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She hated seeing someone in pain, even if it was Luke. She started to wonder if Luke wanted any of this either. If he believed what he was doing was a mistake. She understood Sylus, but she never tried to understand Luke. Although, he still hadn’t been nice to her.

She stepped out with Sylus. She held onto him. [b “Really? Well…okay.” ] Ara whispered. She wondered if he was telling her the truth. She felt the anxiety of something happening to him making way. She’d watch a movie with him. Sh liked this movie. IT was nice and Sylus holding her in with his arm around her waist comforted her. She’d stay quiet and enjoy just being close to him. Her eyes were falling. She felt tired, emotionally drained.

“Mmm?” Ara responded with his question. She’d look up at his eyes and realized what he had said. She’d walk with him into his bedroom. She snuggled underneath the sheets and would sleep by him. She liked how Sylus snuggled into her, arm around her waist. She kissed his lips back too. “Night,” ] She whispered.

Ara’s heart leap. She’d sit up quickly, hearing the echoes of….that wasn’t fireworks was it? She’d grip onto the sheets and felt her body grow stiff every time she hard a bang. She clearly knew the sound of a gun. Ara saw Sylus peeking out the window, but quickly going to the door. Her eye’s would follow him. She picked out her phone and dialed 911 and explained she heard gunshots across the street. She hung up.

She looked out the window. She saw what was happening, door bashed open, guns firing. Ara closed her eyes and accidently screamed for a split second. Her legs turned into pudding and she sat on the ground. She’d cover her ears, feeling rattled, and shakey. Tears poured down. She saw Sylus coming back, closing the curtains behind her. [b “I’m scared.” ] Ara said quietly. She looked into the darkness of the room, and truly was starting to realize just how unsafe the world was. She always got hurt when she did wrong, and Sylus almost died.

She’d get lost in her thought that she’d miss what he would be saying to her if he said anything. She’d squeeze her eyes shut, feeling her heart pounding against her chest. Every sound was insanely loud to her, just like how thunder was. Loud…and terrifying, or the water, or her dad. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this. This wasn’t really happening. She swore she could just sit here all night but then she realized she had nothing to protect herself.

“Sy, do you still have the gun I gave you?” ] She’d say quietly, weakly. [b “Why is it like this? This isn’t how everything is supposed to be. People aren’t supposed to hurt each other.” ] She’d mumble.
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He didn't want to disturb Luke, but it seemed like ARa really wanted to make sure he was okay even after all of the things he's done to them. He knew he had to help too, but what was he going to do if he just closed the door on them.

Ara went straight in and then he followed, looking over to see Luke already trying to patch himself up. He would sigh a bit and then try to help him out as well. He would grab some bandages and apply some ointment and then wrap up the other scratches he had on his body. Sylus glanced over to see the bag he had at the edge of his bed. He had a stack of cash filled. What they did for some money.

He would frown, seeing Ara getting teary eyes. HE knew she was worried and didn't want anything happening to them, but it was the life they had chosen and he couldn't get out of that easily. ONce they finished, Luke looked like he'd pass out any second.

Luke thanked them both and took a sip of water before falling asleep. Sylus held her hand and would walk with her back to the living room, taking a seat on the couch. [b "Me? Not really. I try to plan it out so I don't end up like that"] he told her, not wanting her to think about it at all.

He turned on the TV and put it to ratatouille. He relaxed and wrapped his arm around her waist, not wanting to tell her that sometimes if he wasn't careful, he'd end up like Luke a few times. HE even had a few scars to prove it, but luckily they weren't as bad.

He noticed her falling asleep [b "Ar, come on. Let's head to bed?"] he suggested, holding her hand in his and then leading her back to his room. He would let her lay back and he would climb in beside her. He knew she had it rough right now, but maybe it'd get better after a few days.

Sylus would snuggle into her, his arms draping around her waist as he kissed her lips. [b "Night Ara"] he smiled, slowly falling asleep beside her.

He woke up the next morning to a few gunshots in the neighborhood. It was only 3am, but it was firing off. Sylus would take a peek out the window, seeing a few people on the street, someone was robbing a house. He quickly got up and then he made sure the front doors were locked and he also put up a chair. He checked the windows, seeing LUke was still fast asleep.

He then hurried back to the bedroom and closed his curtains. He hoped it didn't wake Ara.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 46d 13h 10m 18s
Ara set her eyes on him firmly and then shook her head, [b “It doesn’t matter. He could be really hurt.” ] She would rise up and go to Luke’s door. She’d open the door and demand it. She saw him trying to wrap a bandage around his arm, which she imagined it to be difficult on his own. She frowned when he mentioned how he’s been treating her. [b “Because I don’t likes seeing you suffer.” ] Ara said.

Sylus spoke up, and she was glad he came too. Ara would sit down near Luke and clean his wounds up too. She’d use a cream she had in her kit over some of the wounds. She nearly flinched when she saw the deep cut on his shoulder. Her eyes would warm up again. Did Sylus get this hurt too? Why was Luke okay with this? Getting hurt for something so dangerous…and not worth it. Ara would turn her head away and wipe her eyes quickly.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about Sylus helping…if it meant Sylus would get hurt. She’d dress the wounds up, [b “Don’t move too much. Drink plenty of water, rest, and eat healthy meals. If a fever kicks up, go the hospital or if not a hospital, message me. I an give you something that will help.” ] Ara instructed quietly. She’d stand up again, seeing him rest back. She would quickly go into the kitchen and brought him a glass of water near by at least.

[b “I had to. But in return you have to heal.” ] Ara said firmly. She let Sylus take her hand. They walked out and went into the living room. She’d sit down with him and lean into Sylus. [b “Do you get hurt like that?” ] Ara whispered. She’d squeeze his hand and then stopped because it hurt her wrist to exercise any muscles right now. [b “Yea…we can watch a movie.” ] Ara half smiled. She snuggled into him and watched the movie. She felt…the stress of what could happened to Sylus…and then also going back home. She was eventually feeling quite tired, from all the emotions. She’d try to keep her eyes open though.
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He was enjoying playing games with her, feeling really good about his skills. He never thought that Ara was a really good gamer until now. She was beating him so easily in mario kart that he wasn't sure what else to do. Even in overcooked, he tried to put out the fires and he did his best to keep the food going, but sometimes it got too hectic.

They fed each other and played some more, munching until Luke arrived.

Luke came in and he looked completely hurt. Sylus was raised wit him from the orphanage, so he offered him pizza even after all the crap he put him through. He didn't want the guy to be harmed at all, after all, he's also been helping him out a few times as well.

Sylus watched him grab a pizza and refuse their help, soon going to his room and closing the door. He tried to ignore it, but then Ara reminded him of what happened to him. [b "Yeah I know....but he doesn't want my help"] he sighed a bit and then he slowly got up and then he went to help Ara out as they waited for Luke to answer the door.

Luke left the door partially open so they could just waltz in. When Ara came in, he was laying on the bed, wrapping his arm in a bandage "You said you two could come in here. Just leave me alone"] he sighed, seeing Ara just come in looking desperate. "Why would you want to help me? I treated you like trash" he told her.

[b "Ara is sweet and she's nice. We just want to help you. We've both been through it"] he told him, grabbing some bandages from the bathroom and then going over. He helped clean up Luke's wound. He had a few cutes on his arms, a deep cut on his shoulder as well. They patched it up as best they could. [b "You have to be more careful LUke. If you know you can't get out of there have to plan a different route or something"] he told him, trying to help him out.

[b "If you need my help or anything, just let me know"] he cleaned up the blood from his older bandages and would help ARa out as well. Luke laid back against his bed, looking at the two. "Thanks. You didn't have to do this" he told them, just trying to relax. "I'll take care of it from here" he mentioned as Sylus glanced over, seeing how tired he looked. [b "Let's let him rest"] he held her hand and walked with her back to the living room. He grabbed another slice of pizza and sat on the couch. [b "Movie?"]
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They were on their A-game and all the sudden Sylus caused a fire. She would loudly whine and then he tried to use the extinguisher at her. [b “Sy!” ] She whined, and then she’d release a laugh that had a hint of sadness. But it was fun. She had…so much fun. He was warm…and she felt like this early afternoon almost never happened.

The sight of Luke upset her. Even more so when he looked a bit pale, and had blood seeping through. It reminded her of how Sylus got injuried and he had to go to the hospital. It made her sick to her stomach thinking of it happening ever again.

She ignored it. She played with Sylus, and they would eat pizza too. Sylus sometimes fed her which was so cute. She melted into him, even dancing a little while she sat since she was being fed and got to play. Which was a mistake because she felt her back ache a little, so she toned it down.

She saw Luke again…and she couldn’t bare it. When she saw someone hurt, it was hard to stop from wanting to everything possible to make it good. [b “That’s what Sylus said when he went the hospital.” ] Ara mentioned. She let Sylus try to convince him but it didn’t seem to work. She’d watch Sylus come back in and sit down.

[b “But…Sy, he’s hurt.” ] Ara said softly [b “That could be you.” ]
She heard his laughter and watched him take another bite. But that nagging ache of not doing something when she knew something could go wrong… She couldn’t tolerate it. She’d take the bit ehe fed her and kissed him back but she looked distracted. [b “I can’t… I can’t just sit here. How can you do nothing too?” ] She said. She’d get up, go into her backpack, where she had a small box, the size of her hand for emergencies. Ever since that happened with Sylus, she carried one.

She knock first to give Luke a warning. She’d open the door “Luke, take off your shirt. I need to see where you got hurt. It could get infected…don’t be stubborn. I’m not leaving you alone until I can make sure it is just nothing.” ] She said firmly. Her eyes got warm, but not that visibily because she kept thinking of Sylus and just from being overwhelmed from today.
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Sylus was having so much playing games with Ara. Not only did he never really sit down and get to be a normal teenager, but he felt so at ease right now. It relaxed him to know that she was safe and wanted to be with him. [b "This is so much fun"] he relaxed into the couch, trying his best to cook up the dishes exactly as how it said at the top.

He would make the wrong pizza sometimes or accidentally start a fire. He'd grab the fire extinguisher and shoot the fire and at Ara [b "You're on fiiiire"] he laughed and would snuggle into her until LUke came.

He looked worn out and had some blood seeping through his shirt. Sylus offered him pizza, but he looked out of it. He went to his room and Sylus would play another level with Ara and then he went to get them some pizza. He set it down on the table and he took a slice, taking a bite. He fed Ara a slice as well, but when she looked over at Luke and offered to fix him up, he just shrugged.

"It's not bad. I've been through worse"

[b "COme on Luke. We can see you're bleeding. Let us at least put on the bandages"] he told him, sighing a bit and walking over. Luke just shook his head "It's fine. I got it. Good night" he grabbed the food and headed into the room and shut the door.

Sylus just let out a deep breath and took another seat on the couch. [b "Let's just let him be. I bet this pizza is better than the one we're making in the game right now"] he laughed, feeling her another bite and then kissing her lips.
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Ara was filled with giggles and smiles when she was playing with Sylus. Her heart was was filled with such warmth. She would stick out her tongue when he called it no fair. [b “Yes it is!” ] She cheered. She crossed her legs onto the sofa and was so focused when they played overcooked. She was determined to get those three stars. Her and Sylus…failed a few times. But it was all fun and games. She was filled with laughter. She’d accidently threw the food into the garbage instead of him. She’d lay down and laugh.

Ara hugged him so tightly after he cheered too. She paused the game so they could snack a bit. She didn’t say anything to Luke since she…didn’t like him very much. Then she noticed the blood…which sends her chills down her spine. He looked exhausted. She didn’t say anything. It wasn’t her business. He got Sylus into hell.

[b “You could use a little of it.” ] Ara mumbled. Thinking it wasn’t even weird. Ara grinned when Sylus asked [b "Mmm! Let's do it until we get three stars. I'm...having a lot of fun and feel so much better thanks to you. I'm so thankfull..." ] She whispered the last bit and felt her eyes become warm because it meant a lot to her. Having someone here when things got bad. She'd play but she couldn’t get rid of the nagging guilt that maybe he got hurt. Why should she care? He was mean. She watched Sylus and then back at Luke getting some pizza. She sighed, hating herself but… [b “Luke, are you okay? Did you get injured? I got first aid training. I know to…bandage things up. I can help.” ] She suggested. She really could never get that rid of that want to help people even if they weren’t so nice.
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He would walk with her, carrying their bags from the mall to the grocery store. Looking through the aisles, Sylus would pick out some snacks he wanted, grabbing some chips and some candy. Once Ara had her fill, he held onto the rest of the bags as they made it back to his apartment. He felt really excited to be able to play with her and just have a relaxing day without anyone else.

He headed in the living room after he changed into his pjs, putting the pizza quickly in the oven so it could bake. HE then grabbed their snacks and set them on the table, soon helping ARa set up the brand new console. He set the boxes away and then he would hold onto the controller she gave him. It made him smile to see that she knew what she was doing.

[b "You have. Okay, let me know what to press and click"] he held onto the controller and played with her, trying to drive and catch up to her, but she kept throwing out items and he was slowly falling behind. He would laugh [b "Hey! NO fair!"] he chuckled, not able to get in front of her as he lost.

WHen they played overcooked, it was a much easier playing field because they both weren't sure what to do. They cooked up dishes, but sometimes the ingredients burned or they made something wrong. He'd toss the food to her, trying to get it served.

Sylus tried to do his best and when they played, he'd eat on some chips, offering Ara some too. He'd kiss her cheek and when they won their first three stars, he jumped for joy and cheered. [b "We did it!"] he laughed, soon seeing Luke coming in. He glanced over and saw that he returned from deliveries.

"A party huh? You two gonna take over the house soon?" he asked, looking tired. There was a bit of blood on his sweater. [b "Luke, I have a pizza cooking if you want some. Why not wind down and play with us?"] he suggested.

"I'm good. I might catch your lovey dovey weirdness. I'll grab some of that pizza though"

Luke used to be such a good friend, but ever since he tried to get out of the gang business, they've been distant. He still wanted to be able to make their situation more livable at least. [b "Ar, let's play another round. I'm getting used to making the pizza"] he chuckled.
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[b “That would be nice.” ] Ara smiled, [b “You should.” ]
They went to pick out snacks after they got their games. They arrived at Sylus’ apartment. She never ate so much junk food ever in one day. It kind of made her excited. She would change back into her PJ’s and then sit down on his bed. She would open up the packaging of the switch. Then she recalled how they didn’t have a TV in his room. [b “Sy, how about we go into the living room? It’s better if we have a bigger screen.” ] She mentioned, [b ”And I don’t want to get your bed messy with snacks.”] She suggested. If he agreed, they’d go into his living room and set it up. She’d sit up and she set up the controllers.

She would mount the two controllers in for him so he could use it like a normal controller. She put it in his hands and did the same for herself. [b “Um…well I’ve played Mario kart before. So I can show you that.” ] Ara gently smiled. She’d point at each button and explain what each one did.

Then she’d start up the game. They gave it a go at the lowest speed. She’d have to pause and explain to Sylus again. It was a bit funny. It made her smile. She played with him a few games and he was getting the hang of it. She threw a banana pile at him when he got too close and giggled. [b “I’m winning! You’ll never beat me.” ] She cheered. Then they’d switch the game to overcook. She’s never played before either, so they both sucked. She’d eat their snacks now and then, feeding Sylus a chip.

They were losing track of time as they played. It was just fun, and Ara as perfectionist, she aimed to get three stars before moving onto the next. She heard the door open. She’d give one glance and saw Luke. She ignored him and continued to play with Sy. She would accidently cheer “Yes! Three stars Sy!” And then hug him tightly. “We make a good team.”
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He didn't have much because he never really needed anything at home, other than what the orphanage provided him with. He had a bed, a home, and all the amenities, so he didn't care too much. Still, it was starting to make him wonder if ARa would be bored here since he didn't have much.

He held her in his arms, running his fingers over her back as he traced some shapes and then pressed his lips against hers. [b "I can? Maybe before bed I can play you a song"] he smiled and then he got up and dressed to change into some jeans.

Once he was ready, he walked with Ara to the mall, holding her hand and hoping her mood lightened up. He could see her looking a bit hesitant as they walked around, but he would wrap his arm around her waist in hopes of helping her feel better.

THey got to the game store and then he would follow her around, picking up a few games and then seeing her look a bit sad. He'd lean in to kiss her cheek, noticing her move closer to him at times. He would then help carry everything outside, walking back with her.

They stopped by a grocery store and he would pick out some snacks, some chips and candy and then he even bought a frozen pizza for dinner with ARa's opinions [b "Yeah, let's relax tonight. It sounds like a great idea"] he grinned, squeezing her hand in his as he walked with her back to the apartment.

He set the groceries away and then he headed into his room, taking a seat on the bed as they unboxed the new switch and set it up. [b "You're going to show me how to play Ar. I don't really know how"] he said, feeling a bit embarrassed because everyone his age played.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 48d 14h 30m 39s
She realized once more that Sylus didn’t have much at his apartment. She didn’t m ind. She felt so good having him rub her arm, kissing her lips. She felt warm and cozy with him. In bed, he was sweet, holding her in, running his fingers up and down her back. She rarely ever had this type of comfort. She melted into him, holding him tightly in too. She pressed her forehead against his chest. She never wanted to ver let him go. She always wanted to be with him. She really did love him.

She kissed him softly back. She thought abot playing but then… [b “Hmmm…yea you do. I’d like to hear play the guitar again sometime Sy. I would like to go shopping.” ] Ara said. She rose up with him, feeling okay enough to go outside with him. As long as she was by his side. She’d change at least into her jeans, and put a jean jacket on top. She went to use Sylus bathroom, to look good.

They walked along the mall. She’d still cling onto his hand a little too tightly. She feared that maybe someone would notice through the makeup that she got slapped. Or worried what they might think of her. She walked with Sylus into the video game store. It got her excited seeing all these games. She never got to play too much games, but whenever she got to, she found it so much fun. She would take out the red and blue switch on display. She already had one at home… but she thought it would be nice if she could keep one at Sylus place.
[b “Mario kart is a lot of fun!” ] Ara said and would take hold of it. She picked out overcooked too. She felt so excited to get new games. She’d grab an extra pair of controllers too. She’d hug Sylus arm while they were checking for any other games. Sometimes bits of sadness would seep in and she’d stay closer to Sylus when it did. She noticed someone looking them a bit too hard. It made her feel self conscious but they were just about done.

They went at check out. [b “Sy, you know you can play games on your computer too. But careful, because they can be addicting.”] She mentioned. She paid off console, games and accessories with her card. She felt happy to purchase it all, knowing when they got back, they’d be sitting on his bed in their PJ’s playing. Then she thought about it as they were walking out [b “Sy, do you think we should buy some snacks? We could- We could have a game night, with bunch of snacks…and then maybe even end the night…with kisses and stuff?” ] She said, looking at his pretty eyes.
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He couldn't believe that someone could hate ARa, especially her father. She was perfect in his eyes and he could see how hard she worked everyday to try and please him and the rest of his friends and business partners. It wasn't fair and he hated seeing her feeling so down when she shouldn't be.

[b "I wouldn't. It'll be okay Ar. I'm here"] he promised her, soon eating up at the table together and then he let her cry on his shoulder. He'd rub her arm and then kiss her soft lips as he offered to just lay in bed and relax since she seemed to be really upset.

He climbed into bed with her, holding her against his chest, feeling warm as he ran his fingers up and down her back, tracing shapes as he thought of a way to cheer her up. He did want to take her on another date and he felt like with the money she gave him, he'd be able to take her to a good one.

He smiled when she said she loved him, making him lean in and kiss her. [b "I don't have any games here Ar"] he frowned, realizing he was ruining her fun idea. [b "I just have my guitar and the computer you got me. We can go shopping though if you want?"] he nodded and then he slowly got up.

Sylus put on some jeans and then a jacket as he waited for Ara to get dressed.

They walked towards the nearest mall and he would hold her hand in his, hoping it'd cheer her up. He led her into the video game shop and then they went to look for a switch. [b "What games should we buy Ar? This one is multiplayer"] he showed her the mario kart and party games.
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[b “My dad hates me.” ] Ara mentioned. Him brushing through her hair, and kissing her made her feel much more comforted and loved. She would have been in pieces if it weren’t for Sylus here. She’d sniffle and wipe her eyes again, [b “Yea…maybe.” ] She shook her head [b “Angry enough to hurt your own daughter?” ] She’d ask. She did want to stay.

They watched TV. Then the two of them ate. She liked how he made her feel like she wasn’t a burden. [b “Of cours I am.” ] Ara said. She’d return his kiss, making her smile t him. She could feel his hand taking hold of hers while she was lost in thought. It felt nice to have his hand to hold.

[b “Mmm I guess we could. Isn’t it too early for you?” ] She asked. She’d follow him into his room. She’d sit up in his bed and saw him crawling in beside her, and wrapping his arms around her waist. She felt the warm fuzzy feeling when he asked her on a date. [b “I’d love to!” ] She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him so tightly, [b “Thank you Sy.” ] She felt her eyes warm up again but that’s because she was happy to have him here with her. Someone that could comfort her and be here for her.

She’d kiss his cheek, [b “I really love you.” ] She said. She’d then even went to kiss his lips again. She’d look at his pretty amber eyes and feel the weight drop. It’ll be okay. She had Sylus right here. [b “Sy you think we can play a game?” ] Ara beamed and then realized…she didn’t think he had games here. [b “Oh that’s right…you don’t have anything to play with do you?” ] Ara said and then pouted a bit. [b “You know…actually…can we go shopping? I want to buy a switch.” ]
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Sylus would hug his arms around her, wanting her to know that everything was going to be okay. [b " doesn't matter. Right now, the people most important to you love you and they don't hate you"] he brushed her hair back slowly and then he would press his lips against the side of her head. ARa was the best thing that's ever happened to him and he didn't want to lose her. HE also wanted her to feel like she was the best because she really was to him.

[b "I'm sure he loved your mother so much and he just feels that maybe everytime he sees you, it reminds him of her....that hurt, that loss, maybe the void filling his heart?"] he told her. [b "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, but I bet, I could be that angry. You can stay with me for as long as you want to"] he shrugged, knowing that it was best to keep her here with him, safe and protected.

HE watched a bit of TV with her before heading the sounds of her stomach. He'd chuckle a bit and slowly get up as he started to cook up something for her. He stirred the chili and let it simmer before toasting some rolls. Once he finished, he would plate it and take a seat beside her. [b "No problem. I need my girlfriend to feel content with me"] he kissed her lips and then he would sit down at the table with her to eat.

He ate slowly, seeing ARa just darting off, her mind elsewhere. He would hold her free hand in his as he met her with a smile. [b "THanks"] he hugged her from behind as well. [b "How about we just lay beside each other then? Relax for a while"] he led her to his room, shutting the door and then changing into some shorts and his pjs as well. He let Ara climb into bed first and then he would slowly crawl in beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

[b "This weekend, will you go on a date with me? I bet I could take you somewhere fun together and we can just enjoy us being together?"] he asked.
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[b “I know that but it feels like so many people don’t like me lately and I don’t understand why.” ] She couldn’t stand being disliked so much. It ached hearing horrible words from her dad again. It had her so upset and broken. She felt Sylus kiss the side of her head. She’d lean into him. It hurt hearing Sylus repeat that he hated seeing her. She felt like nothing but a burden. What was the point…to anything? It hurt her so much hearing she was a pain being there, being alive.
[b “My mom…never did anything wrong. So why..would he hate me?” She’d sob. She felt his hands in her hair. She’d try to calm down again. She shuddered at the thought of seeing her dad anytime soon. She didn’t want to be told something else, or physical hurt. [b “I don’t want to go back.” ] Ara whispered.

She got to snuggle into Sylus. She’d watch TV, things kept popping into her mind. It hurt….and she wasn’t sure how to stop the hurting. Ara passed him the cash, wanting to get rid of it. [b “It’s not a problem.” ] Ara whispered. Her stomach grumbled, and she got a bit embarrassed. [b “Ahmmm, yea, the sounds good. Thank you Sylus.” ] Ara blushed. She was about to ask if he needed the help but, she ended up staying quiet instead. She’d flip through the channels. She still kept thinking about what she was said. If he didn’t want her…than maybe she should runaway. Maybe… he would be normal if she weren’t there.

Ara went would pick up her bag at least and put into his room. She changed into a sweater and shorts to be more comfy. She would put her hair into a braid and came back to him. She’d wipe her tears again and saw him just about done making the soup. She’d come over, “Thank you Sy. Thank you for letting me stay and comforting me.” She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him from behind.

She’d sit down with him and eat. It did taste good. He was a good cook. It was comforting to eat something he made. She’d eat it slowly, but still looked pretty zoned out. When she finished it all up, she took there plates, [b “I’ll clean up. As a thank you.” ] She told him with a gentle smile. She’d clean the dishes and set them away. It was six now. She’d sit down with him on the sofa. [b “I have math homework…but I already understand it, so I won’t be doing it this time.” ] Ara whispered. She still felt quite down.
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