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She kissed him back and blushed. "I fell for you when you helped me with a drunk Thor...."
Fen leaned across the table and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. "I've loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you, in your garden of healing herbs outside Asgard."

Just outside the window of the restaurant, a Raven sat at the window sill. It's black beast eyes still, staring into the restaurant. As a couple walked by, it spooked the bird and it took off with a loud caw.
  Fenrir / Impius / 3d 4h 3m 40s
She smiled at him and said. "I love you so much, fen."
Fen nodded and smiled as he gazed in her eyes, "yes, I woke up while you were asleep on me. And I held you close, falling back to sleep. That was a wonderful moment."
  Fenrir / Impius / 3d 5h 44m 52s
She nodded and smiled. "I remember one time.... You were asleep and I can to check on you.... And without meaning to, i fell asleep on you." She said and squeezed his hand gently.
Fen chuckled and nodded. "Yes, indeed. And you would always laugh and call out to me. Yet I stayed where I was. In todays world, I would have been arrested." He chuckled.
  Fenrir / Impius / 4d 4h 50m 15s
"yes you'd try hiding behind bushes but they didn't hide all of you." She said laughing softly and smiled at him.
Fen nodded and finished his plate. " Let's do that. I always loved watching you in the gardens of Asgard. Remember, I used to watch you from afar?"
  Fenrir / Impius / 11d 3h 8m 41s
She ate politely and looked up at him. "We can go home and you can watch me in the garden?"
Loki repeated the phrase back to her and started to dig into his food. "What would you l ike to do today?"
  Fenrir / Impius / 11d 9h 4m 16s
"if we do this right, we won't have to worry.... And we can stay together." She said and looked up at him. "I love you."
Fen looked shocked. "I had no clue..." He shook his head and took her hands in his. "I'm glad you got away. And I hope we do this second time too... Without my surrender this time."
  Fenrir / Impius / 11d 13h 12m 33s
"he was imprisoned too...." She said and sighed. "Odin chained him up and had a snake drip venom in his eyes everyday..."
Fen was silent after ordering his food, "I would not have ever expected him to do such a thing." His hands balled up tightly. "He never even came to say hi or see how I was doing."
  Fenrir / Impius / 12d 17h 7m 35s
She nodded and squeezed back. "He said he's gonna distract Odin and take him on a goose chase to keep you safe."

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