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Demon and angel are generals in their respective worlds. It's building up to be the end of the world foretold in the Revelations. The two happen to meet and build up feelings that may change things.


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[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste smiled over his meal choice, it was a personal favourite of hers in heaven, seafood was her delicacy, she leaned forward smiling.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Excellent choice there, I can see we're going to get on splendidly".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Taking her original position she listened as he described what whisky was and to her surprise it sounded rather disappointing, a poor man's drink? Then why on earth did people drink it?

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste smiled at his comment about drinking, how could something like that be fun? But she was here for research and she wanted to know everything about his life.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Well Graves please tell me if I've overstepped a line but I'm rather confused here. How is being intoxicated fun? Sure I've heard it gives some people confidence to talk to others. But I've also heard that your reaction time, balance, mood can be affected. Not to mention some people have difficulty containing their vomit and it can also cause unnecessary violence. But as you've said yourself it's what we have been told from the man himself, so I'm open to new information if you're willing to share?".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste picked up her wine glass and lightly brought it to her lips, feeling the cold liquid run down her throat she smiled, this was a high quality wine, she glanced down at the bottle remembering the name in case she were ever to mingle with the humans again.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" His next question made her frown a little, not to what he asked but the meaning behind it, she took a larger sip this time and returned the glass to the table, running her fingers up and down the stem of the glass, she thought for a moment but decided to answer honestly, she had a few personal questions to ask herself.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Making eye contact with Graves she smiled a little.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I guess it was always thought of and mentioned, but 'captains' as you call them were always male and were aged well enough to carry that title. I'm somewhat different, I'm the first female and the youngest 'captain' but I worked my ass off every day, I sparred with male soldiers, I refused to have lesser training than the males because I was a woman... However I'm beginning to think my father's title and ranking played a large part in that...]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Finishing the rest of her wine in one swig she slammed the glass down on the table biting her lip a little,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "oh of course you can't forget my looks either. Tell me Graves apart from this form and my divine form which you haven't seen, what do you think of my appearance?"]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Slabo+27px] [size14 [Slabo+27px Mr. Graves mused for an additional minute over the menu before stating his order. [#AB2E2E “Scallops from Port-en-Bessin with the seasonal vegetables.”] He wasn’t terribly fond of an abundance of sides having already ordered appetizers.

Once the waiter had collected their menus and left them on their own did he proceed to answer the angel’s inquires, already finding their lunch date quite amusing. [#AB2E2E “Whiskey is nothing a pretty high ranking angel like you should be interested in. It’s a poor man’s drink when he wants to lose a bit of himself and no amount of flavoring can mask that.”] The demon sipped his wine, noting how long it had been since he’d consumed something this refined and definiley on the high proof end. [#AB2E2E “And just to defend myself and others, getting drunk is not always a selfish reason. It’s for fun too. God just doesn’t get that.”]

[#AB2E2E “But we don’t have to dwell on the sins of the world. There’s always time for that. Were you always destined to become a well-known Captain of God’s army or were you just lucky?”] ]
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 9d 17h 58m 29s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste lightly placed her menu down on the table with a saddened look on her face she turned her attention to Graves,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I'm sorry, that was rather rude of me to say how well we eat without knowing nothing about yourself. However I have to say I'm a little surprised I would have expected you to eat well or at least Lucifer's higher ranking demon's at least, but there's something else I have learnt about you".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She couldn't help but laugh a little at his next comment, picking her menu up once more.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Well I can't speak for everyone, but as a personal preference I prefer red wine, I'm sure there's an angel out there that loves a good old glass of sparkling cider. ".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste giggled a little placing her hand in front of her mouth, occasionally glancing at the menu and then back at Graves.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "As for the sin part, it is, however if taken in moderation and not for self reasons, say to get drunk then it is allowed. And it's usually only red wine as I mentioned before the whole blood of Christ.]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" The drink Graves mentioned piqued her interest, this was something unheard of in the heavens well at least her, heaven was a big place and she couldn't oversee everyone, that was the big guy's job.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "What is this whisky you speak of? Or better yet what are it's flavours?"]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Shortly after the waiter came and took their order for drinks as she watched Graves lift his glass in cheers as Celeste smiled]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "to a new friendship".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Followed by a playful wink, the waiter returned asking if we were ready to order food, Celeste glanced at Graves and nodded to the waiter.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Yes I'll take the olive wagyu please with boiled potatoes and side salad please."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" The two glanced at Graves as Celeste smirked a little wondering what dish he was going to choose.]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Slabo+27px] [size14 [Slabo+27px Graves almost laughed at her comment. Oh sure, the angel can eat all she wants in Heaven while he went years without a single morsel. She had no idea how many demons and damned souls would [i kill] to have the power he did. [#AB2E2E “As strange as it might sound, I don’t eat very often. Maybe, I dunno, twice a month? Once you’ve gotten used to starving to death it’s difficult to deem one’s self worthy of eating again.”]

The reaper perused over the wine list, finding it interesting that wine was such a staple even in the clouds regardless whether it was His blood or not. [#AB2E2E “I greatly assume that it’s like sparkling cider up there. I thought drinking alcohol was a sin.”] No, he [i knew] it was. It was one of the many things he was sent below for. [#AB2E2E “Wine is so delicate. My choice of drink is usually a whiskey.”]

The waiter came by and Graves promptly ordered a finer red wine off of the list and a couple of appetizers to start. Waiting till the server returned with the glasses and the bottle before starting up conversation once more. [#AB2E2E “Hopefully something on this menu can impress your exquisite palate. Of course, nothing is going to be as good as whatever you angelics craft up there.”] He poured her a glass and then his, lifting it for a brief cheers before taking a sip. ]
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 15d 5h 44m 11s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" For a very brief moment the two stood in silence. It wasn't something either of them was used to, but the talk amongst the humans quickly bought them back to reality. As Celeste asked the question she couldn't help but overhear the gossip amongst some of the humans. Was it so bizarre to touch another person's face? Isn't that how the humans express their affections towards one another?]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste sighed a little, she really didn't have very much knowledge when it came to the humans and their beliefs and traditions. But then again it wasn't her job to see what the humans were up to. She was in charge of God's army so anything tactical or strategic then she was your gal. She turned her attention away from the nosey humans and back to Graves pleased to know he knew somewhere.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She smiled at his comment nodding in agreement]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "that you are right Graves, however we do have THE most exquisite food in the heavens so I have to say my food palate is that of a high standard, but I look forward to tasting their food."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Giving a playful wink Celeste began laughing shortly after.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Not the first time today Graves caught her off guard once more, feeling his hands on her shoulders caused her heart to skip a beat, unsure of what was happening she looked up at him, but his next action caused her face to flush, she looked down trying her best hide her face as he rested his arm around her.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste frowned becoming agitated with herself, she wasn't entirely sure if it was because this was the first time she'd allowed someone to get this close to her or just the fact of Graves' confidence. But then again they were with the humans now and she guessed they could let their guard down ever so slightly. Then she realised the reason behind it, the couple from earlier who were amazed that she had touched his face were still staring. Celeste understood now it was to keep up the disguise of them being a couple.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Watching as he made a rather rude gesture to the couple, Celeste looked in shock but somehow she couldn't help but let out a slight laugh. She almost envied what he could get away with. Heaven had such a reputation to uphold and everyone had to be on their best behaviour at all times, his action surely would have been a punishable offence if seen in heaven.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" As they arrived at the restaurant Celeste followed Graves and sat down when she was instructed, she looked at him with a sarcastic smile. Trust him to get the best seat in the place. She wondered what magic he might have used but that would be discussion for later. For the time being she wanted to enjoy herself and indulge in the humans food.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I plan to my dear graves, but fear not, I have my manners and will pay for some of it, although I may not look it but someone of my height and weight eats more than she should."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste let out a slight laugh as she picked up the menu and opened it,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I have to ask though, opinion of red wine? When I do indulge that is the only thing I drink, you know the whole blood of Christ thing,"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste rolled her eyes a little smiling, wondering if he was about to think her people are crazy for wanting to drink something reminding them of blood.]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Slabo+27px] [size14 [Slabo+27px Truly perfect? No, she was talking about his craftsmanship. His face was perfect. His flesh too but nothing more. His smile faded slightly, the angel’s proximity becoming dangerously close as she examined him from nose to hair. It was cute but oh so deceptive. There was no way she was a real captain of God having shown the increased interest in a creature beneath her.

Once Celeste was satisfied, she stepped back, relieving any fear he harbored in his chest and watched her cheeks flush with embarrassment. That... did soften his mood again, bringing him back to his normal content self. [#AB2E2E “Glad to be of service,”] Graves smiled.

The reaper had hardly noticed the mortals staring until the angel turned awkwardly. Damn tourists have gotten ruder the longer time passed. Humans were simply the worst. They act like they haven’t seen weirder things on the street then a girl touching a man’s face. Graves eyed a very nosey couple across the green, speaking amongst themselves.

[#AB2E2E “I do have a place in mind,”] Graves replied, landing his gaze back on her, [#AB2E2E “In my grand adventures of soul ripping, I have tried a few restaurants in passing and, if my guess is correct, you’ve never had much experience in mortal food either. This will be a treat.”] He reached out a hand, turning her bare shoulders gently in the direction they needed to go, and boldly put an arm over her, walking ahead as if they were a couple. As a personal embellishment, he flipped off the gossiping geezers across the way, smiling as he did so.

[#AB2E2E “Paris is beautiful but I feel it might just be a tad overrated,”] he started, leading her down a crowded pathway but keeping her close. When a demon brushes against another human, he is starting to progress a sinful influence so he did absolute best not to touch anyone. It was annoying and kept him from enjoying his time out more than it should have. His fellow generals, however, quite enjoyed instewing chaos.

They eventually stopped at a restaurant called L'Oiseau Blanc where Graves conducted his influential magic to get them a reservation seat in his favorite spot, a corner rooftop window view of the eiffel tower. [#AB2E2E “Order anything you like,”] he informed her once seated. Money was never an issue with a devil. ]
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 21d 3h 2m 1s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste laughed at his comment]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "that may be true, just as long as we don't draw any unwanted attention to ourselves. I suspect our higher ups wouldn't be best pleased to hear about it".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" However she was fascinated to how he was able to obtain human flesh. Basic magic? This was something not everyone in heaven had the ability of, which meant he was someone of importance. His next comment confirmed her theory, but also made her wonder just HOW close he was to Lucifer himself. Did she need to be worried?]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" In the next moment Graves grabbed her hands which caused Celeste to uncontrollably blush. Not much surprised her in life but this certainly did, she simply asked because she thought he would have objected but to grab her hand with his own there was no way of hiding her expression.

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She looked to the side a little trying to calm herself down as she felt her hand on the side of his face bringing her attention back to Graves' face once more. His skin felt cold, but not in a bad way, maybe it was because she felt flushed but this was a different feeling for Celeste something new and Celeste always loved to have her interests piqued.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Standing on the balls of her feet, Celeste reached up and ran her fingers lightly across his cheeks, jawline, lips, nose, eyes and lastly she touched his hair. It was remarkable how well his hair felt, it almost had a sort of rugged feeling to it. Lost in the moment she didn't realise how closed she had moved to him. Fascinated by the quality she finally spoke]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Graves I'm impressed! I thought I had made excellent quality but this is completely different, this is truly perfect. Even the elders would be impressed by this level of magic".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Realising she had touched his face long enough Celeste stepped back a little taking her original position.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Thank you Graves... That was very... helpful"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" she coughed once more to hide her embarrassment. Although she had now experienced the touch of actual human skin, a thought occurred to her that it was mostly likely too perfect for the average human, however she was extremely pleased she had the chance to experience touching something of such high quality magic.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Hearing his last comment Celeste shook her head smiling]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "not at all my dear Graves. If anything I should be the one feeling flattered for allowing me to put you through a few moments of discomfort for my own personal reasons, so again thank you..."]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Looking around she noticed more people beginning crowd them and she had the uneasy feeling that at least one of them was undercover whether it be heaven or hell, she wanted to keep moving so as not to arouse suspicion. Celeste turned to look at Graves smiling]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "so tell me where are we going to eat? Did you have somewhere in mind?"]]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 23d 7h 6m 41s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Slabo+27px] [size14 [Slabo+27px The demon’s smile grew wider. It almost felt strange actually moving muscles to do things again. It had been so long since he’d given two shits about looking good for someone else- or specifically- going through such lengths as to create a new human form. Flesh was just so constricting and ever since that day... when he burned up in the entrance of Hell, there was nothing like feeling [i free] of mortal boundaries. The whole dead thing freaked people out. Wasn’t the greatest face to wear, unfortunately.

[#AB2E2E “Can’t make any promises about the trouble part though. You do know I’m still bred to be evil, right?”] Graves replied with a grin. Then she said something unnaturally strange that it actually made him laugh. How he made it and how it feels? [#AB2E2E “Basic satanic magic, I suppose. It was just a gift that was bestowed upon me when I finally impressed Lucifer enough but don’t let that scare you.”]

Without a hesitation, the reaper took her uplifted hand and grasped it in his, bringing it up to the left side of his face. Surprisingly, Celeste’s hand was warm in his cold fingers though he didn’t know why he thought hers would be cool too. Maybe he thought since she was an angel they would feel like stone. Smooth and perfect. Unlike the dead.

Then he thought about how her skin felt. Not quite like his, not quite like he remembered. Gentle. A touch he was definitely not used to and almost made him pull away for fear it might have been a demon’s trick. It wouldn’t have been the first time.

[#AB2E2E “Count me flattered that I’m the first human flesh you’ve touched,”] Graves teased, smiling gently this time. ]
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 25d 17h 52m 28s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Seeing Graves now standing in front of her she couldn't help but feel her cheeks flush, his appearance was very handsome, it was a different look compared to heaven. Of course the men and women looked perfect, but there was something about his appearance she found attractive. She coughed a little tucking her hair behind her ear. Although he still made her laugh even when she was experiencing all these new emotions.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Yes indeed, I wouldn't have missed it. We will behave like humans but try not to get into too much trouble?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste winked playfully, she couldn't help but giggle a little as he adjusted his jacket, knowing it wasn't something he usually had in his wardrobe, but Celeste felt the same, most of the time she was in her armor or in her divine clothing. Dressing down so much almost made her feel naked.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" It's okay I understand where you're coming from. The humans of today don't seem to dress like we used to, but times change and so does fashion. As for those thing in your ears, I wouldn't wear them for myself, but they suit your appearance and personality very well, you are certain to blend in with everyone else, which is what we're aiming for yes?"]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste felt herself fidget a little on the spot, she had taken many compliments at home being who her father was, but outside of heaven it was different, but it felt nice somewhat. Maybe it was the person in particular who was in front of her though.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Thank you Graves, you look very smart yourself. I had to do some changes myself, make a more updated appearance and tone it down".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She rolled her eyes a little teasingly as she looked either side of his face admiring the work, then she asked something she hoped would be acceptable to him, but it would mean invading his personal space.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Taking a step forward she lifted her hands a little]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "You've done amazing work here, do you mind me asking how you did it? Or is that top secret? Also do you mind... If I touch your face, I've never been this close to human contact and I can't very well go around touching strangers faces now could I?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She knew it was a long shot, part of it was true, Celeste had never put her hands on human skin before and touching her own wouldn't be the same. But it was also an excuse for now Graves was in a form she could touch she wasn't about to miss out on the opportunity.]]
  Asirith Eren / Tverdost / 26d 5h 42m 50s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Slabo+27px] [size14 [Slabo+27px The demon felt it in his chest at first, the indication of a holy being in the vicinity that was supposed to signal a threat. Today it was strange feeling the aura. His body told him one thing while his brain told him something else. That Celeste had arrived and he was excited.

Closer and closer it became until there was a light tap on his shoulder. Graves looked up, meeting the piercing gaze of a rather beautiful woman. It was her, no doubt about it, but seemed more ‘down to earth’. He smiled, fully aware that this face had a very nice one, and let himself relax as he looked her over. [#AB2E2E “Slumming it today with the humans, are we? Glad you could make it.”]

The demon stood from the bench, adjusting his leather jacket. [#AB2E2E “Honestly though, can’t say I really understand today’s standards on fashion but what do you think of these?”] He pointed to the gauges in his ears. [#AB2E2E “I thought only girls wore them. Not too mention that you look lovely as well.”] He gestured to all of her, feeling unnaturally nervous. He [i never] felt nervous. What in hell? ]
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 26d 23h 1m 0s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste was nervous for this day, she had spent hours perfecting her human form, she tried to keep it as similar as her usual look just 'toning' it down ever so slightly so she didn't draw attention to herself. Looking in her mirror she sighed a heavy sigh]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "this will have to do, I'm already late as it is, but then again aren't women supposed to be fashionably late?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She shrugged her soldiers and after fixing her hair and makeup a few times she finally decided it would do for now, she could always choose to change it later on if her looks and fashion weren't suited to today's 'standards of fashion'. Heaven was different, heaven was ALWAYS different.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Just a temporary fix Celeste opened her wings and flew down from the heavens, she landed a little outside of Paris so no one would see anything they shouldn't. As she landed the cool breeze hit her cheeks, she smiled a little as she closed her eyes, concentrating for a few seconds and when she opened them her wings had disappeared. She was now a 'human' and at her most vulnerable.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Looking around she felt a little lost, she rarely ever landed in mortal cities, they were far too busy and people were always in a hurry. Plus she was always so busy with training she never had the time. But she couldn't help but envy the mortals a little, this city was beautiful. No wonder Graves wanted to have dinner here. She giggled a little to herself walking along.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" A few moments later she picked up a familiar aura, Celeste's heart skipped a slight beat. She frowned hitting her chest once.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Calm down, you're here for research remember..."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She messed with her bangs a little more as she passed a shop window. When she was finally pleased with how it looked she moved closer to the aura now growing stronger.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" There on the bench she noticed someone, it was Graves' aura but he looked different... Human, was this his human form? No of course not there's no way he would reveal something so personal, but still it suited him. Celeste picked up the pace almost skipping as she closed the gap between them, standing to the side of him she tapped his shoulder lightly.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Graves is that you? It's me Celeste if you didn't know already."]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste let out a light laugh as she stood up, she felt a light flush on her cheeks, what on earth was wrong with her?]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 26d 5h 43m 59s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Slabo+27px] [size14 [Slabo+27px It was quite sometime before a message was received from the [i other] end. His fingers brushed against his breast pocket, reaching inside the bones to retrieve the Tear of Christ. It spoke, the tone of the Angel General ringing out in the small condominium- giggles and all.

Graves smiled to himself. A date, hm? That’s an intriguing notion and he was sure being alone was making that much more obvious. Though an angel willingly going out of her way to meet a demon in broad daylight amongst humans was definitely a leap in a dangerous direction. He wondered if God could see them from his throne. Well... there was only one way to find out.

[center -.-.-.-]

Mr. Graves had to admit that he absolutely [i hated] being out in the human realm. Being an immortal entity, meant that he had more ‘experience’ seeing the sin in the living and it was one of his duties as the head of the 9th Circle of Hell to sway the minds of mortal men and, oh, were they so easily manipulated. Though today he wasn’t working. Today he was awaiting an angel to ascend from her castle in the sky to meet the dirt of a sinner for lunch.

The skin the demon chose was a human face. A tall, dark haired man dressed in a style to fit today’s standards without looking out of place or drawing too much attention and... well he quite liked the look even though he was born in a time where suits and ties were considered mandatory to show one’s worth. He wondered if Celeste would like this face. It certainly wasn’t his but what right-minded demon wanted his own anyhow?

The Reaper adjusted the leather jacket he wore and took a seat on a bench along the Seine River where he could see the Eiffel Tower. The weather was fair here in Paris which kind of uplifted his mood. A taste of normality. He vaguely wondered if the Angel would still be able to sense the evil that still rolled off his shoulders even in disguise. Of course she could. She was a fighter and so was he. He could pick out angels in a sea of people if given a chance. With the apocalypse coming, that may happen sooner rather than later. ]
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 28d 2h 23m 24s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Entering the large golden gates in front of her she breathed out a little, she knew the next thing she would have to do would be to tell the elders how the 'little' meeting went between her and the Reaper. She would give some information enough of what they wanted to hear, but giving him her crystal she would keep to herself. Not only is she putting herself at risk but heaven entirely. She just hoped she could trust Graves and not end up shooting herself in the foot so to speak.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Not bothering to close her wings away for she would need to fly to reach them. The safest place in the heaven where only winged creatures could enter, more specifically angels. But even the devil was once an angel. Celeste smiled at the thought as she flew up to the tower, thinking of what to say so the elders would let her arrange another meeting with the Reaper. She still had many things left unanswered, she wanted to know Graves' rank and she hoped over time when he trusted her more he would eventually open up and reveal to her exactly how high up he was.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Landing outside some rather large gates even more extravagant as the gates to heaven she folded her wings in and walked towards the door, opening again without the need to knock. Of course she was expected, they would want to know every little tiny detail. Celeste glided over to the elders and kneeled before them with a hand across her chest]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "My lords...]]]

[size14[b[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "You may rise Celeste"]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Doing as instructed she took up standing with her hands behind her back awaiting permission to speak. The one elder waved his hand allowing her to do so,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" My lords the meeting with the Reaper was a success, he revealed a small amount of his ranking, but was still very cautious, but I have a feeling he may be very close to Lucifer if not his second in command. I feel if I meet with him a few more times he may let his guard down and reveal to me something either to do with himself or Lucifer's plans. However I wish to meet him alone, he knew I was with comrades and I feel this is the reason he didn't reveal too much to me. With your permission my graces I will meet alone with him once more and try and gain some more intel to help fight off Lucifer and his army".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste breathed out a little, she hoped it was what they wanted to hear, but most of all she wanted them to grant her wish, so she could meet Graves without eyes watching them from a distance, on both sides... They spoke amongst themselves and then one of the elders stood up,]] [size14[b[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "the elders and I are pleased with this information you have told us, you have done well for this Reaper to tell you this much, your beauty alone must have helped a great deal. We will allow you to meet with this Reaper alone as you are our most trusted servant and the fact of your father's reputation is also a great help in your favour. Do not let us down and report to us straight away as soon as you're back from your meeting. You may now leave".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste bowed once more and stood up turning her back to the elders she left the tower and flew to her room.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5iCV5bO.png]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Sitting on the edge of her bed she slammed her fist onto the mattress in anger,]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "My beauty alone?! What fools! Is that why I rose in the ranks?! My father and my beauty! Such idiots!"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste bit her lip in anger, realising she stopped and took a deep breath remaining calm. She needed to keep her head clear to get away with what she was doing, maybe that's what they wanted her to do, testing her and testing her loyalty to them.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Just as she was about to lie down the crystal in her pocket began to glow, she pulled it out, a smile on her face, she didn't need to hear the voice she knew who it was... Graves. Celeste pulled the crystal close to her chest and smiled as he began to speak she couldn't help but let out a giggle.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "My dear Graves you're asking me to dinner at the most romantic city in the world? Is this a date?"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste couldn't help herself and laughed a little louder]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "But yes of course I shall be there. And this time I will be fully alone, aren't I the trusted little angel?"]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Once the call had ended Celeste decided to tuck the crystal into her breastplate where there was no chance of anyone taking it or her losing it, her life is on the line and she hoped luck was on her side. She smiled to herself, she knew very well it wasn't a date, but she couldn't help feel that twinge of excitement and nervousness in her chest.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 28d 5h 15m 3s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Slabo+27px]
[size16 [Slabo+27px The angel honestly kept surprising him, seeming to, in fact, embrace this dark side of his instead of making the wise decision not to engage. Surely, this must have been against all those godly rules they seem to uphold there in Heaven.

[#AB2E2E “Intrigued and desperate indeed,”] the demon agreed, the tendrils fluttering as he held his hand towards her. A red crystal was dropped and instantly he knew exactly what it was and he almost quivered at the sight. The Reapers have been trying to get their hands on one of the Tears of Christ, as they called it in Hell, for eons, color distinction coincidence or not. Prime communication for a sinner into the holy world.

Graves gave her no indication that he knew more than he let on and was genuinely happy that she was interested in him as he was her. [#AB2E2E “Be safe,”] he replied, watching her spread out those glorious wings. He gazed after her till she disappeared from view and even then... spent a little more time there.


The crystal laid on his bedside table, glimmering in the light cast by the fiery flames of Hell coming from his window. This was risky. Troublesome. He shouldn’t have this... but he couldn’t help but to feel a sense of pride in it. Reapers would kill- shed thousands of skins for what he had stumbled upon. The blessing of an Angel who was willing to let him get close enough that he could have touched her. Skin... something he hadn’t felt in decades.

No. He won’t betray Celeste’s trust. At least not [i yet.]

Graves reached across for the Tear, rolling it between his two boney fingers. It began to pulse slowly, as if ready for something. Tilting his head curiously, he whispered, [#AB2E2E “Let’s meet in, oh... Paris for lunch? My treat. Day after the morrow.”]

Smiling, he pocketed the artifact into his breast canal. As long as he held the power of the 9th Reaper, no one would know his secret and he had to keep it that way. All the work he put into becoming what he was, wasn’t about to be lost in a day. ]
  Samuel Graves / KyoyaPleasant / 35d 1h 43m 52s
[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Raising her hand in agreement Celeste nodded to his comment. It would only complicate things if they were to address each others rankings. After all this was only their second meeting and she didn't know who or what could be listening nearby.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" At his next comment on auras Celeste leaned her head back and laughed before putting her index in front of Graves wiggling it followed by a 'tut tut'.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "My dear Graves I can see as clear as ever. Even though others might not be able to see as clear as me I have seen thousands upon thousands of auras and if you want to stereotype 'good' and 'evil' doesn't make a difference with aura. As I said before some shine more brightly than others. But I guess you'll have to trust me."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste smiled giving a playful wink.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She watched the Reaper throw his cigarette to the floor, something that never interested her but then again everyone was 'healthy' in heaven so cigarettes would be frowned upon. What he did next though surprised Celeste which was something that rarely happened. He leaned in close enough so she could feel the smoke from him on her skin, she felt herself flush and her heart skip slightly, she coughed controlling herself.]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She smiled at his question, unsure whether it was rhetorical or not she answered anyway.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "Whatever the reason you being sent to hell is no business of mine. However whether you will agree with me or not, we are both curious creatures desperate to see how the other lives, intrigued even as we have both lived hating either side. We have surprised ourselves by instead of fighting we have conversed, so regardless of 'aura' or what sins we have committed I'm happy to continue this and learn more about you and your world".]]]

[size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste looked behind her then back to Graves who mentioned they should part for now, Celeste smiled and nodded]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "I couldn't agree more, it also gives you time to think on how you choose to reply to my statement. Now hold your hand open".]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" She waited for the Reaper to hold out his hand as she dropped a small red crystal into his palm and smiled.]]

[size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" "This little crystal here is a means to contact me without being traced, I chose the colour for the whole hell thing, something dark coloured won't be suspicious"]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste waved her hands a little playfully and rolling her eyes smiling.]] [size14[b[#00BFFF[Font "SimSun-ExtB" We can decide where to meet up through these, it was nice speaking to you again Graves. Be safe..."]]] [size14[Font "SimSun-ExtB" Celeste opened her wings before giving the Reaper one last playful wink and shooting up and out the forest leaving a gust of wind behind her. She rejoined her comrades as they made their way back home, but not before taking one last glance at the Reaper now nothing but a dot in the forest.]]
  Celeste / Tverdost / 47d 7h 13m 23s

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