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[sacramento [size40 Sylus & Ara's dream. ]]

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[div [cabin [size15 In an alternate reality where Ara & Sylus live an ordinary life, in a classic tale of the pretty new girl falling for a promiscuous delinquent. There’s a catch. She’s already taken by her boyfriend Joseph but that doesn't stop Sylus from wanting to get inbetween. They fall on different spectrums, live in opposite worlds of rich and poor. Yet, they’re both popular and neither of their friends and acquaintances would approve of them. ]]]

[div [Cabin [size15 What they don’t recognize in each other is that they’ve known each other as kids. With the divide of their father’s work relationship and loss of a parent, they were separated. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Sylus ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 Sylus end up in an orphanage, now having an apartment with a shady roommate, Luke. He grew up the wrong side, but it’s no secret that he’s at his A-game in his education as much as he is with girls and his swimming. He wants to primarily make the money to support himself and help others at the orphanage. ]]]
[h1 [sacramento [size40 Aralyn ]]]

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[div[Cabin [size15 After the second grade, Ara was homeschooled and when she returned to high school at 15, she was bumped a grade higher because of all the private tutoring. She’s a pretty rich girl whose actually kind at heart with an ego just as big as her kindness. Her goal is just to fit in, and ends up as a cheerleader. ]]]]

[div[Cabin [size15
Joseph = Ara's boyfriend
Tanner = Best friend's with Joseph
Klara = No one's friend yet
Collin = Sylus' friend
Luke = Sylus' shady roomate
Clyde = Sylus' friend
Ethan = Teacher
Payton = Teacher's assistant


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He was surprised to hear she wanted to join him in going into a haunted house. He figured she was just joking, but when she admitted she would go, he didn't think he wanted to make her suffer or anything. [b "I do?"] he was glad she enjoyed the time spent with him at least. He even admitted that he was down the past week, feeling her stroke his arm. [b "I really enjoy spending time with you too. You could say....I was ARa deprived"] he wanted to lean in and kiss her, but he just stayed still in class.

During the planning stage of their project, he spoke about a few ideas they all could come up with, but Klara kept texting him. He wasn't like that anymore, so he tried to refuse, but she kept asking what was up. They talked about having a gang fight over dinner and Sylus didn't understand why it had to be over dinner. He saw Ara get up and he sighed a bit, wondering if it was because of the texts.

He tried to shrug it off, but when he saw Klara's text, he looked down [i "Since a while ago"] was all he left it at and then he saw Ara's expression when she came back. [b "Yeah, we can narrow down the details later. See you guys"] he watched them leave and Ara clearly looked upset. He asked her what's wrong and then he started to explain a bit of what happened.

[b "Ara, believe me. It's nothing. That was the first time I've talked to her in a while. We didn't get close and we didn't do anything"] he tried to tell her, but she seemed upset. [b "Here. Look"] he showed her the messages they texted each other today. [b "I just told her, I don't do those things anymore, going from girl to girl. I have a girlfriend and I'm really happy with her"] he told her, looking over at Ara. [b "Can we please just hang out at lunch and after school today?"] he wanted to focus on them, not anyone extra and he hoped ARa believed him.

[b "I'll see you at lunch okay? We can meet up by the tree in the back"] he smiled, hoping she could cheer up.
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She saw his surprise and she tried to hide the fact that she wasn’t entirely okay with it but she wanted to do it because Sylus enjoyed it. She felt she should just brave it out. It made her smile when he thanked her. [b “Mmm, you give me a bunch already when you spend time with me.” ] She said. They were in class and talking about how things went. She frowned hearing he was down. [b “You were…? I missed you too. You shouldn’t be so down.” ] Ara said to him, stroking his arm.

They sat down with Collin and Klara. She was fine until she noticed them texting each other. Why were they texting each other in secret? They were right in front of each other? It didn’t make her feel good. It upset her. She must have missed something while she was gone. He must have gotten close to her, that’s why he invited her. Her stomach sunk and she wanted to get out of this. Was he lying when he said he was down because he missed her?

Klara would nod to what he said, “There could be a gang fight over dinner….like spies/” Klara asked. She saw him work on texting he rback. She didn’t want to stay it out loud. Ara had left suddenly. Klara didn’t think anything of it. Then Klara saw Sylus message back. He looked back at him and then saw Ara return. They have been close lately…was it Ara? It made sense. It didn’t make her feel great either. She sent back [b ‘Since when? You always do. Let me know when you stop liking her. ] She sent because she felt like it wouldn’t last, it never did. They didn’t.

Ara had sat down and would just agree to what they wanted, feeling too upset to care. Class came into an end and she’d grab her stuff.
“Mmm, I’m good with that. Okay, see you.” Klara said and glanced back at Ara. Ara noticed Klara for a second and nearly glared at her, but just looked off and upset. Ara put her bag over her shoulder and got up. [b “What do you mean what’s wrong?” ] Ara half raised her voice. She listened to him talk about the messages. Stuff…anymore? [b “You were messaging her privately right in front of me for the entire session. So I’m not sure it’s nothing. You got close to her since I left, didn’t you? And what does anymore mean? You did stuff with her?” ] She asked, and just couldn’t help but get fed up.

[b “Did you get close to her while I was gone or not?” ] Ara asked firmly [b “I want the truth.” ] She said. She wanted to knoe exactly what was they were talking about but she knew that wasn’t right, so she left it at that.
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He would mentioned the haunted house, only to tease her because he didn't think she'd want to, but when she said that she wanted to, his eyes widened in surprise. [b "Okay, if you really want to?"] he smiled a bit and then he told her she shouldn't be buying him so many things.

[b "Okay. Well...thank you in advanced. I would probably get you a bunch of stuff too"] he had a smile on his face, feeling lucky she was his girlfriend and wanted him to have souvenirs. Still, not much has changed at school, but a few of his friends did get together with some girls on the cheerleading team. [b "Well I used to go home a bit more early. I was just really down a few days last week because I missed you"] he admitted, taking a seat with her in class.

They talked about their project and he would joke around about being hte lead. Ara said she didn't mind and he would smile [b "I think maybe Collin should be since he's acted longer than I have"] he suggested and then he saw Klara's text. Ever since being ARa's boyfriend, he hasn't done anything like that in a long time. He responded with a text, but when he noticed Ara's expression, he wondered if she was thinking about something.

[b "Yeah, let's just make it in our time era so it'll be easier to shoot"] he suggested and then he saw Ara soon head outside. HE wondered if it was because of him. [b "Gangs? Dinner? That's opposite sides of the spectrum. Hmm, how about we do a short action story...with guns and suits?"] he suggested. He then read Klara's next text [i "I....don't want to do those things anymore. I have someone I like"] he sent and then when Ara came back, he saw that she was being distant. She changed expressions and wasn't looking at him anymore. He frowned a bit and just tried to focus on their project for now.

When class ended, Sylus would look over at Collin and Klara. [b "We can work the details next period. You guys also have my number if we have any questions. I'll make a group chat"] he decided and then he would look back at Ara. [b "Ar? What's wrong? What happened?"] he asked, wondering why she was ignoring him. [b "If it's about the text messages, it's nothing. Klara was just asking if I was free, but I told her no. That I don't do that stuff anymore"] he wanted her to know that he wasn't seeing her or anything.
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Ara quickly glanced at him when he mentioned a haunted house. Her first reaction was a little fear. She saw him smirk and then heard him say he was kidding [b “We can check out the haunted house.” ] Ara said. He wanted to go, so she felt she should go through it with him.

Was it such a bad thing to be purchasing him stuff? [b “I know…I’d just like to get you stuff.” ] She didn’t see what was wrong with giving him stuff. She would have gotten him stuff even if he was rich. Ara asked him if he helped the guys on the swim team get girls. She giggled [b “I guess that’s true.” ] She was glad to hear that things were going good with his teammates. She did worry about Joseph and his friends bugging Sy. [b “That’s good…early? Like before class ends?” ] She wondered.

Ara heard Sylus talk about being the main actor, and she felt as long as he wasn’t pretending to be anyone’s girlfriend but her she felt it would be just fine. She leaned into Sy’s shoulder for a second, [b “You can be.” ] Ara held his hand where no one else could really see, underneath the table. She saw sy go to his phone right after Klara typed something. She saw him take a peak and then look at Klara. Ara frowned. What…was going on? Klara smiled a little at Sylus. Ara felt her heart race…did something happen while she was gone? Is that why he asked her to join?

Ara glanced back at Sylus and then listened to him talk about a short story. She looked off, and stayed quiet a bit. Was missing her a ruse?
Klara saw Sylus message and sent ‘[i how bout later today? ]’
[b “That sounds like a good idea. If your good at acting then you should act too,” ] Ara said, and then dazed off, feeling a bit down. [b “futuristic would make editing more…work than we might able to handle. We should do something more simple,” ] Ara said, her tone sounding uninterested.

“We could do something…related to gangs. That would be interesting, or a group of teens getting into trouble at a nice dinner place.” Klara mainly thought about a place she could have a really good dinner. She’d have an excuse. Klara then texted Sylus again ‘[i I just want some relief…or we talk. You’ve been different lately. ] She sent.
Ara saw her texting again and then glanced at Sylus, hearing his phone buzz right after. She had it. She got up all the sudden and stepped out of the classroom. She usred the rest room, and didn’t reallyw ant to go back. She felt hurt…thinking maybe he felt even less for her now and that he got close to Klara. She tried to suck it up after few minutes, and sit back down but would refuse to hold his hand or look at him at this point.
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Even Sylus knew that it was going to be a struggle to keep their relationship quiet, but he would do anything to make sure that his and Ara's school life was kept peaceful. Already it felt like the two week distance had dissipated the minute they started talking about dressing up for Halloween. [b "Okay. I do like it when things are simple. Maybe we can even check out a haunted house?"] he asked her and then he smirked a bit. [b "Just kidding"] he knew she was very prone to scares.

He heard her saying she needed to stop by and he hoped she didn't get him anything too much. When she said she did, he nodded [b " don't have to spend so much for me Ara"] he held her hand and then released it when they went to class. He sat down getting her caught up and when she mentioned him helping, he rubbed the back of his neck [b "Maybe? I don't think they would have met up if it weren't for me"] he chuckled and then he nodded [b "Yeah. They've left me alone for now....or maybe it's cause I've been going home early?"] he wasn't sure.

Once the project was announced, Sylus looked around the room for someone else to join. When Collin did, he'd smile, glad he had a good friend on board too. When Klara came in, he asked her also. He knew that Klara was smart and willing to work if her grade depended on it. [b "Cool! Well I can definitely play the main actor"] he joked and then thought about what he could bring to the table. [b "If we need staffing or help, I can ask my club members"] he suggested and then he introduced everyone.

He felt Ara's hand and he'd lace his fingers with hers, realizing it was kind of dumb [b "Yeah...well I'm sure we'll make a great team"] he heard Klara ask and Ara divert the question. He shrugged and then he felt his phone. He looked down and took a peek, his eyes meeting Klara's green ones. As much as he loved her back then, he was with Ara now. [i 'I can't. I'm having lunch with some friends'] he told her and then he looked back at Ara. [b "Yeah short story sounds good. I don't really want to look up facts and film something that already happened. We can get more creative if we come up with the story ourselves"] he spoke.

Collin looked at the three and wondered what he wanted. "I'm pretty good at acting....I help the theater club out once in a while. Maybe I can work on the script?" he suggested, thinking about the story. "Should we make it fictional? Hmm, how about something futuristic?" he asked, figuring it would be good to come up with some ideas now.
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Ara half smiled because she didn’t like keeping them a secret, but she knew she had to put him first. She brought up Halloween, liking the idea of dressing as a couple and looking amazing. She felt that…she wanted to share that. Ara tilted her head and realized she hadn’t put too much thought about it [b “Well I know what I don’t want. I don’t want to look creepy, scary or silly. We could do fictional couples, or characters from movies, games…or something more simple.” ] She said and figured she needed to do more research or figure out where they would go or do.

She’d give a quick nod, smiling and then slowly losing a bit of that smile when he said he didn’t get her anything and he didn’t need… [b “Of course I got you something… I know. It’s okay, it’s mostly for me.” ] To give to you.

They sat down together in class. She’d quickly sent texts and then set her phone aside. [b “They were sent to me. I meant other details that I missed here.” ] She said and listened to him talk about getting together. [b “Hmm…did you have something to do with it? Did you help them score girls?” ] Ara giggled, nudging him and then felt a little anxiety thinking about Joseph’s group of friends getting larger. Last time she was here, she sat down with him and she couldn’t help but feel intimidated. [b “I’m glad they haven’t bothered you…” ] She felt worried about it. Worried that even the stuff connected to his roommate and selling drugs would really kill him.

They got introduced to the project and felt good to be pairing with him. She got a lot of texts from people who wanted to join but she didn’t know them… She looked back hearing Collin. She did like the idea of Collin joining in because he seemed like he’d be a good friend to Sylus. And then Klara came in. As much as she liked talking to Klara, she also…worried since they had been together. [b “Yup. Looks like we’ll be working together for the next four weeks. I’ll handle all the equipment,” ] Ara mentioned since she did have the cameras for it, and drone. She let Sylus introduce them but she already knew them, but it didn’t seem like Klara knew Collin much.

Ara giggled when Sylus introduced himself and her. She couldn’t help it and would take hold of his hand underneath the table and bump his shoulder against hers. It was hard to contain her smile or emotions even if she wasn’t physically hugging him. Klara could tell they were getting close, and the way Ara was looking at him. [b “Hello, I know you both but, hello.” ] Ara said.

“Hey,” Klara said, smiling a bit, “Are you two…?”
Ara looked back at Sylus and she wanted so bad to say yes…but the risk of it being overheard or…Klara saying something. She nearly frowned, because saying no meant she could… [b “What did you guys feel like doing? Documentary or Short story? I prefer a story but I’m open.” ] Ara interrupted the question entirely. Klara looked back at her, "Whichever one is easiest." Klara looked back at Sylus and then sent him a quick mesage cause she didn't want to make it public 'Want to have fun at lunch?' she sent.
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He felt really sad the past two weeks and it felt like he couldn't see that light at the end of the tunnel. Everytime Ara called him, he felt a burst of happiness, but that wouldn't last long, so seeing her here right in front of him made him so happy. [b "I'm so happy you're back"] he hugged her and then he saw her meeting his eyes. She didn't cheat on him and her facial expressions showed how much he still meant to her.

He held her hands [b "Okay, then we can still keep us a secret at school"] he called her his girlfriend and then he asked about doing something together for the weekend. [b "Oh you're right. It is almost Halloween"] he wondered what they would go as. [b "Is there something you want to go as?"] he wondered if she had a plan in mind. He never thought about it, but they could go to parties as a couple or just as close friends matching.

[b "My place?"] he wondered why. [b "You didn't get me anything right? I didn't need a lot of things Ara"] he told her, thinking about what she could have gotten. He hoped she didn't splurge. When they headed into class, he saw her on her phone texting someone else. Was it that guy? He wondered if she still felt strongly about him. Did she still love him?

Sylus thought about it [b "I think we have a project coming up. Not much else. Classes are just classes, but weren't those sent to you on your vacation? Um...there's been a few people getting together since you left. Some of the swim team guys got paired with a few's group is a bit larger. They haven't really been bothering me either"] they soon sat down in class and when it started, they introduced with a new project.

Sylus looked over and smiled [b "I like being paired up with you"] he then looked around and wondered who else could join their group. Collin came over "Can I join?" he asked and Sylus smiled [b "Of course"] he watched as Klara came in through the door a bit late. [b "Klar! Come join our group. We need one more persona"] he waved her over.

Klara looked surprise, but she walked over and took a seat. [b "There, we have a group of four now"] he smiled at Ara, looking at the two. [b "So, this is Klara, you know her. This is Collin, you two have met, um....I'm Sylus and this is Ara"] he started out with introductions.

Soon enough, everyone was paired up in groups and Ethan started explaining more about the documentary and short story they had to do.
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[b “Awee, I’m sad that you really felt it but I’m also happy that you did.” ] She said as he pulled back a bit more. She loved seeing that enthusiasm in him. She was happy to be missed by him and that she could be here again. The way he looked her made her feel so happy, like he hasn’t seen her for months rather than a small two weeks.

Alone, she got to kiss him and it felt so good, warm. She hoped that he felt it too, that they both felt it. It looked like he might just had. She paused and stared at him for a moment when he asked to make things officially at school. She thought about Joseph a second ago and she worried that things would go south. She didn’t want to cause problems for Sylus again. Nor did she think that he would like to deal with those problems. [b “It’s not that…its, I don’t want my…ex to bother you.” ] She mentioned.

A smile flooded in her when he said he missed her a lot, [b “Awe Sy, I did too. I missed seeing you.” ] She giggled, enjoying when he squeezed her hand. She felt good when he said it, that shew as his girlfriend. She held him once more, liking how warm his body was, and comfortable. She was glad that it didn’t look like he had gotten hurt these two weeks. Everything…was fine. If anything it looked like he was more into her than before. [b “Mmm, we can spend some time during the weekend together. Oh! And I want to plan out our Halloween outfits because it’s in four weeks and I need to plan ahead.” ] She figured maybe things would ease down and they could go together as a couple or at least tight friends.

[b “Oh and I need to stop by your place, or at least stop you by your place.” ] Because she knew it would be difficult to carry all she got. She heard the bell ring and it made her frown. [b “Yes…we do.” ] She sighed. She was going to miss the freedom of doing homework whenever she felt like it. She walked along side him and walked toward the class, [b “Do you think we have another group project? I’d like to work with you again.” ] Ara mentioned and then heard her phone go off. She’d quickly check it as they walked and saw it was Joseph. She’d quickly reply to him and then saw someone commented to another post of hers. A guy she did not know.

She set her phone away, [b “What else has been going on since I’ve been gone?” ] She asked as they took her seat, right beside him. A guy and another girl came over to them. She’s talked to them in another classes before. They started asking where she’s been. She explained until Ethan came in.

Ara tried to focus, something about next group project would be a four person group. They could select their teammates, it would be another film project. Ara looked at Sylus knowing she would group up with him, [b “Me and you again…” ] Ara said, but she didn’t know about the other two. She hoped to work with people that wouldn’t give her trouble. She instnatly got a few messages. Ethan would explain the assignment, that they could do a documentary, or a short story with a message. Then let the pick there groups, [b "Sy, do you have anyone in mind?" ] Ara asked, because while she talked to the other two this morning, it looked like they formed there group and she didnt' know much people still.
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He just finished changing and was heading into the locker rooms when he felt someone holding his hand. He would glance back and when he saw her, he felt so happy. He was so excited to see her again and he missed her so much. He never really realized how much he just took her for granted at his side. Sylus felt so relieved to know she was here and that she was oaky. He hugged his arms around her, holding her close and feeling that warmth again.

[b "It really does. I missed being close everyday"] he slowly pulled back, realizing he might have hugged her too tight, but when he got a good look at her, he couldn't help but smile again. Her blue eyes, her smile, her precious face....he missed all of her. He wanted to kiss those lips of hers again, so he led her into the hallway and pressed his lips against hers. He felt her warm lips kiss him back, so deeply that he remembered their trip to Disney. He wanted to kiss her more [b "Can we? Do you think we can make things official? OR is it still too early to hold hands at school?"] he wondered.

He listened to her telling him about her trip, then she mentioned the guy and how he had a girlfriend. That was a huge relief to hear. [b "It's fine. You must still be tired. I loved seeing all of your pictures and you having fun. I'm glad you didn't need any extra help or anything"] he was happy she was alright.

When she said he didn't miss her much, he shrugged [b "I actually missed you a lot. I couldn't wait for you to come home"] he held her hand in his, giving it a squeeze [b "I am. With you, you're my girlfriend and that hasn't changed"] he leaned in and kissed her cheek, holding her again. [b "I want to spend more time with you again. Maybe this weekend?"] he asked eagerly.

The school bell rang to start first period [b "Let's talk about it later. We have first period together"] he grew excited. Ara was back and he felt so happy. He missed her so much and it made him realize that maybe liking her wasn't cutting it anymore. Maybe he also loved her.
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When she saw his vibrate red hair, his tattoos making him look like downright bad ass, she felt this excitement surge through her. Her fingers wrapped around his wrist and he turned around. She hoped that he would be excited to see her too. When he turned around, she felt like she was being examined for a second from the way he looked at her. But then he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. She held him too, feeling so snug against his body, picking up the scent that only Sylus really held…mixed in with chlorine of the pool but that was fine since she knew he swam a lot.

[b “Me too…mmm…it feels nice to hug you again.” ] She said, and slowly released enough of him to see his eyes. She felt like he was hugging her a lot tighter than she remembered, but it was kind of nice. His eyes were so pretty…and her heart still leapt seeing him.

She noticed him looking for quite a while, like he was thinking about something. Then he led her forward. She followed along not knowing where until they were inside the gym, and down the hall. Once, it was silent and private, she found his warm lips pressing on hers. Time slowed down for a second. She went on her tiptoes, arms resting on his shoulder, feeling his caress on her cheek. She kissed him deeply and long. [b “Well, we can hold hands and be near each other again.” ] Ara giggled, liking what he said to her. She’d then hold his hand and listen to his questions.

[b “Mmm, I’m okay. It was fun. I was originally just going to stay indoors but a family friend-well sort of a family friend’s son, gave me a tour around.” ] Ara mentioned and then shrugged [b “But you know that. Don’t worry, he has a girlfriend. The flight exhausted me, so when I came home I feel straight asleep. I’m sorry I didn’t reply any sooner. Oh, this mean lady at the airport tried to steal my carry on by saying I took it. But they confirmed she was crazy.” ] She rambled and then paused and looked at him again.

[b “I’m glad you’re doing well here, hanging out with Collin and his friends, winning a competition. Sounds like you didn’t need to miss me too much.” ] She half shrugged but she knew he did because he told her. [b “So…does that mean everything is okay with us? You’re with me…right? Nothing changed? It doesn’t look like it did. You still look at me in the way you only look at me.” ] She squeezed his hand and then suddenly hugged him again. [b “Mmm so warm…I miss hugging you.” ] She then released a soft yawn, because she was still a bit tired.
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He really was in a slump the more he realized that Ara wasn't there. He'd do his best to suck it up an go through each day not wanting to act like a child that missed his toy. It was a struggle and he would text her everyday, with messages that described how much he missed her and how much her distance was making him feel. He didn't know what he felt to be exact, but he's never missed someone like this before. It made him feel so different, depressed, and unlike himself.

He would see her replies really quickly and he would respond back quickly, asking about her day, what she did, and would comment on her pictures. He always awaited her calls, to hear her voice and to remember how close she used to be to him. IT was just saddening that it was only once a week. He wanted to talk to her more. He got her up to date with school, his competitions, their project, and how he was making friends. She seemed so happy on the phone, he just wished he could share that happiness right now with him.

Seeing those pictures of that guy with her on more than a few posts did make him feel insecure and jealous. Ara was his girlfriend and he didn't want anyone getting in the way of that. So the night she returned home, he was surprised to get a text from her. IT was the text he had been waiting for for a long time. He wanted to know if he could call or even visit, but the replies stopped coming.

The next morning, he was up early, grabbing his belongings and heading to school. He had his jogging pants on, his swim jacket over a tank as he skated to school. He got ready for practice, but he didn't check his phone. It wasn't until he heard that familiar voice when he walked towards the gym. He felt something grab his wrist and when he heard that familiar voice, he felt his heart skip a beat. He turned around and saw her, his arms moving around her waist as he leaned in to give her a big, warm hug. Seeing her looking so pretty in her pink skirt, her beautiful figure and her hair up. She almost looked like a doll, but she was so much prettier than the last time he saw her. He hugged her close, getting that familiar scent and remembering how warm her embrace was. [b "Ara....I'm so glad you're back. I missed you so much"] he didn't want to let her go.

Sylus met her eyes and he wanted to give her a kiss, but he wasn't sure who was watching and who was around, so he held her hand and led her inside the gym, heading down the hallway. He leaned in and gave her a kiss, pressing his lips against hers and caressing her cheek softly. [b "I....I'm so glad you're back Ara. I just want to hold your hand and be near you again"] he admitted, unsure if he looked desperate or uncool, but he really missed her. [b "Are you okay? How was your trip?"]
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Leaving school behind wasn’t so hard, but not seeing him was. She’s been through this before, but it still was hard. She’d respond a little too quick to his messages, unless she was out. Adam was a good distraction. She admired how loyal he was.

It always made her smile when she got texts from Sylus that he missed her. She wanted to give him a call but the time zones made things quite difficult. She did manage to call him once a week. When he sent he missed her, she sent [i I miss you too. ] to him. She’d roll around in bed, and just read through his texts, look through there images. She saw the image he sent her and would take a picture of room she was staying ‘ I want you beside me here too. I wish I could have brought you along.’ ] She loved the compliments he gave her. It made her pretty happy and giggly. She also missed him so much. She wondered if he’d feel the same way as she did eventually.

Ara was outside when she told him about how their video got submitted into a contest. [b ‘Omg! I’m so happy! I told you we did the best.’ ] She’d sent, and when he won the competition, she’d sent a little video of herself saying [b “Congrats Sylus! I knew you’d win again,” ] and grinning.

That day she arrived back to the country, she was exhausted from the long flight. She had looked through all the pictures from her visit and a few of Sylus. She wondered if things would change she’s been gone…she had to count that he didn’t feel worse about her. Yet, she passed out straight on the bed, and fell asleep until 3am in the morning. She managed to get herself back asleep again, but was still up early.

As she stretched her arms up on the air, running her fingers into her hair, she reached for her phone. Ara squinted, and rubbed her eyes to adjust to the lighting. Sy…he had send messages. The guilt caught up to her. She could have been talking to him yesterday afternoon and evening but she fell asleep! [b ‘I’m so sorry!! I fell asleep! I’ll see you as soon as I make it for school.’ ] She sent.

She got up from her bed. She wore a high waist pale pink skirt and a white top with a golden triangle necklace. She wore tights underneath, and a pair of knee high boots. It was a little colder this morning, so she got something ontop. She had her hair up into a ponytail, the ends curled. She got excited at the thought of seeing Sylus today. She grabbed her bag, and quickly went down the stairs, and grabbed her lunch quickly. She remembered he had swim practice today, so she knew he’d be early and where he was. Maybe…he wouldn’t mind if she interrupted.

Then she got a text message from Joseph.
‘I’m picking you up with Tan.’ He sent.
Ara sighed, and tried to message him back to tell him she didn’t need it. He wasn’t listening. He came over and she went in. She talked about her trip to them and then said that she had something to do when she got to school. She thanked them, and then split there ways, but already crossed paths with a few people. It was still early, so she went toward the pool and saw Sylus just about to head in. She was behind him. She suddenly took his wrist gently [b “Sy! I’m so happy to see you.” ] Her heart was leaping, his red hair made her miss him even more. She was so happy she could probably shed a tear. But she knew that wouldn’t be cool. She wrapped her arms around him tightly , “I missed you. How have you been doing!?”
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 2d 20h 24m 19s
Sylus was in the sand and he was having a great time, feeling the warmth beneath his feet as he walked with her towards the lighthouse. They both walked towards the top of the lighthouse together and he would hold her hand in his, keeping her warm with his jacket as they stood at the edge together, taking pictures and seeing the view. It was beautiful and Sylus was glad he could be up here with her. The date made him feel so warm and he felt so happy being with her like this.

He felt her ringers through his hair and then he wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek. They soon ate lunch together and even went to the museum. It was all firsts for him, but even he found the paintings and history interesting. Seeing a few really opened his eyes to the art world and being there with Ara to explain it all was so much fun.

They had dinner together at another fancy restaurant by the water. Sylus wore a white button up shirt and a gold tie, smiling as he watched her in her outfit. She was always so stunning and beautiful. He couldn't believe he was on a fancy dinner date with her. All the food and the atmosphere was on a whole other level. HE still couldn't fathom it all sometimes. He'd share her food, kiss her and enjoy the night with her, feeling so much closer as the night came to a close.

Once they flew back, Ara's departure was already so close. He hugged her and said goodbye as he heard those three words again. It made him feel so confused, but his heart ached. HE kissed her cheek and watched her leave, feeling that sinking feeling in his chest. HE didn't want her to go away and he almost ran to stop her, but he managed to stop himself.

The following week was normal. He went to class, swim practice, the orphanage and would do his normal deals at night for Luke. It wasn't bad, but he started to feel a bit lonely. Every little thing bugged him. He'd go to the pool and his eyes would look out to the bleachers, hoping to see Ara there. She wasn't. He'd stop and get out of the pool, going over to check his phone for any messages or any calls, sending a text [i I miss you]. He'd then walk towards the gym, imagining Ara doing some flips and the girls cheering. He'd stay still for a while and his teammate would come over "Something there Sy?" they'd look and pat his shoulder. "It's almost time for class" he called him over. The first week went by and he realized how much he has been missing ARa. He spent almost everyday with her and now she wasn't here. His bed felt empty and going to school didn't feel as fun.

One day at lunch, he sat at the table with Collin and some guys from the swim team. "Did you see ARa's pic? She's with a snazzy looking dude" one of them said. Sylus took a peek and saw her in a few pictures with some guy her age. Who was that? He'd send her texts of how much he missed her and would try to call her, but she'd be too busy or asleep. He'd ask about that guy and he'd feel so upset about it. It made him jealous. How could she be spending time with some dude when he was here waiting for her to call every second. Sylus would leave the table and go to the secluded tree at the back of the school. HE'd remember Ara being her, resting her head on his lap and he would stroke his fingers through her hair. He'd eat the rest of his lunch alone, taking a pictures of the area and sending it to Ara [i "I want you here beside me"] he'd send and remember taking in her warm touch, her vanilla scent. He wanted it all back.

At night, he'd see her texts of the pictures and he'd reply with compliments and wishing he was there with her. He'd see all the beautiful places she was allowed to go to and he was stuck here. He'd update her about school, about how he won another swim competition and wished she cheered for him in the stands. About how Ethan submitted their video into a contest, and how he's been getting along with Collin and his friends. He didn't want her to worry, but in reality, it ached just thinking about her. HE wanted her back already. He'd roll over to the other side of his bed where Ara used to stay sometimes. He'd bury his face into his pillow and just imagine her laying here beside him. SYlus would try to drape his arm around her, but it'd be empty. He'd curl up in bed and cry into the pillow, his chest aching and images of Ara with some other guy, holding hands with made him feel like shit.

Every day felt like there was something missing and he would feel like he was in a slump. Sometimes the guys would notice him feeling down, but he never said anything and would just go home early. But by the time Monday came, he felt worn. He just got back home after selling some merchandise, checking his phone for texts. When he saw ARa's, he smiled brightly. [b "Ara! I missed you. Can I come visit? Right now?"] he asked, soon seeing no reply. What was she doing?

He sent a few more. [b "Hey? You there?"] he would wait and imagine going over to her house and hugging her close. When it's been more than two hours, he would feel upset and just lay in bed, trying to fall asleep again.

THe next morning, he was up early. He went to school to join swim practice. He didn't know if Ara was coming today, but he tried not to think about it. If she was ignoring his texts and call because of that guy, then he wouldn't bother worrying about it right now. He'd face the truth when the time came.
  ellocalypse / 2d 21h 37m 51s
She stared back at him when he said they had to. [b “But…sand…” ] She said, not liking the idea of feeling sand-well maybe because she hardly came around the beach. His laugh made her burn up even more. The two of them went to see the view. It was sweet when he put his jacket on her shoulders. She’d lean into and would take a picture with him up at the lighthouse. It was a beautiful view. She’d squeeze his hand and enjoy the breeze. It was also…kind of scary, all that body of water.

She’d look at him and saw him look so happy that it just filled her happiness. She felt her heart being tugged again, that same feeling that just made her want to tell him she loved him again. There was…no use. She’d reach out and stroke through his red hair. She’d hope he’d be closer to loving her with all of this travelling, being together…being happy with her.

They had lunch together, at a burger place.   The two of them went to the museum after. While she could tell Sylus wasn’t enjoying it as much as she did, she could tell he did much more than others she’s brought. It was fun, she got to hold his hand and tell him about the history, the paint, the techniques being used. Afterwards as evening came in, they had dinner in a beautiful place Ara selected by the water front. Ara wore a short gold dress with matching gold heels. She kept doing things like sharing her food, kissing, complimenting him, and even trying to get him to be closer when they returned, hoping he might say he loved her.

The night ended, They were closing there eyes to go to sleep. She never got to hear it, but she had fun at least. The very early of, they flew back. Ara had to take another flight and she gave him a long big hug at the front of his door when she dropped him off, looking at his amber eyes with worry and heart ache, [b “I love you, stay safe.” ] She couldn’t help herself. She squeezed his hand one more time and gently smiled, before turning her back and leaving in the car.

She flew to Germany, Frankfurt. She spend time doing homework, but also hanging out with her father’s business friend’s son she’s known for quite a while. He had his own girlfriend but she was away for the week too. Ara posted pictures with him online to the places they’ve been, more like just a very few little but, still up there. In the meantime in the evening, she’d text Sylus, send him pictures of places, and food. She’d look at there pictures and just miss him more…and more. She’d get eager to text him, even when she got busy.

Ara would lay down in bed and edit pictures of them, and almost post them. She end up being gone for a full two weeks. She got material for her channel, so she had posted up on there. She also end up replying to Joseph again, cooling things down, but still, she kept distant. She missed Sylus, and she’d day dream about him, about being underneath their fort, or feeling his arms around her. Sometimes she thought she heard him, but it was all in her head. She’s been through this before, so it wasn’t all so bad.

Ara returned in the middle of Monday. She was so exhausted from the flight. The second she got back, she head to her room, changed into her pink pjs and sent a text message to Sylus ‘Sy, I’m home now.’ She end up straight dozing off in her room, buried in her sheets because she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 3d 12h 29m 57s
He was glad he was able to get her to agree with going to a museum after the beach. He wanted them both to have fun and even after she admitted that she loved him, he still felt like he had to make her enjoy spending time with him too. [b "I'll look forward to you coming back everyday"] he chuckled and then he met her eyes. They sat together in the cab, staying close and he felt so warm whenever she gave him kisses.

He saw the beach coming into view and when he got up, he decided to hold her hand in his, staying on ARa's left side so that she wouldn't have to worry about being so close to the water. He kept his arm around her and would kiss her cheek, holding his shoes in his other hand. He liked the feel of his feet in the sand, a beautiful girl to his right, and the ocean breeze through his hair. He felt really happy here. [b "Huh? Silly? Why? We're at the beach...I have to take off my shoes"] he saw her smiling and then he'd squeeze her hand in his and walked with her to the lighthouse.

The wind blew her dress and he'd try to help her hold it down. He would then laugh and chuckle a bit as they walked towards the sign. He read it and then he'd wrap his arm around her waist [b "Yeah, let's go! Let's see the view"] he laced her fingers with him and then he heard the word spiders [b "'s okay. You can protect me"] he smiled and put his jacket over her shoulders. [b "Should be okay now"] he walked with her towards the stairs and they headed up the lighthouse, going in spirals as they peeked outside the windows. Sylus could see how high they were getting and he would grin [b "This is great, look Ara, we're almost to the top!"] he said pointing as he hurried up.

When they reached the top, Sylus felt the breeze and his eyes widened in surprise [b "Oh wow!"] he held her hand and let her take a peek, seeing the beautiful ocean and the views of the city around them.
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