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He saw her narrowing her eyes and he knew she didn't really believe him. Every girl that met eyes with him like that never believed him. Seemed like no one really did nowadays and he understood why. [b "I pushed them back and then hurried off. I don't care about them"] he told her, nodding his head. [b "Yeah I've already blocked them. I wanted to tell them in person so they'd leave me alone"] he noticed her not holding his hand and he let out a deep sigh.

She wouldn't even look at him and he guessed that maybe he was just trash like everyone said he was. He wanted to change and it was hard convincing people of that, but he wanted ARa to believe him. At least the kids at the orphanage would love him no matter what.

When they arrived, the kids were excited to hurry up. Sylus led Ara with the other group of kids as they headed out into the neighborhood. They went house to house and Sylus would help the shy, little ones. HE saw ARa helping out a few other kids and tease them. They seemed to love her. Seeing her around them and how pretty she was made him feel lucky he had such an amazing girl as his girlfriend.

Once they headed back, he'd say goodbye to all the kids, hugging and waving as he led Ara back to his house. [b "Well they are my family"] he smiled and then he entered the living room, glad she was willing to talk to him again. LUke was on the couch, the room smelling like cigarette smoke. IT was disgusting. [b "Dude, she's right. Just get that out of here or do it on your balcony. If we have guests over, it's gross"] he told him, seeing him ignore them and talk about a delivery.

When he called Ara a bitch, he walked over and shoved him back [b "Don't talk to her that way. I'll make the delivery on the way. Just air out our house asshole"] he let Ara change in his room and then he took off his inner shirt and put his jacket back on. HE fixed up his hair a bit and when he saw Ara come out, his eyes went to her. [b " Ar!"] he looked over her satin dress. She looked so sexy, like an outfit he could see her wearing in bed. HE gasped a bit [b "I don't know if I want other's seeing you like this"] he pouted and then he held her hand in his. [b "You're so beautiful. Stick with me at the party"] he walked with her outside.

Luke spotted Ara in that sexy dress "Ohhh fuck. Damn she's hot. Sure you don't want to ditch Sy and hang out with me?"

[b "Fuck off LUke"] he grabbed the delivery and headed towards the address of the delivery. [b "Ar....the address is the same. Do you think they're going to use this?"] he sighed a bit and would just take an uber with her to the party. Sylus held her hand and when they arrived at the house, he could see the lights, people entering the house and others partying it up. Loud music was playing and there were tons of cars.

HE held her hand and walked with her to the entrance, leaving the package on the mailbox. He walked in the doorway, seeing others dancing, eyes going to them and people smirking and smiling.

Sylus saw Collin dressed as a cop as he came over "Welcome! Drinks are in the kitchen and party is wherever you want it to be" he smiled, holding hands with Olive as they danced. [b "Come on Ar"] he held her hand tightly, seeing a few football guys eyeing her.
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Ara slightly scoffed, narrowing his eyes at him. [b “Then why didn’t you scare them away? Push them away if you must. I don’t care. Block them. I blocked people who are giving me [i annoying ] texts.” ] She didn’t even buy it. Her squad never put themselves as low as to fawn over one guy and give him a harem. Gymnastics was even really hard; she didn’t understand how any self-respecting girl would do that with a bunch of other girls.

She didn’t hold his hand and she didn’t meet his eyes. [b “I don’t care. You should have never let it reach to that point. For all, you might have liked it, that’s why you let it reach there.” ] It sure angered her but she refused to let her eyes warm up. She felt him reach to hold her hand tighter. She knew Sylus was anything but helpless, so him to act like he couldn’t do anything to get himself out of that situation made her upset. [b “You did. How did they even know exactly where you were?” ] Ara asked, if there was silence she’d whisper “Exactly.”

The arrived at the door. She was happy to see the kids. They were all ready and they looked really cute. Ara hugged them too. Ara slightly smiled when he spoke to Emi. They head out together. They let the kids go to a few houses. She watched them run up and get candy. Ara would look back at Sylus and had trouble talking. But watching him be so kind to the kids made her warm up. It was cute to see him carry her. Ara would walk with the kids to the door sometimes. She’d make jokes and told them they had the most candy out of all the kids.

They ran into a little scarier house, at least for the kids. They were looking a little frozen hearing the lightening and a creepy clown sitting on a chair. They weren’t so sure about it. Ara helped them step up and they were so confident after, talking about how they were going to tell everyone about the scary house and how they weren’t scared at all.

They arrived at the orphanage. She gave them hugs too. She was surprised when they offered her candy. She took a little bit because it made them look so happy when she accepted. She adored kids, so she had a lot of fun. She waved at them and thanked the den mother for letting them take them out. She looked back at Sylus, and didn’t feel so upset anymore. She didn’t like what happened but she also only wanted to have fun with him this evening.

[b “Let’s go to your place. Allister is home tonight so Nyx will just be fine. I want to change and retouch before the party.” ] Ara said, taking a hold of his hand. [b “You’re really a good big brother to them.” ] Ara said while they walked towards his place. [b “They look up to you.” ] She smiled. They got to his apartment. She let Sylus open it up and they walked in.

Luke was on the couch, in sweatpants, smoking and watching TV. Ara scrunched up her face…ugh. [b “Luke do that outside, the place stinks.” ] Ara lectured. He didn’t turn his head and seemed to ignore her. Then he pointed at some package on the table, “You got a delivery to make today.”

Ara scoffed, [b “What? No. We’re going to a party.” ]
“Then he can handle it before the party. Not my problem.”
It pissed her off. [b “It is your problem because he’s not going.” ] Ara said and saw him just smoking and ignoring her. She walked to him and grabbed the cigarette off him [b “This is nasty. Don’t ignore me.” ] She was feeling fearless and mad.

“Sylus, tell your bitch to fuck off. Delivery is at someone’s house, they’re having a party, I’ll give you the address. Should be quick and don’t leave her here, because I’m going to lose my mind from her nagging” Luke said.

[b “Excuse me?” ] Ara gasped, not believing he just called her a bitch and ignored her again. She looked back at Sylus [b “Sy, let’s just go…after I change,” ] SHe said and went into his room to change. SHe felt a little shy wearing this dress because she never really wore anything...that was slightly revealing. She wore a short red satin dress, thin straps. She did have a jacket ontop, and she made sure that while it was short, it would never be short enough display anything when she sat down or bent over. Ahh, she wasn't sure if Quinn and Olive thought this was a great idea. She did her hair half up and fixed little minor adjustments to her makeup.
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He looked at her lips and then he would look at his phone, realizing that her makeup was long lasting. He worried over nothing. He smiled and gave her another kiss, not seeing his red vampire lips on her cheek [b "You're right"] he continued to eat with their friends, surprised to hear that Collin would actually go with Olive. HE wanted to see how that would play out.

Sylus wondered if Collin impersonating the cops would even scare Luke. HE doubted it. Nothing could scare that crazy guy unless it was death threatening.

They went to their next few classes, but Sylus was receiving a lot of texts today. He noticed that they were mostly from girls. In truth, he wanted to put it all to a stop, but that meant meeting with them face to face.

When he met up with one of the girls, but some of her friends were there as well. They were a part of the gymnastics team and when he came along, they got close and touchy real quick. One rubbed his arm, the other was pressed against his back, another was leaning into his chest. Sylus tried to back away, but they just kept getting all over him, complimenting him on his costume. If it was back then in the past, he'd be fine with it, but he couldn't hurt Ara that way. He told them off, letting them know he had a girlfriend and he wasn't going to be messing around anymore.

HE hurried back to Ara, holding her hand in his and smiling as he heard her. Once he caught sight of the lipstick, he quickly wiped it off. [b "Uhh...I was trying to tell these girls off, but they got really close. I didn't know they kissed me there"] he admitted, trying to remember. [b "IT was the girl's gymnastic's team. THey were sending me annoying texts, so I wanted to end it and I told them off. I swear"] he tried to tell her.

HE walked alongside her, but she wouldn't even look at him. [b "Ar. I promise you nothing happened"] he told her and then the rest of the way tot he orphanage was silent. He held her hand tighter in his. [b "You know I wouldn't do anything like that"] he told her once more before they headed inside.

THey were greeted by all the kids and Sylus could see them all dressed up and ready. They had their Halloween themed buckets and their shoes on. They immediately went to hug Sylus and Ara. Emi came over and twirled in her outfit to look just like Ara. Sylus smiled [b "You look so pretty. Just like Ara"] he hugged her and then gathered everyone else. [b "COme on guys, we'll knock out one neighborhood"] he told them, leading a few of the kids outside. THe dorm mother brought another group, while him and Ara had a group of ten kids.

They went to a few houses, Sylus and Ara standing towards the back, greeting the parents as everyone was given candy. They got so many different compliments and the kids were pretty much in a good mood, thanking Ara again for the costumes.

By the time they went around the block, their bags were filled with candy. Sylus would hold one of the little girl's hands as he walked her up to the door [b "Say Trick or treat"] he told her. She was shy and turned away, but Sylus pointed to the candy the man offered. She wanted it, so she said it quietly and was given the candy. A huge grin filled her face and then she lifted her arms for Sylus to carry her.

He continued through the houses, letting Ara help out some of the other kids. A few of the kids even offered their candy to Ara when they made it back to the orphanage. THey gave her hugs and would offer her and Sylus some candy.
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Ara giggled and kissed him [b “Darling you don’t have to worry. I made sure. See how my lipstick doesn’t rub off on you when I kiss you?” ] She caressed his cheek, thinking he was just adorable. She knew how to be discrete and how to keep makeup from being the least messy as it could be.

Talking to their friends was really nice. Ara tilted her head [b “That would be bad. Actually…maybe you could scare Luke off for me.” ] Ara mumbled the last bit, feeling he deserved a little scare after all the stuff he put Sy through and even her. She had a good time with them. Olive was a little shy but she really did want to go with someone and Collin was pretty attractive. She could do with this.

School came into an end. Ara met up with Sylus. She smiled when she saw him. Her smile withered away the moment she saw something on his chest. What was that? She grew closer and then realized what it was. She looked up at him and he held her hand. She dusted it off. [b “Why do you have someone else’s lipstick on you?” ] Ara asked, looking pained. [b “I know it wasn’t me. Who were you with?” ] Ara asked, feeling her heart pound. She didn’t want to buy any of the rumours, because Sy wasn’t like that. Not anymore. But-that, that didn’t make any sense.

She felt her smart watch vibrate and she recalled that they had to be on time for the kids. [b “Wipe it off… We need to go.” ] She said, not able to even look at him anymore. She was about to tell him what happened with her today and she found this. They walked to him at the orphanage feeling feeling a bit down.
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He saw her smiling and it made him happy to know that she wanted to stay with him tonight. Her costume was sexy and even just seeing her be so sweet to all of the kids at the orphanage was attractive to him.

After class, they headed to the cafeteria together, holding hands with ARa as he walked with her to meet up with Olive. They all took a seat and Sylus bought them some burgers and fries as they sat down. Collin showed up and it was nice to see how friendly he's gotten with Sylus since the group project and the shooting. He would glance at Ara, seeing how pretty her eyes looked with her make up. THen his eyes would wander at her outfit.

He ate his food slowly and Ara would say he didn't have to worry. It made him turn red. His eyes met hers [b "Oh...I just didn't want to mess anything up"] he chuckled and started to eat like normal again.

IT seemed like Quinn and her friends were going with a partner each and that bothered her. He glanced over at Collin. [b "Yeah, make sure you only act as a guy in costume. Don't impersonate the cops"] he chuckled and then Collin said he didn't have anyone to go with. "No. I was going to meet people, but if you want to go, am I okay?" he asked.

Sylus was glad that the two could go together. Olive was pretty and Collin seemed cool enough. He would finish their food and head to their next classes as the day went on.

Once school ended, Sylus saw a few texts on his phone from Apple, wanting to meet up with him and go to the party. He replied to her and told her he was going with Ara. He saw a few more messages of a few other girls asking for favors.

He went to meet up with one of them, letting her know that he wasn't doing those things anymore. Another girl came over and ran her fingers across his chest [b "I have to go"] he hurried off and went to meet ARa at the front. He had a lipstick stain on his chest that he didn't notice, but when he saw her, he smiled [b "Yeah! I can't wait"] he held her hand in his, walking with her towards the orphanage.
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Ara nibbled at her lip trying to contain her smile. [b “Me too…” ] Ara nudged his shoulder. She loved his smile and imagined being in his bed tonight. She felt like today was going to be a lot of fun because of all the activities they had lining up.

They arrived at the cafeteria. Ara giggled [b “You are up to par with me.” ] They found a place to sit. Her friends joined in and she felt happy that Collin came too. She recalled the cafeteria didn’t have such good food. She knew she would have to endure. [b “Mmmm, sure. You’re choice.” ] Ara said to him. She actually thought the fries were just fine. She noticed Sylus taking extra precautions. Ara giggled [b “Darling it’s okay, nothing will wipe. The makeup I use is tough to remove, and I didn’t do too much. I’ll touch it up if I need to.” ] She told him.

“All of our squad are going,” Quinn said, “Vic will be really pissed if we didn’t go. But I’m excited.” Quinn pushed her dark hair back.
“I’m going to be a sexier cat.” Olive said, smiling, “Well…we all have to do something sexy, just no sleeping around or making out with random guys, but I know who’ll break that…”
Ara sighed, knowing which girl she was talking about. She listend to Collin and laughed, [b “Collin you have to be careful.” ] She leaned onto Sylus shoulder.

“You guys are such a cute couple,” Olive pouted, resting her cheek in her hand, “I wish I had that.”
[b “Awe, thank you.” ] Ara said, [b “You’ll find someone. I can help.” ] Ara mentioned.
Olive released a sigh, “I’m the only one that’ll be going alone. Even Quinn has someone.”
[b “You don’t need anyone, you might even meet someone.” ] Ara mentioned. She then looked at Collin [b “How about you Collin? Are you going with anyone?” ]

They would chat a little more. They would all go to their next classes. She talked to Tanner in the hall before she walked into the class…along with Joseph since he happened to be there. It was an awkward exchange of ‘hello’ and that was about it. They got out of glass and Ara went to her locker to grab her other outfit she was going to wear tonight. She felt a slap on her ass, which caught her off guard. She turned around, and thought it was a friend or something but it was just a guy she’s never seen before.
“You’re cute.” He smiled at her, blonde hair and brown eyes. He was much taller. Ara frowned, [b “That’s…not very nice.” ] Ara said.
“Sorry, hard to resist. I’m a senior, heard about the new cute cheerleader following Sylus around. See you at my party.” He winked at her and walked off. Ara shuddered, it was his party? At least she had Sylus. She grabbed her bag and texted Sylus to meet him at the front of the school. She head to the front and saw Klara talking to Sylus. She didn’t know over what. She would come in and smile at her, “Hi,” Ara said and looked at Sylus [b “Let’s go take the kids treak or treating before the party?” ] Ara reminded.
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He was so stunned at what Ara was capable of doing with make up. His eyes looked so spot on, the shadowing really brought out his amber eyes. HE hugged her and headed to school with her as they walked into their first class together.

[b "I definitely want to have you all to myself once you stay over tonight"] he smiled and would imagining being a real vampire and sucking her blood. That'd be really hot. He smiled and would hold her hand in class.

Once it was lunch time, Sylus met up with Ara and was telling her all of the comments he received from his make up. He looked through his phone and saw messages from some classmate about how hot he looked. There were messages from Apple and a few other girls that were rude, but he just ignored them because he was sure they didn't know that he's changed.

He headed towards the cafeteria with her, hand in hand [b "Well, your skills just put me on par with you"] he smiled and then he sent a text to Collin to join them for lunch, but he wasn't sure if he would join. He followed Ara and when they met up with her friends, he smiled [b "Hey guys"] he waved at the girls and then saw Collin arrive as well. [b "Hey Colling, thanks for coming"] he headed with ARa and went to buy some food together. Sylus looked through the menu [b "Wanna share something Ar? Maybe some sushi? Or fries and a burger and salad?"] he suggested, looking through the menu and then picking up what she wanted.

They sat at a table together and he'd feed ARa some fries. Sylus did his best to make sure that his make up wasn't messed up. HE ate slowly, opening up his mouth wide and refraining to wipe off anything with his napkin. He'd feed ARa some and then he'd talk with Collin about the swim team while ARa spoke with Olive [b "Are you all going to the party tonight?"] he asked.

Collin said he'd be there later, but he was going to dress up as a cop to scare them a bit. He laughed and asked Olive what she'd be.
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Ara giggled when he looked at himself in the mirror, [b “You are, you’ve always been but even more so.” ] She had her arms fully around him, squeezing his torso and arms, loving the way she helped him look.

They all packed up and walked along side each other. It was a little chilly outside but just fine. She laced her fingers with his while they walked. Her eyes wandered back to him, to his inked tattoos, his red hair pushed more back. His amber eyes were piercing with the eye makeup she did on him. [b “I definitely wouldn’t mind being bitten by you.” ] She said.
Nothing has happened in the few days at his place… [b “Okay, I can stay over.” ] Ara’s cheeks warmed, her mind lingering at the idea that they would get under the sheets at his place.

They took their seat. Ara adored getting the compliments on her and on Sylus because she felt proud at her makeup abilities. She’d wave at him goodbye when she went into her next class. She got plenty of texts in class, some she wasn’t that comfortable with. She didn’t know how to reply to them. She got a text from Olive, saying that Apple said he was going to do Sylus tonight. That pissed Ara the hell off and was texting to Olive and Olive had an idea on how to deal with Apple. Ara agreed with it since she wasn’t going to let anyone mess with Sylus. She felt protective about him too and she didn’t want him bothered.

Lunch rolled around and she met up with him. She walked in the hall with him. Ara grinned [b “It’s because you look really hot, and I have amazing skills.” ] Ara said and was so happy about the compliment and getting hugged.

[b “Umm…actually, I was hoping we could sit with my friends at the cafeteria. They’ve been…not so happy me always separating from them. It’s Quinn and Olive. I wanted to with Tanner too but you know he stays with…” ] She didn’t have to finish that. She didn’t want conflict. [b “Is that okay?” ] She asked. [b “Maybe you could even ask Collin to sit with us.” ] Ara suggested, because she did think that he needed to have friends of his own to spend time with at lunch too.
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WHen he arrived at the orphanage, it looked like everyone was having so much fun. His eyes would look over to see Ara doing some of the kid's make up and then fixing up their costumes, helping them look their best. SYlus would help some of the kids get ready and then even doing some last minute homework.

He'd wait for Emi to finish before taking a seat on the chair. HE faced her, still stunned at how amazing her outfit was. THe red, her make up, she definitely looked like a vampire's meal. A sexy one. He'd look her up from head to toe and then he would let her do his make up. He'd do his best to hold still, but sometimes he wiggled his nose or furrowed his brow. Once he was all done, he'd hear Emi. [b "Do I?"] he looked in the mirror and he barely recognized himself.

He'd attempt to touch his face, but realized he could mess it up. HE smirked, turning his head. [b "Oh wow. I'm hot!"] he laughed and smirked a bit as he helped her pack up her things and get the kids ready. After saying goodbye, he'd walk with Ara to class, smiling as he kissed her. [b "You do too. You're so hot. Maybe after today.....maybe you can stay over at my place?"] he asked, wanting to end the night with just them.

At school, he held her hand in his, walking with her to their first class. As they headed towards the door, she spoke with Quinn and he laughed when she mentioned looking hot. [b "Well Ara is amazing with makeup"] he admitted and then they sat down.

Sylus noticed he was getting a lot of stares throughout the day. People passed him and would speak about their looks, how they looked so good together. HE'd walk ARa to her next class and would get more comments and stares. Everyone seemed to love their costumes and Sy could tell that theirs were a level above the rest.

During lunch, he'd pick Ara up, holding her hand in his [b "IT's feels better when we're together. Everyone keeps commenting on my costume. IT's all thanks to by sexy girlfriend"] he hugged his arm around her as they headed to their usual spot. [b "Should we get takeout? OR maybe show off in the cafeteria?"] he suggested.
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Ara adored doing the kids makeup. They were so cute and little and fun. She was finishing Emi’s fairy makeup, doing pink and purple. She was adorable in her little purple dress and fairy wings. She managed to catch a few pictures with her and a few other of the kids. She was just finishing up Emi’s makeup when they heard the door.

Ara opened it up, feeling the cooler temperature from outside. Ara grinned seeing Sylus. She hugged him tightly, [b “I’m glad you made it early.” ] Ara said. [b “I’m going to finish off with the kids, and then I’ll help you.” ] Ara said. She said. She’d take Emi’s hand after she hugged Sylus. She sat down with her at the dining table and finished off her eyes. It was fun for her.

Ara rose up and felt Sylus wrap his arms around her. She giggled, looking at his amber eyes [b “I’m hoping I can achieve that.” ] Ara said. She then pointed at the chair [b “Sit down, it’s your turn.” ] Ara said. Emi would pull up a chair and sit beside her to watch. Ara grabbed the color palette from her makeup bag that she wanted to use for Sylus. It would be more subtle on him. She did use rosy tone on his eyes, making his amber eyes really stick out. She did even a bit of contouring. She thought he just looked sooooo sexy. She smiled to herself and then would fix up his hair too, pushing it back. She smirked to herself and kept her thoughts to herself because…the kids were around.
“Sy looks so cool!” Emi said, and clapped.
[b “Doesn’t he?” ] Ara smiled. She let him take a look [b “Anything you want tme to fix or add?” ] Ara asked. She rose up and stood behind him when he looked at the mirror. [b “Definitely.” ] Ara kissed his cheek, thinking this was so much fun. [b “A bad ass scary and…um, hot vamp.” ] She whispered the last bit.

Ara felt her smart watch buzz. [b “Oh, Sy, we have to get going. Let me pack up.” ] Ara said, going to the table and putting her makeup away. Emi bombarded her with questions and comments, and even helped her clean up. She said goodbye to everyone, waving and stepping out with Sylus. She carried her black small bag. She held Sylus hand while they walked together.

[b “Really! I’m so happy. I was trying to look sexy.” ] Ara said, feeling his kiss. She’d look at him and watched him making a face with his fangs she helped on. Damn. [b “Ahhh darling you look amazing.” ] She kissed his lips quickly, [b “And hot…so hot.” ] She ran her fingers along his arm and then would take hold of his hand again.

They got to school, going to Ethan’s class. While they walked through the hall she met Quinn, dressed as witch, all in black, with a hat. She looked cute. Ara put them into a stop before they walked into class. [b “Quinn you look amazing.” ] Ara said.
“Holy shit you two look hot,” Quinn said, a little taken back, “Jeezes…If I was bi, I’d get in with both you.”
Ara nudged her, blushing, [b “Hey-that’s weird.” ]
“I’m only joking.” Quinn laughed, “Anyways, you should see my outfit later.”
[b “I will.” ] Ara said and saw Ethan coming in.
“Coming to class?” Ethan asked, looking at the two of them.
[b “Of course.” ] Ara said, and waved to Quinn before going into class with Sylus. She leaned into Sylus, admiring how she helped him. She’d play with his hand underneath the desk
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THeir little pup just made it home and he was already making a mess in Ara's room. He tried to clean it up, but ARa came in with a mop. He'd pet little Nyx and then would play with him until they headed to their shoot.

The filming was a success. Sylus acted out as Ara's body guard and behind camera, he was so serious. THey did a few takes with Collin behind the camera and KLara directing the crew. THey were able to finish up and do a few edits over the next few days.

Halloween was approaching faster than they expected. There was going to be a bit party being held by a few of the guys on the football team. They rented out a beach house and everyone from school was going to be there. IT was the biggest event of the year.

Sylus got ready, wearing a white shirt and jeans as he grabbed a bag of the clothes he bought with Ara. He headed towards the orphanage, sending a few texts to the swim team. THey were also supposed to dress up for Halloween, being shirtless was a requirement to show off their swimming bodies. He knew it would work well with his vampire outfit, so once he got to the orphanage, he knocked on the door.

He greeted Ara and hugged her, she looked so cute in her red outfit and her amazing makeup. Her eyes were beautiful. He walked in, seeing the kids being helped out with make up and last minute touches to their costumes. The kids gave him hugs and showed off the outfits Ara got them. He would smile and wrap his arms around Ara [b "You're the best. You're making this their favorite Halloween ever"] he kissed her cheek and sat down, letting her work on his make up and his hair. He removed his shirt beforehand and then he put on the sleeveless leather jacket and the tight, leather jeans. He wore some black shoes and would let ARa do her magic.

Once she finished, he would look in the mirror and would look so stunned. IT didn't look like him at all. With his tattoo showing and his hair slicked back, he looked like a real vampire. [b "Wow Ara! This is amazing. You look really good too. Now everyone will think I really bit and turned you"] he held her hand in his, thanking her.

After they got ready, they helped the kids finish up as well before heading to school. Sylus held her hand as they walked towards campus, excited for people to see them. [b "I like what you did with your make up. You're so sexy"] he kissed her cheek, making a face as his fangs stuck out.
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Nyx peeing all over her floorand Sylus soaking it with paper towels had caught her off guard. [b “What! No! My bedroom is going to smell gross.” ] Ara whined. She went to grab a mop and cleaned it up. She groaned. At least he looked happy eating and barking.

They did their shoot. They were all dressed up. Ara was trying to make a deal that went wrong. Sy being her bodyguard. It went well, but Klara…still didn’t want anything to do with her. Ara would rush home soon after and when she returned Nyx was whining, and got so excited to see her and Sylus again.

The following week, Ara had her two outfit set for Halloween. One for school appropriate and one…for the party with Sylus. Quinn helped her, and managed to get her to feel confident enough to wear something like that. Ara offered to meet Sylus at the orphanage because she wanted to help the kids out before school with there Halloween costume for school. She’d meet Sy there, to help him with his outfit too. Her squad ultimately agreed that they would dress up for halloween, at least her captain half demanded that they’d look good because they had a reputation to hold. Ara decided to the vampire thing with Sy. She created even a whole scenario, where Sy was a vamp and she was one too because of him. It was all fun, she loved to dress up.

She picked a red lacy crop-top, a leather jacket on top, high waist a-line black skirt and a pair of high heal red boots. She did her make up, making her lips a crimson red, her eye makeup a rosy color, eyeliner cat eye and used a little more for her mascara then she usually did. It made her blue eyes really pop up. She did a fake bite mark on her neck and got small fake fangs on her. This was all before 6am because she wanted to look good. She even made sure Nyx food bowl was filled and he had a little walk in her neighborhood.

She got her driver to get her to the orphanage. She knocked and watched the den mother answer the door. “I’m here to help.” Ara smiled and got a gasp and then remembered the fangs. Ara giggled [b “It’s not realy, I promise!” ] Ara giggled. She walked in the kids thought it was so cool. She helped a few of them with makeup, since she already got them their outfits.

When she heard the door knock, Ara got excited that it would be Sy. She was just finishing the little girl’s fairy makeup. The den mother went to get it, [b “I’ll get it!” ] Ara exclaimed [b “it’s Sy, I’m sure.” ] Ara said with a grin. It was Friday. They spend most of the week editing, but he’s been busy in the evenings lately. Although, they still took care of Nyx together, doing walks and evening bringing him to Sy’s apartment. She went to the door, expecting it to be him. If it was him, she’d hug him tight, and tell him to sit and get ready.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 84d 21m 58s
IT was easy to fall in love with the little pup. He was the cutest thing Sylus had ever seen. He was so adorable and the way he licked his hands and would bark was the cutest thing ever. [b "I think we'll make sure that he's well off and a happy pup"] he nodded to her and was really happy about the name they chose. His eyes looked over the puppy and when Allister came, he held their bags and the carrier as they walked outside to the car.

Once they were at her house, he would helped set up his corner up in Ara's room. He would put up the fencing and then he would make sure he had all he needed. He let him out of the carrier and saw Nyx walking around the corner, sniffing and smelling around the new room. HE would look at the two and then he peed on the floor.

Sylus gasped and then he saw Ara [b "He had an accident on the floor!"] he went to grab some soaked paper towels to clean up the mess. Once it was all cleaned up, he would look at Nyx [b "Bad Nyx, no peeing on the floor"] he told him, then leaning in to pet him. He went to his food bowl and took a few bites, barking and then looking up at the two of them.

[b "Ar, we have to go meet up Klara and Collin at the shoot. Let's head out"] he told her, looking over to make sure Nyx was comfortable.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 90d 1h 22s
The little puppy captured her and Sylus. His fur was so purely white and fluffy. He was tiny and excited that it made her melt and seeing Sylus amber eyes falling in love with the puppy too made her not able to resist. His barks were so cute. [b “Mmm, we should. We’ll take care of him really well.” ] She smiled, seeing the little puppy so excited.

She made the call for Allister. She watched Sylus interact with him, feeling happy about bringing a puppy home. [b “Okay, then Nyx will be his name.” ] Ara said. She was happy when Allister came to help her get the puppy. She said goodbye to him and let Sylus carry the pet carrier. Ara packed up a lot of supplies. She knew she would have to do a lot of reading, but she had before. At the very least, she knew someone would always be at the house to let him go potty.

Ara nodded [b “Mmm, let’s get Nyx set up.” ] She said. She called an uber for them. They hopped in and she’d peak at Nyx carrier. She smiled and then leaned into Sylus. [b “I bet he’ll be so excited to have more space.” ] They arrived at her house. Ara opened up the door and walked in, carrying the shopping bags while Sy carried Nyx. Ara set the bags down.

[b “Let’s find a place to adjust to,” ] Ara said, wondering which room she could set up the big crate for him, because she knew he would need some training since he was so little. She’d open up her phone and read up a bit, [b “Let’s set it up in my bedroom, so he dosen’t feel lonely.” ] Ara suggested. She climbed up to her bedroom. She had plenty of space in her room. She choose the corner at the bottom left.

Ara set up the large crate with Sylus first. She would place Nyx blue bed inside, a blue blanky and a whale stuffed toy. She knew time was running out, that they would have to be filming soon, but first, she wanted to take care of Nyx.
[b “Sy, you can let him out now into my room. I’m going to fill up his food and water bowl. He’ll have to stay in the crate for a little while so can adjust. We might have to take him to the backyard so he can go the bathroom too.” ] Ara said,as she opened up the new food bowl she got for him. She would go downstairs and she was. Nyx peed on the floor when Sy got him out of his pet crate.

Ara returned with the food, [b “How’s it going?” ] Ara asked, seeing Nyx wanting to zoom around her bedroom.
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He held her hand tightly in his and then he heard her saying he'd give in. [b "Nuh uh! You don't know that"] he laughed, going to see the puppy. The little white dog was so adorable with his fur and his ocean blue eyes. Sylus fell in love quickly and when they went in to play with him, he'd pet him and let him chase his hands around.

He would wag his tail, pouncing on Ara and Sylus and would lick their hands. His soft bark was so adorable, almost like a little squeal. HE was clearly just a puppy. He wanted him. Ara seemed to agree and he would grin at the thought of taking him home. [b "He would? Well...if you want, we can leave him at your place for now. THen we can take him on walks and to the dog park"] he suggested.

WHen she mentioned the age restriction, he forgot. He was only seventeen. IT'd be another year before he'd be able to make purchases like that. HE waited for Ara to make the call and then he listened in to hear that he was coming. HIs smile lit up and then he'd feel the pup lick his face. [b "You like me don't you"] he chuckled and then he wondered what to name him.

[b "Oooh, I like Nyx. It's cute and it I think it fits him"] he wondered if she liked that. THen when Allister came, he'd wave and greet him, seeing him buying the puppy. He never thought he'd ever be able to have a puppy in his lifetime. HE thanked Allister and then he carried the pet carrier.

They stopped by each aisle, asking the employee what they should get the puppy and then seeing Ara fill a cart with supplies. [b "I guess we're going to your house first before the shoot?"] he chuckled, helping her carry the bags. Little Nyx was in his carrier relaxing, falling asleep as they headed outside, waiting for ARa's driver.
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