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[sacramento [size40 Sylus & Ara's dream. ]]

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[div [cabin [size15 In an alternate reality where Ara & Sylus live an ordinary life, in a classic tale of the pretty new girl falling for a promiscuous delinquent. There’s a catch. She’s already taken by her boyfriend Joseph but that doesn't stop Sylus from wanting to get inbetween. They fall on different spectrums, live in opposite worlds of rich and poor. Yet, they’re both popular and neither of their friends and acquaintances would approve of them. ]]]

[div [Cabin [size15 What they don’t recognize in each other is that they’ve known each other as kids. With the divide of their father’s work relationship and loss of a parent, they were separated. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Sylus ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 Sylus end up in an orphanage, now having an apartment with a shady roommate, Luke. He grew up the wrong side, but it’s no secret that he’s at his A-game in his education as much as he is with girls and his swimming. He wants to primarily make the money to support himself and help others at the orphanage. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Aralyn ]]]

[div [center [pic ]]

[div[Cabin [size15 After the second grade, Ara was homeschooled and when she returned to high school at 15, she was bumped a grade higher because of all the private tutoring. She’s a pretty rich girl whose actually kind at heart with an ego just as big as her kindness. Her goal is just to fit in, and ends up as a cheerleader. ]]]]

[div[Cabin [size15
Joseph = Ara's boyfriend
Tanner = Best friend's with Joseph
Klara = No one's friend yet
Collin = Sylus' friend
Luke = Sylus' shady roomate
Clyde = Sylus' friend
Ethan = Teacher
Payton = Teacher's assistant


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He hoped that she didn't find the room weird or anything. All he wanted was to be able to show her around and maybe get some alone time with her. As he led her through the house, he hoped it didn't turn her off or anything. It was Sylus' main mission to just get her into his room so she could ignore everything else outside. [b "Yeah, he's out and won't be back until late tomorrow"] he told her, watching her look at the pictures.

[b "Yeah some of the kids like to gather around and listen to me play the guitar. I get requests all the time"] he laughed and the he walked closer to her, meeting her eyes. When he held her hands, he shook his head [b "No, I just like seeing your eyes"] he watched her sit against the bed and then he went to grab his guitar. [b "Sometimes I play, I uhhh do my homework. Um...yeah not much. I mostly just sleep here"] he admitted, playing a soft tune. He strummed the strings and played a few small chords as he sat beside her.

[b "Want to hear a song?"] he asked, trying to make her laugh. He played the song on spongebob where he ripped his pants, strumming along.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 5h 1m 42s
His room was a good contrast compared to the living room. It didn't make her feel all that comfortable but she supposed that be had no control over that... [i Still, a warning would have been nice.] What if his roommate happened to be here? She wondered if he really thought this through. [b "I can tell. ]  His room was nice and she would look at the pictures, his posters. [b "I liked seeing you play with them and be so kind." ] Ara smiled and spaced out, thinking and not seeing him coming closer until he held her hand.

[b "Um....yes I'm okay. It's... I was thinking about you." ] She spoke slowly. He was smiling and he brushed her hair back. Ara blushed, and she grew a little closer to him, her eyes fell down his all the way to his lips but then stopped. [b "Is my hair a mess? Ohh I just realize how hot this jacket is." ] she would slide it off and then sat at the edge of his bed, [b "What do you do for fun at home?" ] She asked, looking at his eyes and then looking away to stop herself from staring at him and fall for his smile. She wondered how often he would spend time at his apartment.
  Ravenity / 7h 29m 58s
He saw her smile and thought she looked really cute. Ara was stunning as it was and he really wanted to be able to make her smile and make her his. He wanted to take her home and continue where they left off on the ferris wheel, so when she said yes, it made him happy.

He took her home to his apartment and then he led her inside, smelling the scent of weed and seeing the alcohol bottles. He should've asked his roommate to clean before he left. [b "Yeah I have a roommate and he's sort of.not that great"] he shrugged and then he shook his head [b "Yeah he's not home. Just us"] he walked with her to his room and then he let her inside.

He closed the door to keep the stench away as he let her look around. He walked over and put his clothes into the hamper that was out of place. He smiled [b "Thanks. I do. I like to play for the kids at the orphanage sometimes"] he smiled, seeing her spacing out. HE walked over and held her hands in his, leaning in a bit [b "You okay? What are you thinking about?"] he asked, smiling innocently as he leaned in and brushed her hair back.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 9h 9m 5s
She got a peck on her lips, and a smile. She held his hand, and couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. She’s only been at Joseph’s house alone, and usually it was for a short amount of time before his parents came in or his little sister was at home. But this would be good, she could find out more about him. Ara would get the cab, and it wasn’t long before they got to his apartment.

Ara followed him inside, it was smaller than she expected. She’s never been in apartment before, only condos and penthouses. It definitely smelled…of something-and it wasn’t great. She saw bottles, some empty…what was he doing here? Then Sylus spoke. Was he telling the truth? [b “You’re roommates then?” ] She asked and felt a little worried, [b “He’s not home?” ] She hoped he wouldn’t be and wouldn’t show up. [i It’ll be fine. ] She trusted Sylus to believe that he’d make sure she was comfortable. He did defend her for being called ‘stupid’ of all things.

She stepped into his room with him. She saw the posters, a guitar, his bed was a good size. His room was so much more…personalized. She quite liked it. It made her smile when she saw pictures at the orphanage. She stared at the pictures. She knew those little kids must be looking up to him. She liked the Sylus that was so kind and friendly with kids.

[b “You’re room is nice.” ] She said and the smell from the living room didn’t travel here. She pointed at his guitar, [b “You know how to play? You’re room…is like an open book.” ] She smiled, looking back at his eyes and nibbled at her lip, spacing out again, thinking a little too deeply.
  Ravenity / 19h 27m 32s
The fair closed late, but that didn't stop Sylus from wanting to be close to ARa like this. The kiss felt so short and he didn't want her to go home yet. He wanted to spend more time with her if he could. He led her to the back of one of the rides and then he leaned in to kiss her lips. He let his hands run along her sides, touching her bare sides as he caressed her skin. He would kiss her warm lips slowly, feeling her hands move over his chest.

HE met her eyes and then he asked if she wanted to come with him to his apartment. When she said she wanted to, he pecked her lips once more and smiled [b "Okay, let's go"] he held her hand and they soon exited the fair, waiting for the cab that Ara called as he helped her in.

He kept her hand in his and once they approached his apartment, he helped her out and then he walked with her up to his floor. Sylus opened the door and he didn't see his roommate in sight. He smiled and walked Ara past the kitchen and down the hallway. IT smelled of weed and there were bottles of alcohol on the table. [b "Those aren't mind. Promise"] he'd say as he led her to his room.

His room was a normal guy room. He had some posters of bands, a guitar at his desk, a black full sized bed and a desk. He had swim gear around, some pictures of the others at the orphanage and his uniforms. There wasn't much, but it was clean enough. He let Ara take a peek around.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 20h 40m 3s
[b “Wow, that’s really late.” ] She wondered if people really did spend time at fairs until midnight. Did kids? They were off the ride. Her body felt so warm, yet it still was getting colder outside. She hated herself for wanting to be kissed by him, for wanting more than she should. She hoped that he saw her more than just someone to kiss. She wanted him to look at her like he cared. It was nice to see Sylus smile, it made her heart flutter. She let him lead her toward the bag. He pressed her against the wall, and…wow he was hot. She looked at him, wondering if she could know more and more about him. Why…was he around so many girls and why he accepted them.

She kissed him deeply, her arms around him, eventually losing her mind and just focusing on kissing his soft lips, finding herself so addicted. She let her hand feel over his chest again. She could feel his hand caressing her cheek. She looked up at his eyes, a little taken away. [b “Mmm…” ] She spaced out, what he said came to her in a delay in her mind. He would kiss her and it was hard, feeling his hands gliding down her sides. She imagined going to his apartment and laying in his bed and kissing him, and him touching her body, touching him-[i Holy crap. Stop. ] She tilted her head away from him for a second.

Her heart was pounding, she dismissed her thought and found another reason [b “Okay, I want to.” ] She nodded. She wondered what his place looked like, how he lived. She nibbled at her lip without thought, and held his hand... [b "Cab?" ] She asked quietly.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 21h 27m 55s
He could taste her lips against his and it felt so good to be kissing her. Her soft lips felt so perfect against his and the way he met her eyes, he knew she enjoyed kissing him too. He wondered if she wanted him to stop. She didn't answer, so he just leaned in and then he would kiss down her neck until the ride came to an end.

Sylus held her hand, wishing it was much longer and he still wanted to kiss her. He looked at the time and then he led her towards one of the rides. [b "I think it closes at midnight"] he looked around and spotted a secluded area behind one of the rides. He smiled and held her hand in his, walking with him towards the ride and then heading towards the back. He pressed her up against the wall and then he kissed her lips once more. There weren't any people around and it was nice and dark.

He would lean in and kiss her, his hand caressing her cheek as he pressed his lips against hers. The more he kissed, the more excited he grew. [b "Do you want to come back to my place Ara?"] he whispered between kisses, his hand gliding down her sides, holding her curves.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 21h 50m 20s
His kisses taste so good. His tongue glided with hers, and she could feel him sucking. She enjoyed it too much, and that guilt was settling in. She felt on the fence. What she wanted for the moment with him was winning over what was good. She stared at him when he asked the question and she didn’t know the answer. She didn’t want to stop but she should stop. His lips moved down her neck, and it felt so nice.

The ride came into an end. She stepped out and Sylus held her hand. She didn’t let go, but still felt guilty for it. She looked out and saw the other rides in the distance. [b “Sure…we could.” ] She whispered, tying to fall out of her daze, [b “I wonder when this place closes.”] Her cheeks felt warm and she was too afraid to admit what she wanted and liked. But then he spoke and said what he wanted.

She looked back at Sylus and couldn’t fight the feeling, [b “Okay, but…where?” ] This place still felt pretty busy and public. [b “This is pretty public…” ] She lightly laughed, and didn’t see where they could unless it was a darker spot. She’d glance at the time and saw it was eight twenty already. Sylus said he didn’t have anything tonight so it probably didn’t matter that they were outside. [b “We could…find a darker spot.” ] She shrugged, as long as it wasn’t visible.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 1d 20m 31s
He couldn't help it. Ara was pretty, she was nice, and sweet and right beside him. If she didn't return his kisses, then that would be fine, but he still wanted to try and see if he could win her over at least. He would lean in, kissing her soft lips over and over, his tongue gliding along her bottom lip as he sucked on it. He would meet her eyes and then told her that she made him happy.

[b "If it's not a good idea, do you want to stop?"] he asked, slowly moving down her neck as he kissed her. He would kiss up her neck, take in her sweet scent and when they reached the bottom, he was a bit disappointed. He wanted to continue kissing her more [b "It was. It was a little too short"] he admitted and then he reached over to hold her hand in his, not wanting to separate just yet.

[b "Should we go on another ride? Or maybe get another snack?"] he asked, looking around. [b "I kind of want to go somewhere quiet and keep kissing you. What do you say?"]
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 1d 5h 59m 56s
With his lips so warm and inviting it felt impossible to stay no to them. She didn’t want to, she felt so much and it was hard to contain even if it still ached. Knowing she was hurting Joseph and that there was no promise that Sylus kissed her just because she was a pretty girl and would get over her quickly. He looked at her eyes and he felt so focused on her. Ara sighed, of course that would make him happy. “ I’s not a good idea.”

Sylus grin was nice to watch, it was cute. It made her smile and he came in with another kiss and she couldn’t help but miss him back too, kissing him slowly and then deeply, her fingers gripped onto his shirt and she moaned quietly when his kisses fell on her neck. He was so hot... she stretched her neck back, loving having her neck kissed by him.

They reached they bottom and had to get up, Ara couldn’t help but pout a little that they had to stop. She got out with him and glanced back at Sylus, blushing. “That was nice...” she whispered but knew she should stop it was just hard.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 1d 9h 18m 20s
He saw the look on her face and was smiling because he was able to win and show her how to win also. He walked with her around the fair more and was amazed to see all the different kinds of stands and the rides. It felt like a real date and he was glad Ara opted into coming with him.

They shared some cotton candy and he would let her have a bite as he headed to the ferris wheel with her. When they took a seat, he would wrap his arm around her waist, letting her rest her head against his shoulders. His eyes looked over at her and then he would lean in to kiss her cheek and then her lips softly. Her lips were warm, soft and she smelled so nice. He would feel her hands on his leg and then he leaned in closer, his eyes on her blue ones, not the view.

When she pulled back, he smiled [b "Well I like kissing you, so if you want to also, that'd make me just as happy"] he grinned, leaning in to press his lips against hers again, slowly moving down her neck as he kissed her soft skin.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 1d 10h 1m 1s
Ara shook her head [b “No, no, it’s fine.” ]
She the game a shot and it was harder than she thought it would be but after his tip, she got it. She got to eat some cotton candy, and she found that it tasted so sweet and it melted so nicely. [b “For some reason I thought it would have a hairy texture.” ] Ara giggled.

She felt uncomfortable, so she held his hand. When they were above facing beautiful lights, she felt safer and…also trying to surpass emotions. Sylus arm wrapped around her waist, it felt warm. She knew…this was cheating…this-all of this. Going out with him, holding his hand… [i I’m such a bad person. ] She rested her head on his, and he did the same. [i Why can’t I stop. ] She hated that she felt so attracted to him so easily and she couldn’t stop herself when he would look at her and grew near. She felt a kiss on her cheek. She lightly smiled. She held her breath, getting lost in his eyes, and feeling the warmth spread through her body.

Sylus slowly tilt her chin. Ara blushed, her eyes falling to his lips until his lips reached hers and gave her a kiss. It felt so good. She kissed him softly back, leaning closer, her hand resting on his leg without thought and then up to his chest. She tasted his lips, and it felt addictive. She felt the ache in her chest knowing what she was doing, her eyes warmed. His lips were just so warm, and her body felt so nice kissing him. She parted from his lips but his lips still hovering over his. [b “I don’t like myself for wanting to kiss you…” ] She whispered, because she was cheating.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 1d 20h 53m 50s
He didn't know where she'd learned such a thing from, but she was really good at shooting, he got that much. HIs eyes would look over at her and when they went to the ball game, he was able to knock it down and win a hat. He chuckled and then he heard her say it looked good, but he looked suspicious [b "Should I not wear it?"] he wondered, taking it off and then just carrying his prizes.

Ara played and she was able to get it after he showed her the technique. He smiled and gave her a high five as well, hugging his arms around her [b "Yeah, you're pretty good"] he laughed, holding her hand and leading her to the cotton candy. Sylus bought one and went with her to the ferris wheel, offering her some candy. [b "Yeah, it's pretty good and light"] he told her, seeing her hold his hand more and move forward. He sat with her and as the ride slowly went up, Sylus could see the city all lit up.

[b "I'm glad to. To a job well done at filming"] he wrapped his arm around her waist and rested his head on hers. Sylus would lean in to kiss her cheek, his amber eyes on hers and feeling his chest pound a bit. He felt lucky to have her here on the ferris wheel with him. He'd slowly tilt her chin a bit to face him and then he'd lean in to kiss her lips.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 1d 21h 38m 44s
She didn’t think she’d fool him into thinking she just suddenly happen to rock at shooting. She did worry that telling him ‘I had a professional teach me’ because-that might scare him. Yet, she refused to ever carry a weapon. Never ran into any problems because her dad may be rich but no one was stupid enough to kidnap a girl in broad daylight with someone with her for ransom. [b “I did have some practice. Can’t become this good out of nowhere.” ] Ara looked back at his eyes and lightly smiled. Sylus was good too though…not perfect, but good. She wasn’t even sure if he was safe to be around.

He heard his sigh and wondered if she had said something wrong, but decided to let it go. He did well in the other game. Ara giggled, [b “That does look good on you, but now you look like a suspicious bad ass trying to hide his identity.” ] She teased. Ara looked at the game and then said [b “I’ll try.” ]

Ara gave it shot, and she got a good chunk down but not all of it. Sylus showed her and she got it. She grinned and hugged him and gave him a high five [b “I did it!” ]

They walked together and she saw his eyes fall on something. He came back with cotton candy. She’s never had tried cotton candy, and she expected it to be weird but when he offered and tried it-[b “Whoa, it melts in my mouth.” ] She lined up with him, and noticed someone behind her getting a little too close for comfort, nearly pressing against her from behind. She took hold of Sylus hand and moved a little more forward. They boarded the Ferris wheel, taking a seat next to him. It was a beautiful lit view. Sylus leaned into her and she looked at him. He was looking out. She took a deep breath, and kicked her feet back and forth.

[b “It’s pretty…” ] She whispered, smiling lightly to herself, looking out, [b “I’m glad I came out to celebrate with you.” ] leaned into him too, resting her head on his shoulder for a bit.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 2d 13m 14s
It was odd to see Ara so cocky, but he couldn't really blame her. She was really good at something and she was better than he was. He smiled a bit because it was kind of hot to see her so confident [b "Yes you are. I don't think anyone can shoot like that naturally though. You must have had some practice somewhere"] he asked, seeing she was keeping it all to herself.

He figured if she didn't want to tell him, that was fine. He listened to her mention Joseph again and it seemed like she lost to Joseph to make him feel better. She didn't do that for him. He sighed a bit and then he went to a different game [b "Yeah sure"] he thought about what she could end up asking him and it made him a little worried, but he tried his best not to think about it. If she wanted him to do something, he'll just do it.

As he won the block game, he was given and pretty cool, black baseball cap. He put it on his head and he smiled a bit when she clapped for him [b "A few times yeah. Do you want to give it a shot?"] he asked, letting her try. If she got it, he'd clap, if not, he'd tell her the trick to hit it between the bottom two blocks.

They both continued to walk and he'd look around, seeing the others walking and eating snacks. He went to the snack station and got them some colorful cotton candy, letting her have some. Sylus then smiled [b "Yeah, let's check out the ferris wheel. It's dark and I bet we can see all the lights from the city"] he said excitedly, hoping she'd like it. He gave her more cotton candy as he took a bite. He then lined up and once they were on the ferris wheel, he'd look around and then he'd lean into her a bit, seeing the ride take them up, the entire view of the fair in their sights.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 2d 5h 43m 14s

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