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Eunwoo is a 'shifter who works at the hospital. Rocky is a 'shifter who comes to get Eunwoo after every shift. One day while Eunwoo was about to finish his shift Rocky brings in a human he had rescued from vampire's blood den. Thrust into taking care of the human, how will they handle things?

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Hai~! Author-nim here with another story. I didn't do a poll this time because I suddenly had the urge to do this story so here we are! A mystery ship, no one seems to want to choose these. Makes the plots interesting though~!

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Eunwoo: A shapeshifter who is a private doctor working at Yixing's hospital. He went back into the medical field after Kangmin, a now werewolf, almost died when he was human, thus forcing him to have someone turn him. He looks too young to be a doctor, but since most of his clients had something to do with the supernatural world no one questioned it. He is a vampire hunter in his free time, only taking missions when he wasn't working at the hospital or at Moonbin's coffee shop as a barista. He is a part of Moonbin's faction. His animal form is a large reddish brown fox with a black tipped tail and a scar on his face going over his left eye seen in his animal and human forms.

Rocky: A shapeshifter who is a vampire hunter and a barista at Moonbin's coffee shop. He is one of the busiest vampire hunters within Moonbin's faction, getting missions every few months or so. He recently returned from a long batch of missions, going after a lead of a blood den somewhere in Berlin. So far he hadn't been able to find it but with a little luck he could find it. His animal form is a large golden brown fox with white paws and a black tipped tail and a scar going over his right eye seen in his animal and human forms.

Dami: A human who was rescued by Rocky from a vampire's blood den. She had no idea how she got there nor how long she had been there prior to being rescued. She knows no one except Rocky and was hesitant with Eunwoo at first. With time, Dami thinks that she can trust others but for now she trusts Eunwoo and Rocky though she isn't sure why.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1361271/power-up-graphic-shop-open-free-batch-3-done these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Chapter 6]

Eunwoo and Rocky were on the last leg of their missions, staying in the U.K. with Donghun and his pack before finally going home. "What [i really] brings you two here hm?" Asked Donghun as Eunwoo helped him make dinner. "Well," said Eunwoo. "We picked up a human," he said. "Oh?" Asked Donghun. "Rocky and I found our mates in her, and I think it's time she met Luna," said Eunwoo. "From what I've heard from 'Bin and the others she's doing fine, but," he said, sighing.

"You think having another human in her life would do her well?" Asked Donghun. Eunwoo nodded. "She has Yoonbin, but he never talks in her presence," he said. "And since Luna was in a blood den before they could bond," he said. "Hm," said Donghun. "I'll talk to Luna about it," he said. "Okay, cool," said Eunwoo as he nodded.

Rocky had come in just before dinner was served, quickly hiding a hopeful look as Eunwoo gave him a look. Nothing had happened yet but Rocky was still hopeful. "I'll talk to Luna okay?" Asked Donghun as he chuckled slightly. "Sure," said Rocky as he scratched the back of his head. Donghun chuckled slightly before turning back to the stove to check on dinner. "Dinner," he called, causing everyone to rush into the kitchen to grab dinner.

"How's missions been for you guys?" Eunwoo asked Kwangsuk as they sat in the livingroom to eat dinner. "It's been alright," said Kwangsuk as he shrugged, taking a bite of food. "We've had no issues transitioning to being vampire hunters after the formation of the Treasure Box faction," he said. "That's good," said Eunwoo.

"From what I understand the Treasure Box faction was a unification between the vampire hunters and werewolf hunters right?" Asked Rocky. "It would seem so," said Hansol. "We find ourselves working with werewolf hunters from time to time, as they help us we do the same to help them," he said.

"I see Jason didn't stay with your pack," said Eunwoo. "His reasoning was that since Kwangsuk, Hansol and Kijoong joined he was no longer needed to stay in the pack," said Donghun. "Ah, the only reason he stayed with your pack was because there was no vampire hunters?" Asked Eunwoo. Donghun nodded. "Makes sense," said Rocky. "With werewolves, to keep their packs from being slaughtered by werewolf hunters they have to have a vampire hunter in the pack," he said. "Right," said Eunwoo.

[center ~]

Luna agreed to head to Berlin with them, taking Chan with her since Chan wanted to go see Jinwoo. They took the train back to Berlin, Eunwoo and Rocky finally able to relax. They had forced down the feeling of longing to focus on the hunts, so they wouldn't become sloppy.

"How long has it been since you guys were home?" Asked Chan. "A year," said Eunwoo. "Jesus," said Chan. "We've gotten used to being away from home for more than a few months at a time," said Rocky. "But now that we found our mate it makes it slightly harder," he said. "It sucks," said Chan. "I know the feeling too, since I can't just go see Jinwoo," he said, pouting, earning chuckles from Eunwoo and Rocky.

"What is she like?" Asked Luna. "Well, Dami knows almost no English," said Eunwoo. "But apparently the others have been teaching her, when we last checked on her anyway," he added. "So who knows, she might be able to talk to you now," he said. "When did you last check on everyone?" Asked Chan. "Just before we landed in the UK," said Eunwoo. "A few weeks ago then," said Chan. "I guess," said Rocky.

When they reached Berlin there was a welcome party, consisting of Dami and Sanggyun. "Hey, welcome back!" Said Sanggyun as Eunwoo, Rocky, Chan and Luna stepped off the train and onto the platform. "It's good to be back," said Eunwoo as he smiled slightly, spotting Dami. "It's been too long!" Said Dami as she tackled Eunwoo, who quickly wrapped his arms around her. "Hey," Eunwoo said softly. "Luckily we have a break," he said. "How long is this break?" Asked Dami as she moved away, turning to Rocky who had walked over. "A few months at least," said Rocky. "Good," said Dami, earning chuckles from everyone.

"What brings you along Chan, Luna?" Asked Sanggyun. "I haven't seen Jinwoo in a while and Luna wanted to meet Dami," said Chan. "Ah, that's right!" Said Eunwoo. "Dami, this is Luna, Luna, this is Dami," he said, introducing the two. "Hello," said Luna. "H-Hi," said Dami, managing a smile. "Let's head to the coffee shop then?" Asked Sanggyun. "Everyone's been waiting on your return," he said. "Yeah, let's go," said Eunwoo. Everyone headed to the coffee shop after making sure everyone had their things, with Luna making small talk with Dami, the two quickly becoming friends.

"Welcome back guys," said Moonbin as everyone entered the coffee shop. "Hey," said Eunwoo. Rocky waved. "I see you brought along Chan and Luna," said Moonbin. "Chan wanted to see Jinwoo, and Luna wanted to meet Dami," said Eunwoo. "Ah, a bit late," said Moonbin as he scratched the back of his head. "Jinwoo left a couple days ago with Jinhwan," he said. "Aw," said Chan.

"Any news?" Asked Eunwoo. "Hanbin left," said Moonbin. "What?" Asked Rocky. "His anger was getting out of control," said Moonbin. "So he left on his own," he said. "I see," said Eunwoo. "Just be careful around the other werewolves, they weren't too happy with the decision but what could they do?" Asked Moonbin. "Nothing really," agreed Rocky as he shook his head.

"Anyway," said Eunwoo as he walked up to the counter. "The usual please," he said, handing over the money. "Just before closing time too," Moonbin said with a shake of his head as he processed the order and handed back the change. "Can you blame us?" Asked Eunwoo as he chuckled slightly, going to sit down with the others, Luna and Dami getting a table for themselves as they talked.

"Dami's taking a liking to Luna," said Moonbin as he came over with Eunwoo, Rocky and Chan's drinks. "How has she been?" Asked Eunwoo as he leaned forward, resting his chin in his hand as he leaned on his elbow. "Just fine," said Moonbin. "Yoonbin has been trying to find the courage to talk to her, but I think it's more of a "I may have a crush on you" kind of thing," he said with a snicker. "Humans," Rocky said with a snort, as Eunwoo chuckled. "Well, it's a human thing," said Eunwoo.

"How long are you two staying around?" Moonbin asked Chan. "Until Luna thinks Dami's okay," said Chan. "Says she needs another female person in her life," he said. "Well, we [i are] a pack of [i male] 'shifters and werewolves," said Rocky. "It'd make sense," he said.

"How long do you think Jinwoo's going to be gone?" Asked Chan. "Won't be for [i too] long, a couple months maybe," said Moonbin. "Okay cool," said Chan.

[center ~]

It was different for Eunwoo and Rocky, to be home without the constant presence of Hanbin. It was simply too quiet, too... [i Empty]. Hanbin had been a constant presence in the pack house, to see him gone was something else. They could only guess how Bobby was feeling, the two of them were close as friends and packmates.

"The werewolves are being quiet," said Dami as she lay between Eunwoo and Rocky, watching a movie with them. "Mm," said Eunwoo. "Give them some time," said Rocky. "With Jinhwan gone everyone is on edge but Chanwoo and Yunhyeong are keeping things together," he said. "I guess," said Dami.
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[center Chapter 5]

The talk never happened, at least, the day after the visit to Grunewald. Eunwoo and Rocky were suddenly thrust into doing missions together, Eunwoo as a medic and Rocky as a tracker and fighter. Dami was worried for them, but Moonbin had assured her that they would be fine. Eunwoo and Rocky worked the best together and were often sent out together.

Jinhwan had become Dami's older brother figure in her life somehow during everything, and somewhere in the back of Dami's mind she knew that Eunwoo and Rocky were fine with it. "Werewolves have a different way of finding their mates," explained Jinhwan when Dami asked him. "And if you were my mate you'd know," he said. "How so?" Asked Dami. "Take the time to observe how my brothers act around their mates," said Jinhwan. "I think you'll notice it then," he said.

And so Dami set out to observe how things went between Chanwoo and Moonbin, along with Yunhyeong and Hongseok, when Hongseok was home. Yunhyeong had explained that Hongseok worked at the hospital, the same one that Eunwoo was working at, and wouldn't be home for days at a time. It gave the others a reassurance, having a non hunter home. Berlin was neutral grounds in Europe, since everyone that was a hunter stopped by to catch up on news before moving on. Everyone respected that, and also expected a few non hunters working.

[center ~]

Dami was working with Ricky, Chanwoo, Jeongwoo, and Sanha today, delivering drinks with Sanha to help her anxiety. She was constantly reminded that it was safe here, and if there was [i any] chance that a vampire was to walk in with the intent to kill the humans in the coffee shop that they had a death wish.

The door chimed and in walked two people Dami hadn't seen before. "Chan! Renjun, hello," said Chanwoo. "Hello Chanwoo," said Chan as he nodded. "Hello," said Renjun. "Need a spot to stay for a few weeks?" Asked Chanwoo. "Yeah," said Renjun. "Good, Sanha needs a vacation," said Chanwoo. "Anyway," he said. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Chan as he went to pay for it. "It'll be a bit," said Chanwoo after he processed the order and handed the receipt back to Chan. "Sure," said Chan before he went to sit down with Renjun.

Sanha's face lit up at the prospect of a vacation, since it had been a few months since he had talked to Yuto, the both of them being busy. Yuto had an information network to run and Sanha had missions along with having to work at the coffee shop when everyone else was out.

Dami wasn't sure what everyone was talking about since everyone was speaking English but she figured that it had something to do with the new people.

"Also," said Chan as he got up and walked over to the counter. "You do realize that the human you have working is marked right?" He asked, causing Chanwoo to freeze. "Marked?" He asked. "She was rescued from a blood den right?" Asked Chan. "Yes," said Chanwoo. "We've noticed a lot more humans that were previously in blood dens [i back] in more of them," said Chan.

"How do you know if someone is marked?" Asked Chanwoo. "It's not as obvious to non vampires," said Chan. "But to vampires their blood smells tainted," he said. "I've learned to look for the signs," he said. "We'd have to have a vampire come in to be sure, though I'm not sure [i who] would come into a coffee shop that reeks of 'shifters and werewolves but," he said, shrugging. "I think I see who can come over," said Chanwoo. "I'll have to ask Moonbin when he gets back," he said.

And that's how Dami met Renjun, who was awkward around her because he spoke no German and Dami spoke very little English. They made it work, when Yunhyeong was around to make sure things went fine anyway. Chanwoo had been called out shortly after Chan came to visit and Sanha finally got his much needed vacation.

[center ~]

It would be a few months before Moonbin returned, and Dami was feeling the longing that everyone was saying that mates got when away from each other for too long. She was afraid, of asking where Eunwoo and Rocky were. Those that were still around, Moonbin, Donghyuk, Sanha and Hongseok, knew that she must be feeling the longing by now, and they could do nothing but try to reassure her that Eunwoo and Rocky were fine.

Dami was working at the coffee shop with Renjun, Jeongwoo, Moonbin and Ricky, making drinks with Jeongwoo while Moonbin manned the register and Renjun and Ricky delivered drinks to their tables.

"Guys," said Moonbin. "We're going to have a... Special visitor today," he said, catching everyone's attention. "I wanted to see if this so called marking is true, though I wouldn't doubt it is," he said. "I just spent months in the field helping out Taeyong and Doyoung," he said. Everyone nodded.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Moonbin asked Dami. "I'm sure," said Dami. "You guys will be here the whole time right?" She asked. "Yes," said Moonbin. "Nothing will happen to you on our watch," he said. "And, I trust these vampires enough for them to not do anything anyway," he added. "Okay," said Dami.

"Who did you ask to come over?" Asked Ricky. "Chani and Sungyeol," said Moonbin. "Chani's a friend from my human days," he explained. "So I trust him, plus having another vampire's opinion would help determine it," he said.

Right on cue the door chimed and in walked Chani and Sungyeol, walking up to the counter. "Hey you two, long time no see," Moonbin said in English. "Hey there," said Chani. Sungyeol nodded in greeting, putting his hands in his pockets. "What did you need?" Asked Chani. "Ah, well we might have a marked human," said Moonbin. Chani's expression turned serious as he tilted his head slightly. "This is serious then," he said. Moonbin nodded.

"I'll have the usual," said Chani, going to pay for the drinks. Moonbin rung up the order, processing it and handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Chani nodded and went to sit down with Sungyeol.

Dami and Moonbin walked over after a few minutes and sat in front of them, with Moonbin placing down their drinks. "What's this about a marked human?" Asked CHani as he studied Dami with a tilt of his head. "I think she might be marked, but the only way we can be sure is through you, I don't trust other vampires," said Moonbin.

Chani leaned forward in his chair, crossing his arms on the table and humming in response. "Well, this place reeks of 'shifters," he said. "And werewolves," he added. "So her scent is masked pretty well," he said. "But," he said, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Moonbin tilted his head to the side as he waited for Chani's response.

"She is marked," said Chani as he opened his eyes, his eyes now pitch black as he tensed. Sungyeol put a hand on his shoulder and Chani moved away from the table with his arms still crossed, leaning back against the chair. "The scent of her blood is floral, really sweet to me," said Chani as he closed his eyes again, willing the instincts to go down. Moonbin hummed, nodding slightly. Dami was shaking slightly in her chair, being scared of those eyes.

"But underneath it all," said Chani as he opened his eyes again, his eyes back to their normal color. "There is something else there, possibly another vampire's venom coursing through her," he said. "Not enough to turn her, but enough to tell other vampires that she belongs to someone else," he said.

"What do you smell Sungyeol?" Asked Moonbin. "The same," said Sungyeol as he shrugged. "Though it's less floral smelling to me," he said. "More due to my hunting humans before I'm assuming but," he said, shrugging. "It's different for human drinking vampires," said Moonbin. "I believe Mashiho said that the smell is more muted since he's used to it," he said. "Right," said Sungyeol.

"What do you think we should do?" Asked Moonbin. "Turn her," said Chani. "It's the only way to keep vampires from coming after her," he said. "Eunwoo and Rocky won't allow that," said Moonbin. "She's their mate isn't she?" Asked Chani. "Yes," said Moonbin. Chani let out a deep sigh. "Well that certainly changes things," he said.
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[center Chapter 4]

Dami and Jinhwan had a sort of sibling type of relationship going by the time the other members of the pack returned from their missions and other things. Eunwoo was glad that Jinhwan had become so easy going around a human. Eunwoo and Jinhwan weren't on the best of terms but Eunwoo did respect Jinhwan for keeping Dami company while he and Rocky were busy.

Dami and Yoonbin were quite awkward around each other, with Yoonbin never speaking in her presence and Dami just not used to the silence after being in a pack with Sanha, who was one of the loudest members. Jeongwoo, Sanggyun, Ricky and Chunji were more understanding, and whenever Chunji and Sanggyun visited they always spoke to Dami at great lengths, trying to make sure that she was comfortable around them.

"'Bin," said Eunwoo. "When are we going to Grunewald again?" He asked. "I don't know," said Moonbin. "I think everyone's back so we'll go tomorrow," he said. "Why?" He asked. "I think it's time Dami knew about us," said Eunwoo. "She is aware that vampires exist but she doesn't know about us being more than human," he said. "I see," said Moonbin.

"We'll go tomorrow," said Moonbin. "I think everyone needs a break," he said. "Good luck then," he said. "Thank you," said Eunwoo.

[center ~]

"Okay everyone, we're going to Grunewald today," said Moonbin as he met everyone in the kitchen. "Now that we have staff that can take care of the coffee shop while we're gone, it'll stay open as a test to see how things go while we're not there," he said. "Get ready, we'll head out in half an hour," he said. Everyone but Eunwoo and Rocky rushed to get ready, with Dami looking lost as she stood in the kitchen with them.

"What are we doing in Grunewald?" Asked Dami. "It's a hike," said Eunwoo as he finished the rest of his coffee. "We do this hike every couple months, but it's up to you if you want to come with us or not," he said. "We'll just drop you off at the coffee shop on the way if you say no," he added. "Mm," said Dami. "Dress warm, I see that it might be a little cold today," said Rocky as he checked the temperature on his phone before going to get ready.

"I guess I'll go today," said Dami. Eunwoo smiled in relief. "Come on then, let's get ready," he said, heading to their room. Dami followed after him, going to get a change of clothes before going to change in the bathroom. Eunwoo and Rocky changed in their room and after everyone was off to the train station to head to Grunewald Forest.

When they got to Grunewald Sanggyun was standing on the platform with Chunji. "Hey guys," said Chunji. "Hello, you here for a hike too?" Asked Moonbin as everyone stepped onto the platform. "Yeah," said Chunji. "Joining us Sanggyun?" Asked Chanwoo. "No, not this time," said Sanggyun as he scratched the back of his head. "Alright then, let's go," said Moonbin. Everyone but Eunwoo, Rocky, Dami and Sanggyun headed off to the forest.

"Didn't want to join in on the fun wolf-dog?" Eunwoo asked in English. Sanggyun snorts, putting his hands in his pockets. "The whole pack was out there, except Ricky," he said in English. "I figured I'd let Chunji have his fun," he said. "Said you guys were coming out so I figured it was for one reason since the human's not at work today," he said. "Yeah," said Rocky. "I'll keep her company when she comes back," said Sanggyun as he sat down on a bench. "Alright," said Eunwoo.

Dami listened to the conversation in confusion, wishing she had taken the time to learn English more seriously as she wondered why they didn't go with the others. Howls erupted from the forest, causing Dami to jump in surprise as she turned towards the howls. "Don't worry," said Eunwoo as he returned to speaking German. "We won't go far," he said. "At least, far enough to run into the wolves," he said. "Okay," said Dami as she wrapped her arms around herself. "We'll see you in a bit then," said Eunwoo as he turned to Sanggyun. Sanggyun waved them off and Eunwoo and Rocky headed into the forest with Dami following after them.

Once they were far enough into the forest Eunwoo stopped, turning to Rocky. "It's time then," said Rocky. "Yep," said Eunwoo before they both turned to Dami. "What is it?" Asked Dami.

"Well," said Eunwoo. "We're not exactly... Human," he said. "What?" Asked Dami. "We're shapeshifters, foxes to be more exact," said Eunwoo. Dami's eyes widened. "That would explain the dreams," she said. Rocky blinked. "What kind of dreams?" He asked.

"All my dreams consist of now are foxes," said Dami. "I never knew why, but somehow I felt like it related to you two," she said. "I would have to see your animal forms to be sure," she said. "You believe us that easily?" Asked Eunwoo. "I mean, I was a part of a blood den," said Dami. "If vampires exist, then other supernatural creatures exist," she said. "Ah, that's true," said Eunwoo.

"Would you like to see our animal forms?" Asked Rocky. "If you want," said Dami. "I'll head to the train station, where Sanggyun is afterwards," she said. "We'll be over here," said Eunwoo as he gestured to some trees. Dami nodded and Eunwoo and Rocky went to change behind a tree.

When they both came out from behind the tree in their fox forms Dami gasped. "You are the foxes in my dreams," she breathed out, reaching out a hand towards them. Eunwoo was the first to walk over, bumping her hand with his head. Rocky walked over after seeing that Dami was fine in their presence. Dami reached out with her other hand and pet Rocky on the head.

Footsteps were heard and a wolf soon appeared, and Dami fell back in surprise, scooting away. "I guess I'll leave you to it," she said, still surprised by the sudden appearance. Eunwoo and Rocky went and nudged her, getting her to stand. "I'll be fine," said Dami. "Go, have fun," she said. The wolf bowed its head, and Dami finally recognized it by seeing three familiar scars on its face. "Jay?" Asked Dami. Jinhwan wagged his tail in response.

"I'll go then," said Dami. "Have fun," she said, heading back down the path towards the train station. Jinhwan trailed behind her to make sure that Dami made it, soon slinking into the shadows as soon as Sanggyun came over to talk to her.

[center ~]

When everyone came back it was close to evening time, and Dami was asleep on the bench, leaning against Sanggyun's shoulder. "Welcome back guys," said Sanggyun. "When did she fall asleep?" Asked Eunwoo. "A few hours ago," said Sanggyun. "We got back just in time," said Moonbin as they heard a train horn. Sanggyun woke up Dami, who jolted, sitting up when the train horn sounded again.

"Oh," said Dami when she noticed everyone, blushing at having been asleep in their presence. Everyone chuckled at her antics. "We're heading home now," said Eunwoo. "Okay," said Dami as the train arrived. After getting their boarding passes scanned everyone got on the train and went to find their seats.

"We'll talk about what you learned today tomorrow," said Eunwoo as he sat with Dami. "I'm fine with that," said Dami. "I want to process everything first," she said. "I'll let you know when I am ready to talk," she said. "Alright," said Eunwoo.
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[center Chapter 3]

It was funny, to the others, to watch Eunwoo and Rocky interact with the newest addition to the pack. The ones who were mated only really understood, everyone understanding the need to constantly be near their mate. Eunwoo requested some time away from everything, to keep a close eye on Dami while Rocky was stuck doing missions again. Two weeks, that was all Yixing was giving and that was the minimal amount. Moonbin wouldn't allow much longer despite the fact that he did understand that Dami needed to get herself together before attempting to do anything normal, human wise at least.

"Where did he go?" Asked Dami. "Who?" Asked Eunwoo as he drove with her to get groceries. "Your roommate, Rocky?" Asked Dami. "Ah, he had some stuff to take care of," said Eunwoo. "He does a lot of work out of the country so," he said, shrugging. "Oh, okay," said Dami as she looked out the passenger window.

"How have you been by the way? I never got to ask before," he said. "I could be better," said Dami. "I know that I will have to work eventually but," she said, shrugging. "We still got another week to go before you're due to start working," said Eunwoo. "Where did you say I'd start working at again?" Asked Dami. "Well," said Eunwoo. "There's a coffee shop run by Moonbin and Chanwoo, you'll be working there," he said. "Don't worry, all of us do, from time to time," he said. "So you'll be working with familiar faces," he said. "Very rarely do we have some of the other workers work with just them and either Chanwoo or Moonbin," he said.

"What will I be doing?" Asked Dami. "Moonbin will probably have you making drinks with someone," said Eunwoo. "Some of our other workers come in when noone else is available, and right now that's Yoonbin, Jeongwoo and Ricky," he said. "Mostly everyone is doing work outside the country right now, so that's why the house seems so empty," he said. "I see," said Dami.

"If you do end up working with some of our other roommates just be careful," said Eunwoo. "It's pretty obvious why when you see them but," he said, shrugging. "Okay," said Dami.

Grocery shopping was a breeze, with Dami keeping her hands on the shopping cart as a way of protection while Eunwoo got what they needed. "I know you need the shopping cart but you're fine in my care," said Eunwoo as he walked down the next aisle looking for what he needed. "[i Nothing] will happen on my watch, I guarantee it," he said. "How can you be so sure?" Asked Dami. "I'm more powerful than you think," said Eunwoo as he turned to Dami, moving to put the item into the cart.

"I know," said Dami. "I mean you have to be to have that scar right?" She asked. "But judging from your work as a doctor you're not in trouble with the law," she said. "No," said Eunwoo as he turned back to the shelf he was looking at. "Is Rocky in trouble with the law?" Asked Dami. Eunwoo snorts. "No," he said, laughing slightly. "He's too good to be in trouble with the law, it's just our jobs that have us gone all the time," he said. "I see," said Dami.

They continued shopping, with Dami being silent for the rest of the time. It was uneventful, with Eunwoo keeping an eye on everyone. They headed home after Eunwoo packed everything into the trunk of the jeep.

[center ~]

The week passed by fairly quickly and the next Monday morning Eunwoo walked into the coffee shop with Dami. "Jinhwan," said Eunwoo. "Work today?" Asked Jinhwan. "Unfortunately," said Eunwoo as he scratched the back of his head. "'Bin and Chanwoo were called out so I'm taking over today," said Jinhwan.

"Who else is working today?" Asked Eunwoo. "Ricky and Yoonbin," said Jinhwan. "They haven't come in yet but," he said, shrugging. "She'll be making drinks with Ricky," he said. "Alright, take it easy on her alright?" Asked Eunwoo. "I won't be in for the next few days," he said. "Influx of patients again?" Asked Jinhwan. "Unfortunately, but I should be back here soon enough," said Eunwoo.

Dami watched the exchange in silence, waiting for Eunwoo to finish his talk. "Ah," said Eunwoo as he turned to Dami. "I'm off to work now," he said. "Behave around Jinhwan alright?" He asked. "I won't be around the next couple days, work at the hospital and such," he said. Dami nodded. "I will," she said.

"I'll be off then," called Eunwoo before he left. Dami turned to Jinhwan, the first thing she noticed was the scars on his face. "Go get an apron, when Ricky and Yoonbin get in I'll have Yoonbin switch with Ricky and he'll teach you how to make drinks," said Jinhwan. "Okay," said Dami as she went to do so.

When Yoonbin and Ricky came in Jinhwan switched them both and Dami worked with Ricky for the day as Ricky taught her how to make some of the simple drinks. Jinhwan was surprisingly patient with Dami, waiting until she was good on orders before taking anymore orders. Ricky helped when Dami was stuck and Yoonbin just delivered orders without complaint.

After work Jinhwan had everyone close down the shop for the day, making sure Dami was okay with doing some of the stuff to close down the shop. "Come back tomorrow, same time," said Jinhwan after he locked the door. "Alright," said Ricky. Yoonbin nodded. "Need a ride home?" Asked Jinhwan. "We'll be fine," said Ricky before he walked off with Yoonbin.

"Want to get dinner?" Asked Jinhwan as he turned to Dami. "Are we the only ones home?" Asked Dami. "For now," said Jinhwan as he scratched the back of his head. "Dongmin- He's at the hospital," said Dami. "Yes," said Jinhwan. "Okay," said Dami. Jinhwan went to the jeep and Dami sat in the passenger seat while Jinhwan drove to get dinner for them both.

After dinner they headed home, with Dami feeling more apprehensive than ever. This would be her first night without either Eunwoo or Rocky and frankly, it scared her. Jinhwan had assured her that she would be fine, and if she needed to be in a room with someone, his room was open. They had recently bought two king sized beds and pushed them together into the middle of Eunwoo and Rocky's room so that the three of them would have room to sleep. Dami wasn't too keen on being alone, but she would try for the first few hours.

"I'm just across the hall okay?" Asked Jinhwan as they approached their rooms. Dami nodded. "Thank you Jinhwan," she murmured. "Jay, you can call me Jay," said Jinhwan before he went into his room. Dami stood there for a minute, unsure of what to do before she headed into her room to get some sleep.
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[center Chapter 2]

"Sanha, can we switch rooms?" Asked Rocky as he stood in the doorway into Eunwoo and Sanha's room. "What brought this on?" Asked Sanha as he looked confused. Rocky scratched the back of his head. "I um," he said. "It's alright," said Eunwoo as he appeared behind Rocky. "I said it was okay," he said. "Oh," said Sanha as he sighed. "Alright," he said. "What does Jinwoo say?" He asked. "He was fine with it as long as Moonbin was okay with it," said Eunwoo. "Moonbin said it was up to you and I," he said. "Alright," said Sanha. "Let me get to moving my things," he said as he went to do so. Rocky went to move his things as Eunwoo and Jinwoo went to help Sanha and Rocky respectively.

Rocky sat in his new bed, puffing out a sigh as he examined the room. "Not what you expected hm?" Eunwoo asked with a slight chuckle. "They're going to question why I decided to switch rooms," said Rocky. Eunwoo sighed. "They'll get their answer soon enough," he said. "I know," said Rocky.

"Mind telling me the need to switch rooms?" Asked Moonbin as he met Eunwoo and Rocky in their room. "Well,"said Rocky as he let out a sigh. "During the rescue mission a few nights ago some unexpected... Things came up," he said. "What kind of things?" Asked Moonbin. "We both found our mate in one of the rescued humans," said Eunwoo as he kept his expression guarded. Moonbin regarded Eunwoo with a blank expression, his eyebrow raising in question.

"Yixing talked to me recently, concerning the human," said Eunwoo. "The others are fine, but he thinks that this particular human needs to be in our care," he said. "I see," said Moonbin. "This is why you decided to switch rooms then," he said. "Yes," said Rocky. Moonbin sighed. "Alright," he said. "We'll see what happens," he said.

"But," he said. "If she's going to be staying here she works," he said. "And if the doctor says that she won't be ready for work so soon?" Asked Rocky. "That's fine," said Moonbin as he looked at Eunwoo. Eunwoo nodded. "Yixing said to give her a couple weeks," he said. "Alright, a couple weeks then," said Moonbin. "After that she's working with either of you, or Yoonbin and Jeongwoo," he said. "Ricky's taking whoever's not due for missions's spot," he said.

"I have hospital duties tomorrow," said Eunwoo. "We can alternate days," said Rocky. "In case I'm needed for missions," he added. "When is the human due to be released?" Asked Moonbin. "Tomorrow, I have a short shift," said Eunwoo. Moonbin hummed. "Alright," he said. "Until she's ready to work she's your responsibility," he said.

"Yixing told you who it was didn't he?" Asked Eunwoo. "Kind of," said Moonbin. "Blood dens usually consists of human females anyway," he added. "Ah, that's true," said Rocky. "I'll leave you two be then," said Moonbin as he nodded. "Take care of her," he said before laving the room.

"I wonder what the others will think?" Asked Rocky. "It's going to be a very interesting next few days that's for sure," said Eunwoo as he let out a sigh. "Mhm," said Rocky.

[center ~]

Eunwoo only ever really had three personalities. The stoic and often cold personality that was the most commonly seen. Then there was the beta personality, only ever used when in important situations, i.e. when he was in important meetings with Moonbin and Rocky.

The last one, a personality that clashed with the two main personalities, was one Eunwoo reserved for only his human patients. It was his soft and caring side, a relic from his human days where he was taking care of his younger brother before the first world war started. The only person to ever witness this side of him in the pack was MJ, who he had grown up with.

"You should act like this more often," said Yixing as he stood behind Eunwoo as he checked on one of the other patients. "You know my reasoning for keeping this side of me away," said Eunwoo. "Showing emotions isn't a sign of weakness Eunwoo," said Yixing.

"How's she been?" Asked Eunwoo as he finished checking on his current patient. "Just fine, she'll be released after your shift," said Yixing. Eunwoo nodded. "I'll be around," he said before going to check the other patients.

[center ~]

Rocky was known for two things, being one of their best fighters and being cold and indifferent. However, now he felt the need to drop everything he built up over the years to go see Dami. Everyone had their soft and caring side but Rocky wasn't known for it. He also knew that Eunwoo wasn't known for it either but it was hard to not go after this feeling.

"You going to pick up Eunwoo?" Asked Moonbin as he was working with Rocky, Jeongwoo and Ricky. "Yeah," said Rocky. "When is he due to leave?" Asked Moonbin. "Soon," said Rocky.

"So what's been going on?" Asked Ricky. "A lot," said Rocky. "I'm just glad to be home from missions," he said. "I heard you picked up a human," said Ricky. "Damn word gets around fast," cursed Rocky. "But yes," he said, sighing as he scratched the back of his head. "She'll be staying with us for a while," he said. "I'm sure you haven't seen what the aftermath of a blood den can do to the human victims but," he said, shrugging. "They thought she'd be better off in your care?" Asked Ricky. Rocky nodded.

Rocky soon got a text from Eunwoo, telling him to bring the jeep when Rocky headed over to pick them up. "Oh, I need to bring the jeep," he said. "It'll be easier on the human Eunwoo says," he said. "Alright, it looks like we're walking home tonight," said Moonbin. "We'll get dinner on the way back," said Rocky. Moonbin nodded and tossed him the keys. Rocky nodded and left with the Jeep, heading to the hospital.

[center ~]

Eunwoo went to help Dami gather what little things she had and gave her some clothes she would fit in. "Dami," he said. "Yes?" Asked Dami once she came out of the bathroom after getting changed. "I don't know if you know this but you are staying with a few friends and I," said Eunwoo. "Will they accept me?" Asked Dami as she looked unsure. "They will," said Eunwoo. Dami hummed in response.

"Besides, if you can get Rocky and I to drop our usual cold facade, then you'll do fine with the others," said Eunwoo as he grabbed her bag of things. "Ready to go?" He asked. "No, but," Dami said with a sigh. "Let's go," she said. Eunwoo gave a gentle smile in encouragement before motioning for her to go ahead, following her out to the entrance.

Rocky stood there, leaning against the jeep with a blank expression as he watched the entrance. When he saw Eunwoo and Dami walk out of the entrance Rocky's expression softened as he saw Dami. "We've been tasked to get dinner," he said. "In exchange for using the jeep I'm guessing," said Eunwoo as he scratched the back of his head. "Yeah," said Rocky as he moved away from the jeep and went to open the trunk. Eunwoo went to put the bags in the trunk, with Rocky closing the trunk afterwards, the both of them turning to Dami.

"Do you want shotgun?" Asked Eunwoo. "No- it's okay," said Dami. "I'll be fine in the backseat, you're just getting dinner for your friends," she said. "We tend to get a lot of food," said Eunwoo as he scratched the back of his head. "But alright," he said. "You're driving," said Rocky, earning a snort from Eunwoo. "Alright," said Eunwoo as he went to the driver's side. Rocky opened the backdoor for Dami and helped her climb in before closing the door. After making sure everyone was comfortable Eunwoo started the jeep and drove off, heading off to get dinner before heading home.

[center ~]

The night was full of surprises for Dami, as everyone was was being welcoming towards her. Looks of pity passed over everyone but it was one of the younger boys, she remembered that he introduced himself as Sanha, dragged her to sit down and eat dinner with him, much to the dismay of both Eunwoo and Rocky. She found herself enjoying dinner, listening to the others talk about their day.

It was no surprise to Dami that she ended up in Eunwoo and Rocky's room for the night. "We have no other rooms open," explained Eunwoo. "So you can have my bed or Rocky's bed," he said. "I-I'm fine with the floor," said Dami. "No no," said Eunwoo. "I insist," he said.

"How about we push the beds together?" Suggested Rocky as he walked into the room, looking at Eunwoo then at Dami. "We can do that," said Eunwoo. "I-If it's not too much trouble," said Dami. "It's not," said Eunwoo as he and Rocky went to clear the middle of the room before pushing the beds close together, ending up with both mattresses on the floor.

The noise attracted Moonbin and Jinwoo who came to see what was going on. "Need help?" Asked Jinwoo, causing Dami to jump in surprise before turning to Jinwoo and Moonbin who were standing in the doorway. "We're good here," said Eunwoo as he turned to face Moonbin. "Yeah, we're good here," said Rocky. "Goodnight then," said Moonbin. "Goodnight," said Eunwoo and Rocky. Moonbin nodded and left, though Jinwoo stayed, leaning against the doorframe to observe Dami.

Was that a growl? Dami blinked as she heard a barely concealed growl come from Rocky's direction. "Is there something you need Jinwoo?" Asked Eunwoo. "No, no," said Jinwoo as he moved away from the doorframe. "Goodnight then," he said, going back to his room. Rocky went to close the door, shaking his head.

Both Rocky and Eunwoo insisted that she slept between them, not taking no for an answer. It was how Dami ended up in the middle of the bed, with the two boys sleeping on either side of her. Somewhere in the back of her mind a voice was telling her to trust these two. It wouldn't help her sleep anytime soon but she would try, closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep with her dreams consisting of foxes.
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[center Chapter 1]

Rocky walked into the coffee shop after finally returning home from missions, keeping his hands in his pockets. "Damn, what happened to your eye?" Asked Chanwoo as he spotted Rocky. "I'm fine," said Rocky as he scratched the back of his head. "First Eunwoo now you? Are you sure you're fine out there?" Asked Chanwoo. Rocky blinked. "He got back from missions?" He asked. "About a week ago," said Chanwoo. "I see," said Rocky.

"Anyway, the usual?" Asked Chanwoo. "Sure," said Rocky as he went to pay for it. Chanwoo processed the order before handing back the card, nodding. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Rocky nodded and went to sit down, playing a game on his phone.

"Having fun?" Asked Moonbin as he walked over with Rocky's drink. "Mm," said Rocky as he took the drink and took a sip. "How was missions?" Asked Moonbin. "Exhausting," said Rocky as he looked up at Moonbin. "I can tell," said Moonbin. "Where'd you get the scar?" He asked. "Probably the same as what happened with Eunwoo," said Rocky. "I'm not blind so," he said, shrugging. "I know I shouldn't have to say this but be careful yeah?" Asked Moonbin. Rocky hummed. "I know, I'm getting sloppy," he said. "I haven't been home for a decent amount of time in months, can you blame me?" He asked. "No," said Moonbin. "But be careful," he said.

"Mashiho have any small jobs for me?" Asked Rocky. "One," said Moonbin as he passed over a piece of paper. "A blood den here?" Asked Rocky as he looked over the paper. "It's a small one," said Moonbin. "But it's better to get rid of it before anything happens," he said. "Did this just pop up?" Asked Rocky. "Apparently yes," said Moonbin. "We haven't had time to go clear it out, no vampire hunters have stopped by recently," he said.

"When does he want it done?" Asked Rocky. "As soon as possible," said Moonbin. "Minsoo and Sanggyun are on standby if you need them," he said. "I'd need some help," mumbled Rocky. "I'll get some sleep first then talk to them," he said. "You do look like you're about to keel over from exhaustion, go get some sleep," said Moonbin. Rocky scratched the back of his head before nodding and finishing his drink before getting up. He waved to Chanwoo, Yoonbin and Sanha before leaving, heading back to the pack house to get some much needed sleep.

Rocky woke to voices later and his eyes snapped open, moving his arm around for his phone and checking the time. It was dinner time it seemed, as he moved to get up, yawning and feeling much more rested than when he got back. "Hey Rocky," said Chanwoo. "Hello," said Rocky. "Come get dinner," said Chanwoo. Rocky nodded and went to get dinner, noting that the werewolves were gone again.

"So many missions lately," he remarked. "Well, they do have the house in Philly, something about selling it or something," said Chanwoo. "I see," said Rocky. "It gives Yunhyeong and Hongseok the excuse to head back to the states anyway," Chanwoo said with a snicker, earning a snort from Rocky as he went to sit down with food.

"I'm going to take care of the blood den tonight," said Rocky. "I'll let Eunwoo and Yixing know then," said Chanwoo. "Eunwoo's working tonight?" Asked Rocky. "He hasn't been home in a few days," said Sanha. "Been pretty busy then," said Rocky. "Yeah, a lot of other blood dens were taken care of outside of Berlin, they've been swamped," said Chanwoo. "It's been Yixing and Eunwoo's job to make sure they get through and are stable enough to get back into human society," he said.

"Too bad it rarely works that way," said Rocky. "Yes, but we do what we can," said Moonbin. "Sometimes that's the only way," mumbled Rocky as he nodded.

After eating dinner Rocky called Sanggyun and Minsoo asking them to help him with this blood den, and Sanggyun and Minsoo met him outside the building.

"How's Yoonbin been doing?" Asked Sanggyun. "I don't know," said Rocky. "I haven't been home," he said. "But I assume he's doing well," he said. "I see," said Sanggyun. "He never talks about his day at work so," he said, shrugging. "Hm," said Rocky. "Let's do this then," said Minsoo as he looked at the building. "Look for humans, take out any vampire you see," said Rocky. "Let's do it," said Sanggyun. Everyone rushed into the building, taking out any vampires they saw.

"Good lord," breathed out Rocky as he spotted a room that was covered floor to ceiling in blood. "Rocky," called Sanggyun. "We have humans," he called. "Alive?" Asked Rocky. "Yes," came Minsoo's voice. Rocky ran to where they were, his eyes landing on one particular human. "We need to get them to the hospital," he said, tearing his attention from the human to face Minsoo and Sanggyun. "Let's do that," said Minsoo.

[center ~]

Eunwoo was quite literally almost done with his shift when Rocky rushed into the hospital with humans he had rescued from the nearby blood den. "Damn it Rocky," said Eunwoo. "Sorry," said Rocky. "But one of the humans," he said. "Which one?" Asked Eunwoo. "The youngest girl," said Rocky. "She- can you look at her?" He asked. Eunwoo blinked. "Of course," he said.

Eunwoo and Yixing went through registering the humans in as patients, noticing that Rocky was staying near to one particular human as he got around to them. "Rocky, back off a bit will you?" Asked Eunwoo. "I- sorry," mumbled Rocky as he moved away to sit nearby.

Eunwoo sighed and put on his most professional smile. "Hello," he said. "What is your name?" He asked. "D-Dami," said Dami. "You're safe now," said Eunwoo. "Nothing is going to happen here," he said. "Not without your consent anyway," he added. "Are you sure?" Asked Dami. "Yes," said Eunwoo.

"Are you a doctor?" Asked Dami. "You don't look like one," she said. "I am," said Eunwoo. "Don't worry," he said. "I know what I'm doing," he said. "Okay," mumbled Dami. "Get some rest, you need it," said Eunwoo as he patted her arm. "Thank you..." said Dami. "Dongmin, call me Dongmin," said Eunwoo as he moved away, letting one of the nurses on duty take her into a room to let her sleep.

Rocky walked over to Eunwoo, his eyes wide. "You told her your human name," he said. "I know," said Eunwoo as he turned to Rocky. "Oh god damn it," said Rocky. "Yeah..." Mumbled Eunwoo.
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