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Demon and angel are generals in their respective worlds. It's building up to be the end of the world foretold in the Revelations. The two happen to meet and build up feelings that may change things.


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[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Raising her hand in agreement Celeste nodded to his comment. It would only complicate things if they were to address each others rankings. After all this was only their second meeting and she didn't know who or what could be listening nearby.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" At his next comment on auras Celeste leaned her head back and laughed before putting her index in front of Graves wiggling it followed by a 'tut tut'.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "My dear Graves I can see as clear as ever. Even though others might not be able to see as clear as me I have seen thousands upon thousands of auras and if you want to stereotype 'good' and 'evil' doesn't make a difference with aura. As I said before some shine more brightly than others. But I guess you'll have to trust me."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste smiled giving a playful wink.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She watched the Reaper throw his cigarette to the floor, something that never interested her but then again everyone was 'healthy' in heaven so cigarettes would be frowned upon. What he did next though surprised Celeste which was something that rarely happened. He leaned in close enough so she could feel the smoke from him on her skin, she felt herself flush and her heart skip slightly, she coughed controlling herself.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She smiled at his question, unsure whether it was rhetorical or not she answered anyway.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Whatever the reason you being sent to hell is no business of mine. However whether you will agree with me or not, we are both curious creatures desperate to see how the other lives, intrigued even as we have both lived hating either side. We have surprised ourselves by instead of fighting we have conversed, so regardless of 'aura' or what sins we have committed I'm happy to continue this and learn more about you and your world".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste looked behind her then back to Graves who mentioned they should part for now, Celeste smiled and nodded]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I couldn't agree more, it also gives you time to think on how you choose to reply to my statement. Now hold your hand open".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She waited for the Reaper to hold out his hand as she dropped a small red crystal into his palm and smiled.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "This little crystal here is a means to contact me without being traced, I chose the colour for the whole hell thing, something dark coloured won't be suspicious"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste waved her hands a little playfully and rolling her eyes smiling.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" We can decide where to meet up through these, it was nice speaking to you again Graves. Be safe..."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste opened her wings before giving the Reaper one last playful wink and shooting up and out the forest leaving a gust of wind behind her. She rejoined her comrades as they made their way back home, but not before taking one last glance at the Reaper now nothing but a dot in the forest.]]
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Oh he knew the question would arise but Graves knew better. It was safer to not know then they could at least place some sort of ignorance... or at least he can. Although Lucifer was no idiot. If any of the Nine found out what he was doing, he would be exposed to the Void. No doubt about that. But here he was... Risking it all just to be seen.

[#AB2E2E “Now you and I both know that we shouldn’t speak of titles here. We know we’re highly regarded. We know we’re powerful creatures. We know each other's ‘names’. Isn’t that enough for a curious winged warrior?”]

Then she did it again. Leaning forward into his personal space, making him almost uneasy. It was difficult to tell but he’d almost bet that Celeste was flirting with him. It peaked his mood like he was given permission to test boundaries with her.

The demon’s armor shifted around in it’s usual way, giving her the illusion of an amused face as she pulled away from her sensual whispering. Particular aura of judgement? Ha! The aura he carried was always a dark and twisted one. Full of the screams of victims and tendrils of sin. [#AB2E2E “Shine and bright aren’t usually words associated with me or any of my kind for that matter, angel,”] he laughed. [#AB2E2E “In fact, I dare say, you’ve been blinded for way too long from those around you.”]

Graves dissipated his cigarette and put his hands behind his back, leaning close enough that she could feel the cold brush of the black smokey darkness that steamed off his armor on her skin. [#AB2E2E “Do you feel it?”] he whispered. [#AB2E2E “Do you want to tangle with a creature like me? Judge this [i aura]? Because, as you might imagine, I went to hell for a reason, pureblood...”]

The reaper straightened his posture and suddenly felt a frigid pull. The pull of a higher entity calling back down to the hordes. They probably needed a different approach if they were going to meet again. Consorting on a battle ground wasn’t exactly ‘safe’ for him.

[#AB2E2E “Shall we continue this playful banter another time, Celeste? Maybe somewhere a little less important?”] Graves wasn’t exactly sure what response he wanted but really anything was better than sitting in that prison down below and... this was fun.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 9d 15h 6m 48s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Although Celeste was putting herself at a huge risk by revealing her strongest and weakest forms, she truly believed if the Reaper wanted to attack her by now he would have done so already. Something they were both similar in was no one had ever gotten this close to a demon and vice versa, it always ended in bloodshed. Celeste was always curious as to how the other realm lived and she knew deep down Graves felt exactly the same.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" But his next comment caught her interest as she smiled a little]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "so tell me... if only the highest ranking demons can shapeshift, I take it you are a high ranking demon yourself? Well that's obvious being a Reaper of course but how high are we talking here?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" The smile on her face grew larger by the second. Although she didn't find it humorous, of all things she found it exciting, the risk of revealing so much to an enemy which could potentially turn around to bite her on the ass.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste placed her hands of her hips leaning forward closing the gap once more between the two and teasingly said]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "well now aren't you the inquisitive Reaper Graves?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste giggled a little but continued on answering his question]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" It's not so much we prefer the human appearance, I guess it's just what a lot of people are used to, most of the angels as you know were made. There is only a small amount of us that are 'purebloods' including myself. My father is of great importance".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Smiling to herself Celeste decided not to continue with information about her father as then things would get complicated, she also had a feeling the two would need to part soon before suspicions arose from both parties. But she did quickly add one more comment to see the reaction from the Reaper.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "However personally, it doesn't bother me either way. I tend not to judge someone on appearance alone, there is something very particular I look for to judge a person".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste moved even closer, the closest she imagined the Reaper would allow and whispered so quietly even the Reaper could barely hear.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "What I look for my dear Graves, is aura, everyone has one and some shine more brightly than others."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste stepped back smiling, before crossing her arms once more taking her original stance.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 12d 14h 32m 39s
The demon smiled despite himself, a curious creature this angel was. Asking a lot of questions for someone whom was supposed to despise his kind in every shape and form. Has being deprived of interaction made him more gullible and weak then he thought?

[#AB2E2E “Only the highest ranking demons can shapeshift. Human looking or not is more of preference really.”] He listened closely to her information as well, quickly realizing how delicate it was to be delving into facts like these especially to a demon within the ranks of the Nine Circles, though he was sure she didn’t know that.

She mentioned she was at the ‘very top’ meaning she must have been the Head General of God’s army or something of the like. He wanted to know her official title but that meant she would want to know his, which would be very dangerous for the both of them. The elite did learn one important thing, however. This form, this moment, the General was her weakest.

Graves brought a finger to his chin, playing thoughtfulness at her question for further inquiry. [#AB2E2E “Do you truly prefer the look of humans rather than a form of your choice? I mean, us demons, we kind of [i hate] our former human selves. Were you born an angel?”]

The idea had been something the reaper had thought of before. Were angels born or created to be self righteous? To harbor a default hate for demons even though it’s against God’s rules to ‘hate’ in the first place?
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 13d 9h 44s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" At the violent creature comment Celeste smirked a little]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "that is true Mr. Graves, but in this situation we have both surprised each other, you thought me to be arrogant and selfish did you not? And I thought you to be a mindless killing machine, but you have proved me to be wrong, so no I do not think of you of solely a violent creature."]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" After Celeste stepped closer to the Reaper, she smiled a little, waiting for a reaction, although he didn't physically show his surprise, his aura changed for a split second. But Celeste decided she would keep that to herself and listen to his reply.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste crossed her arms and nodded in agreemnent.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I could see that making sense, I guess everyone has multiple forms which are still their own."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste put her hand in front of her mouth and laughed, somehow his comment made her genuinely giggle, but feeling a little embarrassed she composed herself and took her original stance.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "So I have another question, in hell can all creatures have multiple forms? Or even 'human' looking forms or is that only for the higher ranking demons?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" This information would be perfect to report to the elders, but Celeste wasn't done yet, no one in heaven had ever gotten this close to a demon, let alone conversed. And deep down somewhere this Reaper must have a certain level of trust with her to meet with her in private.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste snapped out of her thoughts as Graves asks a question himself. She smiled taking another step closer, the risk she found to be exciting, also to the reaction of the Reaper she desperately wanted to see.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "We do actually have multiple forms. Depending on your rank you're more 'over the top' as you call it. So you could call me near the very tip of over the top. However as we're in the human realm we don't look as near divinely as we would in heaven. Everything is bigger and more glowing but it's rather beautiful, maybe one day you shall see".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste gave a playful wink knowing all too well that would never happen, but she liked to joke and tease a little. She crossed her arms before continuing.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" But we can also remove our 'divine form' entirely if we wish to blend in with the mortals. But this is at our weakest as we have to suppress our angelic form and powers so the mortals will not suspect. If you didn't know already they're not very good with processing things they don't understand. I know they already know of the creatures Lucifer has sent however heaven has stated full confidentiality when showing them our true forms.]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste smiled her wings fluttering a little before tucking themselves back away as she turned her attention back to the Reaper.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Now Graves is there anything else you wish to know?"]]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 40d 17h 10m 18s
The reaper felt himself smile, amused by her sense of humor. It was so hard to feel light like that now days... or rather any time at all. Did that make him desperate or stupid?

He watched her carefully, noticing the little motions of caution as if she was trying not to get caught out here with him. Graves knew fully well that he was safe but he knew it wasn’t the same for angels. [#AB2E2E “I agree entirely. I may be a violent creature but at some point it does become needless.”]

Barely a moment passed before Celeste suddenly closed the gap between them, catching him off guard but not showing it physically. The angel eyed him curiously, her sudden interest piquing his personal interest in her as well. How brave. [#AB2E2E “Technically all my forms are true but skinless is not really appealing with casual conversation. Might as well be naked.”] He chuckled, [#AB2E2E “I still have some form of dignity after all.”]

[#AB2E2E “What about you?”] he asked, gesturing slightly to her. [#AB2E2E “Always sporting over-the-top angel wings?”] The demon didn’t pull away from the close proximity, finding the encounter a tad on the dangerous side. An engaging experience.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 102d 16h 46m 26s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste lightly placed her hand on her chest acting surprised and jokingly said]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Well I'm not sure you know this but my anatomy is that of a female. So that would mean I'm a lady would it not?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" giving a light smile, she quickly looked to the side slightly making sure her or the Reaper hadn't been spotted. She knew she was meant to be here, but she couldn't say the same for the Reaper.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Turning her attention back to the Reaper she smiled answering his question]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "we've heard reports of an army moving towards the villages and so far there has been no attack, we're just observing for the moment, we don't want to fight unless necessary, we dealt with enough of that yesterday do you not agree?"]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste observed the Reaper, he looked different today, something perhaps Reapers did on a regular basis, Celeste's curiosity spiked and she couldn't help herself. Moving forward a little closing the gap between them, she placed her hand on her hip.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "So Graves tell me, your appearance is somewhat different today, which form is your true form, or has that not been revealed to me yet?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste wouldn't be too shocked if he didn't answer her, maybe it was forbidden for them to reveal their true form, but she wanted to know more about him and the best way to start was to ask.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 159d 20h 20m 42s
She must have been feeling more light hearted then the first time they met. Relaxed and even being within attack proximity. [#AB2E2E “Are you a lady now?”] the Reaper shot back, chuckling between puffs of smoke.

Graves nodded towards the forest line he figured was a half a mile away from where they were standing. From where the army of demons was waiting. [#AB2E2E “Since there hasn’t been a battle cry, I have to ask why you are here with me and not tearing the scum of the earth apart instead?”] He watched the angel carefully, noticing her stance, her armor, her tone. The way her blonde hair fell and her wings fluttered.

For all the demon knew, this could all be an elaborate trap. He was by himself but he had slain many an angel in his time as a reaper. He didn’t believe she was harboring a vendetta of any kind but he had been wrong before.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 174d 13h 55m 39s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" What seemed like an eternity waiting for the demon Celeste breathed out a long sigh, she was bored... She hadn't sensed his aura yet which means he was no where to be seen. Maybe he wouldn't show up at all and Celeste would have to explain to the elders which was something she didn't look forward to. Everything was always so formal with them and everything had to be precise which Celeste found to be very exhausting.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste stretched her wings out slightly so they wouldn't fall to sleep in case she needed to make a quick escape. To pass the time she looked around to make sure the area was clear and when confirmed it was, Celeste opened her mouth and a melody began, it was a song her mother sang to her when she was little something she cherished dearly.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" It didn't take too long before Celeste picked up an aura she was becoming familiar with]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "he's here..."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She decided to wait though, just for safe measures in case it wasn't the reaper she knew.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" When she heard the reaper speak she couldn't help but laugh to herself at his comment. Spreading open her large wings she jumped down in front of the reaper their light glowing around the two. Celeste folded them up and stood in front of him smiling.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I was simply resting Graves, there is no need for me to fight today unless necessary. However Is it not rude to keep a lady waiting?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste looked at the reaper giving a playful smile.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 179d 20h 38m 1s
The branches creaked overhead as the Reaper slowly paced. A puff of smoke billowing into air and through his skull. Funny thing about being a demon, or well, undead. He could alter between forms thanks to the gifts bestowed from Lucifer. A reaper was required to expose the skeleton, displaying that he burned through the trials of Hell to earn the right to walk without skin. An analogy for walking without weakness. It was a bit morbid. Not exactly a pleasant look but it did the trick with striking fear into humans and making angels hesitate. At least the dark energy he possessed gave him the feel and illusion of having a body.

[i Speaking of angels...]

The Elite General stopped, the leaves crackling beneath his feet. There was a different wind flowing through the forest. A feeling of goodness and strength. The aura that gave humans epiphanies and waves of hope. Graves couldn’t remember what that felt like. He just knew that holiness crept over his bones and made them chill. There was a glorious being within range.

The tendrils of shadows twitched as the weaved around him, moving as he did as the demon looked towards the space where the creature would be hiding. Mr. Graves inhaled a long smoke, pausing as he stared into the blackened space in the trees. [#AB2E2E “Is it rude to hide instead of facing your enemy?”]
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 190d 6h 15m 3s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" The battle was over... for now, Celeste breathed out slightly relaxing her shoulders, there were many casualties more than she was expecting. A painful expression formed on her face as she looked around at people mourning the loss of their friend, family and comrades. Celeste hated war but this decision was out of her control, the only thing she could do was to keep as many alive as possible, she didn't want to see more death.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She was called to speak with the elders. Celeste sighed knowing it wasn't going to be good news but it was unavoidable, if she didn't show her face it would cause suspicion.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Opening her large wings once more she flew up to the tallest tower in the heavens, she walked along a glass bridge and stopped in front of large golden double doors. Before she even needed to knock they began to open slowly. Folding her wings in she walked up to the elders kneeling before them.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "My lords you requested me?"]]] [size14[b[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Rise my child, we wish to know what happened out there today, we suffered many casualties what went wrong?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste stood up straight making eye contact with them as she began to lay out the details of what happened.

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "We miscalculated how many there were going to be, it seems like Lucifer had a change of plan at the last minute and decided to add a few hundred more soldiers to his army. However I won't make the same mistake again my lords".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste remained calm as she new what the next question was going to be, she just hoped her excuse would be believable.]]

[size14[b[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Very well make sure this time you calculate correctly Celeste. Now for our next question, we asked some of the soldiers they said you were missing for quite some time, mind telling us where you were at such a crucial moment in time?"]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" A smile formed on Celeste's face as she began to speak]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "but of course my lords, I was with one of Lucifer's important soldiers, surprisingly enough it didn't end up bloodshed however with your permission, I would like to get closer to this Reaper to gain more knowledge for us to use at a later time, I believe if I get closer to this Reaper he may open up to me".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" The look on their faces did not disappoint Celeste in the slightest which excited her even. It didn't take long for them to come to a decision.]] [size14[b[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Very well Celeste you may get closer with this Reaper, he may become useful to us later on down the line to ending this war once and for all, however if you betray us you know what will happen".]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste knew exactly what would happen, she would be executed, something she did not want, she just hoped they wouldn't see through her lies so she could learn more about Graves who had piqued her interest. Plus it should be easier now she knew his aura to find him through the crowds and maybe he could see the same as her.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5iCV5bO.png]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste had orders to take a small group of the best fighters to patrol an area where there were rumours of Lucifer's army were stationed, he was planning something however Celeste now had more freedom to speak with Graves if she saw him, which was most likely if the group was to be small there would be someone of high rank with them to keep them in line. Celeste wanted to as avoid much conflict as possible though.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste's small group remained hidden as they didn't want to expose themselves unless absolutely necessary, something she was relieved about as she didn't want to lose anymore soldiers than she had already. She couldn't help but look for her Reaper though, she wanted to find out more about him, what he lived like and how different his life was to hers. She broke off from her group who were flying higher than usual so they were hidden in the clouds.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Flying a little lower she closed her eyes and concentrated, there was the same aura, Celeste couldn't help but smile wondering if he would be able to notice her as well. She quickly flew into the forest and rested on a large tree away from the enemy who hadn't seemed to notice her yet. She decided to wait for a little while to see if the Reaper would make himself known to her. She placed her axe next to her just in case there were any surprises.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "And now we wait. I wonder how Graves will appear to me today."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste let out a slight giggle to herself as she let her wings fall down behind her.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 196d 19h 36m 40s
Oddly enough, he couldn’t stop thinking about the Celeste, the Angel of War. Even in the depths of Hell where even the slightest thought of the other God was frowned upon, he found it fulfilling. The taste of good banter instead of an easy fight. The spark of something different within his black world.

Mr. Graves stared out the large window at the lava filled ground swarming with crawling, slow bodies. The bodies of the most vile in the 9th Circle. Funny how Lucifer found him so special to be trusted with this realm. More favorable than the other eight on the Elite Reaper “Committee”. He chuckled at the thought. A group of old murderers and psychopaths sitting together at a pentagon shaped table with Satan at the helm. He wondered if they would all wear business suits instead of cloaks.

[i “What are you laughing about?”]

He turned slightly in his arm chair to stare at the imp, an ugly gray dwarf creature that housekept his apartment. [#AB2E2E “Something you won’t care for,”] he huffed, lighting a cigar.

[i “You’re right,”] she answered. [i “Because I’m just the bitch that cleans your filth.”]

He laughed and looked at her. [#AB2E2E “I wasn’t the one that turned you into that. Don’t be mad at me.”]

[i “We’ve been together longer then I can remember. I know something is occupying you.”]

A puff of smoke surrounded his skull. [#AB2E2E “I met a Guardian today. Top five tier.”]

[i “Satan will be pleased.”]

[#AB2E2E “I didn’t kill her.”]

[i “He will be disappointed.”]

[#AB2E2E “He doesn’t need to know.”] His hollow eyes landed on her. [#AB2E2E “He’s so occupied with these Nostradamus Prophecies that I think one angel getting away won’t hurt the end of the world.”]

She didn’t say anything for the rest of their time together which suited Graves well. He didn’t want to put Celeste’s name out too much in Hell. It was better suited as... a fantasy in his own mind. To think something so holy and beautiful was almost splattered across his scythe. Curious...


Lucifer conducted another attack in the serenity of another dense forest line where Graves, again, led. Apparently the Devil thought it was best to distract a divine God by fighting in obscure places while the other Elite Reaper’s implanted thoughts in Man’s heads to conduct worship of other idols. It gave the rumored Four Horseman the ‘power’, if you will, to appear on Earth. They would ultimately be the ushers come Judgement Day.

As Graves stood watching over his small army, he wondered if this end of the world stuff was even worth it. Fighting an eternal battle against a being that literally created [i everything] seemed daunting but... it was Satan’s vendetta. He was just the fighter.

He wore light armor today, showing off how tall and limber he was. He expected no Guardians or Angels but... what if the same occurrence happened like the last? If he just happened to wander away from the battlelines, would that be a trigger for a graceful power?

Slowly, the demon backed away from the forest line and looked about the tree tops. [#AB2E2E “Oh where, oh where can that little bird be?”] He manifested a cigarette between two fingers as he walked, inhaling the toxins deeply.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 202d 18h 24m 4s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste knew the Reaper didn't feel comfortable in her lowering her guard, knowing him he would think she was looking down on him. All demons thought the same way about angels, but then again majority of angels did think the demons to be nothing more but animals with nothing to think about but killing. Celeste used to think the same way until she became a general and learnt how to use her head better than to judge someone. Seemed like things had paid off as she was now face to face with not only a demon but a Reaper! On top of that she was having a conversation, people would not believe her even if she decided to tell them.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" However making up an excuse to her absence would be tricky, never the less it wasn't an impossible task to achieve. Celeste looked surprised at his comment, but let out a gently smile,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "my dear Graves how cruel of you to suggest I'm exactly like my race, if I was just like them, well let's just say we wouldn't be here having a conversation now would we? However I understand where you are coming from, I used to think the same about your kind".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste nodded in agreement to the Reapers comment, they had been gone too long and she needed to retreat and help the remainder of her troops, the one thing she wished to avoid was war. But the elders saw no other way. She smiled and glanced to the side as the Reaper made his way past her. Giving a graceful nod she spread open her large wings and took to the sky leaving a gush of wind beneath her.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste rejoined with her troops and shouted which echoed throughout the field. [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Soldiers fall back! Enough for now you have done your general well, I will not have our efforts go to waste! FALL BACK NOW!"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Within a few moments the angelic army were gone. She glanced back down at the Reaper also making his exit. Just giving him the faintest smile before she too vanished back to the heavens.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 203d 14h 32m 43s
Oddly enough, the angel relaxed even to his pointed comments. Obviously she was too full of herself to see that her superiors taught her to think lowly of demons. Even higher ranking ones. It was curious.

He felt a smile creep up his features when she mentioned his generosity. It wasn’t every day he was blessed with a compliment. [#AB2E2E “It’s not common that someone like you listens to creatures like me.”] What a fucking stigma.

[#AB2E2E “Well... while this has been entertaining- if not enlightening, I must pull my pawns away from the massacre.”] The reaper tapped his scythe twice on the ground, dissipating the weapon in a cloud of smoke. [#AB2E2E “Till we meet again, Celeste.”] The Elite saluted with his skeletal fingers before boldly, striding past her. He gave her no signs of aggression. He gave no signs of a threat.

Mr. Graves cut through the trees until he made it to the edge of the clearing where, in swift motion of his hand, opened a gap in the ground where the army flooded back into the fires. He stole one last look at the angelic general in the sky which lingered in his mind till he too retreated.
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 207d 13h 23m 27s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste sighed a little knowing neither one of them wasn't going to let their guard down and regardless of whether he was a demon or not, he was someone she didn't know and therefore he couldn't be trusted.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She knew his weakness sure, but she couldn't sense his abilities or what skills he was capable of throwing at her that could have her head rolling in a split second. Continuing to keep their stances Celeste lowered her axe ever so slightly but not enough so she would be leaving herself open to an attack.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste couldn't help but look slightly confused at his comment of her seeing him as beneath her but she decided to make a little joke of it.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Well if you want to be technical I guess you are all beneath me seeing as you know..."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Unable to control herself she let out a laugh.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Deciding to take a chance Celeste stood up straight once more dropping her guard, she was prepared for surprise attacks but she had a feeling this demon maybe wanted the same thing as her, research, so she decided to risk it.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" It surprised her a little to know the Reaper decided to share his name and his rank, usually Satan's children never did such a thing so this new information made Celeste even more curious.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Yes your name does ring a bell, my father made sure I knew all of the names of the demons that controlled the 9 circles, as they are of great importance..."]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Well well well wasn't this demon full of surprises, not only did he share his name and thus revealing his identity he was now letting her go? Surely this was some kind of a joke? This creature was very interesting indeed, Celeste would have been very eager to meet this demon again given the opportunity.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Well how very kind of you Graves, you have surprised me at your generosity, which is something I don't admit to very often, not even to my own soldiers. As for killing you personally? I would have nothing to gain from it, I find research is more rewarding to me, sure it would give me the same honour as my father but I'm already at my highest rank and therefore have no need to progress further. I could also say the same for you".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste looked over her shoulder knowing this conversation had gone on long enough, people would start to question as to where their general was. But she wanted to hear the demons reply to her comment and what action he would take next.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 217d 12h 3m 2s

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