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[sacramento [size40 Sylus & Ara's dream. ]]

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[div [cabin [size15 In an alternate reality where Ara & Sylus live an ordinary life, in a classic tale of the pretty new girl falling for a promiscuous delinquent. There’s a catch. She’s already taken by her boyfriend Joseph but that doesn't stop Sylus from wanting to get inbetween. They fall on different spectrums, live in opposite worlds of rich and poor. Yet, they’re both popular and neither of their friends and acquaintances would approve of them. ]]]

[div [Cabin [size15 What they don’t recognize in each other is that they’ve known each other as kids. With the divide of their father’s work relationship and loss of a parent, they were separated. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Sylus ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 Sylus end up in an orphanage, now having an apartment with a shady roommate, Luke. He grew up the wrong side, but it’s no secret that he’s at his A-game in his education as much as he is with girls and his swimming. He wants to primarily make the money to support himself and help others at the orphanage. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Aralyn ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 After the second grade, Ara was homeschooled and when she returned to high school at 15, she was bumped a grade higher because of all the private tutoring. She’s a pretty rich girl whose actually kind at heart with an ego just as big as her kindness. Her goal is just to fit in, and ends up as a cheerleader. ]]]]

[div[Cabin [size15
Joseph = Ara's boyfriend
Tanner = Best friend's with Joseph
Klara = No one's friend yet
Collin = Sylus' friend
Luke = Sylus' shady roomate
Clyde = Sylus' friend
Ethan = Teacher
Payton = Teacher's assistant


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[b “You always do.” ] Ara whispered. Her eyelids were heavy. His song, his comfort and the weight of her tiredness prompted her to fall asleep. She woke to sounds of talking in the morning from Luke And Sylus. Sylus was back, and he was looking at her with all smiles, and even kisses. She half smiled. She didn’t feel entirely safe with him because when she was around him…sometimes bad things happened. Where he had lived wasn’t safe…his life was making her unsafe… Logically, it would make sense not to tarnish her life or reputation by constantly being with him. But…she loved him. She understood him.

She heard him apologize and she’d shrug. [b “There’s nothing you can do about right.” ] Ara said, [b “So it isn’t your fault. Besides, if I stayed home, then…then…stuff might have happened anyway.” ] Ara’s voice broke a littla at the end. She found him leaning in closer. [b “I…guess…I don’t know.” ] Ara said, she didn’t know what to do in these situations. Because they couldn’t just go to the police. It might get Sylus in trouble.

They got up, and head into the shower. She felt nervous for a second, getting naked because the bruises were more clear. But Sylus didn’t treat her any different, or acted like they were there. Which helped make her feel normal. She thought about how she’d go to school, how much makeup she’d have to use to cover that up. It made her so angry. Everything ade her so angry. Her dad. That guy who broke in and shot. Those thief’s…with guns. Was the world really always this unfair?

She wanted to break down but tried to hold it together. What good would a break down do? What could raging would do? She got so lost in her own head as they showered. She end up staying silent, distracted with her own mind. She finished showring and blew dry her hair. It upset her that she didn’t have her usual shampoo and conditioner, nor oil. Not even the stuff for her daily skin routine. Sy…really didn’t have much. She looked at herself in the mirror, feeling frustrated. She’d brush her hair out, and she couldn’t perfect it just with a blow dryer. It still looked really nice, but she couldn’t iron out the little details.

[b “Let’s go eat…” ] Ara whispered. She excited the bathroom, and would just slip on shorts and a tank. When she was going to leave his room and go into the living room, she realized Luke was there. She couldn’t go out there with a bruise on her arm, back and wrist. [b “Sy, you can go ahead.” ] Ara said. She went into changing into jeans and a long sleeve shirt instead she packed. She’d fix the mark she had on her cheek with makeup and then step out into the kitchen with Sylus.
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He felt tired and worn out from the eventful night. Sylus wasn't sure what to do because now that his home was wrecked and some of his clothes and merchandise were trampled over, he didn't know where he'd be placed. Luckily the orphanage had a back up place for them, so he felt relieved, but even while he unpacked his things, he thought about how little he had.....what Ara said, and if he even deserved to have a girlfriend like her.

She looked tired and he felt like all of this was his fault. He wanted ARa to be comfortable, but at the same time, he never wanted to drag her into this life of crime. IT upset him.

Sylus just tried to forget about it for now since he was so tired, but it definitely was at the back of his mind. He played her a song and snuggled into her in bed. [b "Well, I do want to look good in front of you"] he chuckled and then he leaned into her warmth, his hands holding her back as he slowly fell asleep.

When Sylus heard the sound, he headed outside and was speaking with Luke. He warned him about being more careful and not to involve Ara. It seemed like he was already feeling a little better, but still.

He climbed back into bed with Ara [b "Morning Ar"] he kissed her soft lips and then he hugged her [b "I always want you to feel safe with me....but I'm really sorry about all this Ara. I'm sorry my life is so dangerous....and that you feel afraid and cry because of me"] he admitted, leaning into her more. [b "I don't want anything to happen to you....but if being with me puts you in danger....I don't....know what else to do"] he whispered softly, feeling defeated that he allowed all of this to happen. [b "I'll be okay. I'm used to this"] he sighed softly as he met her eyes.

[b "We can shower....I'm just...I feel a bit tired still"] he slowly got up and held her hand in his. HE would lead her to the bathroom as he found his towels, his shampoo and soap. HE set them into the bathroom and he would start the warm water.
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She still felt shaken and with barely any sleep, she felt so uneasy. She felt his arms around her. She held onto him too, closing her eyes. [b “Something like this happened before…remember?” ] Ara whispered. She felt good it was closer, that maybe [b “So it’ll be safer…” ] She said. She pressed her head into him. [b “Yea…we did.” ] She felt so tired. She’d look up at his eyes and then would give a slow nod.

Ara slipped into the bed, putting the blanket over her. She watched him grab his guitar and play the strings. She looked up back into his eyes and listened to him play. He sung nicely and him playing was calming her down. She’d hum quietly with him. Ara would smile back to him, [b “You’re talented.” ] Ara said. He climbed into bed with her. She would snuggle with him and close her eyes. She felt calmer, safer, enough to fall asleep with him. She’d feel his fingers brush through his hair and heard his promise. She held onto him tighter. [b “Me too…” ] Ara whispered quietly. It felt good…knowing he was here and he’d protect her. She’d softly kiss him back briefly too.


Ara had fallen asleep. She flinched when she heard a sound. She woke for a second and noticed Sylus raising up. She watched him with her eyes half open. He left the room. She could hear the conversation from where she was. It made her slightly smile when he clearly sounded like he worried about her.

Sylus came back into the room. He crawled into bed with her. She felt his arm around her waist, and she saw his smile when he instantly shaw her. She wrapped her arms around her, [b “Morning Sy…” ] She whispered. She kissed him quickly, [b “Thank you…for playing the guitar for me, for protecting me, and making me feel safer.” ] She whispered. She felt good he accepted her too.

She would run her fingers into his hair. [b “Are you okay?” ] Ara asked, she caressed his cheek. [b “I guess I don’t have to ask how Luke is doing.” ] Because he sounded okay. She nibbled at her lips, [b “Sy, can we take a shower?” ]
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He was frightened on the inside when the man came close to them. He didn't know what he'd do if something happened to Ara. It was scary to know that one sound could have ended their lives. He would gasp and hold his breath, but luckily the cops were able to stop the man before anything else happened.

Once they were taken to the the station, Sylus would stay beside Ara, holding her close and then rubbing her back, trying to calm her down. [b "We're okay. We're safe"] he squeezed her hand and would thank his mother for coming down. He got the keys to his new place and the cops managed to help him move.

He would lead Ara upstairs to his new apartment and he'd slowly start to settle in. Luke was there too unpacking, but he left them alone for now. He would take in a deep breath and then he would sigh a bit as he set up his switch and then put his guitar out and hung his clothes.

HE noticed Ara looking shaky, she would say she wasn't fine and he would frown, going over to her and hugging her in his arms. [b "Ara....we just had an unlucky night. This neighborhood is better than that one and I'm closer to you too. It was scary....but we made it out okay"] he held her close, knowing that this has been his whole life. IT was always in danger, but he never wanted to drag her in it.

[b "Okay. Let's relax. How about I play you a song?"] he suggested, letting her climb into bed as he grabbed his guitar. He sung an acoustic version of Wonderwall. He wanted to calm her down and let her know that here, they were safer.

Sylus would strum the guitar, play a few chords and when he finished, he set it aside and climbed into bed with her. HE was tired and worn out from all that had happened. IT was so scary. He would lay beside her, holding her close. He then would brush her hair back, yawning softly. [b "I'll protect you no matter what"] he told her, kissing her lips and soon falling asleep.


The sounds of a loud crash woke him. He looked at the clock, seeing ten in the morning. Sylus got up and he walked outside, taking a peek. Luke dropped the toaster on the ground. "Sorry" he saw Sylus and then he frowned.

[b "Luke, you know that guy was after you. You have to be more careful leading them home"] he sighed.

"I know I know. It was just hard because of how beat up I was"

[b "Just make sure you're careful. I don't want anything like that happening to us again. We could have been killed. Ara could've gotten hurt!"] he said angrily.

"I get it. I'll be more careful. But hey, look check this place out. It's nicer than the other one?" he smirked.

Sylus just rolled his eyes and would walk back to his room annoyed. He wanted Luke to take things more seriously, especially since he had Ara over often now. HE would see her in bed and he'd crawl in beside her, his arm moving around her waist, smiling as he nuzzled back into her warmth.
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He stayed with her in that secure spot. He held her and even gave her a kiss. It was comforting, to see his eyes, to feel his warmth. Shew as still scared but she felt good when he tried to make her feel safe. That didn’t last long because it got serious, until the cops came.

Ara would dry her blurry teared eyes, [b “Yea,” ] She’d half cry. [b “I’m okay.” ] She’d feel his finger sthrough her hair and she’d squeeze his hand, and was not letting go, like her life depended on it. She wanted to cling onto him like a little scared kid.

Sylus opened the door for them. They were met with the cops. She felt nervous talking to them. She didn’t know what she could say and what she couldn’t. She’d just say she didn’t know much, and that all she heard was that he wanted money. She didn’t have to convince them that that was the truth because tears were coming out and her fear was real.

Ara would gather her backpack quickly and go with Sylus to the station. She felt nervous. She knew they’d call her dad. Then one the cops realized who her dad was and was surprised because he thought she was just another teenager living in a bad neighborhood. Happily, her father didn’t pick up the call and she assured them that she was fine with Sylus. She suspected her dad was too drunk.

Ara was still rather shakey, always holding his hand and staying glued to his side. His dorm mother came in. She’d give a quiet high. She was exhausted. Her bruising was starting to show and then she was asked other questions, which she said it was due to sports. She wasn’t sure if they bought it.

Finally, they got to return to Sylus’ new apartment. It was six thirty am at this point. She felt restless. Ara and Sy got int his room. She’d sit on the bed, staring down at the floor for a moment. [b “It was…terrifying.” } she’d whisper. “Yes…I’m…no, I’m not fine.” ] Ara said, shaking her head, [b “I’m not. You’ll always be in danger. That can happen again and, I can’t do anything about it. I can’t protect myself either. That was scary Sy. He could have shot you, or shot me. Or maybe you’d shoot him and you’d get in trouble or be traumatized,” ] She rambled. She covered her face for a moment. She was…so tired.

[b “Please…” ] Ara said soflty [b “Please sleep in bed with me. I can’t sleep alone.” ] She’d say, looking at his eyes, looking really effected by what happened. It was a lot to take all in one day, or…now two. She’d reach out to hold his hand, [b “I really am naïve…this stuff really doesn’t just happen in movies.” ]
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He didn't think that ARa would think of him so lowly, but when she mentioned that there was nothing to rob, he felt a bit ashamed. He told her it wasn't nice. [b "I guess so?"] he stayed quiet and still as they sat in the trapped door of the closet.

Sylus was nervous mostly because he wanted ARa safe. If anything happened to her, he wasn't sure what he was going to do. It would mean that he couldn't protect her and he never wanted that. His eyes looked over and gave her a kiss, hoping she'd feel safe with him.

As soon as the crash was heard, Sylus felt a bit panicked on the inside, holding the gun to the door just in case. The man kept getting closer, searching through the closet. Luckily the cops came and managed to cuff him up. Sylus breathed in relief as he faced Ara [b "I'm fine. Are you okay?"] he brushed her hair back and then he heard the cops. Sylus opened the door and slowly stepped out as he helped Ara out. [b "We're okay, just scared"] he admitted and they were taken to the living room for questioning, Luke was also there.

Sylus mentioned how someone came in for money as well, playing off Ara's story and Luke backed him up. Once they were done speaking with them, the police spoke with Luke and Sylus about another temporary home they would be staying in. This neighborhood wasn't safe and the orphanage had another apartment open for them to stay at.

Sylus would hold Ara's hand and they would be led to one of the cop cars. The thieves were captured, but two managed to escape. There was one casualty, but the rest of the neighborhood was okay.


Over the next few hours, Sylus and Ara were released from the station, getting an excused absence from school. His dorm mother met him at the station and gave him a hug, feeling so glad he was safe after getting the phone call.

He was given the keys to his new apartment that was a little closer to Ara's house, so the cops were nice enough to give him a ride there, along with bringing a few of his essentials.

Sylus walked up to the run down building and would head inside the second floor apartment. Luke was already there unloading his things. When they entered his room, it was about the same size as his old room. He would put his things on his bed, going back to the cop car and unloading the rest. A bed and desk were already set up, so it wasn't too bad.

He would glance at Ara [b "I'm really glad that we won't have to stay there anymore. It was a scary neighborhood. You sure you're okay AR? You can take a nap on my bed? I just have to unpack a few things.
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Logically, it didn’t make sense to be robbed here. They wouldn’t find much. That selective thought was comforting. Not nice…? [b “It’s a good thing not to be robbed.” ] Ara reminded quietly. She’d whisper a thank you when she was under the warmth of his jacket over her shoulder.

Could Sylus be scared too? She’d look at his amber eyes. His eyes appeared more determined than showing fear. Ara paid attention to the blaring sounds of sirens, gunshots into the atmosphere outside. It sounded close enough to her….but sounds that were even closer came in.

The sound of footsteps on metal. Ara tilted her head up to catch Sylus, wondering if he heard it too. A whimper escaped out of her lips when the sound of shattered glass filled his room. Her stomach plummeted and she held her breath, staring into the darkness, at the door in front of them. Sylus had them backed against the wall. Her gun in his hand aiming for the door. Her mind ran in full speed as they noise kept getting closer, and shouting. She worried for Luke. She worried for them. Sylus covered her mouth. Tears rolled down her cheeks onto his hand when she heard the gunshot go off into the room. He kept getting into the closet and it had her scared.

Police came in, shouting at the guy to put his hands up. Ara felt such relief come over her that it was over. IT was safe now. That man couldn’t get Luke, or them. She’d breath-finally. Ara’s tear filled blurry eyes looked up at him when he asked the question. He released his hand from her mouth. She’d give a small nod. She faced him and hugged him tightly, pressing her forehead against his chest tightly. Then she’d look up at him [b “Are you okay?” ] She half cried.

She heard faint chatter outside of the room, and then someone coming in the room.
“Is anyone hiding here? It’s safe, we want to make sure everyone is okay.” The cop said. Ara looked back at Sylus, wondering if they even should. If he’d nod to her, she’d go outside with him, for some questions. The questions would consist of, “Are you harmed? Do you know the man? Why did he come into the apartment?” Ara felt so emotionally drained. The only thing she knew was that he was calling out for Luke, and that he was looking for money. But, she wasn’t sure if she should even be saying that to the cops, so she didn’t if they did talk to them.
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This usually happened sometimes at night in this neighborhood. Not only was it a run down place, but it was all the orphanage could afford. They didn't have much money to begin with, but this complex had a majority of the teens almost to the age of eighteen. By that time, they could move wherever they wanted.

He locked down the house, taking a peak to see Luke still in bed. He went back to his room to make sure Ara was okay, slowly taking her hand and leading her into the closet, helping into the trap door. This place was saved for extreme situations. Sylus was smart enough to know that what he did wasn't safe and he knew that he had to take counter measures. He stayed with ARa in the closet. Her words made him realize that she was hinting at the fact that he had nothing. [b "Um, that's not nice Ara"] he told her, putting the jacket over her as he stayed quiet.

He told her to keep her voice low as the sounds of the police sirens entered the scene. There were a few gunshots that could be heard, but more importantly, he could hear footsteps on the fire escape. Sylus backed up against the wall, holding Ara close as he heard the sounds of a window shattering. Someone climbed down from the window and was walking around his room, each thump of a step could be heard.

Sylus held his breath, holding the gun forward against the trap door. THe footsteps approached the closet. His things were being shuffled around and tossed. "Where you at Luke! I saw you coming into this building" the man spoke as he walked around the closet. The sound of clothes could be heard falling down the racks. "Where are you? You owe us some money"

Sylus would cover Ara's mouth with his hand, hearing the voice draw nearer. The man fired gunshots into the ceiling. "Come out come out! I know you're barely able to move"

His heart was beating rapidly in his chest, hoping he didn't find the trap door. He sent a text to Luke to get out or hide. The man ruffled through the closet until a loud crash filled the house. The cops drew inside and one would tackle the man to the ground. He gasped and yelled out "Let me go! Let me go!"

But the cops managed to remove his weapon and cuff him. They dragged him out of the apartment and that's when Luke came out of his room. He spoke with the cops about how there were two others here with him, probably hiding.

Sylus released his breath, leaning back against the wall as he sighed in relief. He would slowly calm down, looking over at Ara. [b " okay?"] he asked, releasing his hand from her mouth.
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Stuff like this…it didn’t happen to her. It only happened in fiction. She freaked out the second she saw people below with guns, breaking down into a house. She’d sit down on the floor. Sylus came in and wrapped his arms around her. She held onto him, burying her face into his chest. She was shivering. She’d follow him along to his closet. She tried to control her breathing but it was shallow. Too much was happening lately. He opened a door into a tiner room. It made her feel claustrophobic a bit.
He closed the door, and she wasn’t a fan of this space, but was it safer? She could barely stand because she felt afraid. [b “How is that a reason not to be scared? How fast are the cops?” ] She asked and then tried to calm down, [b “Right…they wouldn’t find us here.” ] Ara whispered, and wondered about Luke. They were breaking into a house…not here. Why would they break into a random apartment that was definitely…run down. It wouldn’t like they’d have much to sell. She’d calm down realizing that Sylus’ poorness will safe him from being robbed. [b “Right, they wouldn’t rob you.” ] She whispered to herself.

She felt Sylus jacket wrapping over her. She still had tears in her eyes. She saw him pull out the gun. She hated to use a weapon for the purpose of hurting someone. [b “Oh…okay.” ] Ara said, but was still clinging onto him. She heard the sirens and would still be tense but less tense. Her tears were starting to dry, but her fingers were still wrapped around his shirt, clinging on tightly. She felt him kiss her head and rub her back. [b “Usually?” ] Ara spoke in slight panic, [b “As in sometimes, it doesn’t’?” ] She said.

The second he told her to stay quiet. She shut up, and nodded. Sylus would fall asleep in this closet? Was he scared too? He never looked like he was phased. She’d sit down and rest her head against him. She’d wipe her eyes now and then. She was paying too much attention to every single sound. Her stomach flopped each second that passed. She was afraid to fall asleep… She held her phone in one hand. She opened her mouth to speak but shut it because she was scared. She’d hold his hand instead, and try not to sniffle, but it end up making her nose feeling pretty stuffy.
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He would make sure LUke was taken care of before heading outside with Ara into the living room. They sat on the couch and just sat together, cuddling and watching a movie. He really liked that movie because it made it seem like anything was possible, for both humans and pets alike. He would get hungry again and grab a slice of pizza before the movie finished.

He walked towards his room with a sleepy ARa, tucking her in beside him as he snuggled in close. He loved sleeping beside her since she was so warm and it relaxed him. It definitely took away all of the anxiety and he stress being around her.

That moment was short lived though when the sounds of guns raided the night. Sylus would get up and take a peek before making sure their apartment was secure. IT happened every once in a while, but tonight it was loud and dangerous outside. He locked the doors and when he got back to the room, he saw ARa getting off of the phone with the police.

He'd wrap his arms around her and then he'd hug her, trying to tell her it was going to be okay. [b "I know Ar. COme here"] he held her hand and hurried to the closet with her, closing the door and then opening up a secret compartment in the wall. IT was a small trap door that led into a small room enough to fit just two people. He let her go in first and then he climbed in next, closing the door.

[b "You don't have to be. Our neighborhood has been like this for a while. The cops will show up and help, our house will be okay. THey're further down the street. They won't find us here"] he held her hand tightly in his and then he wrapped a jacket over her. [b "I have the gun here"] he pulled it out of his pocket and then he leaned into her. [b "We'll be okay. I've done this a few times, it's usually gone in a few hours"] he told her, hearing the cop sirens coming. He'd kiss Ara's head and would rub her back [b "Let's just stay quiet. Sometimes I just fall asleep here until the morning"] he admitted.
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She hated seeing someone in pain, even if it was Luke. She started to wonder if Luke wanted any of this either. If he believed what he was doing was a mistake. She understood Sylus, but she never tried to understand Luke. Although, he still hadn’t been nice to her.

She stepped out with Sylus. She held onto him. [b “Really? Well…okay.” ] Ara whispered. She wondered if he was telling her the truth. She felt the anxiety of something happening to him making way. She’d watch a movie with him. Sh liked this movie. IT was nice and Sylus holding her in with his arm around her waist comforted her. She’d stay quiet and enjoy just being close to him. Her eyes were falling. She felt tired, emotionally drained.

“Mmm?” Ara responded with his question. She’d look up at his eyes and realized what he had said. She’d walk with him into his bedroom. She snuggled underneath the sheets and would sleep by him. She liked how Sylus snuggled into her, arm around her waist. She kissed his lips back too. “Night,” ] She whispered.

Ara’s heart leap. She’d sit up quickly, hearing the echoes of….that wasn’t fireworks was it? She’d grip onto the sheets and felt her body grow stiff every time she hard a bang. She clearly knew the sound of a gun. Ara saw Sylus peeking out the window, but quickly going to the door. Her eye’s would follow him. She picked out her phone and dialed 911 and explained she heard gunshots across the street. She hung up.

She looked out the window. She saw what was happening, door bashed open, guns firing. Ara closed her eyes and accidently screamed for a split second. Her legs turned into pudding and she sat on the ground. She’d cover her ears, feeling rattled, and shakey. Tears poured down. She saw Sylus coming back, closing the curtains behind her. [b “I’m scared.” ] Ara said quietly. She looked into the darkness of the room, and truly was starting to realize just how unsafe the world was. She always got hurt when she did wrong, and Sylus almost died.

She’d get lost in her thought that she’d miss what he would be saying to her if he said anything. She’d squeeze her eyes shut, feeling her heart pounding against her chest. Every sound was insanely loud to her, just like how thunder was. Loud…and terrifying, or the water, or her dad. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this. This wasn’t really happening. She swore she could just sit here all night but then she realized she had nothing to protect herself.

“Sy, do you still have the gun I gave you?” ] She’d say quietly, weakly. [b “Why is it like this? This isn’t how everything is supposed to be. People aren’t supposed to hurt each other.” ] She’d mumble.
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He didn't want to disturb Luke, but it seemed like ARa really wanted to make sure he was okay even after all of the things he's done to them. He knew he had to help too, but what was he going to do if he just closed the door on them.

Ara went straight in and then he followed, looking over to see Luke already trying to patch himself up. He would sigh a bit and then try to help him out as well. He would grab some bandages and apply some ointment and then wrap up the other scratches he had on his body. Sylus glanced over to see the bag he had at the edge of his bed. He had a stack of cash filled. What they did for some money.

He would frown, seeing Ara getting teary eyes. HE knew she was worried and didn't want anything happening to them, but it was the life they had chosen and he couldn't get out of that easily. ONce they finished, Luke looked like he'd pass out any second.

Luke thanked them both and took a sip of water before falling asleep. Sylus held her hand and would walk with her back to the living room, taking a seat on the couch. [b "Me? Not really. I try to plan it out so I don't end up like that"] he told her, not wanting her to think about it at all.

He turned on the TV and put it to ratatouille. He relaxed and wrapped his arm around her waist, not wanting to tell her that sometimes if he wasn't careful, he'd end up like Luke a few times. HE even had a few scars to prove it, but luckily they weren't as bad.

He noticed her falling asleep [b "Ar, come on. Let's head to bed?"] he suggested, holding her hand in his and then leading her back to his room. He would let her lay back and he would climb in beside her. He knew she had it rough right now, but maybe it'd get better after a few days.

Sylus would snuggle into her, his arms draping around her waist as he kissed her lips. [b "Night Ara"] he smiled, slowly falling asleep beside her.

He woke up the next morning to a few gunshots in the neighborhood. It was only 3am, but it was firing off. Sylus would take a peek out the window, seeing a few people on the street, someone was robbing a house. He quickly got up and then he made sure the front doors were locked and he also put up a chair. He checked the windows, seeing LUke was still fast asleep.

He then hurried back to the bedroom and closed his curtains. He hoped it didn't wake Ara.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 4h 10m 36s
Ara set her eyes on him firmly and then shook her head, [b “It doesn’t matter. He could be really hurt.” ] She would rise up and go to Luke’s door. She’d open the door and demand it. She saw him trying to wrap a bandage around his arm, which she imagined it to be difficult on his own. She frowned when he mentioned how he’s been treating her. [b “Because I don’t likes seeing you suffer.” ] Ara said.

Sylus spoke up, and she was glad he came too. Ara would sit down near Luke and clean his wounds up too. She’d use a cream she had in her kit over some of the wounds. She nearly flinched when she saw the deep cut on his shoulder. Her eyes would warm up again. Did Sylus get this hurt too? Why was Luke okay with this? Getting hurt for something so dangerous…and not worth it. Ara would turn her head away and wipe her eyes quickly.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about Sylus helping…if it meant Sylus would get hurt. She’d dress the wounds up, [b “Don’t move too much. Drink plenty of water, rest, and eat healthy meals. If a fever kicks up, go the hospital or if not a hospital, message me. I an give you something that will help.” ] Ara instructed quietly. She’d stand up again, seeing him rest back. She would quickly go into the kitchen and brought him a glass of water near by at least.

[b “I had to. But in return you have to heal.” ] Ara said firmly. She let Sylus take her hand. They walked out and went into the living room. She’d sit down with him and lean into Sylus. [b “Do you get hurt like that?” ] Ara whispered. She’d squeeze his hand and then stopped because it hurt her wrist to exercise any muscles right now. [b “Yea…we can watch a movie.” ] Ara half smiled. She snuggled into him and watched the movie. She felt…the stress of what could happened to Sylus…and then also going back home. She was eventually feeling quite tired, from all the emotions. She’d try to keep her eyes open though.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 4d 4h 22m 27s
He was enjoying playing games with her, feeling really good about his skills. He never thought that Ara was a really good gamer until now. She was beating him so easily in mario kart that he wasn't sure what else to do. Even in overcooked, he tried to put out the fires and he did his best to keep the food going, but sometimes it got too hectic.

They fed each other and played some more, munching until Luke arrived.

Luke came in and he looked completely hurt. Sylus was raised wit him from the orphanage, so he offered him pizza even after all the crap he put him through. He didn't want the guy to be harmed at all, after all, he's also been helping him out a few times as well.

Sylus watched him grab a pizza and refuse their help, soon going to his room and closing the door. He tried to ignore it, but then Ara reminded him of what happened to him. [b "Yeah I know....but he doesn't want my help"] he sighed a bit and then he slowly got up and then he went to help Ara out as they waited for Luke to answer the door.

Luke left the door partially open so they could just waltz in. When Ara came in, he was laying on the bed, wrapping his arm in a bandage "You said you two could come in here. Just leave me alone"] he sighed, seeing Ara just come in looking desperate. "Why would you want to help me? I treated you like trash" he told her.

[b "Ara is sweet and she's nice. We just want to help you. We've both been through it"] he told him, grabbing some bandages from the bathroom and then going over. He helped clean up Luke's wound. He had a few cutes on his arms, a deep cut on his shoulder as well. They patched it up as best they could. [b "You have to be more careful LUke. If you know you can't get out of there have to plan a different route or something"] he told him, trying to help him out.

[b "If you need my help or anything, just let me know"] he cleaned up the blood from his older bandages and would help ARa out as well. Luke laid back against his bed, looking at the two. "Thanks. You didn't have to do this" he told them, just trying to relax. "I'll take care of it from here" he mentioned as Sylus glanced over, seeing how tired he looked. [b "Let's let him rest"] he held her hand and walked with her back to the living room. He grabbed another slice of pizza and sat on the couch. [b "Movie?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 4d 22h 51m 29s
They were on their A-game and all the sudden Sylus caused a fire. She would loudly whine and then he tried to use the extinguisher at her. [b “Sy!” ] She whined, and then she’d release a laugh that had a hint of sadness. But it was fun. She had…so much fun. He was warm…and she felt like this early afternoon almost never happened.

The sight of Luke upset her. Even more so when he looked a bit pale, and had blood seeping through. It reminded her of how Sylus got injuried and he had to go to the hospital. It made her sick to her stomach thinking of it happening ever again.

She ignored it. She played with Sylus, and they would eat pizza too. Sylus sometimes fed her which was so cute. She melted into him, even dancing a little while she sat since she was being fed and got to play. Which was a mistake because she felt her back ache a little, so she toned it down.

She saw Luke again…and she couldn’t bare it. When she saw someone hurt, it was hard to stop from wanting to everything possible to make it good. [b “That’s what Sylus said when he went the hospital.” ] Ara mentioned. She let Sylus try to convince him but it didn’t seem to work. She’d watch Sylus come back in and sit down.

[b “But…Sy, he’s hurt.” ] Ara said softly [b “That could be you.” ]
She heard his laughter and watched him take another bite. But that nagging ache of not doing something when she knew something could go wrong… She couldn’t tolerate it. She’d take the bit ehe fed her and kissed him back but she looked distracted. [b “I can’t… I can’t just sit here. How can you do nothing too?” ] She said. She’d get up, go into her backpack, where she had a small box, the size of her hand for emergencies. Ever since that happened with Sylus, she carried one.

She knock first to give Luke a warning. She’d open the door “Luke, take off your shirt. I need to see where you got hurt. It could get infected…don’t be stubborn. I’m not leaving you alone until I can make sure it is just nothing.” ] She said firmly. Her eyes got warm, but not that visibily because she kept thinking of Sylus and just from being overwhelmed from today.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 5d 3h 19m 25s

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