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[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" What seemed like an eternity waiting for the demon Celeste breathed out a long sigh, she was bored... She hadn't sensed his aura yet which means he was no where to be seen. Maybe he wouldn't show up at all and Celeste would have to explain to the elders which was something she didn't look forward to. Everything was always so formal with them and everything had to be precise which Celeste found to be very exhausting.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste stretched her wings out slightly so they wouldn't fall to sleep in case she needed to make a quick escape. To pass the time she looked around to make sure the area was clear and when confirmed it was, Celeste opened her mouth and a melody began, it was a song her mother sang to her when she was little something she cherished dearly.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" It didn't take too long before Celeste picked up an aura she was becoming familiar with]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "he's here..."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She decided to wait though, just for safe measures in case it wasn't the reaper she knew.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" When she heard the reaper speak she couldn't help but laugh to herself at his comment. Spreading open her large wings she jumped down in front of the reaper their light glowing around the two. Celeste folded them up and stood in front of him smiling.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I was simply resting Graves, there is no need for me to fight today unless necessary. However Is it not rude to keep a lady waiting?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste looked at the reaper giving a playful smile.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 1y 63d 9h 39m 3s
The branches creaked overhead as the Reaper slowly paced. A puff of smoke billowing into air and through his skull. Funny thing about being a demon, or well, undead. He could alter between forms thanks to the gifts bestowed from Lucifer. A reaper was required to expose the skeleton, displaying that he burned through the trials of Hell to earn the right to walk without skin. An analogy for walking without weakness. It was a bit morbid. Not exactly a pleasant look but it did the trick with striking fear into humans and making angels hesitate. At least the dark energy he possessed gave him the feel and illusion of having a body.

[i Speaking of angels...]

The Elite General stopped, the leaves crackling beneath his feet. There was a different wind flowing through the forest. A feeling of goodness and strength. The aura that gave humans epiphanies and waves of hope. Graves couldn’t remember what that felt like. He just knew that holiness crept over his bones and made them chill. There was a glorious being within range.

The tendrils of shadows twitched as the weaved around him, moving as he did as the demon looked towards the space where the creature would be hiding. Mr. Graves inhaled a long smoke, pausing as he stared into the blackened space in the trees. [#AB2E2E “Is it rude to hide instead of facing your enemy?”]
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[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" The battle was over... for now, Celeste breathed out slightly relaxing her shoulders, there were many casualties more than she was expecting. A painful expression formed on her face as she looked around at people mourning the loss of their friend, family and comrades. Celeste hated war but this decision was out of her control, the only thing she could do was to keep as many alive as possible, she didn't want to see more death.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She was called to speak with the elders. Celeste sighed knowing it wasn't going to be good news but it was unavoidable, if she didn't show her face it would cause suspicion.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Opening her large wings once more she flew up to the tallest tower in the heavens, she walked along a glass bridge and stopped in front of large golden double doors. Before she even needed to knock they began to open slowly. Folding her wings in she walked up to the elders kneeling before them.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "My lords you requested me?"]]] [size14[b[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Rise my child, we wish to know what happened out there today, we suffered many casualties what went wrong?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste stood up straight making eye contact with them as she began to lay out the details of what happened.

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "We miscalculated how many there were going to be, it seems like Lucifer had a change of plan at the last minute and decided to add a few hundred more soldiers to his army. However I won't make the same mistake again my lords".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste remained calm as she new what the next question was going to be, she just hoped her excuse would be believable.]]

[size14[b[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Very well make sure this time you calculate correctly Celeste. Now for our next question, we asked some of the soldiers they said you were missing for quite some time, mind telling us where you were at such a crucial moment in time?"]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" A smile formed on Celeste's face as she began to speak]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "but of course my lords, I was with one of Lucifer's important soldiers, surprisingly enough it didn't end up bloodshed however with your permission, I would like to get closer to this Reaper to gain more knowledge for us to use at a later time, I believe if I get closer to this Reaper he may open up to me".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" The look on their faces did not disappoint Celeste in the slightest which excited her even. It didn't take long for them to come to a decision.]] [size14[b[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Very well Celeste you may get closer with this Reaper, he may become useful to us later on down the line to ending this war once and for all, however if you betray us you know what will happen".]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste knew exactly what would happen, she would be executed, something she did not want, she just hoped they wouldn't see through her lies so she could learn more about Graves who had piqued her interest. Plus it should be easier now she knew his aura to find him through the crowds and maybe he could see the same as her.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5iCV5bO.png]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste had orders to take a small group of the best fighters to patrol an area where there were rumours of Lucifer's army were stationed, he was planning something however Celeste now had more freedom to speak with Graves if she saw him, which was most likely if the group was to be small there would be someone of high rank with them to keep them in line. Celeste wanted to as avoid much conflict as possible though.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste's small group remained hidden as they didn't want to expose themselves unless absolutely necessary, something she was relieved about as she didn't want to lose anymore soldiers than she had already. She couldn't help but look for her Reaper though, she wanted to find out more about him, what he lived like and how different his life was to hers. She broke off from her group who were flying higher than usual so they were hidden in the clouds.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Flying a little lower she closed her eyes and concentrated, there was the same aura, Celeste couldn't help but smile wondering if he would be able to notice her as well. She quickly flew into the forest and rested on a large tree away from the enemy who hadn't seemed to notice her yet. She decided to wait for a little while to see if the Reaper would make himself known to her. She placed her axe next to her just in case there were any surprises.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "And now we wait. I wonder how Graves will appear to me today."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste let out a slight giggle to herself as she let her wings fall down behind her.]]
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Oddly enough, he couldn’t stop thinking about the Celeste, the Angel of War. Even in the depths of Hell where even the slightest thought of the other God was frowned upon, he found it fulfilling. The taste of good banter instead of an easy fight. The spark of something different within his black world.

Mr. Graves stared out the large window at the lava filled ground swarming with crawling, slow bodies. The bodies of the most vile in the 9th Circle. Funny how Lucifer found him so special to be trusted with this realm. More favorable than the other eight on the Elite Reaper “Committee”. He chuckled at the thought. A group of old murderers and psychopaths sitting together at a pentagon shaped table with Satan at the helm. He wondered if they would all wear business suits instead of cloaks.

[i “What are you laughing about?”]

He turned slightly in his arm chair to stare at the imp, an ugly gray dwarf creature that housekept his apartment. [#AB2E2E “Something you won’t care for,”] he huffed, lighting a cigar.

[i “You’re right,”] she answered. [i “Because I’m just the bitch that cleans your filth.”]

He laughed and looked at her. [#AB2E2E “I wasn’t the one that turned you into that. Don’t be mad at me.”]

[i “We’ve been together longer then I can remember. I know something is occupying you.”]

A puff of smoke surrounded his skull. [#AB2E2E “I met a Guardian today. Top five tier.”]

[i “Satan will be pleased.”]

[#AB2E2E “I didn’t kill her.”]

[i “He will be disappointed.”]

[#AB2E2E “He doesn’t need to know.”] His hollow eyes landed on her. [#AB2E2E “He’s so occupied with these Nostradamus Prophecies that I think one angel getting away won’t hurt the end of the world.”]

She didn’t say anything for the rest of their time together which suited Graves well. He didn’t want to put Celeste’s name out too much in Hell. It was better suited as... a fantasy in his own mind. To think something so holy and beautiful was almost splattered across his scythe. Curious...


Lucifer conducted another attack in the serenity of another dense forest line where Graves, again, led. Apparently the Devil thought it was best to distract a divine God by fighting in obscure places while the other Elite Reaper’s implanted thoughts in Man’s heads to conduct worship of other idols. It gave the rumored Four Horseman the ‘power’, if you will, to appear on Earth. They would ultimately be the ushers come Judgement Day.

As Graves stood watching over his small army, he wondered if this end of the world stuff was even worth it. Fighting an eternal battle against a being that literally created [i everything] seemed daunting but... it was Satan’s vendetta. He was just the fighter.

He wore light armor today, showing off how tall and limber he was. He expected no Guardians or Angels but... what if the same occurrence happened like the last? If he just happened to wander away from the battlelines, would that be a trigger for a graceful power?

Slowly, the demon backed away from the forest line and looked about the tree tops. [#AB2E2E “Oh where, oh where can that little bird be?”] He manifested a cigarette between two fingers as he walked, inhaling the toxins deeply.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 1y 86d 7h 25m 6s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste knew the Reaper didn't feel comfortable in her lowering her guard, knowing him he would think she was looking down on him. All demons thought the same way about angels, but then again majority of angels did think the demons to be nothing more but animals with nothing to think about but killing. Celeste used to think the same way until she became a general and learnt how to use her head better than to judge someone. Seemed like things had paid off as she was now face to face with not only a demon but a Reaper! On top of that she was having a conversation, people would not believe her even if she decided to tell them.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" However making up an excuse to her absence would be tricky, never the less it wasn't an impossible task to achieve. Celeste looked surprised at his comment, but let out a gently smile,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "my dear Graves how cruel of you to suggest I'm exactly like my race, if I was just like them, well let's just say we wouldn't be here having a conversation now would we? However I understand where you are coming from, I used to think the same about your kind".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste nodded in agreement to the Reapers comment, they had been gone too long and she needed to retreat and help the remainder of her troops, the one thing she wished to avoid was war. But the elders saw no other way. She smiled and glanced to the side as the Reaper made his way past her. Giving a graceful nod she spread open her large wings and took to the sky leaving a gush of wind beneath her.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste rejoined with her troops and shouted which echoed throughout the field. [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Soldiers fall back! Enough for now you have done your general well, I will not have our efforts go to waste! FALL BACK NOW!"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Within a few moments the angelic army were gone. She glanced back down at the Reaper also making his exit. Just giving him the faintest smile before she too vanished back to the heavens.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 1y 87d 3h 33m 45s
Oddly enough, the angel relaxed even to his pointed comments. Obviously she was too full of herself to see that her superiors taught her to think lowly of demons. Even higher ranking ones. It was curious.

He felt a smile creep up his features when she mentioned his generosity. It wasn’t every day he was blessed with a compliment. [#AB2E2E “It’s not common that someone like you listens to creatures like me.”] What a fucking stigma.

[#AB2E2E “Well... while this has been entertaining- if not enlightening, I must pull my pawns away from the massacre.”] The reaper tapped his scythe twice on the ground, dissipating the weapon in a cloud of smoke. [#AB2E2E “Till we meet again, Celeste.”] The Elite saluted with his skeletal fingers before boldly, striding past her. He gave her no signs of aggression. He gave no signs of a threat.

Mr. Graves cut through the trees until he made it to the edge of the clearing where, in swift motion of his hand, opened a gap in the ground where the army flooded back into the fires. He stole one last look at the angelic general in the sky which lingered in his mind till he too retreated.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 1y 91d 2h 24m 29s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste sighed a little knowing neither one of them wasn't going to let their guard down and regardless of whether he was a demon or not, he was someone she didn't know and therefore he couldn't be trusted.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She knew his weakness sure, but she couldn't sense his abilities or what skills he was capable of throwing at her that could have her head rolling in a split second. Continuing to keep their stances Celeste lowered her axe ever so slightly but not enough so she would be leaving herself open to an attack.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste couldn't help but look slightly confused at his comment of her seeing him as beneath her but she decided to make a little joke of it.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Well if you want to be technical I guess you are all beneath me seeing as you know..."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Unable to control herself she let out a laugh.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Deciding to take a chance Celeste stood up straight once more dropping her guard, she was prepared for surprise attacks but she had a feeling this demon maybe wanted the same thing as her, research, so she decided to risk it.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" It surprised her a little to know the Reaper decided to share his name and his rank, usually Satan's children never did such a thing so this new information made Celeste even more curious.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Yes your name does ring a bell, my father made sure I knew all of the names of the demons that controlled the 9 circles, as they are of great importance..."]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Well well well wasn't this demon full of surprises, not only did he share his name and thus revealing his identity he was now letting her go? Surely this was some kind of a joke? This creature was very interesting indeed, Celeste would have been very eager to meet this demon again given the opportunity.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Well how very kind of you Graves, you have surprised me at your generosity, which is something I don't admit to very often, not even to my own soldiers. As for killing you personally? I would have nothing to gain from it, I find research is more rewarding to me, sure it would give me the same honour as my father but I'm already at my highest rank and therefore have no need to progress further. I could also say the same for you".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste looked over her shoulder knowing this conversation had gone on long enough, people would start to question as to where their general was. But she wanted to hear the demons reply to her comment and what action he would take next.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 1y 101d 1h 4m 4s
Suddenly he felt uneasy. While Graves appreciated a good chat, he was much too aware that the angel wasn’t jumping to radical conclusions like most of her kind so often did. She was different but in the end, still held the intensity and focus from which they first started. Her guard wouldn’t let down... and neither would his.

Challenges? There would be no challenge. In the instances where he did lose in battle, it was against other Elites. She had no idea what she was asking for. Willing to throw everything away... when they were so close to the end...

Though the name [i Celeste] was granted to him. He knew of her through the other Generals gossip. Graves, personally, knew more about her Father. Nearly an Arch. Leader of God’s first armies. [#AB2E2E “You talk down to me like I belong beneath you,”] he mused darkly. [#AB2E2E “Celeste, Crusader for God Himself.”] He hated it. He hated the loathing angels were taught to think about demons. Demons were at first humans. The lie that all of God’s Children were made equal. Well fuck their God.

[#AB2E2E “I am Graves. Elite Reaper of the 9th Circle of Hell.”] Never did he use his true name. Revealing the human part of a demon’s soul was shameful. Lucifer always believed in rising up beyond the shackles of past deceits. Additionally, he held the Devil’s favor by being one of the special nine. The Gladiator of Treachery.

[#AB2E2E “While I don’t necessarily like you, it would be pointless to kill you now.”] Call him soft, but he was feeling lethargic. If Satan wanted to end the world, that didn’t have much to do with him. [#AB2E2E “And would killing a Reaper do for you? Help you walk the steps of your Father?”]

Graves shrugged his skeletal shoulders, the shadows across his face showing his bland emotion.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 1y 101d 20h 22m 41s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste raised her eyebrows a little surprised as the demon relaxed himself ever so slightly, she kept her concentration though she was very close to figuring it out, however she hoped he wouldn't attack her right away as she was finding all of this rather amusing. A creature of the night who was supposed to have no feelings, no emotions and it's first instinct was to kill everything insight was now standing here with her and having somewhat of a conversation.]]

[size14[i[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Found it....]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste could have attacked but she wanted to find more out about how a Reaper works, it was the perfect research for her and it would help in the future with her soldiers, however she was worried if there would be anyone left on the battlefield except for her and the Reaper.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She had never been this close to a demon of higher rank before and curiosity took over, she took another step closer seeing how the demon would react, still holding onto her axe she was prepared for any surprises, but she needed to hurry and return and that was only one of two ways, he would simply let her go which she doubted very much and secondly one of their corpses would be lying on the floor. It wouldn't be hers...]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Well it seems that's something we actually have in common, I have trained well and I'm currently undefeated, however a challenge? That piques my interest demon. What did you have in mind?"]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" One thing was bothering Celeste though, she didn't feel much hatred which surprised her she was more interested in the research and it could be her downfall.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She couldn't help but smile as she let her wings hang down,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "you wish to know my name? How interesting. Very well I shall tell you after all I doubt it will be remembered for very long."]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Standing tall and proud she politely bowed.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Seeing as I have manners I will be polite in greeting you whether you deserve it or not, My name is Celeste now let's see if that rings a bell".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She smiled awaiting the demon's response.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 1y 102d 1h 27m 30s
Mr. Graves relaxed his posture, curious as to the angel’s true nature. If she were a Servant, should would have been gone. If she were a Guardian or anything superior than that...

Though he did notice the way she looked at him- so intense and focused even trying to be inconspicuous about it. It amused him how much effort she was putting into it... but he didn’t reveal that he knew. That would be too boring.

Unconsciously, he gripped the weapon tighter the closer she got, the tendrils of darkness reacting as he did. [#AB2E2E “If you are to challenge me, I’d deem it unwise.”] he started, [#AB2E2E “I’ve perfected the art of killing.”] The demon began to pace, making sure she kept a considerable distance while they circled. [#AB2E2E “Who are you?”] he pried.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 1y 102d 2h 14m 56s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste laughed at his comment]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "very well demon I have to agree with you there.]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Looking around at her surroundings she couldn't make out any figures or shadows in the woods, but still she kept her guard up, they were Lucifer's children after all and they never played fair. Resting her axe against her head she walked forward getting a little closer so she could analyse the demon more thoroughly and look for any weak points in case he decided to surprise her with an attack.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" One of Celeste's mainly abilities was to pinpoint weak points on any living thing, but it required a lot of time and concentration, if the demon for a split second figured out what she was trying to do then her plans would be ruined, so for the time being she decided to listen as to what the creature would have to say.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She turned her attention to the blade forming in the demons hand, but it wasn't just any regular blade it was a scythe and that could only mean one thing, he wasn't just a pawn in Lucifer's army, he was of importance, someone higher up, this intrigued Celeste but answered his question smiling.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Oh demon don't trouble yourself about taking up too much of my time, I have never been in the presence of a Reaper before, therefore you have piqued my interest".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste knew very well about Reapers as her father had gone into great detail about many of the creatures of hell, but he made sure to make her aware of the higher ranking and more powerful ones, however she had never been this close to a Reaper before and it wasn't going to be her last. Concentrating she slowly began to determine as to where the demons weakness was, feeling as though Reapers weren't the type of creatures to sit down for a conversation and she needed to prepare herself.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 1y 102d 4h 37m 33s
Graves felt it before it even landed. The presence of the good Lord’s Servants always had an arrogant aura of self conscious righteousness. For a moment, it lit a fire in his vacant soul as he turned around to gaze upon the winged creature.

It looked like a woman though angels were rarely fit to be human. No one truly knew what created angels down in the depths of Hell, but they did know they were skilled and cunning. It wasn’t his first slaughtered Servant after all.

The height of the afternoon sun glimmered off the creature as an awestruck distraction. God knew exactly what he was doing when he molded these. The darkness edged around his skull, inching across to give the illusion that the demon had a face. He felt it crease into a demented smile. [#AB2E2E “If it were retreating, I wouldn’t spend my leisure time around here and is it truly cowardly if such an act was beneath you?”]

He raised a hand out, manifesting a large scythe into his armored palm, the blade catching the light. [#AB2E2E “Please don’t let me take you away from anything you [i should] be doing.”]

Graves no doubt figured the angel knew he was an Elite Reaper by the presence of his weapon. A smart Servant would tell their leader. If this angel wasn’t a Servant... then that would be interesting.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 1y 103d 5h 48m 0s
[size14[i[Font "SimSun-ExtB" It's so beautiful]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste looked up at the sun shining down on the heavens a smile forming her face, it was such a beautiful sight she became lost in her own thoughts. For as long as she could remember there was no better feeling that seeing god's beautiful creatures grow around her.

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Ever since she was a child there was talks within the elders that she would play an important part in the future. Being a child Celeste didn't take much notice to what they said as she was too busy following her father around who was a general at the time. He was admired and love by many and Celeste wanted to grow up and be just like her father, but to become a general you had go through many difficulties to prove yourself worthy to take on the role.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Years passed and her father stepped down from his role and Celeste made sure within her every being she would take her fathers place and become the general. Due to her age elders were sceptical but she proved her worth and was given her title as the general to God's army.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste trained from morning until night until she was the best fighter throughout the army, she knew the day would come when they would need to go to war from the stories her father told her, so she needed to be at her strongest for when hell decided to show it's ugly face to her which would be anytime soon.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" One of her lower rank soldiers came flying towards her.]] [size14[+Blue[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Ma'am it's time, they're here..."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste gave a slight nod as she opened out her large white wings and picked up her axe as she made her way to the front of the army. She flew in front so all eyes were on her as she began to speak.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "This is the moment we have been been waiting for! This is what you trained for! It's time to smite then down and send them back to the depths of hell in which they came from!"]]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" There was a loud roar from the army as they flew past her and down to where hell's spawn were waiting. Celeste turned around joining them as she landed firmly on the ground cutting down the creatures that went to charge for her. She flicked the creatures blood from her axe as she looked around biting her lip in anger and drawing blood.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Hell's creatures had done a lot more damage to them than she had imagined, cutting down more of them in anger she looked down at the ground noticing black footprints leading into the forest. This intrigued Celeste with a war going it looked like someone was taking it lightly which caused an anger to burn deep inside her.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She turned her attention to one of her soliders,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "hold things for me, if things get too much to handle call for me"]]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" with that said she spread her wings open once more and flew into the forest with no time to lose.

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Weaving in and out of the trees she suddenly stopped and landed when she saw one of them standing and staring into the lake, she was a little surprised to see a demon staring into the lake, she couldn't imagine something so evil would take notice of something so beautiful. Never the less he needed to be taken care of so with a smile on her face she slowly made her way over to the demon"]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Well well well... I never would have thought a demon would retreat into the woods, what a cowardly thing to do."]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" A slight laugh escaped her lips as she held the axe tightly in her hand, it wouldn't surprise her in the slightest if the demon had set a trap to get her out here and ambush her.]]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 1y 104d 5h 48m 53s
[i I am so sick of screams.]

Mr. Graves looked out his grimed window and glanced down at the perfect view of the fiery torture pits filled with the souls of everlasting sinners. This apartment was one of the high end residential dwellings in Hell but he found it more of an annoyance then an act of 'good' nature. Being one of Satan's higher ranking generals, he was granted the most comfortable of living conditions with a view of his handiwork, magma room lighting and a black hole portal for easy transport.

Graves was a Grim Reaper, the highest elite among Reapers that took the souls of the living, ordered hordes of demon souls and masked destruction in a cloak of darkness and pain. Two millenniums he had been doing this and it was growing to be a routine of eternal imprisonment. These were dangerous thoughts, so he never changed.

There was an image for Grim Reapers from old human legends. They were creatures who had skulls for faces, cloaks for attire and scythes for soul ripping. This was almost true. The only reason they were skeletons to begin with was because, once upon a time, every Reaper was a human soul. Their sins were so vile that when they died and entered Hell their skins were burned off.

Cloaks were traditional of the elite Grim Reapers. It represented old times and the truth of reign and evil. Grim's only had to wear them when in public service for Satan, otherwise they were free to choose attire as they so fit; except in battle where armor was preferred.

Scythes were like guns. It was fashionable to own one and impressive to know how to wield it correctly. They weren't the only soul ripper weapons available but for eons the job was only done right with a scythe at hand. Graves had revolutionized the art of Death with combining tools but all of that was history. He was a life taker and that's all he was ever going to be.

He sighed. Today was the day. It was going to be a long haul but it will be the start of judgment. A Revelation.


Mr. Graves had been chosen along with a few other Grim's to initiate the first steps. First they had to get God's attention. It was going to be a tedious battle but demons were expendable. A dime a dozen.

The field where his nearly invisible army stood was blanketed in snow surrounded by a mouth of tall entangled trees. Demons waited, clawing at the ground, maintained by the lower Reapers as the sky opened up signaling the Holy Glory. Graves knew all too well that it was a fool's mistake to stand in plain sight. He himself weaved in and out of the trees, watching as his living armor form fitted to induce camouflage.
The battlefield came to life as the crusaders from heaven touched the ground, unleashing the fury within the hordes of cannibal creatures. Eventually he grew bored of this game and turned to walk further into forest till he was needed.

He stepped through frost, dark tendrils emanating off every footstep until he came to a seamlessly quiet place... a lake.
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