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Eunwoo is a 'shifter who works at the hospital. Rocky is a 'shifter who comes to get Eunwoo after every shift. One day while Eunwoo was about to finish his shift Rocky brings in a human he had rescued from vampire's blood den. Thrust into taking care of the human, how will they handle things?

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story. I didn't do a poll this time because I suddenly had the urge to do this story so here we are! A mystery ship, no one seems to want to choose these. Makes the plots interesting though~!

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Eunwoo: A shapeshifter who is a private doctor working at Yixing's hospital. He went back into the medical field after Kangmin, a now werewolf, almost died when he was human, thus forcing him to have someone turn him. He looks too young to be a doctor, but since most of his clients had something to do with the supernatural world no one questioned it. He is a vampire hunter in his free time, only taking missions when he wasn't working at the hospital or at Moonbin's coffee shop as a barista. He is a part of Moonbin's faction. His animal form is a large reddish brown fox with a black tipped tail and a scar on his face going over his left eye seen in his animal and human forms.

Rocky: A shapeshifter who is a vampire hunter and a barista at Moonbin's coffee shop. He is one of the busiest vampire hunters within Moonbin's faction, getting missions every few months or so. He recently returned from a long batch of missions, going after a lead of a blood den somewhere in Berlin. So far he hadn't been able to find it but with a little luck he could find it. His animal form is a large golden brown fox with white paws and a black tipped tail and a scar going over his right eye seen in his animal and human forms.

Dami: A human who was rescued by Rocky from a vampire's blood den. She had no idea how she got there nor how long she had been there prior to being rescued. She knows no one except Rocky and was hesitant with Eunwoo at first. With time, Dami thinks that she can trust others but for now she trusts Eunwoo and Rocky though she isn't sure why.

Wooseok: A shapeshifter who is Eunwoo's older brother. He [i technically] is the younger sibling in this case, since Eunwoo started changing before him, but he still considers himself the older sibling. He is the alpha of a mysterious pack that even Chanwoo couldn't find any information on until very recently. His animal form is a large polar bear with three claw marks going across the left side of his face with the third claw mark going across his left eye seen in both his human and animal forms.

Jinhyuk: A shapeshifter who is Rocky's older brother. He had been with Wooseok since they left Germany, the both of them going to the US where Wooseok ended up leading a pack. To Wooseok and the others he still acts the same as before, like they didn't escape Germany just to get away from a war. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but other than that he's very laid back, knowing that Wooseok has everything covered. His animal form is a large lynx with a large scar going across his upper back seen in his animal and human forms.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1361271/power-up-graphic-shop-open-free-batch-3-done these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Epilogue]

"Do we really need to do this?" Asked Dami as she was blindfolded while being led by Rocky somewhere. "Don't worry," said Rocky. "You've done great," he said. "And it's just you and I for the moment," he said. "We're going down some steps so be careful," he said as he helped her down the front porch steps after he closed the front door. "Why are we outside?" Asked Dami. "You'll see," said Rocky as he led her over to the garden. "Okay, remove the blindfold," he said, stopping in front of the garden.

Dami removed the blindfold, gasping in surprise as she recognized where they were. "Moonbin let me use it?" She asked as she noticed some bags of soil and flowers sitting off to the side. "Yes," said Rocky. "Since it's nearing summer the flowers will be beautiful this time of year I hear," he said. "Can we start on it now?" Asked Dami as she looked excited. "Yes, we can start it now," Rocky said, chuckling at her antics. Dami rushed over to the garden right away and Rocky went to help her plant things, having made sure their schedule was cleared for the day.

Eunwoo walked over with some iced tea a couple hours later, shaking his head at their antics. "Come get something to drink," he called, placing the tray down. "You're awake!" Said Dami as she wiped off her hands before walking over to grab her cup. Eunwoo rubbed the back of his neck as he looked sheepish. "Sorry, very long night," he said. Rocky chuckled some as he walked over and grabbed his cup, taking a sip.

"How's the coffee shop been?" Asked Eunwoo. "Busy as ever," said Rocky. "Activity seems to pick up since the second team became permanent employees," said Rocky as he shrugged. "That includes?" Asked Eunwoo. "Chunji, Jeongwoo, Ricky, Dami and I," said Rocky. "We work every other day," he said. "Of course, it changes when everyone is out," he added. "Ah," said Eunwoo. "Moonbin and Chanwoo need a break," he said. "And the werewolves have been sent out a lot more," he added.

"Jinwoo and Sanha have it the worst I think," said Rocky. "Their mates are both out of the country," he said. "Ah, same with Chanwoo," said Eunwoo. "And Ricky," he added. "But at least they got a vacation," he said. "Moonbin gave them a few weeks off," said Rocky. "Yep," said Eunwoo as he studied the progress of the garden.

"Want to help?" Asked Dami. "Why not," said Eunwoo as he put his cup down on the tray before going to help. Rocky and Dami put their drinks down before going to finish working on the garden, having fun as they did so.

Wooseok came over with Jinhyuk while everyone was taking a break, sitting on some stools that Eunwoo had brought out. "Hey guys," said Wooseok. "Hello," said Eunwoo. Rocky waved and Dami nodded in greeting.

"What brings you over?" Asked Eunwoo. "We'll be heading home now," said Wooseok. "Everyone had already gone back, we were just coming to say goodbye," he said. "Where is your territory anyway? We might come for a visit," said Eunwoo. "Would you believe me if I said in the southeastern US?" Asked Wooseok.

"No way, you?" Asked Rocky. Wooseok laughs. "That's where we settled down ever since arriving in the US," he said. "We're in the mountains of Virginia," he said. "Easy to stay out of view of the humans, and we have so much land we don't have to worry about [i too] much human interaction," he said. "Ah," said Eunwoo. "We're not [i too] far from a grocery store though," said Wooseok. "But that's fine with us," he said.

"Don't overwork yourself you hear?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Now that you retired you need to settle down," he said, putting a hand on Rocky's shoulder. "Yes mom," grumbled Rocky, earning a snicker from Eunwoo as Dami giggled. Jinhyuk sighed, shaking his head before grinning. "Just be happy, the three of you," he said. "You needed this, I'm sure," he added. "And Dami needs you to not be gone all the time," he said. "I know," said Rocky. "Working at the coffee shop is a piece of cake compared to before, trust me," he said. Jinhyuk nodded.

"Don't overwork yourself either hyung," said Eunwoo as he turned to Wooseok. "You're alpha of [i two] packs now, and from Moonbin's experience, it was hard on him for the first few years," he said. Wooseok blinked. "That's the first time you've called me that," he said, shaking his head. "But, yeah, I won't either," he said. "We'll go then," he said, nodding. "Have fun," he said.

Eunwoo got up and hugged Wooseok. "Come for a visit soon yeah?" He asked. Wooseok looked shocked before hugging Eunwoo back. "Yeah, same to you," he said, moving away. Eunwoo nodded, grinning. "Take care of her," said Wooseok. "We will," said Eunwoo. Wooseok nodded.

Jinhyuk turned to Rocky. "I'm not going to get all sappy here but," he said, chuckling slightly. "Just stay safe, be happy," he said. "Who knows, I'll be an uncle some day," he said, grinning. Rocky scratched the back of his head. "You always liked kids," he said. "Hey, you were the [i cutest] kid," said Jinhyuk and Rocky lightly punched him, blushing. "I'm [i not] cute damn it," Rocky grumbled, as everyone laughed.

"We'll be off then," said Wooseok. "We'll see each other soon enough," he said. Eunwoo nodded. "We will," he said. "I'd like to go to the states," said Dami. "We'll go next time everyone is here," said Eunwoo. Wooseok nodded and waved before leaving with Jinhyuk.

"Well," said Eunwoo as he turned back to the garden. "We're almost done with it," said Rocky as he examined their progress. "Yes," said Dami. "Thank you, for helping me," she said. "No problem," said Eunwoo. Rocky nodded in agreement.

"Well, let's toast," said Eunwoo as he held up his cup. "To us, and our future," he said. "To us!" Said Rocky. "And our future," said Dami as she bumped cups with Eunwoo and Rocky.
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[center Chapter 18]

When Dami was released from the hospital Sanggyun and Jeongwoo had been the ones to come get her as everyone else was too busy. Eunwoo was the one to see them go, as he was working again, and Dami knew to trust Sanggyun and Jeongwoo when Eunwoo nodded to them. She remembered Jeongwoo from the coffee shop and Sanggyun had also been there a few times.

"Sorry about the others not being here to get you," said Sanggyun as he drove to the coffee shop with Jeongwoo in the backseat while Dami was in the passenger seat. "It's okay," said Dami. "I know they've been busy, with missions and things," she said.

"How are you feeling now that you're out of the hospital?" Asked Sanggyun. "Could be better," said Dami as she rubbed her arms. "But I'm okay," she said. "That's good," said Sanggyun. "We'll be at the coffee shop today okay? Just relax," he said. Dami nodded.

"Hey you three," said Yunhyeong as he stood at the counter when Sanggyun, Dami and Jeongwoo walked into the coffee shop. "Jeongwoo you're making drinks today," he said. Jeongwoo nodded and went to grab an apron. "Don't fall behind Chunji," Sanggyun said with a snicker. "I'm getting better at this, sue me," grumbled Chunji as he shook his head. Yunhyeong chuckled some. "The usual then?" He asked. "Please," said Sanggyun as he went to pay for it. Yunhyeong processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. "Take it easy alright?" He asked Dami. "I will," said Dami. Sanggyun nodded and went to one of the comfy seats near the windows with Dami sitting in the other chair beside Sanggyun's, curling up in her chair and doing something on her phone.

Ricky walked over with their drinks, nodding to Sanggyun and Dami as he placed the cups down on the table. "Relaxing day hm?" He asked. "Yep," said Sanggyun. Dami nodded. "Good," said Ricky before he walked away.

[center ~]

A couple months later Dami was due to have a check up, and since Eunwoo couldn't be there due to policy reasons Jinhwan had accompanied her. It seemed the birth control was still working, as the pregnancy tests came back negative but that was fine for Dami. She wasn't sure if she could keep the baby despite the reassurances from Eunwoo and Rocky that they were fine with it if she had turned out to be pregnant.

Yixing himself had come to check on her, as Hongseok was off the clock since Eunwoo was working. "I'll be right outside the room okay?" Asked Jinhwan as they were escorted to a room. Dami nodded and entered the room with the nurse checking her vitals after she sat down.

"Hello Dami," said Yixing as he entered the room after the nurse left. "How are you today?" He asked. "A lot better," said Dami as she nodded. "Did the nightmares stop?" Asked Yixing. "Yes," said Dami. "What helped?" Asked Yixing. "Jinhwan was in the same room," said Dami. "We tried it as an experiment," she added. "Because sometimes the others are the same way, and having someone in the same room as them helped," she said. "That's good," said Yixing as he wrote something down on a chart.

"Well," said Yixing. "Your vitals are good, are you still taking birth control?" He asked. "Yes," said Dami. "I'll put in a prescription for you," said Yixing as he wrote down some more things. Dami nodded.

"How are you mentally?" Asked Yixing as he turned to Dami. "I'm still scared to go out on my own," said Dami. "B-But I'm working again," she added. "Being around familiar faces has helped a lot with me working up the courage to work," she said. "The others are patient with me, they've been making sure I'm okay with the tasks given," she said. "That's good," said Yixing as he wrote that down.

"Your refills are going to be sent, the nurse will be here soon with some papers," he said. "Eunwoo is coming by to have lunch with you, and Jinhwan," he said. "So, with that I'll see you in about 4 months okay?" He asked. Dami nodded. Yixing smiled softly and walked over to her. "You're doing great," he said. "A definite change from a couple months ago," he said. "Keep it up alright?" He asked. "You'll recover from this," he said, patting her shoulder before walking out of the room.

Jinhwan walked into the room, scratching the back of his head. "Everything okay?" He asked. Dami nodded. "I think... That longing is back," she said. "Rocky will be back soon I'm sure," said Jinhwan. "He's only radio silent because I think where he is he can't get phone service or internet," he said. Dami nodded.

Eunwoo walked in with the nurse as she handed Jinhwan the papers, bowing and leaving them be. "Let's go get lunch then?" Asked Eunwoo. "Sure," said Jinhwan. Dami nodded. "I am hungry," she said. "Let's go then," said Eunwoo before he left the room. Dami and Jinhwan followed after her.

"So what did Moonbin think when you said you were retiring?" Asked Jinhwan as they sat around a table after getting food. "He was okay with it," said Eunwoo as he shrugged. "To be honest I think he saw it coming," said Dami. "With everything that happened anyway," she added.

"You are the first to retire, how does that make you feel?" Asked Jinhwan. "Relieved? I think that's the best way to put it," said Eunwoo. "I've been wanting to retire for a while, but with everything that's happened I couldn't," he said.

"Do you think Rocky will retire too?" Asked Dami. "Doubtful," said Eunwoo. "His skills as a fighter are needed," he said. "If he retired then he'd have a good reason to," he said, taking a bite of food. Dami hummed, nodding as she drank some water.

[center ~]

A few days later Rocky was home, and Dami tackled him as soon as he arrived and closed the door, burying her face in his back. "I missed you," Dami said, her voice muffled. Rocky laughs. "Hey," he said. "I missed you too," he said, turning and ruffling her hair. "I'm sorry I didn't come get you from the station," said Dami as she moved away. "It's okay," said Rocky.

"Where's Eunwoo?" He asked. "Upstairs, I think it's time we had that talk," said Dami. "Ah, that's why there's no one home except you two," said Rocky as he nodded. "Let's go have that talk," he said, picking up his bags and heading upstairs. Dami followed after him.

"Welcome back," said Eunwoo as he sat on the edge of their bed. "Hey," said Rocky as he set his bag down. "So the talk is happening huh?" He asked. "I think I'm ready," said Dami. "Good, because I have an announcement," said Rocky.

"I think I'm okay with things," said Dami. "There's some things I will never be comfortable with but," she said, looking down. "I want to make this work," she said, looking up at Eunwoo then Rocky. "I think given time we'll have everything worked out," said Eunwoo. "So I'm okay with taking things slow," he said. "Same," said Rocky. "Especially considering that I'm going to be around a lot more," he said.

"Does that mean?" Asked Dami as her eyes widened. "Yes, I'm officially retiring," said Rocky as he chuckled slightly, scratching the side of his chin. "Those missions were my last ones," he said. "I'll be working at the coffee shop as a permanent employee now," he said. "That way when Chanwoo an everyone else is out, I'll be here to man the information network," he said.

"You'll both be around more," said Dami. "Yes," said Eunwoo. "I'm glad," said Dami as she smiled. Rocky laughs, going to give her a hug. Eunwoo got up and walked over, giving Dami a hug. "To our future," he said. "To our future," said Dami and Rocky.
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[center Chapter 17]

"Dami, are you on birth control?" Asked Sunyoul once he was done checking her over. "Y-Yes," mumbled Dami as she tried to stay calm. Once Keonhee was dead Sunyoul moved her out of the room and registered as a patient. He was the only person that Eunwoo could trust to keep an eye on her for the moment, until Hongseok would start his shift anyway. Yixing was too busy and Eunwoo didn't want to bother him yet. "Okay," said Sunyoul. "I'm just wondering because of what happened, okay?" He asked. Dami nodded.

"How is she?" Asked Jinhyuk as he walked into the hospital room. "Could be better," mumbled Sunyoul as he checked on her bandages before moving away. "Get some rest okay?" He asked. "I'll be right outside the room," he said. Dami nodded, and closed her eyes.

Sunyoul left the room with Jinhyuk close behind, spotting Youngjo and Xion stationed at the door as he made sure to shut the door. He nodded to them before turning to Jinhyuk. "I don't know how she'll be in the next few months or so," he said, scratching his chin. "I found traces of sexual assault, and I have reason to believe it was unprotected," he said. "If she does turn out to be pregnant, well," he said, sighing as he turned away from Jinhyuk. "God damn," breathed out Jinhyuk as he turned to the wall and lightly punched it, trying not to put a hole in the wall.

Yixing came by, looking at Sunyoul. "How is she?" He asked. "Physically? She's fine," said Sunyoul as he hooked his thumbs in his front pockets. "Mentally? We're not sure," he said. "I am also not sure how birth control works against werewolves," he mumbled. "Ah..." Said Yixing as he nodded. "Can I go check on her?" He asked. "If you're not too busy," said Sunyoul. "I'm done, so I'm off the clock," said Yixing. "Be my guest," said Sunyoul as he gestured to the door. Yixing nodded and entered the room.

Eunwoo and Rocky walked over with Jinhwan behind them, wanting to know of the news. "Well?" Asked Rocky. "Ah..." Said Sunyoul as he stuttered out an explanation. "Aish," said Rocky as he growled. "She's okay at least... Right?" Asked Jinhwan. "Yes," said Sunyoul. "But you need to be there for her, she needs you," he said. "Well," said Eunwoo. "If the birth control failed..." He started.

"You need to bring it up to her," said Sunyoul. "It's a choice the three of you need to make on your own," he said. "I'm saying that, if she is pregnant, and we decide to keep it, I wouldn't mind," said Eunwoo. "But the decision is up to her ultimately," he said. Rocky nodded in agreement.

They turned when Yixing walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. "How is she?" Asked Rocky. "Physically fine," said Yixing. "Mentally? She may need a few weeks to recover," he said. "But um," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I think she may need to come in in a few weeks for a check up, after she's been released anyway," he said. "Alright," said Eunwoo. Rocky and Jinhwan nodded.

"Hongseok should be in in a few hours," said Yixing. "And if you're willing, you're on the clock for the next couple days," he added. "I'll have to," Eunwoo said with a sigh. "I think I'm going to retire from the hunting business," he said. Yixing nodded and left, leaving everyone standing there awkwardly.

"There hasn't been many visitors," said Youngjo as he pushed himself away from the wall he was leaning against. "But uh, if you're going in, I'd like to go and switch with one of our other packmates," he said. Xion scratched the back of his head. "I think I need to go too," he said. "Go," said Eunwoo. "We'll be alright, just have them poke their heads in when they come over," he said. Youngjo and Xion nod before leaving.

"I'll keep an eye on things," said Sunyoul. "I think you need to go rest, you've been here all night," said Jinhyuk. "I have it here, go," he said. Sunyoul nodded before leaving. "I'll be out here too then," said Jinhwan. Eunwoo and Rocky nod before entering the room.

"Hi Dongmin, Minhyuk," said Dami as she gave a weak smile. "Hey Dami," said Eunwoo as he forced a smile before going to stand on one side of the bed while Rocky went to stand on the other side of the bed. "Hello Dami," said Rocky.

"How are you feeling?" Asked Eunwoo. "I could be better," said Dami. "But, I'm doing better than earlier at least," she said. "That's good," said Eunwoo. "We'll see how you are in a few days okay?" He asked. "I'm on the clock again but I can't come see you so Hongseok will be doing so," he said. Dami nodded. "I'll try to come see you during any of my breaks," said Eunwoo. "Okay," said Dami.

"I've been sent out on a few missions, all in Europe, so I won't be gone for [i too] long," said Rocky. "I wish I could be here but the literal guard dogs that were sitting outside will make sure no one they don't know will get passed them," he said. "T-They aren't like... Him right?" Asked Dami. "No," said Eunwoo. "Wooseok let them into the pack, so these guys we can trust," he said. "S-So like with your pack," mumbled Dami. "Right," said Eunwoo.

"Can we talk about where we are going with our relationship after I'm released?" Asked Dami. "How about this," said Eunwoo as he took her hand in his. "We'll talk about it when Rocky gets back okay?" He asked. "That way you have time to recover mentally," he said. "I think it's a good idea," said Rocky. "I don't know if I will recover from this fully but," Dami said, squeezing Eunwoo's hand. "I can wait until then," she said.

"Also," said Eunwoo. "This is a tender subject to approach but," he said, sighing some. "If you do end up pregnant and decide to keep the baby, that's fine with us," he said. "Even if it isn't ours," said Rocky. "A-Are you sure?" Asked Dami. "Yes," said Eunwoo. "We'll raise them like our own son/daughter," he said. "We had a long talk about it," said Rocky. "And of course, we had to talk to everyone to let them know it was a possibility," he added. "But do not worry, they don't hate you," he said.

"Should've seen how pissed 'Bin looked," Eunwoo said, shaking his head. "Everyone was so pissed that it happened," he said. "They care, not just because you're our mate but because you've become part of the family," he said. "As far as we're aware you have no one left, so we've practically adopted you into the family," he said. "I see," mumbled Dami.

There was a knock on the door and Eunwoo turned to see who it was, spotting Jinhyuk pop his head in. "Hwanwoong and Changhyun are here," he said. "We should go then," said Eunwoo as he nodded, turning back to Dami. "I'll be back soon," he said. "I have a mission, but I'll try and be back in a few months," said Rocky. "Okay," said Dami. "Have fun Dongmin, and stay safe Minhyuk," she said. Eunwoo and Rocky nod before leaving the room.
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[center Chapter 16]

When Dami woke up she found herself strapped to a chair, sputtering as water was splashed into her face again. "Ah, you're awake," said Keonhee as he smirked, placing the bucket down. "It's a shame, you won't see your mates again after this," he said, reaching out to move a strand of her hair away from her face. "Go to hell," spat Dami as she coughed, trying to keep her breathing even. "I'm already there my lady," said Keonhee as he chuckled darkly before moving away.

Dami noticed something on the table, and looked closely as Keonhee moved away. It was her phone! It laid forgotten, though she knew they were tracking after her. She had to buy some time, struggling some in her chair as Keonhee moved back into her view with a knife. "Now the real fun begins," said Keonhee as he brought the knife down in a slashing motion.

[center ~]

"Where does the gps point us?" Asked Rocky as he drove with Eunwoo in the passenger seat and Sunyoul and Xiao in the backseat. "The hospital," said Eunwoo. "They [i really] think that they can get away from this?" Growled Rocky as he started driving to the hospital. "I told Gunhak," said Sunyoul as he leaned forward to keep an eye on traffic. "He's meeting us there, with Xion and Youngjo," he said.

"I swear to god if we don't get first dibs on whoever did this I'm going to go insane," said Rocky. "You're not the only one," said Eunwoo as he glanced down at his phone when he got a call. He quickly picked up, putting it on speaker.

"[i Let's see how long it takes to get here before I kill the girl hm]?" Came Keonhee's voice. "[i A marked human is supposed to] die," he said. "[i Mates be damned]," he said. "You better leave her alone," growled Eunwoo as he gripped onto the handle of the door, ready to hop out as soon as they reached the hospital.

An insane sounding laugh resounded through the jeep, coming from Eunwoo's phone. "[i Come get her my little fox]," said Keonhee before the line went dead. "Damn him," said Rocky as he sped up, trying to not attract [i too much] attention as he did so. "We'll get there," said Sunyoul. "Be a little bit more patient," he said. "Kind of hard when your mate's life is on the line," spat Eunwoo.

"Oi," came Xiao's voice, his alpha's voice ringing loud and clear. "Calm down," he said, and Eunwoo and Rocky straightened in their seats on instinct. "We'll get there," he said. "She won't be dead alright?" He asked. Eunwoo and Rocky glanced at each other before nodding. "We'll get there," said Eunwoo. "We will," agreed Rocky.

[center ~]

Dami wasn't sure why he was doing this, making her suffer. He had already cut her so much she was dizzy from the blood loss, and now she wondered what he was going to do next. "A resilient one hm?" Asked Keonhee as he slapped her face to make sure she was still conscious. "How about I mark you another way then eh?" He asked, reaching for the button on his pants. "No! Please don't do this!" Screamed Dami. "Too late," said Keonhee as he smirked before grabbing her.

[center ~]

"Agh, what the hell," said Eunwoo, gripping the front of his shirt as he had the funny feeling in his chest again. "I think I know the cause of it," said Sunyoul. "Whatever's happening to her can't be good," he said. "Do you think he's going [i that] far?" Asked Xiao. "I wouldn't put it passed a werewolf like him," grumbled Sunyoul. "Oh, now he's going to pay," growled Rocky as he arrived at the hospital, skidding up to the entrance. Gunhak, Xion and Youngjo were already waiting, as were Wooseok and Jinhyuk.

"Seoho ran for his life, I think it's safe to say that we're going to have to send werewolf hunters after him," said Gunhak. "Honestly I knew it had to be those two," grumbled Wooseok. "No point in grouching about it now, we have a human to save," said Jinhyuk. Eunwoo and Rocky got out of the jeep and rushed into the hospital, with the others behind them.

[center ~]

Dami laid on the ground, sobbing as she tried to cover herself. Keonhee chuckled, zipping up his pants as he heard footsteps. "Ah, they're here," he said, turning to the door as it was thrown open, Rocky looking pissed off as he entered the room with Eunwoo rushing over to Dami and checking her over.

"Hush... Hush it's just me," said Eunwoo as Dami screamed, struggling to get away from Eunwoo. "It's me, Dongmin," he said gently, putting a gentle hand on her arm. "D-Dongmin?" Repeated Dami. "Yes, you're safe now," said Eunwoo as Sunyoul rushed over with a first aid kit. "I can take care of her," said Sunyoul. "Deal with him," he said, nodding his head towards Keonhee. Eunwoo hesitated, but complied, getting up and turning to Keonhee.

"You really went [i that] far huh?" Asked Rocky as he glared at Keonhee. "You weren't going to do anything to her, so I took the opportunity," said Keonhee. "There's a reason no one messes with me, or my pack," spat Rocky as he cracked his knuckles.

"Kill him," said Gunhak as he eyed Keonhee. "Honestly, we've had enough of you and Seoho," he said. "Your death certificate has just been signed," said Eunwoo as he rolled his shoulders. "Let's kill him," said Rocky as he changed, attacking Keonhee. Eunwoo changed, attacking alongside Rocky as Keonhee tried to defend himself.

"You're just gonna let them kill me huh?" Shouted Keonhee. "Not even going to do it yourself you coward?!" He shouted as he shoved Rocky and Eunwoo away before changing and launching himself at Gunhak. Gunhak merely dodged, stepping out of the way as he grabbed the wolf by the scruff of the neck. "I don't need to dirty my hands with the likes of you," he said, slamming the wolf onto the ground. "Now, there's a reason I'm alpha and you're not, here's the obvious reason," he said, throwing Keonhee at Eunwoo and Rocky.

"Even I have respect for 'shifter law," he said, turning his back to Keonhee as Eunwoo and Rocky converged on him.
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[center Chapter 15]

Dami tried to get some time alone, and she did get time alone for a few hours, at home anyway. Out in public was a different matter entirely. She was still afraid of going out by herself, so she often had to have someone take time off of work to come get her to take her somewhere. Most of the time it had been Ricky, who was free more days of the week thanks to Chunji being hired.

It wasn't like the others weren't free. They were, but Dami knew Ricky would help her in anyway he could. Days passed and she worked up the courage to go by herself for once, but would they allow it? She wasn't completely sure.

[center ~]

"Going to try going out by yourself again?" Asked Eunwoo as he ate a late breakfast after getting home from the hospital after a long week of nonstop work. "I might," said Dami. "I'll go to the local market, so I won't be far," she said. "I can't depend on you forever," she said. "You need your rest too," she said. Eunwoo nodded. "Take either mine or Rocky's jacket with you, that way your scent is hidden," he said. "Good idea," said Dami as she nodded, going to get ready. Eunwoo yawned, covering his mouth with the back of his hand that was holding the fork. "Stay safe!" He called.

Dami was going to do this, she had to do this. This was one step closer to being at least somewhat more independent than before, and that was something that she was happy for. Stepping out onto the front porch after putting on some shoes, Dami breathed in the morning air as she looked around the front yard. Putting her hands in the pockets of one of Rocky's hoodies, she started the walk down to the market, her hands gripping onto the phone that had been a gift from Jinhwan.

Every step away from the house was agonizingly slow to Dami, though she knew she was walking at a normal pace. Fear had gripped her as soon as she left the yard but she had to push passed it. There was no way she was chickening out now, not when she was [i this] close to gaining a sense of freedom for an hour or two.

There, the local market was in view as she breathed in a sigh of relief before she looked around, crossing the road quickly to get to the parking lot. A few Euros were in her pocket, enough for a snack or two as she walked into the market to find what she was looking for.

Something about the market had Dami get engrossed into the aisles, looking at everything in awe as if she was seeing things for the first time. She went straight to the snacks aisle and examined everything she could reach, trying to decide on what to get and keeping an eye on price. Getting what she needed, Dami walked over to the checkout lines and greeted the cashier as they rung up her purchase. With slightly shaking hands Dami handed over the money, smiling shyly as she did so. The cashier processed the order and handed her back the change. "Thank you," said Dami as she took the bag and quickly left the market, breathing out a sigh of relief when she was standing outside.

That relief was short lived however, when she was suddenly grabbed by two people she had recognized as the werewolves that were with Gunhak during their last meeting. "I told you she'd be here alone today," said Seoho. "Damn, you were right, let's get her out of here," said Keonhee as he pressed a pressure point on Dami's neck, catching her as she passed out. "Let's get her back to the vampires who had her eh?" Asked Seoho. "Let's," said Keonhee as he dragged her away.

[center ~]

Eunwoo woke with a start, a strange feeling in his chest as he checked his phone for the time. "What?" He asked, quickly moving to get up as he looked around the room. "Dami?" He called, getting no response. He walked out of the room and looked around the hallway, listening for any sounds of their resident human before walking downstairs. "Where the hell did she go? She should've been back by now," he hummed as he walked around the house, following after her scent.

Eunwoo decided to call Jinhwan, asking if Dami had come by the coffee shop. "[i You let her go alone]?" Was Jinhwan's first response when Eunwoo asked if Dami was there. "She was wearing one of Rocky's hoodies, plus the market's quite literally down the road!" Said Eunwoo as he looked around outside, seeing no one.

"[i I'll send Rocky home, you two can look for her]," said Jinhwan. "Get in contact with Wooseok please? I think I know who did this," said Eunwoo as he went back inside. "[i Will do, good luck]," said Jinhwan before he hung up.

"Damn it," Eunwoo said suddenly. "I forgot I can track her location from her phone," he said, going to check the app as he went to get dressed, seeing a call from Rocky. He picked up, preparing for the earful that he was going to get.

"[i You let her go] alone?" Shouted Rocky from the other line. "She had your jacket on! No vampire would [i dare] try to take her," said Eunwoo. "I'm really sorry, I should've gone but," he said, sighing as he combed a hand through his hair before going to wait outside for Rocky. "[i I'm coming over with Xiao and Sunyoul]," said Rocky. "[i If it is who you're thinking Sunyoul might know where they are]," he said. "[i And Xiao is a tracker]," he added.

"The app is also helping," said Eunwoo as he quickly checked where Dami's phone's location was. "[i It'll only get us so far]," said Rocky. "That's true," said Eunwoo. "[i We're almost there, wait on us]," said Rocky. "Standing outside waiting," said Eunwoo before he hung up.
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[center Chapter 14]

A visit from Gunhak a few days later was something expected, though a formal apology wasn't needed. They left Dami alone, as expected, and that was enough for Eunwoo and Rocky.

"Just keep your word and everything will be fine," said Eunwoo. "Honestly, everyone else knows about this by now," Gunhak said, sighing. "But I will keep them in line," he said. "I don't want to seem rude," said Eunwoo as he turned to Gunhak. "But it seems your packmates, at least some of them, are conspiring against you," he said. "You've noticed then?" Asked Gunhak. "Yes," said Eunwoo. "We haven't even seen the rest of your pack yet and Hongseok was suspicious," he said. Gunhak hummed, his head tilting to the side in thought.

"You work with my brother right?" Asked Eunwoo. "I do," said Gunhak. "Try talking to him, he could help, somehow," said Eunwoo. "He could, but would he?" Asked Gunhak. "You never know," said Eunwoo. "Besides, you don't have a pack like ours in the states," he said. "I'm from Canada," Gunhak said, deadpanning. "Same thing," said Eunwoo as he scratched the back of his head. "I think you have Chani and his coven, but that's really it," he said. Gunhak hummed in response. "I'll give it some thought," he said.

[center ~]

"Who's house did you say this belonged to before?" Asked Dami as she stood on the front porch overlooking the front yard. "It belonged to Yoonbin's family," said Eunwoo as he shrugged. "Why?" He asked. "Why'd he give up the house?" Asked Dami. "He wasn't welcome in his own home," said Eunwoo as he shook his head. "Yoonbin came from a long line of werewolf hunters, he refused to become one, and well," he said, sighing. "Oh," said Dami.

"He's happy where he is now," said Eunwoo. "And we needed to move anyway, this house is definitely bigger than our last one," he said. "How so?" Asked Dami. "Well, the werewolves and Hongseok were in one room, except Chanwoo who was in a room with Moonbin," said Eunwoo. "Rocky originally shared a room with Jinwoo and MJ, and then I shared a room with Sanha," he said. "It was alright, but whenever we had guests over it was too crowded," he said.

"I can see why you needed to move," said Dami as she looked around the exterior of the house. "Yeah," said Eunwoo. "So what's the room layout now?" Asked Dami. "Donghyuk and Junhoe share a room, Bobby has a room to himself, Jinhwan also has a room to himself and Yunhyeong shares his room with Hongseok," said Eunwoo. "For us 'shifters it's basically the same layout as before, except now Rocky and I share a room with you, and Jinwoo and Sanha share a room," he said. "And of course, Moonbin and Chanwoo have a room to themselves," he added. "I see," said Dami.

"I think I want to start gardening," Dami said suddenly as she noticed a flower bed. "Oh?" Asked Eunwoo as he blinked, following after Dami as she went over to the flower bed. "I remember that Luna did this to help her," said Dami as she looked at the area. "We should ask Moonbin," said Eunwoo. "I'm sure he'll be fine with it but," he said shrugging. "It's getting colder," remarked Dami. "I'm sure it'll be easier to do gardening in the spring," she said. "Ah, that's true," said Eunwoo.

Footsteps caught Eunwoo's attention as he immediately turned towards them, spotting Wooseok walking over with his hands in his pockets. Two people Eunwoo didn't recognize stayed nearby, pretending to have a conversation though Eunwoo suspected that they were taking in their surroundings.

"Hey bro," said Eunwoo. "Hello Dongmin," said Wooseok. Eunwoo raised an eyebrow as he put his hands in his pockets, listening to Dami shift her weight from one foot to the other behind him. "You only call me that when something serious is coming up," he said.

"Is what happened with Gunhak true?" Asked Wooseok. "From what Hongseok witnessed himself, yes," said Eunwoo. "Hongseok has no reason to lie to me, and even if he did Yunhyeong would've gotten the truth out of him," he said.

"Why?" He asked. "He came to me with a problem, and I'm not sure how to handle it," said Wooseok. "Said something about two of his own planning on either killing or turning your mate, he suspected that they were conspiring against him," he said.

"Ah, he wants to merge his pack with yours?" Asked Eunwoo. "He asked if it was a possibility," said Wooseok. "However, not everyone in the pack is for that sort of thing," he said. "Is the two behind you for it?" Asked Eunwoo. "No," said Wooseok. "Which is why I brought them with me," he said. "They wanted to know how you guys ran things when the pack is split in two," he added.

"Who are they?" Asked Eunwoo. "Hwanhee, Jinwook come over here," called Wooseok as he turned to his packmates. Hwanhee and Jinwook walk over, eyeing Eunwoo with steady gazes. Eunwoo studied them with his head held high, standing straighter as he crossed his arms.

"Jesus," said Wooseok as he sighed. "You two are worse than Changhyun and Sunyoul!" He said, turning to Hwanhee and Jinwook before slapping them both over the back of their heads. "This is my [i brother] for god's sake, relax," he said. Hwanhee rubbed the back of his head, looking sheepish. Jinwook chuckled slightly. "Sorry," he said. "Would I ever do anything in my own front yard? Come on," Eunwoo said with a snicker as he relaxed, his posture slumping slightly. "He has a point," Wooseok said, laughing some as he scratched the back of his head.

"Anyway," said Eunwoo. "It's nothing major," he said. "How we run our pack anyway," he added. "We leave werewolf only decisions to them, and 'shifter decisions to us," he said. "And if it involves both packs that's when everyone comes together to come to a decision," he said. "I see," said Wooseok. "It works better than you think," said Eunwoo. "We haven't gone mad yet anyway," he added. "Right," said Wooseok.

"It wasn't meant to be like this anyway," said Eunwoo. "If Chanwoo hadn't fought so hard to get his brothers to join, iKon wouldn't be with us today," he said. "Jinhwan and Yunhyeong?" Asked Wooseok. Eunwoo nodded. "Family's always been important," he said. "Which was how he got Moonbin to agree to letting them join," he said. "That was many years ago though," he added.

"I imagine it was rough for a while," said Wooseok. "It was, but we worked things out with them," said Eunwoo. "We had a smaller house than our last one to top it off," he added. "Then we moved, and stayed in the last house until recently," he said. "They're just happy to be out of where they were," he said. "I can understand that," said Wooseok.

"We should get going then," said Hwanhee as he got a text. "They're expecting us to be back really soon," he said as he checked his phone. "Did I manage to change your mind?" Asked Eunwoo. "That's yet to be seen," said Jinwook. "We'll have a lengthy discussion back home then," said Wooseok. "It's good seeing you agian, Eunwoo, Dami," he said, nodding. Eunwoo nodded. Dami nodded in return. Wooseok nodded, turning and leaving with his packmates.

"So, about that garden?" Eunwoo asked suddenly when he was sure they were gone as he turned to Dami. "I think it's a good idea," hummed Dami as she nodded. "I'll talk to Moonbin about it," said Eunwoo. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind at all," he said. Dami nodded.
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[center Chapter 13]

Dami found herself spending time with Hongseok, as he had some free time and Eunwoo and Rocky had to work at the coffee shop today to make sure that Ricky, Chunji, Jeongwoo and Yoonbin were able to handle things. The werewolves had gone on missions, and the other members of Moonbin's pack were out checking on the information network.

"Why do you work at the hospital?" Asked Dami as she was getting some things from the store with Hongseok. "Why? I dunno," said Hongseok. "I've always been a medic, so it was natural for me I guess," he said. "I see," said Dami. "Why do you ask?" Asked Hongseok. "I was just curious," said Dami. "Ah," said Hongseok as he nodded.

"Do you think you're babysitting me?" Dami asked suddenly as she turned to Hongseok. Hongseok blinked. "No," he said. "Why do you ask?" He asked. "It's- It's just that everyone else is busy," said Dami. "And I understand that it's to keep me from getting taken by them again but," she mumbled, turning back to the shelf she was looking at. Hongseok sighed. "It's nothing of that sort," he said. "I mean our scents probably overpower yours, so I dunno but," he said, scratching the back of his head.

"According to Chani it did," said Dami. "Yes, but you were in the coffee shop," said Hongseok. "I dunno how long it would stay on you if we left you alone for a day," he said. "I doubt anyone wants to try it but," he said, shrugging. "In case you were taken again," he added. "I see," said Dami as she turned back to Hongseok. "Done getting what you needed?" Asked Hongseok. "Yeah," said Dami before she went to the checkout lines. Hongseok followed after her.

"Fancy seeing you here," said Gunhak as he ran into them as they left the store. "I'm not alone," said Dami as Hongseok stood behind her. "I know," said Gunhak. "To see you without the other two is a bit surprising is all," he said. "Where's the rest of your pack?" Asked Hongseok. "Off doing whatever it is they're doing on their days off," said Gunhak as he stared down Hongseok. "I may be alpha but I'm not that controlling," he said, moving passed them and bumping shoulders with Hongseok.

"He's one cocky werewolf," grumbled Hongseok as he noticed two other werewolves watching them from a distance. "Cocky? That's quite an understatement," said Dami as she shook her head. "Let's head home," she said. "Yeah... Let's," said Hongseok as he walked with her back to the jeep. Dami noticed the tense atmosphere from Hongseok but tried to ignore it, though she had a feeling there would be a confrontation soon.

As they reached the jeep the two werewolves Hongseok spotted before suddenly surrounded them both, causing Hongseok to go into protective mode as he kept Dami behind him with their backs to the jeep. "The hell do you two want?" Growled Hongseok as he eyed the werewolves.

"We got a cocky werewolf on our hands," mocked one of the werewolves. "[i Do] you know who we work for?" He asked. "I know who your alpha is, and he's cocky as hell," spat Hongseok. "Didn't it ever occur to you that he's like that for a [i reason]?" Asked the first werewolf.

"Oi," came Gunhak's voice as he walked over. "What the hell are you two doing, Keonhee and Seoho?" He asked. "The human's marked, what the hell do you think we're doing?" Asked Keonhee as he turned to face Gunhak. "She's claimed," said Gunhak. "Or did you two [i forget]?" He asked. "I went into the store to get [i one] thing and I come back to this?" He asked, glaring at Keonhee.

"I-I," said Keonhee as he flinched from the sudden alpha aura coming off of Gunhak. "Leave them be, she's [i claimed]," said Gunhak. He then turned to Hongseok and Dami, Hongseok still tense in their presence and Dami shaking in fear behind him. "I'm sorry," he said. "This is pure coincidence that we met, I wasn't aware that they'd do this," he said, bowing.

Hongseok blinked, relaxing slightly. "...Okay," he said after a few minutes. "Just keep them in line alright?" He asked. "Like you said, Dami's claimed," he said. Gunhak nodded, turning to Keonhee and Seoho. "Let's go," he said, walking away from Hongseok and Dami. Keonhee and Seoho quickly followed after him.

"Jesus," said Hongseok as he fully relaxed, sighing loudly as he turned to Dami. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Y-Yes," said Dami, trying to keep the fear out of her voice. "Let's head home then?" Asked Hongseok. "C-Coffee shop," said Dami. "Can we h-head there?" She asked. "Of course," said Hongseok as he nodded, getting her to sit in the passenger side of the jeep while he quickly moved to the driver's seat. He started the jeep and backed out of his parking space before driving off, heading to the coffee shop.

Dami didn't relax until she was in a familiar setting, sitting down at a table while Hongseok went to get their order of coffee. Things like what had happened reminded her that she was still human. Still vulnerable to the world, at least compared to those she surrounded herself with. When Hongseok explained what had happened Rocky was the first to walk over since he was delivering drinks, sitting down across from her with a concerned look on his face.

"What happened?" Asked Rocky. "We- we were out getting stuff that I needed and t-they just," said Dami as she shivered. Rocky reached over and held her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "It's okay," he said. "W-What's going to happen to me?" Asked Dami. "Nothing," said Rocky. "[i Nothing] will happen to you, okay?" He asked. "Not if we have any say in it," he said.

Eunwoo walked over after Hongseok took his place, bringing along Dami's coffee as he sat in a chair between Rocky and Dami. "It's okay," he said, pushing over the cup before putting a hand over Rocky and Dami's hands. "They won't do that again," he said. "And if they do?" Asked Dami. "They won't," said Eunwoo.

"How can you be so sure?" Asked Dami as she took the cup and took a small sip of coffee. "They'd be messing with us, and we outnumber them," said Eunwoo. "Trust me, okay?" He asked. Dami nodded.
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[center Chapter 12]

"So..." said Jinhyuk as he studied Rocky. "I'm not the person you knew from before huh?" Asked Rocky as he crossed his arms. "No, you're so much different now," said Jinhyuk. "A lot has changed," said Wooseok. "I [i told] you that it'd be different when we met them again," he said, moving to get up. "I'll be over there," he said, gesturing to where Kuhn, Kogyeol and Xiao were sitting. "Just you know, say something when you're done having this reunion," he said. Jinhyuk nodded and Wooseok walked over to the table and sat down, pretending to do something on his phone.

"When did you get the scar?" Asked Jinhyuk as he noticed the scar going over Rocky's face. "A couple years ago? I don't remember," said Rocky as he shrugged. "It was just before the mission I had gone to rescue Dami anyway," he said. "You're a vampire hunter then?" Asked Jinhyuk. Rocky nodded.

"What I don't understand is why you didn't..." Started Jinhyuk before Rocky stopped him with a growl. "Don't," said Rocky as his expression turned cold. "Don't finish that sentence," he said. Jinhyuk put up his hands in surrender. "Alright alright," he said. "But like, why?" He asked. "Why what?" Asked Rocky as he relaxed slightly, moving to where he was facing the window.

"Why become a vampire hunter? There's better jobs out there," said Jinhyuk, earning a snort from just about everyone in the coffee shop. "You clearly haven't heard of the Italy runs then," Rocky said with a shake of his head. "This shop here? It's just secondary income," he said, gesturing to the coffee shop as a whole. "It's a placeholder, much more goes on behind the scenes," he said. "I see," said Jinhyuk.

"So, a human huh?" Asked Jinhyuk, causing Rocky to hum in response. "It's kind of shocking to be honest," he said, as Rocky turned his head to look at Jinhyuk. "You and Eunwoo both found your mates in her," he said. "Does this mean you'll finally settle down?" He asked. "Probably not," said Rocky. "Our jobs are important, and as long as she's safe we'll continue hunting vampires," he said. "At least Eunwoo sort of retired, but he's working as a doctor now," he said.

"I always had a hunch that he would become a medic of sorts," said Jinhyuk. "He's good at his job," said Rocky as he looked out the window again. "Though he wasn't really a part of the medical field until recently," he said. "More due to a personal reason," he added. "I see," said Jinhyuk.

"Well, enough about Eunwoo and I," said Rocky as he turned in his seat, facing Jinhyuk as he rested his elbows on the table with his fingers intertwined and his chin resting on his thumbs. "Where have [i you] been all these years hm?" He asked. "In the US, until recently anyway," said Jinhyuk. "We tried to come back after the wars but Wooseok became the alpha of a pack all of the sudden," he said. "I see," said Rocky.

"Why did you ever go with the fox as your animal form anyway?" Asked Jinhyuk. "Influenced," said Rocky. "Not like you could fare any better, you ended up as a lynx," he said. "I think I might be the last one," said Jinhyuk. "Ah, Joshua did stop changing," hummed Rocky as he nodded.

Their conversation was cut short by a very pissed off looking 'shifter entering the coffee shop. "Oh, [i now] the cavalry arrives," said Wooseok as he stood. "If the cavalry arrived Changhyun would be here," said the new arrival. "Or Sunyoul," added Kogyeol as he sighed, standing.

"What is it now Gyujin?" Asked Wooseok. "They wouldn't believe me when I told them you were here," said Gyujin. "Well, now they should," said Xiao as he shook his head. "Oi," said Jinhwan. "Care to take this outside please?" He called. "Ah, sorry," said Wooseok as he bowed to Jinhwan. "We'll do that," he said before going to push Gyujin outside with Kogyeol following after them.

"Well," said Jinhyuk as he snickered some. "Jinwook would've come by I'm sure," said Xiao as he went back to pretending to do something on his phone. "Please, only Gyujin has any real favors with Wooseok right now," said Jinhyuk as Rocky chuckled slightly.

"Your pack sounds like a bunch of [i fun] people," said Rocky. "At least it's not yours where it's split in half between werewolves and 'shifters," said Jinhyuk. "Not that there's anything wrong with that," he added quickly. "We're actually pretty laid back," said Rocky. "If important decisions happen that's when it turns serious," he said.

"We are too, normally," said Jinhyuk as he shrugged. "But Wooseok [i insisted] on coming over to finally talk to Eunwoo," he said. "The whole thing with your mate is great timing, since we've been working with the pack of werewolves that were here before," he said. "We haven't heard much from them," said Rocky. "Ah, that's because they normally work with one of our other pack members, who was out on missions until recently," said Jinhyuk.

"Missions?" Asked Rocky. "We're not exactly vampire hunters, but we work with them," said Jinhyuk. "It was a bit odd to see Mashiho on our lands too, when he showed up, but he was looking for packs that want to help find blood dens," he said. "I see," said Rocky. "And Wooseok volunteered?" He asked. Jinhyuk nodded. "Figured it'd get us to you somehow, and I guess it did," he said. Rocky hummed, nodding.

Wooseok walked back into the coffee shop, interrupting the conversation as he sighed rather loudly. "I was enjoying time away from the pack, but we need to go," he said. "Something came up, and we're needed," he said. "Damn, vacations are always being cut short," Xiao said with a scowl as he stood. "Good luck then," said Rocky as he turned to Jinhyuk. "Yeah, same to you," said Jinhyuk as he nodded, standing and making sure he had his things.

As they turned to leave Jinhyuk turned back to Rocky. "Take care of her will you? I'd hate to come back and find out something happened," he said before leaving with the others. Rocky was left to sit there in thought as he leaned back in his chair. Was that Jinhyuk giving his approval?
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[center Chapter 11]

"Minhyuk," called Jinhyuk as Rocky was packing his things. "What's up?" Asked Rocky as he turned towards Jinhyuk. "I'm not going with you," said Jinhyuk as he stood in the doorway. "What?" Asked Rocky as he blinked several times in confusion. "Why not?" He asked. "Wooseok asked to come with us, and we know that Moonbin won't allow that," said Jinhyuk. "So I am deciding to leave with him," he said. "I see," said Rocky as he looked down.

"Oi," said Jinhyuk as he walked over and reached out and tousled Rocky's hair affectionately. "It's alright," he said. "We'll make it through this," he said. "We'll see you soon," he said. "Don't ever lose that innocence alright?" He asked, smiling slightly. Rocky nodded, looking up at Jinhyuk and grinning. "We'll see each other soon," he said. "There's that smile," said Jinhyuk as he laughs, moving away to let Rocky finish packing. "MJ's here with the car," he said before leaving the room.

[center ~]

"So that's what happened huh?" Asked Dami as Rocky finished explaining to her what had happened before he left home. "And you haven't heard from him since?" She asked. "No," said Rocky. "That really sucks," said Dami. "I hope he's still alive," she said. "I do too," Rocky said, leaning back in his chair as he sighed. They were currently sitting in the kitchen at the kitchen island, the house empty for once as everyone was busy doing their own things.

"If he left with Wooseok then he should still be with Wooseok, right?" Asked Dami. "It's a possibility," said Rocky. "But we won't ever know for sure until we ask," he said. "Maybe we can ask when Wooseok comes for a visit next," said Dami. "Maybe," said Rocky as he got a text on his phone. He checked it, reading the message as he furrowed his eyebrows in thought.

"What's up?" Asked Dami. "Apparently we're needed at the coffee shop," said Rocky as he stood. "Renjun was picked up by Felix and Seungmin so you're filling in for him," he said. "And I have a visitor apparently," he added before going to get ready. Dami nodded and went to get ready, grabbing a change of clothes and changing in the bathroom.

[center ~]

When they got to the coffee shop the werewolves were working today, as Jinhwan manned the counter with Yunhyeong and Donghyuk making drinks while Junhoe was delivering drinks. "Hey you two," said Jinhwan. "You'll be delivering drinks today," he said to Dami who nodded and went to get an apron. "Wooseok's waiting over there," he said, nodding towards Wooseok's table. Rocky nodded. "I'll have the usual," he said, going to pay for it. Jinhwan processed the order and handed back the change, nodding. "It'll be a few minutes," he said.

Rocky nodded and turned, spotting Wooseok and walking over to his table and sitting down. "What did you call me over here for?" He asked. Wooseok stared down at his coffee cup for a few minutes in silence, thinking about what he was going to say. Rocky noticed that the two 'shifters from the other day were nearby again, pretending to do something on their phones. The atmosphere was tense and Rocky tried not to fidget in his chair as he watched Wooseok closely.

"Well," said Wooseok as he looked up at Rocky. "I figured that you wanted some closure about your brother," he said, leaning back in his chair and crossing his left leg over his right knee as he left his hands in his lap. "Ah," said Rocky as he nodded.

"Jinhyuk is alive," said Wooseok as he reached over and grabbed his cup of coffee before taking a sip. "He's not sure if he's ready to see you yet however," he said. "This life changed us, you aren't the same Rocky we knew back then," he said, taking another sip of coffee before placing the cup back on the table. "So he got out when you did," said Rocky. "Yes," said Wooseok.

"I'm still me," said Rocky. "At least, I think anyway," he added. "But since he's apparently not ready to see me well," he said, sighing. "I dunno, It's been decades," he said. "Eunwoo got to see you again and Chanwoo got reunited with his brothers years ago," he said. "I think it's my turn to at least get reunited with family don't you think?" He asked. "I'll talk to him," said Wooseok as he got a text. He checked his phone to see who it was from as Junhoe walked over with Rocky's coffee and placed it down. Rocky nodded in thanks before grabbing his cup and taking a sip of coffee.

"Those idiots," grumbled Xiao as he looked outside. "Ah, they better not cause a scene," said Wooseok as he spotted his other packmates. "Decided to track you down this time?" Asked Rocky. "Only your brother and Kuhn," Wooseok said with a snort. "I warned them not to," said Kogyeol. "But it seems like it'll happen anyway," he said, keeping an eye on the members of iKon and Dami as they went on about their business.

"Don't cause a scene," said Rocky. "iKon is pretty known for their tempers, it'd be stupid to set them off," he said. "I think it's why they're staying outside," said Wooseok as he got another text. "I'm not leaving the coffee shop if they ask," said Rocky. "I told them that," said Wooseok as he put his phone on the table. Xiao let out a deep sigh before getting up and going to quite literally shove them into the coffee shop and returning to his seat in front of Kogyeol. "It wasn't that hard was it?" He asked, grumbling about scaredy cats.

"Ah," said Jinhyuk as he scratched the back of his head. "New around here?" Asked Jinhwan as he chuckled, shaking his head. "Could say that," said Jinhyuk as he walked up to the counter with Kuhn behind him eyeing everyone in the coffee shop. "What can I get you?" Asked Jinhwan. "Er, the usual?" Asked Jinhyuk as he handed over the cash. Jinhwan nodded and rung up the order before handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said, nodding towards Wooseok's table. Jinhyuk nodded and turned, spotting Wooseok and walking over. Kuhn went to sit at Kogyeol and Xiao's table.

"Always the scaredy cat huh?" Asked Rocky as he chuckled slightly. "Oh hush," grumbled Jinhyuk as he shook his head. Rocky grinned before taking a sip of his coffee. "Seriously," said Wooseok. "I've been sitting here for the past few hours," he said with a snicker. "Yeah but you have an air of superiority surrounding you, no one wants to try anything," said Jinhyuk. "I highly doubt that it affects a pack of werewolves," said Wooseok.
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[center Chapter 10]

Rocky had made an effort to become more friendly towards the others after Dami had a talk with him, and everyone appreciated it. The only thing left to do really was to meet Wooseok, and hopefully things would go well. Dami was nervous, as she didn't know Wooseok at all but she hoped he would be okay with her. Rocky knew Wooseok from before thanks to his older brother being best friends with Wooseok but he didn't have much to go on. Things had certainly changed since the world wars and who knows what would happen.

The day the meeting would happen the three of them were excused from work for the day, as Wooseok said he would be coming with his betas. Moonbin would be there supervising of course, since he didn't trust Wooseok at all but he was giving Eunwoo, Rocky and Dami a day off.

Eunwoo, Rocky and Dami walked into the coffee shop on a day where Moonbin manned the counter with Chunji and Jeongwoo making drinks while Ricky and Renjun delivered drinks. "Hey you three," said Moonbin. "Chanwoo visiting Donghan?" Asked Eunwoo. "For a couple days," said Moonbin. "Nice nice," said Eunwoo.

"They still haven't come to get Renjun yet?" Asked Rocky as he noticed Renjun. "No, not yet," said Moonbin. "What's it been, a year and a half?" Asked Eunwoo as he blinked. "Around that time," said Moonbin. "They send updates every couple weeks so they haven't forgotten about him yet," he said. "Last I heard Felix and Seungmin were on their way back so they should be coming for him," he said. "Ah, that's good," said Eunwoo.

"Anyway," he said, walking up to the counter. "The usual please," he said, going to pay for it. Moonbin rung up the order and handed back the change, nodding. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Eunwoo nodded and went to sit down with Rocky and Dami.

"Jeongin and Hohyeon are home, but they want another team to be there before I can go back," said Renjun as he walked over with their coffee. "Why is that?" Asked Eunwoo as he looked at Renjun. "The wolf council has started to become more [i aggressive] towards Chan and his pack and the best they can do right now is keep me out of it," he said. "I see," said Eunwoo.

"What the hell do they want with Chan and his pack?" Asked Rocky. "Their success mostly," Renjun said, sighing. "Sungjin had to pull out of the council's hold and with Dojoon's backing they left him alone," he said. "There's [i so] many restrictions," he said. "Should bring this up to Mashiho," said Eunwoo. "Maybe he can do something," he said. "I keep telling Chan to do that but," Renjun said, scratching the back of his head. "He doesn't want to involve the vampire hunting association," he said. "I think he might have to," said Rocky. "If only it'll get the council off their backs," he said. Renjun nodded.

[center ~]

The door chimed and in walked Wooseok with his betas trailing behind him, an air of superiority surrounded the three of them causing all the 'shifters to tense up as they eyed the newcomers. "You think they'd be anymore cocky," Jeongwoo grumbled under his breath, earning a slap across the back of his head from Chunji. "Behave," said Chunji as Jeongwoo rubbed the back of his head in a sheepish manner.

"Could you be any more obvious?" Asked Moonbin as he turned his attention to Wooseok and company. "Sorry," said Wooseok as he shrugged, walking up to the counter. "What can I get you?" Asked Moonbin as he studied the two 'shifters standing behind Wooseok. "Ah, the usual," said Wooseok as he handed over the cash. Moonbin rung up the order, handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said, nodding towards Eunwoo, Rocky, and Dami's table. Wooseok nodded and turned, spotting Eunwoo studying him with a tilt of his head. He then walked over to the table and sat down, his two betas choosing to sit at a nearby table.

"It's been a long time Minhyuk," said Wooseok as he turned his attention to Rocky. "It has," said Rocky as he nodded. "Hello Eunwoo," said Wooseok. "Hello Wooseok," said Eunwoo.

"So who is this?" Asked Wooseok as he turned to Dami. "Ah, this is Dami," said Eunwoo. "I wanted to introduce you to her properly, as my mate," he said. Wooseok blinked, studying Dami. "I see," he said. Dami looked down at the table, suddenly shy. Wooseok chuckled slightly. "No need to be shy," he said. "We're all friends here," he said, grinning. "O-Of course," said Dami, not used to Wooseok's friendly nature as she looked at Wooseok, managing a small smile in return. "There's that friendly smile," said Wooseok as he chuckled some.

Wooseok got to know Dami and vice versa, asking her all sorts of questions even if she couldn't exactly answer everything. He just wanted to get to know her, and Dami was reminded of when Sanggyun and Chunji talked to her for the first time. They had also wanted to get to know her, make her more comfortable around them. This went on for an hour straight before being interrupted by Wooseok's phone going off. Wooseok glanced at it before answering the text, leaving the phone on the table.

"Who was it?" Asked Eunwoo. "Ah, just the others wondering where I was," said Wooseok. "I told them I was out with Kogyeol and Xiao but," he said, shrugging. "Didn't believe you huh?" Eunwoo asked with a chuckle. "No," Wooseok said, laughing some as he leaned back in his chair and drank some coffee.

"Well?" Asked Eunwoo. "I approve," said Wooseok as he shrugged, placing the cup back on the table. "If only Jinhyuk was here huh?" He asked, turning to Rocky. "I think he'd like to get to know Dami," he said. "Y-Yeah," mumbled Rocky. Dami shifted uncomfortably in her chair as the awkward silence commenced.

"Well," said Wooseok as he stood, brushing off his pants before grabbing his phone and putting it in his pocket. "I should get going then, before they send the cavalry," he said. "It was nice getting to know you," he said, nodding to Dami. "Same to you," said Dami, looking shy again.

"I'll see you around then," said Wooseok. "See you," said Eunwoo. Rocky and Dami nodded as Wooseok turned and walked over to his packmates and said something to them before leaving with them.

"That went better than expected," Eunwoo said suddenly, earning chuckles from everyone. "Well, I'm sure he would've approved of me regardless," said Dami. "Ah, that's true," said Eunwoo. "But it's whatever right?" He asked. "Mm," said Rocky.
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[center Chapter 9]

Dami noticed that something had changed in Eunwoo, and she knew something good had come out of the meeting. Eunwoo seemed... [i Happier], and Dami was okay with it. Seeing Eunwoo without his usual cold and stoic expression was a definite change after everything had happened with Hanbin. She still didn't understand everything completely, but understood that Hanbin needed his space.

Rocky was a different matter entirely, at least compared to Eunwoo. Rocky seemed colder, more so to everyone who questioned why he was like that all of the sudden. Eunwoo knew why, but wouldn't speak about it, saying that it was something that Rocky would talk about eventually. Dami wanted to know what was going on, and she wondered how she would approach Rocky with the question of why he was being like this.

"It's not my place to talk about it," said Eunwoo when Dami managed to talk to him alone in their room. "Honestly if he hasn't opened up to you about his past on his own yet it's best you ask him yourself," he said. "What if he shuts himself away from me if I ask?" Asked Dami. "He can't," said Eunwoo. "The bond we share with you wouldn't allow him to," he said. "Because we're mates?" Asked Dami. Eunwoo nodded.

"We still haven't talked about where we were going with that yet," Dami said suddenly as she blinked. Eunwoo laughs, shaking his head. "Don't worry about it," he said. "If all works out well we won't have to talk about it," he said.

"Talk to Rocky, who knows he might open up to you and reveal his real name," he said. "Like how yours is Dongmin?" Asked Dami. Eunwoo nodded. "I told you my real name to get you to trust me," he said. "Do you?" He asked.

Dami blinked several times, letting the question sink in. Did she really trust him? There were still things that she couldn't figure out about Eunwoo, and yet everything was screaming at her to trust him with her life. She knew from asking the others that Eunwoo was protective over those he cared about. But to go as far as revealing his real name to her... She wasn't sure.

"I don't know yet," Dami finally answered, looking down at the floor. "I know I should but," she said, sighing. "You're afraid," Eunwoo said, tilting his head to the side. "Yes," admitted Dami as she looked up at Eunwoo. Eunwoo smiled softly as he reached out and tousled her hair affectionately. "It's okay," he said. "It's understandable why you're scared," he said.

"Talk to Rocky," he said. "Maybe he'll open up to you," he added. "I will try," said Dami as she nodded.

[center ~]

Rocky was ordered to go food shopping so he went, dragging Dami along with him. Dami pushed the cart around while Rocky got the things they needed, the both of them being silent for most of it. Dami was trying to figure out how to approach the subject and Rocky was concentrating on getting the food they needed.

"Rocky..." Dami started, freezing in place as Rocky turned to her. She fought the urge to get lost in the depths of his intense gaze as she tried to form words to speak. "I-I want to know... What has you so cold and distant suddenly?" She asked. Rocky's expression softened slightly as he sighed, turning back to the shelf he was looking at. Dami wondered if he was ever going to say anything as she noticed how tense he was. She was about to say "never mind" when Rocky decided to speak, sighing again as he turned back to the cart to put something in it.

"Well," said Rocky. "Can we talk about this back home?" He asked. Dami nodded. "We can," she said. "Okay," said Rocky as he looked relieved. "This is something that we need to be alone for," he said. "Alright," said Dami as she nodded again.

When they got done shopping Rocky drove home, the both of them sitting in silence. Dami wondered what Rocky would say, as she noticed that he was deep in thought. She knew better than to push him to say something, but she really wanted to know what had him act like this.

Something that Rocky did basically told everyone to leave them alone, with Eunwoo and Jinwoo coming over to take care of the groceries. "Good luck!" Called Eunwoo as Rocky dragged Dami to their room.

Rocky paced around their room as Dami sat on their bed, watching him patiently to see what he would say. "Eunwoo finally got you to say something huh?" Asked Rocky as he turned to Dami. "I was curious, but scared of what you would do if I asked," mumbled Dami. "Ah," said Rocky as he scratched the back of his head. "So what happened?" Asked Dami.

"It's nothing against you," said Rocky. "Or the others," he added. "But seeing Eunwoo's brother again after so long reminded me that I [i think] I still have family left, but I don't know," he said. Dami blinked. "You don't know if your family is alive or not?" She asked. "No," said Rocky as he sighed. "I see," said Dami.

"I don't mean to be dark and depressing but," said Rocky as he scratched the back of his head. "I mean, if Chanwoo and Eunwoo could find their respective brothers then I have some chance right?" He asked. Dami nodded. "Who knows, I can find my family too," she said. Rocky smiled slightly, nodding. "There's that smile," Dami said, giggling as she got up and went to give Rocky a hug. Rocky chuckled slightly, hugging her back before moving away. "I'll try and not be so cold towards the others," he said. "Good," said Dami as she nodded.

"Oh that reminds me!" She said suddenly. Rocky blinked, his head tilting to the side slightly. "What is with everyone and doing that?" Dami asked under her breath as she shook her head. "What is your real name?" She asked, curiously. "Ah?" Asked Rocky as he blinked in confusion.

"Eunwoo said you might tell me if I asked," said Dami as she looked at Rocky expectantly. Rocky sighed. "Damn you Eunwoo," he said, laughing some as he shook his head. "My name is Minhyuk," he said. "Rocky is a nickname, like how everyone calls Eunwoo, Eunwoo," he said. "I see," said Dami.

"Who gave you the nickname?" She asked. "Hm... I think it was my older brother," said Rocky. "But like Eunwoo until very recently, I haven't seen him since the wars started," he said. "I see," said Dami.

"So you use the name for that reason?" She asked. "What do you mean?" Asked Rocky as he looked confused. "I mean you use the nickname in memory of your older brother right?" Asked Dami. "Ah," said Rocky. "I do," he said. "I see," said Dami.

[center ~]

"The talk went well then?" Asked Eunwoo as they were lying in bed watching a movie. "It did," said Rocky. Dami nodded in agreement. "That's good," said Eunwoo.

"Wooseok wanted to meet you both," he said. "Oh," said Rocky. Dami blinked. "This soon?" She asked. "Well, he already knows Rocky," said Eunwoo. "But now he wants to meet Dami," he said. "I see," said Rocky. "What animal did he end up choosing? I couldn't tell at first," he said. "Polar bear," said Eunwoo. Rocky laughs. "That doesn't suit him at all," he said. Eunwoo chuckled some. "No, it doesn't," he said.
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[center Chapter 8]

"Dongmin," said Wooseok as he sat beside Eunwoo on the front porch steps. "Hm?" Asked Eunwoo. "I think I'm going to leave," said Wooseok as he looked wide eyed at Eunwoo. "What? Why?" Asked Eunwoo as he turned to Wooseok in confusion. "I don't think I'm like you," said Wooseok. "So I need to get out before my opportunity closes," he said.

"You can always come with us," said Eunwoo as he shook his head. "Don't worry," said Wooseok. "I'll be fine," he said. "I don't think the others like me," he said, looking down at his feet. "That's not-," started Eunwoo as Moonbin walked over.

"We'll be leaving soon," said Moonbin. "When?" Asked Eunwoo as he straightened up on reflex. "Soon, we'll be headed to Berlin," said Moonbin. "From there we'll get out of the country," he said. "Is there room for one more person?" Asked Eunwoo as he glanced at Wooseok before turning back to Moonbin. "We can only take everyone in the pack," said Moonbin as his expression became blank. "I see," said Eunwoo as he stood, brushing the dirt off his pants. "MJ will be here soon with a car," said Moonbin as he turned away to let the two brothers have their privacy.

"I'll be okay," said Wooseok as he stood, turning to Eunwoo. "Get out of the country alright?" He asked. "I'll try to get in contact with you once I'm out," he said, giving Eunwoo a hug. Eunwoo hugged Wooseok back. "I'll get out, and you better too," he said. "I'll do my best," said Wooseok as he moved away. Eunwoo nodded and went to pack up.

"Take care of Dongmin okay?" Asked Wooseok as he addressed Moonbin. "I'll do my best," said Moonbin as he turned to Wooseok. "Dongmin is too innocent for his own good, I'd hate to meet him again years later to find him completely changed," said Wooseok. "This life changes us," said Moonbin. "But I will try," he said. Wooseok nodded, turning and walking back into the house as Eunwoo walked out with everything he needed.

[center ~]

Eunwoo suddenly realized something as a shocked expression crossed his face before he quickly schooled it to be blank. "Oh," he said suddenly. "I know who you are now," he said, causing everyone to turn to Eunwoo. A smirk appeared on Wooseok's face as he tilted his head to the side slightly before getting up. "Now that that mystery is out of the way," he said as Yoonbin walked over with his coffee. "Thank you," he said, nodding to Yoonbin as he took the cup. Yoonbin nodded before walking back to the counter. "I'll leave you to it then," he said, walking over to another section of the coffee shop and sitting down.

"Today is just [i full] of surprises ain't it?" Asked Moonbin as he turned back to Gunhak and company. "You haven't even seen his pack yet," Gunhak said casually as he leaned forward. "So about this human of yours," he started, tilting his head to the side. "She is doing fine I assume?" He asked. "Yes," said Eunwoo. "She's being watched carefully by the werewolves of the pack," he said. "She'd be working today but Renjun's still here," he said.

"I heard you lost one of your own," said Xion. "Did you run into Hanbin?" Asked Moonbin. "One of our other pack members did," said Youngjo. "How is he?" Asked Moonbin. "Doing just fine," said Youngjo. "He's finally somewhere where he can work on being calm at least," he said. "That's good," said Moonbin. "The werewolves would be happy to hear that at least," he added.

"Well," said Gunhak as he stood, finishing his coffee and placing the cup on the table. "I must get going then," he said. Youngjo and Xion stood at the same time, looking at Gunhak. "If you need anything just tell Yedam," he said before turning and leaving with his packmates.

"Can I be excused?" Asked Eunwoo as he turned to Moonbin. Moonbin nodded, leaning back in chair. "Go to him then," he said. "Be back before dinner," he said. Eunwoo nodded before getting up and walking over to Wooseok's table.

"How do you think this reunion is going to go?" Asked Rocky. "We'll see later tonight," said Moonbin as he shrugged, looking down at his cup of coffee.

[center ~]

"I haven't seen you since I left," said Eunwoo. "Where have you been hiding all these years?" He asked, sitting in front of Wooseok. Wooseok looked up at Eunwoo, nodding. "I know," he said. "I tried to find you," he said. "But you were gone," he said.

"Did you end up leaving the country?" Asked Eunwoo. "I did," said Wooseok. "I was starting to change after you left, I found a pack of werewolves and ended up going with them," he said. "I found my own pack after arriving in the US," he said. Eunwoo hummed in response.

"Out of all things you chose a polar bear?" Eunwoo asked as he finally recognized the smell. Wooseok snorts. "Not many polar bears left," he said. "It just goes to show how different we both are," he said.

"Why did you choose a fox?" He asked. "I was influenced," said Eunwoo as he looked away, staring out the window. "Of course you were," Wooseok said with a snort before he stood, downing the rest of his coffee before setting it down. "Take a walk with me then?" He asked. Eunwoo nodded, standing and heading out of the coffee shop with Wooseok.

"I find it hilarious that I became the alpha between the two of us," said Wooseok as he walked with Eunwoo, keeping his hands in his back pockets. "It seems fitting for you," said Eunwoo as he chuckled slightly. "As a beta role suits you better," said Wooseok as he nodded.

"It'd be a shame if something were to happen to your mate hm?" Asked Wooseok. "You knew," said Eunwoo. "I had a feeling," said Wooseok. "A thing between us as siblings anyway," he said. "I am the older sibling here," said Eunwoo. "But I was born before you," said Wooseok. "That doesn't matter when I started changing first," Eunwoo said with a chuckle.

"I'll try to be around more," said Wooseok as they stopped in front of Eunwoo's pack house. "I want to meet your mate," he said. Eunwoo scratched the back of his head. "One of these days," he said. "And I get to meet the pack you've managed to become alpha of," he said. "Of course," said Wooseok as he grinned before turning and walking away.
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[center Chapter 7]

The werewolves slowly recovered from Hanbin leaving, and Eunwoo was back to work at the hospital while Rocky was working at the coffee shop on days where Ricky wasn't working. Chan and Luna stayed around for a while, heading back home after Chan needed to get back to the pack house when everyone else got busy with things.

"Word has it that a new pack will be making their presence known really soon," Moonbin said one day while everyone was eating dinner. "What species? Who's the leader?" Asked Eunwoo. "Werewolf, and we're not sure yet," said Moonbin. "This pack has even managed to hide from my information network," said Chanwoo.

"Should we be worried about them?" Asked Dami. "No," said Chanwoo. "I've gotten good word from Yedam about how the pack is run," he said. "But, I'm going to need my betas there," said Moonbin. "Yixing gave the okay," he said. "We won't be working, but we'll be at the coffee shop," he said. "Alright," said Eunwoo. Rocky nodded.

[center ~]

The day the pack showed up was no different than any other normal day, Chanwoo working with Jinwoo, Renjun and Yoonbin. "They still haven't come to get you yet?" Asked Chanwoo. "Unfortunately not," said Renjun. "Something big must've come up then," said Chanwoo.

Moonbin walked in with Eunwoo and Rocky behind him, Eunwoo and Rocky sporting their usual blank expressions. "Yo 'Bin," said Chanwoo. "Hello," said Moonbin. "The usual?" Asked Chanwoo. "Please," said Moonbin as he went to pay for the drinks. Chanwoo processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Moonbin nodded and went to sit down with Eunwoo and Rocky sitting on either side of him.

Not an hour later three new people walked in, with the person at the center having an aura that just [i screamed] that he was the leader of the group. Chanwoo immediately straightened out of reflex, eyeing the new people with a blank expression. "Hello," he said in German, then in English. "Hello," said the leader of the group, speaking English.

"What can I get you?" Asked Chanwoo, his eye moving to look at Moonbin who was watching the exchange while pretending to do something on his phone. "I was told to ask for the usual," said the new person. "May I ask for your name?" Asked Chanwoo as he rung up the order. "Gunhak," said Gunhak as he handed over the money. Chanwoo nodded and processed the order before handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Gunhak nodded and turned, spotting Moonbin, Eunwoo and Rocky. He then walked over to their table and sat down in front of Moonbin, the other two choosing to sit at a table close by.

"You finally decided to show up hm?" Asked Moonbin as he looked up from his phone. Gunhak rested his arms on the table, his head tilting to the side slightly. "I guess I did," he said.

"Who do you work for?" Asked Moonbin as he straightened up in his chair. "No one of your concern," said Gunhak. "But it seems you have a human that's been marked," he said, sitting back and crossing his arms. "That's not information easily gained," said Eunwoo as he had his full attention towards Gunhak. "It's not hard information to gain when you ask the right people," Gunhak said in response.

"Who do you work for then?" Asked Rocky as he leaned forward, curious. "No one you know," said Gunhak as Yoonbin walked over with their coffee, placing the cups down. Gunhak nodded and Yoonbin nodded once in return before going back to the counter.

"You seem rather... Hesitant to tell us," said Moonbin. "It's nothing against you," said Gunhak as he shrugged, unfolding his arms as he leaned forward, resting his arms against the table and grabbing onto the cup of coffee. "But we'd have to get permission first," he said. "Besides, if Yedam told you we were okay, why are you [i so] eager to learn about who we work for?" He asked, raising an eyebrow before he took a sip of his coffee.

"It's more for Chanwoo's sake," said Moonbin. "He likes to keep the information network up to date," he said. "I see," said Gunhak. "You will have to meet him yourself then," he said.

"Can your other pack members introduce themselves then?" Asked Moonbin. Gunhak nodded, as the other two members of his pack moved over to the table with their coffee. "Introduce yourselves," he said. "I am Xion, I'm the youngest," said Xion. "I am Youngjo," said Youngjo. "I am the oldest in the pack," he said. "But you are not alpha," said Moonbin. "No," said Youngjo. "That place was rightfully earned," he said. "I see," said Moonbin.

"So, what kind of attention did we grab for you three to show up?" Asked Eunwoo as he shifted slightly in his chair. "Marked humans aren't supposed to be alive," said Gunhak. "But yours seems to be doing just fine," he said. "[i Dami] isn't some kind of [i object]," growled Rocky as Moonbin leaned forward, his attention fully on Gunhak. "What is that supposed to mean?" Moonbin asked, resting his elbows on the table as he intertwined his fingers together in a thinking pose with his chin resting on his thumbs. Tension was rising between Gunhak and Moonbin, a battle of wills as one might say. Eunwoo and Rocky were ready to spring into action on command, their bodies tense.

Gunhak was the first to move, letting go of his coffee cup as he left it on the table. He leaned back, crossing his arms in an act of defiance as he studied Moonbin with a steady gaze. Youngjo and Xion were the only ones that were relaxed, though Moonbin suspected that they would spring into action at the slightest hint of hostility from Gunhak.

The tension was broken by the door chiming as someone entered the coffee shop. Chanwoo was forced to turn his attention away from the table as he turned to the new person. "Hello," he said in German before saying it in English. "Hello," the new person said in English as he kept his posture poised in the "alpha stance" as Moonbin called it. "What can I get you?" Asked Chanwoo. "I was told to ask for the usual," said the new person. "Name?" Asked Chanwoo. "Wooseok," said Wooseok as he went to pay for it. Chanwoo processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said, nodding towards Moonbin's table. Wooseok nodded, turning and walking over to the table.

"What brings you here Wooshin?" Asked Gunhak. "I knew I should've come myself," said Wooseok as he brought up a chair and sat down, resting his hands on his knees. "Leave it to you to cause such a tense atmosphere," he said, earning a snort from Gunhak as he relaxed slightly, unfolding his arms as he shook his head.

"Another 'shifter?" Asked Moonbin as he turned to Wooseok. "I'm their [i employer]," said Wooseok as he shrugged. "What brings you to Berlin?" Asked Moonbin. "We're the team sent to take care of marked humans," said Wooseok. "If they've been captured again," he added. "No harm will come upon your human, you have my reassurance," he said.

"He called you Wooshin," said Eunwoo as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "That's the name I go by when dealing with clients and employees," said Wooseok as he shrugged. "You don't seem too concerned about it," he remarked. "I've heard of the name," said Eunwoo. "My reputation exceeds me then," said Wooseok as he chuckled slightly. "I'm nothing special," he said.
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[center Chapter 6]

Eunwoo and Rocky were on the last leg of their missions, staying in the U.K. with Donghun and his pack before finally going home. "What [i really] brings you two here hm?" Asked Donghun as Eunwoo helped him make dinner. "Well," said Eunwoo. "We picked up a human," he said. "Oh?" Asked Donghun. "Rocky and I found our mates in her, and I think it's time she met Luna," said Eunwoo. "From what I've heard from 'Bin and the others she's doing fine, but," he said, sighing.

"You think having another human in her life would do her well?" Asked Donghun. Eunwoo nodded. "She has Yoonbin, but he never talks in her presence," he said. "And since Luna was in a blood den before they could bond," he said. "Hm," said Donghun. "I'll talk to Luna about it," he said. "Okay, cool," said Eunwoo as he nodded.

Rocky had come in just before dinner was served, quickly hiding a hopeful look as Eunwoo gave him a look. Nothing had happened yet but Rocky was still hopeful. "I'll talk to Luna okay?" Asked Donghun as he chuckled slightly. "Sure," said Rocky as he scratched the back of his head. Donghun chuckled slightly before turning back to the stove to check on dinner. "Dinner," he called, causing everyone to rush into the kitchen to grab dinner.

"How's missions been for you guys?" Eunwoo asked Kwangsuk as they sat in the livingroom to eat dinner. "It's been alright," said Kwangsuk as he shrugged, taking a bite of food. "We've had no issues transitioning to being vampire hunters after the formation of the Treasure Box faction," he said. "That's good," said Eunwoo.

"From what I understand the Treasure Box faction was a unification between the vampire hunters and werewolf hunters right?" Asked Rocky. "It would seem so," said Hansol. "We find ourselves working with werewolf hunters from time to time, as they help us we do the same to help them," he said.

"I see Jason didn't stay with your pack," said Eunwoo. "His reasoning was that since Kwangsuk, Hansol and Kijoong joined he was no longer needed to stay in the pack," said Donghun. "Ah, the only reason he stayed with your pack was because there was no vampire hunters?" Asked Eunwoo. Donghun nodded. "Makes sense," said Rocky. "With werewolves, to keep their packs from being slaughtered by werewolf hunters they have to have a vampire hunter in the pack," he said. "Right," said Eunwoo.

[center ~]

Luna agreed to head to Berlin with them, taking Chan with her since Chan wanted to go see Jinwoo. They took the train back to Berlin, Eunwoo and Rocky finally able to relax. They had forced down the feeling of longing to focus on the hunts, so they wouldn't become sloppy.

"How long has it been since you guys were home?" Asked Chan. "A year," said Eunwoo. "Jesus," said Chan. "We've gotten used to being away from home for more than a few months at a time," said Rocky. "But now that we found our mate it makes it slightly harder," he said. "It sucks," said Chan. "I know the feeling too, since I can't just go see Jinwoo," he said, pouting, earning chuckles from Eunwoo and Rocky.

"What is she like?" Asked Luna. "Well, Dami knows almost no English," said Eunwoo. "But apparently the others have been teaching her, when we last checked on her anyway," he added. "So who knows, she might be able to talk to you now," he said. "When did you last check on everyone?" Asked Chan. "Just before we landed in the UK," said Eunwoo. "A few weeks ago then," said Chan. "I guess," said Rocky.

When they reached Berlin there was a welcome party, consisting of Dami and Sanggyun. "Hey, welcome back!" Said Sanggyun as Eunwoo, Rocky, Chan and Luna stepped off the train and onto the platform. "It's good to be back," said Eunwoo as he smiled slightly, spotting Dami. "It's been too long!" Said Dami as she tackled Eunwoo, who quickly wrapped his arms around her. "Hey," Eunwoo said softly. "Luckily we have a break," he said. "How long is this break?" Asked Dami as she moved away, turning to Rocky who had walked over. "A few months at least," said Rocky. "Good," said Dami, earning chuckles from everyone.

"What brings you along Chan, Luna?" Asked Sanggyun. "I haven't seen Jinwoo in a while and Luna wanted to meet Dami," said Chan. "Ah, that's right!" Said Eunwoo. "Dami, this is Luna, Luna, this is Dami," he said, introducing the two. "Hello," said Luna. "H-Hi," said Dami, managing a smile. "Let's head to the coffee shop then?" Asked Sanggyun. "Everyone's been waiting on your return," he said. "Yeah, let's go," said Eunwoo. Everyone headed to the coffee shop after making sure everyone had their things, with Luna making small talk with Dami, the two quickly becoming friends.

"Welcome back guys," said Moonbin as everyone entered the coffee shop. "Hey," said Eunwoo. Rocky waved. "I see you brought along Chan and Luna," said Moonbin. "Chan wanted to see Jinwoo, and Luna wanted to meet Dami," said Eunwoo. "Ah, a bit late," said Moonbin as he scratched the back of his head. "Jinwoo left a couple days ago with Jinhwan," he said. "Aw," said Chan.

"Any news?" Asked Eunwoo. "Hanbin left," said Moonbin. "What?" Asked Rocky. "His anger was getting out of control," said Moonbin. "So he left on his own," he said. "I see," said Eunwoo. "Just be careful around the other werewolves, they weren't too happy with the decision but what could they do?" Asked Moonbin. "Nothing really," agreed Rocky as he shook his head.

"Anyway," said Eunwoo as he walked up to the counter. "The usual please," he said, handing over the money. "Just before closing time too," Moonbin said with a shake of his head as he processed the order and handed back the change. "Can you blame us?" Asked Eunwoo as he chuckled slightly, going to sit down with the others, Luna and Dami getting a table for themselves as they talked.

"Dami's taking a liking to Luna," said Moonbin as he came over with Eunwoo, Rocky and Chan's drinks. "How has she been?" Asked Eunwoo as he leaned forward, resting his chin in his hand as he leaned on his elbow. "Just fine," said Moonbin. "Yoonbin has been trying to find the courage to talk to her, but I think it's more of a "I may have a crush on you" kind of thing," he said with a snicker. "Humans," Rocky said with a snort, as Eunwoo chuckled. "Well, it's a human thing," said Eunwoo.

"How long are you two staying around?" Moonbin asked Chan. "Until Luna thinks Dami's okay," said Chan. "Says she needs another female person in her life," he said. "Well, we [i are] a pack of [i male] 'shifters and werewolves," said Rocky. "It'd make sense," he said.

"How long do you think Jinwoo's going to be gone?" Asked Chan. "Won't be for [i too] long, a couple months maybe," said Moonbin. "Okay cool," said Chan.

[center ~]

It was different for Eunwoo and Rocky, to be home without the constant presence of Hanbin. It was simply too quiet, too... [i Empty]. Hanbin had been a constant presence in the pack house, to see him gone was something else. They could only guess how Bobby was feeling, the two of them were close as friends and packmates.

"The werewolves are being quiet," said Dami as she lay between Eunwoo and Rocky, watching a movie with them. "Mm," said Eunwoo. "Give them some time," said Rocky. "With Jinhwan gone everyone is on edge but Chanwoo and Yunhyeong are keeping things together," he said. "I guess," said Dami.
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[center Chapter 5]

The talk never happened, at least, the day after the visit to Grunewald. Eunwoo and Rocky were suddenly thrust into doing missions together, Eunwoo as a medic and Rocky as a tracker and fighter. Dami was worried for them, but Moonbin had assured her that they would be fine. Eunwoo and Rocky worked the best together and were often sent out together.

Jinhwan had become Dami's older brother figure in her life somehow during everything, and somewhere in the back of Dami's mind she knew that Eunwoo and Rocky were fine with it. "Werewolves have a different way of finding their mates," explained Jinhwan when Dami asked him. "And if you were my mate you'd know," he said. "How so?" Asked Dami. "Take the time to observe how my brothers act around their mates," said Jinhwan. "I think you'll notice it then," he said.

And so Dami set out to observe how things went between Chanwoo and Moonbin, along with Yunhyeong and Hongseok, when Hongseok was home. Yunhyeong had explained that Hongseok worked at the hospital, the same one that Eunwoo was working at, and wouldn't be home for days at a time. It gave the others a reassurance, having a non hunter home. Berlin was neutral grounds in Europe, since everyone that was a hunter stopped by to catch up on news before moving on. Everyone respected that, and also expected a few non hunters working.

[center ~]

Dami was working with Ricky, Chanwoo, Jeongwoo, and Sanha today, delivering drinks with Sanha to help her anxiety. She was constantly reminded that it was safe here, and if there was [i any] chance that a vampire was to walk in with the intent to kill the humans in the coffee shop that they had a death wish.

The door chimed and in walked two people Dami hadn't seen before. "Chan! Renjun, hello," said Chanwoo. "Hello Chanwoo," said Chan as he nodded. "Hello," said Renjun. "Need a spot to stay for a few weeks?" Asked Chanwoo. "Yeah," said Renjun. "Good, Sanha needs a vacation," said Chanwoo. "Anyway," he said. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Chan as he went to pay for it. "It'll be a bit," said Chanwoo after he processed the order and handed the receipt back to Chan. "Sure," said Chan before he went to sit down with Renjun.

Sanha's face lit up at the prospect of a vacation, since it had been a few months since he had talked to Yuto, the both of them being busy. Yuto had an information network to run and Sanha had missions along with having to work at the coffee shop when everyone else was out.

Dami wasn't sure what everyone was talking about since everyone was speaking English but she figured that it had something to do with the new people.

"Also," said Chan as he got up and walked over to the counter. "You do realize that the human you have working is marked right?" He asked, causing Chanwoo to freeze. "Marked?" He asked. "She was rescued from a blood den right?" Asked Chan. "Yes," said Chanwoo. "We've noticed a lot more humans that were previously in blood dens [i back] in more of them," said Chan.

"How do you know if someone is marked?" Asked Chanwoo. "It's not as obvious to non vampires," said Chan. "But to vampires their blood smells tainted," he said. "I've learned to look for the signs," he said. "We'd have to have a vampire come in to be sure, though I'm not sure [i who] would come into a coffee shop that reeks of 'shifters and werewolves but," he said, shrugging. "I think I see who can come over," said Chanwoo. "I'll have to ask Moonbin when he gets back," he said.

And that's how Dami met Renjun, who was awkward around her because he spoke no German and Dami spoke very little English. They made it work, when Yunhyeong was around to make sure things went fine anyway. Chanwoo had been called out shortly after Chan came to visit and Sanha finally got his much needed vacation.

[center ~]

It would be a few months before Moonbin returned, and Dami was feeling the longing that everyone was saying that mates got when away from each other for too long. She was afraid, of asking where Eunwoo and Rocky were. Those that were still around, Moonbin, Donghyuk, Sanha and Hongseok, knew that she must be feeling the longing by now, and they could do nothing but try to reassure her that Eunwoo and Rocky were fine.

Dami was working at the coffee shop with Renjun, Jeongwoo, Moonbin and Ricky, making drinks with Jeongwoo while Moonbin manned the register and Renjun and Ricky delivered drinks to their tables.

"Guys," said Moonbin. "We're going to have a... Special visitor today," he said, catching everyone's attention. "I wanted to see if this so called marking is true, though I wouldn't doubt it is," he said. "I just spent months in the field helping out Taeyong and Doyoung," he said. Everyone nodded.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Moonbin asked Dami. "I'm sure," said Dami. "You guys will be here the whole time right?" She asked. "Yes," said Moonbin. "Nothing will happen to you on our watch," he said. "And, I trust these vampires enough for them to not do anything anyway," he added. "Okay," said Dami.

"Who did you ask to come over?" Asked Ricky. "Chani and Sungyeol," said Moonbin. "Chani's a friend from my human days," he explained. "So I trust him, plus having another vampire's opinion would help determine it," he said.

Right on cue the door chimed and in walked Chani and Sungyeol, walking up to the counter. "Hey you two, long time no see," Moonbin said in English. "Hey there," said Chani. Sungyeol nodded in greeting, putting his hands in his pockets. "What did you need?" Asked Chani. "Ah, well we might have a marked human," said Moonbin. Chani's expression turned serious as he tilted his head slightly. "This is serious then," he said. Moonbin nodded.

"I'll have the usual," said Chani, going to pay for the drinks. Moonbin rung up the order, processing it and handing back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Chani nodded and went to sit down with Sungyeol.

Dami and Moonbin walked over after a few minutes and sat in front of them, with Moonbin placing down their drinks. "What's this about a marked human?" Asked CHani as he studied Dami with a tilt of his head. "I think she might be marked, but the only way we can be sure is through you, I don't trust other vampires," said Moonbin.

Chani leaned forward in his chair, crossing his arms on the table and humming in response. "Well, this place reeks of 'shifters," he said. "And werewolves," he added. "So her scent is masked pretty well," he said. "But," he said, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Moonbin tilted his head to the side as he waited for Chani's response.

"She is marked," said Chani as he opened his eyes, his eyes now pitch black as he tensed. Sungyeol put a hand on his shoulder and Chani moved away from the table with his arms still crossed, leaning back against the chair. "The scent of her blood is floral, really sweet to me," said Chani as he closed his eyes again, willing the instincts to go down. Moonbin hummed, nodding slightly. Dami was shaking slightly in her chair, being scared of those eyes.

"But underneath it all," said Chani as he opened his eyes again, his eyes back to their normal color. "There is something else there, possibly another vampire's venom coursing through her," he said. "Not enough to turn her, but enough to tell other vampires that she belongs to someone else," he said.

"What do you smell Sungyeol?" Asked Moonbin. "The same," said Sungyeol as he shrugged. "Though it's less floral smelling to me," he said. "More due to my hunting humans before I'm assuming but," he said, shrugging. "It's different for human drinking vampires," said Moonbin. "I believe Mashiho said that the smell is more muted since he's used to it," he said. "Right," said Sungyeol.

"What do you think we should do?" Asked Moonbin. "Turn her," said Chani. "It's the only way to keep vampires from coming after her," he said. "Eunwoo and Rocky won't allow that," said Moonbin. "She's their mate isn't she?" Asked Chani. "Yes," said Moonbin. Chani let out a deep sigh. "Well that certainly changes things," he said.
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