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[sacramento [size40 Sylus & Ara's dream. ]]

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[div [cabin [size15 In an alternate reality where Ara & Sylus live an ordinary life, in a classic tale of the pretty new girl falling for a promiscuous delinquent. There’s a catch. She’s already taken by her boyfriend Joseph but that doesn't stop Sylus from wanting to get inbetween. They fall on different spectrums, live in opposite worlds of rich and poor. Yet, they’re both popular and neither of their friends and acquaintances would approve of them. ]]]

[div [Cabin [size15 What they don’t recognize in each other is that they’ve known each other as kids. With the divide of their father’s work relationship and loss of a parent, they were separated. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Sylus ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 Sylus end up in an orphanage, now having an apartment with a shady roommate, Luke. He grew up the wrong side, but it’s no secret that he’s at his A-game in his education as much as he is with girls and his swimming. He wants to primarily make the money to support himself and help others at the orphanage. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Aralyn ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 After the second grade, Ara was homeschooled and when she returned to high school at 15, she was bumped a grade higher because of all the private tutoring. She’s a pretty rich girl whose actually kind at heart with an ego just as big as her kindness. Her goal is just to fit in, and ends up as a cheerleader. ]]]]

[div[Cabin [size15
Joseph = Ara's boyfriend
Tanner = Best friend's with Joseph
Klara = No one's friend yet
Collin = Sylus' friend
Luke = Sylus' shady roomate
Clyde = Sylus' friend
Ethan = Teacher
Payton = Teacher's assistant


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He felt her warm lips and when she began tickling him he would laugh. He'd squirm beneath her and try to get away, but since she was on top, he tried his best to tickle her. He tickled her and then he was soon tackled down, her sweater now off as he kept trying. He heard her call out for him to stop and he'd chuckle, leaning in to kiss her warm lips.

Sylus felt her hand on his skin, his chest and then seeing her pretty blue eyes look into his. He would run his hands along her hair, brushing it back as he felt her pull him in. He would kiss her slowly, his tongue playing with hers as he let it glide into her lips. He would then see her pulling down his jeans. [b "Oh? Yeah well I like this kind of fun"] he teased and then he would let her slowly take off his pants, seeing her tug it all off. [b "I do. You know I want you Ar"] he ran his hands down her bare sides and then he would slowly kick off his pants. He reached down and would remove her underwear, slipping it down as he tossed their clothes off of the bed.

He then leaned in and would kiss her slowly, his lips trailing down her neck and shoulder, kissing her soft and smooth skin as he laced his fingers with hers.
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“Awe darling.” ] Ara kissed him. She began tickling hi, and she was planning to win. IT was music to her ears hearing his laughter. She wouldn’t stop. He took off her sweater, and she thought she’d enjoy a few kisses but instead it was tickles. So, she tackled him. She giggled and tickled him. She kissed him, admiring him. [b “No I did.” ] Ara whined and tried to tickle him but he got to her first. He tickled her and she stared laughing, and squirming [b “Sy no! Stop!” ] Ara laughed. She breathed again when he stopped tickling her.

She enjoyed his fingers along her bare back. There eyes were on each other. She admired how his chest felt hard and skin felt soft. His red hair, the shape of his jaw, lips and the way he looked at her. She stroked through his hair, feeling the softness. She leaned into his hand that caressed her cheek. He rolled them over, enjoying his hands in her hair too. She stared into those golden ambers of his. She looked up at him, listening to him and at the same time not paying too much attention because all she could think about was the love she had, and other things.

[b “Sy…shh.” ] She pulled him in to kiss her lips, sucking gently on his lip. [b “Love me…” ] She whispered, brushing her lips against his. Her hands running down to his jeans, pulling down his zipper. [b “I want…a different fun with you right now.” ] She even pulled down his boxers-at the same time, pulling her lips away from him, to watch him. Her body felt warm, clinging onto him this whole time. She ran her fingers gently, just grazing his skin over his chest, while her other hand was pulling down his boxers. [b “Don’t you want to…too?” ] Ara said, her breath slow, and her attention so focused on his eyes and the way he felt.
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He was kissing her lips and she was so attractive and addicting to him, he wanted nothing more than to try and keep kissing and holding her. So when he led her to his room, he sat at the bed, feeling her take his shirt off, her hands instantly on him. He would grin and then kiss her back, hearing that one of her friends told her about Apple. [b "She better not lay another finger on my Ara again"] he smiled, laying back as he watched her over him.

She started to tickle him and it made him start laughing. [b "Ar! Stop!"] he laughed, shifting, but she was on him. He took off her sweater and then he would tickle her bare sides and he neck, seeing her move away. They stood on opposite sides of the bed, Sylus staring her down to see where she went. When she moved, he'd move also, trying to get away, but she tackled him down, making him fall against the bed. He felt her kiss his lips and he'd wrap his arms around her waist [b "No you didn't! I got you!"] he laughed, pulling her in and then tickling her sides more, holding her close.

He'd then stop and then he would laugh, running his fingers along her back as he caressed her cheek and kissed her again. He rolled them over, hovering as he brushed her hair back. His amber eyes met hers [b "Today was fun. I'm glad we got to go on a date. Then tomorrow we can spend another day together again"]
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Ara was mesmerized by kissing him, feeling his lips on her shoulder. They went into his room, hands working to remove his shirt. She felt over him, kissing his bare skin. She liked being pulled in. She smiled back to him when she heard his words. [b “She complained to one of my friends…because they’re sort of friends.” ] She relaxed to his touch, running along her back. Ara took the chance, tickling him. She giggled [b “Got you.” ] She watched him roll onto his side, but she was straddling him so she still had access. She tickled his side more and then Sy reached out. She started laughing when he tickled her.

Ara had to move back to not get tickled. But, it stopped for a moment because he pulled her sweater off, leaving her in her bra. She was surprised by him going to tickle her neck right after. She squealed and tried to crawl away down the bed, and watched him run off too. They were on standing on the opposites sides of the bed. [b “I am…” ] Ara said and watched him stick out his tongue. [b “Oh that’s it! You’re getting more tickles.” ] Ara said. She’d move a little to the left and watch him move a little when she did. So, she had an idea.

She made it look like she was going to go around the bed, but then would just climb over the bed and leap onto him, to hold onto him. Once she had good grip, she would tickle his neck and then cup his face and kiss his lips. She giggled, holding her gaze on him, [b “I win the tickle war!” ] Ara cheered. She had her legs around him too. She’d tilt her head and look at him, looking so cute and attractive. She ran her finger along his lips, getting lost in them.
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He saw her frown and he didn't mean to make her feel bad. He was only laughing because he found it cute of her, but he guessed he couldn't be playing around like that. [b "Yeah, you're right I'm sorry. But no zombies are going to be around okay?"] he assured her, hoping she'd calm down. He would watch the movie with her and eat slowly, enjoying Ara's singing voice as he finished off his food.

He'd hug her and then he'd let her rest, soon hearing some noises in LUke's room. He drowned out the sound with the TV and then he felt Ara's warm lips comfort his. He kissed her slowly and would let his tongue glide against hers, sucking on her bottom lip as he smiled, pulling her sweater down to kiss her bare shoulder.

He would then hold her hand in his and walked with her to his room, seeing her coming over and then he would feel his shirt come right off. HE felt her warm hands on his chest and he would feel the warmth of her lips tingling his skin. He would lean his head back, soon falling back along the bed as he watched her over him. [b "Mmm"] he faced her and would pull her in [b "Me too. I love you too Ar"] he smiled to hear that she found out he told Apple off. [b "How'd you hear about that?"] he wondered, running his fingers along her back and would feel her tickling. He'd shift a bit, laughing [b "Hey!"] he rolled to the side and then he wiggled his fingers and reached out, trying to tickle her sides.

He'd move over and pull her sweater off as he tried to tickle her neck and sides again. He'd get up and try to run away from her. [b "Seems you're ticklish too"] he teased her, sticking out his tongue and then watching where she went so he could try and get away.
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Ara noticed Sylus role his eyes, which made her frown. He was laughing, but she didn’t think it was so funny. [b “We almost got shot last time from someone that visited.” ] She reminded, feeling like he couldn’t know if it was someone bad-or that zombies existed.It was scary.
Eating and watching Disney really calmed her down. It was really good, and she got to hum to the songs. She’d sway her head too, while humming. She took another bite and turned her head when Sylus commented on her. [b “I am?” ] She said, and then would hug him tight, kissing his cheek back. She rested on his lap. It was far in the movie by now. She heard very faint noises, but Sylus blocked them out with the sound so it stopped making her feel uncomfortable. Luke was so gross being with that many girls. Then again, so was Sy before. That made her shudder.

Either way, she wanted kisses from him. She fed him but kissed him instead. She felt that warmth and butterflies in her chest. His lips were so addicting to kiss. She got so into kissing him, feeling his tongue on hers, wrapping her arms around him loosely, giving into enjoying his lips. Her blue eyes watched him, taking a little break even if she didn’t want to. Ara giggled quietly, [b “Yea…? Then keep kissing me.”] She said and closed her eyes, kissing him a bit harder, and enjoying his lips on her neck. He had to pull her sweater a bit down to kiss her shoulder. She was still wearing her red sweater and white skirt.

Ara blushed at his question. She figured that would mean…because the movie wasn’t fully done. She had her hand held, having her follow. She walked with him and Sy walked over to the bed. She nodded to him, smiling. She pushed his shoulders down so, he’d sit on the bed. Ara unbuttoned his shirt, while beginning to straddle him and kiss him at the same time. She undid it entirely. Her hands explored his chest, and she sat down on his lap. She helped him out of his shirt. Ara kissed his neck her finger following a line on his chest where his abs where. [b “Mmm Sy…” ] She kissed his collarbone. She had to push him down onto his bed, so she could easily kiss lower down his chest. She then peaked up and smiled over to him. She rested her head onto the right side of his chest. She felt over his bare side and kissed his jaw. [b “I love you,” ] She spoke softly, and would lean over to kiss him again, lick his bottom lip. [b “I want to be close to you…even more so when you held me, and hearing you told her off.” ] She caressed his cheek, admiring how his body felt in her hands and lips, and how he made her feel. His eyes were really pretty and he was so insanely hot. But she worried, that she would be overwhelming to him. She then…slowly tried to tickle him under his arms, wondering if he was ticklish.
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He did like the idea of doing a dinner date with her. It's been a while since they did anything intimate like that. He was excited and he really wanted to be able to make it up to her for choosing a scary movie to begin with. It wasn't really fair, so he wanted to give her a chance too. After all, they were still getting to know each other.

THey made it home and he noticed Ara seemed to be a little paranoid from the movie. He would hear her saying the visitor was a crazy person, or that she could still be a zombie and Sylus just rolled his eyes a bit [b "Ar, she's not. Those don't exist"] he laughed and tried to calm her down.

He would start cooking up dinner as Luke took the girl in his room. He served two plates and would sit beside ARa on the couch, watching another movie together. He'd take a bite and enjoy the taste of the meat with melted cheese on top. He would wrap his arm around Ara, hearing her hum some songs. [b "You're so cute AR"] he leaned in to kiss her cheek and then he would finish up his sandwich and then he let her rest on his lap.

They heard some noises coming from Luke's room and Sylus just raised the volume on the TV to drown out the sound. He saw ARa trying to feed him and he'd lean in and taste her lips. He'd kiss her slowly, feeling her tongue as he let his play with hers. He would kiss her, following her pace and then he saw her eyes. [b "Mmm, thank you. Your lips taste amazing too"] he kissed his once more, his lips moving down her neck, kissing her soft skin and then to her shoulder. [b "Let's go to my room?"] he suggested, turning off the TV and holding her hand in his as he walked with her to his room. Sylus walked over to the bed, meeting her eyes. [b "Want to get me out of this shirt Ar?"] he teased, hoping she was feeling better already with him.
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[b “We could do a dinner date… I want it to be just the two of us.” ] Ara said but was still a little bummed that she couldn’t have a longer date with him. Yet, there would be other days, and she could count on that.

Ara would set her small bag down she had carried with her. She saw Luke on the couch, but still holding onto Sylus. [b “Mmm, Id like that.” ] Ara smiled. She hardly ate steak. She heard knocking and her heart started racing. [b Or some crazy person,” ] Ara corrcted, because it has happened before and it could happen again. She never knew with being around Luke and Sylus.

She was pulled into a hug and she started to settle down, but mostly not until she saw it wasn’t a zombie. [b “They could be…” ] Ara whispered. Sylus apologized for her and she frowned. She didn’t think she did anything that wrong. She definitely got looks from them. She watched Luke take the girl in his room…she could guess what’s going on in there, but she didn’t really want to either.

Sylus grilled steak. She’d stay by his side, and even grab ingredients for him. It helped her stay calm. They sat down and watched Disney. It put her mood up too. She was leaning onto Sylus and hummed to the songs. She’d take a few bites and felt much happier, yet still clinging onto his arm. [b “Mmmm, exactly. I feel better than before.” ] Ara smiled and put his arm around her again. She even began resting her head on his lap. She heard faint sounds from…Luke’s room. This apartment wasn’t exactly built well… Ara blushed, [b “Uhhh…” ] Ara tried hard to focus on the movie instead.

She found herself reaching for the steak and even feeding a bite to Sylus. Well-sort of. She offered to his lips and then pulled it towards her again until she could gently push his head down to kiss her. She kissed him passionately, sucking on his lip gently. She didn’t pause making out with him. She felt so safe kissing him and she felt so happy that he had told Apple to bug off. She kissed him slower, but then would let his tongue touch hers. She met his eyes after a little while and smiled at him, finding him soooo damn attractive, “I love your steak…but you do taste better.” She teased a little, wanting just to joke around and be close with each other.
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He knew that she didn't really fully understand what it meant to be a friend to someone. She just always had so much money and so many people around her, she probably wasn't sure who was a true friend....what could he say though, he didn't have many real friends either. [b "I'm sure she'll warm up to you"] he held her hand and when they got to the movie, he ended up relaxing and just eating snacks.

It started going south when Ara got really scared. It was cute, but he could tell she was terrified and wouldn't let him go. Was this her first scary movie? He would rub her back and comfort her until it ended, holding her hand in his as they headed outside. [b "We can go to my place. It's better than risking your father there"] he admitted, soon sitting in the car with her, noticing her clinging on really close to him. He enjoyed how close she was, but he hoped she was still okay. [b "Okay. I'm sorry. We do have to film this weekend. Maybe after we film, or even a lunch or dinner date?"] he suggested, wondering if she'd warm up more to Klara as well.

They got o his place and he led her inside, seeing Luke on the couch. ARa's hand was gripping his, his eyes watching her closely. [b "We didn't. We can order in, or I can make us something. I think we have enough to make some cheesesteaks. I can cook us some?"] he asked, hearing the knock on the door.

Ara came over and whispered and he'd shake his head [b "'s probably Luke's friends"] he told her, seeing the girl at the door. Ara yelled out and he'd pull her into a hug. [b "Ar, it's okay. IT's fine. Zombies don't exist"] he tried to get that through her head. [b "Sorry, we just watched a scary movie"] he told them, seeing Luke bringing the girl to his room.

He went to the kitchen and started up a hot pan. He grabbed some steak and cheese from the fridge and he put some bread in the oven to toast. He had Ara set up the table to get her mind off of things. He grilled the steak with some onions and peppers before putting it into the toasted bun. He tossed it with cheese and then he plated it as he walked over and handed her one. [b "Come on, let's just relax"] he sat on the couch and put on a disney film to calm her down. [b "We're safe here. Plus, I get to be here with you for the night"] he said happily.
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Ara pouted and didn’t really see his logic. [b “Why not? I’m showing effort in that I want to be friends with her. I tried to spend time with her too, she looked like she was having fun at first. Maybe…”] Ara started wondering if she could find other ways to help Klara. Yet, she wans’t sure she should message Klara, because it might make her hate her more.

They got to the theatre and the movie was scary. With the addition of the bad ending to the shopping trip and fear…it wasn’t making for a great evening besides being able to be with Sy. She clung onto him and refused to watch any part of the movie anymore. She’d snuggle, go on her phone. She felt such relief when it was done. She held onto his hand tightly, [b “I really prefer if we don’t.” ] Ara admitted.

She felt pretty jumpy. Walking the streets in the dark was making her paranoid too. She held onto him, and liked that he had his arm wrapped around her while they waited. She thought about it and Sylus did have a different neighborhood now…sort of. She thought about her dad and she didn’t know if he would be back home tonight or possibly in the morning, since he was still in the same city. She felt it was easier to explain it was a sleepover than explain why Sylus was in her room. [b “I guess we can stay at your place. IT’s okay in mine but there’s a risk of my dad showing up.” ]

Ara shuddered again when he mentioned the movie. [b “Sy…” ] She whined and would just look at him or the ground, to avoid feeling more afraid [b “I don’t want to talk about the movie.” ] She pouted. She noticed him leaning in and got excited but then remembered. [b “I want to, but do we have time? We have to film too.” ] She reminded. There uber came, she gave Sylus address. She quickly messaged her brother.

When they got to his place, she saw Luke sitting down, looking tired. [b “Hi…” ] Ara said quietly. She was still clinging onto Sylus hand, she hadn’t even let go in the car. She looked at Sy and remembered [b “Oh Sy! We didn’t have dinner. Should I get uber eats?” ] She asked and there was a knock on the door. She got so spoked. Her eyes widened. She whispered [b “Where’s that gun I gave you?” ] She was being deadly serious.

Luke went to go get it.
[b “Don’t get it!” ] Ara half whispered, half yelled, [b “It could be a crazy person or worse, a zombie.” ] Ara said, not registering how crazy she sounded. When Luke opened the door, it was some girl. Ara relaxed, and noticed Luke looking at her like she was an object for sail. Gross… She couldn’t believe she even kissed him. She shuddered, still holding to Sylus hand. She hated her politeness but Ara gave a half shy [b “Hi… um, do you want me to order any food?” ] She looked back at the two, figuring she could just do that and then dib with Sy.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 4h 43m 33s
He saw her frowning and he figured that Ara didn't really know what it meant to be friends. [b "You know Ar, just buying her things isn't going to make her a good friend. Real friends enjoy doing things with you, helping you out, and wanting to care and help you. Like you and I. I'm sure she'll warm up to you soon. It takes time"] he assured her, holding her close as they headed into the theater.

Sylus heard that this movie wasn't that bad, but he didn't expect ARa to be so afraid of it. He would see her jump, cling onto him and hold on tight. He would hold her on his lap, trying to relax her, but he did want to see the movie. He'd feel her flinch in some parts or jump when there was a jump scare, but as it ended, he would help her up. [b "It's okay Ar. It's done"] he held her hand in his. [b "I'm sorry, I won't choose something like that again. We won't see scary movies"] he admitted and then he walked out with her.

IT was late and dark out. He walked with her along the street, but when she asked to stay with him, he nodded [b "Sure. Do you want to stay at my place? Or is it okay to stay at yours?"] he wondered, wrapping his arm around her and then taking the uber. HE thought she was cute being scared. He could be her protector.

[b "The ending was okay. I kind of wished the main character stayed alive though"] he shrugged and then he would lean into her. [b "I'll make it up to you. We can do whatever you want on our date tomorrow? What do you say?"]
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Ara drew out a sigh, [b “I don’t know if Klara would like that. Then…I guess I did something wrong. I’m just not sure what I did.” ] Ara frowned, and wondered if she should lose hope in it. She was really disappointed because she got along with Klara pretty well in class, and it was fun going out…

They sat down and she suspected that maybe it wasn’t that scary but it was terrifying. There was so much gore…gross undead beings and the music freaked her out. She didn’t do to well with these movies. She heard his laughter [b “It’s not…funny. ] Ara whispered. She couldn’t handle it, it was really scary. She already knew that there wasn’t much people around them. She hid into him. She felt him rubbing her back and she was still scared. She suspected some monster to come out of the aisle and kill her. She heard a gunshot and she flinched, remembering that night with Sy in the closet. She held onto him even more. She felt him stroke her hair. [b “I don’t want to,” ] Ara whispered. Sylus seemed to want to watch it, so she let him. She went on her phone between them, lowering the darkness and messaged a few people. She couldn’t help but feel down. She got a message from a friend that told her that Amber said she manipulated Sylus because Sylus grabbed her arm and told her to not bother her. That made her smile a little.

Ara tried to ignore the sound sin the background but, it was just fun hearing it. She watched him meet her eyes. [b “It is?” ] Ara said, feeling his fingers brushing through her hiar. She still clung onto him. [b “How could I not be scared? IT was so gross.” ] She said. They walked out and she was holding onto his hand real tightly. It was dark outside now…and creepy. [b “Can you stay with me? Today? At night?” ] She asked. She flinched when she hear sudden noises. [b “I’m feeling down…and scared.” ] She said. She’d take out her phone and get them an uber. She’d look around and then even helped Sylus arm around her shoulder, because it made her feel safer.
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He smiled to hear her say that she loved him so much. Sometimes Sylus felt so lucky to be able to be loved by someone as caring as her. HE would grin and take in a deep breath, a smile on his face [b "Me too. I'm glad I'm with you"] he said. goodbye and then he headed towards the orphanage after school.

He would spend time with the kids, having fun playing games and helping them with their homework. HE would help out their dorm mother with some laundry and then he would head back home to get ready for his movie date with Ara.

He dressed up a little nicer when he went to meet her and he would feel her warm arms wrapped around his waist. He'd give her a kiss and lead her into the scary movie. To his surprise, he heard that Ara had fun, but then Klara said they weren't friends. HE wondered what the big deal was? Klara never had issues with people being nice to her before.

[b "I'll see if I can talk to her sometime. She never used to be that way. She never cared about rumors"] he shrugged and then he would sit down with her, wrapping his arm around her waist.

As the movie started, he'd watch and munch on popcorn, seeing a zombie pop out. IT scared Ara and he'd have popcorn on his hair. He'd laugh and then he would hug her [b "It's just a movie Ar. It's okay"] he told her, knowing that if he watched a scary movie, she'd be all over him. HE wanted her to be close, so when another zombie popped out, he held his laugh and then he would feel her climb to straddle his lap. Luckily they were seated in the back where no one could see them.

He would take her in, hold her and would rub her back [b "It's okay Ar"] he felt her shivering and he didn't think she'd be this afraid. He felt bad now. [b "You don't have to if you don't want to"] he held her close and would just stroke her hair, watching the rest of the movie and feeling so warm to have her on him and all over him.

Once the movie finished, he'd meet her eyes [b "It's done Ar"] he faced her, brushing her hair back. [b "I'm sorry. I didn't think it would scare you so much"] he helped her up and then held her hand in his. [b "IT's just a movie. It's not real"] he assured her, walking with her out of the theater.
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She pouted and hugged him so tight, [b “But let me take of you too. I love you so much.” ] She said, and then smiled when he smiled and kissed her cheek. She loved the affection she got from him. He was so wam and she wanted to spend the day with him, but she did make a promise. Ara nodded, [b “Mmm, me too. I will do my best. I’m sure she’ll want to be friends after our trip.” ]

It surprised her on how it went with Klara. They had such a good time shopping, and Klara seemed so happy when she bought her stuff-well food. She felt kind of down. She saw Sylus and she noticed he cleaned up. It made her smile and fill with butterflies. Hew as putting an effort with her and it was really nice. She hugged him [b “Hi,” ] She walked with him to get the ticket. [b “Really! I’m exited too. I ordered a few things online, should arrive by tomorrow.” ] Ara pictured how cute they would all look and she just couldn’t wait. She frowned and dipped her head again when he asked her about Klara.

She shook her head and then lightly shrugged [b “It was fun…then she told me we’re not friends, and implied she didn’t want to do any of this stuff with me. I don’t know what I did wrong. I even bought her food and even an outfit. Maybe she believes those rumours.” ] She didn’t know what more to do about that. It upset her but she didn’t want that to ruin her evening with Sylus.

They looked at the movies, and she was hesitant about a scary one, but if it wasn’t too bad, she would’nt mind.

Ara glanced him with concern, [b “That sounds scary… But if you say it’s not too scary.” ] She had her doubts but she trusted Sylus. They bought popcorn and snacks. They sat down in there seats. With the seat rest up, she could snuggle with him. [b “I guess…” ] Ara whispered. She ate some popcorn. It started and it was prett normal at first. It wasn’t scary. Then a hideous rotting body and face popped up. She nearly screamed. She ends up squeezing the popcorn and some flew in the air. She turned her head to him when he told her, [b “I’m…I’m sorry.” ] She reached out and got rid of the popcorn in his hair. She whimpered when she saw another zombie. She almost got sick when the zombie started eating a person. [b “No, no, no.” ] Ara covered her eyes [b “I can’t…” ] She’d take a peak and got more scared. She would shudder and felt paranoid all a sudden.

Fear took over and she helped herself on Sylus lap-straddling him, holding onto him and hiding her face into his chest, [b “I’m not watching. I can’t watch…nope…nope.” ] She shook her head.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 15h 33m 15s
When he heard it was Apple, it made him upset to hear that she was doing this to Ara. He knew that they were spreading rumors and bullying them, but at the same time, he didn't want to have to deal with that at all. He should be free to spend time with Ara without having to worry about that.

She said that he didn't have to do anything, but after hearing what Apple did, he didn't think he wanted to be close to her at all. He was angry, but when Ara hugged him, he kept his arm around her and held her close. [b "I'll take care of myself, so I don't worry you"] he smiled and kissed her cheek, excited to be going on a date with her. [b "I can't wait to meet up with you later. Have fun with Klara"] he kissed her and headed to his classes.

After school, he made sure that Apple got the hint before saying goodbye to ARa. He stopped by the gym and met up with some guys from the swim team. HE apologized for not being able to be there in the morning and had an emergency to attend to.

He grabbed his belongings and then he headed to the orphanage to pay them a visit. He stopped by on the way to pick up some cupcakes. Sylus gave them out to the kids and he'd just relax and helped them out with their homework like old times. He would look at the time, seeing the kids getting ready for dinner. Sylus said his goodbyes and then he headed out to his house to change before meeting up with Ara.

He wore a button up black shirt and some jeans, fixing up his hair and then going to meet her. When he saw her at the theater, she looked so cute in her red sweater [b "Hey you"] he grinned, hugging his arms around her as he spotted a few guys looking. They walked away and he'd lead her inside. [b "I'm good. I stopped by the orphanage. THey're so excited to see what costumes you can bring them"] he held her hand his his. [b "How was shopping with Klara?"] he wondered, looking at the movies. He ended up picking a scary movie. Ara agreed as long as it wasn't too scary.

[b "We'll be fine. I heard it's good and not too scary. It's about a train of zombies"] he told her, soon buying them popcorn and snacks before sitting beside her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and would hold her close, lifting up the armrest in between.

[b "You'll be okay Ar. I'm right here"] he held the popcorn between them and he would watch. IT started off with just a train scene and a family. IT got to the point when they were on the train and some zombie came out of nowhere.

He'd feel the popcorn bucket shake and some popcorn flew into the air. He'd glance over at Ara and he'd chuckle a bit, holding her close. [b "Ar you got popcorn in my hair!"] he whispered, dusting himself off as he'd take another bite, bringing some to her lips to distract her.
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