. Hopefully that was enough. She set her phone away and Tanner came back.
“Looks like I have to go but, will you two be okay?” Tanner asked, not felling good about leaving.
[b “I can handle it,” ] Ara said [b “Thank you for helping.” ]
“Yea, no, it’s nothing. Any time, you too Sylus.” Tanner said before he had to leave
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 46d 15h 12m 7s
He really didn't think that the scrape on his shoulder would be that bad. He patched it up last night and he just had to change the bandages a few times. He didn't get why it had Ara worrying so much. As he sat there, he felt dizzy and soon fell on the grass. He was able to text Ara in case something bad happened.

It soon felt like time lapsed as he laid on the grass and heard her voice. IT was soothing, but it was starting to sound far away. He felt Tanner helping him up and he'd try his best to stay awake. He sat in the car with her, his head leaning against her shoulder. As he felt her hand in his, he'd nod [b "Mkay..."] he'd manage to say, but he was going in and out of consciousness. He would see Ara trying to put pressure on his wound and he didn't get why it wasn't clotting yet.

Once they were at the hospital, a few doctors came in and brought Sylus into the emergency room. They told Ara and Tanner to wait for a bit as they took care of him. He was laid back against the bed and full team of doctors patched up his arm and soon had him in a room an hour later.

The doctor was asking for his parents, but they weren't given any information. He looked at Ara and Tanner "He'll be okay. He had an infection that wouldn't allow the blood to clot properly. Good thing you guys got him here. He was losing a lot of blood. For now he'll be fine and he's stable in the room. We're giving him some antibiotics for now" he told them, allowing them inside.

Sylus was laying on the bed, his eyes opened and he looked really tired and worn out. He saw Ara and Tanner and wondered what time it was. She told him he needed to quit and he would just nod a bit. [b "Thanks for taking me here"] he told them, but he was worried about how much this would all cost and how he was going to explain the situation.

So far he was able to get away with falling from a tree because he wanted to see over a fence and so far it was working.

[b "I'll be okay. You guys should head back to school"] he told them, surprised that Tanner was willing to help him out.
  ellocalypse / 46d 15h 40m 30s
If he wanted her help. She wanted to give her help even if he didn’t want it.
Lunch came around. She walked back with Joseph and received the text. The moment she read it, she head her way towards Sylus. She saw him on the grass, laying. Her eyes warmed and tears folded her eyes. [b “Don’t sleep, not yet.” ] She half begged. She heard him buts he pretended not to. She had to bring him to the hospital without a doubt because she didn’t know his state and it was too risky. She held his hand and felt him hold hers too. [b “What?…” ] And then she wondered if that’s what he wanted her to tell people who asked. [b “Yea…okay,” ]

She sent a message to Tanner. She saw him coming, and she felt so much relief. [b “Thank you so much for coming.” ] She told him.
“Hey, it’s not a big deal. Are you okay Sylus?” Tanner asked and he looked really out of it and then he saw the blood, “Shit.”
[b “He fell from the tree.” ] Ara fibbed. Tanner looked at her like something hit her in the head because he could not see how he could have been here and landed on a tree since the tree was far off. Answers later, he thought to himself. Tanner helped Sylus out, getting him into the car. Ara sat in the back seat with Sylus. Tanner decided he’d come along to help out.
Ara looked at Sylus who was struggling to keep his eyes open. She’d take hold of his hand and gave it a squeeze [b “Hang on, okay? We’re going to the emergency room and you’re going to be okay.” ] She explained and decide,d she also needed to do something now about the bleeding. She only had her wallet on her. She lifted up his shirt and would take some of the gauze that was already there and tighten it up to apply more preassure, and getting her hands…a bit bloody. She felt like puking but held it together.

“What the fuck happened, “Tanner mumbled to himself.
They arrived at the hospital shortly. Tanner would help out Sylus, but the distance was stil far. So, he let Ara carry Sylus wait while he went to go inside and explain the situation. Then others came to help Sylus in, taking him into a room. Ara and Tanner stood outside in the waiting room. She had to explain what happened and she’d say ‘He fell from a tree.’ Ara found her hands trembling a bit, and she kept thinking the worst scenarios, that it was an infection, that it got to him really bad and he wouldn’t live, or something. Tanner put his arm around her and tried to comfort her but he was stunned himself. People that were there would look at her hands, until a nurse came and helped her clean up.

Again, she was waiting with Tanner, for news and for when they were allowed to see Sylus. When they were, Ara would make a dash for it and go into the room. She’d take hold of his hand, sitting by, feeling mix of anger, worry and sadness all at once. Tanner stood by, trying to piece things together and wondering if Sylus was okay now.
[b “This is why you need to quit.” ] Ara whispered.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 46d 15h 52m 59s
He didn't want to get her involved even if he knew it was wrong. It was hard to rid of something that provided for you your entire life and he knew Ara wouldn't understand that. He sighed and then he looked at her blue eyes, seeing worry and concern. He really hoped that everything would be okay. [b "Okay. If I want help....I'll ask you for it Ara, don't worry"] he told her, going to class with her.

After class, he faced her and Joseph, not wanting to argue or fight right now because his shoulder hurt. He did his best to just pull away and head over to the back of of the school to try and eat lunch and just relax. He was sweating a bit and his arm ached, but as he ate his food and looked at his phone, he felt so dizzy.

He saw the blood seeping through his shirt and he gasped a bit as he was slowly passing out. When Ara soon came after him, he was laying on the grass, just opening his eyes a bit as he faced her [b "Ara, I'm sleepy"] he told her, but when she mentioned hospital, he shook his head. [b "I can't...not there"] he mumbled the last part and was slowly passing out. He held her hand [b "I....fell....from a tree okay?"] he told her, trying to stay awake in case they needed an excuse. If he told the truth, it'd be over for him.

He soon saw Ara leave and then come back with Tanner. He slowly tried to get up with their help, but his eyes kept getting droopy. He did his best to walk towards the cab that Ara called and as he sat in the back seat, he struggled so hard to keep his eyes open [b "'s kind of cold"] he told her.
  ellocalypse / 46d 16h 18m 7s
Listening to him made her start to think he didn’t get it. [b “It’s still very wrong…” ] She read up what happened to people who did this, and it mae her feel uncomfortable. She tried to come up with ways that she could help him, so that he’d quit. She didn’t like the idea of him working in that sort of job.

[b “It doesn’t matter because I do worry. Not as much as you. I don’t see my dad often.” ] She tried. She wanted to help somehow. She contemplated what she could do during class. She didn’t even know how much money he needed for a month. If she knew that then…maybe she could figure out what type of job she could find for him.

Ara took hold of his hand. She felt a sense of relif hearing that he didn’t have work today. Joseph came in, and she couldn’t stick around Sylus. She didn’t want things to end in a fight. Sylus was already injured. She went with Joseph to go get lunch. She still felt unwell and rather sleep some more. They ate at a restaurant near by. He was being affectionate with her and she didn’t know how to handle it. It didn’t feel the same as before…but it was still faintly there. He asked about her band aid. She told him that it was an accident and he’d hug her. They head back to school together, and she noticed her phone buzz. She read it through and tried not to show it through her expression.

[b “Jose, you go ahead, I need to grab something,” ] She told him.
“I can come with you,” He said, holding her hand.
[b “Um…that’s okay, you go on ahead.” ] She said, and parted ways with him. She sent a text message to Sylus ‘Where are you???’ If he didn’t reply, she would go gave a look around the school until she found him, sitting down and looking out of it. She noticed blood coming through his shirt. She felt out of breath. She instantly made it beside him [b “Sy, what happened? Let’s get you to a hospital.” ] She insisted. She’d go into her phone to get a cab there. She would hold his hand [b “Don’t pass out, keep awake.” ] Because she knew she couldn’t carry him. And then, she’d have to find someone, maybe…Tanner.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 46d 16h 32m 5s
He wanted to provide for the orphanage and if he couldn't, he felt like he didn't even deserve to be doing this right now. He really wanted the kids and his mom not to struggle. She mentioned destroying his life and then he frowned [b "I'm just giving people that make a purchase what they want. That's it. I'm not using them or stealing them from anywhere"] he told her and then he sighed, figuring she wouldn't get it.

She kept saying she wanted to help, but he didn't want her to join in and add more problems to her list when she was already dealing with so much on her own. [b "I....don't want you to worry so much. You have a lot on your plate already"] he frowned and then she said she'd help him quit. He was thankful she cared, but he wasn't sure if that was a good thing. He needed income.

Once they got to class, he couldn't really say anything because he didn't know if she wanted to still be his friend or not. After class, he headed towards the door and then he felt her hand in his. He looked back [b "Um...not today"] he told her, seeing Joseph. He looked back at him and then he just sighed a bit. [b "It's fine Ara. I'll see you later"] he wanted to talk to her, but I guessed it was her and Joseph time.

He left to go to the back of the school and decided to eat lunch by himself. He was getting a bit dizzy and noticed that his bandage was seeping with blood again. Maybe this time was too much. He felt like maybe he needed stitches. Sylus bit down on his lip and he slowly began passing out at the back of the school. He sent Ara a text. [i "I'm not feeling very well....I think I might pass out...."] he sent.
  ellocalypse / 46d 16h 56m 45s
This wasn’t good. She looked at him and wondered if he exactly knew how wrong. She didn’t understand. Could the orphanage really not survive without his money? How did they fare before then? [b “Because it’ll destroy your life, that’s why not. And, your supporting a system that’s hurting others.” ] She said. She…didn’t know if she could be around this. But, she did care for him, even if she didn’t’ know him for so long. She didn’t think it was right.

She thought about her dad, and she honestly didn’t know how it would work out but she wanted to try. [b “Let me help. I’ll be fine, he won’t get upset at me for suggesting a place to donate to. Of course I’m going to worry.” ] How could she not? She tried to explain it from her point of you. He was sighing and it didn’t sound like he was going to give in. [b “Then…I’ll help you find a way to quit.” ] She offered. From the sounds of it…it didn’t sound like he wanted her help at all.

They got to class. They didn’t talk much. She kept thinking and didn’t know if she should be considering dating him. She’s heard on the news what happened to people who got involved in those situations. They went to prison, people around them got hurt, or shot dead when they least expected it. A chill went down her spine. What if…something really bad happened to Sylus?

The bell rang. He got up and would head out. [b “No wait, Sy.” ] She would take hold of his hand. She didn’t care for the attention she got. [b “Wait… You’re not working today are you?” ] She asked, feeling the anxiety going through her. She saw Joseph at the door. She released his hand slowly.
“Ara, come on,” Joseph said, eyeing Sylus.
[b “Just a second, I…have to do some work with Sylus,” ] Ara fibbed.
“Do it later.” Joseph said, taking hold of her wrist. Ara scrunched up her face when he did, [b “Yes, but-“ ]
“We’re planning to eat out for lunch, remember, come on.” He tugged at her.
She just wanted him to stop tugging. She looked back at Sylus, and she didn’t know if she should just uphold this charade. She looked at Joseph [b “Can’t we do it Monday?” ]
“Why are acting like this? Is something going on?” He asked, and glanced at Sylus. He really didn’t like Ara being close to him.
[b “No…no, nothing,” ] Ara said quickly seeing how Joseph was looking at Sylus and she didn’t want Joseph to start a fight [b “Let’s go get lunch. I’ll…see you later Sy.” ] Ara said, feeling worried.
  Ravenity / 46d 17h 46m 3s
He told her the truth, the reasoning behind why he was selling drugs and how he needed to support himself and the orphanage. He wanted to be able to make enough so those kids could live comfortably just like how he was raised. There was no room for buts. This was how he needed to survive and help them survive.

[b "I know it's wrong, but I need this more than that. I need to help them so they don't have to struggle and if it means getting hurt once in a while, why not?"] he told her and then he heard her saying she'd find a different way.

[b "I don't want you involved in this and I don't want you risking anything if your father is already doing all of this. Don't worry about me right now"] he sighed, knowing his mother probably wouldn't accept where it was all coming from. He simply told her to not worry about it and use it for the orphanage.

[b "You don't have to do anything for me. I know it's wrong"] he sighed and the he got up and walked with her to their next class. He let her take a seat and then he would sit beside her, taking out his notebook and just doing his best to copy down some notes or to work on some homework. She didn't have to tell him how horrible it was. He knew. He just had no other choice.

When the bell rang, Sylus got up. He looked over Ara and wondered if she'd still want to hang out with him now that she knew. [b "Have a good lunch"] he told her and then he headed towards the back of the school again.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 46d 18h 14m 21s
She sat there still, stunned and trying to wrap her mind around it while focusing on what he was saying. He’s reasoning sounded logical when he put it that way but she knew better. She knew that wasn’t right. [b “There’s other ways to make money. It’s wrong…” ] She mostly spoke to herself. She could understand wanting to help the orphanage but would they even accept it if they knew where that money came from?

Ara nibbled at her lip. She was getting a mix of emotions, angry, upset, sad for him, worried and then she figured he trusted her enough to tell her. “That’s where you…got your injuries from. It could kill you.” ] She said, sucking in her stomach. She tried to sleep the shock off. When she woke up, they walked along side each other. She said what was on her mind.

[b “Then, I’ll help you find a different way.” ] She said with determination. IT wasn’t right… Drugs killed people, and the people who were in charge of it all were most likely murders too. She shuddered, and wondered if Sylus ever hurt someone severely. [b “No…you don’t have to. What good does it do? You’d think your mom would want the money if it meant putting you in danger? Or taking part of things that have a reputation of murder and death?” ] She lectured and figured he was smart enough to realize that himself [b “It’s not safe…you’re life could get ruined. I can try to help you find something.” ] She glanced at him.

She didn’t even know how. [b “I can get my dad’s company to donate to the orphanage. So you don’t have to.” ] She suggested. She didn’t know how she’d make any of it happen but…he couldn’t do this.

She heard him and couldn’t even believe it. She would nod [b “Yes…” ] She didn’t want to be marked absent and be called out for skipping again. She walked with him to the class, and they got into there seat. She kept thinking about it, worrying about Sylus and…not knowing if she could even date him in the first place now.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 46d 18h 26m 51s
He didn't want her dad harming her at all, but when she mentioned that she could take care of it, he figured that he couldn't do anything about it. She said she'd handle it and she couldn't tell him a thing, so he'd see how it went for now.

Sylus just took in a deep breath and decided to say it for now. He told her what he did, telling her the truth. IF anything, he knew Ara wouldn't say anything, wouldn't just throw him under the bus. He trusted her to keep the secret at least. [b "I do. I'm more of a middle man than the drug dealer. My roommate offered me a job to make money fast and I took it. It's helped the orphanage and my family and I'm able to support myself. It's all I have"] he told her and then he saw her looking at him differently and he figured this would happen.

[b "It is illegal, dangerous, and I didn't want you a part of it. That's why I kept it a secret"] he told her, seeing her soon sleep. He woke her up and she told him to stop [b "I can't. I need the money"] he told her, shaking his head as he helped her up. [b "I have to right now. At least until I graduate and get a good job"] he shrugged and then hoped she would at least still like to hang around him. [b "We should get back to class"] he told her.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 46d 18h 48m 56s
She’d shrug [b “it’s fine… I have ways to take care of it.” ] She never known her dad to be actually caring-expect well, when she was young and when here mom was there. She met his eyes and then he suddenly hit her with ‘I sell drugs.’

Ara held her breath, and she gave a delayed shocked reaction as she tried to process what he had said. She couldn’t have heard right. Her crazy theory couldn’t have been right, because Sylus was sweet. He wouldn’t…do that. But, he said it. She trained to remain from dropping her jaw. Then she remembered she was tired and, then she laughed [b “I thought for a second I heard you tell me ‘I sell drugs.’ Wow, I’m tried.” ] She nudged his shoulder.

There was just no way. But then he confirmed It again about saying she could look at him differently. She stayed silent and repeated the words in her head. [i Sylus ] sold drugs. He sold [i drugs. ] And she was certain they weren’t legal drugs.

[i You like him. You can’t date a drug dealer. ] [b “You’re a drug dealer?” ] She repeated and felt a knot in her chest. She had such mixed emotions. [i Am I okay with that? ] She thought about it and then realized, she wasn’t. [b “You’re serious…” ] She said slowly under her breath. She didn’t know what to make of it, and she was just too tired. [b “I don’t…I don’t know… That’s…illegal. That’s dangerous and…hurting…others…people die because of drugs.”] She rambled. She didn’t know how to handle it.

She reste don his lap, and fell asleep because she was that tired. She felt a shake and she opened her eyes. She got his help to get up. They had next period together. She sapced out again, and recalled hearing him say ‘I sell drugs’ and she knew as much as she wished she had dreamt that, she knew it was real. [b “You need to stop.” ] She said without much thought but that she was certain of. [b "You don't need to do that..." ] She whispered.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 46d 18h 55m 37s

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