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He wanted to do everything to protect Ara. SHe was his diamond in the rough, the one gem that sparkled in a sea of gems. He couldn't have her harmed or ruined because of the activities he did.

[b "I'm glad. That's all I want when you're around me"] he kissed her lips and would fall alseep.

In the morning, it was hard to get out of bed with all of Ara's attention like this. Her warm lips down her skin, hearing her moans and then feeling how smooth her skin was beneath his fingertips. She was sexy. His amber eyes were stuck on hers as he kissed down her neck, meeting her eyes and then feeling her fingers on his abs, making him smile as he kissed her and would run his fingers down her back and over her behind.

[b "Yeah? This is the best morning ever"] he pulled her down onto his warm chest and would slip his hands into her shorts as he smiled up at her. [b "Yeah? I'd like that. I can make you feel so good you wouldn't want to leave the bed"] he smiled and would lift her shirt up. Sylus removed her top and would ran his fingers along her shoulders, touching her smooth skin slowly as he pressed his lips against hers more deeply.

He'd follow her lips and would press up against hers, wrapping his legs around her as he caressed her skin, slowly slipping her shorts down her legs and then peeking up at her. [b "Mmm, I'm so warm. It's the best"] he moaned as she nibbled on his ear. He shifted a bit beneath her and then reached up, his hand reaching her chest and then touching slowly.
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Ara pouted in awe. She did like that he wanted to protect her, it was hot an dit made her feel so loved. [b “I feel safe around you. ] Ara softly spoke, meeting him with a kiss, and a few touches. They snuggled in together. She laughed at him wearing cupcake shorts. [b “My shorts won’t go past your butt.” ] She teased.

Morning fell. She woke him with kisses. He even rolled them over. [b “Me too. Just me and Sy.” ] She said, watching him for the longest time until his lips went down her neck. SHe let out a gentle moan, enjoying his lips tickling her sin.
She straddled him once more. She smirked and met his ees while her fingers felt over his abs, going all the way slowly to his boxers. [b “The best breakfast I can get.” ] She said, sitting more ontop of him when he wrapped her arms around her waist, down her side. [b “Yea…more than satisfied.” ] Ara felt her breath shorten at his touch that fell into her shorts.

His smile was really cute. Yes! He gave into her wants. She leaned in when he kissed her. “I would…like to make you feel nice so you can’t get up.” ] Ara said quietly. She took notice of his fingers over behind, moving her even more. Ara sat on top of a spot that made them both want to linger longer in bed.

[b “Warm up… I want to.” ] She said, pressing more firm down on him. [b “Okay.” ] Ara shivered a bit from feeling his fingers go up her bare sides, stomach. Again, that want came in. Her blue eyes fell on his lips, his chest. She leaned further into him, kissing his lips, softly, tugging on his lip and kissing him more deeply. She began grinding onto him a bit, “Mmmm…getting warmer?” She let her lips fall to his ear. She kissed his earlobe and then gave it a gentle suck.
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He crawled into bed right beside her, his amber eyes on hers as he wrapped her into his warmth. [b "Of course I want to protect you. You know how much I love you and how upset it makes me to find out you're in danger like that. I'm going to make sure you're safe, and that you feel safe around me"] he kissed her lips, seeing her touch his bare chest.

IT was really arousing and he wanted to just snuggle her so tight. Sylus stroked down her back, holding her small frame against his bare chest as he relaxed to her touch. He wanted nothing more than to see ARa smiling beside him. No jerk deserved someone as sweet as her.

[b "Maybe I'll use that get up next time. Cupcake shorts to turn you on"] he smirked, soon falling asleep beside her.

IN the morning, he was woken up by what felt like a million kisses. Warm, soft lips on his bare skin, a soothing voice flowing through his ears. He only had one person in mind and when he met her eyes, he was glad it was the same person in his dreams. [b "Morning Love"] he rolled them over, leaning in to kiss her lips. He felt cared for and loved so much.

[b "Yes your pjs. I would love to go on a date"] he kissed down her neck, pressing his lips on hers smooth skin and would smile up at her. He didn't want to get out of bed and he didn't want to go to school. He just wanted to spend his day with her. He'd lean into her more and see Ara soon straddle him. [b "Oh? And what breakfast do you get with me? Am I enough to keep you satisfied?"] he chuckled and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. He'd let his fingers slide down her bare sides and into those cute shorts of hers.

[b "You have all of my attention. What would you like from Sy?"] he smiled and pressed his lips against hers once more. She was sexy on him and seeing her needing and wanting him was so arousing. [b "Mmm, Ara, I don't think I ever want to leave your bed"] he laughed, running his fingers over her behind and then his hips moving up a bit beneath her.

[b "How about we warm up a bit before breakfast? THen we go on a little date, just you and I?"] he suggested, running his fingers up her bare sides and stomach, feeling her soft skin.
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Ara witnessed him lifting the shirt over his head. She smirked, [b “I was…yes, much better.” ] She giggled.

She pressed her forehead against his side, his arm around her. [b “Thank you…it feels good to have you want to protect me. I’ll be safe. I’m learning how to be too. I’ll be stronger, so you don’t have to worry.” ] She lifted her blue eyes up at him. She stroked his bare chest. She knew his life had been a different kind of hard then hers. He could handle it so much better than her, but still he was a teen just like her.

She could feel his love, through his words, his touch and his actions. His kisses were sweet. She nestled more into him when he brushed her hair back, hands caressing down her back. She caressed his arm. When she looked at him, she felt so ready to give up everything just to be together forever. She was happy that she didn’t scare Sy off with how close she wanted to be.

Sys pout was so cute. She giggled and squeezed his cheeks for a second. [b “Yea, you would,” ] She giggled [b “Only for my eyes.”] She said. She was in awe when he agreed she was cute. The fell asleep together, she always wanted to sleep with Sy by her side.

Morning came in. She enjoyed running her fingers on his bare hard chest. Sy looked so peaceful, hot and cute at the same time asleep. She wanted to do all those good things to him. Her lips on his neck. She heard his voice, she moved to meet his eyes, [b “Morning darling.” ] Ara spoke softly. He was still rubbing his eyes. She would run her finger down the center of his chest, not suspecting him to roll them over, making her gasp and then giggle.

Ara looked up at him, seeing him look so hot hovering over. [i Yummy. ] She thought to herself. Her eyes lifted up slowly up his chest back to his lips. His lips came for hers, she kissed him back. [b “Is it because of my pjs? Awe, a date, a date would be so nice.” ]She said, closing her eyes when he pressed his lips on her nose, then chin and neck. She looked back at him seeing him peek up at her. Ohhhh hot. He was so perfect, and he made her fill up with butterflies. Ara shook her head, already falling under his spell, “I don’t…” She caressed his cheek, and then playfully would wrap her legs around his waist. His smile made her melt. “Mmmm…Sylus. You’re really mine.” She said quietly. She noticed how he looked at her eyes too. What was she thinking…trying to break it off. That would hurt so bad.

He rolled onto his side. She pouted a bit. She didn’t want to get up. She wanted to snuggle, show some love to him, feel his fingers through her hair, hear him call her name and have his eyes on her.
She moved to straddle him again. She pouted, [b “I have all the breakfast I want right here.” ] She said. She laced her fingers with his. She felt her cheeks warm feeling slightly shy asking him to, [b “Stay…stay in bed with me. Snuggle with me more. I want your attention.” ] She said, eyes slowly lifting to his pretty ones, wondering if he'd use reason or agree with her.
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After dinner, they were both sitting beside each other in bed, his eyes looking over to see her in her cupcake pajamas, looking like a delicious dessert waiting for him. HE loved his innocent, sweet Ara and he wanted to protect her at all cost. [b "I know Love. But I still want to keep the dangers from my life away from you"] he could only hope.

He climbed into bed and when she teased him, he thought she was being serious, so he pulled off his shirt. [b "Is this better?"] he smiled and leaned into her, hugging his arms around her waist. [b "Well right now, I love you lots"] he kissed her sweet lips and would brush her hair back, his hands caressing down her back as he felt her press against him. [b "Mmm, you also make me so happy. Being here in your arms is my favorite place"] he admitted.

He told her they needed to stop by his place in the morning, but when she said he couldn't, he pouted a bit. [b "I bet I'd look really sexy in those cupcake shorts"] he chuckled and would kiss her cheek. [b "Yes. You're adorable"] he admitted, wrapped his arms around her waist and would warm her up with his bare chest. [b "Me too. Night Love"] he smiled and would close his eyes.

He fell asleep quickly in her arms, but in the morning, he felt something poking his cheek. He turned his head, but wouldn't get up. He didn't even wake to her in the bathroom, so when he felt warm fingers on his chest, he opened his eyes [b "Mmm"] he felt her lips and then kisses. WHen he opened his amber eyes to meet hers, he smiled and pulled her in [b "Morning Ar"] he felt so relaxed as he rubbed his eyes and shifted so that he rolled them over. He laid over her and kissed her lips. [b "You're being so cute this morning. Maybe we should play hooky and we should go on a nice date?"] he smiled, pressing his lips against her nose, down her chin and neck and then peeking up at her and smiling. [b "I bet you don't want to leave now either"] he ran his fingers through her hair and he'd hover over her, smiling. He loved looking at her pretty eyes and being able to be with her and keep her safe like this. Mornings were the best when she was there beside him.

[b "Let's go grab breakfast?"] he'd smile, rolling onto his side and debating on if he should leave the bed. It was hard and he didn't want to.
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Ara gently smiled [b “Okay Sy.” ] She said [b “But be safe too okay?” ] She said. She loved his hugs.

They were in her room, sharing snuggles and kisses. Shew as slowly feeling okay again. He was safe and the movie was nice. She was even held on his lap. They got to eat together too. The food was yummy. She felt Sy wiping her cheek, making her blush a bit since she could guess she had crumbs on her. But when she looked at him she saw crumbs on him too. She would lean in and wipe it off him too.

He was sweet and caring. She was in awe when he said he’d do a lot to keep her safe. [b “I’ll do anything too… I want you safe with a bright future.” ] Ara said [b “Thank you for wanting to make sure I’m safe too.” ]

She came out in her pjs. She hopped onto her bed and saw him in boxers and his under shirt. She smiled at him [b “Silly why don’t you take off your shirt too.” ] She teased a little. She patted the bed and snuggled to his side. She giggled [b “Ah hmm.” ] She kissed his lips when he smirked. [b “Me and you.” ] She said happily.

She gazed into his eyes. [b “I always want you to love me.” ] She said softly. She kissed him softly back, cupping his cheek. His fingers brushed through her hair, going down to her back. She pressed herself against his chest. Ara nodded [b “I always want to stay by yourself. You make me the happiest.” ] She said to him. She ahd only said to break up to keep him safe. SHe never wanted to.

She sighed [b “Yes, we do.” ] She said. She giggled [b “No, you can’t. Your funny. But also, you have some of your clothes here.” ] She reminded. [b “Do you like my cupcake shorts though? I tried to dress cute for bed” ] She told him.

Ara grew quiet when his lips met her forehead. He kissed it softly. I felt loving. She never got this kind of love, it felt real, genuine. She wrapped her arm around his waist. [b “I love you.” ] She spoke quietly, rubbing his chest, [b “So much…so so much.” ] She said to him. She kissed his chest, [b “Goodnight darling.” ] She would close her eyes, stroke his arm for a bit. Never did she feel so afraid of losing someone. It was scary… She loved him so much.

When she woke, she would poke Sy’s cheek. He was waking a bit but still asleep. She would go to the bathroom and he was still asleep. She climbed onto his waist, straddling him, fingers roaming up his chest. She let her lips dance around his neck, gentle kisses. She just wanted to wake him up in the perfect way. She let her lips move to his ears, “Sy, it’s morning.” She whispered. She’d caress his cheek, and kept giving him light kisses.
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Sylus was glad that Ara was going to do whatever it took. He wanted her safe and it seemed like keeping her away from that guy was the best idea. [b "Okay. I'll make sure to meet you after classes and we can go home together"] he assured her. [b "If he threatens your or says something about me, don't believe him. I'll be fine. Just make sure you don't fall for it and go to him without telling me"] he hugged her.

When they were up at Ara's room, Sylus would sit beside her and would kiss her warm lips, enjoying how soft and supple they were on his. He missed being so close, just the two of them, enjoying Ara's scent and being able to keep her safe like this. Sylus held her on his lap and would watch the movie with her, feeling really excited about the food.

When Ara brought it up, he'd help her set it up and then he'd feed her some fries. He'd hear her cute giggles and he'd take a bite of the chicken and then smile. He'd take in her fries and he'd see a few crumbs on her cheek, wiping them off slowly.

[b "Of course Love. YOu know I want you to feel safe with me. I'll do anything to make sure the dangers in my life don't affect you"] he'd soon finish up the food and he'd wash up, seeing Ara come out in her cupcake pjs. [i Adorable] he thought and would walk over after he changed into just his boxers and undershirt.

He climbed into bed with her and he'd wrap his arms around her waist. [b "I get to sleep with Araaaaa. My Ara"] he smirked and would lean into her, holding her against his chest. HE felt so warm and snug, enjoying the nights he could be with her. [b "Of course. I love you now and for as long as you want me to"] he smiled, pressing his lips against her softly.

Sylus would brush her hair and stroke his hand down her back as he smiled. He'd yawn a bit and face her eyes. [b "Will you always stay by my side?"] he wondered, knowing she tried to break up with him. Even though he knew the reason, he didn't want her to leave.

[b "Let's get some sleep. We still have school tomorrow. We also have to stop by my place so I can pick up some clothes. I can't wear these cute cupcake shorts to school"] he chuckled and would kiss her forehead softly.
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[b “I will… I’ll keep coming with excuses until we can get rid of this problem.” ] Ara sid. She hoped that he wouldn’t get real mad at her. It scared her. She’s hand stalkers on social media before but it was usually a fix of consistent blocking. This-this was different and way scarier.

Ara nodded [b “You too… I want to keep you safe too.” ] Ara said. It was nice to know he’d help her keep her protected.

They walked Nyx and sat in there room. He was warm and she felt loved. She was calming down, especially when she got to share soft slow kisses. She’d feel him lick her lips. She kiss him deeper with love. He made her smile when he held his gaze on her eyes and his fingers brushing through her hiar. She sat on his lap, feeling him nuzzling in, and holding her in too. It was safe…

Ara nodded and grinned when he said he would. [b “Okay, I’ll order it.” ] Ara said. She would place the order from her favorite fried chicken place. She was sure the chef already made something so she didn’t want to bother her and probably was on her way out.

She felt him nibbling at her ear. It tickled, making her giggle and so warm. She felt his hand, caress her sides, being held in. She faced Sy, and would brush her lips along his neck, giving soft sweet kisses. She heard her phone go off. She saw that the food arrived. [b “I’ll be right back.” ] She said. She darted downstairs and too the gate. She got the food and went all the way back up to Sy. [b “I got the chicken!” ] She cheered. She set it on the small table in front of them. She set the napkins out for them. She took some fries first and fed him one.

Soon she realized how much she’s cheered him by having him at her side. She snuggled into his arm [b “Thank you…for being here for me.” ] She whispered. She blushed, feeling those butterflies in the pit of her stomach. IT was nice. She ate some chicken wings with him. It was so good. Soon enough she finished it up with Sy.

She washed her hands and then would change into cute teal cupcake pjs, short shorts and a top. She had her hair up into a bun. She cleaned up in the bathroom and then jumped into her bed. She waited for Sy, sitting down just watching him, looking so happy to have him here.
[b “Sy is going to sleep in my bed!” ] She cheered. She crawled over, and opened the blanket [b “Come in and snuggle with me. ] She said to him. When he did, she would press herself against him, wanting to feel loved. [b “Do you think, you’ll always love me?”] Ara whispered.
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She kept apologizing and Sy wasn't really sure what to say. This was probably the first time she felt her life was threatened in her life. HE didn't mean to make her feel as if he brought danger, but it was clear she was freaking out and he only wanted to comfort her so she'd relax.

He held her hand in his and was glad she was going to stay away from that man. He didn't like him one bit and he wanted to punch him in the face, but knowing his gang was a decent size, he didn't want to risk it. [b "Just say you have class, or practice. Once you're at home, just ignore him. You're safe there"] he understood she'd be afraid. He remembered when they hid in his closet when a robber came into his apartment.

[b "We'll do what we can to stay safe. I'll make sure you're protected"] he was going to take as many precautions as he needed to. If anything happened to Ara, he knew it'd be his fault.

After walking Nyx, they'd head up to her room and would sit together. HE snuggled into Ara and would kiss her cheek, watching the movie and hoping it'd calm her down. He felt her cupping his cheeks and he'd smile and kiss her warm lips slowly. He'd lick her lips and would meet her pretty eyes. Sylus brushed her hair back and held her on his lap, his hands around her waist as he nuzzled into the back of her neck.

[b "I can? Then of course I will"] he smiled, thinking about fried chicken. [b "Oooh, okay, and some fries"] he nodded and watched her place the order. Sylus bothered her a bit, nibbling on her outer ear and letting his hand caress her sides. He loved holding her closer, knowing she was all his.

When the food came, he'd walk down with her to grab it, helping her bring it up and then setting it onto the table. They'd grab some chicken and share the fries as Sylus tossed one at her, seeing if she'd catch it without him saying anything.

At least they were able to relax now. He could focus on keeping himself and her safe more when he was at home alone. He wanted ARa to feel relaxed with him right now.
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[b “I’m sorry…” ] Ara whispered. She sniffled and nodded, her eyes a little puffy from crying and her lips more red. [b “I’ll tell you next time.” ]Ara said. She laced her fingers with his. It was nice having him to go to, to share some burden that weighed on her.

[b “I’ll stay away from him. But when he messages me and tells me to meet up what do I do? I don’t want to risk him getting mad.” ] She said, chocking up for a second. She would do her best and took a breath [b “I’ll come up with excuses but I’m just scared.” ]

She wanted to runaway, especially if it was with Sylus. Only right now her dad wasn’t too happy with her. She wasn’t sure if she’d get that permission. She tilted her head and phased out, thinking about it. [b “I’m not concerned about him going after my dad’s company. I still think my dad is scarier. I’m more worried about us.” ]

They went to do homework. She tried to push it out of her mind. It wasn’t really going out. It was hard to push it away. Even when she didn’t think about it, she still felt worried. She smiled a bit when SY kissed her cheek. She was going to try her best to be okay. Sy could do it better than her.

They walked Nyx together. She held his hand firmly. She would lead, sticking close by the neighborhood, passing by a small park and pond. Nyx looked really happy to be outdoors. It made her smile. He was so energetic.

They got back. She would kiss Nyx and let him play more with his toys. They went on the couch at her room. Sy leaned in and wrapped his rm around her. She snuggled into him, picking wreck it ralph since it was pretty light. She cuddled with him, wrapping her arm around her waist. She looked up at Sy and tried to lean in to kiss him. She cupped his cheeks and kissed him softly over again. She didn’t want to take it all the way, she just wanted kisses. They felt nice, she loved him and it made her feel better. She soon found her place sitting on his lap and watching the movie again. [b “Will you stay the night?” ] Ara whispered, looking up at his eyes. [b “Ah I forgot, we didn’t eat dinner. I can order us some fried chicken, what do you think?” ]
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He knew that his gang were only here temporarily. He thought they left already though after that failed attempt to make the deal with him. What if they're still here because they haven't gotten the drugs they wanted? Maybe he could talk to Luke and ask about it more in detail.

[b "I know Ar. It's better to tell me. I would have gone not knowing what was going to happen to you. You'd just break up with me and disappear. That's the last thing I would have wanted. Next time don't exclude me. We'll think of this together"] he wanted her to let him know of her worries.

Right now it was a mess and they had a gang pretty much after them, so he wanted to think about it and deal with it without Ara getting hurt. [b "I want you to stay away from him. If you see him, just go back to the school, text me, and we'll get away together"] he didn't want to leave her alone.

He made the suggestion of running away together for a while, but he could tell she was thinking that it would be difficult to talk to her father about it. [b "Yeah, I think that'd only make the gang also go after your father's company"] he sat down and decided to take a break for now.

THey did their homework together and he'd see Nyx coming in. Sylus pet his back and kept his mind on his homework as he helped Ara finish up as well. He'd give her cheek a kiss. [b "Of course Love. Let's take him on a walk and then you and me time"] he slowly got up and put his things back into his backpack.

He then held her hand in his, putting Nyx on his leash as they headed outside together. Sylus would let Ara hold him, letting her lead the direction since he wasn't sure what was around him. Nyx looked so content running around and looking so happy. He hoped he was happy with his parents at least.

When they made their way back, Sylus would sit on the couch with Ara up in her room. He let her decide on the movie and he'd lean in and wrap his arm around her, knowing she was safe here.
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[b “Well…that’s a relief. Then he may give it up.” ] She hope that would be the case. Although she did remember him saying he attended a school not that far. She remembered that he saw Sy once. [b “I remember…that’s why I wanted to not tell you and leave you out of it.” ] Ara said. It was her own fault, her own mess to fix.

It was easier for him then it was for her. This was terrifying. [b “Yea… I will. I’ve been doing that. Sometimes he just shows up or asks me to show up.” ] She’d rather listen then risk it. From experience, if she listened then she wouldn’t get hurt.

Ara thought about telling her dad but she also knew how unpredictable it was. [b “It’s not that easy. I don’t know what he will do. He might go to the cops, maybe put a restraining order, pull me out of school for good, or something really bad. I don’t want to get that guy mad, I’m sure he’ll get his friends fueled up to go after us if my dad does go to the cops.” ] She said. She didn’t like all the risks. If she went to her dad, she might as well just tell him to drop out of school herself now that she thought about it.

She brought her homework out too. If she fell into a stalking situation months before, she would instantly tell her dad and go to the police. But now she realized just how complicated it was. Maybe she needed to get creative about this.

[b “Can you figure something out? But they didn’t know who you are… It’s different.” ] She reminded. She would try to work on it. It was hard to focus. They’d compare answers, and she’d be a bit behind. She flet him nudge her, she half smiled at him.

[b “I am. I love it when you come over.” ] She said. Nyx came in and he was so cute. She leaned in and petted him, [b “Hey Nyx, we should take you for a walk after shouldn’t we?” ] Ara asked. She looked back at her homework [b “Finish this first.” ] She said, and tried to at least get it done. She did get it done and would had to ask Sy for help because her brain felt fried after that stress.

She leaned onto his shoulder [b “After we walk Nyx, can we snuggle, kiss a bit and play something fun?” ] She asked. She wanted to feel better. She would try to figure out a plan later tonight.
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Sylus wondered if he was only here for Ara or if his gang sent him on missions in the area. [b "Hmm, well their gang isn't supposed to be staying here for long. They're from the next city over, so he shouldn't be here for that long"] he told her, trying to calm her down at the very least. He would text Luke later about any knowledge he had of their gang.

[b "He's seen my face too. Remember when I told him off"] he sighed and would think of an excuse to tell his dorm mother. [b "I think so. She trusts me enough to know I'll make the right decisions. I think so"] he nodded, wanting he to just forget about all of this and to stop being panicky. They needed time to just think and figure out how to get off of the radar for a while.

[b "I know Ar, but we have to try at least. He can't get you here or at school, so you'll be okay. For the times in between, I'll walk you to the car and back, so we'll have you covered. Stay in visible areas with a lot of people"] he assured her and would nod his head. He hoped her father allowed it, if anything, maybe he should hire some guards for his daughter.

[b "If we have to stay here, maybe tell your dad you have a stalker. Get some guards and keep safe"] he held her hand and would soon take a seat at the table in the living room. He'd grab his backpack and take out the homework, sitting alongside her as he relaxed a bit.

[b "I'll figure out something on my end. I'm used to people being after me. I'll just have to cover my tracks better too"] he pulled out his math homework and would show her the problems. He'd solve them as best he could and then he would compare answers with Ara. He'd even nudge her shoulder and pretend to bother her so that she'd lighten up a bit more.

[b "Aren't you happy I'm here. I like coming over"] he smiled, seeing Nyx run over and pounce on their laps.
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[b “I’ve only seen him around here…he’s never really with anyone.” ] Ara said. Thankfully, it wasn’t often she saw him here but when she did it really made her scared. [b “I hope so…” ] She wasn’t even sure if she could even get away. Telling her dad quitting public school was one thing but to travel after the rough patch she’s gone with him. She couldn’t even get an allowance anymore.

It was nice to be hugged and have him help her storm ideas at least. She looked away and shamefully nodded. [b “I didn’t want you to be seen…that was the point. As far as I know, he’s only seen you but Sy, you’re on my social media.” ] She reminded. She had a few other people there but he was the most recent.
She held onto him, feeling a kiss on her forehead. She squeezed him tight. [b “She would do that? So easily?” ] It surprised her, in a good way. She took a breath and she didn’t think she could really relax. She was stressed out. [b “ I miss spending time with you too but Sy I can’t really get rid of this feeling. I’m still scared and it’s not going away so easily.” ] She said to him.

She heard him out and those all sounded really nice but also really far. She wasn’t even sure how her dad would feel about it. Let go if Allister cover up that she was going with Sy this time. [b “I have…to ask my father first. Even if he agrees, I don’t think he’ll let me go very far. I’ll call him up tonight.” ] She promised. At least he could only yell at her over the phone.
She wasn’t sure how to handle this problem if she couldn’t leave. Probably stay close to school and home, and make sure Sy did the same until she could formulate another idea. Maybe even tell her dad.
[b “I guess…I’ll think of another plan if he says no.” ] Ara said, wiping away her eyes for the last time. [b “There’s homework to do…let’s do that then.” ] She said.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 63d 7h 13m 52s
HE was thinking really hard on what they could do. If this man told his friend that he was after a pretty girl but had a boyfriend....and if he showed a picture of Sylus, it'd be over. His friend didn't see his face that well in the dark, but he didn't want to wait around to see if he could put two and two together.

[b "I think it's best we disappear for a while. I know that gang doesn't hang around this area that often, but it seems he really is after you. Either he travels from the next town over just to see you, or the gang is only here temporarily. If we leave for a while, maybe when the gang leaves, he should just forget about you"] he scratched his head, thinking.

Sylus hugged her and would just let out a sigh, not wanting his connections to gangs influence her safety.

[b "So you were at lunch with him time make sure to let me know. Someone in their gang either saw me.....or saw you around me. This isn't your fault"] he sighed and would try to think of an excuse.

[b "I know I know"] he kissed her forehead and would pull her into a warm hug. [b "We'll figure this out. Let me just think of a good excuse to tell my mother. I think if I told her that I had to be gone for a few days and that it's urgent, she would notify the school. She believes me and trusts I will make good decisions"] he assured her, holding her close and squeezing her hand in his. [b "For now, let's just relax and spend time together. You're here with me and I miss spending time with you"] he wrapped his arms around her waist.

[b "How about we go somewhere quiet. Maybe like Japan? Or somewhere North? Like Norway or Iceland? Actually...too cold. Hmm, or like a private island in the Maldives?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 63d 9h 3m 4s

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