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[sacramento [size40 Sylus & Ara's dream. ]]

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[div [cabin [size15 In an alternate reality where Ara & Sylus live an ordinary life, in a classic tale of the pretty new girl falling for a promiscuous delinquent. There’s a catch. She’s already taken by her boyfriend Joseph but that doesn't stop Sylus from wanting to get inbetween. They fall on different spectrums, live in opposite worlds of rich and poor. Yet, they’re both popular and neither of their friends and acquaintances would approve of them. ]]]

[div [Cabin [size15 What they don’t recognize in each other is that they’ve known each other as kids. With the divide of their father’s work relationship and loss of a parent, they were separated. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Sylus ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 Sylus end up in an orphanage, now having an apartment with a shady roommate, Luke. He grew up the wrong side, but it’s no secret that he’s at his A-game in his education as much as he is with girls and his swimming. He wants to primarily make the money to support himself and help others at the orphanage. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Aralyn ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 After the second grade, Ara was homeschooled and when she returned to high school at 15, she was bumped a grade higher because of all the private tutoring. She’s a pretty rich girl whose actually kind at heart with an ego just as big as her kindness. Her goal is just to fit in, and ends up as a cheerleader. ]]]]

[div[Cabin [size15
Joseph = Ara's boyfriend
Tanner = Best friend's with Joseph
Klara = No one's friend yet
Collin = Sylus' friend
Luke = Sylus' shady roomate
Clyde = Sylus' friend
Ethan = Teacher
Payton = Teacher's assistant


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He hugged her close and would go to sleep for the night. In the morning, Sylus got dressed and went to meet with everyone by the camp fire. Ethan took role and told them the plan for the day. He made no exceptions to change it until he overheard Ara and Sylus' conversation. It sounded way too sad for him so he figured he'd make it more fun and let whoever wanted to team up, to team up.

Luckily for Sylus, he really wanted to go on the canoe ride, so it was nice to hear that Ara could partner up with him. He held her hand and they'd head to the canoes. Once they were given life jackets, Sylus would let Ara sit up front since the heavier weight was supposed to sit in the back. He'd glance at Ara, making sure that she was okay with all of this.

[b "It's okay Ar. Just remember, I'm right behind you. I won't let anything happen"] he nodded and would soon get on. Once everyone was on the lake, Ethan and Payton were each in their own canoes as they led the class towards the caves. He noticed Ara paddling fine and she seemed to look okay from behind. [b "Love? Are you doing okay?"] he asked, looking over her curiously, wanting to make sure she wasn't passing out. OTherwise, it'd be bad when they paddled. [b "Look Ar. We're approaching the caves"] he told her, pointing as they headed underneath a rock arch.

Ethan led them towards the caves and he'd paddle inside. THe class went in one at a time and they all followed slowly, looking around to see the cool caves and mini waterfalls. [b "Ar, it's amazing"] he smiled brightly, grinned as he looked at the glowing rocks on the walls, and seeing the river beneath them brighten the way.
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Ara grinned, feeling so happy that he believed that. She had to hug him tight. She was in a daze looking up at his eyes, hearing him say he loved her. That night ended well, even with suggestive texts. She wanted to treat him like that…

This trip felt like an entire roller coaster. Fighting this phobia in front of everyone was scaring her. She didn’t want anyone to see her frightened. Ara looked back at Sylus when he said he would stay but she knew he wanted to go. She didn’t want to hold him back, it wouldn’t be fair to him. [b “You wanted to go. I want you to enjoy it.” ] Ara said. She knew she definitely couldn’t fight that fear if she wasn’t with someone she was very comfortable with. Even then, it was risky.

She heard Ethan and assumed they had to get going but was surprised when he changed the rules. Ara’s eyes widened. SHe looked back at Sylus and felt relived that at least it would be with him. She smiled a bit to him, taking hold of his hand.

They got closer to the lake and she saw the canoes. She froze up already. That water…it was going to get deep. They were all made to wear life jackets but it didn’t exactly settle her mind. She lifted her chin when Sylus asked her. [b “Um…I’m…” ] scared. She didn’t want to be a bummer. [b “I’m okay with this. I can do it. You’re with me, and you’re an amazing swimmer.” ] Ara said with a smile to him. She still felt so nervous.

They were given instructions. They got help to get into the canoes. Ara started to feel dizzy and started to see stars. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She tried to forget where she was. Instead, she looked at Sylus back, focusing on that, not on the water. She’d listen to how to paddle. Her arms felt like noodles. Sylus wouldn’t hear a peep from her. Ara looked pale, and out of it. She wasn’t going to give up. Sylus handled a lot of tough things, and she flet likes she shouldn’t give up even if she felt afraid that she may black out.
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He smirked a bit and he would smile up at her [b "My girlfriend has always been badass"] he chuckled and would hug her close. He loved how cheerful Ara was and he was glad to see her mood was up. [b "I love my personal cheerleader"] he kissed her and would head to bed.

Sylus sent some suggestive messages at night and then when he saw her text in return, he would smile, getting really excited, but he knew he had to go to sleep.

In the morning, he would meet up with everyone for the assembly. They were all going canoeing and that made Sylus really excited. He wanted to explore through some caverns and caves, but when he heard the news about Ara, he wasn't sure exactly what he was going to do. He didn't want her to freak out of pass out, but he knew how fearful she was. Going on a canoe wouldn't help her.

He was glad Klara was helping her out, but they spoke with Ethan, there wasn't a chance they'd be able to ride together. [b "I can stay's not a big deal"] he told her, sighing a bit. Ethan overheard their conversation and he just sighed "Okay you two...." he sighed.

"Everyone, I'm changing the rules. You can pick your partners. You all have ten minutes and everyone has to be paired" he told them, getting ready as he set everyone up. He let them all pick their partners and he would organize setting out the canoes with the other teachers. Once everyone was by the lake, they started boarding their canoes. [b "Ar, are you okay with this? Would you be able to go through the lake and tunnels with me?"] he asked, feeling glad Ethan was letting them do this.
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Ara fell into a smile [b “Really? I’m glad I can look like a badass toward you.” ] She was sure only Sylus would ever see her that way. She wrapped her arms around him tightly [b “Ah hmm, always your personal cheerleader.” ] She said proudly. Still, even if he said it was enough, she wanted to do more for him.

Laying in bed and getting Sylus text messages really brightened her mood. She knew he was just fine in his room. The image had her blushing, and admiring. She pictured what her wrote, blushing a bit imagining being next to him and putting her hands… [i I’d use more than my hands >//< ] She’d sent an emoji with it. She smiled to herself and fell asleep after too.

Hearing the activity had her frightened. She knew what ocould happen. She could faint. The pool wasn’t deep, so with Sylus help she slowly tolerated but this, this would be deep water. Her stomach kept stirring. If she had to go, she would prefer to be with Sylus, at least she could trust him.

She knew Sylus wanted to go, and she didn’t want him to stay because of her. Plus, it would just make her feel more left out but she didn’t want to risk the chance of fainting either. [b I…I don’t know…” ] Ara whispered. She shook her head [b “She didn’t. Klara slept next to me.” She mentioned.

They went to talk to Ethan and her stomach dropped hearing he wouldn’t let her. Great…everyone would know that she wasn’t capable of being on the water, that she was afraid. She felt so damn afraid but she didn’t want more of her reputation to drop, to be seen as that rich girl that was incapable. She grew quiet. She asked Ethan if she could think on it.

Sylus asked her, and she’d feel horrible for making him stay. She didn’t know what to do. [b “It’s not fair to you if you stayed.” ] Ara told him, [b “I don’t want anyone to know I’m afraid. I don’t have a choice.” ] It made her feel sick thinking just being there. It would be more embarrassing to have people see her black out from fear. [b “You can go… I’ll stay.” ] She spoke quietly, feeling really upset. This trip really wasn’t something she should have gone to.
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He smirked [b "OF course. You always look badass when you show me your marksman skills"] he nodded and remembered when she was playing darts that one time and beat up all the other guys on the swim team. He would imagine being that amazing swimmer he wanted to be and he'd smirk [b "Oooh, I love it when you cheer me on. My own personal cheerleader"] he said happily as he continued to watch the movie with her and then feed her the chips. [b "Aww, you don't have to. Being my girlfriend is enough to make me happy. I love being with you and I love you so so much"] he admitted.

After they headed into their rooms, Sylus would end up staying up a bit, texting Ara. Luckily she was doing okay with Klara beside her. HE was lucky that Klara was helping her out. She wasn't a bad person at all and he always wanted the two to be friends because he knew how great they both were.

[i 'I'm glad you're safe and sound'] he sent and would soon take a picture of himself, sending it to tease her. [i 'Mm, it could be me. IT would be nice to have you sleeping beside me, maybe putting your hands in my shorts, ;)'] he sent and would soon pass out.

In the morning, as everyone gathered for the briefing of the activity today, he would listen and thought it'd be cool to canoe and go into some tunnels. He was pretty excited, but the minute he had eye contact with Ara, he could tell she was frightened. That's right, she was scared of the water.

At breakfast, he would meet up with her and eat together. He didn't know how they could bypass this. [b "We can ask Ethan. Maybe it'll work. If not, we can also say you're not feeling well enough? If anything, you can also ride with Klara?"] he suggested, holding her hand in his. [b "Last night I slept fine. WHat about you? Kim do anything?"] he wondered, looking over at Klara.

After breakfast, he would get up and walk up to Ethan with Ara, hoping they'd be able to ride together. He'd tell Ethan about Ara's situation and ask if it was okay she rode with him. Ethan didn't want to give any special treatment. It wasn't fair to the other couples or classmates "I can't make any exceptions. You'll be riding with your cabin mates. When we go down and explore, you guys can what you want, but it's easier to organize that way" he told them.

When he looked at frightened Ara, he sighed a bit "You sure you want to even go on a canoe. We have a few students sitting out too. You don't have to if you don't want to" he told them.

Sylus glanced at ARa [b "What do you think? I can stay here with you if that makes you feel more comfortable Ar"]
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[b “You think that would make look badass?” ] Ara’s eyes sparkled. She had to do well then. She wanted to show Sylus just how she could be. Sure, archery wasn’t her expertise but she held her own pretty damn well.
She liked how he knew exactly what he wanted to do. [b “I know you have. I’ll still be here to cheer you on.” ] Ara said proudly. She wasn’t concerned if she would be successful, because she always had something to fall on…but falling onto that would mean probably the same time abuse for the rest of her life.

She ate a chip, and frowned when he offered her and took it for himself. [b “Awe.” ] Ara said until he kissed her lips. They did do a lot. [b “Is it?” ] Ara smiled [b “I feel like…I still want to do more. I still want to help you more. I love you, and I want to make you even happier.” ] She said. She didn’t want to separate but they had to go.

IT was scary, sleeping in the same Room with Kim. She couldn’t sleep it off knowing Kim was there. Klara came in, which was really nice. Klara fell asleep first. She heard her phone, they still had some single even if it was slow thankfully. She smiled at his text. [i She is. She came to sleep next to me. I’m okay. ] She sent back. She gasped when she saw Sylus picture, him exposing his abs. She smiled so much to herself, her cheeks warm. Hot. So hot. She wondered if she could do something like that, but…Klara was beside her.

[i Are you sure it’s the room? I think it’s you. Id love to sneak…in…and do things to you while everyone is asleep ;) ] She sent. She’d watch a the picture a bit more. Afterwhile, she had fallen asleep too. She woke up with everything intact, thankfully. She could hear the talking in the halls. Her anxiety shot through the roof at the mention of ‘canoeing’. Canoeing? Where they crazy? Her body ran cold. She didn’t want to. That was too close to the water.
She went with Klara to the bathroom, and Klara would ask what was wrong but she just shook her head. She didn’t want everyone else to know she had a phobia. They were all going to have breakfast. Ara sat next to Sylus, and wondered if she should tell Ethan she couldn’t go. But then people would wonder why. Last time she went on even a small boat, she fainted. But she wanted to be brave like Sylus. Still it was so obvious that she did not look well.
[b “How did you sleep?” ] Ara asked Sylus, just trying to bury her fear, even though it was becoming overwhelming. Ethan did talk about life jackets but that didn’t change much of her fear. She heard that they’d be going with there people in the room. That meant with Kim. Now, she felt like she’d cry. She’d nudge Sylus [b “can we ask Ethan if I go with you?” ] She whispered, already looking afraid. She knew Ethan may say no but she wanted to try. What if Kim threw her off? Not that she even had to, maybe Ara might faint either way and then embarass herself.
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He was really glad that Ara was really happy. Not only was she in a good mood when she was with him, but he could tell that she was happier around him than with anyone else. Sylus was just lucky that someone as pretty and sweet as her liked someone like him. [b "I can't wait then. I love seeing my girl looking so badass"] he grinned, pulling her close.

To have her as a wife would be nice, but at the same time, he still had so many things he wanted to do and so much he wanted to accomplish before then, but he knew Ara liked to dream big.

[b "It is nice that you can do so many things though. There's no rush. I just have had my mind set on going to the Olympics for a while"] he grinned, feeding her some chips and then he would offer her one and then pop it back into his mouth to tease her. He grinned and leaned in to kiss her lips. He smiled and shook his head [b "You help me so many times already. We went on trips. We got a puppy, and you're paying me with the swimming lessons. THat's more than enough Ar"] he promised her and would say goodnight after it was lights out.

Sylus went to his cabin and would change and get ready for the night. He would text Ara. [i 'You doing okay? Is Klara helping you out?'] he sent and would stay on his phone for a while. He sent her a picture of him laying in bed, lifting his shirt a bit and exposing his abs. [i 'It's kind of hot in my room'] he'd send to tease her.

Sylus ended up falling asleep that night, soon hearing the morning bell for them to wake up. THe teachers called out "Wake up guys. Morning assembly at 9:30. We're going to discuss the canoeing trip. There's a route were going to take that goes into some caverns. We're going to be talking about safety"
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[b “Aw darling, I’ll be fine.” ] She told him. She was happy that he was shifting away from violence, even if it was hot. It would make a healthier life for him. She loved the attention she was getting from him. The warmth, being able to talk alone together.
[b “Mmm, I’d love you show you.” ] Ara smiled to him, happy she could teach him something too.

[i Wife.] Sylus’ [i Wife ]. It lingered in her mind. Sylus words slipped in. Adorable? She blushed a bit more. It was…too hard to conceal how much she loved the idea. Not only was he an amazing boyfriend but he was a really good best friend. [b “Um…well…you’re adorable too.” ] Ara dipped her head down, feeling suddenly a bit shy.

There were so many choices, that was the problem. [b “Thank you… I’m still not sure.”] She felt like it was so soon still to make a decision. She did know one thing.

Ara pouted a bit [b “I will pick what I like doing but…I want to go to the same college as you, or at least a very close one to yours. That way, we can see each other every day.” ] Ara ate the chip he fed her. She began thinking deeply, how hard Sylus had it when it came to education and money. It didn’t feel fair to her. [b “I don’t feel like I help enough.” ] She sighed. She wanted to help him out of this dangerous life, but instead she caused more trouble.

She’d watch Hercules with him, eating and making a few comments. She lifted her head hwen Payton came over. Ara looked back at Sylus. Help out? [b “She did? What would she help me with…” ] She nodded to him and kissed him back before they headed back. She went into her cabin and remembered Kim was there. It made her nervous. She didn’t feel like she could sleep with her there. What if she tried to do something crazy? What if she tried to cut her hair? Ara avoided eye contact with her. Klara gave her clothes to change into for bed. She really was thankful for Klara.

Ara laid in the bed, eyes open, feeling still paranoid that Kim might try to do something. She could fight Kim, Ara knew she could but if she was asleep-then she couldn’t fight Kim could she? Klara must have noticed she wasn’t sleeping since she was up too. Without a word, Klara climbed up and laid next to Ara. “She’ll have to go through me first.” She mentioned.
Ara looked back at her and was really touched that she was really trying to be a good friend to her. She didn’t understand why the sudden change lately but it didn’t matter. Ara pouted in awe [b “Thank you so much.” ] She said to her very quietly. She didn’t mind sharing the space, as long as she could have a piece of mind.
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He could see that she was really happy when she was with him that's why he wanted to be able to make her as happy as he could on this trip. He'd sit beside her and when she said he changed, he was surprised to hear it. Not only did he not think about it, but he was realizing how much different he was the more time he spent with Ara.

[b "That's true. I was a bit angrier when I wasn't with you. I mean....that's usually how I dealt with things"] he admitted and then he would smile a bit. [b "Well, I also don't want you turning into me either"] he chuckled and would press his lips against hers softly. She seemed to be in a better mood, so Sylus thought it'd be great to go on a date when they get back. [b "Well if it's hard, maybe you can show me how? Like when I show you how to swim"] he told her, liking the idea of Ara teaching him something.

He said he loved her and when he called her his wife, he saw her reaction, seeing her rosy cheeks. [b "You're adorable"] he kissed her cheek and would set up the movie and the chips. He would then tell her about his future plans and what he wanted to do. [b "Aww, I'm sure you'll figure it out. You're really good at a lot of things. You could be a blogger, or even a teacher, I can see you doing a lot of things"] he smiled and would grin when she mentioned going to where he wanted to go.

[b "Really? That's really sweet Ara, but I also want you do pick what you like doing"] he took some chips and fed her, bringing it to her lips. [b "You help me a lot already Ar. YOu don't need to worry so much"] he told her, leaning in and kissing her lips. [b "I'm already so thankful you're my girlfriend"] he didn't want her to think so hard or try so hard when she didn't need to. [b "Let's just relax, watch this movie, and stay together for a while"] he showed her his phone and put on Hercules as he munched on more chips.

He'd keep his arm around her waist and when the movie ended, he would look at the time. Payton came over and called them back for lights out and Sylus would help her up. [b "Take is easy okay? Klara said she'd help out too. I'll see you in the morning"] he gave her a kiss and would walk her back to the cabin before he headed to his.
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Sylus made her melt and giggle. She was happy he found her adorable. He was the sweetest. She was so deeply in love that she felt 100% convinced they would be together forever. Ara nodded [b “You did. You would beat up people before. It was kind of hot…but…also wrong” ] She reminded [b “And now you’re telling me not to do anything to hurt anyone. Not that I would want to anyway.” ] She said. She rested her hand on his chest, giving him a soft kiss.

She loved the idea of going on a date together. [b “I went to both before, archery is harder.” ] She mentioned. She thought it would be so hot to see Sylus doing well. She watched his eyes, feeling that love when he said ‘I love you’ to her. She knew how much he meat it because he treated her well. She held him and kissed him. [b “Thank you Sy.” ] Hearing those words from him was uplifting.
Ara would watch him for a long time and say what was on her mind. ‘Wife’ That made her blush. His chuckle made her heart flutter. [b “It would?” ] She whispered. She saw him bring out chips. Ara nodded but she was already daydreaming. She kept picturing life with Sylus and what they’re wedding would be like. Maybe at a castle.

Her fingers laced with his, her weight falling onto him while trying to watch what he pulled up. It felt good enough being able to sit together underneath the night sky. She heard him, ad remembered the swimming competition. [b “You’ll win Sy…and I’ll do my best to help you.” ] She said quietly and grew quiet. [b “I haven’t… I’m lost on…where or what I want to do. I love traveling…I want to be able to keep traveling. But, I want to do something that’s helping others or even kids. If I can even break ties with my family anyway. I might be swept into it, even if I don’t want to. My father will definitely want me to go to big-name colleges, but…I’m not so sure about that. I’ll go any college you go to.” ] Ara said, hugging his arm [b “I want to be with you. I’m sure wherever you go to will have programs I’m interested in.” ]

She never worried about what college to go. She didn’t have to. Her education, volunteer experiences, and being wealthy enough to afford anywhere gave her an advantage. Sylus on the other hand, it was harder for him. She frowned to herself. It occurred to her how important winning swimming competitions were. It could make a big difference to his future. Sure, she had her own deep rooted troubles but she never had to worry about money preventing her. [b "I want to help much as I can." ] She whispered.
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He sat beside her on the shore and he held her hand in his. Sylus would smile and keep an eye on her as he smirked a bit [b "Well you are. I love that you are"] he smiled and took in a deep breath, looking out at the mood reflecting against the water. [b "I always will. I can't have anything happening to my girlfriend"] he told her and would keep her against his side.

When she said he changed, her met her blue eyes [b "I did? How?"] he wondered, trying to think back on it all. [b "I am? I'm glad you think so Love"] he felt her hands on his chest and he would face her, giving her a kiss.

When she agreed to the date, Sylus would grin happily [b "Okay! We can. I don't mind doing archery or axe throwing. That would be really cool"] he rubbed her side to warm her up, smiling at her sweet words [b "I love you so much too"] he admitted, leaning in to kiss her lips. [b "I'm glad. I know they've been giving you a hard time, but you shouldn't have to worry about it. You're better than them"] he told her and would look surprised when she said she wanted to marry him.

[b "You're that sure already. Well it would be nice to have you as my wife"] he chuckled and would reach into the bag he brought. He pulled out some chips and his phone [b "I downloaded a movie on here before I left. Let's watch together?"] he suggested, opening the chips and then starting it up so they could relax together.

[b "You know, I'm going to make sure I win the swimming competition when we get back, so I can score that scholarship. Have you picked a college you wanted to go to yet Ar?"]
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The sound of the waves weren’t as calming as she’d like it to be right now. At least, she could hold onto Sylus, rest her head on his shoulder. She wanted to keep him warm too, want him to feel loved as much as he made her feel loved. Ara smiled slowly, [b “I’m adorable? I’m not trying to be.” ]

It was hard to take in everything that happened. It was still embarrassing, it still hurt… She didn’t want to let it hurt but it did. She felt out of place here. [b “Okay,” ] Ara spoke softly, glad he’ll always be here, [b “I like knowing you’ll try to protect me.” ] She said, seeing him search to meet her eyes. She held her gaze on his. [b “Thank you….” ] She said. She wasn’t sure if she was all that brave, but she liked the way he saw her.

[b “That wasn’t hard…I wanted to prove them wrong. But you’re not afraid to be yourself. You don’t try to fit in. I don’t know how you do it.” ] Ara looked up at the stars. She listened to Sylus, realizing how much Sylus has changed. She remembered how he punched Joseph, get into a fight… That was definitely hurting someone. [b “You’ve changed.” ] Ara said quietly, [b “You’re more…kind…soft hearted” ] She met his eyes, her hands resting on his chest. Ara gave his cheek a gentle kiss.

It brightened her hearing him talk about a date. [b “I’d love to darling. I’m excited. We could do an activity, like archery, or axe throwing, bowling…escape rooms, and then we could have a nice dinner.” ] She said. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, grinning. She stared at him in silence for what felt like forever, [b “I love you so much.” ] Ara’s eyes expression showed how deep in love she was with him. She leaned in, brushing his lips along his, planting a soft kiss. [b “As long as I’m with you…maybe I don’t care what others think.” ] It felt so certain that she’d definitely marry him one day. It made her excited, and dream. The two of them finishing school together, living together, travelling and adventuring.
[b “Mmmm Sylus, I want to marry you someday.” ] She said playfully, sticking her tongue out and then resting her head on his shoulder.
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She pouted and he thought it was cute. Sylus kissed her cheek and would warm up when all she needed was him. He thought about telling Kim about the guy she liked, [b "I think so. If she knows about it...maybe she wouldn't be jealous of you anymore....although, she has to believe it too"] he thought that maybe she wouldn't and it would just be even more annoying.

He believed that Ara wouldn't betray him. [b "Mm, that was a good dinner"] he smiled and would think about spending some time with her by the fire. When they heard they couldn't make any smores, he sighed a bit and would hold her hand in his. [b "We can! Okay"] he held her hand in his, walking with her towards the water. Sylus noticed her being a bit nervous and he'd pull her close beneath his arm and he would kiss her cheek.

When they got by the water, he would sit down on a blanket with her. THey'd hear the crashing sounds of the waves against the shores and Sylus would lean into her warmth. [b "Mhmm, did I tell you that I'm lucky to have someone as adorable as you at my side"] he didn't care if she was dressed up or not. There were all sides of Ara that's he's seen before, so he didn't mind it.

When he saw her looking sad, he didn't understand why. Was she having a rough time. [b "I know was a mess, but no matter what I'll be here okay? I'll protect you and fight other's back. What happened is mean and people are just trying to bully you"] he sighed, looking at her blue eyes.

[b "I love you because we've spend so much time together already. You're sweet, kind, and you're pretty. I know you already"] he didn't want her to be sad. Her words made him smile [b " can be brave. LIke when you showed our class when you climbed up the mountain. They were all amazed. You're amazing and that's why a lot of people are jealous of you. You have me to have your back. You can be yourself"] he assured her, rubbing her shoulder a bit.

[b "If you want to do something about it, just do it. As long as it's not tedious or would hurt people. Don't get revenge like Kim does, but you can definitely expose how fake she is"] he brushed her hair back and he would let her rest against his side. [b "When we go back home, why don't we go on a little date? Maybe something more to your liking, like we can dress up and eat out. We don't need to be camping or with our classmates. Just you and I?"]
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Ara pouted and nodded [b “I only want Sy’s kisses. Always.” ] She saw how he smiled, grinned at her and it made her melt to see him look so happy. Sy always gave her that fuzzy feeling inside of her chest.

[b “Do you think that would work? I can’t…tell her though. She won’t believe me…or well any of us.” ] Ara pondered, tilting her head and then realizing maybe it was best she heard it from the guy she liked. Maybe Ara could convince him to tell her.

It was a relief Sylus didn’t believe that girl. [b “Okay, good.” ] She smiled back to him when he rubbed her side and grinned. It felt good that Sylus trusted her. He really helped her mood lift, and there friends. She didn’t feel so alone.

They all helped clean up. When Ara finished, she went to Sylus and smiled at the idea of getting smores. [b “We can do all of that.” ] Ara giggled. She wondered where they could get the smores. She saw Payton and would quickly go over her [b “We want to make smores, can we get the stuff for it?” ]
“I’m sorry Ara but you’re not allowed to have a fire unsupervised.” Payton explained.
Ara frowned, and sighed. She didn’t exactly want a teacher around Sylus and her. She’d turn to Sylus [b “We can still relax by the lake and watch the stars.” ] She said, taking hold of his hand. It made her nervous being close to the water again because of being pushed in. But she knew it made Sylus happy, so she would bare with it.

She brought something to sit on, laying it down and sitting with him. Ara instantly wrapped her arms around him tightly [b “Did I tell you how thankful I am to be in love with you and you be in love with me?” ] She kissed his cheek. She liked how he never saw her any different even when she was in clothes that weren’t fitting to her. She felt her eyes warm up, because she felt sad, so sad that she was embarrassed today, and that she couldn’t really fit in. That she was pushed into the water, and had to face her phobia again. She didn’t want to cry because she was with Sy, and didn’t want to ruin the moment.

[b “Today…was a mess.” ] Ara said quietly. She rested her chin on his shoulder. [b “Here…or my life with family friends, I can’t really fit in. Not really. How can you love me so much?” ] She wondered. She knew the millions of reasons why she loved Sylus. It was how caring, loving he was and how he would do so much for the people in his life. She held his hand and played with his fingers. [b “I look up to you…” ] She whispered, [b “If someone makes you mad, you do something about it. You’re brave. You’re not afraid to be yourself. I wish I was more like you.” ]
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 6d 15h 3m 10s
He saw her frown and he guessed that wasn't what she wanted to hear. He sighed a bit and would shake his head [b "Of course you still look good even as a camper Ar"] he told her and would see Kim stopping by.

They were eating at the table and he would listen to what Kim said. When he saw the pictures, he just took in a deep breath and held a laugh. He went back to meet up with Ara and he'd wrap his arm around her waist, pulling her in close as he kissed her cheek.

Klara and Collin were both being really nice to her and Sylus was glad he had them as backups. "I won't do it for real. But if they are trying to hurt you, then we can always do something else to make sure they're taken care of" he smirked.

When Sylus was eating with her, he would tell her what happened. He then heard Ara defend herself and he would hold his breath a bit. [b "You do? Good!"] he smiled and would grin and heard someone shouting. [b "Maybe we should so she'd leave you alone"] he smirked a bit and would hear ARa looking worried. [b "I don't believe her. I was there and know she's a liar"] he rubbed her side and would grin a bit.

Once they finished eating, he would help clean up and then they were told they could relax by the campfire or they could spend some time in the cabins before bed. Sylus looked over at Ara [b "Should we make some more smores? Or did you want to maybe relax by the lake. We can watch the stars?"] he rubbed her side, wondering what she wanted to do. It was only eight, so they still had some time before lights out.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 7d 15h 34m 8s

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